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Sidon looked at you in worry when you stayed in bed. He brought his hand down and petted your back. “My minnow...are you alright?” He asked with the utmost concern.

You slowly opened your eyes. A blush appeared on your cheeks. “Yes...I’m...I’m just a little sore, is all…”

Sidon smiled sweetly at you. His claws dragging down your back gave you tingly pleasure. “Well, how about you get out from under those sheets and I can take care of you?”

You hid your face in the bed below. “M...master I don’t think more...more pleasure is what I need right now…”

Sidon blushed. “That’s not what I meant, my sweet minnow! I meant that I could relax your muscles! Here...” His hand moved the sheets to your hips. You brought in your arms to cover up the sides of your breasts. Sleeping naked next to him has become the new normal but, you would always get self conscious when he looked at you. The hands trailed to your lower back where he put a bit of pressure. Your eyes immediately rolled back and you sighed. “See...just like that. Relax now, my little minnow.” He pushed a bit farther down your back, causing you to release a moan. You could hear your master swallow hard behind you.

But, the sweet pressure kept its assault on your back. Heaven is what you would call it right now. The soreness was being melted away by his hands. His caress was tender yet firm. It felt as if you were a sweet gem, needing gentleness not to shatter, but enough pressure to hold you. Sidon’s thumbs then moved up your back. Another knot was released, causing you to moan once more. You swore you felt the prince shutter behind you. The prince leaned down and kissed between your shoulder blades. “You are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen.” Breathless sighs escaped his lips as he went back down for another kiss, then another on your sensitive skin.

He trailed his kisses up your back, to your neck, then stopped at the tip of your ear. “If I may,” He tugged at the sheets slightly. “I would like to relax your legs as well.” You shyly nodded at his request. Sidon’s hands ran down the small of your back, over your hips onto the sides of your legs. You blushed at Sidon purposefully missing your butt for your modesty. Once again, he used his strong hands to massage away at the pain in your legs.

“R...really, you don’t have to do this, master.”

Sidon lowered his head once more and kissed your calf, lightly grazing his teeth across it. “I do. It breaks my heart to have my minnow in so much pain. I forget my own strength sometimes and was quite rough with you yesterday…” He hit a spot again that made you moan with pleasure. You felt an increase in the prince’s breath on your skin. You leaned to look behind you.

The prince’s face was buried into your calf as his hands massaged it. Your eyes dared to look lower on his body. Sidon’s hips were gently rolling into the bed below. Combined with his hot breath on your skin, you quickly turned back around, piecing together what your master was feeling.

Sidon felt the sudden tension in your leg and looked up. “My minnow?”

You tentatively looked behind you once more. “R...really, master, you don’t have to do this for me. It seems to have a bit of unintended consequences.”

The prince blushed guiltily. “I...I’m so sorry...You’re beautiful. Please, I will control myself. Just, allow me to work out this tension.” He looked at you for approval. You slightly nodded. His hands went to your other leg and began their work. The prince gave a slight giggle before rubbing his cheek on your leg. “Your skin is so soft. I could just rub my face all over you!”

You looked at the prince and smiled. He was a grown adult but acted like a child around you. You knew you fascinated him. But, you also knew you were more than just a fascination.

‘You’re mine...all mine...I love you...I love you so much (Y/N)...’

He hasn’t expanded or explained what he meant when he said that. But, in your heart you knew that it would only be a matter of time before he said those words again.

Sidon kissed your leg over and over again, causing you to giggle with him. Headtail a wagging mess, the prince smiled up at you. “See, now you are more relaxed. Inside and out.” He kissed your calf again before sitting up slightly. Only to flop back on the bed. “Umm...I think I will stay like this for a while…”

You sat up and moved over to the prince. You traced your fingers along his red crest, earning a happy hum from him. “Thank you, my prince. You were so kind to do that for me.” Sidon groaned underneath you. “M...master? Did I do something wrong?”

Sidon lift his face to meet your gaze, only to look off to the side. “N...not in particular...I just…” a bit of pink appeared on his cheeks. “I just like to be told how kind I am...It’s selfish, I know...but, it arouses me, actually...when you say it.”

“O...oh...I didn’t know that. I mean I should have after yesterday but…” Sidon put his hands over yours.

“Relax, my little maid. I am just telling you so you know.” He took his claws and gently ran them along your scalp. Eyes rolled to the back of your head as you laid down on the bed and closed your eyes, silently begging for more. Sidon made a slight chuckle and obliged. The tingles that ran through you were so euphoric. Everything the prince did today was nothing short of pleasurable. Lips encased the tip of your ear. His gentle treatment had you melting next to him. “You are a puddle of ecstasy.” He gently whispered. “A beautiful flower basking in the sunlight.” He kissed your cheek lightly three times. Once on the outside, then in the middle, and finally at the corner of your mouth. You slowly opened your eyes to look into his own. “May I kiss you, my water lily?” You closed your eyes once more and fulfilled his request.

The kiss was so soft. Just a gentle brush of lips over each other that went in...then back to a slight brush, then another featherlight kiss. “Master…” you breathlessly whispered. The prince kissed you with a bit more force. “My minnow...your master wants more from your body…” He kissed your lips again. “I’m so selfish to ask this of you but...please, will you lie with me?” Your hand came up to cup his cheek and pull him into a deep kiss.

Sidon held you there as he grabbed the rest of your body to lay down in the middle of the bed, with him resting between your legs. He gently kissed you once more as he slid himself inside you. The prince slowly rolled his hips into you. His hot breath was unsteady and shallow against the top of your head. “G...goddess…” He brokenly cursed. His cock dug deep and loving into your tiny body.

“M...master…” Your legs quivered around him from being pleasured. Sidon brought his face back down to look at yours. His crest rested against your forehead and if eyes could embrace, this would be it. Goddess, have you ever been so intimate with him before? Was it like this all the time before you lost your memories? Before you realized what you were saying the words spilled out of your mouth.

"I lov-”

A sudden knock at the door tore the prince’s attention away. Sidon hung his head and sighed. “The prince is busy at the moment!” he called.

A familiar captain’s voice was muffled. “The council has been called to an emergency meeting. You need to be there, my prince.” The prince sat up, cocks receding slowly back into his body. “I will be out in a few minutes.”

He then turned back to you. “I’m sorry, my minnow.” You shook your head. “Don’t be! You have duties and you did so much for me! I will just miss you, is all...” Sidon patted your head and kissed your cheek.

“Hmmmm, Bazz was kind enough to come get me...should that loyalty be rewarded?” Sidon curled his words, causing you to blush. You pulled the covers over you and hid under the sheets. The prince gave a hearty laugh at your reaction. “That would never happen. After all,

You’re mine…”