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Adventure in Kalos

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Colette,a eleven years old girl with dirty blonde hair and blue-ish gray eyes,yawned as she woke up in her bed.

"Awww...that Week was surely frantic...With the moving out and etc..."

Colette vaguely remembered about the last Saturday,and the moving out from her old house alongside her Mother,Father,and Younger Sister of eight years,in the region of Hoenn,as she looked out in the Window,viewing the sunlight and some bird Pokémons flying around the pacific and serene town...or,at least,community of Vaniville,in Kalos,which was now the new hometown of the girl.

"...I wish I could return to Hoenn...I really miss my old home...but I know very well my friends' parents are moving here as well-...Huh?"


Lost on her thoughs about her small child times,she didn't pay attention to a White and Long Box putted up in the side of her bed. It was wrapped up in shiny brown ribbon and a small note was on it. Stretching her arm,Colette picked up the small note and readed it...It was from her Aunt,which bringed her more nostalgic memories.


" Dear Colette,
I decided to send you a Pokémon I began to take care some time before you
Moved out of Hoenn as a goodbye gift...since maybe,I won't see you again...
But don't worry,I know you can be happy. Take care of the Pokémon I sended out,
Its a Eevee,but you can name her what you wish.

-With Love,Aunt Eliza"



Colette never saw an Eevee before,but nevertheless,she felt happy that at least her Aunt decided to give her a Pokémon. Being a Trainer of Pokémons was a Dream,but she was never called out to fill the Pokédex by any Professor before. Colette climbed out of the bed,still wearing off her comfy,purple-and-yellow striped shirt,and unwrapped the ribbon out of it. As she opened the box...she was greeted out by an Eevee of Female Gender,silently sleeping.

"E...vee...",the little Eevee yawned before waking up for sure.

Colette and the Eevee saw each other. The girl picked up the small,brown and fox-like Pokémon on her hands and looked at her.


"Awwwwwww...It is a Pokémon I always wished to know!",Colette spoke with happiness,and proceeded to sit on her bed and make a patting on the Eevee.

"Hmmm...what I should name you?...Oh,I know!...Aquamarine."


One of the first details that Colette could notice on the Eevee,is that she had eyes as blue as the ones from a Blue Aquamarine gem,which she remembered to see on some magazines,which was the very main reason that the dirty-blonde-haired girl decided to name her Pokémon like this.

"Actually...I think I'm starting to have hope for the future...",Colette said,as she smiled.

"Colette! Its breakfast time!",Colette's Mother spoke loud enough for Colette to hear.

"...Oh come on...Here,try to follow me Aquamarine.",Colette said,as she putted Aquamarine on the bed and went to the Wardrobe to get her most casual clothes. The Eevee waited patiently for the girl to cloth herself before hopping out of the bed.

Colette and Aquamarine climbed downstairs,for the living room,so Colette could have off her breakfast with her family and present off the Pokémon. Apparently,Colette's father,Mark,was the one who putted the gift on the Bedroom,so he knew what was in the Box. Her mother,Rosely,was also aware,but Colette's younger sister,Dakota,didn't know about it,and was also happy on knowing Eevee.


...Little they did know,that in the future,the Girl and the Pokémon would share the greatest adventure of their lives.