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Razaar frowned at his cousin walking away. (Y/N)’s swaying feet dangled over Sidon’s arm. A ping of jealousy took small bites out of the tiger shark’s heart. His cousin was always the one to enjoy a happy ending. Scratch that, the prince was always the one to enjoy a happy ending. He was the one that fate favored. Everything always turned out alright for him

The duty of a prince is to continue the royal line. Why, out of all people, was he allowed to have his Hylian romance? Razaar’s claws dug into the wooden table. His chest squeezed as the pain he worked so hard to bury came back. His little Hylian was taken away and all he could do was watch. Razaar saw her “husband” once.

What he would do to have that man’s heart in his hands.

Bazz sipped on his alcohol as a blue and yellow swirled one was presented to Razaar. Skyla nodded and surried away before anything more could be said. With a dismayed sigh, he began drinking the liquid. Why did the prince’s drunken mate order this for him? It was bad enough that he was thinking of his lost love.

Now he had her favorite drink.

She always dreamed of coming to Lurelin Village. She always told him of the stories she had heard. White beaches and romantic sunsets. She would often talk about collecting shells and making a necklace out of them. Maybe he should make one for her.


Bazz was never one to start up a conversation with Razaar. Years of keeping the two larger Zoras from killing each other tended to make one pick a side. Sidon was the obvious choice. Razaar was brash, unrefined, and borderline stupid when it came to certain things. Yet, who else was he going to talk to? Would he rather stay silent for the rest of the night?

A chill ran down his spine as the tiger shark looked at him. His golden eyes were wet and filled with longing. “W...what?” Bazz managed to stumble. Razaar blinked out his thoughts and turned his attention back to the drink. Bazz’s heart began to beat fast. Why would Razaar ever look at him like that? The tiger shark took a long sip before exhaling in an over the top fashion. Razaar then caged the man with his eyes once more before speaking. “Have you ever found yourself loving someone you aren't supposed to?”

The captain blushed and shrunk a little in his seat. How was he supposed to deal with this? He never received a confession of love, let alone from Razaar . “Ah...ummm…” Bazz was bumbling out his words. Then, when Razaar looked at him in a condescending manner, he understood. That look of longing was for (Y/N), not him. Oh no, did he find out about his forbidden feelings? There’s now way he could pick up on that. I’ve been nothing but professional to her. “(Y…(Y/N) is Prince Sidon’s mate. Keep that in mind.” Yes, keep it professional…

“Really, is that why do you give her those lustful gazes whenever Sidon’s not looking? Or give her those close touches during training?” Razaar gave his captain a cruel smile. Bazz felt his face become hot. Just the alcohol…  

“I am training her like everyone else.” 

Razaar let out a deep throated laugh. “Oh, really? Then will you hold me as you are correcting my movements? Will you smile at me whenever I do something right?” The screeching from Bazz’s claws on the table made a few Hylians turn around. With a deep breath, he stopped. 

“Razaar, drop it. It’s not like you are completely innocent. I saw that longing gaze as the prince was walking away.” Bazz triumphantly smiled. This will get him to shut up.

The reaction Razaar gave was not expected. The Zora dropped his head and sighed. “I wasn’t thinking about (Y/N).”

Bazz’s eyes flashed open. “R...Razaar that’s not- Sidon and you can’t-”

“You sick fuck. You’re a special kind of stupid if you think I have the hots for my cousin. I was thinking about Finly. That girl in Hateno Village whom I was in love with. Well...still, I guess.” Razaar buried his face in his hands. The pain felt like there was a snake squeezing his heart. Out of all the times… “Let’s just drop it. Forget that I even spoke a word.”

The two boys sipped on their drinks. Bazz put his down and looked off to the side. Razaar finished a long draw before setting the glass on the table and looked the other way. Bazz took a deep breath before taking another sip. Razaar knocked back as much as he could before placing his down once more. Bazz shifted in his seat slightly. Under his scales was a slight irritation, one he quickly scratched out before tapping on the table. Then, he took another sip. Razaar stole a quick glance at the captain’s tapping.

“That’s annoying,” he commented.

“Oh, sorry.” Bazz ceased his tapping and took another drink. Razaar looked at his captain once again, accidentally making eye contact. The tiger shark quickly looked away in a random direction. He took another long swig of his beverage. Maybe it was the alcohol getting to him. But he felt his lips loosen up. “Well this is awkward as fuck.” 

Bazz shot a scolding gaze at his underling. “Why must you always be so vulgar?” Razaar shrugged his shoulders. “I’ll keep that in mind when I’m not trying to drink away my pain.” Bazz shook his head in defeat. “Alcohol is not a method of coping.”

Razaar could feel the fight swelling inside him. One more nagging, nonsensical word out of the captain’s mouth and he would be on trial for murder by morning. Bazz challenged him with his eyes. “It’s not healthy.”

The tiger shark snapped. “You wouldn’t understand, Captain . You’ve never been in love with someone, only to have them taken away from you and given to a no good, neglectful, abusive man, with the only basis is that he has one cock instead of two.” Blood could pour from his eyes. The drink made him feel things Razaar had been hiding for months. His gills began flexing as primal instincts clouded his sense of judgement. 

He could kill right now.

He could throw this table into the ocean.

A small hand rested on his arm. Razaar’s attention whirled to the person as his claws wrapped around their neck. How dare someone touch him! How dare-

A pair of wide, innocent eyes stared up at him. (Y/N)?

She smiled, showing off her dull teeth. Razaar quickly retracted his grip. “Fuck, (Y/N)...I…” He leaned in closer to inspect her neck. No blood… She surprised him by placing a quick kiss on his crest. “The red mountain has been climbed.” Razaar’s mouth dropped. Obviously, she was still drunk off her ass, but what could he say to that?

“Great…” Razaar tried to smile as his word reached her pointed ears. However, his worry soon showed through.

The captain stood up and knelt by his future princess, inspecting the wound as well. “Princess, where is Pri...Where is Sidon?” She tilted her body left, then right, assumedly thinking. 

“In the water, silly. That’s where Zora live.” She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and snuggled into his chest. Bazz felt his cheeks pool with blood. (Y/N) then lightly nibbled on one of his face fins. Now the blood was rushing somewhere else. The captain took a breath to regain composure. “Razaar, go find Sidon. I think it’s time for everyone to head to bed.” Razaar made no move to answer his captain. His eyes were glazed over and staring at his open palms. “Razaar,” Bazz stated again. The tiger shark looked up and nodded.

Once Bazz knew that his underling was out of ear shot, he turned his attention back to his princess. She was staring intently at him. “Is...Is something wrong?” Her cheeks puffed and lips plumped in a pout. “I do not wish to retire for the night. Come, we are going to have more fun.”  The captain was at a loss for words. Goddess, this girl is going to be the death of him. She quickly scanned the surrounding area. There in the distance, between the hold of the bar and brightly lit torches, was a group of people surrounding a strung up and brightly colored effigy of an animal. (Y/N) quickly grabbed his arm and pulled him towards it. Even after a few steps, his back was disagreeing with this. (Y/N) was shorter than him so he had to bend down to accommodate her wishes; as for running, it made it worse. When they were a few yards away, a feeling of fear flashed through him as his captain instincts kicked in. This was no social gathering. It was a cult ritual.

The participants took turns blindfolding each other and forcing them to hit the pretend animal with a stick. “(Y/N), we should turn back. This...this doesn't look safe.” His princess pouted and continued pulling on his arm. 

“Hey, want a turn?” One large man held up a blindfold in front of (Y/N). She jumped out of his grip and joined the circle of onlookers. The captain’s heart dropped as she was blindfolded and given the ritual stick. What should he do? It would make a scene if he just ran off with her. We will just keep low for now.  

(Y/N) was spun around a few times before they moved her towards the fake animal. With a powerful swing she hit the animal so hard it broke in two. Small pieces, almost like beads dropped out of the part that was still strung up and onto the sand below. Bazz moved quickly to try and get her, but the onlookers charged at her. But, they bowed before her. Was this a chief ritual? Hylia help us...  

But upon closer inspection, the people were picking up the beads off the ground. Well, them and his drunken princess. Upon feeling his stare, she looked at him, smiled, and hopped over with a single bead. She smiled and popped it in her mouth. “It’s candy. I only got one, though. I think I am slower when drunk.”

Bazz didn’t know what was going on. Why would people put candy in a fake animal and hit it with a stick? Hylians were strange creatures to be sure. (Y/N) pulled on his arm towards the beach. Whatever the reason for doing so, he was glad to be heading away from the ritualists. 

(Y/N) made happy humming noises and would touch her cheeks. Soon, she stopped pulling him down and brought her hand to his, intertwining her fingers with his webbed ones. Bazz’s heart leapt at this. It was as if they were taking a romantic stroll down the beach. That thought alone made his cheeks hot. 

They stopped at the water’s edge and looked out to the ocean. The waters blackened by the night and only reflected the small light from the moon. Bazz slightly squeezed the hand holding his. It squeezed back in a more...suggestive way. He flushed at her action. Closing his eyes, he focused his energy on keeping his slit closed. Why did she always have a way of turning him on through the slightest touch? He felt a tug on his arm, causing him to look down. With a few more powerful tugs, he knelt down to be at eye level with her.

(Y/N) smiled. “You want to try some of the candy?” Bazz really didn’t know what she was up to, but it would be futile to refuse her in her current condition. He nodded slowly. She cupped his cheeks with her hands as she placed a kiss on his mouth. Bazz stilled as her tongue entered his mouth, bringing the candy along with it. The sweet treat rolled off her tongue and onto his own. (Y/N) then retracted her mouth from his own, leaving him breathless. She really kissed him? His slit threatened to open up to leak his juices onto the sand. How could this be real? Those late night sessions with himself always had her at the center. He always felt horrible for touching himself to his prince’s mate. But, he couldn’t stop this raging feeling for her.

“Is it good?”

“Yes” he answered. She’s right here in front of him. She kissed him . His hands wandered around her body, settling on the small of her back and pulling her ever so close. She gleamed up at him and said, “Can I have it back now?” The captain took no time in closing the gap between their lips as he passionately kissed the one person he swore to never touch. His body revelled in this suppressed desire coming to life. The candy passed from his tongue to hers, intertwining their tongues for a split second.

“And you worried about me doing something uncouth.”

Bazz pulled back and turned to the tiger shark. “R...Razaar…” His stomach sank, his eyes widened in fear. “It...It’s not what it looks like! I….I can explain!” However, despite the captain’s persistent cries, Razzar grinned with his razor sharp teeth. 

“Oh don’t worry captain . I would never tell my cousin about how his little minnow was kissed by his most trusted friend. And I would definitely never tell his underlings about how their captain was opening up when kissing said minnow.” The sarcasm dripping off Razaar’s tongue made Bazz freeze in fear.

The tiger shark shook his head and shrugged his shoulders. “I think it is time for everyone to turn in anyways. (Y/N)?” The princess turned her head to look at the tall Zora. “Do you think you will remember anything from tonight?”

Her smile bloomed with a fury. “Nope!” she chirped. Razaar patted her head before picking her up like a doll. Not that she minded. Even sober she liked being carried around the palace. It was always a safe place in the arms of such a strong Zora. Usually it was her mate, but Razaar had a few occasions to hold this cherished person. He smiled deeply as the princess snuggled in his chest. “You’re so cute,” he whispered. 

Bazz’s legs were glued to the sand. He couldn’t move...what did he do? Razaar turned back around and nodded his head in the direction of their lodging. Reluctantly, he followed the two back to the cabin. 

Surely he would be dead by morning...