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Perfect Bite

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Armin laid down in his bed, wiping tears from his eyes. He was such an idiot, why hadn’t he seen the signs earlier. Daniel was an abusive ass.

He was so blinded by the fact someone wanted him that he didn’t care about the constant fighting or the burst of anger that would end him up with a big bruise somewhere.

If he hadn’t been swept up by that smooth talking bad boy, he wouldn’t have been hurt, he would still be pure and unscared, he would still be a virgin.


It was a rainy Tuesday afternoon, and Armin was working in the library, putting books back in their proper shelves. He turned around from the O section to see a man, dripping wet from rain, and panting. The water from his clothes was damaging the carpet and the books he was leaning against.

“Um, sir could you not lean against the shelf?”

He looked up at the sound of Armins voice. His brown hair covered his dark eyes, droplets dripping down his nose. “Sorry” He sighed, standing up straight.

“It’s alright. I don’t think you hurt anything”

“You’re cute”

Armin was caught off guard at that, no one called him cute, well, his family and friends did but this is different.  “Oh, um thanks”

“I’m Daniel” Daniel grinned, flashing his teeth.

“Armin” Armin smiled back, looking down at his feet.

“Hey, usually I’m not this forward, but would you like to grab a drink with me some time?”

“I’m not old enough to drink”

“How old are you?”


Daniel hummed “We could just go get coffee then”

“That sounds nice”

“When do you get off?”

“In two hours”

“Then I’ll met you here” And he was gone with a flick of his wrist and a grin.


He did meet him there. And they went out for food, and Arming went to Daniel's apartment. The first time hurt, really bad, but Daniel was understanding and he took it slow. The next time however, Armin was a slut, he screamed his voice raw, his eyes rolled in the back of his head, hickes covered his neck and chest. He couldn’t walk the next day.

It wasn’t until a few weeks into their relationship that Daniel would snap at him for no real reason. One little thing that went wrong, Daniel would scream about how messed up Armin was, and then he would apologize in bed. He even made Armin feel like it was his fault, making the small blonde, do whatever the other wanted.

A month in was when Daniel started raising his hand to Armin, slapping him and hurting him. But Armin never thought that he should leave, never once figured he could do better, find someone else.  But one night Daniel took it to far.

Armin had come home late from studying with his professor. It was about two in the morning. Daniel was standing in the living room, arms crossed, eyes glazed over: he was drunk. “Where were ou?”


“At 2 AM?”

“I didn’t understand the concept”

“Bullshiiiiit” He hiccupped “You ‘ere gettin’ fucked’. Letting that man do what he ‘ants so ‘ou can get an A”

“No, that’s not what happened. I’m not a cheater, like you”

“SHUT UP!” Daniel’s slammed Armin into the wall “I told you neve’ ta talk about dat”

“I’m sorry” Armin whimpered.

“I’m checking to make sure you don’t have anyone elses marks on you”


Daniel said nothing, just dragged Armin to his room, and pushed him on the bed before stripping him.

“Daniel, stop”

Daniel again, remained quiet while he touched Armin all over “You’re mine, you fucking ugly shit”


“No one else can have this body. It’s mine”


“Has punishment, I’m having sex with you, dry and with no prep.”


“Maybe next time you’ll listen”

Armin jerked his wrist out of Daniels grip, slapping him.

“You shit” Daniel growled, returning Armins hit.

Armin glared “Stop!” He kicked Daniel in the balls. Daniel fell down gripping his junk, and Armin ran, running to the only person he trusted more than anyone; Eren.

When he got there he told him and Levi what had happened. Both of them looked like they were about to explode from how red their faces were.

Eren was about to leave to probably beat that mother fucker to pieces. But Levi stopped him. He just need a place to stay and then they could go get his stuff tomorrow.

They did. Armin moved into a dorm down the hall to Levi and Erens. Daniel tried getting back with him, apologize, but he wasn’t having any of that.


Armin stared at his phone, biting his lip as butterflies floated in his stomach. Erwins number was flashing on his screen, an unwritten message being the cause of his anxiety.

He took a deep breath, thumbs typing out a simple text.

‘Hey, it’s Armin, I was just wondering how your Christmas was?’ He hit the send button. He pulled his legs up to his chest, waiting for Erwin to text back. What if he doesn’t like me? What if he gave me a fake number? What if-

Before any more negative thoughts invaded his mind, a quiet ding grabbed his attention.

‘Hello Armin. My Christmas was good. How was yours?’

Armin grinned ‘It was good’

‘Listen, Armin. I’m not a man of small talk, so I hope I don’t make you uncomfortable, or that I’m not moving too quickly for you, if I am, let me know, but I like you, and I would love to take you on a date.’

Armin eyes widened, reading the message over and over again, having a hard time processing what had happened. Of course he was hoping for this, but damn, Erwin didn’t beat around the bush.

With trembling fingers, he texted back.

‘I would love to go on a date with you’

‘Tomorrow, at 5PM, I’ll treat you to dinner?’


‘Perfect, I’ll see you then’

Armin grabbed a pillow and screamed into it, cheeks heating up and face split in a huge smile. “I’m going on a date with Erwin” Armin quickly shot up “What am I going to wear?”


Armin opened the door to his dad's house. Erwin was standing there, sporting a dashing smile, a nice button down shirt and dress pants. “Hi”

Armin smiled back “Hi” He was wearing a sweater and some jeans, nice, but casual, but not nearly as nice as Erwin.

“This is for you” Erwin handed Armin a single orange carnation.

Armin took it “Carnations are my favorite flower”

“Really? I had no idea, I just thought it looked nice”

“Thank you.” Armin put his nose to the petals. “I love flowers”

“Yeah?” Erwin held his arm out and Armin took it, leading him to his car.

“My mother always had a passion for flowers, and I guess she passed it on to me” Armin smiled, a mix of happy and sad in the pull of his lips. “It’s been a dream of mine to to open and own a flower shop.”

“Really. That’s a nice dream” Erwin opened the passenger's side door for Armin.

“You think so?” Armin climbed into the car, buckling his seat belt as Erwin walked around to the drivers side. “You don’t think it’s dumb?’

“Why would I think it’s dumb?” Erwin started up his car, it looked a bit awkward because he had to do it with his left hand instead of his right, but he didn’t have to gear shift, instead it was buttons on the steering wheel.

“Because I’m a guy, who likes flowers”

“That’s a dumb stereotype. You shouldn’t let others opinions stop you from enjoying things” Erwin reassured, pulling out of the drive way. Armin watched him drive, taking in his strong profile, he truly was handsome.

“Do you like sushi?” Erwin asked, glancing over Armin, smirking at him when he caught him staring.

Armin shrugged, looking away with a blush. “I’ve never had it, but I like fish”

“Then we will have sushi”


Dinner was amazing, sushi was odd, but not bad, but the company was better. They talked the whole time, talking about their lives before they had met each other, Armin told Erwin things he would never dream about telling Daniel. Like about the flower shop or how his mom died. He felt so comfortable around Erwin, he felt like he could tell him everything.

“How do you know Levi?”

Erwin took a drink from his cup “Well, I was best friends with his parents when we were in high school” Erwin chuckled “That makes me feel old”

“Not really”

Erwin smiled “Kuchel and Hall found out they were having a baby a month before we graduated high school. They were excited, happy and not even a little bit scared. They put me as Levis Godfather and Hanji as his Godmother. He’s like the son I’ve never had”

“How old were you when Levi was born?”

“18 almost 19” Erwin looked at his plate “And you’re his age. I just realized that that is a bit awkward”

“I don’t care about an age gap.”

“Not even nearly 20 years?”

“Not if I think he’s worth it" Armin smiled  “You’re 36”

“35 but close”


“I don’t care about the gap”

Erwin grinned. “Me neither”

They continued to talk, long after their plates were cleaned and check had been given, they didn’t leave until the manager told them they needed too.

“I guess this is the end of this date” Erwin opened the car door for Armin again.


Erwin climbed into the driver's seat, driving off to Armins house. Armin eyes drifted to Erwin right arm, or lack of. It was one thing he hadn’t asked about, not knowing how to approach it, and not wanting to get Erwin upset.

“It’s ugly” Erwin spoke, keeping his eyes on the road “The scar” He lifted his right shoulder, indicating he was talking about his arm.

“H-how did..did you lose it?”

Erwin grew silent, brows furrowed slightly. Armin shuffled in his seat, looking away. I ruined a perfect night.

“A vampire” Armin looked back towards the taller blonde. “I was stupid, and let my guard down. It tore through everything, we had to amputate it”

“I’m sorry”

“Don’t be, I’m used to people staring” Erwin sighed “I’m sorry if I sound a bit bitter, I’m not mad at you, it’s just one of the things I hate about myself” Erwin pulled into Armins drive way.



“Why do you hate it?”

“Because..I’m not...normal anymore. People used to look at me and see a powerful, strong leader. Now? Now all they see is this” Erwin gestured to his stump.

“Only people that don’t matter” Erwin looked at him. “People that care about you and know the real you don’t see an amputee, they see Erwin Smith, commander of the Survey Corps, a gentlemen who knows how to give someone an amazing first date.” Armin reached over, stroking Erwins cheek. “I completely forgot you were missing a limb during our date, because it doesn’t bother me, not one bit”

Erwins blue eyes sparkled slightly with the threat of tears, but he kept them down. He said nothing, just leaned forward, locking his lips with Armin in a sweet kiss. They had a series of multiple kissing, all innocent and pure, but full of emotion.

Finally, Erwin pulled away “I hope I can give you more amazing dates”

Armin smiled “Me too” And he kissed him, once more.