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(Y/N) was so adorable, so cute. Sidon couldn’t help but be enamored with her. Especially when she was like this. Sprawled out on the bed, dressed in white lace with a vail adoring her beautiful hair. He could finally call her his wife.

“Please…” Her lips trembled, “Please Sidon… I need you…”

He towered over her pleading form and leaned down to pepper her sweet skin with kisses. Some of his royal court would say the prince was too affectionate towards the little Hylian. He had to keep it hidden, a secret. But now, unrestrained by anyone else’s options, he could mark her. Of course, he took advantage of this new revelation by suckling her neck and ear.

Yet, it wasn’t enough for his sweet wife. She began to whine and moan, grasping at his arms and fins. “P…please Sidon! I need you!” She said with more urgency. The prince trailed a hand down her body, between her legs, smiling at what he found.

“Have you been like this since the ceremony? Wasn’t me sneaking into your room last night enough?” (Y/N) simply moaned more, earning a laugh from her husband. “Don’t worry. I’m happy to oblige.” He slowly removed what covered her sex, appreciating the flesh underneath with laps and kisses. Tingles ran up her body, making her grip the sheets. Fibers threatened to rip underneath. He was at his limit, (Y/N)’s thrashing and songs of pleasure was enough to force his cocks out of their sheath. The first feeling of air against them was cold, but the warmth they sought kept pushing them out. “My minnow, I need to have you.” Sidon pried her legs open and took her greedily. He lost it, he lost control. Her whines and moans became too much for Sidon to think straight. Hot and forceful, he thundered his hips against her own. She gripped his arms to keep herself in place. “My minnow, my wife…I’m sorry but…I need you…I need to have you like this. Take my cocks like you do so well. Pleasure me like I’m going to die tomorrow!”


“What is….ahhh… my minnow?”

“I want…I want your guppies!”

Sidon felt his blood temperature rise. Cheeks flushed red, he slowed his pace inside her. There was no way she just said that. “My…minnow…did you just say…?”

“Knock me up! Please!” She wrapped her legs around his hips, pulling him into her. Sidon began his pace once again, high on her words. “I want…I want my prince’s guppies inside me! Please Sidon! Please!”

He couldn’t believe it…so soon into their marriage? But…he wanted to see her like this, fat with his children inside her. His mind went wild with dreams and buried, neglected fantasies. His hips thrusted harder, faster as he began to come undone. “My…my lovely wife. I will give you what you need. I will put my seed deep inside you, impregnating you. You’ll have all of them…you will bear all of my children. My sweet, little guppies swimming inside you.” Sidon kissed his bride as he felt himself nearing his end. “My wife…I’m going to…I’m going to spill it all inside you. I’m going to…I’m going to…”



Sidon’s eyes flashed open as he felt himself spill underneath his desk. He looked at his lap in absolute horror. He hasn’t done anything like this outside of mating season before. What was he thinking? Taking a nap while he was working was bad enough but…but…

“I want my prince’s guppies inside me!”

Goddess above, what…what is wrong with him? In the dream he made her want his guppies! What kind of prince is he?

A knock came at the door, throwing the prince into a panic. “D…Don’t come in! I’m busy!” he cried desperately. Still, the door opened.

You walked in after hearing what amounted to a panic attack through the door. You shut the door behind you and scurried to his side, desperate to help. “Are you alright? I heard gasping and…” You then noticed the mess between his legs. “Oh…I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you were busy…”

Sidon’s arms flew out and grabbed your shoulders. “Wait!...umm…please wait. I…am just a bit shaken up is all.” He then retracted his arms once you turned around. Your eyebrows pinched in confusion. Sidon seemed…freaked out.

“Did…I do something to upset you?”

Sidon shook his head. “No…I just had a…strange dream.” You looked down at his cum covered legs. Then looked back at him, inquisitively. “I…don’t wish to tell you…”

Of course, your overthinking brain began filing through the list of possibilities. “Are you…falling in love…”

Sidon held his breath.

“…with someone else?” Sidon shook his head again.

“No! That’s not it…really…my minnow…I need to…figure some things out. We need to put down Ruta today, right? How about I clean up and we can get going.” He gave you his signature smile. You glared at him. By now, you knew that he never used that smile for you. It was fake, used to assure his subjects.

“Sidon.” You said calmly. “Please…”

His smile wavered. He sighed in defeat and picked you up, setting you down on his desk. This way, you were eye-level with him sitting down. “(Y/N), please forgive me. I feel rather ashamed of dreaming about you in such a manner…” His eyes were pleading with you. Begging you to not let him say anymore. But, when you stood your ground, he continued. “I dreamed of you pleading with me to…to…impregnate you.” A blush graced his scales.

You let out a bit of a chuckle. “Oh Sidon…” You cupped his cheek and urged him to look at you. “I know. You’ve dropped hints. When we are intimate your lips…become quite loose, if you know what I mean.” Sidon blushed harder and avoided your gaze. Your heart broke a little for the poor prince, giving you the courage to say something you wouldn’t normally. “If…If it would help. You can…let out your feelings…if you want to.” The prince shrunk in embarrassment.

“I can’t…I can’t ask you to do that.” Yet, that confidence held onto you like a vice. It allowed you to begin to shed your articles of clothing. Each layer exposing more of the prince’s lust for you. His breathing became ragged and rough. “Are you sure?”

You smiled back at him. “Of course. I can’t actually get pregnant. But, it can be nice to dream…right?” The prince gave you a kind and shy smile. “Now…come my prince.”

Sidon deepened his smile. “Well, maybe if I’m rough enough…you can be…” You blushed and began to close your legs, yet the prince held you open. “What happened to that confidence? You don’t wish to be bred by a Zora?” Sidon’s demeanor completely changed from a shy, embarrassed prince to one who takes what he wants.

“I’m just…delicate…is all!” Sidon pushed his cock slowly into you. It stretched you and slicked you up with his leftover cum. “Sidon…Sidon please be gentle!”

Sidon simply hummed in your ear. “Then why did you offer yourself to me, my minnow? Breeding and sex are different for the Zora. Breeding is a lot…how to put this…more intense than just sex for pleasure.” He snapped his hips forward into you. “Oh, how I love this new desk…I can just stand and mate you my little fish.” And so, it began. His rapid thrusts into your body, stirring you up. You whined and pleaded for him. Calling his name into the air over and over. “I want to impregnate you. Make you nice and fat with my guppies. Heh, I could chain you to the bed…breed you everyday until you are full.”

Goddess above, Sidon took your idea and ran with it. He was pleading his secret passions into your ear. Yet, you weren’t just some girl to breed. You grabbed his neck and pulled him close. You opened up your mouth and bit down onto his shoulder.

Sidon hummed amusingly. “Oh…now who has been reading up on mating rituals?” He took your mouth off of his shoulder and onto his lips. Once the kiss was broken, he panted in your ear, “Trying to mark your mate as he is still taking you. You are quite bold my dear.” He turned you over. Making your legs dangle off the desk. “I guess I will take that boldness as far as it will go.” Sidon slicked his fingers with his cum and pressed them against your butt.

Alarms began to ring off in your head. “W…wait we don’t use that for mating!” Yet his pressed his fingers inside your ass. “S…Sidon it…it feels weird! Goddess…goddess…” But, in no time he had you writing on both his fingers and his cock. You never felt this before. You felt…so full.

Sidon then took out his fingers and replaced them with his thick length. You felt like you were going to explode. You could fit both inside you but… “(Y/N) you are so tight! Feeling both of your walls tighten around me…Goddess above!” It was too much. This was too much! Being penetrated in both places by the same lover…his manual never prepared you for this…

“Sidon please…I’m so full…I can’t…I can’t…”

“You have to, my little mate. You need to fit my cum inside you if you want my guppies. Now beg for me. Beg for your prince to impregnate you.”

“My prince…I want your guppies inside me. I want you to breed me…My prince…Prince Sidon please!”

Sidon wrapped his jaw around your shoulder and bit down, hard. You winced at the pain of his teeth piercing your skin. Blood began trickling down your arm and onto the desk below. Your insides began to bloat with his cum. Straining, your lips found their mark on the side of his face. Kissing his cheek caused the prince to grip you tighter, love you just a bit more as he was sent to the pinnacle of bliss.

Yet, you were unaware of the thoughts swirling in his head. Ones of keeping you forever. Ones of starting a life together.


And ones…of marrying you.