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Razaar's POV

How many stupid missions could his uncle put him on? First it was delivering a package to Lurelin Village. Then, it was some pansy mission asking his squad to take out a monster encampment. ONE encampment! With bokoblins at that…

And don’t get him started on his “squad.” For each mission somehow they all got swapped out for new members...except him. How convenient must it be that he is always out of the Domain. Praise Hylia, Sidon won’t have to see the dozens of horny woman throwing themselves at him. I don’t even know why they do it...Uhhh. probably because they heard I am more endowed than their beloved prince....Sometimes I think that fucking Tula was the worst decision I ever made. Sure, he got to best his cousin at something. But at the cost of his comfort at home? No thanks.

However, now he is here on another mission to send yet another message to the tiny town of Hetano. Seriously, why couldn’t they used the Hylian messengers?. Or better yet, he could just let it float down the river and the job would be done.

‘It’s too sensitive to be trusted by mere messengers.’ King Dorephan said.

Yeah fucking right. He knew it was just something to keep him busy. Regardless, here he is in the village. “Let's just get this over with…” he said to himself. He kind of...left his squad behind to make the trip faster.

Razaar walked through the village of gawking Hylians. Children scattered and hid behind their mother’s skirts. Shop keepers ducked behind their stalls. Racist bastards… Razaar nodded to the town mayor and handed him the sealed letter. It was written on water resistant parchment, of course. So there was no need to worry about it during the swim over.

The mayor broke the seal of the letter and scanned over it. His fingers flexed around the parchment at multiple points. Could this have been important? Like, actually important and not another tally of this week’s trade? Razaar’s golden eyes locked onto movement behind the contemplating man. A young woman peeked out behind the doorway. He noted that her eyes lingered on him. Well, until she realized he was looking at her. She ducked back inside as quickly as she came.

Was she checking me out?

A cough from the mayor refocused his attention. “Thank you, Lord Razaar. I will quickly write a response to your king. If you would be so kind as to wait until I return. I promise you it will only take a few minutes.” Razaar nodded his head in agreement and encouragement to get the old man to begin writing.

Since Razaar couldn’t go into the house, considering his size, he opted to sit on a patch of grass under a tree. He sighed and reclined onto the tree’s bark. Razaar looked up at the dancing leaves. Summer was such a beautiful month. It was warm, green, and food was so bountiful. With that last thought, his stomach began to growl. “Shit,” he cursed. The tiger shark looked around. That stick wouldn’t be too bad… He picked up the stick and brought it to his mouth.

He froze when he noticed the girl standing in front of him.

Razaar flicked the stick away and tried to explain himself. “I...I...I was umm...testing the health of this tree…Zora can do that…”

She chuckled and held up the basket she was holding. “My father would like to apologize for making you wait longer than intended. He asked me to bring you some freshly baked bread. I hope it would be more appetizing than your...stick.” She pulled back the fabric covering the steaming hot bread loaves and handed the basket to him. Razaar coddled the basket with a single hand and took a loaf. (Though to him it would be more of a bun.)

“I’m Finly, by the way.”

Razaar stopped his chewing to answer. But, Finly held up her hand. “You are Lord Razaar, I know...I have always wanted to properly introduce myself, but… father is quite cautious of new people meeting me. He says he’s trying to protect me…” She waved her hand, dismissing her father’s intentions.

“You can just call me Razaar…” he said, amt bashfully. Wait, why was he feeling so bashful? What is this nervousness?

She smiled sweetly at him. Goddess, his heart couldn’t take it. What is happening to me? Indigestion? Did that stick have any strange fungus on it? Finly took a few steps closer to him. “Father won’t let me out of his sight either. So...if you would be so kind...would you tell me a story or two about your adventures?” Her eyes sparkled with an innocent luster that even Razaar couldn’t deny anything of.

“S...sure.” What the hell... “What do you want to hear...exactly?”

She took a few steps closer and laid her hands on his. “Anything! Everything! I want to know all there is to know about the world! What about Zora’s Domain? I heard the water there sparkles!” Her enthusiasm rivaled Sidon’s. Razaar was nearly in shock. Though, what his cousin gives off was annoying. comes off as...cute…

“W...well it doesn't sparkle. But, it is the cleanest, clearest, and most breathable water in Hyrule.”

“Breathable?” she questioned.

“Y...yes, of course. Zora can breathe underwater. Our gills allow us to-” His sentence got cut off by his embarrassment. She was staring so intently at his gills. She was curious, yes...but, it would be the same as staring at his pelvis. Finly reached her hand up to touch them. Razaar placed his hand over her wandering one. “ don’t know much about you?” She shook her head. “Our gills are a rather...intimate part of ourselves.”

Finly’s cheeks bloomed red. “I...I’m so sorry! I didn’t know!....ummm….uhhhh…...hh….Here!” She pulled the collar of her dress down, exposing her breasts to him. “ we are even!” She pulled her dress back up.

Who the fuck is this girl?

Razaar blinked emptily at her. What could he do? She just...bore herself to him to save him from humiliation! What a woman…

She blushed and kept her eyes from him as she covered her chest with her hands. Razaar’s own face felt a bit hot as she kept like that for several minutes, waiting for him to break the ice.

“Lord Razaar!”

The tiger shark turned to the mayor. “Ah, I see you met my daughter, Finly. Well, here is the letter. Please give it to the king and graciously ask if I could receive a response.” Razaar nodded and took the letter. He stood up, resuming his towering statue above the two Hylians. One to his dismay and the other...her delight?

Razaar bowed and took his leave.


He prepared to jump into the river when a small call made him turn around. Finly rushed up to him, almost out of breath. “R...Razaar… Would...would you be able to bring something back from the domain?”

Though thoroughly confused, he answered, “S..sure. What is it?”

“Anything! I just...want to see what the Domain is like. I can’t leave the village so...would you be able to show me it? Through things?”

Razaar nodded. “Sure. I will try to think of something…”

Finly grinned from ear to ear. “Thank you!” She took his hand and kissed his fingers. “I will eagerly await your return!” With a giggle, she headed back to the village.

Hylians are so strange…






Razaar clutched the paper and knife in his hand. The Zora are known for their beautiful weaponry. A knife was both functional for everyday life and beautiful to look at for its craftsmanship. But, was this a present?

WAIT! She’s a girl! Oh, fuck, why did he think a knife would be a good idea? He could have gotten her a small necklace or ornament or….something other than an instrument of death! Razaar clutched his mistake harder in his hands. He couldn’t get rid of it now! He had to bring her something from the domain.

He tensed up as he saw her waiving him down by the river. Her smile was as bright as the last time he was here. He resurfaced by her and walked out onto the shore. Finly ran up and grabbed his hand. “I waited and I knew you would come this way! How are you? The trip wasn’t too tiring? Do you need to rest before you…” she stopped when Razaar held up his other hand. “R..Right, I’m babbling. Here, let's sit for a bit.” She lead him by his hand to a nearby apple tree. Basically, she pushed him down to sit. “, how are you?”

Razaar smiled at his eager little Hylian. “I am doing well. Well, as far as a glorified messenger can be.” Finly tilted her head in confusion. Razaar rubbed behind his neck. “Well, I’ve kind of pissed off the prince and now I’m more often out of the Domain than in it. Oh, speaking of which…” Razaar opened up his palm to reveal a small silver knife. “I know it’s not the best first image of the Domain, but I wanted you to see some of our craftsmanship.”

Her eyes lit up as she placed her hands around the knife’s hilt. “It’s so beautiful! Wow… it’s like your armor and wrist cuffs. Your spear as well. Amazing…” She tilted the knife around to view it at every angle. Her small fingers traced the carvings and accents along the hilt. Then, she ran those fingers down the flat side of the blade. Entranced, she was captivated by the object he’d given to her. Then, she looked up at him. “Thank you for showing me-  Razaar!” she shrieked.

The tiger shark felt searing pain down his back. He turned around to see a moblin with a bloodied claymore. His blood, he knew. He pulled his spear to his side and stood up. His body ached for him to rest. But, the moblin drew his claymore into the air to slash down on the hunched Zora. Razaar held his spear perpendicular to his body to block the attack. Blood sputtered out of his wound as pain made him scream in agony.

Razaar gathered enough strength to push the moblin off of him. But, it only took another second for the moblin to raise his blade above him once more. Razaar held his spear above him again and blocked the second strike. He couldn’t keep this up! But, he wasn’t fast enough for a counter attack. Once again he held up is spear to block as the moblin crashed his blade over Razaar’s head. The Zora turned around to tell the Hylian to run, but she wasn’t there. Refocusing on the enemy, he understood why she wasn’t behind him.

There, buried deep in the moblin’s stomach was the knife he just gave her. The moblin shrieked and writhed before turning into a cloud of purple smoke.

“Hylia! Razaar!” She laid her hands gently on his arm and cheek. “Can you walk? If we can get to the village, then I know we can get you better! Come, hurry!” With as much help as she could muster, Razaar stood up and held onto his spear. He used it like a walking stick to inch slowly back to the village. Finly encouraged him all the way there.

Razaar’s vision blurred more with every step. But, it wasn’t until he laid down on something soft that he closed his eyes.


Razaar woke from his dissilluionary dreams. Above him was wooden beams pointed towards the sky. Those pillars flickered with a dim orange light. Where am I?

A gentle touch to his arm made him turn his head. Finly rested her hands on him. “Are you alright?”

Razaar smiled at the now-teary Hylian. “Yah. I’m alive.”

“I...I’m so sorry…” Finly brought her hands to her face. “You got hurt because of me...If...If I didn’t suggest we sit there, then...then…” Her voice cracked as she cried. She desperately tried to wipe the tears from her face as more flowed down.

Razaar lifted his hand and cupped the side of her head. She clung onto it and buried her face in his scales. “It’s not your fault, Finly. In fact, you saved me.” He let out a weak chuckle. “I didn’t ever think you would be the type of woman to help face off against a monster.”

She shook her head. “I...I’m not. I’ve never even seen a monster besides pictures and tales. But, when you turned your back to protect me...I saw your wound...and….I….I just couldn’t let you fight it alone…” Razaar blushed at her resolve. Hylians were stronger than he thought. She stroked his hand with her own. “The healers did everything they could. Apparently, normal potions don’t work effectively on Zora. But, they did manage to close your wound. We sent word to fetch a Zora magician to come and heal you.”

Razaar gave her a confused look. “Magician?”

She nodded in earnest. “Yes, they emit a green glow from their hands and anything under it gets healed, like magic.”

Razaar chuckled a bit. “Those are just healers, my sheltered Hylian.” To this, she turned her face inward towards his palm and buried it there in embarrassment. “Well, I guess this time I’m bringing two interesting things from the Domain. A knife and a wizard.”

Though muffled, Razaar could hear the faintest coo of  ‘magician’ coming from her buried face. After a few more crackles of the candles, she lifted her head. Finly cheeks were rosy red and her eyes like sea glass. Razaar felt his heart jump as he knew ever too well what this look ment.

She wanted him.

Finly massaged her hands into Razaar’s. “There...There is a legend that a man will heal quicker if...if a woman gives him proper treatment.” She let go of his hand and moved towards his hips. “ do Zora…”

Razaar swallowed. “Uh...uhhh well...when we...males get...excited we open up...down there and our….manhoods...come out.” Finly blushed at Razaar’s explanation. What’s wrong with me? Why the fuck am I being so shy? Normally I would have bent her over by now and had her screaming to the whole town how much she loves it.

Finly hiked up her dress and pulled it over her head. Razaar blushed at her lack of underthings. Well this is one thing I didn’t expect. Subconsciously, his eyes drifted along her curves. Razaar has never been one to enjoy those fleshy attachments to a woman’s chest, but…”Wow.” Finly blushed again and looked away in embarrassment.

“Do what you see?” she whispered. Any softer and Razaar would have missed it. Fuck, she was adorable.

She crawled beside his hips and leaned over them. And then...oh goddess...then she licked at his slightly exposed slit. Her wet tongue trailed along it, making it open even more.

His twin cocks began to descend out of his body. She then perked up and looked at his face in shock. “ have...t...two!” Razaar gave her a bit of a smug smile.

“Yah, it’s a Zora thing.”

Finly turned back down to his hips. With a blush, she opened her mouth and sucked one of the tips. Razaar tilted his head back and hummed in pleasure. “I...I have always heard about Hylians doing this really is as good as they say.” Her tongue wrapped around him, sending shocks of pleasure down his legs. What little blood he had left in his body was rushing down to his cocks, making him lightheaded. “I was born the wrong race if this is how Hylians heal each other.”

Razaar let out a moan, just enough of one that Finly took as a cue. She climbed over his hips and grabbed one of his cocks and put it at her hole. With a slight rock, she pushed onto his tip. The cutest moan came from her mouth. “I...I haven't been fucked in a while.”

“Surprised you have been fucked at all. Messing around with the stable boys?” he teased.

She smiled at him and pushed more into herself. “The baker’s son, if you must know.” She tensed up as his cock was about a third inside her. “You...are a bit bigger though...”

Oh Razaar loved hearing that. A sharp, toothy smile spread across his face. His cock twitched in happiness. “A bit bigger, a bit thicker. Tell me my dear sweet, little Hylian, did he come inside you?”

She blushed and shook her head. Innocence filled those wide, curious eyes of hers. “I wouldn’t want to get pregnant. Everyone knows…”

She stopped as Razaar grabbed her hips and rocked her onto one of his cocks. “You want to know what it feels like? You want to feel that hot cream being released-” he shoved her further onto his cock, causing her to let out a small cry- “deep inside you?” With a small chuckle, Razaar tucked a fallen piece of hair behind her ear. “We are...incompatible species. I could come in you for days and you won’t bear my children.”

Her Hylian ears turned downward as she rocked faster and deeper onto his cock. “R...Razaar…” she whined. Her eyes shut as she focused on her task. Goddess, one little curiosity and she fell deep in lust.

“Oh, you want that? You want my cum?” Now buried all the way inside her small body, he began thrusting his hips into hers. She bent backwards in pleasure. What a kink...wanting to be filled with cum. “Work me then. Make me feel good with your sweet body.”

Though, Razaar was sure his words were lost. Finly’s eyes were glazed over. Her tongue hung out of her mouth. Fuck, this girl knew how to be sexy (even if she didn’t mean to). He snapped his hips harder into her, chasing his own sensation. He moaned at the sight of her, bouncing on his hips. Well, she wasn’t the only thing that was bouncing. Her fleshy little attachments to her chest were bouncing up and down with each snap of his hips. Oddly enough, the Zora found this attractive. He even fucked in different patterns to see how they would giggle. A hard snap followed by two soft ones and back to a hard one. Three hard ones in a row sent those things bouncing .

He was so entranced by her tits, that he barely noticed her heightening moans. “R...Razaar...I...I can’t...I can’t hold on…” The tiger shark lifted one of his hands from her hips and offered it by her head. She grabbed a hold of it and buried her screaming mouth in it. She clenched around his cock so tightly that Razaar almost lost it. Goddess, he was getting closer to the edge as well.

Finly relaxed and Razaar slowed down. “I...I’m sorry for coming so quickly...You just...just felt amazing.” She smiled and rubbed her face onto his hand. “You sure know how to treat a girl.”

Razaar simply gave her a smile. “Finly, aren't you forgetting something? You need to take care of your patient.” Her wide eyes shook with embarrassment and excitement. Then, she began grinding on him. Razaar’s legs curled up a bit from the pleasure. He couldn’t think straight. Her hands laid on his stomach as her hips dropped onto his own, ground hard , and came back up. Her blush crept from her cheeks and now bloomed onto her collarbone.

“I…” She began to shake over him. Razaar took this chance to regain control. He grabbed her hips and began fucking her once more.

But, he felt himself nearing his end. What a woman... “You want my cum?”

“Y...yes…” she cried.

“Where...where do you want my cum?”

She grabbed his hands on her hips. “I...Inside me! Razaar...I...I want it inside me...Please, give it to me...Razaar...Razaar...Ra...a...ahhhh” She shook around him as her second orgasm washed through her.

And that was just enough for Razaar to do the same. He pressed himself deep inside her, shooting everything he had her beg for inside her womb. Her legs wrapped tightly around him as she felt that warm sensation drip out of her.

Finly laid down on his chest. He gently pulled her further up on his chest and off of his cock. The poor thing looked blissed out. Eyes closed and breathing almost steady, he could have mistook that she was asleep.

They laid there in the dim candlelight for several minutes until she pushed herself up. “I...I should get us some warm water and some towels. I will be back momentarily.” She hopped off and scurried her naked body over to the kitchen area. Razaar didn’t notice before, but he was in some sort of main room. Good thing we weren't too loud….even still…

Finly walked over and placed a wet towel on his thigh and began to wipe the mess away. She must have already cleaned herself up. Otherwise she would be dripping all over the floorboards. Damn, that thought could tease him into hardness. Good thing he wasn’t in heat. She moved to the other thigh now. But, her eyes were locked onto his receding cocks. Razaar chuckled, prompting her to snap her eyes back to her work. She then ran the cloth over his hips, though there wasn’t much to wipe up now that his boys were put away. The cum would just be absorbed back into his body if it resided with them. “There, I think that is it.”

“Well, thank you so much for your healing abilities. I feel better already.” Razaar pulled her into the crook of his arm. She sighed happily and snuggled into his side.

And then…

Well, who knows? As the tiger shark fell asleep.


Razaar smiled as the healer finished up his work. But, frowned at his new orders. Another message run...really? He waved and plucked the paper from the healer’s hands. This one was going to be extensive. Lurelin Village? That far? He caught Finly peeking out from a corner. Now he understood why she did it. It’s not that she’s shy, it’s because she doesn't want her father knowing who she might be friends with. Or, lovers with.

Razaar tried to keep his face cool as memories of last night threatened to bloom a new heat into his cheeks...and his manhoods. However, the slight pain in his heart kept him from feeling any sort of wanting. Both him and the healer bowed to the mayor to take their leave. And the one last look he got from Finly broke his heart, she was crying and extended her hand ever so slightly.

‘Please don’t go…’ she wordlessly cried.

The only thing he could do was shoot her a look, ‘ I’ll be back.’










“Finally!” Razaar yelled at Captain Bazz. He snatched the paper from his captain’s hands and dove right off of the ledge of the Domain. It has been two weeks since he had a letter ordered to Hateno Village. He usually went there every week. Apparently, the mayor didn’t need assistance. When doesn't he need fucking assistance? But, he needed something from the Domain now. And Razaar was happy to give it to him.

He clung to the paper and swam as fast as his fins could flap. Every night since he saw Finly, he couldn’t think of anything else. He spent night after night thinking about her warm body own his own as cold rain, snow, even hail poured down on him during his other jobs. But, now…

“Fuck yes!” he screamed to the heavens.




He reached the bank, hoping to see his little Hylian. But, that’s when his heart stopped. He forgot to bring a new trinket from the Domain. “Shit…” He looked around and on his person, but couldn’t think of anything to give. Although, I could just give her a little more...Zora… He smirked to himself as he walked out onto the grass.

After a few minutes, he came to the small town. As always, the villagers hid, children cried, yahda, yahda, yahda, where’s Finly?

The mayor came out and greeted Razaar like always. The Zora handed him the parchment and waited as he read. Razaar’s eyes scanned the nearby sign of her.

“Well, could you wait a moment and I can write a response?”

Razaar nodded and sat under the tree. After a minute, he settled down. After two, he got impatient. And after three, he gave up hope. “Don’t tell me it was all in my head…”


He whipped around to see Finly hiding in the bushes. She had her finger up to her lips. ‘ Quiet’

“What are you doing in there?” he whispered. Tears spilled out of her eyes as she bowed her head low to the ground. “W..what? Finly what’s going on?”

Through small hiccups and cries she managed to say, “I got married.”

Razaar’s heart dropped. Knives must have cut through him. Otherwise, how could he be experiencing so much pain? He was bleeding out with no blood. “What…why? I thought…”

“My father made me. I told him I didn’t want to...but, he made me.” She covered her face with her hands.

“W...we can leave. I can take you back to the Domain and-”

“I can’t...I can’t just leave father…”

Razaar felt seething anger bubble up inside him. “After what he did to you? Finly, you obviously aren't happy. Come with me, please.”

Finly shook her head. “I belong here. Remember, I’m a Hylian...I don’t belong where the Zora are.”

“Neither do I. Finly, I can stay here and…” The sorrow in her eyes made him trail off. Of course her people wouldn’t accept him. They couldn’t even stand him.

Razaar stood up and knelt down by the bush. He took his claws and pinched one scale by his heart. He plucked it. The slight pain subsided and he handed his scale to her. “I promised you that I would bring you something to show what the Domain is like. So is my heart…”

Finly took the scale and pressed her face to his hand. “I love you…” she cried. “I will always love you.”




“And that’s the story of the only woman I ever truly loved.” Razaar stated. Though, he was a bit put off by his audience’s reaction.

(Y/N) was bawling into her pillow. Spitting all kinds of nonsense of how sad it was. Goddess, he never knew someone could make that many tears.

Sidon asked him to keep her company since he was the only one who could stand being around her when she was bleeding. Of course, the prince would pop in every now and then to make sure he wasn’t fucking her brains out. But, at this point he wouldn't even want to. She was just so...emotional.

“Hey, it’s not all bad. I saw her again when she was doing laundry in the river. Like I told Sidon, I had Hylian lovers who bleed and I got used to it. You didn’t think I would let her husband have all the fun, did you?”

(Y/N) looked up with her teary eyes. “ you still see her?”

“Every now and then, yes.”

And of course, it was the five minute ‘ are you fucking my fiance?’ checkup. Sidon’s head came through the doorway and glared at him. Then, smiled at (Y/N). Then, frowned at (Y/N). “Oh my dear, are you alright? Has Razaar made you uncomfortable? Do you….do you need some assistance? Are you having feelings? Would you like to have se-”

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaand I’m out of here.” Razaar stood up from his chair and crossed the room. “Oh, (Y/N)?”

She looked up at him.

...Make sure your story is better.”

And with that, he closed the door.