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Razaar stormed out of the hut their party was staying at. Hot smoke was puffing from his ears, he could feel it. If Razaar was swimming, he was sure the water would boil from his anger. Well, it was not necessarily anger he felt. Rather, frustration.

Out of all the things to happen…

Razaar felt a positive shift in his relationship with Sidon ever since he returned to the Domain. However, that seemed to evaporate when the elders wanted to fuck around. Well, have him fuck around. Now, Sidon won’t even look at him.

Razaar stopped on the shoreline, looking across the ocean. It wasn’t fair. Bazz took liberties with (Y/N) and he simply laughed it off. But with him, who kept in check, never touched her more than necessary, and never kissed her, Sidon still treated him like he would ravish her if given the chance. The tiger shark kicked the sand, sending particles flying into the wind. Why was he always the bad guy?

“Why was I born semi-royalty?” Those words cut his tongue and pierced his heart. He was too high class to act brash , but not enough to enjoy the comforts that come with it. Never welcome, never wanted. Never truly wanted. Razaar brought a hand to his crest and pressed. The headache these thoughts caused was worse than his hangover. Then, his thoughts curled around memories of a Hylian with a smile like the sun….Finly. She cared for him. 

Razaar would act out and be uninterested in others' opinions. He would do whatever his heart pleased because he was never good enough anyway. It never bothered him. Never occurred to him that there might be something more to life than being a disappointment. 

That all changed when someone finally cared.

The shark’s lip twitched as his heart squeezed. Was it so wrong to want to be wanted? The universe says yes. Obstacles always came when he wanted something. Wanting to be better than his cousin resulted in his exile. Wanting to be loved by another resulted in her being married to another man. Wanting to have his cousin’s affection resulted in taking his mate to bed and then having any progress thrown away.

Nothing worked out for him….and he was sick of it.

Maybe he should just leave.

Razaar turned to the quiet town that roared with life the night before. He has been to this town more times that he could count. And still, he felt no love from this place, or any he traveled to. He was told to wander Hyrule, his heart must have done the same. When will he ever feel at home-

Razaar blinked a few times to clear his vision. There was no possible way a Hylian with Finly’s exact shade of hair could be walking on the boardwalk. The girl turned around, showing off her adorable freckles before returning her attention to the ocean. She walked further and further out on the dock that jetted into the ocean. Once at the end, she leaned against the railing. 

“It can’t be her…” Razaar looked around to see if her husband was close behind. Not that he would, because it wasn’t Finly. It couldn’t be Finly. Razaar’s mind wound around the idea until it strangled him. He had to know.

The tiger shark leaped into the water and swam close to the sea floor. This was when he was glad of his markings. The stripes on his back mimicked the shadows and highlights of the sun’s rays in the water, making him hard to see. Hylians are naturally terrified of Zora anyway. No need to scare an innocent Hylian that was definitely not Finly. Grains of sand were sent swirling underneath him as he swam along the seafloor. Razaar slowed down his pace as he neared the dock. His yellow eyes adjusting to the bright beach light.

It was her.

What should he do? Razaar never contemplated what he would do if it was her. Decisions were weighed and tossed around inside his Zora head. As these options became a roaring storm inside his mind, he just...stared. It hasn’t been too long since he’s seen her last. Why was he acting like a young minnow? 

She hasn’t noticed him. Her eyes were glued to the horizon, allowing Razaar safety below her line of vision. Goddess, she was as beautiful as ever. Her hair flowed with the gentle breeze around her soft facial features. The sun allowed its light to gently kiss her skin in the form of freckles. And her soft, plump lips were as kissable as always. Yet, Razaar’s heart dropped as he noticed those perfect lips bowed into a frown. Finly always mentioned wanting to see the ocean. Shouldn’t she be happy?

His curiosity began pulling him to the surface. An unknown force in his heart magnetized his body to hers. He hovered there for a second more, nervousness making him hesitate. The shark was helpless when it came to her, but now he couldn’t resist hiding any longer. Razaar breached the water with his crest, making enough noise to alert the Hylian looking beyond. Finly dropped her gaze to the Zora. 

“Razaar?” Her face lit up, a smile broke the sorrow from earlier. There was his happy minnow. Finly dropped to her knees and leaned over the dock. “What are you doing here? I mean..I’m happy you’re here,” Her excitement bubbled over, making talking a struggle. Razaar swam closer to put his hands over hers. That wonderful warmth banishing every strife from his thoughts.

“I’m guarding the prince and his mate. Goddess, how are you here? It’s been too long, my sweet minnow.” Razaar pressed his crest upward to her forehead, which she nuzzled him in reply. His heart was completely entranced by her gaze. Touching gently was not enough. Intimacy, kissing, fucking, everything….he wanted it all. He wanted her .

“Hey, Finly!” A gruff call came from down the dock. Razaar shot down into the water and swam under the dock to avoid being spotted. Of course he was here. Razaar swam under Finly as she made her way to her husband. Razaar followed underneath her, stealthily guarding and ready to pounce, if need be.

She stopped, as did Razaar. The tiger shark glared at the man through the cracks between the dock boards. That low voice of her husband pissed him off. “I told you not to run off. The water is a dangerous place to be for a woman. Who knows what could be down there.” More than you know. The anger in him triggered his fighting response, claws extended, gills flexed, teeth bared. “The only reason we are here is because the doctor said you needed some place to relax in order to become pregnant. It’s been nearly a year and you still haven't bore me any sons. So, we don’t need you to be in a dangerous situation that might make things harder, understood?”

Finly dropped her head and nodded. “Yes sir.” 

Finly let a ghost of a smile show when she made eye contact with him through the cracks. Unfortunately, her husband got the wrong idea. The man grabbed her shirt collar and shook. Razaar moved to leap up, but stopped when Finly held out her hand. His blood was raging. This bastard! The man snarled in Finly’s face. “You think this is funny? Do you know how embarrassing it is to have a broken wife? All of the other men my age have at least one lad to raise and you can’t even give me that ? If your father wasn’t so powerful, I would have had someone take care of you so I could move on with my life! Maybe I should give you to that Zora and see him eat you alive!” 

Not if I kill you first! 

Finly kept her face neutral and calm as her verbal lashings were dealt out. Anything she would say wouldn’t matter. Nothing mattered to this man except his own self image. Calling him a man is even insulting! Once he settled down, he grabbed Finly’s wrist and hauled her back into town. Razaar wanted to go. He wanted to be there in case she needed him. But, nobody must know.

That’s what she told him the first time they had their love affair. No matter what, he had to respect her wishes. Even if it killed him to do so.

Razaar dove back into the water and began the short swim to the cottage. His heart seemed to weigh him down though. Sand soon surrounded him as he laid down on the ocean floor. Small minnows swam past his face. Minnows... his minnow...Feelings of loneliness, and hurt bubbled over in his heart. Tears blurred his vision. And for the first time in a long time, he started to cry.

Reader's POV

You kicked and punched your mate to get him off of you. Damn it was fine when there was a big enough bed, but with such little room he rolled right on top of you. He’s so heavy! Sidon cracked his eyes open before lifting himself up. “Oh dear, I’m so sorry. I didn’t crush you, did I?” You shake your head as you began to stretch out. “Oh good. We’ve had enough adventures for a good while. No need to add a doctor’s visit to the list. Speaking of…” Sidon looked over his shoulder to catch a glimpse of the captain. 

Bazz was still curled up in a ball. But, you could see his sweet, sleeping face. Has the captain ever been so relaxed? There was not a touch of stress in his posture. Sidon chuckled and leaned down to your ear. “Maybe we fucked him tired.” Your cheeks glowed red at the mention of your naughty antics. 

You gave him a snide frown and stood up. “Why don’t we go swimming? Like actually swimming? No sex.” Sidon opened his mouth wide in mocking-shock. I would never! To which, you rolled your eyes. Kneeling in front of your bag, you shuffled through the various articles of clothing. The secret plan was in the bottom of the pile. The swimsuit material felt wonderful in your hand. It was an actual swimsuit with plenty of fabric to cover your ass and other voluptuous parts that Sidon loved to grope. 

You held up your prize to the prince. The corners of his crest bent down in disappointment. How could he lewd you in such conservative clothing? Sidon would just have to flow, like always. Just flow right underneath that swimsuit. Is what you thought. That slight smirk of his...goddess, he is just a perverted prince. You looked over to Bazz to make sure he was asleep before taking off your shirt. That caused Sidon to groan with need. A slight lub-dub of your heart had adrenaline pumping. You turned to him and put your thumbs in the waistband of your pants. Slowly, sensually those pants came down to the delight of your audience. Then, the panties came down in a similar fashion. Sidon’s slit opened up at the show. His hand began to wander south towards it. 

You smiled and began pulling up your swimsuit. The prince made a whine of disappointment. Your arms found the loops of the swimsuit and ta-da it was on. With a slight flick of your hip, you began to walk out of the hut. Oh, that felt good. You weren't just a fucktoy. A small victory for your ego. A reminder that you had control over his antics. 

The bright sun greeted you outside. Finally, something normal, just a nice swim in the ocean. 

Your eyebrows bowed up when you saw Razaar sit on the shore, allowing the waves to wash up to his hips. The tiger shark was hunched over, playing with the sand in between his legs. He hasn’t noticed me yet… You quietly snuck across the sand, avoiding shells and sticks that would make noise if stepped on. Five paces in front of you, four, three, bend your knees for the pounce-

“Hi.” Razaar’s voice was dry and devoid of emotion.

You stood back up and rounded into his vision. “How did you know? You never looked at me.” Razaar’s unfocused eyes looked up at you, then back to the sand in front of him.


Blood rushed to your cheeks in embarrassment. “A...g...good smell?” you hoped. Razaar shrugged his shoulders, “Sure.”

You twiddled your thumbs and looked around. Razaar was many things, awkward was not one of them. Charm ran in the royal family as far as you could tell. “Is...something wrong?” An answer wasn’t needed for the question. But, the subtext is what you really wanted to know. 

A few waves ebbed over the shark’s toes before he sighed. Nothing more. Just one, small sigh. His fingers picked up some wet sand and let the droplets drip back onto the beach. One, two, three, four, and so on until they made a small tower. A wave gently washed over his creation, pulling it back into the sea, smoothing his canvas. Again, he took more sand in between his fingers and let it drip onto the beach. 

He had no intention of talking. You sat beside him on the white sand. Broken shells and small shells were mixed in with the crystal-like sand grains. You dug your hand down into the sand to flip it over, revealing the hidden underside. A small, pink shell caught your eye. Gently, you pinched it between your thumb and finger and rinsed off the grains of sand in the next wave that came to you. With the shell now clean, you placed it atop Razaar’s thigh. The Zora made no move to even look. He was too far gone, lost in thought. You left the tiny treasure there and moved back to sift through more sand. 

A small purple shell was found next. It was formed in a spiral that ended with a pointy tip. You took it, washed it, and set the shell next to its pink counterpart atop Razaar’s leg. This process is repeated until a small line of shells trailed down the middle of his thigh. From hip to knee, your collection of curious shells was on display. The luster of his scales reflected the light of the sun, giving your collection a ethereal glow. 

You looked up from your art piece to the face of Razaar. A sinking feeling filled your heart. Even after ten minutes of finding these shells, he still hasn’t snapped out of his dazed state. With a delicate touch, you lay your hand on his thigh, knocking off some of your collection. “Razaar, you can talk to me.” A slight glint of liveliness passed through his eyes. “Please…”

He finally looked at you. “Finly…” His voice was rubbed completely raw. “I saw her and her husband.” The pain in his words was enough to twist your heart. Razaar… “I hate how he treats her.” The Zora’s body tensed under the pressure of his feelings. More and more shells fell from his leg as anger turned to a fiery rage that shook his body.

You moved your hand up his leg and back down in a slow, soothing dance. With each stroke, the tiger shark became less tense. That fiery rage turned to a slow simmer. And with two pats, he looked over to you. It took everything you had to keep your heart from breaking. His golden eyes overflowed with regret and remorse. They sparkled with a sorrowful luster that told of his helplessness. 

A plan began to formulate in your mind. You didn’t know how Razaar would feel about it though. Either screaming in your face, stomping off, or...maybe he would take you up on it. “I can distract her husband for a night. So you two can talk.” 

Razaar’s face was unreadable, then turned to worry. “I can’t have you sleeping with him. He’s taken so much, I can’t let him have you too-” 

“That’s not what I had in mind. A few drinks and he’ll be drunk enough to forget where he is. Then, you can sneak her away and...well... talk .” You winked. The tiger shark looked into your eyes a small blush covered his cheeks. 

“You would do that? For me?” Razaar was in a state of shock and hesitancy. You patted his thigh and nodded. “Alright then, tell her I will be waiting at the dock. She will know which one.” The Zora faced away from you. A small chuckle bubbled in your throat. He’s smiling like a fool. A love struck fool.




You held the hand of one begrudging prince. Sidon didn’t like the idea once you told him. Bazz even more. Which explains why both men were nearly crushing you from their intense gazes. Oh Hylia, give you strength to live through this night. 

The lights of the town covered you with their orange glow. A small glint caught your attention. The candlelight flickered on Sidon’s red scales, making the image of him on fire with rage quite palpable. You just hoped that he truly didn’t feel as angry as he appeared to be. 

And there he was, about thirty paces from you was the man you were supposed to distract. Your eyes flicked to the girl next to him. A small heat began to bloom on your cheeks. She was as beautiful as Razaar described her to be. Finly’s bouncy curls, beautiful skin, and rather nice breasts made you a bit self conscious. How were you going to distract a man who was married to such a beautiful woman? You subconsciously began to touch your hair. 

Sidon touched your back lightly. “Alright love, Bazz and I are going to be near in case he tries something.” You bobbed your head in a nod as the boys took their seats across the way from your destination. Alright (Y/N) you can do this… The closer you got, the hotter your cheeks burned. You tried not to think it, you really did. However, your head showed you the picture of Razaar behind you, having you. 

Not as good as my other little Hylian, I have to admit.

Of all the times your self consciousness kicked in, it had to be now. You felt small, unworthy of approaching someone that is held in such high regard by Razaar. The pace of your feet began to slow. Did you even feel good to him? Or was the real reason he left the room that night was because he didn’t find you attractive? Now, you stopped. They haven't noticed you yet. Maybe if you walked back the way you came-

Finly looked over to you and gave a half-hearted smile. You smiled awkwardly back and continued over to where they were sitting. “Umm, excuse me. Hi...I ummm…” What was I going to say?

A mental image of Razaar popped into your head. He put one hand on his hip and scoffed. That ‘man’ of hers is only interested in his own image. Damn bastard…

That was it! “I’m the fiance of Prince Sidon. I overheard that you were in town and was hoping to get to know you better for the betterment of our people.” That seemed to grab the attention of the man beside her. Well, that and the widened eyes of Finly nearly looked like they were about to fall out of her head. 

“Well-” the man cut in- “ I am Morro of Hetano Village. The next chieftain, if you would prefer formal titles.” No I would not. “I and my lovely wife are on vacation for a second honeymoon of sorts. But, I can always make time for excellent conversation. How about I go and fetch us some drinks. Well, except for my honey. As she is expecting a child soon.” The cheesy smile he was radiating made your stomach turn. That and how he walked so poshly into the bar.

“I’m Finly. It’s an honor to meet you, future princess of the Zora.” You turned your attention back to the person with the sweet voice. She sounded like a songbird.

“N...N...No the honor is mine! Razaar mentioned you and-”

“Razaar? He….” Her bright honey green eyes were watering over. “He talks about me?” You were stunned. She seemed stunned. Was it that much of a secret? Were you not supposed to know? Finly’s smile turned from sorrowful to gracious. “I thought I was just one of many, to be honest. I’ve heard stories…”

You shake your head. “Not at all! He is like so in love with you! I couldn’t even get him to talk because all he wanted to do was be with you! He-” You noticed that Morrow was returning from the counter. “Say you are going to the bathroom. Razaar is waiting for you at the dock. I will cover for you. Now go.” 

Finly, though shocked, nodded her head and quickly stood up and headed for the building. After a quick exchange of words, her husband nodded and focused his attention on you. It worked!

Razaar’s POV

Razaar’s heart pounded hard in his chest. It was nearly enough to hurt. Had (Y/N) succeeded? Was Finly distrustful of her? Goddess above, this was a terrible idea. 

Anxiety was beginning to take hold. Razaar wrapped his arms around himself in desperation. He couldn’t shatter now. No matter what terrible thoughts passed through his mind, he had to be in one piece for whoever came. Whether (Y/N) in failure or Finly, with her kind, green eyes in success. A gentle stroke to his crest shocked him out of his thoughts. The water splashed around in response to his jolt. 

“Thinking too much again?” 

Razaar looked up towards the dock. Finly smiled gently at him as she continued to stroke his crest and headtail. “You always think too much.” Tears outlined Razaar’s vision. Why was she always like this? She smiled despite being miserable. It’s not like she’s married to the worst man in all of Hyrule. Finly wiped away a fallen tear on his cheek. “Relax, Razaar. I’m here.”

Everything shattered in his heart. He couldn’t control it. His hands cupped her cheeks as he pulled her down into a desperate kiss. Finly was going to vanish, she was going to leave him if he didn’t keep kissing her sweet mouth. Tears freely flowed down his face as his fingers felt the few lumps on the sides of her head.

Razaar pulled back and pressed his crest to her forehead. “Finly...please don’t tell me he-”

“Not now, my love. Please, I just want to live in this moment…” She sealed her words with a kiss. Those soft, plump lips softened his anger and pulled him further into the head-space that Finly so desperately wanted him to join. Yet, he sharply pulled away.

Razaar placed one hand behind her head and the other on the small of her back. “I don’t think either of us is satisfied with just kisses.” Finly smiled. “Then what does my love propose?” Razaar moved to her ear. Small nips and nibbles tickled the outer shell, sending pleasurable shivers down Finly’s spine. “What I do best, fucking you into the sand.” Razaar pulled Finly off the dock and into the water with him. He kissed her twice more, feeling up her body, hair and assets. Perfect, as always.

He began swimming away from the dock towards a spot he picked out ahead of time. It was a secluded spot along the shore with soft sand and a beautiful view of the moon, not too far from the small cabin their party was staying at. This would be perfect. Tonight, she is his. Razaar smiled like a fool at Finly’s confused face. “I love you.” A dark blush covered her cheeks, barely visible in the moonlight. Razaar chuckled. “I do. Why are you always so embarrassed to hear me say it?”

Finly buried her face into his chest. “It’s embarrassing.” Razaar stroked her hair and kissed the top of her head. 

“I wonder how long that embarrassment lasts.” Razaar swam to the shore, stripping her of her dressings along the way. The waves swept them away in a fluttering dance into the darkness. Goddess, she was everything right with this world. Razaar pressed his crest against her forehead. “Your eyes glitter like sunlight on a waterfall” -He ran his fingers up the back of her neck into her red locks- “Soft as a water lily, but as fiery as the day’s last light. I can’t imagine loving anyone else than this beautiful woman in my arms.”

Her lips found his own as those curious hands felt their way down his chest. The first wave of pleasure hit him as he laid his angelfish upon the sand. Yes, this was how it was supposed to be. Scales on skin, breath ragged as bodies fit together. Sweet songs of pleasure mixed with the crashing waves to create a symphony that Razaar wanted to play forever. Razaar pushed into his sweet little Hylian. His cheeks began to flush as she squeezed around one of his cocks. “How are you always so tight? perfect.” The tiger shark pulled himself out only to reinsert himself a second later. Damn, Hylia truly put everything she had into this one woman. 

He smiled when her hand traveled over her stomach to the top of her slit. Two of her fingers began to swirl around her swollen clit. And her reaction, oh goddess her reaction, was delicious beyond compare. Finly arched her back and gripped him like a vice. “R...Razaar!” 

Razaar would cut off his left fin to see her everyday like this, filled with pleasure. (And himself.) “My sweet minnow...touch yourself. Yes…” He was going to go crazy if Finly continued to- “Hahhhahhh...mmmm…” Now this was cheating. She only needed one hand to touch herself, which meant the other one could play with his second cock. Velvet touches that swirled and caressed his member pushed him closer to the edge. Razaar was breathless, devoid of anything besides the little Hylian being pounded underneath him. The moonlight outlined her body among the sand, among all impurities. She was truly a goddess to him. One that he would gladly worship until the day he would return to the sea. 

If he had more time, he would make this last, take his time to kiss and touch every inch of her perfect body. The universe must know how precious a creature she is. Yet, nothing can make her feel more loved than what Razaar was whispering. “My beautiful Hylian. My precious, gorgeous Hylian. It heart is about to burst from how much I adore you. have you on the the ocean waves...underneath’s every Zora boy’s dream. I’ve romanticized this scene over and over. It...It pales in comparison to reality.” Razaar’s hot cheeks were burning with embarrassment. Every ounce of composure was being stripped away, leaving a desperate mess of a man. 

Finly’s lips trembled. They haven't even been at it for three minutes and she was already close! Every place Razaar touched burned with pleasure. There wasn’t anything this man didn’t appreciate about her form. He kissed the sweet spot of her neck as he coddled her breasts. Shit, how can someone be so well versed? To know her enough to give her exactly what she wants. Razaar quickened his pace. Now Finly’s vision began to fuzz. The tips of her toes began to go numb and curl in. 

“Come for me.” Razaar whispered into her ear.

She shook her head. “’s too early-...we just-...Razaar…” The woman buried her face into his chest, desperately trying to keep herself intact until the time was right. Yet, Razaar, being the gentleshark, nibbled at her ears again to whisper praises. Soft, loving words of adoration and encouragement that cradled her in safety. A place to be vulnerable, open, selfish.

Finly threw her head back into the sand and cried. A shattered whole, a deconstructed woman in the arms of her seraphim. Razaar’s hands held her curves and head as the waves of absolute ecstasy wracked her body. Hot tears fell in droplets onto the sand below as every worry and hurt was tossed to the wayside for one moment. Just one moment of heaven that kept her from breaking under the pressure. A taste she waits months for.

As the high began to subside, Razaar quickened his pace inside her. Finly’s hands flashed to his biceps as the pleasure was being re-heightened. He loved this part, unfocused eyes and mouth agape. “You feel so good, my minnow. Yes….yes…” Goddess above, the pressure in his belly was about to burst forth. He looked down at his beautiful Hylian. “So small and fragile underneath me, yet strong and wonderful. Fuck...Finly, you look so good, spread open and taking my cock, my love, my seed .” That final tick of his voice gave what he needed. A final squeeze around him had the Zora pouring into his little fish. 

He felt like he could fly. This is all he ever wanted in life, someone to love him as he loved them. This moment was perfection. One that he would certainly cherish till the end of his days.

Razaar kissed his minnow lightly on the lips. His mouth was open to say something. But, before he could even get a word in, the sweet notes of his love graced his ears. Three little words that made him nearly melt in pure happiness.

“I love you.”