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It was raining. So obviously it was wet. Shit, what is with all this rain? Can a metal machine make this much?

Prince Sidon was standing beside you as you gazed upon Van Ruta. “Now, according to our records, you need to hit those pink orbs with shock arrows. Great! Now, climb on!” You gave the Prince a confused look. “Oh how silly of me. I forgot to explain. I will swim close so you can get a better shot.” Sidon flashed his signature pose and smile. He then flipped and dove into the water. “Come now little minnow! We don’t have all day!” You tentatively jumped in the water and grabbed Sidon’s shoulders. “See, not such a scary shark now am I?” He rushed off at an incredible pace, almost flinging you off. “I am the fastest swimmer among all the Zora! Leave the speed to me, focus on hitting Ruta with those shock arrows!”

You aimed at one of the pink orbs, effectively hitting it upon release. “Great job! Three more!” Sidon was as fast in the water as Epona is on land. He sharply turned, causing you to grip him tighter with your legs. This earned a chuckle from the Prince. You aimed at the second orb and struck it. “That’s my little Hylian!” You aimed at the third, hit. The last one, hit.

“Easy.” You said with a smile. Sidon turned toward the dock. “Great job with stopping the water flow. Now my people can rest easy. Speaking of rest, it is almost nightfall. Let’s head back to the palace.” Sidon  darted towards the dam. “Sidon…what are you doing?” The only response he gave you was a laugh. “SIDON!” Sidon jumped over the dam and down into the water below. You gripped him tight as you screamed. The Zora dove into the water and resurfaced with a trembling Hylian on his back. “See, just trust me everything turns out fine.” “I hate you…I hate you so much…” You said between sobs.

The Prince wrapped you in his arms and walked out of the water. “My apologies little Hylian. I did not think it would be that traumatizing. Please forgive me.” He set you down on your shaky legs. You tried to take a few steps but started to fall. The Prince grabbed you and picked you up once more. “How about I carry you the rest of the way?” He entered the palace, bowed to by a few guards along the way. You were amazed by the palace walls. Carvings of old Zora battles and portraits of Zora kings and queens adorned the walls. Sidon opened a tall door and walked inside. The room was amazingly huge. Sidon set you down on his large water bed. The shakes stopped in your legs. This caused you to sigh a breath of relief. However, this was short lived.

“Now, in regards to your payment…” He pushed you down onto the bed. His mouth hovered over your ear. “Have you ever been with a Zora before? Are you familiar with our anatomy? I would hate to make you feel uncomfortable…to tell you the truth, I have always wanted to be with a Hylian. I’m glad my first is with you.” A blush brushed on your face. The Prince started to nibble at your neck, being careful with his sharp teeth. “S…Sidon…” “Hush now…you did such a great job today. I want to reward you.” The Prince slid a hand underneath your tunic and pulled it over your head. He cocked his head to the side, then lowered it. He licked a nipple tentatively. Then his tongue began to swirl around it. You let out a few breathless moans. You put your hands on his crest, gripping tightly. This earned a slight giggle from the Prince. He then sucked on one and massaged the other with his fingers. “My Hylian, you have such a beautiful body. I have never met such a creature like you.”

Sidon grabbed the waist of your pants and tugged them off along with your underwear, exposing you. You tried to cover yourself with your hands, but Sidon grabbed your wrists and pinned them above you with one hand. “Don’t do that to me. Let me see you. Let me see the hero of our people.” He gently laid a hand on your thigh, asking you to spread your legs. You did as the Prince commanded. He began to rub up and down your slit. This caused you to stir with pleasure. “Hylia…look at you…so beautiful…” He pushed and rubbed your bundle of nerves. “S…Sidon please…no…” you begged. You were trembling underneath the Prince’s touch. Sidon was handsome in every way. Even as a Hylian, you knew he was everything a girl could want. This even proved true when his cocks started to come out of his body.

You were in shock when you saw not one but two cocks. You instinctively pulled your legs back together. Sidon blushed. “S…so you really didn’t know our anatomy…you didn’t say anything so I assumed…” Sidon let go of your wrists and sat on his heels. “Please forgive me.” You shook your head. “N…no that’s not it. Well, it is but…” You sighed. You were at a loss for words and now the Prince is uncomfortable. You sat up and touched one of his cocks, causing his breath to hitch. “Wh…what…ahh.” The Prince couldn’t protest after the feeling you were giving him. You ran you hands up and down his lengths. Pushing them together, squeezing them tightly, and to top it all off, little licks at the top of them. Sidon put a hand on the back of your head. He threw his own back in ecstasy. “We…we don’t have this kind of…stimulation in the domain…Please…don’t stop!”

You licked the tip of just one before taking the length down your throat as far as you could go. This let out a deep moan from the Prince. When you started moving up and down, the breaths changed to short gasps. The Prince was trembling beneath your touch. “I’m not going to last much longer…no...” The Prince released a moan as his seed was spilling into your throat with one cock and on your cloths with the other. You drank the salty liquid, earning a lustful look from the Zora Prince.

Once the Prince was done. He turned his face away. “I was supposed to serve you tonight my Hylian.” You smiled and licked some of his seed off your hand. “S…Stop that…It’s embarrassing…” Sidon bashfully pleaded. You giggled and said. “Well, maybe tomorrow night.”