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PrepPy GoThic LoVe

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College hot gothic girl he kept her panties.

He remembers her hot breathe against his ear after he slide home and she arches her back heaving her perky breasts against him and lets out the sexiest cry he ever heard to only have her tell him that he was her first. He froze even in his most drunken state he knows this is monumental and he makes sure in a deep animalistic way she was cared for. He lost count after bringing her to the edge once again and leaving marks all over her body. They continue drinking enjoying the prolonged buzz and he even didn’t mind her lengthy babbling of science. It actually was a turn on. Who knew?

Draped with a sheet just barely covering his ass he looks around an unfamiliar room. Getting up and finding his bottoms he dresses as he looks at his marked body of last night’s affairs. He can’t really remember much except those beautiful alluring eyes and freckles across her nose he remembers the thick eye makeup she wore and how he helped clean it off with some alcohol and his t-shirt and her panties which he found near the discarded shirt. A tube of her lipstick which he thinks she reapplied a few times during their hot make out sessions that always led to another round. Damn he wishes she was here now to maybe entice her to take care of his hardening bulge.

Walking into a small bathroom off the side of the room he sees his reflection on the mounted mirror. She did a number on his neck for sure he was very well bruised and her blackish hue of lip color marking sweet lips marks on his face and torso and he let out a huff. They both would be walking around campus with knowing hickeys for days.

Wrecking his mind for a name he recalls a Fizzy or was it Lizzy. Whatever her name was she rocked his world hopefully he did the same to hers. He was dragged to this party by his so-called friends like Max and Devon. His best friend Tommy had to bail leaving Oliver roaming around the frat house until he met his queen literally he called her his queen which made her give him a snazzy remark but they were both hammered enough and quickly with no thoughts in the world took her to an upstairs room.

He celebrated his 20th with a big bash in his off-campus less ‘dorm’ looking room where he shared with his best buddy. Waking up with a few girls wrapped around him and nearby Tommy Merlyn plastered on deflated air mattress didn’t cover the wild night he just had with one gothic chic who showed him the meaning of hot and heavy.

He dropped out of Harvard after getting caught sleeping with a professor. The school didn’t tolerate it at all. He was now trying a third school his parents threw money at. Boston University his grades were average but he was missing classes after massive drunken states. He just didn’t care, living life the way he was living it gave him a sense of entitlement and feeling good was very relevant for him. He also knew he had to do the bare minimum or he’d be back home under his parent’s full watch which depresses him into the vicious circle he has going on.

He didn’t have anyone at home that he loved his last girlfriend which he keeps going back and forth in another shameless runt. He keeps her like a retainer someone who he could use to please his parents into thinking after college maybe he settles down even though he knows that isn’t the case. He would most likely land up having to be forced into a some sort of loveless marriage as he would work for his dad and eventually run the family company.

So here he is jerking off near a wash cloth he would use to clean himself up. He has to walk across the campus to reach his place a few blocks east and clean up to make it to a few of his classes.

“Hey dude you done with this room?” One of the frat boys calls to him after he let out a grunt.

“Yea. Sure.” Oliver walks by the lanky guy and picks up his belongings and stuffs the virgin’s panties in his pocket.



Felicity wakes up and feels his breath against her clavicle bone his right hand palming her breast with his other just over her head she might have used it as a pillow sometime during sleep. Her body feels sore as she stretches a little not carrying if she wakes her bed mate. Her brain screaming in agony but not nauseas as she thought she would be. She feels his morning boner not far from her behind as his body is curved around hers.

Raising to a sitting position the sheet falls further down and she turns to look at him and her eyes land on his chubby that did wonders to her body hours ago. Picking up the sheet and covering him wondering why she was all of a sudden modest.

She read about sex and even went online to watch some videos to see what she was getting herself into. She was young she looked at his face and pegged him for at least an eighteen-year-old and being she was only sixteen and a freshman at MIT it was probably a good idea she left now and didn’t get the awkward how old are you talk. She goes to her purse and hopes they used protection it was one thing she made sure she took to this sex crazed party.

A part of her knew that her first time should have been sweet and memorable but she was at a stage where she wanted to experiment and tired of hearing about sex from others. She won’t touch drugs again being that she got her first experience with baked goods that lead her into the emergency room. She lied to the hospital staff using an MIT RA in her dorm to act as if she were her mom. Thank goodness Nellie was cool enough but she owed her big time and Felicity did some hacking for grade changes.

Telling people who weren’t around her school project, classes, etc… she kept her age from coming out. People acted weird around her once they knew she was a minor or a certified genius.

It was a real dumb thing they did most of the night she recalls most of the acts while they kept drinking so reasoning wasn’t something in their forefront. None of the foil wrappers were missing. So every ejaculation was pretty much on point to baby making if he didn’t have a STD for her to add to the list of why she did the most stupid thing in her life. She found her long black skirt; see through black cami with a green faded dress shirt and those Goth boots she loved. She couldn’t find her lacy green thong and chucked it as a lost article of clothing.

Giving him one last look she left the room and ran down the stairs leaving the house a past memory as she jogged to her college dormitory.

It was a few days when she had a chance to get the Plan-B and take it. She should have made it a priority but with the over flowing of classes and project meetings she always pushed it out a bit saying the word soon. With six courses, every semester plus labs she was always busy. That’s when she felt a little off she chugged it to stress and maybe being under the weather as winters were really cold.


She had her physical when her doctor of two years asked her if she could be pregnant. That is how she found herself in her second trimester she had no clue she was almost six months pregnant.

“But I don’t feel or look like I’m pregnant?”

“Well Felicity, you are. We just confirmed it after the tests.”


“Is there anyone…”

“No. No I’m fine.” She taps her head “I have a lot to think about.”

“Here is a list of gynecologists you should pick one and make an appointment; we can do that for you.”

“No, I’m okay. I’ll do it myself. Thanks.”

She left the doctor’s office a little shaken up. She was carrying another human in her womb. Now she had to think about the baby.

She couldn’t remember his name it was probably for the best he would just tell her to get rid of it or if he came from money and they tended to take care of their own problems. She grew up in Las Vegas she knew exactly what money could do. She was alone in this.

Mr. preppy lover was to be a one-time deal which would lead to her panting and screaming most likely swearing his existence in a few months. She didn’t need a frat boy to co-parent he probably hogged all the sheets at night even though his warm arms that night felt really good.

Would she keep the baby? probably not. Not much options to a sixteen-pregnant teen. What she wants is to wake up from a nightmare but she lived in the real world even working hard and being intelligent doesn’t stop the stork from visiting if she didn’t royally screw up.

She needed ice cream. A good pint-size. She needed to read everything she could on what to expect because she had no clue if it didn’t revolve around ones and zeroes.