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Perfect Bite

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One Year Later.

Armin and Erwin married, the wedding was a decent size, not huge, but not a small backyard wedding like Levi and Eren, but it was great. Hanji and Levi were Erwin best men, and Eren and Mikasa were Armins. Armin wore a dress, it was a simple alter dress, perfect and elegant, and Erwin loved it. The colors were teal and copper, and everything was perfect.


Erwin and Armin Smith made love that night, it was sweet and gentle until Armin moaned Daddy and that made Erwin lose his shit, pounding into his new wife like a rutting animal.


Their honeymoon was in the Bahama’s. It was perfect, the sand, water, the sun, even swimming with dolphins, it was perfect. Everything was perfect, it’s the only word to describe it, the wedding, honeymoon, Armin. It was Perfect.




One Year Later .


Armin sat on the plush seats of Sina hospital, Erwin by his side, talking to Cassandra Jaeger about starting a family.


“Now, you being male, the contraction will be a lot worse than that a female experiences” She told the couple, going over the basics and risks of doing this.


“That’s what Levi said” Armin said. ”But I’m ready for it”

Cassandra smiled softly. “One more thing” She sighed, worrying her bottom lip. “You having been a human and turned into a vampire, who will have a much harder time producing a child”


“I’m willing to take that risk”

A month later, Armin and Erwin started trying, Levi had told them that he got pregnant almost immediately, so the they were hoping the same would be the same for them, even with the warnings from Cassandra.


It took a few months of trying, the want becoming strong as Hall, and Daxton grew older, and now with Annie being pregnant again, Armin just wanted a baby.

Armin was standing in the bathroom, hand over his mouth, staring at the small two lines of the pregnancy test, Erwin was behind him, hands on his shoulders, just as shocked at the smaller blonde. Erwin was the first to compose himself, holding Armin as close as possible, kissing his cheeks, nose, lips, everything. “You’re pregnant Armin”

The little vampire blinked, snapping out of his daze and started laughing, tears feeling his eyes as he hugged his husband.




The next day they had a small dinner with Eren, Levi, Mikasa, Annie and the two children.

“Why are you so giddy?” Levi asked, letting Hall run off to play with Daxton.

Armin smile only grew. “You’ll see” That got him a raised eyebrow, but Levi said nothing more of it, instead, helping the vampire in the kitchen, putting the finishing touches on dinner before everyone came to eat.

They talked while they had dinner, everyone curious at the huge smile on the two blonde hosts. They didn’t get an answer until after dessert.


“I’m pregnant” Armin smiled. Levi was the first to react, hugging Armin tight, smiling huge. Everyone else hugged the couple, Annie and Levi giving him advice on dealing with morning sickness. Everyone left one by one, leaving the happy couple to themselves.




One Month Later


Erwin groaned, eyes opening, immediately looking at the clock, it was almost 3 A.M. He had no idea why he woke up until he heard sobbing next to him, a hand digging painfully into his arm.


Erwin jolted up, quickly turning the lamp on and looked over at his wife, who was crying, sitting up and hand pushed into his stomach. “Armin?”

Tear glossed eyes looked at him. “The baby” He choked out, fear etched into his features. Erwin’s eyes widened, throwing the blanket off only to see blood soaking the sheets, staining his wife’s thighs.

“No” He jumped off the bed, picking Armin up, rushing out the door and to the car, speeding all the way to Sina, holding his tears back as Armin sobbed next to him, both from pain and the fact they they had lost their baby.


No! No the baby’s fine, it’s completely normal for this to happen!!


Erwin practically begged for himself to believe his thoughts. That the baby was ok and nothing was wrong, and he was have a child in a few months.




Erwin looked up from his chair just outside Armin’s room, seeing Eren running to him. Erwin had called him upon Armin’s request after Cassandra confirmed the miscarriage.

Erwin stood. “Hey” His voice cracked.

“Hey” Eren looked like he was going to cry “H-how are you?”

Erwin shrugged. “Where’s Levi?”

“In the waiting room, he has Hall, we didn’t think it was smart to bring him here”

“I want to see him. Armin is in there” He nodded to the door, and Eren walked in. Erwin sat back down, sending Levi a text asking him to come down. A few minutes Levi was walking towards him, holding hands with an almost two year old. Erwin smiled sadly as the toddler.

“How you holding up?” Levi asked, looking sad.

“Fine. Armin wants to see you. So I’ll watch Hall” Levi nodded, gently pushing Hall towards Erwin. Erwin picked him up and placed him on his lap and Levi walking into the room.


Armin was sitting on the bed, head resting against Eren’s chest. The brunet combining gentle fingers through his hair.

“Hey” Levi whispered, sitting next to Armin on the other side. “How are you?”

“Numb” Armin sighed, eyes dead. Silence filled the room, no one knowing what to say, nothing was the right thing. After a few minutes, Armin turned to Levi. “Where’s Hall?”

“He’s with Erwin”

“I want to see him”

“Armin” Levi furrowed his brows, sharing a quick glance with his husband before looking back at the blonde “I don’t think-”

“Please” His voice cracked, and Levi nodded, walking out to get his son.

The raven stopped though. Erwin was holding Hall close, nose buried into the toddler’s black locks, sobbing quietly. Levi’s heart clenched at the sight, biting his lip to stop himself from crying. “Mama” Hall smiled when he say Levi and Erwin looked up, eyes wide and quickly wiped the tears away.

“Hey. What are you doing here?” Erwin asked, trying to laugh but it came out broken and weak.

“Armin wants to see Hall” Erwin nodded, placing the toddler down, who ran to his mom. The tall blonde looked away, fist clenched and teeth breaking the skin on his lip. “Erwin” He only hummed softly, not looking towards his God son. “You don’t have to put on a brave face and pretend you aren’t hurting”

“I’m not” Erwin tried to keep his voice calm and steady, but he failed miserably. “Armin lost a baby, he needs you guys”

“You lost a baby too” Levi blinked back tears. “That baby is just as much yours as it is his” Erwin finally turned to look at him. “Why aren’t you in there with him? You both are suffering the same way”

Erwin casted his gaze down. “He doesn't want to see me” He ran a hand through his hair, taking a shaky breath. “I’ll be fine, you just go and be with him. I want to be alone”

Levi sighed, taking Hall’s hand and leading him to the room. Armin smiled at Hall and reached out, letting Levi place him on the bed. Hall furrowed his brows but hugging Armin.  “Why are you and uncle Erwin crying?”

“Because we lost someone we love” Armin said softly, holding the boy on his lap, tears streaming down his face and wetting the raven locks.

“I’m sorry” Hall said, hugging the blonde tighter. Armin sobbed, pulling his knees up, pushing Hall closer.

“Armin?” Everyone turned to the tall blonde now standing in the room, eyes wet and staring at Armin what the most heart broken look. Armin said nothing, just sobbed harder, holding a hand out to his husband, who rushed to him, tears now freely falling as he pulled his wife into a bone crushing hug, not holding back anymore.

Erwin place a hand on Armin’s belly, only causing them to both cry more. The taller's head pushed against the other’s tummy, kissing it softly, fingers threading softly though his locks.

Hall looked between the two, tears in his blue eyes. “I’m sorry” Was all he could say. He smiled softly when the blonde’s looked at him, and happily let them hold him, not caring that he was being cried on, just holding them back as best his little arms could.