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Sent to Hogwarts

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"Why your at the Leaky Cauldron of course!" The man answered. He looked at Sisko with a face of genuine confusion. Sisko said to the man, "Thank you sir. What's your name?" The man looked at him with a smile on his face. "Rubeus Hagrid. Keeper of keys and grounds at Hogwarts. And who might you be?" Sisko Looked at Dax. He didn't know whether or not he should tell him. Dax looked at Hagrid and then looked back at Sisko. She walked over to him and whispered, "Benjamin I don't think that he's going to hurt us. I see no reason to keep our names hidden from him.'' Sisko looked back at Hagrid then said, "My name is Benjamin Sisko." Hagrid looked at Sisko again and said, "Pleased to meet ya Benjamin." He looked over at Dax and said, "And you are?" Dax looked at Hagrid with a big grin on her face. She walked up to him and answered his question. "My name is Jadzia Dax. Please to meet you Mr. Hagrid." She held out her hand so Hagrid could shake it. He smiled and shook Dax's hand. "Pleased to meet ya Jadzia. You can just call me Hagrid." Dax grinned back at him and said, "Okay Hagrid!"

Hagrid looked over at Sisko and asked him, "Benjamin who's the girl down the end over there?" He pointed in Kira's direction. She was staring at them. She looked as though she was trying to figure out whether or not Hagrid and the boy were a threat. Knowing how Kira was this didn't surprise Sisko. He knew that it was just her nature. Sisko looked back at Hagrid and answered him. "I think I will let her answer that , excuse me." He went over to Kira and said to her, "I need you to introduce yourself to Hagrid." Sisko pointed at the table where Hagrid, O'Brien, and the boy sat. Kira looked at the table and asked him, "Is this an order sir?" Sisko looked at her and said, "Only if it has to be." Kira looked back at Sisko and said, "Aye sir. Which one is Hagrid sir?" Sisko looked at Kira and said to her, "I will take you to him. And from now on until we get back to DS9 call me Benjamin." She looked at and said, "Okay Benjamin." Sisko walked in Hagrid's direction. When they got to him Sisko looked at Kira and said, "Well go ahead." Kira took a deep breath. She looked up at Hagrid. He looked down to her and asked, "And What's your name?" Kira looked back down for a minute. She looked like she was still trying to decide if he was a threat or not. She looked back up at him and answered. "I am Kira Nerys." Hagrid smiled at her and said, "Pleased to meet ya Kira." He smiled down to her and she smiled back. Sisko went to table and sat down where the boy was sitting. He looked at the boy and asked, "What's your name?" The boy looked at him and said, "I'm Harry. Harry Potter." Sisko held his hand out for Harry to shake. Harry smiled and shook his hand. "It's nice to meet you Harry. If you don't know already my name is Benjamin Sisko. These are my friends Jadzia Dax, Miles O'Brien, And Kira Nerys. You've probably already met Miles though." Harry answered him. "Yes I have."

Harry got up and went over to meet with the two girls. Sisko got up to talk with Hagrid. "Hagrid have you seen anyone with clothes similar to the ones that Kira or Jadzia are wearing?" Hagrid took a look at Sisko and then at Kira. He thought about it for a minute or two and then answered. "Now that ya mention it there were three blokes down at the bar asking where they were at. One of them had clothes just like Jadzia's. The other had some on like Nerys' but in tan. And the other was in something else but he was with them alright. The one in tan looked a bit annoyed with him if ya ask me." Sisko smiled. "Thanks Hagrid. Do you know where they went after that?" He held his breath a bit before Hagrid answered. "They went back up stairs. My guess is that they went back to their rooms." Sisko blew out the air he was holding in his lungs. He was relived to know that they were still here. "Thank you Hagird." Hagrid looked at Sisko and said, "Anytime Benjamin." Sisko stood up and went over to O'Brien. "Miles I need you to come help me find them." O'Brien looked at him and whispered, "Aye sir. Should I call you by your first name sir?" Sisko whispered back a plain and simple yes. O'Brien got up from his seat and followed him.

Sisko and O'Brien went over to where Harry, Jadzia, And Kira were standing. Harry and Jadzia were talking while Kira was listening and occasionally answering any questions that she was asked. They went over to Harry and Sisko said, "Excuse me for interrupting Harry but I need to speak with my friends for a bit." Harry looked at Sisko and nodded. "G'bye Jadzia. G'bye Kira." Jadzia and Kira waved back at him as they said their goodbye. When they were finished they turned to Sisko and O'Brien.

Sisko led them all to another table and they sat down. Sisko began started the conversation. "I think I know where Quark, Odo, and Bashir are." Dax's eyes grew wide. She leaned over to Sisko and asked "Where are they? Do you know if they are alright?!" Sisko put a finger up to his lips. "Shhhh. Keep your voice down Jadzia. As far as I know they are fine. They went back up stairs." Sisko looked at Dax. She looked a little less worried than she sounded a second ago. "I need all of you to help me find them." Kira asked, "What's the plan?" Sisko looked over to Kira to find that she looked very calm. "I thought we could split up and knock on some of the doors. If the person who opens the door looks like one of them then you take them into the hallway and alert me and the rest of us still searching. When we've found all three of them we will go into my room and talk about finding ways to get back to DS9 and putting us back into our adult forms. Everyone clear on the plan?" They all looked at each other than back at Sisko and nodded. "Well lets get started."