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“On your knees, my subject.” Sidon commanded. A raging blush covered your cheeks. Sidon, your king, was sitting on his throne in the great room, legs apart with you between them. He reached down to grab your chin, forcing you to look into his commanding eyes. “My dearest subject, why have you come to see me today?”

Your lips trembled. Roleplay or not, seeing Sidon in his natural element had you a bit intimidated. “ king I...wanted to give you a gift.”

The king’s lips turned up into a mocking smile. “But my dear subject, you do not have anything on you...Unless…” He pulled you closer towards him by your chin. “You intend to please your king? I should have known with you looking at me with those luscious eyes.” King Sidon released your chin and leaned back in his throne. “Very well, please me…”

Your hands trailed up his thighs as your body settled closer to his slit. After giving it a chaste kiss, your tongue dragged along his opening. The king gave a low but satisfied growl. The smallest tips of his cocks began to show. Allowing you to kiss and suck him for the first time. His hands twisted in your hair. King Sidon pushed you further into him. It forced your mouth to be buried in his leaking juices. A gentle suffocation you could keep up for a few moments before he let go. “My king…” The call was a mix between a plea and a whine.

“How lucky I am to have such loyal subjects…” High on his words, you grabbed both of his emerging cocks, stroking them. While the tips were being pleasured by your mouth. As a reward, salty precome dripped from him. He liked it… The king liked having his cocks sucked by you… The deep blush returned from that thought.

Your eyes dared to look up at your king. His eyes were glazed over and blown black from the pleasure. Noticing your stare, he gave you a half smile and coddled your head. “My sweet subject…” he sighed. He nudged the back of your head to make you take a bit more of his lengths. “A bit more. I know you can do it...Yes...yes, please your king…” Sidon lulled his head back from the feeling. His fingers threaded through your hair, pushing you down as he bucked his hips was almost enough to make you gag. But you can’ needed to please him. Your darling king. The one you wanted to do this to since you saw him. But, you were afraid your little mouth couldn’t take it anymore, stretched to its limit. Unwillingly, you let out a bit of a whine.

Sidon looked down at his teary-eyed subject. He pulled you back and off his cocks. You flashed a look of concern and worry. Did he not like it? Sidon smiled and pulled you into his chest. “My sweet, sweet subject...would you mind indulging your king in a fantasy of his?” You nodded weakly. The king ran his hands over your hips and fondled with the fabric there. “Would you mind taking these off for me?” With a blush, you stepped onto the floor and removed your pants. Sidon made a pleased hum at your new state of dress. You pulled down your shirt a bit to cover your panties. “Take those off too. You can’t please your king in that state of dress.”

A small, daring smile crossed your lips. “Are you sure about that, my king?” Now, he smiled at your daring statement.

“Then show your king. Show me pleasure…” He cooed. You crawled on his lap and sensually looked up at him. Wiggling your butt to show your excitement. You trailed your hands up his torso and down his arms to his hands. Coaxing his hands to follow yours, you placed them on your butt. He gave it a light squeeze and hummed in approval. Next, you moved your lips to his side, his gills. The king's breath shuttered as he knew what you were planning.

Once your sweet lips ran across his slits, he groaned and squeezed your ass. “Goddess above…” he cursed. With your right hand, it helped you stimulate the slits under your mouth. With the other hand, even though it was a bit of a stretch, you reached for the gills on the left side. “F...for not being a Zora, you are pretty good at this…” You smiled against his gills at the praise.

“Your words grace me so, my king. I wish to please you more and hear more of them…” You went back to work with your tongue this time. Oh goddess, did the king like that. He practically screamed from the touch. “ darling subject...please me...please your king.”

You ran your tongue across his gills, pushing, prodding to allow Sidon to get the most amount of pleasure possible. Back and forth you ran your tongue along his slits. After a short while, you shifted your weight to stimulate the other side with your mouth. Sidon gave a groan of fresh satisfaction from your change.

It was a surprise when he harshly pulled on your hair and tugged you off. “ king?” Sidon was panting, swallowed hard, and resumed panting.

“I’m not about to come without a woman wrapped around my cocks...It’s a disgrace. Don’t you think?”

You blushed from his words. “O...of course. Whatever pleases my king, pleases me.” You took the hint and suffled your panties off and looked up at the throbbing, leaking cocks in front of you. Sidon leaned back on his throne and relaxed his arms on the sides of the chair. Confused by his actions you asked, “My king?”

Sidon took one hand off the chair and lifted your chin. “You do know how sex works, right? You aren't a virgin are you?”

“I am just unsure of what you want, my king…”

His lips curled up into a smile. “Ride me…” he cooed into your ear. A shudder ran through your body, causing your legs to press together. You trailed your hands up his chest to steady yourself over his throbbing cocks. Grabbing both of his heavy, playful boys, you put the tips at your wet entrance and pushed down. His sloppy and slick members stretched you completely. Giving you much needed pleasure. “Taking both are we? Such a daring girl...I like that.” Your ears burned red from his teasing.

Once you got acclimated you began lifting and dropping your hips. Goddess, it felt so good. His slick cocks stirring you up inside, those chaste touches on your back whenever you hit a good angle, but oh...oh his grunts and moans of satisfaction kept you going. Just a bit more, push him to the edge. “ king, you are so kind to let a lowly girl like me please you like this. have your cocks inside’s such an honor…”

Sidon lost his cool and control face, replacing it with desperation. His hands started to twitch on the arm rests, his hips threatened to buck. Yes, that look on his face...come undone, my Sidon… He wanted to let go. But, you knew he couldn’t hold back if you kept crying for him like this. “ king...please, ruin me. Ruin me for any other man with your cocks!”

Sidon grabbed your waist and pulled you off his cocks, turned you around and re-inserted himself in one swift motion. He rolled himself slowly into your hips. Lips nipping at your ear, he panted, “My sweet, sweet little subject...Your cries of pleasure are getting to me. Please, let your king give you what you desire so.”

You rested your head back on his chest as he took his pleasure. Goddess, this was heaven. You blushed when you looked at the messy display of love between your legs. Sidon’s cocks were always so pretty and perfect, deep red when painfully throbbing with blood, big and hard...and oh, oh so fun to play with. His cocks reached deep. It always reached a spot that had you seeing stars and today...he was abusing it like nothing else. Your legs began to shake as the tight coil in your womb was testing your endurance. All that foreplay must have got you more worked up than you thought. “ king...I don’t think...I can’t…” You grasped for him. A desperate attempt to get him to slow down at least.

“Come for me. Send your sweet juices down your king’s cocks.” Sidon began playing with your breasts. Squeezing ever so slightly, but so erotically. “Come for your king .” At that roll of his tongue, you lost it. His hand clasped over your mouth to soften the desperate screams coming from your mouth. Your eyes rolled into the back of your head as you squeezed and tightened around his cocks.  Your back arched so far that the top of your head touched the king’s chest. Goddess….goddess this felt good!

You leaned back into your king’s chest and gasped for air. “ king…” you whined.

Sidon made an amused chuckle. “As much as I would have liked to hear your screams echo in this room...we have to keep quiet, my dear. You don’t want to get caught in such a scandalous you?” Sidon chuckled again once he realized not a lot of his words were getting through to you. “All blissed out? Come still need to please your king…”

You tried to steady your breath, but that orgasm was just too much. “ whatever you want with me.” you panted out. Sidon smiled and started his rough pace once more. Your mind turned to mush as pleasure once again coursed through your body.

“My little subject, so good for me...pleasuring your him what he so desperately desires from you.” Goddess, this man can push you to the edge. Please...please you were going to break. Sidon only rubbed more salt into the wound when he reached a calw around your body and began stroking your clit. Your eyes went wide in shock. please… Your tongue hung out of your mouth as the coil began its second tightening. You couldn’t take much it was too much… Hurry Sidon just come inside me! You had to get him off and fast.

“My king...I just wanted to show you how much I love my king! I adore you my king...please...please cum inside me! Bless me with your cum! My king...My king...uhnnnnn…” You bit down on your lip hard as you reached your second peak with this man. Sidon slapped his hand over your mouth once again, just in case.

Your heat brought the prince to his end. “So tight...Your king...your king is going to….” With one last buck into your hips, Sidon squirted all of his seed inside you. His arms held you tight as he rode out his orgasm. His cocks throbbed and pulsed with the strongest orgasm you felt. Both of them bullying the other to spray cum in your womb. Gasps and moans echoed off the walls of the throne room. Then, he slacked against the chair.

After a moment, Sidon began running his claws through your hair. You lightly moved towards the source of the tingles and sighed. A featherlight kiss adorned your head as well as an ‘I love you.’ Goddess...

The sudden opening of the door alarmed both of you. Bazz smirked and raised what would be an eyebrow. “Your father is coming, my king .” He then ducked back out and shut the door.

A flush of embarrassment flew over the prince as he helped get you dressed before hurrying you off down a secret hallway. While he quickly washed off in the nearby pools before standing at attention when his father came in.