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LEGEND OF KORRA: Watching the series, Challenge

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Before Korra goes to Republic city for the first time the characters are summoned to a place where Wan the first avatar (it can also be some other person or spirit) is going to show them Korra`s adventures (a suggestion is that he only shows the battles and spiritual stuff in the show).
To get to know Korra and better understand the responsibility and burden of what being the avatar means the characters could feel a part of the emotions, feelings and of course the pain Korra goes through (Korra shouldn't feel the pain she will go through it in real life but she can get to feel the emotion's and such).
The characters should also be able to hear the past avatars that Korra hears in the show.
Character´s: Korra, Korra´s Family, Mako and Bolin, Asami, the airbending family, Katara, Kya, Bumi, Lin, (maybe a few white lotus members but it's up to you)'