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Reader's POV

You snuggled into the bed, content with getting a few more minutes of sleep. But, a pain in your abdomen kept you awake. You curled up into a ball, hands pushing on your tummy to get the pain to subside. A feeling of something slipping out of you caused your eyes to snap open in alarm. You pushed the sheets out of the way to see blood between your legs. You blushed, how much did these fancy silk sheets cost? And now you stained them...great…

You got up and ran over to the washroom to grab a washcloth and wet it. You twisted out the extra water and began the journey back to the bed. But, a certain fish prince caused you to stop halfway. Sidon looked down at the spot in complete horror. “D...Darling? I...wasn’t too rough last night...was I?” Your face lit up with red from him acknowledging the stain.

“ it isn’t that…it’s-” But, before you could get the rest of your sentence out, Sidon already blot out the door with you in his arms. “S...Sidon!”

“Don’t worry! We’ll get you to the doctor! He will fix you!” “But Sidon…” You will be ok! He can help!” You sprawled a hand on his chest to try and get his attention. “Sidon!” “Everything will be fine!” The obvious panic in his voice and face made you feel like you were, indeed, dying.

The prince nearly tore off the door to get into the office of the doctor. “Doctor! Please help! She’s dying!” A Zora in a white lab coat stood up and shuffled the prince to put his ‘dying’ fiance down on a small hospital bed. “She’s bleeding between her legs and she is hurting in her womb...I...I must have done something wrong! I...Oh, Hylia I am so sorry my minnow!”

“I AM JUST ON MY PERIOD!” Your cheeks burned red at the admittance of such an embarrassing thing. The doctor nodded his head.

“A typical monthly occurrence for a Hylian. Do you need any ummm...medical supplies, Lady (Y/N)?” The doctor’s calm voice soothed your frantic mind. You nodded weakly at his offer. The doctor grabbed some supplies from his cabinets and handed them to you in a cloth bag.

“Prince Sidon, while the miss is getting situated, I would like to explain some of what transpired to you. Come along.” The doctor nodded to you as he shut the door. Goddess above, what a morning.


Sidon’s POV

His poor little minnow. How can something that fragrant be so painful? The prince put a hand to his chin, thinking. Is it really normal for someone to bleed out like that?

“Yes, it is perfectly normal. And no, you did nothing to cause it, my prince.”

Sidon breathed a sigh of relief. “Is there anything we can do about the pain? Before she woke up she was curled into a ball...and...and...”  

The doctor gave him a slight chuckle. “That’s the easy part. Keeping her happy, not so much.” With a confused look given to him by his prince, he continued. “She will be quite...oh, how to put this...emotional. So tears are normal as well as an extreme craving for sweet things. Mainly, chocolate.”

“Why chocolate?” Sidon asked in concern.

The doctor shrugged. “Nobody knows….Oh, one more thing. How are your senses doing?” The prince blushed at his doctor. “Well, just keep your….emotions in check. Now, she should be about done. How about you carry her back to bed?” Sidon nodded and gave him a small smile.




Sidon laid his bride to be on the bed. The poor thing curled up in the sheets and whimpered. “My dear, I have something to help with the pain…” He gently peeled back the fabric to reveal her saddened eyes.

“I wish I was dead…” she whimpered.

“Oh my sweet minnow… Here, bite down on this. The doctor said it would help numb the pain.” She took the herb from his hand and chewed on it. She looked like a small kitten suckling a pice of grass. Even in pain, she always found a way to be adorable.

Sidon crawled into bed behind her, snuggling her back. The large Zora smiled and began to play with her hair. Claws traced her scalp, causing her to hum in pleasure. Anything, he would do anything to help his darling (Y/N) to feel better. “Darling, is there anything more I can do for you? Get you something sweet, chocolate perhaps?” Tears welled up in her eyes. She began to quietly sob. “Oh! Oh darling, what is it? I didn’t hurt you did I?” The prince parted her hair, looking for any evidence of scratching too hard.

“I...I want…” She hiccuped a few times. “I wanted pie…” Now the tears flowed. “I just wanted pie and it was gone, and your dad ate it! Now it’s gone!”

Ah, yes. Once she found out about his father eating her pie she was quite disappointed. But, wasn’t that months ago? How did it matter now? After he explained it to her the first time, she simply brushed it off. Why is she acting like it was the end of the world? Like someone died? “D...don’t worry (Y/N). When the berries come back in season then we will make a pie.”

“But, I want it now!” she sobbed.

Sidon looked around his room. Anything to try and help his little minnow. His eyes fell on his hand, his scales. “I’m not as sweet as a razzberry but, if you would like to have a taste of me...I will let you do whatever you want.”

She wasn’t having it.

“Yes...ummm how about I go and look in the kitchen for those sweet treats?” The prince patted his love’s head. “But, I need to visit the washroom first.” He scurried to the bathroom before his minnow could say much more.

The prince nearly broke the sink with how hard he was gripping it. His slit completely opened, popping out his twin cocks. No hesitation, he began stroking himself to recompense some of his sanity. “ can her blood smell so sweet to me?” The prince’s knees buckled underneath him. “I want her….my wounded little catch, I want to ravish her.” He could feel it. He barely got started and he could feel it! “(Y/N)...” he whimpered. “(Y/N)...(Y/N)..(Y/N)(Y/N)(Y/N)(Y/N)(Y/N)!” Cum sputtered out of his cocks into his hand.

Sidon’s eyes widened at the mess. “I’m….in heat…” His heart dropped as tears welled in his eyes. He felt dirty, wrong. His little minnow is in so much pain and all he can think about is jacking off to her sent. He already did and now his cocks were nearly hard enough to begin again!


Reader’s POV

Someone was stabbing you, you were sure of it. The herb did help numb the pain...a bit. Still, it hurt like hell. And what was your mate doing? just wanted pie...

Tears pricked at your eyes as you felt the overwhelming sensation of sorrow. Why was everything so hard today?

A knock came to the door. “Nhmmmmmnnnnn!” You whined as you pulled the covers back over your head. Footsteps came to your bedside and the covers were lifted off of you. You looked up to see the captain staring at you.

“(Y/N) you missed practice today. Are you feeling ill?” You pouted and nodded. Bazz cracked a smile at you. “Poor thing. I also came to collect Sidon. He is needed at a….a….a….a..a.a...a…” The captain kept blinking and repeating that same chord that flowed into a long pause of silence. His yellow eyes stared at you. Or rather, in your direction, but not seeing. His pupils began to dilate.

“Bazz, what are you doing here?” Sidon must have come out when you were having your staring contest. The captain then turned his head to look at his prince. Sidon flinched and grabbed Bazz to haul him out of the room.

“Don’t leave me!” you began to cry.


Sidon’s POV

Bazz slammed his own back against the wall. “Sidon, what the fuck was that?” The prince was trying to catch his own breath. “Sidon! What. The. Fuck. Was. Th-”

“It’s some Hylian thing!” Sidon confessed. “They bleed somehow and it’s normal...apparently…”

Bazz gave his prince an incredulous look. “And how are Zora equipped to deal with that? Her scent is like a damn sirin.”

“I know...I’m in heat because of it…”

Bazz took a few steps back from his prince. “Whatever you do, do not involve me. I have too much to do to be thrust into heat. Let alone find myself infatuated with your mate.”

“And what do you want me to do about it? I can’t just make her stop!”

Bazz poked a finger at his prince. “Well, make sure you do something about it before the entirety of the Domain is having an orgy in your room!” Sidon’s cheeks turned red as a servant girl quickly turned away and scurried down the hall. Bazz rubbed the back of his neck. “Just...don’t cause more trouble for me…” he sighed.





Sidon made his way into the kitchen. The cooks bowed to him and greeted him. The prince was about to say something before a white tiger shark caught his eye. Razaar held half a turtle like a sandwich and bit down, shell and all. Sidon’s stomach lurched. Once he noticed he was spotted, Razaar waved over to his cousin. “You want some?” The bloodied half turtle was extended to him.

“No, thank you. I never understood how you could eat...non...common food.”

Razaar simply shrugged and continued eating the turtle sandwich. The crack of the shell made the prince cringe. “More for me. What are you doing down here anyway? Getting something for your bleeding bride?” Sidon jumped out of his scales. A smug smile wormed its way across his face. “You know I smell better than you. Plus-” he took another bite- “I’ve had Hylian lovers before. Gotta say, it tastes quite good.”

“You ate them?”

Razaar frowned at his cousin. “You are a special kind of stupid. No, I ate what they were...dripping. Hylian women were always so horny during this time and had no problem being licked between their legs. Hehe, even the ones that were married.” He placed the last bit of the turtle in his mouth. “Is that why you are down here? Need my assistance?”

“Like hell.” Sidon cursed, earning quite a few looks from the cooks. Obviously, they weren’t used to their ‘posh’ prince being so vulgar. Razaar certainly had a way of unraveling him. “I came to get some chocolate for my bride-to-be.”

One of the cooks stood beside the prince, prompting Sidon to look down. “My prince,” he began “We do not have such a thing in the domain at the moment. As you know, your father has quite the sweet tooth.” Of course… “We do have some cream puffs already made for tonight’s dinner. Would you like some of those?” Sidon nodded, allowing the cook to leave from his place to fetch the sweets.

Razaar had a cocky smile. “Ah, the best thing for a little minnow to...lick up. It will be quite the show when she licks any loose cream from her fingers.” Razaar extended his index finger and ran his sharp tongue across it.

Sidon rolled his eyes and followed after the cook. He had enough of his cousin for one day.





Sidon returned to the room. The fragrance now hung in the room like a fog. His senses were going absolutely wild with need. And with her little ass up in the air, he could hardly think.


Reader’s POV

The fuck fucking pain was so fucking painful. You grabbed as many pillows as you could and stuffed them under your stomach. Now with your butt in the air and pressure on your womb, the pain was a bit more bearable.

The door opened and in walked Sidon with a plate of cream puffs. Tears welled in your eyes at the sight. You opened your mouth wide to receive one. However, Sidon merely stared at his baby bird. Tentatively, he slowly moved his hand to grab one puff off the plate...then to your mouth. You took the whole thing in your mouth as well as the tips of his fingers. His tense fingers slowly exited your mouth, leaving you to chew your food.

But, those dark eyes and opening slit made you stop and swallow. “Sidon?” you meekly said. He sprang up onto the bed and dragged you into his arms. Mouth to mouth he threw you back under him and began stripping you. Even with all the whimpers of protest, the prince continued his needy assault on your Hylian body.

Sidon popped his mouth off of your own. “I’ve wanted you all day. Now, give me what threw me into heat!” Sidon reclined on the headboard and threw your legs over his shoulders. You blushed as his long tongue dipped into your bleeding sex.

“S...Sidon! Stop! What are you doing? It’s weird!” Despite the good, great, amazing was embarrassing to have Sidon drinking your blood. The prince flicked his tongue over your clit several times until you submitted. Granted, it was several times of constant protesting, wiggling, and nearly crying before letting him have what he wanted. Now, those cries were of your desires being sated.

Your head hung upside down on his stomach as you cried out. And, of course, the tips of his cocks were in reach of your own tongue. Fuck it. You began suckling one of his cocks, causing Sidon to moan loudly against your sex. “Yes...yes (Y/N)...suck me...suck off your prince!” You took as much in your mouth as you possibly could. His slick and hot dick had you blushing. Sidon was never this provocative. Out of all the things he did, he never just outright ravished you! He said he was in heat...when did he- Your mouth was filled with the prince’s cum. You let most of it cascade down his member, leaving but a taste in your mouth. Shit...he just came without warning!

“S...Sidon!” you yipped as his cruel tongue dug deep inside you. It twisted and rubbed your sensitive walls. “’t…” This was too much! He came so quickly...he's licking your bloodied cunt...and worst of all, he's turned on by all this! You couldn't even argue as his strong hands forced such delicious pleasure on you. The pain was gone and replaced by his wicked tongue. And goddess did that tongue rub you the right way. Every second pushed you further and finally, the tightening in your womb signaled the end of it all. “Sidon stop or I’ll….I’ll…” Your body curled up and you held on to his crest for dear life as everything unwound within you. Sidon kept up his work, licking all the blood and clear cum that squeezed out of you.

With gentleness, Sidon put you down on the bed. You twitched and whined as your afterglow took hold. A hand patting your head made you look up. Blood smeared all over the prince’s chin and cheeks. You could say the same for your own cheeks; though, the blood was rushing, not smeared. “ little minnow...” Between the prince’s legs rested his hard and heavy cocks. No way… It was like he never came. Sidon began stroking the cocks, lubed with his own cum. He stared hungrily as he jerked himself off next to you. “My minnow...I’m in heat...I need...I’m so hot...Goddess! Goddess, (Y/N)!” Sidon’s head snapped back as more cum came gushing out of his cocks.

Yet, he didn’t stop. You were in absolute disbelief. How could he cum twice in nearly five minutes! Let alone begging for another one… “S..Sidon?” you looked at him in pity.

“I’m in minnow. My body wants me to breed...y..yy...your blood tripped it. It smelled so good. A little wounded thing, bleeding and helpless. Just...Just so easy to attack and fill up…” Sidon now looked away in shame as his hand moved faster on his shafts. “I’m such a pathetic prince...allowing your sent to degrade me in such a way. Needing to stroke myself in front of you, imagining that I’m spilling my seed inside you. Imagining...Imagining I’m breeding my little minnow. Fucking her in front of every guy who wants her...showing them who she belongs to…” Sidon grabbed your shoulder and thumbed his mark as his seed spilled into the sheets. Sidon cried out in pleasure.

His breath wavered. He gasped and shivered as he came down from his high. Once black eyes turned golden again. “I’m….so sorry (Y/N)...I get crazy for sex when I...I’m in heat.” You blushed at his bashfulness.

“It’s ok...I was just...surprised. And...a tad weirded out that you...licked me...there...on my period.” Now cherry red, you turned your face up to look at your mate.

Sidon wiped his bloodied chin with part of the sheets. “You actually tasted grand, my minnow.” You buried your face into the mattress. “I mean that in a good way!...Us know we are predatory by matter how soft I may be. And that you are exuding a lot of mating pheromones....I just had to have you. In my mouth or...otherwise.”

“It’s still a bit embarrassing…” you admitted.

Sidon smiled. “I figured that...sorry.” He turned towards the nightstand. “Here, there is still some cream puffs left. Have one.” You took the pastry in your hands and took a bite out of it. Not only were you happy of the sweetness it left on your tongue, but also how it washed Sidon’s bitter essence away. But, part of it caught on the outside of your mouth. You licked the missing cream off and looked at Sidon, embarrassed that he saw how messy of an eater you were.

Oh dear…

Sidon stared deeply at your action. His breath quickened as his cocks began to firm up once more. “My minnow...can you...can you have sex in your current state?”