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Celebrity Bromance ep. VIXX Ken x BTS Jin(ft. jealous Tae n Kook)

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*Scene started with ‘Fire’ as BGM. To feel it, please play BTS Fire while reading:D*

“Jaehwannie!!” Jin practically ran and jumped towards the handsome, tall and lean figure who subconsciously stretched out both arms, made himself wide open for Mr Worldwide Handsome to fit perfectly in his embrace. Jaehwan chuckled at the tickling sensation Jin gave him as the latter breathed against the skin of his exposed neck.

“Aigoo, must miss me a lot! When did the last time we met? It’s before you guys filming Bon Voyage 2 isn’t it?” He said while petting Jin’s head, like it’s common thing to do with a guy friend.

Jin leaned in to the touch as if he was used to it.

“Mhmm. Wait, did you watch our channel??” Jin said in much surprised tone before he broke free from their mutual hug.

Jaehwan groaned as the warmth from Jin’s body leaved him. A pout forming on his lips.

“Duhh, was it that weird if your friend who admired your group subscribed and following your Vlive channel?? I even purchased your Vlive+ to show my love and support towards Bangtan yet I couldn’t see where your love to me is?”

Jaehwan fake angry and sulking cutely at the little attention his bestfriend gave him yet he always fail to really get mad at Jin since Jin always does things that surprised him, even now, he couldn’t hold his laughter when Jin puffed his right cheeks, stare right into his eyes and blinked angrily (which Jaehwan felt weak every time Jin’s wide, doe eyes did this to his poor heart and hacking every inch of his heart without mercy until he questioned his sexuality and couldn’t find himself straight when it comes to Kim Seokjin).

“Yah, this friend! I’ve already given you my love, too many that I couldn’t count with my fingers anymore!”

Of course he won’t stop but teased Jin further.

“Okay, let’s not ruin our broadcast since today is a very special day for us! I know you love me from the bottom of your heart and let’s prove to the whole world that we are the sweetest bromance couple above the other.” Jaehwan winked as he re-enact Jin’s statement on BTS Vlive that Jimin recorded a moment ago. He burst into laughter when Jin looked at him, eyes widen in pure shock and disbelief, his lips moving in incoherent, trying to speak to defend himself but failed to form a proper word except a ‘Yah!’.

He knew Jin was so embarrassed by this that his face turned into a shade of pink. Jin hid his blush with both hands on his face.

“You gonna regret this, Lee Jaehwan aka Vixx Ken!” Jin growled behind his covered face. Jaehwan took the warning lightly because...Jin is such a sweatheart, he won’t do bad things to him...right?

“Try me, but what with that sudden formality?”

Jin caught him off guard when the beautiful boy brought his kissed finger and put them on his plum lips. It only took him a millisecond to get electrifying shock by Jin’s bravado. The indirect kiss made him dumfounded, heart refused to slow down its pace until his face turned into shade of red roses.

He only regained his senses when the culprit of the weird scene was running far away from him as he was too embarrassed by his own action, yelling incoherently while hiding his already red face with his white Puma hoodies.

“Wait! Jin-ah, don’t run away! This is all your fault, aishh!!” Jaehwan then running frantically to chase the other grown-up kid, little that he know, they forgot they’re ON camera.

Which was...

All the production crew, the staffs, director and stylist noona were brought to silence as they watched the tooth-rotting bromance scene silently, which was too unreal to be true and far too sweet than any of the romantic kdrama couples.

BTS Jin and Vixx Ken took bromance to another whole new level. A level which surpassed every KBS and SBS romantic drama/reality show!

*Outro BGM: VIXX – Hyde *


 “Let’s hang out at my house.”

Jin creased his eyebrow at the sudden invitation.

“I thought we’re just going to Gyeonggi-do and fishing? Why suddenly change of plan?” Jin asked without looking at the guy beside him who was already made a dejected face. He continued to choose the best fishing rod and perfect baits for their fishing activity after this.

It was so hard to get himself collected after the embarrassing ‘tragedy’ with Jaehwan earlier and now, he tried his best to not fret out while they’re shopping in one of the largest fishing equipment shop in Gyeonggi-do.

Aish, he thought things will went out smoothly as he and Jaehwan were already on a good terms before but it turned out he became less comfortable with the Vixx main vocalist and the situation became more awkward.

‘STUPID! STUPID Jin! This is all your fault for act without thinking!’ he cursed himself. Despite being oldest in Bangtan, his behaviour sometimes made his mental age below than his beloved maknae. He sometimes felt so stupid when Jungkook brought his IQ level to brawl with Namjoon, that Mr Sexy Brain. Of course he would lose!

Jimin once said he was more awkward than Taehyung, his not-so-cute alien...well, Taehyung is no more an alien as the guy turned out more hotter, more sexy (referred to their acting after BST performance in MAMA 2016) and more rational thinking than him in various ways.

“Thinking about some hotties, babe?” Jaehwan plucked his finger in front of his face, made Jin snapped into reality.

“Who’s your babe?!” he, Jaehwan and Sandeul were used to call each other ‘babe’ but today, that nickname made him felt awkward and cringed at that. Yet, Jin tried to not make the tension between them more obvious on camera.

Jaehwan seemed like he understood Jin’s anxiety, as the latter, without speak anything, took all the fishing equipment on Jin’s hand and brought all of them, including his to the counter. Jin couldn’t help but stare with mouth agape as his bestfriend put all the equipment under his tab and paid for it.

“Jae...Jaehwann-ie.” He was about to say sorry for his own rudeness but before he could utter any more words, Jaehwan gave him a pat on his shoulder.

“There’s no need for you to say sorry. I’m the one should apologise to you since I provoked you first. Don’t think too much about it ok, Jinjin? Kaja! Or else we lose the chance to catch a big fish!” he said calmly before giving a last pat on his back.

Nodded eagerly, Jin quickly jog to follow Jaehwan’s pace. Deep inside, he was relieved that he had such considerate friend like Jaehwan, who know what to do during situation like this.

“Kaja! After we done fishing, lets go to your house and grill those fishes okay?” he slung his arms around Jaehwan’s shoulder, made the vocalist turned to face him.

Jin finally took the offer that Jaehwan told earlier if it could bring back Jaehwan’s cheerful self and he did it, as the said guy watched him with sparkling eyes and smiled gleefully when Jin accept his offer to come over.

“Yeah! That’s my Jinjin! I’ll call my parents and inform them we’re coming over. Thanks Jinjin, I hearteu you! <3”

“I hearteu you too!!” Jin hugged or rather, nearly choked Jaehwan with his bear hug.

Finally. Jin thought.

Finally, they’re able to act normal again!

Jin felt like he can breathe properly now.

*Outro BGM: VIXX – Rock Your Body*


 *BGM: BTS- Lost*

 At a lake located far away from busy city of Anyang, Geonggi-do

Jaehwan is not a very patience person when it comes to fishing. Unlike Jin, although he was lacking in many things especially dancing and sports, but when it comes to certain things that require patience such as cooking and just now, fishing...he was able to adapt really well. Jaehwan sighed at the corner while adjusting the reel for umpteenth time. He was using a spin-casting rod as Jin suggested since he’s a beginner.

He yawned loudly. If it’s this hard to catch even a small fish, maybe he should bid farewell to big fish!

Beside him, he could hear Jin chuckled.

“Bored already?” he asked him with his usual caring hyung tone. It had mutual aura that Jaehwan felt like he was being taken care under Jin’s wings. Calm and soothing. Just like Jin himself when he was fishing.

Jaehwan cracked his neck. “Nah. The fish get low appetite lately and it seems they’re not interested on my bait. What about you?”

“Me? As usual...” he was waiting for a decent answer but when Jin did the things he ONLY do when boasting his looks..

“My handsome face is enough to bait those female fishes’ heart so they will come to me! Hahaha!!”

“Forget it, I shouldn’t ask.”

“Ya, wae??”

“Because..” he was about to diss him but when he noticed Jin was watching him eagerly and blinking his eyes with lips slightly parted, waiting for his reply, Jaehwan decided to not to.

“Your face is too handsome yet too beautiful and it hooked my heart first before any of those fishes.”

Here comes the fishiest pickup lines from Lee Jaehwan, too cheesy that it made him want to throw himself into the lake.

Oh, shit! He knew he was screwed when Jin stare at him blankly before making a weird face and continued with his fishing activity. There he goes again! Ignoring him.

“Yah, Jinnie-ah! Say something, I am already feels like dying from embarrassment!”

“Why should I? I am the one who feel embarrassed here. You! Ah, youu!!” Jin hit him repeatedly but a wide smile didn’t cease from his lips which Jaehwan knew it was from his shyness. Despite Jin’s overflowing confidence on his good looks, off camera, he actually was a very down to Earth person and easily get shy when someone really did compliment and boasting his handsome face.

That one trait made Jaehwan respected him more than others. And...he found it cute, so...who care?

Suddenly, Jin stopped hitting him. Before he could wonder why, Jin stuttered in incoherent voice with his eyes bulged as if they’re gonna popped out soon.

“Jinjin? Why?” he asked in a worried tone.

“Your...your rod! Something is tugging on your rod!” he shouted with excitement while pointing at Jaehwan’s spin-casting rod which he left standalone before now was jerking at the sudden force pulling it from underwater.

Jaehwan, as panicked as usual didn’t quickly processed what’s happening instead letting Jin took a full control over his fishing rod.

“Yah, Mr Selfish! You’re letting me struggle with your fish alone? Help me, ppalli!! This one’s tough, it gotta be big!”

“Ah, ah! Mianhae I’ll come to the rescue, Jinjin!!!”

*BGM: Ma City (First until chorus line…just to have le feel in it ^3^)*

It’s not like Jaehwan had an intention to back hugging Jin at a time like this but if they wanted to teamed up against a big fish, they HAD to do this! With his chest facing Jin’s back and his long, slender arms had their own way passing Jin’s torso and grabbed the handle.

“Ah, Jin! Your shoulders are in the way!” he half complained but it’s true though. He got distracted with Kim Seokjin broad shoulder.

“Can you please not complaining about my shoulder?? I can’t help it and it’s not my fault!” Jin blabbered while his hands skilfully spinning the reel.

“Okay, okay, I’m not complaining. So...all I need to do is to pull this harder, eh?”

“No, no, no. I’m afraid that you’ll break the ferrules. Just, give a good grip at the bottom grip holder. Here.” Jin pointed where to hold with his eyes.

“Aishh, this one is a little..ah, aggressive! Ahh...harder, Jaehwan. Pull it harder!”

Oh my God! His ear had been blessed with Jin’s moaning and saying those suggestive words...Jin might not realize how suggestive he sounded but it made Jaehwan couldn’t avoid those dirty thoughts lingering around his head, making a circle before giving a clean shot into his brain. Shit! He shouldn’t get a boner right now. Focus on the fish! Yea, the big, naughty fish! Right?

Clearing his throat, he started pulling the handle forcefully while Jin controlling the reel and luring the fish like a professional angler he is.

“Good thing I reserved my energy for this, Jinjin.”

They struggled for a quite long time before the fish finally gave up his life before being pulled out from the water. Both of them yelp in victory as if they had just won the biggest fish in fishing competition. Jin let out victorious cry, so do Jaehwan.

He was too excited since he just caught a big fish for the first time and he thought he was lucky.

But not today.

Due to the momentum of their force and the fish was big enough to feed 5 mouths which increased the speed of the momentum. Jin couldn’t controlled the inertia with his sole strength and..

The fish was about to slap Jin on the face..

And Jaehwan saw it.

Seokjin’s life was in danger yet he didn’t want to lose Seokjin right in front of his eyes!

Without thinking the risk, Jaehwan rushed forward to block Seokjin from receiving the blow with his body. He put his hands on Jin’s shoulder and grip tightly when the fish hit his back with a loud thud. Seokjin stared at him with shock and disbelief and a sprinkle of sorry.

Jaehwan’s breathe hitches as its hurt AF! He lost  his body balance due to the impact and fell on top of Jin.

“Ouch! F*ck, I’m sorry Jinnie! I didn’t mean to...”

His heart stopped a moment, appreciating the beauty who was underneath his body. Jin’s chest puffed in and out, breathing heavily as two warm bodies pressed against each other.

“” Jin whispered his name which he found it was too sexy in this built up sexual tension moment, yet he question his sexuality because...

With their face was too close for comfort, he got the chance to appreciate and stare at Jin’s plump lips, that was slightly parted and f*ck! Kim Seokjin was too beautiful right now and he had an urge to drag Jin out of camera and devour those pink, plump lips hungrily, with heated body pressed against each other and...

Jaehwan snapped out his dirty thoughts. No, no, no! He can’t do this to his own bestfriend! He, Sandeul and Jin had a pledge they will never break at any cost to prevent their friendship from tearing apart.

Jin stared at him and he stared at Jin more passionately. Their lips were too close against each other as they could feel their hot breath touched against their skins.

“Jj...Jin. I...”

Jaehwan was about to confess something but then, he gulped when a certain figure appeared out of nowhere, like a demon who lurked out from darkness, watching them intensely.

Jin noticed his silence so the said guy tilted his head to get a better view of their uninvited guess and Jin too..was shocked to death yet he was about to choke by those murderous stare that the guess strike them with.

Jin stuttered.


Okay so, Jaehwan took a mental note guessing from the look Teahyung gave them, he’s done. Taehyung will kill him.

Taehyung growled.

“What. Have. U. Done. With. My. Hyungie?”

*Outro BGM: Even If I Die It’s You – Vjin*