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Chapter 1


The day Midoriya Izuku found out he was quirkless felt like the day he lost hope. His heart shattered and his mother cried with her arms wrapped around his small frame while he sat in the chair in front of the computer screen.


He was six years old that day, he wouldn’t have a quirk like the rest of his classmates. He would be forever quirkless. He would never be as great as his best friend, he would never be as great as his idol, All Might.


He whimpered, he was now seven years old. He was now starting first grade, it was now a new school year for him, but he wasn’t at all excited like he usually was. Little Izuku wanted to curl in a ball in the corner.


His mother dropped him off to the teacher, a worried look on her face and ruffled his hair. Then she left.


Izuku hid the rest of the day.


No one seemed to care, or it was probably because he had an excellent hiding place and no one thought to look where he was. He was a bit thankful. He sniffled and rested his chin on his knees and he closed his eyes, maybe he could just hide here for the rest of the school year.


Apparently, that wasn’t going to happen because the door to his hiding spot was opened, or maybe removed was a better thing to say since he was sitting in the air vent.


A recognizable head of blonde hair popped in and red eyes bored into his. Izuku made a yelp which echoed.


“Found ‘im! Where’s my treat sensei! You said we would get a prize!” Katsuki yelled while turning away. Izuku could hear hurried footsteps approaching and he begins to crawl backward, further in.


“Oi Deku! Get out here it’s time to go home!”


“I-I don’t wanna Kacchan!”


“Why the heck not! It smells like butt in here!” The blonde exclaimed, his nose scrunching up. He was moved to the side and his mother appeared in the entrance now. Tears nearly falling out her eyes as she tried to keep her composure.


“Izuku! There you are! The teachers were worried and everyone was looking for you!” She was practically crying by the end of the sentence as she tried to reach him but she wasn’t small enough. Izuku felt like bursting into tears at seeing his mother like this. He didn’t mean to make her sad! He just didn’t want to get in the way!”


“Deku! If you don’t get out here I’ll drag you out myself!” The blonde yelled. He didn’t even give Izuku time to respond as he managed to squeeze past his mother. Izuku could see the tiny sparks in the other boy’s hand as he crawled closer.


“The heck are you crying about!?” Kacchan yelled as Izuku bawled. He grabbed Izuku by the front of his shirt and started to pull him forward. “You’re so useless Deku! First, you go missing! Then the teachers get scared and call the police and our parents! Now we’re in a dust vent- Stop crying and being useless!” He snapped and pulled the boy out the opening. The little boy’s mother immediately scooped him up.


“I’m sorry Kacchan, I know I’m useless!”


Katsuki seemed to stop then snorted. “Yeah, you are Deku. You’re quirkless and stupid!”


“Katsuki!” The blonde’s mother snapped and hit the boy in the head. “That’s not a nice thing to say!”


“So what? It’s true!”


“Enough!” The teacher snapped before the bickering could continue on. “He’s safe.” The teacher turned toward Inko. “I am so sorry, we didn’t know where he was and we panicked because after lunch he just disappeared-”


“I-It’s fine,” Inko says while rubbing her son’s back. “Thank you for searching for him. We didn’t mean to cause so much trouble!”


Izuku sniffled.


The next day he didn’t go to school. He went the next week, reluctantly.


Of course, he was still scared and nervous. The teacher made sure he sat up front just so he could always know where the little boy was and if he wandered off.


The students picked on him and it grew worse.


Kacchan would just verbally insult him, however, when the other students found out he was quirkless they didn’t hold back.


They would push and shove him around, call him names and such behind the teacher's back.


It was worse during recess.


Izuku would come home with bruises and Inko would call the school. Izuku never said anything but she still made a fuss.


The third time it happened, Kacchan was there.


After lunch, the teacher would tell them to go outside for recess. Izuku hated it but he went anyway. He would always try to find a good hiding spot. Sadly, today wasn’t the day for him because he couldn’t find one fast enough.


“Hey Deku!” The main one, a boy with a quirk that gave him claws said his nickname in a sickly manner. Izuku whined, he already knew what was gonna happen and closed his eyes.


Except nothing happened.


There was a shout, followed the all too familiar yell of Kacchan. He snapped his eyes open and lo and behold the blonde somehow manage to tackle all three of his bullies and was currently strangling them on the ground while making small explosions.


“K-Kacchan! S-stop!” He went to grab the blonde because Kacchan would get in trouble if he were to get caught. Katsuki only snarled and pushed him away. “Shut up Deku! I saw what they did yesterday! I’ll kill them!”






That was how both of them ended up in the principal's office.


Izuku had a few bandages on his arms and one on his cheek where Katsuki scratched him. Katsuki didn’t have any and the other three boys were currently in the nurse’s office.


Izuku sniffed and wiped his eyes for the fifth time. Katsuki held his arms crossed a small scowl on his face, in reality, it just looked like an angry pout on the six-year old’s face.


Katsuki’s mother was the first to barge in the room, her face twisted into a frown, a worried Inko behind her.


“What the hell did the brat do this time?” She growled out and Katsuki seemed to repeat the action as his mother stood beside his chair. Inko seemed to look Izuku over while shooting concerning questions at him a mile a minute.


“Bakugou-san, Midoriya-san, your children were brought in because they were caught fighting.”




“The hell you say?!”


The principle seemed to ignore the bad language. “Actually it was Bakugou-kun that was doing the fighting. He was using his quirk to, and I quote: “Put those stupid dicks in their place.” The principal read the write-up slip the teacher gave him. Inko seemed to flush and Katsuki’s mother seemed unfazed.


“Midoriya-kun was trying to get him off the other three boys.” He motions to the freckled hair boy.


Katsuki’s mother turned toward him. “Oi, lil shit, why were you fighting!?”


Kacchan seemed to growl, “Those idiots were teaming up on Deku, old hag. I saw what they did yesterday! I should’ve killed them!”




“Shut up! ” The blonde snapped. “Even I don’t hit you and seeing those idiots made me mad. Quit crying Deku you’re so useless, I already beat them up!” The blonde looked at the principle. “Sensei saw it finna happen and didn’t do anything!”


“Really now?” Katsuki’s mother said with a dark tone. Inko seemed to go stiff and even though she had small tears in the corner of her eyes she gave the principle a sharp look.


“I was unaware.”


“Riiight. ” Katsuki’s mom said sarcastically, then stood up. “Inko, come over to my house so we can talk. I’m taking Katsuki out of this school.”


“You can’t just leave! There are still things to discuss.”


“We’ve heard enough,” Inko says quietly.




The next few days, Izuku and Katsuki didn’t go to school. Instead, Izuku and Inko spent most of their time at the Bakugou’s. The two mother’s filling out paperwork while Katsuki’s father watched the two boys.


“Are we in trouble?” Izuku timidly asked. Katsuki’s father shook his head while pushing up his glasses. “Of course not Izuku-kun.”


“Th-Then why aren’t we in school.”


“Seriously Deku!” Kacchan lightly hit his head. “Shut up and watch TV.” Izuku quickly turned his head to the television as Katsuki plopped down on the floor next to him, a fruit cup in hand. “You worry too much.” The little blonde grumbled.


In the kitchen, Inko seemed to look over the papers a third time, to make sure she didn’t miss anything before she spoke.


“I was thinking about letting Izu see a therapist. ” She spoke softly. Mitsuki turned sharply toward the woman.


“What for?”


“He’s quirkless, and he does have self-esteem problems... Along with the bullying.”


Mitsuki made a face.”Damn kids.” She muttered. “I think it would help.”


“Do you happen to know anyone?”


“Not a clue. Masaru might know. OI! MASARU, GET IN HERE!” She yelled for her husband and Inko jumped at the sudden outburst. She wasn’t prepared for it at all.


Katsuki’s father strolled in, not at all fazed. “Yes?”


“You know any counselors or therapists? Inko needs it for Izuku.” Quick to chase. Inko seemed to bite her lip, maybe this was a good idea.


“I know one from some friends. I have the number. They told me he’s great with people with and without quirks.”


Inko lets out the breath she was holding. “Thank you Masaru-san.” Masaru only shook his head while waving the thanks off. He took the pen from the table and wrote the number on a discarded piece of paper. “ I was thinking about taking Katsuki..”


“What the hell does our son need to go for?”


“He’s only six and he has enough rage to rival you. I am being cautious.” He deadpanned. Mitsuki only scoffs. “Whatever.”


“Here you are.” Masaru hands the number over to the woman. “When are those two starting school?”


“Next week,” Inko answered. Both women decided to make the boys go to school together and to another primary school for a fresh start.


“Alright.” With that, Masaru went back into the living room where the two boys were. Izuku was currently leaning against Katsuki’s shoulder as they watched what looked like a movie with singing animals.


The phone rang twice before there was a click. “Hello! This is Dr.Yagi speaking! How may I help?”


Inko nearly jumped because she was not expecting the deep voice on the other line.




“U-Um!” Inko flushed as she stuttered. “I’d like to schedule an appointment.”


“Ah, you’re supposed to contact the front desk for the ma’am, but this seems like your first time calling so I’ll let it slide.”


“Oh! I didn’t know!”


A chuckle was her response. “It’s fine ma’am, I’ll give you the number for the front desk afterward. Now, do you know where the office is located and I’ll need a few details? Like the patient's name, age and so on.”


“I’m scheduling it for my son. Midoriya Izuku, he’s six.”


“Six? My goodness, they start off young. What time is convenient?”


“He doesn't start school until next week so anytime this week.”


“Hm, I have a slot open after lunch around 12:45 to 13:45, is that alright?” The man didn’t question why her child was in school. She didn’t know if that was a good thing or not.


“That’s perfect actually.” She didn’t have to work tomorrow.


“Ah, great. Don’t be afraid to come early, most of my patients do.” Another chuckle. “Now I’ll give you the address and the front desk number.”


After receiving the information she thanked him and hung up with a sigh.


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Chapter 2


Yagi Toshinori has only been in Japan for a total of twenty-seven minutes when his phone rings and he can already tell who it is.


“Moshi Moshi.” He answered while picking up the phone, trying so hard not to grin but it’s futile.

“So I heard you came to visit in Japan and didn’t tell me.”

The blonde man on the phone snorted. “Ah, sorry?” There’s no sorry feeling in his voice at all, just plain amusement.

“Sorry doesn’t cut it Tosh’.” His brother answered and Toshinori could feel the pout through his cell phone.

“Where are you?”

“Currently walking to find somewhere to eat for lunch. The food in this airport is expensive as hell. You?”

“Behind you!” he felt an arm around his shoulders and bring him into a hug. Toshinori awkwardly hugged back, chuckling.  They’re the same height but he’s more bulky than his other brother. “How come every time I come to Japan you pop up when I’m thinking of you?” He asked when his brother released him.

His brother shrugged. “We’re twins. Twin powers!” He exclaimed while making a weird motion with his arms. He was used to his brother’s weirdness.

“Seriously Yami.” Toshinori said with a chuckle, not at all minding the stares they were receiving. His older brother grinned and grabbed him by the wrist, dragging him. Toshinori makes sure to grab his suit case as they walk.

“So so, how was America? Do they really have Texas steak? Is it shaped like Texas? What’s independence day like? Do they really throw tea into the harbor?”

“Yami you are worse than the children I meet.”

“Mm, sorry. I’m hungry and I only have an hour ‘till I have to be back at work.” He said while stopping, Toshinori stopping directly behind him.

“So I was thinking Katsudon, or ramen. They built a cafe recently.” He was going a mile a minute, practically bouncing and blue eyes looking everywhere. Toshinori shook his head. “ I think the cafe would be nice, we can talk there.”


“Wait, so you’re only staying for a month this time?”

“Yep, I’m traveling with Grand, remember.”

“It’s been awhile since I’ve seen him, he’s ok?”

“As if he could get hurt.”

They both shared a laugh.

“So, you like being a pro hero?” Yami asked in a low tone. Toshinori didn’t miss a beat when he nodded. “Of course, I love it in fact.” The blonde answered before taking another bite of his sandwich.

Yami nods. “Just checking. I worry about you, you know? You an your self sacrificing tendencies.”


Toshinori rolls his eyes and steals a fry from his brother’s plate. Instead of answering he redirects the conversation.

“I’ll be fine. What about your job?”

Yami notices it but answers the question anyway, “Going great! I got promoted and I also have my own office and everything! The people I see are mostly kids and some adults. I think my youngest patient is coming today.”

“How old?”

“Six.” He frowned before finishing his tea. “I’m a little worried about the kid, to be honest. His mother seemed very worried.”

Yagi sighed, “Kids are so cruel these days, you’ll be amazed.”

“I know.” There was a beep and he looked at his watch. “And now I have to go. I’ll pay.”

Toshinori held up a hand. “ I got it. You go. I’ll call you later.”


He looks at the little boy before him. From his dark green hair, green eyes, to his freckles and the way he was looking down at his hands. The poor kid was shaking or trying hard not to.

It has been a total of two minutes and thirty-three seconds of total silence.

“Midoriya-chan? Am I allowed to call you that? I’m going to call you that for a bit.”

The boy snapped his head up and the blonde man had to keep from frowning. “Why don’t you come sit. It’s better than standing yes? You can even sit in one of the beanbags?” He gave a small smile as the boy slowly made his way over toward the bean bags. He watches as the green haired boy looked them over before plopping down in the All Might bean bag. He nearly chuckled. The boy sunk in and seemed to relax a bit. He smiled and rolled his chair to sit beside him.

“Now, Midoriya-chan, My name is Yagi Yaminaki. You can call me Dr.Yagi Dr. Yaminaki. or Yami, I don’t really mind.”

Midoriya seemed to nod, playing with his hands. Yami decides to take another approach. Instead, he sat on the floor, crisscross and sits the clipboard away from him.

“Alright then, let’s just talk. You seem like a nice boy.” Yami beamed. “Do you have anyone you like?” That question alone seemed to spark so many reactions in past patients it was nearly comical. Izuku seemed to have one of the most hilarious ones he’s seen.

“H-H-H-H-H-HUH?!” The child immediately turned red and begins to mumble a mile a minute. Yami held in a laugh.

“Now now, not like in that term. I mean friends and family.”

“O-Oh. I l-like Kaa-san, and K-Kacchan.”

Yami tilts his head. “Kacchan?”

The boy seemed to relax more as he nodded. “Mhm. He’s my best friend since preschool.”

“That’s sweet.”

Izuku nods some more. “And I like All Might-” He seemed to cut himself off and blushed furiously. Yami made a small laughed.

“There’s nothing wrong about liking a hero Midoriya-chan. Many children look up to them, some even want to be like them when they grow up.”

The boy seemed to nod, a little stiff then a sad expression came over him.

Yami leaned forward. “What’s wrong Midoriya-chan?”

Midoriya seemed to sniffle. “I-I can’t be a h-hero because I’m quirkless.” He began to cry, face red and everything. Yami reached to the edge of his desk for the box of Kleenex and handed the boy some tissue. Midoriya took them to wipe his nose.

“Now, now. Who put those thoughts in your head?” Yami asked while petting the curly hair. Izuku seemed to hiccup. This was good in a way, this was familiar territory.

“All the kids at school say so, even Kacchan calls me useless!”

Okay, children are very cruel. He sighs but there’s a small smile on his face. “Midoriya-chan. You do not have to have a quirk to be a hero.”

It was like a switch was flipped. The boy’s crying immediately stopped but tears were still on the verge of falling.

“I-I can?”

“Mhm! There are plenty of ways for one to be a hero. Although I’ll tell the truth, it will be quite difficult but there are many other ways to be a hero. For instance, there are people who help heroes by being on support teams or building things that can help heroes enhance their quirks. There are also people who work in many hero agencies as well- Midoriya-chan?”

He swore the boy had stars in his eyes and held a radiant background. He seemed to lean on the edge of the bean bag. Yami squints his eyes at the brightness.

“S-So it’s possible?!”

“If you work hard, yes, it’s possible,” Yami says with a smile. Dear god, was that light behind the child getting brighter?

That was probably all Izuku needed to hear because he shot up in seconds. “Th-Then I’ll work hard! And study hard too! I can probably work in the agencies too and I can help build stuff and I can be really smart and maybe I’ll be able to help All Might and defeat villains and-”

“Woah woah, slow down kiddo!” Yami exclaimed. The child was basically running around in circles and mumbling so fast he could barely catch him. At his words, Midoriya seemed to still but it was obvious he was twitching in excitement.

“Now I understand you want to be a big help but right now we’re going to focus on your problems now okay? We can work through the other things later.”

Izuku nodded. “Now your mother tells me you were having problems at school.”


Midoriya Inko expected her son to be a little bit down. She looked up information regarding counseling, most of it saying that it could take weeks to months for a patient to be relieved or better. So when her son came out of the room while holding the doctor's hand, dragging the man with a huge smile on his face she was appalled.

“Kaa-san!” Her little boy ran to her happily, still holding on to the man, who was awkwardly bent over since the man was near twice his height.

“Izuku!” He finally let go of the doctor to hug his mother. “Kaa-san!” He spoke while pulling away. “I can be a hero too! I can be in a support group and help! I-I’ll study hard and be really really smart and-”

Inko momentarily tuned him out to look at the counselor. The tall blonde gave her a smile and a thumbs up. “You have a one of a kind son there Midoriya-san.” He commented and she felt tears prickle her eyes.

“Don’t cry Kaa-san! I’ll be fine!”

“I-I won’t. I was just so worried about you Izuku.”

“I’ll be fine!”

“That you will,” Yami said while holding his hand out toward the woman. She shook it. “Thank you!”

“Nah, it’s fine. I love my job.” He looks down at Izuku. “You’re gonna go far.”

“Kaa-san, can I come back, please?”

Inko blinked. “Um.”

“All you have to do is just make an appointment with the lady at the front desk. Just make sure to ask for me, most parents do.”

Inko nods, flushing a bit. “Thank you, we will.”

There’s a beep and Yami looks at his watch. “Ah, my next appointment is starting, they should be here-”

“Oi Deku! What are you doing here!?”

“Kacchan!” Izuku wiggled out his mother’s arms and ran toward the blonde with a bright smile on his face. Mitsuki seemed to raise an eyebrow as the freckled boy tackled the blonde in a hug with Katsuki yelling at him to ‘get off’ and ‘I’ll kill you.’


“So you had two little kids?” Toshinori asked. Yami nods. “Yeah, one of them doesn’t have that much self-esteem and gets bullied a lot. Not only that he seems to radiate the fucking sun- kinda reminds me of you,” He totally ignore the look Toshinori sent him and continues, “The other seems to have anger problems. He’s a loud one too and very physical.”

Toshinori snorts, leaning down further into the All Might bean bag. “Sounds like you got your hands full.”

“Oh please mister All Might ,” Yami says as he rolled his eyes. “I’m sure I can manage.”

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Yami hums as he taps his pen on the desk, looking over the messing handwriting of another patient. Said patient was a twelve-year-old girl who was trying to learn how to write with her quirk. Her quirk being that she could manipulate small objects.

“I thought it was considered rude to do work in front of guest Yami.” Toshinori’s voice cut through. Yami looked up from his work to snort. His brother is currently sitting on the small couch in his office, wearing civilian clothing.

“You’re not really a welcomed guest.”

Toshinori placed a hand on his broad chest, making an over exaggerated sigh. “I’m hurt.”

“Not as hurt as I was when you suddenly barged in through the window,” Yami growled out and finished his coffee. He's not supposed to be drinking it but it's decaf so he'll be fine. Maybe. Probably.

Toshinori made a small chuckle while rubbing the back of his neck. “I apologize but I was already in the air when I remembered where you work. He tried acting innocent, failing miserably. "Plus it's been a while since I've been here. You all have done well to keep it running."

In truth, the building used to be an abandoned high school during their teenage years. By the time they graduate high school it became a rehabilitation and health center.

“Mhm.” Yami rolled his eyes because having All Might suddenly bust through your office window while shouting “I AM HERE!” was totally normal and did not give him, any patients or the staff a mini heart attack!

He takes a deep breath and exhales through his nose. “You could just come in like a normal person Toshi.”

“And miss that face you made? I think the way I entered was worth it.”

Yami once again rolled his eyes and looked at his watch on his wrist. He had twenty-seven minutes till his appointment with Midoriya Izuku. The boy now saw him on a weekly basis.

He finished what he wanted of his sandwich and gave the rest to Toshi, who ate it in a matter of seconds. His twin was now seated in the All Might bean bag while reading one of the many books in his office.

“So why did you really barge in here?”

Toshinori smiled sheepishly, this time actually telling the truth. “Well, I finished beating one of those low ranking villains flew away. Saw your building and I hoped you were here.”

“Hm. I’ve twenty minutes left. When are you leaving back to America?”

“The Wednesday after next week.”

“So I have two weeks to embarrass you and make your life hell.” Yami grinned and Toshi groaned.

“Please don’t,”

“Nope, now shoo, Izu-chan and his mother come here early so I need to get ready.” He tried to push Toshi up off the bean bag. His little brother rose an eyebrow as he was forced from his comfortable position.


Yami nods and began to make shooing motions with his hands, “Hai hai. He’s one of the children that’s six I told you about. Now out.”

“I’m staying at your place for the time being then. Grand’s house is too far away.”

“Understandable,” Yami says while handing his brother the spare key. Toshi pockets it as he made his way to the door. He opens it and was greeted by a blur of green.

“Dr. Yami- you’re not Yami.” The little boy pouts up at him and a small smile appeared on Toshinori’s face, nearly flushing, he steps aside and points behind him. “Nope, but he’s over there.” He explained. That seemed to be enough as the child ran smack into his brother’s legs.

“Dr. Yami! I made the book! Who’s he? Was that your brother? You didn’t tell me you had a brother?”

Yami laughs. “Hai, Izu-chan. That’s my little brother. He’s my twin.” Yami grinned down at the boy and Izuku turned toward Toshinori who gave a similar grin.

Izuku seems to gasp before going into his regular frenzy of rambling.

Toshi looked at his brother. “This normal?”

“Every. Single. Time.”


“So you went and made a hero book Izu-chan?” Yami asked the small boy who was on the floor across from him, playing with the little action figures.

Yami was also on the floor, long legs in a criss-cross position as he flipped through the composition book. Only three pages were filled with messy handwriting and a few sketches.

“Hm. You actually draw pretty well for someone so young Izu-chan.”

Izuku seems to beam at the praise, a ray of sunshine appeared behind him. “Un. That’s what Kaa-san said. She said it’s hard for most people to do it but all I did was remember what the heroes looked like and drew them!”

‘Incredible.’ Yami thinks as he flipped the page to the familiar drawing of All might. Izuku did a pretty good job at drawing him in his suit and Yami cracked a smile as he read all the messy notes. Izuku probably couldn’t be a field hero in the future but maybe a good informant, or working in an analysis department.

“Well, we are going to work on this handwriting of yours, but this is a good start, I’m proud- Izuku?”

The boy seemed ready to burst at his praise and if it weren’t for the smile on his face Yami would have thought he was ready to cry. Yami has to squint his eyes because the boy was absolutely radiant. What kind of sorcery is this?

“I-I’m trying. I even asked Kacchan to help because he has better handwriting than me! Oh! One day I’ll put Kacchan in there too!” He exclaims while moving closer, practically sitting in the man’s lap.

Yami ruffles his hair and hands the boy his book back. Izuku seemed to be improving since their first session but he knows something like low self-esteem and social anxiety is going to take a while to remedy. He started school earlier this week and when Yami asked if everything was ok the boy said it was a bit better. There was no physical abuse but some students still talked but he was used to it. Yami had sighed at the response, no one should be used to it.

“I even made a new friend!” Izuku had told him one week, almost bouncing in excitement. “His name’s Shinsou Hitoshi! He’s really quiet but the other kids stay away from him. I and Kacchan talk to him though, and sometimes we eat snacks and share them. Kacchan takes his candy sometimes but Shin-chan takes his juice.” Izuku had giggled, continuing to babble.

Yami recognized the name of another one of his new patients (seriously he was starting to worry.) He had yet to meet the boy but he was given a file of him the day after. The poor boy was having social problems and his parents were beginning to think he was quirkless.

Nothing was wrong with being quirkless of course.

“I might put Shin-chan in there too, but I haven’t seen his quirk yet,” Izuku said with a pout, bringing the man back to reality. “I think him and Kacchan would look cool!”

Yami held in a sigh, this boy. He cared so much about others and little about himself. He reminded him of his brother.

“I’m sure they will Izu-chan.”

“Mhm, and I’ll be in it one day.”

“Oh? That’s nice to see yourself as a hero Izu-chan!”

Izuku nodded with a blush, taking his notebook back.


“Maa, Katsuki-chan…” Yami tried.

Katsuki only grumbled from his place on the floor. The boy had not been his usual self and was a bit quiet.

“So, I heard you made a new friend?” Yami tried once more and finally got a reaction. The little blonde huffed and crossed his arms.

"Yeah Yeah, Deku keeps talking about him and dragging me over to eat lunch with them.”

“So why are so quiet now?”

Katsuki made a face. “One of those stupid dicks called Shinsou a villain. Deku started crying and I got mad and got in trouble for sparking the runts face.”

Yami ignored Katsuki’s language this once, knowing full well where he go it from. He sighs. “Katsuki-chan, you need to control yourself.”

“Why should I?! They’re the ones that made Izuku cry and they took Hitoshi’s food! I want to kill those asses!!”

“Katsuki!” Yami said, trying to keep calm. Seriously this child was so young and had so much bent up anger. He moves to take the broken pencil out the boy’s hand and puts it in the trash bin. There were dark marks on it and the light smell of smoke in the air. After that, he sat across from the child.

“I’m not saying you are wrong, I’m saying that your anger and actions can make the situation worse. You’re a smart boy, Katsuki-chan, you can get in more trouble and get a bad reputation.”


“Reputation.” Yami corrected with a chuckle. “Basically people will expect only bad things from you. If that happens then you can’t be a hero now can you?”

Katsuki stilled, the angry pout went away of his face. “....Ok…"

Yami smiled. “Now, how about we go over a few exercises to help when you get mad. We’ll also have to work on that swearing of yours.”

“Yeah, yeah old man.”


Shinsou Hitoshi sits on the couch quietly. Most children chose to sit on the bean bags but Shinshou didn’t even say a word as he walked in and sat down.

Yami watched him movements for a few moments. The purple haired boy was staring out the window, hands calmly in his lap.

“Hello, Shinsou-chan. I’m Dr. Yagi. You can call me Dr.Yagi or by my first name, Dr. Yami.” He smiles at the child from his seat on the floor. Shinsou only looks at him

He sighs. “Shinsou-chan, I really do want to help but you need to talk to me. I’m sure we can fix anything that’s worrying you.” He tries. “Is there anything bad happening at home?”

Shinshou shook his head.

“At school?”

There was a slow nod.

Yami made a small smile. At least they were getting somewhere.

“Why won’t you say something Shinsou-chan?”

Shinsou seemed to think it over before speaking. “The other students in my class call me names. It never actually bothered me until they called me a villain…”

Yami blinks, okay this was unexpected and a bit sad. “Shinsou-chan, do you know why they say that?”

“My quirk… I can’t control it..”

Ah, that was indeed a problem. On his file, it said he might be quirkless. That was probably because he didn’t have a physical quirk, maybe it was passive.

“If that’s the case, I should be able to help. I’ve helped a few others-”

His mind suddenly went fuzzy as he froze. Shinsou seemed to take notice immediately. The next second Yami lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding.

“O-okay.” That was new, maybe the child had a quirk that made opponents freeze?

He was brought out of his thoughts when he saw the scared look on Shinsou’s face.

“Hey Hey now! It’s fine, I’m ok.’ He ruffled the other’s messy hair. “Seriously Shinsou-chan, I am fine.”

The boy nodded slowly, eyes still wide. Yami felt a bit sad for the child, it was easy to tell why he was teased, but that did not mean it should happen!

“It’s ok Shinshou-chan. We’ll find a way to help.” He smiles.


It’s been nearly two more weeks.

“So you’re leaving tomorrow?”

“Yep, at six in the morning,” Toshinori says while shoving some clothes in his suitcase. Yami rolled his eyes at the disorganization.

“You sure you don’t want to see Torino?” Toshinori asks and Yami shook his head. “I saw him earlier, he barely remembered me and kept calling me Toshi. I just went with it.”

Toshi chuckles, “Ah, well we are twins.”

“Bleh.” Yami made a noise because even though they were twins they did look different. “Just be careful back in America.” Yami ruffled Toshi’s hair and the younger swatted his hands away. “Quit doing that!”

“Not my fault your hair is so messy.”

“Not my fault you tie yours back.”

“Not my fault you can’t make it look better,” Yami said grabbing the two long bangs on the side of his brother’s head.

“Not my fault mine isn’t as long as yours! And your hair is still as messy as mine!” Toshinori mimicked his actions.

“Not my fault you can’t think of a better defense,” Yami smirked and Toshi threw his hands up. “I’m done with you!”

“You can’t be done with me, we’re twins.” Yami says while waving his arms, shouting something like ‘twin powers unite!’

“Yaminaki you are such a child.”

“Toshinori you are just as much of a child as I am.”

“Yeah, Yeah.”

Yami looked up from his spot on the floor, his laptop in his lap. “Hey, can you do me a favor?”

Toshi poked his head above the pile clothes. “What’s up?”

“You know those kids I was talking about before? I want to give them a present.”

Toshinori snorts. “You give all your patients presents and they give you gifts all the time. What do you need me for?”

Yami grinned.


The inhumane screech that came out Izuku as he ran around the office could put police and fire sirens to shame.

Yami actually winced and covered his ears and he was sure his coworkers were knocking on his door.

“I GOT ALL MIGHT’S AUTOGRAPH! ALL MIGHT’S AUTOGRAPH! OHMYGOD!! I GOT IT, IT GOT IT!!!” Izuku screamed it at the top of his lungs, a literal waterfall of tears coming out his eyes as he hugged the signed All Might poster. My goodness, the boy had a strong set of lungs.

Izuku suddenly stopped to take a deep breath and Yami wondered if he was going to scream again. Instead, he turned to Yami with the biggest grin on his face. The sun was there behind him, the birds were singing. Yami’s pretty sure he heard a choir somewhere but he tries hard to ignore all of that. He’s pretty sure he’s imagining it. Maybe. Hopefully.

“THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!’ The little boy launched himself a the older man and Yami thankfully caught him.

The rest of the session consisted of Izuku keeping attached to Yami and the face-splitting smile he had. When Inko came to get him he wouldn’t let go of Yami and the counselor had to give up the jacket he was wearing since Izuku held onto it so tightly.

Inko flusteredly told him that she’ll return it.


Katsuki was different.

The boy stared at the poster for a good four minutes, (Yami counted) before the blonde gave out something similar to a war cry and a loud curse, followed by a few explosions. (Yami will have to get a new mug and fix his bookshelf but he didn’t mind. It’s part of his job and it’s not the worst thing that happened to him while working.)

Katsuki then stopped, biting his lip as he stared at the poster and looked like he was about to cry but didn’t. Instead, he simply sat in Yami’s lap for the rest of the time. When his mother came she was surprised to not hear the usual insults. She did see the different look in his eyes.


Shinsou was probably the hardest to describe because he hasn’t been with the boy as long as was with the other two. He didn’t scream and shout or run around. He simply stared at the paper with a small smile on his face as he leaned against Yami’s shoulder.

Yami simply pats his head.

When his mother comes, he’s a bit reluctant to leave but there is a hint of a smile.

Yami sighs, if only Toshinori knew how much he affected children.

“You help them too.” Is probably how his brother would respond.

He rubs the back of his neck. “Well, time to fix that bookshelf.”




Chapter Text

Izuku bit his thumb as he stood in front of the door to his homeroom. It was the first day of middle school and the students had a good ten minutes left to find their homerooms.


“I swear to God Deku if you don’t move I will carry you inside.” Katsuki snapped from behind him. Izuku jumped and made a small noise, the thirteen-year-old began to take steps back until Hitoshi grabbed his arm. The purple haired boy gave a tired eye to Izuku.


“You’re not making him feel better Katsu.”


“He’s been standing here shaking for seven minutes,” Katsuki growled. Hitoshi rolled his eyes.


“I-I’m fine!” Izuku stammered.


“Two minutes Deku!”


Izuku made a small squeak and Hitoshi rolled his eyes. He placed his hands on Izuku’s shoulders and pushed him forward. “Katsu, open the door.”


Well, he did open it.


Correction: he kicked it open.


Izuku gawked as Katsuki strolled in, ignoring all the shocked looks. Hitoshi sighed.


“So much for a new start…” He mumbled.


The first half of homeroom was filled with introductions. The teacher started first and then the students went one by one. They all said their name, hobbies and most of them said their quirks.


When it was Izuku’s turn Hitoshi and Katsuki both glanced toward him. They both knew Izuku was quirkless and if he told the class he might be bullied again.


“M-My name is Midoriya Izuku, and I- err- am a great artist and am hoping to join a hero agency!” He practically blurted out and clumsily sat back down in his chair. The teacher nodded and went on to Hitoshi.


“Shinsou Hitoshi, I want to be a hero but if I can’t then I’ll work in an agency as well.”


Some of their classmates started to murmur wondering why the two didn’t share their quirk.


Then it was Katsuki’s turn.


“Bakugou Katsuki. Mess with me and my friends and I’ll kill all of you.” Just to emphasize his point a few small explosion popped in his hand.


The class shut up after that.


Lunch rolled around and of course, the three sat at the same table. Izuku was currently sketching away in his hero book while eating his sandwich his mom made. Hitoshi was dozing off against Katsuki’s shoulder. The blonde was currently about to start on the other’s plate but a look from Izuki stopped him.


“Don’t steal people’s food Kacchan.”


“Whatever.” The blonde took one of the slices of fruit from Izuku’s bento.


“If you’re going to take my food, do me a favor and take the bad food, ” Hitoshi mumbled with his eyes closed. 


“Shi-chan, you need to eat.”


Hitoshi cracked an eye open and sighed. “Alright.” He started to eat.


“What the hell are you drawing in here anyway Deku?” Katsuki asked while he took the composition book and holding it up so the other couldn’t reach it. Izuku whined and Hitoshi huffed as he was pushed in the opposite direction he was leaning.


“You two, seriously, I’m trying to sleep.”


“Yeah Yeah droopy eyes.”


“Kacchan give it back!”



The rest of the week went smoothly without any troubles. So then the second, since it was a new school and everything.


The third week is when it started.


Katsuki was on a good streak because he didn’t curse and hurt people as much thanks to the anger management Yami gave him. He actually tolerated people more and paid no mind to other people. (He called them extras).


So when people dissed him and tried to fight he would easily scoff and back down (he knew if he got into a fight or in trouble Izuku would cry and he would feel like crap). So he ignored the threats and the insults and paid attention in class. If he wanted to be a hero then he needed to be as smart as Izuku and Hitoshi (they were the smartest people in the class, no one could tell him shit).


However, he was a ticking time bomb when it came to somebody hurting the people he liked. It only took a matter of seconds for him to get angry and his record was four seconds. Trust him, he counted and could never make it to five.


So when it took Izuku and Hitoshi longer than usual to get to the front of the school he grew irritated and looked for them. First, he checked their homeroom and then the bathroom. The library was next and then he went to the rooftop.


He opened the door and froze. Izuku was on the verge of crying, Hitoshi was nursing his nose and Katsuki could see a trickle of blood.


There was silence as the door closed behind him.




“Oh, I thought it was a teacher.”




“It’s that kid from 1-c, he won’t do much.”




“Yeah, let’s just finish these quirkless bastards.”




There was a loud explosion and Katsuki saw red.




Hitoshi winces as Izuku does the best to wrap his nose. Izuku is biting his lips and there is a sniffle here and there. Katsuki is sitting on the bench with a frown and staring hard at the floor.


There is a knock on the bathroom door and Yami slowly opens the door to poke his head through the doorway. He doesn’t look nervous but there is a certain look in his eyes.


“Katsuki-kun, Mitsuki-san is here for you.”


A grunt is his reply and Katsuki made no move to get up. Yami only hummed and closed the door quietly.


After the fight, they all left the school in the hurry. Yami’s office was closer than any of their houses so here they were. Yami had practically dragged them to his office without any questions and let them use the bathroom. Luckily he didn’t have any appointments. He called their parents and here they were now.


Katsuki starred his hands if looks could kill they wouldn’t be there right now.


Izuku steps back, luckily Hitoshi’s nose wasn’t completely broken. So there wasn’t much but he was still being cautious. Hitoshi slides off the sink and thanks him quietly then looks over to Katsuki.


“Katsu.” He tries. When the blonde didn’t respond he walked over and bent down in front of the blonde.


“Katsu.” He tries again and Izuku sits next to the blonde, leaning on his shoulder.  “I-It’s not your fault Kacchan…”


Hitoshi reaches forward to run his fingers through Katsuki’s hair, lightly tugging. “It’s fine, we’re fine. It could have been worse.”


Hitoshi sees Katsuki biting his tongue before slowing nodding, relaxing a bit. He leans into the petting and Izuku nuzzles his shoulder.


There’s a knock that disturbs the peace and Katsuki growled, earning a snicker from Izuku and A smirk from Hitoshi.


This time its Inko, Izuku’s mother and they all exit the bathroom.




“The good news is, you guys won’t be suspended,” Yami then points at Katsuki. “Because your mother called me to explain that you have anger problems and I had to say that as your therapist you could be unpredictable at times,” Yami explained. “Not only that it was reported as self-defense so Izu-kun and Shin-kun or off the hook. Katsuki-kun, you just have to see me twice a week now and I have to give the school weekly reports, but I’m pretty sure your parents already explained it to you all.”


The three boys all sat on the couch and nodded. Yami lets out a sigh and shook his head, and Katsuki was doing so well.


The blonde was more quiet than usual, and that worried him.


“Well we have forty-seven minutes of this group session left and I’m not going to continue to scold you. Instead, we’ll just do a few stress relief activities and we’re going to work on art therapy. Katsuki you can not blow up the paint buckets today okay?”



Katsuki was quiet for the next two months. He didn’t insult people and he barely responded to other students. He only talked to Izuku and Hitoshi. The two immediately realized his behaviour change and it worried them. His teachers were the opposite since he wasn’t loud anymore and his grades were higher than normal, but the two boys were too worried. It was like a chain reaction.


If one of them wasn’t normal, the other two couldn’t be.


It wasn’t until Izuku had dragged him to Yami’s office, with a silent Hitoshi after he did they finally know why.


“I’m sorry.” The red-eyed blonde said while avoiding his two friends gazes. He could try all he wanted but Yami could see that the tips of his ears are red.


“For what?!” Izuku blurted out before he could stop himself.


“Getting in trouble..”


“B-But we didn’t get in trouble-”


“Apology accepted.” Hitoshi stepped forward. “And if you ever get angry like that again then we can always work it out. I’m tired of you moping around, we’re your friends, talk to us.”


Yami silently thinks that Shinsou can be a therapist as well but he keeps his mouth shut as the three boys hugged. Then Katsuki turns toward him.


“Old man, buy us ice cream.”



“I want strawberry cheesecake flavored,” Hitoshi replied, ignoring the babbling Izuku and wrapping an arm around his shoulder.



During their first winter break in their first year, they make it a habit to visit Yami. The therapist suggests that they get out more because of the fact that they all have some type of social problem. (Katsuki denied it with a loud yell and only Izuku and Hitoshi accepted their social awkwardness.)


So they would try to talk to some people their age and Yami thought the park was the perfect place.


Izuku was the first to run off when someone caught his eye, Kacchan and Hitoshi stayed on the bench.


“Seriously, you two..” Yami sighs. “You’re not even going to try.”


“No.” was Katsuki’s answer and Hitoshi stayed quiet, keeping his eyes in the direction Izuku went.


“Well, I guess it won’t happen on the first try…” Yami took a sip of his coffee.


“We have a new friend,” Hitoshi says as Izuku came to view, dragging a boy behind him. The freckled boy had a huge smile on his face.


“This is Todoroki-kun!” Izuku introduced once they were close enough. The boy looked a bit shocked, different eyes scanning them. Yami thought he looked familiar and held in a frown at the boy’s scar on the side of his face.


“Well, that was fast. I’m proud of you Izu-kun.” Yami ruffled the boy’s hair and Izuku’s ears tinted red despite it being cold out. “I’m Yami.”


“I’m Shinsou Hitoshi. The guard dog is Bakugou Katsuki.”


“Who the hell are you calling guard dog?!”

“You’re our guard dog.” Katsuki only sat back with a huff. “What’s up half and half.”


“Seriously, Katsuki-kun. Do better.”


“You told me to be sociable old man so I’m being fucking sociable. C’mon idiots.” With that, the blonde got up, Hitoshi’s hand in his and dragged him off. Izuku followed him with Todoroki in hand. Yami watches them with a sigh as they played in the snow.



“Kacchan, you're snowman looks scary.”


“That’s the point Deku.” Katsuki smirked.


Hitoshi gave up on making his own snowman and was helping Todoroki and Izuku. Well more like watching and listening to Izuku babble.


“Does he always talk like this?” Todoroki asked. He seems like a quiet boy as well. Hitoshi nods. “Every day.”


“What year are you in Todoroki-kun?”


“My first year in middle school.”


“We are too.” Izuku cheered as he finished his snowman. He seemed pleased and presented it to Katsuki, who only scoffed but ruffled Izuku’s hair.


“Are the three of you brothers?”


That made them stop and stare at the mismatched boy. Izuku seemed to stutter but Katsuki answered a no.


“Why?” Izuku blurted. Todoroki only shook his head. “Nothing… just thought it’s nice to have someone to act like this around.”


Katsuki and Hitoshi looked at each other, but Izuku starred at the mismatched boy.


He didn’t miss the steam around Todoroki’s left hand as he petted the snowman.

Chapter Text

Yami’s early morning routine consisted of waking up to his dog lying across his head. He was happy that he didn't suffocate one of these days, but that wouldn't be possible since his other dog was a retired service dog.


So he would wake up, shoo the husky off him and walk to the bathroom with his great dane behind him. (The dog was at the height of his shoulders and followed him everywhere.)


After that he would fix breakfast for the three of them, open and respond to some emails from his frequent and past patients, and get dressed.


This morning however he got an unexpected visitor when he opened the door to his apartment.




The boy before him stared at the ground, eyes seemed lost. Yami blinks before moving out the doorway and letting the boy come in from the cold. The teen wordlessly slipped off his shoes. Luci, Yami's great dane, came forward and sniffed around the boy. Todoroki seems unaffected.


“Todoroki-kun, what's the matter?” The boy was not one of his clients, and never mind that fact that he somehow managed to find his apartment at five thirty in the morning. He put that aside and began to worry about the boy. He always had, especially since he was friends with the other boys since they were thirteen.


The fourteen year old stood an Yami shooed away Luci, the large dog going back to his room.


“I'm sorry for the intrusion. I just-” he took a deep breath. “Couldn't be at home any longer.”


Yami led him to his small living room and told him to sit on the couch before going into the kitchen. He came back a few moments later with a mug of hot chocolate and gave it to the boy.


“Exactly why is that Todoroki-kun?” Yami frowned taking a seat in the chair across from him.


Todoroki seemed to stare at the mug blankly.


‘Well now I know that it's an at home problems and not at school.’




“Parent.” Todoroki corrected sharply, brows furrowing. “I would not consider him a parent.” He mumbled quietly and finally took a sip through the bendy straw.


“He keeps forcing me to be more like him.”




“I hate him.” the boy hissed. “I loathe him.” Yami watched as the cup froze in his hand. Todoroki looked down at it. “I'm sorry…”


“It's fine..” Yami answers with a light shake of his head. “If I had to take a guess I have a few assumptions.”


“One, your father is crazy and if that's the case I need to call social services.”


“Two, he wants to live through you because you have a better quirk than him and is forcing you to do things. Once again, I will call services.”


“Three, this one is a rare case and I've only encountered it twice since I've been working. You are a product of one of those quirk marriages.”


Todoroki seemed to flinch and the room temperature dropped a couple of degrees.


Yami clicked his tongue and sighed. This was one of the worst things he's heard in his work.


“I'm guessing that you have a powerful quirk and your father is pressuring you to meet his expectations.”


Todoroki shifted with a silent nod. Yami folded his hands together in his lap.


“From observing you with the others I can tell that's it's a fire and ice quirk.”


Another nod.


Yami narrowed his eyes. “That burn mark has something to do with the fire side of your quirk?”


Todoroki lets out a breath. Yami stood, walk forward and ruffled the boy's mismatched hair. It was obvious Todoroki wasn't used to it because his eyes went wide.


“Listen I would love to help you Todoroki-kun. You can come by my office anytime and we can talk. I am worried about you.” He takes the frozen mug from the boys hand. “But you're going to have to tell me everything, OK?”


Todoroki nods.




“What the hell is half and half doing here?” Katsuki asked once he walked in Yami's office.


Yami rolled his eyes from his desk. “Todoroki-kun is my intern for the day Katsuki-kun. He's been helping me all day with paperwork since you're my first appointment.”


“Yeah yeah old man.”


Yami sighed. It was now four in the afternoon, he had been helping Todoroki all day by getting the boy to talk to him


“I see you haven't changed Guard dog.” Todoroki greeted him.


“Don't try me Half and Half.”


“Okay, settle down boys, seriously. Todoroki-kun, you can sit in the common room if you'd like, the receptionist would probably need a hand.”


Reluctantly Todoroki left with a nod, closing the door behind him.


“Now Katsuki-kun, have you done the work I suggested?” Yami beamed at him. Katsuki grumbled but nodded, not meeting the man's gaze.




“Cooking is shit ‘cause I burn things. Baking is better and it turns out good. I'm leaving the artsy shit to Deku.”


Yami ignores his language. “The video games? Reading? Other constructive activities you've tried this week?”


Katsuki huffed and Yami could see the pink in the boys face. “…”




“I like to do hair, okay?!”


“Nothing wrong with that Katsuki-kun!”


“Yeah old man, by the way yours is a mess.”


Yami pouts, in truth he wasn't able to put his hair in a ponytail because he was busy with Todoroki and forgot about it.


“If it bothers you so much Katsuki-kun-”


The other blonde was behind him before he could finish his sentence and Yami felt tugging on his hair.


In a matter of seconds Katsuki had managed to wrap his wild hair into a pretty decent ponytail.


Yami blinks in the mirror before giving a smile. Katsuki huffed before finding a puzzle on the bookshelf and working on it.


When Mitsuki came to pick him up she complimented Yami's hair. The man gave a snort behind his hand and Katsuki stomped away with a red face, mumbling something about a pie.







“Where's the rest of it?”


There was silence and Hitoshi picked at his nails. They were on the couch and the boy was leaning against the older. Yami was currently flipping through the composition book be had written in.


“That's all I was able to write before we came.”


Yami nearly groaned.


“I feel like you do this on purpose.”


Hitoshi made a lop sided smirked. “Maybe.”




They had been working on a few activities in order for Shinsou to get some stress relief and to help with his insomnia.


For the stress relief, Yami suggested reading and Hitoshi lazily agreed with him.


His next session he had presented Yami with a composition book with a story of his own. The blonde was surprised and managed to read through it. This was a regular thing now and Hitoshi would write more and more and Yami would look over it.


“Sometimes I do it when it's hard to pay attention in class.” Hiroshi admits (which said a lot since he was the second smartest student in his year). “Sometimes I do it when I can't sleep as well and sometimes I write when I can't get my point across.


Some of the students in class actually read it.”




“They like it and even suggested a few things…”


It was obvious Hitoshi wasn't very good with that much attention but he managed to work through it.


“How's your sleep schedule?”


“Non existent.”


Yami ruffled his hair. They tried a few things, meditating, watching boring documentaries, he even would stare at a wall to sleep.


“I don't want to suggest medication because your body could become dependant on it and it won't go so well for the future.”


Hiroshi had nodded and began to write another paragraph.


“Have you tried music?”


He stops, “Music?”


“Yeah, you know how most people put babies to sleep? It could probably work for you. It can serve as a white noise and put you to sleep.”


Hitoshi hummed. “I could try it.”


“Hm, I have an old ipod if you want it. Tell me how it goes?”


“I will.”


That night Hitoshi slept for four and a half hour which was great in his book.




Yami stretches at his desk. Izuku. Didn't have an appointment today, he now saw the boy every other week. He did have some improvement. His confidence had boosted and his self esteem was better. Now Yami described him as a ball of sunshine.


He sends his last email and looks back over to Todoroki. The boy was seated in one of the bean bags.


“Todoroki-kun.” He says while taking a seat on the beanbag beside him. The teen looks at him.


“I can't be too sure if I can help you with the relationship between you and your father but I can help you get over the trauma of using your quirk.” He says softly.


Todoroki seemed to stiffen.


“I'm going to put this bluntly at first Todoroki-kun.” He looked the teen in the eyes and took his hands.


“It's your quirk. You are in charge of it.”


Todoroki seemed to take a sharp breath in but didn't look away.


“He can try all the wants but it's not going to happen. You are your own person Todoroki-kun and I'll help make sure nothing happens.” The older man cracked a smile and patted his head.


Todoroki hugged him.




Back in his apartment Yami sighed. Todoroki promised him he'll go home and see him tomorrow.


Yami still didn't know how the boy found his apartment but didn't ask.


He left his shoes outside and was greeted with his two dogs when he walked in. He fed them and headed to the kitchen to find something to eat.


His self phone rung in his pocket, he took it and answered it.


“Moshi moshi.”


“It's Toshi.” His brother greeted and Yami hummed.


“What's up?”


“Im calling to tell ya that I'll be coming back to Japan.”






“I take it you want to stay with me.”


“I'll help pay rent. But I got a job as a teacher at U.A.”


Yami instantly recognized the school his brother went to. “What for, you're retiring?”


“Not exactly. Im looking for a suitable host.”


Oh. Now he understood.


Yami huma once more while reaching for the apple in his fridge.




“And I recommended you.”


Yami spluttered, dropping the apple and nearly dropping his phone.




“You're a great counselor, therapist and you can probably teach them self defense.”


“I haven't taught anyone self defense in years!”


“That's your only defense?”


“Shush I'm thinking.” He grumbled and rubbed the skin between his eyes. “OK, you recommended me, it might not happen.”


“The principal says you'll start next when I do and has already talked to your boss.”


“What the hell Toshinori?!”


“Your boss says she was going to promote you anyway and said you needed better. You're miracle worker. You’ll get paid double and you’ll also get to see all your patients.”


Yami let out a sigh. At least he got to see all his patients.


“Alright but you're treating me to dinner when you get here.”


“I promise. Also I have something else to tell you.”


“What is it?” Yami asked while taking a bite of his apple. There was a bit of hesitation from Toshinori’s side.




There was a cough. “I'm still here.”


“What's wrong? You're nervous.”


There was another moment. “I got hurt.


“Please be more specific.”


“Really bad.”




“I was hospitalized for a few months and had to undergo many surgeries and procedures.”




“I'm fine. I promise I am.”


“When was this?! Why the hell didn't you tell me?!”


“A few months ago.”


Yami went silent. From behind him his dog whined and began to nudge against his chest. His heart was beating too fast.




“Yagi Toshinori!” He hissed it out calmly. “You are going to book the earliest flight to Japan. I want you here before the week is over with.”


“I can't-”


“I will pay for it and book the flight. Call me when you're about to land. You. Are. Coming. Over. This. Week. End of subject.”


There was broken nervous chuckle and Yami sighed.


“I will.”


“Damn straight.”




It was around two o'clock in the morning two days later that Yami got a call. He pushed his dog off and answered his phone.


“I'm here.”


“The airport?” He asked his brother, now wide awake.


“No, front door.”


Yami sighed. “I told you to call me when you were about to touchdown.”


“Didn't want go cause you a lot of trouble.”


Yami pulled on a shirt. “You're not causing me trouble at all.” He made his way through the apartment and unlocking the door.


“Don't be mad.”


“I'm not mad. Im worried-”


He opened the door and even if it was dark he could still see. That skinny face gave him an awkward smile and Yami dropped his phone.

There's a moment of silence and Yami drags his brother in without a word.

Chapter Text

Toshinori woke up to a small weight on his chest and background noise. There is a whine and the sound of sniffing while his chest is being nudged lightly.


“Let ‘em sleep, Luci. Come eat.”


There is a huff as Toshinori opens an eye to see the dog lift his head and walk away. Toshinori slowly sat up from the futon he was lying on.


“I'm woke Yam.”


“Ah, then what can you eat?”


Toshinori rubbed at his eyes for a second. “Just tea, for right now.”


“I'll cook you something later then.”




“Now, go shower and clean up. When you get back we're gonna finish talking, ‘kay?”


Toshinori nods, and walks to the bathroom, Luci following him obediently and Yami sighs.


Last night after Yami had practically dragged him into the apartment they talked. Toshinori told his brother everything from his fight with Toxic Chainsaw to how many surgeries he had to get. Yami ended up throwing a fit and nearly hyperventilating if it weren't for Toshi finding a bag and handing it to him.


“Does it hurt.” He had asked while looking at the scar.


Toshinori had made a silent nod. “The pain medication doesn't do much but I can withstand it.”


Yami had made a noise at the back of his throat as he leaned his head on Toshi’s shoulder. “You don't have a stomach.”


“I don't.”


“Why did you wait so long to tell me?”


Turns out, the accident had happened a few years ago.


“I didn't know how to tell you… And I was scared.”


“Butt munch.”


“I deserved that insult.”


Yami sniffed. “Yes, you did.” He reached forward and took his brother's hand. “And some more insults I want to throw your way.”


Then the two fell asleep on the fold out futon in the small living room.


Now here they were in the kitchen. Toshinori had just showered as was adding a generous amount of honey to his tea (Yami will have to buy more later on) and Yami sipping on some coffee.


“Make a list of the things you can eat, I'll go shopping after work.”


“Yami-” Toshinori start but Yami flicked his forehead.  “You get no say mister. Make that list and I'll see what I can work with.”


“I understand, but if you think I'm going to let you burn down the apartment you have another thing coming.”


Yami huffs. “I have you know my cooking skills have improved drastically. Not to your level but it impresses my coworkers and some friends.”


“Hm. Leave the cooking to me and you stick to your baking.”


“Just for that I'm not making that Dutch apple pie you like. I was going to, but now I'm not.”


Toshinori made a face. “Fine fine.” Yami smiled in triumph.


“Riiigghhht. So make that list, tell me what medication you take and anything else you think of. I refuse to let you take care of yourself.”


“You make it sound like I'm a baby.” Toshi grumbled, taking a sip of his tea which he forgot to cool off and ended up doing a spit take.


“My point has been proven!!”


Toshinori coughed a few times and Yami gave him a new shirt.




“So basically high-calorie foods in small portions…” Yami mumbled as he read the list. “No heavy foods, coffee is a no-go.”

He was currently in the grocery store looking over the list Toshi made. He hummed as he made his way to the fruit aisle. “So basically smoothies and snacks…”


“Yami? Yaminaki-san?”


Yami turned at the voice to see Inko with a small grocery basket.


“Oh Inko-chan! How are you this evening?”


Inko smiled and it reminded him so much of Izuku he couldn’t help but to smile back at her.  “I’m well, I was just shopping for snacks for Izuku, he tells me he sneaks and eats them in class.” She giggled and Yami couldn’t help but snicker.


“Ah, well you have to do what you have to do to survive school.”


Inko nods with a small laugh. “So what are you shopping for? You seem to be looking for something specific.”


Yami nods, “Well, I’m looking for calorie dense foods and possibly some snacks.”


“That’s a weird diet to have, are you ok?”


“Ah, I’m fine Inko-chan. It’s for my brother… he isn’t in the best of health anymore.”


She gasped and took the list out of his hand to examine it. “I’m sorry to hear that. Is he alright? Do you need help? I know where most of these foods are.”


She didn’t give him time to respond as she dragged him and his shopping cart. It didn’t take long to find them but there were so many brands of snacks and so on, Yami decided to get one of each.


“Isn’t that a lot?” Inko questioned curiously.


“He needs to keep eating to gain enough calories since he doesn’t have a stomach-” Yami bit his tongue as he realized what he just managed to slip out. Inko’s eyes went wide at the sentence.


“H-He doesn’t have a stomach?!”


Ah, he didn’t mean to make that slip.




Yami could practically see the maternal switch flip on in her head. He gulped.



“I-Inko-chan, you don’t have to come! I’m sure I can-”


“Nope! Izuku-kun! Help bring up the groceries.”


“Hai Kaa-san!”

After shopping, Inko made Yami drive her home first so she could drop off her groceries. Then she grabbed Izuku saying that he could help them bring up Yami’s groceries. The man tried to protest but she was having none of it.


Of course, she meant well, Inko was a very shy woman but when that mother switch turned on it was a different story.


Yami unlocked his apartment and lead them to the kitchen.


Izuku smiled sheepishly as he placed the bag on the counter. Inko had a facial expression of worry and determination mixed into one face.


Meanwhile, Toshinori stumbled out the living room, oversized clothes hanging off him and Yami’s two pets following.


“Uhh…” Toshi starts while the two Midoriya’s stared at his figure.


“We have guest?” Yami tried.  There was a moment of silence until Toshinori suddenly coughed, blood spraying through his teeth.










“Seriously Inko-chan. We can’t thank you enough. You as well Izu-kun” Yami said as the two tall men bowed in front of the woman.


“Oh no no, it’s fine Yami-san! You help Izuku out a lot so it’s fine!”


‘Such sweet people.’ the two blondes thought as the Midoriya's left.


“So how frequent do you often get pop in visits like that?”


“Err, surprisingly it started earlier this week. So I’m not sure how frequent it’s going to happen.” Yami answered honestly as Toshi ate the small shaped snacks Inko made him. Yami could tell that the other was thinking of some way to thank them. Toshi was the type to get really flustered and would find some way to repay people back.


Yami smiled. “You know, since you don’t start working till next year, you can help me around the office. I think Izuku-kun and the others would like to have you around.”


Toshinori seemed to consider it before nodding. “I am going to be teaching students, I guess I’ll need the experience.”


“Great!” Yami clapped his hands together with a wide smile. “You start tomorrow!”


Toshinori choked and Yami wiped his mouth of the blood that sprayed through his brother’s teeth.. “Payback for recommending me without notice.” He said while ruffling his brother’s hair. Toshinori groaned and popped another snack in his mouth.



“That’s the only suit you have?”


“You sound disappointed.”


“I’m not disappointed it’s just..” Yami trailed off as he looked at the oversized suit. He knew why Toshi was wearing it and sighed. “Although you do look cute in it, try not to go into All Might form at every call of distress. I don’t want you overworking yourself.”


Toshinori shook his head, “I am the symbol of peace, I need to be ready whenever there’s a serious problem.”


Yami sighed, there goes that heroic mindset that his brother had. He couldn’t help but smile a little.


“Alright then, make sure you have your snacks.”


“I do and the smoothie you made.”


Yami’s smile seemed to glow at that and Toshinori could have sworn that he saw dog ears and a small tail wagging behind his brother.


“You worry too much.”

“I worry enough.”


“You are a mother.”


“The best mother you’ll ever see!”


“You’re not supposed to agree to that!”


Yami laughed and Toshinori shook his head.


Once they stepped through the doors of the building Yami worked at the two blonde’s were instantly greeted by a few working people and waiting clients. None of them taking a second look as Yami practically dragged him through the first floor.


Toshinori didn’t mind, he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t insecure about his appearance.


“My office is on the third floor. This floor is for Pediatricians and did you know we have a rec-center as well? There’s also one of those mini gyms and an art room we have for therapy-”


Toshinori couldn’t help his smile that appeared on his face.


“I’ve also got two new patients- Todoroki-kun what are you doing here? It’s a school day.”


Yami stopped walking all together at the sight of the boy that was standing in front of his office. Toshinori got a good look at his face and was instantly reminded of a certain flaming hero.


“It is. It doesn’t start for another hour.”


“How long have you been here?”


“An hour. Ria-san let me in.”


Yami seemed to frown as he went to unlock his office door, stepping aside to the boy could walk in and Toshinori walked in after.


“Well before we start, this is Toshi, he’s my brother.” Yami smiled and Toshinori seemed to catch it. He was used to kids fawning over him and shouting.


Todoroki was quiet as he stared at him.


Then again he wasn’t in his All Might form.


That didn’t seem to matter because he did not like the look in the boy’s eyes. He hid it well but he saw through it.


He sat down on the couch next to the desk. “Think of me as the assistant, young Todoroki.” Ah, he still had that habit.


Yami snickered from his desk.


“So Todoroki-kun I take it you have time to spare? What did you need me for?”


Of course, information between a patient and a therapist is confidential unless the patient was comfortable enough to let information be heard by outsiders.


Todoroki didn’t seem to care in the slightest.


“I thought about what you said the other day…”


“And?” Yami tilts his head to the side.


“I told him, I told him I was done.”




“He disowned me.”


Yami choked and Toshinori seemed to cough. He was correct this was Enji’s child. He knew endeavour didn't have the best attitude but this was too much!



“Don’t feel bad.” Todoroki said it calmly. “I actually feel happy after a long time.”


Yami took in a breath. Todoroki was happy. Happy. The teen looked like a weight lifted off his shoulders.


“You’re happy, but do you think you can still go through with daily life going back home?”


Todoroki blinked, “I want to stay with you.”


This time Yami fell out his chair, Toshinori once again went into a fit as he tried to help his brother. Todoroki came to their aid. After a few moments, Yami was still on the floor but took a deep breath.


“Ahhh, are you sure Todoroki-kun?”


Todoroki seemed to nod multiple times. Toshinori and Yami looked at each other before Toshi raised his hand and placed it on Yami’s head.


“Congratulations, you have a child before me.”

“T-T-THIS is not a time to be joking!”


“We’re not joking.” Toshinori and Todoroki both deadpanned.




Todoroki seemed to have made himself at home. Luckily Yami’s apartment wasn’t small. He had two guest rooms and Todoroki didn’t have any problems. He also didn’t have that many belongings.


Toshinori didn’t seem to mind at all and Yami was just a bit overwhelmed.


On Saturday, when Yami came back from work, Todoroki and Toshinori were on the couch watching a movie close together.


Yami had pouted and sat next to his brother, leaning against him.


Chapter Text



“Hitoshi-kun. How’s the progress on your sleep and quirk?” Yami asked.


Hitoshi seemed to scratch the back of his neck with a hum. In Yami’s perspective the boy looked more rested than usual.


“The music worked. I manage to get five hours of sleep at most.” Hitoshi answered.


“Your quirk?” We’ve already established it activates when someone responds to you. Any other developments?”


Hitoshi’s eyes seemed to narrow as bit his lip.


“There was an accident..”

Yami raised an eyebrow.


“At the train station, one morning. I had a really bad headache and some villains were in the underground walkway in front of the ticket gate I needed to get past. Zu and Katsu were with me.”


Yami seemed to remember the brief description of the event from Katsuki’s father, Masaru. However the man didn’t say if the three got hurt. He probably didn’t know.


Hitoshi leaned forward and pressed his hands together. “I can’t remember much, my head was killing me and the villains were robbing and threatening people. There weren’t any heroes nearby. It got to the point where the noise was too much and all I wanted was for it to stop.”


He takes a deep breath.


“So I screamed ‘stop’... And everyone around me stopped. Except for Zu and Katsu since they holding me because I passed out after a few seconds.” He looked at Yami and added, “The doctor said I passed out because of the headache and the noises. It was a migraine and I should have stayed home.”


“I am still concerned about you but if you say you’re ok…”


“I am.” Hitoshi sunk further into the grey and yellow bean bag, playing with the loose strand on his sleeve. “I actually thought about it tried to do it again.”




“I ended up getting a major nose bleed.”




“I didn’t it anymore after that.” Hitoshi ducked his head and rubbed the back of his neck at Yami’s intense look.


Yami sighed. “Please don’t strain yourself. We’ve just found a solution to your insomnia Hitoshi-kun.”


Hitoshi shifts and nods. “I know… I wanted to try again…” He twiddled his thumbs. “To see if it

Was a new development of my quirk.”

Yami seemed to think it over. “From what you told me, I’m not sure because I’m mildly concerned about your health.”


“Ah, I understand that.”


“You’re still going to do it, aren’t you?”




“At least have someone with you Hitoshi-kun…”


Hitoshi made his regular smile. “I will.”


“Bakugou my boy, chill.” Toshinori’s voice cut through.


The tempered blonde seemed to take a deep breath.


“The reason why you are bad at cooking my boy, is because you put the element on high. It’s supposed to be at simmer.”


Katsuki seemed to stiffen. “Oh.” He frowned. Toshinori shook his head and patted the boy’s shoulder.


“Now you’re going at few vegetables and some lemon.”


“On cooked salmon?”

“Trust me, it’s great.”


Katsuki followed his directions.


“Now you have two options, sit in in the oven and bake it, or keep it on simmer.”


“Which one is quicker.”


“Neither.” Toshinori smiled at the other’s grumbling. So far there had only been two small explosions from the boy. According to Yami that was great progress.


“How long?”

“Actually now is a good time to take it off. We’ll let it cool and taste it.”


Katsuki seemed to focus more on not damaging the food as he moved it to a plate. He managed to cook five salmon on the stove, Toshinori was impressed.


“Waah, it’s really great Kacchan!” Izuku exclaimed as he took a bite out of his meal. Hitoshi seemed to nod in agreement, his plate was nearly clean.


“Tch, of course it’s great Deku, I cooked it.” Katsuki grumbled, Yami wanted to laugh so hard since the teen was now a light shade of pink.


Todoroki’s plate was already finished and he was currently looking over to the stove to see if there were leftovers.


All four boys each had their own plate of salman and vegetables that Katsuki made. Yami and Toshi had to share a plate since Toshi couldn’t eat that much of heavy foods in his conditions.


“You taught him how to cook, didn’t you?” Yami whispered. Toshinori grinned. “Couldn’t help it, he came here with young Todoroki and said something about it.”


Yami hummed. “Ah, well it’s nice to see you’re being productive and not jumping into danger every second.” He beamed at his brother. Toshinori shook his head.


“It’s in my nature to help people Yami, even if it’s with cooking.”


“I know.” Sometimes he hated the fact that Toshinori was hard wired into helping people.


“Now,” Yami started, “Despite the fact that you guys just barged into my apartment, which I still do not know how you found it and cooked a full meal, who’s on dish duty?” Yami says happily.


Toshinori was out the kitchen before he could finish the last of his sentence.


There was a moment of silence between the rest of them and Yami’s smile turned wider before and an almost evil aura came out of him.

“I cooked.” Katsuki said as an excuse and ran out the kitchen. Yami turned toward the others and his smile was face splitting.


The other three boys began to babble.


“Did I forget to mention that whoever cleans the whole kitchen gets to have a whole apple dutch pie with cinnamon and caramel drizzle with a side ice cream?” He added.


He had never seen teenagers fight over doing the dishes in his life.



It has been a few weeks. Summer vacation was probably two months away meaning finals.


Or in Izuku’s mind, stress.


Lots and lots of stress.


Over the years of going to therapy Yami had managed to give him a few tips on his stress and anxiety. He was able to actually get better because of that and the fact that he hung out with Katsuki, Hitoshi and now Todoroki, so he didn’t get nervous as much.


Now here he was, at two in the morning just drawing anything to get his mind off of tests that were next week. He didn’t understand why he was nervous, he was the smartest kind in class, but still-


He sighs.


“Why am I so nervous?” He whined.


There is a buzzing and he looks under the pile of sketchbooks to find his phone.




“Can’t sleep and we’re on three way with droopy eyes”


“M-Me neither and hey Shicchan.” Izuku admitted.


“You stuttered, what’s up Zu?” Hitoshi asked


“Finals!” He rushed out. “So I can’t sleep.”


“You are the smartest bastard in our class.” He was pretty sure if he saw Katsuki the blonde would be rolling his eyes. Hitoshi chuckled over the phone.


“I have crippling anxiety, I can’t help it!”


“Keep quiet Deku.”


Izuku huffed, although hearing both of them was calming him down bit by bit.


“You’re gonna be fine Deku.”


“I know…” he pouts. “It always happens, but this time it’s better than most times.”


“Yeah, you used to call me while crying.”


“Again, can’t help it Kacchan! Shicchan, quit laughing!”


“Can’t help it.” Hitoshi said with a chuckle.


“Why the hell did I fall in love with you two again?”


There was a beat of silence for a few seconds and then it all happened at once.


“Whut?” Hitoshi cracked.


“H-H-H-H-HUH!?” Izuku practically screamed and then slapped his hand over his mouth because he did not want his mother to wake up.



“Don’t you dare hang up the phone Katsu, we are going to talk about this.” Hitoshi practically hissed.


There was a small explosion noise over the phone followed by distant yelling.


“K-Kacchan?” Izuku squeaked when the noise toned down.


“I’m still here… I just moved into the kitchen.” Izuku could hear Mitsuki yelling, “Why the fuck are you baking muffins at two-thirty in the morning?!”  


“Fuck off and just eat one Hag!” Katsuki yelled back.


“Kacchan.” Izuku tried again.


“J-Just forget it.”

“Like hell!” Hitoshi shouted. “Just because you confess feelings doesn’t mean anything bad. I love you two as well you know.”


Izuku was so red he would make red paint proud.


“Oh fuck- damnit Hitoshi!”


“It’s the truth. I think I loved you guys since the third grade.”


“Oh shit-” Another explosion. “Deku, breathe!”


There was a knock on his door and he nearly fell off his bed, his mother barged the door open. He was a shaking babbling mess of red and freckles.


“Izuku what’s the matter?!”


Izuku grabbed a pillow off his bed and screamed into it.




He lifted his head to show a face splitting smile and stars in his eyes. “I’m just really happy right now.” He was shaking.


Inko seemed to sigh, she didn’t understand how her son could be so exciting this early in the morning. After checking him for a few moments she left to go back to her room. Izuku scrambled to look for his phone.


“Kacchan? Shicchan?”


“Still Here Zu.”


“Here.” Katsuki seemed more calm although there was more background noise. “Idiots…” He grumbled.


“Idiots that you love.” Hitoshi stated. There was another explosion and Katsuki was shouting. Izuku laughed.


“So, uh..” He tried.


“Yeah..” Hitoshi responded.


“I am baking you fuckers a cake and muffins and you better eat all of it.” Katsuki hissed.


Hitoshi and Izuku laughed.

Chapter Text

B  True to his word Katsuki came to Izuku’s apartment and hour before school started. Inko seemed surprised at the sight of the blonde with a few small boxes.


“Ohayo Auntie.” He said in greeting and Inko nervously responded, “O-Ohayo Katsuki-kun. What brings you here so early?” She stepped out the way and the blonde walked inside.


“I made a lot of muffins and thought you two would want some.” Katsuki grumbled. Inko blinked.


“Ah, that’s nice. Thank you Katsuki-kun. Izuku is still in his room if you want to see him. I’m not sure if he’s woke, he was up late.”


Katsuki nods and takes on of the boxes toward Izuku’s room, leaving Inko to peek through the others.


“Oi Deku!” Katsuki kicked his door. “Wake the fuck up.”


“I’ve been up Kacchan!” Izuku swung the door open and snatched the blonde in before Katsuki could realize it.  Izuku made a small squeal like noise as he hugged the other and Katsuki snorted. “Idiot you’ll squish the food.”


“S-S-Sorry! I didn’t mean to, are they alright-” Katsuki stuffed a muffin in the boy’s mouth to silence his babbling. Izuku took a bite from the muffin.


“This is really good…” He comments.



The two left Izuku’s house early to make it over to Hitoshi’s. The walk wasn’t too far.


When they knocked they were greeted to Shinsou’s half sleep mom, her light purple hair everywhere. Hitoshi had grabbed her by the shoulders and walked her back her room while the other two came in with their shoes off.


“What was that?” Katsuki asked and Izuku elbowed his side. Hitoshi only rolled his eyes. “My mother at 6:27 in the morning. She usually sleeps in late.” Hitoshi answered while rubbing the back of his neck.


Izuku hummed and sat on a cushion on the floor where the table was. Before Hitoshi could say anything Katsuki shoved a muffin in his hand. Hitoshi shrugged and sat in between the two then took a bite.


“Is this lemon?”


“We didn’t have strawberry shit.”

Izuku raised an eyebrow. “The one I had was banana.”

“I baked a lot of shit last night.” Katsuki answered while taking a bite of his own muffin. It was true, he had managed to bake more than five dozens and two small cakes while he was at it. His father had joked about actually selling a few at work and Katsuki said he wanted 75% of the profits.


“Katsu, open a bakery.”


“Tch, what the hell for, only so I can deal with annoying people?”


“And make money.” Izuku interjected. “Because these are seriously good.” and Kacchan would probably look cute in an apron but Izuku didn’t say that outloud. Nope. The fourteen year old kept his mouth shut.


“We’re avoiding the subject.” Hitoshi says when finishes his muffin. It was then that Izuku shifted and turned a shade of read. Katsuki was also blushing a bit. Hitoshi would be lying if he said he wasn’t blushing as well.


“S-So..” Izuku tried to start.


“I already told you bastards how I feel.” Katsuki said while turning away. Izuku blushed harder.


“I’m not good with words.” Hitoshi starts, “But I guess I love you guys too.”


“You guess!?” Katsuki half shouted and Hitoshi smirked. The blonde was on him and seconds and Izuku squeaked as he rolled out the way. The freckled boy watched as the two rolled around on the carpet and Izuku silently hoped they wouldn’t wake Hitoshi’s mother.


After a few seconds the blonde had successfully pinned the other and was looking vicious.


“The hell you mean ‘you guess-”


Hitoshi pulled him down into a quick kiss and Katsuki short circuited. Hitoshi lightly pushed him off.


“I just said that to make you angry.” The insomniac confessed with a blush. Katsuki was completely silent with a blush of his own.


Meanwhile Izuku was trying not to faint.


Then Hitoshi and Katsuki looked toward Izuku and smirked.


“Is he ok?” Shouto had asked as they rode to school. Yami was giving them a ride.


“Uh huh, he’ll be fine.”


“He’s mushy.” Shouto says while poking Izuku and the boy responded with a few giggles, the dumb grin not going away.


“He’s just happy.” Hitoshi says while looking at his phone.


Shouto rose an eyebrow.


“Really happy.”



“Midoriya-san, please answer the eq-”


“Negative infinity and four. Four has the boxed bracket.” Izuku asked without trying. He was currently still on cloud nine with that dumb love struck smile on his face.


“That is correct…. Are you feeling well Midoriya-san? You are red.”


“Hai, hai~ Never better sensei~!”


From beside him Katsuki dropped his head on the table and Hitoshi face palmed. They really should have waited till exam week was over with to kiss Izuku. Now he was all lovey dovey, at least he still had his genius intact.


When the week was over Izuku was still in his lovey dovey state.


His mother was getting worried but Hitoshi and Katsuki thought it was adorable.


Or ‘adorkable’, as Katsuki put it.


Even Yami and Toshi rose an eyebrow at the boy’s attitude.


The next week the scores from their finals were posted and Izuku didn’t just make the top of the glass.


He made the top of the whole school.


That was enough to shock him out his love struck mood. His eyes nearly popped out his socket and the boy nearly rocketed through the ceiling if it weren’t for their homeroom teacher’s quirk to reach up and grab him.

“I made- I made- I made- I-”


“Breathe.” Hitoshi pats his back.


“I made top of s-s-s-school!”

“We know. We should kiss you more often.”


Katsuki snorted, Izuku turned red and Hitoshi smirked.


Izuku had taken a picture of the scores to send to the others.


“Keep this up and you’re gonna be able to get a scholarship anywhere Izu-chan. Toshi says great job” Yami texted him.


His mother didn’t text him back. Instead, when he got home she had opened the door crying hysterically. She had glomped him on spot and praised him so much.



“As you all know we have two weeks  ‘till summer and after the break, you all will be in your last year in junior high.” Their sensei exclaimed and the class cheered.


“You all should start looking at scholarships as well, it’s never too early. However, I’m pretty sure you all have good things planned for the future.”


The class cheered again.


“Now now, we still have class so everyone listen….”



Izuku hummed as he walked home. It was at the point in their walk where the three would branch off to head to their apartments. Izuku hated that part about walking home.


He sighed as he flipped through his note book, which was now number thirteen of his hero analysis serious (Hitoshi had joked about it).


He’d have to start a number fourteen soon, he only had twelve empty pages of this one left. He flipped through it some more and stopped at a certain page that held a decent sketch of a certain costume. To be exact, the costume he drew for himself if he were able to be a hero.


Yes, he knew he was quirkless but he still dreamt of being a hero. It was now apart of his heart and it was not going anywhere. When he was younger he wanted to be just like All Might. Now, he had to look at things differently because he didn’t have a quirk. He’d have to be a hero a different way.


And no one was going to stop him.


So with a smile on his face, he closed the book at let out a hearty laugh.


He didn’t notice the dark shadow that started to loom over him.




Toshinori was very content at the moment.


His side wasn’t hurting as much, he wasn’t tired and he decided to go out for fresh air so he decided to take Yami’s dogs for a walk.


More like they were walking him but he was still content nonetheless.


Luci, the dane walked beside him but the Husky seemed to try his hardest in leading Toshinori to where he wanted to go. The white dog would walk a couple of feet then stop to look back, then would run at its top speed (Toshinori almost flew out his shoes if it weren’t for Luci grabbing him by his pants, the dog was a saint).


He lets out a small chuckle as the Dane gave a disappointed look to the smaller dog, as if scolding it.


So this is how Toshinori was dragged across town by two dogs for most of his afternoon. People gave him looks, mostly out of concern at seeing him but he didn’t mind. He was about to stir the two in the direction of home when Luci perked his ears up and growled. The dog lifted its head to his full height.


Toshinori felt a bad feeling and he braced himself. The blonde lets go of their leashes and the dogs sprinted the direction to a small bridge.


Toshinori quickly changed into All Might and followed them and instantly recognized the boy that was being strangled by a villain.


It was Izuku and that was all he needed to see.


Chapter Text

Toshinori pockets the bottle in his pocket. After knocking the villain unconscious and saving Izuku he shoved the fluid villain into a two  liter bottle he found on the side of the road. He shrinks out of his All Might form as he walks over to Izuku. The boy was knocked out, probably from shock. He was just happy he grabbed the boy before he hit his head on the pavement.


He kneels down, intending to wake him but stopped short. From beside him, the two dogs nudged him.


Ah, this was bad…


If he woke up Izuku, then he’d have to explain a few things. He could wake him as All Might then run away as fast as possible or he could wake him as Toshinori and  explain how the hell he was able to one-shot a villain, save him and shove a villain in a two liter plastic bottle.


Toshinori nearly groaned and Yami’s husky, Turo started to paw at his leg.


He sighs, he could just carry the boy home, he was strong enough to do it in his condition.


A bark, then Luci nudged him. He turned toward the dane and saw he had Izuku;s notebook and bag in his mouth.. Toshinori pats his head as he grabbed the things and started to put the notebook in the bag before the title caught him.


Hero Analysis for the Future #13


Toshinori raised an eyebrow, he had thirteen of these?


He flipped through the pages, seeing the complex sketches and neat handwriting in them. Izuku basically had probably everything about every hero he could think of at the moment in here. He flipped toward a page in the back that caught his attention, a few sketches of a suit.




Toshinori hummed, if he was correct Yami told him that Izuku was quirkless. In this society that basically meant that your were useless.


Toshinori frowned.


Just because someone is quirkless doesn’t mean that can’t be a hero.


Ah, Yami was rubbing off on him.


He reaches in the bag for a writing utensil- ah ha! A sharpie. He quickly signed the back of the book where the hardcover was then placed everything in his bag.

He pets Izuku on the shoulder just as the freckled boy was beginning to stir. He began to panic a bit.


He should turn into All Might, his senses were screaming at him. Then again Izuku had become one of the many people he could trust in such a short time.


Ah, screw it.


“Oi, oi, Hey hey- Young Izuku!” He began to tap against the boy’s cheek and Izuku jumped awake. Toshinori placed a hand on the startled boy’s shoulder.


Izuku blinked rapidly before his eyes focused on Toshinori.




“Mhm. Are you alright my boy?”




“Remember anything?” Toshinori asked while helping the boy stand. Luci stood behind the boy just in case he lost his balance.


“I was walking home and then-” Izuku gasped, “TH-there was a villain and he-he” Izuku shivered and stood closer to Toshinori. The man rubbed the boy’s back in some type of comfort. The realization hit him.


“Did he get away?! He’s not here anymore…”


Toshinori reached up to pat Izuku’s head. “Don’t worry about that my boy. For now you go straight home. Understood?”


Izuku seemed weary at first but nodded. To be sure Toshinori walked with him to his apartment complex. After that Toshinori walked to the police station with the two dogs in tow.



“I got your text, what happened?” Yami was on him the minute he walked through the door, asking questions left and right.


“Nothing too messy. Izuku got caught by a villain and I took care of them.”


“Is he ok? Was he hurt? Teeelll meeeee.”


Toshinori chuckled. “He’s fine. I walked him home. Calm down Yami.” He pets his brother’s head. Yami made a noise and took a deep breath before going to the living room.


“Where’s Shouto?”

“He went to bed early. Said he had a headache.”



Later that night, in a certain apartment complex, loud screaming could be heard that said.







Shouto was not doing great.


Both mentally and emotionally. He was not doing well at all.


Of course, he could tell Yami and Toshi but he didn’t want to worry the two. So instead he kept quiet like usual when he woke up in the morning for school.


Like usually Toshinori was busying himself over the stove and Yami was on the couch with his computer when he came out his room.


“Ohayou!” Yami beamed at him at Shouta felt his face heat up. “Ohayou.”” He greeted back quietly. He said good morning to Toshinori as the man gave him a bowl of rice and some fish for breakfast.


“Something troubling you Shouto?”


Shouto quickly shook his head. It was a reflex he always did when someone asked if something was wrong.


Luci seemed to pad in the kitchen. The dog laid his head on the countertop, sniffing for food. It was enough of a distraction for Shouto to slip away as Toshinori shooed the dog away and started to look for the dog food.


Shouto hurried to eat his breakfast, slipped his dishes in the sink and headed to the front door.


“Shouto?” Yami tilts his head back to look at him from the couch. “You’re heading for school already? You don’t want me to drive you?”


Ever since he’s been living here Yami started to drive him to school. Shouto wouldn’t say anything but he actually enjoyed it. For one he could talk to Yami and the blonde would always stop somewhere to get him coffee or tea.


Yami seemed to narrow his eyes. “I’m driving you.” He said in a matter of fact tone. He could easily tell that something was bothering the boy.


“You don’t have to-”

“Definitely driving you now.”


Shouto nearly face palmed, of course, Yami would find it odd for Shouto to reject the morning drive.


“Toshi~ We’re heading out. We’ll see you later.”


“Alright. You two stay safe.”


Shouto wanted to groan but couldn’t because his adoptive father (yes, Shouto called him that) was a ray of sunshine and Shouto refused to bring that sunshine behind clouds.


Which was probably not going to happen because Yami was a therapist and he knew how to make Shouto talk.


The two went outside and placed on their shoes. Then they walked downstairs to the parking lot.


Shouto’s stomach dropped when they entered the car and before Yami could speak he began He just blurted the shit out because it was killing him inside.


“I tried to go see my mother and I tried to tell her what happened but I couldn’t because he was there and he was yelling at the receptionist and demanding to see her and  didn’t like it.” He hissed the last part out. “I didn’t know he was doing but it didn’t sit right with me and then he saw me and I almost-”


Yami placed a hand on the boy’s shoulder. “Shouto.”


Shouto bit his tongue.


“Breathe.” Yami instructed and Shouto took a deep breath. It was shaky and uneven, hot tears stung his eyes but they didn’t fall.


“You went to go see your mother?”


“I tried.” In all honesty, he clammed up at the last minute and tried to leave until he heard Endeavor.


“I’m proud of you for that.” Yami rubbed his shoulder. “What happened with Endeavor?”


Shouto took another deep breath. “I went there and freaked out a bit.” He admits, because he was being insecure about how his mother would react. “I went to leave after sitting in the bathroom for like half an hour.” Another deep breath. “When I came out he was there.


“He was looking for me. He seemed angry and he was also demanding to see my mother. If I’m correct I think he wanted to see if I had been seeing her and wanted to get it out of her. That.. thought made me angry... because he said he didn’t want me as a son and then he goes looking for me. And when he saw me I told him to fuck off and leave me alone and he tried to drag me back demanding things and I-”


“Calm down.” Yami hissed as he placed a hand on Shouto’s chest. He hadn’t started driving yet and he felt it was best. Shouto swallowed and Yami could feel how hard and fast the other’s heart was beating.


Shouto sunk back into the seat and Yami decided, screw work, he’ll take a sick day because Shouto had his head in his hands. Yami got out the car and walked off to Shouto’s side and opened the door. He crouched down to be eye level with the boy.


“Shouto you need to keep breathing. I think you’re having a panic attack. Calm down.” Yami started to rub circles at the back of his neck, Shouto took in a shaky breath.


“I burned him.”




“I burned him the worst part was that I li-iked it! I-I’m just l-like him!”




“I’m just like him!”


Yami grabbed him by his shoulders and forced him to look at him, because he saw it. Shouto didn’t need a therapist right now.

“Yagi Shouto. You are not Endeavor, you are not Todoroki Enji. You are Shouto. A smart and caring boy who obviously needs to be lead down the right path and needs some serious tender love and care at the moment. Now, you’re not going to school, you’re going back in there, I’m going to make you tea then you’re going to take a nap and we’re going to watch Pacific Rim with Toshinori and you’re going to relax. I’m not telling you as a therapist, I am telling you as a concerned father.  Understand.”


Shouto slowly nods. Yami sighs and relax, petting the boy on his head.


“Great, after that, we’ll worry about the other things. We’ll work your way there, just don’t go too fast.”


Shouto nods again and sniffs, wiping his eyes.


Yami makes a small smile and takes the boy back to his apartment. He practically kicked the door open.


“Toshi! Get the blankets and tea! We have a code 7 and I’m initiating a snuggle day! NO EXCUSES!!”


Later when Shouto is on the couch and snuggled between the two he suddenly turned red at what happened earlier. He hides the bottom half of his face in the knitted blanket and suppressed the happy noise in the back of his throat.


Yaminaki had given him his surname.


He didn’t say Todoroki. He didn’t say Enji’s last name.


Shouto could’ve cried in joy.




“Make a list.” Yami told him while giving Shouto a small notepad and a pen.




“Make a list of things you want to do in life. One being the easiest, ten being the hardest. Think of them as goals.” The blonde told him as he walked back to his desk. Shouto was seated in a bean bag off to the side.


“You don’t have to fill it all the way, three is a good starter.”

Shouto stares at the blank paper and holds his pen down for a few seconds. He started with basics.


  1. Control quirk better
  2. Make more friends Make friends I can trust


He hesitated slightly before writing number three.


“Am I allowed to skip spaces?”


“If it makes it easier for you.”


Shouto thought for a moment.


  1. Visit mother and clear everything up
  2. Take her out somewhere


Shouto hesitated again but gave Yami the list when he couldn’t think of anything else.

Chapter Text

Hitoshi narrows his eyes as he painted the black nail polish on his Mom’s hand. Both were currently on the couch, his mom using one hand to scroll on her laptop and the other hand in his lap.


“Ooh, what about this one?” His mother, Ayane, points to the screen.


Hitoshi looks at the black dress and looked back down to his mother's hand, trying to hide his embarrassment. “It’s cute.”


Ayane giggles. Hitoshi blushes more.


“I think it's in your size. Should I get the lace skirt-”




“Thats a yes!”


Hitoshi groans but finishes her pinkie. “Let em dry.” She smiles at him. “Can you do my toes?”


He pouts but slides off the chair to sit in front of her.


“I want shoes to go with it.” He mumbled, shifting around in his skirt. Ayane nods enthusiastically.


He grabs the yellow nail polish and starts on her big toe.


“So how's school? How are those boys you hang around?”


Hitoshi kept a neutral face. “They're fine-”


“Hitooosshhiiii.” She whined, causing her son to blush a bit.


“They're fine. Katsu still bakes and Zu is still a cinnamon roll.”


She grins.  “Mhm.. What else?”


“Nothing much..”


“Liar! You had a hickey the other day! Who was it.” She scooted forward and Hitoshi wanted to just melt away. He was going to get Katsuki back for this.


“Ah, I'm in a relationship.”


“With who?”


“Katsu and Zu.” He thought he might as well get it over with right?


There was a moment of silence and Hitoshi looks up at his mother.


To see her passed out on the couch.



Toshinori was at the grocery store. He was silently thinking that maybe he should have asked Yami for a ride for the sole purpose of not carrying this many groceries.


Oh well.


He was currently in the produce aisle. Luci was beside him on a leash. The retired service dog was wearing his old vest and Toshinori was a hit impressed at how hard the dog was concentrating. Old habits seemed to die hard, he supposed.


Now back to shopping.


He needed fruit, sugar, milk, honey- lots of honey-, and some tea. Yami also needed those juice pouches he always carried around.


He slightly grumbles, this wasn't too much to carry. Even in his state he was still stronger than the average person (surprisingly).


“Excuse me sir?”


Toshinori looked to the side to see a nervous looking woman. She seemed to have a mixture of nervousness and- maybe agitation? He couldn't tell.


“Dogs aren't allowed in the store.”


“He's a service dog..” Toshi automatically answered. From beside him Luci stepped a bit closer to him, ears standing up in alert.


“He's making some of the customers uncomfortable.”


“Then I'll make my shopping quick.”


She seemed to shift and scurry away.


Toshi raised an eyebrow. Surely no one was afraid of a dog..? Right.


Then again Luci was a big dog and did look intimidating.


He shrugs. Oh well.


“I suppose you can help carry groceries too right?”


Luci barked, and it was so loud that it made Toshinori shake in the inside.


“Ok ok, I see why you make people nervous.”




“Take a deep breath and start slowly Shouto.”


Shouto takes a deep breath like he's told. “I want…. To show you something first. Well, it's more to see if I can still do it.”


Yami raises an eyebrow. “Do I need to mentally prepare for this?”


Shouto made a noise and quickly shook his head. He held out his left hand and concentrated.


The temperature around his hand seemed to raise and there was a spark as a small flame was lit.


“It's blue.” Yami said.


“It's blue.” Shouto confirmed then released it, panting a bit. He was starting to get a dull headache.


Yami saw this and walked to his fridge. He handed the boy a bottle of water.


“How long have you been able to do this?”


Shouto narrowed his eyes. “Remember when I said I burned Endeavor?”


Yami nods slowly.


“That's how I did it.”


Yami mulled over the information in his head. He went through how to take care of this situation.


“I didn’t know I could do it.” Shouto said it quietly. “I didn’t know it was possible, but I was really mad at the time. Once I remembered I kept practicing to see if it was actually true.”


Yami  slowly blinked. “There are a few cases where people’s quirks tend to take on a different appearance because of their emotions. There are also a few cases of ‘breakthroughs’ in which a few people’s quirks-” He made a few hand motions to find the right word. “-evolved.”


“Your saying that I somehow I managed to evolve my quirk?”


“I’m suggesting.” Yami corrected. “You could have evolved it, however that is an extremely rare thing. Or it could be something you could already do, you just didn’t have the potential, skills or trigger to unlock it. In this case, I’m suggesting that your anger triggered it.”


Shouto flexed his hand, it was still warm. “I want to know how to control it.”


“As a therapist I can’t flat out tell you what to do, I can only suggest things based on your problems.” Yami answered automatically, Shout frowned.


Then Yami smiled at him and Shouto felt himself blush all the sudden. “However as your father and some-what-almost-legal guardian I’d tell you to go for it. With safety precautions of course.” The blonde man reached over to ruffle Shouto’s hair.


Shouto seemed to blush more and turned away so Yami couldn’t see his face.




Katsuki takes another bite out the lemon square as he shoved his books off His bed.


Four more days till summer break. Four more days till fucking freedom.


Now he wasn't angry, this was just the regular ‘I hate school’ feeling every student got.


He finished the small cake and scowls. He’ll have to buy more shit later.


His phone buzzes.




You guys want to go out this weekend.


Kacchan blinked.




I mean! To celebrate summer break! It doesn't have to be a date!




Unless you guys want it to be!




Chill Izu. I actually want it to be a date.




Oh, Ok! Kacchan?




Yeah, yeah. I'll go. Where we going?




Maybe the park? Or whatever you guys want? I didn't think this far.




Can I wear a dress or skirt?








ExplodoKillz: wear the black one with that purple half shirt thing


PurpleFanta: the crop top?


ExplodoKillz: that shit


PurpleFanta: Do my hair Katsu


ExplodoKillz: if i fucking feel like it.


ExplodoKillz: Deku where did you go?




Deku: I had a moment


Deku: you cross dress Shi-chan?


PurpleFanta: yes.


PurpleFanta: Katsu found out when I sent him a pic






Deku: I feel betrayed


ExplodoKillz: How


Deku: ;-; you didn't send it to me.


PurpleFanta: :)


PurpleFanta: I got ya babe


PurpleFanta: There


ExplodoKillz: you do realize


ExplodoKillz: that he's gonna be broken right?


PurpleFanta: i know ;)


ExplodoKillz: slick bastard


PurpleFanta: love you too

Katsuki felt a bit of heat on his cheeks as he replied, grumbling to himself.


ExplodoKillz: Love you dorks too


ExplodoKillz: But seriously we should check on him.


PurpleFanta: I’m already walking there, be there in 7 min


ExplodoKillz: meet ya there


When they go to Izuku’s house Inko answered the door with tears in her eyes and practically dragged them in.


“H-He just passed out! He started screaming and his face was red-”

Yep. Katsuki thought, Sounds about right.


“Then he just passed out!” She started to sob a bit and Hitoshi was stuck comforting here while Katsuki went to their fridge to get ice. Once he got some he went over to where Izuku lied on the floor. The blonde crouched down and placed an ice cube against Izuku’s neck.


To say the boy jumped awake was an understatement. He more like shot forward across the damn apartment while spluttering nonsense. Inko seemed relieved and Izuku started whining about how the blonde was so mean to him.


Hitoshi only shook his head as he dragged the two boys to Izuku’s room.


“All this over me in a skirt?” Hitoshi asked once the door was closed. Izuku seemed to blush more and nodded.


“Have you not seen yourself- YOU’RE WEARING ONE NOW-” Katsuki slapped a hand over Izuku’s mouth. “Calm the hell down and breath.”


Izuku nods and Katsuki takes his hand away.


“It’s cute.” He says when Hitoshi takes a seat between them. Hitoshi hummed and began to play in Izuku’s hair causing the freckled boy to blush more.

“Seriously if you’re gonna fucking blush everytime we touch you, you seriously need some fucking help Deku.”


“It’s not my fault I like you guys so much.” He whined and Katsuki rolled his eyes.




“Let’s change the subject.” Hitoshi spoke up while looking at the blonde. “You gave me a big ass hickey and my mom saw it and my dad probably did too. She knows we’re dating and I left her unconscious on the sofa.”




“I put a blanket on her and a pillow under her head. She’s fine.”


“That doesn’t make it better.” Izuku shook his head. Katsuki rolled his eyes again and pulled Hitoshi in his lap.


“So? I’ll give you another one then.”


“The point of me telling you is so that you could not give me another one where people could see.”


“You fucking realize that now I’m gonna put them everywhere people can see? Like seriously that just tempts me.”


Izuku had moved to lay across Hitoshi’s lap. “Seriously Kacchan, do better. We don’t bite you on the neck.”


“Well excuse me then for wanting to kiss my damn boyfriends.”


“You can kiss us! Just no big ass bites.” Hitoshi hissed.


“What big ass bites?”


Hitoshi gave him the most ‘are you fucking serious’ face ever made that could win a reward and unzipped the jacket he was wearing to show his battle scars.


“These big ass bites.”


Izuku gulped and Katsuki turned his head to the side. When the blonde didn’t say anything Hitoshi pinned him to the floor.






“Ok.” Hitoshi looked over to Izuku. “Izu, revenge time.” He smirked evilly. Katsuki stiffened and Izuku had his own grin growing.


“Sit on him. I’ll move, we’ll double team him.”


That night Katsuki came home and had to say that he was mauled by big ass cat (he  still had a big ass blush on his face but also a scowl he usually wore) and then said he fell down some steps afterward. His mom had laughed so hard she fell off the couch and his dad only smiled sheepishly.


He didn’t fucking care that the hickeys hurt he just loved the fact that his two boyfriends nearly ravished him.



Yami huffs. He was tired, which was odd because he rarely got tired and it was only five in the evening. Usually sleep called him around ten.


He also felt a bit light headed as he tried to focus on the tv. He began to go over what he’s done today and what he’s eaten.


He sighed, Toshi was out walking the dogs. Luci usually nudged him when he was about to go through one of these.


“Shouto!” He called out. The boy poked his head out of his room and Yami beckoned him forward. “Listen, there’s a small kit in the middle drawer in the island in the kitchen. It’s blue and had a green stripe on it. Can you get that and one of those juice boxes in the fridge please?”


The boy managed to get everything in a few seconds.



“I’m diabetic.” Yami says. “I just realized that I haven’t had anything sweet today and I’ve been walking around a lot- there’s a few alcohol wipes in there let me have that first.


Shouto unzipped the pouch and hadded one of the packed wipes to Yami. The blonde swiped his finger and reached toward the pouch with his other hand. “Usually this doesn’t happen.” Yami says sheepishly as he took out what looked like a pen to Shouto and some kind of device and a small cup with strips on it.


“Alright first lesson. Prick my finger with this please, I can’t hold it steady.”


Shouto did and Yami swiped his finger on an alcohol wipe before squeezing his finger above the small strip and slipped it in the device. He bandaged his finger and took the juice box, gulping it down in a few seconds.


“What’s it doing.”

“Checking my blood sugar. If I’m correct it’s probably low. Hand me the rest of the kit son.”


Shouto felt his ears heat up but did so. Yami took out a small bottle and needle.


“What’s the screen say?”

“62 mg/dl.”


“Well shit.”


Shouto made a noise. “Is that bad?”

“Yes, it’s lower than 70, not too bad.”


“How bad is not too bad?”

“Not bad enough to go into the hospital, but bad enough that I might get an earful from Toshi and my doctor. I need more needles and test strips-don't touch those." He swatted Shouto's hands away.


S houto shied away from the pack of needles and placed his hands in his lap.


“Throw the strip away, and makes sure to wash your hands."


Shouto did as instructed. When he came back Yami was sitting criss cross on the couch with another box of juice, looking like he was about to doze. Shouto didn’t quite know what to do so instead he sat next to him. Yami leaned on his shoulder, well he tried to since he was way taller. Shouto huffed as he felt the familiar heat rise to his cheeks.





“Do you think the s or c is silent in scent?”


Shouto opened his mouth to answer, then closed it, then opened it again. “I’m not sure…” It was a good question.


“Sometimes I wonder if they call sand sand because it’s between the sea and land.”


Shouto blinked. “Not all sand is between the sea and land. There’s the desert.”

“You’re right.” Yami hummed. “Then why do our nose run but our feet smell?”

Shouto began to re-evaluate life.


“Do you ever think the ocean is salty because the land never waves back?”


Shouto snorts, a small smile on his lips.


“Why is the pizza box a square but the pizza’s a circle and slices are triangles?”


Shouto bit his lip.


“Not one person has ever been inside an empty room.”


Shouto nods, “That’s true.”


“If oranges are orange why aren’t lemons yellows?” Shouto laughed, Yami grinned.


“So if I get a bigger bed do I have more or less bedroom?” Shouto asked and Yami clammed up before laughing.


“I win.” Shouto states. Yami shrugged. “I let ya win.” He ruffled the boy’s hair.

Chapter Text

Two more minutes. Two more glorious minutes and the school would be over for the summer. Two more minutes!


Izuku wanted to scream. The clock was going to slow.


The majority of students in the class were fidgeting as well. Some already starting to pack.


One minute and thirty-seven seconds.


Oh god, why must that clock take so long?


Across from him, Katsuki was chopping on a pencil and his hands were flexing. He was probably trying not trying to make an explosion.


On the other side of him, Hitoshi tapping his pencil on the desk.




“‘Bout fucking time!” Katsuki yelled but the class’ shouts of excitement drowned him out. The blonde grabbed Izuku and Hitoshi once their stuff was packed.


“Move out the fucking way assholes! I ain’t playing these games!”


Izuku laughed and Hitoshi shook his head.



“So.” Hitoshi starts as they walked down the street.


“So…” Izuku tilts his head to the side.


Katsuki snorts and wrapped an arm around Izuku’s shoulders. “When the hell are we going on that date?”


Izuku flushed and Hitoshi held his hand.


“Um, well. I’m not sure if we can go out to eat late cause of the curfew in the city. So maybe we can catch a movie…?”


“Kingsmen,” Hitoshi replied automatically.


“Huh? Ain't that in English, they haven't dubbed it yet.”


Which was probably true. Out of all three of them, Katsuki understood English the best and they could tell he was not going to sit there and translate it.


“Ghost in the shell?”


“Hell no! They fucked that up.”


“The Handmaiden?” Izuku asked while scrolling through a list of movies on his phone.


“Isn't that Korean?”


“I think they subbed it.” then Izuku blushed. “There's some… Um, girl on girl… Action.” He coughed and scrolled further down and Hitoshi chuckled and Katsuki grunted.


“What about Transformers?”


“I'm alright with that.” Hitoshi says and Katsuki shrugged.


“They have it in 3D.”


“Go for it.” Hitoshi made a face. “We need money.”


“Leave that shit to me.” Katsuki mumbled and the two looked at him. “I made a lot of money selling those muffins and lemon squares to the teachers.”


Izuku hugged him and gave out a small ‘yay!’


“So movies. Sunday. What time?”


“The 3D showing is at 5:45.”


‘Then we meet at your apartment at five.”




Shouto was in the grocery store with Yaminaki and Toshinori. The two had picked him up right after school saying they needed to make a food run (specifically Yami because Toshinori got the wrong kind of juice and they needed more groceries anyway).


They had to go to the supermarket across town since dogs weren't allowed at the grocery store close to the apartment.


“Shouto~ can you go over to get these?” Yami handed him a list of basic ingredients. Most of it was sugar, flour, vanilla extract, and some other stuff.


“I'll get them.”


“Just text where you are when you're done!”


Shouto walks over to the baking goods while reading the list and made the mistake of bumping into someone.


“Oh, I'm sorry!”


“It’s fine. I bumped into you.” The two said it at the same time surprisingly.


The girl before him had long black hair parted to the side. Her attire reminded Shouto of a tomboy.


“My names Yaoyorozu Momo.” She rubbed her neck.


“Yagi Shouto.”


“Sorry again.”


“It’s fine Yaoyorozu-san.” Wow, that was a mouthful.


“I still feel bad.” She admits. Honestly, Shouto did as well.


“Well, how about we help each other then. Do you know where I can get this?” He points to his paper.


It took a good three minutes to find everything, Shouto had to get one of those shopping baskets to carry it but it worked.


“What do you need help with?” he asked.


She seemed to hesitate. “Make up.” She says. “I don't think you'll be able to help-”


Shouto turned away. “Come.”


Yaoyorozu blinked before hurrying after him.


“What type of makeup?”


“I don't know much about it. I just wanted to test a few things out.”


Shouto gave her a look and she made a nervous smile.


“First off we're getting lipstick. I don't think you need that foundation stuff cause your skin looks good. Next, maybe some eyeshadow.” He looks her up and down. “And when we're done we're gonna pick out an outfit that matches and looks good.”


She gawked. “I wear these because they're comfortable.”


“Understood, but you can be comfortable and match.”


She snickers but nods. “So you're a fashionista and a makeup artist?”




“I think I should get crimson rose for the lipstick.”


“Red would look good on you.”


She blushed. “Alright then. Let's make a deal. Let me practice makeup on your face and you can dress me up?”


Shouto paused. “Throw in food.”


“That means you have to feed me too.”





It was easy to find Yami and Toshi since they were the tallest and probably the only blondes around. Luci perked up when he saw him but stayed in place.


“I made a friend.”


“Oh?” Toshinori raised an eyebrow and Yami smiled.


“Her names Yaoyorozu-san. She's going to come over to help me with something.”




“Costume making.”


Yami tilts his head and Toshinori hummed.


“If it's okay with her parents then I see no problems.”




The next day Hitoshi and Katsuki were at Izuku’s apartment around four. Katsuki brought Inko a few cookies (his baking was her guilty pleasure, he knew this) and she happily let them in.


“Izuku! Your friends are here!”


Hitoshi made his way to Izuku’s door and tapped on it.


“W-wait! I’m putting on clothes!”


“Dude, it’s us. We’re all guys.”


“Oh-” He opens the door and walks back. “I thought it was Ka-san.”


The other two entered. Hitoshi sat on Izuku’s bed and Katsuki sat in the chair at the computer desk as Izuku rummaged through his closet.


“What are you looking-”

“Found it!”

Izuku smiled happily as he pulled out an All Might shirt like it was Simba.


Hitoshi snorts and Katsuki rolled his eyes. “Seriously Deku.”


“Uh Huh! This is my lucky shirt! Everything happens when I wear this.”


“You’ve had that shirt since we were twelve.” Hitoshi comments as he lied on the bed, not caring if the underside of his skirt was showing. Izuku blushed and Katsuki made his way over to Hitoshi.


“I’m still wearing it. It’s big enough.” Which was true, his mother had gotten one of the biggest sizes so he could grow into it.


“If it helps I’m wearing my lucky sneakers,” Hitoshi comments and swats Katsuki’s hand away when the blonde tried to feel up his skirt.


“Kacchan~ give us good luck!”

“I made your mom seven cookies. How’s that?”


It was something.


Izuku puts on the shirt with a smile that could melt a glacier. He turns to Hitoshi and Katsuki. “You guys came early so uh..”


“Katsuki’s doing our hair.”


“I did not agree to that,” Katsuki growled but he climbed on Izuku’s bed, making Hitoshi sit up and started to mess with his hair.


“Deku, ask your mom if she had any of those bobby pin things and a comb.”


Thirty minutes later and Izuku had his hair parted to the side Hitoshi’s hair was down and also pinned to the side.


“You should wear it like this more often. I didn’t know your hair was this long.” Izuku said it while nuzzling Hitoshi’s cheek. Hitoshi hummed and gave a kiss to Izuku’s cheek, causing the other to blush. Hitoshi then turned to kiss Katsuki’s cheek.


“We got time to walk.”


“Let’s go then.”




“Good afternoon, my name’s Yaoyorozu Momo, please to meet you Yagi-san.”


It took a good three seconds to register the greeting because Yami wasn’t used to such formality.


“Ah, it’s fine Yaoyorozu-san, You don’t need to be so formal.  You can call me Yami!” She seemed to blush a bit as he pats her head.


“I’ll remember, Yami-san.. I’m here to see your son.”


“Yes! He told us. Come in, come in!” He grabbed her by the hand and lead her in. She kicked her shoes off and stepped in.


“Shouto, your guest is here!”

Shouto peeked around the corner and seemed to silently float toward them. Yami snorts before going off to the kitchen.


He heard the two talk before they went off to Shouto’s room. Luci stood from the couch and followed them. Yami hummed.




“How do you know so much about this?” Yaoyorozu asked it quietly and Shouto considered it for a second.


“I used to ask my sister to put some on my face when I was younger.” He points at the burnt skin over his eye and she blinked meekly.


“O-oh, I’m sorry.”


“It’s not your fault. Change the subject.” The words came out quickly and she straightened up.


“Ok, what about the fashion?”


At that Shouto blushed. “It’s a hobby..?” He tried and she smiled. The truth was that he got into it when he was trying to think of a costume design for his quirk. One thing lead to another and well, here he was.


“I could help. My quirk allows me to make things, as long as I know the material used to make it should be a piece of cake. Do you have any designs?”


Shouto felt a small smile inch on his face but let it fade quickly. He nods.



Toshinori huffs as the husky once again walked between his legs in excitement. He reaches down to pet the dog. He was used to walking both dogs at the same time. When it was both of them the dogs were a bit calmer, but it seems this dog was taking advantage of Toshinori’s politeness.


The dog licks his hand before walking forward in giddiness and he chuckles as it tugs on the leash.


He was doing his daily walk (Yami called it his daily patrol) and decided to treat the smaller dog. There weren’t many reports on villains this week but he was still cautious.


There’s a bark from his companion and the dog tries to make his way forward but is restrained by his leash. Toshinori looks forward and spies a trio in the crowd of people.

He instantly recognizes Izuku with that bright as hell All Might shirt. Toshinori felt his cheeks heat up because the boy was wearing it loud and proud, with no shame as he dragged his two friends down the street from the theater.


He raised an eyebrow. Was Hitoshi wearing a skirt?


Ah, well. That wasn’t his business and he wasn’t one to judge.


He turns and his companion whines, Obviously wanting to go to the three for some more affection.


Toshinori scratches behind its ears and the dog found another point of interest.


He chuckles and starts to walk to the park.


Only to hear a loud crash and feel the ground shake a bit under him. He immediately turns back around, steam coming off his body as a reflex. Turo begins to bark and growl from beside him and took off in the direction of the crowd.


Toshinori silently cursed at the runaway dog but followed. He wasn’t able to get that close because of the crowd, but he was able to see over people’s heads because of his height.


“What’s going on?” A man asked.


“A villain managed to escape from prison- and now he’s holding taken three boy’s hostage!” A woman answered.


Toshinori felt his blood turn into ice.


“The heroes can’t do anything because the villains made of some kind of fluid!”


“So they can’t hit ‘im?”



Toshinori drowned out the rest as he remembered a few weeks ago where he saved Izuku from the same exact villain. That type of villain was capable of escaping because of the physical side of its quirk.


Toshinori grit his teeth and felt himself growing, he was thankful that he was in the back of the crowd since no one would see him. Then he stomped on the ground and leaped over the crowd.



All Might landed in front of the villain, causing a crater to appear under him. The other heroes jumped out the way as All Might zoomed in on the three boys inside the fluid villain. Katsuki was already unconscious!


With the speed that could give every human whiplash he shoved his hand inside and managed to grab hold of the three boys’ shirts and yanked.


Then he pulled back his other hand.




Chapter Text

Yami swears that one day, he is going to strangle Toshinori. No, strangling is too nice. He needs to put his brother in a concrete box with a few holes for air because Toshinori is going to give him a heart attack one day, he swears it.


When Yami received a call from a crying Inko about how her son and his friends got saved by All Might and how All Might was currently passed out on her couch and was, in fact, a skinny Toshinori Yami wanted to bang his head against the wall.


Instead he grabbed his car keys, yelled that he was leaving because of an emergency to Shouto and Momo and ran out the door. He was a bit impressed with how fast the two teens managed to run after him and scrambled in the car before he floored it.


He’d have to bake them a pie as an apology for nearly driving off on them later, right now he has to drive.

When the door to the apartment opened, Yami was greeted by a very flustered Izuku and Inko.  The two were sputtering nonsense and Yami couldn't understand most of it until Hitoshi came to pull Izuku back in. Inko just pulled Yami through the doorway and Shouto and Momo came in nervously.


“H-He  was okay! But then he coughed up some more blood a-and then he passed out and now I don't-”


Yami placed both hands on the woman's shoulder to calm her down.


“It's fine Inko-chan. Believe it or not that's normal.” He tried to reassure her.  “Now are the boys alright?”


Inko sniffles a bit, “Katsuki’s getting cleaned up in the washroom. All Mi- Toshinori-san told me the paramedics looked over all of them before he passed out. Izuku and Hitoshi are in Izuku’s room.”


Yami nods and Inko leads him to where Toshinori was on their couch. Inko had placed a blanket over him and even had a washcloth over his forehead.


“Thank you for taking care of him Inko- Are you alright?”


Inko was currently mumbling to herself a bit wide eyes. Yami could hear her muttering “I can’t believe All Might is on my couch” and many other things. Momo and Shouto were trying to get the older woman to calm down.


Yami sighs.



In the end, Yami drove Momo back home and she promised not to say anything. She seemed a bit calm about what happened but Yami guessed that was because there was a lot going on. Yami had apologized for what happened and the teenage girl told him not to worry.


Yami had to carry Toshinori inside the apartment and reassured Shouto that the other would be fine. The teen unfolded the couch and Yami laid Toshinori on it and placed a blanket on his brother.


Today was a long day.


“What happened?” Toshinori woke up around nine that night. Shouto was sleep but Yami was on the floor seated against the couch with Luci curled around him.


“A lot of shit.” Yami answered without taking his eyes off the television, which was currently showing Fate Grand Order.


Toshinori frowns a bit. He remembers saving the boys and bringing them back to Midoriya’s-


“I screwed up.” Toshinori says while rubbing his temples.


“Well,” Yami shrugs, “At least you screwed up around friends.”


“You’re taking this better than I’d imagine.”


“I am currently on my anxiety medication and have had two cups of tea and I am really feeling great right now,” was Yami’s immediate response and Toshinori stiffens.


“I mean, I was only nervous because you were taking too long to wake up. Seriously what happened? Were you in your All Might form too long?”


Toshinori shakes his head. “That couldn’t be it since that was the first time I went into All Might form for the day. Not only that, it was the third time this week I changed. It shouldn’t have been a problem…”


Yami blinks and reaches out to poke Toshinori in his good side. “You taking your meds?”


“I have no choice with you around.”


“Eating right?”


“You make sure I eat every two hours Yami.”


Yami groans. “Fine fine, we can think about it later. Now move over I don’t feel like walking to my room.”



The three teens are a pile of long limbs and sharp bones on Izuku’s bed.


They are squished together with legs thrown over each other and a few elbows here and there but they made it work.


Katsuki is in the middle, Izuku on his right against the wall and Hitoshi on his left, halfway off the twin sized bed.


Hitoshi is the first to wake up around six-ish. It takes him a moment to realise that he has spent the night at Izuku’s. It also takes him another moment for the memories of yesterday to resurface.


Well, damn. That date was a clusterfuck.


Ha, Katsuki was rubbing off on him.


He tries to move his arm from under the blonde and stops every few seconds so he doesn’t wake the two.


He manages to get Izuku to release his shirt too (he was gripping it like a lifeline) and Hitoshi slides off the bed as quiet as possible. When he’s on the floor he grabs the pair of sweats Izuku lent to him.


He manages to open the door and peaks out. The door of Izuku’s mom is closed so he pads over to the bathroom.  When he gets in and looks in the mirror he looks like crap.


His hair is down and shaggy over his eyes and he’s paler than normal.


There’s a tap on the door and he opens it. Katsuki looks is wearing his half mad in his sleep face and Izuku is holding onto the back of his tank top to guide himself.


“You weren’t there when we woke up.”


“Sorry.” Hitoshi reaches to pat both of their heads, Izuku leans into the touch and Katsuki grumbles a bit. Hitoshi knows the blonde enjoys it but does not say anything.

They wash their faces, Hitoshi and Katsuki rinse their mouth out with mouthwash since there aren’t any extra toothbrushes while Izuku brushes his teeth.


When they exit the bathroom Izuku’s mother is in the kitchen. She seems to be looking for something.




“Oh!” She turns around to face them and Izuku sees that she’s in her work uniform.


“I forgot to call in lastnight to ask if I could get today off and now I can’t find my phone so I don’t know if I can take the day off to watch over you three and I can’t find my work badge-”


Izuku drifts  over to where she is to try to calm her down and they start looking for her phone. Hitoshi and Katsuki starts to look for her badge.


They find her phone in between the couch cushions and her badge in the fridge.  


Todoroki makes the mistake of not turning off his phone alarm. He managed jump out of bed and get his clothes on before he realized that hey, it’s summer vacation.


He grunts and takes off his uniform and puts back on the sweats and t-shirt he was wearing. He turns the alarm off on his phone before stepping out his room to go use the bathroom.


When he enters the den area Toshinori is moving around in the kitchen. Yami is still sleeping on the futon, Lucy on the floor and Turo running toward the teen.


Shouto wonders if his father has work during the summer and whether or not he should wake him. Then again Toshinori did not wake him so maybe it was okay for him to sleep in.


Breakfast is egg, rice, some fruit and leftover fish from another night Toshinori cooked. Shouto sits at the counter while Toshinori pokes his brother awake.


“What- What time is it?” He asked a bit flustered when he woke up.


“Nine.” Toshinori answers and hand him his bowl of food.


Yami takes a few bites out of his food and Shouto went back to his own food.


Only to turn back around when Yami nearly choked on his food.


“It’s nine?!”




“I was supposed to be at work three hours ago!!” Yami jumps off the couch and runs to his room. Shouto is impressed out how fast his father can run.


Toshinori seems to blink, “You work during the summer?”


“Yes!” Is the yelled response. In a matter of minutes, Yami is back looking freshly clean and well dressed (Toshinori gets the image of his brother being a time traveler or something) before running out the door with his keys.


“He forgot his food…” Toshi voices out. The front door opens and Tami walks back in to grab his plate before leaving with a bye.


“Well then…”




“You're late Senpai!”


“I'm sorry! Thank you for waiting on me- Toyo-kun?!”


Yami nearly stumbled into his office and would have fell if it weren't for Toyomitsu reaching out to steady him.

Toyomitsu grins. “Yep! Ria-san said I could come in and sit awhile because she moved ya’ appointments around to the evening. I'm not on patrol at the moment either so I decided to come ‘n see my senpai because he didn't do his weekly calls ‘n I wanted to make sure you weren't passed out anywhere.”


Yami nods as he makes his way around the taller man towards his desk. “I slept in late, a lot happened yesterday.” He sighs as he begins to turn on his computer.


Toyo-kun puts on a smile. “Really now?”


“Yes.” Yami breathes out before scooting his chair over to his mini fridge and grabbing two banana milk pouches. He gives one to Toyo-kun and takes ther for himself.


Toyo-kun thanks him and Yami nods.


“You haven't been talking to Big Dad either.”




“Aha.” Yami laughs nervously.


Big Dad was a man Yami met while he was in high school. Yami had to work extra jobs and ended up babysitting the man's daughter for a hefty price. The man also somewhat adopted him because of an accident that happened. (He even adopted Toshinori). When Yami graduated from his high school the man gave him a place to stay for awhile until he could live on his own.


Not only that he goes around sending money to charities, shelters, and school. He even funds the place Yami works for.

Toyomitsu came into the picture when Yami found out he was getting bullied in middle school. He knew Toyo couldn't do anything about his size because it was his quirk but that didn't give people the right to pick on him.


The two became good friends and Toyomitsu started to call him senpai. Yami never corrected him and ended up calling him Toyo-kun  or Taishi-kun. When Toyo-kun left the police for to try to get his hero license he came to Yami because he could not think of a hero name.


Yami took a look at the other’s pink hair and the fact that he loved to eat and had shrugged before saying ‘Fat Gum’.


“A lot has been going on in my life for awhile.” Yami answers which was the truth. He managed to adopt a child, help his brother, might have- sort of- been adopted by some other families so yeah- a lot.


“Mhm.” Toyo-kun says while munching on what looked like dango. Yami wondered where he got it and where he hid it.


“I also heard ya gotta chickling!”


“Ah- yeah…”


“Ya didn’t tell anyone either!”


“I was going to!” Yami pouts.


“Uh huh, were ya also goin’ to tell me that ya adopted Endeavor’s son?”


“See,” Yami scratched his head, “I was going to let life take the wheel on that one.”


Toyo-kun gives him a deadpan expression. Yami thinks he deserves it.




“You know,” Shouto’s sister starts as she stares at the ice cream cone in her hand, “I’m actually thinking of moving out myself.”


Shouto pauses in taking a bite of his ice, “You are…?”


Fuyumi nods her head before licking her ice cream, “I have been thinking about it for some time, ever since… Enji kicked you out and I signed the papers over to Yami-san.”


It was true, Fuyumi was the one that actually signed the papers. Since Endeavor was almost never at home Fuyumi was often put down as the guardian to him and his other siblings. Which was how she managed to do the process without Endeavor’s signature.


Shouto nods and eats the spoonful of shaved ice.


“I’m also thinking of taking the others with me. Of course, I’ll let them decide but I have a feeling they will.”


“Are you going to be able to…”


“Afford it? Yes.” She nods and uses her other hand to push her glasses up. “I’ve saved a lot of money and my job as a teacher pays well. I won’t be able to get a place as big but it will  be manageable and sufficient.”


Shouto looks down at his shaved ice. “I’ll visit you all more.”


She smiles and Shouto catches eye of it and smiles himself. She hums.


“You know I came to realize that you smile more often.”


Shouto blinks then narrows his eyes, “Really?”


“Mhm!” she nods, “You should do it more often! “

Chapter Text

Shouto was in junior high when he met the three boys at the park and the tall blonde man. That day Enji wasn’t home, and Fuyumi wanted to run errands and get some fresh air. Shouto decided to tag along because he didn’t want to stay home.


He’s happy that he chose to go with her that day.


After going to the post office and stopping for some food Fuyumi ran into a friend at the park. Which meant that Shouto could wander off as long as he was in his sister’s line of vision. So he did.


He was literally minding his own business. Walking through the snow and debating whether or not to build a snowman when he heard the small voice.




Shouto blinks and the first thing he registers is ‘green’. Then he realizes that it’s a person, a boy around his age.


“I’m Midoriya Izuku! Um… I saw you all alone and I and my friends are here too! Do you want to hang out with us?”


Shouto just stares, because he has never been approached like this before in a long time. Ever since the side of his face had been burned the kids in class kept their distance. If the scar on his face didn’t do the trick the fact that he was Enji’s son drove them off.


This boy probably didn’t even know who he was.


Shouto is in too much shock and doesn’t even realize that he let out a small “Yes,” until he’s being dragged.


He meets,  Bakugou, Shinsou, and Yagi.


Yagi is tall, and it makes Shouto a bit nervous because Enji’s tall too but Yagi might be taller. Shouto doesn’t have good experiences with grownups.


Then Yagi smiles and tells them to enjoy themselves. Which gets him dragged away by Midoriya again and they're suddenly having a snowman competition.


He watches the three boys, talking and playing around freely. Not a care in the world. In a way, it reminds him of how his siblings used to play in the yard and questions them about it.


They answer no, they’re not related but Shouto can see how close the three of them are.


In a way, he wishes he had that with his siblings. Back then he didn’t know what that feeling was, but now he knows that it was a bit of jealousy and anger. Jealous because he wanted friends and family like that. Anger because his father took it away.


That day Shouto almost melted Midoriya’s snowman at those thoughts but he managed to close them off so he could enjoy his time at the park.




The day Shouto finds Yami’s apartment was a year later.


It was easy to find where he lived. First, he went to the place Yami worked and talked to the receptionist. The woman seemed concerned at the fact that a teenager was out at 4:47 in the morning and sat him down and gave him some hot tea. She also scolded him for being out there in the cold.


After fifteen minutes of talking, she finally asked him why he came because the building doesn’t open to outsiders until six-thirty. Shouto told her he wanted to see Yagi-san because he met the man a while ago and was comfortable talking to him.


The woman didn’t give him his exact address. More like point him in the general direction while telling him that he’s welcomed back any time.


He found the apartment through an old woman leaving the building. She asked him if he was friends with the three boys that frequently came over to see Yagi. He said yes and told her it was his first time being here and she happily told him his apartment number.


He stood there for a solid ten minutes before knocking on the door.


Yagi seemed surprised but didn’t hesitate and almost snatched him inside because of the cold.


Shouto panicked right then and there.


Well, he didn’t know what he looked like in the outside but on the inside, he was feeling everything that he kept pent up for years spilling out his mouth for some odd reason. He tells him how much he hates Enji.


He frequently wonders if his adoptive father has a quirk that just makes people feel comfortable and safe around him. Makes people just want to spill everything to him. He never asks.


Yagi sits there and listens, doesn’t even judge. However, Shouto does see how that frown gets deeper and deeper the more he talks.


Yagi takes him to work that day. Lets him walk around the facility and talk the receptionist again. Shouto thinks it’s a bad thing that he can be comfortable around strangers and not at home.



“It’s your quirk. You are in charge of it.”

He makes it seem to simple with how blunt he says it.


Maybe that’s what it is. Simple. It is his quirk but every time he hears Enji’s yelling and sees those red flames Shouto wants to just run.


“It’s your quirk.”


It’s simple it really is. How come it can’t be that simple in life though? How come it doesn’t feel simple yet?


Yagi ruffles his hair. Tells him it’s gonna take time but he’ll get there.


Shouto has never hugged a person so fast in his life.




He gets into a fight with his father the same day when he gets home.


There’s yelling, and Enji’s quirk makes the house hotter than what it is. Steam rolls off Shouto’s ice side because of it and he yells back.


Fuyumi isn’t here, his brothers aren’t here either. Shouto doesn’t know if he’ll be able to survive Enji’s wrath but goddamn he’s gonna find a fucking way.


It’s the same damn argument again. It’s tiring, it makes Shouto’s head hurt and hard to breath. It's like he's being suffocated by heat itself. He can't take it anymore.


He didn't mean to throw the punch, he didn't mean to lose control a bit, he didn't mean to use his fire side and he didn't mean for his fire to become a roaring blue color that almost burns the kitchen down.


The look Enji gave him when he saw it made Shouto wanted to run far far away.


So he did.




The receptionist is a kind woman, really, she is. Shouto feels so bad for bothering her, he doesn’t say it out loud. She doesn’t seem to mind him at all. Instead of complaining she just takes him around the building a few times. Shouto didn’t even realize they walked around about four times because he was too busy listening to her explaining what each room was and how she would throw a random question every now and then.


“Ya warm? We have blankets remember?” “We also have a rec room, most patients let their kids hang in there though. Do you want some hot chocolate? You were shivering earlier. You should try the vanilla flavoring-”


Her voice is a bit calming, with a hint of an accent, and her dragon-like tail swishes whenever he does manage an answer.


“Now sweetheart, I have to get back to my desk. You know where we keep the food and I don’t mind you in the rec room okay?” She looks like the type to pat heads and he nods before she smiles, showing pointed teeth.


Shouto does manage to eat a bagel and he waits.




A few days later Fuyumi signs the emancipation papers.


Shouto feels like he can finally breathe.


She does it in a heartbeat. Shouto thinks it’s because she saw the state the kitchen is in and how Enji hasn’t been seen in days.


“You should pack your stuff.” She says, shuffling the papers. “Touya has an apartment.”


He does, and she drives him there.


Shouto hasn’t seen Touya since his brother disappeared months ago. So he’s surprised when someone with black hair and blue eyes answers the door. Touya doesn’t say anything but he does open the door wider and lets Shouto and Fuyumi in.


The apartment is small but clean and functional. Shouto spends a few days there before he gets restless. Touya doesn’t talk much and leaves during the night and sleeps during the day.


A few weeks later, Shouto goes to Yagi again and asks for him to adopt him.


It comes out blunt as all hell, and maybe not the way he intended. He got the point across.

Of course, Enji didn’t want this to go public.


Shouto wants to, but in the back of his head he just wants it over with. He knows Enji can pull some shit and have this whole arrangement done in less than an hour.


Thank god the man doesn’t like the press.


The form requires his signature though, Fuyumi manages to get it and Yagi signs the papers the same day. In a real life situation, it would take longer but since his biological father is the number two hero who can literally buy and do what he wants it happens quick, behind closed doors.


Shouto’s grateful, Enji is good for one thing.



The day he packs his stuff, about to move out of Touya’s apartment is weird, it feels like a lucid dream.


Shouto tries to be quiet about it because he knows Touya is sleep. So he’s surprised when Touya’s door swings open and he looks half dead.


His brother slowly blinks at him before looking at the small number of bags Shouto has out.


“You’re leaving?”


Shouto nods and Touya hums.


“Fuyumi told me a few things…” He grumbled, going to the small refrigerator for a beer. Shouto sees a spot of dark flesh around his brother's wrist under the long sleeves.


He wants to ask about it. He should’ve asked about it.


Instead, he just nods along as Touya pops off the cap, takes a swig and helps him pack.


They don’t talk during it, which makes Shouto feel a bit weird. If it were Fuyumi she’d be talking enough for the both of them. Touya’s silent, silent to the point that Shouto can’t even hear his footsteps sometimes.


Touya actually walks him out, makes sure he gets to his stop.


Then he hands Shouto his phone.


“I put my number in here. Be safe” He shrugs, “Call if you need a place.” Then he’s gone.


Shouto swore he had his phone in his pocket that whole day. He had no idea when Touya took it.



The first day at Yami’s apartment is … something.


Besides getting nearly run over by a dog his size and height it’s nice.


Yami’s apartment is bigger than Touya’s. Three small rooms and a big living space that splits into a kitchen.


“Um, I managed to get a mattress out of storage for you and clean the spare room you’ll be in. It’s not too small, we’ll have to decorate it soon. Also, you might need some clothes- how old are you? Thirteen? Fourteen? You’re going to grow a lot- Wait have you eaten yet?”


It’s the receptionist all over again but Shouto answers the questions as quickly as he can as Yami leads him to his room.


It is small, but it’s enough.


They both set up the bed frame for the mattress and try their best to put the mattress on the frame. Then Yami gives him some blankets and new pillows. Shouto puts his bags in the closet since he doesn’t have a dresser.


He takes out his pajamas and his other necessities for a shower.


It’s weird.


The rest of the evening is spent with Toshinori and Yami going back and forth in the kitchen while cooking dinner. Shouto has taken residence on the couch with the dogs wrapped around him.


At Enji’s place, he was always on guard, there was always this buzzing in his head. He was always on high alert.


At Touya’s apartment, the buzz lessened. Not entirely muted. It was only quiet when Touya was home during the day, at night it came back.


At the Yagis’ apartment, it was different. There wasn’t a buzz. It was quiet.



It’s surreal.


Yami doesn’t yell at him, doesn’t snarl at him, doesn’t glare at him. The man speaks in an even and calm voice, hell he barely raises it unless Shouto’s in a different room and can’t hear.


Toshi doesn’t raise his voice as well, Shouto thinks if the man did he’d probably have a coughing fit. (It’s a bit weird and concerning living with the skeleton man).


They both pat him on the head, and sometimes nudge him on his shoulder but that’s about it. It’s like they don’t know what to do with him but it’s okay because honestly? Shouto doesn’t know what to do either but it’s better than being at the Todoroki’s.