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Deku + Blog = Total Mayhem

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The first time Aizawa noticed it, was when they were at the training field. He invited Shinsou along so the student can get used to working with the Hero Department class, and Izuku was overjoyed! The fluffy boy was way too close in the mental quirk’s face, squealing about learning his brainwashing quirk and the effects of it. While Izuku was being his usual heroic fanboy-self, Aizawa noticed a dark aura flowing from his students. They all had the same expression with disgusted sneers directed at the General Department boy. Now Aizawa know what that type of look meant, it defines a bunch of werecats protecting their small, cuddly bunny from outsiders that isn't in their pack. It seem that Class A has a crush on the oblivious Midoriya Izuku.

Now Aizawa can't just assume things, it is 2017 of course, so he decided to see if his hypothesis was correct. Every time they were training, invite Shinsou just for shits and giggles. Oh we’re going on a field trip? Let’s invite Hatsume Mei who had became great friends with Izuku just to fuck with his students’ lives. After all of his sneaky experiments, his hypothesis was proven correct, they indeed have a huge crush on the innocent boy.

So now here he is, staring blankly at the teenagers in groups calmly working on their work together. The past days has been boring, nothing exciting enough to entertain the teacher. The class was getting a little bit too chummy to his liking. His eyes slowly rolled to the table of five such as: Bakugou, Uraraka, Todoroki, Iida, and of course, their amazing classmate Midoriya. Bakugou’s arm was laid on the smaller’s shoulder, Izuku showing his legendary smile at his childhood friend for finally getting close to him. Of fucking course, everyone except the green haired boy saw the smug look on Bakugou’s face, shooting middle fingers to the other classmates. Uraraka and Todoroki are sending glares at the blonde and if it wasn't for Ilda’s usual screeching of being nice to other students, they would've totally double teamed the showoff. Aizawa’s half lidded eyes slightly widened at the realization of what can give him the excitement he has been craving for!

And that, my friend, is creating a Dekublog.



The most important step for this blog is taking the most finest pictures of Izuku to attract bloggers. Even though it's the most important step, it's also the easiest one to complete. It seem God was on everyone’s side lately. The principal decided it will be fun to allow a Spirit Week; Monday being listed as a famous actress or singer. Class A has been blessed with Izuku dressed as a Kpop singer while Aizawa been blessed with professional and perfect pictures of the boy. He seriously deserve a reward for taking these amazing photos! The entire week flew by with Class A being overprotective of their precious boy dressed in perfect fashion that made Yuga swoon in want. Aizawa been so busy that week that it was worth having an entire collection of Izuku doing innocent actions that would surely please the future audience.

The next step was creating the blog. Now that wasn't so hard since he know a guy that knows a guy that is super talented in web designs. All he had to do was pay the guy, direct them of how he wanted it to be (including the photos, videos, and descriptions), and the blog will be made in perfect shape! Not only will the blog consist of pictures and videos, the creator of the blog can assign certain people to be moderators that can help handle the website and future followers. Followers that are that thirsty can order pictures, request fanart and fanfictions at a certain price. He will have to ask the General Department if they would mind being included (not that it will be hard to persuade them, everyone admires Izuku so much that it's horrific). A sadistic smile appeared on his face when the blog launched and was now officially available or the public.

“Why are you even doing this?” The person who helped in his dirty work asked. Aizawa just patted the person on the shoulder, releasing a deep chortle from the back of his throat. The person now on edge, wondered if they made a grave mistake for creating this blog.

Aizawa’s eyes landed at the screen showcasing multiple photos and videos of a pure cinnamon roll. He can already imagine the look on his students’ faces. “I didn't know I needed this in my life!” He imagined a bloodthirsty, determined Uraraka clicking on the ‘Order’ button hundreds of times. Hell he won't be surprised if Mineta purchase or request something!

The person coughed to gain the man’s attention and Aizawa gave him a simple response that made the person even more concerned.

“You’ll see.”

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Fat Ass Chipmunk has kicked Fucking Deku out of 'Class A Bitches!'





 HereComesFroppy!: I believe someone has created a blog that involves merchandise of Izuku, Bakugou-kun.

 AFuckingShark: Dude I just seen that shit and it seems legit!

Dumbass Pokémon has sent a picture to 'Class A Bitches!'

Dumbass Pokémon: I never seen something like this! It's...sHoCkinG!


Dumbass Pokémon: Thank u Ashido



: Don't ever do that again


Dumbass Pokémon: Haters are my MOTIVATORS! \(0 w 0 )z

 GirlWithTheEars: Slay Denki 

 RonTheBird has saved the picture Dumbass Pokémon has sent!


RonTheBird:...I didn't know it will alert the chat about this. I feel like a stalker who’s been caught.


Dumbass Pokémon: You will be a good stalker because ya shadow will be strong!


Ducky Momo: You’re not helping Denki 


RonTheBird has liked Ducky Momo's comment! 


GreasyGirl: It’s okay Tokoyami! I'm pretty sure all of us have at least 10 pictures of Izuku! No need to feel ashame!


RonTheBird: Thank you, Ashido. Now I'll be going back to my shadow, silently reading the messages but not commenting.


Dumbass Pokémon: Pun intended?


RonTheBird: Wot?


Dumbass Pokémon: ….




Fat Ass Chipmunk has sent the link!




AFuckingShark: Such a manly guy to take such good pictures




GirlWithTheEars: Hmm? What's that I hear besides bitching? Ooh that's jealously ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Bakugou wish he have them pictures.






Emotional Bastard: Get on my level bitch, I have 100.


GreasyGirl: I'm surprised Todoroki decided to speak up.




Ducky Momo: You all are doing amazing, sweeties…except Mineta.


Midget Pervert: WHAT!? HOW AM I NOT AMAZING!?


AFuckingShark: You fool! You sinful twat! That's like your everyday hobby of taking pictures of girls and Izuku!


Midget Pervert: ); Do you guys even love me?



HereComesFroppy! Guys, it says that Aizawa-Sensei is the creator of the blog


Midget Pervert has left the group chat! 




Dumbass Pokémon: He deserve an award for his work. LOOK AT THIS PICTURE


Dumbass Pokémon has sent a picture! 




Emotional Bastard: This beautiful screenshot has cleared my depression. This photo has gave me the confidence to stand up to Satan and send his ass to where he belong (hint hint: in the fucking garbage). My mom’s medical bills are cleared, I am no longer in debt. I can see clearly now the rain is gone.


GirlWithTheEars: Did he really just said a lyric from a commercial?




VroomVroom: I must say I never expected Todoroki to say so much over a picture.


AFuckingShark: It’s not just any picture…


Fast Ass Chipmunk: It’s a picture of Deku GET IT RIGHT IIDA!!


AFuckingShark: Thanks for completing my statement Uraraka (⁎⁍̴̆Ɛ⁍̴̆⁎)


Fat Ass Chipmunk: Anytime bro ˚✧₊⁎❝᷀ົཽ≀ˍ̮ ❝᷀ົཽ⁎⁺˳✧༚




GreasyGirl: YEEAH!




Ducky Momo: It seems that you can make an account and be a moderator. It also says that you can request/order fanart, fanfictions, pictures and etc.


Fat Ass Chipmunk: My life is complete. I'm ordering a million Deku merchandise no one can stop me


Emotional Bastard: I'll get more than you and become a moderator


Fat Ass Chipmunk: Oh yeah (๑و•̀ω•́)و




HereComesFroppy: It says it just need 10 of them. No need for competition


GirlWithTheEars: Bakugou finally admitting that he is a fan of Izuku

( ✧≖ ͜ʖ≖)


GreasyGirl: ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)


Emotional Bastard: We shall see Bakugou




VroomVroom: I agree, we will have to discuss this topic to Mr.Aizawa tomorrow.


Ducky Momo: This is so troublesome.




Ducky Momo: I'll rather be the person who dress Midoriya up to look good for the camera


GirlWithTheEars: Do you boo


Dumbass Pokémon: ONE


Fat Ass Chipmunk: I already made an account n now I'm a moderator LOL

(☝︎ ՞ਊ ՞)☝︎


HereComesFroppy: Unfair


Dumbass Pokémon: TWO


: You should crack your skull (;


AFuckingShark: OOOOO;


Fat Ass Chipmunk: 凸(¬‿¬) I do what I must for Deku


Dumbass Pokémon: THREE


VroomVroom has added FuckingDeku to the group chat! 

 FuckingDeku: Why did I get kicked );? 

AFuckingShark has left the group chat

Fat Ass Chipmunk has left the group chat

GirlWithTheEars has left the group chat

Dumbass Pokémon has left the group chat

RonTheBird has left the group chat

FuckingDeku: GUYS?!

Emotional Bastard has left the group chat

Ducky Momo has left the group chat

GreasyGirl has left the group chat

HereComesFroppy has left the group chat  


FuckingDeku: COME BACK D;?! KACCHAN?


VroomVroom has left the group chat




FuckingDeku: Kacchan? What's going on?


:I'm doing this for u…stupid Deku.


Are you sure you want to leave 'Class A Bitches!'?

Yes or No 


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It's the second day of the blog’s existence, and it has already reached over ten thousand followers and comments about the adorable hero. People were requesting more and Uraraka, the only moderator (for now), assured fans that when they get settled, their requests will be answered. Majority of the followers are students enrolled in U.A., who had acknowledged the sweetness of Izuku during the Sports Festival. They eagerly learned more about him (thanks to the bio the creator wrote). They now know his ambitions, strength, weaknesses, personality and all! Long story short, Izuku earned the title of “A True, Heartwarming Cinnamon Hero!” ATHCH for short. Creating an account is easy and all but there is one simple rule you must follow:

You must not let Midoriya Izuku know about the website. 

The most simple yet hardest thing to click “Yes, I agree to follow this rule.” button. People shrug their shoulders thinking, “Easy peasy! Couldn't be that hard to not let him know!” but those in Class A are currently suffering by the precious Deku.

“Why did you guys leave the group chat? I felt very lonely!” Izuku pouted in front of his shuddering classmates, all of them with their heads down to avoid the fresh mint colored eyes. Izuku’s pout deepened when Iida couldn't even answer without stuttering like a mess.

“D-do n-not worry Izuku! We ap-olo-goze for t-t-he inconvenience!” He bowed lowly to the ground, not getting up until Izuku accepted his apology.

“Kacchan? What's going on? What did you mean last night?” Bakugou ignored the intense stares bulldozing his back and huffed, leaning back on his chair with his feet on the desk.

“Don't worry about it Deku, just know that I'm doing this for you.” Everyone who understood what he meant mentally screamed curses at him for being so bold and confident.

“You’re doing it more for yourself when you're lonely at night.” Jirou muttered, ignoring the playful hit Momo sent her way.

Izuku’s face bloomed red, making him look even cuter than before. Before anyone could even breathe, Izuku surprisingly went up to Bakugou and hugged him, making sure that the shocked person wouldn't trip over from the sudden embrace. The blonde felt like he was in heaven. Izuku’s touch made his skin burn with need; a desire to keep him close and never let go. He felt safe in the arms around him. His heart thumped multiple times that he’s surprised no one didn't comment on it. He want to stay like this forever, with his stupid Deku. That moment, he promised to all Gods and himself that he would protect his childhood friend who he hope will be more than just a friend one day.

“Whatever you're doing, thank you! I don't think you ever did anything for my sake!” Izuku pulled away from his frozen friend and smiled at him. Bakugou shook himself out of shock just when a loud wail and the sound of a picture being taken rang through the room; the owner of the cry being Uraraka. Bakugou could be a douche and brag about what just happened, but one look at those joy filled eyes made him blush and look away.

“Whatever, go help Round Face.”
The cinnamon roll smiled, knowing how his friend can be and went off to help his still laid out friend on the floor.

While Izuku helped his wailing friend up, Aizawa walked in to see the chaos in his room. A small, dark smile appeared on his face when he noticed some students capturing pictures of Izuku helping one of his fans. He bet a penny that in the next second, pictures of Izuku and Uraraka will be posted on the blog (unless someone cropped the female out). He lazily walked to his podium and watched the class until he decided that it was time to get down to business.

All noises ceased when they acknowledged his presence and waited for him to do his next move.

“All Might wants to speak with you Midoriya.” He tilted his head to the door, giving the confused boy permission to exit. Izuku nodded and ran off in excitement to talk to his father figure hero.

Moment of silence to make sure that Izuku fully left the hall so he wouldn't overhear anything.


When he assumed that the boy was far away, he spoke up.

“Now let's get to business. Yes I created the blog, you’re welcome. It became popular overnight with over ten thousand followers enjoying the website. Many departments like the General and Support will be helping us satisfy our customers including ourselves. I am the creator, but I need someone to be the President and Vice President, and no Uraraka, you can't be neither you're a moderator.” Uraraka’s happy face instantly went depressed as she hid her face in shame. Other classmates realized that those who became moderators didn't have a chance to become President and VP while those who been denied the role can fight for the two spots.

Aizawa smiled, glad that the students understood where he was getting at, but boy will they have their blood pumping with competition when he tell them future information. He just love starting drama.

“Moderators are: Uraraka Ochako, Tsuyu Asui, Hagakure Toru, and Kirishima Eijiro. Mineta is our photographer because many reasons. Momo you are the treasurer, creator, and fashion designer like you always wanted.'re our distractor and planner which means you plan how to distract Izuku and influence him into dressing up and posing. Tokoyami, you’re his bodyguard. Ilda you’re the secretary please keep things straight. The rest are members that will be helping the department kids and sometimes in groups to help Momo and Ashido, got it?” He huffed and watched his class cheer and celebrate over their roles. A few weren't satisfied with what they been tasked with though.

Kirishima raised his hand and spoke.
“Can I still participate to be the President or Vice President?” Aizawa mentally smirked, he’s been waiting for someone to ask this question.

“Yes you can still participate, but if you fail the exam, you will still be a moderator or any role you been assigned to.” Mineta suddenly screamed. “EXAM!?”

Aizawa furrowed his eyebrows at the grapehead. “You fool! You thought I was just going to randomly pick a person to be President and VP? Not at all, it’s not really an exam, it kind of resemble the courses you went through at the Sports Festival, but more competitive because there's so many of you...” He paused, then held up one finger.

“And only one Midoriya Izuku to impress as President or VP. He’ll know that there are presidents, but WILL NEVER know the reason behind it.” He warned his students. Uraraka now eager to claim her right as President let out a man curling scream that Kirishima silently admired. Everyone was determined to earn that title; filled with so much determination.

Aizawa bore his eyes into Bakugou and then Todoroki, both of them staring right back. He showed a crazed grin.

“I look forward to see what happens.” He said out to the class, but the two quiet males knew that it was directed solely to them.

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Toshinori Yagi was having a good day so far. His favorite breakfast restaurant had served his favorite meal for free, he’s been given appreciation notes from his delightful students, and now he was scrolling through the busy cafeteria to get his favorite dessert. A huge smile lay across his bony face as he walk pass a table, until it instantly transformed to a “What the hell?” expression and he stopped moving when he overhead a chattering girl talk about a “Dekublog”.

“He’s so adorable! My goodness, you’re going to love him!” One girl dramatically said to her puzzled friend. The mentioned girl scooted closer to see what was on her friend’s web browser. Toshinori anxiously felt like a creep for eavesdropping in a teenage conversation, but if they are talking about his precious Midoriya, then he will take the chance no matter what consequences stood before him.

“Is that the boy from the hero department? What’s his name? Midu…” The thoughtful person couldn't even finish thinking before she was bombarded by other students.

“How do you not know our precious child Midoriya Izuku! Did you not see the bio the creator has blessed us with about Deku? I am ashamed of your actions! Go to the Dekublog and make an account now!” The poor girl with her head down silently took her phone out and followed her somehow friend’s order. Toshinori would've felt bad for her if it wasn't for what the female said about his son caught his attention.

His favorite dessert forgotten, he sped walked to the teacher’s lounge and plopped on the couch. He quickly pulled out his phone, going to the internet and typed in ‘Dekublog’. With no hesitance, he clicked on the first title that popped up. He was not prepared to see this.

˚✧Welcome to the DekuBlog!✧༚
This website is for us to stop what we are doing and appreciate our lord and savior:
Midoriya Izuku!

Blood seeped out his open mouth as he kept scrolling through the page, completely traumatized at the off guard pictures of his boy.

“Every step we take, we are farther away from God’s light.” Toshinori cried into his bloody handkerchief when he discovered a well taken picture of a sweating Izuku wearing a sleeveless tank top and gym shorts in what it appears to be the school’s training room. The spooky skeleton felt a part of his soul fly away when he saw the comments.

SnazzySnaz: Yes, I’d like to order 12 pictures of this.

ThirstyFangirl: God I wish his thighs will suffocate me and crush my skull.

JustALoner: LEGS SO HAWT U CAN FRY AN EGG! Ssssttttt ooo ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

GravityGirl (Moderator): Shut up! I'm your number one customer, take my money! Oh wait… I'm a moderator LOL!

Toshinori refuse to think much about the familiar username of GravityGirl. He mentally cried and wished his life to end right then and there. Realization hit him and he screamed for any gods out there to forgive him.

“THERE WILL BE NO ONE TO PROTECT MY BOY IF I’M GONE! DO NOT WORRY MY BOY, I WILL KEEP YOU SAFE!” He poofed into his hero form and flashed an American pose to prove that he was serious. Of course there was many people in Class A that could protect Izuku for him, but he refuse to acknowledge that fact. The sound of the door opening to reveal his boy made him stumble back onto the couch to appear normal. He crossed one leg over another with his elbow on the couch’s arm as he stared out the window into the distance, hoping that his successor doesn't question it. Izuku being oblivious to pretty much anything that doesn't involve villains has to be a miracle and a curse. The boy walked further inside and sat beside his hero, more excited to learn something new than to question the odd pose All Might is in.


“Aizawa-Sensei said that you needed me?” The retired man dramatically jumped and acted like he didn't hear the teenager enter.

“My boy! I didn't see you come in!” The blonde ignored the deadpan look on Izuku’s face that clearly said ‘Really?’. He coughed in shame and spoke up.

“Yes, I wanted to talk to you about something very important.” He twirled his thumbs around each other, a little nervous.

“Really? Does it involve anything about One For All?” He practically squealed. He opened his notebook and grabbed his pen to prepare himself to write all the information his Sensei will reveal. The teacher sweatdropped and dug into his pocket, feeling eyes follow his every move.

Toshinori felt his heart break when the disappointment flashed on his son’s face. He apologetically placed the item in the teen’s hand and decided to give an explanation.

“There has been to many crimes and kidnappings happening lately. I just want you to be safe, I won't always be there to protect you.”

“So you gave me an emergency ladybug safety phone?” Izuku stared at the old fashioned cellular device in disbelief. Toshinori has never seen his boy be so displeased in his entire life, it hurts so much.

“I know you can protect yourself, but please keep it on you at all times.” Izuku noticed the wavering in his mentor’s voice and felt his dissatisfaction flow away. He’s happy that someone he see as his father care about him so much. He scooted closer to hug his panicking mentor to stop his trembling.

“I’m not mad or anything, I was just a little shocked that I've been given this unexpectedly. I understand why you're giving me this though, a lot of people been wanting to talk to me lately.” Bony hands grabbed his shoulders and pushed him away. Icy, blue eyes stared at green with a tint of seriousness.

“No talking to strangers you got that! You call the police if you see a white van giving out free candy! If you’re in trouble, make sure you press the buttons on the ladybug safety phone and beat their ass! TRUST NO ONE!” Toshinori let go of one shoulder to fist the air to emphasis where he is getting at. Midoriya gulped at the scene.

“YES SIR! But...what if they're handing out free hero merchin-ACK!” The adult interrupted him by hitting him at the top of his head and the bottom of his chin, making him bite his tongue.

“NO TALKING TO STRANGERS!” The adult said making it final. He ignored the gruesome moaning from his harmed student.

‘No way I'm letting anyone touch my son! Not even these filthy students!’ He nodded to himself and leaned back into the couch.

“If any upperclassman tries to holler at you, call Mr. Aizawa and I immediately!” Midoriya blinked at the other a little confused.

“Why will the upperclassmen want to holler at me?” Toshinori spat more blood out at the innocent look on the teen’s face.

‘Too pure for this world! A legitimate cinnamon roll!Must protect and keep safe. For now, I will just have to lie. I'm sorry my boy.’

“Many upperclassman has noticed your strength during the Sports Festival, but safety is way more important!” Izuku didn't seem influenced. Toshinori is shook! He quickly thought of a better excuse until Izuku hummed in agreement.

“That makes sense! I'm a little sad that I can't make more friends, but I'm glad that I have the ones now! I promise not to talk to strangers and keep on a lookout!” Cue more points being added to the ‘A True Heartwarming Cinnamon Hero’ (ATHCH) rank!


The once bony body transformed into his muscular build. “Good my boy! I'm glad we had this talk!” He ruffled the fluffy green hair and felt his heart warm up at the child’s smile. They separated; Izuku thanked him for the device and guided himself to the exit. Now back in his normal form, Toshinori let out a deep sigh he’s been holding in and relaxed on the couch. He glanced at the corner of his eye to see Mr. Aizawa walking in and seat himself in front of him. The black haired man got comfortable before speaking, a playful yet sadistic smile on his face.

“I see you discovered the Dekublog. I assigned you as the co-creator of the website, no need to thank me. Now, let’s talk about what I have planned to determine who becomes President and Vice President.”

‘I'm doing this for Midoriya.’ That day, All Might has shed a single tear in shame.

Chapter Text


A few days passed after the discussion Aizawa and Toshinori had. The blog has grown so popular that students that was enrolled in other schools has come across it!

An insane amount of people had purchased many pictures, fanarts, and fanfictions of Izuku. One of the most successful purchases the blog has ever had was a picture of Izuku wearing a maid dress while looking innocently (and sexuality) at the camera. How Mineta was able to take the picture was beyond anyone who questioned it. The boy can only take good panty shots at his height darn it! Not that he has taken any (he tried), but if someone requested that they want a panty shot, it was the company’s job to satisfy their customers! Mineta take pictures as a happy man; the girls are also happy that they are no longer flocked by the grapehead.

Spring Break was just around the corner and while most students are excited to leave the school and relax, Class A is highly concerned for when the man currently sleeping on the gym floor will photobomb information about the exam. No one told Izuku about the exam because obvious reasons, but soon he will find out.

The girls and boys separated into their locker rooms to change into their new gym clothes. Izuku quietly walked towards his locker, oblivious to the stares on him. He punched in the code and gaped at what was laying in his locker. He squeaked when he felt a cold hand touch his shoulder.

“What’s wrong Midoriya?” The shuddering boy turnt to the worried person to see Todoroki, standing there like a God.

“I-it seems that someone has accidently t-taken my g-gym pants and placed shorts instead!” He grabbed the pair of shorts that seemed to be the kind that you will see in those cliche, hentai animes. Todoroki acted surprised and heard an over-exaggerated gasp fly through the silent locker room.

“Is something wrong with it?” He asked the shorter boy. Izuku slumped his shoulders and thought of what he’s been asked before answering, “No, I wouldn't mind wearing them but those pants been paid!”. Izuku looked into the other’s heterochromatic eyes, unable to notice the other boys silently dancing at their plan successfully working. It was one of the most expensive customer request to have the boy dressed in a tight gym uniform, and the class couldn't just deny it! It took a while for them to figure out a plan, but having Todoroki bribe a janitor to unlock the locker was a dream come true!

Todoroki smiled and grabbed Izuku’s occupied hands, alerting the boys that he was getting a little to ballsy.

“How about we go to the Lost and Found after this period okay?” Todoroki’s tone sounded a bit to seductive to their liking, but Izuku thought of it as Todoroki being caring to help find his pants.

“T-Thank you Todoroki-”

“Shouto, you can call me Shouto.” One hand left Izuku’s to caress a blushed cheek.

‘YOU’RE DOING TO MUCH YOU HANDSOME FUCKER!’ Majority of the boys mentally screamed at the traitor.

“Thanks Shouchan!” Todoroki was pulled into a hug. He remembered when his mother will give him one of her most loving hugs. Yet this hug was different, so very different than a mother loving her child, it was more of his crush giving him a friendly squeeze while he hugged back, practically squishing him to his muscular chest. No wonder Bakugou went full tsundere mode after he received a hug, it was the best! Todoroki glanced at the others to see all of them disapproving what is currently happening. Some popped their knuckles while some hit the palm of their hand and pointed at the ice/fire quirk user. Bakugou doing the most by threatening to beat the shit out of him. Todoroki is surprised that he didn't pop a muscle yet.

The hug ended, which made Todoroki a little sad, and Izuku walked out of his personal space to undress.

‘Please come back’ Todoroki felt lonely now, but his blank face didn't show it. He returned to his changing area, the others deciding to respect Izuku’s privacy and change. Everyone decided not to scream when they heard a loud ‘Click’ rang through the quiet locker room. There they see Izuku now in his tight boxers, unaware of Mineta with his camera clicking away.

Mineta swiped the drool off his chin and continued clicking away. He’s unaware of a zombified Tokoyami inching closer and closer behind him to beat his ass. Kirishima, Iida, and Orijo had to hold him back before he committed murder.

“It will be better if he was off the face of Earth, but don't do it bro.” Kirishima assured him while smacking Mineta upside the head. Dark Shadow is very displeased.

‘Lemme smash the trash’

“No Shadow, you’re weak.” Tokoyami shushed him.

‘Wot?’ );


“I can’t believe you're making me do this.” Toshinori frowned.

Aizawa only smiled and chuckled. “I'm the creator, you listen to me.” That only made Toshinori’s frown deepen. Damn adults and their bullshit power!

“Besides me doing this for shits and giggles, we’re making them group together to save a fellow teammate. Seems like a good training course to me.” Toshinori knew that he was right, but decided not to admit it.

“Also because someone requested a picture of Midoriya.” Toshinori facepalmed at the teacher’s antics.

The conversation died off and the sight of the students walking out of the gym saved Toshinori from the awkwardness.

“Took you long enough! Midoriya come here.” Izuku shyly walked to his teacher, pulling down his shirt to try and cover his thicc and muscular thighs. Toshinori died a little at the sight.

“Alright this is your “exam” and the objective is about teamwork. Now to look at the training course.” Aizawa clicks a button and the ground rumbled like it was a heavy earthquake. An obstacle course that look liked it came off of a game show appeared from the ground. The first course was a side wall with holes randomly placed everywhere with boxing gloves inside of it. The second course is a long walkway of four slingers constantly spinning around. Thirdly, the wrecking balls that come swinging left and right. And finally, the last obstacle course being four big, red balls you hop on then run up the hill in victory! The game will go as one member going through one of the courses. Then they will meet the next member so they could continue their course and so on so forth.

Aizawa explained all the information to the students who was buzzing with excitement. The lazy teacher glanced at the shaking boy who was muttering about the exam he didn't know about.

“Midoriya, can you swim?” Izuku looked at his teacher confused.

“No.” Aizawa picked up the boy and threw him in the not so deep water. It was just three feet.

“Mineta prepare to take the best shot your pity, little life can ever take.” The grapehead quickly grabbed the camera and waited for Izuku to appear. The sun gleamed and shined brightly upon Izuku emerging from the water. His head is tilted back, eyes closed, mouth wide open as his back was arched. The sunrays shined on his body, making the shirt sticking to his chest reveal the outline of his six pack and pink nipples.

“He’s a mermaid! A FUCKING BEAUTIFUL MERMAID!” Denki cried in pure joy, latching himself on Sero’s shoulder. Sero also cried; deciding that he will never want to bleach his eyes from the beautiful sight.

“A MILLION COPIES! WE NEED A MILLION COPIES OF THIS!” Uraraka screeched while Iida gaped beside her.

“I will like to request a fanfiction of Mermaid Izuku.” Todoroki said. Momo looked up at the statement with interest.

“I'll create one and you'll get a discount as a thanks for influencing Midoriya to wear the uniform.” She shot a thumbs up at her friend. Todoroki felt blessed. Bakugou ran to Izuku to help him out of the water. He don't know why he did it, his feet just forced him to take action. He patted the coughing boy’s back gently (which was shocking because they never seen Bakugou ever be gentle).

The coughs finally stopped and Izuku smiled at his hero.

“Thanks Kacchan! My hero!” He giggled when the only reply he received from the other was a blush and autistic screeching.

“Bakugou’s doing a great job. I hate it.” Sero sneered, and the others had to agree with him. Bakugou just had to be close friends with Deku.

When Aizawa noticed the other teachers appeared with their class, he decided that it was time to sort things out.

“It's your cue All Might.” Smoke appeared and in came All Might's laugh, startling everyone. He quickly picked up Izuku and pretty much flew to the end of the obstacle course. He landed on top of the steep hill that now had a throne on top of it. They watched the retired hero place Izuku on the throne and transform back to his usual form.

Aizawa coughed before starting the plot of this obstacle course. “Oh no. The villain has captured Midoriyaaaa, we have to save hiiim! Whichever team save him first, gets a very valuable picture of Izuku that only I have. The team that win will be determined by Izuku to decide who will be the two to be President/Vice President.” Aizawa finished with no enthusiasm but Class A didn't mind that, to busy being distracted by the motivation of wanting to win.

“Now the teams.” Aizawa nodded at Midnight and she sashayed over to him. She pressed a button and a touch screen appeared underground. Just how many things are underneath the fake ground!?

Midnight clicked the screen on and proceeded to announce the teams.

Team A
Denki Kaminari
Jirou Kyoka
Yuga Aoyama
Momo Yaoyorozu

Team B
Iida Tenya
Kirishima Eijirou
Ashido Mina
Sero Hanta

Ashido looked at Kirishima and Sero with a pedo look and wiggled her eyebrows. They wiggled theirs back and did some dumbass dance while screaming, “YATTA!”

Midnight continued the other teams until it finally went to the last one.

Team E
Bakugou Katsuki
Todoroki Shouto
Tokoyami Fumikage
Shinsou Hitoshi

Bakugou bombed the poor, innocent grass.


“It means I'm on your team. Geez, for being the winner of the Sports Festival, you sure are stupid.”
Denki silently whispered, “Roasted.”


Aizawa smiled. “Oh whale, he’s my favorite student and I'm craving for more action and drama, so the teams are staying like this.” Aizawa and Shinsou blankly stared at each other as they have a silent conversation.

Todoroki huffed. “Bakugou, I know you and I are opponents, but let's just put that aside and work together with the other two.” Tokoyami and Shinsou nodded in agreement.

“Let’s work together so we can win and might be elected President/VP.” Tokoyami said.

Bakugou thought about it for a second before clicking his tongue. “Fine. For now, we are frenemies.” They all shook hands as they made their promise to not betray one another.

“Nice doing business with ya.” Shinsou yawned and lazily blinked.

“KIRISHIMA! YOU BETTER WIN THIS BRO!” TestuTestu TetsuTetsu screamed from the stands. Kirishima felt his blood flow with encouragement thanks to his bro’s praise.

“I’LL DO MY BEST!” He sent a thumbs up to his friend and went off to stretch.

“You know we’re going to be throwing things at them right?” The Class B girl that have huge hands asked him.

“Yup.” Was all the reply she got back.


“This looks really cool!” Izuku fanboyed while observing the huge course.

‘If only you knew the reason why this is happening, Midoriya.’ Toshinori sighed, leaning on to the throne for some support.

“How come I never heard of this exam?” Toshinori gulped. He haven't thought of an excuse for this! Darn Mr.Aizawa!

“Well we decided that you will be the best one to observe and analyze your classmates’ movements.” Toshinori patted himself on the back for thinking of such a good reason. Izuku nodded and watched his classmates stretch their muscles. A certain person with purple hair caught his eye and he happily waved at the boy who waved back. It was weird that students and teachers from the Hero, General, and Support Department is also here, but he didn't mind it at all! The huge smiles on everyone’s faces made him feel giddy inside. He already know that it's going to be so much fun!


“HELLO EVERYONE AND WELCOME TO THE SPRING HERO COURSE GAMES!” Present Mic’s voice rang throughout the stadium. The students screamed and stomped their feet to express how excited they are. This is U.A.’s first time deciding to host a Spring event with the hero course going through whacky obstacles! Those who still dislike Class A could participate by throwing random shit at people. People bet that Class B will throw most of the items at Mineta. Poor diaper baby boy.

A helicopter flew over the training course, broadcasting the new event.

“TODAY IS OUR NEW EVENT AND IT’S ALL THANKS TO ERASERHEAD, ALL MIGHT, AND THE PRINCIPAL!” The huge Jumbotron switched to the three Heros. Eraserhead sitting beside the announcer, looking deadass bored, All Might kindly waved at the camera while a nervous Izuku threw a cute peace sign and a shout out to his mother, and the principal lounging high up in the stadium sipping some tea. Yes, everyone in the stadium know about the Dekublog except Izuku, poor boy.

“IT SEEMS THAT VILLAIN ALL MIGHT HAS CAPTURED THE PRINCESS MIDORIYA, IZUKU!” As his cue, All Might plopped a sparkly tiara on Izuku’s head. Izuku thanked him, now feeling very fabulous.

“AND THE KNIGHTS WILL HAVE TO GO THROUGH A DANGEROUS OBSTACLE COURSE TO SAVE THE DAMSEL IN DISTRESS!” The camera showed Class A goofing around; Kirishima, Sero, and Denki doing the same dumbass dance, Iida screeching to behave, and the girls playfully posing for the camera. Besides that, they were glad that they were given U.A. swimsuits. The boys was given the choice to wear an U.A. sleeveless tank top with a jacket and knee shorts, or no tank top with a jacket and knee shorts. The girls were given a colorful crop top bikini with U.A. pasted on it (thanks Midnight!), adorable shorts, and a jacket the same as the boys. They are all wearing flip flops because why not.

Present Mic explained the rules and objective to playing the game and gave the teams enough time to decide who will be at which obstacle course. After minutes passed and the support team confirmed that everything was ready, Present Mic screamed for everyone to get in their stance. While that happened, Aizawa finally spoke up.

All Might covered Izuku’s ears before he hear anything that doesn't need to be heard.

“Dekublog has reached a million followers. Thanks for that I guess. Couldn't have done it without you guys and of course, Midoriya Izuku.” The crowd cheered and the screen showed Izuku with his ears blocked, looking innocently confused.

“Also someone requested Izuku to have a fat bunny on his lap soo…” Aizawa drawled out, everyone watching a shy Kouda come up to Izuku and place a bunny on his lap. Izuku squeaked in amazement and thanked the pet’s owner. Kouda blushed and hurriedly left the hill to his spot on the course. The crowd awed at the both of them being so adorable.

“I expect the money to be in by now. Thank you for requesting.” Aizawa finished his statement and gave the mic back to the announcer. All Might huffed and freed the boy’s ears. The fluffy haired boy shook his head and recognized a familiar person fooling around with a rectangular metal box with multiple buttons and levers. He stood up to catch the girl’s attention.

“HM? WHAT’S THIS? THE PRINCESS IS WAVING AT A GIRL FROM THE SUPPORT CLASS!” The camera switched from Izuku to the pink haired girl who jumped in shock. Hatsume Mei looked at the Jumbotron then at Izuku, smiling at her friend and sending him a peace sign in greeting. Friendship is magic.

“ALL RIGHT! LET’S GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD!” Midnight appeared, wearing a very sexy yet not that hentaish outfit. It wasn't really a surprise to those who’s been taught under her, except Mineta; just a pervert.

The contestants being at the first course being: Mineta, Ashido, Yuga, Shinsou, and many other people.

Midnight’s voice rang throughout the stadium as she counted down.

“THREE!” Shinsou yawned.

“TWO!” Mineta clenched his buttcheeks.

“THREE!” The crowd roared as they watched the Heros dash off through the first obstacle course consisting of boxing gloves repeatedly punching in and out in a similar pattern Shinsou has memorized. Ashido used her slime to glide flexibly through the gloves. Mineta didn't even take one step until one of the gloves punched him in the balls and he fell into the water. Poor guy. Yuga moaned out several foreign languages as he dodged the boxes very classy, so fancy. That didn't last long when a fist punched him square in the face. He screamed in Spanish while dramatically falling into the water.

“I kind of have sympathy for those two boys.” Present Mic silently cooed.

Aizawa grabbed a spare microphone. “Don’t worry Mineta deserves it.” He ignored the student’s screams of, “WHY DOES NOBODY LOVE ME!”.


Hitoshi made it to Tokoyami first, Ashido second. Tokoyami thanked the general hero and sped off. Shinsou scratched the back of his neck and jumped into the cool water.


“Shinsou’s my favorite.” Aizawa's stated as a matter of factly. He chuckled when he saw the boy send him thumbs ups while floating in the water.


Sero smirked. They said that quirks were allowed, so why not try it out! He Spider-Man shot his tape to the far end of the wall and started wall running.

“OOH!? SERO DOING AN EASY WAY TO COMPLETE THE COURSE! Isn’t that cheating?” Present Mic asked his old friend. Aizawa’s smile sent chills in the audience’s body.

“Don’t worry, we have him covered.”

Class B loaded their shotguns. “THAT’S OUR CUE Y’ALL! ATTACK THE TAPE MAN! GO GO GOOO!” TetsuTetsu TetstuTetsu screamed as they unleashed a dozen paintballs aimed at the moving figure on the wall. Caught off guard, Sero panicked and slipped off the wall, his back landed on the spinning slinger. He’s in a very uncomfortable position as he spun around and around and around until he finally fell into the water with a smack.

“Ouch that gotta hurt!” Present Mic cried. Aizawa happily hummed.

“DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT!” The same girl from the Sport Festival screamed. Sero cried as traumatic flashbacks of kids telling him “Don’t worry about it.” flashed before his eyes. He wants the meme to die already!

“Mission Success Class B.” Class B cheered, pumping their nerf guns into the air. After their short celebration, they locked their target on an unfortunate Denki.

“Isn't that the Pikachu student? Isn’t he going to electrocute if he fall in the water? Present Mic was very concerned and shuddered when Aizawa replied with a “Who knows, we’ll soon find out.”

‘Cruel…’ The audience and hero students thought.

“AH! SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED THAT TOKOYAMI HAS MADE IT TO THE END! MEZO RIGHT AT HIS TAIL!” Tokoyami cursed and Naruto ran to the end. He spotted Todoroki and jumped to tap his arm. Todoroki sped off through the long run of wrecking balls.

Mezo made it to Ojiro, and the tailed man thanked him before running off. Mezo huffed and sat on the matted obstacle course. So troublesome.


“Don't ever say that again.”


“It’s disgustingly cringeworthy.”

“I apologize to the audience and watchers for my bad jokes.” Present Mic was really sad at the moment, then he perked up when saw Todoroki’s movement.


“New target locked, Team Two Class B.” Said Aizawa.

Neito loaded his gun and prepared his stance, the other students following his steps. “THREE, TWO, ONE! SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT! KEEP SHOOTING UNTIL HE’S DEAD!” Everyone sweatdropped.

Todoroki cursed at the flying paintballs aimed his way. Seem like he will have to use his quirk. Yes, he decided that he will use both of his sides to win the heart of Izuku. He now know that his fire side will surely protect people instead of harming them like Endeavour once did. Todoroki froze then melted the incoming paintballs from both sides.


Todoroki huffed and pushed his limits a little harder when he saw the blonde, spiky hair far ahead. The determined boy decided that it was time to pull out his special move.

“WHAT? WHY ARE YOU JUMPING OFF TODOROKI?” The audience watched Todoroki jump off the mat, predicting him to make a splash in the water, instead they got something they never expected. Todoroki used his right side to trigger the water to freeze, and he skillfully glided himself to the top of the wrecking balls.


“Seem like he has learned more of his ice quirk.” Aizawa chuckled.

Somewhere in a town, a kid watching U.A.’s Spring Event squealed.

“MOMMY MOMMY, IT’S FROZONE FROM THE INCREDIBLES!” The mother just sweatdropped and agreed to her child’s ranting.

“I DIDN’T EXPECT THIS!” They watched as Todoroki hopped from ball to ball like Tarzan.

“Finally made it.” He huffed out as his vision of Bakugou gotten clearer and clearer. Todoroki pounced at the last ball and boosted himself to jump further and touch Bakugou’s hand.

“BAKUGOU!” Time struck slow motion as they touched hands and Bakugou muttered something that made Todoroki smile and crash into the water. He arose and went to the land soaking wet.

“Yo, what he told you that made you smile?” A cloud gazing Shinsou asked the quiet man, Tokoyami also concerned.

“Leave it all to me half bastard.” Todoroki chuckled as he was lended a towel.

“You better not fail me now you stupid tsundere.”


“Everyone is doing their best and is having so much fun!” Izuku beamed as he massaged one of the fat bunny’s paws and watched Bakugou professionally jump on the bouncy balls. All Might made a hum of agreement, he’s glad that the principal allowed it.

“OH! URARAKA HAS NOW STARTED THE COURSE, BECOMING SECOND! GOOD LUCK YOU TWO!” Bakugou snarled and hopped faster on the red balls. Thanks to taking gymnastics, Uraraka maintained her balance and quickly hopped from one to another. Both of them made it the the steep mountain climbing hill that has plastic barrels tumbling down. They both pushed themselves to overdrive. They focused on what they climbed while skillfully dodging the barrels. Sweat rolled down their faces as they concentrated on making it to the top.

“I WON’T LET YOU WIN, ROUND FACE!” Bakugou screamed. Uraraka a tad bit lower than him picked up the pace.

“WHY IS THAT BAKUGOU? IS IT BECAUSE YOU LOVE DEKU?” Uraraka playfully teased the other while still climbing upwards.

“SO WHAT!?” Bakugou’s cheeks tinted a pink as he cursed.


“THAT’S BECAUSE HE’S A SHITTY AND CARING PERSON WHO DOESN’T KNOW WHEN TO GIVE THE FUCK UP AND THAT’S WHAT MAKE HIM SO INTERESTING!” Bakugou doesn't know why he was shouting his feelings about Izuku to Uraraka. Maybe it was because the female might understand how he feel. He made it to the top and cursed at the narrow line directing him to his Deku. Uraraka also made it and they both sprinted off.


They both continued running side by side, huffing very hard.

“Ya know, I also love Deku, yet I know that someday one of us won’t be the lucky one to get together with him. I decided to try and move on and I admit, it’s pretty hard, but your love for Izuku is just so darn painful and obvious that I'm shocked Izuku haven't noticed it by now. He would gladly go out with you if you just ask, so just do it! Make your dreams come true!” The blonde didn't expect to hear this…what is this? A confession? He didn't expect a stupid confession and Round Face giving him advice to happen here, running to his stupid Deku.

His running slowed when he saw Uraraka lack to keep up with him. She dry heaved and motioned for him to get to Deku. His douche side would've kept going, thinking ‘Fuck the weak!’, but after what Uraraka said to him, his conscience didn't want him to leave the girl who try so hard behind. He stopped running and went back to Uraraka.


“SHUT UP!” Bakugou growled at the spokesperson and looked down at Uraraka. He crouched down and easily picked her up bridal style. Everyone, even himself was shocked to what he was doing. He picked the pace and quickly ran to Deku who was just a few feet away.

“Stupid Chipmunk, don't give up just yet. We’ll never know what will happen.” He said nothing else and Uraraka didn't ask what he meant by that. She just let out a small smile as they finally arrived to Izuku. Silence rang out as everyone watched the three students look at each other.

All Might decided to intervene. “Midoriya my boy, you can choose who the winner is.” Izuku let out a quick “Ah” and stood up, bunny in his hands. He accepted the mic All Might handed and spoke.

“MY KNIGHT AND SHINING ARMORS ARE: BAKUGOU KATSUKI AND URARAKA OCHAKO!” The crowd cheered as they watched Izuku place the bunny on the throne, turn back to face the two, and placed a quick peck on their lips. Uraraka and Bakugou blushed in embarrassment from the kiss, but also because they were happy at whatever they had thanks to loving one pure Midoriya Izuku.


“AS PRESIDENT, EVERYONE HAS TO FOLLOW MY EVERY COMMAND!” Bakugou screamed at the top of his lungs on the cafeteria table. Uraraka joined along.


Jirou silently got up and walked away from the table, acting like she doesn’t know them. “They're totally taking advantage of their power.” Momo just giggled at her friend.

“KACCHAN? URARAKA? WHAT IS THIS PRESIDENT STUFF EVEN FOR?” The cafeteria noise dulled a bit when they heard their cinnamon roll question the presidents.

Uraraka smiled and crouched down to pat Izuku on the head. “Nothing for you to worry about my dear bunny!” Bakugou nodded and they both hopped off the table to run out of the cafeteria, Izuku’s “Eeeh?!” and pout affected everyone that day.

Cue another million followers following Dekublog!

And that is the ending story of the Dekublog.






Lol nah just kidding! There’s still more requests and Deku harem happening!


A human in a dark room with only the brightness of a computer stare at a paused recording. The screen presented the scene of Midoriya Izuku sending a peace sign. The person scratched their crusty ass neck.

“Midoriya Izuku...huh? Interesting."

Chapter Text

Today starts the week of Spring Break! Class A has just got off the bus to see numerous of busy people on the street. Everyone decided that it will be a great idea to go on vacation and try out fun and new things together. Thanks to organizing their plan consisting of travel and money, they finally made it to the glamorous beach house Todoroki has gotten for them.

They quickly followed after Todoroki who was directing them to the place they’ll be staying. They awed in shock when they saw the beach house. The group walked inside and admired the designs and decoration in the main area and kitchen. Todoroki showed them the bathroom then the places where the girls and boys will be sleeping separately. After everyone unpacked and loaded their groceries in the fridge, they all relaxed in the huge living room.

Ashido leaned on Kirshima’s shoulder while looking out the window. A beautiful view of the sun setting and the waves crashing into the sand caught her attention.

“Guys! How about we go to the beach at night!” The girls looked at her with awe while some of the boys shrugged. Uraraka squealed and clapped.

“I have glow in the dark glitter paint! We can have a paint war at the beach!” That piped the guys’ interest.

Denki jumped up to his feet and puffed out his chest. He looked around the room to make sure Izuku was gone before speaking. “Whoever be the final one without paint on them, gets to go on a date with Izuku! Heh, everyone know that one of us boys will win.” He pointed to himself, clearly indicating that he will surely win. Everyone stared at him with a look full of doubt. They can already picture him electrocuting himself in the water and forfeiting.

“Just because you're a guy, doesn't mean that you can win! Women are superior and one of us will win this match!” Momo argued, defending her fellow girls. The beautiful queen known as Froppy ribbits in agreement.

Mineta decided to speak up, like anyone cares about what he says.

“I swear that I will win this for my beautiful love, Midoriya! Our date will be so elegant! I will pull up in a fancy sports car. Izuku will be dressed in a sexy dress, and I will wine and dine him before taking him to a fancy Love hotel!” He swooned as he imagined Izuku and him holding hands (if Mineta can even reach his hand). The class stared at him in disgust, silently judging him. It would've been fine if the person who said that was Todoroki or anyone else, but this is Mineta we are talking about! Anything he say or think of is bad and he should be kept in his place! The class decided to think of his punishment later on when they reach the beach.

“After the paint war and having fun in the water, we can roast some marshmallows and talk.” Jirou whispered while twirling one of her ears, obviously embarrassed for saying something out of character. Iida pushed up his glasses and nodded.

“Good thinking Jirou, I approve of this.” He shot his hand at the girl like those dead memes when they scream, “BOI!” Jirou burst out laughing at Iida being a meme, the poor boy looked at her very confused.

Bakugou burst through the door with a loud slam. “YOU ALREADY KNOW THAT I’M GOING TO WIN!” Froppy raised an eyebrow at the overconfident boy.

Sero scooted over to Kirishima. “Is it just me, or when there is something involving Izuku, he always screech about winning?” Kirishima patted his brofriend on the shoulder. A tear slid down his face as he stare off into the distance like the American Eagle.

“Young Love.” Sero and Denki cooed at their tsundere friend while everyone else continued talking about what to do at the beach.

Todoroki and Izuku walked out the kitchen and sat on the floor near the others. Momo grabbed the precious boy’s hands to catch his attention.

“Izuku, we’re having a paintball fight at the beach tonight. We want you to watch over to see who gets disqualified.” Izuku gasped and looked over at Uraraka.

“Is it the paint you told me about?” GravityGirl uncontrollably nodded her head. The both of them screamed words that sounded more like gibberish as they fangirled.

“I wouldn't mind watching, Momo!” The treasurer smiled at the adorable boy. She let go of his hands and looked at the others.

“The sun is down, let’s get dressed everyone! Izuku and Todoroki, please follow me.” She stood and walked to the boys’ bedrooms while activating her quirk. Izuku glanced at his second close friend very confused. Todoroki shrugged his shoulders, also wondering what was up with his childhood friend.


“Midoriya, what are you wearing?” Mineta screamed while taking pictures of the boy’s nice legs. Izuku blushed as he posed for the camera. Momo patted herself on the back when everyone had to stop for a second to admire and praise Izuku’s Swimsuit (and body). Izuku is dressed in a cute two piece; the top being a cute, lime colored top with ruffles as well as his polka-dotted skirt.

“Are you done taking pictures Mineta?” Asui ribbits. Making sure the pictures have no mistakes, he asked her what she needed.

“The girls and I had tried something and we need a guy to help.” Mineta cooed and instantly agreed to help without a second thought. Froppy eyes gleamed and she quickly wrapped the boy with her tongue and threw him in a hole. The girls waited for the pervert to fall in and started throwing sand back in the hole, covering Mineta’s entire body except for his head. Toru put her hands on her hips at the shocked yet flustered boy. Not that they can see her though.

“You're staying here until we leave. Think about your existence.” And the girls walked off, getting ready for the paintball war.

Mineta fluttered his eyes shut with a single tear trailing down his face. “Kinky.”


While the others are getting ready to battle, Todoroki and Izuku are currently lounging on their shared beach blanket.

“How come you’re not participating Shoucchan?” He asked his friend that was reading a story on his phone.

“I'm your butler, so I have to be with you at all times.” He placed his phone down to grab some sunscreen.

“Why are you my butler again?” Izuku wondered, remembering the scene after the Spring event when Todoroki demanded to be his butler and take care of him. Todoroki is his closest friend, so of course he wouldn’t mind the offer, but he didn't expect to be given hand massages and everyday meals! Not only was it Todoroki, but the entire class seem to love pampering him with cuddles and gifts! He enjoyed the bonding with his friends, yet it felt one sided; more like a queen being spoiled by her servants. He doesn't want that! So whenever his friends ask him if he can do something for them, he would happily accept the offer! He love helping people; even those he doesn't even know, and that is why many people love him now.

The distracted hero was easily flipped onto his tummy. His body shuddered when he felt hands massage his back with cold cream.

“That is because I am simply one hell of a butler. Also this is sunscreen by the way, no need to worry.” Izuku shook his head that he understood and relaxed, closing his eyes and letting the boy put the sunscreen on his entire body. (And I mean entire body)

Then realization struck him. “Todoroki, why are you putting sunscreen on me when the moon is out?” He felt the hands freeze before continuing massaging his sore muscles. The ice/hot boy coughed in embarrassment.

“That’s classified information just watch the war while I pleasure you.” Izuku hummed, thinking no more about the conversation. Todoroki sighed, happy that his “Master” didn't understand the joke. Both of them didn’t realize the uncomfortable and flushed Iida sitting right beside them. Iida Tenya did not sign up for this.


“Alright guys! Let’s make this be a fair game! No cheating, and follow the ru-AH! Shoucchan!” Everyone had a mini heart attack when a moan slipped out of Izuku’s mouth. They all glared at Todoroki who was staring back, with a smug look.

“Oh? You seem to have a lot of pressure here…” He pressed harder on the sore spot. Everyone thought that their Izuku was screaming in pain, but it was quite the opposite. They saw tears fall from his beautiful green eyes. His hand holding tightly onto the blanket while he bit his lip to keep himself from letting out anymore embarrassing noises. You can hear someone groan in want at the beautiful sight. The group is highly tempted to just strip him out of his Swimsuit, but Momo be damned if they ruined her creation. Iida did his hand motion and yelled “START!”.

The student ran separate ways, leaving behind a gasping Izuku who slammed his face into the sand while repeatedly hitting the poor sand.


Kirishima and Denki kept running into the nearby forest until they were stopped by the alien girl. She seemed startled by already getting caught by a boy, but calmed down when she saw her friends. She dropped her gun and hopped onto Kirishima, who happily caught her and spun her around.

“Where have you been Romeo? I’ve been so lonely!” She fake cried. The shark pulled her closer to his chest.

“Do not fear! For I am now here, Juliet!” He put her back down and she went back to grab her gun. Well she was going to grab her gun if she haven't been instantly shot in the back. She dramatically fell onto the ground. Romeo gasped and looked at his friend and Juliet back and forth. He finally walked to his dying lover and grabbed her hand.

“Juliet!” Ashido opened her eyes to look at her lover.

“Oh Romeo, I thy always loved thee.” She placed her hand on the other’s cheek. Romeo looked at her confused.

“What is thee?” If Ashido wasn't acting like she was dying, she would've back slapped her dumbass friend. So instead, she just let her hand fall and closed her eyes.

Rest In Peace


Romeo heartbrokenly screamed and threw curses at his traitorous friend. Said friend just shrugged his shoulders. His forced tears fell on Juliet’s cheek. He stayed like that, crying and holding onto his dead lover’s hand. He noticed the gun at the corner of his eye and knew what he had to do.

“I’M GOING TO PULL THE TRIGGER!” He grabbed the gun and pointed it to his head.” Denki gasped in shock.

“DON’T PULL IT FAM! AT LEAST BE CREATIVE!” Kudos to Denki for trying to help. Romeo pulled the trigger and flopped dead.

Denki huffed. “Well that was fast. Rest In Peace bro ACK!” Denki felt the powerful glow in the dark paint smack his naked back and exploded. Pikachu cried out in pain and fell onto the sand. He rolled around and around until laying on his back to stare at the beautiful stars. He rose his hand to the sky.

“Goodbye, cruel world.” And he died, with his tongue out.

Jirou appeared from the bushes. “Ok now the Romeo and Juliet scene was ok, but whatever Denki did was just unnecessary and dramatic.”

“Agreed.” Denki opened his eyes to see his bro shaking his head in disappointment.

“SHUT UP! YOU WERE THE ONE WHO DIED LIKE A FISH!” Ashido just laughed at the deadpan look on Jirou’s face as the two eliminated boys bickered at each other.


Izuku shivered and sniffled. “My senses are tingling. They're telling me that a tragic moment just happened.” Todoroki raised an eyebrow at that, but didn't question it. He doesn’t know what to expect with his odd master.


“Pull the trigger Momo.” Momo jumped as a hand grabbed her wrist and guided the gun on Tokoyami’s forehead. Tokoyami didn't even blink when the gun touched him. Hell, he was the one who told her to shoot.

“You must shoot to protect yourself Momo! PULL THE TRIGGER!” Momo looked to the side to see Dark Shadow currently judging his friend. Momo look back at those desperate eyes. This fun and competitive game is turning into such a dark, twisted theme!

“You’re not even protecting yourself Tokoyami! You're just giving your life away!” Momo clearly doesn't understand why Tokoyami was being like this, but most teenagers will probably say “Same” and can relate with the bird. Tokoyami lowered his head, Momo following his glance. She gasped when she saw his gun aimed towards her stomach. They both looked at each other, understanding what one another is thinking. They both nodded and fired.

Damn this is dark.


“So you guys killed each other?” Iida asked the sulking Momo and Tokoyami.

Momo whimpered. “Tokoyami wanted me to pull the trigger like it was a real gun! Tokoyami I'm so worried about you!” She hugged the bird. Tokoyami accepted the comforting hug and wrapped his arms around her waist.

“If you need someone to talk to, Momo and I are here for you!” Tokoyami’s heart jumped when he saw Momo and Izuku smiling at him. He imagined them being his private therapists, listening to his problems and assuring him that he will get through life with those problems being no more. Tokoyami vibrated with happiness and SQUUAAAed like a true bird.

“Thank you!” The others can't really see the smile on his face, but they knew that he was truly happy.


“You can not defeat me sweetie!” Yuga posed, his eyes twinkling. He struck another pose and continued talking.

“My twinkles might be powerful in daylight, but they become maximum overdrive when it’s night!” He struck a sideways peace sign in front of his eyes and laughed in French.

“Merci! I can feel my powers growing!” Yuga spinned around while Jirou stared, already done with the blonde’s bullshit. About five minutes passed with Jirou questioning her life and Yuga moaning different languages.

Jirou is 100 percent done with this foolishness. She loaded her gun.

“My powers are now ready! SPECIAL MOVES! ACTIV-AH~!” Yuga screeched like he’s actually been shot and fell onto the sand. Jirou scowled when she heard another foreign word come out his mouth. She shot him over and over again until the boy finally went quiet.

“You were suppose to use the gun, not your quirk. Jeez, I'm so done.” That as her final words to the boy, she walked off to find her next enemy.


“Can we play a game instead?” Orijo asked, sitting on the sand. Toru thought about it for a second before agreeing and joining him.

“I get to pick the game! Whoever gets embarrassed, loses and gets shot!” She cheered. Orijo shrugged his shoulders in thought, don't seem like a hard game to win.

“You’re on!” The game started with Orijo tickling Toru with his tail. Even though she giggled, she wasn’t embarrassed. Orijo pouted when his time was up. Maybe it will be a little difficult to win against this girl. The invisible girl straddled on Orijo whispered, “You know, I'm not wearing anything right now.” Orijo unconsciously screamed with realization. How could he be so blind and not realize the girl wasn’t wearing a Swimsuit! He wasn't ready for this type of thing! He wasn’t prepared for this!

Orijo gasped for some air when the body hopped off of him. “HAHA! I WIN!” Toru laughed, grabbing her gun and shooting the traumatized Orijo. Orijo will never forget this regretful night that will forever remind him of how much of a loser virgin he is.


“I see you defeated all the bosses before coming to me! Impressive! But it will be hard to defeat me: SERO HA-”

“Honestly I no longer care about this, can we just do Rock, Paper, Scissors and move on with life? I'm legit craving some Smores right now.” Sero felt hurt that Jirou didn't care about his cool boss speech. He worked on it for five minutes, and she just interrupts him like that! Sero tried to hide the tears sliding down his face. He kept his head down while his hands are out in a RPS stance.

“Rock, Paper, Scissors, SHOO!”
Jirou: Paper, Sero: Rock.

Sero declared a rematch.

“Rock, Paper, Scissors, SHOO!” A draw, Sero demanded another one. Jirou just wanted to get eliminated so she can prepare the fire and the marshmallows.

“This is the last round. Whoever wins gets to shoot the loser. We’re both at one.” They prepared themselves.

“ROCK…” Sero calculated the way Jirou’s hand twitches when she's about to go paper, how it gets a little loose when it's scissors, and how her fist is balled up tightly for rock.

“PAPER…” From what he observed, he believe that Earphone Jack will choose scissors. He know it’s lame to do calculations and predictions in a kid’s game, but this is serious! This is for Izuku!

“SCISSORS, SHOO!” A victorious grin appeared on Sero’s face when his prediction was proven correct. Jirou, no longer giving a single fuck, pulled the trigger. Sero just came out to have a great time, and he honestly feel so attacked right now. Not once, but twice has he felt attacked. Jirou put him in a headlock and dragged him to the area most of their classmates are lounging at.

“Forgive me, I'll buy you your favorite food later on.”


“So the three of you instantly got shot?” Todoroki questioned a shy Kouda, a sugary Sato, and quiet Shoji. Kouda shook his head many times, a little frightened. The other teenagers looked at Sato to explain why their usually calm animal lover is so afraid.

“The three of us was just walking and it happened out of nowhere! All we heard was a big splash and paintballs splattering onto our body! I was shook!” They all heard the majestic sound of giggles and turned to the owner of the sound.

Izuku rubbed his eyes after laughing. “Forgive me for laughing, but I think I know who it might be! We will find out later on!” The precious boy usually be oblivious, so him being able to know who the mysterious person was pipped their interest. They noticed Bakugou and Uraraka standing in the water far away from each other. The eliminated students quickly got comfortable, waiting for the two to do something incredibly stupid yet amazing.


“You came in the wrong neighborhood boy.” Uraraka said in a western accent, wiggling her fingers like cowboys do. Bakugou growled at her.

“Deku isn’t ready for the both of us.” Uraraka had to stop what she was doing to think about what Bakugou meant by that. Did he mean that sexually or just as a normal relationship but with three of them dating? Bakugou noticed the girl deep in thought and scowled.

“FUCKING DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT! LET’S JUST SETTLE THIS LIKE REAL COWBOYS!” Bakugou turned around to waddle further away from the girl, Uraraka doing the same. When they decided they were far enough, they both waited for Izuku to signal to start.

“DRAW!” They both turned towards each other and started shooting. Paintballs flew everywhere as they both dodged those incoming. Uraraka fell into the water when one had smacked onto her stomach. Bakugou grinned and raised a fist into the air in victory.

Denki pouted. “I guess he can’t be stopped when it comes to events involving Deku.” He whispered to a silent Momo observing the scene. Denki noticed the girl wasn't listening and looked at her. The treasurer showed an impressed smirk on her face that made Denki confused. She pointed to the water, whispering back, “Just watch.”
Denki followed the order, watching Bakugou shout about his victory.

“CAN ANYONE EVEN KILL ME?” A splash happened behind him. Bakugou didn't have enough time to turn around and dodge the arm wrapped around his neck and a gun pointed at his temple.

“Omae Wa, Mou Shindeiru.” (You’re already dead) The Princess Froppy said. Bakugou struggled in her tight grip, surprised that she was able to get him off guard.

“NANI?” Asui let out a frog screeching scream and started unleashing her wrath and fury in the paintballs, shooting Bakugou multiple times. After the gruesome massacre, a shocked Bakugou collapsed into the water.

“I win.” Asui ribbits and hops over to her friends, everyone shellshocked except for the ones who already figured out who was the mysterious shooter.

Izuku clapped for Froppy, the others joining in. She blushed as they praised her for her amazing stealth skills and JoJo reference.

“Well that was the last guy standing! The last two are Toru and Asui!” Toru intervened before they started celebrating.

“Asui should be the only winner because she did most of the work eliminating the guys! FROPPY, FROPPY!” They all cheered for Asui, picking her up and taking her to the campfire.

Todoroki waited for Bakugou to get out of the water to speak to him. “Surprised you huh?” The butler waited patiently for the President to speak.

The blonde let out a deep chuckle. “I didn't expect that to happen. I believe she predicted something like that will happen.” Todoroki smiled, very amused. He crossed his arms and started walking, knowing that his frenemy will follow.

“Seem like we underestimated our enemies.” Bakugou couldn't help but admit that most of their opponents are not to be looked down on. Being defeated by the Frog Princess seem to have proven his point.

He smiled at the other, running his hand through his wet hair. “We will just have to get stronger.”

“Indeed.” The two sprinted off to join the group around the fire, letting the conversation go to the back of their head. For now, they just want to eat snacks and play games.



Bakugou screamed for them to stop the childish bullshit. They were going to leave it as that until the One For All hero joined in the singing.


“DEKU!” Bakugou blinked at him a couple of times, feeling so offended right now. Izuku sent him an apologetic look and continued singing. The song finished in only a minute, yet Bakugou felt like it went on forever. The group all roasted their marshmallows (some fixing smores like Jirou) and dug in when it was ready. Those moments they were just talking about life and laughing about each other’s embarrassing moments. The topic quickly went to first kisses. Froppy decided to be daring enough to ask their innocent Izuku the question.

“Kero, have you ever had your first kiss Midoriya?” Izuku stopped nomming on his gooey treat when the question was directed to him. His cheeks burned red, his hand scratching his hair in embarrassment. Everyone expected their adorable classmate to stutter, too embarrassed to admit that he never had a first kiss. The response Izuku said made their mouths fly open in shock.

“I just got my first kiss today actually…” He looked down at his feet while twiddling his fingers. Chaos broke out with Uraraka crying, Jirou furiously gobbling down her smores, Momo crying in a handkerchief, Bakugou ripping open a fresh bag of marshmallows in frustration, and Todoroki saying that he’s fine when he’s really not. Izuku squeaked like a mouse, upset that he probably did something wrong. Kirishima pulled him into his lap to give him some good cuddles. He assured the kind cinnamon roll that they weren't mad at him. No, they were pissed at the person who stolen their Deku’s kiss. Their Deku’s innocence! Iida asked his friend how did it happen.

“Well I was going to the store like I told you guys earlier, and some girl I find familiar just came and gave me my first kiss! It felt forced but it was really hot! I was out of breath when she stopped and ran away. I didn't know intimate things like that could feel so good.” Izuku shivered, remembering the soft lips on his. Cue Class A throwing a tantrum at the fact that Izuku enjoyed the first kiss! They always pictured Izuku losing his first in a cliche, romantic place like under the stars. NOT IN A FUCKING BUSY AREA WHERE EVERYONE COULD SEE!

Bakugou snarled. “DAMN IT TOKOYAMI, YOU’RE FIRED!” Tokoyami frowny faced yet didn't say anything. Momo grabbed her phone, tapping away to the Dekublog.

“You said she looked familiar right? What did she look like?” Momo scrolled the page of people who’d clicked and been on the website for a couple of times. Izuku pondered for a second before answering.

“She have really cute twin buns! She’s always smiling and she dress as a schoolgirl! I remember how she look because I always see her everywhere in the background!” Everyone screeched about Izuku having a creepy stalker, mentally hitting themselves for not protecting their oblivious classmate. Momo accessed the information into her mind while scrolling through any inappropriate comments or requests the company received.

There is particularly one that made her very concerned.

JustAGuyWithAHandFetish: I will like a picture of Midoriya tied up and getting choked.

“OOK I THINK I FOUND ONE OF THE PEOPLE WE MIGHT KNOW!” The presidents read the comment and exploded with curses and shouts.

“EVERYONE SUIT UP! WE HAVE AN ASSHOLE TO BEAT UP!” While everyone was roaring about keeping their precious love safe, they failed to notice a dark portal appearing behind said precious until it was too late.

“OH MY GOD, MIDORIIIYAAA!” Yuga screamed in fluent English as everyone turned to see a hand easily yanking Izuku through the portal. The portal quickly closed and they were left with Izuku’s flip flop. Everyone flat out panicked, running around and crying about their princess being kidnapped.

Bakugou gritted his teeth and told everyone to shut up.

“Stop being babies! We will save Izuku even if our life depends on it! CODE 69-420!” The group of teenagers saluted and ran back to the beach house.

‘Don’t worry Izuku! We will definitely save you!’


“Ladies? Hello? Anyone there?” Mineta with dead eyes stared at the night sky.

“They left me.” The water roared and crashed onto Mineta. Hopefully they won't forget him…



Chapter Text

A high pitched whine left from Deku as he blinked the blurriness out of his eyes. As the blurriness cleared from his vision, he noticed that he is in an illuminated bar. Mumbles and silent gasps reached his ears as he shook his head to end the dizziness. He sat up on the couch he realized he is laying on and caught a glimpse of four members in the room. His eyes widen when he caught sight of the familiar white hair. Shigaraki Tomura spun around in his seat, facing the kidnapped teenager.

“We meet again Midoriya.” He glanced to the side at his villain assists who was motioning for him to smile. That he did. A stretched, creepy, and forced smile that showed all of his teeth. Izuku cringed at the poor man who was trying to greet him nicely.

“What do you want Tomura? I’m not joining the dark side!” Tomura was slightly offended, but shook it off.

“We have cookies, but that's not why I brought you here.” Toga facepalmed at the horrible joke while Dabi and Kurogiri looked at Tomura in disappointment. The villain hopped off his seat to sit next to the confused Deku. He wrapped his arm around the hero’s bare shoulders, skyrocketing away from personal space. Izuku shivered from the contact, his hand gripping onto his ladybug safetyphone. Good thing Toshinori gave it to him!

“What does anything have to do with me?” Izuku stared at him with no fear on his face, yet Tomura could see the trembling he is trying to hide. He smiled again, reaching his hand towards Izuku’s face. The bunny squeaked and closed his eyes shut, waiting to get turned to ashes by the man’s quirk. A second passed, ten seconds passed, now it was just awkward with this ongoing silence. Izuku slowly opened his eyes when he felt Tomura’s dry hand intertwined with his, soft yet scarred.

“Your hands are so beautiful. It’s damaged in a perfectly marked way! It’s so smooth like a baby’s bottom. Midoriya! What is your secret?” Toga giggled, enjoying the innocent side of Tomura more than his dark side. Kurogiri just stared, his mind clicking that the only reason why he had to kidnap Izuku was so his boss can admire the boy’s hands. It’s not very villian like to feel bad for the curly-haired boy, but those feelings swept away when said boy smiled at his concerned boss. Maybe it was worth it seeing his boss happy.

Izuku’s hand left the ladybug to shift towards Tomura, facing him. “Oh my gosh! I have just the right lotion that could make the most roughest rock, smooth! My mother gave me an entire kit that was a ‘Buy 1, Get 1 Free!’ package and I still have it! First, we need to check with the local doctor about your itching and what you might be allergic to. Then we can get the pack! It’s at home right now, but I'm sure she wouldn't mind if your friend dropped by!”

Izuku glanced at the portal user, mentally asking him can he do it. Kurogiri was strictly going to decline until he saw the most adorable and pleading look on the teenager’s face, and the most absolute horrifying look on Tomura’s.

‘I'm not getting paid enough for this. I didn't sign up for this.’ Kurogiri sighed and accepted the request, asking for the address and quickly went his way. After that happened, the grinning blonde hopped over and sat on the unoccupied side of Deku.

“Hi Midoriya, remember me? I'm the girl who gave you your first kiss! Toga Himiko!” The female quickly said, really close to Izuku’s face. So close to the teenage girl’s face that Izuku blushed and directed his eyes anywhere but her. What’s up with everyone not knowing about personal space? The only one who wasn’t being strange was the quiet boy watching everything. Izuku’s eyes drifted to him, both of their eyes meeting each other, starting a stare off. Toga cutely hummed and looked to where her Deku was staring. She clicked her tongue in awe.

“Oh! That’s Dabi! He can generate dark fire and all that! He may seem depressed and angry at the world, but he will sell his soul for a cornship to own a Cat Cafe!” Toga laughed at the shocked Dabi that started choking on his drink. Out of habit to helping people, Izuku ran over to the boy, firmly patting his back. It went on for a minute of Dabi making dying sounds, Toga laughing her ass off, and Tomura scratching the dead skin off his crusty body. For real though, this dude is in serious need of a doctor.

“Are you okay, Dabi?” When he was sure that he was fine, he looked up at the concerned boy. Bored eyes widened, staring deeply into the others. The staring contest was neutral at first, but this time it felt more emotional as they look into each other’s eyes. Dabi had been with many people that had bored and distant eyes. Most of them being criminals like himself, only socialized to each other to break a law. Yet this boy he haven't met under five minutes is showing so much emotion for someone he doesn't even know! Dabi doesn't remember the last time he saw so much care and concern in anyone’s eyes. His dark heart fluttered at that moment. He now have a huge desire to see this boy everyday and every night. He placed his hands on Izuku’s squishy cheeks, shocking the other two members.

“Marry me, Midoriya.” Izuku blinked at him, half processing the statement before a knife flew in between them. Dabi fell on his bottom and scowled at the smirking Toga.

“You need to back the fuck up!” She kept her knife pointed at the other until he surrendered.

“You just gained 20 Villian points Toga. Good job.” Izuku’s eyes widened, noticing what was happening.

“Holy shit. I forgot that I'm in a room full of villains.” The three gasp when the bad word flew out his mouth. Midoriya? Midoriya, Izuku? Izuku, Midoriya? Saying a bad word? Such profanity? UNACCEPTAABBLLLEE!

“You’re not allowed to curse in my household, damn it!” Tomura yelled. Izuku was going to inform him that he just said a profanity, but decided to say far more important things.

“Um, so what do you want with me?” Izuku isn't that worried like he was the first time. It seem obvious that the villain leader didn't want him involved in any crimes. (Even Tomura want Izuku to stay innocent and pure.)

Toga grabbed a nearby camera and clicked away, taking pictures of a camera ready Izuku. Who is still dressed in his swimsuit, mind you.

“I want to have a photo shoot and a sleepover with you.” Tomura blushed and looked away from the shocked look on Izuku’s face. Izuku’s face went from shock to wonder. It’s not like the Villian is forcing him to do anything evil. He just want to take pictures and do each other’s nails while watching a scary movie. The boy giggled at the thought of rollers curled up in Tomura’s hair, the boy relaxing with a face mask on. (And boy does he need it for his dry ass skin.)

A portal appeared and in came Kurogiri with a pink bag and several other items. He placed the package in Tomura’s hands and went to his spot behind the bar. Then he acknowledged a watching Izuku. A shade of pink appeared in his dark appearance.

“Your mother is very nice, Midoriya.” Midoriya beamed at the polite comment, running to Kurogiri to ask them if they got along. As they chattered, the three villains grabbed their sleeping bags and personal items.

Tomura forced a real smile to come on his face. It’s still creepy, but he’s trying.

“Let’s start the sleepover, shall we?” Toga and Dabi sent him the lenny face, already knowing what poses they will but their hero in.


Chapter Text

“Dunna naaaa, dunna naaaa, dunna naaaa, DUNNA!”

“Can you shut the fuck up!” Busy people among the street stopped to stare at the group of teenagers dressed in black spy suits. They shuffle with their backs on a brick wall, completely oblivious to the fact that they suck at being sneaky. When they reached the end of the wall, Tokoyami looked both ways before running to a nearby bush. He signaled the others to do the same. They dramatically moved over to the bird, Uraraka and Bakugou pushing each other along the way. Iida, a party pooper, sighed at his classmates.

“We are seriously dressed up in spy suits, hiding in a bush, in a park. Everyone is staring, this will be bad if they know what school we are from.” Uraraka shushed him, raising a pair of binoculars up to her eyes.

“This is why we have face masks on! Noobs like you wouldn't understand the basics of this unlike a professional like me.” The “noob” wanted to expose her for not being a professional because of the number of times she’s been caught, but he’s the bigger person, and decided not to add more salt. Don’t do it Iida.

Bakugou’s walkie talkie crackled to life. The group of four listened to the voice of Todoroki.

“I see a villain in the Pizza place. They’re close to Team Bakugou, over.” Uraraka snatched the talkie out of Bakugou’s hand, dodging a fist sent her way.

“It’s Team Uraraka, over.” She informed him while searching for the pizza place. A second later, Todoroki replied.

“No one cares, just get ready to snatch the villain. Kirishima is on his way with a van.” Bakugou barked out a laugh while Uraraka stared at the talkie in shock. Todoroki has such a mouth on him.

Tokoyami has alerted the group that the person had left the place. They stealthily followed after the normal sized Nomu carrying two boxes of pizza. They kept following it as they entered a deserted neighborhood.

“Kirishima is on his way in about...3...2...1.”

“MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!” The startled group and Nomu looked back to see a white van going at full speed. Everyone except the villain jumped to the side to avoid getting hit.


Iida, now laying on garbage bags, screamed. “WHY DID YOU NOT DRIVE THE CORRECT WAY?” Kirishima jumped out of the driver’s side, observing his surroundings. He smiled at his friends.

“FIRST TIME DRIVING! I THINK I DID PRETTY GOOD! RIGHT BRO?” Sero and Denki appeared from the back. Sero ran to the nearest trashcan to barf while Denki smiled.

“That was legitness! If the hero business doesn't work out, we can always be daredevils!” The two bros fist bumped and personated their future selves.

“Hi! I'm Kirishima, and this is Jackass!”

“Bro no, that's copyrighted.”

“Oh shit bro, you right. My apologies.”

“ARE YOU GUYS GOING TO IGNORE THE FACT THAT YOU RAN SOMEONE OVER!” Iida pointed at the body. Uraraka went up to the body and poked it with a stick. She shot them a thumbs up when the whatever it is groaned.

“It’s alive! Help me get it in the van!” Everyone except Iida helped put the body and pizza boxes inside. The vroom vroom man walked to the back of the vehicle, complaining about getting caught and getting thrown in jail for kidnapping and almost committed murder. Denki laughed it off.

“Indeed Mister! We, ALMOST, committed a crime! But we didn't, and that's all that matters! Here’s the address to an abandoned safe house Todoroki gave me.” Iida never questioned his life until he was put in this class with such crazy students. The wonderful things he thought of his classmates! Are now flushed down the drain as Bakugou screech about the adrenaline pumping through his veins about almost getting ran over, and Uraraka and Tokoyami having a deep conversation about how and where Todoroki be getting such things from.

‘The things we will do for you, Midoriya.’


Izuku sneezed and sniffled. Tomura, who was looking at the well taken pictures of Izuku’s hands, looked at the boy and gave him some tissue.

“Got a cold?” Toga wrapped a fuzzy blanket around his body. Izuku thanked them both and shook his head.

“My senses are just tingling.” The boy shivered. Dabi saw the act and took action, running to Izuku and pulling him close for cuddles. Toga glared at him. Tomura scratched his skin out of irritation (It’s getting better after the cream Izuku recommended.) Dabi sent them a smug look.

‘Better luck next time. Oh, oh my…’ He thought, his gaze darkening when Izuku cuddled closer to him, very intimate. Darn this seductive yet innocent boy!

Izuku sneezed.


The captured Nomu tied up on a chair groaned at the beaming light in his face. In came two people appearing in his sight, both of their expressions not happy. He shivered.

“What do you guys want?” Their eyes widened.

“He speaks. The world is so advanced nowadays.” Todoroki said. Bakugou told him to fuck off before grabbing a picture and throwing it to Nomu’s face.

“Rude.” The picture flew down to his lap and he looked at it. He sweatdropped when it presented a green haired student on the floor with some type of white cream on his face. Is this some type of hentai?

“What does this got to do with me?” Todoroki opened his mouth only to get interrupted by a screeching speaker.

“We want Boneless Pizza!” Bakugou groaned at the dumbass shark always saying a goddamn meme. The Nomu looked up at the bland ceiling.

“Fuck you mean, B?”

“Enough...We want to know where this person is, now.” Todoroki smoothly walked over to the hostage, then kicked a leg of the chair to make Nomu fall. Bakugou was not having it.

“WHAT THE FUCK YOU BASTARD! YOU SAID I CAN BE BAD COP!” He grabbed the supposedly “good cop” by his collar and pulled him back.

“Bad Cop is currently not doing his job right now. We have to save our child from the villains and you're just standing there bitching about memes!” Bakugou pulled Todoroki into a headlock.


“Am I supposed to be afraid of this?” Nomu asked the speaker, clearly not impressed. The speaker caught back on with extreme laughter coming through it.

“I BET $10 TODOROKI WILL WIN!” Sato roared.

“NO WAY, OUR BRO WILL OBVIOUSLY WIN!” Another voice Nomu doesn't recognize said.

“CONCEAL DON’T FEEL, TODOROKI!” A person that sounded much like a woman with a superior voice supported Todoroki. Such good friends. Nomu jumped and the two males ceased their fighting when the metal door slammed open. They all watched a very pissed Uraraka stomp in the room with floating boxes.

She walked up to their hostage and cut the rope. Before the villain had a chance to run, she poked him and he floated into the air. She hummed and threw a bunch of blocks from the boxes onto the floor. Everyone, including those using the speaker, gasped.

“Legos! You cruel, evil bitch!” Bakugou insulted the girl. He can't believe she will stoop that low to such torturing methods! The lego bricks filled the entire ground, so if Nomu tried to escape, he will have to suffer, mentally and physically.

Uraraka prepared her quirk stance. “Tell me where is Midoriya, Izuku or I will drop you.” She said calmly, frightening the poor villain.

Nomu struggled. “U-um, the boss ordered me to get his pizza, and gave me the address he is currency staying in!” He squirmed to let the paper from his pocket fall. Uraraka grabbed the paper and nodded.

“Thank you for your effort, let's go guys!” She dodged the lego bricks. Todoroki and Bakugou carefully stepped through them. Like seriously, you guys can defeat a powerful villain but it's lego blocks you can't easily avoid? Just use your quirks, damn it!

“KAI!” Uraraka shouted and the Nomu crashed into the blocks, a painful wheeze coming from him. The two struggling males sent him a look full of pity. Then they grabbed the pizza boxes and continued their way out. They learned two valuable lessons today:

1) Don't fuck with Uraraka when she is angery. 

2) Someone could easily overthrow the world if they just threaten Politics with lego blocks.



“You’re doing wonderful, Midoriya!” Toga complimented while clicking away on the camera. Now feeling a bit more confident, Izuku crossed his legs and sat dominantly on Dabi’s lap. A tempted Dabi told to hold on to the bunny’s hips looked boredly at the camera (he may look bored, but he is mentally screaming inside). Seriously, they were able to persuade their hero to try on the revealing bunny suit. The outfit and the hot cinnamon bun put together will make many straight, American Jocks turn gay. No, it's not a furry suit, it’s the ones you see in strip clubs of course. Izuku have his cute wittle ears on (with an invisible band holding them), a bow tie that makes him look like a kinky gentleman, the outfit that is doing a shitty job at hiding his chest and nipples (it fits perfectly on his ass though), fishnets that make his thighs and legs even more attractive, and finally topping it off with heels that will make women (and young ladies) wonder how the hell he can walk in them better than them.

Toga’s smile is extremely huge, her entire face practically being a tomato. She shuddered as a thought appeared in her brain. Her hormones are extremely high right now.

“You're doing great sweetie. This time, I want you to be fierce! Right now you are a bunny host who have to follow your master’s orders. Your master want you to completely dominate him, control him, prove to him who is the real master! Slay, Midoriya!” Now Izuku is an innocent and oblivious boy, but he saw many Spy shows that involved host clubs and people being dominated. His large eyes lowered to match his superior grin, half lidded with a hint of power. It took everyone by surprise when Izuku hopped up, pulling Dabi along with him. He kicked the shocked Dabi to his knees then sat back on the comfy seat.

Izuku’s front part of his heel went under Dabi’s chin, slightly tilting it up. A flabbergast fire user stared at the self-satisfied smirk on the usually kind and innocent boy’s face. Knowing that this boy might have a dark and innocent side in him, is really starting to fuck with his hormones. They all wheezed when Izuku let out a deep laugh.

“Who’s your master?” The hero laid his chin on his fist. Dabi, extremely out of character, grabbed Izuku’s foot.

“Holy shit, this escalated so quickly. You’re my master!” He placed kisses on Izuku’s foot all the way up to his slightly clothed knee. Izuku seductively giggled at being tickled.

Tomura decided to break the damn scene before Toga and him got left out. Kurogiri is just sipping coffee minding his own business.

“STOP CURSING IN MY DAMN HOUSE! YOU NEED YOU TO STOP THAT FEET FETISH!” He stopped himself from aggressively itching out of habit. Dabi instantly snapped his furious gaze onto his boss for ruining the moment.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP! YOU COLLECT HANDS AS YOUR DAMN HOBBY! I’M KINKSHAMING!” Tomura threw a hand at the boy, the object...body part smacking the fuck out of him.

“Ah, fuck me right in the asshole!”


“I’m done taking pictures, and I recorded everything! I'm going to make so many copies and sell this on the blog.” She whispered to herself so the model wouldn't hear. Midoriya snapped out of his superior persona to squeak at the blonde.

“I watch a lot of drama shows, so I learned from the best! But this is my first time acting, it can't be that good.” Everyone stared at the boy as if to say “Really?” in a sense of disbelief. Deku trembled and looked away from the stares. A moment of silence issued until they heard a knock on the door.

“Did someone order some Boneless HEEEYAA!” The confused five looked at the door that got kicked open from guy? Oh wait, it's just someone from Class A. Kirishima stood proudly at the door entrance. The proud feeling quickly went to shock when he looked at the scene before him, cue his classmates appearing behind him.

Denki spoke up. “What in diggity darn tarnation is going on here?” Toga happily walked up to them. She tried to explain until the two males got pushed away by their tsundere friend. Said friend grabbed something from his pouch and screeched.

BEGONE, THOT!” He threw salt in the poor girl’s eyes.

“FUUUUUUUU-OH MY GOD IT BURNS!” Everyone watched the girl run around rubbing her watery eyes.

Uraraka smacked the shit out of Bakugou’s head.

“WHAT WAS THAT, BAKUGOU?” Bakugou snarled.


“Now I respect women, but many men has scientifically calculated that if she breathe, she's confirmed, a thot." Females gasped, very confused of what sense that made. Men thought of that rule. Of course it'll be fucking stupid. Bakugou crossed his arms and grunted in agreement.

“Bitch a thot, she deserved it.” Uraraka simply nodded.

“That makes sense, but this has to be worse than what we ever done to Mineta.” She whispered to herself. That reminds her, she totally forgot that they left him there. Oh whale, they’ll go back to get him later.

Todoroki stepped up to Izuku and Dabi.

“What the fuck is this?” He threw his hands out at the pair. Izuku blushed.

“Um, I was helping out Tomura by having a sleepover and taking pictures!” Dabi, still holding on to Izuku’s foot, smirked.

“Yea, he’s my master now.” Todoroki gasped in shock. He put his hand on his chest and blinked at Izuku very offended.

“The times I've been your butler, and you never did this to me? I'm so hurt right now. God, I wish that was me.” Tokoyami patted him on the back.

“An idiotic question I’m about to ask. Are you okay, Todoroki?” Todoroki sighed.

“They ask you how you feel, and you say that you’re fine when you’re not really fine-”

“Shoucchan, I'm very sorry that I haven't done this with you! I was told to act like a dominant master and my inner drama side came out!” He hugged the other to prove that he was seriously sorry. Todoroki is a slut for Izuku’s hugs, so he accepted the apology. Not like he could stay mad at the other for a long time. The hug ended when his frenemy screamed.

“THE FUCK IS GOING ON, DEKU?” Izuku smiled and ran over to the blonde without tripping. How he professionally ran over to him with heels is beyond the author. He stopped in front of his childhood friend and posed.

“The villains and I are having a photoshoot and sleepover! It’s really fun, you all should join!” No one said or did anything before Momo. She walked up to Deku, her eyes scanning his body. When she was close enough, she wrapped her arms around Izuku’s waist and grabbed his tush. Izuku squeaked and blushed as he was pulled onto the female's chest.

“Izuku, you’re beautiful. This is the most beautiful bunny suit I've ever seen. It fits so perfectly on a goddess like you. Whoever created this is a genius.” Izuku looked at Momo’s eyes and smiled.

“Thank you, Momo! The creator is someone that Tomura know!” All eyes (and Toga’s fucked up eyes) went to Tomura who was entranced with his camera. He felt the eyes on him and looked up at Deku and Momo.

“Greetings, let’s have a talk everyone. But first…” Tomura pointed at Kirishima.

“Can I get my fucking pizza?”



Chapter Text

Everyone impatiently watched the petty Tomura finish sipping his offered tea. Somehow, the class had agreed to have this discussion at their beach house, so everyone can have enough room to listen, or too simply have enough room to beat his ass. The boss of villains finished his drink, letting out a satisfied sigh and placed the cup on the table. His gaze met with the students, his calm while theirs very suspicious. He leaned back on the sofa and sighed.

“I will like to make an offer.” He half expected for everyone to curse him and crucify him, yet they all stayed quiet, waiting for him to continue.

“I will like daily pictures of Izuku doing something sexy. Doesn't matter what type of kinks he do, I just want a picture of him. Quiet you, I'm not done talking!” He pointed at the snarling Bakugou to stay silent.

“Yes, you will be given a reward for this. I won't do anything villain like as long as I get my daily doses of Izuku. However, I make no promises.”

Iida rose his hand and spoke when he was acknowledged.

“So you will go back to doing dangerous crimes if we don't send a picture in time?” Tomura nodded.

“Try me bitch, I need my fresh stash of the wonderful Izuku, and I will not hesitate to kidnap him again.” He shook his leg instead of scratching his skin, trying to break out of the habit of irritating his body which he learned is very bad thanks to the adorable Deku. Sitting beside the villain is Toga, who is practically jumping in excitement. She slapped the poor, innocent floor and screamed.

“I LIKE YOU ALL, BUT IF I SEE THAT MIDORIYA IS HURT THAT ISN’T FROM TRAINING, I WILL NOT HESITATE TO STAB A BITCH!” She adorably wheezed like the cute yandere she is. Everyone except the bad bitches in the class (Bakugou, Todoroki, Uraraka, and Tokoyami), gulped in fear. They instantly knew that the creepy stalker will keep her promise.

“Alright guys, class discussion!” The girl Tomura recognized as the Vice President announced. They all scooted on their butts to huddle together in a group. In Tomura’s eyes, it looked more like baby penguins cuddling together for warmth and love. Since it’s not Izuku in that pile, he dramatically gagged at the group to prove how disgusted he is. Toga giggled at her boss that is legit a child.

Minutes flew by and the villains was getting antsy. All they could see is Class A shifting around and heads nodding, except for Bakugou; he was shooting middle fingers at Tomura. Probably because he kidnapped him and wanted him to join their side. He rolled his eyes, people just can't get over such petty things.

“Alright! 1, 2, 3, DEKUSQUAD!” All heads turned to the villains in sync. The three (Kurogiri is still minding his business) clapped, very impressed by the sudden movement.

“We accept your offer, yet we also have one! If you guys are true to your word and do not commit any crimes, you can join us to whatever we are doing with Deku!” Tomura blinked at the Gravity Girl.

“So let’s just say, you guys are going to a water park. If we’ve been good, we can join you?” Momo scooted beside Uraraka.

“That is correct mister! We’re doing this because we have trust issues, and want to make sure that you're serious about no longer doing crimes. So we’re giving you a chance to talk to Izuku on a daily basis. If we hear from Izuku that you did something bad, we will destroy his phone and you will not be going to somewhere like Disney World with us.” Toga and Tomura gasped. They always wanted to go to Disney World since they were children, but didn't have the chance because they were going through a traumatic, villain phase that fucked them up. The two looked at each other, predicting exactly what one another was thinking.

They faced back to the awaiting treasurer, motioning for her to continue.

“If we don’t hear anything bad from Midoriya, we have this…” Ashido walked in the middle of the two separated groups, presenting a tablet that looked more like a Kindergarden planner aka calendar.

“This is your Good Boy planner! We will stamp the following days you've been a good boy!” Toga looked at the planner and laughed.

“That’s for children!”

Jirou giggled. “Well, your boss is a child, so it's a win win.” Toga laughed even harder and ran to Jirou, pouncing on her and complimenting her for being such a cute girl.

The poor villain with the hand fetish was going to expose her for getting her ears caught around the doorknob earlier, but one serious look from Momo who was pointing at the planner made him zip his lips. He slouched further into the couch and mumbled that he accept the offer.

Momo smiled. “Great! Now sign this contract and agree to the Terms and Conditions.” Dabi and Tomura looked at the handed contract and sweatdropped. How the hell did she create this so fast! Dabi watched as Tomura fake read the information and instantly wrote his name down in crappy cursive. Alerting the others, Momo thanked the boy and grabbed the clipboard. Todoroki pushed Bakugou to start walking to the leader of villains. He slowly held his hand out, waiting for the other to shake it. Tomura stared at it for a moment, making Bakugou shake in anger.

“Fucking bastard, I don't know what you be doing with your hands yet I'm still willing to shake it! You disgusting hand fetish pervert! I bet you-”

“Keep kinkshaming me, and I swear to god I will expose your love to Midoriya with full evidence.” And so, they shook hands, a vein pulsing on Bakugou’s forehead, and Tomura showing his creepy smile, but this time it's the cause of victory! Everyone will forever remember the moment of Heros and Villains trying to get along thanks to Midoriya Izuku.

The precious child they were just thinking about walked out of the kitchen with a fresh batch of cinnamon rolls. Many gasped at the boy, surprised that he cooked and served his own family. Izuku munched on a fluffy roll, blind to the stares sent his way.

“Cannibalism.” They all whispered. He sneezed and looked at his friends very confused. He noticed his new and childhood friend shaking hands and grinned. He’s awfully glad that they're getting along, but if only you knew Midoriya Izuku.

“I made desert! And I was wondering, since everyone is here and Tomura and the others are already in their pajammies, can we have a huge sleepover?” Bakugou and Tomura looked each other in the eye. They were currently having a telekinesis conversation!

‘For Midoriya?’

‘For Deku!’ And they shook hands once again, but this time, with more enthusiasm to make their precious jewel happy.

Already knowing that his friends will accept his request, Deku confidently handed out his deserts to the three villains.

“I'm glad we all get to be together! Now who’s up for some Truth and Dare?” Silence. The class and villains looked at each other very awkwardly, knowing that this will end in a disaster. Ashido, who is apparently on live, zoomed in on Jirou’s face; her lips puckered up with her eyes widened, looking at the camera in doubt. Everyone here is just a meme.

Pinky closed down the live and typed to the blog in a jiffy. She quickly made an announcement.





Why we should play your T/D:

This is going to be a long night.

Chapter Text

“Is the camera on?” Denki asked the watchers, sidestepping to enter his entire face in front of the camera. He repeatedly zoomed in on his face while his classmates wait for the audience to respond. The friendly Kouda sent him a thumbs up while Sero scrolled through the comments. Sero stopped at one comment and shook his head in disappointment.

“Bro, a person said to get your airhead ass away from the camera; they can see your pores and acne.” Denki frowned, silently moving away from the camera lens. Now feeling very insecure, he sat in a corner to think about his life. Poor Denki, but hopefully a game of Truth and Dare will pull him from the dumps!

Tokoyami directed the camera to face the straightened Iida dressed in a tuxedo...don't ask. He started his professional hand motions.

“WELCOME TO TRUTH AND DARE!” Glasses jumped when the Korean song, “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” blasted through the stereos. His eyebrow twitched in annoyance as the boys started singing along, he continued.

“The only rule we have to follow is no dares that will lead us to jail! Besides that, we have selected requests from the bloggers that we put in a bucket!” Ashido twirled in front of the camera and shook the All Might Halloween bucket, then she disappeared. Iida pushed up his glasses.

“Thank you Ashido, very majestic. The bucket shall be shook every round, and whoever the truth/dare is forwarded to, the person who picked the strip will have to ask and tell them the truth or dare. If the request is sent to anyone, the person who picked it up can choose anyone to pick an option.” Iida paused and squinted away from the camera. A second passed and he looked back to the audience.

“There are no more texts on the cards Momo is showing me, so we shall begin!” The camera zipped to Momo, who gawked at the blank cards and dashed away from the camera’s view, such a cute, hardworking girl.

The Korean music switched to elevator music as the camera switched to another, presenting the entire class (and villains) in a huge circle. The students and Toga are happily beating the floor in excitement while Tomura and Dabi sat there like awkward bums. No worries though, they will sooner or later get hyped when it's their turn to do a dare. Elevator music filled the room as everyone quieted down, watching Pinky place the filled object down. Everyone glanced at one another, wondering who will be the one to start the destruction and chaos of T/D their princess demanded. A very calm Izuku sneezed.

Eyes darted towards Todoroki who stood up from his spot. He placed his hands on his hips and huffed, icy air leaving his mouth. He looked back at his teammates, his eyes filled with bravery and confidence.

“Since no one is willing to begin this upcoming war, I shall do the honors and pick a strip.” He stepped closer and crouched beside the bucket. His hand went closer, and closer, and closer. Everyone sweatdropped at how dramatic and anticlimactic the scene is. His hand almost touched a strip until another slammed into the bucket; Todoroki’s reflexes made him move his hand away. He sent hateful glares at the hand still shuffling around in the strips. His gaze hardened when crimson colored eyes met his. Bakugou sent him a douchey and toothy smile.

“Oops, I slipped and my hand fell in, my apologies.” Only a few understand Bakugou’s true intentions, so when he fake apologized to the first hero’s son, those knew that he actually meant, “Fuck you bitch, I'll be damned if I let you go first and do something stupid with stupid Deku!” One of those few people is obviously Izuku, but a smart and kindhearted Kirishima easily distracted the bunny to not witness the two having an intense and scary staring contest.

Todoroki looked away first, deciding that he will get a better strip than Bakugou sooner or later. Bakugou quickly celebrated his victory by swiping a thin paper out of the bucket. He smiled and unfolded the paper. Everyone except the bad bitches (you know who they are) slightly shivered at the devilish grin uprising on the teenager’s face. He turned to Deku, who tilted his head in confusion to why everyone was shivering at Kacchan’s appearance. Indeed he looked scary, but that was just his motivated face; others see it as a predator Bakugou lusting after their fluffy bunny Izuku. They mentally cried and prayed that the truth or dare isn't too extreme to lessen Deku’s innocence.

“Dekkuuu…” The blonde growled at the unfazed bunny. Deku just giggled and asked what he needed.

“Truth…” He paused to make things dramatic. “Or dare?” Here comes the moment of truth! Class A and the villains watched Deku ponder for a minute, praying that he choose truth. They all smacked their foreheads when Deku chose dare. Bakugou chuckled, knowing that Deku isn't ready for this one.

Username: BunniesForDeku

Dare: Call your mom and tell her you got a girl pregnant.

Why: It will be so awkward for Deku that he will become a stuttering and fluttered mess!

Bakugou like this one a lot. He crossed his arms and stared at the patient boy.

“I dare you to call your mom and tell her you got a girl pregnant!” Kurogiri walked in at the moment the statement been said. He stopped to look at Izuku and Bakugou in shock and disbelief; he walked out the living room so done with life. The hot tempered teen could already see the blush forming all over Deku’s cheeks, ears, and neck as he started stuttering. Even though Deku’s muttering and stuttering be annoying the fuck out of him, he have to admit that it turns him on. He’s trying so hard to beat the temptations of slamming his nervous prey to the ground. (Sexually, oh la la)

“W-wah? I can’t t-tell my m-mother that K-Kacchan! Y-you know how she be!” Izuku continued to ramble about his poor mother and how she will react. Bakugou looked at the camera as it zoomed in on his face.

“What should he do if he refuse BunniesForDeku?” Momo stared at the comment that instantly appeared and made an “O” face. She silently gave the laptop to Bakugou while everyone else comforted Deku.

BunniesForDeku: #Bakudekuforever! Dare him to change into some lingerie and give you a lapdance.

“OK YOU BASTARD, YOU ARE GOING TO CALL YOUR MOM AND TELL HER THE BIG NEWS!” Bakugou sprinted from his spot to sit beside Deku, watching Deku grab his phone. Everyone except for Momo raised an eyebrow at the blonde who all of sudden took action and is blushing like a tomato. Bakugou got even harder when he read that comment, knowing that he will snap if the stupid Deku grind his plush, soft ass in lingerie on his d-

The ringing call made him out of his thoughts, a bit pissed that he couldn't ponder more about his future wet dream, and the fact that Sero, Denki, and Kirishima knew exactly what he was thinking about, and shook their head in jealousy and disappointment. He shot them the middle fingers, fucking haters!

Everyone quieted down as the ringing stopped and a sweet, feminine voice appeared on the line. Everyone could already predict that Deku’s mother is the Queen of Cinnamon Rolls for giving birth to the pure boy.

“Izu, are you ok? You’re calling awfully late!” Everyone’s heart thumped. As an awful habit of his, Izuku played with his fingers and began talking.

“Hi mom! I have something really important to tell you?” Bakugou was starting to feel a little bit guilty for whatever reaction Auntie Inko might have.

“What is it dear?” Silence.

“I-I’m pregnant!” Many once again facepalmed as Ashido, Kirishima, Toga, and the gang covered their mouths to hide their snickers at the failed dare.

“Izuku, no…” Todoroki murmured, ignoring the “Izuku, YES!” shouted beside him.

“What the fuck Deku? You had one job and you fucked it up.” The blonde whispered so Inko wouldn't hear. Izuku started sweating so much in embarrassment that he had to unzip the top part of his All Might onesie for being so hot. Oh Izuku, you don't know how many fans died from nosebleeds just now.

“W-what? Does this have to do with your q-quirk? Izuku, I will support you along the way; I'm so happy you told me!” Everyone silently stared at the phone, shocked that the mother accepted her TEENAGE SON for supposedly “carrying” a “child”.

‘Thank you God for giving us wonderful angels!’ They silently made a note to meet the Prince of Pure Cinnamon Roll’s mother. Their stomachs churned as a frightened Izuku looked at them with glassy eyes. They all mentally screeched.


“TODORKI! YOU HAVE THE BEST CUDDLES, GET IN THERE!” The hell of a butler zoomed over to his master and forced Izuku on his lap; Izuku’s face hid in the crook of his neck. Izuku moaned when Todoroki’s chilly side took effect on his body, shuffling closer to his body. Halfie whispered cliche, sweet nothings to calm the poor boy, noticing the jealous stares sent his way. Hey, Uraraka ordered him to do it, and he can't say no to Deku’s hugs and cuddles.


Bakugou grunted a soft “Fuck” as he grabbed the phone, put it off speaker and placed it to his ear. Everyone and the audience watched Bakugou to make sure he doesn't do anything rebellious, what he did surely surprised them all.

“Hi Auntie Inko…” He angrily stared at the others when he realized that they could still hear Inko speak on the other line.

“Kacchan, it’s so nice to hear you again! What happened to Izuku?” Bakugou huffed.

“We’re playing T/D and I guess the dare and how you reacted made him feel guilty for fooling you, I apologize.” God isn’t real, there is no way Bakugou would ever apologize so quickly! Usually he will screech that he’s innocent until tsunderly apologizing like doing something actually nice for the person, but this is an adult he knew since he was a kid, it wouldn't feel right if he disrespected a pure soul like Inko. The boy has grown to a handsome punk boy!

“Oooh, that make sense! Don’t worry about it dear, it's always nice to have some fun! Pass the phone to Izuku please.” Bakugou did as told, notifying Izuku that his mother wants to speak to him. Everyone silently listened to the quiet conversation of mother Deku comforting her boy that she wasn't disappointed or hurt that he tricked her. By the time the conversation ended and the two Midoriyas lovingly told each other good night, pretty much everyone except the villains, Bakugou, Todoroki, and Tokoyami are in tears, yet all of them has gained emotional feelings to protect Inko and Deku to the maximum. You know it's something when Dabi even felt like he just gained a mother figure.

They all settled down and continued with the game. Todoroki went next, a happy Izuku snuggling on his lap. What he received made him confirm that God is dead and the bastard of his father (Satan aka garbage) order someone to ruin his happiness.

Username: YaoiLover

Dare: Todoroki will have to sit on the person’s lap on his left then keep switching to everyone’s lap when someone say “Bunny”

Why: I just want to see Todoroki sitting on everyone’s lap! (I love tododeku, please more) Not like I was ordered to make up a silly dare or anything! Hahaha, help me…

Todoroki gave the camera a stern yet sexy look. “You fool, you dare believe I will save you? You’re wrong.” He replied back to the poor person who wanted to be saved by their boss’ wicked ways, such a fool to believe that.

Todoroki faced the spot where he was with Izuku, but sadly, Izuku is on his right. The person on his left is…

“WHAT THE FUCK GET YOUR HOT ASS OFF OF ME!” The tempered blonde screeched when Todoroki plopped on his lap. Todoroki is suffering.

“Thank you, Bakugou.”

“THAT WASN’T A FUCKING COMPLIMENT!” At that moment, Todoroki thought that if he had never met Izuku, he would've surely ended his life because what he is going through right now, he do not deserve. He shifted on Bakugou’s lap to get comfortable, then jumped very startle when two pair of smoking hands grabbed his waist.


“Bakugou please stop grabbing me so tight.” A slightly pissed Todoroki said, his eyebrow twitching in frustration. His false plead only made Bakugou hold him tighter, and he can already feel the smoke and ashes staining his favorite pair of pajamas.


As if sent from the God of Heaven, Kouda appeared from the boy’s side of the bedrooms with a box filled with bunnies! He placed the box down and picked up many bunnies to lay on Izuku. Izuku squealed.

“So many bunnies!” Todoroki pretty much dashed off of Bakugou’s lap to pounce on Izuku’s, being careful not to hurt his master’s kinfolk.

“Bocchan!” Now it’s his turn to snuggle onto Izuku, getting quite comfortable and enjoying the feel of Izuku’s chest. He hummed when Izuku placed a fat bunny on his lap and wrapped his arms around his waist. Todoroki is in Paradise! It didn't last long for someone to ruin it for him.

“Such a fat bunny!” Toga gasped, squeezing herself between Izuku and Bakugou to spoil said bunny. Todoroki’s peaceful face formed to depressed as he slid off his master’s lap, looked at him as some sort of an apology, and sat on Dabi’s lap, who is really confused at the hero, but is also busy staring at the hopping bunnies. It seem he will enjoy any fluffy critters! A certain brainwashing guy and him will get along just well! Foreshadowing.

Many girls squealed as they scream “BUNNY” and the poor Todoroki awkwardly swapped to lap to lap. His number one goal besides marrying Izuku, is to defeat Satan, such a brave goal.

Yuga quickly grabbed a strip from the bucket. He skimmed through the request and smirked, very confident.

Username: AstralLikesOreos

Truth: Who does Izuku think is the most attractive person in a school girl’s uniform (girl or boy)

Dare: Dance to PonPonPon in a bunny suit

Why: Because it will give everyone life

"Merci! Izuku darling, truth or dare?"

Yuga posed every time he said something in a different language which made Izuku very confused to what he just moaned, but he assumed that he asked about truth or dare. He decided that he wanted to be honest with his classmates, so he chose truth.

Yuga laughed in Chinese and confidently said the truth.

“Who do you think will be the most attractive person in a school girl’s uniform?” Yuga threw the paper away and seductively stood up. Everyone watched the cringy scene; Yuga hits a split.

“Everyone know it will be muah-”

“Mirio-Sempai...” A part of Yuga died just now. Jirou and Toga burst out laughing while many “Oohhed.” as the messy students they are. Momo looked at the camera and everyone in shock with her hand over her mouth. Bakugou slapped his knee, proud that his Deku have the balls to shame the weird ass guy, but also feel offended that Deku didn't choose him. Yea he’ll bitch about being the best in a school uniform, but at least Deku will choose him than anyone else.

“Deku! How dare you choose a third year student instead of me!” Deku blushed and looked away.

“He’s such a gentlemen, and I really look up to him! Besides All Might, he’s my second best hero!” Bakugou’s heart broke a little; he quietly sat in the corner to mope, wondering how could he defeat both All Might and Mirio to impress Izuku again. Kirishima, Sero, and Denki huddled up to him to comfort him, which he didn't reject.

A comment appeared.

Username: Number1Streaker

Haha! Thank you for picking me Izuku! When you come back from your vacation, I'll be sure to wear a girl’s uniform for you! Also why is Tomura with you guys?

Tokoyami read out, watching everyone go into a panic of protecting Izuku from the perverted yet powerful third year student. Bakugou popped up from his squad to scream “I’LL BE DAMNED! FIGHT ME YOU BASTARD!” He struggled as his bros held him back and tell him to take back his threat, afraid that Bakugou will get his ass handed to him. Izuku blushed at the thought of Mirio handsomely dressed in a skirt and knee socks; he sent a thumbs up at the camera.

“I'll be waiting Mirio-Sempai, and don't worry, we’re all friends now!” Tomura was about to finally speak up for the first time, but Momo slammed the planner on the floor in front of him. He huffed and nodded.

“Yes, we are now friends with Class A.”

Tokoyami easily spotted the comment in a matter of seconds.

Username: Number1Streaker

I will do my best to look good for you! And as long as they're not doing any funny business, I won't take matter into my own hands! Have a good night/morning Midoriya!

Tokoyami had to double read the first sentence to make sure his eyes didn't deceived him. Everyone is slightly jealous that the third year could make Izuku blushed and stutter harder than they ever accomplished, but they can't defeat him on the battlefield, he easily beat them the first time, but one day, they will surely win against him.

Izuku grinned. “Night Sempai! Alright, I’ll be next to get a strip!” He grabbed one and skimmed through it. He bit his lip and furrowed his eyebrows as he read the strip out loud.

Username: Ire27

Truth: What was the most traumatic thing that happened to you?

Deku huffed and sadly chuckled. Bakugou glanced at him, already knowing what he will say. “So many traumatic things happened, but the worse one was from Kindergarten to Middle school with Kacchan…” He went into full detail of Kacchan and him being great friends when they were little until Bakugou developed his quirk and left him behind because he was still quirkless, bullying him and having many people shun him for being different. Tears slid down his cheeks as he told him about Bakugou telling him to pretty much commit suicide. A guilty Bakugou pushed the others out of the way to place Deku on his lap and give him a real hug, hiding his face on Deku’s shoulder. Deku returned the hug, squeezing Bakugou to his body. Everyone knew about the relationship drastically changing after All Might’s retirement between the two, but they didn't know the full story of their past. However, they no longer had to plan a punishment for Bakugou when they heard him apologize for the second time today.

Izuku gave him a wet giggle as he look at Bakugou in the eyes.

“It’s alright Kacchan! You apologized a long time ago and I know that you're doing your best to make it up to me! That’s all I need!” He kissed his childhood friend’s forehead; Bakugou smiled a bit for been being forgiven. Yea, he definitely have to make Deku his. The author almost cried writing this angst.

Denki sashayed to the middle of the circle and grabbed a strip. His confident expression turned grim as he looked at Bakugou.

Username: Spinoir Rex

Dare: Denki, dab while saying yee and shock Bakugou! Do it for the memes dude!

Kirishima and Sero looked over his shoulder to read the strip. They grinned and started hitting the floor to start a beat.






“YEEEEE!” Denki dabs and use his ultimate to electrocute an off guard Bakugou. Bakugou swore and ran after Denki down the hall, everyone hearing Denki scream and a fist being connected. Few minutes later, a satisfied Bakugou came back with a beaten up Denki being dragged. The blonde threw the Pokémon on the Shark’s lap and went back to his usual spot.

The second most purest person decided to go next in the game. Kouda picked up a request from the bucket and sweatdropped.

Username: MelloSweet

Dare: Bakugou and Todoroki have to call All Might and tell him that they’re banging his son!

Kouda quietly placed the strip in front of the three (Todoroki is now sitting on Iida’s lap who is beside Izuku but a little bit closer to Bakugou), and went back to his spot, acting like he has seen nothing just now.

The three read the strip and made some funny reactions. As always, Izuku trembled and mumbled of how All Might might react, and Bakugou and Todoroki (surprisingly) smiled very possessive. Bakugou pulled Deku’s phone out of his pocket, once again, don't ask why, just accept this madness.

“We can call him off Deku’s phone because he have his number.” Izuku couldn't even object to that because everyone know that Deku and All Might see each other as a father and son, so he kept his mouth shut and petted a chubby bunny demanding for attention. Bakugou entered the password and went to the contacts, Toshinori’s name being the second recent call. Bakugou clicked the name and put it on speaker.

Calling: “#1 Super Dad!”

The call instantly clicked and Toshinori’s powerful voice rang out.

“Midoriya! What is this about your mother telling me that you’re pregnant?” Seem like Inko didn't tell him the full story. Wait a minute...the class and villains looked at each other, realizing an important fact.

‘Why does Inko and All Might have each other's numbers, and why are they casually having conversations with each other?”

Bakugou and Todoroki coughed and started their dare.

“Hello Mr.Yagi, Bakugou and I, are banging your son.”


“We bang him on the floor, on the ceiling, on the lawn, in the tub, on the stove, in the fridge, in the closet, in the-”

The sound of something transforming interrupted Bakugou from his ranting. Everyone oohed when Toshinori’s superior, heroic voice appeared.

“Bakugou, Todoroki, tell me this is a joke before I have to do some things I will surely regret.”

Bakugou and Todoroki stared at each other, a bit afraid.


“Yes, we are playing Truth or Dare; we are very sorry for the inconvenience.” They admitted, waiting for their hero to reply back. They huffed out a breathe of relief when the usual cheery All Might came back.

“Ah, my boys! It’s just a silly dare I see, so I guess Inko informing me about Izuku being pregnant was also a dare! That silly woman.” All Might chuckled, obviously thinking of the beautiful woman. Everyone is thinking the exact same thing, but Izuku is the first to speak up.

“All Might, are you and mom on speaking terms?” The sound of glass crashing and Toshinori coughing out blood made them all confirm their predictions.

“No fucking way.” Kurogiri entered the room to see them all in shock. He raised an eyebrow at Tomura and the boss of Villains told him what they just learned. Kurogiri gasped in shock.

“They will be such an adorable couple. My crops has been flourished, my debts are cleared, I’m forever grateful. Dear God in the skies, please let them be severely happy-”

“KUROGIRI GO TO SLEEP, YOU’RE TIRED!” Tomura pushed his sleep deprived assistant to the guest room, ignoring the hushed chuckles sent his way.

Their attention went back to the phone when Toshinori spoke again. “Ah, sorry about that! I accidentally dropped something because I stubbed my toe, such a clumsy fella!” He rambled off. Midoriya smiled and replied back, “Riiigght, is that so?”

“Yes yes! I wasn't thinking about Inko or anything my boy, just accidentally dropped my croissant when I stubbed my toe!” All Might awkwardly died off the conversation. Everyone is pretty much on the same page of what’s happening between the two adults.

Deku giggled. “All Might, when I get back from vacation, we’re going to have a long talk to see if you're worthy to marry my mom! Good night!” The skeleton gapped and Deku hung up before the hero could say anything else. That escalated quickly, skip taking out to dinner and just went straight to marriage. Deku beamed at his classmates.

“They will be so cute together!” Uraraka nodded many times!

“Of course! That will be one of our main plans to accomplish: Ms. Midoriya and Mr. Yagi as a happy couple!” They all celebrated then continued with the game.

Ashido stuck her hand in the bucket and read her strip. Sweat started forming and rolling down her forehead, making her classmates and Toga worry.

Username: Rose

Dare: Tell Deku the T R U T H (don't tell him directly, say it extremely subtly)

Why: Because I’m curious and my baby boy is too damn oblivious for his own look.

A comment catch Tokoyami's eye.

Username: MasterNapper (Creator)

Yes Ashido, let Midoriya get a glimpse of the Dekublog, it'll be a shame if someone...get demoted!?

“DAMN YOU PEOPLE!” A defeated Pinky screeched at the ceiling. She crawled over to the confused Deku with the Dekublog browser on her screen. She showed her best innocent and peaceful face before speaking.

“Izuku honey, we take many pictures of you because we love you, and want to savor our moments together.” She scrolled through the pictures of all the photoshoots they had Izuku participate. There’s the picture of Dabi and Izuku with a billion likes! Izuku hummed; many people feel sorry for what the consequences Ashido will receive from Aizawa.

“We love you so much, that we want everyone around the world to see how perfect you are.” Deku smiled at the acidic girl.

“I’m glad you guys love me so much that y’all went this far! I deeply enjoy dressing up and doing all these whacky things for you guys, but next time, I want you guys to dress up with me!” Everyone sighed in relief, feeling quite stupid for thinking Deku will rage about the blog. Now the problem is Aizawa. Kouda used his tech skills to present the comments on the tv. The beautiful yandere known as Toga plopped on top of Izuku, smushing a flustered and screaming Izuku with her chest. Everyone is too busy searching for their boss’ comment to take action on Toga. The comment finally appeared after so many fangirls’ comments.

Username: MasterNapper (Creator)

Lol jk, it’s joke! I’ll just demote Mineta to Garbage Boy as your punishment Ashido.

“THANK YOU AIZAWA-SENSEIII!” The tv screen went blank and Toga flopped off of the wheezing Deku and crawled to the bucket.

Her chuckles transitioned to high pitched squeals when she finished reading.

Username: Kaylee

Dare: Kiss Deku for 30 seconds!

“Pucker up buttercup! I’m about to give you your second k-ACK!” Bakugou tackled her to the fucking ground.




“Everyone…” No one except the bunnies heard that last part. Knowing that everyone wouldn't be the best answer, he chose the third best.

“Kacchan!” To be honest, he wish Todoroki and Bakugou will double team him, but apparently the dare just want one person to kiss him, such a shame…fuck. The satisfied blonde full of pride got off the whining Toga to scoot over to Midoriya. Izuku know what to do; he placed himself on Kacchan’s lap and waited for his dominant friend to take action. Dominant people that will push him against the wall is secretly his kink. Jeez, Izuku is still innocent and oblivious, but he’s still a horny teenager and his willy be going silly when he’s fighting his classmates.

Bakugou growled like a dog in heat and attacked Izuku’s soft lips, making the off guard bunny gasp. Back to the predator and prey situation, Bakugou and Izuku could clearly understand their label to each other. The way Bakugou forcefully shoved his tongue into Izuku’s mouth and pulled him closer made his prey whine and grabbed his spiky hair. That only made Bakugou more riled up as he broke the kiss to swear and attack Deku’s neck. The bunny moaned and let himself be devoured by the wolf, quickly forgetting that they’re doing this in public. His partner bit multiple places on his neck, harshly sucking and leaving purple bruises on his skin. Both of them are on cloud nine; Bakugou tried to stop himself from snapping and fucking Deku into oblivion, and Izuku is really enjoying the deep pleasure curling in his tummy. Sadly, everyone else is a party pooper and cheered when Tomura quickly separated them when the timer rung.

“Good boy points Tomura!” Momo stamped the ‘Tuesday’ box. Tomura gladly took the breathless Izuku away from the growling Bakugou to the other side of the circle, sitting beside Tokoyami and Sero.

“That is the most hottest thing I ever seen.” Uraraka admitted, watching the video she just recorded of the two. Iida gawked at her and was about to fuss, until everyone mumbled for her to send it in the group chat. She quickly did that, and both Bakugou and her received President points for adding more fanservice to the Dekublog.

“Sleepy…” They all looked around to find the owner of the adorable yawn and came across Deku. They awed at the sight of him snuggling on Tomura’s lap and mumbling to himself as his eyelids slowly drooped closed. They snapped pictures of Izuku in his All Might onesie, a very chubby bunny sleeping on his lap, and Tomura actually looking happy and grateful that he get to be so close to Midoriya.

Jirou whispered to Iida. “Is that the end of the game?” Iida cliche pushed up his glasses with his middle finger.

“It appears so…”

Momo activated her quirk, several pillows and blankets plopping out of her body. She smiled at everyone.

Momo activated her quirk, several pillows and blankets plopping out of her body. She smiled at everyone.

“We can sleep in the living room tonight.” They nodded and quickly settled themselves in; everyone snuggled up against each other and a little closer to Deku. Dabi stared at the glow in the dark stars on the ceiling.

“Even though I didn't participate, I have to say, I deeply enjoy being with you lunatics. Maybe it's not a bad idea if we hang around a little longer. Right guys?” He asked his companions. Toga who is close to falling asleep between Uraraka and Momo made a wailing sound that meant as a yes, and Tomura made a satisfying groan in agreement, cuddling closer to Izuku.

Class A also agreed that the villains are pretty chill people when they're not fucking things up. Moments of experiencing so many emotions such as: jealousy, happiness, and fear is what made the game so fun! That is what the villains wouldn't mind experiencing again. That night (morning), everyone slept with a smile on their face, except those that have usual blank and pissed off expressions, but it's obvious that they are happy with this outcome.


The following week of Spring Break continued with everyone goofing off and enjoying their time with each other. Tuesday consists of Froppy and Izuku going scuba diving as their date. Afterwards, everyone went to the mall to shop and played in the arcade. Wednesday, they went to watch a scary movie with a very scared Izuku latched onto a very lucky Dabi. Thursday, they went to an Amusement Park which made Tomura and Toga vibrate with excitement (Toga took pictures with everyone on her camera). Kurogiri bought the most exclusive tea products that you can never see in markets. Iida got a chance to hug the Theme Park’s mascot and take wacky pictures with Uraraka and Izuku. Finally, Friday ended with everyone lounging in the beach house and enjoying each other's company.

Now it's the end of Spring Break and the villains watched the class load their belongings on the bus. Toga cried as she pulled Izuku and her new girlfriends in for a group hug. After the hug ended, Izuku ran over to Dabi and gave him a squishy kitty paw case that matches his. Dabi ruffled his fluffy hair as a thanks and a goodbye for now. Then, the kind boy went up to Tomura and gave him his number, telling him to call if he want to talk or have trouble with his skin; Tomura happily scratched his hand.

“BYE, SEE YOU GUYS LATER!” Toga yelled, waving her arms at the students on the bus. Ashido and Jirou excitedly waved back.

“WE’LL CALL YOU WHEN WE’RE HANGING OUT! LOVE YOU, TOGA!” Toga feels blessed for gaining wonderful friends and having a crush on the sweet Izuku.

Everyone on the bus waited for Iida to finish taking roll.

“That’s all the people! Sato, you can start driving.” Sugar man nodded and started the bus to life. They were about to pull off until Denki’s phone started ringing. He answered the call.


“Hello is this Mr.Kaminari?” A rough voice spoke through the line. Denki looked at his concerned bros very confused.

“This is he…”

“Good! Your child, what’s your name...Meanita said that he's been left at the beach and wants to get picked up.” Denki covered his mouth to hide his laughs.

“Yes sir, I'm very sorry you had to go through this! I’ll be there in a jiffy!” He ended the call and looked at Sato with teary eyes.

“We need to go to the Police Station to pick up my child, Meanita!” Iida screeched for forgetting Mineta while many laughed or chuckled.

No wonder Spring Break was so much fun without the diaper child!

Chapter Text

The travel bus screeched into a halt at the UA’s parking lot. The excited yet exhausted students hurriedly grabbed their things and ran out the bus. They’re exhausted because they stayed up the following night and day entertaining each other (Izuku) by playing Monopoly and Uno, which could tear the most healthiest friendship or relationship apart (Denki and Kirishima almost broke off their broship), but excited because they get to move into their new dorm! Before they left on the trip, Aizawa informed them their building will be completed before they came back. There are three reasons why they are extremely giddy for the dorms: they will have a chance to be closer to Midoriya, they can see the generous hero’s beautiful face everyday and night, and they can take pictures and record his every move. Sound like a bunch of stalkers, but they will do anything to get at least one screenshot.

Mineta struggled off the bus’ steps then walked over to the group of students. Poor child had a horrible Spring Break and been depressed ever since they picked him up. Instead of ogling at Momo’s body, he’s staring at Aizawa’s soul, waiting for the teacher to dismiss them to the dorm so he could sleep; hell so anyone who was playing all day and night could sleep! Too bad, so sad, Aizawa doesn't enjoy their happiness.

“Oh such good timing, go to the Support Lab and test out their inventions. Our custodians will take your bags to the dorm.” He walked off before anyone could ask a question involving their sleep and the new building. Everyone waited for their rude teacher to be farther away to groan and angrily fight the air. They just wanted to go to their new dorm and rest!

After their temper tantrum, they fast walked (thot walked) over to the Support Lab and slammed the huge door open, startling the supporters. Everyone silently stared at each other until a lovely girl appeared from behind a table. She scanned everyone’s faces and gasped at a certain curly- haired student. She threw her goggles off and ran up to her baby.

“MY BABY, WELCOME HOME!” The very sleepy Izuku gasped in shock as he’s been picked up and twirled around. Class A stood there, waiting for their two presidents to scream out orders. Uraraka made a hand signal to not attack; Hastume Mei is the Support Leader who is a huge help with the website and participations of the customer’s paid requests. It’ll be best to stay on good terms with her. A grumpy Bakugou thought otherwise, but decided to wait (shocking) until it is time to attack.

Izuku wiggled and struggled to breathe for air from the bone crushing hug, who knew Hastume could be so strong.

“Hi Hastume! C-can’t breatheee-”

“Oh, sorry about that! I'm just so excited that you're back! You can be my lab buddy and test out an experiment for me!” She plopped a grateful Izuku down and dragged him over to her table. The support hero dramatically threw her books and other unnecessary items off the table. The students awkwardly watched Mei ramble to Izuku about her trying something new that doesn't involve technology. The cheery girl noticed the weird aura and eyed the students.

“What are you doing standing there, lab rats? My people need you, go and be useful to my people!” Everyone scattered to different areas to help while the Bad Bitches stayed to keep watch on their sleepy Deku.

Mei rummaged through the cabinet filled with colorful test tubes and screamed, “AHA!” when she found the correct one. She slammed the cabinet shut and rushed over to the patient Izuku sitting on the table.

The Bad Bitches’ eyes narrowed at the sight of a rainbow colored liquid sloshing innocently in the glassware. Hastume Mei uncontrollably giggled to nothing in particular.

“At last, the potion I spent my entire Spring Break on! Here Izuku, drink up!” She placed the sealed tube in a confused Izuku’s palm and excitedly waited for the hero to take a sip. Izuku and Mei are good friends, but this being the first time Mei put her grabby hands on chemicals and made a potion she created just for him, he felt honored, but he'd rather not take the chance. He threw glances at the group, quietly alerting them that he is in need of assistance. Bakugou quickly caught on and rushed over like he had a stick up his ass.

“I don't trust you Octopus girl, so I'm going to check it first!” He snatched the potion out of Izuku’s scarred hands. Unphased by the name calling, Mei hummed and shook her head.

“No Bakugou-kun, it is 100% safe and would not harm my baby, Izuku! Take as much time observing it!” And Bakugou did just that, eyeing accusingly at the liquid and pulling the cork out to take a huge sniff of the chemicals. Everyone heads turned to Tokoyami when he KAWKAAAed very alarming.

“Bakugou, no! Do you not know that you’re invading one of the safety rules! You do not just snort chemicals like it's cocaine, you fool!” Tokoyami quickly walked over and carefully took the tube from a frustrated Bakugou. The bird and Dark Shadow posed with their hand close to the rim of the glassware and their...beaks.

“You get close, but not to close, and waft.” They swiftly guided the distant smell to their nose. Bakugou looked like he wanted to smash the bird’s ass while Mei buzzed with excitement.

“Good job for knowing your safety rules Tokoyami! As a gift of appreciation, you can take a tiny sip of the liquid!”

“Wot?” Mei’s proud statement made Tokoyami look at her very startled. He just wanted to show Bakugou how to be safe, not drink a freaking potion!

“I'm honored that you’ll let me try it out, and even though I barely smelled anything toxic, I rather not.” Todoroki instantly rose his hand and interrupted Mei from screeching.

“I’m Izuku’s butler; it is my duty to try out several things to assure Izuku that it is safe!” Bakugou swiped the potion back from the edgy bird and glared at the half bastard.

“Fuck off, bitch.” Todoroki was close to walking up and backslapping the blonde, but he decided it wouldn't be professional to start a fight. (Also because Bakugou and him are still supposedly “buddies” working together to capture Izuku’s heart) So, he went for the next big thing.

“Oh? Afraid that I have more confidence than you to try out the drink?” Todoroki’s manipulation skills, go!

Bakugou rolled his eyes and sneered. “Of fucking course not, if I wanted to drink it, I fucking would!”

“Try it then, prove to us that you’re not a little wuss.” Bakugou thought Todoroki called him “a little bitch” and growled; he was close to tilting his head back and taking a shot until Mei stopped his actions.

“No! You are not worthy, only my baby and Tokoyami could try it out!” She grabbed it and once again, placed it in Izuku’s hands. Izuku sweatdropped, mentally thanking his classmates for doing their best. One look at Mei’s adorable, flushed face as she stared at him while happily jumping up and down hit him right in the feels. Realizing how overjoyed Mei will be afterwards made him decide to finish it once and for all! (Finally)

Kirishima and Sero popped up to make ohh nice electric disco noises and Denki appeared screaming, “SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! EVERYBODY!”

Feeling a bit hyped and pumped up thanks to his bros, in a flash, Izuku tilted his head back and took a full shot, drinking it all to the last drop.


Everyone coughed and waved away the clouds that appeared out of nowhere. What they saw truly shocked them, except for the owner of the creation.

“YES! MY EXPERIMENT WORKED!” Mei slapped her knee and bounced around until Bakugou grabbed the front of her messy tank top and pulled her close. Todoroki arrived beside him, making sure he get to join in on the beatdown if it starts. Bakugou released a low, animalistic growl. His possessive side over Izuku is showing~~

“What. Did. You. Do?” He pulled her closer each time he stated a word. No longer filled with energy and joy, Mei gave a wavery and nervous smile and pointed at the huddled group.

“Go look at him.” As soon as that statement flew out her mouth, a girlish squeal rung throughout the lab. Bakugou and Todoroki turned towards the crowd in a defensive pose, prepared for any enemies, but the scene before them had them look not once, but twice at the sight.

Uraraka uncontrollably squealed with tears flowing down her face as she pressed a baby Izuku closer to her chest. The once teenager Izuku transformed to a three-year-old baby bunny with white as snow floppy ears and a small poofy tail, earning him another title of being the most adorable baby in Class A’s opinion. Baby Izu earned more points to the title when he playfully smacked Uraraka’s chubby cheeks and smiled, revealing his perfect baby teeth to everyone in sight. Tokoyami could feel his dark and edgy heart explode with pure warmth and happiness; he can’t handle all of the cuteness! Class A deserve an award for being in sync when they pulled their phone out and started snapping pictures of the small child.

“I'm sorry, but did Izuku just transform into a baby, or are my eyes deceiving me?” Iida repeatedly cleansed his forever filthy glasses to look for a second time...and then a third time.

Mei pushed the two shocked heros, who was close to giving her a knuckle sandwich, out of the way. (Funny that Todoroki was 100% on board to fight someone when something happened to Izuku, but be the bigger person when Bakugou spat insults to him.) She slowly walked over to Uraraka and picked up baby Izu with amazement.

“Now you're literally my baby! My name’s Mei!” The toddler looked up to reveal his big, oceanic eyes, observing Mei’s face to keep in mind. He giggled and wiggled closer to Mei to grab her hair.

“My baby!”

“What the fuck?” Ashido glared at Bakugou.

“Do not curse when there’s a child; I taught you better than that!” Bakugou tilted his head to the side, questioning who the fuck Pinky was scolding too. Easily distracted by the noise, Izuku looked over at the two high schoolers; his attention targeted on Todoroki. Todoroki awkwardly stood in place as he watch Izuku shuffle in Mei’s grasp with his tiny hands outstretched towards him.

“He wants you to hold him, Todoroki.” Momo swooned, making Todoroki even more uncomfortable.

“Why?” He asked to anyone in particular as the fluffy three-year-old was gently placed in his arms. The baby bunny cuddled closer to Todoroki and patted the side of eye.

“Diffwent cola!” The patting turned to flat out smacking Todoroki’s eye and his multicolored hair. Todoroki eyed his fellow classmates, wondering what his master was babbling about. Sero weirdly walked up and struck a pose.

“Do not worry, for I, am a baby talker. He’s very interested of the color of your hair and eyes.”


“Baby Izuku agrees to that!” Todoroki looked back at Izuku to see his precious, sparkling pupils looking back. His lips broke into a loving smile when Izuku giggled at him and snuggled his face in his school shirt. Todoroki noted that baby Izuku is the exact same as teenager Izuku, being interested in someone like Todoroki and wanting to get to know him. He gave Izuku a heartwarming hug and started walking to the exit. Mei excitedly waved at the pair.

“In the next two days, he will be back to normal so have fun with him!” The class walked out, many thanking her for being an angel for turning Izuku into a child. When the lab was empty, she dug into her pocket and pulled out her phone. She browsed to the Dekublog to a recent comment she pinned.

OneForAllHero: Hastume, Mei, I will be forever grateful if you make an antidote to change Izuku into a child.


GetTechyWithIt: Say no more fam.

“Turn Izuku into a child, check.” She patted herself on the back for accomplishing the commission. Hell, the person who requested the suggestion deserve a trophy for coming up with such an amazing idea! She hummed, deep in thought.

If only she knew the owner of the incredible comment.


Chapter Text

The sleep deprived teacher awkwardly but comfortingly held a firm grasp on the toddler in his arms. He would've surely enjoyed the babe if he will stop nomming on his bandages! He tried all tactics: his usual blank stare only made the bunny giggle, and his threatening glare with his floating hair and bandages only made Izuku smack his face until he received his distraction back. Aizawa stared at his cooing students that are recording the scene with disbelief.

“Even though this is the most cutest thing I've ever seen, I will have to punish you all for risking Izuku’s life.” The students professionally acted terrified. But in the inside, they had no regrets for watching Izuku transform into a child, but they don't want to risk Aizawa’s punishment being more harsh than whatever it already was. A crazed grin etched across Aizawa’s face.

“When Izuku is back to normal, he will be having such a dandy time with Miri-“

“OBJECTION!” Iida screeched as he skidded across the floor and threw many hand motions at the teacher.

Aizawa raised an eyebrow, deciding to ignore the fact that someone dared to interrupt him.

“Why is that Iida?”

“Because Mirio is not to be trusted and…” Vroom Vroom paused to think of another persuasive reason. Well, he think his reason is quite believable as a matter of fact, but the look on the teacher’s face proved that the excuse was quite crappy. Iida gawked, signaling his fellow classmates to help him out. Unfortunately, the worse people to be treated seriously spoke up.

“He have a naked fetish!” Sero shivered like he witnessed the troubling situation before.

“You could be doing anything, and I mean anything, and his face will be sticking out the wall like it’s not weird!” Aizawa wanted to give the shark a very long and detailed feedback about Mirio not using his quirk for such nonsense, but another student he wish would think before taking action screeched.

“When I hear the upperclassman’s name, I always remember Izuku saying that Mirio is a gentlemen, and it makes me think that I’ll never have a chance with the sweet boy.” Pinky sadly revealed, accepting Jirou’s wonderful cuddles. Aizawa is shocked that she said something worth listening to, but that emotion quickly dispersed when the meme boy dabbed.


“Besides Ashido’s excuse, the others are silly accusations, and he will be watching over Mido-“

“NO!” They all looked at the struggling baby gently patting Aizawa’s stubby chin. Understanding a little bit of what babies truly want, Aizawa put the fussy child on his wittle feet. As soon as he felt the cool floor, Izuku waddled like the bat out of hell, close to tripping over his own feet if he hadn’t grabbed Iida’s pants leg on time. Fluffy green curls bounced as he shook his head to clear the dizziness. Then he patted Iida’s leg because he’s not even close to reaching his face. Iida looked down to those enchanting, bright green eyes filled with worry.

“Woo sad?” The teenager crouched down to face the babe then whispered in his ear.

“Why yes, the teacher is being a huge meanie.” Izuku gasped and slapped his wittle hands over his mouth like he heard a very bad word. He scurried back to Aizawa to attack his legs.

“PWEASE WISTA MEANIE!” Just like everyone else, no one could say no to that beautiful face with those exquisite eyes, and chubby, flushed cheeks. The twitching bunny ears made the babe’s appearance even harder to decline whatever he wanted. Of course, the toddler doesn’t know what he’s begging for, but Aizawa know exactly what needs to be done.

“Fine! Izuku will be with Class B and Shinsou when he’s back to normal.” Everyone nodded their head with acceptance. They rather Izuku be with people their age instead of a room filled with young adults. Also because one of the members of the Bro/Bakugou squad is in the class! On the other hand, the showoff Neito will be an annoyance, but oh well, he’ll might warm up to the precious angel..foreshadowing.

“WE DID IT!” Izuku squealed while hopping around as a celebration. Froppy ribbits and joins the scene, Izuku plopping on her back as she gave him a joyful ride. Like a supporting soccer mom, Momo recorded the two majestic half animals and whimpered in happiness.

“You’re doing amazing sweeties!”

Aizawa huffed at the energetic students and pulled out of his phone to message a certain someone.

Aizawa:Come over 

Mr. Yagi: Can’t. I’m with Ms. Midoriya.

Aizawa stared at the screen and started typing.

Aizawa: Midoriya transformed into a child and needs a father figure.

“DO NOT FEAR, FOR I AM HERE!” All Might heroic scream filled the dorm the second Aizawa’s text message sent. The retired hero appeared in front of the entrance to small for him to enter. Inko gracefully walked in with a bag filled with baby supplies. She silently gasped when she saw her baby boy. She remember taking care of her adorable child like it was yesterday! Her chest bloomed with warmness as Izuku screamed and ran to Toshinori, who is now in his usual form. The blonde skeleton happily picked Izuku up and twirled him around.

“My boy! How are you today?” Inko wonder why Izuku didn’t question Toshinori’s appearance, but maybe it’s because Izuku know when it’s the real All Might and a fake All Might. Also because Toshinori’s voice is the exact same as his heroic form but just a little bit croaky..


“That’s good, my boy! What’s your name?”

“MIGHTY JR!” Inko giggled and most of the students snorted at the ironic nickname. A quirk the exact same as All Might’s and the father-son relationship between the two, no one could convince them they aren’t related.


“PWUS ULTRA!” Everyone except usual grumpy pants swooned at the beautiful sight. They sneakily took pictures of Izuku squealing with joy as he softly patted Toshinori’s bony face. Their hearts skipped a beat when Izuku placed a quick peck on Toshinori’s cheek. The surprised hero let out a full blown smile with glistening white teeth and attacked the bunny with many tickles. The scene is so sweet that it’s disgusting.

Inko rummaged through her bag and pulled out a toddler and adult size All Might onesie.

“Izuku honey, will you like to dress up with All Might?”

“YES!” Toshinori set the giddy child on the floor and watched him run to Inko for the clothing.

“THANK WOO!” Izuku sped off down the hall, catching Toshinori off guard and running after him.

The Queen of Pureness looked up to examine her son’s friends. They all kindly greeted her with admiration in their eyes.

“Izuku told me so many things about you guys!” She smiled, especially at the multicolored teenager.

“He told me you do the best hand massages!” Todoroki blushed at the embarrassing information.

She pointed at Denki, Kirishima, and Sero. “Izuku said that you’re the best bros he ever have!” The three of them confidently posed like they were off of an anime. Inko rambled on about Izuku labeling the girls as “Mature, gentle, and kind young ladies” which made them blush furiously at the compliment; especially Momo and Uraraka, and nice comments to the boys. The only student left with no comment is Mineta as he confidently sat in his seat, waiting for Izuku’s gorgeous mother to give him a compliment and swoon over him. Gross.

As expected, Inko’s smile cowered a bit when she noticed the weird look Mineta is shooting her way. She gave him a dry smile, so he wouldn’t be offended and hurt.

“Ah...Izuku told me’re a good classmate!” It’s so obvious that Inko thought of that off the top of her head, but a shook Mineta stared at the ground quite traumatized.

Mineta has been friendzoned.

Denki, such a good person, silently comforted the depressed dwarf. Even though Mineta is a piece of shit, everyone felt sorry that he’s been friendzoned.

His Chances for Trying

Ashido watched Mother Inko pull out an old edition book with stickers and letters placed on it.

“What’s this?” Jirou looked at her nosy friend hop around Inko like a little child. It would’ve been cute if Ashido didn’t have the OwO expression on her face. She grimaced in disgust.

“For once in your life, think before you speak.”

“Waah? What woo mean ma’am?” Pinky’s face formed into ‘UwU’, and Jirou’s face twisted even deeper.

Perish.” Denki appeared!

“Ladies please, there’s enough of me around.” He sent them a wink. Ashido and Jirou gave him a side up and down glance and looked at each other; their lips curled up to stifle their laughs.

“Pweeeh!” They showed Denki their most stupidest face while sending him a thumbs up. The flashy blonde gawked in shock and hurt. Jirou’s constant teasing doesn’t bother him much, but both females demonstrating his whacky side truly hurts. That settles it!

“Girls are cruel!” Stomping his feet and whining, he pouted away to grab Mineta and mope with him in a nearby corner. Denki doesn’t deserve this, as for Mineta, he does.

After the bizarre moment, Toshinori appeared with Izuku perched on top of his shoulders playing with his wild hair. He noticed the outdated book in Inko’s clutch.

“What’s that?” Smiling deeply at Ashido’s adorable OwO, Inko blushed, a little bit shy.

“This is my gratitude for becoming friends with my Izuku: it’s an entire album filled with Izuku from birth to present day!”

“DIBS ON FIRST!” Kirishima threw a fist in the air and released a powerful roar like a lion, daring anyone to defy him! Of fucking course, as always, and as usual, the fiery blonde who resembled a dragon snapped.

“You will have to get pass me you fucking shark!” Kirishima and Bakugou stood in the middle of the room like you will see in the old Western movies. They both took their stance, Bakugou with his usual yet determined face; Kirishima’s slightly wavering with a tear sliding down his cheek.

“I never wanted it to come to this bro! We were supposed to grow old together with many children! Why are you defying me? THE BROMANCE!”

“STOP SAYING CRAP LIKE WE’RE DATING!” The class and three adults watched the two just stand there wiggling their fingers while Sero sing the Cowboy Showdown theme song: WOOOWOOOOWAAAWAAAWAAA! They kind of wondered why Bakugou is so iffy about them looking in the book. Well, anything that involved Izuku made him iffy, but something just wasn’t right. Soon enough, the question will be solved. Lol, like, right now.

Small feet padded on the floor and stopped right beside Bakugou’s pants leg. Bakugou looked down to see baby Izuku struggle to hold the open book towards him.

“DIS WOO AND ME!” The album revealed several pictures of Izuku and Bakugou having wonderful playdates. The blonde groaned.

“No it isn’t, Deku!” Not even startled by the yelling, Izuku puffed his cheeks, his floppy ears twitching.

“YES IT IS! WOO BIG BOY!” The stubborn two went back and forth until Izuku ran off to Kirishima to show him a picture. The little munchkin ran so fast that it was too late for Bakugou to have the hance to swoop him off his feet. The redhead evilly smiled at his bro and picked up Izuku to sit on the sofa. The bunny snuggled on Kirishima’s lap and presented all the pictures of him and his best friend. Todoroki, Uraraka, and the Bakusquad all gathered around.

“Holy snap, I can not believe you wore a dress!” Uraraka took a quick pic of the young Izuku and Bakugou dressed as fairy princesses with bows in their hair. Izuku confidently looked at the camera, showcasing his star wand and beautiful tiara while Bakugou was pouting with his arms crossed in the background. What a party pooper. The teenager groaned, remembering the exact moment of his past. Inko, Aizawa, and Toshinori walked behind the sofa to also take a look at the pictures. Inko giggled.

“I remember this photo! Bakugou’s mother bet I’ll never get Bakugou in a dress, and lets just say, I earned a couple of money that day.” She playfully winked at the shellshocked Bakugou who felt ultra betrayed from the now known fact. Toshinori looked at Inko very surprised for how such a sweet, caring woman can do such a thing. Hm, interesting, very interesting.

After the group observed more pictures, took pictures for blackmail, and roasted the embarrassed Bakugou, Kirishima helped Izuku turn to the next page to reveal a huge photo covering both pages.

“DUCKIES!” Izuku patted the picture with a huge grin on his face, oblivious to the lap underneath him shaking. Kirishima and the gang shook as they stared at the picture. Izuku and Bakugou around the age of five was in the bathtub filled with bubbles and toys. Izuku looked adorable as always with his bubble beard and matted hair, but it seem like poor Bakugou got soap in his eye and when Inko took the picture, his face morphed to a half scream with his foot in the air that made the group predict that he fell in the water after the picture been taken.

“Oh dear, that day was not a good one for Bakugou.” Knowing exactly what Inko was talking about, Bakugou stomped up to Izuku to snatch the album away from him. It didn’t matter to them, they had enough evidence of Bakugou’s past to shame him in the future. Izuku shuffled off of Kirishima’s lap to probably kick Bakugou in the shin, but the sight of Bakugou bickering back and forth to Sero, Kirishima, and Denki constantly teasing him made Izuku decide that was a fair punishment. He waddled around for a bit until he stopped beside the table with a vase filled with colorful flowers. Easily attached to the lovely plants, he gently grabbed two of the delicate flowers and looked around the room to determine who deserved them.

His eyes landed on two individuals who was lounging on a couch. Todoroki, who migrated from the cramped couch to the spaced couch, held a quiet conversation with Momo.

Bingo. Izuku went full speed as his little feet can go and ended up by Momo’s knees in a matter of seconds. Momo awed at the sweet boy and placed him on her lap, so Todoroki and her can talk to him directly.

“What do you have the flowers for Izuku?” Izuku said nothing until he fully placed the flower clumsily in Momo’s hair.

“Girlfriend!” Then he crawled to Todoroki and placed the flower on the left side behind his ear.

“Boyfriend!” With a slight blush on their face, Momo and Todoroki sent each other questioning looks then asked Izuku, “Are you saying we’re dating?”

Izuku gasped and softly smacked both of their arms.

“NO, WOO R MINE!” That was the final sign for the both of them to explode from ultimate cuteness. Momo uncontrollably squealed while squeezing and kissing the life out of Izuku while Todoroki hid his face from everyone. Everyone knew he was furiously blushing because of his left side smoking up the room.

“Thank you so much Izuku! My little prince!” Momo kissed Izuku on the forehead and ruffled his poofy hair. Not worried at all for the high possibly of getting the cooties, Izuku proudly hopped over to Todoroki. He took everyone by surprise when he grabbed Todoroki’s sweaty hands away from his face. Izuku stared into Todoroki’s eyes with confidence.

“Don’t hide woo face. Woo are beautiful just the way woo are!” Todoroki sat starstruck as Izuku pecked his face, mostly on his scar and close to his eyes. The sound of a picture taken shook him out of shock. Like he learned before, any type of Izuku Midoriya will never cease to amaze him. He swore that he will protect this fine specimen his whole life!

He gave Izuku a charming smile and a respectful tilt of his head.

“Anything you say, Bocchan.”

“Gweat! Now we can eat c-chicken nuggwets?” The butler glanced at Inko who excitedly shook her head. Bless Inko’s heart.

“We can have the kind that are dinosaur shaped.” He booped Izuku’s wittle nose and hopped up from the couch with Izuku on his hip. The small bunbun horrayed and let out an adorable, “RAWR!”

Ashido popped up beside the two to join along. “RAWR XD!” Bakugou sneered.

“Losers are teaching Deku wrong!” And he released a ferocious roar that truly resembled a dragon and rattled everyone’s (Not the BB ofc) bones.

“TWEEN POINTS!” Everyone laughed at the bouncy Izuku giving Bakugou many compliments about his roar. Pouting like a legit tsundere, Bakugou sputtered soft insults (that everyone knew was a thank you) and stomped off to the kitchen; everyone followed his footsteps. Sooner or later, the kitchen filled with rambunctious teenagers cooking up a tasty meal while the three adults settled in the living room.

Inko observed the homey living room and drawled out a long, “Soooo,” Aizawa mumbled for her to continue as he glanced back to back at the photo album and her. Inko shot them the “I am the Mom who will show off my athlete soccer son to the neighborhood wives while your child does nothing but waste their life,” look.

“Class A just being “friends” with Izuku hm? That’s not what the Dekublog says~~” Toshinori and Aizawa tensed up and looked at each other at the corner of their eyes. They knew each other for so long that it wasn’t odd that they had telepathy conversations.

‘All Might…’

‘Yes Mr. Aizawa?’

‘Am I supposed to be scared?’ He didn’t mean it as an insult to say Inko isn’t scary, but he’s just wondering if Inko is fucking with them, or she is quite furious.

Toshinori looked at the toothy smirk across Inko’s face then back to Aizawa.

‘I’m not sure my boy…I’m not sure.’



Chapter Text

Silence issued as the two men in the living room awkwardly sat in place. Toshinori silently cowered as Aizawa continued flipping through the album, droplets of sweat sliding down his face. Mama Midoriya silently stared at their soul with the most serious expression she ever had. She crossed her leg over another and leaned back on the single chair like she ran the dormitory (which she totally does).

“Are you protecting my child?” That caught the teachers by surprise. Aizawa’s sweating increased, and he started turning pictures very quickly. Toshinori looked everywhere but Inko’s eyes filled with dominance. This continued for a few minutes with both males brainstorming about what to say. The silence was just awkward, and they just want to get it over with now!

“See what happen was-“

“Of course we protect-wait what?”

Ooh, bad timing for Aizawa and Toshinori to answer Inko’s question at the same time. Two pairs of eyes landed on Aizawa sweating like he’s been caught for committing a crime (ironic), one calm and collected, the other a bit crazed and concerned. Aizawa avoided Inko’s eyes and looked at Toshinori. Telepathy conversation, go!

‘What do you mean,‘See what happen was?’

‘Remember at Spring Break, and I told you they were doing Truth or Dare? Yea, um, Tomura and his sidekicks were there.’

Blood exploded out of Toshinori’s mouth which made Inko’s behavior waver as she hurried off to grab tissue.

“You let my boy have a sleepover with villains?”

“They were pretty chill about it to be honest.” Aizawa replied, rubbing the scruff on his chin and looked at the corner of the room like he was having a flashback. He came back to Earth with an even better comment.

“Pfft Mr. ‘Of course we protect’ All Might! You liar! Don’t act like I didn’t know you assigned a high schooler to transform Izuku into a child!” More blood seeped on the floor from Aizawa’s mocking and smug voice taken effect of his coworker’s emotions.

“How you knew it was me?

“Of course it will be you! OneForAllHero, seriously, and it’s obvious that Midoriya see you as a father.” The retired hero was going to scream back some lame excuse, but the last comment from the erasing quirk owner made him blush a little.

“Midoriya sees me as a father?” Aizawa huffed under his breath at his co-worker’s behavior.

“Ya, he always talk about how cool you are like jeez.” Toshinori happily coughed as Aizawa went on about the times Izuku rambled about the hero. It seemed like... they had nothing to be afraid of or worry about at the moment…

“So Izuku had a sleepover with villains, and you requested my child to be a babe?” Inko appeared from the shadows, scaring the shit out of both of them. Aizawa’s sweating returned, and Toshinori repeatedly opened and closed his mouth. The thoughts coursing through their heads being made up excuses, and at last, the sweet release of death. Inko raised her hand to cease their thoughts.

“Say no more…” She chuckled and softly tilted Toshinori’s chin up for her to dab the blood off his face. As the scene continued, she started giggling, alarming the two men.

“Izuku is surely growing up! My sweet, innocent child is so passionate! I’m so proud that he made villains enjoy their time with him! Toshi, even though what you did was risky, I’m glad that you wanted to spend time with Izuku as a father figure!” Inko’s smile deepened as the sound of high pitched screeching and pans rattling filled her ears. The sight of Inko beaming with happiness and pureness made the teachers’ worries dissolve to nothingness; such a beautiful mother deserve the world.

Inko grabbed one of their hands and said “Give my son better protection, or you’ll might regret it, okay?” Toshinori gulped in fear, and Aizawa’s eyes sparkled with wonder. They both nodded at the demand with different reactions. Inko happily hummed and let go of their hands. She walked off, ignoring the two releasing a deep sigh. They jumped when Inko let out a gleeful “Oh” and turned to face them.

“I know this ‘Dekublog’ is getting a lot of profit. I birthed that child, so it would be great if you invested me some of the money. That is another reason why I brought the album; I give you permission to copy the pictures of ONLY Izuku, ONLY on the website. Deal?”

Aizawa and Toshinori looked at each other.



“We have a deal.”

“Great! Nice having this talk with you!” To be honest, it didn’t seem like they had a say in the negotiation. Either way, Inko was bound to get what she want. The conversation instantly ended as baby Izuku hopped to Inko’s legs.


“Why is that, honey?” Swooped up and settled on a squishy hip, Izuku’s freckled face went serious.

“Pwetty Todo told mwe twat only the best will give mwe the nuggwet! This is going on for a loooooong time!” To emphasis how long the battle was continuing, he arched his back a little backwards and spread his arms as far as they can go. Inko only laughed at her dramatic babe and went to the kitchen area where the rowdy teenagers are having a chicken nugget contest, shoveling down as many nuggets they can to prove how worthy they are too feed Izuku.

The teachers left abandoned slumped in the sofa in relief.

“Thought I was going to die…”

Aizawa dramatically sighed. “Unfortunately, we didn’t…So, you and Ms. Midoriya huh?” He watched the co-creator of his finest website threw up more blood into the tissue. After making sure the hero was alright, Aizawa smiled at the newfound information.

Oh, he is never going to live this down.


Chapter Text

The first day with baby Izuku quickly ended with Tokoyami successfully winning the ‘Nugget Contest’, Izuku adorably nomming on said meal, Inko and the girls cooing at the sight, the boys declaring a rematch, and Aizawa and Toshinori avoiding the chaotic children to talk business.

The second day began as how it is everyday: chaotic as fuck. The energetic students known as Class A talked among themselves in the loud cafeteria while eating breakfast. Because it’s obviously a school day, they didn’t have a chance to visit the angelic face of a sleeping bunny Izu, thanks to Aizawa being a major cockblock. Most of the students that are mature enough decided to just be patient enough to hear the news, but Bakugou, being woke as fuck, was close to fighting Aizawa (in the cafeteria) for not giving them (him) information about Deku.

“Bro is woke.” Sero hummed as he watched Bakugou and Aizawa stare at each other from opposite sides of the table. Observing and calculating his brofriend, Kirishima laid down the reasons why Bakugou was like this.

“Usually Bakugou doesn’t give a fuck about most things, but when someone scream anything that involves Midoriya, swear to the manliest man on Earth, Bakugou look like he’s set to go on a mission.” Jirou spoke up in the conversation.

“So it’s like the deadass meme with Bakugou being sleep at everything, but he’s woke when it involves Midoriya?” Denki gasped, stood from his seat, and clasped his hands with Jirou’s.

“You smart, genius, intellectual! All the days I’ve known you, you never brought up anything about a meme, but now, you are finally getting the reference! JIROU! MEME WITH ME!” Denki’s cringy ass clamped his mouth shut when a glass full of salt thrown towards him broke into pieces. The members quieted down as they blankly stare at the little substances on the table. Ashido, the beautiful girl she is, looked at the one person who would be the cause of the incident.

“Well someone’s salty.” Cue imaginary claps at the bad joke yet once in a lifetime opportunity.

“SHUT UP! FUCKING WHERE IS DEKU!” Bakugou banged the table like a child, which made Aizawa desperately sigh.

“How many times do I have to tell you? Midoriya’s parents are having a conference with the pri-oh well nevermind here they come.” Aizawa interrupted his own sentence when he noticed Toshinori walking behind the principal and Izuku having a nice chat.

Toshinori quietly followed behind the two shorties, failing at ignoring the hushed whispers of how adorable Izuku look being a child and with bunny ears. Maybe offering the request to the student was a bad idea…Oh whale, the deed is done, and even though he doesn’t exactly enjoy the compliments flying right over Izuku's head, he definitely appreciate having time with the one he consider as a son. His thinking went to a pause when they made it to the table of Class A, and he easily placed the principal and Izuku on the table.

Toshinori sweatdropped at the sight of the students staring at the oblivious child babbling at the principal. Not knowing a single thing Izuku is saying, Nezu nodded at the pure and adorable freckled expression, then turned his attention to his heroic students.

“Class A, I understand that you know Midoriya, Izuku more than anyone, and I heard that you all are good at protecting him even when he was his usual age.” The loud snort coming from Aizawa as he walked away was easily noticed from the class. Petty ass.

“So I’ll put the adorable bunny Izuku in your care! Do not fail me, plus ultra!” He threw his tiny fist into the air.

“PLUS ULTRA!” The entire cafeteria screamed.

“PLUS ULTRA!” Izuku confidently squealed, making everyone awe at the sight. Nezu directed his way out of the cafeteria. Toshinori patted Izuku’s head which made him hum at the comfort and glance at his role model.

“Be good okay?”


“Don’t do anything bad.” Even though he was looking at Izuku, it felt like the statement was directed to Class A. They brushed it off though; they wouldn’t dare let anything happen to Izuku!

“Don’t do anything to disappoint me like when a bunch of students got you kidnapped.” Ouch, straight forwarded and too close to home. Izuku proudly answered his hero with a nod, watched the lanky figure’s appearance disappear, then turned to his friends, the students’ shivering and holding a hand over their heart being unnoticed by Izuku.

What did make him notice something was purple floofy hair in the air that interested Izuku. And once Izuku is interested, he made it his mission to find out why it is interesting.

“Excuse me.” The soft voice coming from the smol child alerted the crew that he is in need of assistance. They watched Izuku eye the closest person to him and politely asked if he could be placed on the floor. Enthralled by the cuteness, Yuga didn’t know any better and scooped Izuku up only to twirl around and place him on the marble floor.

“Thank woo.” And like the bat out of hell, Izuku sped off to the magnificent sight of the student with purple hair.

“WHY THE FUCK YOU DID THAT DICKHEAD!?” Bakugou burnt the table, Yuga cried and bit his tongue in Hawaiian, Todoroki and Iida felt like too much shit was happening at once, the meme bros were screeching, and the girls just sighed, already knowing that they disappointed their Number #1 Hero the moment he told them to do good.


“Floof floof floof…” Class A silently watched the charming sight of Izuku’s pudgy hands swiftly gliding through Shinsou’s hair. They were pretty rowdy when Izuku dashed off in the cafeteria, but watching Izuku and Shinsou easily interact their way to the classroom made them decide not to bitch that much.

“Well since Midoriya is so invested in you, your teacher allowed you to stay with us. Heh, who knows, maybe you could transfer to Class A and take Mineta’s spot.” Everyone except Mineta chuckled at the last statement. Mineta will never be happy until he fix his ways.

Shinsou glanced at his idol and did his beautiful (wheeeze) side smirk.

“Thank you sensei, Midoriya really makes me feel at peace for some reason.” Maybe because Izuku always had a special place in his heart ever since the Sports Festival. Maybe because Izuku is an adorable furry animal, and Shinsou’s very best friends are soft, fluffy animals he can always relate too. Either or, both reasons are pure, and Izuku being more interested in Shinsou makes him mentally jump with glee. Sensing being called, Izu’s floofy ears twitched as he stopped fluffing Shinsou’s hair to instead pat Shinsou’s cheeks and smile at him.

“Fweinds?” They watched as Izuku reveal his tiny pinky in front of Shinsou. Momo’s loud whining of “FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC, AND I LOVE IT,” made Shinsou blush and shyly complete the sweet gesture with the babe. Izuku squealed in happiness and went back to fluffing the crazed purple hair.

Aizawa’s lips almost twitched, almost.

“That was the most cutest shit I ever seen.” The Dream Meme Team ‘O;’ at the words they couldn’t believe came out of the dark and spooky teacher’s mouth! Aizawa glared at them.

“Dare you tell anyone, they won’t believe you. Anyway, let’s start with the most taboo subjects in life: what to do if you burn ice cream, don’t ask, because someone will never cease to amaze me if they can accomplish such a depressing goal.” And that’s how the lesson popped off! Aizawa ranting about burning the most simplest substances as he scribbled on the chalkboard, and Class A taking notes only when Aizawa is facing them to bitch about more problems. When he’s at the board, they’re obviously silently cooing at Izuku (of course Bakugou doing whatever the fuck), who was being a good boy and stubbornly whined at them to pay attention.

“Any questions?” Todoroki quickly raised his hand.

“Yes, Todoroki?”

“Can you be able to answer how can Izuku, a two year old, be able to be more behaved than Bakugou, Katsuki?” Dream Meme Team, Jirou, and Uraraka “Oooohed” at the narly burn.

“Dam- dang dude, you’re just gonna take that?” Shinsou added in, not making the situation any better at the moment. Bakugou almost flipped his desk to turn to his...frenemy(?)

“MEET ME ‘ROUND THE BLOCK, YOU PEACE OF TRASH!” The atmosphere instantly sunk low as the two ranked highest heros glared at each other. Aizawa sighed.

“I’m not answering that because my opinion will hurt someone’s feelings. Anyway, don’t fight yet, you two can settle this at the training field.”



“Is it just me, but does Bakugou sound like an angery pig?”

“Oink oink.” Izuku continually oinked on the training bench while watching his big buddies wrestle. For some reason, Aizawa thought it will be dandy to force the students (including Shinsou) to train instead of play with Izuku, but the idea of being swol and strong to protect Izuku gave them the motivation to workout. Laying beside the bun bun is Aizawa snuggled in his banana sleeping bag looking bored as fuck, until an eggcellent idea struck in his head!

“Midoriya, worms are way cooler than dirty pigs.” Confusion appeared on Izuku’s face as he silently stared at Aizawa’s dead eyes.

“Wah nwoise does the worm make?” It was the adult’s turn to be quiet and just stare at the freckled, squishy face. He sighed and rolled off the bench onto the floor, the noise being unnoticed by the students causing destruction.

“Noises do not matter Midoriya, hop on my back, grab tight, and we shall go on a magical ride.” The dead voice and expression didn’t really set the magical mood, but as a good boy, Izuku plopped on the yellow ride and held on tight. He let out a cute gasp when Aizawa’s shuffling and squirming to move forward to the exit increased.

“Nyoooooom!” Izuku screeched as they boosted out the training room down the hall. How Aizawa is so skilled to move so quickly on the ground in worm style is beyond the Author.

The training room instantly went silent, the only sound being the exit doors swinging open and close. Iida glanced at the empty bench then wheezed.

“OUR FRIEND MIDORIYA THAT IS CURRENTLY AN ADORABLE BUNNY HAS BEEN KIDANPPED! WHERE IS SENSEI WHEN WE NEED HIM! I’M SUCH A FAILURE AS A LEADER!” Iida threw many more unneeded hand signals, then plopped on the floor to curl up in shame. Woah.

Momo to the rescue to cheer Vroom Vroom man up!

“Do not worry Iida, we will not let Izuku’s kidnappers have him for long because THIS. MEANS. WAR.” The moment she spat those three words out, she threw off her top (Iida is still crying, so his glasses are wet and dirty), and an enormous amount of weapons and grenades plopped on the floor beside her feet.




“Why is the Hero Course like this?”

“I can be your angel, oR Ur dEViL.”

Bakugou stared at the weapons then Momo’s bareback. He whistled, very impressed.

“I like this Duckling more than the sweet and innocent soccer mom.” And that’s coming from Bakugou. When Momo put her top back on, they all surrounded her to examine the weapons.

“Don’t get the wrong idea; these are smoke grenades that will make the area very hard to see when it explodes. These specially made weapons are filled with paintballs because I don’t trust you guys with a real gun...especially Bakugou.” Bakugou snarled when the others replied with “She’s not lying,”, “Well, she’s not wrong.”

“I’m sorry Presidents, but I will not let these kidnappers get away with it.” As said, she started throwing certain types of weapons to different people who she believed will handle them quite well. For example, Uraraka and Jirou had a sniper rifle, Ashido had double pistols, blah blah just know that Class A means serious business this time.

After everyone is well clothed, equipped, and prepared, Ashido made a proud stance and clicked one of her pistols.

“Let’s do this.” \\٩(๑`^´๑)۶///


~~OOC Ducky Momo~~

The classroom filled with the second top class of Heros was with soft whispering and the turning of class books. A few minutes after class started, Kan, the teacher, was called for a meeting which seemed very important, so they were assigned to be responsible and finish their assignments until he returned. Seem like they are doing quite a good job so-

“ALRIGHT FUCKERS, WHICH ONE OF YOU KIDNAPPED STUPID DEKU?” Far. The author stand corrected as the tall door slammed open to reveal Bakugou lazily carrying his gun on his shoulder, alarming the Class B students.

“WHAT IN TARNATION?” TetsuTestu TetsuTesu (TTTT) stood from his desk then gave his fellow members of The Meme Dream Team a look of concern. He couldn’t help but give a small smirk at them than be fully scared; they are too...heroic and memeful to ever hurt anyone that isn’t a villain...Hopefully. The main person he do question is Bakugou, but that’s just common sense.

Sero waved at the Class to settle down, which didn’t work, before speaking.

“Had any of you saw an adorable toddler with a freckled face and green, curly, poofy hair that look like a special edition of cotton candy?” Everyone shook their head, well the Manga dude brought up “No,” except one dude.

Neito took a few steps in front of the group. “I don’t you have a picture of this human being that sound like perfection?” Denki pulled out a medium sized photo out the back of his pocket.

“This is the only photo I have of Izuku that isn’t in my phone. I stole this from Bakugou.”

NANI!?” Yoink! Neito yanked the photo out of Denki’s hand and observed the photo, ignoring the situation at hand of the furious Bakugou asking Denki specific details about the photo, and Denki confessing everything then hiding his face in Kirishima’s neck.

Neito hummed at the perfect close up picture of teenager Izuku with spilled white cream that might be something editable on his flushed cheeks and rosy lips. The best sight of the picture is the enticing look Izuku had. His mint green eyes gleaming and that inviting tongue on his lips as he looked at the camera made Neito wonder if Izuku is truly “innocent”. Still observing the eye candy, Neito turned to face his nemesis of Class A.

“I believe-“

“You have five seconds to tell me if you seen Deku and give back my photo.” Neito was going to answer the question until Bakugou demanded it out of him. It just really nerve him when people tell him to do things when he was just about to do it. For example, he felt the unknown motivation to wash the huge pile of dishes, until his mother looked at her kitchen in disgust and ordered him to clean it up. It was just a major turn off that made him not want to do it anymore (but he did it anyway because mothers are scary).

He smiled, feeling quite rebellious. “And if I don’t?”


Ccrrrrsh “Hello, Meme Dream Team, hello? Team Whoop Ass said they will need you all to come to the stadium to interrogate Mirio. Todoroki think Mirio know where Deku is!” Time stilled as those words crackled out of the walkie talkie clipped on Bakugou’s shoulder. Bakugou clicked his tongue and in a matter of seconds, skillfully snatched the picture out of Neito’s hand and walked towards the open door.

“Pull that shit again, and maybe you would’ve died if this was actually a real gun.” And his figure was gone. The rest of Class A members followed his steps, but not before apologizing and bowing before running out the room.

Neito let out a huff of relief. The Bakugou he went against was less fierce at the Sports Festival. How come he is so much scarier now than in the past? Neito clasped the clothing over his beating heart. Obviously it’s because it involved Deku.

Life Lesson learned: Never Tease Bakugou when it involves Deku during a serious situation


Todoroki didn’t sign up for this. It was just a coincidence that he think Mirio will have a clue of Deku’s whereabouts. So why, why does he have to be social and talk to him like normal people do? He stopped in his tracks on the green field to glare at Uraraka and Jirou, who are in position on top of the bleachers looking through their sniper rifles. They sent him a thumbs up and he sighed, readjusted the hidden microphones underneath his shirt and inside his ear, and continued walking towards the third year. Even though he isn’t ready to be social, he got to test if the shitty joke books the garbage man recommended to him will work.

He stopped beside Mirio who was currently doing push-ups and coughed to gain his attention.

“What are you doing?” Mirio stopped exercising and showed his perfect white teeth as a smile; Todoroki mentally shivered.

“Push ups, have to stay strong to kick bad guys’ butt!”

“Without me?” Watching the most beautiful and friendliest smile be replaced with confusion and concern on Mirio’s face, and the sound of his teammates laughing at him (Bakugou calling him a dumb bitch), hurt Todoroki’s pride. Todoroki shivered even more and coughed to get rid of the awkwardness in the air; it didn’t work.

“Getting swol for the soul, bro?” The laughing continued, and Todoroki mentally groaned in realization that Kirishima, Denki, and Bakugou will never live it down. Mirio chuckled and flexed.

“Exactly dude! Have to let these bad guys know that I had to do it to them.”

“HE’S BRINGING UP DEAD MEMES!” Todoroki winced at Uraraka’s squealing voice through the hidden microphone. He shivered once again. He wasn’t mentally prepared for this! He haven’t learned nor read enough jokes/memes to continue this problematic situation! Oh, someone please help him! Then, it suddenly hit him! The Whoop Ass team told him that if he can no longer handle the interrogation, he can just sing a catchy and memorable song to summon a lazy boi.

“If there’s something strange, in your neighborhood, who you’re gonna call?”



“Jeez, you couldn’t handle the situation yourself? Can’t blame you, Endeavor’s talking skills are shit when he’s broadcasted.” Shinsou appeared, rubbing the back of his neck while walking towards the two. Todoroki gave him a gentle smile, silently thanking him for controlling the situation and insulting his father. Mirio smiled at the younger student. Shinsou smiles back; a little bit fake yet clearly hidden to Mirio.

“How’s your day going?” Purple boy threw out his hand, waiting for a handshake. His palm was instantly filled with the older’s hand and a strong shake.

“I’m doing fine! Thank you for ask-“

“Ah, RIP in pieces, you triggered my trap card.” Todoroki and Shinsou watched as Mirio’s colorful and bright pupils turn dead and dull, like he’s staring into darkness.

“Now Mirio, guide us to Midoriya.”

~Shadow Realm~

“This is the place boys and girls.” Shinsou announced when Mirio stopped in front of a huge door. The class, who are quiet for once because they’re being sneaky, nodded and waited for the cue to barge in.

Momo plopped out a smoke grenade from her body and nodded at the most sugariest and beefiest guy in class. Beefy guy nodded and ran to the door full speed, causing the door to open by force. As skilled as ever, Momo threw the bomb into the room just in time as it exploded and released smoke.

“GO, NOW!” Heavy footsteps all stomped at once to enter the room and position their weapons at their unknown targets.

“FIRE!” Loud gunshots. Much loud, very startle.

“Where’s Deku jacka-Aizawa sensei?” Half of the Class snickered and blanched at the sight of the Hero Academia teachers and principal tattered in colorful paint gunshots. They were sitting at a round table with teacups and fancy plates. Sitting on an annoyed Aizawa’s lap is Deku, who is quite startled and shook from the sound of gunshots.

“I’m calling the cops.”

“No Aizawa, don’t call the cops.” Aizawa’s unconfirmed best friend sung as he continued eating his biscuit.

“They have weapons that look like they were built from the army. I’m calling the cops.” Deku watched as Aizawa pulled his phone out. The principal splattered in paint dabbed has mouth with a napkin and coughed at his teacher.

“Now now Aizawa, you said that you left with Midoriya before telling them his whereabouts. As expected, they will do anything to find their precious student.” To prove his point, he pointed at Mirio staring at a wall.

“Oops, my bad.” Shinsou snapped his fingers to end the brainwashing, making Mirio’s head plant into the wall.


Midnight observed Aizawa’s students. “Even though you guys gave me quite the startle, I am highly enjoying your spy outfits!” Momo wheezed and ran over to hentai lady to claim the right of the clothes she praised.

Bakugou coughed so nasty it sounded like he was on drugs and glared at Deku and Aizawa.

“Today please.”

Aizawa sighed. “Fine, I guess it was my fault for leaving without a message. We were done with our tea party anyway.” Aizawa showed a little pout that only Microphone loud man could see as he placed Deku on the table. Balancing himself on stubby legs, Izuku targeted himself at the first person he seen and started sprinting. Iida is the person targeted and gracefully swooped Izuku off his feet into a fulfilling hug.

“You scared me! I was so worried! Never talk to strangers Izuku!”

“Wow, rude.” Iida ignored Aizawa’s side comment.

“I’m sowwy.” Iida felt baby pats on his shoulder which only made him wheeze and cuddle him harder. He’s so happy he got to have this moment with Izuku, since (the author didn’t give him much screen time) he didn’t hang out with him much. He felt the hateful glares behind his back, but come on, this is possibly the only time (screen time) he’ll get to have with Izuku. Cut him some slack!

Iida smiled and ruffled Izuku’s fluff fluff hair. “Alright! Let's go home for the day and spend time with baby Izuku until he poof back to a teenager!” The Class roared and sped off to their dorm, leaving the paint covered room and teachers.

Toshinori coughed. “They forgot that we only have two hours left of school.” The principal looked at Aizawa.

“I need a report on this.” Aizawa groaned and bashed his head on the table.

~Take your tea with you!~

The next day, cute, adorable smol Izuku poofed back into...cute, adorable, and a little bit swol teenager Izuku lounging on a couch in Class A’s living room. He’s cuddled up besides Tokoyami and Shinsou, constantly snuggling up to them when an embarrassing picture or video of little him appeared on screen.

Bakugou borked out a laugh at smol Izuku passed out with chicken nuggets surrounding him. Izuku blushed at Bakugou’s laughter.

“I can’t believe that happened.”

“It was fucking hilarious!” Cue Izuku hiding his face in Tokoyami’s neck. Everyone ignored the bird’s kakawing in embarrassment. Todoroki coughed for everyone’s attention on the screen, that presented the old picture of Izuku and Bakugou in the bathtub.

Top 10 Screenshots Before Tragedy Struck!
To be Continued!


“I remember this in mom’s photobook!” Good times, right Bakugou?” Bakugou and Deku stared at each other’s eyes like a staring contest until Bakugou looked away first, cherry red blooming on his cheeks.

Todoroki placed a finger on his chin like he was thinking about it and answered right away.

“No can do, this is for greater times in the future when we will need it most.”

“FOR BLACKMAIL!” Todoroki stared at Bakugou dead in the eye.

“Especially for blackmail.”

“YOU BASTARD!” Cue the destruction of the dorm as Bakugou ran after Todoroki down the halls. Izuku watched his classmates burst into laughter and continue presenting pictures of him being smol. His freckled face filled with red from all the compliments he received during the time. He buried himself deeper into the couch and laid onto Shinsou, startling him but then quickly wrapping his arm around Deku’s shoulder.

Izuku sighed in happiness. He strongly love and highly appreciate his whacky and caring heroic friends. He’ll do anything for them.

Something crashed in the kitchen along with Bakugou’s groaning. Deku giggled.

Anything for them, indeed.


It would’ve been a normal and peaceful night for anyone, that is if they weren’t teaching babies to become heros. Aizawa slipped into his dorm work office, silently cursing his students for blasting music and being loud. He plopped on his chair and opened his laptop to check business. Nope, not anything that included teaching students, but the Dekublog. A certain notification that seem different from all others caught Aizawa’s attention.

SuperMom Inko has joined the Dekublog!

Aizawa blanched. He didn’t sign up for this. (Well technically, you did because you made the blog but whatever.) Aizawa just wasn’t mentally prepared for the consequences.

Chapter Text

Uzai_Sagi: Yes hewwo, I will like a photo of Izuku covered in chocolate for Valentine’s Day. Pwease OwO??

Jealous Jack: ^ Laying on a table looking very seductive!

GravityGirl (Moderator): Hello! Valentine’s Day requests will only be merchandise of fluffy Deku! The type of sweet fluff that will have your doctor telling you that you have Diabetes (Sorry if it’s offensive)!

YandereSmiles ;): Is there a limit to the gifts I can give Deku??

GravityGirl (Moderator): Delicious. Finally, a good fucking comment. As long as it’s not inappropriate and illegal, you can give Deku many gifts he’d allow!


10 Valentine Gifts/Dates
That Will Have Your Partners Shooked!

“This look like clickbait.” Izuku sighed as he slowly observed for the best romantic advice titles on the monitor. Because Valentine's Day is just a few days away, Izuku decided to stay with Mama Inko to keep his future gifts in secret from his friends. Unfortunately, he have no clue what gifts he should offer to the special people he love the most! A few more minutes of reading uninteresting tips drove the teenager to do the most cliche romantic thing ever: create chocolate snacks!

He hopped off the chair and shuffled over to the living room to witness the lovey dovey scene of Inko and Toshinori. Unaware of the teenager in the room, Inko shyly plops a treat in Toshinori’s mouth and giggles at the blush forming on his bony cheeks. Izuku let out a huff and shook his head in embarrassment. They’re acting like such an adorable highschool couple! Besides the family time they spent together, Izuku never seen his hardworking mother smile and blush so much before. An idea popped up in his head which made him run to his room and grab his phone and spare notebook. Clickbait website be damned; he have a marvelous plan to create!

Uraraka relaxed on her fluffy single bed thinking of nothing until vibrations ceased her progress. She grabbed her phone to eye the notification. Instantly, her dream-like headspace quickly went triggered at a message delivered in the group chat.

Pretty Hawt Yet Cold (Todoroki)
has kicked
DekuBuns from Group Chat.

Pretty Hawt Yet Cold: Excuse my language, but alright fuckers, I’m going to give Midoriya the best Valentine’s gift, and I will slaughter whoever dare defy me.


: Bakugou I love that you are representing your feels for Deku-kun, but shut the fuck up. I am awfully offended right now. Bring it on Pretty Boy, I will destroy everything except your pretty face.

Earphone JackAf (Jirou): When you were just going to give Midoriya payed chocolate, but your teammates want to go all out. ( ˙-˙ )

ShookBoi (Denki): You fool! You uncultured swine! You dare think of buying such peasant treats to our beloved Princess of Bunnies? I spit at you! U do not know da wae!

KakaawBirb (Tokoyami): ^ Delete this

Earphone JackAf (Jirou): I’ll show you the way with my foot up your ass.

QueenMomo (Momo): Everyone please calm down! Can we all just spill what we’re giving Deku for the big day?

StrongBoi (Kirishima): Kiss but never tell (⁎⁍̴̆Ɛ⁍̴̆⁎)

PinkyBunBun (Ashido): Ooooh, sassy! O w O!!

StrongBoi: O w O!!!

ShookBoi: O // w \\ O!!

FakeSpooder (Sero): O w O!!

KakaawBirb (Tokoyami): ^ DELETE

BitchBoy: cRiNgE

Pretty Hawt Yet Cold: I apologize Momo, yet I can not say my gift, for it is too legendary for people like Bakugou to handle.

BitchBoy: NANI DA FUK!?!

QueenMomo: Understandable, but my gift will surely blow Midoriya away!

Pretty Hawt Yet Cold: Is that a challenge?

: I am not afraid to compete in this battle.


PinkyBunBun: Jokes on you guys! I have the FBI watching my every move to message me what gift I should get!

ShookBoi: God I wish that was me…

Jazzy Hands (Iida): Please do not start a battle over such foolishness!

BitchBoy: Hm? Afraid that I’ll have a better gift than you and have Deku all to myself, Carman?

Jazzy Hands: Even though I appreciate how open you are Bakugou, please do not steal Deku away from everyone. Please, I barely have enough screen time.

KakaawBirb: Same

FBI Suspect (Mineta): EVERYONE KNOW THAT MIDORIYA WILL LOVE MY GIFT! I’ll put on the fancy American music of the “Careless Whisper,” and the love pedals will guide Midoriya to the bathtub with ME AND CHAMPA-

Earphone JackAf: Midoriya will witness Mineta drowning in a tub full of bubbles because the tub is too big and deep for his short ass.

PinkyBunBun: OMF

QueenMomo: JIROU?!

: Oh my god, I just witnessed a murder.




Earphone JackAf: I'm flattered

FBI Suspect has left the Group Chat

MyQueen (Froppy): Good riddance...


Pretty Hawt Yet Cold: I’ve been itching to put my training into action. I learned a lot from that disgusting man that isn’t my father.

QueenMomo: I’m too scared to witness that…


Pretty Hawt Yet Cold: I will kill for Deku’s acceptance.


BitchyBoy: Touché, fucker.

MyQueen: I believe you guys are taking this way too seriously. We’ll find out who wins when Deku express the most emotions to our gifts!

: Sounds wonderful! But beware, everyone is an enemy. You can’t trust nobody, not even yourself.

ShookBoi: Cheers to that!


FakeSpooder: Hey I realized something, why are we messaging each other when we're living in the same dorm?

ShookBoi: That’s not how Class A operate boi.

KakaawBirb: ^????

ShookBoi: ^ ???

Jazzy Hands added
DekuBuns to the
Group Chat

DekuBuns: I’m not going to ask why I was kicked, but can you guys help me for a sec?

Pretty Hawt Yet Cold: Anything for you, Midoriya <3

BitchBoy: This bitch

: The audacity...

DekuBuns: T-thank you Todoroki-kun! That makes me happy!


DekuBuns: D-don’t worry Kacchan! I will need everyone’s help in this! Now this is what I thought of...

The night continued as Uraraka and the gang obediently followed Deku’s fully descriptive plan.

The two Midoriyas silently walked on the concrete ground as the sun beautifully sets, the orangey red sky making the setting quite peaceful. Deku hums to himself, unaware of the caring woman eyeing his figure.

“Izuku? How come you want to make chocolate treats?” Mama Inko shook the bags in her hands to further her question. She cooed at her son’s face lighting up like a firecracker and decided to tease him for a bit.

“Is it for the entire Class A, or is it for a special someone?” She giggled in accomplishment when the tips of Izuku’s ears flushed red. She ignored the fact that he started walking faster under the dim light posts.

“Is it maybe for Bakugou, or what about the kind individual who gives amazing back rubs? He told me he’s your butler!”

“Mom! They’re for my friends!” The giggling and blushing continued as Inko ruffled Izuku’s hair. She spoke in a hushed tone of “Such a sweet boy,” “You have so many friends,” to embarrass him even further.

“Mom! . . . Hm?” A dark figure out of the corner of Izuku’s eye caught his full attention. The use-to-be dim light posts are fully shining as it was now dark. The figure is located by a tree at the park they were close to passing, watching the sweet and affectionate family moment. They continued staring at each other; Deku not wanting to lose sight of the person.

“Are you sure they’re more than friends, Izuku?” Inko’s sweetened, teasing tone had Izuku turn to her out of reflexes. He observed his mother’s expression to determine if she saw what he saw. A few more moments made him decide she didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. He playfully huffed at his mother.

“They’re my closest friends!” Inko hummed as she continued walking, which made Izuku follow behind her steps. He turned back to the tree in the empty park; the figure was gone, nowhere to be found.

He shook his head, then joined his mother to take hold of all of the bags.

They continued walking home, Inko oblivious to Izuku constantly glancing around their surroundings.

Valentine’s Day had finally arrived, and the halls were filled with emotional teenagers running around with lovely gifts. The loud screeching made Deku confirm that he’s close to his homeroom and politely squeezed through the crowded area. He stopped to give a curious yet serious glare to an unknown individual who touched his bottom. The serious expression quickly went to shock when he recognized the familiar tall figure and dark hoodie. Before he was able to politely confront the person, a masculine and deep voice overcame the loud chattering in the Hall. Students quieted and moved out of the way to reveal Bakugou blushing madly as he stomped towards Deku. The Meme Dream Team followed behind him; Denki held on to a huge speaker connected to his phone.

Deku squeaked at the scene and ran up to Bakugou, the dark figure watching already forgotten.

“Kacchan! Why are you acting like this?” People cringed at Izuku placing his scarred hands on the hero’s chest. Bakugou’s lips curled as if he wanted to destroy something, but instead, he loudly sung:


The crowd roared when Bakugou grabbed Deku by the hips and pulled him close. The Meme Dream Team threw those cringy Apple emoji hearts and anything else that involved the meme in the air. Even though it was a meme, TMDT knew that Bakugou truly care for the shorter hero.

“K-Kacchan!” Izuku pulled away from Bakugou’s strong grip, his entire face flushed as he stared at all of the emotions he can easily comprehend on Bakugou’s face.

Anger, as usual. Embarrassment, poor Kacchan. Seriousness? Izuku started shaking even more, Kacchan is really serious about this!?

Izuku took a step closer to his childhood friend.

“Kacchan? Do you really have fee-“

“THERE’S A FIIIIREEE!” A girly and loud shrill broke the heartwarming moment, and the water sprinklers activated. The organized crowd went back to chaos as the Class A students was squeezed between bodies. All happened to fast when Izuku was snatched by a pair of hands and dragged to the emergency stairs.

“U-Uraraka? We’re h-holding hands!” Izuku almost tripped from the shock of human contact with the female. They made it to the bottom of the floor and exit to the back of the school. Uraraka remained silent until they made it to the admirable Cherry Blossom tree perched on top of a hill.

They plopped onto the ground, the only sound being their heavy breathes, and the soft landing of cherry flowers. They laid in a peaceful silence, both admiring two different views. Izuku appreciating the cherry blossoms gracefully falling from the wind, and Uraraka analyzing the heartwarming smile on Izuku’s face. She glanced down and noticed Izuku slightly shaking. She stared at his hand until she realized it was now or never. She huffed to calm herself and softly intertwined hers with his.

“Uraraka?” GravityGirl avoided the look on Izuku’s face, her heart beating so fast that she know she can not handle a rejection. The negative thoughts paused when Deku squeezed her hand and held it tighter.

“Deku-kun…” She caught her breath when Deku cuddled closer, personal space be damned, but she’s not complaining. Her other hand clutched her shirt where her heart rapidly beats.

“Waah, we’re holding hands! Enough Uraraka! Don’t do anything stupid! Just tell him how you feel…” She huffed once again and let out a determined grunt.


“EXCUSE MEEEEEEE!” A loud scream distracted them from the moment and watched Iida zoom towards them.

RECIPRO BUUUUUUURST!” Uraraka and Izuku panicked and tried to get out of the way but it was too late.

YEET!” Uraraka watched in slow motion of Iida swooping Izuku off the ground and turning back to the direction he arrived.


I’LL MAKE IT UP TO YOU!” And they were off. Uraraka watched until their figures disappeared to plop back on the ground. Well that was unexpected…and cliche.

Everyone outside of the buildings patiently waited for the firemen and heros to announce a clearing until a black limo slid in front of the gate. Seconds later Iida appeared with a dizzy Izuku in his arms. Vroom Vroom man silently apologized and slowly placed him on the ground just when the limo’s door opened from the driver. Mouths dropped when Todoroki stepped out of the vehicle in a black tuxedo, slicked back hair, and several gifts in his hands.

He strolled through the gate with confidence, half smirking when he heard familiar pig screeching noises in the crowd. He easily noticed Izuku being pampered by Iida and walked towards their direction. Iida noticed and bowed. The bara boys known as Mezo and Sato pushed through the crowd to also come up and bow.

“We’re here to protect the both of you, Todoroki-sama.” The weird mouth thing on Mezo’s body part spoke up.

THIS FUCKER!” A deep satisfied smile was now on Todoroki’s face as he nodded at the two bodyguards and passed them his gifts; then he looked at Iida. He wrapped his arms around Deku, and pulled out a nice brand of glasses in the Walt Disney movie Cars case.

Iida’s lens gleamed at the object and silently thanked him. He looked dead in Todoroki’s eyes, waiting for his next reward.

“I will find a way to give you more screen time. This might be the only screen time you will have for a while, though.” Iida thanked him once again with a deep bow, happy that he will once again be with Deku more.

Todoroki put his full attention on the calm Deku, admiring the sight of Deku’s drenched clothes and the white undershirt clinging to his muscles.

“Midoriya…” He grabbed Izuku’s hands and squeezed them. The usual Deku happened when something out of the ordinary happened to him. He blushed, stuttered, wondered why his classmates are so OOC, and etc. Todoroki saw out the corner of his eye classmates of Class A pushing through the crowd to stop the confession.

He have to do this fast!

“Sato. Mezo!” They appeared; Sato went first, putting a huge teddy bear in Todoroki’s hands. Todoroki blushed and passed Izuku the big teddy.

“Be Mine?” The crowd (mostly the girls) awed at the romantic scene even though they wanted to also capture Deku’s Heart. The Bros hollered with rage, jealousy, but also acceptance of Todoroki’s offering the best gifts.

Deku gasped and took the bear with glee. The head flopped backwards for having nothing to lay on. Deku looked at Todoroki at the side of Teddy’s big body.

“Todoroki-kun,” He was interrupted before he could finish by Todoroki shaking his head then pulling out a big box from his pocket. Todoroki landed on one knee and opened the box, presenting an Emerald encrusted ring shaped as a heart. Many gasped more and Class A screeched in pain at the scene.

Someone whispered to another, “He went to Jared!”

“Midoriya Izuku, do I even have to explain why I want you to be my Valentine? You’re just so perfect, and I can’t thank you enough for making me realize my mistakes during the Hero’s Festival. Not only during the festival, but you being by my side is what make me feel as safe like a mother with her child, but my feelings for you are way different than that. Midoriya, will you always be by my side?”

Someone screamed, “THIS IS GOING ON THE DEKUBLOG,” followed by, “Aye yo, shut the fuck up, the precious cinnamon doesn’t know!”

Izuku was too shocked to hear all the chattering and screaming. His mind was only filled with Todoroki, and the times they gotten close to each other. Deku gave Teddy back to Mezo to face Todoroki.

“Todoroki-kun, I-I don’t know what to say, but I will love to be by your side forever! Maybe our friendship could advance from this?” Todoroki, being out of character at this moment, beamed at the acceptance. He gently pulled the ring out of the box and watched Izuku put his hand on his offering palm.

The ring touched Deku’s ring fingertip when classmates finally arrived.

“NO, DEKU-KUN!” Uraraka wailed and flopped on the ground defeated. Tsuya flopped beside her to give her soothing cuddles.

“PLEASE ACCEPT MY LOTIONS INSTEAD!” Momo broke down and cried on Jirou’s shoulder.

TTTT patted Kirishima’s back, trying to offer his twin bro some iron. Denki and Sero cuddled together, deeply depressed. one cares about that loser.

Obviously Bakugou stood there alone, like a bull ready to attack the most reddest creation in the entire world. That red creation being Todoroki’s hair.

The ring was placed onto the finger, getting close to the end until a stranger pulled Deku away from the ring. Two more figures with dark hoodies appeared which alerted Izuku to be prepared to attack...until he saw several bags of candy in their hands.

He turned around to pull the hoodie back to reveal Tomura giving a bone-chilling grin.

“I’m baaaaack.” People shivered at the smile, then gave Deku odd looks when he huffed out a relieved sigh.

“You really startled me! At first I thought you were a real bad guy.”

“Midoriya, that’s a top class villain.” Iida coughed. Even though they did T/D with the man-child and created a planner for the guy, Iida still doesn’t trust him.

“I’m not here to pick a fight.” He said when the heros stood in a fighting stance. He glanced at the two figures and nodded. The two hoodies were pulled back, and Toga and Dabi winced from their eyes not use to the bright sun. Toga healed quickly and squealed at the beautiful sight of Izuku.

“Izuku~~ I missed you dearly! Happy Valentine’s Day my love!” She ran over to pull him in a big hug and twirled him around until he cried stop. She barely gave Deku enough time to settle the dizziness before he was offered several candies.

“This is from all three of us! I chose the candy because all Dabi wanted was kitty products, and Tomura wanted scented soap!” Dabi and Tomura both denied her statement. Dabi didn’t deny that he heard a male voice pipe up in interest about kittens.

Todoroki, still on one knee, glared at the villians for interrupting his moment with Izuku. The reason he haven’t attacked them is only because Izuku is too busy accepting their everlasting handed gifts.

“Are you sure you didn’t steal these?” Deku playfully teased, but his expression switched to concern when Toga’s giggling increased, and Tomura scratched his slowly healing neck.

Dabi coughed. “We stole the candy, sneaked pass the guards, and stayed undercover until it was time to spoil you with gifts.” Tomura and Toga nodded.

“Kurogiri didn’t want to be used for such “lovey dovey” things, so we had to commit these crimes.” Tomura nodded at Momo’s disapproving look like his reasonings will make it any better. Toga loudly whined at the disapproving expressions on her fellow girlfriends’ faces.

Deku tilted his head his fellow bad boi friends.

“So one of you guys were the one stalking my mom and I?” Toga and Tomura shifted their head to the side in confusion while Dabi blinked with no response. Class A silently shuddered at the thought of a stranger watching Inko and Izuku being a happy family. It hurt even more that Izuku kept it to himself though.

Dabi and Tomura sent an accusing stare at Toga, who giggled and shook her head. “I only touched his bottom in the hallway! I swear!”

“That doesn’t make things better.” Todoroki deadpanned, invading Toga’s space as he was close to beating ass. Heros and the three villains went into a fighting stance, waiting for who to start the battle.

IT TWAS I, DARLING!” The students were to busy focusing on the romance and drama to realize a helicopter was close above them. People shuffled away to give space for the flying transporter to land. Yuga slid the door open and winked at Deku.

Twas I, who stalked you to find you the best gift, Midoriya!” He closed the door and reopened it to present a stuffed sized All Might doll, bigger than Teddy the Bear Todoroki gave.

“OH MY GOD!” Izuku dropped the bags in shock and ran over to give Yuga a bear hug.

“This is the rare first edition All Might stuff doll! Where did you find this?” Yuga sparkled and flicked his bang.

“I know my ways, darling.”

“It’s the best gift I ever had! Thank you Yuga!” Deku hugged him once again then flopped on All Might’s tummy, becoming one with the fluff.

“Dé ríén, darling.” He stood there in triumph when he recognized the defeated faces around him. Todoroki stood there in silence, then sent an approved nod towards Yuga. Well done, sparkle boy!

Yuga beamed and laughed in Korean as a celebration for his victory.


“Why do I have to wear a blindfold, Mitsuki?” Inko pouted as she was softly pushed to walk forward. Inko obediently accepted the odd situation when Bakugou, Mitsuki barged at her workplace, easily dragged her away from the stressful job (because she threatened the boss), paid for their spa treatments, received a nice hair wash, went shopping for a nice dress, then was given a blindfold when Mitsuki offered it. Just now realizing how weird it was that Mitsuki all of a sudden created plans without her notice, made her wonder why she didn’t ask questions before this even happened. She’s not complaining; she’s just very curious.

Mitsuki chuckled and patted the smol woman’s tense shoulders.

“Relax! Just an exercise of trust my dear sis- OH SHIT watch your step!” Inko wondered if that was a joke, but the tone in Mitsuki’s voice rising during that moment made her stay silent.

The sound of a door sliding close alerted Inko that they were now inside of a building. As they slowly walked further, the fragrance of sweet, delicate candles and a nice roasted meal filled their nostrils. The both of them moaned at the delicious scent and picked up their step. Mitsuki gave her a final push to signal her to stop. Inko stood there quietly, calculating the numbers of feet padding on the floor, and the soft voices from left to right.

Then, there was a deep voice that filled her ears, stuttering and very confused.

“My children?”

“Ssh, we’re almost there!” The girlish squeal was enough data for Inko to confirm it was the cheerful, pink alien girl, Ashido. More voices reassured the man, then it went completely silent. Inko felt her hand being developed in a hand she’s all to familiar with, and the blindfolds were quickly untied, giving her the freedom of sight.

“Happy Valentine’s Day!” She jumped in fright from all the voices and faces invading her two senses. After she calmed down, she realized that her darling Izuku was holding her hand, and the other he was holding belonged to-

“Toshi?” Inko’s mouth gaped at the wonderful view of bony Toshi in a nice fitting black tuxedo, and his hair being more formal than the usual crazed style.

“Inko?” The retired hero repeatedly looked Inko up and down, appreciating the sight. Inko had her green strands of hair usually kept in a messy bun flowing down to her neck, shining in delight. Light makeup was pampered on her face; Toshinori preferred makeup or no makeup because she will be his angel either way. She’s dressed in a silky red long dress that fitted her perfectly, and made Toshinori proud that Inko is comfortable in the attire.

The both of them stared at each other, then the romantic scenery of the dining room you’ll see in cliche chick flicks, and repeat.

Their moments was intervened by a soft cough. They looked to see Izuku’s eyes gleaming with glee and sparkles. He squeezed their hands in delight and began to speak.

“Happy Valentine’s Day! You two are the most precious and special people in my life, and I wanted to thank you for never giving up on me and always being there for me!” Inko’s eyes watered up, and Toshi patted his bloody mouth. The two adults gave watery smiles as they engulfed Izuku with a big hug and smothered him with many kisses and “Thank yous.”

Mitsuki whimpered. “Such a loving family.” Her dolting attitude switched to anger as she smacked the backside of Bakugou’s head.


“FUCKING STOP HITTING ME, YOU UGLY BITCH! I’LL BE DAMNED!” They rambled back and forth, too distracted to see the shocked expressions on Class A’s face. Ooh, so that’s where Bakugou got his personality. Understandable.

The shock escalated to laughter, everyone happy that Valentine’s Day ended on a happy note. After Yuga won the-best-gift-challenge, Deku gave everyone his special hand-made delicious chocolate treats with a hint of love. The devourable treats made them love Deku even more followed with the Class creating a better “Deku Protection Squad” to protect Izuku from “outsiders” trying to “possess and manipulate” his heart (the villains also helped after they were interrogated by the principal, Toshinori, and Aizawa). Deku shook the thoughts of the past events that occurred today away.

He will forever remember this day as
“The Best Valentine's Day Ever!”

Chapter Text

The night sky shone brightly as the stars twinkled across the sky. Not many have seen the beautiful night, too busy or distracted or even sleep to observe the beautiful sight. But there’s one short child who struggled on top of his chair on the balcony to appreciate the night sky.


The grapehead loser known as Mineta watched the sky in peace and silence. Not having to be judged by how you act and what you speak was what made stargazing his new appreciative hobby. The best moments of doing nothing but converse about the starry sky (if he had friends) and enjoy the view. His glance on The Big Dipper went to the sight of something falling throughout the sky.


“A shooting star!” He gasped as he watched the forceful and powerful yellow star shoot across the sky in a matter of seconds. He immediately closed his eyes; prepared to do the most cliche yet innocent moment when you see a shooting star.


“I wish; Deku is a girl.”


Ok, not so innocent anymore…



The eventful night led to Mineta waking up extremely late, only having enough time to put on his clothes and run to school. He bursted through the door and ran down the stairs, only to cease his steps when he witness his...classmates sitting around having conversations like they weren’t close to being tardy and facing Aizawa’s wrath. He gawked to ask what in tarnation was going on, but the sound of steps behind him beat him to it.


All conversations and movements stopped when a female with curly, green, and bouncy hair with an oversized shirt hiding her figure appeared. Her scarred and small hands grasped the wall to support herself, as she was clearly nervous and anxious. She shivered more when everyone observed her; their eyes piercing her with questions and highly needed answers.


The silence continued, but it will have to be broken somehow, peacefully and cheerful, or downright awkward and uncomfortable, and unfortunately, Mineta has to be the one to ruin the moment.


“HOLY SHIT! MY WISH CAME TRUE!! MIDORIYA TURNED INTO A GIRL!” Mineta whooped and hollered, expecting his fellow men to join in on the celebration, but the tension only grew as worse and thicker. Mineta stopped his celebration and turned to his classmates with a horrified expression. Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to announce that you were the culprit of Midoriya’s sudden transformation, and since everyone knew how Mineta was, they knew his expectations and plans towards the reason why he wished that filthy wish. No shit, Mineta.


The Meme Dream Team (minus Denki), Todoroki, and Uraraka gave Mineta glares which should earn him an instant ticket to the grave. Bakugou was quick to easily manhandle Mineta to the wall with his glowing palm letting out tiny sparks.


“What was that, scum?” Mineta cried out at the insult and was close to accepting his death. He looked for his best-buddy-in-crime, Denki, who just awkwardly stood there, looked at the sky (if they were outside), and let a single manly tear slide down his face.Then, he silently made the emotion of “Rest in Peace” towards Mineta’s way, making the grapehead gawk with the feeling of betrayal.


“HAS ANYONE EVER WONDERED HOW MIDORIYA WILL LOOK AS A GIRL?” Mineta screeched. The class looked at each other then back at Mineta. Todoroki answered for the class,


“We always thought how Midoriya will be as a woman, but he’s already adorable, beautiful, powerful, precious, strong, delicious, gentle, soft, kind, and extremely talented.” Todoroki, out of character, winked at Midoriya when he noticed the blush dusting on her face. Then, he pointed at Mineta with an accusing look.


“We know the dirty schemes you’re up to Mineta, and we will not let the precious lamb go through your madness!” The class roared with agreement, Kirishima and Ashido clapping Todoroki on the back for speaking more than a sentence and destroying Mineta’s already ruined pride.


The roaring stopped when a tiny squeak and a soft feminine yet determined voice came above. The voice was so angelic that no one wanted to miss a single thing the goddess was saying.


“Um, I have absolutely no shame in being a woman. I was just shocked that first thing I was a man and now I’m the opposite gender, but I will proudly be a woman until I turn back!” Cue the imaginary roses, clear floating bubbles, and the pastel pink lovely background surrounding Midoriya’s adorable face. Moment of silence to appreciate the sight.








‘An angel! Thank you, Midoriya!’ Mineta heaved out a sigh of relief when Bakugou’s grip released, making Mineta smack onto the floor.


Midoriya then looked everywhere but her (his) classmates and gave her full attention to the pretty ring sitting on her finger (much to Todoroki’s satisfaction).


“Just don’t make me do any shameful and dirty one deserves to be viewed like that.” She adorably mumbles while twisting the ring. Uraraka, as prepared as always, took a picture of the sight and IMMEDIATELY posted it on the blog.


Bakugou stepped over Mineta to wrap a strong grip over Midoriya’s shoulder.


“OF COURSE WE WOULDN’T DO THAT, FUCKING DEKU! Unbelievable…” He looked away so Izuku wouldn’t see his flaming cheeks, but The Meme Dream Team will never live this down even if he threatened them.


Momo popped up with a loving smile on her face and with tears in her eyes. She wheezed.


“I don’t even remember why this was a bad idea! Us girls will give you the best day of being a woman!” The girls’ (including Jirou) eyes sparkled with glee and next thing you know, they’re carrying Midoriya off to the girls’ dorm; Yuga following behind because he’s fashion baby boy.


Mineta, still laying on the ground, looked flabbergasted. He made another mistake by saying out loud, “It’s not okay when I celebrate Midoriya’s transformation, but it’s okay now?” The question only gave him more glares. Bakugou, Todoroki, and Tokoyami squatted around Mineta’s form.


“Fool, we know what your mind was on when you wished upon a star or whatever!” Tokoyami squawked, Dark Shadow agreed to that statement. Bakugou’s sparks increased.


“Fucking Deku, accepting his fate due to your disgusting acts; I’m going to beat you.”


“WAIT A MINUTE! YOU WILL NOT!” Iida shuffled over to grab Mineta away from Bakugou’s terrifying threat.


“We shall talk to the principal, Aizawa-Sensei, and All-Might to determine Mineta’s fate.” Then he sent the midget a fierce look. “Hopefully the punishment will put some sense into you, so disappointed.” Mineta wheeped as he was carried off through the halls to the Staff’s lounge. The humiliation was too much for the grapehead as the students gossiped around him, wondering what filthy scheme he tried to do with Class A’s girls or Midoriya. Nine times out of ten, they predicted it had something to do with Midoriya now as a pretty female they now see as the Bunny Queen (King) (when Mama Inko gave him the crown of-fucking-course).


Obviously, no one felt sympathy for him, and honestly, disappointed, but not surprised.




The blonde third year, who looked like he was based off of a fucking cartoon, comically walked through the empty halls of the first years with a smol girl trailing beside him. Mirio’s smile widened when the obvious emotion of curiosity appeared in the little girl’s actions. Her white locks swung behind her as she turned towards Mirio in pure excitement.


“Isn’t Izu-nii a first year?”


“That’s right, Eri! Class is about to start,” Mirio paused to give respect to the bell ringing for class and continued quiet to confirm sudden footsteps. His smile grew wider when he heard the familiar loud ass sneaky red sneakers from afar.


“Midoriya should be here in just a few seconds! Want to surprise him?” Eri nodded and squealed when she was easily scooped up and disappeared into the wall (due to Mirio practicing very hard to allow another person to go through objects with him...bear with him).


They waited until the voices and footsteps got closer, and they both counted to three before jumping out the wall, much to Class A’s horror.




“MIDORIYA!” Mirio laughed and beamed at Class A’s horrified faces, but the sight of the familiar appearance which resembles very much like Midoriya, but as a girl, instantly had his body aflame with desire. No time to feel that way in front of the children, Mirio!


The freckled cheeks flushed red with embarrassment because of her girlish scream now has a far better purpose than that. The cute little girl with her snowflake hair in a ponytail, exposing that adorable little horn she shouldn’t be ashamed of, standing there in her striped shirt, overalls, and pink Skechers, eyeing Izuku with the warmest and heartfelt emotion on her face, made Izuku’s knees waver. Izuku slowly got on her knees, uncaring about her cute black leggings Momo created for her getting dirty, and looked at Eri’s one of the shades of blue eyes. Izuku felt the burning sensation in her eyes as the tears started to form. She opened her arms wide open, patiently waiting for the child to accept the offer.


Mirio and Class A watched as the adorable child pounced into Midoriya’s loving embrace with no hesitation.


“Welcome to U.A, Eri-chan.” The teen’s soft and gentle tone filled the silent hallway as a sort of comforting way when she rocked the child back and forth with a soothing pace.


With a peaceful moment like this, everyone will fight for this moment to never last. Therefore, that’s how Mineta was found a few steps behind Mirio, about to scream to his fellow peers, but the scene of Momo with a harpoon gun targeted at him, Ashido having her index finger over her closed lips as if to say “HUSH”, Bakugou silently threatening Mineta with his crackling palms, and Uraraka doing the motion of slicing his neck if he even dare ruin the moment made him quietly whine to himself and run off, aroused yet terrified.


Which led to Iida being very confused but also in the midst of the sweet and beautiful atmosphere of Izuku and the little child.


You deserve the world, Eri!

Chapter Text

Women, in general, are fucking terrifying. From the catfight between Midnight and Mt. Lady, to the important discussion with precious Queen Inko, to now his fellow female students in class, Aizawa think he should present a PowerPoint on how talented these women are physically and mentally. He stood there, silently watching the women of Class A surround Izuku’s desk, huddling together as if they’re performing a satanic ritual.


The best thing that almost warmed his edgy and black heart, was Eri happily sitting on Izuku’s lap and fully participating in the group’s conversation, giggling and laughing at their antics.


“Hm, I’m in a pretty good mood today.” Mineta finally facing a severe punishment that now includes the school’s involvement, the second most beautiful child (Izuku is first) Aizawa’s conscious demand to keep happy, being one with the fellow ladies, and despite the unfortunate turn of events, Izuku is still her usual quirky and precious self, has really set Aizawa in quite a relaxed mood, which is rare.


Aizawa smiled to himself, but highly alerted the men in the classroom. Aizawa standing there just smiling at absolutely nothing was not a good sign.


“Oh god…” Kirishima whispered.


“Golly! We surely fucked up this time, ain't it boys?” Denki snorted in his tryhard Southern cowboy accent, ignoring Iida’s heartfelt “Watch your profanity.”


“Principal Nezu said today is “Family Bond Day”, so we are allowed to leave the campus and go to “entertainment” places to get to know each other better. Any suggestions?”


“I say we go gosh darn cow tipping! Ain’t that right, brother Bakugou?”


“I don’t give a damn.” An obvious blunt reply. Bakugou looked over at Deku too see those beautifully scarred hands covering Eri’s ears and an adorable pout sent his way. Bakugou sneered then looked away, biting his lip in uncontrollable agony when his imagination got the best of him, thinking about how cute Deku will look when they’re pouting underneath him. Under some situation in which the green haired bunny is on their knees, looking at him with their shining oceanic eyes and their lip poking out in stubbornness.


“Boy, you’re thirsty!” A rough slap on his back awakened Bakugou from his thoughts, leading up to Bakugou stammering in denial and close to grabbing the laughing Ashido in a headlock.


Momo watched the scene, “From observing Bakugou’s daydream expression, I believe he is expressing the term “gayness.”


“OH MY GOD, MOMO!” Jirou started choking on her spit, then glared at Mineta for probably being the main culprit of tainting Momo’s innonnece.


Sero slapped his knee, “Well I’ll be damned.”


Bakugou only let out loud screeches in replacement of cursing in front of a child.


Meanwhile, Izuku is distracting Eri from the chaos of Class A by asking her if there were any places she wanted to visit. The teen’s warming smile shifted away when Eri thought long and hard about the question, breaking her heart that the child probably never went to anything “entertaining” and “fun” for her age. He wondered what that man ever let Eri experienced was considered “fun.”


Seconds later, Eri looked up with her dazzling eyes and shouted, “THE MALL!” Her little hands are in the air to express her excitement. When the silence issued and all eyes were on her, instead of shielding away into Izuku’s ruffled up uniform shirt, she explained her reason.


“M-my guardian didn’t let me go out much, but I always heard from the guards that it’s a huge building with lots of clothes, toys, and games around here!” The rest of the class only nodded in understanding while Izuku, Kirishima, Uraraka, and Asui smiled at her with a bit of sympathy. The four being the only ones knowing that her reasoning was more of an understatement and had a bit more meaning to it. Izuku’s grip became a little more protective on the little one, which didn’t go unnoticed from the rest of the students.


“The mall…” Uraraka mumbled under her breath. Aizawa raised an eyebrow and spoke, “Pardon?”


“We shall go to the mall and spoil our precious babes with many gifts! Izuku, darling, this is the beginning of our Girls’ Night Out!” The sudden powerful message hyped the fuck out of the girls, but only left the men confused, trying to interpret what did Gravity Girl mean as in “Girls’ Night Out?”


The even more confused Aizawa didn’t ask questions and just confirmed the destination of their Family Bonding Trip. He left the classroom, expecting the class to follow behind him to the dorms to prepare for the adventure.


He’s still curious of why the women are having a “Girls’ Night Out,” and bet if it included mainly on Izuku, but women are scary, so he’ll rather stay petty and watch everything fold out while he stay at the background with the blog by his side.




GravityGirl (Moderator) just posted a new photo!


LunaLavenderSkies: WOW WOW! LOOK AT THE ADORABLE CHILD?? Oh, and who’s the little cutie pie sitting on Izuku’s lap?



ThatONEFuckingPerson: Rule 34...anyone?


FBI: ^ Delete this immediately. This is why we can’t have nice things. Y’all two look beautiful; I love you guys.


J-HOOOOOOOOOPE: Any armies here lololololol???




What’s Rule 34?” Eri looked up from Uraraka’s phone to question her fellow sisters. All the females except Deku and Momo coughed in embarrassment.


“A dark, dark place; I’ll tell you when you’re older.” Uraraka replied awkwardly, which just led to the whole conversation being awkward until Ashido led them to the clothing stores.


As in clothing stores, I mean Victoria’s Secret: Japanese Edition.




“I don’t even know the sizes of breast nor even my own.” Jirou said. Relatable, to be honest.


“That is A-Okay my fellow mate! Besides, Izuku is going to be wearing all the outfits we pick out!”


Uraraka’s eyes glinted with light that made Izuku gulp in a bit of fear.


“WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY SO!! Ms.Worker! I see the sign that says you can be pampered into a Victorian Angel if we pay, how much does it cost?”


The worker vibrated even more and replied with,” Ah, I’m glad you asked! You will be our first customer who will be our angel! Fashion designers, spa workers, and makeup artists who handled models from the latest catwalk are here! The price is only $250-“




“Oh this isn’t for me…” Uraraka giggled like a familiar blonde yandere right after she slammed the exact price on the check-out table. She turned towards her fellow crush with a sweetening smile.


“Izuku hun, prepare to get sexy!”


“Uhm, in about 20 minutes to prepare for the project and papers, but you’re still welcomed here!”




“Even though we are very beautiful specimens, I agree! LET’S GET SEXY!” The rest cheered when Momo slammed her card on the table right beside Uraraka’s cash.


Eri smiled at their silliness. “Should I wait until I’m older to know what ‘sexy’ is?”


Asui swooped her up onto her hip and started walking towards the kids’section, the rest following behind. “Indeed Ms.Eri-chan, but let us spoil you with new clothes!”




It’s just a coincidence...


It's just a coincidence, that their stalking of the girls (mostly Izuku) had them dressed up in bought shades and old fisherman hats as they hid behind multiple filled shopping carts, each of them owning a pair of paid binoculars.


“Did we stoop this low to Mineta’s level?” Iida cried, ashamed of himself.


Sero, a multitasking King, zoomed in on Izuku and Eri dressed in matching PINK pajamas posing for Jirou’s camera before speaking.


“Mineta is looking for some titty action; we’re here to keep an eye on our ladies since we’re not allowed to be within 1,000 ft from them.” The men shivered at the memory of the ladies except Izuku and Eri warning them to stay the fuck back or they’ll put Toga on them...yea Toga scares them (not Bakugou or Todoroki).


Mineta whined at Eri wearing a polka-dot dress with cute knee-length bunny stockings and a big Minnie Mouse bow on her hair.


“Very seductive! I’ll meet you in 20 years Eri-chan!”


Muscle boy actually sneered at the trashcan. “Yea, if you ever get out of jail first. Totally manly, isn’t Mineta supposed to be disciplined?” Kirishima asked his peers, having no sympathy for Mineta’s whining directed to him.


“They’re still deciding, hopefully it’s good enough to give him common sense and respect towards women.” Iida rubbed his temples.


“F” Kirishima.


“F” Sero.


“F” Denki.


“F,” Everyone got in their fighting stance from hearing an unfamiliar voice include theirself in the conversation. What they saw was good boi TTTT with Neito and Itsuka Kendo beside him.


“MY MANLY BOI !” Kirishima let out a manly tone to empathize the “ BOI ,” playing nothing but God of War 4 does that to you.


“MY DEAR BROTHER!” They manly hugged a cold one out, then was interrupted by Neito.


“Hm, Class A’s men are lurking Class A’s women, a-“ His ranting stopped midway when he saw the slim and muscular figure in a presentable party dress slow dancing away with the girls listening to  Singularity in the lingerie store. The beautiful teenager with her green curls gently spinning around as she spun a little child in the air while the others mumbled in gibberish K-POP while holding onto one another. He looked back at Class A’s men.


“I’ll shut up for the rest of the day if you send pictures to me and let me join.


“Deal.” Monotone and instant reply back. Tokoyami slapped a Magician’s hat on his head.


“Trash, all of you.” Kendo gave Neito a mighty slap on the neck then scurried off to join in on the girls’ party, asking Toru for a lovely dance.


Todoroki glanced at the silent students. “Shall we continue?”


No one said anything, just raised their binoculars and zoomed in.




For this being a Victoria’s Secret store, Uraraka did not expect this to be their costume, but hey, she’s definitely not complaining. After they finished dressing up the pure Queen and Princess in confident and powerful Women’s/Kid’s clothing, the store keeper rushed back with many workers behind her, practically dragging them to the opened store beside them, which is a Spa. Who knew the two places were connected...unless this new project made that happen.


And after a nice and relaxing Spa Time with the girls, they were moved onwards to the back of the two stores and was skillfully dressed into an Angel.


But not like those beautiful Angels dressed in lingerie your boyfriend will drool on T.V, but an actual (mind my language) fucking Angel; Greek Angels or Goddess to be in fact.


“I thought it was going to be lingerie sexy Angel…” Uraraka mumbled to herself. The store worker heard and giggled.


“Silly rabbit, you’re all not old enough to be dressed like that-alsobecausethereisachildright

there.” She rambled the last words then scurried off to catch the photographer.


Momo, dressed in a long white dress with a slit that reveal one of her long and soft legs, glided across the glass floor like she was floating towards Uraraka.


Acting like a proper Greek Goddess, Momo spoke with authority, “Have you not read the Terms of Conditions? Do not worry, dear, I read the entire information to make sure there wasn’t any harm involved, and it would only confuse me if they made us dress in such revealing outfits.” Momo huffed as she patted Uraraka’s braided hair, her aroma making Uraraka purr and lay her head on Momo’s lap. The other girls flocked beside the two to also receive Momo’s loving care and gentleness.




“They’re here!” The girls stopped their snuggling to give their full attention to their new members in the group. All of the crew members moved out of the way for the finishing two they worked the most hardest on to reveal themselves.


“I Won’t Fall in Love” turned on when Izuku and Eri walked out. Eri walked out first, adorably carrying her flower basket, then she stopped and posed in front of the camera. The crew screamed at the adorable beige, laced dress so long that it hid Eri’s feet, and the big bow above the hole showing her creamy back.  After taking several pictures of the baby Angel, Eri moved out of the way with style, to let the teenager she sees as her role model and mother present herself.


No one was prepared to see her; not even the suspicious figures hiding in the dark corner of the gigantic photo shoot.


What they saw first was a barefoot with a golden anklet stepping out, then the whole package was unwrapped and revealed to everyone. Izuku gracefully walked out with her head high with confidence and power as she held onto her golden harp. A white band filled with flowers is wrapped around her curly locks. She’s wearing a white and long dress, and as she continued walking, her strapped cape attached to her outfit clinging behind her with ease; her fluttering wings shifting along the way.


There was a choking sound and quiet sobbing in the background, with a muffled, “I’m so fucking gay.”


Izuku stopped to offer her scarred hand to Eri, who immediately accepted the request and walked beside the Queen, both of their footsteps being calm and with patience. They stopped once they reached the throne, Izuku and Eri, a step above the rest of the girls, posed like actual angelic goddess you’ll see in Ancient paintings.


The photographer screamed as they snapped away, not even having to tell the wonderful ladies how to perfect their poses; they absolutely nailed it!


The crew members were so entranced, and the ladies were so into their roles that they didn’t hear continued footsteps rush out the photoshoot.


Obviously, it was them bios, huffing and sweating out of the store, ignoring the odd stares sent their way as they started the mission to search for Aizawa and given permission to train back at U.A. They have to burn off quite a lot of steam and tension if you know what I mean

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).


God, save us all.



At an unknown territory in the middle of nowhere reveals a single man surrounded by bloodified bodies with deep and fatal wounds. The dark haired man stepped in front of a random dead body to search for an electronic. Successfully finding a phone which doesn’t have a password and wasn’t destroyed, the screen opened to a website which baffled the man.


A picture of that familiar person who interests him so much now as a girl with Eri plopped on her lap, dressed as Goddesses and just beaming with happiness.


A sadistic and dangerous smile etched across his face as he made his way to the storage full of government vehicles, whistling and twirling a pair of car keys.


He can’t wait to change those smiles to screams and cries of agony.


Midoriya Izuku haven’t even seen the worst of him...yet.


“Plus Ultra.”

Chapter Text

Toga Himiko is the cute villain everyone see as a “Yandere” when it comes to the sweet and beautiful Midoriya Izuku, and even though they’re right, Toga is more than just that. She’s a skillful, stealthy, and intelligent woman when it comes to her missions, fooling people left and right with her fake impressions and disguises.


Which led up to her walking on the grim streets in an abandoned neighborhood at the darkest of hours, scrolling through the recent pictures of the person she would kill for with a cute and oddly familiar little girl. Even though the Dekublog’s posts usually fill her up with joy and lust, her mood was drenched with bloodlust and insanity. Her breathing rose as she scanned every recent post, finding the same username posting frightening messages on each one.

Username: It’s so nice to see you again Midoriya, but I do not enjoy the happiness you put on my little doll’s face. I will have to change that, hm?


At first she thought of it as a joke of some dude’s fetish, but it kept getting worse on each post.


Username: You’re so interesting Midoriya. I’ll admit, you won the first fight, but this time, I’ll make sure this final round be my victory.


Dark spots were appearing in Toga’s sight so rapidly that she had to take a breather. She collapsed on a rusted metal gate and slid onto the concrete. Out of bad habits to calm herself down, she pulled her knives out and started sharpening them. She continued looking.


Username: I heard that the lanky man I fought died, fills me with glee that I atleast casted sorrow upon you all even when I was imprisoned. I wish that annoying blonde who kept forming through walls would’ve died also...maybe that’s a good idea.


The phone buzzing in her hand awakened Toga’s trance from the scary details of the messages. She instantly went to her notifications to find an adorable message from her darling. Her darling, Midoriya Izuku, the one and only person she would kill anyone then herself for. If only she could imprison him, lock him up where the sun never shines, and make him hers. However, doing that will make her friend girls sad, and she don’t like seeing them sad. Such a hard decision. She looked at the message.


My Hero: Hi Toga ( ◠‿◠ ) You probably already seen the posts of my transformation! But, the girls and I are having a sleepover and you’re invited! Here’s the address! (Don’t worry, it’s not in U.A.) Cya there! (๑╹ω╹๑ )


Toga’s smile deepened for different reasons. She’s glad the girls had thought about her into joining the night with them, but that was a tiny portion to the real reason. The thought of a sudden bad guy coming to ruin Izuku’s happiness, and the ironic setting it shall be held had her cackling as she started walking to her new destination, the only sound of the silent night are her knives being repeatedly sharpened. She twitched; she craves for their blood, and it’s not Izuku’s.



Welcome to U.A.’s Girls’ Live!


No Boys Allowed!!


Please Enter Passcode:








Incorrect Passcode. Please Try Again!


“I’ve never felt so discriminated in my entire life span.” Denki sobbed at his tenth attempt of trying to figure out the correct passcode. His fellow peers sighed at the failed attempt, nothing expected of the dumb lightbulb (new nickname Bakugou gave him; Denki cried for a week). Well, it’s not like the boys are trying to bust the code to listen in on the new gossip and finally know once and for all what Izuku see in each’s not like they were going to ask several questions about themselves…of course not!


Sero boohooed, “This is so sad, Tokoyami, can we play Fortnite?” Tokoyami scowled at him like he was the reason why Fortnite existed. Dark Shadow instantly threw a thumb up, unlike his...whatever him and Tokoyami are.


“You and the soy boys of Fortnite shall perish in hell when it’s your time to fall.” Silence, then the growing tune of Despacito blasting through the speakers.


“I’LL BE DAMNED IF YOU PLAY THAT FUCKING BULLSHIT!” Bakugou practically tackled Kirishima to the ground, only to throw the manly man’s phone towards Todoroki, which led to the conclusion of Kirishima’s phone fully frozen and no Despacito.


This is so sad.


“Bro, I listened to all the heavy metal and rock shit you made me go through, but you wouldn’t let me meme?” TTTT plopped beside Kirishima to be his comfort cuddle buddy. He pouted at Bakugou as he patted Kirishima’s sulking form.


Denki and Sero pointed at Bakugou. “Fool!” They both screamed. “You hurt my baby boy, you fools can find another person to hack into the system!” Denki ignored Bakugou’s explosive, “YOU DIDN’T MAKE ANY FUCKING PROGRESS YOU STUPID LIGHTBULB,” because he know Bakugou will somehow apologize to Kirishima in a tsundere manner.


Everyone being so distracted by the chaos didn’t notice Mineta appearing from the depths of who knows (hell). He struggled on top of the couch to release a mighty, “I KNOW A WAY TO ENTER THE GIRLS’ LIVE!” He smirked when all mouths shut and eyes were now on him.


“While you clowns been goofing around, I studied the knowledge of our fellow women! Men, I present to you, MY HIDDEN TALENT!” He flew over to the computer and started madly typing in letters and numbers, and with a final click of a button, the screen switched to the girls playing Just Dance Korean Edition.


Everyone looked from the screen to the smug look on Mineta’s face.


“What the fuck?” Bakugou.


“I don’t even want to know how you figured it out.” Iida huffed, but maybe he should’ve kept his mouth shut.


“I’m glad you asked Mr. Vice President! It’s quite simple, I knew Ashido was the one who had the idea of the stream, so of course the password would be something simple for the viewers which is: LGBTQAndI’mGayForYou. Which made me realize that maybe Ashido doesn’t care about what gender Izuku is for her to still like him. Girl on girl action…that’s hot.”


“Get the fuck out of the way.” Bakugou slapped Mineta across the room to connect the laptop to the full screen tv of the girls getting to the best part: the daily gossip.


Todoroki and Big Sugar Man scurried off to snatch some popcorn, desserts, and drinks for the crew while the rest quickly got comfortable in the living room.


This is going to be a long night.



“WE LIVE BABY!” Hastume Mei stuffed her entire face in the camera’s view, then shuffled over to the group of girls huddled together on the living room’s carpet. They were dancing to legendary KPOP songs until the doorbell rang, revealing a flushed Toga, which led to the girls pampering each other with high class makeovers.


Midoriya, the center of attention, plopped beside Toga to question her health. Toga only giggled in a not so pleasant way and started staring into the camera.


“I’m alright Izuku, just wishing a person would try to be bold in my presence.” Her crazed stare switched from the camera to the little child who sat on Izuku’s lap. Her entire insane demeanor switched to happiness at the cute and pure sugar babies.


The camera zoomed in on Kendo’s suspicious look she sent to Momo about Toga. The camera panned to Momo silently whispering, “Ignore it.” Then it switched to the fabulous sparkle man silently sweating beside Toga. Someone save my man Yuga.


“ANYWAY! I JUST WANT TO SAY THAT I WILL FIGHT ANYONE WHO DARE DISRESPECT MY FELLOW SISTERS!” Ashido screamed, Uraraka and Toga joining in on the screaming as an agreement.


“DON’T ASK FOR TITTY ACTION, GO TO TWITCH FOR THAT!” Even though it should be no boys watching the stream, Uraraka just had to make shit clear.


Mei scrolled through many nice and silly comments to find a good few.


JimINThisBitch: @ Izuku, can you introduce the cute girl on your lap!?!


Izuku quickly and proudly stood up to present Eri in a cute silky gown to the world. Ignoring Jirou’s “The Circle of Life,” the green floofball introduced the child to chat.


“This little girl is Eri! Mirio, me, and a couple of others saved her from a complicated situation, but now she’s safe! She is now my precious child, and I will do anything to keep her happy!” Eri wiggled in Deku’s arms to give her a big hug and many kisses on her freckled cheeks.


That’s what we’ll do for you, Izuku…’ Pretty much all the girls (don’t forget about Yuga) and chat was thinking at the soft scene. Everyone but Toga; she only stared at the white haired child as if she saw her before.


Mei giggled and brought up a question to cause a bit of chaos.


“Beside doing everything for Eri-chan, who else would you give your all to?” The girls and chat roared with loud “OOOOOH!” Finally someone started the good shit!


Izuku placed Eri on the ground to start manicuring the smol girl’s nails. She coughed in embarrassment and avoided the camera zooming in on her.


“Uhm, o-obviously All Might, m-my mom, a-“


“That reminds me, Izuku was literally jello after overusing his quirk, but he wouldn’t rest until he saved Bakugou.” Asui brought up, interrupting Izuku’s answer with such an amazing statement. God, Asui is amazing.


“FROPPY! I’M SCREAMING!” Uraraka tackled Asui to the ground only to squeal uncontrollably on her neck, much to Asui being very ticklish.


Ashido gapped like a fish. “My weave is snatched. I missed so much because I was in the classroom. Did that really happen?”


Uraraka stopped tickling Asui to look at Deku hiding her face in her hands then to Pinky Girl.


“It broke my heart when I heard Deku-kun scream and cry for Kacchan. Can’t really blame ‘em though, it was really traumatic to see your classmate, childhood friend even, getting kidnapped before your eyes!”


“Can we change the subject.” Izuku mumbled, eyes glazed over looking only at the fluffy white carpet, unconsciously picking the bottom layer of her shorts out of habit. Uraraka screamed and all girls immediately went by Izuku’s side, squishing her and Eri with comfort and compliments of how strong and loyal and beautiful she is.


Yuga screaming many adjectives about how wonderful Izuku is was the final point of making her all smiles and giggles. They went back to polishing each other’s nails.


“But either way, I love you all, and I will give the world to you all.” Momo pipped in, the rest of the girls agreeing with no hesitation and hugging each other with lots of love.


The night went on with them talking about the past, present, and future, pretty much about life and reality. They answered a few questions in chat here and there, but most of the comments were just the audience agreeing or putting their opinions on one of the girl’s comments.


The girls were now playing Monopoly, and boy, it’s getting quite ugly. Toga and Uraraka now as trading partners played smugly against the rest. Midoriya silently crying in the corner because she went bankrupt in just a few turns. Momo, out of character, crying out in anger at Jirou’s luck of collecting all the train stations while she’s been landing mostly in jail. Ashido just enjoyed shaking the dice and making her little poodle sassy walk down the board with exaggerated narration, Asui is doing her best, and we love her for it. Kendo is watching over the gameplay like a hawk, making sure no one is getting cheatsy, also checking up on the depressed Izuku and confused Eri once in a while. Yuga doesn’t know how to play Monopoly, so he’s observing like a good boi.


Meanwhile, Mei is just settling around her electronic babies, scrolling through recent comments until she stopped at a certain one.


“Anyone doesn’t see just how enticing Midoriya Izuku looks at the corner? If just a silly game gives her such sorrow, then I would love to see her when something awfully TRAGIC happens.” The scientist looked up from her phone very startled and afraid; her expression went unnoticed by the rest because of the heat of the game. Momo’s lovely and sweet home felt way too big to her, too overwhelming, so much room that anyone could sneak inside and they wouldn’t know.


She glanced at Izuku now entertaining Eri by teaching her how to play Mario Kart. She took a deep breath and went back to chat. Her tummy twisted around and her heart dropped at the next sickening message.


“I know where you are. I’m coming for you Midoriya Izuku. Coming to whisk away the happiness you put on your face that should only express fear and pain. You and Eri shall forever be in my grasp.”


Mei jumped when the doorbell rang in every room. She could only watch in silence when Yuga went to go answer the door. She looked around her surroundings to see Toga over her shoulder, making it obvious that she was also reading the bone-chilling message. Except...Mei observed Toga closer. Those half-lidded eyes, filled with bloodlust and anger, such a frightening smile revealing all her pearly teeth. Mei focused mainly on her two pointy fangs. Toga straightened up like an automatic robot.


She rolled her eyes to the camera and let out a frightening, “They’re heeeeere-” just as the living room’s window burst open with a male body flying through. All the girls except Toga avoided the glass, too stunned to even get ready for battle.


The tall male barely had time to scan for his precious pets before a knife made contact on his face, making a loud “SLISSSSSH” sound. He let out a loud hiss and covered his wound with his gloved hand.


Toga stood in front of the girls with her sharpened knives in both hands. She stared at him with the most deadliest look.


“Oops, I meant to aim for your eye. Impressive, you’re not screaming at the pain of how deep I stabbed you.” Toga laughed, increasing the man’s calming anger.


“Ah, one of Tomura’s little villains.” Toga’s eyes widened in realization at the familiar deep voice, face, and mask.


“Oh, you’re Chisaki! I thought you died when we blew you up.” Toga looked at the little girl hiding away behind Izuku’s body. No wonder she was so familiar.


“Surprising right? Even though I would love to stay and talk, I have somewhere to be with two disobedient pets.” His eyes landed on Midoriya and Eri, his smile darkening at Midoriya’s furious and surprised expression, and Eri’s tight clutches on her shorts. Chisaki shivered with excitement, he can feel Midoriya’s fear overpowering her anger, but she’s trying to hide it.


How adorable.

Toga filled his line of view.


“Over my dead body.”


“OVER ALL OUR DEAD BODIES!” Uraraka snarled while standing in front of Momo bandaging Jirou’s wounded leg. Jirou tried to hide the pain to calm Momo’s frantic whimpering of “How did he enter the gates and passed the guards?” Asui sadly ribbited and looked at the camera as a sign of help.


Chisaki let out a booming laugh that gave them all but Toga chills.


“Ironic. A villain acting all heroic for a bunch of wannabe disgusting.” He popped his knuckles and neck, then clicked his fully loaded guns.


“So be it…” The last thing the audience saw was the black haired villain charging towards the girls, and Toga preparing herself into a stabbing position before the camera fell over and all was seen was feet scattering, blood soaking the use to be snow-white carpet, the sound of guns being fired and screaming, so much horrid screaming.


Thank You For Joining This Live!

Chapter Text

As soon as the action started, Izuku quickly got on her feet and powered up to swoop up Eri and fly out of the living room to a safe place to hide her. She knew her friends wouldn’t think less of her if she ran off, but she just need to make sure Eri is safe, hidden away from the cruel man. She continued running until she saw Yuga cowering by the main entrance. She placed the shaking Eri on her hip and grabbed the blonde’s wrist, dragging him to also run to a safe spot. Izuku found a closet and easily threw themselves inside, hitting the objects along the way.


Izuku slowly let Eri down to place both of her hands on Yuga’s quivering shoulders. She pulled him into a comforting hug then looked him in the eyes.


“Yuga, I know you’re terrified, but I’m going to need you to do an important task for me. Remember the secret hideout Momo told us about? I need you and Eri to go there no matter what. Do not stop running until you reached the place. Call the police and tell them that Chisaki is attacking.” Eri gripped tightly on her leg when she brought up the man she thought was never going to return.


The nervous and scared sparkle man gulped then asked “I never seen him before. Why is he here?” He watched Izuku place her hands over Eri’s ears before replying, “He’s probably here to take back the main person that succeeded his business, but we’re not letting him take her! Over my dead body.” The determined face Izuku made was able to make Yuga, still frightened, feel also a bit confident in protecting Eri.


“I’ll do my best!” Izuku gave a small smile and gave Yuga a soft peck on the cheek before crouching to Eri’s level. Eri was quick to yell before Izuku could talk.


“D-don’t go out there! That man is going to do terrible things to you!” The emotions she expressed through that sentence made Izuku raise an eyebrow in the utmost concern. Eri continued her explanation.


“The first time we met and you challenged him. When we went back to the building, he went super crazy and was saying he was going to do horrible things to you when he get his hands on you! I don’t want to lose you…” Fresh tears rolled down her cheeks as she hid herself in Izuku’s chest, pouring her heart out. Izuku developed the pure babe in a bone-crushing hug and placed a kiss on the spot of hair her little horn is at.


“You’re my special girl Eri. I can’t make any promises if I’ll get captured or not, but I will come back. Keep being a good girl okay?” Eri’s sobs grew louder as she nodded against her chest. The fluffy greenhead placed another kiss on Eri before swooping her up and placing her in Yuga’s awaiting arms.


“Don’t come out until you specifically hear sirens and the operator say they’re here. I’ll see you two later!” And Izuku was out of the door, the two watching her run back to the scene where they could hear destruction happening.


Yuga held onto Eri tight and started his mission. He ran to the secret hideout like it was the beginning of the apocalypse.



They did not expect these turn of events. They were just supposed to be watching the girls continue being girls with their gossip and shitty play at Monopoly, but now they were frozen shock, staring at the dark screen.


Toshinori and Aizawa knew something was wrong when they saw their frozen students in the living room. The retired hero cursed and padded over to Todoroki, who seemed to be letting out a bit of fire on his left side. He gently placed a hand on Todoroki’s shoulder, ignoring the slight burning sting on his palm from the boy’s quirk. He quietly called his name and looked him in his different colored eyes. Butterflies in such a terrifying way bloomed in his stomach at Todoroki’s horrified expression, his eyes glued wide open, staring into the abyss like he’s trapped in his own mind.


“Todoroki-kun? Come back to me!” A little bit of shaking brought Todoroki back to reality, flinching then instantly relaxing when he noticed his role model. Another emotion, Toshinori noticed, appeared on Todoroki’s face, determination and a full set of rage?


His eyes went from Todoroki to the blonde who now decided to roar in rage, screaming curses about committing murder, policies of a hero be damned. The red haired buddy quickly got up to grab ahold of his bro.


“Bakugou, dude, you know I don’t tell you what to do, but please just listen to me once. This isn’t some villain, he’s top tier on the list, and I’m losing my marbles because he’s supposed to be locked up in the most guarded prison.” Toshinori and Aizawa both exchanged hyperware and confused looks at each other then back to Kirishima, who seemed to have realized something at that moment. His devastating eyes rested on Aizawa.


“Please call all of the heros and go to Momo’s house!” Kirishima knew their teachers wouldn’t let them leave the dorm, so he quickly wrote Momo’s address down and placed it on Aizawa’s palm in a hurry.


Toshinori stood up very alarmed at the boy’s energy.


“My boy, who are you talking about?” Kirishima gulped, eyes averting to the floor.




“Fuck, well this is a fine pickle.” Aizawa and Toshinori quickly ran out of the dorm, telling Iida and Kirishima to take care of the others while they prepare to inform the principal and heros on and off duty to initiate lockdown, and get to Momo Yaoyorozu’s home with forces immediately.


After alerting all of the heros and telling them that they’ll inform them later, they quickly started their journey to their student’s house. Already knowing that this incident will be placed in U.A’s Unfortunate Accidents’ file, and the media surely wouldn’t let this one down.




Toga Himiko is a badass

Ashido Mina



A crazy, skillful, terrifying, yandere badass. Because when the evil villain aimed his gun at Deku’s figure escaping and fired, the bullet was instantly blocked by Toga’s knives, and Deku was able to escape with Eri. Ashido then realized when Toga gracefully advanced to Chisaki’s personal space, was the chance to grab Kendo and tell her to use her quirk and take Momo and Jirou to a safe place, much to Momo’s displeasure. Apparently the man saw the plan and fired a few shots in their direction, but Ashido was quick to aim her acid and melt the ammo midair, the chance to let her friends escape being successful.


Toga whistled at the cute pink alien then took a quick peek at the first bullet meant for Izuku.


“These are those shots that cancel someone’s quirk. How were you able to make more?”


“Kiss but never tell.” Toga gagged at the cheesy reply then softly kicked the bullet close to the silent support hero, letting her take the object to observe it. After that moment, she took off to get closer to Chisaki and take a swing at him. She kept advancing towards him until he was backed up close to Asui who croaked and wrapped the figure tightly with her tongue. Uraraka joined in to tap the man on the shoulder, making him slightly float. Toga placed a hand on his cheek and smiled at his blank expression, hiding several emotions just behind that face.


“You’re so much weaker now that Tomura took your quirk, and Midoriya is being such a wonderful mother to Eri. Tell me, would you rather kiss Tomura instead?” She saw it coming when that blank face finally showed fear, frustration, and anger. She watched Chisaki somehow pull out a knife and successfully left a wound on Asui’s tongue hurtful enough to make her cry and let go of the man, but not before swinging and throwing him out of the living room the way he entered.


Toga swooned as it felt like everything went into slow motion like in the movies. Asui cried out in more pain for doing the sudden move, the wound might having a higher chance of getting infected. Now a flying Chisaki free, Toga witnessed him load another gun and fire at Uraraka, who was running towards his direction. Unfortunately, this gun was just a normal weapon, and the bullet went straight into Uraraka’s arm, making her grit her teeth and bite her lip to hold back her scream. Something must’ve been in that bullet and on that knife, from the way Asui instantly passed out and Uraraka dropped to the ground, unable to move and her quirk dispelling.


Toga let out a quiet whine at her friends dropping like flies, only three of them still up and running. Toga threw a glance at Ashido.


“Get Froppy and Chubby Cheeks to safety. Hastume, collect all the weapons and any other information for evidence.” And Toga jumped out of the shattered window to follow after the villain. She let out a deadly and satisfying giggle when knives were thrown her way. She dodged them with grace, but she was very grateful that he was putting up a better fight than before.


Suddenly, her heart began to beat at an excessive rate, making her giggles turn into dark mewls at the feeling. Her body shivered as she felt tingles and her hairs stand in chills. Chisaki stood there confused at the sight, but then shrugged and aimed another knife at the quivering blonde.


Toga watched the weapon get closer to her, in fact, she opened her arms to give it a nice and welcome greeting. Because if her body was reacting correctly, then she must be arriving in 3...2...1.


“SORRY I’M LATE!” Toga squealed as she was easily swept off her feet and carried by her Prince Charming, saving her from the knife.


“Izu! Can I lick you?” She grinned at the blush appearing on Izuku’s face. She made a mental note that under any situation, Izuku can easily be teased into a fluttering mess.


“N-not now Toga. We’ll have to talk about that later.” The cute mumbling and shy face made Toga’s squealing grow in a higher pitch. She then let out a disappointed grumble when she was placed on her feet, and Izuku’s face went serious. However, Izuku still looks adorable with any emotion, so she’s not that disappointed.


“You did a good job taking care of Chisaki by yourself.” Izuku pointed out, noticing the opening wounds and ripped clothing on the quiet villain. The both of them observed each other, but his crazed smirk and eyes gleaming with madness made the hero feel very unsettled.


The yandere, forgetting how serious the situation is, ate up the compliment like a piece of chocolate and pounced on Izuku with cuddles. Izuku screamed.


“Toga! It’s not the time for cuddles!” Izuku froze when she heard the police sirens from afar. She let a small smile appear. They’re going to be safe! Eri is going to be okay, and Chisaki will get sent back to wherever he was suppose to be held at. Which made her wonder how he was able to escape. But it doesn’t matter, because her and her friends will be fine!


If that was the case, then why did she feel all of a sudden lightheaded and sleepy? Her body was softly put on the ground, and Toga appeared in her dazed sight.


“Sorry Izu, bare with this nightmare a little longer, okay? We won’t let you be held captive for long.” Izuku mumbled a soft “who” but all she heard was quiet talking probably between the two villains, and she was picked up in a tight hold. She slowly blinked at Chisaki beaming down at her with a smile which didn’t feel friendly. Tears she didn’t register were sliding down her cheeks, and she froze at his darkening words.


“We’re going to have so much fun, Midoriya Izuku.” As he ran away with her in his hold in the dark streets, the teenager cursed at the sirens that were so, so close, now so far away. The distance between them and the police constantly being stretched.






Aizawa and Toshinori made it to the front of the mansion to see several professional detectives, proheros, agents, and etc on the green lawn, despite some having blood and glass.


They silently watched as two stretchers were placed in separate ambulances and the doors slammed shut. They could only hope that whichever female students are in those vehicles will be okay, same as the other hard working women. Speaking of the others, they noticed Midnight and Principal Nezu who were by a few of the teenagers.


They walked closer to see Ashido, Momo, Kendo, Mei, and Jirou cuddled together like adorable...but traumatized and afraid penguins. Midnight sat beside her girls, comforting them for being such strong and brave women when Aizawa noticed the little girl on her lap. He shifted closer, slowly to not startle the girls, and crouched down to get to Eri’s eye level, who was staring at the ground with eyes he wished he will never see again.


“Eri?” She gave the man a quick glance before looking back at the ground, deep in her own mind. Yuga appeared and spoke with no hint of sparkly accents and foreign languages.


“She became like this when Midoriya left to confront the villain. She seemed so...broken after knowing Chisaki kidnapped Midoriya…” The teacher mentally noted the given information, and the babe’s shoulders shaking at the slightest.


Nezu waddled up to Eri and placed a soft paw on Midnight’s leg (cause he short).


“Will it make you feel a little better that your best friend is here?” The little one showed more reactions than the last encounters and eyed the principal with interest.


Aizawa playfully snorted when he saw the literal walk of sunshine in pajamas fast walking towards their direction. He passed though everyone like a man on a mission, scooping up Eri and bringing her against his chest for a big warming hug. That emotional support seemed to do the trick of letting the water fall as Eri’s shaking grew, and she let out her distress by flatout screaming and sobbing, muffled by Mirio’s shirt.


He soothingly patted her long hair, whispering, “Let it all out, hun.”


Eri pushed her face away from the clothed chest to stare Mirio in the eyes and scream at the top of her lungs.


“Please find Izu-kun! I won’t allow Chisaki to hurt Izu-kun like he did to me! Besides you, Izu-kun is really special to me and makes me feel like family! Please, just bring him back!” Aizawa felt his cold and darkened heart grow in heartwarming happiness like the Grinch, and then it shattered, completely heartbroken at Eri’s desperate pleas. Such a mature little girl who faced reality too young and fast while she should be experiencing and enjoying her childhood.


Mirio was full of sorrow and hurt. Yet he also relates to the little one about Midoriya. He does see the three of them also as a family, and he hate to see this family separated by the dysfunctional problem known as Chisaki.


“Don’t worry Eri-chan! We’ll bring Midoriya back safe and sound!” His beaming pearly smile made Eri sob harder and ruffle into his shirt, grabbing fistfuls of the soft material.


Toshinori, who just been watching the scene, looked at the highly respected Director Police Dog with concern, a mental question of how they were going to handle this?


The half-breed only huffed, also wondering the same thing, until a soft shout for attention was known.


Momo let out a tired sigh and created a small phone, giving the director a serious look.


“You would be disappointed if I told you who I say we should call, but they might be the only chance we have. They might be the only ones who can surely defeat him for good.” Momo looked around in a fret as if she’s looking for her familiar yandere friend, but saw no one similar. All of the professional adults and heros silently thought of who this group could be, until Pinky whispered, “You don’t mean him, right?” In which Momo responded with a nod of a head.


“Even though he’s a villain, crime rates had decreased when we made the contract.” Momo silently pointed out. Aizawa might have the slightest clue of who they are talking about. He’s not saying they should leave the mission to anyone else besides the government and heros, but it might be the best choice instead of them just winging it, or trying to make a strategic plan that will cost days, and he does not want Midoriya to be with that creep all those days. No one does, including the director.


The dog sighed and took a seat on the ground, alerting everyone of his actions. He gave the beautiful teenager an accepting and stern expression, crossing his arms.


“Follow your instincts and lead this case, Ms.Yaoyorozu.” The woman let out a small smile she can manage after the chaotic accident and tapped the screen of the number, waiting for the people of different viewpoints of society and reality to be their allies for once.



Twice sat in the corner of their hideout, crying at the lack of Toga when a nasty ass flip phone started ringing and vibrating.


“Oh! That’s my phone, hand it here.” Twice gave the man a very disgusted and judgemental look before placing the phone in the other’s palm.


Dabi croaked out “If only he bought himself a better phone like he does to his expensive skincare boxes. Shit doesn’t help your crusty ass eyebags, mate.”


“I heard water helps the soul!” Advice from Twice!


“Moshi Moshi, who’s calling!”


“Ew.” Midoriya's skincare routine has truly ruined their leader. Kurogiri is shook. That thought was purely ironic as the signature terrifying and sadistic smile his master let grow on his face immediately squish Kurogiri’s thought of Tomura being ruined. Tomura is still Tomura, but is more motivated and deadly when Midoriya is involved.


And the sound of the phone flipping shut, and Tomura’s deadly laugher as he viewed recent snippets of the stream on the DekuBlog, made Kurogiri realize just how chaotic and destructive this next expedition is going to be.


All For One, please watch over us.

Chapter Text

It was quiet, too quiet for it to be comfortable, more known as unsettling. Is quietness even a sound? Either way, that is all Izuku could hear when they opened their drowsy eyes, and blinked to clear away the blurry dizziness. In a hostage situation, of course you will be tied up and held captive, and Izuku wondered why the dizziness and drowsiness is still fogged up in their head. A whine left their lips as they felt the tingling and numbing pain on their wrists by the locked tight cuffs making them stay on to the cold wall.


Izuku’s mind was severally messed up, but they were still able to settle their hazy eyes on a pair of electronics. Seems to be like a camera, a tv hanging on the other side of the wall, which is odd, and a laptop, hooked up together and...straightened in an angle right before the teenager. Izuku noticed the red dot flashing every few seconds on the camera, making Izuku feel chills up their body.


Speaking of their body, Izuku felt a less weight on their chest, and the pajammies feeling a bit tight and stretched, which isn’t a good thing since the camera is probably filming their every move. It made them very uncomfortable, but at least Izuku can confirm that he had fully transformed back to his normal body. No idea how, but he’s back to normal.


That relieved moment didn’t last a second because a door Izuku didn’t notice had opened with a frightening creak you’ll hear in horror films. The dysfunctional problem appeared through the entrance, a smile on his lips that doesn’t even frighten Izuku (he hangs out with Tomura). What did make him a little startled was the villain placing a case on the table and clicking it open with glee.


Izuku watched him pick up and flick a sharp needle. The other gave Izuku a longing look.


“Must be wondering why you’re so sluggish? Don’t worry, it’s just a symptom of the lost of your quirk.”




The cuffs rattled and the room was filled with pounds from Izuku’s anger, frustration, and fear. There’s no way in hell he still have those type of bullets. Izuku is all for justice, but he have the lust for this man’s blood. To end him for good, to tell Eri that she is safe and will never have to worry about the disaster of a human ever again. Besides that, he hope his girlfriends are bundled up warm and treated well like queens. Though furious, Izuku is glad that he will be the one experiencing this and no one else.


Izuku was so in thought he didn’t notice Overhaul in his personal space, a mad grin on his face observing him.


“I love the emotions people express when they lose their quirk. Anger, frustration, denial, and most importantly that hope being crushed and sprinkled away like dust. Don’t worry, you were diagnosed with one that last ten minutes.” Deku didn’t dare show any sign of relief, just kept his glaring gaze on the other, also side eyeing the needle Overhaul is casually holding.


The man noticed the look. “I would tell you what this is, but it’ll spoil the fun for the viewers at home.” Izuku blinked. Viewers, the camera, laptop, oh, this is extremely fucked up.


Izuku flinched at the sensation of a rubber hand sliding down his hip and pulling the shorts just a little to reveal his define thigh. The teen bit his lip and prepared for the worse that could happen when he felt the prick on his hip. A soft gasp left him as he felt the liquid course through his veins, and his body going hypersensitive to anything and everything. Even the room temperature air had him slightly shaking in chills.


Overhaul looked at the camera, then clicked on a remote that made the tv flick on in an instant.


The poor boy felt his heart drop in his stomach, turning and churning and filled with devastating butterflies.


The deep web. The horrifying deep web that deal with so much horrible things that include trafficking, kidnapping, assassination, rape, the list can go on forever. It brought Deku back to when they learned about it in class, when Aizawa-Sensei informed them about the Red Room. An official live stream of mysterious people who kidnap normal citizens, and do terrifying and sick things to them based on the viewers votes and comments. It made him feel even worse that the government in the United States hasn’t done anything about it, and from the comments he recognize as mostly Japanese and English, it definitely makes him feel uneasy.


Izuku held back the unexpected moan wanting to come out when the hand was back on him, casually feeling him up. Chisaki hummed at the response.


“Divine yet corrupted, tell me, how will you feel if I told you that Eri suffered through this everyday?” That lust was back and the adrenaline kicked in. Izuku didn’t know when the dizziness ceased for a moment, but he had enough strength to send a strong kick to Chisaki’s side, results being Chisaki taking a moment to register the pain.


The grogginess was back, and Izuku winced at the slight sensitive pain in his leg, but he huffed and said with a straightened voice, “Don’t you ever say her name again, you bastard.” He kept his gaze strong, even when Chisaki burst out a strained laugh and stared at the camera.


“He still got a little kick to him even with the drugs. What should we do to him chat?”

Make Him Scream for Mercy.


Sell Him as a Slave! Many sick fucks love Asians now a days.


Waaah, he’s so cute! I say we slice him and watch him bleed!


Spank him until he cries.


I’m currently taking pictures of him and posting him online! He’s so adorable that the blog has to see him being tortured!


Chisaki chuckled, noticing the raised eyebrows and surprised look on Izuku’s face.


“It’s funny really, that well known “DekuBlog” your friends made to support your cute and innocent personality, has not only attracted the good people, but the “villains” and psychotic ones also. Say hi to your fans! I never thought it would be so many of them who lurk in the shadows.” That chunk of information made Izuku feel even worse and even more terrified. But he wouldn’t dare wish for another person to be chained to the wall in his place, seeing the lewd and uncomfortable comments of what they want done to his body.


It would’ve been worse if Uraraka, Momo, Jirou, or whoever was in his place, so he will have to be strong and just hope for a miracle to happen in this damned situation.


“Hm, I like this request. Oi, we’re going to start an auction. Starting with things like your hair, spit, nails, etc. God knows how many people are dying to have your blood.” Chisaki was back in his personal space, glancing over him and poking him to watch him squirm and huff in sensitivity.


“Should’ve done this business before, you will produce better profit than the little brat.” Izuku growled, making the chat explode with explicit torture methods to make the teen’s growls turn to pathetic and pitiful cries.


Izuku didn’t notice a new freshly cleaned needle before him. Before he could react, he was pricked once again, and he watched the tube collect his crimson metal blood.


Chisaki sloshed the needle around, memorized by the bright and dark color and shown it to the lens.


“Let’s have fun shall we.” Izuku wasn’t sure if he was telling the audience or to him, but it might be the chance that he was telling both, and that makes it even more frightening in Izuku’s opinion.

The broccoli boy heaved a sigh to calm himself, only wincing when he heard the villain yell out the final price for his blood that didn’t last but ten seconds.


“Even though his quirk is canceled for a while, his blood is still infected with the cursed ability. It goes to the person with five hundred thousand bucks, it will be shipped in a few, have fun with it.” Izuku couldn’t hold in the sobs, he let them out, softly mumbling, “I rather it be me than anyone else. No one should never experience this horrible moment. I rather it be me…”


“It certainly is you, and now the chat wants something a little more... personal from you.” Izuku stilled at the sound of snipping scissors, and feeling the cool blade cut his shorts. Izuku closed his eyes shut to prepare himself from the assault and violation he’ll soon experience.


It’s Better if it was Me than Anyone Else


Froppy, Uraraka, and Jirou were submitted and taken well care of at the top notch hospital, and the rest with minor injuries were questioned and guided back to the dorms. They went through the secret back entrance to avoid conflict from the media reporters who were outside the U.A.’s entrance gates. They made it to the dormitory area, highly secured with trained soldiers, heroes, high tech robots, and advanced cameras. It was a well secured infinite lockdown.


They made it inside to Class A’s dorm and reached the living room where all the males suddenly went quiet. Then, Kirishima ran over to Ashido and pulled her into a crushing hug. Tonight was so intense and emotional, and a hug was really what Pinky needed. She let out an ugly sob, releasing her stress by screaming and clutching onto Kirishima’s body for comfort. The other males did the same, Todoroki taking care of a well shaken up Momo, Iida being professionally silly to make Mei take her mind off of the bullets and such. TetsuTetsu let Kendo cry onto his shoulder, glaring at Neito to even dare say something insulting. Neito could only watch.


Bakugou, for once, was silent, staring at a wall in deep thought. Sero placed a hand on his shoulder, Bakugou already knowing that he’s concerned.


“Thinking the worst things happening to Deku. The thoughts won’t go away.”


“Bro…” Denki and Sero comforted the obviously hurt blonde. Everyone was shocked by Bakugou’s confession, but the only thing they could do was embrace his courage to admit his thoughts, be there for him. Be there for all of the friends who are hurting inside both mentally and psychically.


Aizawa and Toshinori felt very wounded and defeated in letting something like this happen again. First Bakugou, and now Izuku getting kidnapped and experiencing god knows what!


Even when in emotional distress, Momo is still professional. She gave herself a little space to start an announcement. Her tone still powerful, but a little weak and watery.


“Please forgive me for what I have done. The boss associated with the police and government gave me permission to contact Tomura and ask him to please rescue Midoriya, he agreed.”


She was expecting a big load of arguments sent her way, especially Bakugou, but she received nothing but small nods and mumbles. Bakugou did speak up, but it was low and scratchy, compared to his usual screeching and explosive attitude.


“If the dog gave you full rights to do whatever your gut tells you, then of fucking course we will follow ya back. Don’t apologize for shit, you damn duck.” The rest agreed but a little more vanilla than Bakugou’s vocabulary, even though it just proves how much Bakugou trust Momo and her instincts.


The goddess thanked him then went into deep thought.

“I guess now is the time to admit this. The blog has been receiving several disturbing comments that is not acceptable for underage teenagers like us to see. I’m afraid that Chisaki might have caught on to that, and did something related to the blog.” A child like gasp was heard and all eyes landed on the owner. The tiny child with reddened eyes stared at Momo like she realized something. She wiggled to be placed down from Mirio’s hold, and he carefully placed her on her feet.


She ran straight past the students to the laptop sitting on the table. They watched her in silence working her magic until they finally realized what she was accessing on the electronic. Aizawa cursed the bastard Chisaki for tainting the sweet girl with the knowledge of the deep dark web.


Eri eyed the people before her.


“When he met Izu-chan, he’s been talking about a website for naughty things and a way to access it. I recognized the steps, and this is the site he is using. I just hope this is right, that this is a chance to find Izu-chan.” She ran back to Mirio to hide her face on his pants and cover her ears, alerting everyone that it’s definitely not good. Not to the faint of heart, or for anyone at this moment, Toshinori and Aizawa decided to be the only ones to watch the stream. No one disagreed, and Toshi grabbed the electronic and headed to Aizawa’s office, preparing for what’s to come.


Toga walked into utter madness. If you thought the League of Villains were professional, spooky, and experienced of being literally villains, well, only when they’re clocked in. Toga observed the boys. Twice was struggling trying to put his big head through the mask, Tomura was moisturizing and decorating the hands on his body, throwing one of them at Dabi when he heard a sassy side comment, Dabi is just there to remind Tomura how crusty he is, and Kurogiri is lounging on the old couch, staring at Toga like he wished to perish .


Toga advanced in the room to help out Twice with his mask, humming at the thankful shrills Twice sent her way. Tomura turned to get a glance at Toga. Her hair was slightly loose, her pajamas were a bit shredded, and it were a few spots of blood on her, unclean in Tomura’s opinion.


“You’re a mess.”


“So mean! Not when I worked so hard in gaining information!” Twice squealed.


“Spill the tea sis.”


“I did my research sis, the DekuBlog has a nasty and twisted side. Look at all these pictures!” She threw her phone, watching Dabi and Twice fight over it, until Tomura dared to dropkick somebody. He was given the phone. That nasty ass sadistic grin is back on his face, and the other members peered over his shoulder to see what made him so excited. Yes, that is his excited face. The twisted part of the blog was surprisingly well hidden from the public, as it is monitored and handled well. Toga must’ve searched deep down and did a lot to be able to view the photos. Deku, now as a boy, was presented very exposing and vulnerable due to the stretched clothing and locks on his wrists. It makes them shiver that the well known adorable, precious, and determined boy was obviously filled with lust and madness to ruin Chisaki, as his eyes were filled with that type of glow that makes Tomura swoon. Another show just the opposite, a gloved hand placed on Izuku’s lean hip, and Izuku’s eyes being slightly closed and dazed as he bit his lip, as if to keep his sounds quiet. They recognized the fear in those eyes and that drove them to action. Not only because they wanted to save the precious prince, but they have the urge of jealousy that Chisaki is the one who get to experience the sight of Izuku when he’s frightened. The villains has officially clocked in!


“Let’s get started, boys.”


“Awe, but I want to watch the stream!” Toga moaned, tapping away on the computer to bring up the stream. Shown to all, a daring Izuku having enough strength to spit at Chisaki’s face, much to Tomura’s and Deku’s amusement at Chisaki’s high-pitched screams of “DISGUSTING!”



The villains has taken a lunch break.




Izuku achieved a few things tonight, such as kicking Chisaki in the stomach, and spitting on his face that made him scream like a banshee, but unfortunately, Izuku’s misfortune stampelled those achievements. He remember being told about a website being based on him, but he never knew it was a huge group of fans who fantasized him in cruel and disgusting ways. Chisaki auctioned multiple things: a string of his well known fluffy hair, his spit, blood, the stretched pajama shirt he once wore, and even more personal substances that made Izuku quiver from being violated.


What else could they possibly want from him? This should surely be it? Well, seems like the audience is very creative with their thinking. Izuku blanched when he saw Chisaki hum at the chat and select a pointy knife with a terrifying glint. His mind filled with horrible thoughts when Chisaki tested the weapon, pricking the tip with his finger, and the part of the glove tearing and blood leaking out at a small rate. Chisaki stepped right in front of Deku.


“You know, I don’t have a clue why I’m so interested in an infested, mindless human like you. Maybe it was when we met, and you refused to release my Er-“


“Shut up! She’s not yours and never will be!” Chisaki showed a questioning and intrigued attitude.


“No matter how many disgusting things I do to you, one mention of the brat will have you ready to slick my throat, no matter how drugged up you be…”


“Bastards like you don’t deserve to be speaking of Eri-chan, you’re worse than a villain, literal scum.” By the sight of Chisaki’s eyes widening and his grip on the knife tightening, Deku knew he hit home. Izuku let out a blood curdling scream when the metal sliced upon his torso nonstop. His hands curled into fists, knuckles white as he witnessed the sight of Chisaki’s rage, and his own blood painting the floor. As his screams grew, not once did he plead and cry for the scum to stop, refusing to give the other the satisfaction. So instead, he set his eyes into the swirls of madness and released a pained yet heroic smile.


“You think this is enough to make me break? Think again, I’ve been through way worse, and I’m never going to plea to scum who abused an innocent child!”


“ENOUGH! Sick of you trying to stay heroic and brave, calling me scum when I’m obviously higher than you fake heroes and villains. You must begone from this world.” Deku silently watched the liquid soaked blade rise, waiting anxiously for the final moment. He counted up to three.




The grip tightened.




Chisaki grinned like a mad man.




Three things happened. Just as Chisaki tried to end Izuku’s life, Izuku’s calculation of ten minutes passing had him gamble that his quirk was fully activated, and he launched himself away from the wall into Chisaki, making the other drop the knife, and groan as his head hit the solid ground.


The camera streamed Izuku perched upon Chisaki’s figure, the glowing of his quirk flickering down. Nauseated from the impact, Chisaki laid defenseless underneath the hero. He let out a confused groan to why the boy’s quirk isn’t activated, and watched Izuku raise his fists. Finally, the tables had turned. Chisaki having that emotion of fear and churning in his stomach at that frightening and murderous expression upon Izuku’s face.


“Since you’re against the society of quirks, I’ll be fair with you and beat you the old fashioned way.” He squared him in the jaw, a tooth flying out and landing just meters away from them. Chisaki could groan at the horrible pain, but he was too distracted at Izuku’s deepening bloomed smile.


“Get ready, this one's for Eri-chan, Mirio-Sempai, Sir Nighteye, and all the other citizens you caused grief upon!” Punch after punch and Chisaki was a bloodfied mess. Izuku decided that he deserved enough for now, and placed his attention on the chat.


Don’t worry bb, we’re here to save you!






Izuku blinked. Did a school bus really just crash in the building?


“WE’RE HERE TO SAVE YOU IZU-KUN!” Toga ran over, stopped to gush at the shiny weapons she has now claimed as hers, then easily carried Izuku away from the defeated Chisaki.


Izuku blinked again, not really shocked that his villain buddies stole and crashed a bus to save him. He squeaked as he was placed in buffier arms, and the person squeezed him close to their chest. He looked up to be trapped in icy fire like eyes, and that smug and chill smirk that make Izuku blush and stutter.


“Hello beautiful.”




“Dabi, if my anger wasn’t towards this wannabe Plague Doctor, it would’ve been over for you.” Dabi turned them both around to look at the owner of the voice. Flesh and skin, Izuku received a full view of clear skin receiving a good amount of nurture and care, a good gain of muscle hidden under a long sleeved shirt, and that well known frightening smile belonging to the one and only Tomura Shigaraki. Instead of fear, Izuku was filled with appreciation that the villains decided to go against roles to save him. So when Tomura was close to his personal space (much to Dabi’s complaining), he placed a small peck on Tomura’s chapped lips, watching that terrifying smile be covered by Tomura’s hand.


Toga and Twice cried at Tomura being the first villain to receive a peck from their only hero baby. Dabi snarled, his grip tightening on the babe as he released a string of curses. Izuku stared at Tomura with a look to final this situation.


“Don’t kill him.”


“I’ll do my best. Spinner, take him to the hospital.” Spinner gave him a look.


“Grand Theft Auto Style?”


“Grand Theft Auto Style.” Spinner jumped with glee and snatched Deku from Dabi’s controlling hands, rushing up the stairs to the other vehicle parked outside the building.


Tomura, Dabi, Twice, Toga, That Magician Dude, and Kurogiri surrounded the motionless body. Chisaki’s obvious frightening expression made Toga’s and Tomura’s blood rush with adrenaline and lust.


Tomura looked at the screen then at the camera.


“Welcome to the League of Villains Live Stream! Featuring, Chisaki a.k.a Overhaul, who shall experience several acts of torture! He will be ranking the most painful weapons, wish him luck!”



The first thing the smol babe saw after a few hours ago from that terrifying situation, was Eri-chan and Kouta smiling down at him. His automatic reaction was to let out a full blown smile, in which Kouta instantly flushed and hid his face in the hospital sheets. Meanwhile, Eri-chan’s worrisome yet grateful and happy expression made Izuku rise up and wrap the little bundle in his arms. He also grabbed Kouta into the hug for some good quality snuggles. So into the moment, Izuku didn’t recognize his surroundings full of beautiful bloomed flowers, and the people he dearly love and will forever protect. He observed every individual, but didn’t react until he saw his girls. Jirou, Froppy, and Uraraka sitting at the end of the bed returning his gaze. A few seconds passed and they all burst into screams, and the three joined into the group hug.






“Why is that?” Surprisingly, energetic boy Kirishima asked the sudden question, looking Deku in the eyes. Deku squirmed under the intense gaze.


“When I was hostage, all I could think of is how I rather it be me than anyone else in that place. I wouldn’t want anyone to go through that horrifying experience, especially if one of my best girl friends would’ve had the spot. So I’m glad it was me instead of anyone else!”


“Excuse my potty mouth, but BULLSHIT! I understand your viewpoint, but don’t have that way of thinking that it is acceptable to let yourself continue getting critically hurt for others! I know that’s just the beautiful and selfless side of you, but I refuse to watch you damage your body into critical condition! It’s a certain limit buddy; I just don’t want you getting hurt so badly that you can no longer be a hero.” Kirishima walked up beside Izuku and gave him a good brohug, hoping his little rant didn’t crush the boy’s true and innocent heroic ambitions. He just doesn’t want Izuku to handle all the disturbing trauma by himself because of his goodwill belief.


Mirio also walked up to gracefully pick up Izuku and the little children to get comfortable on the bed, Izuku looking small compared to Mirio (nice).


“I completely agree with the manly first year! When you first saw Eri-chan, you were willing to give up your entire life to the cute lamb, that’s a very rare thing you’ll see in heros, but don’t bottle all of those emotions up. Let it all out! In fact, I declare we establish an activity day for Izuku to ramble his little head off, we shower him with lots of love so he’ll cease to think that being injured is worth it, and remind him that he is dearly loved and appreciated!” Everyone screamed in agreement. Ashido with her UwU INTENSIFIES !!!


Aizawa stepped in, “It is final, this shall be Midoriya’s punishment for eternity. Maybe this will teach you to stop happily breaking your bones.” The fluffball giggled and snuggled closer with his friends, giddy that his overly sleep-deprived teacher actually care about his well being in a very Aizawa-like way.


“I’ll try to do better, but I don’t regret beating Chisaki senseless!” The class gaped at the boy who gave Mirio, Uraraka, Eri, and Kouta a fulfilling high five. They didn’t expect Izuku to easily admit how he obliterated his kidnapper.


“I need fucking details, Deku!” Izuku’s smile grew even wider when he notice Kacchan stomp closer, pushing away Kirishima to claim his spot.


Izuku told the experience, from beginning, to middle, to end. The moment he woke up feeling hazy, to the moment Chisaki gathered his several DNA for the nasties, to the end where a bus fucking crashed through the building.


“Can’t believe there are actual people who wanted those things from me!” Izuku said so calmly that he didn’t even acknowledge Bakugou let out a string of curses, Uraraka loading a gun, Aizawa dialing a number, whispering a “ FBI and S upport T eam, we have work to do,” and the rest getting prepared to commit a serious crime.


“Why are you so calm knowing this fact?” Mineta finally said something acceptable.


Deku tilted his head to the side in total confusion. “Because I know there are a huge majority of friendly and supportive fans that clearly overpower the disgusting ones! And most importantly, you guys are the main source to keep me happy and want to continue advancing to be a hero! I love you all so much, and I’m grateful for the DekuBlog!”


Tokoyami broke, running off to the near corner to quiver. Dark Shadow had a bright blush on his face as he assured the classmates that his fam was just very emotional at the moment. They completely knew that feeling; the feeling when Izuku doesn’t know how his sweetening and powerful words truly affect them, it’s truly witchcraft.

“Also, I think Tomura and Toga scared majority of the creeps.”

Ah, that makes sense. Even though their methods are very questioning, they should thank them dearly for joining this fucked up adventure. And nothing is a better gift than sending them merchandise of the beauty before them, squishing Kouta’s and Eri’s cheeks.


But that’s for another time in their adventure!

Chapter Text

It certainly hasn’t been the first time, and it most definitely wouldn’t be the last, which is why in joy of celebrating Izuku’s return, Principal Nezu cancelled all classes and held a “Deku Festival”! Deku Festival or Deku Con consist of all types of merchandise you will find on the DekuBlog, except way more premium and legendary that the nerds will squeal about it. Somehow, U.A. has a fucking theatre that presents several vlogs and videos of Midoriya Izuku. The female side (and a few males) of the fandom rest upon this place to let their hearts go mushy and gushy at how adorable and romantic Izuku is, and wish they were in Todoroki’s, Iida’s, or any of Class A’s spot...except Mineta.


The Festival may sound quite dangerous, but don’t worry, there are top notch security, and the amazing League of Villains to protect (not) everyone, much to the well known gossip articles and media who are still iffy about the kidnapping and the villains. Midoriya Izuku shall be safe from any nasties, extreme fangirls, and dare I say, “Antis” because why will Antis come to a Midoriya Izuku Appreciation Festival if they hate his guts? Well that does sound like an anti, but anyway, where is that beautiful fluffy boy that all love and enjoy?


“Back! Back you heathens, touch him and I’ll end everyone’s life then myself.” Todoroki snuggled close to Izuku, protecting his master from all evil. Todoroki is just trying to prove himself once again as a wonderful butler. Too bad the Defense Squad has been disbanded, they were doing their best honestly.


Anyway, by the means of snuggling, Izuku, Jirou, Froppy, and Uraraka are all forced to bedridden because of the petty past, and all flocked together on the living room’s couch, comfy and big enough for the babes. Then Todoroki joined in, which they easily allowed because Handsome Man deserve all the love he can get. None of the girls and boys allowed anyone else to join the clan, much to everyone’s displeasure.


Mineta whined like a little bitch. “How come Todoroki was able to join the holy and sacred couch?” Denki nodded along.


Todoroki stared them in the eyes, “I told them my disability of destroying everyone’s hands, it’s such a curse. I’m afraid to be myself.”


“No Shoucchan, you’re beautiful! You’re an amazing butler, just accept the curse as one!” Deku grabbed one of Todoroki’s roughen hands and placed a gentle kiss on the skin. Todoroki stared at the ceiling like he reached the last level of Enlightenment, a fully master of Buddhism, he is one with Buddha and accept his peaceful fate.


Mineta and Denki awed in shock, then fell onto their knees asking for tips from Todoroki. Todoroki did not reply, he is trapped in his own world.


Deku snuggled more on his right side, and Uraraka felt God had planned her fate. It is time for her to receive Deku’s attention. No more Hatsume Mei with the big breasts, no more Toga being a bloodthirsty Midoriya fangirl, it’s her time to shine! Deku laid his head on her shoulder, huffing as a sign for being comfortable. The girls sent her a knowing look, well, Uraraka’s face frozen into awestruck bloomed in red with a satisfied smile made it very obvious how grateful she is. Everyone knowing it except Midoriya.

Tokoyami, Shoji, Kouda, and Sato, dressed in black cloaks, failed to sneakily pass the living room to the entrance. Sero nonchalantly stated, “You guys are dressed like you’re off to a cult meeting to praise something private? Is that Kouda I see?! Naughty Kouda!” Kouda squeaked and ran off in embarrassment.


Ojiro noticed the group and let out an, “Oh, it’s that time boys.” Grabbing the same type of cloak the group was wearing from the couch, he pulled out his wallet. He gave the resting Deku a loving look then looked at the others.


“It’s time to sin.”


Tokoyami sighed. “Don’t say that like we’re buying something close to Mineta’s level. We’re attending the Deku Festival, and what Sato said, we’re “treating” ourselves.”


Like a bat out of hell, the rest of the students zipped up and off to their rooms to dress formally for the festival. They were just going to stay in the dorm all day to take care of the Queens and King, but this is freaking CODE 1: MAKE IZUKU REALIZE HOW IMPORTANT AND SPECIAL HE IS, a.k.a MIRHIASHI, a.k.a Izuku Appreciation for short. Uraraka made the DekuBlog Handbook and Terms of Conditions, blame her creative mind.


Todoroki made grabby hands to pick up the curious Deku, but was stopped by Mineta and Denki.


“Don’t worry mister, we know a bit of good taste.”


“The only taste Mineta know is the taste of him dropping the soap in prison.” Bakugou snortled at his joke. Todoroki counted that as a point added in their frenemy relationship.


“Oh my god, why do you guys go this far?” Mineta really felt hurt, not even having to look at his partner to know he wouldn’t be able to back him up, another act of betrayal. Then, Mineta saw a Goddess herself jump off the couch screaming, “REEEEEEEEEE! I’LL HELP YOU GUYS DRESS MIDORIYA-KUN!” Mineta (the author) feel like crying because Ashido is just such an amazing person, and he would get on his knees and thank Ashido for just being such an inspiring and motivating woman. However, Mineta is Mineta so all he said was, “Midoriya and Ashido in one room? I’m truly in heaven!”


“Dude, this is why I betray you. There are certain limits to this, and surprisingly, Ashido tried to help you with your opportunity. Foolish, disgraceful, where are your parents?” Mineta cried, his own companion speaking nothing but facts. Bakugou was on a fucking roll, adding the fuel to the fire. Mineta slid under Shoji’s cloak in shame.


Todoroki placed Deku in Ashido’s excited awaiting arms, and swore that she won’t hurt a single freckle on the delicate (swol) body. Ashido swore with her life, and Denki, her, and Yuga twinkled off!


It took fucking forever, everyone was ready except for the ones dressing up Deku. The cult members had to take a seat for standing so long. Finally, Ashido appeared with massive UwU vibes. Uraraka and Jirou knew Ashido did a fucking fantastic job, and their wigs will not be ready to be snatched.


Kirishima felt the soul of pure ecstasy and love surge through his body as legendary KPOP Jimin’s song, Serendipity, flow through the speakers. Then, Deku walked out, dressed in a black and white striped shirt that stopped just before his v-line, giving a great little view of his muscles, long and tight fitted pants that really show his delicious thighs, calves, muscles, and most importantly, ass. Kirishima silently wipes the drool off of Bakugou’s chin. The shoes are the Korean kind like pumps that make the little shorty just a bit taller to feel a sense of belonging. Next are the accessories, black and white brackets that jingle and clink every time he walk, and a black choker on his neck with a heart on the middle of his Adam’s apple. And the last finishing touch, his hair tousled and combed to be presentable as curly, and not chaotic ‘oh my god it has a mind of its own’ curly.


“CAN’T STOP TWINKLING!” Yuga and Denki twirled around to throw several glitter around Deku, making the other giggle at their silliness.




“Sing a lyric, Midoriya-kun!” Izuku recognized the slight pleading yet kind and peaceful voice of Momo. He smiled at her and accepted.


He did exactly that. Waiting for the exact soft melody to tune in, he softly swung his head to the side in a seductive way, teasingly rubbing his hands down his body to sing,


Love Me Now,

Touch Me Now,

Just Let Me Love, You~”


I AM DECEASED! I HAVE TO GO! LET’S GO, TOKOYAMI AND SHADOW!” Uraraka, Tokoyami/Shadow, and the cult members ran out the dorm in a jiffy. Everyone else stared in shock at that bit of erotic spice Izuku sizzled. Everyone heard Bakugou’s little, “What the fuck, who taught him this?”


Izuku perked up at the question. “One of Mirio-Sempai’s friends were teaching Eri-chan and I dances like that!” In which Momo gasped like she just been called a peasant, and pulled Izuku into a loving hug. Those third years, the top three strongest heroes are acceptable, but those third years, aren’t allowed to taint this beautiful white sheep in the field of black wolves. Momo grabbed Izuku’s chubby cheeks and squeezed.


“Midoriya-honey, please get your Ladybug Phone. We have to keep you safe from strangers.” Everyone mentally thanked Momo for her quick thinking. Izuku thought nothing of the grateful expressions, and zoomed off to get the gift Dad Might gave him.


Everyone forgot about Toru, rip, but she questioned the others. “How are we going to make Izuku realize how worthy he is when he can’t meet ‘everyone’ because of their sickening fantasies?”


Sero cried. Shook Jirou replies with, “He can interact, but they hurt the babe, pepper spray is going everywhere.” Jirou took five bottles out of her baggy pockets and a taser. Bakugou whistled.


“Hardcore, fucking dig it ear girl.”


“‘Appreciate it.” Bakugou’s and Jirou’s hardcore relationship improved by ten points! Boy is today such a good day with friendships growing!


Froppy nodded. “This comes in drastic measures. The Defense Squad failed Midoriya-chan to many times! We shall protect you, Midoriya-chan!”


Deku, who came back just in time to hear Froppy’s wail, with his beautiful :3 , nodded along and asked the crew if he could see the DekuBlog in Festival form already. They sweatdropped, cause apparently they were never notified about this day; they just heard about it from Aizawa’s mouth when he talked about the Support Team, General Department, and FBI . Also the fact that Principal Nezu assigned this at the last minute. They guided Izuku to the exit, wishing for the best.

The moment they stepped outside to the open area, they seen the crowded area of everyone wearing the same type of shirts but with different words on it. They glanced at a giddy girl who hopped upon a stage and talked into the mic; in bold words, her shirt reads TodoDeku Shipper . The crowd went silent for the girl to begin her speech.


“Hello, I ship Tododeku because that moment between Deku and Todoroki during the Sports Festival snatched my wig. I love that Todoroki’s first friend is Deku, and he’s a sassy little boy. God I’m blessed. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.” The crowd cheered as she hopped away and another appeared. Another female appeared that made the audience scream even louder.


She held onto the mic sideways like a rapper. “BAKUDEKU! Don’t even get me fucking started!” Meanwhile, a few booed, screaming that the ship is abusive, making everyone else groan at these people. Bakudeku girl fucking wheezed and screamed,




“Magnificent.” Todoroki side eyed at Bakugou’s comment.


As the Bakudeku shipper threatened to fight the antis, another person appeared with a different ship that’s not even included or involved with Deku. The antis whooped and hollered as the person with KIRIBAKU shyly smiled at the audience.


Bakudeku girl looked from Kiribaku then to the audience. Then she stated, “You know when you’re on social media, and you want to see only specific posts, but you still see those types of posts that aren’t even related to the posts you wanted to see? This is what I mean, but anyway, the hypocrisy is real.” She dropped the mic and bounced. Relatable.


Kiribaku left the stage in a jiffy, then several more ships like Kirideku, IzuOcha, Mirideku, IzuMomo, IzuShido took a stance and was praised with compliments of how wonderful the ship will be romantic or platonic.


Class A blushed at the obvious evidence of how supportive and kind the DekuBlog fandom is. They glanced at Deku to see how he’s fairing, and was shocked to see that his quirk was manifesting, his eyes closed in a curved smile and his cat smile.


“Seems like I will have to create a video of how Bakugou is no longer an ‘abusive’ bully. People need to stop focusing on the past and focus on how much he developed and matured during the years. I wonder if I could contact the staff and ask for the names of these antis, so I can call them out in the video. That seems perfect.”


“Holy shit, Deku chill.” Bakugou never seen this chaotic side of Izuku before, and even though it’ll be quite entertaining to see antis quivering or vent, it’s better if Deku stay out of trouble. He know how Auntie Inko is when she’s mad, so he definitely doesn’t want to see Deku furious, especially since the hate is towards one of his friends, childhood friend to be exact.


The intense aura being very strong that it sort of scared the fans, Iida came to the rescue. He squeezed Izuku’s built shoulders and directed him inside the main building, not stopping their fast walking even when Deku whined for a break.




“Put your fist into it! You have to make the spices pop!” Class A sweatdropped when they opened the door to see U.A. students and fans in aprons slapping, pounding, and punching some dough. What really shocked them was the short and beautiful chubby lady in front of class giving strict directions of baking. Beautiful lady, understandment, it’s the Queen of Cinnamon Rolls, Midoriya Inko. Izuku squealed and that petty attitude vanished as he hugged his mother. The aura is now flowers blossoming, clear bubbles floating around, and pink cotton candy clouds surrounding them. Nothing but peace when you’re around the two Midoriyas.


They finished their hug, to everyone’s disappointment, and Izuku questioned why she was here. Inko let out quite a stern chuckle then turned to her students.


“Many on the DekuBlog wondered how my deserts be so delicious and creative, so Principal Nezu allowed me to host a cooking class. We already finished a batch, will you like one?” Everyone mentally screeched when the question was asked, and Deku automatically accepted the offer. This isn’t the first time Deku committed cannibalism! It’s so sickening and Uraraka couldn’t keep in the sobs that spilled out.


Deku grabbed a freshly baked and gooey roll off the pan and took a bite, oblivious to the longing terrified stares and soft gasps. He hummed as the delicious treat makes his taste buds scream for more, and he slowly licked and sucked the white icing off his fingers. Everyone’s body is extremely heated at the sight.


And what added even more icing to the cake, Mama Izuku also grabbed a treat and took a chomp. Double cannibalism! They can’t believe it! This is not epic, guys! The Queen and Prince has committed a crime, my goodness! What makes matters worse, Inko gave the students a side smirk then started cooing of how Deku always makes a mess eating, and she placed her hands on Deku’s cheeks, and squished them to clean the leftover pieces on his face, making the babe whine in embarrassment for being cleaned up. It could be like a mama sheep nursing her little baby, or a cheetah nursing her little cub. Mama Sheep for Inko is such a gentle and kind human being; Cheetah for Inko knowing exactly what she’s fucking doing to everyone as she gave a knowing smile. The treatment stopped and Deku was sent off with his buddies, and Inko went back to showing the class her recipes.


There’s one thing everyone learned:

Queen Inko does not play around.


Mitsuki Bakugou is extremely proud of her bestie.



They reached into their classroom to see the “Habitation Club” with only three members of Shinsou, Aizawa, and Eri-Chan, all of them in their worm bags with sunglasses on, chilling. There are several more, in which they decided to just take a breather from the Festival. Deku excused himself to go to the restroom, and everyone snuggled in their bags, worming around and lazing.


Kirishima whispered, “Ok, I’m sorry if this is as bad as Mineta’s thought process, but anyone ever wondered what’s Izuku’s kink?”


Iida gasped, grabbing a pair of earmuffs and placing it over Eri’s ears. The redhead silently apologized. Shinsou sat up in a comfortable worm position. Handsome and tired face, sadly hiding his buff body from the world.


Beautiful, deep, and tired voice asked, “Maybe a size kink? I see him blush every time Mirio-Sempai picks him up.”


Ashido let out an oof, “That’s a tasty one.” Bakugou snarled.


“That’s your kink, Pinky.”


“Kiss never tell.”


Denki popped up. “He is a twunk, twink and a hunk, such a good boy, but a scary boy when angered.”


“Like a shibe pupper.” Momo said out loud, getting quite accustomed to the new dose of meme slurs.


Sero added in, “Foot kink? Like he wear stockings and just teases you?”


“Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez, disgusting but I will love to see Deku in stockings.” Jirou sighed.


“Maybe he enjoy doing sexual acts in public places.” Everyone looked at Todoroki.


“I can’t believe you know kinks, Todoroki.” Ashido wiggled her eyebrows in which Todoroki shrugged.


Merci , a language kink!” Yuga twinkled.


Momo blushed, “Midoriya does seem interested when I teach him English and want me to start a conversation with him in the language!”


“Maybe it's because he’s trying to fucking learn!”


“Ah, there go Bakugou’s language. What you have in mind Bakugou?” Jirou asked, making Bakugou’s angry expression turn surprised, confused, then a bit...flustered.


“Knowing the nerd, maybe a hero kink.”


Sero grabbed his phone beside his bag and brought it up to his ear, as if he’s in a conversation. He went quiet for a moment before looking dead at Bakugou and saying,


“This ain’t it, chief.”

“Oh my god we’re not going there!” Toru, rip, screamed.


Froppy croaked, “We already reached this far in this cursed conversation. Mineta is in wonderland.” They all looked at a slobbering Mineta. They’re not sure which is worse, their conversation of Deku’s kinks or the sight of the pervert, but doesn’t the conversation they’re talking about also make them perverts? Hm.


A blushing Uraraka silently tapped her index fingers together and whispered, “Deku is probably into BDSM. He could be such a submissive and willing sub, or be such an ultimate power bottom, or he could be such a wonderful and caring dominant. If that’s his kink, I will have to create a Fifty Shades of Grey fanfiction but more interesting.” Now she’s floating in the air, flushed face behind her hands as she rambled on her idea.


Tokoyami questioned, “Where is he anyway? Taking a long time in the restroom.” In which everyone agreed, but they were too chill and relaxed to exit out of their worm. They definitely have to sign as a member for this club.




Izuku couldn’t even breathe and be alone for a second before he was picked up and twirled around. He automatically latched his legs around the strong waist and just waited for the spinning to cease. When it did, he was finally able to look up and immediately smile at the most purest smile before him. He let out an excited, “Birthday Twin!”


Mirio snickered and observed his little underclassmen. Big doe eyes with freckles littered on his cheeks, plump and beautiful lips, and the choker was surprising and a new addition to his appearance. Mirio couldn’t help but give him another bone crushing hug; he’s too adorable! Then his lowered his eyelids and gave Izuku a longing look.


“I didn’t know you were into that type of stuff Izuku.” The obvious confused look made Mirio hold Izuku with one hand and tap the choker on Deku’s neck, making the other blush. Mirio hummed and immediately started walking towards the stairs to the third floor.


“Don’t worry! I have friends who know a lot about this situation, and as your sempai, I must help you!” Izuku, the doll, didn’t question whatever shit Mirio was saying, and observed the Third Year Halls. Normal, clean, and organized just like the other halls, but in contrast being the beautiful strong women and handsome muscular men giving him longing looks of adoration, appreciation, and…Izuku just can’t think of what their actions of licking their lips, and their pupils being full blown and dilated meant. Izuku stayed in thought until the sound of a door sliding open brought him to reality, and sadly, he was put on his feet. What made his pouting turn to a jaw-opening expression, was nothing but the other legendary Big 2 heros and a few other well known upperclassman in the classroom. What was truly jaw-opening, was the fact that they were crafting, not just crafting artsy and simple shit, no, they were freaking creating fashionable BDSM merchandise. Not particularly the slutty and very explicit ones, but just very cute, fluffy, and vanilla for babes.


Izuku gulped when the cute airhead Nejire noticed his appearance and squealed, alerting and triggering everyone else to fangirl. Except Tamaki, he instantly hid whatever he was creating to smash his head on the desk and cover himself up, like a rolley polley.


“He’s adorable! Thank you for bringing him Mirio, he’s absolutely perfect for our project!”


“P-project?” The blushing mess coughed because one, he’s not one hundred percent sure that Nejire’s thoughts and actions would be safe. Two, he saw how she fought in the battlefield; he doesn’t want to underestimate her behavior when it comes to being safe.




“He’s locked and ready to go!” Izuku confusingly hummed as he felt a heavy weight on his neck, and was able to see a collar with a heart-shaped locket with a key-shaped hole in the middle, encrusted in gold and literal diamonds. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and literal stars twinkled around Izuku’s structure for his confused stance was now calm and exciting.


Nejire flailed around in excitement, “We captured the prince, now let us commence!” Everyone was caught off guard when Izuku squealed, “I have a huge interest in BDSM thanks to Midnight Lady’s amazing quirk and advanced involvement with it! Please teach me everything!”


“Oh? Little bunny wants to come out of the hole and play? Guess all we can do is help him grow, hm everyone?” Midnight Lady arrived in a very casual but stunning outfit, a teasing sadistic grin on her face as she tipped Izuku’s chin up to face her. Seconds passed of eyes staring at each other until Midnight broke, pulling and squeezing Izuku into a bone crushing hug as she screamed about pure and beautiful innocence.Out of nowhere, she pulled out a stack of papers and told him to sign for consent and permission to be involved in this current predicament. Izuku quietly signed and thumbed his print on the papers, not even knowing what he’s getting into.


“Now that Izuku has agreed, let us begin this project!”




Mirio glowed.



The class continued lazing around until they heard the soft stumpings to eye Kouda’s fluffy bunny flopping onto his bag. They watched interested as Kouda and the puffball have a small conversation, and the fluff hopped away in a quirk hurry. They became alerted when Kouda immediately started unzipping his wormbag and grabbed his cloak, ready to exit the room until Tokoyami questioned, “And where are you going,” like a mother who was just waiting for their child to sneak out the house.


Adorable and the second most precious hero blushed and told them that it was a Pet and Greet starting. Those single words turned everything to chaos. Todoroki and Bakugou exploded/melted their bags, Kirishima went hard , damaging the bag with holes, Momo created a fucking knife to slice herself out, Ashido used her acid to escape, Yuga used his laser, not only creating a hole in the bag, but also a hole through the ceiling. Denki just wasn’t thinking and also used his quirk, accidentally shocking Sero, and Sero out of reflex, spasmed out by releasing his tape all over the room and trapping everyone. Shinsou, Eri, Aizawa, and Kouda were the lucky ones who weren’t trapped. Shinsou simply just unzipped his bag, grabbed Eri-Chan’s hand, and walked out with Kouda without a glance back. Aizawa, a bit refreshed from his nap, grabbed his camera and walked off, his only response being such a disappointing look.


Uraraka cried as precious time ticked by of their struggles trying to escape the sturdy tape. Sero was also crying because Bakugou actually deranked him in the BakuSquad; Jirou now fourth, Jirou snorted in appreciation.


When they were finally able to leave the disastrous chaos and arrive to where the Pet and Greet was settled, their eyes landed on the most purest sight ever. Kouda, Shinsou, and Eri was snuggled close with Deku surrounded by a full flock of colorful bunnies and rabbits. Only when they moved closer to the front of the crowd was when they saw the outfit Deku was in. Lord, Deku still had the heart-shaped locket collar on, but he was wearing a long-sleeved leather black and white crop top with black suspenders clipped upon very shiny black shorts that snugs his hips. The next addition was the black fishnet stockings that make his muscular, freckled, and marked legs very attractive and enchanting (not that it was never distracting...the stockings just made it pop). His shoes were nothing special, if you think it’s normal to see a dude in decent high heels that’ll make Midnight Lady swoon at how beautiful they are. And the last accessories being Deku picking up every bunny and petting them with his white gloves, and every bunny clinged to him as if he is one of their members; the obvious bunny ears perched on top of his fluffy head. Everyone wondered how the tail looked.


Besides the amazing suit at hand, the look on Deku’s face just truly made everyone felt very mushy and happy about life. That reason being Deku’s favorite female superheroes being by his side: Midnight Lady and the well known Rabbit Hero Miruko (Usagiyama Rumi). He released pure bliss and ecstasy as Miruko complimented his outfit and patted him. They raised eyebrows when Midnight strolled to her side to whisper in her ear, and Miruko bristled in excitement, her ears twitching, making all bunnies, Kouda, and Deku watch her in interest.


Todoroki looked straight at Tokoyami. “Heros be damned, I’m petting that piece of bunny even if I have to punch someone in the eye.”


“THAT’S IT, HALF-AND-HALF BASTARD!” Bakugou screamed, sparking up his palms ready to blast off into a bitch until his little pop-rock sparks ceased, only showing his nasty fucking wet palms. Todoroki made a disgusted noise.


“No violence in this sanctuary. If we lose profit because you little nuggets get rowdy, you all getting double punishment...and Midoriya will be with Third Years for a while.”


Momo and Uraraka screeched as Aizawa activated his legendary quirk on everyone and wrapped them in sturdy bandages. The material held all of them together, flocked like penguins as they waddled to get into line. Momo and Jirou are squished together, BakuSquad never separate (they’re all surrounding a screaming Bakugou, Todoroki immediately lost hope and let himself be dragged by the weight of Iida and Tokoyami.


Mineta blankly blinked at his trapped classmates, then walked away, his pride extremely hurt as he is short and his quirk hasn’t vanished.


Students and fans watched the scene with joy, filming the moment and just destroying them on social media. TetsuTetsu arrived to the group.


“Bros, what’s going on?” Denki popped his head off of Bakugou’s shoulder to eagerly answer the question.


“WE’RE TRAPPING BAKUGOU UNTIL IT'S TIME FOR EXTREME PETS!” TTTT gasped very aweshocked and jumped onto Kirishima’s back, clinging on tight. Kirishima cried.


“Bro, you’re willing to protect your bro as you wait to pet the most manliest bro? Dude...I fucking love you.”


TTTT twinkled, “Only for my bros.”




“Puke on my pressed and ironed cloak, and I will struck chaos and destruction upon everyone in this damn foreshaken school.” Tokoyami ain’t playing no games. Silence issued...until Asui asked if they could play I Spy, in which a crying Uraraka screamed, “I SPY MY SIS ON TOP OF MIRIO SEMPAI’S SHOULDER!”


“THE FUCK?” Unfortunately, Bakugou was facing away from the scene, so he made everyone waddle around so he’ll be able to see Deku laughing as he was carried and patted by several upperclassmen. There’s a lot of them, and Aizawa wasn’t making it any better, taking pictures of the upperclassmen, Deku, Shinsou, Eri, Kouda, Midnight, and Miruko posing with the bunnies. All of them had a fat fluffy puffball on top of their heads, comfortably enjoying the height. They were constantly changing poses as if they weren’t holding up the fucking line. But of course these damn extras are drinking up every pose, screaming when Tamaki had the courage to wrap an arm around Izuku’s shoulders. Izuku’s reaction was only a smile and gifting him a bunny while pulling him a little closer, and the fans screamed at Tamaki’s communication skills improving.


Bakugou gave up, becoming one like Todoroki and laying on his extras like a rag doll, hardcore staring at the sun ready to accept death.


This went on for several minutes until they finally made it to the front, and Aizawa released them. Bakugou and Todoroki face-planted the ground as the others screamed at the chilling spikes coursing through their dead asleep bodies. Tokoyami was first to recover thanks to Dark Shadow dragging him onstage. He appreciated the view of Deku handing him a fluff, but all he said was, “Why?”


In which Deku replied with,”Midnight Lady and the Sempais spiced me up to look very tasty for this event! I really love this collar, and the petting makes me feel very loved and pampered, makes me understand why Midnight enjoy her other jobs.” Tokoyami made a questioning look to what the other jobs were, but stayed on topic. Everyone was wondering this, might as well not beat around the bush. So he let out a deep breath and asked,


“Do you have a BDSM kink?” Izuku gave a confused look, and Nejire’s side whisper of “Kinky leather and cuffs,” was what made his eyes sparkle with glee.


“The upperclassmen explained the mandatory basics of the fetish, and I won’t mind experiencing it! I wonder what my safe word should be…” He whispered the last part to himself, but everyone heard it and was absolutely SHOOKETH.


Uraraka fell on her knees and screamed, “I FUCKING KNEW IT!”


Momo whispered to herself of Deku staying completely by their side, and staying away from even a finger from Mirio and the other third years, too afraid that the innocence will be further corrupted. Even though it’s quite entertaining and tasty, Momo says no!


And Momo’s determined answer stood in victory when Toshinori fastwalked to grab Izuku’s hands and scream, “WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU ABOUT TALKING TO STRANGERS?”


In which Mirio politely intervened, placing a hand on Izuku’s shoulder and saying, “I’m sorry Mr. Yagi, but I believe the third years know Izuku just enough to not be known as strangers.” But what everyone heard come out of the blonde’s mouth was nothing but, “The Third Years know Izuku more than these lil bitches.”


Everyone that wasn’t a third year gave him a look like he really had the audacity and balls to be so bold and make that statement. Aizawa continued taking pictures of the drama (because he live for it) until he noticed a blank faced Momo started forming what looks like to be...a gun oh shit.


“Class President Momo, don't you even dare create a weapon. There is a way we can figure out who’s the best Deku Stan…” Everyone expected Aizawa to tell them what was the way, but they silently felt shame and awkward when Aizawa tapped away on his phone and walked away without a word or glance.


Shinsou felt his phone vibrate, and that beautiful and lazy smile grew on his face as he read the message. He let out a satisfied huff, grabbed Deku’s and Eri’s hand, and guided them to the way Aizawa headed.


The rest watched their retreating backs, feeling slightly left out. That feeling didn’t last long when it was replaced by concern when Hastume Mei and Present Mic arrived to the crowd on an electric scooter.


“ARE YOU READY?” Mic dabbed. Everyone but Denki, Ashido, and Sero cringed.


“AYE YAE, CAPTAIN!” The three dabbed along. Yuga’s twinkles were filled with nothing but disgust at the sight.


“THEN FOLLOW MEEE!” The scooter zoomed off in a terrifying speed, but that didn’t stop the three memers, as Sero...attached his tapes on the butt of the scooter. Kirishima and TTTT saluted the three as they latched onto each other and easily slid after the scooter thanks to Ashido’s acid.


Ashido yelled, “LAST ONE’S A MINETA FANBOY!” That drove everyone into action. It was like the beginning of the Sports Festival all over again, but their victory and destination being unknown, and their defeat being a title they’ll rather die than claim. All was left was Mineta, that same blank face present as he unconsciously walked the same direction his classmates scurried off too.


Obviously, Ashido, Sero, Denki, and the bunnies made it first. The losers…they threatened to sue if their names been released without their consent. Continuing on, they’re now in the Stadium where history was made. The Sports Festival of that beautiful Tododeku moment, and that obstacle event where Bakugou and Uraraka claimed the title as President and Vice President of the DekuBlog. Also don’t forget that Izuku was wearing those cliche Hentai gym clothes, and Class B (Neito) wanted to murder Class A with paint and shit.


Their eyes landed on a huge chair’s back facing them, and Aizawa twirled around to reveal himself in a nice suit and his hair combed in a sexy man-bun.


“I’ve been watching a lot of Steve Harvey lately. And it made me realize, it’ll be very interesting to see who knows Midoriya more but with a twist. Everyone we-“


“WELCOME TO DEKU FEUD, A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SET UP BUT SAME GAMEPLAY EDITION! ALL FANS SHALL PARTICIPATE BY THINKING OF QUESTIONS OF MIDORIYA THAT COMPETING TEAMS SHOULD KNOW! BEST OF LUCK!” Present Mic continued screaming, and Aizawa glared at nothing in particular. Then he huffed and said, “What he said. Get together to decide what teams and members will be.”


Prayers for the future; we do not know how the outcome will turn out. But we do know that Deku shall be further appreciated, in what measures, we are afraid to know.

Chapter Text

Hastume Mei made herself comfortable in the Director’s seat as she alerted the announcer that the show will become live in five seconds. Present Mic happily stood in place, absolutely excited that his bro Aizawa is going to be a judge while he’s the announcer. He ignored the fact that Aizawa just wanted his students to be competitive and wild teenagers. He can always believe that Aizawa is doing this to improve their friendship!


“Welcome to Deku-Feud!” The crowd let out a ferocious screech as Deku was presented on a podium with a cuddly Eri-chan, Kouda, and Shinsou. Deku, the little shit, knew exactly what he was doing as he sparkled and blew kisses at the present audience and audiences at home. The camera panned on them for a little longer as the sight of the four patting plump bunnies made the ratings rocket through the roof! It was already extremely high, but any scene with Izuku would make anyone instantly throw their money. Izuku could stub his big toe on one of the table legs and let out a cry while grabbing his foot and people would drool at the sight.


The camera finally switched to the main area just when Aizawa was announced. Looking like a snack, his (surprisingly) shiny hair pulled into a ponytail, and he’s dressed in a formal black suit. In contrast of Steve Harvey, Aizawa gave no fucks waving to the audience and glued straight to the podium where the two buttons are at.


“Welcome to the one and only Deku Feud. If you don’t know Family Feud, you’re fucked.” Present Mic awkwardly coughed at Aizawa's bold statement. He could tell that his friend held no patience and wanted to see the chaos play itself out. The blonde stood beside his delirious friend, ignoring the disgust on the other’s face when he wrapped an arm around his shoulder and began the show.


“This only episode is to see which group knows Midoriya Izuku the best! Now everybody, hold your horses, we have invited the League of Villains to be contestants after we made them sign several contracts that if they do anything fishy, we shall eradicate them on the spot!”


The League of Villains: Toga, Spinner, Twice, Dabi, Kurogiri, and most importantly, Shigaraki Tomura made a sarcastic and dramatic superhero pose then walked over to the right side of the stage, standing behind the podiums. Everyone gasped at the appearance of the leader of villains. From numerous rumors, everyone knew that the leader was hella fucking ashy and dry. The ones who saw him in person always noticed the times he licked his lips because them fuckers were chapped as fuck. Especially when the wind was blowing awfully heavy, those lips were not safe. In fact, they were never safe. His hands had dry skin, several cracks and Deku made a comment that they felt very rough. And he had the obvious signs of lack of sleep, looking like a straight up raccoon out of a trash can. But the look at him now; if you don’t like him at his worse, then you don’t deserve him at his best. His skin looks clearly flourished, his hands (even the ones on his body) looks quite soft and manicured, polished with black and glittery nail polish, the bags under his eyes cleared just a little, and those damn thin lips don’t look as chapped as before. If he ain’t licking them lips, every second, then that’s obvious progress.


Deku stood up and clapped, very emotional that the villain took his recommendations into consideration and actually tried hard making his dry skin healthy. The audience who understands clapped along; an ashy boy is no longer! Tomura blushed at the attention and shyly clasped a hand over his face, shyly rubbing his clothed arm.


Toga whispered to Twice, “The leader is such a loser, putting a hand on his face and shyly moving like some anime chick.” Twice put a hand under his chin in thought before pointing a finger in the air.


“He’s being a shy anime babe because the cute greenhead is giving him recognition!” True to his word, Tomura continued shyly wiggling while Deku continued screaming positive compliments, but didn’t make any move to make Deku stop. Spending several all-nighters watching the recommended girly YouTube videos of how to nourish skin, washing himself with feminine soaps while soaking in a bath bomb colored tub, a face mask eating up the dirt and pores on his face, laying Vaseline lip chap on his lips, then moisturizing his skin with Cocoa butter, makes him know that he deserves the fucking praise. He busted his ass off doing this suggested routine! A villainous smile rose across his face, the hand shielding the frightening expression. Not only will Deku appreciate his beautiful appearance, but he will be absolutely surprised that he knows everything about him! The League of Villains shall win this show!


Tomura went over to Present Mic to whisper in his ear, a frown merged on the announcer’s face.


“The leader of League of Villains also invited the criminal Overhaul to participate.” And the loser was guided by Spinner in a mental jacket and his bird mask covering half his face. People raised a questioning eyebrow at the missing arms on him, but whatever, the loser deserved it for hurting their precious boy and Eri-chan. They booed the loser, Eri-chan sticking her tongue out at the dumb boi, and Deku and Kouda leading her on.


The scene continued on, Present Mic presenting the other team which is the chosen members of Class A: Bakugou Katsuki, Uraraka Ochako, Asui Tsuyu, Yaoyorozu Momo, Kirishima Eijirou, and Iida Tenya. Present Mic continued rambling about the rules of the game, the first two opponents will come to the front, listen to Aizawa read out the question, and smash that red button as fast as they can to answer it. Whoever says the right answer will receive points for their team.


And the game was on!


The group of chosen students huddled together to hold a secret conversation. Uraraka and Bakugou gave each other a determined look and then a smile. There’s no need to give words of encouragement; they know they have this shit in the bag.


“Kick names, take ass!” Uraraka roared. Momo and Iida gave her an expression of confusion.


Kirishima shimmied, “Infinity War references, means to SERVE THEIR ASS ON A PLATTER!” Bakugou gasped. His bro cursing and fueling up the adrenaline, so much energy. Bakugou started trembling in excitement. Perhaps too excited when he was first to reach the podium, Dabi lazily standing on the other side.


Aizawa gave each of them a glance. “Shake hands.” They gave each other chilling smiles instead. Aizawa sighed, not having any time for this bullshit.


“Alright losers, this is a number one answer that is one-hundred points.” Everyone was quiet, not uttering a peep for they were entranced and also competing to know the answer to the question that will be revealed.


Aizawa stacked and shuffled his cards, enjoying the awkwardness he created. Everyone went tense when he let out a puff of air, except Bakugou, that boy was very jittery.


“During the middle school era, how many hero notebooks have Midoriya writ-“


“13!” Bakugou screeched before destroying that poor red button. The rest of Class A let out energetic screams. After several searching and analyzing of their precious note-taking boy, they came to a conclusion that it was thirteen notebooks the broccoli wrote during his times in Middle School. His books were filled with front to the back of impressive observations and opinions of several heroes’ quirks. It’s also very depressing when Deku confessed that he focused his entire time on the notebooks, for he was often bullied and lonely that writing will get him away from reality. Bakugou felt like shit that day, and he baked Izuku cookies as a sort of apology.


Bakugou looked like a gremlin as he was hunched over and screeching, mostly at Kirishima because the redhead bro was screaming back at him in excitement.


But when people looked at Deku, expecting him to be prancing with joy, they were rewarded with a small frown of disappointment. The arena went quiet once again, questioning was they wrong. Aizawa didn’t give them time to think. He deadass stared at Bakugou like he was an idiot and said, “Uhm, no, you’re fucking wrong. Let me finish. How many hero notebooks Deku written AFTER Bakugou Katsuki destroyed one of them.”


“NOOOOOO!” Class A screamed, in utter defeat and embarrassment. If only their loudmouth and the twitchy boy of the class would’ve waited till Aizawa has finished talking. Bakugou would’ve screamed the right answer, and they would’ve been ahead of the game with one-hundred points while their pride continued growing as everyone noticed how big brain smart and serious they are for Deku. But noooooo, Bakugou stood in absolute shock, to frozen to move.


Dabi stood there, looked around at the quiet arena, then smugly yet slowly pressed the red button. After the host called his name, he adjusted the microphone perched on the podium to get it settled, then slowly bent close to the mic.




“That is correct! The villain team earns one-hundred points!” The audience, minus the heroes, classes students, and biased citizens, roared at the unexpecting beginning of the game! Toga and Twice pounced onto Dabi when he returned to their side, ruffling his head and actually thanking him for being a patient man. Dabi ignored them, sending a smug smirk at Todoroki, making the multicolored hero tilt his head in confusion. Dabi then looked at the cute broccoli, silently appreciating the thumbs up Deku gave him. That simple gesture did nothing but make Dabi freeze in a trance. Never had he ever receive any appreciation or recognition. Never as a child, teenager, and now an adult. But Deku, sitting upon his throne, sending him a thumbs up and an awfully admiring smile, made chills appear on his body. He turned away, trying to find any excuse to why his heart was beating so fast for being praised.


The blonde of Class A mournfully strolled back to the podiums, walking like a very depressed zombie who couldn’t have a taste of brains. So embarrassed, he hid his face in Kirishima’s shoulder, alerting many at the fact that Bakugou was clearly devastated and would’ve never been openly touchy. The chosen members gave Bakugou soothing pats on the back, telling him that they’ll get back in the game and be proven as the ultimate Deku fans.


Bakugou let go of Kirishima and nodded, still a bit down in the dumps. A loud shrill of, “Kacchan,” made him look up at the huge television, the screen presented Deku, now in a cheerleader outfit, prancing and dancing, screaming supportive cheers for the classmates. Not only was it Deku, but Denki, Ashido, Sero, Ojiru, and Todoroki doing amazing cartwheels and somersaults to hype up the audience for Class 1-A. Deku looked at the screen that was filming Kacchan and gave him a look that made Kacchan growl in appreciation then look at chipmunk cheeks.


“We’ll win this back!”




“It’s only the first fucking round, god damn.” Tomura scratched his neck in annoyance. A habit he can never get out of. Damn heroes always irritate him to the fullest. Just to fucking cheerful, happy, and positive for him to handle. Midoriya Izuku is the only exception to him, and that flaunting skirt showing so much skin made him even the more biased for only Midoriya Izuku. Forget All Might (gasp), forget the host of this show (even though his personality is so fucking relatable), double fuck Endeavour (understandable), only Midoriya Izuku...and Midoriya Inko cause if that ain’t a badass Queen then he doesn’t know who is.


The next two members were up: Uraraka and Toga. Oh, only those know the relationship between those two. Uraraka sending her a serious stare, and the blush on Toga’s face only deepening as she squirmed for reasons we do not want to know.


Toga hummed in amusement, “Even though we’re good friends Uraraka-chan, I will have to win these points to claim Deku’s love!”


Uraraka stayed in place, knowing that the blonde’s rambles will only have her distracted and flash out. She placed her hand on the podium beside the button and looked at Aizawa as a way for him to proceed. The host did the same, shuffling and stacking the cards into a neat stack before coughing.


“This is for three-hundred points. What was one of Izuku’s most disastrous injuries during his time at U.A.?” The two were deep in thought. Toga searched in her deepest thoughts of when Deku was hospitalized. She stalked the boy several times, being hangouts, studying, or Deku being involved in real life heroic cases. However, Deku easily breaks his bones during those times that it’s hard to remember which battle was truly the one to stop the greenhead from being a hero. She glanced at Izuku teaching Eri-chan how to shake the pompoms, and she gasped as the answer was there along! The camera filmed it all, it was during the present time, but it felt like the scene went in slow motion. Toga raised her hand, an achievement that she’ll get to win these points so easily, but that thought clicked out of her mind when Uraraka smirked at her with full dominance and banged the buzzer in a heartbeat.




She spoke with confidence. As she should. She pointed at Deku and Eri-chan. “When we were assigned to the Overhaul Mafia project, and Deku fought Overhaul along with Mirio, and Eri-Chan couldn’t control her quirk!”


“That is correct!”


“OBJECTION!” Toga screamed; her sight going hazy as she grabbed and ruffled her hair in madness. Uraraka gave her a small look of sympathy before walking to her allies and being glomped into a bear hug. Twice had to pull her away from the podium to keep the show rolling. She hid her red face into her hands, disappointed in herself for not trying hard enough to announce the answer instantly. Twice continued giving her words of support, and she felt a little better after seeing Izuku present a sign of, “It’s okay! We have several more rounds left!” Toga sniffled, Midoriya Izuku is too pure for this world. She wants to be the one to corrupt him…


The third round began. Kirishima and Chisaki went upfront, giving each other a nod.


Aizawa drawled out a yawn as he eyed the card. This one is going to be extremely easy; he’ll give this one-hundred points. There’s no way these two would get this wrong, this should end up as a simple draw. Meaning that neither of the teams would get the points.


With a sadistic chuckle, he said, “This is so simple, I’m giving it one-hundred points. What is Midoriya’s all-time favorite video?” The buzzer rang, Chisaki hitting the buzzer with his beak in a flash. Aizawa was mentally shocked that he hit it instantly and was able to do it so quickly with no arms. The villains are going to win this so easily. Yet, he raised a brow as sweat started rolling down Chisaki’s face.


‘Don’t tell me, you don’t fucking know!’ Everyone, even the villains mentally deadpanned.


“Uhm...a video of Eri?”


“Incorrect! Kirishima!” Aizawa turned his glance to the shark when the buzzer rang. Kirishima puffed out his chest in triumph.


“The video when All Might saved several citizens in one go and inspired Izuku to be a hero!”


“Bingo! Fifty points extra for being specific!” Cheers and boos erupted. The cheers obviously for the heroes, and the boos towards Chisaki, even the villains were booing him.


Izuku gave the ex-mafia leader a look of disgust. His oceanic and pure eyes now glowing with loathing, and his lips tilted into a scowl as he sat on his throne, a muscled leg over the other. Many cried, he looks so much like a badass dominant that they will never forget this amazing sight. Mineta gasped. He’s only been interested with females doing that signature pose, but Izuku in a cheerleader outfit being a bad bitch? His mindset is changing.


Eri-Chan sat on Izuku’s lap, awfully satisfied that Chisaki is getting the shit he deserved. Izuku’s voice boomed through the arena.


“Electric chair!” Chisaki continued sweating as he was pulled away by Spinner, being stepped on and kicked by the villains, then whisked away by the FBI to who knows where. Good riddance! If there’s one thing the heroes and villains accomplished today, is treating Chisaki like the absolute shit he is.

Twice and Iida was next to have screen time. They were the only two who actually shook hands. Great sportsmanship! Absolutely sexy! Aizawa glanced at this round’s chosen card and chuckled. Since Izuku was the one who made the cards, Izuku definitely wanted several to know everything about him.


And so, Aizawa announced, “This one contains several answers, so the points are ten points each. What is Midoriya’s hidden talents/hobbies?” They watched Twice squeal and sparkled as he twirled and pressed the button.


“Boy, I’m so glad I can answer this one! One of Deku’s hidden talents is how flexible he is! He does very well in Acrobatics! His hobbies include: playing video games, working out, doing skin routines with friends, reading, studying, and most importantly, making new friends!” The crowd awed at the obvious announcement of Deku, but many were really surprised that Deku ace well in Acrobatics. But seeing how Deku easily twisted around while cheering made them realized that that made a lot of sense. Except Bakugou was extremely displeased, there’s no way in hell they’ll shrug this known fact off! Imagine his shock when Deku easily twisted his feet and jump with his leg in the air when they were fighting. He’s going to make these losers see how fucking amazing his rival is!


“Oi Deku! Get your ass down here and show us some moves!” Deku sparkled as he ran from his sitting area to the stage. Without missing a beat, he cartwheeled, somersaulted, then hit a split right afterward, making everyone scream. The BakuSquad screamed, “HOLY SHIT! HOLY COW! ULTIMATE GOALS! MANLY AS FUCK!”


Todoroki and Asui didn’t hesitate to grab their phones and record the scenes of Deku easily pulling off flexible movements, reminding their self to upload this on the Dekublog soon.


Aizawa gave a pleased grin at the growing chaos.


“Some of those are correct! Since these are obviously well-known, they shall cost ten points.” Twice went back to the villain side and was hugged by Toga and high-fived by Spinner.


Deku bowed as he was applauded at his performance and went back to his podium, plopping Kouda and Eri-chan both on his lap.


It was the animalistic humans time to shine as Asui and Spinner went upfront. Spinner let out an animalistic sound of respect and Asui did the same, croaking and tipping her head. This one went by very quickly, not many know the answer to this question.


“This is a very tricky question, so this shall be three-hundred points. How much did Izuku original hero costume cost to make?” Spinner cringed. That ugly bunny costume the once scrawny Deku use to wear? But the fact that Mama Inko was one who created it, made the history of it very innocent and lovely. A mother’s love is always the best!


Asui pressed the button and said, “¥40,380,” in a way that she knew she had these points in the bag. Without even waiting for Aizawa to confirm or deny the answer, she nodded at Spinner and walked towards her group. Everyone cheered as Aizawa confirmed the answer and screeched many compliments at Froppy. The screen focused on Deku with a wholesome look on his face, a hand covering his heart. He truly wondered who will remember his original costume price, being confessed when Deku was doing nothing be rambling to his friends. So the fact that Asui actually listened to his rambles and kept that piece of information in her memory storage, made him feel very heartfelt and grateful for the classmate. Spinner walked away, yelling, “How the fuck was I supposed to know that!”


Aizawa placed himself in his plush black seat and gave his signature grin. The lights blazed around in a panic.


“This is the final round! After this, we shall total up all the points and classify who are the ultimate Midoriya fans! Momo, Tomura, proceed up here!” He settled on the last and final card as the two advanced forwards. Looking at the question and answer, Aizawa let out a sadistic smile. Deku that sadist, crave for the chaos to happen when this question is asked. Not only that but for the two of them to search deep in their brain before pressing the buzzer.

“This is the ultimate question! This is worth five-hundred points! Who was Midoriya’s first kiss?” No one pressed their button. Everyone screamed in an absolute panic. The girls laid on the floor crying. Toga unleashed her blade and demanded to know who corrupted the baby boy. Iida did his signature hand motions of invasion of privacy. Mineta...fucking loser. Toshinori, who’s been in the high rating comfortable booth of the arena, threw up blood, making Inko sigh and wipe the blood off his chin with a prepared napkin. Bakugou’s eyes were bulging, veins pulsing as he did nothing but glare at the sky and scream.


Tomura passed out in shock that his only hero has locked lips with someone, classifying him as no longer a participant. Aizawa hummed, on cloud nine at the different cries of panic and glanced at Momo.


“Since Tomura has passed out, you automatically-“ He was cut off by Momo raising a hand to silence him. She pressed the button and said, “No one. That was just a brain teaser to make everyone lose their marbles.”


Aizawa placed his hands on his hips.


“Well, I’ll be damned.”


“GOOD JOB, MOMO!” Deku screamed, making everyone sigh in relief that the question was just a joke, and the boy was still innocent.


Present Mic came to the front to pose beside a chilling Aizawa.  


“That is the end of Deku Feud! Now we will calculate all the points!”


Villains: 160

Heroes: 1,250


“Class A has completely destroyed the villains! They are the ultimate Midoriya fans!” Class A ran up to the stage to hug the members then hop around and dance. Dragging a passed out Tomura away, the villains went off with a sobbing Toga and Twice, going through Kiriguri’s portal. Deku waved at them, thanking them for participating and not causing a mess.


Then he ran up to the crowd, the classmates sucking in a breath in awe a the beautiful sight of Deku waving a hand at them still in the cheerleader outfit. Deku went through the crowd, hugging every member, each and one of them having a pleased and droopy expression on their face. Mineta didn’t get a hug because he doesn’t deserve one.


“Thank you for watching Deku Feud!

This will never happen again!”

Chapter Text

He always wanted a little girl. He always imagined his cute little baby girl classed in pink waddling towards him with a big and full smile. Pigtails being her hairstyle as she denies mommy’s touch, wanting daddy to pick her up and spin her around. Full of joy and innocence, protecting her from lustful men, just him and his little girl. He didn’t want his wife planning a baby shower, refusing anyone’s gifts of cheap diapers or itchy baby pajamas. His little girl will be spoiled with his money; she will receive only the best from daddy. He confessed the fact that they didn’t need a gender reveal, in high hopes that the baby in the stomach is nothing but a girl.


Yet, his dreams came crashing down when the doctor cheerfully revealed the baby’s gender. A small and quiet bundle wrapped in blue cloth. Due to several past traditions, a pink blanket meant a girl, so the blue cloth definitely a boy. Continuing with his torn dreams, his stomach was stuffed with rocks holding him down in disappointment. However, he gained strength once again when the doctor placed the baby into his arms. He caught his breath when those beautiful doe oceanic and emerald eyes slowly opened and gazed at him, eyes crinkling almost shut as he let out his first yawn in the world.


A cute fluff of green hair, resembling so much like his mother. The little specks littering on those chubby cheeks was very shocking. In a shockingly positive way as he lovingly counted each freckle. It surely connects with full innocence, and he completely forgot about wanting a girl. No matter what gender, this bundle of joy would wear whatever he dress him, protect him from lecherous women, keep him by his side as daddy’s little boy.


The last thing the tired wife saw before she slept was tears falling down her husband’s face, a toothy smile as his grasp seems a little too tight. She huffed in relief that her partner accepts their baby boy with full love. What she didn’t know, was his love was going to constantly grow into something terrifying.

Years passed of the happy family caring for their child. Having a joyful time of feeding the eager infant baby foods, changing his diaper, recording the baby doing his first tummy roll, crawling, and first steps. The father cried when he waddled towards him. The day of his first steps walking was also the baby’s first words being “Da!” Midoriya Inko swooned at that special day, adoring her two boys loving each other so much.


The signs became present when Izuku hit two years old, and Inko got in contact with Mitsuki on accident in the grocery store. The two had an interesting conversation, learning more about each other and boasting about their cute little baby boys. They promised each other of letting the boys have a playdate. When Inko made it home, seeing the loving sight of their chubby baby playing with her husband’s fingers, was when she yelled she was home and told him the news. She ignored the dead look on the male’s face as she continued complimenting the Bakugou’s energetic boy named Katsuki Bakugou. She brought up the playdate and the silly jokes of Katsuki and Izuku being married partners. The funny memory vanishing into fear as she was roughly grabbed closer to her husband, her cheeks being grabbed and forced to look at his threatening and dark eyes. She shivered while nodding at his demands to never make jokes like that, his Izuku never being married and will always be by his side. Going as far as banning Izuku from going to the playdate. She agreed, just so she can be released and comfort the pain on her jaw. She watched the back of the man sitting on the couch to pick up the toddler, saying in a bubbly tone of Izuku loving him and never leaving him.


The next day when he left for work, Inko gladly took Izuku to the Bakugou’s, bringing him home before he would come back from work.


Izuku was very mature and intelligent for his age. He was five when he started questioning things. He always loved his dad, appreciating that he deeply cared for him and his mother. But he always wondered why he’s dressed in feminine clothes. Even if not feminine, he’ll be wearing pink when he wants to wear green. Asking this question with full innocence to his father, he was struck with fear when his dad crouched in front of him and roughly patted his head to the point it made him cry out. It was the first time he ever felt afraid of his father, wanting to run and hide away from his stone cold eyes. His reply being a tilted head to the side with a dark smile, the child being told that he’s daddy little boy, dad can do whatever he wants to him, and he can’t do anything about it, made him even more scared and distrusting. Even though he shivered, he wore the mask of innocence and pretended to happily walk off when he wanted to run to his mother and curl in her protection.


He was also around the age of entering school. Happily running home to tell his parents all the fun he had at school. Even though being diagnosed quirkless, his classmates ignored that fact, entranced by the pure sight of Izuku and made it a mission to be his friend. Protect him from any bullies who didn’t like quirkless people, eagerly listen to him express his love for heroes, giving him lunch offering, and try their best to be his partner for any group projects. Little to say, Izuku was very popular, filled with good memories that he had to tell his parents!


His mother teared up, absolutely relieved that Izuku was getting along with the other kids, not being discriminated because of his toe joint. Except, his dad sat in his favorite seat, eyes dead and his posture tense as he listened. Izuku noticed his fingernails digging into the leather armchair when he continued rambling about his buddies.


The final straw that made Inko grab Izuku like a lion protecting her cubs was when Izuku pulled out a cute polka dot envelope from his bright backpack. Obviously, a cute friendly letter a five-year-old could make, but to his dad’s eyes, a love confession that a girl would confess behind the school. The envelope was snatched out his hands, the fingernails scratching his hands and he yelped. He didn’t notice he was pulled into his mother’s embrace, stricken with fear as he watched his father’s face morph into a rage as he read the letter then ripped it into tiny pieces. He wasn’t able to fully comprehend it as he was carried to his room, promised to not leave and was left alone. He cried as his ears were filled with his parents’ booming voices yelling at each other, and the worthy effort his cute classmate put into the envelope when they were in arts and crafts.

He didn’t know he fell asleep until his door opened and in came his dad. He was enveloped in a bone-crushing hug, those same fingernails that scratched him now scratching his scalp. The father constantly apologized, his reasoning being he was worried someone will take him away from him. A thought that a five year should never wonder went through Izuku’s head.


‘Is dad jealous? Why will he be jealous of my classmate?’ Yet, he knew if he confronted him of his question, those same angry eyes will appear and look through his soul. So instead, he hugged his father and accepted his apology. Inko laid on the doorframe, a frown completed on her face. A memory appeared in her head, the time when she birthed Izuku, and she saw the love on her husband’s face. Now with years passing by of him making Izuku wear such questioning clothes, keeping Izuku to himself, and being so against Izuku going to school and gaining social experience with other kids his age, Inko realized this love only grew into an obsession, and she was not going to make this ruin her baby.


Her plan went through development when Izuku progressed to middle school. Izuku’s fascination for heroes (especially All Might) only improved throughout the years, his childhood friend Kacchan egging him on. His room was littered with All Might merchandise, much to his dad’s displeasure. Inko decided it was alright for Bakugou to come over, so the two can watch the latest All Might documentary. How wrong she was when Izuku’s father came home from work. His calm expression forming into a grim line when he heard Kacchan’s curses of enjoyment. He walked passed Inko to the living room, watching the two boys dressed in All Might costumes dance around and praise All Might. His eye twitched when Izuku swore he’ll do anything to meet the Symbol of Peace.


Years of constantly hearing Izuku talk about this hero, he finally snapped, scaring both of the children as he stomped to grab Izuku by the hair and scream at him. Screaming at Izuku to why he wasn’t seen as his hero, all the things he has done for him, yet All Might received the recognition! The grip on his hair tightened as Izuku cried, fallen on his knees while begging him to let go. The man was deaf to his plead, mentioning the numerous times he taken care of him, bought him things with his money, treated him like a princess!


He was interrupted when Kacchan threw a pillow at him, calling him a bastard who wanted to take control of Deku’s life. Claiming that Deku didn’t want to be a fucking princess! He just wanted to get along with kids without having to be reminded that his dad is a crazy fucking pervert! Those words made him straighten up, letting go of Izuku’s bouncing curls to walk towards the determined blonde. Who does this little brat think he is? That’s why he didn’t want Izuku being by such ignorant kids, they’ll negatively influence his boy. He raised his hand, giving no thought of bringing it down to harm the boy until he realized who he truly hit. Izuku sped to jump in front of Kacchan, receiving the harsh hit that his frail body couldn’t handle. He collapsed to the ground due to the forceful hit, his head bumping onto the table along the way. The man was awakened from his rage when he saw the blood slowly seeping out of his Izuku’s head.


Inko was already on the phone with the police, giving them enough information about the scene. When the operator declared that the police and ambulance were on the way, she threw her phone on the couch, call still on the dial and activated her quirk. She didn’t have much power of carrying heavy objects, but signaling the frying pan handle into her palm, she ran towards the frozen man. She bashed him with the pan, watching him fall to the ground before pouncing on top of him and clawing him with her nails, adding a few punches on his nose.


The police arrived at the sight of Bakugou cradling a still Izuku, and the two adults fighting it out. Inko winning the battle by using her quirk and letting the instincts of protecting her baby giving her motivation to beat his ass.


The day after Izuku was admitted to the emergency room, Inko and the Bakugous were informed of Izuku experiencing slight amnesia, not being able to remember the latest past days. Inko was relieved Izuku wouldn’t remember the last time he saw his dad since the bastard is now in an interrogation room being exposed to his sick obsession after all the evidence Inko gathered. Katsuki Bakugou growling out all the clues of Izuku being mistreated added fuel to the fire, and the horrid man was sent away to who knows where.


Inko sat beside her sleeping boy, holding his hand as she glanced at the balloons, get well cards, and flowers littered around the room, making it seem like a lovely garden.


When she received the divorce papers and file a restraining order for Izuku, was when she knew Izuku would be truly safe.


Days later, there was no news of the man being transferred to a prison. Instead, confused road travelers called the police to classify a government designed van for transferring inmates and villains was crashed into a ditch, any trace of humans long gone.

Fast forward to the day of the Deku Festival, a man classed in a three-piece suit, perched in his leather chair behind his desk. Coming from quite an interesting meeting, watching the other company leaders shiver underneath his gaze, gave him thrills of having power over such useless creatures. That aside, his mind constantly drifted to his son he hasn't seen since years ago. Back when Izuku was in middle school, the last memory of accidentally backhanding him. He wished he could hold him, whispering heartfelt apologies and blame that ruthless blonde for fueling his already ruined mood.


Even though he hasn’t seen him in person, he’s been keeping track of him. Oh, the shock etched across his face when he found the Dekublog for the first time. Several pictures of his cute baby boy, no longer a bony boy. Instead with a muscular build from obvious training at that school, wearing any types of clothing. Which made him angrily question why it’s okay for these bastards to dress Izuku up in feminine clothes, but highly disapproving when he did it. He admired the picture of Izuku posing with a small girl, his eyes pinched shut with a smile as he did a peace sign behind the girl’s white hair. The absolute adorable fluffy hair and freckles not only on his cheeks but now traveled onto his bare muscled shoulders. The man smiled, liking the photo and saving it into his files.


He felt a little curious. He remembered one of his subordinates mentioned to another of the no more Yakuza Chisaki Kai streaming a live show before he was tortured by the League of Villains. The subordinate started sweating when he was caught by him, forced to continue talking. He said many interesting things about the scene, but he could tell that the scared worker was leaving out important pieces of the story. Being notified that the stream was in the deepest dark webs, he easily programmed and hacked through the browser and found the legendary video. He doesn't know why he’s so curious, he just had a feeling in his gut to watch it.


And he wished, just wished he had the chance to slowly drain the life out of Chisaki with his own hands. He felt a fire flame in the pit of his stomach. From the sight of his unconscious female version of a son, or Chisaki boldly expressing sick fantasies he wanted Izuku to go through. He deeply enjoyed the sight of his boy now a girl, look just like his mother but a bit taller and psychically stronger. Who knows, maybe his mental state has improved to making him daring and confident. His dream of Izuku as a girl was cut short as the shot Chisaki injected in his arm instantly started morphing the feminine body back to his broad and well-trained form. Not that it deterred the audience, the continuous filthy and sick comments only improved. He tsked, this was the main reason why he wanted to keep Deku to himself. These disgusting people are nothing but freaks who doesn’t appreciate the pure innocence of Midoriya Izuku. Not that they deserve to see that beautiful scene, though.


When Izuku awoke, he was immediately in a flight or fight stance. Yet the chains on his wrists and ankles held him back. His emerald ocean eyes observed every item and his surroundings. He was obviously calculating a plan to escape from the kidnapper’s clutches. Fast forwarded of Chisaki’s sick talking, and the League of Villains blasting through the building.  The man was quite disgusted when Izuku gave the leader of League of Villains a peck on the cheek. Then he was disappointed of the techniques the leader used. He did the gruesome methods quite perfectly, but he preferred performing surgery on the man. But he guessed the leader cutting off Chisaki’s arms while mewling like a lunatic would have to do.


He exited the recording of the stream, his screen now revealing a new update from one of Izuku’s useless friends. Unlike the stream, the picture caused an immediate reaction from the man. It was none other than his adorable boy and wife casually posing by the retired All Might. The three of them were beaming at the camera, looking like an actual happy family. The caption claiming All Might as Izuku’s father made him scowl. There is no way he’s going to be out of the picture! He made that adorable sunshine, and he’ll be damned if that bony freak takes his spot.


He pressed an on-dial button on his office phone, his secretary instantly picking up and politely asking what he needed.


He stood up, the chair falling back from the extreme force. His voice was deep and mysterious enough to make the secretary feel chills.


“Gather my men, we have a little visit at this so-called U.A. school.”

Chapter Text

Man, this job fucking sucks. He’s in this villainous unknown and underground organization as a basic bodyguard with combat experience. He didn’t want to be included with the bad guys. The coworkers he spoke to during breaks didn’t want to be involved with criminal acts either, but the reality is harsh and cruel. Everyone has bills to pay, people to take care of, and they needed easy and quick cash to handle their payments. Don’t get them wrong, they had many opportunities and choices besides taking the villainous path. Fastfood restaurants was an absolute hell no and trying to take the heroic path involved training, experience, and education to gain a license, and that’s too much fucking work. So being a bodyguard was the best opportunity, protecting their boss from any harm of enemies. Except, months passed and he realized how much of a shit job this is. 


A shit ton of hours depositing bodies for minimum wage which barely help with paying off his student loans. It’ll help him get a few groceries, but the hard work he’s going through seven days a week made him declare a raise. When he politely pointed out his claims for a raise, the boss blankly stared at him, before howling with laughter and banging his desk with a solid fist. Watching his boss cackle with a deadly smile shouldn’t look so horrifying. The boss wiped a tear from his eye and with a wave of his hand, the employee was escorted out of the office, obviously the request was denied. Little to say, several framed pictures of an adorable freckled boy on the desk was completely noticed. He heard small rumors of the boss’ past, the bad terms between him and his wife, the deadly obsession of his son. When his coworker mentioned their recent mission of going to the heroic school U.A. so the boss can meet his son after many years, the employee mentally said “Fuck this,” he decided to be petty. Typing in Midoriya Izuku in the web browser, double-clicking the first link which directed to the Dekublog, he saw Midoriya Inko’s personal phone number on the staff tab. Which is funny because only Aizawa Shouto and her are the only adult members, the rest being pretty much teenagers for managing the website. After seeing the wonderful posts of Izuku having a grand time at his festival, the man knew that he could do something helpful. Once again, he’s not a hero nor a villain, he’s just being petty. 


He dialed Ms. Midoriya’s number, the call ringing once before a soft feminine voice spoke with greetings. He said it multiple times, and he’ll say it again: Fuck. His. This. Job.


Midoriya Inko was happily teaching Class A how to make Izuku’s favorite deserts when her phone rang. Excusing herself, she exited the classroom into the empty hallway and answered the call. Her entire cheerful and fruity mood went sour as the anonymous person told her the plan of her vacant “husband”. The disgusting man telling his worthy bodyguards that they are going to the school, so he could act all innocent and fatherly to gain Izuku’s attention. Even though Izuku lost a few of his memories, Inko knows Izuku didn’t trust his vacant dad like he did when he was a little boy but will give him a welcoming hug out of kindness. Surprisingly, Inko smacked her lips with so much sass and intensity that Bakugou Mistuki would gasp and swoon at the sight. When the caller finished talking, he was deeply thanked for going out of his way to tell the classified information, and she hung up. She walked inside the noisy room, the sight of Denki licking frosting off of Bakugou’s cheek made her chuckle when the angry blonde exploded. His explosions came to a halt when he saw Mama Inko walk to her desk, silent with an atmosphere of tension. Her stern eyes landed on him, and he walked away from the BakuSquad to follow her unknown command. 

“He’s coming to try and talk to Izuku.” Bakugou perfectly knew who ‘he’ was, and he snarled at the audacity of that bastard. All that bullshit he put Izuku through and he still thinks he has the right to see him? Whack, people are so fucking whack. He had multiple ideas to prank that asshole, but he asked what Inko wanted to do with this situation. The precious queen watched the classmates work together in making the deserts. Putting a lot of dedication, hard work, and love for Izuku’s favorite dish. Not only the dish, but they would do anything for Izuku, be it big or little, they wouldn’t hesitate to do anything to let that beaming smile glow on Izuku’s face. From Bakugou’s tsundere acts towards Izuku, Uraraka’s ultimate blushing, Kirishima’s yell of how manly Izuku is, Todoroki seeing him as a classified friend he can trust, and several other ways people saw Izuku in their perspective; Inko knows she can trust these people. She glanced at Bakugou.


“I’m going to find Principal Nezu and tell him about this predicament. Be a dear and migrate all the heroes, support heroes, and anyone else into the sound-proof auditorium.” She walked off before she can see Bakugou’s slight nod, on her way to the teacher lounge she know the relaxing heroes would be at. 


She let herself inside, mentally relieved when Deku and Toshinori were nowhere to be found, an assumption that they were off doing father-son events. The teachers happily welcomed her inside, noticing the tight expression on her face. Aizawa raised a questioning eyebrow at the woman. It’s not the first time he saw her so serious and frightening, but he’s glad she wasn’t directing it to him. Been there done that, he doesn’t need a cardiac arrest, no matter how welcoming death sounds. 


Inko gracefully plopped on the seat, staying silent to analyze all the heroes in the lounge. Aizawa Shouta, Midnight, Recovery Girl, Mt. Lady, Present Mic, Best Jeanists…good, teachers who helped and supported Izuku recently this year. 


She sighed, “We have a major problem, Principal Nezu. Mr. Midoriya is trying to be in contact with Izuku.” The only adults who knew about the Midoriyas’ past were Nezu, All Might, Aizawa, and Recovery Girl, the rest very confused to the alarming faces they expressed. The intelligent mouse hummed in thought and hopped off his chair. 


Inko decided to continue the discussion, “I told Bakugou to bring as many students to the auditorium that will do anything to keep Izuku safe. I’m going to tell them about Izuku’s dad, and we can sort out a plan from there.”


Aizawa wiggled in his sleeping bag, huffing out insults at the douchebag. Nezu added in, “We heard from our underground hero a few days ago that Mr. Midoriya is the leader of the top secret organization situated with illegal markets and shipping. Had you ever heard of that?” Totally not surprised, Inko said, “I questioned the time he would come home in the early morning, and the amounts of money he showered Izuku as a child, but he would either brush me off or change the subject when I pressured him about his job. A silly move I made, should’ve forced him to speak up.” Nezu chuckled while the clueless teachers gasped. The unknown leader who controlled underground drugs, weapons, human trafficking, and black markets was none other than Izuku’s father? How could a heartless monster like him have such a beautiful and helpful son like Izuku? Nezu went towards the door, expecting the others to follow along, and they all walked to the auditorium in silence. Soundproof indeed it was for when the doors were opened, they were bombarded with loud and booming voices. That all came to a halt when they saw Queen Inko step on stage and face them. Bakugou stood beside her and asked her what to do now. 


Inko giggled and ruffled Bakugou’s hair, minding the slight curse the blonde let out. “Tell them everything about him, don’t hold back,” Bakugou happily cursed and ran up to the podium to deliver the greatest speech to the confused students. There was absolutely no need for a mic; everyone knows how fucking loud Bakugou can be.


“ALRIGHT FUCKERS LISTEN UP! YOU ALL ARE HERE BECAUSE WE TRUST YOU ENOUGH TO PUT YOUR LIFE ON THE LINE TO PROTECT IZUKU! IF YOU’RE NOT A HERO, GET THE FUCK OUT!” There were a number of people the teachers recognized as guests for the Deku Festival, but they remained seated, not giving a damn about being a hero or not, and they completely earned their respect.

“Alright then, listen up! I am not repeating myself! Midoriya Izuku had a traumatic childhood because his dad was an asshole! He had a total obsession with Deku, making him dress in feminine clothes and treat him like a princess! The dude had a total bitch fit when Deku made friends at school! During middle school, he snapped and tried to hit me, but the nerd jumped in front of the hit, banging his head on the table and losing a few of his memories. The bastard was supposed to be in jail, but he was never found since, and now he is on his way to take Deku! I’ll be damned if he controls Deku again!” Bakugou let out everything he felt, anger and despair. Everyone took that shit seriously, several gasping about Izuku being forced to crossdress and dealing with making his dad happy. 


With the help of Present Mic, Nezu was propped on the podium, microphone on and ready.


“Not only had he controlled Midoriya, but he is also in a criminal group that deals with several illegal actions, ruining several people’s lives with a blink of an eye. This is going to be quite a challenge to handle this man and his men, but if we sort out our thoughts and make a plan, we can definitely defeat him! Not only is this to save Midoriya but also for those he ruined and is currently ruined. So whoever has ideas, come on stage on by one and announce your suggestions.” 


Several stood, it wasn’t chaotic at all. They all politely went down the stairs to the main stage in a single file line. People one by one went to the podium to voice their ideas and how their personal quirks could help keep Izuku safe. A chalkboard was wheeled onstage, and Momo forced everyone to back down, making herself write any suggestions worth noticing. One of the guests mentioned Izuku and All Might running around the campus and suggested that Eri-chan and Kouta-chan should distract Izuku during this mission. Nezu decided to tell the audience about the new upgraded underground condos he installed along with the dorms. Just in case nature calls, earthquakes or extreme tornados, villains deciding to attack again, civilians visiting or enrolled students could go to the safely furnished and stacked condos. After this meeting, Nezu would alert the civilians to leave the campus or go to the condos. Those who aren’t in the auditorium would surely be confused, for those in the auditorium sworn not to post anything related to the mission on the Dekublog, in high assumptions that the loser would be following the feeds. Either way, he would be notifying All Might to take Izuku to the condos. Sooner or later, when the bastard has had enough, All Might can swoop in with the others and destroy his ass.


Uraraka screamed, startling those around her. She hurried to the podium and spewed out her brainstorm.


“We can totally duke him! We just need someone who has the quirk to transform into Izuku!”


“Did someone call the League of Villains!” A warp-hole appeared and in came the group, Toga twirling with her knives. The civilians sweated, but the students and heroes nodded their heads at the group. After the negotiations Momo declared with Tomura, they’ve been chill ever since. Except with Chisaki Kai, but that’s none of their business. Toga happily squealed about the progress of her transforming and becoming Izuku for fifty minutes flat! Toga and Uraraka glued to each other and hugged while the others nodded.


“We shall see! Any more suggestions?” Twenty minutes went by of the discussion of how the plan shall take action. Momo demonstrated on the chalkboard of how things would be in order, Todoroki flaunted Endeavour’s credit card just in case in need of supplies. 




The major squad consisted of Tomura, Bakugou, Uraraka, Toga, and Kurogiri. Kurogiri to constantly warp them to several cities, Bakugou to protect the crew, Toga to transform into Izuku and be pretty, Uraraka so she can plan the next city and take pictures with the ‘Izuku’, and finally, Tomura also being in the pictures as a big fuck you to Midoriya’s dad. He may be a crusty ass bitch, but at least he can have quality time with Deku. 


The first city they stopped at was the birthplace of Mt. Fuji, sitting proudly on its land as cherry blossoms glittered the concrete. Toga and Uraraka went to the ladies’ room to get the job done. Toga succed Deku’s blood with glee, and under ten seconds, she was Izuku full muscle and flesh. She was quickly handed such revealing clothes, Uraraka replying with, “The more skin Izuku shows, the more panic the bastard would be. He’ll take action before thinking how Deku made it to the different cities in a matter of seconds.” That makes sense…hopefully. 


And off ‘Izuku’ sneaked out of the ladies’ room with full glory. Multiple heads turned at the muscled teenager dressed in black and tight jeggings, a PRIDE crop-top, and casual green sneakers with bunnies littered on it. An exact replica of those adorable KPOP idols, and if Deku would consent to it, he would most definitely be a worldwide JPOP idol, no questions asked. Tomura knew that if he didn’t have such a shitty childhood and wasn’t the leader of a villainous group, he would have been a photographer. The thought appeared when he described how Toga should pose, confident and sexy but filled with fake innocence. 


“That geezer would go sicko mode if he saw his precious Izuku posing explicit.” Uraraka nodded in agreement, grabbing a notepad to write that down. The sight of Izuku posing as a mid-stretch, hips curved a little to the left while a wink was sent to the camera. Mountain Fuji had an important role in the mission. ‘Izuku’ posed in a way that Mt Fuji was perched on his’ hands. Another of him with his arms stretched out wide like a talented Broadway singer. The last photo taken was a group photo; Izuku and Uraraka in the middle smiling while Bakugou and Tomura were on either side, both of them crouched with smug smiles and middle fingers up. A literal fuck you to Deku’s dad.


Gravity Girl hummed at the pictures, secretly changing her home screen to the sexy Izuku and posting them all online. 


Deku-kun is currently enjoying the sight of Mt.Fuji!


The posts immediately received a thousand likes, comments, and shares. She smugly chuckled. He should’ve seen it by now. She slipped her phone in her pocket and twirled into the warp portal for the next destination. 

Thank the gods and his gut for calling Midoriya Inko because this is the best fun he ever had during this damn job! When they first arrived at the hero school, it was completely empty. An absolute ghost town like the haunting scary movies loves presenting. The boss stood in front of the gates, in deep thought and obvious confusion. Except no one will call him out for it. It was quiet enough that they heard his phone chime and jingle. They had nothing else to do at the moment, so they watched the boss grabbed his phone to constantly scroll and stare at the screen. 


“Everybody split up in groups, we’re going on one hell of an adventure!” The employee glued to the boss, too fucking petty and messy to pass this opportunity. They went everywhere! Tokyo Japan, Kyoto Tower, Mt. Fuji, hell they even went to the Grand Canyon thanks to a coworker’s quirk! The man mentally wheezed in laughter at the irritated facial expression Mr. Midoriya made. The Dekublog chimed with plenty of photos of Izuku in different countries, posing at historic places or just outside in a certain environment. Obviously, these Izukus were nothing but fakes, and the kids were juking them, but he’s just a simple coworker who works minimum wage, he’ll keep his peasant mouth shut. Yet, the obvious plan of the heroes wanting the boss to constantly travel around the world to find Izuku went right over Midoriya’s head. Maybe the sexy photos of Izuku posing were getting to him. The leader of the League of Villains and very much well-known prodigy Bakugou Katsuki laying hands on Izuku’s waist made the man sputter and howl with insanity. Maybe that was overkill. 


Not only was the big boss affected, but apparently the bodyguards had been going through quite silly pranks. Unknown people had splattered paint on them, some was sliding down a slippery and acid slope into a batch of honey and chicken feathers, and some of the bodyguards was teleported into an unforgiving corn field maze at night. The list of unfortunate pranks was endless and the employee had to stop himself from coughing out a kidney. Someone would gladly take his organ and try to sell it in the black market. But he made himself stop laughing because if he was in their shoes, he’ll be scared shitless and ready to quit the job on the spot. 


That annoying ringtone alerted another post updated, and it was a picture of Izuku in front of U.A.’s open gates. Thankfully they’re in the hometown, so the driver stepped on the gas when the boss roared the order. No wonder seatbelts are such an important issue; he would’ve been flying out the window for how reckless the driver was. A lot of twists, turns, and dodges in traffic to arrive at the gates just three minutes after the recent post. 


To his shock, in flesh and color, stand Midoriya Izuku in all glory. No wonder the boss is obsessed with him, he’s a literal walking treasure. Just by watching him walk could express the confidence he had for himself, filled with pride, but him casually greeting civilians was so pure and innocent. What a cutie, he surely does not want the creep of a boss by Izuku. 


Said boss got out of the car before the ignition was turned off, running towards the gates to pull Izuku into a hug. The man sighed with desire when those beautiful scarred arms wrapped around his neck. He pulled him closer and hid his face into Izuku’s bare and freckled shoulder. 


“Izuku my dear, I’m here to finally meet you again.” He pulled away to stare into the emerald eyes he’s grateful Inko’s family was dominant in. He saw a slight sparkle in Izuku’s eyes that set him uneasy, but he ignored it as a hint of excitement for their recent meeting. 


Izuku speaking was music to his ears. Many years of missing his son’s voice, he literally went around the world to see, hear, and feel him again. 


“Why did you visit now?” Izuku deadpanned. Mr. Midoriya was a little shocked, never had he seen his Izuku so serious. He laid his firm hands on Izuku’s shoulders, replying, “I realized how corrupt and negative this place is for you. These sickening heroes are not fit nor worthy to lay eyes on you. That disgusting Dekublog proves my point! Who gave you permission to pose like a slut?” His hands were slapped off Izuku’s shoulders by Izuku himself. He gasped at Izuku’s snarl and growing pierced smile. 


“It’s a thing called confidence, and Zuku takes full pride in it. Enough about Zuku, let’s talk about you…” He grabbed the man’s tie, pulling him closer. Such superhuman strength made the man give up struggling for personal space. 


“You’re such a dirty hypocrite, hm? Corruption this and that, but aren’t you the one who does illegal deeds? Ordering to kidnap people’s family members?” The male voice slowly turned feminine, Izuku’s face turning to slime and slipping onto the floor. Mr. Midoriya raised an eyebrow at the now blonde girl giggling at him. He shouldn’t be afraid, but he doesn’t have any power in his body to try and destroy the girl, completely in shock. 


Toga let go of his tie, playing with him by twirling around his figure. 


“How would you feel if someone took Izuku away from you? He’s forced into sexual slavery, raped every day by older men and women and being the talk of the Dark Web?” 


“SHUT UP!” He finally had the adrenaline to stand and land a punch on the disrespectful bitch. The little bitch only smiled when his wrist been caught during the moment. He didn’t have a chance to see the interrupter before he was pushed onto the concrete ground, hands behind his back and cheek glued on the ground. 


Bakugou Katsuki sneered at him. “We meet again, asshat.”


“Let me go you fucking brat!” Due to his face glued to the ground, his words seemed to defeat the purpose of being frightening and murderous. Bakugou ignored them, being petty with Toga about old geezers thinking they’re top shit when they’re just garbage. Literal fucking trash. 


Their conversation ceased when those participating in the mission came into view, Midoriya Inko leading the way in her dazzling outfit and pointy heels. A queen protecting her prince with a loyal army, a fucking bad bitch. Not only the Queen but the King also! Toshinori walked beside Inko, wearing a professional suit and heavy-duty shoes. 


Bakugou mumbled, “Fucking finally,” getting up and stomping on the criminal’s wrists to keep him down. Twice pointed at the loser.


“Hm, what’s this? A piece of shit?” Toga cackled as Twice continued on with his cute nya (:3) face, talking shit about Izuku’s sperm donor. 


Inko crouched close to Mr. Midoriya with grace, slowly soothing his hair. He huffed, Inko, his beautiful wife, the one who use to show him signs of love and appreciation now stared at him with disgust and hatred. He felt a pit curl in his stomach. He already lost his Queen and Princess, but maybe he can earn them back.




“Shush now, I don’t want to hear a word from you. I’m awfully disappointed in you. I can’t believe I married a man like you; I’ve been young and naive to believe you were the one to grow old with. I’m glad I found someone better.” She paused to glance at Toshinori with a loving smile, receiving a blush in return. She looked back at the man.


“I’m not here to hear your disgusting obsession for my son. Now, you’re going to get your ass handed to you, and you’re going to jail where you belong. Do not think about calling your henchmen to bail you out, the ones we targeted has been captured and sent to jail as I speak.” Mr. Midoriya shivered. No wonder he fell in love with the goddess of Inko. She’s such a kind and pure-hearted woman, but would treat you like dirt if you mistreat others; no matter who you are, even if you’re her husband. Like a true Queen, she speaks for justice and safety for her son and others. He was weak in the knees when he first met her, and he’s weak in the knees now. Unfortunately, he knows this doesn’t mean a happy ending for him.


Inko stopped petting his head, slowly getting up thanks to Toshinori and facing the audience.


“I spoke with the government of Japan and received permission for anyone to abuse this man for all the crimes he committed, as long as he is submitted to the police afterward.” She glanced at the cops eating donuts, the Dog chief sending them a thumbs up. Inko hummed with triumph and seated herself on a throne, enjoying the sight of students, civilians, villains, and adults taking turns torturing the man. She sighed with awe, what an exquisite sight of the diversity of roles working together to beat the human piñata. Denki screeching as he JoJo punched Mr. Midoriya’s privates made the majority of the crew scream with adrenaline. A few males shifted their pants in discomfort. 


Inko noticed at the side of her eye some police handling the fallen boss' strongest and loyal henchmen into a truck. Inko called out to them, making them halt their pace to wait on their Queen to stop before them. She gave them a loving nod, then directing her gaze onto a certain man in cuffs. The man raising his head to stare into her eyes gave her the confirmation. 


“Release this man at once. If it wasn’t for him, Izuku would’ve been suffering from that man.” The man was uncuffed with no hesitation. He rubbed his raw wrists, following after Inko to her throne.


“How did you know it was me?”


“Oh honey, the technician support department immediately tracked your line and phone number to gain your information.” She booped his nose as if he was a cute pupper. He grabbed a fistful of his shirt covering the skin of where his heart pumped. God, he fucking love empowering women. He kneeled before her, thanking her several times. 


“After this is over, I want you to list all of the unfortunate employees who’s been working so hard to bring food on their table. Principal Nezu promised to find certain job opportunities after sending you all to therapy. 






“DAMN YOU, YOU STUPID FUCKING BASTARD! SHOULD HAVE KILLED YOU!” Mr. Midoriya screamed at his ex-employer who caused his downfall. His negative slurs were cut off as Ashido threw her acid slime on his face, looking up at the shocked faces to say, “Y’all hear sumin?”


“I think that went a bit far, Ms. Mina.” Present Mic blanched while Aizawa gave his student his signature smile like a proud father. 


Mountain Lady grew up to be about Sugar Beefcake Sato’s size to sit on the criminal's chest, slightly suffocating him from the heavy pressure. 


“We’ll see if we tortured him enough after we raid his underground building. I wonder how many innocent people he tortured and killed.” 


“Welp, let’s rip him apart before it’s time for the heroes to raid the building!” Momo activated her quirk, multiple LEGO pieces falling on the ground. 


“THAT’S MY GIRL, MOMO!” Sero screamed.


Jirou wheezed how beautiful Momo is. 


Todoroki and Bakugou grabbed the limbs of the culprit, swinging him back and forth like a hammock. On the count of three, the loser was thrown onto the LEGO blocks. A pathetic squeal left his lips at the tormenting pain. 


Yuga addressed All Might while poking the suffering man with a stick. 


“Will you like to join Mr. All Might?”


All Might shook his head. “Me taking the role of Izuku’s father and Inko’s boyfriend is good enough. For he lost two wonderful people God himself had created.” Everybody felt that; especially the injured man letting out silent tears as he was kicked by Bakugou. 


The Doggo Chief told them that time was up, and the police staff collected the blubbering and broken man into the truck with the other criminals. The heroes assigned to the new mission jumped into their designated vehicles, prepared to raid the fallen underground paradise of illegal merch and villains. 

The true Midoriya Izuku was roaring out the lyrics of BTS’ ANPANMAN with Eri and Kota when the latch to the underground condo slowly opened. He grabbed the babies to protect while waiting to see if the person was friend or foe. It was two loving family members, Inko and Toshinori. They grabbed both of his hands, directing him out of the condo (Kota and Eri walking in front of them) to the bright and heated environment. He raised an eyebrow at all the students and guests he met during the Pet and Greet standing before him. He also noticed the multiple police and government vehicles surrounding the campus, but he’ll just mind his business. 


Inko rubbed soothing circles on Izuku’s hand.


“These people right here Izuku, care about you very much. You are very important to them. Whenever you need help, they will hear your call, even those on the Dekublog.” Deku was very confused to why his mother was giving him a life lesson of moral support, but he never questioned Inko’s serious talks, knowing it’ll help him be a better person. 


He walked toward the group and smiled. That smile was enough to make them go through the hardships of catching the bodyguards and warping the fake Izukus around the world once again. 


“I don’t know what’s going on, but thank you all for joining the Deku Festival! All guests can ask me any questions or requests in a respectable manner!” The crowd cheered. 


The rest of the day consisted of Izuku meeting his dearest fans. Taking silly pictures, signing his name on someone’s turtle, making Sailor Moon heroic poses, singing and dancing to Beyoncé, trying out their most delicious pastries and desserts, and many other things to satisfy his thrilled fans. As the event neared its end, many people around the world realized how much of a sweetheart Izuku truly is. Several known already but wanted to confirm it by meeting him face to face. The Dekublog’s community section was constantly updating of people telling their stories of how angelic Izuku is. From his excited pleasure of meeting a new person, to happily twerking to Beyoncé’s Crazy In Love remix. That little twink is freaking something, they’re excited to see him grow and flourish with talent as a hero!


A post appeared a minute later. 


Midoriya Inko: Thank you all for participating in keeping Izuku safe! As a reward, I’ll be posting baby pictures of Izuku tomorrow morning!


Izuku’s Bitch: I’ll die for Izuku’s baby pics


Let Izuku Be An Idol Damn It!: I’ll kill for those pics




AshidoMyBurritos: ^ That username is very alarming.


Barack Obama: Tell me you don’t fantasize Deku in your bed at night

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Pikachu: OBAMA?!


Gravity Girl: Even though I agree with Obama, this whole discussion is a freaking mess. I’m deleting it.


The head moderator had deleted the recent discussion! Thank you for checking the Dekublog! There’s more to come! 


Chapter Text

Midoriya Izuku woke up from his comfy mattress with an urge. An extreme urge that only fellow gamers could understand. The wanton pressure your fingers feel while repeatedly spamming a button, the tense posture when finally meeting a certain stage with no checkpoint, the emotions coursing through your body of either rage and anger or relief and achievement. This is the How To Be a Gamer Simple Edition. 


The urge was the fact that he missed playing video games. He’s been so busy focusing on being a hero and meeting new friends that he totally forgot that playing video games was a huge hobby of his! Whenever he’s not busy (which is little), he’ll lock himself in his room and watch youtubers and streamers play all sorts of games. Scary games, cute games, visual novels, heck, he even watched that Sweden man Pewdiepie play Minecraft! 


What truly spiked his interest, gave him that growing urge to play again, was when he’ll watch people live stream video games. He’ll happily comment about the genius of certain speedruns and methods, giving tips for those who needed help in a certain stage. He was best at giving the streamers hidden combos for those playing heroic fighting games! He even had good conversations with the girls who questioningly wear revealing clothes while playing hardcore games like Dark Souls. He never questioned why they dress with their cleavage almost showing, if a woman dressed like that, he’ll respect that and praise the confidence they had for their body. When he commented that in various streamer girls’ comments, the girls gave him lots of praise for being such a sweet gentleman. (Even those who dress very revealing to tempt the men into donating tokens enjoyed Izuku’s presence.) 


For some reason, even the males in the audience would flower him with praise and treat him like a regular, as a friend. Izuku thanked them all for being so nice and respectful. And then, when a fellow girl streamer told Izuku that he should start streaming, he felt that urge. Not because the girl promised she’ll watch it, but because he made so many internet friends along the way! He wants to verbally talk to him while playing video games. 


What makes it even better, is that Aizawa announced that the Dekublog could now handle live-streams. The technician support department decided it would be a great idea to create that platform. A section where the audience could comment, multiple buttons of how to become a subscriber and donate, many opportunities for the audience to be in contact with Deku! When Aizawa silently asked him where should the donations go to, Izuku was quite specific about that certain part. He wanted half of the money going towards the suddenly retired heroes who were gravely injured in battle and couldn’t make a living because of their wounds. Just like the star athletes from high school and college, their scholarships and contracts based on their skills and strength of their body, once a deafening wound appears on said body, that was it. The person could no longer have the scholarship or their contracts being ripped apart because of that one wound that ruined their entire career. Deku’s reasoning was similar to that perspective. So half of the donation money would go to the fallen heroes who did their all to keep people safe. 


The other half of the receiving money will go towards the people in need. Those are very vague words, for the money shall go to whichever foundation that helps people. Helping the kids in Africa receive great nutrition and homes, helping scared immigrants get a place to call home without being claimed as illegally immigrating, helping the homeless who just wanted food and such support to guide them into fixing their future, and most definitely donating to the determined scientists who are trying to make a stand to Global Warming. He saw the horrible headlines the news people loved to make reports on. Instead of appreciating the positive things in the world, they showcase the negative, and Izuku wants to change the negative into a positive. Doesn’t matter how small or big the donation is, it’s progress to Izuku. He finished his rambling just to see the technician support staff looking at him with admiral expressions, a few with tears in their eyes and some clapping. 


Aizawa ruffled his hair, gently smiling at him while calling him his problem child. That was what sealed the fact and got the product going. In under three months of producing the programs, testing it for any bugs or glitches, it was finally ready! It was waiting for Izuku to take his march, and the day was today! 


Izuku decorated his dorm room in a way that it’s spacious enough for him to play video games and livestream. Surprisingly, Jirou was the one who helped him set up the camera equipment, teaching him the basics of live-streaming and mechanics. She mentioned that he should understand how streams go, responding to the chat, making sure they’re appreciated and their money is going to a great cause, do little requests here and there. Izuku nodded, completely understanding what she’s getting at. He even told her to be his manager, alerting him of any donations or requests. He giggled when Jirou blossomed red as she stuttered in acceptance. 


And now the live stream consisted of two! Even though Jirou would be off-camera, she made it clear that she would be helping him with any puzzles he gets stuck on. Walkthroughs ready to be looked through. 

Setting up the equipment and connecting it with the live stream settings, they were ready to start! Jirou was in charge of making up the announcement post on the social media platforms while Deku politely contacted his internet friends about his stream. 


Hi Lizzie! I just wanted to inform you that I’ve taken your request, and my first stream is going on now! Click on the link in my bio to check it out! 

(Sorry if I’m self-advertising!! OvO??)


Izuku kind of felt bad for posting it the moment she entered the boss fight. When she saw that cute ole Deku commented, her eyes were immediately glued into the chat, and her excitement was what got her killed. She quickly saved her game, claiming she had to end her stream in short notice to go and appreciate her Izubun. She even gave him a very loving and friendly shoutout. (If her moaning out Izuku’s name all lovey-dovey and hentaish was friendly.) As the audience happily migrated to his stream, Izuku felt very loved, and he was grateful. 


Izuku decided that was enough self-advertising and faced the camera, giving a big smile for the audience. Jirou telling him that they already reached ten thousand subscribers and ten thousand views is absolutely bonkers! He couldn’t believe so many people would stop their day just to watch him play video games! Jirou only chuckled and said, “If only you knew it all…” while scanning the lewd comments about Izuku.


Speaking of lewd comments, that reasoning being that Izuku is dressed in green bunny thigh highs that rest right above his knees. He’s wearing cute athletic shorts that many would think of Victoria’s Secret’s Pink franchise, the only difference being that it’s colored in All Might’s colors. An addition to that, when Deku went to grab his controller on an unfortunately high self, a text labeled on his bottom said ‘Detroit Smash’.


Jirou snorted when a comment said, “Oh I’ll Detroit Smash, alright.” Off to a great start! Sarcastic? Yup! But she’ll be a liar if she denied that she isn’t enjoying the sight of Deku struggling to grab his controller. 


What makes Deku so cute while struggling, is the tank top he’s wearing. It’s sleeveless and stops just about at his hips, the color is obviously green for its Deku’s favorite color, and the front of the top has a cute little bunny with a determined and joyful face, little tears building under its’ eyes. The text underneath said, “You can be a hero!” The reason why it’s so adorable is that a very talented girl in the United States created the top just for Izuku. Posting it online, and then mailing it to the school's post office when she received permission from Aizawa and Inko. When Deku first received it, he was in absolute admiration, and he cried happy tears while holding the shirt. The text meant a lot to him, and several knew the meaning behind it. Quirkless Deku believing he might not be a hero, but here he is now, learning to be one. Toshinori gave him a big hug that day. It truly warmed hearts and Izuku would wear that tank top everywhere, including now.


Izuku was now on the tips of his toes, and the top rose just a little bit to show his hips, and the comments and donations kept filling in. Felt like it was going on forever, and nobody was complaining, except for the blonde who slammed the door open, frightening everyone. 




“Kacchan!” Deku backed away in confusion when the flushed Bakugou went up to the shelf and grabbed the controller with ease. He realized that it was the Nintendo Switch’s controller.



Izuku stood his ground, stomping his feet. Comments talking about how his ass jiggled.




“TCH, I THINK I NEED TO STAY HERE JUST IN CASE YOU NEED MORE ‘TALL PEOPLE’ HELP!” The still flushed Bakugou harshly but somehow softly thrust the controller into Izuku’s hands and stomped over to the made-up bed. Jirou whispered at Bakugou how smooth he was, and she received the tsundere middle finger.


That makes three of the Deku live stream management! He plopped back on his chair, just now realizing the number of donations he earned! People actually donated after watching him struggle to grab something and fuss at Kacchan? Oh Izuku, if only you knew…


Anywho, he listed all the names who donated, thanking them for helping those in need and read out a certain request.


“TwinkIzuku...TwinkIzuku? Uhm, TwinkIzuku has requested that I play a stage she created on Super Mario Maker 2!” Jirou oohed while Bakugou grumbled, the both of them watching Izuku turn his switch on and select Super Mario Maker Two. While the screen loaded, Izuku looked a few other comments that are scrolling in slow mode. 


“Hi Lizzie! Everyone, Lizzie is a streamer on another website who encouraged me to do this stream! Please check her out! I love watching her play games!” Izuku’s attention went into starting the game up and typing in the ID number. Thankfully, he didn’t see the comments of fans calling the well known Lizzie an e-girl. Most respected her doing, while others called her a thot. While many girls are just showing their bodies to gain money, Lizzie just wanted to play games and ramble about Izuku, even though she had her hentai moments for him. Jirou warned those being disrespectful of getting banned. 


Finished typing in the number and the level popping up, Izuku raised an eyebrow at the camera.


“Please be nice to others. I don’t want a war going on in my first live stream, pay attention to me okay?” Izuku didn’t know what he was fucking doing to these people. He sounded like a cute anime girl, and him tipping his head to the side at the end of his sentence only proves it! The commented littered with “YES, SIR,” “KAWAII,” and “SERIOUS DEKU IS HAWT!” 


Deku chuckled and went back to the level, observing the title, how many plays it had, and the success rate. The tagged categories are ‘Music’ and ‘Sweet and Short!’ Bakugou stared at the title, “For Midoriya Izuku <3!”. This is going to be a wild ride. 


“Let’s get right into it, gamers!” The memers cried at their precious Deku doing the gamer meme. Only true gamers would understand it! 


Mario was into the world of a dark night, standing on the beginning platform. There were small blocks made in the word ‘RUN!’, and Izuku moved Mario to the right while holding Y. Mario ran on the moving platforms and the theme music played as several turtles, goombas, and mushrooms triggered the sound.


Jirou’s eyes roamed from the chat to the screen, straightening up to remember where she heard this music from. She almost hit Bakugou out of scared reflex when Izuku’s door slammed open. In came the Bakusquad. Denki jumped inside and screeched the lyrics just as Mario made it to the next area. A galaxy purple color in the sky as the cute jingle proves Denki’s assumption of what’s next to sing. 




“AIN’T NOTHIN BUT A HEARTACHE!” Kirishima and Sero sorrowfully walked inside and collapsed on Bakugou, heartbroken and miserable. Bakugou screamed.


“TELL ME WHY!” Denki screamed at his fellow peers. 






Ashido went inside just when Mario made it to the end of the level. The soft jingle ringing out the heavenly music the same time as Ashido sang, 


“I NEVER WANNA HEAR YOU SAY!” Mario reaching the flag confirmed that Izuku was safe to be pulled out of his chair from Ashido and twirled around, joining along to their silly dance. Izuku made no complaints, the old American song was very catchy and lovely. They continued singing out the lyrics, Izuku dancing with all the members of the BakuSquad. They sang it like pros; people who took their time to actually learn the lyrics and the pacing of the song. The three stopped their moments as Ashido sang pointing at Izuku.














Their voices mingled together while continuing the next part of the lyrics. Izuku encouraged them on, feeling a warmth in his belly because the cute donator created a nice musical level of how she feels for Izuku. It’s so adorable, he can’t believe that a person who barely knows him feel that way about him. 


When the three ended their performance, they received two claps from Izuku and Jirou and clapping emojis in the chat. They bowed and took their seat; Denki claiming Jirou’s lap. Kirishima and Sero sat on the carpeted floor, and Ashido laid on Bakugou. Much to his displeasure, but he only let out soft insults instead of pushing her off. 


Izuku kindly thanked the donator for the sweet level and how she felt for him. 


He continued on with four other friends joining along! He played a few more fan level Mario Maker levels. Some were easy as hell and some were hard as hell. Except many didn’t know how much of a freaking gamer Izuku is! He’ll die at certain parts only to come back to fix his mistake and continuing on. Seconds barely passed when they heard the victory music rang. When questioned from the chat, Izuku stated that he observed the moments where he died and calculated certain scenarios to solve the problem. They completely forgot that when it comes to observing surroundings and thinking of multiple conclusions in a matter of seconds, Izuku was the guy! In certain situations though, be it involved with saving somebody, of course! But when it comes to his own safety, he’s completely oblivious to it. 

Izuku was officially bored of Mario Maker and gave his viewers some attention. Izuku didn’t judge any questions, answering them full heartedly. Be it personal or vague, Izuku answered them with no hesitation. The camera saw the glares from Bakugou and Jirou to stop with the nasty ass questions. Those terrifying death glares didn’t stop the hormonal audience. Deku looked at a certain comment with confusion and read it out loud.


“Uhm, Zuku’sBussy, what is bussy? Anyway, Zuku’sBussy wondered if I will start selling my bathwater…” His excited tone quickly morphed into confusion and a low tone, staring at the comment with disbelief. He looked at Jirou who had the depths of crucifying hell on her face. What type of freaking question was that! Why will they ask that out of the blue? He decided to look at the chat to figure out how to answer.


Izuku’s Nips: The things I’ll do with Izuku’s bathwater.


HentaiLover: I’ll slurp the shit out of it!


Christ is Watching: ^ Y’all Dum Dum nasty. We know who Jesus is crossing off the list to Heaven. 


Thirsty Boy Watcher: Izuku wondering where his bathwater went, and I’m in his dorm room consuming his dirt water. Mmf, the flavor, taste like salt and pureness. 


Dehydrated Izuku Fan: ^ That salt better be something else if you know what I mean. 


Grapehead: Mmf, yes Prince Izuku. Give us that sacred liquid to hydrate us all. 




Bakugou’s Bara Titties: ^ Shut up fucker! We know the aliens you captured will happily probe Izuku! Don’t worry aliens, we coming to bust y’all out! 


MooMoo: We all knew this chat was going to fill with hormonal boys and girls, and I’m not even surprised. The gamer boys are creaming their pants at Deku’s thighs I bet. 


Marge: ^ It’s true but you shouldn’t say it for the whole world to see vwv


AshidoMyBurritos: Izuku, I’m sorry you have to see this nasty ass shit. Don’t let this deter your innocence! 


Izuku blankly stared at the screen. Then said loud enough for everyone to hear, “I hope there aren’t grown people actually sexualizing me. I am just sixteen years old.” Making Ashido touch his shoulder with comfort. She knows that feeling and boy does it not feel great. Izuku perked up.


“Oh, I’m not uncomfortable or anything! I hope they don’t get caught because they’ll definitely be in jail as a classified pedophile!” Izuku spitting mad facts and the chat couldn’t fucking handle it. The humble people in the chat applaud Izuku for not letting the lewd comments affect him. The lewd people only sent the eye emoji, being petty to see who’s a grown ass man or woman horny for Izuku. Then again, shit like this happens every day all over the world. Shit isn’t right, but what can they do about it?


Izuku straightened up, turning off his console to grab his Ps4 controller and turn it on. He got out of his chair to get on his knees to reach the glass tv stand where various of his video games are organized. 


Jirou promised to ban a bitch if she sees one more comment about Deku being on his knees. She then sat in a vacant corner to work her magic. Searching through loyal and trustworthy Izuku fans that donated to charity, upgrading their positions into live stream moderators. She informed the new staff members to ban all spammers and any bastards who are just annoying. PERIODT.


It was quiet except for Izuku littering through his video games. Denki ruined it by being a dumbass.


“I actually heard that an American e-girl started selling her bathwater. The bottle sold out pretty quickly.” Everyone blanched as Denki continued giving out information of the product. It was a small clear and cutesy bottle that was fucking thirty dollars! 


Ashido hummed, “That’s actually very smart for her. If she’s an e-girl, she might as well take advantage of it.”


Bakugou pipped in, “Meanwhile the fucking losers who bought them will seem like thirsty virgins.” He looked at the camera, knowing that a few of the watchers bought the gamer girl juice. He pinched his eyes at the computer screen, looking at the familiar username of Grapehead.


“Y’all fucking pathetic.” 


“GAMER GIRL JUICE! GAMER GIRL JUICE!” Kirishima and Sero kept screaming until they heard the harsh pounding of feet on the hallway’s floor. 


The eighth person now added into the live stream is Momo! She looked very distressed with a few hair strands popping up and her obvious huffing. She allowed herself inside to stand her ground, staring at the camera. 


“I am a moderator of the Dekublog, and we refuse to even think about selling Izuku’s sacred gamer juice! You don’t even know the harm you can get from that! The bacteria and diseases you can get? The audacity of you people!” Momo went on and on and on about the cons of selling Izuku’s gamer juice. Izuku, Jirou, and Bakugou nodded along to her reasoning that sounded very well thought and accurate. No wonder she’s in the Top Five of their class so far! 


Izuku finally found the game to play after all that time and stood to look at the camera. One of his socks had slid just a little bit to show a nicely tanned and freckled knee. 


“No gamer juice for you naughties! I don’t want you guys to get sick!” The students present clasped their shirt shielding their heart from the explanation. Izuku wasn't telling them no because of how gross and disgusting the fucking people are. He’s doing this because he doesn’t want them to get sick and harmed with any type of diseases! This man is just too pure for this world! An absolute gamer boy!


The chat apparently agreed with the crew, mentally bowing down to their Prince and understanding the importance of not getting Izuku’s juice. 


Grapehead: Can I suck your toes instead?


“BANNED! INSTANT BAN! YOU’RE NEVER COMING BACK, YOU LOSER!” Jirou screamed! She knew exactly who this bastard, and she’s going to kick his ass! 


She looked at Bakugou. 


Bakugou looked at Jirou. 


They looked at Momo. 


Momo gave them the go ahead. 


Jirou gave Momo her laptop. Headphone Jack and Explosion Murder King stepped out of the room and turned left. Everyone could hear a door being opened, a squeaky voice shouting and turning into screams of pain and apologies.


Izuku was either deaf or was ignoring the pleas for help. He announced that he was going to play Overwatch, and he’ll accept many people as a friend. But for now, he focused on launching the game then getting into a quick play. He made sure his microphone was connected by giving his teammates a gentle greeting and wishes for a great game.


The others greeted him back. 


“Gamer girl?”




“Are you a gamer girl?”


Izuku selected Mercy in her beautiful Angelic outfit. He found his character surrounded by Genji, D.Va, Widowmaker, Mei, and Junkrat. Izuku looked around at all the faces, healing them all. 


“No, I’m a gamer boy! Name’s Izuku!”


Mercy immediately healed Genji when he spams the “I need Healing!” button.


The little microphone appearing above Genji’s head let Izuku know that the one currently talking was him. A deep voice enough to give his body chills.


“He sounds too fucking cute to be an e-girl. We must protect this adorable squishy boy!” The others screamed, “HUZZAH! WE MUST WIN FOR IZUKU!” Mei kept teabagging the ground, Junkrat was throwing bombs everywhere, Genji kept spamming the healing button, D.Va was dashing into the furniture, and Widowmaker was doing ballet on top of the table. 


Izuku watched the chaos with a smile. Such nice people he met!


“I can usually handle protecting myself, but I’ll be sure to keep us alive!”










Ten seconds remaining was when they got into gamer mode. Only true gamers will know how serious this was. This isn’t a playground for little kids! If you die in the game, you’ll die in real life! 


The doors opened and Genji instantly dashed into the air, spotting a turret and destroying it. Mercy dashed right after him, healing him from the damage then switching her staff to her gun. Izuku managed his way in a way to hit the Torbijorn who failed at hiding. Mercy gracefully went to the ground, dodging Torb’s bullet while her’s hit him every time. The group cheered when they saw the kill feed of the enemy dead from Mercy’s hand. Izuku then flew towards D.Va, switching to her staff and healing her, powering her up afterward when she was healed enough. 


“Thanks, babe!” The man’s voice happily said when he easily killed their Ana by dashing into her and shooting her in the head multiple times.


“No problem!” Izuku saw Mei was having a bit of a pickle. He made Mercy jump off the building, holding x to make her gracefully fly once again. Switching to her gun, she constantly shot one of the players targeting Mei. The person was dead by the time she was able to save Mei in her ice block. When the healing surged through Mei, she escaped her block and froze the unfortunate Hanzo that was ballsy enough to go against Mei. 


Mercy gave Mei a good amount of power for her to headshot Hanzo, killing him instantly.


“Omae wa mou, shindeiru…”


“NANI!” Genji screamed! 

PrincessSparkles killed EyeSight2020


Widowmaker deeply chuckled, “Mutah mutah.” Shooting her hook into the air to headshot a sneaky Lucio. This entire scene was only a minute, and the enemy team was eliminated. Izuku’s teammates congratulated each other for their kills while chilling on the loading payload. Relaxed but very aware for any enemies. The payload was now moving, floating on his portals and moving in its designated route. Izuku was doing simple things: flying to his team to heal and power them up. He’ll kill a few bastards who tried to sneak up on him at once. If there were too many for him to handle, his teammates will instantly be there for him to tear them down when they heard his panicked cry for help. 






“Come to my spot queen, you’re safe here.” Mercy flew up to the high place where Widowmaker stood. They crouched while circling each other like two adorable puppers sniffing each other’s bottoms. The round went smoothly, but it became hectic at the end. They were so close to the end objective, but enemy Zyra had put the others in her special ability orbit. Roadhog did his ultimate also, killing the squishy heroes instantly. Izuku stared at the scene with a cocky smile on his face. He was in a spot, hidden from the enemies, but very close to his dead teammates’ souls. Since everyone wanted to use their ultimates at the last minute, maybe it was time to use his.


“HEROES NEVER DIE!” His teammates screamed as they were resurrected back onto the payload. The enemies panicking at Mercy’s ability and doing sloppy work to try and defeat the team without their special abilities. Izuku screamed out the commands.















“Izuku is so dominant.” Genji manly cooed while unleashing his dragon sword.


What did you expect from such an organized plan and well-working team? They fucking slaughtered the enemy team and won the fucking round! Everyone cheered, the bros slapping Izuku’s back, Momo happily clapping and Ashido screaming with glee. The chat mentioned how awesome Izuku is and wondered if he’s better than some of the people in the Overwatch League. 


“You’re the best Izuku!” Genji and the others complimented each other, but Izuku earned all the compliments. Being such a badass Mercy who can handle herself by killing bullies and healing with a balance. Izuku blushed, scratching the back of his head in embarrassment. Not like they can see him anyway.


“You guys did wonderful also! If it wasn’t for our teamwork, we wouldn’t have come this far!” The others cooed at him and sent him friend requests; Izuku easily accepted them with glee. They all decided to venture from quick play to Capture the Flag. They chose different characters, Izuku as Sombra, and others as defensive and offensive characters. 


The person who played Mei in the previous game asked, “Aren’t you Midoriya Izuku?”


When his assumption was correct, the Mei player gasped so loudly and screamed.




The previous Genji screeched, “HOLY SHIT! I KNEW IZUKU WAS FAMILIAR!”


The previous Widowmaker was silently crying. “It’s an honor to play with you Izuku! We’re not worthy!”


Izuku giggled. “Thank you for the nice words, but I’ll just like to play Capture the Flag with my new friends! Let’s do our best getting these flags!”




“MARRY ME WHEN WE’RE DONE, IZUKU!” Previous Junkrat cried, feeling proud when Izuku let out a heartfelt laugh. 


Bakugou and Jirou arrived back to the room, knuckles bruised to see the sight of Deku laughing. Deku’s beautiful laughter tuned to a tone to shock many. His voice went seductive, flirty, something no one ever saw before. The camera panned on Izuku licking his lips, biting ‘em and saying, 


“We’ll see after we win this match.”


A soft moan left the players’ throats. That voice shouldn’t have sounded so heavenly, like milk and honey to get you addicted. Yet here they are now, entranced to win for Izuku’s heart! 

The match barely took five freaking minutes. They annihilated. With Sombra’s hacking, Junkrat’s bombing, Symmtria’s teleportation, Reinhardt’s shield, Ana’s healing snipes, and Bastion’s duty of keeping guard of their flag. They easily won. 


The Junkrat was now smug for Izuku’s hand in marriage, and Izuku told him to visit him at U.A. to take him out to dinner first. The player promised he will see him soon! Izuku giggled while telling his newfound friends that he has to go, give his viewers some love and affection. He told them about the Dekublog and the live stream, so they can join along. After several personal goodbyes, he left the match and placed his controller down.


He stood up to stretch his sore muscles. Sitting in one place for a very long time will put a strain in your bones. The classmates definitely enjoyed the sight when he bent over to touch his toes. The shorts slightly rose, cheeks barely visible. He rose back up to change his position. Turning around to face them and raise his arms in the air, his tank top was rising, showing his beautiful line of abs. Letting their eyes scan it to that golden v-line, a little lower to the pelvis sadly hidden by clothing. 


Momo sent a sharp glare when daring viewers exposed them on their lustful act. Of course, they’re thirsty, but at least they aren’t flaunting about it like some freaking people!


Izuku was now lightly exercising, doing small jumping jacks, stretching his socked legs, anything he could do in such a crowded room of currently eight people. For some reason, the viewers loved watching him move around. But then again, anything he did make people float to Cloud Nine.


He was playfully rocking his sculpted hips side to side with Ashido until he heard a loud ding, alerting another donator. His eyes went absolutely bonkers when he saw a subscription and a two-thousand dollar donation to charity. 


“Oh my goodness!” Saying that out loud made him think of a surprised All Might, and he would’ve giggled at the memory, but he was too serious and surprised to even chuckle. That memory had a slight resemblance to how he’s feeling now. Who had just a pile of cash laying around? 


Jirou helped him direct what to see on the screen, so he can give the person a shoutout. He instantly recognized that username.


“Hey! You’re that Genji I recently played with! Thank you so much for donating to charity Yusuke! Your money will help so many people in need! I’ll do any request you ask for!”


What a mistake, and it was too late for the present Dekublog members to take action.


Yusuke: No problem dude! You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, but can you take your tank top off? I think my future career is being a Sports’ Coach, and I’m interested in the male body of training!


Izuku didn’t even notice the obvious lust sent his way. He was too busy being excited for his friend’s chosen career, throwing his favorite top off with no shame. 


Good lord of mighty! Bakugou has been by this nerd’s side since they were in diapers. He watched him grow from a chubby baby, a quirkless but unfearful toddler, further controlled middle schooler, to now, a determined teenager ready to be a hero. The reason why he thought about the past was that, during those times, Izuku was nothing but a small boney child. He was completely healthy; he just didn’t have the muscles for that weak body. But after all the shit they’ve been through their current year as Freshmen, he watched Izuku’s body grow more muscle. Evenly sculpted and lean to where he can be a model or JPop idol if he wanted to! 


Not only did his physical body change. The more control he had of One For All, the more confident he grew. Not the confidence of having bragging rights, but the sheer happiness of growing with his classmates. Bakugou knows Izuku’s excited to be his proper rival now that he has control of certain percentages and using different limbs other than his arms. The confidence of his body and quirk, that dazzling personality of being a gentleman but have that daring strength and smarts to protect others is what makes Midoriya Izuku so attractive. He held himself with pride, and lord does an obstinate human being with smarts, kindness, and a nice body blow so many people away. No wonder the nerd is so fucking popular. The compliments, Deku soaks them right up like a dry towel. He’ll gladly showcase his body if it made someone happy, and it truly made everyone happy.


That example being now. Izuku throwing his shirt without a care in the world, with no shame. He didn’t hear the extreme gasps, posing for the camera the upper part of his body.


“I’ll happily explain to you how I trained hard!” He went on about cleaning a deserted and trashed beach for several months until it was purely clean. He wakes up every morning at six to run around the campus. He arrives back at the dorms to eat a well-balanced breakfast, a protein smoothie being his drink. His classes usually consist of training, some days they’ll focus on the legs, hips, pelvis or any other parts they should train on. Other class activities will be related to the Sports Festival, having to use your mind and body to escape quick scenarios. Another activity is sparring, and he proudly pointed at his Wonder Duo Bakugou Katsuki as his partner. 


Bakugou felt pride in his chest and let out his tongue smugly at the audience. Haha, I get to touch Deku’s body and y’all can’t! 


“Kacchan really helped me with learning how to quickly dodge and attack! He also helped me to find other ways of using my quirks! Any limbs I can control it with, he explained to me some attacks I can create! Without him, I probably wouldn’t have progressed so much!” He sent Bakugou a wink. The blonde wheezed.


“The reason why I’m mentally stable is because of my friends! We helped each other through so much! I know they have my back, so I would do anything to keep them safe! They constantly shower me with love; I wouldn’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t help them! People like Uraraka, Sero, Kirishima, Denki, Ashido, and everyone else in Class A are amazing people! Even other students not in Class A, the teachers, and the hard working heroes! I’ll do my best to make them proud!”


Momo wipes away the tears from her eyes. “Oh Izu honey, we’re already proud of you.” 


Jirou twirled one of her ears in embarrassment. “You’re really fucking talented dude. I lost my marbles when you danced like Beyoncé and Shakira at the Cultural Festival.”


Ashido pipped in. “RIGHT! How shocked was I when Izuku did a flip then hit a split!”


“You nosebleed then fainted.” Sero cackled at that memory.


“Exactly, I totally popped a boner that day.”


“Izuku being extremely skillful in acrobatics, gymnastics, and dancing is definitely my kink,” Denki added and side-eyed knowingly at Kirishima blushing at his comment.


Izuku openly weeps, opening his scarred arms signaling for a group hug. The crew ran into it. An opportunity to touch Izuku’s amazing chest and skin? You fucking know it! They expected him to be rough on the edges, but he’s so soft. His back is littered with freckles and so smooth, Ashido wanted to kiss every mark. Even through various battles, Izuku’s chest was bare from any past injuries. Just the delicious sight of his packs, those nipples, and the slight squish of his hips hidden from those shorts. Izuku was squished in the middle, face almost buried in Momo’s chest. He said nothing about it, like the gentleman he is.


After the heartwarming huddle, they all pulled away for Izuku to finish telling his story of gaining muscle. Yusuke happily thanked him! 


The chat was filled with attention seekers. For after Yusuke received the attention, several people started donating hundreds of dollars just for Izuku to do silly requests. Izuku ended up taking both of thigh high socks off, revealing his sexy thighs and cute feet. 


Answering personal questions about how he dresses, “Sometimes I want to dress feminine. So I usually order cute Victoria’s Secret clothing online!” Then he stuck his tongue out in a teasing way.


“I’ll let you guys find out if I have any panties.” How is it unacceptable for them to be openly horny when Deku is being such a cute e-girl right now? They were eating that shit up! 


Next requests are more about the donors, asking for advice in certain subjects. Izuku and the crew wonderfully gave information about self-importance, self-confidence, inner beauty, and how to love yourself in general. 


“Those donating and not, know that you all are wonderful people! Thank you for coming to support me!” He just looked at the view count, shocked to see it at twenty thousand. He blew kisses at the screen.


The chat might’ve been filled with horny people, but they’re truly enjoying their time with Izuku and the gang. They have decided. Midoriya Izuku is now the ultimate e-girl! Crowned and worshipped once again!


Izuku looked at another nasty request. 


“AnimeWeeb asked can I stick my tongue out and roll my eyes to the back of my head while doing a peace sign! What type of challenge is this? Anyway, let’s see!” The crew gasped. Oh my goodness a commenter tricked Deku into doing the ahegao face! Those slutty faces of women or men in the most ultimate bone-shaking pleasure. After so many paid art commissions, Denki passed out at the thought for finally getting to see Deku do the sin. 


Cockblocked, totally cockblocked. The poor door has been abused enough already. It received one more harsh treatment by none other than Aizawa storming in.


“Ok, that’s enough streaming for today! I’m going to have to give Class A a discussion about Mother Nature. Buzz off!” Aizawa ruffled Izuku’s curly hair, his own slightly flowing at the use of his quirk to look intimidating.


Izuku sensed the importance of this sudden meeting and knew it was time to end the stream.


“Thank you all for watching and donating! We reached-holy cow- thirty thousand dollars for charity! This means so much to me! The next stream will be soon!”


“Hopefully never…” Aizawa. Bakugou agreed. 


“Make sure to subscribe to become a Dekufan! Goodbye, love you all! Even the nasty ones!” Aizawa switched the camera off then looked at his students. A scowl on his face as he petted Izuku’s hair as a stress reliever. 


“Goddamn it, I should’ve been taught this.


I’m going to tell you all you need to know about the birds and the bees, you horny brats.”

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Even though what Aizawa said was stern and serious, he actually didn’t bring up the most horrid topic most adults feared. He was silently going through a crisis. That type of crisis parents go through when their kids ask where babies come from. Then they will have to tell that poor innocent child the reality of the human body and how mommy and daddy love each other veeeeery much. Aizawa felt like a parent. A sleep-deprived single parent struggling with a shit ton of problem children with different personalities. Makes it even worse that they’re in the generation where everything is a fucking meme. In the names of Toshinori Yagi, how is he going to go through this? Maybe this is the legendary karma he deserved for creating the Dekublog, his intentions because he wanted the class to suffer and fight for Midoriya’s cuteness. Can you really blame him, though? Class A was getting a little bit more friendly and less drama, and his petty instincts knew that was a no-no.


Karma aside, he spent the next few days learning from textbooks, websites, and his fellow coworkers about sexual education. Present Mic happily gave him details which made Aizawa question his entire life choices. Midnight Lady, the kinky badass, told Aizawa the types of rules and regulations for BDSM which made Aizawa stop her rambling. “This is the basics of sexual education; not your daily BDSM porn website,” were his exact words to Midnight. 


He regretted actually asking that bastard of a ‘Number One’ hero. Toshinori telling him to ask Endeavour so the fire-quirk user wouldn’t feel left out made him mentally cringe in confusion. Yea he asked most of the teachers for advice, but why the hell will that sack of shit feel left out talking about the human body and sex?


But he asked him anyway, Endeavour’s speech was actually good… at the beginning. Not gonna lie, he had Aizawa for the first half. 


“Babies are made from the strongest and compatible partners. The strong male or female shall search for their destined partner, either by force or any other methods. I recommend forcing their family to comply. Then, after the unnecessary marriage vow, I prefer writing contracts, the two of you will fight for dominance. Then, you breed the woman into making several powerful quirk users. That’s how Shouto came to this world, but it was more by force.”


“Hello, police. I will like to make a report of a total jackass.”


Aizawa and Endeavour were in the courthouse days later, Endeavour put on trial for being a piece of shit and sent to rehab to fix his fucking standards of how babies are made. 


Aizawa submitted himself to rehab also. Listening to a fucking moron’s bullshit opinion and view could damage your intelligent and moral brain. 


A few days later, and it was five a.m. when Aizawa was released. Feeling even more tired but refreshed and pampered. He now has the confidence and power to face these little horny brats! So much power that he immediately unlocked the Class A’s dorm’s entrance, slamming it open and running to the kitchen. 


He trashed through the cabinets to find a metal pot and pan. He continued rampaging until he heard a loud slurp, turning around to see Tokoyami and Dark Shadow reading a book, Todoroki face planted on the table, and Momo slurping what he assumed was coffee. He nodded at them. Momo, Dark Shadow, and Tokoyami nodded back. 


“I expect you all in class.” He continued going through the cabinets, finding the metals and running to the boys’ side of the dorm first.






He kicked Mineta’s door open. “WAKE UP OR I SWEAR TO GOD I’LL SQUEEZE YOU TO GRAPE JUICE!” Then he saw that amount of disgust in Mineta’s room. Rehab really does wonders, instead of ripping the student’s continuously forming balls off of his head, Aizawa counted to ten and walked away from a shivering Mineta. 


He made it to Izuku’s room, softly knocking to enter. A room that a complete nerd would cream over. It’s an organized dorm room of action figures, All Might posters, study desks with study materials, Izuku’s gamer section, and Izuku’s twin size bed with covers of surprisingly not All Might. Aizawa forgot that a fanboy’s grandmother made fully knitted and comfy covers just for Izuku. Izuku eagerly gloated about the soft textures, sleeping like a baby, and feeling right at the home of a grandparent’s love. 


Sleeping like a baby indeed, Izuku’s usual mess of a hair was even messier, so fucking adorable. The side of his face was smushed into a pillow, freckled cheek being squished up as he softly snored. Aizawa felt like he was borderline trespassing, but he had to get this job done. So he sat on the side of Izuku’s bed, putting his palm on that curly hair and ruffling it. It took a few tries, apparently Izuku was a heavy sleeper, but Aizawa succeeds in waking the bunny. 


Fluffy bunny still filled with sleep sat up to blink at the teacher. He nodded after Aizawa told him what was the agenda for today, slipping out of the bed to prepare his uniform and materials to get ready for class. 


Aizawa wiped the tear off his face. Izuku was just too cute, he hoped that cuteness and innocence will still be there after he teaches the lesson. 


He caused an absolute hell of a morning for the boys. Waking up fucking shitting your pants because of loud bangs and clatters wasn’t the best. Put you through unnecessary adrenaline with your heart pumping too fast, it doesn’t feel great. 


Aizawa continued on to the girls’ dorm. Except for this time, he didn’t use the kitchen materials. A knock on all of their doors was good enough to wake them up and get them ready for class. He hummed, no wonder he’s a little bias. All the girls are mature and responsible queens (they go a little crazy for Izuku, but at least they have common sense), so of course he’ll treat them so differently from the boys. 


Aizawa made his merry way to return the kitchen products. Afterward, he went to the living room to address the tired yet fully uniformed students.


“I’ll be expecting you all in ten minutes. Be prepared, this is gonna be a wild one.” He went straight for the exit, ignoring Denki’s low groan turning to a flat out dramatic scream, and the others confused expressions.


Ten minutes went by very quickly. For by the time his alarm beeped, all the students were seated, looking dead inside and out of order. They should be fully prepared and trained for any scenarios of waking up early of sudden emergencies. They should already be focused on their urgent mission, not looking like Todoroki, who actually brought self-cooked pancakes in the classroom. The only reason why he didn’t tell the teen to throw them away was that he was offered one, but no one needed to know. Anyway, if these are the future generation’s heroes, horny teenagers face first on their desk and those close to falling out of their chairs, he doesn’t want ‘em. He could be on the floor having a stroke, and he’ll refuse to have Denki’s adult ass save him. 


“First of all, Midoriya Izuku, Yaoyorozu Momo, Fumikage Tokoyami, and Iida Tenya, thank you all for being fully awake for class. I respect y’all.” Iida waved his hands as a form of prideful embarrassment for being praised over something so small. The others gave small smiles of thankfulness while Bakugou growled, “Bullshit.”


Aizawa straightened up. Now is the time to give these little shits some knowledge. Spit out mad facts about sex.


“Today we’re talking about…” He grabbed the chalk to write three letters, spelling out a simple word. 


“Sex…” Sero said, giving a thousand-yard stare into an imaginary camera like he was on The Office. The students gasped as he uttered those words out. 


Aizawa slammed the chalk down, turning to the audience.


“Sex! S-E-X, SEX! SEEEEX! Who knows about sex? The birds and the bees!” 


Mineta raised his hand. A stare from Aizawa was all he needed to put his hand down. 


Bakugou actually raised his hand.


“I learned that a baby is delivered to the middle of town, and it’s a battle to the death between married couples to claim the baby! THE OLD HAG ACTUALLY FUCKING WON ME, HA!” He slapped his knee. 


Aizawa stared at the blonde in disbelief. 


Izuku, noticing the dead stare, pipped in, “It’s true, mom said Auntie Mistuki and Uncle Masaru fought with ease. Cleared any enemies in their way to claim their prize!”


Uraraka cried, “Oh Deku-kun, no honey.”


Sero shook his head. “You guys are pitiful, obviously we were made in the Baby Maker 2000!”


“SHUT YA STUPID ASS UP!” Bakugou snarked. Except, Bakugou, your belief was just as stupid as Sero’s. Both of you guys are stupid to believe such made-up stories. 


Asui croaked, retelling the whole cycle of how frogs were naturally birthed. Everyone nodded at her explanation, the frog cycle is a bit different from humans. There’s no way in hell they want to know how frog humans create and birth little froppies. 


Yuga sparkled, telling his story with pride. “Papa told me I was created with Sugar, Spice, and everything nice,” he looked both ways to see if any perpetrators would hear. He added, “Papa accidentally spilled some Chemical X in the mixing.”


Jirou wheezed, “Dude, you’re a Powerpuff girl.”


“IF THAT’S WHAT I AM, THEN THAT’S WHAT I AM! Haters wish they can sparkle like me!” 


Ashido rubbed her chin in thought. “I think mom told me I was birthed in a facility where humans dressed in white watched over me.”


Tokoyami, slamming his book with a UFO cover down, squawked. 


“Your parents adopted you from Area 51! Are you a time traveler? Was the Area 51 Raid a major success? I NEED ANSWERS!” Tokoyami so distracted didn’t see Dark Shadow silently grab the book and yeet it in the trash can like a basketball star. Tokoyami read enough conspiracy theories, and Ashido experiencing a midlife crisis was definitely enough. 


“SHUT UP! All of your stories are fake! Just so your parents can get away with telling the truth!”


Denki silently whimpered, “So I wasn’t made in the Build-a-Bear workshop?”






Aizawa rubbed his temples. What a legitimate mess and this was only the beginning.


“I’m just going to get to the point. When a male and female do sexual intercourse, which involves the penis entering the vagina, if the male is not wearing protection and he ejaculates inside, the woman’s egg is fertilized by the sperm and could now be labeled as pregnant.”


“UGGGH!” Sero and Kirishima stood up from their chairs, dramatic as hell walking away with disgust. Kirishima screamed out, “EEEEWW,” with Sero bending over to stare and scream at the floor, “WHAT THE FUCK!”


Some of the classmates who be on Instagram instantly knew of the meme and congratulated Kirishima and Sero for being fellow memesters. 


Aizawa sighed. “Yes yes. There are nine months of the woman going through so much carrying the child. Cravings, back pains, mood swings. Women are such tough creatures. Men, make sure you respect women, don’t be like Mineta.” 


The class sent Mineta the L for ‘loser’. Fucking dweeb, take the L.


“But let’s say there’s a couple around your age, they do unprotected sex, and the guy does an oopsie. Because the girl’s body is constantly changing, there’s a high chance the child might be premature, which will cause several struggles for the couple and their family. School for one will become much harder because you have to take care of a baby, you’re pretty much forced to become an adult, your family might see you different for being irresponsible, and etc. There are several issues of not having protective sex, so women, talk to your mother and doctor about getting birth control. Guys, wrap your willy before you get silly! 


Uraraka cried, whispering, “We have to be safe, D-Deku-kun.” Unfortunately, Izuku heard the stammer and stood up just to face Uraraka. Face filled with confusion as he stuttered, “W-WHAT?”


Aizawa decided to interject before shit could go down. He pulled out his credit card, fully black and solid like his soul.


“Let’s say this is my Virginity card-“ He glared at Mineta and Denki cackling.


“I found quite a suitable partner to be in a relationship with. We are very comfortable with each other, and we decided to talk about swiping the card.” He swiped his card in the air. Without his reasoning, they would’ve called their teacher delusional and crazy for swiping his card for nothing.


“After talking about my feelings and deeming myself ready, I am no longer a virgin, but I do not regret it. Your virginity card should be swiped when you’re ready, not by an asshole who doesn’t know rejection as an answer!”


“LADIES! There are growing results of sexual assault and sexual harassment because of thirsty men. No, you are not ‘asking for it’ based on how you’re dressed, no you shouldn’t remain silent in fear of that man’s life. If a man doesn’t know what no means, you ruin his fucking life! I’m sick of these poor women being afraid to live because of men who can’t keep their dicks in their pants! Be observant of your surroundings, keep your location on, always keep pepper spray on you, but I know you fully trained women can easily handle yourself. Just know that this is a cruel world!” 


From the moment he started talking to his last word, all of the girls were standing, clapping to his speech. He felt saddened that the girls had probably experienced the obnoxious harassment, and at their age, it makes him sick. But then he felt proud because some of the males were standing up clapping also. Izuku, Kirishima, Denki, Sero, and Ojirou standing. Watching Izuku stand with a serious expression, eyes slightly glassy, made Aizawa make up his next speech.


“Not only for women but men also! Men might not be experiencing harassment much, but if you do, do not be afraid to reach for help. No, it doesn’t make you a little bitch, you’re being a man by letting out your emotions and seeking help. Don’t let these horrible traditions of hiding your emotions stop you from telling others about your feelings!” 


Kirishima whooped about everyone being manly for letting out their feelings. While the class’ attention was set on Kirishima’s belief, Aizawa looked at a silent Bakugou. The blonde didn’t move an inch when he talked to the men; his crimson eyes were downcast, avoiding any attention. Bakugou must’ve felt eyes on him, for he raised his own to stare back at Aizawa. They had a silent conversation. If Bakugou needed to let anything off his chest, he has the BakuSquad, Izuku, and the U.A. staff to talk to. You’re not alone, Bakugou. 


Izuku putting a comforting hand on Bakugou’s shoulder was what made him break, his lip wobbling and his shoulders hunching. The silent sniffles were enough to alert everyone, and they ran over to the owner of those sniffles. Bakugou was squished with hugs from around, even Todoroki was patting his head, awkward it may be, they knew it was caring. 


Aizawa smiled at the scene. That right there was evidence for Bakugou to know that he had several friends to talk to. The group dispersed in screams when Izuku started pecking Bakugou’s cheek with kisses. Uraraka pulled Izuku away while Momo wiped Bakugou’s cheek with her handkerchief, stuffing it in her bra before Bakugou or anyone else could grab it. 


The class settled down after several minutes of Bakugou’s screeching and Uraraka practically trying to bleach Izuku’s lips. 


Aizawa continued. “Now that we have that out of the way. I’m going to tell you fools now, if you’re going to be thirsty, don’t be fucking noticeable. ‘They’ might be oblivious, but god damn show some respect!” Everyone knew exactly what Aizawa was talking about. Being totally dehydrated for Izuku. They felt ashamed that their own teacher could see their filthy ways. 


Todoroki raised his hand. “How should I claim this person’s heart?”


Aizawa shrugged. “Based on what their preference is, but taking them out on a date is a great start.” Being vague as ever, so Izuku wouldn’t get the gist. It was working because he sat there silently, just taking notes. 


Ojirou waggled his tail, asking the class, “What type of kinks do you think ‘they’ have?”


All the girls squealed. Uraraka with no shame answered, “I hope they have a strength kink! Cause I’m going to slam them on the bed! Going at it all night, no breaks, they’re going to take this fucking!”


“FUCK YEAH, ROUND FACE! EVEN WHEN THEY’RE SCREAMING IN PLEASURE, I’M NOT GOING TO STOP!” Bakugou started sweating out of horny excitement.


Kirishima started fanning himself, “Bara titties, I’ll snack on them titties.”


Asui, darling, don’t say i- “Think they’ll like my tongue?” Good god of mighty she said it. 


Momo stared at Deku’s mess of a hair while confessing, “I would like to make sweet love with them. Going slow even though they scream for more.”


Ashido started sweating. “God I didn’t know dominant women would be so hot.”


Izuku coughed to gain their attention. Face flushed while licking his plump lips as an act of nervousness. 


“You guys keep saying ‘they’, which is a very vague word. I’m assuming you all wouldn’t mind being with any human being. Since we’re so open about sexualities, I’m pansexual. I don’t care who I’m dating as long as they are committed and like me for who I am.” 


Everyone exploded. Jirou fainted onto the floor; Momo was wiping her joyful tears with the same handkerchief used to gather Izuku’s kisses.


Iida was scrubbing his glasses out of embarrassment; Todoroki started whispering plans for engagement. 


Dark Shadow soothed an emotionally panicking Tokoyami, who was excited that Izuku would date a bird-like him. Ojirou waggled his tail like an excited dog; Sato started designing wedding cakes for Izuku and his wedding. 


Shoji thought about manhandling Izuku into promising positions (thank god for the mask hiding his face). Aizawa saw Toru unbuttoning her shirt and demanded her to button it back up. Asui started explaining how frog humans were born. Koda started trembling with the excitement of Izuku pampering his pet bunnies. 


Uraraka accidentally hit her funny bone on the desk, flailing to the floor in a questioning position to soothe the awful sensation. 


Yuga promised to feed Izuku more exquisite cheese. Kirishima fanned himself harder, Denki prayed for strength and self-control. Bakugou just stared at Izuku. Ashido was squirming with a flush on her face. Sero cried, he just cried.


Last reaction was Mineta, and the nerd had his phone in front of his face, using it as a mirror to straighten his eyebrows. Deeming himself attractive, he hopped out of his seat to ‘try’ walking with style to Izuku’s desk. Somehow, he was able to hop high enough to sit on Izuku’s desk. He crossed his leg over the other, ‘trying’ to pose seductively.


“Haha, what’s up, ba-WAH!” Izuku stared at the wall as he pushed Mineta to the floor with no emotion or hesitation. The class awed, he’s fucking perfect. So fucking perfect, a baby boy who sees everyone (Mineta doesn’t count) as an equal and would love to get to know and grow in a relationship with. 


Iida, surprisingly, got out of his seat during class to walk over to Izuku. He pulled out his wallet, pulling out his card to give to Izuku. Izuku gasped in shock when Iida bowed saying, “Please take my V-card!”


“Oh, what the fuck.” Aizawa.


Everyone followed the stunt, pulling out their cards, be it credit or debit, putting it on Deku’s desk. Soon Deku’s desk was littered with cards, and he was surrounded by his classmates bowed to him. He doesn't know why, but he loves seeing people treating him like he was special. It made him feel wanted, needed, and the feeling made him feel quite hazy and flushed. He glanced at everyone’s faces, giving a wobbly smile.


“There’s only poor little me; I can’t handle all of you at once.” They gulped. Slut Izuku, Slut Izuku, Slut Izuku, Slut Izuku! Say it louder for the people in the back! SLUT IZU-


“OK! NEXT LESSON, EVERYBODY GET YOUR SHIT AND SIT DOWN!” Aizawa was not going to let that continue! God, he can smell the adolescence in this room! His heart kind of shattered that Izuku was just as bad as the others. He didn’t notice his actions, but he always seemed mind broken when he’s surrounded and devoured with praise and lust. He becomes accidentally sexy, too sexy for the teenagers to handle. Gosh, they’re too young; that’s the reason why he’s giving this lesson!


Everyone was seated and Aizawa coughed to clear out the awkwardness. 


“Since Izuku had brought it up, it is around this age where you start questioning your sexuality. Whatever you believe you are, and who you are into, know that you are accepted and loved. Don’t be ashamed, for this is normal. Don’t let crazy people tell you otherwise with their sick excuses. Once again, you can talk about it with the staff or your classmates.” The students gave him awe-inspiring looks and nodding at him like he was a role model or something. He huffed, these kids are going to be the death of him. 


“Any questions?” He glared at Sero to put his hand down. No one raised their hand.


“Great! Cause you’re about to take a test that is worth fifty percent of your grade!” He had Asui pass out the papers to the shocked classmates. Their shining eyes switching blank and betrayed. Aizawa chuckled and wiggled into his worm bag. 


He’s okay with chaos, as long as he’s the one creating and controlling it. Let karma be damned, he’ll put the class into chaos for a single corn ship. 


He didn’t even have time to dream about eternal sleep before he felt a paper landing on his face. His eyes opened to see Izuku smiling at him, the paper test completely filled out with liters of words. Aizawa gave him a silent questioning look as he skipped back to his desk. The paper test basically consisted of what they just went over, and other questions that involve human biology and common sense.


But shit if these morons believed anything their parents said, they were doomed from the start. He graded the paper with his eyes, too lazy to get out of his worm bag to grade on his desk. Having a pen to mention any errors wasn’t needed, for all of the questions were specifically answered with wonderful grammar. The correct answers, mind you. What the fuck, he said the test was filled with common sense, but why does Izuku know all of these things?


He looked up to see the greenhead smiling at him, a bit smug. “How?” 


Izuku continued beaming, so unbothered. “I learned all of these things when Tomura kidnapped me to take pictures of me! I was traumatized at first, but Toga and Twice doing a demonstration made it more funny than scary! Also, it was during the Deku Festival when Midnight and the third years taught me some interesting tips about handcuffs!” Uraraka accidentally hit her knee. 


Class A blew up, demanding answers to what exactly the League of Villains did to Izuku. Momo wondered if she should burn the contract Tomura and her negotiated. Asui and Uraraka teared up a bit, assuming the worst of their best friend Toga fiddling with Izuku. It’s funny that they completely ignored the known information about the third years, deciding that flaming the villains was good enough. The audacity. Remember when Aizawa said he loved controlling and creating chaos? Yeah, scratch that, he realized he’s way too old to be dealing with this shit. 


He sighed, wiggling to be further comfortable in his bag. “You made a one-hundred, problem child.” He laid back down, already to dreamland even while the class screamed even louder. 


Karma really was a bitch, but he guessed he deserved it.

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We truly live in a society. The horrifying, cruel, and tax returning society. For they displeased the perfect god they worship. The god that clearly established the law of all people of his citizens to receive an equal amount of screentime. Yet nay, they did not listen! They were too greedy for more of that brightening sunshine! Now they shall receive punishment for taking many other’s screen time! The worst punishment any piece of scum shall experience: Deku’s neglect. 


Hell, which the citizens had titled it, realized the neglect a few days after Deku’s e-girl marathon. Oof, now that made plenty attached to him. Anyway, he doesn’t necessarily avoid them perse; he just handles his duties like a bad bitch. Acknowledging no one while doing his notes, looking so hot and mysterious and cute. It pains them that he won’t acknowledge them! Instead, the prince started giving four lucky innocents all his attention. 


Kado, Sato, Ojirou, and Shoji.


Now it makes fucking sense. These four innocent and pure boys never had any screen time, and Deku is flipping sick of it! He needs more details and classification about the four boys, but he can’t do it when Bakugou is demanding a rematch, Uraraka wanting time to talk about love life with the girls, the BakuSquad recording his every move, and even Mineta needing more lessons about S.E.X. education! When asked why he didn’t contact Aizawa about this, purple gremlin’s exact words, “I need detailed, real-life presentations. I don’t want that old man. I need a beautiful, supple boy like you.” 




“You should’ve been fucking swallowed.” Obviously, Bakugou taking the munchkin to give him his daily punishment. We live in a society. 

It’s not that Deku minds all of the fun and attention. Except, he’s very serious about his hero analysis, and he gets antsy when a page of a hero has little details of their quirks, personality, skills and abilities, etc. Now ansty Deku is bad bitch Deku. Not giving anyone his worthwhile because he’s petty, and they had enough screen time. He’s pretty sure he’ll feel bad for ignoring them later on, but he seriously wants to know these four handsome good boys that deserve so much love, affection, and attention! 


Koda Koji. Shoji Mezo. Sato Rikido. Ojirou Mashirao. The four handsome gentlemen who deserved to be noticed and appreciated. Izuku will do his best to make them feel special! Not only is he doing this to gain more information about them, but because he truly wants to be closer with them. They’re classmates; he wants to be on a special and comforting level with all of his friends! The way Shoji willingly kept Izuku safe while he was injured at the camp, makes Izuku want to get to know him even more. Sato being such a beefy cuddle bear confirms Izuku’s theory of him being a stereotypical sweetheart bara husband with great bara titties. He doesn’t really have much entail about Ojirou, but he knows he’s a kind and caring person, thinking of others before himself. The type of person who will listen to your conversation while the rest of the gang doesn’t; the one who will wait for you to finish tying your shoelaces before continuing their walk. That’s the type of person Izuku naturally respect.


In Izuku’s opinion, Koda is the purest person he ever laid eyes on. Koda is literally a male version of Snow White, but better. He has the power to nicely order any kind of animal there is after befriending them. When they were at the drive-in safari as a field-trip, Bakugou and Denki were having a little tussle in the wagon. They ignored Aizawa’s screams to sit their ass down until they accidentally broke the back of the entrance gate, the same time the wagon hit a huge bump and out Koda went. Everyone screamed dramatically because they were in the section where there were tons of felines, specifically lions and cheetahs. Their screams died down to gasps of awe when Koda patiently let the big kitties circle him. Figuring out if he was prey, friend, or foe. They took a whiff of him, and they immediately started cuddling with him, purring while rubbing their floofy heads on him. The king of their pack let Koda ride on top of him, being led back to the wagon of whooping students, and a terrified Aizawa and tour guide. Izuku really enjoyed that memory, and it warms his heart that Koda is so pure and cute! Deku craves to know more about these underrated beauties!

And so he declared the four to hangout, even one-on-one bonding is great! 


They all were so shy when Deku was giving a lot of body contact. Either touching their arms to brag about their strength and muscle, groping their bodies to get a feel of their quirks use, shoot, even accidentally finding their sensitive spots had Deku amazed. Ojirou has the time of his life as Deku softly rubbed his tail, refusing to let go without gaining data, and they ended up in a tussle. Let’s just say that Deku won the battle by wrapping his legs around Ojirou’s waist and never letting go, like a true child. 


“I’m touching you all not only because I want to gain new intel but to determine if you guys are truly comfortable with being close to me. I am very comfortable with you all, and I would do anything to be personally close to you all. Let it be talking about personal things, quirks, everyday life, even cuddling is fine!”


Shoji, a bit hunched so you can’t see his eyes, stomped in front of Deku. 


“Mark your words.” And he enveloped Deku with his multiple arms, a nice cuddle hug. They didn’t really expect that. Shit, even the neglected students spying on the five didn’t expect that. Whoops, blown their cover, rip. 


“I grew up in a rough family. With traditions of the males being tough and strong, we do not express our emotions; it’s a habit staying to myself and never showing weakness or yearning for affection. Midoriya, is it okay if we can cuddle some more?” That was the first time they truly heard Shoji speak so much, personally even. Izuku felt his eyes stinging at the thought of Shoji never having that special someone to cry to. He’ll be damned if he won’t be there for Shoji! He willingly let Shoji guide him to the floor, so he is sitting in the lap of muscles. Izuku unconsciously let himself melt like a puddle on the body. Bara titties, absolutely exquisite. 


“I’m honored, Shoji. I’m loving this right now.” Everyone realized Izuku truly loves being intimate, maybe it’s a major fetish. A wonderful, cute, and spicy fetish. Those adjectives based on who he is getting touchy with. Kirishima and him hugging each other with bro hugs? Fucking pure as fuck, everyone will go blind looking at the two suns beam at them. Ashido and Deku doing the tango together? Hot as fuck cause they’re both fucking beautiful and skilled as fuck with flexibility and acrobatics. Hopefully, Bakugou and Izuku cooking some food together, and Bakugou getting behind Deku to guide him on how to pour or cut something accurately, being so freaking gentle as he whispers in Deku’s reddened ear and press closer to his backside. UWU! IT’S UWU HOURS! That’s freaking steamy that the author is in tears imaging it. Where’s the EpiPen because bitches are about to get diabetes. 


Speaking of steamy, instead of crying about being ignored by their prince, they shall continue servicing their daily Dekublog, with new pics of boss ass bitch Deku. Gosh, the amounts of money people will throw just to see pictures of Deku look at someone with absolute boredom. Oh, the hurt, the absolute out-of-character trait! The ultimate punishment! Jokes on Deku, people enjoy being belittled and felt like trash. Only if it’s him making them feel that way. 


And thus it begins. Izuku, Koda, and the rest of the underappreciated gang occupied the living room. A wedding is currently going on, a bunny wedding! A cute green fluffy bunny and a white chunky bunny are at the hand-made aisle, sniffing each other while in their designated wedding outfits. Deku is the female green bunny’s bridesmaid because he said so. He’s dressed in a white suit his mother gave him a few months ago, who knew the opportunity to wear it is now! Koda is wearing a priest gown as he says the usual bunny wedding phrases. The rest of the three sat on the floor out of respect for the two soon-to-be-married couple. Sato sat in triumph at the beautiful sight of the cake he created for this special occasion. He’ll never forget the beautiful sight of Deku having white cream on his face. Also helping Koda create nice veggie treats for the bunnies’ reception. He’s in cloud nine. The cute bunnies are getting married, Izuku looking like a snack and a proud mother, and Koda is a happy man. Sato can see how happy and excited Koda is; he’s extremely happy for the guy. Everything is alright, nothing could go wrong.


It went wrong.

Who the fuck invited Neito in Class A’s dorm?


“Eh, what’s this? A bunny gathering? What a lame setup. CLASS B CAN MAKE ONE BETTER!” Izuku stilled at the comment, lips merging into a tight and fake smile. If the setup wasn’t created out of Ojirou’s, Koda’s, and Shoji’s hard work and dedication, he wouldn’t have held much emotion about the insult. Neito continued his way into the wedding, ruining the atmosphere by saying how Class B can do so much better. The bunnies’ outfit? Whack. Koda being a priest? Whack. Sato’s deserts? Neito has to admit they look dope and delicious as fuck but WHACK!




“Neito-kun,” Neito stopped to see Izuku standing in his personal space. An obvious pissed off expression with a few veins pulsing and his fists tightly clenched. Izuku’s eyes are curved shut like a smile, a deadly one.


“I usually tolerate your presence, but if you came here just to belittle someone’s amazing creations and ideas then I’ll advise you to leave before I do something out of character.” Neito felt his heart pick up speed and his stomach flutter. What is this feeling? Excitement and fear? He was always searching for the beauty who can stand up to him, put him in his place. Kendo often called him sadistic, and maybe she’s correct because he would love for Izuku to put him down on his knees. Stomp him as he begs for more. When Class A told Class B about Izuku’s bad bitch persona, he had to see it for himself, and god is he enjoying this. The menacing aura surrounding Izuku makes him seem dark and mysterious and powerful. Neito feels like a cockroach, a very happy pest. He’s in love! He wants to see more of this Izuku’s royalty persona! And he did so by pushing his buttons even further. 


“Your wha-ACK!” 


“Excuse me, everyone, while I take out the trash.” Ojirou gasped, a hand covering his opened mouth. Damn. Only the lowest of people like Mineta would be called literal garbage by their precious prince Midoriya Izuku. Sato grabbed the hat off his head to hold it against his chest like he’s at a funeral. Except Neito has a quite satisfied, blissed out, and droopy expression on his face. Oh, he enjoyed being manhandled by persona ferocious Izuku. We truly live in a society. 

Let’s just say Neito was thrown out of the building onto the concrete. Seconds later when Izuku left, Class A and B students came pouring out of the bushes and hiding spots to check on the boy. His eyes were rolled back in bliss, cheeks flushed, and drool slightly out of his mouth. A replica of hentai ew. 


Bakugou kicked him, “You requested this. Give us our fucking money you masochist.” Neito didn’t respond. TTTT tilted his head to the side in confusion. 


“Neito said this was free.” 


Momo professionally smiled, but they knew she wanted to go apeshit. 


“Heavens no! We are running a business! If someone has a commission and they received it, we expect to get paid. It’s just like artists having commissions and the buyer assuming they’re getting it for free, no indeed!” Momo laughed at the idiotic thought. A thought the unresponsive Neito had. For his request to enter the Class A’s dorm was for free. 


Uraraka patted the body down. Consent be damned she wants that money. 


“Nada. Broke. Canceled. Poor.”


“He shall receive punishment. The punishment is to lock him up in Mineta’s room with the other.” It was Sero’s time to shine, wrapping the blonde with good and sturdy tape, dragging the lifeless body to Mineta’s room. 


TTTT and Keido saluted the man. Hey, if he likes being handled and controlled, maybe he’ll enjoy the torture of the Grapehead. They’ll find out later.


Next is Shoji, and Izuku is quite thrilled about how much of a gentleman he is. He’ll open any door for him, offering to carry his belongings, and even give the most wonderful back massages! He’s like a butler! The best butler in the whole wide world!


Todoroki is silently crying. His head is resting on Momo’s lap as he whispered, “Am I a joke to you?” The girls continued comforting him. 


He’s a quiet gentleman. Yet unlike usual gentlemen, he is very touchy and loves making contact. This is why Izuku and he are often seen with Izuku wrapped up in his arms, sleeping peacefully with a content smile. Froppy croaked. Finally, someone understands how wonderful it is to sleep on Shoji! That mini-hibernation she had on Shoji slapped! However, Izuku let Shoji do whatever he wants that is intimate because he knows that’s how the tentacle man expresses his feelings. If he’s snatched up into a hug, he knows Shoji is in need of comfort. Shoji moving his arms everywhere like a doll proves he’s curious and playful. Now, something definitely surprising is when Shoji would wrap all of his arms around Izuku’s limbs, which Izuku isn’t sure what a blushed Shoji is feeling. Yet, it has to be something crazy if Ojirou and Sato choke with coughs and tell Shoji to get his mind out the gutter. That is very odd indeed! Then it made sense when Mineta exploded with 18+ situations of Shoji and Izuku tentacle intercourse… Izuku decided to ignore that outburst and continue being tentacle-handled with a mind-my-fucking-business attitude. Ignorance is bliss. 


All five of them are in the kitchen, for it is Sato’s and Ojirou’s screen time. Ojirou didn’t have anything planned, so all of them decided to do Sato’s most talented hobby together. Baking all types of tasty desserts! Yet there’s a catch, Izuku has to taste all of the desserts they create. Sato doesn’t bake much because of how busy they may be, so him offering all his sweets to Izuku makes him feel so blessed. The unknown is that Sato wants to fatten Izuku up in the thighs and butt area. Even though it’s nice enough, he’s a cultured man, and he shall not lose this opportunity!


“What type of desserts are you craving for Izuku?”


Izuku placed his elbows on the kitchen table, a hand under his chin to think about several desserts he wants to try. A certain adjective popped into his head, and he felt his throat become dry.


“Any dessert that is moist !” His voice went a little deeper at the end, but no one mentioned it. They haven’t heard that word in centuries. Ojirou crinkled his nose. Pronouncing that word sounds wrong on so many levels. 


Sweet and innocent Koda didn’t see the disgusted look on Ojirou’s face, and asked Deku, “Why do you want something moist ?” His voice was deep. 


Izuku wriggled around, butt poked out as he excitedly responded to bunny boy’s question.


“My throat is obviously parched, and I need something to moistened it.” He blinked those big doe eyes at Sato and licked his lips at the thought of several desserts that could maybe best Queen Inko’s baking. Oh my goodness. Sato gulped. The sexual tension is rising. 


Sato fastened his unicorn apron over his bara chest while screaming, “ MOIST DESSERTS COMING RIGHT UP!”




Shinsou and Denki laid on the living room couch, thinking about their life choices and how much of an embarrassment and disgrace they are. 


“So you’re telling me-“


“Yes...yes I did.”


“How and why?”


“I didn’t want anyone to know it was the holy sacred substances.”


“So you crushed it up, color dyed it white, and put it in a jar in one of the kitchen cabinets?”


“So people would assume it’s sugar…” Denki inched closer to Shinsou’s face.


“, but it’s not suggggggar.”


“We’re fucked.”




“Izuku, how much sugar would you like?”


“A lot! Make it very sweet but not too sweet!”


Sato opened the jar of sugar and sprinkled a satisfying amount in the mixed ingredients. A few more instructions and baking and this baby would be ready to be devoured!




Thirty minutes passed with Ashido and Sero watching Shinsou roast Denki into the ground. Something about losing their freshest and dope substances that even Snoop Dog would be disappointed.


Their attention switched over to the kitchen when loud banging of metal pots fell on the floor. They shuffled on over when they heard Deku laughing like a crazed but adorable man. Pinky, Pikachu, Spider-Man, and Aizawa’s son gave a peek inside the kitchen to see such an unholy sight! Their innocent prince was spooning a frozen shocked Koda, his freckled cheek rubbing against Koda’s like a cuddly cat. His shirt is on top of the pot railings, so he’s left with nothing but his booty shorts as he forcefully snuggled closer to Koda’s body. He’s like an over-affectionate cat.


Denki bristled with jealousy and shock. Heh, pun intended. He stomped over to the man receiving the goodies from Izuku, demanding answers.




Koda stared at him in shock. Then he looked at his companions. They just noticed their other three classmates laying against the cupboards just chilling it out. They seemed to be eating some moist cinnamon rolls while mumbling nonsense the crew couldn’t understand.


Shinsou stared at the scene until the sacred scent entered his nostrils. He exaggeratedly gasped while following the scent. Jumping over fallen kitchen chairs and sliding off the table to find the clear half empty ‘Sugar’ bottle lying on the floor. Shinsou’s lips puckered into an “oop” expression. He looked at the bottle, then at Deku’s loopy smile, then at Koda, who said, 


“Those cinnamon rolls...t-they did something to them!”


Ashido and Sero were patting the lucky guy on the back for getting Deku’s goodies on him. Anyone would die to get that precious beefcake on their hormonal teenage body! Except, Deku looks like he’s really fucked up. In a hot and seductive way, but he’s hella out of it. Laughing at Denki’s lame ass jokes and asking such intellectual questions.


Deku’s eyes widened in realization and crawled over to a silent Shoji and chuckling Sato. He sat on Shoji’s lap, attention on Sato while picking up a cinnamon bun. 


“Bro, if your leg gets cut off...will it hurt?”


Sato scrunched his eyes shut in thought. He gave Deku the most respectful but judging look.




“Deku fed Shoji a bun. He sincerely raised an eyebrow at beefman. “How though?”


“Fool, your leg got cut off.” Where was this conversation going?


“Where you gonna feel the pain?”


“In your le-...” Sato paused in deep thought and realization. Izuku anime chuckled. 


“Exactly bro! How you’re going to feel the pain when-“


“Your leg is gone! Brooo!”


“Big brain.” Izuku tapped his temple with a smug smirk on his face. Sato kept looking everywhere in complete shock.


“Where you’re gonna feel the pain??”


“Bruh.” Ashido. Denki bit his lips like a fuckboi and rubbed his hands together. 


“Actually, there is something called-“


“Shut the fuck up Denki! They wouldn’t be fucking high if you didn’t make our weed look like fucking sugar!”


“Oop.” Sero and Ashido puckered their lips, looked at Deku who is demanding for the gluten to be taken out of the gluten-free bread, at a shocked Denki, back to a tired Shinsou.


Holy fuck! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see Deku floating on Cloud Nine! Maybe even get him to do a bunch of crazy shit! They could totally get him to do anything, including their deepest fantasies (as long as it’s not something they’ll regret later)! They have to make sure Aizawa doesn’t catch them defiling the exposed bunny.


Ashido cackled, “THANK YOU, SNOOP DOG FOR GIVING US THIS WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY!” All of a sudden, they felt a holy sensation wash over them, and Snoop Dog floating in the sky, giving them a wink.


“The hell should we do with them? They’re all fucked up.” Shinsou asked. He can feel more dark circles forming underneath his eyes. 


Ashido cackled and skid over to pick up Deku princess style, the latter adorably giggling and asking for dinner first.


“I HAVE BEEN WANTING TO DO THIS FOR AGES! TRY AND FUCKING STOP ME I’LL GO CRAZY AAAAH GO STUPID!” After that, she went full speed towards the girl’s section of the dorms with Deku clutched in her arms. 


Sighing is the everyday thing Shinsou does when he’s with a Class 1-A student. Being around them is soul-sucking and tiring, eating up his already low social energy. He needs a fucking break. 


He went towards the table where the innocent batch of glistening cinnamon rolls is presented and began feasting on the delicious snack with a twist in it. 


He’ll rather be high as fuck then be involved with the upcoming chaos of Izuku and Class A. If his high ass could, maybe he’ll pop himself some popcorn and watch the chaos occur in his soon-to-become red eyes. 


How would Class A react? How would Iida feel? What will Uraraka do? Who is Class A? What is Class A? Why is Class A? What will they do with this much power?


No one knows...yet.