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Half-Cold, Half-Warm Bodies

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Todoroki Shouto: 7:40 am

Shouto ran. He wasn’t stupid, he’d heard the news, he understood the dangers of going to the hospital when a crisis of this degree was going on. Still, he was dead set on finding his mother and getting her the hell out of there.

The reports had said that the illness passed through re-animated dead bodies, a hospital would be the absolute worst place to be in at a time like this. He may have been putting off visiting her for the past decade, but he wasn’t about to let her get mauled by whatever managed to get through her door.

He ran through the near-abandoned streets, heart throbbing in his chest as he drew closer to the hospital. Images of his mother being hurt filled his head and he felt sick at the realization that he had yet to apologize to her.

The road leading up the hospital was a borderline war-zone, the whines of ambulances drowned out the groans of the undead. Vague nausea filling him, he vaulted over two bodies lying face down on the ground. His mother was his first priority, he had to ensure her safety and then he could help with the crisis management. Grimacing, his thoughts were pulled back to his father and how mad he’d be when he learned of Shouto’s disobedience.

Worrying about that could come later.

The glass doors of the hospital were already half broken, bleeding bodies writhing on the floor as they tried to reach out to him while he sprinted past. A trembling breath escaped him, frost swirling into the air in front of him. ‘They can’t be helped, they’re already dead,’ he convinced himself, suppressing the urge to reach out to them. ‘Mother is the priority, she’s the only one who matters right now.’

He ignored the elevator, the flickering lights in the hallway told him that relying on anything that depended on electricity wasn’t a good idea. The stairs were his best bet.

Turning sharply, he started up the stairs, taking them two or three at a time as he made his way to the floor she was on. He knew the slamming noises his feet were making were definitely attracting some unwanted attention, the groans from behind the second floor door were definitely a cause for concern.

The reality of the situation didn’t really hit him until he got to the third floor landing though, the upwards path was blocked by a pair of undead who immediately turned to face him. One’s mouth was absolutely covered in blood and viscera, the second one had a large hole in its neck. It was fairly obvious to see what happened amongst the pair, keen observation skills wasn’t really required. He grimaced again, face contorting into an even deeper frown as he heard banging from behind the door on the second floor. Ice pluming out from his hand, he launched himself overtop the two bodies’ heads, making a quick ice wall behind him as an afterthought as he continued up the flights.

He steadily ignored the faint sound of the second floor door slamming open, the sounds of more groans joining the pair on the stairs, and the faint crackling noises as they presumably threw themselves against the ice wall.

Luckily, he didn’t have to wait that much longer to see his mother, as she was staying on the fourth floor. He let out a small breath of relief as he left the stairwell, pushing the door to the hallway open. Instead of seeing a pristine pathway leading straight towards his mother's’ room, first thing he saw was what looked to be a half-dozen of the undead. Distantly, he realized he should have paid more attention to the noises that the hallway contained before running straight into it.

Aizawa-sensei always told them that an awareness of your surroundings was required in the hero business.

Ice coiling around his hand, he shot a blast at the feet of the crowding undead. ‘That should stop them from moving for now,’ he thought frantically, whipping around when the door behind him burst back open.

“They got in?!” He called out in alarm, mind brought back to the wall of ice he’d used to stop them before. It was a rushed job, definitely, but they’d have to almost hurt themselves with the intensity it’d take for them to break the ice wall with just their bodies.

He threw up another blast of ice to try and stop them from reaching him, turning again when he heard the crackling of the ice he’d just used to trap the other undead. Paling, he realized that the bodies just wrenched their feet from the ice, no aversion to pain at all. That explained a lot, but it also meant that he was at the distinct disadvantage here. He took a step back, away from the escaped beings. Eyes twitching from person to person as he tried to figure out his next step, his heart sank when he realized he was surrounded by them in every direction.

Even the ones he’d just frozen staggered their way towards him, half of them crawling because the weight of the ice had brought them to the floor.

A hand grabbing his ankle managed to startle a few flames out of him, the heat and light only making the undead try harder to get to him. Wrenching his foot from the grasp of the body, he let loose a torrent of ice over it, freezing it to the floor.

A lurching groan from behind alerted him to the next one that was closing in, in the small window of time it took him to freeze the one who’d grabbed him to the floor, the next one made it’s move. A firm grip wrenched his right arm out from behind, he let out a startled noise as fingernails dug into his forearm. Frantically, he tore his arm from the hand, eyes widening when he felt the nails manage to tear his skin through his shirt.

The undead didn’t give him a chance to dwell on it though, almost immediately after the first one grabbed his arm, he had another two on him.

“Shit!” He swore quickly, freezing the first one right as the new two managed to bite at him, red teeth already wet from whoever they’d bitten before. A scream tore its way out of his mouth as ice exploded from one side of him in an attempt to make them flinch away. One arm dripping with the blood of his skin tearing, and the other dripping with the combined blood of two bites, he tried to control his ice. The pain making it difficult to do so.

They were relentless, he took frantic breaths when he realized that no matter what he tried to do, they would still come after him unless he managed to immobilize them.

He didn’t even know if killing them a second time would be enough to stop them.

Their wheezes and groans were so loud he struggled to think, combined with the pain from the bites and scratches it made it almost impossible to focus.

Taking another step back, he managed to freeze a few of them, but another hand wrenching his ankle out from underneath him made him lose his balance.

Back hitting the tile floor, he wheezed, blocking his face with his arms as he threw more ice up, hoping to at least buy himself some time.

He should’ve known better, one of the crawling bodies from his first attack grabbed for his legs, holding it down as a few more dropped down closer, leaning over his calves. Frantically trying to kick them off, another scream left him when fresh bites tore into his legs.

Vision going red, he tried the last ditch effort of using his flames, gagging when the smell of burnt flesh hit him. A pathetic sounding noise left him when he saw the charred faces of the undead, faces still moving and jaws still snapping despite the burns that would’ve killed any normal person.

The last thing that crossed his mind before the bodies completely overwhelmed him was that he hadn’t made it to his mother.




Uraraka Ochako: 7:45 am

Ochako had no idea why Aizawa wouldn’t let them out of the hotel meeting room. She pouted, turning to Tsuyu, who just looked confused.

They were supposed to participate in a hero seminar! Not wait around in a musty meeting room while their teacher ran errands. Tsuyu’s voice brought her out of her internal monologue. “Ochako, do you have any idea why Aizawa-sensei is making us stay in the meeting room? It’s a bit weird that he had to leave that fast.” The other girl ended her sentence with a small ribbit as an afterthought, and she nodded in agreement.

“No clue, it’s a little bit annoying, but I can guess that he had some important business.” She sighed, feeling put out.

Tsuyu opened her mouth to respond again, when Kaminari’s loud cry from the front of the room drew their attention. “You guys!” He yelled, shaking a little black rectangle in the air. “I found the T.V. remote!” She giggled despite herself, eyes shifting to Kirishima when he responded.

“Dude, Aizawa-sensei said that the only shows on this thing are news channels.” His amused voice rang out, the rest of her classmates attention shifting to the ongoing conversation as well.

“Better than nothing!” Was his easy response as he sat on the desk, clicking the T.V. on without a care. She smiled faintly, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear as she watched the channel switch to a recent news report.

Her smile quickly fell and was replaced with a look of dread when she realized what was being reported on. Voices rang up around her, demanding Kaminari to turn it up, as they all scanned the subtitles for information.

The unsteady voice of the news reporter filled the room. “At approximately seven am this morning, the first reports of reanimated corpses were called into the police department. It is unknown how this phenomenon started, but it’s said to be a disease. The illness this developed from is passed through bites, shared blood contact, or occasionally through spores. While no more methods of contamination are known, civilians are advised to watch out for other methods.” Ochako leaned against the table for support, swallowing thickly when videos of the event were flashed on screen.

“The effect that quirks have on the illness is unknown as of right now. It’s been discovered that the epicenter of the disease was in Musutafu, where it quickly spread to Hosu and ended up infecting thousands within the first few hours.”

She stared blankly at the screen, barely able to register the report. It seemed too outlandish. Reanimated corpses? Did that mean that there were just dead people walking around the city, biting others?! She was about to ask, but Yaoyorozu’s soft voice filled the room, the horror apparent in her voice, “Todoroki is still in Musutafu, he was supposed to tag along with his father in the next day or so.”

The room went silent, the information settling as the news report continued to drone on in the background. “Number of casualties is unknown, civilians are recommended to make their way to safe houses, if they are unable to do so, they are instructed to stay in their homes until further notice.”

Bakugou tore through the quiet with a sharp snort. “That half-and-half bastard better not fucking die, I’m not gonna get to the top of the class in some half-assed way like that. That fucking asshole better wait and watch the fuck out, because if he ends up being a little bitch, then dead things aren’t gonna be the only stuff he has to fucking worry about.” The blond looked confident, not even frazzled about the things they’d just heard.

She knew that his words were meant to be a challenge, but they were oddly comforting. Realistically, if any of them were to manage to make it out of Musutafu and be fine, it would be Todoroki.

She took a deep breath, clenching her fists in an attempt to ground herself. Todoroki was fine, he’d be okay.

Letting the air back out in a strong gust, she steadied herself. Well, at least now they knew why Aizawa had had to leave all of a sudden.




Midoriya Izuku: 8:05 am

Izuku panted heavily, running through the chaotic streets and into an alleyway, relief threatening to take him over when he saw a tall metal ladder leading to the roofs of one of the buildings.

He’d been on his way to class when everything just went bad.

Turning back to look at the entrance of the alleyway, he paled when he saw the two staggering women trailing after him. Initially when he first saw them he’d tried to offer help, but seeing that one of them was missing half her face and that the other one had a distinct lack of skin covering her torso, he’d been quick to take off in the other direction.

The fact that they’d decided to follow him was absolutely terrifying and if he wasn’t currently in a life threatening situation, he’d be curled up in a ball, crying.

Starting up the ladder, he took a moment to close his eyes and thank the deity that had to be watching over him that he decided to start working out.

He hadn’t been able to apply to Yuuei, the fact that he lacked a quirk had made that a bit obvious, but the workout routine he’d started in an attempt to distract himself from the disappointment was paying off. He didn’t know exactly how fast these things could go, but it was clear that they had a decent amount of stamina from how the women had been able to keep up.

Groans from beneath him drew his attention and he grimaced, feeling bad as the women pawed up at him. He couldn’t stop though, it was obvious that if they got to him that nothing good was going to happen.

With a short huff, he pulled himself up the final rung of the ladder, grabbing the side of the building and pulling himself the rest of the way up.

Finally reaching the roof of the building, he allowed himself a moment's pause. Breathing deeply, he looked around. The space was barren, which was good because it lacked dead people, but bad because that meant that it also lacked supplies of any sort. But it was close enough to the surrounding structures that if he wanted to, he could jump from rooftop to rooftop with no problem. So there was a relatively easy out if he couldn’t go back down the ladder.

Now that he was able to think clearly, he suppressed the tears that threatened to fall from his eyes. Sniffing loudly, he grabbed his own arms tightly, trying to steady himself as he thought of his situation. “Okay,” he started, quietly talking to himself. “Something bad is happening to the city,” several rounds of explosions from down the street punctuated the end of his thought and a full body flinch tore through him.

The tears dripped down from his eyes and he frantically wiped them away, he could cry when he managed to get to somewhere safer. He shook his head in an attempt to clear it, digging in his backpack for his phone.

He could at least check the news or something, hopefully his mom had called him earlier. She couldn’t text, only call on the home phone, because a few weeks ago she’d busted it on the concrete outside their apartment. If she was still at the house then they could actually talk, but if she wasn’t then he was out of luck.

A sigh of relief left him, shoulders slumping when he saw the small notification. Clicking on it, he teared up again when he heard her soft voice.

“Izuku, I know you already left for school, but please don’t go there! Try to go to a safe house! The news says that it’s too dangerous to be out in other places right now, apparently some sort of illness is going around? Anyway, please try to go to the one next to the Yuuei building, it’s where I’m going to.” He winced, realizing for the upteenth time that he shouldn’t leave his ringer off. His mother continued, “if you call Bakugou, please tell him that his parents are with me! I know you two aren't on the best of terms, but I also know that you were probably already going to check up with him.”

Sheepishly, he realized that she was right about that. Him and Kacchan hadn’t had many interactions since high school began, and they’d left middle school on a sour note. That didn’t stop him from being worried about him though. “P-Please be okay sweetie, remember, go the safe house by the Yuuei building.” He felt tears drip down his cheeks as she drew a trembling breath. “I love you honey.” The message ended with a click, bringing his hand down from his ear, he gasped in an unsteady breath.

His house was closer than the safe house right now, going there should be the first thing he’d do. When he got there, he could check the news and find the quickest way to the Yuuei building.

“But,” he said to himself, hearing the moans and wails from the street beneath him. “That might be a little bit harder than I’m anticipating it to be.” Still, he steeled his resolve, “I’m not going to leave my mom alone unless I can’t help it.”




Midoriya Inko: 8:05 am

Inko sat next to Mitsuki and Masaru, smiling a bit as she saw Mitsuki give Masaru a lopsided grin. “Our boy is fine! If anything I’d worry about whatever fuckers try to go after him! Besides, Tokyo isn’t even overrun yet!”

She sat up straighter at that, face shifting into an expression of shock. “Really? Your son’s in Tokyo right now?” She didn’t miss the small smile of thanks that Masaru gave her, obviously overwhelmed by his wife’s boisterous presence.

Mitsuki turned to her, fierce smile on her face. “Yep! The little shit is on a field trip with Yuuei, something about a hero conference. At first I was happy to get him out of the house, the brat’s been blowing shit up like you wouldn’t believe it Inko. Now I’m just glad he’s out of town and safe.” She couldn’t help but smile at the other woman’s enthusiasm, but her grin melted off after a few seconds.

Reaching her hand up to the side of her face, she cupped her cheek in worry. “Izuku was going to school this morning, and when I called him to tell him where we were, he didn’t answer.” She got sympathetic looks at that, even a few sad noises from the surrounding people who were listening in. “He’s a persistent boy, but I can’t help but be worried. The news is just terrible, I can’t even imagine what I’d do if he gets caught up in all of that.”

Masaru gave her a soft look, “Izuku is a smart kid, I’m sure he’ll be fine. You’ve mentioned how he’s always on that phone of his, looking at news. He’s probably already seen the reports and is on his way here.”

Mitsuki nodded, clapping her on the shoulder. “He’ll be fine Inko! He is Hisashi’s son after all, if he doesn’t get into at least a few life threatening situations it wouldn’t make sense!”

She gave a soft laugh, nodding along with them as Mitsuki changed the topic and began another tirade on the “dumbass whores” at her job that she interacted with.

The happy mood stopped as soon as the announcement blared out, mechanical voice overtaking the loud speakers. “Everyone, please remain calm. This is just an update to the situation, we will be moving to another safe area within the hour. The area has been deemed unsafe, too many infected individuals within the area have forced us to choose the option of relocation. Gather your permitted items and be ready for the notification to leave for the exits.” Whatever small chatter had been going on in the room immediately stopped as the details of the update sunk in.

Her mind automatically went to Izuku, who she’d called and actually urged to come to the Yuuei safe house, and how he had no idea of the fact that they were being relocated. Her face must’ve pulled some sort of bad expression, because Mitsuki squeezed her shoulder in comfort. “Izuku is a smart kid, he’ll pull through.”

She just nodded blearily, vision swimming as tears welled in her eyes.

Her son was smart, but if he had no idea where she was, there was no way they could find each other. For all she knew, they were going into a completely different city.

Masaru rubbed her back as she broke down into tears, while Mitsuki whispered words of encouragement.

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Midoriya Izuku: 10:45 am

Carefully picking his way down the side of the building, he grimaced. Yeah, it had been necessary to go to a different roof and find a clearer way down, but the fact that most buildings lacked ladders to get down hadn’t really hit him until now. He gripped the gutters, barely hanging on with his fingertips, as he settled himself onto the ledge underneath it.

Thank goodness for window ledges being things that existed.

He turned, letting out a sigh of relief when he saw the alleyway was still clear. Bracing himself, he jumped the last few feet down, a small huff of air escaping him at the impact.

Checking his surroundings one last time, he began creeping forward to the entrance of the alleyway. Chewing his bottom lip, he wracked his mind to remember the observations of the people that he’d made.

He’d noticed that whenever there was noise, they walked towards it. They weren’t able to go faster than a slight jog at most, they tended to have slow reaction times, and they would actively try to go after you if you got too close.

Izuku grimaced, he knew he could definitely outrun them if push came to shove, but he didn’t want to put himself in a bad position to begin with. Imagining the outcome of getting caught in between one group while running from another was making his stomach hurt.

Fighting back against them would also be a problem, he wasn’t sure exactly what they were. The news reports had said that they were dead, reanimated corpses, and that made sense.

They definitely smelled like corpses, and some of the wounds he’d seen were without a doubt fatal.

He couldn’t help the small itch of doubt that was forming at the back of his mind though. Dismissing them as dead just seemed wrong, he wasn’t about to walk into a crowd of them and offer to call medical services for them or anything, but thinking of them as mindless bodies was disturbing.

If he was going to believe the talk of them being dead, then he wanted to at least know the cause of it. For all they knew, this could just be some sort of quirk in effect and they weren’t actually just mindless cadavers.

Or he could be completely wrong and they were actually lifeless puppets who were being controlled by some sort of undiscovered parasite. That was also a possibility.

He’d already taken stock of the materials he had, just the supplies in his backpack, few of which were actually useful. There was nothing he could use to fight back, as much as he really didn’t want to, so for now he’d have to be careful and just lay low while he tried to get through the group.

The groans from the people in the streets were disturbing, easing his way onto the road, he breathed another, quieter, sigh of relief when they didn’t notice him. It looked like the only senses they could really rely on was their sight and hearing, definitely a benefit to him.

A sad frown forced its way onto his face when he saw how they just meandered around, he sped up a bit, still keeping quiet, as he watched for any signs that they’d noticed him.

Tears pricked the corners of his eyes when he saw a small child walking near the center of the group, but he continued on. It was breathtakingly sad but he couldn’t break down in the middle of the street.

He kept to the far side of the pathway, left side almost scraping against the buildings as he eased forward. It was slow going, but everything was going okay.

Or at least it was, until a small group of undead that had been concentrated around thirty feet in front of him shifted to block his path in the street. Breath catching in his throat, he turned back around to look at where he just came from. His heart sank when he noticed that roughly a block behind him, two undead were standing in the path as well, having wandered there after he’d left.

Mind racing, he took stock of the things he had. ‘I can’t fight back right now, but if they’re attracted to noise, then it’s reasonable to assume that they’re attracted to any type of noise and not just sounds specific to humans.’ Slowly, he eased his backpack of, quietly muffling the zipper as he opened it up. With a slight wince, he pulled out his history textbook, muffling the zipping noise as he closed the backpack again. ‘I can throw this, it’ll catch their attention and hopefully they’ll walk towards it.’

So, with slight guilt, he threw the book as far as he could, back towards where he’d just walked from. It hit the side of a building on the opposite side of the road, the loud smack sounding displaced amongst the quiet moans of the undead.

With a morbid curiosity, he watched as their heads all simultaneously shot up, facing where the textbook had landed on the ground. The groans all stopped for a brief second, Izuku looked carefully from side to side, heart pounding as he tried to figure out what was going on.

Then the growling started.

Eyes wide in terror, he watched as the group began shifting, the undead taking lurching steps towards the textbook. Their normal shuffling from before was replaced by the alarmingly frantic movements that they used in an attempt to get to the book as fast as they could. Growling filled the street, a few even letting out the occasional sharp yell as they advanced.

Swallowing thickly, he looked at where the new path had cleared up and began easing towards it. He steadily ignored the wailing growls that were filling the street as the undead stumbled against each other in an attempt to find what made the noise.

He breathed a silent sigh of relief when he reached the intersection, sparing a look back at where he was, he saw that the undead were still crowded around where he’d thrown the textbook. A short look around the intersection made it clear that the area had fewer undead, which played to his advantage.

Starting down the path to his home, a trembling smile graced his face. Hopefully he could make it home with less trouble now, especially now that he knew that their attraction to noise could be used to his advantage.

That's when the shrill ringing that told him someone was calling him came from his phone.

His blood ran cold as ice when he saw the undead perk their heads up and stare at him with their unnervingly blank eyes.

Scrambling to grab his phone, he couldn’t even spare a glance at the contact before answering it in a desperate attempt to get the ringing to stop.

Hearing the groans and wails of the undead start up again as they began to lurch after him, he started running down the road, trying to get out of the situation as fast as he could.

It was when he heard a voice on the other end of the line that he hadn’t heard in months that his eyes widened even further than they already were. He faintly wondered just how weird this day could get before the sun went down.




Bakugou Katsuki: 10:50 am

Katsuki grimaced, everyone was fucking running around like a goddamn chicken with its head cut off. He didn’t get it, they’d already called their parents and found out they were fine, if anything he should’ve been the one who was stressed out. A few months ago he’d ended up blocking his parents numbers when his mom called him to nag him over something or his dad texted him to warn him that his mom was about to nag him over something.

Plus, most of the assholes in class weren’t even from Musutafu or Hosu, he knew that the gravity bitch had been one of the ones that moved into the city from further out.

When Kirishima sat down heavily in the seat next to him, he bit back a groan. The other noticed his mood but just smiled, what a dick. “Dude, we’re just going around and asking everyone if they have the number of someone in the cities. I know your parents are in Musutafu, you must have their numbers right? Can you call them and ask them how it is over there?”

“I don’t have their numbers.” He growled out, shoulders stiffening from the wince that passed through most of the class at that. He whirled on them, “don’t fucking listen in on conversations that don’t fucking involve you! Don’t fucking pity me either, my parents aren’t fucking stupid, they’re fine.”

Kirishima just put his hands up in the air, acting like he hadn’t been one of the jackasses that winced. “Okay, okay. You still went to school in Musutafu right? Do you have any numbers from old classmates?”

Katsuki squinted, “why the fuck do you want to call someone in that city so bad?”

Kaminari butted into the conversation with a loud “dude!” Katsuki looked over at him, raising an eyebrow as he waved his hands in the air for emphasis. “Because while the news is reporting it, it’d be cooler to see some close ups! All we have so far are just some blurry candids that they took from the news helicopter, if you know someone in the city we can get better pictures from them.”

He was going to tell him to fuck off, but Yaoyorozu started speaking before he was able to. “Bakugou, if you don’t want to call anyone then it’s fine. We were just curious about it and we already tried to call Todoroki, which didn’t work.”

He let out a loud sigh and began digging around in his bag. A few cheers from around the class only pissed him off more, “before you fucking ask about who this guy is, just remember that I’m not friends with him.” He really didn’t want to call that fucking Deku, but the only number he had that belonged to someone in Musutafu was from him.

“If you’re not friends then why do you have his number?” Came Kirishima’s amused voice.

He just grunted, tapping through his contacts a bit harder than he had to. “Our parents are friends or some shit, I’ve known his useless ass since before I was in diapers.” A hum of confirmation from Kirishima told him that the asshole didn’t believe him one bit.

The room was silent as the phone rang out, he set it to speaker mode unprompted because he knew that Kaminari would’ve bitched if he hadn’t.

It took a few rings before it clicked, “hey, Deku.” Katsuki demanded immediately after the call connected. “Aren’t you still in the city?”

There was a brief fumbling noise from the other side, Katsuki squinted, annoyed, as he finally responded. “K-Kacchan?!”

He would’ve called Kaminari and Sero out for laughing about it, but he was focused on trying to puzzle out why Deku sounded like he was panting. “Answer my fucking question, loser.” He bit out, ignoring the laughs for now. Those jackasses would pay for it later.

A strained laugh came from the other side and he straightened a bit in his seat, not liking the sound of that. “W-Well, you s-see, uh, y-you kind of called at a b-bad time Kacchan.”

The laughter from the class stopped, Katsuki felt himself tense when he heard what sounded like growling on the other side of the phone. No fucking way.

“Where the fuck are you?” He gritted out, the concerned murmurs from around the room were pissing him off.

“W-Well you see, I was uh, on my way to school before I got sidetracked by everything and um, I was sneaking past a group of them after I threw a textbook at a wall, uh, because I realized that sound distracts them.” Deku was talking in those longass run on sentences he did when he was stressed out, but Katsuki couldn't find it in him to tell him to hurry it the fuck up. “And uh, I got past them, but then you called and now I might have a few after me.”

No one responded, they listened carefully as the faint sounds of growling grew in volume. Katsuki’s hand trembled, “you fucking dumbass! Why the fuck were you out in the first place?! You’re fucking quirkless! Those undead assholes will fucking kill you!” Half the class gasped when they found out that piece of information, at least they could fucking comprehend that Deku was a useless piece of shit.

“I was going to school! I was out before the announcement was made!” Deku argued back, gasping as something happened.

“What?!” Katsuki yelled into the receiver, ignoring the horrified expressions of his classmates.

“Sorry! I just remembered that I listened to the message my mom left me! Your parents are okay, Kacchan!” Katsuki grimaced, that fucking loser. For a few moments the only sounds that came from the phone were his pants, the sound of his shoes slamming against the concrete, and the groans of the undead. “Wait, where are you? Are you at the safe house with your parents?”

Katsuki squinted, annoyed, “I’m in Tokyo for school.” If this asshole kept on trying to have a conversation while he was being chased by undead people then Katsuki was going to hang the fuck up.

“Wow! For a Yuuei thing?” Goddamn.

“Deku, I’m not fucking catching up with you while you’re running from dead people who want to fucking eat you.” Despite the heated situation, Kaminari fucking snorted. Dick.

“Oh yeah, sorry.” Katsuki pressed his fingers into his temples, dealing with Deku made him feel so fucking weary.

“Why is he apologizing?” Uraraka murmured from the side, jumping when Katsuki whirled on her.

“Because he’s a fucking shitnerd!” He yelled, earning a confused “what?” from the phone.

She looked like she was about to respond, but a loud thud and short scream from Deku forced their attention back to the phone. Most of the class jumped, Katsuki was man enough to admit that he did too, ball-head actually fucking screamed in response though.

“What the fuck happened?!” He yelled into the receiver, clenching his fists so hard that his fingernails left indents in his palms.

“One of them came out of an alleyway last second and I bumped into them!” Deku panted, sounding like he was about to fucking cry. “He didn’t bite me but now more are after me because they heard me scream.”

Katsuki was about to interrupt, but Deku just barreled on. “I can’t keep on running, they’re not fast but they’re going to get me eventually just because there’s so many of them. I have an idea though, so get ready, it might sound bad for a few seconds, but hopefully it’ll work.”

A soft “this is fucked, dude” came from Kirishima, Katsuki didn’t have the energy to turn on him and tell him to shut up.

There was a loud inhale from the phone, followed by half a dozen loud metallic thuds and a few grunts that made the whole class cringe. He waited until there was a pause in the noises to speak. “What the fuck was that?” His voice didn’t even sound like his own, it was calm and strained as he demanded an answer.

Deku’s smile could be heard in his words, “I jumped on the top of a car, it was a little bit harder to climb onto it than I thought it would be, but I’m on the roof now. They can’t reach me up here.” An audible sigh rose up from the class, quickly being broken by a feminine wail coming through the phone. Katsuki narrowed his eyes, what the fuck?

Kirishima beat him to the punch, “d-dude, what was that?” His voice was faint as it wavered, unsteady as a disturbed look covered the redhead’s face.

“Oh, sometimes they scream.” Came Deku’s easy answer. Sometimes they scream, he said, as if he was talking about the fucking weather. Why did everyone that Katsuki knows feel the need to be a fucking weirdo? “Wait, who are you?” Deku questioned after a second.

“Classmate,” Katsuki gritted out, not liking the metallic scraping sound from the phone. “What the fuck is happening now?”

“They’re clawing at the sides of the car,” Deku answered, curious tone bleeding into his voice. “They’re not trying to get on top though, I think a few of them are trying to shake it too, so I’m squatting down lower.” Oh no, please no. Fuck, Katsuki was not in the mood right now. He could hear it in the other’s voice, it was lowering into a mumble.

“I can’t tell if they’re capable of teamwork or if it’s more of a pack mentality. None of them are using their quirks to try and get to me, it’s particularly strange to see that. I figured that at least a few would try, but none of them besides the mutation quirks are being used, and even then they’re just using them to push on and scratch at the car.” Not a fucking Deku rant, not right now. “I’m also curious about the sound thing, I’m much quieter now compared to before, but they’re still trying to get to me. I feel like since I’m in their direct line of sight, they’re going to try harder to get to me, but,” Deku paused, setting the phone down with a clunk. “Sorry, I just want to test something.”

Looks like Deku still didn’t learn how to shut the fuck up. The entire class looked mildly bewildered at his comments, a few even looked disturbed.

The sound of a zipper came through the phone. “I’ll try to throw a book to get their attention, I did that last time and it worked, but they weren’t already distracted by outside stimulus, so it’ll be an interesting test.”

“Deku,” Katsuki deadpanned, trying to stay calm and avoid screaming. Who knew whether the nerd had his phone on speaker or not. “One, stop treating this like a goddamn science experiment. You’re on a fucking car in the middle of a mob of dead people who want to eat your fucking face. Two,” he sighed, rubbing his eyebrows. “Throw the book at another car to set the alarm off so you can fucking leave.”

The phone was silent for a few moments, the whole class looked bewildered at his comments. He didn’t give a fuck, so what? He wasn’t in the mood to hear Deku get fucking murdered.

Today at least, he wasn’t in the mood to hear him get murdered today.

“Kacchan, you’re so smart!” Deku finally responded and he groaned, dragging his hand over his face. Of course he fucking was, did the nerd forget the fact that they’d always been the top two students in class?

“Wait,” Kaminari interjected, drawing their attention. “Before you do that, can you take a picture and send it to us?” Katsuki’s eyebrow twitched. He hated his class so fucking much that it burned.

“Uh, s-sure I guess?” There was a soft click as Deku pressed his home button, “I don’t know why you guys would want a picture though.”

“Most of us fucking don’t, that guy’s just a fucking idiot.” He growled, hearing the phone app click as Deku took a few pictures.

He was kind of apprehensive to see the pictures, if he was being blatantly honest with himself. He wasn’t about to admit that out loud though.

A text notification came from his phone, Katsuki moved to open it, seeing the green line on the top of his phone that told him the call was still ongoing. There were three pictures, his dumbass classmates leaning over his shoulders so they could see them.

He clicked on the first one, making it larger so he could see just what the fuck was happening over there.

The gasp from his classmates was almost simultaneous, Kaminari actually having to look away from the photos he’d asked for. Katsuki squinted, suppressing the nausea to take advantage of the better look at the undead. He didn’t exactly expect dead people to look pretty, but the injuries most of them had were absolutely fucking disgusting.

There was one guy who lacked his entire bottom jaw.

Overall though, they looked pretty similar to each other. There were variants of wounds, yeah of fucking course there was, but they all had the same vacant look and their mouths were all open as they tried to grab at Deku.

Speaking of them grabbing at Deku, it looked like there were dozens of them around that one car. The angle at which the picture was taken made it look like the car was about to be overtaken. A few of their fingers were long enough to creep up the corners of the roof, but none of them were able to completely reach him though. While that was good, but the fact of the matter was that if the car alarm plan didn’t work, then there was no fucking way that Deku was going to make if off the car without being mauled.

The other photos were just taken from different angles, proving his point about Deku being surrounded.

“Did you guys get them?” Deku’s voice came through the speaker, reminding him that the call was ongoing.

“What the fuck do you think?” He answered shortly, ignoring the small half-laugh that Deku made.

“Okay, that’s good I guess.” There was a brief pause, the sound of a backpack zipper opening and closing could barely be heard over the groans of the undead. “I-I’ll have to hang up now, if I’m doing the book thing and it works, I need to be as quiet as I can while I get away.”

Before Katsuki could berate him for his stupidity, Uraraka interrupted him. “What if it doesn’t work? Will you call us back?” Who the fuck was “us”? It was Katsuki’s fucking phone.

“Oh, uh, sure! B-But please don’t call me back, I can call you. It was lucky that I was around an area where there weren’t that many. If there were more in the direction where I was going I would probably be one of them right now.” Deku’s voice was sad and the room was silent for a brief moment.

“Fine,” Katsuki responded, voice harsh. “Give us a fucking time period, how long will it take for you to call back?”

“Uh, maybe an hour? I need to get to my apartment first, I have to go slow because of the undead though so that’s why it’ll take so long.” There was a pregnant pause before Deku continued. “I guess if I don’t call in around three hours then you can assume the worst?”

The confidence in his tone was fucking astounding. Really, it sounded like Deku was surprised he’d made it as long as he did.

“Hey, asshole,” Katsuki barked, watching half his classmates flinch. “You’re already a fucking useless loser while you’re alive, do you know how worthless you’d be if you died?” Kirishima started to say something, resting a hand on his shoulder which Katsuki just slapped off. “You’re a whiny little shitnerd with no fucking quirk, if you get caught again you’re going to fucking die.”

There was silence on the other side of the line before Deku responded, sounding incredulous. “K-Kacchan, are you worried?”

With an abruptness that surprised even himself, Katsuki hung up the phone, slamming it down on the table so hard that a crack spiderwebbed its way across his screen. He felt the stares of his classmates on his back. “I guess we have to wait now.” He ground his teeth together, scowl forcing its way onto his face as he sat back into his seat in a more relaxed position. Ashido got into his face, slamming her hands on the table as she looked at him in a panic.

“Bakugou?! You hung up! What the hell dude?!”

“Fuck off,” he grumbled, grabbing his phone and picking at the new cracks. “It’s my fucking phone, I’ll do whatever I damn well please.”

She huffed, her clothes shifted as she presumably crossed her arms. “Well what are we supposed to do now? We can’t call your friend back because he asked us not to.”

“I guess we’ll just have to fucking wait for him to call back then.” Katsuki grumbled back, setting his phone back down on the table as he geared up for what would probably be one of the longest hours of his life.




Midoriya Izuku: 11:03

Izuku stared at his phone in confusion, mild regret bubbling up. “I shouldn’t have said that last part.” He murmured to himself, putting his phone back in his pocket as he reached for the textbook. With a short huff he threw it, wincing as it hurtled through the windshield of a smaller car. He hadn’t meant to do that.

The alarm went off though, and to his relief it caught the attention of the undead. ‘So as long as something is loud enough to get their attention, it’ll draw them away?’ He thought quietly to himself, watching as the crowd regrouped around the new car. A few stragglers were left around the car that he was on top of, but once they noticed that the other undead had left, they began making their way towards the new car.

A pack mentality? It looked like they preferred to stick in groups when “hunting” for things. When they were less active it looked like they liked being by themselves. Kinda strange.

Taking extra care to be quiet, he slid off the roof of the car and onto the hood, inching his way down far enough that he could hop off without there being noise.

A soundless sigh of relief left him, Kacchan really was smart. If he hadn’t taken his advice, he would’ve just tried to jump onto the window sill of the business that the car was parked by and crossed his fingers in hopes that he wouldn't fall back down.

With a steadying breath, he prepared himself for the long walk that getting to his apartment would no doubt take.




Midoriya Izuku: 11:57 am

Izuku smiled weakly, grabbing for the handrail as he stumbled up the stairs to his apartment. Nothing too bad had happened, he’d only lost a few more books as he’d made his way home. A cursory glance at his phone told him that it’d only taken the better part of an hour to get home, right near his estimations. It was now near midday, ironically he’d gotten home right in time for lunch.

He’d call Kacchan as soon as he got into the apartment, they probably wouldn’t want to hear him wheezing his way up the stairs.

The fourth floor was where he was going, so with care that he’d learned from his experiences outside, he made his way slowly up the stairwell.

The narrow walls drew his attention upwards, squinting as he looked at the flights above him. Normally, his apartment building was a warm place. Soft conversations from long time neighbors echoing through the hallways as the laughs of the occasional child could be heard.

Now though, it felt like all the previous warmth and happiness had been drained from the complex.

The normal feeling of the cool, calming concrete that made soft noises as he stepped on it had turned into a harsh staccato rhythm as he continued up the steps. Drawing slow, even breaths, he walked in a near silence as he kept an ear out for anything strange.

If anything, the weirdness came from the lack of any noise beyond his echoing footsteps.

He bit his bottom lip, suddenly apprehensive as he forced himself on. Evacuation had gone into effect, it wasn’t exactly like he should expect there to be noise and laughs and drawn out conversations between the ladies in rooms 378 and 381.

He knew that, but knowing that it shouldn’t be there didn’t make it any less strange.

With a small sigh, he found himself standing in front of his apartment. The door looked just as it had when he’d left this morning. Realistically, it wasn’t as if there should be any direct outward change in appearance, but it still felt like a world’s difference.

Steeling himself, he pushed the door open, entering the living room with a firm look on his face.

Again, no obvious change in appearance, but as he locked the front door behind him, he couldn’t escape the foreboding feeling that was taking over the apartment complex.

Setting down his backpack with unnecessary gentleness, he sat down in the kitchen and pulled his phone out. Redialing Kacchan’s number, he exhaled deeply, relief at making it home safe crashed over him in a huge wave as the ringing tone began.




Kirishima Eijirou: 11:04 am

If there was one thing that 1-A wasn’t, it would be patient.

The fact that they’d managed to stay in the stuffy meeting room while waiting for the announcement without completely panicking and running out to do something was a borderline miracle. Kirishima was honestly just grateful that Bakugou hadn’t exploded yet.

The first fifteen minutes of waiting passed without any concern, if the guy called back that early then it would just be strange.

Thirty minutes passed, Kirishima let himself get a little bit concerned, but it was no big deal. The guy mentioned that it’d take around an hour for him to get back to them. He was fine, nothing too bad could’ve happened.

Forty minutes dragged by and Kirishima’s hands were beginning to clam up as he bit his lip in frustration. Kaminari cracked some sort of joke that he laughed half-heartedly at, appreciating his friend’s positive attitude, but couldn’t really find it in himself to do much other than respond weakly.

By the fifty minute mark, Bakugou slammed his hands on one of the tables, making them all flinch at the show of aggression. “That fucking asshole is running out of time, if he doesn’t fucking call I’m going to kick his ass.” For all his talk about how he hated the guy, Kirishima knew that Bakugou had to be at least a little bit worried.

Him and Ashido shared a concerned look, the girl looking less and less like her normal happy-go-lucky self as the seconds ticked by.

At the fifty third minute, Kirishima felt a bead of sweat drip down the back of his neck as Bakugou fumed, pacing around the room. The blond looked like he was struggling, his aggressiveness when he checked his phone for updates was the only tell that Kirishima needed. So, he steeled his nerves and stepped up to the other, putting a firm hand on his shoulder. “Bakugou, dude, it’ll be okay. He said expect the worst by the three hour mark. He can be a little late and still be alright! He’s got time!”

The absolutely enraged expression that the blond wore threw him off a bit, but he wasn’t about to let go. Bakugou opened his mouth, probably to tell him to fuck off or something like that, but the shrill sound of his phone ringing cut him off.

Everyone in the class turned towards the phone, Bakugou wrenching himself from Kirishima’s grip as he answered, setting the phone to speaker mode. When the guy’s upbeat voice filled the room, Kirishima slumped in relief, sitting down in one of the seats. “H-Hi Kacchan! S-Sorry for calling so close to the time limit, I’m home now though! I wasn’t bitten or anything like that, so everything’s okay!” There was a painfully awkward laugh at the end of that that they all pretty much ignored in favor of sighing in relief.

Thank God.

Bakugou responded with a sharp “who gives a fuck?” Before he demanded to know how the other managed to get back.

“Your plan worked great Kacchan! I got off the car pretty easily and after that I only had to use a few more things to distract the undead with before I got back to my apartment complex.” The guy sounded absolutely thrilled, it would’ve been a bit strange if Kirishima didn’t think that he’d be overjoyed to be alive if he was caught in the same position.

“Of course my fucking plan worked, what else did you expect?” Bakugou griped, sitting down heavily in one of the seats. There was a brief pause as no one spoke, Bakugou broke the silence with another question. “What are you gonna fucking do now?”

A noise that Kirishima couldn’t really place came from the other side as Deku, was that what Bakugou called him? Tried to figure out how to respond.

“Well, I guess I was planning on staying here for a while, and then go back out to the safe area where my mom said she was sent to.” Deku murmured, before perking back up again. “If I can get there,” most of the class winced at that, “I can put your parents on the phone and you guys can speak!”

Bakugou only grumbled at that, not really putting any effort in telling the guy to fuck off, so it was clear that he at least appreciated the gesture.

The conversation continued on for a few more minutes, becoming progressively more and more stilted until Bakugou decided to close with another question. “How far away is the fucking safe zone or whatever the hell it is that you’re going to?”

“Uh,” there were brief shuffling sounds on the other side as Deku looked for something. The crinkling sounds of paper wasn’t much help for Kirishima to figure out what it was. “Oh! T-The map says that it should be around thirty minutes away!”

Fuck. Kirishima grimaced, Kaminari letting out a low whistle as he heard that. The boy went on, not sounding off put at all, just mildly curious. “It’s not too bad, but that’s how it should be on a normal day. Considering how careful I’m going to have to be, and how many back roads I’m going to take,” a humming noise came from the phone as the boy tried to figure out the calculations. “Uh, I’d say that the trip would take around three hours? Four if I’m being extra careful and probably five if I run into any major trouble!”

The low “oooh” that rose from the class was simultaneous, it was clear that the guy heard it, because he quickly added. “I-It’ll be fine! The undead seem to be pretty docile unless they’re actively hunting or going after you, and they seem not to even really care about you unless they hear you or you bump into them!” Another strained laugh came from the phone, which Bakugou quickly cut off.

“When the fuck are you leaving your apartment?” The bothered tone that the words carried was all Kirishima needed to hear to know Bakugou was having a rough time. He didn’t even necessarily have to like the Deku guy, just knowing that someone you’d apparently known since before you were in diapers was in danger would be a bit overwhelming for anyone.

“M-Maybe in an hour or so? Do you want me to call you before I leave?” Deku asked softly, his voice tinny and thin as it came through the speakers.

Bakugou huffed at that, leaning his seat back and kicking his feet onto the table. “Just text me, I’m not gonna waste my time on another fucking call.” That was, actually a good idea. It meant that Deku could text them whenever he wanted to, it would definitely be a much more effective way for the groups to communicate.

The thrilled agreement that the guy gave him made it clear that he thought the same.

The call stopped with a quiet click, the silence that followed was filled with much more ease and peace of mind than the one that came after the last call had ended. Kirishima grinned, looks like this whole situation was looking up, at least a little bit.

Chapter Text

Midoriya Izuku: 12:46 pm

The hour of time he allowed himself was almost up. With a short sigh, he zipped up his backpack. Finding useful supplies in the apartment wasn’t too hard, but fitting them all into a single backpack was a different matter.

Right now he was just grateful for the fact that they had a few first aid kits lying around, his mom was a nurse so she knew the virtues of having medical supplies around the apartment. Especially since he was so prone to, ah, accidents as a child.

They had a bit of an excess in burn salve now that him and Kacchan went to different schools.

Most of the kits had their own container, so he just shoved the smallest one into the bottom of his backpack. After triple-checking to make sure that there was enough gauze and a few sets of sterile gloves, he set off.

The street near the apartment was relatively clear, but he was still careful as he walked out towards the direction the map suggested. He’d try and take the quickest route, but as soon as it looked like there was going to be trouble, he’d turn around take the back roads.

Grimacing, he realized he forgot to text Kacchan that he’d left the apartment. Dipping into an alleyway, he shot off a quick text, the phone vibrating as it sent.

Turning the phone on vibrate was probably going to be something that saved him if he was being honest.

He waited for the received message to pop up, smiling softly as it did just that. The three dots that told him that Kacchan was going to respond came up before disappearing a few seconds later. Shaking his head in mild exasperation, Izuku stepped back out into the street. If Kacchan preferred to wait until he was able to talk again, that was fine with him.

He kept close to the building walls like he’d done earlier, eyes flickering from undead to undead as they stumbled around. Unless they had something to go after, they just kind of roamed aimlessly.

A frown crossed his face as he thought of that, what was the point of reanimated corpses if they didn’t do much other than chase only when specifically prompted to? It didn’t make sense for there to be an illness that depended on the spread of illness, but made it so the carriers had such a low drive to transmit it. His curiosity quickly shifted to panic as he turned a street corner. What looked to be dozens of undead were standing in an alleyway, light green spores clinging to the air around them.

Groans continuously poured from the group, but only one or two undead actually looked at him as he stood there. Carefully, he stepped back to the corner he’d just came from. Shooting a brief glance at the door of one of the shops. “I’ll just go in there, grab a surgical mask from the kit, and retrace my steps to find a good backroad.” Izuku whispered to himself as he strode towards the door, goosebumps trailing up his arms as one of the undead screamed.

He had a sinking feeling that that would never become any less terrifying.

The door opened with a soft click, a gentle chiming tone coming from the bell above the door. Despite the neutral atmosphere, it was clear to see what happened. No attacks of any sort, really, but the half eaten food of the cafe, along with abandoned bags told him that the customers had evacuated almost immediately.

Izuku grimaced, closing the door behind him as he walked to the nearest clean table. Undoing the zipper, he rifled through the kit until he found what he was looking for. It wasn’t anything flashy, but the surgical mask would cover his nose and mouth and make it so he could still breathe without worrying about the spores.

If he got out of the first situation without being bitten, but ended up being turned into one of them by breathing in spores, Kacchan would never let him hear the end of it.

A few moments of looking at the map told him that there was another street that would take him to where he needed to go. When the little inch/mile marker told him that it was almost seven miles longer than the other way, he groaned.

Better than nothing at least.




Midoriya Izuku: 2:25 pm

The backroad was thinner than the main roads, definitely, but as long as it was kept relatively clear he’d be able to make a break for it if the situation arose. Alleyways were good for some things, but if it came down to how safe they were to go through, Izuku would never want to step foot in one during a situation like this.

That was once place where maps weren’t particularly useful, it was hard to tell the size of the road they suggested to go down.

“The population density of these areas is smaller, the time of day the event happened at could have had some effect too.” he murmured to himself. “It happened during the morning, people were definitely commuting to work or already at their jobs in the more crowded shopping districts and roads.”

Talking to himself was a bad habit, but it made him feel a little bit better to hear his own voice as everything was going on.




Midoriya Izuku: 3:47 pm

The road unceremoniously dumped him back onto the main street after a few more miles, Izuku was just relieved that the area was less crowded than the other road he could’ve had to go on. Some spores lazily drifted in the breeze, his hand moved to adjust his mask as he continued on. The map told him that he only had a few miles to go, and the time on his phone said that he’d been walking for roughly three hours.

A shaky smile covered his face, thoughts of seeing him mom filled his head and he struggled to resist the urge to run straight through the streets.

He had to be careful, these things were attracted to noise.

So, using as much self control as he could muster, he inched through the streets. He’d made sure to pack glass bottles this time around, so if he needed to get out it would be easier to draw attention to the noise. Glass shattering should be much more effective than a book thumping against a wall.

Readying himself was the easiest part about this situation, actually deciding how to feel go about doing anything was the real challenge.

He was prepared, but the prospect of walking past the hospital on the way to the school was terrifying.

Izuku bit his lip, hands wrapping around the backpack straps as the building came into his vision. Injured and sick were treated at hospitals, so assuming that there would be a large number of undead was just natural.

EMTs and paramedics most likely brought dozens of sick or injured here, unaware of what was going to happen.

So, taking the time to be extra careful, he walked up to the building, eyes trailing on the massive structure as he continued.

His eyes scanned the streets, widening briefly as he saw a figure standing in the middle of the road.

The boy looked to be his age, white hair framing his face as he stared dully at the hospital. Izuku swallowed heavily, was he in shock? It certainly seemed that way, the boy looked like he'd gotten into some sort of confrontation. Izuku knew that he probably didn't look all too good himself so he brushed it off.

He steeled himself, setting his face into a firm frown as he advanced. He had to at least ask if he was okay. He was already on his way to Yuuei, he could take the boy with him and get him whatever help he needed. Besides, if the boy had been bitten, or was some sort of undead, then he would at least be trailing around and groaning. Certainly not standing in the middle of the road, stock-still and staring at the hospital with a blank expression.

With that thought, he advanced, taking more confident strides as he made his way to the boy.




Todoroki Shouto: ???

He was confused.

The images didn’t connect, dull pain throbbed throughout his entire body as he blinked blearily. That was, that was a building. He knew it was important but figuring out why was impossible.

Memories of what felt like fire pouring across his face burned its way into his mind and he groaned, confusion and hurt and pain ran through him and he didn’t know what to do.

He was hungry.

He was so hungry that it hurt and all he wanted to do was eat.

Another groan left him and he swayed, vision unfocusing as the building blurred.

Noises against the ground came from his left and he stilled, heavy eyelids drooping over dry eyes as the noise drew closer.

More noises joined the first one, it took him a few moments to connect the second noise to talking.

Memories of his hunger came back in full force and he swayed again.

He turned to face the source of the words just as a hand wrapped around his arm.

Harsh hands tearing at his arms and leaving deep, painful red marks as he screamed, unable to do anything as he was completely overwhelme-

The pressure was light, but he still groaned in pain as he was shifted to face whatever touched him.

His eyes refocused and caught onto the rapid movement as the person as it let go of his arm, skittering away as its chest heaved.

He remembered breathing, and tried to copy it as the person, boy it was a boy some small voice deep in his mind reminded him, was gasping for air in front of him. A stuttering groan left him as stale air petered from his lungs.

He watched as its eyes widened, green, the same voice suggested quietly. They were green and big and he liked them.

He didn’t like what was on its face.

Another breath left him as he raised his same arm towards its face.

It hurt it hurt so bad, there was no way they could be that strong but they way they tore through his shirt told him that they were and he just wished it was over.

His fingers twitched as the boy drew further away, ears barely picking up on the rapid heartbeat as the boy scrambled for what was on his back.

He was confused.

He took a short step forward, waiting for when the green eyes would connect with his own again.

What color were his own eyes?

He hoped they were green too.

He heard the boy sigh as he grabbed something. He followed the boy and the movement of his arms as he held something up.

It was clear and small and he had no idea what it was.

The boy threw it and he groaned, ears ringing as it shattered against the ground.

Every instinct told him to go after it, it was loud and food and good and it would help.

But he just watched the boy, taking in the way the thing on his face shifted and how his eyes were even wider than before.

The boy didn’t want that though, he made an upset noise as he turned around.

He raised his arm to try and reach at the boy again, a noise of sadness leaving him as he watched the boy run in another direction.

He watched it leave, the realization that he’d stopped feeling hungry in its presence only crossing his mind as it returned in full force.

He groaned, instead of turning back to face the hospital, he looked at the direction in which the boy had left.

He wanted to see him again.




Midoriya Izuku: 3:55 pm

Izuku’s heart pounded in his chest as he ran towards where the school should be, only slowing down when he realized that running made noise and noise attracted the undead.

‘Not all the undead,’ his mind unhelpfully supplied. A grimace stole its way across his face as he slowed to a walk.

That boy, he hadn’t shown any signs of going towards the noise.

He couldn’t chalk it up to it being interested in him, as the other undead had left when it heard the other noise. Maybe there were different people who were more interested in hunting than in real noise? That wouldn’t make sense though, why hadn’t there been many in the first group that he’d lured away then? It was obvious that whatever observations he'd made about the undead before didn't apply to all of them.

Also, why did the boy look strangely familiar? Had Izuku seen him before?

He shook his head, shoving the thoughts from his mind as the school entered his field of vision.

A weak smile crossed his face, he threw a second bottle away from the entrance, watching as the undead shuffled away from the front gate and towards the noise.

‘As they should’, the unwanted thought crossed his mind and he shoved it away again as he stepped up to the front gate, eyes widening as he saw the sign.

Immediately, his heart sank when he read the words.

“To All Who May Approach This Location: The Yuuei location of safe housing has been evacuated to central Tokyo. Recommendations on how to proceed have been given in a flyer format and can be found posted underneath this board. We apologise for any inconvenience and urge readers to be cautious when following the advice in the flyers.”


The groans of the undead off to the side urged him to hurry up, he quickly grabbed a flyer and stuffed it into his pocket.

Hands trembling and breathing uneven, he swallowed thickly and stumbled back through the streets, anxiety threatening to overwhelm him as the severity of the situation hit him. Fuck, it looked like he was alone for this one.

He just hoped that his mom was in Tokyo right now.




Bakugou Katsuki: 2:14 pm

Katsuki watched the news, it wasn't like there was much else to fucking do. Aizawa still wasn’t back yet and they still weren’t permitted to leave the room.

The news was spouting the same shit, stuff about how the citizens were the primary focus and how potential cures were being constructed right now. Just the type of bullshit that was expected from an organization that was just trying to keep panic down.

Then the news shifted to a live video feed of the prime minister. Katsuki shifted, now this seemed like something that was actually important. Conversation in the room stilled as the minister's voice filled the room.

“An unfortunate incident has occurred this morning. While our nation is in deep mourning for every life lost, it is also important to take care of the lives that remain.” The man shuffled his papers as he continued on. “Safe areas and houses have been evacuated to Tokyo, Cementoss is working on creating a wall to barricade the two cities affected until a cure can be found. Other heroes and civilians with cement or stone based powers are participating in the barricade.”

Katsuki stood, staring at the television as the man spoke on. “We are not abandoning our Hosu and Musutafu citizens, regular travels into the cities to evacuate survivors will occur. However, we cannot simply allow the illness to spread. Keeping it isolated to those two areas is all we can do at the moment. Once a cure is discovered and manufactured, the barricade will be taken down and doctors will work to help everyone they can. As of right now, we cannot do much beyond staying strong and hoping for the best.”

Cameras flashed, reporters all yelling as the Minister was led off the stage. The camera cut to a wide shot of Cementoss putting up an immense barricade, half the class gasping as they saw it go up.

Shit, fuck, if the places had already been evacuated, then that meant that Deku was in the fucking city. He looked at the clock, face twisting into a snarl as the time read that roughly an hour and a half had passed since the last text.

That fucking meant that the nerd was going on a goddamn trip to nowhere. The journey would be pointless because it was already too fucking late.

None of his classmates reprimanded him as he screamed, blasting explosions into the table. Even the fucking goody two shoes class president said jack shit as he yelled.

Of all the fucking people to get stuck in the city, it just had to be useless Deku.

The fact that they had to fucking wait for him to text first was just icing on the fucking cake.




Midoriya Izuku: 6:54 pm

Izuku panted, grimacing as the sun began to set. He’d had to pull himself onto the roof of one of the main street buildings. Run-ins with the undead were bad, but run ins with mobs were even worse.

He peered over the street, frowning as he saw the undead mill about. Travelling from rooftop was way more difficult than just walking through the streets, but it would probably be better if he did it like this. At least until tomorrow, with the sun setting he didn’t really want to test his theory that the undead were attracted to light.

He’d had to make half a dozen more detours on the return journey than the initial one. He was over the five hour time limit by roughly two hours, and he hadn’t been able to call.

Maybe he should start to take longer times into account, it seemed almost like the undead were more active the later it got. Were they nocturnal or something?

Well, he could think about differences in biology later, right now there was something more pressing that he had to attend to. Guiltily, he grabbed his phone from his pocket, the least he could do was text Kacchan and apologize for worrying him.

No notifications popped up and he smiled lightly, thankful that the other had been careful and kept his promise to not call or text first.

Quickly, he typed out a long string of apologies and explanations, hitting send after nearly three minutes of clarification.

He hoped that Kacchan didn’t mind receiving paragraphs.

The read sign appeared almost immediately, Izuku blinked as a message actually popped back.

“Fucking call instead of sending a long ass paragraph you useless piece of shit.”

Okay, so maybe Kacchan did mind receiving long texts.

He listened to what the other requested, clicking the call button and almost flinching when it was immediately picked up. The phone wasn’t even on speaker mode, but he could still hear the others screams from it as he held it away from his face.

“You complete fucking dipshit! You called two fucking hours late, are you dead or something?! Because I know there’s no fucking way that your ass would actually fucking decide to call late!” He laughed awkwardly, vaguely hearing Kacchan’s classmates tell him to stop screaming. Bringing the phone up to his mouth, he responded weakly.

“S-Sorry Kacchan, I didn’t expect it to t-take that long.” He sighed, eyes pricking as tears threatened to come out. “Plus, the Yuuei place was evacuated, s-so I have to head back to my house.”

The phone was quiet for a few moments before Kacchan spoke again, his voice was quieter, but his tone was still mad. “Yeah? What the fuck are you going to do about it?” The challenge in his voice was clear and Izuku closed his eyes, feeling a spark of anger rise in his chest as he responded in suit.

“I’m going to go home, and I’m going to sleep.” At this point, he would just deal with it tomorrow.

He squinted at the sunset, watching the colors change as Kacchan’s incredulous voice came from the phone. “”Go home and sleep?” What the fuck Deku?! You useless shithead, you’re fucking giving up, aren't you?!”

Izuku took a deep breath, feeling the bottles in his backpack clink together as he exhaled. “Kacchan, I’m not giving up, but if I wanted to, it would be my choice and not yours.” There was something exhilarating about standing up for yourself, but Izuku could dwell on that later.

Right now, he was focusing on the sudden increase of movement down on the streets. He squinted, were the undead becoming more active? Maybe his nocturnal theory would be able to hold itself up to testing.

But what would it mean for him if it was true?

Kacchan’s enraged voice was back, but the only thing Izuku could focus on was the one undead who was now looking up at him.

A sinking feeling filled him and he whispered harshly, “Kacchan, please be quiet! I think something’s happening!” He scolded, the silence following his statement was abrupt, so he guiltily added. “I’m pretty sure the undead are nocturnal, they’ve become a bit more active. I’m on a roof though, so I should be fine as long as I stay up here.”

For a few minutes, the streets were silent, save for the occasional groan from one of the undead.

But then the sun set the last few inches, and the long shadows of the buildings covered the people in the streets.

Almost immediately, sharp cries rang out from the city, echoing through the streets as the undead changed .

His shoulders stiffened, jolting from where he was perched as he saw their postures shift from their neutral look to a more predator-like one. They’d hunched, groans shifting and turning into cries that increased in volume as they staggered through the streets.

He swallowed thickly, whispering into the phone. “They’ve definitely changed. I’m sure the sickness causes them to become more active at night.” The shift was almost simultaneous, the sun went down and the screaming started.

There had definitely been infrequent yells during the day, but this was just insane.

The same undead who had been looking at him before the sun completely disappeared had lurched as she heard his voice and he flinched.

He watched, horrified as she ran, throwing herself at the side of the building in her attempt to get to him.

Her screaming drew the attention of others, who quickly came to her aid.

The fact that each one of them ran was terrifying, whispered questions frantically came from the phone, but he couldn’t find it in himself to respond.

Even if they ran, that wasn’t necessarily dangerous, it was only when one of the new undead used its quirk, that Izuku felt true terror.

Frantically, he stepped back and away from the edge. “They use their quirks at night!” Was all he was able to stage whisper before the screaming turned into shrieks of rage as he disappeared from their line of sight.

Thinking quickly, he turned and ran, talking into the phone as he did so. “I have to hang up but I’ll call you later Kacchan bye!”

Izuku threw the phone into his pocket, shutting it off, unable to wait for a response as he ran. Knowing he probably shouldn’t, he looked behind him to see just what was happening.

Long strands of prehensile hair whipped around the sides of the building, gangly and uncoordinated, just as he made the jump to the next roof. A hand, pale and bloodstained, grasped at the corner of the building.

His heart thudded in his chest as he turned back to the front, praying that the limit to how far the hair could go wasn’t anywhere close to where he was.

Getting home was already difficult, how was he supposed to be able to do it now that it sounded like half the city was after him?

He grit his teeth and shut his eyes, steeling himself for a brief moment before he opened them again. He was going to do this, he was going to be okay, and he was going to get home safely.

He couldn’t roll over and give up if there was still a chance for him to see his mother.

Chapter Text

Midoriya Izuku: 6:56 pm

He couldn’t waste time thinking about the noise he was making as he clambered from rooftop to rooftop. The screams of the undead that trailed him were loud enough that even if he was silent, the entire population of undead would still be on his tail.

His chest heaved as he ran, knees threatening to buckle when the thought that he may end up getting caught struck him.

The skyline was getting darker and darker, he had to try to keep from tripping over his own feet as he kept on.

The building was solid underneath him, but as he watched a woman pull herself over the side of the roof nearly twenty feet in front of him it felt like the desperate grasp on the situation he’d had was torn from him.

Electric grey eyes twisted his way, nearly making him trip over himself as the woman opened her mouth. The wail that left her was so loud he had to gasp, bringing his hands up to cup his ears as he stumbled, trying to keep up his pace. Rapid movement from the woman forced him to readjust.

Shoes skidding, he braced himself for the attack, the woman’s shrieking lulling in favor of charging him, arms outstretched as she aimed for his chest.

Later he’d blame it on adrenaline, a heat of the moment occurrence, but when she stretched her arm out to grab him he snatched her forearm. Distantly, he noted the lightly glowing freckles that dusted her arms. The wet breath that ghosted across the back of his neck was what reminded him that he had other company.

He stumbled forward, dragging the woman with him as she screamed, bringing her other arm up to strike him. Heart hammering, he didn't give her the chance.

Yanking her further off her center of balance, he turned, face to face with a man whose skin looked like it had ivy rapidly growing underneath it. The man lunged, the ivy burst forth, the woman screamed, and Izuku did the only thing he could think of. He shoved the lady towards the man, watching them stumble and trip, effectively causing the other undead behind them to fall as well.

Hearing the shrieks of anger and seeing them scramble to free themselves, Izuku shook himself from his stupor, continuing down the row of roofs with new vigor.

If he was anywhere near where he thought he was, getting back home shouldn’t take too much longer.




Bakugou Katsuki: 7:08 pm

Their class had moved out of the meeting room a long time ago, right now Katsuki would’ve fucking preferred to be in the stuffy room, because at least that fucking place had a bigass TV that had access to news channels.

Now that they’d been moved to a hotel, they’d resorted to crowding in front of the small room TVs as the reporter frantically ad-libbed a report.

Why they were crowding in him and Kirishima’s room, he had no fucking idea. Every room had a TV in the corner, it wasn’t like this bullshit was necessary. After Deku’d hung up there’d pretty much been a fucking rush for people to try and find a goddamn remote.

That had been a few minutes ago, the report had been ongoing for a while, but it still didn’t really sink in.

“Reports of the undead becoming more violent as the night carries on are coming from all around the city!” The news lady reported from where she stood in front of the new wall, hand to her earpiece and hand to the microphone as she continued on. “A-As you can hear in the background, the undead have also become more vocal. Theories from Tokyo’s top scientists are pouring in, one repeated theory is that it’s an attempt for the undead to communicate with each other to effectively find more people to infect.”

Katsuki grimaced, as interesting as that was, there wasn’t much of a fucking point in reporting it. Thinking back on Deku, there’d been screams on his side of the phone. Did that mean he’d been spotted? Probab-fucking-ly.

Besides, there was that whole thing about the undead using their fucking quirks at night. What was up with that?

He hunched forward, elbows on knees, and watched as the reporter was handed a slip of paper from one of the camera men. She floundered for half a second, Kirishima whispering a soft “hurry up dude,” before she finally managed to correct herself.

“It, ah, it has come to my attention that the wall surrounding the infected cities is not in danger of collapsing. It is structurally sound, and the gated passageways leading into the cities have pro-hero guards around them to prevent potential break-ins.” Katsuki growled, that kinda shit wouldn’t help them at all. Why the fuck was it even being reported on? The woman continued with her announcement, “People within city limits are also advised to remain indoors if they can. Research has indicated that the undead do not tire like the living do, so outrunning or outpacing them in a dead run is unlikely.” She cringed at the poor wording, but Katsuki just swore sharply.

Fuck, Deku wasn’t too fast. He wasn’t fucking slow either but his stamina was shit from what Katsuki remembered. Realistically, the only things that would help the goddamn loser at this point was his annoyingly good problem solving abilities and his sheer willpower. Katsuki hadn’t spent years trying and failing to get that shitnerd to bend to his own will just so the loser would give up in a goddamn apocalypse situation.

A finger poking his shoulder broke him from his thoughts and he whirled, spitting out a sharp “what?!” as Sero cringed back.

“We were just wondering what that, uh, comment you made was about?” Sero answered awkwardly, scratching at the back of his head as Katsuki’s eyes flitted to Kirishima, who picked up where tape-head left off.

“Does it look like your friend is going to be okay?” Fuck, shitty-hair knew just what to ask.

Katsuki, paused at that, trying to figure out how to word it. “If that loser lets his guard down for one goddamn second, he’s dead.”

A few strangled noises rose at that, but most of the class just looked like they’d already accepted the fact that Deku was dead.




Midoriya Izuku- 8:?? pm

The issue that living in an apartment complex that had windows that didn’t open was the fact that Izuku had to go back onto the road before he was able to even begin thinking about getting into his building.

He had no idea how much time had passed, but it couldn’t have been too long. He’d managed to lose the initial group after they’d gotten tangled up, so he had the advantage of not being actively chased. But, he squatted down on the roof of what was probably some sort of department store as he bit his thumbnail in thought, he’d had to inch across rooftops to avoid being spotted. Not to mention the fact that now he had to find some sort of way off the rooftops and onto the road.

This was one of the last buildings near his house that was within jumping distance of another store. He couldn’t just clamber across roofs to get to his apartment complex, it was too far away from any sort of viable roof top. Not to mention the fact that the houses and few shops that were closer were too spread out to be anything but pointless to get on top of.

So, basically, he had to leave the small safety that the rooftops provided and go back onto the roads.

Steeling himself, Izuku strode towards the side of the roof that had the small metal ladder leading down into an alleyway. He paused, moving to pick up an extra brick that had been left over from construction, thumbing the sides of it as he thought. ‘It should still work, the noise will still draw them to a certain area. They just might realize that it’s not what they want.’ He was worried, but drew his arm back to throw the brick back down the street all the same.

Izuku wasn’t any sort of professional baseball player, but it managed to go decently far.

Even with the background noise of the undead's moans, he still heard it slam into the side of something metal. The echo that resulted was immediately trailed by what sounded like a dozen screams.

As the staggering footsteps were led away a shaky breath rattled its way from his mouth as he began to ease himself down the ladder.

The tension in the air was palpable as he stepped off the bottom rung. His feet hit the ground with a soft noise, but one that he cringed at nonetheless. Slowly, he eased the second foot off too, stepping lightly onto the ground. He adjusted the straps of his backpack, and started towards the entrance of the alleyway.

By now the only light was the icy moonlight and the artificial warmth of the street lamps, so managing to get through the alley without stepping on anything that had the potential to make noise was difficult.

He made it though. Peering out of the alleyway it felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from his shoulders when he saw the undead clamoring over each other to get to where he’d thrown the brick.

Taking a deep inhale, he stepped into the street and started towards where his complex was.

It wasn’t too dissimilar to the way he’d walked around before night had fallen, but now every time there was a scream that was a little too loud, or a shriek that was a little too overzealous, his anxiety spiked.

He’d managed to go two blocks, nearly a fifth of the way home, before a scream resounded through the street.

This time though, it was different. It sounded triumphant.

He whirled, turning to see the dark figure of a man nearly three blocks down the street sprinting towards him.

Izuku stumbled to turn back to the front, nearly tripping over himself in his haste to hurry up and run. The man’s screams drew more yelling, but the only thing that Izuku could hear was his initial yowl echoing back through his head. It sounded nonhuman. Was that why the man had been able to find him? Something having to do with his quirk?

Sprinting, he turned the corner that would lead to his apartment’s street, heart stopping for a second when his mind registered what he saw.

A multi-car pileup, blocking nearly the entire road. Not to mention the half dozen undead that were wandering around, most of them looking worse for wear.

Shit, his eyes blew wide open and he took a small step back. He’d taken a different way to Yuuei, he should’ve considered the fact that there could be some sort of roadblock on the other ways to his apartment.

The undead turned to face him, a few moaning and the rest screaming as the man’s yowling from behind drew closer.

Izuku was going to be trapped if he didn’t do anything right now.

Deciding to bite the bullet, he ran towards the pileup, barely managing to shove away one of the women who rushed him. ‘I won’t be able to make it back the other way!’ His mind screamed as he clambered on top the first twisted hood of a car, tears welling in his eyes as helplessness threatened to overwhelm him.

Shakily, he stood, trying to stumble over the tops of the cars as the mound creaked and rattled in ways that couldn’t mean anything good.

Rapid thudding from behind forced his eyes away from the front. The undead that were around the pileup were trying to clamber over the hoods. They were stumbling and slipping, but the ferocity they were trying to get at him with made up for it.

One hand rose from the crowd, barely managing to snag a hold onto the destroyed windshield of one of the cars. He watched, still moving forward, as the hand seemed to mold into paws and melt back into hands whenever need be. Claws flexed from fingertips as the undead forced his way further onto the mound, past the other contesting bodies.

Izuku swallowed thickly as the man’s eyes shifted into cat-like slits in the moonlight, the man’s mouth twisting into a snarl as he yowled, his pointed canine teeth snapping in a frantic attempt to maul him.

Snapping his head back to the front, Izuku scrabbled over the roofs of the cars. More creaks and whines rose from the mound as the stress of multiple bodies made the weight shift, but Izuku forced himself to rush.

He could see the end, it looked relatively clear, only a few undead milling around further in the distance.

Then, the sound of rapid-fire thudding came from behind him, towards the left, too fast for him to turn.

Izuku did the only thing he could think of. He fell into a half-crouch, using his backpack as a weak shield by yanking it to cover the side that the thudding came from.

He heard the sounds of fabric tearing and looked up, locking eyes with the yellow slits that the cat quirk man possessed. The realization struck him and he stopped breathing for a half-second. Cats have notoriously good night vision, that’s why he was seen.

The man screamed, offering him not time to think as the other hand lunged for his face and drew his mouth wide open, lines of spit dripping down his chin as his whiskers twitched.

Thinking fast, Izuku dropped further, kicking the man’s knee and rolling to avoid the resulting lunge that the man’s mouth made for his throat. He scrabbled for purchase, barely managing a half-stand as he ran for the end.

The sound of fabric tearing filled the air again, the material of his pants ripping and nearly slipping off the bottom half of his right calf.

Panic made his heart pound, the only thing keeping him up and running was the fact that he couldn’t feel anything other than the breeze on his exposed skin. He just prayed that adrenaline wasn’t hiding the pain of a scratch.

He continued running, hearing the sounds of a few undead tripping over the man as he started to clear the last few cars. This part of the pileup looked like it was the worst bit, he had to jump to a lower section of the accident. One car being half-stacked on top of another forced him down into an area that was between two leaning cars.

Screaming still resounded through the area, but Izuku ignored it as he forced himself on. Then, from nowhere, banging from the car on his right made him stumble away. Left hand going up to brace himself on whatever solid part of the other leaning car was available and right hand going up to shield himself from whatever was making the noise.

The sounds of glass shattering registered before the agonizing pain that resulted from it did. This time, it was him screaming as he tore his left arm out from the back window of the car. Tears really did fall from his eyes this time.

He grit his teeth, trying and failing to swallow the pain as he clutched his left arm with his right, watching as the bright blood flowed freely onto the hood of the supporting cars. He’d shoved his hand into a window that was already cracked. Sniffing, he looked for the source of the noise before running back on, shame filling him when he saw what it was.

A backseat passenger, harmless to him because the window was rolled up and making it unable to get to him.

He staggered, the pain making his head spin as he continued. The process of getting himself hurt hadn’t taken him too long, but it sounded like the undead had gotten closer.

Hopping down from the last roof to the last trunk of the cars, he looked back, green eyes widening as he took in the scene.

The undead were clambering over each other in an attempt to lick at the blood that had fallen onto the cars. It wasn’t as if they’d completely ignored him, but it served well enough as a distraction.

A breath rattled from his lungs, eyes going half-lidded as another wave of pain crashed over him. He had to get home though, it was only a few blocks away. He’d make it if he sprinted it.

So, he gripped his injured arm harder, trying to stop the blood that was rapidly dripping onto the ground, and started running towards his street.

The adrenaline made the scene sharper, more frantic, and he almost didn’t feel tired as he ran through the street. Shrieks from the passing undead made him flinch, but he tried to speed up.

His knees almost buckled with relief when he turned a corner, apartment complex coming into sight only half a block in front of him.

He ran, hearing (close, too close) footfalls and knowing that the undead were right on his tail.

Then, he was there, taking the steps up to his apartment building three at a time as he tried to beat the crowd.

Forcing the apartment doors open in with his shoulder, he let go of his bleeding arm. Right hand trembling, he shut the deadlock and scrambled to find the key that was always left under the inside mat. Thudding and muffled screams against the door told him that the crowd had kept up, he almost fainted due to the relief that crashed over him when his fingers found the key.

Blood dripped from his fingertips, staining the floor as he shoved the key into the main lock, locking it with a click that felt like it echoed through the entire building.

He gripped his left arm again, tears dribbling down his cheeks as he leaned against the wall. Back dragging down it as sobs wrenched their way from his mouth.

He landed in an unceremonious heap on the floor, knees drawing close to his chest as the sounds of the angered undead filtered through the locked door. Trembling, he allowed himself a few moments to recover from the sudden, overwhelming crash from the adrenaline high he’d been riding since the sun went down.

Blinking, he looked down at his left arm, a groan leaving him at the sight. Blood had already started to dry, smaller lines of it had crusted onto his skin as newer blood covered it. It wasn’t spewing though, so he hadn’t cut into an artery or anything like that. If it was pressurised it would be spurting into the air a bit, now it was just thick, oozing from a few cuts and pooling onto the floor.

He stood, the weight of his backpack threatening to topple him over, as he staggered towards the stairs.

‘Only a few looked like they could need stitches,’ he thought dimly to himself as his legs trembled and protested against taking the steps. ‘I still need to disinfect them though, who knows what was on that window.’

As he took the, now almost agonizing, trail up to his apartment, he felt the tears start to dry on his cheeks. “If I don’t get there soon I’ll start crying again.” He muttered to himself, body sagging in relief when he realized he only had a floor left until he’d be able to crash into his living room.

The sounds of the crowd were duller now as he stepped up the final landing to his apartment. Taking his hand off his arm, he turned his backpack around and looked in the front pocket for the house key.

He ignored the jagged lines of torn fabric that covered nearly a fifth of the backpack.

His fingers were shaking so hard that it took him a few tries to get the key into the lock, almost dropping it on one occasion.

Finally though, he managed to get the door open, stumbling into his doorway as he clutched his left arm again. Swiping the keys and relocking the door, he staggered into the apartment, having to use the walls for support when a fresh wave of pain hit him head on. “S-Shit,” the gasp tore its way from his mouth, clearly the adrenaline was long gone at this point. He had to fix his arm before he passed out.

He had no idea how much blood he’d lost, no idea whether his dizziness was from the pain of it all or from the fact that his arm was still dripping.

So, he walked towards the kitchen counter, letting go of his arm for the upteenth time so he could grab at his backpack. He forced his hands to still, realizing that there was a very real possibility of passing out from the amount of blood he was losing (or at the very least, being forced to deal with the consequences of mass blood loss for a few days) made the reality of the situation sink in even more. If he didn’t fix this, then he was in for a bad time. Kacchan, for one, would never let him hear the end of it if he ended up dying in his kitchen because he’d cut his arm on glass.

A weak laugh bubbled out from his lips, a trembling grin managing to make itself present on his face as his hands wrapped around the handle of a first aid kit.

He zipped open the package, feeling his phone vibrate in his pocket as he reached for the hydrogen peroxide. Gritting his teeth, he ignored it. He’d have to apologize later, this was more important. He moved to set it on the counter though, not wanting it to distract him as he did this.

Fingers trembling, he uncapped the peroxide. It was a disinfectant, one that worked pretty well from what he’d heard from his mother, but it would inevitably sting to put on.

Gripping the bottle, he splashed some on his forearm, nearly spilling the bottle as he slammed his hand onto the table. His right hand went to his forehead, fingers digging into his hair as the disinfectant burned its way into his cuts. He sucked in a hard breath, left fingers spasming as he heard the peroxide fizz. It was over soon though, the sting leaving as the fizzing died down.

He sighed, closing his eyes and letting the breath gust out of his mouth as he reached for one of the kitchen towels. He shifted towards the sink, wetting the towel with water and gently started on wiping his arm. The blood wiped away easily, revealing what the damage looked like. Three large cuts, long and only relatively vertical, and a few smaller ones that weren’t causing as much trouble.

Looking closer, relief flooded through him when he saw that it looked like only one of the longer ones needed stitches. He prodded carefully at his skin, his squeamishness leaving him the more he looked at the wounds. The other two were long, yeah, but they were shallow. This one was deep and would definitely reopen if he didn’t close it.

So, he steeled himself. Slight tugs of pain were coming from the wounds now, the peroxide having only numbed a bit of it, but still made it more manageable.

He always did have the field block that was in his mom’s more advanced first aid kit, but he didn’t trust himself nearly enough to give himself injections. His fingers were still shaking too hard, the stitches would definitely look rough but they were more necessary than a field block so he didn’t really have a choice in whether or not to get them.

He leaned, grabbing at the first aid kit and rifling around for the needle and thread. Rapid buzzing sounds from the counter made him do a full-body flinch, nerves still tattered from before.

Looking at it though, made it clear that it was just his phone coming through with messages. Izuku sighed, thumbing at the thin thread that was in his hands as he tried to think. They must be worried if they risked texting him twice, they hadn’t even done that when he was late to get back to them.

He closed his eyes, grip tightening on the suture materials. “I’ll text back when I finish with this,” he murmured to himself as he slowly began to unwind a length of thread. His arm throbbed, forcing him back to his task as blood started to pool again.




Bakugou Katsuki- 10:12 pm

They’d shot off a few texts to Deku, generic shit, asking if he was okay and telling him to respond and stuff like that. Their first few texts ended up going unanswered, so they sent a few more like ten minutes later.

Then those ones were fucking ignored, and that’d been twenty minutes ago.

He was about to say fuck it and text again, knowing full well that the rest of the class wouldn’t give a shit, when the phone dinged with the notification of an incoming text.

Immediately half the class stood, Kaminari actually fucking reached to check what the message was so Katsuki was fully fucking justified in smacking his hand away.

He clicked the home button, seeing the text pop up on his lock screen. “I’m fine. Don’t worry.” He snarled out to the class, anger making his hands tremble. If the shithead was out for hours in a city that was overrun with hyper aggressive dead people who were trying to kill him, then he wasn’t fucking fine. Plus, if the jackass was fine, then he wouldn’t send some fucking curt shit like this. He’d type out frantic paragraphs about how sorry he was and about how he was totally okay 100% no worries here Kacchan!

Not send a four letter message, perfect grammar and put a period at the end of it. That type of shit meant that something went down.

Something that was probably bad. He knew this asshole since they were in diapers, their moms were fucking childhood friends after all. Katsuki didn’t like him, but he knew what his fucking tells were.

He always knew to stop picking on the nerd for at least a few days when he stopped crying at the teasing, always knew that he hit a nerve the moment Deku’s eyes dried the fuck up.

Shit like that was why he knew not to mention Deku’s dad whenever he yelled at the nerd.

A message like this meant that nothing good came out of his run home, so he did the only thing that made sense. Katsuki unlocked his phone, ignoring the murmurs from his class, went into the contacts portion, and called the asshole.

Immediately, voices rose up, each telling him to end the call and that he might draw attention to Deku again. It was grating, it was irritating, and it scraped away his last nerve. “Fuck off!” He screamed, voice rising above the rest as the ringing kept on. “The shithead wouldn’t text me if he wasn’t somewhere fine! Just shut the fuck up!”

They quieted down before the click that meant that Deku answered resounded through the room. Katsuki brought the phone up to his face, turning the call to speaker mode before someone decided to complain.

“Hey Kacchan, I said I’m fine, why’re you calling?” There was something weird about the inflection of that, but Katsuki ignored it. He chalked it up to tiredness because Deku sounded like he was close to passing the fuck out.

“Shut the hell up and tell me what the fuck happened.” He paused for a short moment before continuing. “Don’t fucking lie to me shithead, I’ll know.”

The sound of fabric shifting came through the phone, Katsuki narrowed his eyes when it took a few seconds for Deku to respond. When he did though, it took nearly all of Katsuki’s energy not to scream at him.

“I got into an accident, gave myself stitches, now I’m trying to go to sleep.” Deku’s thin voice came through the phone. Katsuki couldn’t tell if he was being vague on purpose or if he was just that stupid. “I’m fine now though, don’t worry.”

Him and Kirishima shared a brief glance, the redhead scrubbed his hands over his face, scratching at his hair that was down. Katsuki hadn’t seen Kirishima looking that tired since after the licensing exams, but at least after the licensing exams he hadn’t looked nearly as put out. The rest of the class looked equally as bothered. The class president looked like he was half a second away from calling Aizawa into the hotel room to beg him to help.

“What kind of accident? Were you bit or not?” Katsuki just muttered into the phone, stitches could mean a lot of things.

If Deku was bitten then he was fucked, apparently bites had a 100% infectivity rate while scratches and spores were lesser.

A thin-sounding laugh came through the speaker, even though this shit wasn’t fucking funny at all. “I put my hand through a car window on accident, one of the cuts needed stitches but I’m alright. I disinfected it so infection shouldn’t be a problem, put on some Betadine too so the smaller ones should heal up faster.” Katsuki’s eyes narrowed as half the class flinched, yeah he could get how that shit would be painful but he still needed one more question answered.

“Were you close to getting fucking bitten?”

“There was a guy with a cat quirk who nearly got me,” Deku admitted easily, his words sounding near-slurred as he went on. “He tore up my pants with his claws but didn’t get skin, so it’s fine.” Yep, the nerd was definitely on something. He was slurring his words like he was drunk or some shit.

Katsuki answered with a grunt, ignoring the slurred words there wasn’t anything he could do about close calls. He’d yell at Deku in the morning when he was sure that the nerd wasn’t on something. “Why the fuck do you sound like you’re drunk?”

A high-sounding giggle came through the speaker, more rustling on the other end of the phone as Deku answered. “I took a few pain meds, nothing too much. Plus I’m nearly half asleep Kacchan, please don’t expect me to enunciate.”

It was a good thing that the shithead was in another city, because if they were face to face and he talked to Katsuki like that, he’d have a lot more problems to deal with other than his arm.

“Fine,” Katsuki answered, being short on purpose. “Go to sleep. I’m calling in the morning.” He hung up the phone before Deku could answer, throwing the phone back onto the table it was on.

The room was silent for a few minutes, the tense energy bleeding out into something different and almost worse.

Kaminari broke the silence with an awkward laugh, “at least he’s okay. It could’ve been worse.” Katsuki didn’t even dignify that with a response, just pointed towards the door as rubbed at his temples.

Kirishima was the last to leave the room, giving him a firm pat on the shoulder as he walked out the door, leaving Katsuki to himself.

The door shut with a small click and Katsuki didn’t know if he appreciated the sudden silence or not.




Midoriya Inko- 10:30 pm

Their arrival in Tokyo was met with only a small bit of fanfare, Mitsuki and Masaru clapping her shoulders and leading her into the building as a few others cheered. She appreciated it but the only thing she’d been thinking about since the sun went down was the fact that her son was out there with those things. The things that now would use their quirks against him.

Her boy was smart, clever, and managed to get himself through any situation as long as he put his mind to it. But, a short sob wrenched itself from her throat as her chest tightened, he was still quirkless.

He could do so much, but him against thousands of undead superpowered people would result in nothing good.

She just hoped, genuinely hoped, that he’d holed himself up in their apartment and didn’t leave until it was all over.

Deep down she knew that Izuku wasn’t the type of person to do that, but a mother had to hope, right?

Chapter Text

Midoriya Izuku- 9:42 am

When he woke up, immediately the throbbing pain in his arm made itself known. Groaning, Izuku turned to the side, peeling open his eyes to get a look at how it was doing.

“I didn’t bleed through the gauze too bad,” he mumbled to himself as he prodded gently at the area, trying to get a feel for how it was doing without hurting it anymore than it already was. Carefully, he sat up, using his other arm for leverage to avoid putting too much weight on the left.

Swinging his legs over the side of the bed, he eyed the water and advil he’d left out the night before. He didn’t remember leaving that out for himself, but he still had to thank his past self for his forward thinking skills. Grabbing the two pills he put them in his mouth, swallowing half the glass of water with them. Immediately he felt better, a small sigh left him when the pain didn’t leave. He’d have to wait at least twenty minutes before he’d be able to feel the results but at least the water made him feel better.

Nursing the glass, he stood, having to lean against the wall for support when the blood rushed to his head. It took a few seconds for it to pass and once it did he pushed himself from the wall, staggering over to the window. He had to make sure that everything was fine, he couldn’t hear the screaming that made last night sound so awful, but he had to make sure that the shift wasn’t permanent.

Slowly, he looked through the window.

The streets were clear, only filled by a few roaming individuals. It was nothing like last night, the undead having dispersed and calmed down in the morning sun. He breathed out a shuddering sigh of relief, turning away from the window and starting towards the kitchen.

So far the plan was to clean his bandages and check in with Kacchan. He vaguely recalled the fact that he’d checked in with him last night, but he couldn’t really remember the focus of the conversation.

That was an embarrassing line of thought that he was not in the mood to go down.

He entered the kitchen, seeing the first aid kits still strewn about the countertop. A small grimace wormed its way across his face. At least he didn’t have to look very far for the kits, but man, he made a mess when he came in last night.

Grabbing the roll of gauze, he started on peeling off the layer that he’d put on last night. Another grimace twisted his lips, but he grit his teeth and continued.

When he finally uncovered the cuts from last night relief flowed through him. They looked rough, sure, his stitch job wasn’t too good, but they weren’t the angry red that alluded to infection and they looked generally clean beyond blood crusting the corners of the smaller cuts. The benefits of hydrogen peroxide wasn’t something he could overstate.

He rummaged in the kit, a smile flitting onto his face when he grabbed ahold of the tube he was looking for.

It might have been generic, but neosporin was the best thing he could do for the scrapes at this point without wasting anymore betadine.

Refixing the injuries took only a few minutes, the pain medicine having started working the tiniest bit. Rolling the gauze up and disinfecting the counters was the thing that took the most time and he couldn’t even find it in himself to be annoyed at his past self’s laziness. Eventually he finished though, zipping up the kits and putting them back into his backpack, eyes catching the small stack of notebooks from when he’d cleaned his backpack out to make room for the kits.

The nagging voice that told him to call Kacchan was pushed away in favor of grabbing one of the notebooks and flipping through it to find a clean page. “I’ll be able to text him later,” he murmured to himself, picking up an adjacent pen and starting to write.

If he got caught outside during the night again, then he at least wanted to have a few theories and ideas on how to fight back against the undead.

The frantic note taking lasted for what felt like a while, he wasn’t really keeping track honestly, and he’d ended up with a few pages of general notes before he nearly groaned out loud. He’d forgotten to call Kacchan! A short look at the clock told him that it was a bit past ten and he had to bite his lip to keep from groaning again.

He stood, heading back to his room so he could grab his phone. Turning it on showed no new notifications, but he knew that they were probably waiting for his response.

Clicking on the contact and pressing the call button made the dial tone ring for a few seconds, once and then twice before it was picked up. An irritable “what the fuck do you want, nerd?” trickled through the speakers and he found a small smile twitching on his lips before he could stop himself.

“Nothing Kacchan, I just wanted to check in with you. If I go out soon I’ll just text you something.” For a few seconds the only answer he got was a short grunt, but then Kacchan’s voice came through the phone again.

“Fine. I might be busy today though, fucking class and shit. Teacher’s got us going to a fucking seminar, don’t call or my ass is gonna get in trouble.” A small laugh left him at that, face flushing in excitement at not being insulted.

“Alright Kacchan, have fun.”

“Shut the fuck up, shitnerd.” Well it was nice while it lasted. He hummed amiably, in a way that Kacchan could take as an agreement if he wanted to before hanging up the phone.

Izuku took the phone away from his face, tucking it into his pocket as he moved back into the kitchen. Before he did anything, he had to get breakfast. His stomach groaned in agreement. Running a near marathon away from undead people was a workout, he should try out for the track team when this was all over.




Midoriya Izuku- 10:27 am

Once he’d eaten and cleaned up after himself, Izuku sat back down and flipped through the notes he’d scribbled down. Chewing on his lip, he scanned the notes. While they were good, they were going off of observations he’d made yesterday when adrenaline was high and he was mid-panic. They were nothing like the theories and ideas he’d come up with when he would analyze heroes and their quirks. It was one thing to go into a situation with the clear mission to take notes, it was another thing entirely to have to recall information from a situation where the main goal had been to get from point A to B.

He scrubbed a hand over his face, pinching his nose and breathing out through his mouth. One of the only advantages he would get, strategy-wise, was finding out information on them before night fell. If he could at least figure out their limits or some sort of hint as to how to avoid them, then he could use it during the night as well. He already knew that their sensitivity to sound was ratcheted up, and that they actively hunted for their targets but that was about it. If he could figure out some sort of hint or some more clues to their behavior during the day, then he could probably work backwards and think of more tricks, or something.

So, he grit his teeth, shot off another text to Kacchan explaining what he was going to do, and grabbed his backpack.

After triple checking that he had a few glass bottles to throw, he left his apartment, ignoring the silence of the complex. Undoing the deadbolt of the front door was the real struggle, making absolutely sure that he wasn’t going to get overwhelmed was easy, but the fact still remained that leaving the complex was a scary prospect.

Stepping out onto the street and not being completely swamped by dozens of undead was a strange experience. He turned, glancing back at the door and immediately regretting his choice.

Long streaky handprints covered the door, the shade of rusty red that told him in no uncertain terms just how hard they would try to get him.

Shaking his head, he glanced at his map and figured that backtracking from his route yesterday was the best course of action he could take. At least with that way he had an idea as to what it looked like, crowd density and things like that.

Following the same basic principles that he did before, keeping off main roads and staying silent, he tried to look at how they moved.

It was jerky and uneven, like they were struggling to figure out how to walk, almost like toddlers learning how to walk for the first time. It was confusing, it seemed like they lost things like mobility and coordination during the day, only really having their sense of hearing and their pack mentality to help them. But they gained it all back and then some during the night, did the heat have something to do with the change? The light? The whole situation was so weird, so outlandish, that he wouldn’t deny the slim chance that maybe even the moon had something to do with their transformation.

That made him snort, undead werewolves, the perfect enemy.

The snort drew the attention of a few wayward people, and he had to make an impromptu escape. That one deserved a pat on the back, Kacchan would be livid.

Because he paused every now and again to draw up diagrams, jot down notes, and just make observations of the bodies, it took him a while to even get close to where he was yesterday.

He looked up, eyes catching the flickering red of the hospital sign. It wasn’t long until he caught the eyes of the one boy from yesterday. He felt bad, sympathetic for the teenager that was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The sympathy soon bled into confusion when he saw how the boy caught his eyes, choosing to just stare at him instead of stumble towards him.

Izuku turned, scanning the rest of the road and finding it nearly empty, most of the undead drawn to the car fire that was still petering out a couple hundred meters away. The boy seemed completely uninterested in the case of the fire, instead deciding to look at him, silent and stoic.

Izuku breathed lightly, and decided to take the chance.

He moved, inching towards the boy and watching in abject curiosity the way that the boy moved. He was still stumbly, still uneven on his feet, but he just seemed content to look, despite the fact that he most likely knew that Izuku was a potential target. (And didn’t that raise half a dozen questions on how the undead knew the difference between themselves and the living, between a target and an ally, but those were things that he could try and puzzle out the answers to later.)

As Izuku went closer, the boy’s bloodshot eyes flickered towards his own and for the first time he noticed that they were different colors.

The combination of that and his hair was striking and Izuku was almost certain that he’d seen the boy before, before yesterday that is. He seemed like he could be some sort of TV personality, with features like that.

That wasn’t to say that the rest of the boy’s face was as striking. He looked like the others, the smallest hint of decay in the form of paperwhite skin and partially sunken features. The only thing that was different from a few of the undead were the long scratches on his face, scores that were fresh enough that they could’ve only been from when he was attacked.

Eyes glancing down at the boy’s body, the trend continued in the form of bites on a few parts of him. Mostly centered on his arms and legs and Izuku had to take a deep breath to calm himself when he realized that the reason the boy’s back was free from damage was because he’d taken it all on the front.

A small groan drew him from his thoughts and he looked at the boy (he should really figure out something else to refer to him as, it was becoming redundant.) The boy’s hand was inching towards his arm, and Izuku jerked back, pulling his jacket sleeve back down to cover it. Another groan, this one even quieter, came from the boy as he brought his own arm back down and Izuku was more confused than he’d ever been.

Considering the last time he’d taken a chance with this boy had worked out, he steeled himself, and offered his, now covered, arm to the boy in an attempt to placate him.

The groan in response seemed almost confused, the boy taking a few seconds to look from his arm and up to him and down to his arm again before gently tugging at the material with cold fingers.

That’s where they stood for a few long moments, Izuku waiting for the ball to drop and for the boy to start trying to tear him apart, and the boy just looking at his own hand as if he couldn’t understand what was going on. He honestly probably couldn’t, if his intelligence was anything like the others.

When nothing happened, Izuku huffed out a nearly delirious laugh. He’d only been in the apocalypse for one day and already it was throwing a massive curveball his way.

He turned, carefully brushing the boy’s fingers away from his jacket and moving to head back where he came from. He had to find somewhere to write this down at, the information was just too strange to do anything else.

He took the first few steps, stopping dead in his tracks at the thin whine that came from behind him.

A glance to the boy gave him the answer he was looking for, and the sympathy came back in full effect. His fingers were twitching a bit, a half-fist opening and closing as he tried to reach for him again.

Izuku took another step forward, eyes trained on the boy, waiting for his reaction. Another, more frantic whine followed by a small stumble towards him. The boy looked up at him again, hunched and small despite the fact that Izuku could tell that he was taller than him. The heterochromatic eyes stared at him and where Izuku saw the dead, bloodshot eyes before, he could now see the barest hints of humanity somewhere in between the lines of red.

So, Izuku took a further step back, ignoring the nearly panicked moan in favor of digging in his first aid kit. It took him a few minutes, stepping back a few more times until he managed to grab what he wanted.

A large section of gauze, around a few feet in length and he could hear the shadow of his mother breathing down his neck, ready to scold him for using too much material for a reason that wasn’t based in medicine.

He peeked back at the boy, noticing the way he moved his whole head to get a new view instead of just adjusting his eyes. A small snort left him as he tied one end of the length around his undamaged wrist, turning to the boy and motioning to his hand. It took a few tries, but he finally managed to get one of his wrists and tie the other side of the length on his wrist.

Izuku spoke, despite knowing that the boy wasn’t able to make sense of what was going on. “There, now you can follow me without me being scared that you’re going to turn and bite me at the last second.” A tired smile flashed across his face and he noticed the way the boys head moved down to look at his lips.

So there was still an attraction to sound, huh? Looks like he wasn’t so unpredictable after all.

Another smile twitched his lips and this time it was more genuine. Izuku turned forward again, tugging lightly on the gauze to make the boy move with him as he started back to the complex. A short grunt left the boy’s mouth, but he felt the pull go slack again as he stumbled to keep up with him.

He had no idea what he was getting into, but at least it was going to be interesting.




Midoriya Izuku- 2:45 pm

Forget what he said about the trip taking longer because he was taking notes, the short pace had lengthened to a crawl with the boy that was tagging along. Izuku’d had to pull them into an abandoned restaraunt to let a large group of them pass by.

That was another thing, the boy was absolutely not above the pack mentality that they all had. Izuku had had to get his attention what felt like a hundred times by snapping his fingers in his face or by tugging the gauze sharply.

Izuku leaned against a counter, scanning the building for any signs of there being another person in there before he let himself take the breather.

They were almost to the complex, twenty more minutes of walking, max, before they’d be in the clear. They just had to wait for the herd to pass, and they’d be fine.

He pulled his phone from his pocket, one handedly sending a small text to Kacchan telling him that he was fine. A small movement out the corner of his vision made his eyes flicker over, and he caught the boy in the act of staring at him. A small laugh left him when the boy looked away, seeming almost embarrassed to be caught in the act.

Maybe the reaction was a leftover from before he’d died, muscle memory or something.

His phone vibrated, startling the boy into growling. Izuku hushed him lightly, holding his phone up in clarification as he read the text.

Kacchan: “Did you fucking find anything?”

His expression was pulled into a frown, eyes drawn to the boy who was now staring out the window at the passersby.

On one hand, he could tell Kacchan and risk a freak out. He’d rather avoid the loud confrontation and slew of insults. On the other hand, he could tell him about the boy and see if he had any sort of ideas as to what was going on.

A sigh left him, there wasn’t really any point in telling Kacchan what was going on if he had no information beyond “there’s this dead boy who doesn’t really want to eat me Kacchan, isn’t that cool?!” Besides, Izuku bit his lip, peeling off dry skin as his mind went back to the first point. It would only make Kacchan mad to find out about it, and he knew from experience that keeping Kacchan happy (or at the very least, not infuriated) was the best thing to do.

He shot another look at the boy, taking in the strong profile that would without a doubt be considered handsome if he wasn’t dead. He looked nice, like he had one of those kind faces that was intimidating at first but could eventually soften out into something more genuine. It might be a stretch, but he didn’t want someone who seemed kind to face Kacchan’s rage.

Kacchan was smart, but volatile, strong, but used his strength in questionable ways. If he one day managed to get into the city, maybe with his hero class or something, he didn’t like the possibility that he would make a flash judgement against the boy. Or even just harass him, Kacchan was definitely not a fan of him, that Izuku knew, and if Kacchan knew that Izuku knew this boy then there was a chance that his anger would target him as well.

The best thing would be to keep him completely out of Kacchan’s radar.

So, leg rattling up and down, Izuku typed out his answer.

Izuku: “Nope! Nothing too interesting, I was just going to head back to my apartment soon.”

Pushing away the shame he felt at lying, he looked back out the front window. The crowd was dissipating, moving away from his house and towards God knows where. He then looked at the boy, watching the way his fingers traced along the knot Izuku had tied around his wrist.

The sudden thought that maybe he could help the boy find some sort of cure hit him and he had to stop himself from laughing out loud. Him? No he could never do that. The only thing he could do was wait this out, take notes and try to find someone who could actually do something and give them his observations.

He shook his head, looking back at the boy who was tracing circles on his hand and figured that the least he could do was keep the worst of one person’s anger off of him. It was clear that he’d already dealt with a lot, Izuku wasn’t too enthusiastic about the idea of him having to deal with any more, even if he was dead.

Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki- 10:35 am

The fact that they were finally getting some fucking information was overshadowed by the way the officials were reluctant to give it to them.

It took nearly forty minutes of Recovery Girl hounding the officials before Aizawa was finally able to give them the information and Katsuki was honestly pissed at this point. Even Kirishima looked like he wanted to leave and if that wasn’t enough of a sign that this situation was fucking infuriating then he had no goddamn idea what would be.

The two teachers stood in front of them, Recovery Girl looking haggard and Aizawa looking a tad bit worse than usual.

Recovery Girl was the first to speak and Katsuki found himself leaning in to hear better. “For the life of me I’ll never know why they’re throwing such a fit over you kids knowing this.” She said quietly, looking put out before she continued. “All we want to say is that there’s cure research currently being conducted. People are trying to figure out exactly what caused the disease in the first place and they’re working on attempts to either reverse the effects or make it so people who get bitten in the future would have some sort of immunization against the disease.”

Reverse the effects? Those people were fucking dead, there’s no reversing death.

Round face ended up saying as much which made Recovery Girl scrub her face with tired hands. “The ones with gratuitous injuries are definitely dead, there’s no buts about that. But with the others there might be a chance.” Aizawa picked up where she left off.

“With the individuals that researchers have managed to work on they’ve found heartbeats.” Katsuki was out of his seat before he could stop himself.

“What the fuck do you mean, heartbeats? Everyone’s been saying that they’re fucking dead. Do you expect us to believe that the things out there are alive?”

Aizawa’s unamused face only served to piss him off more. “Sit down, I was just about to get to that.” He listened, having to stop himself from growling as he lowered himself back into the seat. “The thing to keep in mind is-,” the man wore a grave expression and from his left Katsuki heard Kirishima make a sound of unease, “-someone can have a heartbeat and still be braindead.”

The room went silent for what felt like hours before Recovery Girl started to elaborate.

“The average adult’s BPM is somewhere between 60 to 100, the ones that researchers have measured end up capping at around 27. Because the thing that infects them relies on the transfer of the virus, the body has to move. If there was no blood flow then the body is unable to do just that. It’s the bare minimum that it has to be for movement, but there’s still a heartbeat there. That reason is why decomposition is taking longer to even begin to set in and why even the undead that have horrifying injuries are still able to move. Rigor mortis hasn’t set in yet.”

She continued on, glancing at the clipboard in her hands. “Think of the undead as an incomplete revival. In hospitals people can be revived through CPR or defibrillators, whereas in this situation the disease is the thing that ended up reviving them. The disconnect comes with the parts that were revived though. Only the brainstem that controls movement, the portions of the brain controlling the senses, and the main part of the body. It’s been found that the undead struggle with their fine motor control unless actively trying to attack someone, so that’s something that researchers are attempting to figure out as well.”

Kirishima’s arm nudging his own was the only reason he un-clenched his fists, opening and closing them as he saw the half-moon indents his fingernails had left in his palm.

Aizawa started speaking again, his voice firm despite the tension in the room. “The virus spreading through bites and spores is important. With the only “order”-,” he used finger quotes for that one, “-being to spread the infection it means that the undead bite their victims instead of cannibalize them. The spores have been found to be more secondary and only really a viable form of infection in closed buildings and areas.”

A ribbit from frog girl drew their attention to her. She brought her finger up to her face in a thoughtful gesture as she began to talk. “You mentioned cure research but so far you’ve only talked about how they work, ribbit. Was there any progress made other than figuring out their biology?”

Recovery Girl looked uncomfortable and Aizawa’s eyes hardened and he couldn’t keep the sharp grin off his face. Fuck yes, Asui had managed to hit a nerve.

Recovery Girl just sighed as she answered. “Occasionally the undead will have a reaction or sign that they have some cognitive reasoning. Some researchers are chalking it up to muscle memory but others are trying to dig deeper and see if they can get actual signs of recognition. Others are trying to combat samples of the disease with general antibiotics and work their way up to the more specialized drugs.”

‘W-wait,” Uraraka started, unable to hide the horror on her face. “You just said they were brain dead, what do you mean they have reactions and reasoning?”

“Occasional signs,” Recovery Girl emphasized, “that doesn’t mean that they’re actually alive. Muscle memory is a fickle thing and that’s why some researchers are trying to see whether or not it’s a real sign of recognition. So far we don’t know.”

The room fell silent again and Katsuki grit his teeth at the idea of having to re-explain this shit to Deku. The nerd was already unwilling to do shit beyond running and getting out of the line of fire. If the asshole knew about this there was no way he’d do anything actually involving any type of force towards the undead.

It was probably a better fucking idea to just keep quiet about the research.




Midoriya Izuku- 3:00pm

They’d managed to get into the apartment complex without too much of a struggle, but now he had to deal with the challenge that was getting the boy up the flights of stairs.

The realization that maybe undead people don’t have the best depth perception was one that was made the hard way.

A quiet groan had come from the boy, sounding almost confused, when Izuku stepped up and down the first few steps in an attempt to see if he’d imitate him. When that didn’t work Izuku ended up disconnecting them and standing a few steps above the boy, trying to see if he’d be able to get him up that way.

Like herding a sheep but instead of trying to move the boy away from him he was trying to lure him closer.

So maybe more like fishing.

He’d ended up having to rush down the stairs to catch the boy mid-fall when he tripped over the first step and almost cracked his skull on the concrete.

So that left them in the situation they were in right now. Izuku staring at the flight of stairs as the boy absentmindedly (literally) clacked his teeth together.

The fact that the only option left was to carry him up the stairs was one that Izuku did not want to face. The boy might be docile and generally relaxed compared to the other undead, but there was still the chance that he’d take a chunk out of his neck if the opportunity was there.

Still, it had to be done.

He looked over to the boy, noting with amusement that he caught him mid-stare again. Another groan left the boy as he redirected his attention to the wall opposite of Izuku and Izuku actually snorted this time, watching as the boy looked back at him, still drawn to the noise.

“I’m going to have to carry you up these stairs.” Izuku started, knowing full well that the boy couldn’t understand what he was saying. “Uh, please don’t bite me. I like living as a not undead teenager.”

The confused head tilt that he received did nothing to reassure him, but he sighed and moved towards the boy anyway. He braced one arm around the back of the boy’s shoulders and another at his thighs, trying to ready himself for the weight that would be in his arms when he scooped the boy up.

He may have started lifting weights as a pastime but he was not ready for the absolute dead weight that came from shifting the boy’s center of balance.

A wheeze left both him and the boy and he had to struggle not to drop him as he held him princess-style.

It absolutely did not help that the boy was taller than him by a few inches.

A deadpan groan left the boy as he started up the stairs, legs aching and arms hurting despite having just started. He couldn’t even swat away the boys hands as he lazily started pawing at his chest from where Izuku held him. The boy ended up grabbing one of the strings of his sweatshirt and yanked it clean out, pulling the hood in the back almost completely shut and Izuku had to struggle to remain patient.

Halfway up the second flight of steps the smell of death finally hit his nose and Izuku let out a strangled cough, startling the boy out of his staring at the hoodie string.

He’d have to do something to fix that if he was staying in a closed location with this guy, he didn’t even know if they had any scented candles to fix it.

Somehow, he had no idea how, they managed to get to the correct apartment. With trembling arms he set the boy down, taking care to steady him as he stumbled from the rough dismount. He dug around in his bag for the key, nose crinkling in disgust when he saw blood and dirt stains on his hoodie from the boy.

He really did have to figure out something else to call him, repeating the phrase “the boy” was starting to sound really redundant.

He fit the key into the lock, opening the door into the apartment and breathing out a sigh of relief. Turning, he saw the boy peering over the edge of the stairwell and a small smile quirked at the corner of his mouth. “Hey,” he said, getting the boy’s attention. “Come over here, just inside.”

The boy started towards the door and Izuku looked him up and down, eyes narrowing as he took in the torn and dirty clothes that he wore. They were going to have to fix that sometime tonight, it was just gross.

Seeing the boy actually stand in the middle of his apartment was strange. He looked around the front room, head moving more than his eyes were as he looked around. Izuku figured he’d be okay to be alone for a few moments. Closing the front door and locking it, Izuku dumped his backpack on the counter, hearing a groan come from the boy as the noise echoed through the small space.

Izuku just shot a grin at him before turning and heading deeper into the apartment, towards the bathroom.

He tugged at his sweatshirt, pulling it off before throwing it into the laundry bin. Thankfully the shirt underneath it hadn’t been messed up during the process of carrying him up the stairs.

He turned on the sink, using the back of his hand to squirt soap into his palms. He ended up scrubbing nearly his whole forearms, a grimace on his lips as the blood took a bit more effort to get off.

It took a few minutes before he was finished, as he turned to leave the bathroom something caught his eye.

The bathtub.

Mind whirring, he thought back to the injuries that the boy had.

He did have to get him clean somehow.

An idea was forming in his head and he knew that the next few hours were going to be very, very unfortunate for him to have to think back on.




Midoriya Izuku- 3:27 pm

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

He’d hoped, despite knowing deep, deep down that it would probably turn out this way, that the boy would be able to wash himself without Izuku having to be there to prompt him to do so. He was wrong so now here he was, helping the boy out of his school uniform as the teenager himself just stared blankly at the duck patterns on the shower curtains.

“Hey,” he tried to get the boy’s attention, continuing when he saw his focus shift from the curtain to him. “I know that you don’t understand what I’m saying but I still feel like I have to tell you that I promise I won’t take off your underwear.” There was no response beyond a blank stare so Izuku just shook his head and leaned down to turn on the bathwater in an attempt to prolong the inevitable.

He stood back up, hands on his hips, as he watched the water fill the tub. A short groan drew his attention back to the boy, who was staring at the water with what looked like some sort of apprehension.

Well, maybe not apprehension. He looked more like a dog that was staring at itself in the mirror.

Izuku sighed for what felt like the upteenth time that day and got the boys attention again, moving to finally start to take his clothes off. He absolutely did not want to do this but the boy looked disgusting and half his injuries were still oozing old blood.

The shirt portion of his uniform came off with relative ease, the only thing that made Izuku have to stifle a few gags was the way his undershirt stuck to the open bite marks.

He folded the over and undershirts and set them down on the sink counter and pointedly looked away from the boy’s exposed chest because what the hell were his hobbies before he died that made him look like he had zero percent body fat.

The boy just stood there in his bathroom, peering down at his chest as if it held all the secrets of the world and a strangled noise forced its way out of Izuku’s throat when he realized that now he had to take his pants off.

Maybe he could just skip it?

The blood stains on his pants said otherwise.

“Why does this happen to me,” he whined as he worked to unbuckle the boy’s belt. Movement out the corner of his eyes told him that the boy was raising his arms the tiniest bit as he struggled to undo the belt. “Now you’re raising your arms, huh?” Izuku muttered, feeling bitter as he went on. “You made me hold and adjust your limp arms when I was taking off your shirt and now you’re holding them up when I’m undoing your pants, okay.”

A huff of breath left the boys throat and if Izuku didn’t know any better he’d say it was a laugh.

Finally the belt came undone and before he could start to feel bashful about undressing a dead boy Izuku yanked his pants down to his ankles. He had to pause and thank the deity that had to be watching over him that the underwear hadn’t gone down as well.

He squatted down lower and gently tapped at the boy’s leg, helping him ease the left one out of the leg hole first before the right one. They did it without the boy stumbling too much so he considered it a win.

Izuku stood, turning and looking at the half-full tub with a smile playing at the corners of his mouth. The worst part was over at least.

A look at the boy showed that he was incredibly confused, just standing there blinking and looking as alarmed as his face allowed.

A smile spread across his face as he laughed. This whole situation was ridiculous and if he wasn’t going to laugh then he would cry because there weren’t many other options open to him right now. The boy’s head snapped up to look at him and Izuku just shook his head, leaning down to turn off the lukewarm water before standing back up and reaching for the boy’s arm.

“You get in there while I find a first aid kid so I can stitch some of those up.” He spoke to himself as he helped the boy into the water, taking extra care to make sure he didn’t slip on the way down.

The way the water turned slightly red after a few seconds of the boy soaking told him that they might need to drain and refill it a few times.

He shook his head, watching as the boy prodded at the bath sponge before heading back into the kitchen to look for the first aid kit.

Compared to last night this whole day felt like some sort of bad sitcom.




Todoroki Shouto- ???

He liked the boy.

He didn’t like the water.

He liked the metal thing that the boy was putting in his arm even less.

Blinking hard, he stared at the bubbles in the water and touched the soft thing that was covered in them while the green-eyed boy talked.

He couldn’t understand most of what the green-eyed boy said but the way he spoke made him feel less hungry and more warm so he kept listening.

The boy reached over and grabbed the soft thing from the water and a huff of air left him at the loss of it.

He didn’t growl at the boy though, the others growled at the boy and the boy didn’t like it.

The metal thing was gone and it was replaced with the soft thing.

He tried to pay attention to the boy speaking but when the boy wiped the soft thing against his arm he was distracted.

Trying not to move was hard but he didn’t want the boy to put the soft thing away.

He liked it.

It was soft.

A sound left him and he shifted in the water when the boy laughed.

He was embarrassed and stared at the way the water changed colors instead of looking up at the boy again.

He listened to the boy talk and watched the water while the boy scrubbed the soft thing against him.

Sometimes the boy got new water to scrub with and he watched the color change for that water too.

The boy was talking about something he still couldn’t understand when he moved the soft thing up to his neck.

He turned, looking at the boy and ignoring the part of him that wanted to bite at his face.

The boy looked at him with his green, green eyes and he felt a sigh leave his mouth when the boy smiled.

He let the boy move him wherever he wanted but still looked at him as he worked.

The boy ended up sitting on the side of the thing he was sitting in, the green eyes narrow as he nudged his chin upwards.

Another breath left him when he felt the boy’s thumb on his cheek and the soft thing scrubbing lightly on his neck.

He looked, eyes focusing and unfocusing on the boy’s face when he stuck his tongue out in concentration.

He stopped the growl that almost came out. The boy didn’t like growling.

He really wanted to bite him though.

But that would be bad, the boy was nice and being bitten hurt. It hurt a lot.

He could do something else though. No biting.

What was that called again?

The boy switched the soft thing with a rag and moved to wipe his face and he gasped a bit as he remembered.

Kissing, it was called kissing.

He could do that. It wasn’t biting and the boy wouldn’t be upset.

He moved, bracing his arm on the side that the boy was sitting on and leaned in towards the boy’s face.

It was fine until the boy screamed and then it felt like he’d been doused in ice water.

The boy moved away, green eyes wider than they should be and he groaned.

He didn’t bite though. What happened? He didn’t even touch him.

The boy stood up, jittery and pacing and he whined because he didn’t know what the boy was muttering about.

The boy was walking back and forth, hands scrubbing in his hair (green, wow his hair was green too that was so, wow) while he spoke rapid-fire words that he tried really, really hard to figure out what he was talking about.

He finally managed to understand a few words and it took him a few long seconds before he was able to piece together their meaning.

“-No idea what I’m doing!” Oh that was bad. He made the boy upset.

A whine left him as the boy carried on. “-Don’t even know the dead boy’s name!”

Name, name. He knew his name!

Sort of.

It started with a T.

He tried to tell the boy that but all he managed was a strangled, “ttt, tuh-tt,” before his throat hurt enough that he had to stop.

That made the boy pause though. That was good.

The boy looked at him with his green eyes and a low noise left him when he saw that the boy’s cheeks were wet.

The boy was speaking again and he had to really pay attention to his words this time.

“Did you say “T”? Does your name start with “T”?” The boy was smart if he’d gotten that out of his attempt.

He tried again and managed a “n-nn-naame,” for his efforts.

The boy looked thrilled though and it was enough.




Midoriya Izuku- 4:45pm

After nearly getting bitten in the face by the boy he’d had a small meltdown in the bathroom. But then the boy had managed to give him a part of his name! That caused another meltdown though because why was the undead boy able to speak. He managed to get over it pretty quickly though.

He still considered the event a success despite that fact that he had two meltdowns. He’d figured out the first letter of the boy’s name (he should probably start calling him by it), cleaned the boy up and closed his injuries and managed to redress him despite the roadblock that was wet underwear. He’d even managed to find shirts that fit him! Mostly lazy day shirts and sweatpants that the boy looked out of place in, but it was something.

The two of them were sitting in his living room (like normal people!!!) when his phone buzzed and all at once he realized that he’d gotten too caught up in making sure T wouldn’t make his apartment smell like a mortuary that he forgot to tell Kacchan that he’d made it home safe.

He scrambled for the phone and read the message, wincing when he saw the capitalization.


Ignoring the text altogether he just went and pressed the call contact button, ignoring T’s questioning groan.

It was picked up on the first ring and he made sure to hold the phone away from his face when Kacchan started to scream. “You fucking jackass! Where the hell are you!?”

“I’m in my apartment Kacchan,” he winced and held the phone further away from his ear at the enraged yell he got in return. “I’m really sorry that I forgot to text back! I got busy with something and was distracted when I got home! I’m sorry if I worried you.”

“I wasn’t fucking worried,” Kacchan muttered into the phone, sounding pensive as he said the next bit. “You can make up for your asshole move by sending me your research though.” What? Where did that come from? Izuku blinked, ignoring T’s heavy sigh as he asked Kacchan just that. Kacchan just yelled again, “how about you fucking do it instead of asking me these dumbass questions!? You’re the one that has to make up for fucking forgetting to text, shitnerd!”

He sighed, Kacchan did have a point, he had been the ass in this situation. Besides, one of his classmates probably wanted the information and he wouldn’t put it past Kacchan to be too embarrassed to ask outright. “Alright, I’ll send you the information after this call ends. You want it all right?” He got a grunt of confirmation and they ended the call after Kacchan awkwardly told him to stay the fuck inside during the night this time.

Izuku turned his phone off, looking past where T was sitting on the futon and gazed outside the window. The sun was on its way down, only a few more hours of sunlight left, at the most.

He looked back at T, who was looking up at him with an expression he couldn’t place. “I hope you’re different during the night too, because I’d rather not have a repeat of what happened in the bathroom.”

T just gazed at him blankly and he sighed, moving over to his notebooks to get the information for Kacchan.

They’d just have to wait and see.

Worst-case scenario, the guest room was lockable from the outside.

Chapter Text

Midoriya Izuku- 5:15pm


He realized, halfway through writing down his observations on T, that he’d forgotten to deadbolt the entrance door to the complex.

Sighing, he glanced out the window, frowning when he saw that the sun was only a few inches away from the horizon. He reached for the keys in his backpack, making sure to grab both of them. He paused in his actions and looked back at T, who was slumped on the futon, mismatched eyes following him as he stood up and started towards the front door.

“T,” he started, despite now knowing that getting an answer was a hit or miss. “I’m going to have to go back downstairs and lock the front entrance. You’ll stay in here so I don’t have to carry you back up, okay?” The boy went to stand, but Izuku was firm. “No, you stay here-,” he made sure to enunciate, “-I’ll be back soon. It’ll only take a few minutes, just stay here so I don’t worry.”

T let out a groan before managing to speak again. “Nottt saaafe,” was what he rasped out and Izuku let the soft smile that had been threatening to appear on his lips for the past few moments finally do just that.

“Right now nothing is really safe, but it’ll be safer for me if you stay up here. I can finish faster and be back quicker that way.” T just grunted at that so Izuku took it as a sign of acceptance and unlocked the door, stepping out and relocking it behind him just incase T figured out how door handles worked.

Starting down the stairs, he made sure to keep his footsteps as quiet as possible in case one of the undead had already gotten through.

Considering how little noise the two of them had made, there wasn’t much of a probability of that happening but taking his luck into account he wouldn’t be surprised if one did.

He breathed out a soft sigh of relief when he got to the first floor and saw the empty hall. Starting towards the front door, he frowned at the noise his steps made but sped up despite the fact.

The sooner he got this done then the sooner he’d be back in the apartment and back to finishing up his notes.

Grabbing the deadbolt key, he stuck it into the lock, double checking to make sure that it was secure and rattling the door for good measure before starting back up the stairs.

He ended up taking the stairs two at a time when T’s distressed groans started echoing throughout the stairwell.

Getting to his apartment door, he heard the thuds against the front door and he felt his heart sink.

T didn’t sound angry or like he wanted to eat him, but he did sound extremely upset. Izuku spoke as he grabbed for the key.

“It’s okay, I’m back, don’t worry! Nothing happened T, please calm down, everything’s okay!” He called, relieved to hear the apartment become quiet before he unlocked the door and eased it open. He nearly hit T with the door when it opened, having to pause for a second for him to move back before stepping back into the apartment.

The boy looked bothered, twitchy compared to his behavior from before as the two of them walked further into the apartment once he re-locked the front door.

A frown crossed his face, eyebrows furrowing as he looked harder at T. He couldn’t tell if the distress was from him leaving, or if the newfound activity was because of the sun slipping past the horizon. He moved for the couch, gently touching T’s wrist to guide him down as he did so.

If the boy was going to get worse at night, then he wanted to make sure that he was within arms reach so he’d be able to usher him to the spare room quicker. Besides, the way T eased into the couch told him that being near him managed to calm him down a little bit. It wasn’t major, but Izuku couldn’t help but hope that the trend would carry on later through the night.

There wasn’t much he could do at this point other than settle in and watch the sun finish setting.




Midoriya Izuku: 6:42

The closer it got to seven, the louder T’s groans sounded and the more erratic his movements became. Izuku chewed on the inside of his lip, eyeing the sliver of the sun that had yet to sink as he reached a tentative hand towards the boy’s arm.

Putting him in the guest room for the night was something he’d definitely have to do and he was going to have to do it fast. The idea of the sun setting before he managed to get him in there was one that made his skin break out in goosebumps.

When his hand made contact with his arm, T made a noise that sounded far too close to a growl for him to feel safe.

He closed his hand around the arm though, pulling T to his feet and starting him towards the guest room, heart thudding as he eyed the wall clock.

T allowed himself to be dragged to the room with little struggle beyond a few groans, but actually getting him to stay in the room was where the real difficulties started cropping up.

He tried to be nice about it for a few minutes, gently easing the boy into the room and asking him if he’d stay there for the night before eventually having to push him down on the bed. He bit his lip, watching as T’s expression of annoyance shifted into one of anger when Izuku forced him to lay back onto the sheets.

The dusky orange light that came from the window reminded him that he probably only had a few minutes before the actual shift would occur.

“T,” Izuku started, watching the way that the boy’s eyes zeroed in on his face. “I need you to stay in here. It’s getting late so, uh, try to sleep okay?” He had no idea how much information the boy was actually getting from his words, but he slumped down the smallest bit so something must’ve sunk in.

“Alright,” he said, slowly taking his hands away from the boy as he backed up towards the door. “I’m going to go to my room to sleep now, you stay in here for the night and I’ll make sure to take you out as soon as the morning comes.” With that he backed the rest of the way out of the room, skin prickling at the way T’s eyes followed his movements.

He stepped into the hallway, moving to close the door, hearing it shut with a small click as he moved to press the lock on the door handle in.

A shaky sigh left him as he moved into the living room, hearing the beginnings of stirring inside the guest room again as he tried to distance himself from T.

The next few minutes before the sun truly set were spent with him in front of the main window, watching the streets and rubbing at his hands as his stomach sank with worry.

He closed his eyes and let his forehead thud against the window as the initial shrieks rose up from the streets.

A few moments passed before they stopped calling out to each other outside, but when he heard the same shrill sound from the guest room it felt as if a bucket of ice water had been upended over his head.

Thudding noises against the door followed by what sounded like aggressive rattling of the doorknob made his heart leap to his throat.

The whole scene being punctuated by T’s screams made it all the more horrifying and Izuku just prayed that the door would be able to hold out for the night despite the abuse.

He stood there in the living room for a few moments, the gravity of the situation just starting to sink in, before the howling from outside came back stronger than before.

It felt like his whole body went numb and it was all he could do to peer down at the street again and witness the undead seemingly trying to climb over each other in an attempt to scale the side of the building.

Random quirks were going off everywhere as the mass tried to get to the apartment and tears pricked at the corner of his eyes in relief when he saw that none of the abilities were effective in helping them get to him.

Wrenching himself from the window, he moved to the middle of the living room, pacing as T’s screams resounded down the hallway and through the apartment.

The way T’s shrieks and the screams of the undead below resonated with each other told him all that he needed to know.

They were communicating with each other in an attempt to get him, and he was in danger as long as the noise continued.

A low crackling noise made him turn to look down the hallway to the guest room, eyebrows creasing as he saw the sheet of ice creep out from the bottom of door.

‘So that’s his quirk,’ he thought to himself weakly, watching as the ice stopped shortly outside of the door, roughly a foot from the crack near the floor.

A few seconds passed before the realization that T’s shrieks had become marginally muffled by the ice struck him and he felt himself go weak at the knees in relief. He steadied himself, turning again to the main window and looking to see that the crowd of undead were still attempting to get to the apartment and still screaming loud enough that it looked like the mob was growing as time went on.

He allowed himself a moment to breathe, letting his shoulders slump as he tried to come up with some sort of game plan. Quietly, he started to speak to himself. “T’s still freaking out, so even if the noise is muffled by the ice, the undead in the street can still hear him. I know from yesterday that they’re not going to be able to get in through the front door to the complex, so I’m safe on that front. There’s still no telling if T is going to be able to get out of the room though,” he murmured, hands shaking as he absentmindedly rubbed at the gauze over his stitches.

They were starting to hurt, he’d have to check and see if he had any pain medicine in the kits before too long.

A harsh thud from the other side of the apartment made him flinch out of his thoughts and he turned, leaving the main window and starting slowly towards the hallway.

With the natural lighting gone and the only source of light being from the low brightness lamps in the room, the shadows cast in the apartment made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up despite the fact that any other day he would’ve considered it homey.

It was only when he turned into the hallway that he remembered that the apartment was one on the corner of the building, meaning that the undead had more than one side they could come in at if they could use windows.

He stared down the dark hallway, ignoring T’s screams as he waited for another noise, anything to give him a sign that he hadn’t just imagined that sound.

He got the sign in the form of a second shriek, different than T’s, that sounded much closer than any of the other ones.

Swallowing his fear, he set his jaw and started down the darkened hallway, wracking his mind for any way that something like that could be happening.

‘Did one of the neighbors die?’ His mind supplied unhelpfully as he forced himself forward. ‘I could be hearing them banging around next door.’

The way the apartment was set up made it a small possibility. With one side of it facing the hallway, two sides looking out to the city, and the last side connected to the neighbors apartment there was a chance he could just be hearing one of the neighbors’ screams echoing through the building.

But, considering the fact that the hallway he was walking down was one of the sides that faced the outside, the chances of that being true were small.

Stepping over the patch of ice, he continued to ignore T’s shrieks as they grew in volume and resisted the urge to cover his ears with his hands. Another thud got a full-body flinch out of him and he looked at the window that was only a few meters in front of him, on the wall that marked the end of the hallway.

The hallway ended with the wall and the window, but a right turn would bring him into another, smaller hallway that led to another room.

He couldn’t tell which direction the noise had come from, and the screaming that had punctuated the undead’s presence earlier hadn’t made a reappearance.

A trembling breath left him and he moved the last few feet just as a hand slapped onto the window pane.

He took an immediate step back, frantically turning to look at T’s room door as it remained locked and iced and barely turned back in time to see the undead pull herself up to look into the window. He stood, frozen despite himself, as they looked at each other. A bead of sweat dripped down the back of his neck and he couldn’t stop the small whine that slipped from his throat.

T’s screams grew into a fevered pitch as she broke the eye contact and pulled her fist back, punching at the glass hard enough to crack it.

He had to get out of here.

He turned again, heart jumping to his throat and eyes straining in the low light as he ran for the living room. He heard the window shatter as he tried to get over the patch of ice without slipping, and made the mistake of looking back.

The girl was fast, now screaming as she scrambled over herself to get to him and it was all he could do to look back forward and try to run for the front door.

His heart was pounding so hard that he didn’t notice she’d grabbed his shirt until she’d pushed him to the ground. Falling with a harsh thud, stars sparked behind his eyes when his head collided with the floor.

Feeling her on top of him, her fingers sticking to his clothes, he rolled and felt the fingers disconnect as he scrambled to his knees.

He looked at her, lights from behind her obscuring her face as she crouched, blocking him from the way to the door as T’s screams provided background noise.

‘I can’t do anything,’ the realization struck him the same moment she pounced, face twisting into an unreal snarl.

She pushed him backwards, onto his back and into a side table. He grabbed one of her wrists and pushed her shoulder back with the other, her mouth wide open and dribbling spit that looked almost red in the lighting onto his chest as she hunched over him. The thudding sounds of the books from the table falling to the ground barely registered as she snapped towards his face, requiring all his focus as her movements became more and more erratic.

He heaved, pushing her off of him, forcing her further into the living room and unintentionally reducing his escape routes even further.

He kept his eyes on her form, moving and backing into the kitchen area as she stood again. His hands twitched over the cold counter and something glinted in his peripheral vision as he counted his remaining options.

The woman was going to kill him if he didn’t manage to escape or kill her first.

Chin trembling, hand ghosting further over the counter, and eyes following the woman as she staggered a few steps, the realization of what he had to do made him feel sick.

She picked up the pace, body jerking faster and more aggressively as she lunged the last few feet.

Izuku sprang towards the opposite counter, hearing her thud against the countertop as his hand wrapped around the handle of one of the kitchen knives. He turned and she screamed, running for him again with her hands outstretched and shoving him so hard against the fridge that his teeth clacked with the impact.

Her fingers dug into his shoulders as she lunged forward again, breath ghosting over the side of his face and it was all he could do to throw them both on the floor. The items on the countertop rattled in protest and she screamed, voice so loud it made his eardrums vibrate in time with it.

She was on him again, crawling on top of his stomach and pouncing forward hard enough that it knocked the air from his lungs.

His free hand jerked, up under her jaw and forcing her head up as her sticky hands tore at him, her fingernails too short to do anything other than paw at him.

His other hand was gripping the handle of the knife so hard that he didn’t even have to look to know they were white. A sob escaped him and he screwed his eyes shut, listening to her shrieks as he angled the knife and dug it into her side.

Warmth immediately covered his hand and he gagged, pulling the knife back out with a squelching sound that made his toes curl.

The woman hadn’t reacted at all, still scrabbling at his arms, nearly tearing off the gauze, as she groaned through the mouth he was still pushing away from him. So he did it again, bottom lip trembling as he adjusted the angle of the knife and stabbed it into her for the second time.

She didn't react then either, just writhing to try and get a better angle on him and another sob tore its way out of his throat. ’Why isn’t she dying!? Can they even be killed!?’ His shirt grew warm and wet as blood dripped down onto it and he steeled himself, tearing the knife out again and stabbing it into her a third time, praying for some sort of reaction.

Another groan just left her as she continued to try and bite him, he could feel her teeth grinding from where he forced her jaw away from him.

He shook his head, feeling desperate as he pulled the knife out again, fingers struggling for purchase against the blood. He closed his eyes for half a second to try and steady himself before taking the woman’s jaw and slamming it into the tile floor beside where they were, hearing it crack against the ground as he scrambled out from underneath her.

Her hands were still snaked around his arms and she pulled him into her, their positions reversed this time and Izuku felt something inside of him that had been pulled taut finally snap.

She was already screaming again before he grabbed at her wrist, pulling it away from her body as he angled the knife back down, blinking through vision blurred by tears. She lunged up from underneath him to snap at his neck and he slammed the knife down into her chest, a cracking sound filling the kitchen as the knife went through what he distantly realized was a rib.

No outward reaction other than continued screaming broke him down. “Why won’t you die!?” He screamed, his own voice sounding like it’d been muffled with cotton as he pulled the knife back out before slamming it into her chest again. “Why won’t you die!?”

She didn’t answer him, snapping and howling in a way that was completely nonhuman as he screamed, tears burning tracks down his face.

“Why!” In. “Won’t!” Out. “You!” In, out. “Die!?” In, out, in, out, in, out, in, out.

His arms were wet and red up to the elbow, the blood splatters had gotten all over him, tears and snot were dripping down his face but the only thing he was thinking about was the woman’s chest and the way that no normal person would be breathing, let alone lunging at him and trying to tear into him, with injuries like that.

Sobs wracked his body, hands trembling with adrenaline as he replaced the hand that had been holding her arm down with his knee and used the now freed hand to press her into the ground. He looked at the face of the woman, seeing the old makeup and the way she’d plucked her eyebrows and the beginnings of laughter lines around her eyes and couldn’t bring himself to feel anything but fear.

He gripped the knife, hearing the way her body squelched with her movements as she tried again to reach him, and drew it up to her face.

He wouldn’t have been able to do it, not even as a last resort, if the woman hadn’t tried to snap at his hand one last time.

It was with a jerk of his free arm and a scream that he drew the knife up, bringing it down into her eye socket with a popping sound that couldn’t have been her eye.

And then it was quiet. The only noise filling the apartment was the dripping of the blood onto the floor and T’s screams, now barely qualifying as white noise as Izuku waited for the ball to drop, for the woman to get up again.

He sat like that for a few moments, on top of her, fist still clenching around the knife, before the bile that had been rising up in his throat made its presence known.

Heaving, he turned to one side and threw up, throat burning and eyes stinging as his stomach heaved again and again. Uneven breaths stuttered their way from his mouth. Swallowing thickly, he went back over the woman, dismounting on the other side and slumping against the wall.

He stared at the woman, watching the way the blood pooled out from underneath her and the way the knife stuck out from her head and found himself to be too drained to throw up again.

It took him a few minutes of staring at the kitchen cabinets before he realized that he couldn’t hear T’s screams anymore, and that the shrieks from outside had died down. ‘He probably thinks I died,’ Izuku thought numbly, feeling the way the blood was drying on his hands, most likely sinking into the gauze.

He just breathed and closed his eyes, knowing that he wasn’t going to be able to sleep tonight.

Chapter Text

Midoriya Izuku: ?:?? am

When he peeled his eyes open the next morning, he didn’t feel alive. He was lying on the couch, had barely gotten there after he’d peeled the gauze off and washed his hands.

He hadn’t even cared enough to wipe the, now dried, splatters from his face before crashing.

The vibrating phone on the coffee table next to him was what woke him up.

Turning to grab the phone, he steadily ignored the mess on the tiles. He managed to pick up on the fourth buzz, bypassing the contact name entirely.

Immediately Kacchan’s angry voice filtered through the other end and he wearily held the phone away from his ear.

“What the fuck, Deku!? I called you three fucking times before you picked up! It’s nine-fucking-thirty and you didn’t check in! What the fuck happened!?”

He laughed, the noise sounding more like a sob and Kacchan paused in his rant. “One of them broke through my window, I’m not bitten, it’s okay.” He managed, chin wobbling as the stunned shock drifted away and was replaced with the knowledge that he’d almost died last night.

The phone was oddly quiet after that, he frowned, half wondering if the connection went out or if Kacchan had just hung up and he hadn’t heard it.

“More fuckin’ details Deku, come on.” Kacchan said, sounding tired? What?

He wasn’t in the right state of mind to analyze this right now.

Knowing Kacchan would keep hounding him if he refused to elaborate, he began.

“Last night, everything was fine up until the sun set.” Why did he feel like that was going to be a trend from now on? “Then, I don’t even know-” how was he going to explain how they found him without elaborating on all the noise T made? “-I guess they heard me doing something, I have no idea what, I can barely remember, but when one gets excited they all do.” He paused, throwing a short glance at the woman on the ground and jerked his head away, turning to face the wall as he shifted to lay on his side.

He was going to have to clean her up, wasn’t he?

Kacchan spoke up again. “Deku, what the fuck happened next?” The swearing was still there but he had no idea how to deal with the lack of bite Kacchan’s words had.

“They use their quirks at night, Kacchan, this one was able to get up to my window.” He breathed, continuing. “She had sticky fingers, or something similar, maybe a quirk where her fingers didn’t slip on surfaces like a gecko. Somehow though, she got up to my ledge. I didn’t notice her until she was at my hallway window, even then, I guess undead have less restraint when it comes to how hard they’ll hit something. She managed to crack my window after a few hits.”

He realized that his voice sounded as raspy as it did because of all the screaming he’d been doing last night. He grimaced, swallowing around the ache.

“Kacchan, I really had no other option, she chased me into the kitchen and I was trapped.” A sob tore its way from his throat and he didn’t even have the energy to be embarrassed. “Kacchan, you know I had no other way, right? You know I wouldn’t just, just do that, right?”

“Deku-” Izuku barreled on, feeling a sudden tight need to get his point across to the other.

“Kacchan I promise if I could’ve gotten out without doing anything like that I would have. There were no other options Kacchan she would’ve killed me if I didn’t do anything, you have to trust me, she was trying to bite me and I-”

He was cut off by a sharp “Deku!” and he shut his mouth so fast he almost bit his tongue.

Kacchan was breathing heavily over the receiver and for a moment he thought he’d messed everything up. Then there was the sound of a deep breath and he heard Kacchan say, strained, as if trying not to yell “Deku, tell me what the fuck happened instead of apologizing. I have no fucking idea what went down.”

Swallowing thickly, he did just that. “Kacchan, I had to use a knife on her to get her to stop.” Another sob left him, wracking his shoulders. “She just wouldn’t stop, even when I used it against her, it took so many tries Kacchan she just wasn’t-” he tried to say ‘dying’ but the word was stuck in his throat. He skipped it and moved on. “It only stopped when I put it in her head, I don’t know why, I think it’s the brain, but she was moving past what a normal person would’ve-”

“Deku,” Kacchan cut him off again. “Why the fuck do you feel bad? It was fucking self-defense you idiot, shut the fuck up. Did you fucking make sure to clean the blood off yourself after?”

His brain whirled at the sudden topic shift and he let out a startled “uh, no?” that made Kacchan yell into the receiver.

“You got fucking dead person blood on you and didn’t fucking clean it off!? What the fuck is wrong with you!?” The whiplash from Kacchan validating his actions to berating him was one that was as confusing as it was distracting.

“I- I can do it now?” He said, voice still raspy but sounding more alive.

“Go fucking do that! What the fuck Deku?” He could hear the way Kacchan sneered through the phone. “Have you become more of a dumbass since we stopped being in the same class!?” That startled a snort out of him.

“Kacchan, I’m hanging up now to go take a shower.” Kacchan screamed something else at him but he hung up before he caught it.

Laying down in the new silence of his apartment was odd, so he made a movement to stand, steadily ignoring the body in his kitchen. He shifted, starting towards the bathroom and stepping over the puddle of water coming from the bottom of the guest bedroom door.

He could deal with the T situation once he felt more alive himself.

Opening the bathroom door, he avoided the mirror and tried to guess how much of the soap bar it would take to clean off all the grime.




Midoriya Izuku: 10:20 am

Something about the hot water made him feel significantly better and once he changed into new clothes, he almost felt like he was back to normal.

He left his room, new clothes and all, and sighed. As much as he wanted to ignore the situation in the kitchen and go check on T, he couldn’t.

If he left the woman there she was going to rot and if he didn’t clean the area he was going to be testing the upper limits of his luck in terms of getting infected.

Right now he was also just surprised that he hadn’t already turned, considering that it’d taken ten minutes for the shower water to run clear. Maybe because he’d managed to keep it out of his existing injuries because of the gauze?

He’d really cut it close last night. That couldn’t happen again.

Setting his jaw, he entered the kitchen. He glanced down, fighting his gag reflex as he looked over the woman who seemed a lot less threatening in the daylight.

He stepped around her, reaching to grab a pair of gloves from the sink, and prepared himself for what he was about to have to do.

He circled her, starting from the back to avoid the mess of gore that was her front. I did that he distantly realized, having to physically shake himself back into reality. Grabbing under her arms, he heaved, making sure to lift with his legs, and dragged her to the front door.

It was slow going, half because he was trying to give himself time to avoid a freakout and half because the woman was heavier than she looked.

Easing her against a wall, he unlocked his front door, pausing in the entryway to make sure there was nothing in the corridors of the apartment complex. A few moments later, he continued, starting towards the stairwell and grimacing at the thud the woman's body made when he started down the first few steps.

He was going down the flights first, walking down the steps backwards as he kept an eye on the woman’s body.

He really, truly did not like the trail of blood that followed them wherever he was dragging her.

Eventually, he got to the ground floor of the complex and he sighed, starting towards the back exit of the building.

There was an area back out there that was open, something like an outside lounge area that the complex owners had tried to build. It was mostly concrete and there were a few trash cans as well as assorted lawn chairs out there and he kind of hated the idea of leaving her there but it was the only feasible option.

He grimaced, opening the back door and propping it with the brick that one of the other apartment residents had left there. Now it was just a matter of where to, uh, put her?

Frowning, he figured that laying her down in the middle of the area was the best he could do.

Gently he set her down, feeling bad about leaving the kitchen knife in her head but completely unwilling to pull it out.

When he finished and realized that there was nothing else he could do but leave and clean up his apartment, he felt sick. The fact that this was it and there was nothing else he could feasibly do was one that made him feel ill.

He closed the outside door, slumping against it the moment he locked it from inside. Resting his head on his clean forearms, he tried to compartmentalize the situation. There wasn’t any other option, I’ll be okay, everything will work itself out. Thoughts close to that tangent was what he used to comfort himself and it barely worked.

For each thought that he had no other options, another voice in the back of his head would whisper about T, reminding him of the boy who tried to act human.

Dimly, he realized that he wasn’t getting anything done other than wasting daylight while he sat here.

On shaky legs he started back towards his apartment, avoiding the smear of blood and compartmentalizing everything he could. Opening his door made the smell of death wash over him and he gagged, realizing he’d gotten used to it when he was still in the apartment.

I have to get this done, it’s basic infection control. He thought to himself, forcing his body to power through.

Stripping off the dirty gloves, throwing them in the trash and grabbing another pair from the sink, he dug through the kitchen cabinets looking for the proper cleaners. Bleach basically, a lot of bleach and the hospital cleaners his mom had lying around for when they decided to spring clean.

He pulled on a face mask, rolled up his shirt and pants, and got to work.




Midoriya Izuku: 11:46am

He felt dead on his feet when he finally got all signs of the attack cleaned up.

Relieved at the fact that he could now look around the apartment without noticing immediate signs of the break in last night, he stood, joints cracking in protest as he dumped out the tub of cleaner into the sink.

Standing in the kitchen, the realization that he now had to check on T hit him upside the head and he gaped at the fact that he’d basically ignored him for the better part of two hours.

Turning to the hall, he had to stop himself from sprinting towards T’s room, almost slipping on the last of the water he forgot to dry up.

Fidgeting with the locks, he listened for any sounds of potential undead-rage and threw the door open when he realized there wasn’t any.

T was sitting on the bed, picking at his shirt and looking as miserable as an undead boy could.

Which was to say he looked pretty goddamn miserable.

There were more puddles inside the room and he carefully navigated around them. “T?” He asked, eyeing the way the boy looked up but avoided his direct gaze. “T, come on, are you okay? Last night was hard on you, yeah?” Of course he hated what T’s loudness caused but he wasn’t mad at him, that would be like blaming an untrained dog for peeing on the floor when you left it inside the whole day. It wasn’t like T could help what happened.

T just grunted, completely looking the other way when Izuku tried to get into his line of sight. “T-” he started, sighing when the boy kept looking the other way. “Stop it, what happened wasn’t your fault. You couldn’t help it.” T, ever the stubborn one, refused to listen to what he had to say.

Truth be told Izuku wasn’t too sure how much of what he was saying was actually getting through to him.

Well, even if T wasn’t paying attention to what he had to say, he still had to make sure the boy was presentable.

“Come on,” he said, gently grabbing at T’s wrist and pulling him up so he was standing with him. “Let’s get you cleaned up.” Some of T’s injuries were oozing a bit and he was sure that a few stitches had popped.

Easing him into the kitchen, Izuku steadily ignored the reddish-brown stains in the tile grout as he pulled the first aid kit together and began working.




Todoroki Shouto: ???

Remembering things was hard. Remembering things from last night was very hard.

He tried, very very hard to think but he only heard the sounds of the boy yelling.

Did he do that? He didn’t remember.

The boy kept trying to talk to him but he just wanted to know what happened.

When the boy took him somewhere he just followed, letting himself get moved and shifted and he groaned softly when the boy brought the tiny sharp things back out.

Was that what happened last night? Something with those?

The boy went on and on while he was working and he found himself struggling to understand what he was saying, like when he’d first met him. Another groan left him and he realized the boys fingers were shaking while he was using the sharp thing on his skin.

Did he do something? Why was the boy shaking?

Mind dull, it took him awhile to figure out that maybe he should do something about that.

Trying to get back the words he had last night, he forced the dullness away and managed to move his mouth in a way that sounded almost correct.

“Suuh- suh-” almost, “sorr- y,” there. Right? He almost didn’t add the last part, but he remembered it all.

The boy startled, poking him with the sharp thing which made him snarl a bit. He couldn’t help it.

More words came from the boy and he had to really, really focus on what was being said.

“-kay, okay, okay! Yeah no it’s okay! I-I, um, you couldn’t help it, maybe try to focus harder on ignoring the sun tonight though?” The sun?

He grunted, trying to show the boy he understood, well, kind of understood at least. An expression he couldn’t name twitched onto the boy’s face and he was just glad he was starting to come back to his senses from this morning.




Midoriya Izuku: 12:35pm

With T looking cleaner, he let himself start to plan the next course of action. Deciding it was long overdue, he took stock of the apartment.

The pantries were alright, a little barren but he would be fine for about a week if it came down to it. He should probably remedy that though. The bathroom was less okay, he’d probably need things like extra towels in case of another T situation came up and he had to wipe up the melted ice.

Speaking of towels, he had to put on a wash, just to make sure he had a constant supply of clean things to use.

Poking through the kitchen drawers brought up the fact that he probably needed more bleach if one undead woman managed to clear him out of a good third of a bottle. He swallowed, resting his forehead on his knees from where he was squatting on the ground. “I shouldn’t think like that.” He muttered, T making a noise from where he was sitting on the sofa.

Already a vague list of things he needed was forming in his mind and he tried to solidify it as he collected the towels, linens, and clothes that had been bloodied in the past few days.

“Water bottles, canned or dry foods, towels, bleach.” He murmured slowly, shoving the things into the washer/dryer unit that came with the apartment. Loading it up as far as it would go, he threw in extra detergent with a good amount of bleach (at this point he didn’t care about staining his clothes) and turned the machine on.

He’d looked over the flyer that had been at the abandoned pickup point but it basically had everything he’d already done on it. It hadn’t been too much help in narrowing down his list.

The list itself was pretty basic, but as he moved to go back into the kitchen he realized he’d completely forgotten something.

The emergency kits.

Grabbing his backpack from where he’d dumped it yesterday, he dug through it and started taking stock of everything he had.

A good portion of different-sized bandages, some gauze that most certainly needed restocking, still a lot of hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic ointment that made him wince because he already ran through two of the packets and was going to definitely be needing more. Some generic painkillers were thrown in there, just ibuprofen and aspirin and he knew there was more in the medicine cabinet. He was going to need more generic gloves and sterile masks just because that was how his life was now.

His list was a little bit longer now.

“Water bottles, canned or dry foods, towels, bleach, more bandaids in case, more gauze, a lot more ointment.” He said again, out loud, before moving to write the list down in his notebook.

T made another noise from where he was sitting down and Izuku huffed out a small laugh. “Yeah, it is a lot isn’t it?” The question left him before he could stop it but T’s sage reply of “yeh-ye-s” made it worth it.

T was not going to like this next part though.

Izuku zipped up his backpack, gathering his, now usual, set of supplies and jacket before slipping his shoes back on. “I’m heading out into the city T, you have to stay here, okay?” He just didn’t want to risk anything today, especially considering how long it had taken to coax T back to his apartment the first day they’d walked together.

The boy made a noise of complaint, trying to stand up too quickly from where he was sitting and having to struggle a bit to remain upright.

“I’m sorry,” Izuku winced, edging towards the front door as he dug into his pants for his keys. “I’ll be back soon, I can just get done faster if I go alone.” T made another, more frantic sound and Izuku had to shove his guilt down as he slipped through the door, locking it behind him.

He sighed, pocketing his keys before grabbing his phone. He hovered over the messages before opting to call instead.

Kacchan picked up on the first ring and Izuku spoke, foregoing any pleasantries. “Kacchan? I’m going out into the city to grab more supplies, it should only take a few hours at most.”

The blond made a noise, sounding annoyed. “Why? Shouldn’t you just hole the fuck up in your apartment?” He was relieved that neither of them brought up the morning conversation.

“Yeah, but I would need more supplies first. I used a lot of bleach and I need things like gauze and water bottles.” Kacchan grunted at that, sounding like he was trying to figure something out.

Izuku was halfway down the flights of stairs when Kacchan spoke again. “Just fucking make sure you grab something like a baseball bat. You don’t have a quirk and you can’t fucking think that you’ll be able to get out of everything with luck.” He had a point.

“I’ll make sure to look.” Izuku promised, Kacchan making a satisfied noise before forcing him to say that he’d text when he finished whatever he’s doing.




Midoriya Izuku: 1:10pm

He rummaged around the pharmacy close to his house, the lights bright and sterile as he dug around for things he’d need.

He just bit the bullet and figured that if he was taking things he might as well take an extra backpack and just pay it back when everything went back to normal.

Stocking up on gauze and tubes of antibiotic gel, he was more than distracted.

Definitely not distracted enough to ignore the sudden clang that came from somewhere deep inside the building as the lights shut off. He swallowed thickly, the thin background noise of the running electricity had been something he barely noticed before but sorely missed now.

Blood having run beyond cold, he stood up, breathing slowly to try and not make any noise.

In the utter silence of the pharmacy, it seemed wrong.

He looked around, trying to find the reason why the power suddenly went out, and felt more chilled than before when he found nothing.




???: 1:00pm

A manic smile tore its way across her face as she spun around the power plant, grinning at just the thought of what she could do with this!

Of course the apocalypse was bad, but she had access to electrical power plants now! And there was no one to stop her because it was all running on self-operating automated machines at this point!

The absolute strength of what she had in her hands had yet to hit her, the enormity of the plant just stunned her as she strode through it, taking care to have gloves on when she poked at the machines running the show.

She grinned when she saw the thin cords coming from the machines, going uniformly in every direction and the beauty of it was incomprehensible.

She couldn’t help herself! Walking towards the machine that read out measurements and percentages, she peered over the data, the prospect of prying it open and seeing how it worked was just too much!

Excitement coursed through her and she leaned forward, still a bit too short to operate this perfectly, and tried to ignore the growing unsteadiness of her footing.

Everything has a breaking point and her foot skid just the smallest bit, a yelp of shock tearing its way from her mouth as she unconsciously grasped for anything to hold onto. Yanking one of the thicker wires, she ended up pulling it free and fell flat on her back as the end of it sparked in her hand.

A gasp came from her as she forced herself up, moving to look at the measurements that now read “danger” and “error.”

Self-operated machinery meant that everything had to be perfect or-

“No! No no no no, this can’t be happening!” She wailed, trying to rush around and fix her mistake in anyway she could.

The dials just tipped further and further into the red zone and when she heard a faint whistling she knew her time was up.

She sprinted, running as fast as she could to the edge of the plant, scaling and clearing the fence with a speed she hadn’t realized she was capable of without the help of machines. One of the outer sheds of the facility was close and she made it her absolute goal because she was not in the mood for third degree electrical burns today.

Barely able to duck and cover before a massive explosion tore its way through the power plant, she felt the red-hot of the fire even from her hiding place.

The ground was shaking underneath her and her ears were ringing and her hands were shaking and the only thing she could think of was the fact that she’d never messed up this bad on one of her babies.

Chapter Text

Midoriya Izuku: 1:15pm

He stayed there for several more minutes, checking the inventory in the pharmacy and making sure to double and triple check the aisles for more supplies that he might've forgotten that he needed.

Using a flashlight now, as the lights going out made everything far darker, the hairs on his arms and neck rose at the uneasiness that the weird shadows created.

His sneakers almost echoed as he walked down the aisles, poking through the medical supplies for extra gauze. Considering how the past few days had gone, he'd be almost out by the end of next week.

Things like water and canned food were next, his backpack sagging with the weight and he had to switch to the extra one he'd grabbed when he realized the cans were kind of crushing the antiseptic wipes and tubes of ointment.

He also made sure to grab far more ibuprofen, aspirin and anti-inflammatories than he necessarily needed. (Yes he knew that ibuprofen brought down swelling too but he'd rather just go for the big guns in case he needed faster acting things.) A good gallon of bleach was important too. He made sure to just throw in a few bottles of general cough medicine and fever reducers because who knew what the hell was going to happen, might as well be too prepared.

Throwing a few packs of sterile gloves and face masks topped off the bags and he was just thankful that this supply run was almost over.

Triple checking to make sure he had everything he needed, he was about to start back out towards the exit when his phone vibrated in his pocket.

Heart stuttering, he grabbed the phone, checking the text and grimacing when he saw no answers to the questions firing off in his head. It was just a text from Kacchan, asking if he was free right now.

Not as nicely as that but the message was pretty much the same.

Laying thet backpacks back onto the ground, he texted back.

Izuku: Yeah, I'm free. I'm in the middle of an abandoned pharmacy now, there's nothing in here but me.

He saw the little dots that indicated that Kacchan was typing something go off, and he waited.

Kacchan: Call me

Getting scared by minor things was tiring but he just couldn't help it at this point.

Kacchan ended up answering on the first ring, his voice lower than Izuku anticipated. "Deku, did the power go out?" He blinked, eyes wide, before trying to respond.

"Yeah, it happened a good ten minutes ago. Is something wrong on your end?" Kacchan bit off an angry snarl, sounding like he was trying to hold something back, and the realization that he was trying to keep his volume down because Izuku was outside the apartment hit him over the head.

"No, but something fucking happened over on yours."

He really didn't know what to say to that other than a short "what?"

Voice close to a growl, Kacchan answered back. "The news has shit about the city playing and updating twenty-four/seven. Apparently there was some fucking issue at the power plant and now the whole goddamn city is out of power."

"Oh." The strangled noise left him and distantly he realized that maybe it was a good thing that he'd gotten all the cleaning done as early as he did. No running water would’ve made it a lot harder.

"The fuck is your plan gonna be now, nerd?" Kacchan's low voice asked and Izuku snapped out of it.

"Well, probably to grab a few packs of batteries before I leave here. I don't know how I'm going to manage to charge my phone but I'm pretty sure I've got enough of a battery to last until I find somewhere with a gas-powered generator." He chewed on his lip, lost in thought as he dragged the lighter of the two backpacks over to the battery and flashlight portion of the store. "I don't really know how the night is going to change now that the power is out, I'm pretty sure everything is going to be the same as last night but I don't want to jinx it."

Kacchan just grunted, "the news said that pro heroes and electrical engineers are trying to figure this shit out but I don't know what the fuck they think they're gonna be able to fucking do about it."

Izuku hummed, trying to run through a new list of what he'd need now that the power had blipped out of existence. Lighters, one or two new flashlights maybe, anything else?

"Do you think there's anything else I need to grab, Kacchan? I'm not too sure about what I'll need now that the power's out." From across the phone line, Izuku heard Kacchan snort.

"You're such a fucking nerd. Water and the baseball bat I already told you to get." Izuku nodded, shining the flashlight around the dark store as he came up with a game plan for the rest of the day.

"Okay Kacchan, I'm hanging up now but I'll remember to pick up the bat." Kacchan just grunted again, hanging up before Izuku could, and Izuku just got to work, eyeing the half-battery on his phone warily.




Bakugou Katsuki: 1:30pm

Dealing with Deku was a different type of tiring and it got more than annoying after a few minutes. Having to put up with the fucking extras in his class didn't do shit except annoy the hell out of him either.

Eraserhead was fucking busy talking with other pros about the city and they were just left to their own devices. It was so fucking boring it was making his head spin.

The only interesting thing, for fucking once, was the news telling them about what was going on in the city. Apparently the power went out because of some sort explosion in the main part of the power plant. No one knew what the fuck caused it but he was willing to bet that the undead had something to fucking do with it.

Shitty hair was next to him on the sofa, messing with his phone, and it almost seemed like a normal school day.

The only thing pissing him off was everyone else who'd also been stuck in the room with them. This shit was annoying.

Everyday was some new shit where Eraserhead picked them up, sent them to some new fucking meeting room, and left them to their own devices so he could slog through meetings that didn't do shit.

It was repetitive, pointless, and starting to really piss him the fuck off.

A knock from the door made Kirishima startle and Katsuki just narrowed his eyes. Yaoyorozu called out a quick "come in!" and the door was pressed open by a tired looking Recovery Girl.

The wrinkles around her eyes creased and Katsuki was so sick of this shit it was giving him a headache. "Sorry kids, we need to borrow this room to discuss something. If you all follow me I can take you somewhere else for the time being. It shouldn't be too far of a walk."

He just stood, silent, and heard the rustling of everyone else following in his lead.

The class President moved forward, closer to Recovery Girl and he had to exercise some fucking self control when the guy began jabbering on about shit that didn't matter. What the fuck ever, they were just going to a new room. This shit wasn't exactly exciting enough to require a whole conversation over.

The older hero clearly agreed, as she waved him away with a bit of annoyance in the set of her shoulders before she started down the hallway, leading them away from the room.

Katsuki just wanted to hole the fuck up and be ignored until Deku had some sort of update. This shit was boring.

He felt like a fucking side character to Deku and it fucking stung.

As she led them down the hallways, they passed more than a few pro-heroes on their way to their own meetings and planning sessions and he couldn't have given less of a shit about most of them.

Then they turned a corner and saw fucking Endeavor in the middle of the hallway, in a business suit instead of his hero costume, and his class exploded into whispers.

A few of the people in his class looked like they were trying to man the fuck up and ask him about half-and-half, but the only one who spoke up was Yaoyorozu.

He might not fucking like her, but the girl had balls.

"Mr.Endeavor, sir!" She spoke and Katsuki's eyes narrowed when he saw the glare that the older man sent her way. Yaoyorozu wasn't backing down though, and kept on speaking. "We are class 1-A. I know that it is a personal matter, but we were wondering where your son was. We've missed him for the past few days and were just curious about when he could rejoin our group here."

The silence that followed her words was filled only by the crackling of Endeavor's fire.

It was a long moment before he answered and Katsuki could see just how hard he was trying not to fucking lose it.

"Shouto is busy right now, he does not have enough time to spend with your class." And that was fucking it.

Yaoyorozu looked like she was about to speak again but Recovery Girl called for them to follow her and they had to leave Endeavor where he was standing.

That was fucking bullshit. Endeavor was hiding something and he was gonna figure this shit out right after he was done dealing with Deku's fucking mess.

The new room that Recovery Girl had led them to was large, cold, and had only hard plastic seats and tables. No couches. Such an amazing upgrade, he was so fucking grateful.

At the very least, it had a TV which was tuned to the news station.

He settled with a huff, pissed off, and grimaced when Shitty hair and Sparky sat on either side of him.

"Any updates on your friend?" Sparky asked, leaning into his space and Katsuki had to strangle his desire to set his hair on fire.

"Fuck off," was what he settled on, readying himself for another longass wait for more information.




Bakugou Katsuki: 2:45 pm

Deku called him back later, right when Katsuki was certain his brain was going to melt out of his fucking ears from sheer boredom.

He picked up instantly because fuck, a distraction was useful at this point. Shitty hair motioned for him to put it on speakerphone and he just did it to make sure the guy wouldn't harass him throughout the call.

"Hey Kacchan! I'm back at the complex, I grabbed a baseball bat out in the city so don't worry about that." Thank fuck he was being listened to, Deku had the ability to be denser than a brick wall sometimes and he just wasn't in the mood for that. There were sounds of Deku walking up the stairs and he raised an eyebrow at how heavy the steps were but just ignored it.

"Deku, does your apartment have a generator?" From across the phone he heard him make a noise and just waited for the response.

"I'm not too sure. I'll check around the different buildings for something. It's kind of old though, so there might be something. Do you think there are regulations for apartments having generators?" Why was Deku like this?

"Just go to the maintenance room, dumbass, you don't need to check around the whole area." Deku just muttered something else and a sudden thought had Katsuki reeling. "Deku, what fucking percentage is your phone at?"

There was a clatter of Uraraka dropping whatever she'd been holding from across the room as she listened in on the conversation and he didn't have the fucking energy to respond to that.

"Uh-" Deku's voice sounded far away as he checked. "Forty-seven percent. I think looking for a generator is the next thing I have to do. If I don't find anything than the phone is going to die before tomorrow morning." Wasn't that just fucking amazing?

"Why the fuck does your phone run out of battery so fucking fast!?"

"It's an older model Kacchan, I've had it for a few years!"

"Shut the fuck up and go find a generator! You fucking shitheadass idiot nerd!"

"Kacchan don't be mean! It's not my fault the power went out!" Katsuki was going to kill him. This was the last fucking straw, Deku had to die.

"Turn off your fucking phone, stupid! Hang the fuck up!"

Deku sighed from across the phone, hanging up without saying anything else, and that made him angrier than anything else could've

Fuming, he stared at his phone, debating on whether or not it could handle being thrown on the floor again, when Shitty hair laughed in that way that meant that they were in deep shit.

"Wh-" was all he managed to get out before Eraserhead's pissed voice came from the doorway.

"Who were you talking to?" His voice left no room for argument and Katsuki was not in the mood to get expelled so he just answered.

"Some guy from middle school." And Eraserhead did not like that at all.

"You know that's not what I meant." Gritting his teeth, he spat out the rest of his answer.

"Deku. He's in fucking Musutafu being a quirkless little nerd. He's needy and needs to be told what to do all the fucking time." The man's body sagged for a brief moment and Katsuki could see that he was regretting being a teacher. Tough shit, he was regretting coming on this fucking field trip.

"You do know that you could've told an adult about your friend being in the city?" He couldn't help snorting at that, shaking off Kirishima's hand when it moved to his shoulder.

"What the fuck would that've done? All the recovery points were already evacuated. He's fucking stuck."

Eraserhead's hand moved to massage his temple and he looked like he was in pain when he tried to explain. "Bakugou, we're still evacuating some people. We just asked the news not to report on it because of the spam the phone lines and email addresses would get.” The man sighed and continued speaking and Katsuki felt like the biggest fucking idiot in the room. “There’s a team of people figuring out where citizens are trapped by using their social media feeds to get them out in smaller scale missions. That’s why everyone’s been so busy for the past few days."


He could feel his eyebrow do something funny and something strangled left his throat, Uraraka speaking on his behalf. "Does that mean that you can pull Deku out of the city?"

"Most likely, depending on where he is we could get him to go to a rendezvous point and ask someone like Hawks to pick him up." What the fuck?

"Where?" He asked, throat tight, and Eraserhead shrugged.

"It depends on where he is. We have different locations we've been using for different cities and neighborhoods. Ask him for his address and we'll see what we can do."

He almost cracked his home button with how hard he pressed it, firing off a text that probably only made sense in his head.




Midoriya Izuku: 3:30pm

After a ten minute game of "find the basement key", he managed to get the door open with a small rusty key he'd pulled out of a lockbox in the main office building of the complex.

The basement smelled like dust and cobwebs and the concrete floor was just the right amount of filthy for him to be disgusted instead of terrified.

He completely ignored the breaker box, knowing it would be useless, and instead flashed his light towards the boilers and pipes and tried to see if there was some sort of generator down here. Keeping an ear out just on the off chance that a maintenance guy had died down here within the past few days, he tried to ignore the utter silence of the rooms.

It felt like these rooms were made to constantly experience some sort of noisy machinery, making it unsettling in the way that silent schools and classrooms were when you had to be there after the normal hours.

Shoes crunching lightly over the dead bugs that littered the floor, he shivered, continuing to poke through the rooms and trying to see if there was something, anything, that he could use to restart the power in this building.

A few more minutes of looking just resulted in disappointment.

Well, it looked like if there was supposed to be some sort of requirement on an apartment complex owning an on-site generator, his building hadn't gotten the memo.

Sighing, he shined the flashlight over the area, having to catch himself a few times when machinery and equipment looked too close to people for comfort.

When his phone buzzed he actually, genuinely, almost peed himself in terror.

Clapping a hand over his mouth to muffle what would've been an embarrassing scream, he pulled it out of his pocket, eyes narrowing when he saw Kacchan's name again. Twice within an hour?

Kacchan: Deku we can fucking get you out of there

His heart hammered uncomfortably in his chest and he had to remind himself not to get his hopes up too high.

Starting back up the stairs, he clicked the call option, Kacchan answering on the first ring again and he was about to ask a question before he was cut off by a voice he didn't recognize.

"You're in Musutafu, correct?"

He stammered out a few random syllables before finding his words. "Yeah, who are you?"

There was a sigh on the other side of the phone before the voice spoke again. "I'm Bakugou's teacher, pro-hero Eraserhead-" oh God Kacchan knew Eraserhead, "-and we would be able to arrange a sort of pickup if we figured out a few things."

His head was spinning at the idea of not having to put up with the undead in the city anymore and he had to sit on the basement stairs as he answered back. "What do you need to know?" He couldn't even begin to hide the unabashed hope that had to be in his voice and at this point he didn't care.

"I'd need an address, and then we would have to figure out a location in which the pickup would occur." He rattled off his address, hearing typing from the other end, and straightened when Eraserhead spoke again. "We could probably plan something out a few hours from now, you know where Yuuei high school is, right?" When he answered in the affirmative, the pro continued on. "I have to talk to a few of the higher ups, but I'm sure we'll manage to get something together for you before nightfall, okay?"

He croaked out a small "alright" and heard rustling as the phone was passed back to Kacchan. There was a small silence on both sides for a few moments before the blond spoke.

"Don't fucking die Deku, Teach is gonna be pissed off if anything happens before you get out of the city." A strained laugh left him and he just shined the flashlight around the basement, taking it in as he tried to figure out what to say.

"I'll be fine Kacchan, I have to hang up now though, calling people takes a lot of the battery." The other ended up just calling him a fucking nerd again before the line went dead and he was finally able to let the stress shake out of him in a few shivers.

Going out the first time and having nothing be there was crushing, he didn't know if he'd be able to handle another disappointment like that.

That wasn't even taking T into account. Before it'd been just him but now, now he had to make sure that something was in place that assured his safety.

The concept of being able to see his mom again though, he had a responsibility to T but she had to come first.

Feeling more than a little guilty, he made the choice.




Midoriya Izuku: 4:10pm

He'd wasted some time getting a bag ready in the apartment, checking up on T to make sure he was okay (he was doing fine, still just pouting from when Izuku had had to leave him to go on the supply run) and checking his phone every few minutes to make sure he hadn't missed any texts.

He managed to get startled again when it buzzed from where it laid on the counter, and he dove for it, eyes scanning over the message as T let out a confused groan from where he was sitting on the couch.

Kacchan: be at Yuuei by 6:20, if you're not there in time they'll have to leave your sorry ass.

He answered that with a quick affirmation, doing the mental math of how fast he had to go and barely had time to notice that his phone was only at 19 percent battery life.

Swallowing thickly, he grabbed the bag he'd fixed up as well as the baseball bat and looked at T, who was eyeing him with as much suspicion as he could muster. "I'll see if I can get them to come back for you, don't worry." It sounded impossible to his own ears and he bit his lip, feeling a wave of guilt wash over him when he saw T's eyes widen as if he understood what that meant.

Izuku couldn't leave his mom though, it was the one thing that forced his hand.

Shifting his gaze away, he managed to get out the door and lock it behind him before T got close enough to do anything that would've made him pause.

He took a deep breath, lungs aching at the fullness of it, and started down the stairs as he double checked his map for where to go.

If everything went okay, he'd be able to see his mom again.

Eyes watering, he scrubbed them roughly with the sleeve of his jacket and started out of the complex, ducking into alleyways and jogging to save time.




Midoriya Izuku: 5:32pm

He'd shaved off more than a few minutes by taking no breaks and dodging fights by dipping into alleyways and climbing onto roofs, but when he heard dozens upon dozens of growls coming from a road he needed to go onto to get to the school, he realized that his luck had run out.

Mind going a mile a minute, he used the fire escape of one of the surrounding buildings to get some height on the scene.

Pulling himself onto the roof, he stole a glance at his phone and grimaced when he saw the time and the fact that it was barely at 9 percent. Shoving it back into his pocket, he moved towards the edge of the roof and peeked over, ignoring the height-induced vertigo and feeling sick at the scene down below.

A teenager, around his age, was on top of one of the cars in a position similar to the one he'd been in a few days ago.

This was different though.

He looked far worse for wear than Izuku had. His shirt looking half-bled through and clothes dirtied. Izuku's heart hammered in his chest when he saw that the teenager had nothing he'd be able to throw and draw the horde's attention away with.

Closing his eyes, he drew back and began to think.

Could he really leave and go to the school knowing that he'd left someone to die?

T was different, he was in the apartment and would be safe. If he left this guy, he'd be willingly throwing away a life.

Especially considering the sky was already being painted by shades of oranges and yellows. As soon as it dipped past the skyline, there would be dozens of undead using their quirks to get to him.

He loved his mom more than anything but this was something he'd never be able to forgive himself for.

He couldn’t help but feel like there was something out there that wanted him to struggle with everything.

Making his choice, he opened his eyes and turned his phone back on, eyeing the 6 percent as he opened up the messenger app.

Izuku: I'm sorry Kacchan, I won't make it in time.

Shutting the phone off, he shoved it into his backpack and grabbed one of the bricks left up here from when it'd been built.

Testing the weight of it in his hand, he stood near the edge of the roof, catching the tired eyes of the boy on the car, and threw the brick as hard as he could down the street.

He'd aimed for the windows of one of the buildings and succeeded in hitting it, the shattering glass drawing the attention of the undead. They moved away from the car and Izuku was confident that they were far enough to not be an issue.

Grabbing another brick, he moved down the fire escape as fast as he could without making the entire thing tremble and groan with noise, and eased to the edge of the alleyway.

He could see the way the teenager was trying to shift around, could see the wariness and pain in the way his movements were sluggish and only half-effective in getting him anywhere and Izuku knew that he'd made the right choice in helping him.

Jogging over to where the car was, he went up to the side of the vehicle, getting on his tiptoes and holding out an arm for the guy. "Here, I'll help you down." There was a line of blood trailing down from his purple hairline over one of his half-lidded eyes and thoughts of concussions and head injuries were running through Izuku’s mind.

The teenager didn't say anything to that, just grabbing his arm and struggling not to make much noise as Izuku helped to gently ease him down off the roof of the car.

He let go just a bit when the guy got both of his feet on the ground and had to immediately support him again when his knees buckled.

Heart pounding at the distant growls, he glanced over to where the undead were. A sigh of relief tore its way from his mouth when he saw that they were busy trying to clamber into the store.

Moving one of the guy's arms over his shoulder, he took most of his weight and started back towards the alleyway. Stressed whispers left him and he was a little bit worried about freaking the guy out with the rapid-fire words. "Hey, I'm sorry, I know you're hurt but I'm going to take you back to my apartment. It's not that far away and I'll be able to fix you up there, are you okay with that?"

A wheeze of a laugh left the guy as they made it into the alleyway. "Yeah, not many options here. You're definitely the best bet." A wobbly grin slid its way across Izuku's face as he whispered back.

"That's good, I don't exactly want to kidnap you." Another wheezy laugh came from him and Izuku was starting to get worried that maybe he was in shock.

"M' name's Shinsou," the guy slurred, his body sagging even more and the realization that he was probably seconds away from passing out made his head spin.

"I'm Izuku, Midoriya Izuku." A tired head bob was all he got before he was carrying all of his weight. A strangled noise left him and he choked down a few choice words as he tried to manage it.

Squatting down, he tried to shift Shinsou’s weight across his back, his backpack in the way and making his face twist. Making sure to be as gentle as possible, he laid Shinsou on the ground and twisted his backpack around to the front, giving him room on his back as he wore the thing backwards.

After a few minutes of trying he got Shinsou on his back. He stood and made sure the piggyback solution was as good of an idea as he thought it was, and started seriously trying to get to his apartment.

He wasn't exactly in the mood to get caught out here in the middle of the night. Especially with someone who was already too hurt to do anything more than lie on the ground.

The setting sun cast long shadows across the roads and darkened the thin alleyways he jogged through and the only thing he could focus on was the deep ache in his arms and legs from having to carry someone a good few inches taller than him.

Seven was the latest time that the shift could start, he knew he probably had time, but he wasn't about to risk it. Especially with T in the apartment as a potential danger.

Relief made his knees weak when he saw the looming figure of his apartment complex, the building dark against the orange and red sky.

He made sure to lock the front door of the complex once he made it in, body sagging as relief that he'd made it in time made him tired down to his bones. Izuku knew that he still had to get up the stairs though, which was going to be absolutely miserable.

Gritting his teeth, he steeled his resolve and began up the first few steps.




Midoriya Izuku: 6:30pm

He was right about the stairs being horrible.

There was a small wheeze that caught in his throat after every breath when he unlocked the door, blinking at T's shape in the living room.

The boy looked tired, but still near-feral despite it, and Izuku found himself supremely annoyed instead of scared.

Considering he’d just lost probably the only opportunity to get out of the city, he was not up for a repeat of last night.

"I'm not putting up with this shit tonight T." He growled, throwing Shinsou into one of the chairs as he slammed his backpack onto the ground, baseball bat hitting the floor with a hard thud. His patience had run out.

He tore his apartment up for a few minutes and made a half-hysterical noise when he found a length of rope in the bathroom for some reason that he wasn't about to question.

Power-walking back into the living room (making an impression was important) he made a sharp noise when he saw T sniffing at Shinsou. "No T! He's not a snack, leave him alone!" The boy jolted, eyes widening, and Izuku wasted no time.

He manhandled the rope around him, wrapping it a few times around his chest and making sure his arms were fastened down, before tying him to one of the sturdier bookshelves in the room.

If T started screaming again then he was just going to tape his mouth shut.

His gaze shifted back to Shinsou, cataloguing what injuries he could see, and began rifling around in his backpack for a few of the more basic things he needed. Tearing apart the medical kits for more appropriate supplies came next and he moved Shinsou to the sofa before washing his hands and pulling on a pair of sterile gloves.

Time to get to work. He was going to make sure Shinsou'd make it through the night no matter what.

Chapter Text

Midoriya Izuku: 6:40pm

He struggled to get Shinsou out of his shirt and only felt a little bit guilty at having to cut the seams out on the neck to make it easier.

First things first, he wanted to make sure that there wasn't any injury that would need immediate attention. He really didn't want to do minor stitches without realizing that there was an injury somewhere that was in the process of completely bleeding the guy dry.

He was just grateful that there weren't any bloodstains on his pants that indicated a leg injury, Izuku would feel really bad about cutting up his pants.

After making sure that he wouldn't bleed out within the hour, it was just a matter of checking whether or not he had a concussion. Feeling more than a little bit guilty, he peeled open one of Shinsou's eyelids and flashed the light in it, relieved when the pupil changed into a small little pinpoint.

The other teenager just groaned when he did it, trying to shift himself, and Izuku knew it was for the greater good.

Grabbing a water bottle and washcloth he wet it and got to work cleaning most of the mess up so he could find what he was looking for.

Mostly scratches, no bites, a large mass of bruising that bloomed over his ribs, and a thin but long scratch near his hairline that had made the mess over his face. Some of the scratches looked deep and he couldn't tell if they had an undead origin, but he was glad that they were just bleeders and nothing too deadly. There were a lot of them and he knew they hurt but Izuku genuinely did not know what he would've done if he pulled off Shinsou's shirt and saw a bite.

Getting to work, he made sure to only stitch when it was required. Now, he didn't really trust himself with field blocks, but he gave the shots of anesthetic when they were needed because he knew from experience that stitches without any help sucked. His mom would be so proud, at this rate he might be able to give vaccinations like her, considering she was a pro and all.

The entire time while he was trying to get this process down, T was growling up a storm from where Izuku had tied him up.

Sympathy was for people who weren't always on a time crunch in an apocalypse scenario.

When the worst of it was basically taken care of, he stood and grabbed a few of the linen scented candles his mom had lying around everywhere and took care to light them. He would've appreciated scentless, but linen was such a mild scent that he figured Shinsou wouldn't mind when he woke up.

The scent wasn't the reason he had to light them though. The sun was sinking lower and lower and while the screaming hadn't started up outside yet, he could barely see already and if he didn't trust himself with shooting people up with anesthetic when there was light outside, then he really didn't trust himself when he could barely see anything.

The last of the candles were wavering on his coffee table when the city-wide scream began as the undead registered that it was nighttime.

He looked over at where T was thrashing against his bonds and saw the curls of frost leaving his fingertips.

T didn't move beyond that though and Izuku blinked, watching the way he snarled in confusion. What was different from last night?

T's gaze was steady and firm and Izuku followed it, swallowing when he realized that T was staring directly at Shinsou. Huh. Well, he wasn't about to complain if T was keeping relatively quiet.

He continued on in his work, using butterfly bandages and patch bandaids whenever he could in an attempt to avoid doing a lot of stitches. Shinsou was really good suture practice honestly, he would have to thank him after this.

Wait no, he probably shouldn't do that. It might make him uncomfortable. What boundaries were in place in a situation like this? Oh well, that was a problem for future him to sort out.

Now wasn’t the time to be worried about niceties, he had to start cleaning up. Hopefully if he kept things tidy, then he wouldn’t have to have another major cleanup like earlier. Being thorough to make absolutely sure he hadn't missed anything important, Izuku cleaned up his supplies, threw away the scraps, and sat heavily in his chair, sighing deeply.

Despite his better half telling him that sleeping was probably a bad idea, he figured a short nap wouldn't hurt.




Midoriya Izuku: 8:45pm

He woke up to his living room smelling overwhelmingly like a laundromat and to the quiet groans of Shinsou as he tried to move around.

Jumping up fast enough that he startled T into snarling again, Izuku shifted over to where Shinsou was struggling. "Hey, Are you okay?" He asked, not really knowing what to say and flinching when Shinsou winced away from the hands he was holding out to him.

"I'm Midoriya Izuku, remember? I helped you get off the top of that car and you're in my apartment now." Shinsou looked at him with narrowed eyes, scanning the room briefly before nodding.

"Yeah, I remember. Thanks for helping me back there." Relief made him weak and he just nodded, sitting back and letting Shinsou gather himself.

Everything was fine for a few minutes as Shinsou poked at his new bandages, still half-asleep, and Izuku was relaxed enough to startle when Shinsou let out a loud "what the fuck!?"

"What?" His voice broke and he turned when Shinsou pointed somewhere behind him, his arm shaking.

Izuku turned and immediately felt himself deflate when the only thing there was T, who was still snarling and trying to get himself out of the ropes. He kind of forgot that T would be considered extremely, uh, unusual to people who weren't used to him.

"That's T," he tried to explain, watching as Shinsou's eyes widened to an almost comical degree. "He's pretty harmless during the day and I'm in the process of trying to figure out why he's different. He still causes problems at night though so," Izuku ended with a vague hand wave in T's direction.

Shinsou looked absolutely gobsmacked.

"That's not a good reason for keeping him as a pet." Just because he had a point didn't mean that Izuku had to like it.

"He's fine most of the time but last night he went a little bit crazy so I had to tie him up when the sun went down." Shinsou levelled him with another look, looking significantly less tired.

"And you still keep him around? Aren't you worried about being bitten?"

Izuku shrugged, moving to sit cross-legged on the floor. "Not really. He knows how to behave during the day." He paused, not knowing how to get his point across without just reiterating what he'd just said. "I can show you once the sun comes up if you want me to. He's pretty good at listening, sometimes I'm sure that he can understand what I'm saying."

The look that Shinsou was giving him made it clear that the other guy was not believing anything he was saying.

He'd just prove it to him in the morning.

"Let's just agree to disagree until morning, okay?" Shinsou just shrugged in response and Izuku took it as an affirmative. "I'm gonna go to sleep-" a yawn broke the sentence in half and despite his short nap he felt more tired than ever. "-feel free to sleep too, or not, I understand if you’d want to stay awake. Just feel free to wake me up if you need anything."

Shinsou just nodded and Izuku moved to get back onto the chair, curling himself up and closing his eyes. Distantly, he realized that he was almost exactly halfway between T and Shinsou.

Funny how life works out.




Bakugou Katsuki: 6:40pm

Deku's text had been so fucking vague that he had no goddamn idea what to make of it. The only thing he could fucking do at this point was show Eraserhead, the teacher looking ten shades of pissed off.

Texting Deku didn't do anything either, it was like he just dropped off the face of the Earth.

Considering his phone was almost dead, from what he told Katsuki, that was probably going to be the case until they could fix the power outage problem.

Well, that or at least until Deku found some sort of generator.

Katsuki stared at the text for what felt like the fortieth time in ten minutes and Kirishima settled next to him, expression twisted, and spoke. "Whaddaya think happened to him? He didn't say anything other than not being able to make it in time. D'ya think he just got caught up with something?"

He snorted, shutting his phone off and tossing it back onto the table. "No fucking idea. Trying to figure out Deku's thought process is fucking impossible. I could come up with a dozen fucking ideas and the asshole would come out of left field with something else." He crossed his arms, eyes narrowed as he glared at the offending phone. "The shit he pulls pisses me off."

"He'll probably be okay. He's pulled through enough crazy things to be able to make it out of anything." Shitty hair just grinned, looking like a fucking idiot and Katsuki began growling out a response only to be cut off by Eraserhead.

“Bakugou, that’s enough.” He shut his mouth, settling on glaring at his teacher instead, and listened when the man kept going. “I’ve told the higher ups to call the recovery effort off. The most important thing right now is to keep a calm head-” he didn’t miss how that part was emphasized. “-and continue to try and contact your friend.”

His eyebrows furrowed and he stared at the floor, feeling something hot and sticky settle just behind his eyes.

Eraserhead paused and he looked back up, sizing up the way the man looked like he was debating on whether or not to keep talking. The hero scratched at his chin, irritating the stubble there, and Katsuki couldn’t help but straighten up when he spoke again. “I know that there are talks of going into the city and working on fixing whatever caused the power outage. If everything’s routine and doesn’t require too many repairs, you should count on your friend being able to charge his phone again in a few days.”

He blinked hard and swallowed, nodding before looking back down at the floor.

He was going to have to figure out some way to get back at the little nerd for this shit, seriously.

Shitty hair swung an arm over his shoulder and he shrugged it off far harder than he had to, a snarl ready, and he was busy enough with making sure the dipshit knew not to bother him that he ended up missing the moment when Eraserhead slipped back out of the room.




Aizawa Shouta: 6:50pm

Seeing his trouble student actually being bothered by something was uncomfortable. He ended up leaving the room, opting to give the students some semblance of privacy, and made a beeline to where he knew Chiyo would be. Recovery Girl had always been good with advice and if there was something he needed, it was just that.

These kids were just hard to handle, he was beginning to get greys.

She had a meeting somewhere near the three-hundred rooms and he made his way through the winding hall, trying to figure out the wording of what it was that he wanted to ask.

He turned another, identical, corner and felt his heart stutter at what he saw.

Todoroki Shouto wasn’t necessarily a problem child, but he did cause Shouta far more stress than the average student did. That wasn’t even taking the fact that he’d been absent from the roster for days at this point into consideration. So, seeing the child’s father in a pressed suit outside of one of the meeting rooms, he felt his blood boil just a bit.

Where has his son been all this time? A small part of his brain hissed and he found himself moving before he could do much to stop himself.

He got within a few meters of the man before he was noticed and when he saw the way the man’s gaze strayed towards the scar underneath his eyes, he was more than a little irritated.

“Eraserhead.” Endeavor nodded at him, shifting on his feet and Shouta paused, nodding back.

“Endeavor.” And there was so much more he wanted to say, to demand and just to see if the man would answer any of his questions about the absent student. Only two things kept him quiet. The first being that he just plain wasn’t in the mood to get into a fight, and the second being the small undereye circles he could see on the man’s face that he knew weren’t there before all this.

Whatever, he had to talk to Chiyo about troublesome students. He didn’t have time to play these games with a man who would, without a single doubt in his mind, keep his mouth shut if Shouta demanded any answers.

So, with that being their only interaction, he left, looking for the three-hundred rooms and ignoring the gaze he could feel on his back.

Chapter Text

Midoriya Izuku: 7:45 am

His neck didn’t feel that good when he woke up.

Grimacing, he rubbed at it, unable to move it that far because of how he’d slept on it the night before. He hadn’t had a crick in his neck this bad in a long time.

Looking around, he breathed out a small sigh of relief when he saw the way the sun was beginning to rise past the skyline.

T was grumbling from where he’d been tied up, looking as irritated as he could, and it was almost funny in a sad sort of way. He glanced over at Shinsou and slumped in relief when he saw the way the other teen didn’t look to be doing too bad. Sure, not requiring any medical attention at all would’ve been preferred, but if all he had to do was change bandages and throw ibuprofen his way then Izuku would consider that a win. It definitely could’ve been worse.

He shifted, stretching hard enough that parts of his spine cracked. Standing, he shook out his hands and went around the apartment, on a mission. The whole place stank of linen candles and he was careful to blow them all out, the smell of smoke being a nice difference from the overwhelming smell of candles that’d burned for hours. New natural light from outside began to fill the space that the candles had left and he finally let himself go towards the kitchen and start checking his own stitches.

It was tedious to do this by himself but at least they looked like they were healing well. A little bit red, but that was normal. They didn’t have the angry-hot sensation of infection and it didn’t hurt to touch them.

He finished the cleaning fast, startling when he heard the sounds of shifting on the sofa.

Shinsou groaned, sounding like he wasn’t having that good of a time, and Izuku gave him time to wake up. The other teenager spoke after a few moments, sounding like he still wasn’t too sure of this entire situation. “Is the pet dead guy still there?”

“Yeah, I’ll probably get him out of the ropes soon because the sun’s coming up.”

Shinsou gave him an unamused look, the dark circles under his eyes still there despite getting almost a full twelve hours of sleep. “Are you completely sure he won’t kill us? I’m not looking forward to dying after last night, that kinda sucked.” Kinda?

He waved his hand around, not really knowing how to get his point across without proof. “I’m sure.” He was ready to stop there but remembered something that made his eyes widen, Shinsou stiffening in concern. “Do you want to compare notes on the undead!?” He couldn’t hide his excitement, reaching for one of his notebooks that was sitting on the counter. “We might have different experiences and cross-checking a few things would be so cool! We can see if behavior is uniform or not and maybe make some theories about why things happen! Especially about their pack mentality, that’s what really confuses me about them!” Shinsou gave him a look like he didn’t really know what to say to that and Izuku barreled on, feeling bolstered despite the lackluster response.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to, but I’m interested in how they act because it’s so different from how humans behave.” He was beginning to feel like he was getting gawked at and it wasn’t necessarily a good thing. “It’s also just easier to avoid them if you know how they work. How they act during the night is the most important thing, I think, considering how little information I was able to get on them. It’s hard to get enough details to make a theory when you’re being chased.” He said, scratching at the back of his neck and only feeling relieved when Shinsou gave him a small nod.

“Sure, I can understand why you’d want to do that.” He still sounded skeptic but at least he wasn’t giving him a look like he was crazy.

Izuku grabbed his notebook, giving T a look when he grumbled from where he was tied to the bookshelf, and went over to where Shinsou was.

The other moved to sit up, looking slightly pained, and Izuku had to go back over to the kitchen and grab ibuprofen and water in a flurry of apologies for forgetting about them. Shinsou just waved him away, grabbing two and dry-swallowing them without any of the water. Oh, so he was that type of person huh?

Deciding to ignore that (seriously, who dry-swallows pills?) he opened his notebook and turned to the first page that contained notes on the undead.

He was willing to admit that he was hovering a little bit, but seeing the way Shinsou’s eyebrows raised at what he read was worth it.

The sun was higher now, T not growling anymore and just looking around the living room as if he was curious as to why he was on the floor. T would be able to wait a few more minutes, he really wanted to check out the information on the undead with Shinsou before anything else, this wasn’t something that could wait for later. T would be an obvious roadblock in that whole mission as it looked like the undead boy was beginning to disagree with being tied up.

Izuku opened his mouth to ask the other what he thought, but was cut off. “Okay, I get it now. I thought you were just a guy who’s obsessed with dead people but the thought process behind doing this makes sense.” Well, he couldn’t really fault him for thinking that. Shinsou continued, giving him a look. “You haven’t really seen many ones with spores, have you?”

He blinked, startled. “No, no not really. Have you?”

Shinsou snorted, more tired sounding than mean. “Yeah, a lot. I had to go through a storm drain a while back and almost got sprayed in the face by those assholes.” Izuku motioned for him to continue and Shinsou sighed before starting again. “I’m pretty sure they’re only in dark or wet places. I haven’t seen any on the street unless they’ve come out of a place like that. It might be because of the day and night cycle thing.” Shinsou said, sounding like he wasn’t enjoying being in the spotlight.

Izuku nodded, thumbing through the sheets. “I think that would make sense? I have no idea about plants, but that does seem like it could happen. Fungus prefers that environment right?”

“You’re acting like I know anything more about plants than you do.”

He flushed, properly flustered, and decided to change the topic.

“Do you want me to check on your stitches to see how they’re doing?” Shinsou paused, looking down at his bandages.

“Sure,” and a pause, “thanks for doing that for me.”

Izuku smiled at that, ignoring the warm feeling in his chest that came with that.




Midoriya Izuku: 8:40am

Getting Shinsou’s injuries checked didn’t take too long. The guy was more agreeable than Izuku was really giving him credit for, he couldn’t imagine that he’d be any more accepting if he’d been thrown into the same situation that he was. His stitches looked fine, one or two of the injury sites looked a little inflamed and Izuku was liberal with the amount of disinfectant he poured on it. Taking care of things before they got out of control was all they could do in a situation like this.

Shinsou didn’t complain, or do anything beyond grit his teeth, and Izuku had to give him kudos for that.

After giving him the okay on injuries, he figured that it was high time to let T out of his ropes. The guy was looking more and more put out and Izuku was beginning to feel bad for him.

“Alright, you’re all good!” He said, finishing the last of the bandage wrappings and giving the other the all clear to get up and move if he wanted to. He turned to look at T, the guy just lazily messing with the bit of rope that wasn’t tied up in the knot, and smiled, the action was oddly cute.

He moved, squatted down next to T and began working on getting the knots undone. He heard Shinsou sigh and mutter something that he couldn’t decipher, and managed to get one of the sections loose.

T was murmuring a few nonsensical syllables and poking at him to get his attention and Izuku decided to bite. “What is it T? Are you okay?”

“Wh-whuuh-“ T managed to get out, Shinsou moving closer from his spot in the kitchen to get a better look at everything that was happening.

“Whu- what?” He said back, hoping to get a response as more of the rope began to loosen. Teasing answers out of T was rapidly becoming the easiest way to get anything out of him.

“Whh- whyy?” T finally finished, Shinsou letting out a sharp swear as he startled back. Izuku finished the last of the ropes before standing and holding his hands out to T to help hoist him up to a standing position.

“Because you get angry at night T,” he said, trying to be as gentle as possible when T put his hands into his own and he began pulling. He still wasn’t too sure on how well T’s body was going to hold up on being pulled around. “You were better than the night before, but it’s just to be careful.” T groaned at that and Izuku rolled his eyes and made sure the boy was steady on his own two feet without his help.

He looked at Shinsou, who was standing in the middle of the living room looking four shades paler and five times more confused than he had before.

The apartment was quiet for a moment, him and Shinsou making eye contact that quickly turned awkward. T tugged at his jacket sleeve and Izuku tried to bat him away for a moment before giving up and letting T do what he wanted. Shinsou coughed, clearly feeling uncomfortable before speaking. “Do you think he was infected by a different strain of the virus?” And Izuku found his new best friend.

“I’m not too sure? I think it might be quirk based. He made ice on the first night he was here so it might have something to do with the temperature making it so the disease can’t progress as fast?” Shinsou nodded at that, looking thoughtful.

“That’s just so weird.” He still sounded amazed and Izuku nodded, glancing over in T’s direction when his sleeve got tugged on even harder. T gave him as upset of a look as he could manage and he just blinked, not knowing what to say. Shinsou went on. “Seriously weird. Have you seen anyone else that acts like that?” Izuku shook his head and T let out a soft growl and he had no idea what was freaking him out.

“T stop that,” he said, trying to be gentle because despite not looking like it, he had a strange sense that the undead boy was sensitive to people being harsh. T growled again, softer still, and Shinsou spoke, sounding perturbed.

“I don’t think he likes me too much.” For some reason Shinsou sounded like he thought it was funny and Izuku just sighed.

“I don’t know why, he’ll probably get used to you in a few hours so I wouldn’t worry about it.”

T’s snarl after he said that made it seem a lot less convincing.

Shinsou shrugged, looking unbothered at the turn of events.

Izuku hoped that the situation wasn’t going to spiral, but right now he wasn’t convinced.




Midoriya Izuku: 10:00am

Looking at the cupboards was beginning to give him anxiety. He’d already written off everything in the fridge as long gone. Him and Shinsou had had a final breakfast of leftovers that were lukewarm from the fridge taking a while to cool down, but after that he’d had to throw everything away. Everything in there was cooked and he didn’t trust it to not give them norovirus if they ate it any later. The idea of getting food poisoning at a time like this made his stomach hurt.

So, that left the place where they kept dry and nonperishable food.

Needless to say, it was looking a little barren.

The two of them would be fine for a while, maybe one or two days, but he wasn’t about to risk going into those third and fourth days without anything else. He wasn’t exactly a fan of the idea of the non-dead people in this apartment starving to death.

“You look like you’re overthinking something.” Shinsou called out, his voice bored, as he wiped down the dirtied dishes with disinfectant wipes. (No running water, absolutely amazing).

He startled, the half-lidded eyes looking in his direction making him rethink the lie he was about the placate the other with. He sighed, mulling over what to say as T began messing with the washcloths where he was sitting. Absentmindedly poking at T’s fingers so the other wouldn’t pick holes in it, he began. “I’m just thinking about the food here. We need more dry or canned foods because everything that was in the fridge isn’t viable anymore.”

Shinsou nodded, his eyes shifting to watch T pick at the washcloth. “We can go out looking for some. It’s not gonna be too hard to sneak around considering how far up the sun is.” He nodded, worrying his lip.

“Are you sure you’re fine to get around? I don’t mind going out by myself.”

“You already helped me enough, let me pull my own weight.” Shinsou said, sounding irritated. That sat in the air for a while and Izuku shifted on his feet, not really knowing what to say. Shinsou began again, sounding lighter and Izuku let himself breathe. “Besides, I don’t want to be here alone with dead boy, I think he’d kill me.”

A snort left him and T let out an irritated sounding grumble, Shinsou looking unbothered.

“If you’re really sure then I can’t force you to stay here. I just don’t want you to strain anything.” He said, watching Shinsou shrug.

“If I take a few ibuprofen I’ll be fine. As long as we don’t have to do much running I’ll be okay to walk around.” Izuku couldn’t really argue with that. He nodded, standing and moving over to where his backpacks were. He dumped the supplies from the last run on the table, Shinsou making an impressed noise, and he handed one of the bags to the other. It was accepted easily, Shinsou shrugging it over his shoulder before pausing. “What are you going to do about dead boy?”

Izuku glanced over at T, who looked severely unamused. Like he’d realized that they were going out of the apartment again. “I just leave him here, he doesn’t like it but it’s not really an option to take him on these runs. If it was for something bigger he’d tag along but for now he’s just going to have to guard the apartment.” Shinsou snorted.

“He gets annoyed?”

Izuku nodded, slowly backing towards the door while T’s eyes traced his movements. He held the keys to the front door out to Shinsou, who grabbed them unprompted. “Yep. Make a break for the door when I get to three.” There was an airy laugh from behind him and Izuku tried to find the right instant.

He hated to have to do this but there wasn’t anything else he could do.

“One,” T narrowed his eyes and Izuku smiled awkwardly, backing up slowly. There was a sound when Shinsou unlocked the door before they needed to rip it open. “Two,” T shuffled forward from where he was standing by the chair and Izuku turned sharply on his heel. “Three!” Shinsou ripped the door open, stepping out into the hallway and Izuku slipped through, T making an upset sound that was cut off by the door being slammed in his face.

The two of them breathed for a moment, the hallway quiet save for the soft sounds the two of them let out.

He looked at Shinsou, getting a raised eyebrow in response.

“Do you want to go see if the gas stations still have stuff in them?” He got a nod in return, and they started down the flight of stairs.




Midoriya Izuku: 10:25am

Considering there weren’t that many people in the city by now, they were able to find a decent amount of non-refrigerated food in the nearest gas station.

The lack of looters made the fact that they were almost alone in the city hit harder.

The two of them had split up, going to opposite ends of the station and filling the bags with whatever they needed. Calorie dense foods were probably best, right? Filling stuff too, just piling chips in the backpacks wasn’t going to help anyone.

They worked in silence for a while, the only sounds being the containers being moved around. Shinsou broke it a few minutes into their work, sounding as curious as he’d ever had. “Do you think we should grab water from the fridges? I dunno how much is at your place.”

Izuku mulled it over as he shoved a few more cans into his pack. “Yeah, I don’t think it’d be bad to grab it. We’re probably going to run out of water a lot faster than we’d anticipate so it’d be good to grab as much as we can.” The other hummed at that and he heard the sound of the drink doors opening.

He went back to grabbing more cans, accepting the gallon jugs that Shinsou handed him, and rearranged his bag to maximize the space.

Considering how mindless the work was, he could let his mind wander and think about other things. Mostly generators. He’d already checked his apartment complex and there wasn’t one, and he’d prefer to have at least some chance of getting back to Kacchan and telling him that he hadn’t died some sort of tragic death.

Where could he find a generator though?

“You look like you’re overthinking again.” Shinsou drawled from where he was poking through the small kiosks and grabbing a couple dozen lighters from the displays. “You also mutter a lot.”

Izuku blinked, feeling his face warm at being so obvious. “Well, okay, okay. Quick question. Can you think of anywhere that might have a generator that we could use? I already checked my complex and there wasn’t anything there.” Shinsou paused, turning and giving him a thoughtful look.

“Huh. A generator?” He nodded and Shinsou mused for a second before answering. “Dangerous places probably, because without power they’d be fucked.” He nodded again, not exactly liking the sound of that.

Thumbing his cheek with a free hand, he stood, making sure to grab the gallon jugs with his other one. “Maybe doctors offices and nursing homes?”

A sound of understanding came from the other and he looked up to see Shinsou nod, his hair bobbing around everywhere. “I think a hospital would be better. Those places probably have entire generator rooms.” The two of them shared a long look.

Going to the hospital sounded like a terrible idea. A really really bad idea that would get them killed. But, power was power and it was probably their best bet.

“Are we going to have to take a trip to the hospital later?” Shinsou sounded almost bored, flicking one of the lighters he’d grabbed on and off again.

“I think we might have to.” He agreed with a grimace, the other sighing before nodding.

“Okay, sounds like a plan I guess. Let’s just drop this stuff off.”

And they started towards the apartment complex again, Izuku already trying to figure out contingency plans in case this ended up being a worse idea than they thought it’d be.

Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki: 8:40am

Considering their past and all the shit that happened, the fact that he was the only one who thought that Deku wasn’t dead was insulting. If anything he should be talking shit about the little nerd and going on about how there was no way he could make it while all the goody-two-shoes shit heads in his class came to Deku’s defense. If was the exact opposite though and it was so fucking irritating.

Even Kirishima, the guy who shined glitter out of his ass, was acting like Deku was already fucking dead.

Seriously, if there was anything the little asshole was (annoying, persistent, bad at minding his own goddamn business) it was resilient. And not in the compliment sort of way. Like a little roach that can survive nuclear fallout with its head cut off. That kind of resilient. It was fucking irritating.

So he wasn’t worried about him. No fucking way. Deku was going to call them in a few days and apologize for making people worry about him and then Katsuki’d be able to yell at him for being dumb enough to get strung up in the situation he was in.

Aizawa kept giving him a look though, like he was upset about something, and it was starting to piss him off. He wasn’t going to stand for being pitied because he believed in Deku’s uncanny ability to live.




Midoriya Izuku: 12:05pm

The two of them got back to the apartment pretty quick, the water jugs and dozens of cans weighing them down enough to be annoying but not debilitating, but just to be sure, he still kept an eye on Shinsou’s condition. He knew the guy wasn’t the type to complain and wasn’t going to ask for a break. Hopefully he’d be able to pick up the slack and force the guy to relax if he caught that he was pushing himself too hard.

They made it though! They didn’t have to run away from any huge knots of undead people and didn’t get caught in some sort of accident and it was a relief to be able to consider the mission a success.

He opened the apartment door, having to set down a few of the jugs to do so, and started inside. He set his backpack down on the counter top before turning and scanning the area for T. He had to swallow past the lump in his throat when he saw the way the other was sitting in the seat by the window, looking out of it, and just now turning around to see them in the apartment. ’I have been leaving him alone a lot, haven’t I?’ He thought to himself, giving Shinsou space to sort through everything they’d gotten.

T looked at him, neutral expression on his face, and he reached out to him, helping the other up from where he sat once T put his hand in his own.

“Sorry T, I keep leaving you alone, don’t I?” Izuku had no way to tell what he was thinking, but he was certain that there was something in T’s eyes that lit up when he said that. The undead boy made a short noise, some broken off portion of a phrase, and he offered his hand again to try and apologize, offering comfort where he could.

Cold fingers entwined with his own and he led T over to where Shinsou was still sorting through things. The two of them sat down at the dining table seats, T still keeping their fingers together through it all. The way he was staring at their hands was cute in a weird sort of way.

The apartment was quiet, without even the ambient noise of a fan to cut into the stillness, and he began speaking after a while because it was starting to get awkward.

“It isn’t that late, do you want to plan for anything else?” He asked, T’s fingers stiffening a little at that and he glanced towards him, not liking the way T averted his eyes to the floor.

Shinsou hummed, eyeing the seemingly endless battery packs before answering. “I dunno, there’s not much else we can do. I don’t want to go to the hospital right now, I feel like waiting until tomorrow morning would be better for that so we can get in as much light as possible.”

He didn’t think it was possible, but T stiffened even further at Shinsou’s words and he frowned. Something was bothering the boy and he had no idea what it was. Shinsou gave the two of them a look, like he didn’t know what to make of what was going on, and Izuku began, giving T one last tentative look before starting. “Yeah, that’s a good idea. It’ll probably be a good sized walk there and I don’t want to risk anything during nighttime.”

Shinsou nodded, turning and leaning his back against the countertop, crossing his arms. “Fine with me, we just have a while to wait here then.”

Izuku grimaced, yeah there wasn’t much to do. “We can reinforce different parts of the complex if you want? Anything else and we’d have to go outside of the place.”

“Well, the dead guys outside do get pretty strong at night. Reinforcing wouldn’t be too bad.” Shinsou said, quirking a wry smile T’s way when he huffed. “C’mon, you can’t be getting irritated at being called dead, really? That’s like me getting annoyed at being alive.” Shinsou paused, looking thoughtful. “Wait, I take that back.”

Izuku snorted and looked over at T, who was looking more and more irritated by the second. “You can come down and help us with the reinforcing if you want T, you’ve been really nice to let us leave you here for a while.”

T perked up at that and Shinsou raised a brow, still looking like the situation hadn’t quite sunk in yet. He still spoke though, apparently not liking the silence that the undead boy was giving off. “What exactly are we going to use to reinforce the doors? There’s not much here in regards to building supplies.” Okay, well he had a point.

Izuku thought on that for a second, mulling the answer over. “Well, we can check some of the supply rooms on the lower floor, there might even be a maintenance room that we could look in? I found a ring of keys when I went to go check on the electrical box a while ago and we can use those to get into the other rooms and try to find things.” Shinsou nodded at that, looking satisfied.

“Well, might as well get this started. I’m not exactly in the mood to get caught out of this apartment in general when the sun goes down.”

He grinned at that, motioning for T to come with them and was quietly relieved when he came without fuss.

The three of them started down the flights of stairs, Izuku having to give T some support, and he didn’t quite know what to think when it seemed like T was doing better at this than he had before. That was good, definitely good, but still, there was some sort of underlying meaning to that that he had no idea how to begin to decipher.




Shinsou Hitoshi: 2:30pm

He had no fucking idea what was going on here.

Midoriya and him (and dead Todoroki, how the fuck did Todoroki, the pride of 1-A, die?) were making sure the side entrances of the apartment complex were safe and sturdy. Honestly they’d decided to leave the main one alone just because they needed some sort of way to get out of this place.

They’d ended up getting a few more maintenance rooms open (that shit was scary, Midoriya’d said he hadn’t heard any dead people already inside the apartment but Hitoshi was still unwilling to believe that. Shit looked like a horror movie scene) and used the extra lengths of rope and other tools that’d been lying around in there to fasten things up as tight as they possibly could.

“Okay, this looks good!” Midoriya said as they finished one of the final exits that would’ve spat them out behind the complex if they’d went through it. Hitoshi sighed, nodding. Seriously, how was this guy so chipper no matter what? Call him a pessimist but he’d had a miserable time of it so far and he had no idea how Midoriya was able to keep a positive mindset. Especially considering that he had a few injuries of his own, it didn’t seem like Midoriya had had a complete cakewalk himself.

Whatever, at least the guy hadn’t asked about his quirk yet. Even if Midoriya hadn’t saved his ass back at the horde, he would’ve considered the guy alright if only for the fact that he hadn’t pried where Hitoshi didn’t want him to.

Honestly it made him a little curious about Midoriya’s quirk. Exchanging quirks when meeting people was almost as common as exchanging names. If they guy hadn’t brought his own quirk up then it must’ve been something that wasn’t exactly as revered as Todoroki’s was before he’d died. Hitoshi bit the inside of his cheek, irritated with himself. He was starting to feel a stupid sense of camaraderie here despite their trio being weird as all hell.

A guy with a shit quirk, a guy with an unknown quirk, and a dead guy. What a team they were, huh?

He could feel Midoriya’s gaze on him and he really hoped he didn’t just jinx himself.

“You thinking about something?” He asked, watching the way Midoriya startled and quirked a brow when Todoroki bared his teeth in a brief snarl. Jeez, prickly much?

It was kinda funny how Ice Queen had decided to thaw only once he’d died, but whatever.

“Nothing bad!” Midoriya tried to assure him and he just waited for the ball to drop, preparing himself for the inevitability of Midoriya asking him about his quirk. “You just look like you’re really deep in thought, are you okay?” Hitoshi blinked, emotional whiplash making it hard to breathe for a few seconds as he let himself relax. Okay so maybe Midoriya just didn’t give a shit about quirks.

“Yeah, fine.” He said, managing to choke the words out. In the stillness of the near-abandoned apartment complex, the volume of their conversation felt like some sort of invasion.

Midoriya leveled him with a longer look this time and he felt like he was being pried apart.

“Okay, as long as you’re fine Shinsou. Are your injuries bothering you at all?” Hitoshi was grateful for the non-sequitur of a question that Midoriya’d probably offered as some sort of olive branch between the two of them.

“They’re a little achy, but other than that they’re fine.” He said, their group starting up their walking again, moving deeper into the complex.

Without any artificial lights to keep it bright, the place felt stone-cold and dark, similar to how he’d imagine a prison to feel like. Their footsteps felt too loud, like they were breaking some sort of rule by walking here, and the staggering sound of Todoroki’s steps as he forced himself to keep up with them made Hitoshi feel sick.

He looked over at Midoriya, the guy looking completely undisturbed, and Hitoshi swallowed, throat feeling thick. Hitoshi hadn’t seen him around U.A., and he’d noticed a different school uniform in the apartment, so it would make sense for Midoriya to not know who Todoroki was. But the sports festival had to have been something that Midoriya had seen, right? He had to know who Todoroki was, right?

But, looking between Midoriya and Todoroki and seeing the lack of recognition between the two of them made it clear that Midoriya, at least, had no idea who Ice Queen had been when he was alive.

This shit was so weird that it made his skin crawl like he was covered from head to toe in ants and poison ivy. Where the hell was the rest of 1-A? No way would they have let Todoroki out of their sight long enough for him to get bitten (and from what he’d seen, Todoroki had gotten the shit end of the stick in that regard, jeez, some of the bites looked bad), so where the hell were they?

The thought, the concept, the idea that the rest of 1-A had been turned as well made his stomach twist and ache and he shoved the feeling down in favor of helping Midoriya begin reinforcements on the next set of doors they found.




Midoriya Izuku: 6:40pm

They’d managed to get everything up to some sort of standard after a few hours and he felt dead on his feet. Well, he looked over at T, feeling a little guilty. Maybe he shouldn’t word it like that.

“Are we done yet?” Shinsou’s dry voice rang out from where he sat next to him on the foot of the steps, sounding like he was just as tired as he was. Izuku stretched, bringing his arms up as far above his head as they could go before answering.

“Yeah, I think we should call it a day, we’re not going to get much better than this.”

Shinsou made a relieved noise and the two of them stood up again, T still sitting on the steps because standing up was one of the things he still kinda struggled with. Izuku held his hands out to the other and helped him up just like he’d done before and T let out a short huff of air when he finally stood. Izuku grinned, “don’t get too excited T, we still have stairs to go up.”

The undead boy grunted, the sound making it clear that he was edging on irritated and Izuku turned to Shinsou, who looked at him with narrowed eyes. Uh, did he do something? “Why do you call him T? Do you know his name or something?” Oh! That made sense, Izuku was worried for a second.

“Uh,” he said, scratching at the back of his neck when his own awkwardness threatened to overwhelm him. “I was having a little bit of a mental breakdown after I first found him because of the whole “kinda normal dead guy” thing and he ended up telling me part his name? I only got the “T” from what he’d said. I think he wanted to keep me from actually losing it and that was the way he figured would work.”

The withering look he got in return made him grin awkwardly and avert his eyes. Yeah, he wouldn’t believe himself either.

“He told you himself?”

“Yeah,” Izuku laughed, the sound of it was thin and unconvincing. “I know its, uh, weird.”

Shinsou looked at him for a few more seconds before sighing, scrubbing a hand over his face as he tried to gather himself. “Yeah, it really is. But fuck, not much else can make this situation weirder so I’ll just take it.”

Izuku really was starting to feel bad for him.

“Let’s just go back to the apartment.” He offered, relieved when Shinsou shrugged and started up the stairs. Their interactions were a little shaky right now but Izuku was confident enough that when the shock of T being abnormal began to wear off that their standings with each other would be more firm.




Izuku Midoriya: 7:20pm

The sun was doing its thing, sinking past the horizon and painting the clouds with oranges and pinks, and T was doing a lot better than Izuku could’ve ever imagined.

Sure, they’d still tied him up and all that, but that was a given. The thing that was making him think twice about actually forcing T to stay in the rope was the fact that beyond his normal increase in activity, he was far more well behaved than he’d been on other nights.

Even Shinsou was picking up on it, and he’d only been here for the one night.

“Are you okay?” He asked the dead/undead/its-up-for-debate boy, who looked at him with eyes that were blown a little too wide, pupils dilated. T grunted, the sound a cross between a feral noise and a normal T sound, and Izuku smiled. “Alright, do you think you can try to sleep tonight?” And T leveled him a look that Izuku took as him thinking it was a stupid question. “Sorry, I shouldn’t’ve asked.”

“Your conversations are a little one sided.” Shinsou said, his dry drawl interrupting the two of them and Izuku snorted.

“He’s doing better than before. He’s gotten good at nonverbal looks and gestures.” Izuku said, trying to come to T’s defense despite Shinsou being right.

“Considering the whole undead thing, I’m impressed.”

T made a noise, sounding like he was annoyed at being talked about.

Izuku patted his arm gently and he could feel the way T leaned into the touch, going as far as the ropes would let him. The three of them were quiet for a while, the air around them still tense despite their banter. The candles that him and Shinsou had lit a while ago slowly became their primary source of light, flickering across the walls of his apartment and unsettling the mood further.

He inhaled, ready to break the silence, but the sudden screams of the undead that echoed throughout the city interrupted him and he startled, looking at T.

The boy had hunched over himself, the ropes around his middle being where he bent at, and had shoved his head in-between his knees like he was trying to steady himself. The screams still reverberated in his head, setting him on edge, but he forced himself to take a look at the boy. T looked like he was doing far, far better than the first night, like he was actually trying to control himself this time, but Izuku wasn’t too sure about the accuracy of that thought.

For all he knew, T could still be out of control.

He looked up at Shinsou, who locked eyes with him. Izuku took in his expression, the dark under-eye circles coupled with the odd shadows the candles cast made the other look almost desperate. Shinsou gestured towards where T was sitting hunched in on himself, and Izuku just shrugged.

“T-“ he started, tentative, and was cut off by a thin, wavering growl. He tried not to panic and began to pick apart the meaning behind the noise. It didn’t even sound like T wanted to hurt them, it sounded like he was, conflicted? Maybe?

Well, if that was the case then he didn’t want to push their luck.

He stood, trying to be as quiet as possible, and caught Shinsou’s attention. He motioned to where the apartment deepened, to where it turned away from the living room and began leading to the bathroom and bedrooms, and Shinsou caught on. The other nodded, standing as well, and followed him to where he’d gestured to.

It was darker in this part of the apartment, they hadn’t put on any candles back here. The shadows were deeper and thicker and he was barely able to make out Shinsou’s face.

There weren’t any windows in the hallway, only the broken one at the end that he’d blocked off, so there wasn’t much ambient light they could use to see.

“What are we going to do now?” Shinsou asked, his voice gentler than it’d been out there, and Izuku worried his lip.

“Figure out sleeping arrangements I guess.” He said, and Shinsou just nodded.




Todoroki Shouto: ???

He couldn’t hurt him.

He couldn’t hurt him.

He couldn’t hurt him.

Neither of them. He couldn’t hurt either of them, even if he didn’t like the purple one. He couldn’t hurt them.

It, it wasn’t good. It wasn’t good that he wanted to hurt them. That he wanted to bite them.

He couldn’t do it. He couldn’t hurt them.

Even if he really wanted to. (And he did, he wanted to do it so bad, he wanted to bite them until it hurt them because it hurt him when he couldn’t bite them.)

But he couldn’t. Because, because it was bad. And they both hated the others that tried to bite them.

His eyes were closed and he couldn’t think of anything other than biting or not biting, hurting or not hurting them and it was making his stomach cramp.

He couldn’t remember a lot of things, couldn’t remember when he’d last eaten anything.

But he couldn’t hurt them.

He couldn’t hurt him, the one with green hair and eyes, the one he liked.

He wanted to set the room on fire, to burn the ropes and get up and get them, but he couldn’t. So he didn’t.

He sat, tried to be still, and tried not to think.

Chapter Text

Izuku Midoriya: 8:00 am

Him and Shinsou ended up taking shifts throughout the night just to make sure that T didn’t do anything. On one hand it was the best option they had at the time, on the other hand, having what amounted to two three hour naps under his belt did not make him confident in his abilities to not mess up on an earth-shatteringly large scale.

He’d be able to manage this hospital trip though. Hopefully.

Shinsou looked just as bad as he felt, Izuku was pretty sure that he caught him with a thousand yard stare on a few occasions. At least he wasn’t alone in this, it was a little bit comforting.

Normally he’d be just fine with that amount of sleep, even less, he’d be confident enough to go to school with. Now was not a normal circumstance though. He needed at least eight hours of consecutive sleep to function and a few naps followed by an anxiety filled guard shift didn’t feel like anything.

He yawned, jaw cracking with it, and pulled a tired hand over his face. Shinsou let out a sound that he’d qualify as a pity laugh. The two of them were trying to work the knots out of the rope that was keeping T tied up, the boy himself was content with looking between the two of them and making the occasional grunting sound.

They got him out and Izuku had to help him up to stand, T was swaying a little, looking unsteady. The different between standing and sitting for that long was probably jarring to him. There was quiet for a second before Izuku broke it himself, they should probably get the morning routine finished quickly to make use of all the light they could. “Let me check out your stitches and make sure they’re doing okay, Shinsou. Then we should be good to head out.”

Shinsou made a sound of agreement. “Alright, as long as you check your own.”

Izuku blinked, confused for a second before his eyes darted down to his arm. Oh. So much had happened over the past few days that he’d almost forgotten about the whole “my hand went through a car window” thing.

“Good idea,” he said. T made a noise too, sounding like he was feeling left out.


Shinsou’s stitches were far neater than his own, less red around the edges of the injuries and the knots looked more uniform. Izuku settled for smearing on a little more disinfectant and wrapping them up again because there wasn’t much else he could do to fix it at this point. They just had to heal naturally. His own stitches took a little more work, more disinfectant, and Shinsou’s help in wrapping a new section of gauze over them. He was confident that they’d heal up just fine though, they weren’t in the danger zone or anything like that. They only ached when he poked at them too hard and they didn’t radiate heat like infected injuries did.

T needed some help with his own injuries too and Izuku was relieved that the boy was pliant under his hands and let him do what he needed without much fuss.

While he worked on T, Shinsou’d started putting together a pair of backpacks for their trip to the hospital unprompted. In between moments of wiping down a few weeping wounds that T had managed to reopen, Izuku would glance over at where Shinsou was working.

Even though he had to be just as tired as he felt, Shinsou was painstakingly thorough with how he set the bags up.

He shook himself from those thoughts, focusing back on T instead. The boy was watching his hands as he worked, following the movement with an acuity that Izuku was relieved to see. “Are you okay?” He tried asking gently, T’s gaze shifting from where his hands worked to his face. The heterochromatic eyes looked less bloodshot than normal and actually seeing how his eyelashes were different colors was enough to distract him from T’s answer.

Izuku barely noticed the small “yea,” and he almost hit himself for it. With how hard it was for the other to talk he should be able to listen for just a second.

“That’s good, that’s really good, I’m glad.” He managed to say, T seeming to preen at the attention.

Shinsou snorted from where he was finishing up on the bags. “If dead boy’s doing good are we gonna bring him along with us? We’re gonna be gone for most of the day, probably.”

Izuku grimaced. Shinsou had a point, the trip was definitely going to take a while and he wasn’t a fan of leaving T here by himself for the entire day. But, still. T coming with them might unnecessarily complicate things.

“I don’t know,” he said, honest, and could feel the way T stiffened under his touch. “T-“

The boy cut him off, sounding more alive than he’d ever had. “G-going,” the end of the word was dragged out longer than it needed to be, like he couldn’t stop it when he started up, but the emotion behind it was what made Izuku pause. He shared a look with Shinsou, the guy looking as startled as he felt.

“It might be dangerous though, I think you should stay here while we get it done.” Izuku tried to be gentle with how he said it but T shook his head only once, the motion sharp.


Huh, that was new.

He swallowed, throat feeling tight, and tried to nod as he finished up T’s injuries. The boy was still keyed up, like he was expecting more of a fight, and Izuku was too busy trying to think of a new plan of action for the hospital trip to think to calm him down.

They could probably manage it, probably. If they went straight there. T was pretty slow, he had some problems with walking and had to be encouraged a few times yesterday when they were fixing the doors to keep moving after a few hours of it. Izuku didn’t like thinking about what that meant for how the hospital trip was going to go. Worst comes to worst, him and Shinsou could probably force him to speed it up by feigning that they were in trouble, but that seemed, uh, manipulative.

T might be doing better mentally but he still wasn’t quite at the level him and Shinsou were at, physically. And probably wouldn’t be there for a while, or ever. Daytime movement was slow for him and there was absolutely no way they were going to go on the trip at night just so T could move faster. He bit his lip, chewing at the chapped skin, and glanced towards Shinsou, the guy giving him a shrug. “He’ll at least distract the other undead with his smell. They might not look twice at us with him to back us up.”

That was definitely a valid point. Izuku let out a breath he’d been holding, chest aching with the sudden emptiness. “Yeah, you’re right. Let’s try to leave in a few minutes, okay?”

Shinsou gave a sarcastic salute, tying up more loose ends with the bags, and Izuku absentmindedly considered praying for this day to go well.




Izuku Midoriya: 9:45am

They’d made good time. T was able to keep up with the two of them if they went a little bit slower than Izuku would’ve preferred, but it was worth it for how T almost seemed to repel any curious undead people.

Not to mention how him and Shinsou were liberal with how many glass bottles they would throw to draw their attention elsewhere, but that was besides the point.

The road close to the hospital was wide, wider than the other city streets because of how much traffic it probably got on a daily basis. They picked their way through a mostly abandoned parking lot and Izuku could see the occasional dead patient in between cars, absently wandering in the lot without any purpose. He swallowed, sharing eye contact with Shinsou, who’d long since started to look anxious.

Considering how unflappable he normally seemed, that was a big deal.

The parking lot was far quieter than it had any right to be, their footsteps being the only sounds beyond the occasional shuffle-slump walk of an undead person. It was enough to make his teeth hurt, the constant grinding of his jaw doing little to ease his own worries.

T seemed anxious too, as anxious as someone undead could be, and when he startled at a random bird’s call for the umpteenth time Izuku didn’t resist the urge to reach for his hand.

He pulled T’s fingers into his own, tentative and hoping not to startle him, and almost squeaked when the boy gripped back. Hard. Izuku grimaced, trying not to focus on how T’s fingers were more than a few degrees colder than his own, and squeezed him back in an attempt to give the other some sense of comfort. T wasn’t looking at him and Izuku had to take lead of their pair, following Shinsou who looked like he knew the hospital’s layout a little bit. Thank God for that, at least.

Izuku was used to loud cities, to ambient city noise that just always played in the background of his life. Of cars and bullet trains and horns honking and the dull roar of huge rush hour crowds talking. This complete silence was, it was terrible and it set him on edge.

Shinsou looked just as worried, if not worse. He had only a few tells that Izuku’d managed to parse out in the short amount of time they’d known each other, but Izuku knew that twitching fingers didn’t exactly mean confidence.


The hospital itself was enormous, multiple floors and units that’d been built on and added made it look intimidatingly huge.

At least that meant that they’d have better luck when it came to finding a generator room. A hospital this size had to have at least one, if not two rooms like that. The thing that was worrying was the fact that it’d probably look like a maze inside.

They reached the front of the building eventually, skirting around a few larger groups of undead, most of them wearing their own hospital gown. T’s hand was tight around his and Izuku had to extract his hand from the other’s for a second just to make sure that the circulation in his fingers wasn’t getting cut off. T whined, the sound soft and ragged and completely foreign from anything Izuku’d learned and seen about him before.

He gave in and offered his hand again, T accepting it in an instant.

Shinsou was the first person to step through the shattered doorway, his boots crunching on the broken glass that came from the front doors. Izuku was next, Shinsou’s short “I’ll watch out for anyone coming our way,” was almost enough to startle him. In the silence that they’d put themselves through for the past however many minutes, it was almost like a punch to the face.

Nodding, he stepped in, still holding onto T’s hand. Shinsou didn’t say anything about it, just eyed the two of them for a second before turning and scanning the interior of the waiting room while Izuku got himself situated. T followed after him, having to be reminded to step over the small metal part of the door that still stuck up from the bottom.

And just like that, they were inside the hospital.

It was dark, even with all the windows and glass doors that bordered the room. Tile flooring was dirty and stained, probably dirtier than it’d ever been before. There were a few spots where he could see large spots of dried blood, not to mention the one stain that looked suspiciously like something’d been dragged across the floor. The room was large, it looked like some sort of reception area, the signs directing visitors to different units confirming his suspicions. There was also the main desk, dried blood splattered across the front of it, and Izuku just hoped that there was some sort of map around here somewhere. If anywhere in this hospital would have one of those, it’d probably be right at that desk.

Shinsou cleared his throat, sounding like he was trying to unstick something from the back of it. “We should put on masks. It smells like spores in here.”

If he breathed deeply, Izuku could almost taste the mildew that seemed to be growing somewhere deeper, further in the hospital.

“Good idea,” he murmured, briefly letting go of T’s hand so he could dig through a few of the pockets. Shinsou’d been organized when placing the items, a lot less haphazard than Izuku’d been when he’d made his own, and it only took him a few seconds to find the masks next to rolls of gauze.

He grabbed three, handed Shinsou his own before putting one on his face. Wrestling one onto T’s face for good measure took up more time than he wanted it to and the boy ended up glaring at him with what was definitely anger. “You’re fine, you’re fine.” He said, trying not to sound too amused in case T picked up on just how funny Izuku found his reaction. It took a lot more self control than it probably should have to avoid patting T on the cheek for good measure. “There should probably be a map or something on the reception desk. They’d definitely have to stock them for people wanting to visit families and stuff.”

Shinsou made a sound of understanding and Izuku’s fingers found T’s again before their trio started towards the main desk.

Shinsou, in a surprisingly Kacchan-esque moment, completely ignored the blood in favor of digging through the pamphlets that were lined up on the counter top.

Izuku picked up Shinsou’s slack and went on guard, scanning the area as the other rummaged through the brightly colored pamphlets detailing the organ donation process and CPR classes.

His nose crinkled up from behind his mask when he saw just how, well, wet the stairwell looked. It looked like some sort of pipe had burst and covered the entire thing in water. There was an incessant dripping sound from somewhere and it was probably the source of that entire mess.

Shaking himself, he kept looking around the area, eyes barely pausing as he saw motionless figures on the ground, completely dead to the world considering how much blood was around them. It was probably proof of how much the whole “apocalypse scenario” thing changed him when the only thing he could feel was relief that they hadn’t reanimated.

Every couple moments, T would give his hand a squeeze, and Izuku would squeeze right back, the undead boy clearly taking some comfort in the action.

Shinsou made a noise of success and Izuku grinned behind his mask, feeling more giddy than he probably should when Shinsou pulled out a packet of floor plans. “Got it.” The guy leafed through the papers, a small smile making the corners of his eyes crinkle. “Looks like we need to go through the double doors and then the oncology unit before we get to the place where the generator room should be.” A pause, Shinsou’s eyebrows furrowing. “Its in a basement level, down some stairs.” Ugh.

Izuku grimaced, accepting the forms in one hand when Shinsou passed them over. “Basement? That’s horrible, at least we have the flashlights with us.”

“Yep,” was all Shinsou said before fishing out his heavy duty flashlight, looking to test its weight before tucking it into his back pocket. “Let’s finish this shit, everything’s damp and gross.”

If there was anything that Izuku would agree with, it was that.

Chapter Text

Izuku Midoriya: 10:05am

The hallways were long, a lot longer than he’d anticipated them being. There was just something about how not-sterile the entire place looked, how the unmoving bodies didn’t even twitch from where they were laid up on the ground, and how their flashlights were the only source of light the deeper they went that made it feel nightmarish. It was the complete antithesis to how a hospital was supposed to be, Izuku was struggling to continue, to keep going.

T was quiet where he walked next to him and Izuku felt bad about how he was nearly dragging him down the corridor.

Shinsou wasn’t any louder than the undead boy, doing the bare minimum of communicating. He was only really talking when they needed to go down another hallway and Izuku was almost thankful for the silence.

At least they’d be able to hear anything if it was making noise.

His flashlight flickered the smallest bit and Izuku fought a flinch, forcing himself to keep going despite wanting to turn back. The benefit that they’d gain from finding the generators would outweigh his fear right now, he just had to push past it and be brave.

It wasn’t an easy task though, especially when every body that they’d passed had more or less stayed unmoving and Izuku couldn’t force himself to check and see if it was because someone had already taken care of them or if it was because of something else. He was curious, of course, but right now was not the time.

“Take a right.” Shinsou’s low voice was calm, even, but Izuku could tell that he was as scared as he was.

Izuku nodded, feeling his hair brush against his cheeks, and tightened his grip on T’s dry fingers. The boy squeezed him back after a few short moments and Izuku couldn’t dwell on the fact that that made him feel a little better.

This next turn pushed them deeper into the interior of the hospital and Izuku cringed at the sight of the bright red splatters of blood that covered one of the walls. The light of their flashlights made it look fake, garish, like some sort of halloween prop and Izuku swallowed, focusing on the echo of their footsteps as they trailed down the hall.

He had no idea if it would’ve been worse if the bodies around them were active, were trying to get them instead of laying haphazardly across the tile.

They continued like that for a while, until Izuku couldn’t quite remember how long they’d been walking for. Shinsou’s voice was quiet when he spoke up, sounding as tentative as Izuku had ever heard him. “This door, it should lead down to the generators.” And Izuku looked, eyeing the door handle, the way it looked almost too loose to be workable. What even happened to it?

He shared a look with Shinsou, the shadows that their flashlights were throwing around made the guy look almost sick. Izuku knew that he had to look just as bad. “Let’s do this,” he tried to say it as positively as possible but it ended up sounding half choked. Shinsou nodded, the motion sharp and quick, and Izuku grabbed the handle, the metal cool under his grip. He pulled it open, the musty air of the basement making his nose crinkle and he was quick to open it fully, not giving himself a chance to be afraid.

He started down the stairs, tentatively using his flashlight to give the area a quick once-over before making his way down the concrete stairs in earnest. T trailed behind him, letting himself get dragged, and Izuku was relieved that he wasn’t putting up too much of a struggle. Shinsou sighed, sounding like he’d rather be anywhere else, and Izuku didn’t let himself dwell on it because if he did then he might suggest that they just go back to the apartment.

They had to at least charge his phone down here, if the generators worked. He wanted the trip to at least be worth something.

His feet made soft sounds against the concrete, shoes making a muffled sort of noise that echoed through the basement area and made his heart hammer.

The basement was absolutely enormous and if he’d thought the hallways were dark, these rooms were pitch black. Their flashlights barely touched the all encompassing darkness and he had no idea what to expect.

The three of them were utterly silent as they moved from the stairs to the floor, none one of them wanting to break the suffocating silence that’d fallen over their group. Even T, he was quiet, like he could tell something big was happening. A shaky breath left him and he moved his flashlight around the room, painstakingly slow, and tried not to get too scared when the metal of the machines reflected back at him.

“That way.” Shinsou’s quiet voice filled the air between them and Izuku let out a shaky breath, absentmindedly praying when he saw that the other was gesturing towards one of the deeper generator rooms.

Izuku nodded, not having the energy to argue, and followed Shinsou when the other started forward, seeming like he was slowly gaining confidence as time drew on.

T was slower, forcing Izuku to take extra care with the steps he took. Even with that, though, they all slowly made their way deeper into the basement, passing heavy industrial machinery that was taller than Izuku could ever hope to be. They tentatively passed the entrance to the new room, stepping over the dividing line that cut the two in half, and Izuku let himself let out a trembling sigh of relief.

It was when they looked further into the room, trying to map out the intricacies of the entire area, that Izuku had to pause. There was some sort of rattling noise ahead of them, deeper in the basement, that they hadn’t been able to hear before. “Shinsou-“ he began, not knowing how to word the question that he was about to ask. “You hear that too right?”

There was a pause in between the two of them, neither of them saying anything, before Shinsou huffed out a weak laugh. “I was hoping that it was just me.”

Izuku swallowed and T gripped his hands tighter.

“Do you wanna-?” He trailed off and he could feel T draw closer to his back, like he was anticipating something.

Shinsou managed to interpret what he’d been trying to say. “We’re already here, might as well check it out.” And yeah, Izuku agreed, but that didn’t mean that he wanted to actually do it. He wasn’t about to voice that though and when Shinsou began leading their group deeper into the basement again, Izuku followed.

The sounds grew louder as they went deeper still and it wasn’t a problem until Izuku could see a vague light source from further ahead once they turned a corner.

He shared a look with Shinsou, the poor lighting throwing weird shadows across the other’s face. Izuku knew what the steel in his gaze meant and he straightened, drawing himself up higher before leading the two of them towards the light that slowly strengthened.

It only took them going through two more partial rooms, passing by multitudes of machines that Izuku couldn’t even hope to name.

The light slowly grew stronger as they went deeper and deeper into the basement, the rattling sounds loud enough to make his teeth hurt and he bit back a grimace.

In an instant, there was an explosion of noise, the rattling shifting and turning louder and more rapid and he couldn’t help the yelp of noise that left him when the lights jolted to life. The change in brightness was enough to blind him, black spots appearing in his vision as he tried, desperately, to get his eyes to adjust. Shinsou swore, the sound harsh and sharp and T was growling behind him, the noise rising to a fever pitch when a scream echoed through the basement.

For a second, terror completely overwhelmed him, but when he listened closer to the scream he was only confused.

Feminine, loud, and- and with a laugh at the end of it?

He looked over at Shinsou, who was rubbing at his eyes and looking exponentially more irritated as the screams shifted to a mad cackle. “God fucking dammit, I know who that is.”

What the fuck?

A strangled “huh?” left him and it was all he could do to grab T’s wrist and trail after Shinsou, who started towards the laughter with intention in his steps.

Shinsou was the first to turn the corner and Izuku felt like his brain was struggling to reboot itself. “Hatsume!” Shinsou yelled, sounding more exasperated than mad, than he had a few seconds ago.

“Who’s there!?” The voice (Hatsume?) screamed and a strained sigh forced its way from his chest. When he turned the corner, there was a girl with a bright pink bobbed haircut next to what looked like a massive backup generator. Spots of oil were covering her arms and even from a distance, Izuku could see the manic look in her eyes. She pointed a wrench at Shinsou, who now looked more irritated than anything else. “How do you know who I am!?”

“We went to Yuuei together.” Shinsou sounded bored now, like this conversation was a pain to have, and Izuku felt like he’d been punched. Yuuei!? Why didn’t Shinsou tell him that he’d gone to Yuuei!?

“Great!” Hatsume exclaimed, throwing the wrench to the side and clapping her hands together. “You know about my babies then!” Shinsou nodded, still tired, and Izuku was beginning to feel like a third wheel. T didn’t count. “There’s a complete power outage in Musutafu right now, I’ve been forced to use generators to get my babies all charged up!” She made it sound like it was the end of the world.

“Does the entire hospital have power now?” Izuku asked, tentative, and Hatsume scoffed.

“No way! I used the breaker to make it so there’s only power down here. Y’know, conserve energy and all that!” There was an edge to her words, like she was only telling them half the story, but Izuku found that he didn’t really care about that.

“Alright, well, we’re just gonna use a few of the outlets.” Shinsou said, his voice dry, and Hatsume waved him away, her movements buoyant.

“Of course! Sharing the wealth is always good!”

Shinsou turned to give him a look and Izuku startled, moving to get his phone charger. The mood whiplash was enough to make his head spin and he was alright with admitting that he was floundering. T had stopped growling and instead had opted to crowd closer towards him, far overstepping Izuku’s personal space, and he didn’t have energy to care about that right now.

Izuku worked to get everything set up, his phone now plugged into the wall and charging, and he let his guard down enough to startle again when Hatsume exploded. “Whoa! What’s up with him!?”

There was no way she wasn’t talking about T.

Izuku huffed out a laugh, straightening up once he was sure that his phone was fine. She was staring wide-eyed between T and Shinsou and him, like she was completely stunned. Which, to be fair, was understandable. “That’s T, he got bitten but he’s pretty relaxed for the most part.” And Hatsume blinked, a grin breaking across her face as she rested her hands on her hips.

She whistled, low and impressed. “Whew! That’s crazy, I’d love to take a crack at figuring out how that’s possible. Too bad I’m no good at biology!” She was definitely a character but her joy was contagious.

Shinsou coughed, the sound of it was awkward and stilted. “Yeah, well, no one can be good at everything.” She nodded sagely before turning back to her gadgets that were strewn across the floor. Shinsou started up again after a few quiet moments of Hatsume getting back to work. “How’ve you been doing since this all started?”

“Pretty alright!” She said, perky and bright and Izuku blinked, stunned. “It’s given me a lot more free time to work on my babies, that’s for sure. It sucks about the dead people though, but I’m sure the pros are going to figure everything out soon.”

“Hopefully,” Izuku sighed and T made a sound that seemed to be some sort of agreement. “Have you been by yourself this whole time, though?”

Shinsou inhaled when he said that, seeming concerned, but Hatsume waved away their worries with a grin. “Yeah yeah! But it’s fine! I can handle myself. You have no idea how easy it is to distract the dead people when you can make things go boom!”

“That’s fair.” Shinsou conceded, easing himself onto the floor while they waited out the time it took for his phone to charge. Izuku sat too, after a few more seconds and T followed suit, gripping his arm with both hands this time before leaning against him, his chest pressing into Izuku’s arm.

They were all quiet for a while, as Hatsume tinkered with her machines, her fingers deft and confident as she got the parts to work in tandem with each other. He looked up at Shinsou, who looked back at him before motioning to Hatsume. Izuku was able to interpret what he meant by that well enough and he shrugged, letting Shinsou decide for them.

“Hey Hatsume,” Shinsou began and Izuku couldn’t help the little thrill of excitement that ran through him. “You’re alone right?” She nodded, still engrossed in her machines. “Do you want to be a part of our group? It’s only the three of us.” T’s fingers tightened by a minuscule margin and Izuku brought his own hand up to pat at his fingers in an attempt to comfort him.

Hatsume hummed, mulling over Shinsou’s question before speaking. “I dunno, I like being able to do things by myself.” She screwed in a smaller panel on a machine that Izuku couldn’t even begin figuring out the use for. “We should meet up sometimes and pair up together, but I think I’m alright by myself for now.”

“Whatever’s best for you works for us.” Izuku said and T made a soft humming sound. It was nice.

“Let’s exchange numbers.” Shinsou said and Izuku straightened, excited when Hatsume finally looked up from her machines.

“Whoa, totally! That would be so fun, we can text and that way it’ll be easier to talk to each other!” She dug through the heavy duty backpack that’d been thrown against the wall, fishing her phone out before handing it to Shinsou, who passed it to Izuku with a snort.

“My phone got busted the first night.” Was the only explanation he offered as Izuku filled in his contact information.

Hatsume accepted her phone back with an easy shrug. “It happens! You should bring it to me though, I’ll see if I can fix it.”

Shinsou grimaced and Izuku laughed, feeling lighter than he had in a while. “I’ve heard that you have a nasty habit of making phone mods without asking permission.”

“I make things better! People just aren’t ready for my babies yet but that’s alright, one day they will be.” She brushed a hand through her hair, untangling some of the strands with it as she held up a smaller machine with the other hand.

Curious, Izuku couldn’t help but ask. “What part of Yuuei did you guys go to school at? Were you in the hero course?” And he immediately knew that he’d asked the wrong question.




Shinsou Hitoshi: 11:50am

He didn’t try to hide the fact that Midoriya’s question rubbed him the wrong way. “General Education.” He said, knowing his voice was far more irritated than he’d ever directed towards the other before but not caring enough to adjust his tone.

“I’m in Support!” Hatsume said, sounding far brighter than he had and Hitoshi had to try very, very hard to not be jealous.

Maybe if he got out of this shit situation alive, he’d be able to take Todoroki’s place in 1-A. Food for thought.

Midoriya looked like he wanted to apologize, Hitoshi could see it in his eyes even if the bottom half of his face was covered with a medical mask. Hatsume though, barrelled on and Hitoshi stiffened when what she said really hit him.

“My quirk helps me with seeing things super far away! It’s perfect for all the tiny little details of my babies! I’m gonna design the best support items for heroes, there’s no doubt about it.” And Midoriya blinked, straightening up in what Hitoshi knew was excitement.


“Really!? That’s so cool, I love hearing about people’s quirks!” Hatsume seemed like she was preening under his praise and Hitoshi prayed that they would leave him out of this conversation.

“Thanks! What’s your quirk?” She asked and Hitoshi blinked, seeing the exact instant Midoriya’s excited expression shifted from genuine enjoyment to nervous energy.

“Oh! Uh, well, I don’t uh, have a quirk!” Midoriya said, stumbling over his words to the extreme and Hitoshi struggled not to gape as he went on. “I’m quirkless, so I don’t have one.”


Hatsume took it in stride, waving away Midoriya’s worries with a firm hand. “That’s no big deal! You don’t need a quirk when you can use technology to help you! A lot of quirks are already body augmentation based, who’s to say that machines can’t do the same thing!”

Hitoshi looked past where Midoriya was floundering and eyed the way Todoroki was gripping onto his arm, his expression still as deadpan as ever. He’d had some sort of reaction to their conversation earlier and Hitoshi tried to parse out whether or not he’d understood what Midoriya had just admitted to.

He was also hoping that if he kept quiet and averted his eyes that he’d be ignored.

Honestly he had no idea what the fuck to do with the fact that Midoriya was quirkless. On one hand he didn’t give a shit because it wasn’t his business but on the other hand he couldn’t help but be freaked out that someone without a quirk had lasted this long. Not to mention the fact that he’d managed to tame a fucking dead guy.

The two of them just babbled on about quirks and Hitoshi was distantly relieved that they’d taken his lack of participation as disinterest.

Fuck, it’d obviously bothered Midoriya to tell them that he didn’t have a quirk but Hitoshi couldn’t manage to offer him the same fucking courtesy.

He crossed his arms in front of his chest, feeling oddly unsteady. He didn’t want to be down here anymore.

Realistically speaking he couldn’t just leave though, there wasn’t any point to abandoning the basement right now. Wait. He straightened up, arms still crossed in front of him as the peanut gallery debated on which current pro heroes needed to have their suits upgraded the most. They could use medical supplies, he knew for sure that a few things needed to be stocked up. Like gauze and adhesive tape, they were tearing through those supplies pretty fast.

He could excuse himself to go pick some of it up and be done with this conversation. It was the perfect excuse.

Clearing his throat, he controlled his breathing when the three of them looked at him. Midoriya looked confused and Hitoshi spoke, not letting himself have a chance to back out of his plan. “I’m going back up to grab more supplies.”

Midoriya looked stunned for a quick instant but Hitoshi could only look at the even stare that Todoroki was leveling at him from where he’d latched onto Midoriya’s arm, his grip like a vice. Feeling distinctly uncomfortable at that, he almost missed when Midoriya began speaking. “Okay, I’ll go with you. You shouldn’t go up there alone.” Shit. That plan had completely backfired on him.

“I’ll be fine by myself.” He said, making sure to keep his voice even but Midoriya wasn’t having it.

“No, it’s fine! I don’t mind, besides we’ll be able to carry more with the both of us up there.” Hitoshi swallowed, a sinking feeling in his stomach as Midoriya turned to Hatsume, who’d gone back to messing with her machines. “Can you watch my phone?”

“Yep!” Hatsume chirped, not looking up from where she was staring and Midoriya stood, Hitoshi following suit because fuck, this was his idea.

Todoroki needed Midoriya to help him up off the floor and he tried not to think about that.

He closed his eyes and prepared himself for what was about to be the most awkward conversation he’d probably ever have to deal with in his life.

Oh well, it wasn’t like he had anyone to blame but himself.