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My Hero Academia Oneshots

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"Uhhh...." Your eyes shot wide as the twirling bottle landed on you.

"F/N's turn!" Mina cheered joyfully. A tiny yelp of objection echoed in your throat.

"Ouch. Not so tight!" You griped as Mina tied your blindfold, thrusting the glass object into your hand. You spun the bottle on the floor, completely oblivious as to who it would land on. It must have come to a stop, since a few snickers, chuckles and aws tickled your eardrums.

"SHHH!" Mina hushed the group aggressively. "Don't give anything away!" You startled as hands were slapped on your shoulders, hauling you to your feet. The violent escort shoved you into the closet. You wondered for a moment if the boy in question was also showing silent reluctance. The door slammed shut, but you knew you weren't alone. It wasn't until now that your nerves decided to surface. You waited for a moment, but the anonymous boy didn't make a move towards you. 'Maybe this is for the best...' You thought. 'The odds that it would be the right guy are really low anyways...' You heard his breathing a few feet away. 'But what if it is...'

"Where are you?" You asked, deciding to try and figure out who it was. You heard a soft tenor voice clear his throat to let you know his whereabouts. Your arms reached out in the darkness. "Give me your hands." You humbly requested. His feet shifted and two sweaty palms slid their way into your hands. Despite losing your sight for the time being, it wasn't difficult to smell the tension hanging in the air. Based on the sweltering body heat radiating from him, you imagined the boy must have been at least as nervous as you, if not more so.

You lifted your head and smiled gently to encourage him, deliberately stroking his hand with your fingertips in a soothing motion. Strategic thoughts flew across your mind like banners as you planned to discover him. 'I could casually touch his shoulders. That way I could estimate how tall he is and eliminate some options... Or maybe if I could get ahold of his hair, that would be helpful too...' But immediately, something else caught your attention. 'Wait... what's this?' Your brows furrowed behind the bandana. Your thumb brushed across a rough raised slice of skin. Your breath hitched when you realized... 'There's only one boy with scars on his hands...'

Midoriya gulped, trying to swallow the knot in his throat. He'd never been this close to a girl before. ' So close... so good.'  He kept silent as the grave, fearing the slightest peep would reveal his identity to you, resulting in a scathing rejection. He couldn't take the tormenting heartbreak if that were to happen.

"Come closer." You whispered, reaching up for his shoulders. Midoriya stood on his tiptoes, just to be safe. "You..." He looked down at you as you spoke. "You can kiss me if you like." You suggested. Izuku froze, a wave of adrenaline coursing through his veins. 'No way! This is a dream come true!' He bit his tongue hard, the only way to hold back his delighted giggle. His hands tightened against yours but you felt no other response. You shied away, cheeks burning with embarrassment. "I mean... only if you want to..." You muttered self-consciously, tucking your chin. A gentle hand caressed your face, lifting your chin up. You felt his hot breath, faces inches away. It wasn't hard to sense his hesitation.

"It's okay." You cooed, returning the soft contact with a touch to his cheek. Your fingers grazed his ear, wanting a handful of his playful curls. Suddenly you felt a hand grab your wrist to stop you. "...I can't touch your hair?" You asked. Silence. "I see." You smiled happily. "All the guys in the class have distinct hair styles. It would be a dead giveaway, right?"

Izuku returned your palm to his face, nodding to try and communicate with you. "Okay. That's fair." You accepted. You felt his body relax, sighing in relief. You slowly weaved your hands around his shoulders, careful to not touch his hair.

Midoriya blushed at the enticing embrace, intoxicated by the sweet scent of your perfume. You craned your neck, becoming impatient. A fluttering jittery feeling swelled at your proximity. Somehow he felt weightless, as if there were beating wings where his heart used to be. His eyelids drooped, sinking down to meet your lips. He began tenderly, still in disbelief that he had permission to do this. The clock was ticking so you wasted no time. You yanked him into a tight embrace, dragging your tongue across his lower lip. He gasped in surprise, allowing entrance to his mouth.

'Oh god...' His head was spinning. He felt your teeth graze his lip in a frisky nip and your tongue was touching his! All the blood rushed to his face and his knees gave way. He stumbled forward, taking you with him into the wall behind you. He wanted to apologize but couldn't say anything. He winced, hoping he hadn't hurt your delicate body.

You figured his anonymity must have given him a heightened bravery, for you felt him thrust you against the wall in what you assumed was an assertion of dominance. You smiled into the kiss, exhilarated by the thrill of it all. But shit! The time limit!

"I-" You put a firm hand on his shoulder, pulling him out of the dizzying entanglement. "I think our time is almost up... but..." You slid a tantalizing hand down his chest. He shuddered slightly, awaiting your words. "I want to do more with you..." You whispered breathlessly. "D-do you?" He glided your fingertips back to his flaming cheeks, giving an eager nod. You smiled, reaching back to untie your bandana.

"Mmm!" He squeaked in panic, stopping you. Your arms fell to your side.

"You still won't let me see you?" You were confused. How could you continue these affairs together if you didn't know who he was? I mean... you knew but... you couldn't let him know that you knew. Abruptly a delicious idea occurred to you. "How about this then..." You began, pulling him into a hug, nuzzling his neck. "Come to my room tomorrow night when everyone is asleep. Knock three times, wait, and then knock two more times. That way I'll know it's you and put my blindfold on."

Midoriya's heart leapt at the idea. How scandalous and taboo: sneaking to a girl's room in the middle of the night. "Is that alright?" You asked. He nodded again, his cheeks tight from a mischievous smile. "Good." You breathed into his ear, placing a rousing kiss to his neck.

"Time's up!" You heard Mina's distant voice. You pulled him into one more insanely fast deep kiss and pushed him away as the doorknob turned. "Ok. The boy comes out first." Izuku's feet shuffled out awkwardly. He walked into the light, heart still pounding in his ears. "Aw. Look at that face. Looks like somebody had fun." Mina teased. He shut his eyes tightly, terribly embarrassed, and went back to take his seat in the circle. "Okay. You can come out now, F/N!" You removed the bandana, squinting as your eyes adjusted to the brightness. You sat down and looked around the group of boys as if you had no idea who had just rocked your world. You counted in your head as your eyes flickered over each of their faces, careful to not look at any of them for too long.

A deep blush was plastered on Midoriya's cheeks. He had no way to hide it. You almost felt guilty for flustering the poor boy so badly. Almost...

You gazed at the ground, fighting back a huge grin. "So whose turn is it next?"


You pretended to be oblivious at school the next day, occasionally throwing glances at Izuku who averted your gaze like the plague. He was not naturally smooth at all, and you absolutely adored that about him.

Darkness fell and you impatiently waited in your room for your lover's arrival. You desired to somehow let your feelings be known to him. 'When he comes over I could say something like, 'I can't do this anymore. I have feelings for Deku.' And then he'll be like, 'It was me all along!' And then we'll live happily ever after. Perfect... flawless plan!'

What could possibly go wrong?

Midoriya fanned his face on the walk through the dorms. 'Dammit, why am I so hot?! ' He wondered. He had changed into an old soft shirt and sweat pants, being thoughtful of what would be more comfortable for you to touch. He quietly crept down the hallway, quivering with anticipation. An abrupt suspicion gripped him. 'What if she tricked me into coming so she could see who I really am?!'  His eyes widened at the thought. 'No... F/N wouldn't blindside me like that.' He convinced himself. 'But since she doesn't know its me she's tricking... she might totally open the door and see me...'  Despite his fear, he raised a hand to the door.

*knock knock knock* You paused with bated breath. *knock knock* "One second!" You called. It took every ounce of self-control for Midoriya to not bolt down the hallway. The latch clicked open and his eyes fell upon you, adorned with a scarf wrapped around your eyes. He smiled, letting out a huff of relief. "Is it you?" You asked. You felt enthusiastic hands pull you into the room, intertwining your fingers. He must have kicked the door shut with his foot. You giggled merrily. "I guess it is. Well make yourself at home." Boldly, Izuku swept you off your feet into his arms. A surprised little yelp came out of you. He gently laid you down onto your bed. The vibrations reverberated through the mattress as he clambered next to you. He wiggled a lot, his electric energy becoming contagious.

"Eager?" You asked. He only blushed. "Well come here then." You ordered. He blissfully obeyed, pressing his lips to yours again. You kept him closely smashed against you as he hovered above, honestly just trying not to squish or suffocate you. He kept squirming every time you would pull his weight down upon yourself. "Oh for goodness sake!" Frustrated and desperate for closeness, you exchanged places, flipping him over onto his back. The force of your aggression surprised him. What surprised him even more was how much he liked it. He gasped into your ferocious kiss as you pinned his hands above his head, straddling his hips. He was much more vocal this time, letting audible sighs and mmm's slide past his wet lips. Oh, how you wished you weren't in the dark. You desperately needed to see the sweet blushes you were causing him, the look of want in his eyes as you snuck your hand up under his shirt. At least you were going to get one thing you wanted. While his hands were pinned out of the way, you greedily grabbed a handful of his soft hair.

"N-" He went to holler out but stopped, muffled by the deep kiss you pulled him into. His body tensed but your affection melted the dread away. He passionately fought back against your grip on his wrists, wrapping his arms around you tightly. You went to press yourself upwards, needing to gasp for air but not realizing how close you were to the edge of the bed. Your hand slid out from beneath you.

"OUCH!" You screamed, feeling your arm slide harsh and fast against the sharp metal bed frame. He gingerly caught your arm. "Is it bleeding?" You asked, yanking off your blindfold to inspect the damage.

"Eep!" You were met with the terrified eyes of Izuku.

"Uh... whoops..."

"Don't look!" He squealed, turning red and covering his face with his arms.

"Izuku..." You smiled sweetly at him as he floundered out of your grip, backing up against the headboard. He started spouting gibberish until you placed a comforting hand on his.

"I'm s-sorry! I didn't- I just-"

"It's okay, Izuku. I knew it was you the whole time." You confessed, hoping to calm him.

"WHAT?!" He shrieked.

"Yeah. I knew from the scars on your hands. I wouldn't have just let any boy in the class kiss me." He stared ruefully down at his hands, ashamed of the unthinkable acts he had just committed.

"Why would you trick me like that?!" His piercing eyes bore into you, filled with hurt. You fell speechless. You couldn't have anticipated the betrayal he would feel from your deceit.

"I..." You began, but he threw himself off the bed and out the door. "Wait! Come back!" You called. "I'm so-" But he was already around the corner.

Midoriya got back to his room and curled himself up in a blanket. Little prickles of tears threatened the corners of his eyes. He felt ashamed and embarrassed, wishing he could have remained anonymous in his affections. "I guess this was inevitable..." He mumbled bitterly. It's true. It's not like this charade could have gone on forever. "Ah!" A realization struck him. 'But if she knew it was me all along...' His stomach did a flip. 'That means...'

You knew there was no use, that Izuku wouldn't answer his door even if you went to see him. But you had to give it your best effort. You sprinted around the corner onto his floor when-

"OOF!" You were taken to the ground, a heavy weight landed on top of you.

"F-F/N!" Midoriya exclaimed. "Are you okay?"

"Izuku, I'm so sorry!" You pleaded. "I didn't mean to upset you. You probably feel really used right now. And you probably hate me, but I never meant to- mmm!" His lips cut you off in a kiss. "Wh... wha?" He tilted his head at you in a bright smile.

"F/N. I'm sorry I ran off before." He lifted himself off you, pulling you to your knees. "I was just embarrassed. But I realized that if you already knew it was me then... you must feel the same way, right?" You nodded, taking his hands.

"I just wanted to be close to you, but I didn't know how to tell you..."

"Oh! I wanted you to know too, but I was afraid you'd be disappointed if you found out I was the one you got paired with."

"I was actually hoping it would be you." You admitted, standing up together. He scratched the back of his head bashfully.


"Yeah." You sighed. "So... It's still early. Do you uh... maybe want to come back to my room?" He looked up, eyes twinkling with excitement.


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"The hell?" Katsuki mumbled, starfish sprawled across his messy bed. "What is this?" Random words were written sideways across his palm. He shook his head and rubbed the sleep from his eyes before getting ready for school. "DIE YOU PERMANENT MARKER FUCK!" He scrubbed his hand menacingly to no avail. The writing showed no signs of fading or washing off.

"You little shit! It's 7 AM! Don't start shouting in the bathroom!" His mom griped.

"Shut up, you old hag! Somebody drew on me while I was asleep and I can't get it off!"

"You probably deserve it!" She retorted. He bared his teeth at the mirror in annoyance.


"Ack! What happened?" You squeaked, searching for the notes you had written on yourself earlier. "I know I didn't wash it off..." You huffed in frustration, returning to your meal when the news caught your ear.

"...unusual lunar activity...." You tuned in, eyebrows raised. "Reports of flooding and tidal waves are happening all across the globe. Cults seem to be taking advantage of this mystery and are attempting some sort of telepathic communication. Some bystanders have rumored experiencing supernatural-" *click*

"What a load of bull." You scoffed, turning off the television.


"Wake up, Katsuki!" Kirishima nudged him with a sharp elbow.

"I'll kill you." He grumbled in a daze.

"You're snoring, buddy."

"Mmf. Didn't sleep well." He propped up, face in his palm. "Keep having these dreams about some girl."

"Sexy." Kaminari chimed in.

"It's not like that, you pervy bastard!" He snapped.

"Hey, what gives?" Sero exclaimed, examining Bakugou's hand.


"We drew on your hand while you were sleeping. It's like it disappeared."


You yawned and stretched, getting ready to turn in for the night.

"What's that?" Your mom asked, pointing to your hand.

"UUAAAHHH!" You shrieked, seeing a very prominent dick and balls scrawled across the top of your hand. "N-Nothing!" You ran to your bathroom and shut the door, staring at your hand in puzzlement. Your hair was still wet from the shower you had taken only a few moments ago. Steam still lingered on the mirror and warm moisture hung in the air. There was no time for anyone to have done that to your hand. You scrubbed the skin nearly raw, but the oh-so-dignified sketch remained unphased. You pursed your lips, retreating to your room for a dark marker. You covered the mark with a large black scribble before going to bed.

Darkness took you. You began floating, far away. Somewhere over the sunrise you ascended. You couldn't describe it but it felt as if a strong purpose was guiding you. It was something you needed to see, beyond all doubt. "AAAGH!" You fell, shooting through the sky like a falling star. A symmetrical glass building appeared. You braced yourself, waiting to crash through the many windows. But there was no impact. You hovered over an empty seat, taking in your surroundings. You seemed to be in some sort of classroom. You landed and took a walk around.

"Hey." A voice startled you. You swung around to see someone sitting there. A boy? You were sure he hadn't been there a moment ago. A spikey-haired handsome stranger stood before you. But somehow he looked familiar...

"Hi?" You responded.

"It's you." He said. "You're the bitch from before." Your mouth fell open.

"Excuse me?!" You squawked. 'Did he just call me a bitch?! What is this kid's deal?'

"We met a few nights ago. Don't you remember?"

"W-where?" You definitely recognized him, but any other details escaped you. He scowled, as if suddenly not able to remember either.

"Uh... in a dream or something." He said. "I don't know what the hell is going on."

"So... is this a dream too?"

"I-" He began, suddenly disappearing again before your very eyes.


"K-Kacchan?" Midoriya prodded him gently with a reluctant finger, rousing him from his slumber.

"Huh?" He groaned.

"Uh... class is over and... I didn't want you to miss lunch." He mumbled.

"WHY THE HELL DID YOU WAKE ME UP?! I WAS DOING SOMETHING IMPORTANT!" He shouted, causing the boy to physically recoil.

"S-sorry!" He dashed from the room, leaving Katsuki alone with his thoughts. Not to mention a newfound arbitrary black scribble on the top of his hand. He raised an eyebrow, irked by stupid Deku's intrusion on his personal time with a random suddenly-important-to-him girl.

"Was any of that real?" he wondered.


You sleepily opened your eyes, sunshine cascading in through the window. "Son of a bitch..." The penis drawing still remained on your hand, the black scribble you covered it with vanished, as if it had never existed. You wrapped your hand in an ace bandage, wondering if some person with a weird quirk was totally messing with you somehow.

"Did you hurt your hand, F/N?" Your friend asked while you were out.

"Oh. Uh... yeah. Just a little." You lied.

"Let me see. I might be able to help." She grabbed your hand, yanking the bandage off without your consent.

"No, don't!" You objected.

"Uh... I don't see anything wrong with your hand." She observed, flipping your palm in hers. Even the embarrassing doodle had disappeared.

"Okay this is ridiculous!" You exclaimed, turning away.

"What's wrong? Where are you going?"

"I have to figure something out."

You arrived at home, swiping a bottle of ink and fountain pen from your father's office. You closed the door behind you, pulling up a chair. "Alright... Let's test this." You mumbled to no one. You dipped the tip into the ink and let a few drops blot onto your skin. You stared intently as the ink dried and faded to nothing over the course of a few minutes. Again you tried it, quickly scrawling a quick doodle of a feather. And again, it disappeared. "Where... is it going?"


"That girl..." Bakugou stared at the ground, hands in his pockets as he sulked to lunch. "Why is it always the same one? Who is she? Is she a real person somewhere?" He smacked his hand to his forehead. "AGH! Why do I even care so much?!" He huffed in aggravation. "I don't care. I DON'T!" His classmates began to stare as Katsuki ferociously ate his lunch, yelling at nobody.

That night you appeared to him again, standing somewhere beneath a beautiful open sky. You were happy to see him. Despite being an abrasive personality, you couldn't seem to get him off your mind since your last encounter.

"I remember you now." You stated, reaching out to him. As your fingers touched, you felt an overwhelming comfort from deep inside. You looked down, noticing your hands were tied together by a tiny glowing string.

"What... does this mean?" He asked, fiddling with it. You smirked, noting how the tiniest bit of restraint made him fussy.

"I think..." Your cheeks dusted with the lightest shade of pink. "It must mean we're soulmates..."

"I don't think I believe in that sort of shit." He growled, fighting back the fluttering captivation arising in his stomach.

"And yet, here we are." You held up your palms in demonstration.

"Here we are." He repeated, looking around in a mystified sort of way.

"I have to ask... Are you real?"

"What the- of course I'm real, you ditz!"

"I'm glad..." You trailed off, tears pulling at the corners of your eyes. Your expression tugged at Katsuki's heartstrings. All he could do was take your hands and gaze into your eyes. Suddenly the ground began to tremble. "Wh-what's going on?" You clutched onto his strong shoulders as he pulled you closer to him.

"I'm not sure." He examined the crevices forming beneath your feet. "I think our connection is breaking."

"You're right." Gravity pulled you out of his arms, lurching you apart. He latched onto you with one strong rough hand. It was then you noticed... A tiny doodle of a feather resided upon his hand. 'It's the one I drew on myself earlier today! This is it! The way I'm going to find him!' The sky grew grey and dark as a fierce wind blew, breaking the tight grasp he had on you. "Guess it's time to say goodbye." You called, accepting that it was time to wake up.

"You better not forget me this time." He threatened.

"Never." You smiled back at him, fading into the blackness.


"Never what, honey?" Your mom came sweeping through the living room, as you had somehow fallen asleep on the couch.

"I... I'm not sure actually." She cleaned up the coffee table. "Must have just been a dream..." Though you weren't sure how you were able to sleep through the blaring tv set in front of you.

"Yes. Clean up efforts are going well, as the tides seem to be returning to normal. Scientists are calling it a fluke and there has been no follow up investigations on the reports of supernatural occurrences."

"W-WHAT?!" You croaked. 'Was that it?! I can't see him again?! Is that why we were pulled apart?!' You felt a single tear fall from your eye. You wiped it away, feeling a strong sense of loss. ' Wait... who did I lose?' Even as you thought it, the memory was fading. "But... my hand!" Your epiphany hit hard. "I can send him a message!" You grabbed the nearest writing utensil and drew a heart on your hand. You trembled as you waited. After a moment, it disappeared beneath your skin. A fleeting last hope of meeting your true love.

"Come on, blondie... Figure it out. We don't have much time!"


"ARRRRRGGGHHH!" Katsuki smashed the ground violently after hearing the news report. It hadn't been hard to figure out that the supernatural shit going on was tied to all this. He hated this. He hated himself for not asking your name. He hated you for the way you made him feel. Life was easy before all these GODDAMN FEELINGS! He blasted the concrete again, noticing a mark on his shaking hands. His heart skipped a beat when he saw the tiny drawing. ' It must be her...' Well... he didn't know if it had to be, but for the sake of his sanity, that's what he was gonna go with. He kicked down the door of the nearest shop, grabbing a marker from the cashier's station.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing?! You're gonna have to pay for that you know!"

"Shut up." He replied, uncapping the marker. "Who... are... you?" He read aloud as he wrote on his hand.


Your inner hope lit up upon seeing the words, which vanished within seconds this time. You wrote your name as fast as your fingers would fly, knowing the bond was almost broken. "F/N, L/N!" You called, as if yelling at your hand would transmit the message any faster.

On the other side, he feverishly wrote the name down. "What's yours" appeared almost a second after. The cool ink met his skin again.

Faded color flashed before your eyes, disappearing as fast as it came. "Katsuki B-" It was gone before you could finish reading it.

"N-NO!" You cried. "WRITE IT AGAIN!" You ordered to him, far away from you. You began furiously writing the name of your city.

"It's too blurry! DAMMIT!" The tears fighting their way to his eyes only worsened the haze. In a last desperate attempt, he drew a quick heart to convey his feelings for you.

You received it, for less than even an instant. But you knew the intention. "I love you." You wrote, but it didn't vanish. It remained on your hand, the dark words weighing heavy on your chest. The words he'll never read because the tie had been severed. You collapsed to your knees, weeping. No deeper loss could be felt than that of your lost soul mate.

"DAMMIT! DAMMIT! DAMMIT!" Katsuki broke the marker, pressing its tip deep into his flesh. He could send no more messages. The ink stained his hands, spilling out onto the tile floor. "NOOOO!" He gripped his hair in grief, pulling his knees towards his face. His tears leaked from his eyes, mixing with the black ink on his face.


Days went by. You searched every social media site for a boy named Katsuki, but there were no matches. You looked for the origin of his name, what regions of the earth it may have come from, but no definitive answers arose. After a few weeks passed, you had almost convinced yourself the bold blonde boy was nothing more than a dream. That maybe you were crazy. Or worse... he never loved you to begin with, and you just fooled yourself into thinking he did. That was the thought that kept you up most nights.


Katsuki, however, had no such doubts. He was on a mission from Hell to find you. The loss was driving him nuts. It was like an endless hunger, a yearning that he couldn't satisfy. You were every thought in his freaking mind. He pursued new leads every day; he just didn't know how NOT to. Until one day...


You sat in your usual seat of the bistro down the road from your house. Out the window you noticed a familiar blonde hairstyle. "I'm straight-up losing it..." You shook your head, returning to your reading. But your attention was still drawn upward as a fellow regular on the patio gestured the young man inside.

*ding* The tiny bell rang as the door swung open. 'No way...' The boy's eyes glided across the bistro and ultimately landed on you. 'It's him!'  You couldn't believe it. Your mouth fell open, gawking. Your chest was definitely gonna explode.

"What the hell kind of look is that?!" He griped at you.

"K-Katsuki!" You exclaimed, knocking your chair backwards as you threw your arms around him.

"That's more like it." He bluffed with a smile, hiding his smoldering emotion. You buried your face in his neck, wetting it with your tears. He shut his mouth for a moment, taking in your warmth until a bit of it spread across his cheeks. He felt his rapturous heart beating loudly in his ears as he squeezed you tightly. He lifted your chin with his large hand and you met his sunset eyes. He pulled you into a deep kiss, finally filling the missing puzzle piece of your soul. You matched his level of passion, gripping his hair.

Katsuki finally felt complete knowing the intensity of his love was returned in earnest. However, his energy levels were running on empty from his relentless search. His knees buckled taking you to the floor with him.

"Are you alright?" You asked, brushing his face softly.

"No! I'm exhausted. I've been out here for DAYS!" He complained honestly. "You couldn't have written your address on me, you crazy bitch?!"

A wide grin spread across your face and you laughed merrily at him. He gifted you a small smile in return, feeling right. It didn't matter that he was 10 fucking million miles from his house. With you, he was home. 

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The hot springs. A zen communal bathing area for all the residents of UA. Two circular pools sat, nestled and hidden behind a lush garden in the moonlight. Small glowing tealights gave the water a relaxing glow.

"You're ruining the piece and quiet." Todoroki's mellow voice rang against the stone structures.

"I'll knock your lights out. Then you'll have all the piece and quiet you want, icy-hot." Katsuki retorted. Usually it was harder to hear the boys speaking through the wall. Stripped down to your birthday suit, you walked down the cobblestone steps to the bath. The noisy boys chatter immediately fell silent.

"Uh..." You awkwardly met the gazes of Kaminari, Bakugou, and Todoroki. The stone wall that usually separated the two pools was missing in action. 'So that's what the 'under construction' sign was referring to...' You immediately dropped down in the water to hide your nudity with an ungraceful sploosh.

"Hey, F/N!" Kaminari said casually, breaking the awkward silence.

"Hey." You answered, swimming towards the edge of your pool adorned in a new blush. You placed you arms on the rocks to face them. Todoroki turned cautiously to meet your eyes, as he was sitting the closest.

"F/N." He said, voice like butter. "I wanted to tell you how impressive you were at training today." You chuckled.

"I was just gonna tell YOU that!" You gushed, running a damp hand through his hair. You turned to the piercing stare of Bakugou, who you smiled brightly at. "You too, Katsuki! Your special move was amazing." You'd be lying if you said you weren't trying to flatter him a little.

"Don't expect any less than the best from me." He snapped, chin lifted in a pious manner. It was then that you noticed how bangin' his body was. Your eyes hungrily traced a line from his angular chin, over his collarbone and chiseled pectorals, and finally down to the line where the water blurred the rest.

"So humble..." Shouto deadpanned under his breath. You snickered with him. Todoroki had always possessed a particular dry sense of humor that you found entertaining. Recently you had taken to spending more time with him. Having lunch, hanging out after school, that sort of thing. He was so kind, totally gentlemanly. He acquired a strong sense of chivalry that was uncommon nowadays. A very acceptable and handsome suitor... on paper at least.

But then... oh, but then there was Katsuki. The quintessential walking grenade... literally. His ferocious passion set the world aflame, not to mention your heart. But much to your dismay, he was becoming more and more distant from you by the day. The aggression he bore, while fantastically exciting to you, was directed AT you recently. It was intimidating to the point of discouragement. Of course he would never actually HURT you... probably... but his harsh words cut you deeply each time you tried to get close to him. You were nearing the point of giving up and letting yourself fall for Todoroki. He was hella-fine too if you were being honest with yourself.

"So guys... it's kinda lonely over here in this tub all by myself." You looked saucily over to Kaminari, who you knew would be the most likely to agree to your suggestion. "Could I maybe join you in there?"

"Sure thing, F/N!" Kaminari answered with no hesitation. "Come on in!"

"Okay. But you guys have to turn and look the other way while I step in, alright?" They nodded. You clambered up on the rock, getting ready to step carefully into the water. But the unforgiving limestone had other plans. You gasped as you slipped, not even having time to brace yourself for the impact. But a pair of strong arms caught you, sinking you slowly into the water.

"Are you alright?" Todoroki asked, his beautiful heterochromic eyes meeting yours.

"Uh... yeah. Thanks." He kept you cradled in his arms for a moment, not wanting to let go. You narrowed your eyes at him with a snide smile. "You know, Shouto... There's no way you would have caught me if you hadn't been peeking."

"Aren't you glad I was?" He asked simply. 'Seriously?! Can nothing fluster this kid?!'  Your jaw fell open and you slapped your arms over your chest.

"So you totally admit it?!" You squawked, about to crack up laughing from his arrant disregard to your modesty.


"Get your hands off her!" You heard a growl before you were fully submerged. You felt a knee collide with your head, before you were suddenly being yanked from the water again.

"Hey!" You gasped for air, wiping your eyes to see. You were met by Bakugou's shining crimson stare, realizing that his arms now held you... but in a much more provocative position. "K-Katsuki! Your ummm... ehhhh... touching my... fuueehh!" You covered your face with your hands, discombobulated by the fiery boy's proximity.

"Stop. You're making F/N uncomfortable." Todoroki stated. You peeked at him through the spaces in your fingers. Bakugou was holding all of your weight in his arms, keeping you securely smushed against his chest.

"Me?! You're the one who was trying to peep at her, ya moron!"

"I saved her from falling." He defended. "Or would you rather me have let her get hurt?" You winced at that one. 'Cold, Shouto.'

"Don't make excuses!" Bakugou snapped. "She-"

"Well look who's in the compromising position now ..."

Katsuki scowled, looking down at you. He met your eyes before turning a shade of red and instantly shoving you off.

"Ouch!" His careless movement resulted in you slamming your arm on a hard rock at the edge of the pool. Katsuki caught it, examining it delicately. He didn't apologize, but his care was evident in the gentle caress of his fingertips.

"Now look what you've done." Todoroki's voice was aggravated now, severe.

"It's fine, Shouto." You waved a hand in dismissal. You backed towards Katsuki, who was cradling your arm gingerly. It was so rare for Katsuki to touch you in such a considerate way. You didn't want Todoroki to rob it from you. "It's just a scrape. No big deal." But he wasn't buying it.

"I think you should get away from this mad dog before he hurts you again."


"She doesn't need you to fight her battles for her." Katsuki snarled, tightening his grip on you.

"Stop it! Both of you!" You held up your hand to cease Todoroki's movements and laid a more gentle restraining hand on Bakugou's chest.

"He's pissing me off!" Katsuki barked, securing you close to him with a possessive squeeze. 'Is he... jealous?' You wondered.

"F/N's right." Todoroki said, switching his game. "We should all just be trying to get along." You knew what he was doing.

"What's your problem?!" Katsuki continued, not backing down.

"I have no problem. I'm just trying to show F/N a good time..." He replied.

'Very clever, Shouto.' You thought. 'Provoke Bakugou and make him look like the bad guy.'   Not that a transparent manipulation like that would ever work on you. You started to feel irked by Todoroki for using such a cheap trick. You wondered if there was an easy way to make them both jealous at the same time...


"Is everything alright out here?" A familiar tenor voice called. 'Perfect...' You smiled to yourself.

"Hey, Midoriya." Kaminari greeted. ' Oh shit... I had forgotten Kaminari was here...'

"Hey, Kaminari." He descended the steps of the bath before looking in your direction. "F-F/N!" The freckled boy squealed, covering up his body modestly with his arms and sinking to eyeball level in the water.

"Hi, Midoriya." You smiled at him, noticing the tips of his ears burn red. He surfaced enough to speak.

"Having a girl in here... isn't that against the rules?" He asked. You detatched Katsuki's grasp to swim up to him, grabbing his arms gently.

"Are you gonna tell on me, Izuku?" You pouted your lips sadly.

"Well... I..." He averted your gaze.

"Pleeeeaaassee." You begged, taking his hand. "What if I did a favor for you?" You bribed.

"Huh, what? A favor?"

"How about a massage?" You offered bluntly.

"WHAT?!" All four boys said in unison. Kaminari looked intrigued, but Todoroki and Katsuki sounded pissed. Midoriya just crouched there looking terribly shocked. As if you were some mustache-twirling villain trying to steal his virtue. And who's to say he was completely wrong about that...

"You know. That facet of my quirk. I'll give one to each of you if you want. You totally deserve it! Since you guys worked so hard today and all..." You gently stroked Midoriya's hand in a soothing motion beneath the water.

"I don't know..." Izuku hesitated.

"But haven't you always wanted to see how my quirk works up close?" You offered, knowing that was the hook to assuage Midoriya. "Besides, what harm could it do?"

"Well... I guess I am a little sore..."

"You wont regret it. Let my magic fingers take care of it." You led him by the hand to the seat on the edge of the pool. You pulled him onto your lap and he yelped as his naked butt met your bare legs. You glanced up to your right, seeing Todoroki and Katsuki stare as you began running your hands all over the blushing boy.

"Just relax, Midoriya." You said in hushed tones to calm his nerves. Slowly you began to work your magic, finding the knots in his muscles and working them out. He exhaled gently, melting into your fingertips.

"Does that feel good?" You asked.

"Mmmmm." He purred, a sound reminiscent of a beluga whale. You saw Katsuki's eye twitch.

"Hey, I want a cut of this action." Kaminari observed enviously.

"Like hell you're getting any!" Bakugou barked. 'Ooh... He's getting salty now.'  You narrowed your eyes with sadistic pleasure, probably feeling up Midoriya more than necessary, running long strokes down his chest. At this point he was already reduced to a blob of putty.

"So nice..." He sighed, letting his head fall back on your shoulder. This time he paid no mind to the fact that your bare breasts were pressed into his back.

"Like I said. You can each have a turn if you want." You repeated, flashing Bakugou a fiendish grin.

"That's very generous of you, F/N." Shouto said.

Katsuki felt his blood boiling. He couldn't stand to watch you feel up these shitheads. 'Is she doing this on purpose?' He wondered, giving a way-too-satisfied Deku the evil eye. He clenched his teeth tightly, deciding that it would be better to not have to watch. He folded a nearby cloth and placed it over his eyes, tilting back his head. Unfortunately, it didn't keep stupid Deku's mews of pleasure from invading his ears.

"F/N?" Izuku peeped, opening his big round eyes. You glanced over to meet them with some difficulty, as his head was being cradled by your shoulder. He blushed and touched your hands, which were massaging his abdominals. "Sometime... do you think... can I maybe... return the favor?"

Katsuki's rag fell off his face with an audible slap on the water's surface. 'Oh gosh... what have I done?'  You now had four boys all eyeing you hungrily. You were completely nude, completely alone in a hot tub with them. 'I maybe didn't think this through...' Ordinarily you would have relied on Midoriya to protect you from their devices, but even he could be counted among them now, seeing as he was a cuddly puddle of goo in your hands.

"Aw. Midoriya, you're gonna make me blush." You winked at him flirtatiously, completely dodging the question. 'Sorry, sweet thing. You're merely a tool in this situation.' You thought to yourself.

"Really. I swear I don't mind." He tried again. 'I'm regretting this...'

"You're just the sweetest." You cooed, tickling him a little. He giggled, squirming in your grasp. "But don't worry about me."

"He's right." Todoroki chimed in. "It's not fair that you do that for each of us and not get anything in return."

"Yes. Let me pay you back." Midoriya pleaded.

"Uh... Midoriya?" Kaminari raised his eyebrows. "You might want to go cool off in the shower first..." You winced, understanding the implication.

"Huh? What do you-" Kaminari pointed down. "UUAAAAH!" Izuku lurched forward, face turning crimson. "I'm s-so sorry! I-it was an accident! I didn't mean-"

"It's fine. No big deal." You patted him, rolling your eyes. 'Dammit Kaminari. You didn't have to point that out and embarrass him like that.' Cascades of bubbles were arising from Bakugou's palms, miniature explosions. 'Oh god... He's seriously about to kill Midoriya.'

"Hey, I didn't know you could use your quirk underwater like that." The severe intensity was broken by Todoroki.

"Yeah. I've been practicing." He still didn't tear his hateful gaze away from Izuku.

"Very impressive."

"...Thanks." He said, brows still knit together, but the tension had alleviated some.

'Thank you.'  You mouthed silently to Shouto.

"Katsuki... do you want to go next?" You offered, stomach churning with self-doubt and anticipation. The scowl he had been wearing for the past several minutes softened and he opened his mouth to speak.

"I really must protest." Todoroki intervened. This time you couldn't hide the irritation in your expression.

"Why?" Bakugou growled, an angry little vein popping out in his forehead.

"Before she strains herself, she should really put ice on her elbow." He pointed a finger at your arm.

"Oh jeez." You were alarmed to see just how much of it was black and blue.

"You were hurting, F/N?" Midoriya asked. "Why didn't you tell me? I wouldn't have let you-"

"No. I don't even feel it, really." You swam over towards Katsuki. Your fingertips brushed before you were pulled backwards again.

"Permit me." Todoroki offered, using his ice to reduce the swelling. He placed your arm in his palms, caressing it delicately. This was the last straw for Bakugou. He couldn't watch this for another second. Otherwise, bitches would die tonight.

"I'm done." He mumbled, walking up the stairs.

"Wait! But Katsuki-" You wistfully objected, but he ignored you and disappeared from sight.

"Goodnight, Kacchan!" Midoriya waved happily, utterly clueless to the subtext of the situation.

"I think I'm gonna go too." You said, rueful of this whole endeavor. 'I shouldn't have pushed him so far...'

"I see." Shouto replied. "Have a good night."

"Do you need anything for your arm? I have some first aid stuff in my locker." Midoriya offered.

"No thanks." You placated, getting ready to climb back into the girls side. You pressed your palm into Todoroki's face. "No peeking this time."

You fumbled around in the locker room for a towel since apparently someone had turned off the lights. Before you could react, you were slammed against the lockers. Your uninjured arm was pinned above your head while the stranger's other hand muffled your scream. Fear overtook you. A villain?! Powerful red eyes pierced the darkness, but they weren't ones to be feared.

"Mmf-mm?" The hand was removed from your mouth. You exhaled in relief. "Katsuki, what are you doing in the girls locker room?" He squeezed your wrist tighter and your eyes began to adjust to the lighting. 'Oh, good grief, he's still naked!' That means he must have gone straight through the hall without any concern for being spotted. His expression was that of someone betrayed, pained even. "Why-"

"What the hell was that about?!" He hissed.

"What are you-" You were cut off once again by his accusations.

"Don't play dumb with me! You and shitty half and half!" That wasn't a question but you knew what he was getting at.

"There's nothing going on between me and-"

"What has he got that I don't?! Huh?!" You were getting sick of this, so you fired off the truth at him.

"You idiot! I only started hanging out with him because you respected his power! And I..." You looked away from his face in shame. "Wanted you to give that kind of attention to me..." He released your wrist, expression changing. A devious smile crawled onto his face.

"So all of that was just you trying to get a rise out of me?"

"...Yes." You admitted.

"Is this enough of a rise for you?" He pressed his bare body against you. Below in the darkness you could feel a hard prodding-

"Oh!" You gasped at the sensation, feeling him bite your neck. All the blood rushed to your face in a blush. His hot breath and body heated the front of you while the icy lockers froze your shoulder blades and rear end. The awareness rose goosebumps on your arms, your nipples hardening in arousal. His large hands wandered around your curves, fueling his passion.

"Oh, Katsuki..." You moaned, weaving both hands into his damp hair. He moved down, suckling on a nipple. You suddenly felt a rush of anxiety. 'What if he bites it?' He's not known for being gentle. Your body tensed, shying from his furious grasp.

But that was what was so enticing about him. Wondering what he will do next was part of the electric excitement that kept your heart pounding. That little bit of fear put you on edge, wanting more.

It wasn't until that moment that you realized he hadn't bothered to kiss you yet. 'I guess he doesn't mess around. Right down to business...' The thought made you chuckle to yourself.

"What?" He asked, looking up at you.

"Oh, nothing. It's just that you haven't kissed me yet."

"Is that what you want?"

"I mean well- mmm!" You were cut off by his searching lips. ' This damn boy loves to interrupt me too much.' His tongue was rough, invading and teasing. 'Well two can play this game...'   You thought, smirking against his steaming mouth. You reached downward without warning and grabbed his hard member.

"NNNNHH!" He groaned into your mouth, his large hands everywhere on your body. You didn't see his flush in the darkness. You ran your tongue against the roof of his mouth in a tormenting manner. Instantly, a sharp pain ran through your face.

"OUCH KATSUKI!" You exclaimed. "Did you just bite me?!"

"Heh." Was his answer. You yelped as he scooped you into his arms and laid you longways on the wooden bench. He gave a swift lick to your palm and placed it on himself down below. The fluttering nervousness returned to your stomach when you realized what he was preparing you for. He was long and hard and terribly intimidating as he approached your entrance.


"I don't wanna wait..." His voice was low, exhilarating. "And you don't want me to either..."

"HRNNNNNN.... AAAGH!" You clenched your teeth as he ruthlessly plunged inside you. Tears prickled at the corners of your eyes before the seething pain began to ebb slightly.

"So tight..." He shuddered in pleasure, hovering over you. He moved again before you were ready. You cried out loudly, digging your nails down his shoulders and back to the point of drawing blood. He loved how rough you were being on him. You were his female tiger, scratching him like that. And all he wanted to do was make you purr with pleasure.

Finally you were adjusting to the pressure, beginning to enjoy the sensation. Your little moans and heaving breaths were spurring him on to a faster pace. His thrusts were deep and rough now and you began to claw his body a little more desperately. He pulled your hair, holding you down with a frisky glow in his eyes. The embers were setting your body aflame, the fuse below your naval becoming lit. You felt the dynamite close to blowing, feeling surrounded only by Katsuki's heat. His slid his tongue along the sensitive part of your neck, his teeth grazing your ear. His sweltering breath whispered into your ear. "Nobody is allowed to have those magic fingers but me."

His possessiveness made you feel sexy and wanted, pushing you past your limit. "I'm... so..."

"I want you to scream my name." He demanded, his own breath becoming ragged.

"AAAH! K-KATSUKI!" You ascended to a blistering white high, convulsing beneath him. He could feel you contracting around him, the wetness and panting of his name becoming too much. He exploded only seconds after, tiny sparks flaring in his hands. He let out a carnal moan, huffing and staring at you as the fluids leaked onto the benchtop. You smiled at him, running an affectionate hand through his hair.

"I guess this means we need another bath."

Chapter Text

"Why are you putting on makeup?" Mina asked while you finished up the last touches of your mascara. "We're just going to study."

"I just want to look nice. No particular reason." You lied casually.

"Why?" She rustled through your stuff absentmindedly. "There's nobody to impress. We're just meeting Kirishima and..." She paused, a smile of realization painting her features. "and Midoooorrrriiiyaaaaa." She sang his name, wiggling her shoulders suggestively. 

"Uh..." You gulped, returning to your makeup. 'Aw crap... she totally knows...'   Mina whipped out her phone. Your eyes widened in alarm. "What are you doing?" You questioned warily.

"Just texting Kirishima."

"Eh?! Why?" Nervous butterflies fluttered in your stomach. 

"I think we should study on the second floor lounge instead of the library. They have the big comfy couches."

'Phew.'  You sighed. 'Dodged a bullet there...'  You thought. "That does sound nice since we will probably be there a while." 

Mina grinned deviously, hitting the send button with a message that said, "Meet me at my room in 5 minutes. I have something to tell you." 

"Where are you going?" You asked, seeing her open the door. 

"Just need to grab my notes from my room. Meet you downstairs in a little while."

"Okay, sure." The door clacked closed. "...Oh! Better tell Izuku too." Your phone made little blips as you fired off a quick text to him. 

"PLUUUUUSSSSS UUUUULTRAAAAA!" Midoriya's ringtone resounded loudly in All Might's voice. 

"Agh!" He was startled slightly, the glowing light breaking him out of a deep concentration on his notebook. "It's from F/N." He smiled to himself, reading the message:

"Kiri and Mina want to meet on the second floor lounge instead."


"Hm?" Midoriya cocked his head to the side. "Why are all the couches pushed together like that?"  'Looks like a boat...' He thought.

"It's more intimate this way." Mina squealed happily. "We can all get to know each other better." Kirishima, who was already in the couch-boat weighed in.

"Yeah. We can lay down and chill while we quiz each other. It'll be great."

Midoriya looked at you inquisitively. You narrowed your eyes at Mina, having a strong suspicion of what she was up to. 

"What are you doing?" You asked in hushed tones, pulling her to the side by the elbow. 

"You'll thank me later." She winked, hopping in and laying next to Kirishima. You accidentally caught Midoriya's eye, flushing a light shade of pink. He reflected the same expression. 

'Oh my gosh! This is so embarrassing! I cant believe she got Kirishima in on this. There's no way he's gonna want to do that with me-'

"F/N!" You were snapped out of your thoughts, looking up.

"Get in!" Mina and Kirshima called out in unison. You reluctantly obeyed, climbing in next to them. 

"You're next, Midori-kun." Mina beamed. "Come lay next to F/N!" You stared daggers at her. 'Stop being so obvious!'

Midoriya was staring out the ground with a panicked uncomfortable aura. "Uh-er... I should probably..." He gestured as if making an excuse to leave. Your heart sank and you didn't have time to hide the sad expression on your face before Mina and Kirishima saw it. 

"Don't be shy, Midori-kun." Mina insisted. "We're all friends here. And everyone needs to cuddle once in a while." Midoriya froze in place at the word.

'Cuddling with a girl?! I don't know if I can handle being that close to F/N... What if I do something stupid? Or make her uncomfortable...'

"He's doing it again..." Kirishima remarked on his incessant muttering. 

"*Mumble mumble*... I'm so awkward... *mumble mumble*..."

"Hey! Earth to Midoriya!" Kirishima shouted, snapping him out of it.


"Midori-kun. Doesn't F/N look really pretty today?" Mina persuaded. You shut your eyes, not wanting to hear his response. 

"Yeah..." Midoriya blushed at the ground. "But..."

"Then you should-"

"If you don't want to sit with me, I understand." You said quietly, tears fighting their way to the corners of your eyes. Midoriya was horrified at your words. He would never do anything to make you feel that way. It felt as though something sharp had pierced his heart. 

"No! That's not it at all!" He pleaded desperately. 

"Then get over here!" Mina demanded.

"Be a man, Midoriya!"

Midoriya huffed with bravery, clambering his way towards you. Along the way, Mina saw another opportunity. As he crawled, she laid a swift kick to his knee, launching it out from underneath him. "Oops." Mina claimed, as if it was a complete accident that caused him to stumble forward, body landing right on top of you. You were caught staring down at him awkwardly as his head landed square between your breasts. 

"Uh..." Your eyes widened as you internally flipped out. Izuku looked up and met your eyes. His face reflected 50 shades of red before he violently rocketed himself off of you. 

"Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry!" He squeaked, breathless. His body was sweaty and shaking, his heart pounding. He had never been that close to a girl before. You covered your face with your hands, mirroring his deep blush.

"Ah... er- It's okay." You said to ease his discomfort. Kirishima and Mina snickered beside you. Midoriya took a few deep breaths to calm himself. You turned and glared at Mina with pursed lips. She pulled you in close to whisper in your ear.

"Don't let this chance go to waste. Flirt with him. Get to know him better." You cringed, glancing over to your preoccupied crush in hopes that he didn't hear that. But you couldn't deny how much you wanted to. 'I guess I can give it a shot and see how it goes...'

"So let's get down to studying, shall we?" Kirishima began. 

After a while, you all were more comfortable in your close proximity, trading off quiz questions. 

"Okay, Izuku. What's the main mechanism of enhancement quirks?" You asked him.

"Oh! I know this one!" He exclaimed proudly.

"Yeah?" You leaned in close to his face. He instantly shut his mouth, blushing madly. 'So close!' His mind went utterly blank as he fumbled for his answer. Now all he could think about was how good you smelled, how beautiful your eyes were up close. 

"I'm er- uh. I'm distracted." He admitted with a crooked smile. You giggled, fluttering your eyelashes at him before a loud clunking echoed in your ears. Footsteps on the staircase.

"What do you know... It's Bakugou." Mina elbowed you. 

"What are you weirdos doing?" Katsuki asked.

"Cuddling, Bakugou. Won't you join us?" Mina asked. You gawked at her in shock, to which she merely winked. 'Oh, I see what she's doing. She's trying to make Midoriya jealous.'

"No." Bakugou deadpanned. You rolled over onto your stomach and reached out to him, playing the part. 

"Oh, come on, Kacchan. Come lay in my arms." You cooed sweetly. Midoriya looked surprised at your offer, maybe even a little bit hurt. But you didn't notice. All you could think about was the fact that you just called him Kacchan. 'He might actually kill me...' But he didn't. He merely stared at you in a bored perplexed fashion. 

"You're a bunch of idiots." He turned away, opening the door. 

"Suit yourself." You said with a swish of the hand, which accidentally brushed against Midoriya's curls. 

"Wow, Izuku! Your hair is so soft!" He giggled as you ruffled it playfully, watching as the color rose in his freckled cheeks. Bakugou froze at the door.

"Oh, thanks. People don't normally compliment me on my hair..." Quite the contrary in fact. You returned his grateful smile before you were abruptly pulled against him. 

"Move." Bakugou's low voice echoed in the background. But it was not enough warning time before his body came crashing down onto the couch behind you. You bumped noses with Midoriya, embarrassed but thankful that he yanked you out of the way in time. "I guess I could use a nap." Bakugou added, eyes on you. You looked at him in surprise, realizing you were now awkwardly sandwiched between the two rival boys.

Midoriya tried to ignore him, reaching out timidly to touch your hand. Katsuki stared, boldly putting his arm around your waist before he had the chance. Midoriya frowned, becoming envious. He scooted closer to you, interlacing fingers with you. 'Holy crap! This is working way too well!'  You thought, cherishing Midoriya's touch. His hand was sweaty, yet comforting and gentle. You interrupted their staring daggers at each other by meeting Midoriya's eyes with a sweet smile. He returned it, appearing encouraged. 

Suddenly you tensed, as Bakugou had nuzzled your neck with his nose. You made a face, patting his head awkwardly. Beneath your chin, Katsuki smirked sadistically at Midoriya, who's brows furrowed in annoyance. He was fiercely determined now, boldly reaching out to wrap his arm around your tummy. 

"Eep!" You were violently flipped over Katsuki's chest onto his other side, your dumbfounded face greeted by Mina's regretful one. Kirishima was muffling a laugh with his hand. 'Well that backfired...'

"Hey!" Midoriya sat up, looking frustrated. You weren't gonna take this laying down. ...ok, maybe you were in literal terms... but not metaphorical ones! You clenched your fist, clambering back on top of Bakugou.

"You can't just move me like that, ya jerk! I was comfortable!" 

'Way to go, F/N...'  Mina thought. 'I guess you don't want to mess with her when Midoriya is involved...' Bakugo displayed an irked snarl. 

"Ah! What she means is... she shouldn't be hogging you all to herself. You should lay in the middle." Mina sputtered, trying to diffuse the tension. You plopped back next to Izuku with a huff. 

"Whatever. All of you just shut up so I can sleep." 

You and Midoriya shared the quietest of chuckles before getting comfortable next to him. After a while, when Katsuki was definitely asleep, Midoriya spoke.

"I cant believe you said that to Kacchan. You're really brave." 

"Not as brave as you." You beamed. "I just figured if he got really mad, you were here to protect me." He ran a sheepish hand through his hair.

"You have too much confidence in me, as usual." 

"You always say that. But you're wrong... I've always been able to count on you. I doubt it's even possible to have too much confidence in you." 

He fell speechless for a moment, his chest welling up with affection. "F/N?" 

"Hm?" Sleep was calling your name at this point, pulling your eyelids downward.

"Why are you so nice to me?" 

"What kind of question is that?" You made a face. 

"That is... You are always encouraging me and making me feel good about myself."

"That's not a question either, Izuku." You smiled playfully. He shut up for a moment, struggling to finding the words he was looking for. 

"I guess I wanted to say... that I really like spending time with you." Sincerity painted his tone and features.

"I feel the same way." You brushed his pink cheek with your fingertips, pulling him into the sweetest, softest of kisses. He smiled into your lips, drawing you into a tight embrace. "Goodnight, Izuku." You whispered after your lips separated. 

"Goodnight, F/N." He sighed, nuzzling your hair affectionately. Moments later you drifted off to sleep in each other's arms. 






Chapter Text

Midoriya opened his eyes, the sleep of the night drifting off. The vibration of his phone on his chest had awoken him. He took in his surroundings, realizing that he had fallen asleep in one of the large plush lounge chairs on his dorm floor. His hero biography book lay crumpled and sprawled next to him on top of the blanket. Poking up from below was a sharp tent, pitched from between his legs. He sighed in exasperation. 'This keeps happening recently...' He thought to himself, trying to ignore the strong insubordinate influence of puberty. He rolled his eyes, checking his messages. 'It's from F/N.' He smiled sweetly, clicking on the attachment. His stomach flipped, a warmth spreading through his body. A picture of you in a bikini on the beach, grinning blithely with the caption "Miss you already." 

It's true, you were only going to be there over the weekend with your family and would totally see him on Monday as usual, but you wanted to let him know that you were thinking about him. This tiny sweet gesture brought a blush to Midoriya's face, making him feel loved and special. His eyes lingered on your figure in the photo, admiring the sun glistening off your soft-looking skin. 'I wonder what it would feel like to-' He gasped, shocked at his own train of thought. He could never think about you like that. It would be compromising to your honor. 

But his body certainly didn't seem to feel that way about the subject. He shook his head, clenching his teeth together when he realized he was biting his lower lip. He took a deep shaky breath, placing a hand on his heart. 'Ugh, why is it beating so fast...' He gazed at the picture a little longer, he just couldn't help himself. Little tingles blossomed within, a throbbing need building below deck. He fought against it again, but the unrelenting hormones kept swimming, fueling thoughts that he knew he shouldn't be thinking. 

"What's wrong with me?" He mumbled into his hands, his urge becoming a cracked dam ready to burst forth. He swallowed thickly, as the knot in his throat was beginning to tense. He felt unbearably hot now, fanning the aggressive flush on his face. Your delicate curves haunted his mind, even when he wasn't looking at them. He felt his own pulse in every corner of his body, his bounding heart refusing to slow even a little. Below the covers, he was hard to the point of pain. He knew something needed to be done, even against every fiber of his willpower. 

'Just this once...' He tried to justify it to himself, reaching an exploratory hand below his naval. He sighed, relieved to finally have some much-needed stimulation. He placed his phone on the armrest beside him with the picture open, just in case he needed it. But it was unlikely, now that he had ahold of himself and his mind was running wild with fantasies of you and him as lovers... 

'She's so amazing and confident...' He thought to himself. 'The complete opposite of me. She wouldn't hesitate or be shy. She'd come right up to me with those beautiful sunset eyes and put her arms around me.' Midoriya let his eyes flutter closed, a tiny smile pulling at the corners of his mouth as he imagined.

'I would be nervous, but she would comfort me by running a gentle hand down my chest. I could reach out and brush her hair behind her ear, just like I've always wanted to do to a girl. And she would let me. She wouldn't pull away or judge me.' He pictured the welcoming smile you would greet him with before accepting his love. Izuku sighed, slowly allowing the innocent fantasy to escalate. 'F/N would hold me close, caress my cheek and pull me in for a kiss. Her lips would be soft, like rose petals. But also warm and inviting.' He ran a fingertip over his lips to simulate the sensation. 'Maybe she would taste like strawberries. Or cake. Definitely something sweet...'

(OK. Even Author-chan can't handle the cuteness right now. Give me a minute...)

'She would smell nice too. She would have to stand on her toes to reach my lips... because in my imagination I would be a little bit taller. While kissing we would probably stumble backwards onto the bed. Her musical laughter would fill my ears and I'd laugh along with her.' He froze for a second. 'Wait... A bed? What would happen there?' 

He pictured himself underneath your weight. Once your laughing stopped, you would realize you were on top of him and blush. "Mmmm... so cute... so good." He moaned as he stroked a bit faster. He had completely forgotten his whereabouts, his only thoughts fixed on you. 

'I would want to touch her, but wouldn't know where to start. But she would be understanding. She would take my hand and put it on her body. Maybe it would start on her face, running down her neck and stop on her chest. I'd want to feel her heartbeat. She would want that too so she could melt my doubt away with the sincerity of her feelings.' He placed his spare hand on his own heart, feeling it flutter wildly with the overwhelming infatuation. Not to mention the high dose of hormones thrumming in his veins like an engine...

''I love you, Izuku' she'd say. She'd call me by my first name, since half of the class probably doesn't even know my first name. Or maybe she'd be my girlfriend, and she'd have a precious little term of endearment for me. Like sweetheart or honeybun.' His focus broke and he snorted, chuckling and blushing at his own ridiculous level of self-indulgence. 

"As if." He mumbled. But there were too many thrilling passions swirling in his body for him to stop now. Concrete reasoning? Honestly? It can go to hell.

'I'd confess my love to her back in the most romantic way I could think of. In response her eyes would smolder. She would be able to read my mind like a book, knowing exactly what I want her to do. I would be hypnotized, watching her slowly unbutton her shirt.' A spike of want throbbed in his hand, pooling at the base of his belly. 

"Mmmnh." He huffed, his breath quickening. 

'F/N would be bold in the way she touches me, intertwining our bodies in a sweltering heated passion, pinning me down and brushing her soft skin against mine.'

"Unh!" He's not sure when you both became naked, but it no longer mattered. He was squirming beneath the covers now, riding the pleasure as it frantically escalated.


'She would moan my name, begging for more!' 

"F/N!" He moaned loudly, about to reach the edge.

"The hell?!" 

"UUUUAAAAAHHHH!!!" Izuku nearly jumped out of his skin at the sound of a voice behind him. He turned around in horror. Katsuki stood there with a disgusted scowl on his face, taking a glance to the picture on his phone and then back to Midoriya. 

"You can't do your creepy shit somewhere else, ya moron?" 

"K-KACCHAN!" Midoriya yawped, hysterically trying to cover himself. "ITS- NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!" 

"Really? So you weren't just yanking it to F/N's picture?" 

Midoriya's lower lip quivered in fear. He sat there in mortified silence, staring at the ground, ashamed of what he had just done. 

"Is that bitch really so dear to you?" Katsuki raised a snarky eyebrow. 

"No!" He defended. "Er- well... yes. Maybe..." He sputtered, face and ears burning red.

"What do you think she'd say if she heard about this?" Bakugou teased him cruelly. Midoriya's heart stopped.

"PLEASE DON'T TELL HER, KACCHAN!" He beseeched. He yanked his pants up, leaping over the arm of the chair. 

"Why shouldn't I?" He defied. Midoriya sunk to his knees, tears falling from his eyes.

"I'll do anything!" He pleaded. "I don't want to lose her, Kacchan! Please! I'm begging you!" Midoriya fell to his face in a puddle of disgraceful tears. 

"I'm sick of all this bull-shit pining you're always doing over her. Fucking DO something about it already!"

"W-what do you mean?" He looked up at Katsuki's smirk.

"Either you ask the damn bitch out, or I'm telling her about your little episode here..." Midoriya looked sternly at the floor, understanding the challenge. 

"How long do I have?" He asked.

"Friday if I'm feeling generous." He turned away, opening the door to the stairwell. "...And I'm not usually a generous person." Katsuki added, watching the fear rise in Midoriya's eyes. "Remind me to burn that couch later..." He mumbled before the door closed. 

Midoriya grimaced, the severity of the situation setting in. 'This is horrible! I can't believe I did that!' He moped back to his room, a heavy burden weighing on his shoulders. 'So it's pretty much a choice between rejection and rejection... Sensational. This is going to be a fantastic week...' He thought bitterly.


Chapter Text

Jitters had caught Izuku on his walk to school Monday morning. "Alright. Hopefully Kacchan will keep his promise... If he does, I have all day and hopefully tomorrow to plan something... Why'd it have to be Kacchan? Any of the other guys would have probably kept it a secret for me..." He mumbled to himself, coming around the corner to the classroom. A pang of fright struck him. You came into sight, leaning on the windowsill while speaking with... KACCHAN?! 'Maybe it's okay...' He thought, slowly approaching. Suddenly, Katsuki lifted a finger, pointing directly at him. His eyes widened as you turned, his life flashing before his eyes. He swiftly ran up in an attempt to cut the conversation short.

"HEEEEEYYY!" He said, loudly and nervously. "Whatcha guys talking about?"

"Hey, Izuku. I was just looking for you." You pulled out your bag. "I brought you something from the beach." You handed over the small object. "It's a sand dollar. I know it isn't much... but I painted it All Might colors so it would match your room." You grinned brightly. He sighed in relief, cheeks turning a light shade of pink. Katsuki shot Midoriya an impatient glance. 

"That's so thoughtful of you! Thank you so much!" You were taken aback by Izuku abruptly grasping your hand in both of his. Initiating physical contact was generally out of character for him. With a few exceptions of his profound emotional outbursts of course. It was a pleasant and welcome change. 

You cherished the warmth of his hands, sweaty actually. In all honesty, you kind of liked it. They dwarfed your hands, rough and strong. Your thoughts drifted to what amazing things he could do with those powerful hands. 'Aw crap...' The heat rose in your cheeks. Quite frankly, you hadn't been able to get your mind off Midoriya all weekend... or more specifically- off his hero's body. Up until recently, your affections had been strictly pure. But the universe deemed it fit to conspire against you, throwing little moments like this in your face.

Izuku was silent for a moment, taking in your appearance. He noted that you had definitely soaked up some sun on your vacation. 'I wonder if she has any tan lines that I could see- Ah! Dammit! Not this again...' He hadn't actually taken care of the problem from before so these stupid thoughts kept resurfacing. 



You met each other's eyes in an awkward stare, deciding the best course of action would just be to keep these feelings hidden. "Shall we?" You gestured him into the classroom. 

Class ticked by slowly, a stifling electric energy passing between you at every turn. You wished that he sat behind you instead of in your direct line of sight since you couldn't help but start to notice little things as the lesson went on. Things like how soft and touchable his hair was, the way he curled his lips when he was deeply concentrating, or how his ear was so perfectly shaped to run your teeth along... 'Stop it!'

Midoriya tried to ignore the little twinges of desire surfacing when he met your eyes, vibrant and alive. The way you would playfully flip your hair when you knew he was looking at you, or how enticing your glowing sun-kissed skin was. He wiped his mouth with his sleeve upon realizing he was drooling like a damn idiot.

Lunch was no different. He restlessly ate his food, mostly staring down at the table with the occasional suspicious glance around the room. 

"Hey." Katsuki's voice startled Midoriya. 

"Hello, Bakugou." Iida greeted. 

"F/N." He looked at you. "I have something to tell you." Midoriya choked on his meal. 'Not here! Not in front of all of my friends!' Tension hung thick in the air.

"Yeah?" You inquired.

"Look." He hovered next you, flipping his phone into your line of sight.  'Oh god... does he have photographic evidence?!' 

"No way!" You exclaimed. Izuku's blood pressure shot through the roof. 

"Yes way." Bakugou smiled at Midoriya. 

"I can't believe they're coming to town! They're my favorite band!" 

"Yeah. The concert's gonna be kick-ass. Thought you'd want to know about it." 

"Thanks, Katsuki!" You beamed at him gratefully as he closed the tiny website on his phone. He turned on his heels, flashing a shit-eating grin to a strung-out Izuku. He grit his teeth and clenched his shaking fists on the table in exhaustion. 'Asshole... He totally did that on purpose. He's going to give me a heart attack.'

"Izuku, you have food on you." He looked up just in time to meet your gaze as you ran a gentle thumb across his bottom lip to get it. Your touch lingered there, probably too long. Something was different between you now. Normally Midoriya would be flustered by such an act, but this time he simply watched, captivated. Waiting to see what you would do next. Completely without thinking, you popped that finger in your mouth, sucking it clean. He licked his lips in response, color rising in his face. 'Oh jeez. Did I really just do that?! What was I thinking?!'  You screamed internally. You were kicking yourself for not being able to tear your eyes away from him. 

*AHEM* Uraraka cleared her throat loudly, snapping you out of it. The lunch table eyed you both suspiciously before returning to their business. 

Gym class was even worse. It was one of those hot and sticky days, and of course you all had to freaking run. The most hated gym class days by far were running days. By the end, all of you were glistening in sweat, panting in misery. You went straight for the hydration station, grabbing cool cups of water for your classmates. You handed one to Izuku, who was on his back in the grass. You couldn't help but watch his chest rise and fall, heaving in air, his tshirt soaked with a layer of sweat. He greedily gulped down the water, drops spilling down the corners of his mouth. When he finished, he stretched out again, leaving a bit of his stomach exposed beneath his tshirt. You examined it from where you stood, seeing a few hairs just below his bellybutton. Your eyes traveled to his lush green hair and briefly wondered if the carpet matched the drapes. 'His abs are-'

"F/N!" Momo hollered. 

You gasped, realizing that while you weren't paying attention, the icy water spilled out onto your shirt, soaking down the whole front of you. "C-COLD!" Your shirt was completely see-through now, your lacey bra exposed beneath it. 

"Alright! Wet tshirt contest for everybody!" Mineta screamed, about to throw water on the other girls, but was restrained by Todoroki. You covered yourself with your arms in attempt to hide your breasts, as your nipples were poking through the fabric in response to the frigid water. 

"Oh! Let me help you." Midoriya stood, unwrapping his gym towel from around his neck and dabbing you with it. He wiped off your collarbone, patting downward with both hands. 

"Uh... Midoriya?" Todoroki spoke. Izuku was unaware that his hands were feeling your breasts, pressing gently as he dried. Unfortunately, his soft caress only exacerbated the problem of your nipples poking out. 

"Yeah, Todoroki?" He asked, not taking his attention off the task at hand.

"Look at what you are doing." He stated. Midoriya's brows furrowed, suddenly realizing that he was essentially feeling you up. He gasped and blushed, retreating his hands close to his chest. Bakugou snorted in the background. 

"S-sorry!" He peeped, looking everywhere but at you. The towel dropped to the ground, revealing your perky wet breasts to the world. A loud whistle was fired off in your direction. You would have been embarrassed but saw that Katsuki was the one who did it. You stuck your tongue out at him in an expression of sass. 


That night, you lay in your bed, plagued by the same distracting thoughts. You couldn't be the only one in the class having urges like this... 

VRRR! Your phone vibrated and lit up with a new message from the particular boy on your mind. 

"Want to study or something with me tomorrow?" 

You smiled at the screen. He had said his usual 'or something.' He would always utilize that phrase when he really meant something else, but was trying to cover it up by sounding casual. It was shy, terribly cute, and easy to read. So in this case, you knew when he said 'study or something', he really just wanted to hang out with you. You responded immediately, agreeing to the proposal. 

Midoriya felt hopeful, planning on asking you out then. His insides warped, feeling unsure and nervous. He hadn't formulated a huge plan, but on such short notice, perhaps ordinary courting methods would be acceptable enough. 'I mean at least if I do it this way, we can probably still be friends. If Kacchan tells her that I...' He shook his head. 'I don't even want to think about that! ...I have to run interference until then.'

The next school day was not quite as intensely ridden with sexual tension. You had been looking forward to meeting with him after school to hang out. Maybe having a chance to chat and laugh off some of these feelings would be healthy. 

You sat across from each other on the cushy dorm couch, conversing on small things like the hero news and such. Midoriya dwelled on ways to flirt and bring up the subject of dating. He faked an audible yawn, stretching his arms above him and let his head fall into your lap. "So tired." He lied, as he was actually wired and coursing with adrenaline. You raised your eyebrows but accepted the contact, allowing your fingers to migrate through his locks. He shut his eyes tightly, feeling the blush rise in his face. The chemistry sent little waves of bliss running throughout his body with every stroke of his hair. 

"Comfy?" You giggled at him playfully. He opened his big green eyes. 

"Yes, very." He smiled bashfully. "So F/N... I was thinking... would you maybe want-"

"Hey." A familiar voice stuck a thorn in Midoriya's contentment. 

"Oh hey, Katsuki." You waved to greet him on his walk down the stairs.

"Hey, Kacchan." Izuku mumbled. The blonde took in your intimate proximity on the couch.

"You guys on a date or something?" 

"N-no!" You stared away from your lap in embarrassment. 

"Oh really..." That wasn't the answer he was looking for. He stared at Midoriya in annoyance, who gulped in response. "So you know something funny happened the other day..." Katsuki began. "I came downstairs and Deku was-"


"Izuku! What's come over you?!" The rudeness was so unlike him. 

"Right there on the couch you're sitting on-" 

"KACCHAN DON'T!" He shouted, standing up to cover his mouth. He grabbed Izuku's wrists to stop him, the volume in his voice escalating.

"I caught Deku jerking off to your picture." 

"KACCHAN!" Midoriya's soul definitely left his body, the death of the main protagonist. His face turned pale and ghostlike as his stomach churned.

"W- What?!" Your mouth fell open. 

"You said I had until Friday!" Izuku squealed, horror washing over him. 

"I never promised you shit." Bakugou replied. Izuku clutched his fists, his curls veiling his dejected expression. 

"What the hell?!" Your face contorted, repulsed that Katsuki would make up such a vulgar inappropriate lie about Izuku. 

"I- I didn't- I wasn't- uh... I never meant to-" Midoriya babbled, words trying to find him, but failing. He turned away and covered his face with his hands. He couldn't bear to face you. 

"What is your problem?!" You squawked at Katsuki. Midoriya kept his face hidden, accepting the harsh criticism he assumed was directed at him. 


"You disgust me!" You added, cruelly judging Katsuki's embarrassing indiscretion. Guilty tears fell from Midoriya's eyes. 

"I'm sorry!" The freckled boy collapsed to his knees before you, utterly grief-stricken. 

"I wasn't talking to y-" Your eyes widened upon seeing his remorseful state. Your hands flew over your mouth in realization, cheeks burning madly. "Oh my gosh, you weren't lying..." Your voice was barely above a whisper. 

"Course I ain't lying!" Bakugou spat.

"Never meant to... So so sorry..." Izuku was pleading softly at the floor, bowed low and weeping at your feet. 

"Izuku..." You were left speechless, meeting his tearful gaze as he looked up at you. He rose, face red with shame, and bolted from the room before you had a chance to stop him. "Wait!" But his bedroom door had already slammed shut. 

"What the hell was that about?!" You instantaneously jumped down Katsuki's throat.

"So I told you the truth. What's the big deal?" He defended. 

"That was cruel and embarrassing to Izuku! And it was completely unnecessary!" 

"Isn't it weird that you're more mad at me than him right now?" He replied coolly, not even raising his voice. 

"Well you-" You shut your mouth, knowing that he was right. You were more angry about Izuku's feelings being hurt than about the original act in question. That WAS odd. It was very perceptive of Katsuki to pick up on that too. He left you standing there in silence, alone with your own thoughts. 'How DO I feel about this?' You wondered to yourself. 


Chapter Text

Midoriya curled himself up on the bed, sobbing with his arms around his knees. A soft knock on the door made him look up. "Izuku?" He froze when he heard your voice. "Please let me in."

'She's probably mad that she didn't get to yell at me enough...' He thought, wiping his eyes on his forearm. 'I guess that's fair. I deserve it for betraying our relationship and jeopardizing her honor...' 

The door swung open before you, revealing Izuku's puffy red eyes. "Can we talk?" He silently nodded, looking miserably at the floor. 

"I... have something to say." He humbly requested. "Will you hear me out?" You nodded. "F/N... I'm so so sorry." He paced over to the bed. "You probably feel really violated right now... and I don't blame you for that. I know what I did is unforgiveable." Remorseful tears prickled the corners of his eyes again. "I just... You've been on my mind a lot recently and..." Those words stole the breath right from your lungs. You understood what he meant and there was nothing else that needed to be said. 

"I had a moment of weakness the other day... but I just want you to know that-" You approached him, a comforting hand on his back interrupted his morose train of thought. 

"It's okay, Izuku..." 

"HUH?!" The lack of wrath and rejection baffled him. 

"I... may have... d-done the same thing." You admitted shyly. His skin tingled at the mental image of you committing such a lewd act. 

"R-really?" His wide eyes penetrated you.

"Yeah..." Your nerves reached fever pitch, your hand wandered down his body and caressed the front of his pants. He gasped, his tiny hero jumping to life beneath your lithe fingers. A thousand different questions jumped into his mind at once, but none of them found their way to his lips. You pressed your chest against his, pulling him close to whisper in his ear. "I want you too, Izuku..." Your steaming breath in his ear incinerated his ability to form coherent thoughts. His lips parted in awe, and he let his shaky fingertips brush your waistline; a man hypnotized by your beguiling charms. 

Your gentle hand swept up his face, pulling him down into a velvet kiss. He melted to your will, a quiet hum resonating from his throat as you weaved both hands into his curls. You ran your hand between his legs again, but this time a hot bulge was present. His breath hitched again, allowing your tongue entrance into his pleading mouth. He responded in kind, timid at first, letting your tongues and lips dance in a swirling tango. As your hand teased him down below, his courage increased. He gripped your hips tightly, pulling you closer and letting his wet muscle slide into your cavern. You sucked his tongue hungrily, pushing his self control over the edge. 

Midoriya felt dizzy, aroused, losing his balance. "Mmm?!" You toppled onto his mattress, letting out a surprised giggle. He caught you before you bumped heads, steadying your weight as you straddled his hips. His blush darkened, realizing that his fantasy was unfolding before his very eyes. But this time, it was his actual chastity on the line. The fall had left his shirt askew, making it oh so easy to slide your hand up his bare chest. Hell, why not make it both hands while you're at it? 

Beneath your skirt, you felt the hard bulge twitch, only a tiny bit of inconvenient fabric separating him from your wet craving heat. You grinded down on him, the pleasurable friction eliciting a moan from Izuku. He ripped off his own shirt, panting; his member taut and ready. 

"Eager?" You teased. He nodded fast, accepting of his own desire. "Me too." You admitted, pinning him down with a much more ferocious kiss. He closed his eyes, electricity boiling the blood in his veins. Suddenly, your weight was off of him and your feet hit the floor.

"Ah! Did I do something wrong?!" He asked, but then saw you seductively wriggle your skirt over your firm rear end. You briefly wondered if the All Might underwear you had on was totally embarrassing or impeccably perfect for this occasion. His ogling eyes locked on you, licking his lips as he watched you slowly unbutton your shirt. His original fantasy was nothing but a flimsy postcard in comparison to this. He was now standing on the actual mountaintop, relishing in the realness of it all. How could he have ever settled for anything less?! 

"No. I'm just getting more comfortable." You winked, intentionally whispering a low sultry tone. You deliberately crawled back onto him at a torturing pace, his stare practically becoming physical. You unbuttoned his pants, making sure he had a fantastic view of your cleavage as you did so. "Can I maybe... try something?" You asked his permission, insecurity saturating your tone. 

"T-try what?" He was desperate to find out. You yanked him out of his remaining clothes, your prize springing into view beneath a tuft of curly hair. You palmed it, feeling the radiating heat. He covered his mouth to stifle a lustful moan. You moved towards it, planting a few sweet kisses on the tip. It was then he understood.

"You don't have to do that!" He yawped. He would never thing to subject you to something like that. "That's where I- UUNNNNH!" You interrupted him by burrowing his shaft deep into your mouth, licking in a circular motion. The taste was slightly bitter and musky but nothing you couldn't handle. You sucked and lapped vigorously, unsure exactly what sensations would feel the best to him. "OOOOOH!" You loved every little sound that escaped his lips, but decided to give him a chance to catch his breath, sliding off his member with an audible pop. 

"Wh..." He huffed, waiting for his soul to return to him. "What is this black magic?!" He gawked at you, thinking you were some kind of deified succubus. A skilled temptress bent on stealing his heart. You couldn't fight back a laugh upon hearing that, about to return to your work. "Wait..." He stopped you. "Are... you sure?" He couldn't deny how much he was enjoying it, but didn't want to take advantage of you in any way. "That... can't be very pleasant for you..." You moved towards him, intertwining your fingers with his and kissed him gently. 

"How else can I show my love for you?" You asked simply. His cheeks and ears flushed, the tingling in his stomach morphing into full-on butterflies. His rush of infatuation left him dumbfounded, unable to speak. You smiled at his twinkling-eyed blush and leapt back onto his shaft. He was lovestruck and weak-kneed, and it maximized the sensitivity of every new delicious sensation. 

"Mmm-nyaaaahhmmm!" He gripped the bedsheets, crumpling them as he arched his back. He tried his absolute hardest to silence his moans, but you coaxed them, ripping them from deep within his chest. His salacious noises were driving you wild. You were so wet, body aflame with excitement and fervor. You wanted to give him a little taste of what you had in store for him tonight. It was all part of your plan to get him hot and bothered so he would passionately take you. 

"NNNNHHH... mmm... unh... ffuuueehhh..." He writhed, completely lost in these new fantastic delectations. 

"Mmmm." You purred, as if to tell him how enjoyable this was for you. Like he was the tastiest thing to ever pass your lips. But your plan to tease him into getting your way had not accounted for how turned on he really was. The vibration from your lips as you hummed sent him past his limit. In an instant, he twitched in your mouth, reaching a climax faster than expected. His world was ascending into a white-hot luxurious satisfaction. The stimulation wracked his senses, pushing him into what was easily the greatest thing he's ever felt. There was no time to warn you, and the only noise that came before the storm was a tiny mew. He couldn't hear your surprised little sound over the pounding of his own heart. 

"OOOOOHHHHH!" Thick sticky cum exploded against the back of your throat in large volumes. It was enough that you momentarily thought you would drown; letting it ooze out of your mouth in a runny dribble. The salty taste wasn't what you would call pleasant, but his reaction made it all worthwhile. 

He rode out his orgasm in utter bliss, allowing the feeling to fill him up. "Wow..." He heaved a happy sigh, unable to hide the sweet smile that crawled up his face. He finally fluttered his eyelids open to see the mess he had made of your mouth. 

"Oh gosh!" He grabbed the tissue box on his nightstand and sat up to help wipe you clean. "I'm so sorry. I meant to warn you but... it just felt so good and I... forgot." 

"It's alright." You grinned at him. 

"Th-thank you." He said gratefully yet awkwardly. 

"Don't thank me just yet." 

"Why?" He tilted his head.

"Because I'm not done with you." Your wicked smile and grave tone made his heart begin to race again. He looked a little panicked and hopeless, as he was pretty sure there was nothing left in him to come to your rescue (Heh. Cum to your rescue. I'm so mature...). But just as the thought came to mind, you were kissing him again. He could taste the salty musk of himself on your breath, feeling thrillingly naughty as a result. You unlatched your bra, revealing all of your topless glory. He stared for a moment, rendering you a little self-conscious. To prevent getting flustered, you pulled his hands up and placed them on your breasts. 

"Izuku! After everything we just did, you're still blushing?!" You guffawed, giggling at him. He scratched his freckled cheek sheepishly. 

"You're just so pretty, F/N-chan." 

"Oh jeez..." You covered your face with your hands, your cheeks turning crimson red. 

'So cute!' He thought with a smile, suddenly feeling another steady rush of blood flowing to his nether regions. He bit his lip, a new ravenous fire smoldering behind his exquisite jade eyes. You noticed this change in his aura, analyzing what could have caused it. 

'Being genuine and sweet is obviously the quickest way to his heart. But I guess it works on other parts of him too apparently...'

"Izuku..." You smiled kindly, voice warm like butter as you nuzzled his nose with yours. "Can I keep you?" He blinked, immediately becoming flustered and unhinged. 

"Y-you really want to?" He tucked his chin, shielding his face with his arms, sort of... since your head was totally in the way of his bashfulness. You pinned them above his head, pressing your lips to his. It was deeper now, more loving. He was bolder in holding you, wanting to display his pure and true affection. He peppered your cheeks, neck and collarbone with kisses, snaking his hands around you. To your delight, the familiar prodding against your underwear had returned. You let your teeth run along his ear just like you'd been wanting to do, feeling the desire pool deep inside you. 

You didn't realize how patiently you'd been waiting until now. You felt your walls tumbling down, shamelessly pawing at his body like a hungry animal. Over his rippling shoulders, down his chiseled pectorals your fingertips trickled, ultimately clutching his lower back with a feisty scratch. 

In a wordless scramble of intensity, you had slid your panties off and returned to aggressively kissing your lover. "You know... Izuku. You can take charge for a bit if you want to." The hint was there, but you weren't sure if he would take it. The whole time up until now he had spent beneath you and your controlling hand... or in this case, mouth. You wanted his passion, the vehement drive and determination you see him show in hero training. It was one of his most captivating qualities and you were on a mission to lure it out of him in the bedroom. In obedience, he rolled you onto your back, hovering over you. Your want spiked immensely from this action. 

"Is... is this okay?" He asked your permission. 'So close...'  You thought, accepting his thoughtful side instead. You nodded, a praising hand petting his hair. He hesitantly moved to slide a finger over your womanhood. But you were too desperate at this point to wait. The thirst was past the point of teasing. It was a full-on aching need, an itch between your legs that only he could scratch. You reached down, boldly grabbing his hardened member, positioning him between your legs. He felt a fluttering anticipation, poking gently at your slippery entrance. "Are you sure?" He looked in your eyes, trying to read your feelings in earnest. 

"Yes." You stroked his cheek with your thumb in soothing encouragement. Midoriya's brows furrowed as he looked down, moving with care, adorned in his familiar focused-face. 

"Ready?" You nodded. "Ok... You sure?"

"Yes, Izuku." 

"Really sure?" 

"For god's sake, Izuku!" You smacked your hands on the bed, wishing you had an air traffic controller to flash blazing lights with the words 'land here' between your widespread legs. 

"Ah. Okay..." Finally you felt the pressure, gliding past your wet folds slowly. It was moderately painful, but you refused to make a sound, knowing Izuku would stop at the first tiny sign of hurting you. You guided his hips, feeling him twitch inside you from the new stimulation. Eventually you wrapped your legs around him, the last length of his shaft plunging in. A pleasurable shiver ran through his body. You drew him down for a kiss, savoring in the togetherness. You both pulled apart, a trail of saliva dripping onto your breasts. Both of you tried to catch your breath as it evaded you, running away in a dizzying rush. In a spur of enthusiasm, Izuku took your nipple into his mouth, the bud hardening beneath his flat hot tongue. But his sucking was too rough.

"Ow..." You flinched away slightly.

"S-sorry." He huffed, flushed from excitement, hair sweaty and disheveled. His curls tickled your cheek and ear as he buried his face in your neck, moaning softly while he took slow pleasurable strokes. He held you as close as he could, relishing in this newfound intimacy. It felt as though you were surrounding him from every angle, the warm wetness hugging him like a daisy twirled around a tree root. His little sounds were making your head spin, fueling the embers kindling down below. 

"Please go faster." You begged, which was exactly what he wanted to hear. He gladly obliged, building the ever-growing fire between you. Every thrust was a thrill, sending full-body shivers through you. 

"Mmmnh..." Izuku sighed, losing himself again. "I love you..." He confessed breathlessly in the heat of the moment. That did it. You were reeling, your back dampening the bed with a layer of sweat.

"Nhhh... Loveyoumore unnnh!" You said super-quickly, knowing in a few seconds, you wouldn't be able to form sentences. You arched against him, toes curling, reaching the peak. Your eyes rolled back, listening to your partner's ragged breathing. His movements became frantic, escalating in speed. His leg muscles clenched, throwing powerful momentum into his bucking hips. His high-pitched moans were the roller coaster car carrying you to the top of this luscious thrill. "Iz-Izuukuuu!" You wailed, carnal and erotic, as you felt the barreling heat explode behind your eyes. 

He could feel you spasm around him, his strong thrusts bringing you to pleasure. The animalistic way you called his name shot his control over the edge. He couldn't take any more. "F/N...." He panted, his climax about to burst from his body. "Mmmm... haaahhh... UNNNNNNHHHH!" You latched your legs around him, coming down from your high right as he reached his. You were able to watch in high definition as his blushing face reflected the glorious pleasure you were providing to him. His whole body quivered, convulsing and moaning in a pornographic extraordinary sight to behold. He rolled his eyes back, ascending into a white ethereal heaven. You felt the hot liquid spill into you, his organ pulsing and sensitive. Midoriya's arms buckled, unable to hold his weight anymore, and he collapsed in exhaustion. 

An overwhelming peace sunk into him as you affectionately tousled his hair. That had been EXACTLY what he needed. Better than his wildest dreams even. But after that kind of demanding labor, he felt like he had been sucked dry, every last drop. He looked up at you, eyes sparkling with the oh so sweet afterglow. You felt free as a bird, heart soaring, your devotion fluttering in your chest like wings. 

"That was amazing." You praised his prowess. 

"Yeah you were." He replied, a playful wit in his smile. You clenched your eyes shut in embarrassment again. He giggled at your face, as this time it was intentional. You smiled back, pulling him into a comfortable cuddling position. "Can I thank you now?" He teased. "Or are you  still not done with me?" You smirked impishly.

"We'll see..." 


"Why did you tell her?" Fumikage asked Bakugou at the gym, as his room was on Midoriya's floor and he had overhead the whole ordeal. 

"Because yesterday in gym class I saw her ogling him like a horny school girl." He growled. "It was gonna happen eventually. I just sped up the process."


Chapter Text

"So you can't find anyone else, huh?" Your grimace couldn't be seen over the phone.

"No. Even my backup cancelled. I'm really in a pickle right now."

"Uh... I mean I guess I can help you out..."

"Thank you so much, F/N! I really appreciate it. You're saving my ass here." 

"Uh huh..." Your unease was still rolling in your gut. 

"Don't worry about it. Most of the people there are going to be college students. It's not like you'll see anyone you know there." You were silent. "I can reimburse you some for your trouble..." 

"Don't worry about it." You agreed. "I'll see you there." 

"Thanks a million! Just make sure you stretch out first." 


The day arrived and you walked into the studio, nerves on edge. What would your family say if they found out about this? I mean... being fully nude in front of a bunch of strangers? Yes, it's for the sake of artistic development, and to help your starving-artist friend make a living, but still... 

"Hey! I'm glad you're here!" Your friend's bubbly voice interrupted your paranoia. "Here!" She thrust a robe into your arms. You swiftly stripped down in her storage room, tying the robe around your figure. "Don't be nervous. There's only like 3 boys in this class." You weren't sure if that made you more or less uncomfortable for some reason. "And one of the boys has really pretty hair. So that might help distract you." 

"Hah." You chuckled at her honesty. "Really?" She gestured you to peek into the classroom, pointing at the back of a boy's head. 'Oh god...' Your stomach hit the floor. It was the stoic handsome boy from your class. The one you had a crush on! 'What is he doing here?!' You winced. 'Ugh... figures... He's rich so he is probably a connoisseur of the finer things like art.' "Uh..." Everything seemed to slow down. He turned, his beautiful eyes meeting yours through a few loose strands of hair.

"F/N." He raised his eyebrows slightly, as his expression changes were generally very subtle. 

"H-hey, Shouto..." You greeted uncomfortably from the doorway. 'Oh my gosh! This is an absolute disaster!'

"Are you taking this class too?" He inquired. 

"...Not exactly..." 

"Alright everyone! Let's get started. Today we are practicing drawing human anatomy. More specifically, the female figure." She gestured to you. You gave an awkward tiny wave to greet the class. "This is F/N and she will be our model today." 

'Kill me...' It took every fiber of your self-control to not bolt from the room at that very moment. But your loyalty to your friend kept your feet rooted, grimacing at the floor. 'She's gonna owe me BIG after this one...'

"I have provided you with supplies. Here's how this is going to work. We are trying to channel your right brain, so you wont have very much time between poses. A minute or so at best. Don't think, just draw. Are you ready?" She held out a hand to you. The room was set up in a square with a table in the middle: your stage. "Ok, F/N. So every time you hear this beep, switch poses. Understand?" You nodded nervously as she set the timer on the table. "And don't be afraid to get creative. Have fun with it." 

Your mind went blank. You had no idea what kinds of poses to do anymore. You untied the robe, facing the wall opposite him to hide how red your face was. You bit your lip, finding your courage, and let the robe slide off your shoulders and down your back. You wondered what he would think of your body. Would he find your gentle curves unattractive? 'Will he think my boobs are too small? That's always a complaint amongst guys...'  Just for curiosity's sake you turned your head back to glance at him. 'Oh my gosh, is he BLUSHING?!' What does that mean?! In your history of knowing him you had never seen him wear any expression that wasn't calm and collected. 

It was unclear whether Todoroki's expression gave you the impression that he was in love with you or just seeing him uncomfortable was enough to melt your insecurity away. But either way, you wanted to see how far you could take this...

The timer went off and you went to work. The first few poses were casual, since you knew you would be here a while. But then...

Shouto adorned a professional façade, staying focused on his sketches for a few minutes in an attempt to ignore the gradual rising of his body temperature. But his effort was wasted. At that moment, you laid down on the table and locked eyes with him, arching your back in a very lewd display. He gulped, pressing his charcoal down onto the paper with a little more force than necessary. 

'Hm... This isn't working. Time to up my game...' You rolled onto your knees, stretching out your arms as your rear end ascended into the air. You raked a hand through your hair, letting it fall in a messy suggestive way. A tiny smile pulled at your lips as you fluttered your eyelashes at him. SNAP!

His writing utensil broke, half of it flying off to a location unknown. "My uh... charcoal broke..." He mumbled to the teacher, cheeks turning pink again. She fetched him another one as the tiny alarm beeped. You rolled onto your stomach now, propping yourself up on your elbows. Your arms scarcely covered your now-protruding nipples. He was biting his lip now, libido humming.

Beep beep

'Now I think it's time to show off my flexibility...' You leaned back slightly on your butt, sticking your leg far above your head and revealing your womanhood to the world. Todoroki's heart was pounding in his chest now, hot blood fueling the rock hard desire beneath the table. This time he was completely distracted, not taking his piercing eyes off of you. The beep resounded before he had even made a single line on his paper. 

"Ah!" He realized what he was doing and returned to his sketching in a flustered state. Class continued like this, Todoroki becoming increasingly sexually frustrated by your provocative nude poses. His mind began to wander, inappropriate mental visuals of things he would want to do to you in those positions springing forth. You adorned your robe, relieved that all of the strangers' eyes were no longer invading your privacy. 

Shouto sighed, collecting his papers much slower than the rest of the class while a few people thanked you on their way out the door. He watched with smoldering eyes as you entered the storage room to change. 

Lightheaded from the intensity of your ordeal with Todoroki, you accidentally bumped into one of the tall art shelves, scattering paper and paint tubes everywhere. "Ah, shit..." You bent down to begin cleaning, hearing the door open and close nearby. "Sorry. I knocked some of your stuff down." You called backwards to your friend. "Do you think I did okay-" You were met by the gaze of Shouto, whose hands were blackened by the charcoal he'd been using. "Oh... H-hey Shouto." He approached silently, looming and intimidating. You backed up becoming cornered by him. 

"Don't you know it's not nice to tease people?" He growled, his hot breath rushing across your face, which was now only inches away from his. You stayed silent, completely unsure if he was angry or aroused. But your attraction to the boy overpowered you, and you instinctively lifted your chin, reaching towards his mouth. Your eyelids sunk, intoxicated by his cologne. 

You gasped as his hand traced through your open robe, caressing from your stomach around to your back. You had almost forgotten about your nudity. He used his other hand to slide into your hair, pulling you into a deep kiss. He was not the type to cover up when it came to his feelings. He wouldn't beat around the bush and be bashful like Midoriya, or even get flustered and hide it like Katsuki. Shouto was an intense individual. He showed you exactly where he stood, his plundering tongue yearning in your mouth. He let his hands wander, the silk robe sliding effortlessly to the ground. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him closer. He coaxed a small moan from you with a nibble on your bottom lip. His large yet dexterous hands glided over your plump breast, rolling your nipple with the tip of his thumb. Your breath hitched, writhing against the wall under his touch. But suddenly, his touch disappeared. 

"Eh?" You asked as he turned away. "Wh-where are you going?!"

"That ought to teach you a lesson about teasing people." He couldn't hide a tiny smile at your dumbfounded expression. You blushed, looking down at the floor and feeling terribly exposed. In an instant you were swept up in his arms again. "Just kidding." He grinned widely at you.

"You little shit!" You snapped, but a laugh bubbled out of your tummy anyways. You pushed away him playfully. "Look at this." You gestured to your body. "You got charcoal dust all over me." You laughed again. 

"I like it..." He admitted. "It's like seeing proof of where my hands have touched you..."

His aura was sweet, almost vulnerable. You understood. It's always daunting admitting your likes and dislikes in the bedroom. You smiled brightly at him.

"Oh, I see. Well then how about I be your canvas?" You offered.

"But there's no charcoal left." He examined his hands. 

"There's paint tubes right here on the floor." You laughed satirically. 

"Ah. Yes. Good idea." He knelt down and snatched one up. 

"Oh wait. You're serious?!" You tilted your head at him in puzzlement.

"Quite serious." He squirted some green paint into his palm. "In fact, I intend to make you my greatest masterpiece." He smirked again. 'Dammit, Shouto. Why is it always so hard to know when you're joking?!'

You ripped off his shirt and pants to prevent any paint from getting on them. You got a dollop of ruby red acrylic and streaked it down his toned bicep. He put several new green handprints on your body... but only on places he didn't intend on licking later. You found a metallic yellow and did a finger-paint heart on his chest. He must have found that terribly cute, for he pounced toward you, bringing your bare back to the scattered papers on the ground. He began to kiss you again and you gasped as his added weight made a few small tubes explode underneath you, covering you in the cold paint. 

He ran gentle kisses over your cheekbone and neck, the side that wasn't covered in charcoal dust at least... and moved down your collarbone. He enticed you with a frisky trick. He used his quirk to make his lips ice cold, sending shivers down your spine at the new sensation. You ran your hands into his hair longingly, forgetting that you had a blop of blue pigment still on your palm. He didn't seem to mind the casual destruction of his hair, but you smiled to yourself thinking that the colors now looked like the Fourth of July. 

As he clenched you tighter, you felt a hardness between your legs, cut off by the soft fabric of his striped boxers. You reached down and removed the barrier for him, a thing he was ever-so grateful for. He pressed himself at the entrance, wondering if he could use the same trick he used on his lips on his... 'But that will be cold...' He thought to himself. But for your sake, he felt like he would try anything. Even here, somehow you had enticed him into a storage closet, where you were now rolling on the ground covered in different colors. 

He decided to try it. He slid himself in, letting a moan escape his lips. Once he felt you relax into it, he let the cool sensation rise down below. 

"Mmmmnh..." You bit your lip, losing yourself to the powerful sensation. He shuddered, from the cold and from the pleasure. It was then he realized, with this tingling numbness he would be able to last longer. He increased his speed, on a mission to bring his masterpiece to fruition. Your different positions slapped abstract designs and shapes onto the papers you rolled over. 

Then the heat came, overwhelming the shivers in your body. It was becoming too much. Your chest was heaving, trying to catch your breath as his fiery warmth filled you up. He huffed and groaned loudly, barely able to hold back his pleasure. 

"S-Shouto!" You gripped his hair tightly. Over the echoing of your carnal moans, you didn't hear the door swing open.

"What is this?!" Your art teacher friend shouted. You remembered yourself, realizing that you two must be a sight to behold.

"It's ART, DAMMIT!" You bellowed theatrically, gesturing to the not-quite paintings on the floor. Her jaw dropped, speechless.

"Please leave." Shouto requested as politely as possible, but the low gruffness of his voice sounded somewhat threatening. She turned and ran out as quickly as her feet would carry her, baffled at what she had just witnessed. 

"That's a kind of art I've never seen before..."


Chapter Text

"Ooh! I like that one!" You squealed happily as the man got down your prize. "You're such a great shot, Denki!" 

"Dead-eye Denki is what they call me." He pointed and winked at you with a confident grin. 

"Thanks so much for winning me this." You smiled at him sweetly, cuddling the stuffed bear in your arms. You walked along the strip of vendors with the bubbly blonde boy, wondering where the time had gone. Dusk had already arrived, coating the land in a darkness. The twinkling lights illuminated the blackness and an intoxicating scent filled your nostrils. 


"I smell..." 

"FUNNEL CAKE!" You and Kaminari exclaimed in unison. He grabbed your hand without thinking and ran with you to the nearest stand selling them. 

"Do you wanna split one?" He asked, since you both had already gorged yourself on other various carnival foods. 

"Yeah." You nodded vigorously, now noticing his hand still entwined with yours. He retreated it, cheeks turning slightly pink.


You found a nearby picnic table under a tree by the carosel. It was peaceful, somewhat isolated from the noisy bustle of the crowd, and had a dazzling glowing ambiance that oozed romance. 'The perfect place to make a confession...' He realized, eyeing you thoughtfully. You nibbled on the hot treat, sticky sugar coating your fingers. 'Or maybe I should wait for the parade...' He debated. 

"Whatcha thinking about?" You asked Kaminari, as he was being more quiet than usual. 

"Oh? Uh... Just how freaking amazing this funnel cake is!" He said, stuffing his face with another handful of artery-clogging goodness. 

"Right?!" You grinned widely in agreement. 

"Hey, you have a little something..." He reached out to brush the powdered sugar off of your cheek, completely forgetting that his hands were covered in the stuff. 

Bloof! Suddenly your whole face was caked in white fluff. 

"Did you just..."

"Oops." He couldn't fight back a laugh at how ridiculous you looked. 

"Hey!" You laughed along with him, doing the same to his face. In an all-out powedered sugar war, you proceded to coat one another in absurd amounts of sugar. 

"Just when I thought you couldn't get any sweeter!" He giggled. You turned red and looked down.

"Denki... I- AAAH!" You were surprised as you were overtaken by complete darkness. 

"Are you okay?" You heard Kaminari's voice in the darkness.

"Yeah... what happened?" You asked.

"I guess the power went out..." 

"ATTENTION GUESTS!" Present Mic's voice pierced the silence. "It seems we have lost power on the north tower. It would take a long time to get someone up there to fix it, so unfortunately the parade will be cancelled." 

"Oh no!" You frowned. "The parade..." 

"The north tower, huh?" Kaminari mumbled to himself. 'The Rose festival is F/N's favorite. I have to do something...'


"I have an idea. Come on!" He grabbed you by the arm again, running through the dark woods. You squinted as your eyes adjusted to the lighting. In the distance you were able to make out a power station. "I think this is it." He said. 

"Oh, I see. You could use your quirk to recharge the festival! Great idea, Denki!" But the closer you got to it, the more apprehensive you became. 

"Uh..." You looked straight up from the base of the intimidating metal structure, not even being able to see the top. 

"Alright." He started climbing the ladder on the side.

"No, Denki! It's way too high! Let's just forget about it. We can go somewhere else." You suggested. 

"No way! You're going to see the parade tonight, F/N!" He held a thumbs up from over your head. 

"It's too dangerous!" You yelled, but he was unconvinced. 'If he overdoes it... and shorts himself out... he could fall!'  You decided it was time to get help. You ran back towards the festival as fast as you could, no clue who exactly you were searching for. Someone who could reason with him maybe? 

"F/N!" You heard a voice call. 


"I'm glad you're here." He said. "We could really use your help." You looked up, noticing Sero lowering people down from the halted ferris wheel with his rope. 

"But... I need you to come with me." You pleaded. "Denki is about to do something crazy and we need to stop him!" He raised his eyebrows.

"It's okay! I got everything under control, Midoriya!" Sero called from above. 

As you sprinted back, little sparks fell from the sky, a beacon to Kaminari's location. He took a deep breath and steadied his balance, the cool breeze blowing through his hair. The tower shook slightly in the wind, making him clutch the pole tighter. 

"Moment of truth." He said to himself, reaching up to the fuse box. 


A powerful white light filled the night sky, sparks flying in all directions. 

"N-NO!" You screeched. "NOT YET!" You weren't to the tower yet. "MID-" But he had already sprung past you, catching Kaminari as he fell from the tower. You caught up to see him, hair fringed, smelling of smoke. "Denki!" You exclaimed, kneeling by his side. "You idiot! Why did you do that?!" He opened his eyes to look at you. You sighed in relief, tearing up. "You almost gave me a heart attack." You clutched him tightly in an embrace.


VRRRRRRUUUUUNNNNNNNNNHHHH! You heard a humming noise before an eruption of cheers. You turned, jaw dropping as, right before your eyes, the lights of the festival lit up. 

"You did it..." You squeaked, barely above a whisper. You looked down at him, noting that he must have passed out from exhaustion. You sighed, meeting Midoriya's gaze, which reflected your tired smile. He helped you carry Kaminari back to the nursing station to be fixed up. 

His blurred vision adjusted, your concerned face coming into his view. He sat up abruptly, taking in his surroundings. "Woah... what happened?" 

"You did it." You smiled sweetly at him. 

"Wow, really?!" He lit up with energy. "That's great! So we can watch the parade then!" He was utterly delighted to give you something that you really wanted.

"Well... the parade is kind of... over..."

"What?" His heart sank.

"I mean... you sort of slept through it." You chuckled. He frowned, looking dismal. "But there's still time to watch the fireworks." You added, giving him a last glimmer of hope. 

"Let's go!" He jumped off the bed, holding onto you for stability until his head stopped swimming. 

"Are you sure you're okay?" 

"Sure. Let's find a good spot." You walked back to the picnic table where you had eaten funnel cake together, peering up at the night sky. Suddenly the lights went out, just like before. Kaminari gasped in dismay.

"ALLLLRIIIIIGHT!" Present Mic's voice came on again. "We are turning off the lights because the fireworks show is about to start!" You chuckled as Denki heaved a huge sigh of relief. 

"F/N... I'm sorry. What I did was so stupid. I completely ruined your evening." 

"What on earth are you talking about?! You totally saved the day!" 

"I mean... you missed the parade because of me... and that was your favorite part." 

"You know what my favorite part of this festival is, Denki?" You took his face in your hands. "You."

"Really?" He asked, blushing. You gave a swift nod, smiling genuinely. His eyes twinkled and he closed the distance between you, sweeping you up in a passionate kiss. His embrace was energetic yet comfortable. Fireworks blazed in your chest as they exploded in the background. You were overwhelmed by affection for the electric boy. He was so tride and true, going to such great lengths just for you. You finally parted for oxygen, gazing into eachother's eyes. 

"Oh! I almost forgot!" He scrambled, reaching into his back pocket. "Oh, dang..." He held out a tiny black flower, furrowing his brows at it. 

"It must have gotten charred earlier." You chuckled openly. 

"I swear it was pink when I got it..." He laughed with you, letting you take the singed crunchy flower out of his hand.

"I love it." You admitted. "It's so you. And that makes it special." He pulled you back into his arms. You sighed, resting your head on his collarbone, watching the fireworks erupt in the sparkling starlit sky. 


Chapter Text

"What do you mean missing?!" You squawked.

"Yes. His mother said he disappeared this morning. She's asking if we have heard from him." Your mind flitted to the last time you saw the green eyed boy.

"I haven't seen him. He told me he had plans with Kacchan this weekend." Your father nodded, kneeling down.

"She already said Kacchan doesn't know where he is." He said. Your brows furrowed with worry. "...Are you sure he didn't say anything to you about where he might have gone?" You shook your head. He continued to relay the conversation to mama Midoriya. "Yes. I'll let you know if we find anything out." He hung up the phone.

"What's going on?" You asked.

"Well... Inko called us because the police won't search for someone unless they've been missing for more than 48 hours."

"That's too long! We gotta go look for him!" You demanded impetuously. He bent down to your level, patting your head.

"I know this is hard for you, honey. But we can't just go out on a wild goose chase all over the city. ...If you think of someplace he might be, we can go look in the morning."

"But it's gonna be cold tonight! We have to go now!" You grabbed his arm and began frantically pulling him towards the door.

"No!" He raised his voice to you. Then paused, softening his tone. "We wouldn't find him in the dark. He will be fine until morning. He's probably at a friend's house or something."

"But what if he's lost?" You begged, emotion overwhelming you.

"Tomorrow." He insisted, resolute.

"I thought you were supposed to be a hero!" You cried, running to your room to slam the door. You sobbed into your pillow, feeling utterly capsized. 'Why doesn't he understand?!'

Shortly after your tantrum, you heard a knock on the door. '"F/N... I made you some soup for dinner. Come out and have some."

"Not hungry." You lied, pouting.

"Ok, honey. I'll box some up and put it in the fridge for you. If you get hungry later you can heat it up." He closed the door behind you. With wet eyes, you watched the orange sun sulk below the horizon.

All this crying was sleepy work for a 9 year old. Before you knew it, you slipped off into a dream. You were walking with Kacchan and his 2 friends, Izuku trailing behind you. You anxiously approached a fenced in area marked "No Trespassing."

"Maybe we shouldn't go in there." Izuku objected quietly. Kacchan turned with his usual confident grin.

"What? You scared?" He mocked.

"N-No!" Izuku protested, looking at you. "But the sign says-"

"No sign can keep me out." Kacchan asserted. He proceeded to lead you all moderately deep into the woods. Through clusters of trees and across stumbling logs high above deep ravines you clambered until you were almost certain he was lost. Through the shrubbery you were able to make out a small, dilapidated old shack garnished by a billowing pirate flag that matched the design on Kacchan's t-shirt. He had definitely been here before. "Welcome to my fortress." He stated proudly.

You carefully stepped through the haphazardly hung bed sheet covering the entrance. "Wow! This is so cool!" You exclaimed. "This should be our new clubhouse!" Izuku nodded with exuberance.

"It's my castle and I'm the king. You can only be a part of this club if you follow me." He grinned. You shrugged, too eager to object. You bent over in a low bow.

"How may I serve you, King Kacchan?" Hours of play passed before you returned home together. 

"Midoriya. Where is your assignment?" The teacher asked the next morning.

"Eh?! Oh no!" He panicked digging through his All Might backpack. "I had it yesterday...." He looked up at you in realization. "I must have left my notebook at the clubhouse yesterday!" The teacher narrowed her eyes in suspicion.

"He's telling the truth." You defended. "Zu-chan did the assignment, he just forgot it."

"Alright." The teacher stated patiently. "If you turn it in by Monday, you wont lose any credit."

"We have to go get it this weekend." Midoriya stated.

You jolted awake at the memory. "That has to be where he is." Your tiny heart filled with excitement at the new epiphany of information. The clock next to the bed said that it was nearing midnight. You jumped from your bed, running towards your father's room. 'Tomorrow!' Your dad's harsh tone resounded in your head. It was then that you changed your mind about waking him. "Sorry, dad. I can't wait that long." You whispered to yourself. You set the new plan in motion, throwing your fuzziest blanket over your shoulders. An idea struck on the way to the door. '...He's probably hungry.'

The beeping microwave startled you, piercing the silence and blowing your cover. "...F/N?" A voice echoed through the hall. 'Oh jeez. I'm done for!'

He walked in, flipping on the kitchen light. "What are you doing?" He asked.

"Just... heating up my soup." It wasn't technically a lie. Thank goodness you hadn't changed out of your pajamas yet.

"Ok, dear. Get some rest. I promise I'll wake you first thing in the morning to go look for Izuku."

"Thanks, daddy." You mumbled, shuffling back into the bedroom. You heard the distant sound of his door closing. You realized that your shoes were in the hallway, but decided you couldn't risk emerging again tonight. Deftly, inch by inch, you squirmed the window open and clambered out. Blanket and soup in hand, you ran towards the forest by the school. It was miles from the house, and you momentarily considered taking the bus, but soon changed your mind, thinking that would probably be more dangerous than running the whole way. You hadn't had much practice with your speed quirk, but you could still outrun all of your classmates by a landslide.

"No Trespassing" the sign read. Despite the frigid night air, you were sweating and panting from the strenuous overuse of your quirk. Fearlessly you stepped through the hole in the fence. Over the rough mossy terrain you ran, eventually finding the double-crossing log that once tricked even the sure-footed Kacchan.

The once familiar landmarks seemed alien and treacherous in the blackness.

"Zu-chan!" You called your best friend's nickname, walking along the riverbank. No reply. "Zu-chan!" You yelled, louder this time. Still silence. A scourge of self-doubt smacked you. 'He's not here. I was wrong.' You hiked deeper into the woods, not sure what was driving you anymore. You sighed, forgetting to pay attention to your footing. You slipped on the moist moss, stepping backwards onto a stick. It snapped with an audible CRACK!

"Hello?" A small peep tickled your eardrums. You froze, wondering if you imagined it. You held your breath, listening intently. "Is someone there?" It asked again.

"Zu-chan!" You screamed as clearly as possible.

"F/N, is that you?!" His distant voice hollered.

"Yes! It's me! Where are you?"

"Here! I'm over here!"

You used the last bit of juice left in your quirk to follow the voice. You arrived looking down over a dark gully. At the bottom sat a miserable shaking Izuku.

"Zu-chan!" You slid down the steep slippery bank recklessly, muddying yourself and your blanket in the process.

"You found me!" He sobbed, reaching both arms out to you.

"I found you!" You claimed in disbelief, tears falling down your cheeks. You ran over and hugged him, feeling his cold cheek pressed against your warm one. "Are you okay? What happened to you?" You asked.

"I was out here with Kacchan earlier and got lost." He confessed "I was trying to find my way back when I fell and hurt my foot." He pointed down. You reached out and touched his ankle gingerly. The swelling was evident even with the lightest brush of your fingertips.

"So you can't walk?" You asked. He shook his head with a sniff, wiping his face on his arm. It was then that the severity of his situation hit you. He was wearing shorts and a short-sleeved shirt, stranded and wet from the thick mud as the temperature dropped by the hour. If you hadn't come to find him... You shook the thought away, throwing your blanket around him. You glanced up at the perpendicular bank in disheartenment.

"Zu-chan, I... don't think I can carry you out of here in the dark..." You admitted.

"I understand. It is slippery." He admitted. "I wouldn't want you to get hurt too. Then we'd really be in trouble."


"It's okay. We will just wait until the others get here." You looked at him penitently.

"There... are no others, Zu-chan."

"What?" Midoriya tilted his head at you.

"My dad told me to wait until tomorrow to come look for you. So... I came alone." You shut your eyes tightly, waiting for him to reprimand you and call you an idiot. His sudden embrace startled you.

"Thank youuu." He wept again. "Y-you cared enough about me to come all by yourself."

"Of course I care about you. I-"

"I'm so glaaaaad." It was no longer clear if his tears were of the happy or sad variety at this point. You smiled as he clung to you.

"Oh, hey! I almost forgot. Are you hungry?" You asked. He nodded. "I brought you soup." You grabbed the container, brushing off the dirt. He gazed at you as if you were the holiest of angels, taking the dish in hand. "I'm afraid it's probably not warm anymore." He gulped every drop ravenously, regardless of the temperature.

"Mmm. That was really good." He hummed with a big smile.

"Are you feeling better now?" You asked with concern. "Will you be okay until morning?"

"I'm happy now that you're here." He grinned, taking your hands.

"Izuku, your hands are freezing!" You exclaimed. "Come here." You shimmied into a comfortable position against the large tree trunk next to him, opening your arms and legs wide. He shifted onto his knees towards you, stopping short of your feet.

"Are- are you sure?" He questioned shyly.

"Zu-chan, of all the times to be bashful!" You guffawed. You smacked the ground between your legs. "Get over here." He half-obeyed, plopping his butt down between your knees, looking everywhere except at you. 'Oh, for goodness sake...' You rolled your eyes and lurched forward, yanking him backwards with your arms around his waist.

"UUAAH!" He yelped as his back collided with your chest.

"I'm not gonna let you get hypo-tha-mer-mia." You maintained. He nodded as you draped the blanket over him, wrapping him in an inescapable cocoon of warmth. He blushed as you rested your chin on the top of his collarbone. You both sighed, getting comfortable. A long silence passed.

"F/N?" Izuku whispered quietly.


"Thank you for saving me." He cooed sweetly. "You're a true hero."

"Anytime." You smiled, closing your eyes. Izuku eventually relaxed enough to lay his head back on your shoulder. Another long silence.

"F/N?" He peeped again.

"Yeah?" You replied sleepily.

"I think it's pronounced 'hypothermia.'"

You blinked. "...I think you're right." You made a face, feeling like a blockhead. He glanced over at you, suddenly becoming amused by your puzzled expression. A tiny giggle escaped his throat. You smirked back. "Oh, I'm funny now, am I?" He pressed his lips together in restraint. "I'll give you something to laugh about." You used his compromising position to your advantage, trapping him in your arms and tickling him. The sound of his side-splitting cackles bounced off the trees. He squirmed and wiggled until you decided to show him mercy. "It's getting late. You should get some sleep."

He turned to face you, gently lifting his legs over to one side. "F/N." He repeated for the umpteenth time this evening.

"Yes, Zu-cha-" He threw his arms around your neck, pulling you close.

"I'm glad you're the one that found me." He nuzzled the crook of your neck with his nose affectionately. You snaked your arms around his torso, resting your cheek atop his unkempt mop of hair.

"Me too." You murmured. "Goodnight, Zu-chan."

"Goodnight, F/N."

You were abruptly jolted awake by a loud sound next to your ear. You looked around for the source, regaining awareness of your bright surroundings. Midoriya coughed again, waking himself up this time. His face was flushed and the temperature under the blanket was sweltering. You placed a hand on his face.

"Zu-chan, you're burning up!" You exclaimed. It made sense seeing as he spent several hours alone in the frigid night air, but it still somehow took you by surprise.

"Mm? Why am I wet?" He questioned groggily.

"What?" You shifted uncomfortably, throwing off the cover. Every inch of you that was touching Izuku was soaked in a layer of sweat. "Oh no! You're sick! I need to get you home." You repositioned him to get him on your back as you stood, clambering up the hillside. With his extra weight every step sunk your feet deep into the mud. You were now grateful that you had forgotten your shoes at home, as your toes helped grip the unctuous turf. Izuku was a little delirious from the fever, but seemed to wake up the closer you got to home.

"Wow!" He blurted, tightening his grip around your neck. "You're so fast! I've never been on your back while you used your quirk before!"

"I've never had someone on my back while I used my quirk before..." You huffed, out of breath. 'Just a little farther.'

Finally, filthy and disheveled, you reached the front door of your house. Your legs quivered beneath the weight. Izuku reached out and rang the doorbell for you. Your dad's voice chimed out in the hall, muttering.

"Don't have time. I'm looking for my-" He stopped, seeing the declining boy. "You found him..." He whispered slowly.

"I found him."

'Ugh. Why of all times am I remembering this NOW?' You wondered.


Moments earlier:

'This is bad.' You felt warm vital liquids gushing from your abdomen. You weren't sure where the villain had come from or where exactly they had cut you, but you were now stranded in the middle of the woods, helplessly bleeding. "The cabin will have a first aid kit." You said to yourself, survival instincts kicking in.

'But I've walked a long way to get here. The cabin has got to be miles away. What am I gonna do? CRAWL? Assuming I could make it before I bleed out...' you peered down at your crimson-soaked outfit, 'which isn't likely, if I ran into another villain I'd be done for.' Your odds of survival seemed to dwindle with each passing moment. 'There is no way I can make it out of this without help. I need a hero to save me. I need MY hero.'

Isolated and troubled, you crawled towards a clearing. Well... crawled was a generous word; dragged would be a more accurate description. You prayed for anyone to find you, but one boy you pleaded for the most.

"Zu-chan." You spoke his name reverently; blithely optimistic that somehow he would rescue you.


A single rustle from a nearby bush and that very familiar beloved boy came into view.

"Zu-chan! You're here!" You yawped in utter disbelief as he ran to your side. "I came to find you-" You regarded his figure, tattered and beaten. "Agh! Your arms look like hell! What happened to you?!"

"Kouta-" He began.

"Oh! The little boy! Is he safe?!"

"Yes, he's safe."

"Good." You sighed in relief. Midoriya knelt down to help you to your feet.

"W-what is this?" His green eyes widened, adjusting to the dim flickers of starlight beneath the canopy. "You're bleeding!" His features were painted with distress. "Oh god, it's everywhere!"

"Is it that bad?" You asked. He froze in place, remembering himself.

"N-No..." He squeaked, clenching his teeth. "You're gonna be okay... You'll be fine." He repeated solemnly, though you weren't sure which one of you he was trying to convince.

"Izuku." You looked at his aggrieved expression. "I can feel the blood. And I see it in your eyes."

"I'll save you, I promise." He asserted, a thick shroud of doubt tainting his tone. You watched as he desperately fumbled for a way to stop the bleeding, but to no avail. The large red puddle beneath you continued to grow alarmingly fast. He sucked in air, his body trembling uncontrollably with fear for your life. Your fingertips lightly grazed his shattered hand, snapping him out of his panic-stricken state.

"I believe you." You spoke, emphasizing your faith in him. He shut his eyes for a moment, placing a hand on his chest in an attempt to calm his frantic heart. Just then his eyes shot open with a revelation. You beheld how fascinating it was to watch him work under pressure. He balled up his shirt, putting pressure against your laceration. Then he slithered his belt underneath you, cinching the shirt in place and apologizing considerately when he saw you wince.

"There. I hope that holds."

"A makeshift pressure bandage." You chuckled weakly, beginning to feel the effects of the blood loss. "You really do excel in crisis situations." He finally gifted you a half-rueful smile.

"I'll take you back to the cabin. Mr. Aizawa will be there to help us." He reached out to you. You strongly wanted to object, seeing how badly he had injured his arms. But you knew there was no way he could leave you in a state like this. Especially not with villains everywhere.

"Thank you." You reached up to wrap your arms around his shoulders. He lifted you without nearly as much difficulty as you anticipated. Your neck and legs nestled comfortably in the crooks of his arms. He stuck his head out into the clearing to make sure it was safe.

"What's that?" He examined warily. You turned your head.

"Looks like mist... but it's really low to the ground."

"I have a feeling we shouldn't go through that." He took a step back. "It might be one of the villains' quirks. We should go around it." You grunted a sleepy response. "F/N?" He questioned apprehensively.


"Are you okay?" You nodded with a smile.

"Just tired all of the sudden." You admitted.

"Hang in there, F/N. You need to stay awake." He urged, bouncing you gently as he ran away from the impending mist. "Talk to me." He pressed.

"Zu-chan, I'm sorry." You stated. His brows furrowed as he peered down at you.

"What for?"

"I heard the message a little while ago... You would be going to help Kacchan right now if it weren't for me."

"Kacchan can take care of himself." Izuku said to alleviate some of your guilt. "I don't want you to feel bad. Everybody needs help sometimes."

A shudder coursed violently through your body, causing you to paw at Izuku's chest.

"What is it? What's wrong?"

"It's so cold." You told him. Unless it was Todoroki making it snow somewhere near by, you knew this was a bad sign. Your mind knew it wasn't cold out, but your body felt compelled to convince you to shiver regardless. He shifted your position in his arms, cradling you nearer to him as you rested your head just beneath his collarbone. You could hear his heartbeat rapidly pounding in your ear. Whether it was from fear, devotion, or physical exertion was unclear. You sighed and smiled, taking in how bittersweet of a treat it was.

This moment that you desired was depicted so differently in your daydreams.

In your spare time you had imagined what it would be like to see the glistening light layer of sweat on his bare chest muscles. How it would feel to cherish his embrace, close enough to feel his heart jumping with the delight of infatuation rather than despair. For so long you had craved this level of intimacy with him, and somehow the universe conspired to grant all of those wishes. But... it wasn't enough. The pleasurable sweetness was tainted with a veil of gloom. 'Not like this...' You pleaded to no one in particular.

"We... We're almost there. We're going to make it. Keep talking." His encouraging words did not reach your ears. All you heard was the mournful devastation resonating from his throat. You yearned to comply to his wishes, but your mouth was bone dry. You were cold and quaking and exhausted. You felt a palpitation in your chest and took a sharp inhale. Midoriya stopped in his tracks, looking down at you with dread. The realization began to set in. 'Even if they do have a first aid kit, what good will it do?'

"Let's hope they a casual surgeon and multiple units of blood at their disposal." You chuckled darkly.

His aura changed as the implications of those words sank in. You stared up at him. All of the sudden the only thing you could think about was trying to memorize every detail of his face, as if it was the first time you were seeing it. He was beaten and flushed from running, his eyes reflecting determination and grief, but somehow it still implanted a calming feeling within. His perseverance, his sweet and sympathetic nature, every facet of this boy touched and inspired you deeply. You needed to tell him how much he meant to you... before it was too late.

"Zu-chan..." You said, your fragile voice wavering. "If I don't make it... I want you to know-"

"Don't!" You heard his voice break. He clenched his eyes shut, fighting back tears. "Don't start saying your goodbyes."


"Please." He pleaded with a sniff. "I can't take it." You shut your mouth, heeding his request. It was not your intention to make him sad. You never wanted him to be anything but completely happy.

"Don't cry, Zu-chan." A tightness built in your throat at his pained appearance. You outstretched your arm, cupping his cheek and brushing off a tear with your thumb. He couldn't help but press his face into your palm in a desperate craving for comfort. An anguished sob escaped his throat and he pulled you closer.

You used what little strength you had left to wrap your arms around his neck. He assisted you as you pulled yourself up, lovingly nuzzling his neck with your nose.

"I'm glad you're the one that found me." You whispered honestly. Without warning, memories of that night flew into your mind.

'Ugh. Why am I thinking about that now?!' You wondered. You had heard rumors that your life flashes before your eyes before you die, and now you guessed they were all true.

"Ah! There!" He exclaimed. The lights of the cabin came into view. He used a back door and forcefully kicked it open. There stood a few of your classmates crouched in a defensive fighting position. They dropped their guard upon sight of your mangled bodies.

"Midoriya!" Kirishima exclaimed, dropping his guard.

"Please help her!" He wailed. They all ran out of the room in search of the first aid kit. Izuku finally collapsed to his knees from fatigue. He slid up against the wall and you felt your bottom meet the ground.

"Zu-chan?" You asked weakly, your breath becoming shaky and uneven.


"Do you... remember that time when we were kids... and you got lost in the woods?"

"Of course I do. You came to find me. And you saved me." He replied. You locked eyes with him.

"I suppose... this makes us even now." You said, flashing him a sleepy smile. His chin quivered, his eyes welling up again.

"Only if... you pull through this."

"It's funny. I don't actually feel any pain now." You said to console him but the fact only seemed to cause him more strife. You understood. You couldn't even imagine how you would feel if the roles were reversed. You would be inconsolable; completely and positively beside yourself. But then again, he was much too precious to you. Losing someone you were in love with would be considerably more unbearable than losing a friend. You heard the group of footsteps returning down the hallway. Kirishima stepped into the room first.

"We... couldn't find a first aid kit." He admitted grimly. 'Oh no...' A jolt of fright hit you like a train. 'So this is it...' You felt your body shaking. 'Wait. That's not me.' You observed Izuku staring blankly at nothing, trembling like a leaf.

"There's gotta be something else we can do!" Midoriya shouted, his panic rising. They all looked at a loss.

"DAMNIT! DO SOMETHING! ANYTHING!" He snapped at Kirishima, who looked taken aback. The volume of his voice dropped, feeling utterly helpless. "There's not much time left..." Midoriya had hit his breaking point. He had been so strong up until now, pretending to be calm for your sake. But after doing so much to guarantee your safety, finding out that you were beyond his help shattered his spirit. You put your fingertips to his lips to ensure he wouldn't say anything he would regret.

"It's okay." You placated softly, feeling surprisingly accepting of your own fate.

"How can it be okay?!" He wept. "How can I call myself a hero if I can't even save the people I love?!" He hung his head, sobbing over you. A consoling hand rested on his head as you sent sympathetic glances around the room.

"You'll always be my hero, Zu-chan." You said intensely, throwing your arms around him again. It was significantly more arduous this time. You felt weak, feeble and tired.

"I've got it!" Iida proclaimed. "Come with me everyone!" He ordered the group. "Except you, Midoriya. You stay right here with F/N. We'll be back as soon as we can."

"Where are we going?" Kirishima inquired.

"We need to find Todoroki so he can cauterize the wound. No time to lose!"

"But there are villains outside!" Kaminari objected.

"Are we heroes or aren't we?" Optimism radiated through his voice. "Hang on until we get back."

You met his sweet and newly hopeful gaze. Then suddenly everything went black.

You gasped for air, your vision returning. Midoriya was gawking at you in alarm.

"What's wrong?" You asked.

"Oh thank goodness." He huffed in relief. "You just passed out and started convulsing. I was so worried."


"I thought I'd lost you."

"Not yet." But the time of urgency was upon you. A looming uncertainty still hung thick like a cloud in the room. "Zu-chan. If they don't find Todoroki in time..." You paused, but this time he didn't stop you. "I'm still glad you're the one that found me."

"Todoroki would have been more useful than me." He hung his head, his spirit downcast.

"What I mean is... there's no one else I would rather spend my last minutes with than you." He looked touched, but by some means agonized. Your vision began to blur again, the darkness beckoning.

"Wh- What are you saying?"

"I'm saying that I love you, Zu-chan. I've always loved you. Longer than I can even remember."

"You... love me?" He whispered quietly and solemnly, as if trying not to jinx it.

"With all my heart." You breathed. He laid his hand upon yours, first pulling it up to affectionately press it to his cheek, then letting it slide down to rest on his chest.

"I- I lo-" He began, smiling coyly and briefly averting eye contact. 'Of all the times to be bashful!' You grinned from deep down inside, wanting so badly to say that to him. But your breath was becoming more shallow than before. You felt like you were sinking. As if there was pressure on your body. The blackness was welcoming, easy. Like a gentle tide pulling you out to sea before submerging completely. You blinked your eyes wide, your last fight against it. But there was nothing. Just a blurred haze in front of you.

"Zu-chan, I... I can't see your face anymore." His breath hitched, horror gripping him. You reached out to touch what you couldn't see, but your arm refused to move. Your hand slid from beneath his grip, falling to your side. Your eyes fluttered closed, powerless against the pull of the darkness.

"F/N?" He questioned, giving you a gentle shake. "F/N!" He called to you. You could still hear him but were unable to answer. "F/N, No! You can't!" His hysterical sobs echoed through the tiny room. "You can't leave me now! Not after what you just said!" He hugged you tighter, your forehead meeting his cheek. His warm tears flowed down onto your face and neck. "I love you too! Do you hear me?!"

You could tell that he was shouting but his voice sounded so far away. "Please wake up!" You were on a ship far out to sea as he called your name from the bank. "Come back!" His outcry was barely audible from across the distance.

'But I don't know how...' You thought, finally falling into the shade of silence. 


Chapter Text

"Are you still cold?" You turned to Izuku, noticing how the moonlight cast a bluish glow off his features.

"A little." He whispered, breathless at your proximity.

You weren't sure how long the power had been out, but it was long enough for the room to cool considerably. The brisk autumn wind had chilled the two of you to the bone on the walk home. It was a night that carried with it a shivering desire on each icy gust. It bore new meaning to the phrase 'there was something in the air.' The affliction in your lungs was thick, palpable. You chewed your bottom lip in restraint, gazing into his emerald eyes. The viridian hues melded with the sapphire moonbeams from the window.

"I..." He averted his gaze bashfully. It wasn't until then that you caught yourself staring.

"Er..." You fumbled in response. "I'll go get another blanket." You said, bolting from the room. The desired object was found hanging over the arm of your couch. A shudder lurched through your body. You were still freezing despite the growing warmth in your cheeks. '...and possibly other places...' You shook your head at the thought. "What has come over me?" You mumbled to yourself as you walked back to the room. "OOF!" In spite of knowing your way around, you still stumbled into a table in the pitch-blackness.

"F/N?" Izuku's voice rang distant from down the hallway.

"I'm fine!" You hollered back to reassure him. "It's just dark." 'You clumsy doofus.' You mentally scolded yourself as you scampered back into the bedroom. "Here." You offered, throwing the blanket theatrically over his head.

"Eh?" He floundered in the fabric, joining in on a laugh once he heard yours.

"I think I may have a candle as well. Be right back."

You only managed to find one lurking under the bathroom sink. You lit it and returned to find Midoriya's head poking out of the blankets like a turtle. You smirked. "You look like Aizawa."

Izuku pulled the fabric over his head like a hood. "If you interrupt my nap, you are all expelled!" He jested offhandedly, impersonating your teacher. You giggled at him, setting the candle on the nightstand. Unfortunately the flame added an enticing golden-orange ambiance to an already too-tempting situation.

"Well let me in. I'm freezing." He lifted the covers, arms inviting you in. He shifted the blanket to share it evenly with you, but it was no use. There was no way to wrap it without leaving a gap for the frigid air to sneak in. "This might be easier if we lay down." You suggested.

"Ah. Okay." He agreed. A jittery feeling arose in his stomach. He suppressed it with a quick huff and plopped onto his side. To his comfort, you were right. It was much warmer this way. And he was much closer to you, which he didn't mind. 'If I play my cards right, maybe she will-'

"Izuku." He snapped back into to reality. "Thanks for walking me home tonight." You beamed. "The power-outage is much more fun with you here."

"Anytime." He returned with a radiant smile. "That's what I'm here for." It took him this long to realize how close your faces were together. Even in the dim lighting, you were able to watch a deep blush fill his freckled cheeks. You reached out your fingertips, brushing his face with a tormenting tenderness. The electrifying chemistry of the contact was undeniably satisfying. 'More...' His mind demanded.

He was quiet. You felt your stomach flip in anticipation for his response. 'I wonder what he's thinking.'

He sighed into your touch before remembering himself. "W-What are you doing?" He asked sheepishly.

"Playing connect the dots with your freckles." You answered simply. Your felt the dread of uncertainty rise in your chest. Was he going to reject you? How could you fare losing such a dear friend? Your heart began to race as you faced an internal battle. Your eyes lingered on his features: Each time his lashes fluttered, the way his curls bounced with every movement of the bed, his dotted cheeks filled with sweet blushes. You couldn't tear your eyes away. You were under the irrevocable spell of this boy tonight.

Your stare made Midoriya fall silent. All he could do is gawk at you, accepting his own blush. He felt enamored, wondering if it was against the laws of nature for someone to be so beautiful. He moved to respond, but the yearning in his gut had killed off his saliva. He wanted to take it further but had no idea how to come off as sexy. Only one stupid idea came to him, but he felt like a damn fool while he was doing it. He mustered up his shameless bravery and locked eyes with you. He moistened his dry lips with his tongue in the most seductive way he could think of. 'I look like an idiot.' He added a come-hither bite of his lower lip for good measure. He was pretty sure he saw you do that earlier and found it inviting.

Unbeknownst to his thought process, you still were trying to work up the courage to tell him how you felt. He caught your eye and licked his lips in a beguiling way. 'That's just not fair.' You thought. 'Is he naturally this magnetic or is the universe just plotting against me today?' You had no idea that it was intentional. You let out an exhale, realizing you had been holding your breath. 'It's now or never. Take a shot.'

"Izuku..." Your thumb trailed over his glossy lower lip as you spoke. "You've gotten so handsome over the years." You admitted.

'Holy crap, it actually worked?!' He thought. Miniature trumpets blew a triumphant call inside his head. "You think so?" His eyes brightened, giving him the boost of confidence he needed. "I think you're attractive too!" He blurted boldly without a second thought. You smiled at him, all the blood rushing to your face. This left none to heat the rest of you, causing another fierce shiver to run through you. "Are you still cold?" He asked, his expression soft with gentle concern. You nodded with a small 'Mm.' Suddenly you were being pulled towards him in a toasty embrace, caught in the seductive snare that was Midoriya. The living entrapment of sweet misery, all tightly wrapped in a seemingly harmless package of green eyes and freckles. You seized the opportunity to snake your arms around him, entwining your legs. You intentionally brushed the tip of his nose upwards with your own, causing his lips to part. "Let me warm you." Izuku said, peering at you through half-lidded eyes. The dangerous low roughness in his voice made it crystal clear that it was not optional.

Finally your lips collided. His lips were amiable and caring, a display of his true nature. There was no lewdness, just innocent love. It melted you from the inside out.

You weren't sure if he intended to take it beyond the kiss, but you were on a mission. An impure mission. You savored the guiltlessness of the kiss for a long moment before letting your hands wander. His shirt was slightly askew, revealing an appetizing bit of bare skin. Sneakily, you caressed it, fingers tracing cravingly up the indents of his spine and over the ridges of his rippling back muscles. You heard a small whimper against your lips as he shuddered beneath your touch. It was unclear if it was a pulse of desire or simply a wiggle of distress from contact with your still-arctic hands. Despite your best efforts, it was impossible to pull back to spare your reputation of innocence. Though you were still unsure of his intentions, you decided to go for broke. You grasped his body shamelessly, scraping your nails down his back while running your tongue across the roof of his mouth.

He gasped into the kiss, feeling his head begin to spin. A dizzying rush filled his veins while a small sigh of approval escaped his throat. An unfamiliar passion and demand began to build deep inside, frightening him. He wondered if he was being too greedy. Hadn't he already obtained more from you than he could have asked for? It was beyond his ability to comprehend why you were willing to go this far with him, let alone want to do more. 'I'm just an awkward jumble of nerves around her. What could she possibly see in me?' His body was reacting to your charms, so much so that he pulled back from the kiss to calm his racing heart, and keep you from feeling the tightness growing in his pants.

You gazed up at him hungrily, a trace of saliva perched on the edge of your lips. "Come back." Was all you could say. He felt your hands weave through his hair, melting his uncertainty away and dragging him back into your velvet embrace. He surrendered without reluctance, inwardly telling his insecurities to shut the hell up.

You had now found yourself on your back with him hovering above. His kiss was fiercer now, wetter and more intense than before. He even felt bold enough to let his lips explore your jawbone and cheeks. He nuzzled your neck with his nose, his lashes leaving a feather-soft tickle. It was almost a reminder of his affection, just in case you had forgotten about it in the last minute or so. You smiled to yourself, fighting back the urge to giggle at his endearing cuteness.

Your adoration for him struck a chord in you, causing you to reciprocate his love with an ardent nibble on his ear. Midoriya moaned openly, clutching your body close to him. At that moment you felt something hot and hard poking you between the legs. You let out a small peep of surprise, meeting his eyes. He lurched backwards off of you in an instant, his expression horrified.

"I'm sorry!" He shouted, sitting back on his knees and covering his face. "I didn't mean for it to... that is- it happened on its own... Er... I swear when I came here that wasn't my intention-" He sputtered with great difficulty, his face getting redder with every word. "Agh, I'm so sorry!" He squeaked hopelessly. 'Oh God! She's going to think I was trying to take advantage of her!'

"Izuku." You spoke to calm him. He opened his eyes to see you sitting on your knees to face him. He allowed you to pull his hands from his face. "Its okay." You moved closer to him, placing a hand gently on his chest. "That may not have been your intention, Izuku... but it was mine."

He blinked at you in confusion, then gasped as your fingers grazed the hot tent on the front of his pants. "You... You want to do that with ME?" He huffed breathlessly, disbelief painting his features. You nodded.

"I do." You kissed him gently, popping the button loose on his pants while his eyes were closed. "I- I love you." You whispered against his lips.

"I love you too." He said without hesitation. You grinned deviously, knowing that was the green-light you had been waiting for. "UUAAH!" He yelped as you tackled him to the bed, laughing along with you as you kissed him once more. A sultry glance replaced his smile once he watched you yank off your shirt. He was about to tell you how beautiful you look, but missed the chance as you immediately began to tug at the base of his own. He proceeded to throw it across the room with reckless abandon. You leapt onto him like a lion onto a gazelle, pawing at him hungrily. You needed to touch every valley of his abs, kiss every inch of his collarbone. Your mouth went straight for his pectorals, pecking and nuzzling and caressing before sliding over a pert pink nipple with your tongue. You heard several little huffs and Mms as you explored. You managed to wriggle him out of his pants without any sort of fight and returned to your work.

Izuku's mind went blank, his blood singing with desire and the pleasure of these new and enticing sensations. He writhed as your mouth descended to his lower abdomen, his head now filling with lewd obscene images. But this time he did not dismiss them. He allowed the thoughts to run wild, feeding the fervid heat throbbing below his waist. All the things he wanted to do with you, pulsating through his body like wildfire. At that moment you grabbed and vigorously stroked the twitching hardness you saw before you.

Midoriya let out a wail so unguarded, so carnal, you couldn't fight back the blush that rushed to your cheeks. He threw his head back against the backboard with an audible thud, thrusting his hips upwards. Oh how you longed to hear more. You ripped his boxers down just enough, advancing on his bare member. You licked and sucked it greedily, tasting a salty tang and relishing in the salacious noises Izuku was making. 'Wait. Did he just say something?'

"S-stop." He repeated, a sweaty panting mess. You looked up, bewildered by this reaction. "Wh-What about- you?" He heaved, gulping down air. You looked down at yourself realizing you were still almost completely clothed.

"I'm sorry. I guess I got carried away." You laughed at yourself.

"D- don't apologize." He replied, still catching his breath. "That felt amazing. I just didn't want to- er- I didn't want it to be over until you had a turn."

You nodded with a bright smile. He wanted to touch you, to give you the warm tingling feelings inside that you give him on a daily basis. He swallowed thickly, laying you down before him. A wandering finger plucked deliberately at your bra. "Can we maybe get rid of this?"

"Mhm." You shimmied forward in a vixenish way, propping up on your elbows to reach behind you. You left a trail of butterfly kisses along his jawbone.

"I can do it." He suggested, reaching both hands around you, but forgetting he was using those arms to hold himself up. Suddenly you collapsed under his added weight with an oomph. Your collective tickled giggles filled the dark room. With minimal struggle, he was able to unhook the latch on your back. He couldn't help but wield a proud smile as a result, tossing the bra over his shoulder. Your breasts grew more sensitive by the minute as he adoringly fondled each one. Being the smart cookie that he was, Midoriya quickly learned which little actions made you writhe and applied them ruthlessly. He rolled his thumb over your nipple and the bud hardened beneath his touch. A flat hot tongue slid up from your belly button, beneath your plump breast, and finished with a seducing flick on your other nipple. The anticipation flared in your chest as you watched him do it.

The moans and sighs liberated from your lips were spurring Midoriya on. He felt bold now, wanting to sweep you off your feet with his alluring confidence. With intent, he traced shapes along your ribcage with his fingertips. His glowing eyes locked on to yours, smoldering with mischief. He defiantly sucked on the bud, maintain eye contact until your eyes rolled back with pleasure. "You like that, don't you?" He growled with a sadistic grin. Your mouth fell open at how abrupt and out of character that was. You gawked at him in disbelief. 'Oh my gosh, please don't say no! I can't take it!' He screamed mentally. You smiled at him, weaving your hands approvingly through his hair.

"Yes, Izuku." You whispered, feeling strangely turned on. 'Wow. He can be really hot when he wants to be...' You heard him sigh in relief, returning to his affairs. "But you know... there are other places you can touch me too..." You added a wink, lifting your hips. He watched, mesmerized as you unbuttoned and unzipped your pants.

"Are you sure?" He asked, wanting to make sure you didn't feel pressured into doing anything. You nodded, jerking your pelvis at him as a hint to yank them off for you. Midoriya realized that his first round of confidence had worked so he decided to try it again. He 'accidentally' yanked your underwear off along with your pants and touched his finger to his lips. "Oops." He grinned fiendishly again, raising an impudent eyebrow at you. This time you weren't having it. You lunged forward at him, yanking down his boxers and aggressively suckling his member again. Another loud aroused moan erupted from his throat, causing him to slap his hands over his mouth.

"Oops." You remarked snidely. He panted and blushed, falling forward towards you, hot and bothered. The wind was knocked from your lungs as your back collided with the bed again. You gasped as his tongue invaded the wet cavern of your mouth. This was the maximum ferocity level you had ever seen him reach. "Mmf." You said, muffled against his lips. "H'okay, I get it! I wont tease you anymore...."

Izuku pulled back a little, ogling you in all of your naked glory.

"You're staring, Izuku." You teased. His body shied away.

"S-sorry." He said. "You're just really beautiful." Suddenly your face burned hot with embarrassment. You tried to hide your discomposure with a confident bluff.

"I think you meant to say sexy."

"That too." He grinned, glancing down at his hardened member and back at you as if to say 'obviously.' He ran his hand along your waist and trailed down to your thigh. You spread your legs needily, giving him permission with your erotic gaze.

"I'm waiting." You whispered, your wetness down below craving some company.

He nuzzled your neck again sweetly, you assumed to find a sensitive spot to charge in on with his lips and tongue. However, Midoriya was using the opportunity to conceal his blush. Despite his excitement and eagerness to please, he was little more than clueless as to the exact aspects of pleasuring a woman. He didn't want to come off as looking inexperienced, but was fuzzy on the finer details of how it was done.

It wasn't difficult to sense his procrastination. It was no secret that he was innocent and naïve in the bedroom. But you wanted him to know that you would never hold that against him. There is nothing more romantic than learning with the one you love.

You guided his reluctant hand down your body, beneath your naval, and finally between your wet folds. "Mmmm." You moaned to encourage him. He explored the slippery surface with his middle and index finger, biting his lip in arousal. Finally, once he mustered up the courage, you felt an agile finger slide into your cove. The unfamiliar pressure was titillating and kindled the inferno waiting to erupt at any moment. Without warning, he inserted another finger, curling upwards and watching you twist and wiggle. "Ooh!" You were surprised by the sudden intrusion, but couldn't deny how new and wonderful it was.

Hungry fingertips caressed his washboard abs, licking your lips longingly as the thrilling divots of his hero's body were unearthed. He is a boy born for greatness, as his rippling muscles and unmatched character would tell. Your small hand gripped his hard shaft again. Oh, how Izuku had been hurting for more stimulation. "NNGHHH!" You heard him groan into your hair. You stroked him as he fingered you, trading pleasure for sweet pleasure. Aggressively, you gripped his hair with your free hand and arched your back. Midoriya read your urgent signal and increased his speed.

"Don't stop-"You gasped, your breath hitching with every thrust of his fingers. You turned your head to meet his huge green eyes, showing the sincerity of your affection in the gaze. His pupils were blown, his face flushed dark. You knew how strong his thirst was. You could feel it in the demanding pulse residing in your palm. How gentlemanly it was of him to wait for you. A swell of affection rose within. With your strong grip on his hair, you pulled him into a deep kiss. Suddenly your head was swirling, stars erupted in your brain and cascaded out through your legs with a violent shudder of your body. You pulled apart for oxygen, holding his stare as you rode out your orgasm.

"Wow..." He sighed, waiting until you were laying still before gently removing his fingers. In a heated swell of lechery and desire, he popped those fingers into his mouth for a taste. You instantly yanked his hand downward.

"That's gross! Don't do that!"

"Sorry..." He looked down sheepishly. "I was curious..." You gawked at him for a second before smiling warmly at him. It was no longer within your capabilities to be embarrassed or aggravated by him. Not with all of the fresh endorphins thrumming in your veins. You brushed his cheeks with your hands, deciding to give him exactly what he'd been waiting for.

"I want you, Izuku." You growled low, spreading your legs and guiding his body into position above. His torso was moist with a light sheen of sweat. On his knees he fit himself comfortably between your thighs, peering up at you with doubt.

"Are... Are you sure?" There was a gentle, yet solid poke against your opening.


The moment had finally come, when two lovers become one. He hovered over you, hair disheveled and sweaty. His hot breath rushed across your face and neck.

"Are you nervous?" You whispered shakily. Your whole body was trembling, uncertainty and desire the only feelings left within you. Izuku had no words to answer you. His infatuation overtook him, dizzy and weak-kneed. He gulped between ragged breaths, placing your hand on the center of his chest. His eyes were glassy, veiled by his locks, the vibrations of his pounding heart fluttered against your palm.

"Ready?" His tip prodded hot and readily at the entrance. You tilted your chin down to confirm, mentally preparing yourself for any pain.

"Izuku... Be gentle." You humbly requested, knowing how considerate and obedient he is. He nodded, poking just the tip past the fold. The pressure was significantly greater this time. You shut your eyes tightly to adjust.

"Are you okay? Do you want me to stop?" He panicked. 'He's so attentive.' You thought.

"Keep going." You urged. Music to his ears. Bit by bit, he wiggled himself closer, the desperate indulgent side of himself fought to take over. He could feel you spreading open, your tiny moans pushing Midoriya's self control to the edge.

"It's almost..." His breaking point was approaching. For a moment, all he could think about was fucking you hard and fast, bringing you both a rough pleasure. But just as the thought emerged in his mind, you threw your legs around him, closing the last bit of distance with a sudden slap of skin. The deep pressure wrought a sharp pain, but elicited a pleasurable howl from Izuku, making it all worthwhile. You savored his hands on your body, claiming and everywhere.

The first few strokes were slow. Too good, too intimate. It sent a multitude of shivers up and down your spine. Then back up again with every thrust. Little mews of satisfaction rolled off his tongue, setting your heart aflame. The bedside flickering candle bestowed new and exciting shadows along his skin, allowing your eyes to make out different aspects of his body. The light was licking him generously, his muscles becoming even more of a delicacy to behold.

You arched against the bed, sighing through this joyride as his shaft burrowed deeper. But your sighs would not be heard over Midoriya's ragged breathing.

"So wet..." He said, muffled by your neck. He bit down hard, not enough to draw blood, and gripped the sheets in an attempt to restrain himself. He began to build a rhythm of thrusts, interspersing his groans with affectionate endearments about how much he loved you. You returned these pleas in earnest and whispered sweet nothings into his ear. You were ignorant of how your touching words were triggering him physically.

Midoriya could feel his heart throwing Detroit smashes against his ribcage. He was ascending into pleasure beyond his wildest dreams. The pace was increasing quickly, high-pitched moans escaping his throat as a deep blush filled his face.

"Does it feel good?" Your voice came out husky, teasing.

"Nnnnngggghhhhhh..." He whimpered, lost in a heavenly high. "Yesss..."He breathed, finally after several more rolls of his hips. You dug your nails into his back, scraping a tantalizing trail from his toned shoulders down to his bucking hips. He was thrusting more frantically now, driving deeper and faster than before. You could sense his building urgency, coming on more quickly than either of you had anticipated. He froze instantly. "Not yet!" He strained, fighting back the white hot climax taking over his body. He went to pull out to regain composure, but you slammed him back in with your leg power, not allowing it.

"Come, Izuku." You ordered, pulling him into a deep kiss and sending him over the edge. He obeyed, letting out a final soul-shattering moan into your lips. You held him close, feeling his body shudder as wave after wave of pleasure took him.. Midoriya's world was blowing apart, he felt as though the blood in his veins had turned to warm butter. A soft warm jolt, flowing from his heart to the tips of his fingers and toes, exploding fireworks behind his eyelids. Suddenly liquid spilled inside of you, leaking out onto the bed. After catching his breath, he melted into a puddle of sighs, bathing in the dazzling afterglow. He collapsed on top of you, smothering you with grateful snuggles.

"That was amazing." He told you sleepily.

"Mhm." You agreed holding him close. Suddenly his eyes shot open.

"I'm so sorry!" He exclaimed, realizing his mistake. "I wasn't able to make you... I finished too fast!" You just smiled, petting his hair lovingly.

"I don't mind." You cooed, but he didn't seem to be comforted by it. Abruptly, a delicious idea then popped into your mind. "But... if you feel that bad about it... we can always do it again." You smiled mischievously.

"Now?!" He looked down at his shriveled limp little hero in puzzled dismay. You held up a cheeky finger, dashing to the kitchen with wobbly jello legs. You returned with a small hourglass used for cooking.

"You have 10 minutes." You smirked, flipping the hourglass and smacking it onto the nightstand. He grinned and clenched his fist, eyes blazing with determination.

"Got it!" Midoriya said, happily accepting the challenge.

<3 THE END <3

[Forgive me for soiling the innocence of the cinnamon roll.]

"I have a weird question, Izuku..." You paused, debating whether or not to continue. "What did I taste like?"

"Kind of like pineapple." He replied simply.

"I had pineapple yesterday! That's so weird!"

The next day:

"And then she said 'you have 10 minutes.'" Midoriya explained to the guys.

"Were you able to do it?!" Kaminari guffawed in amazement.

"I didn't have a choice!" 


Chapter Text

"I deserve an apology, asshole!" You shouted playfully, approaching the stranger who had the audacity to spill his drink on you. You stumbled in the darkness, as the drink you just finished was considerably stronger than you originally thought. The guy turned, belligerently throwing an untargeted punch in your direction. "AH!" You ducked, dodging the unprovoked blow. You just wanted to have a good time and weren't in the mood to fight with anyone so you turned your back to walk away.

"HEY!" You heard Katsuki's voice roar with rage from a distance. Before you knew it, your head was in splitting pain. The cowardly guy had landed a hit on the back of your neck, sending you headlong into the ground out front. Your hands and knees scraped the gravel, tearing your skin. 

"OUCH! What the hell?!" You shrieked, chasing him down whilst a crowd of people cheered in your favor. You grabbed him by the shirt collar, landing a left hook to his jaw. You saw a flash of an elbow coming to your face and then there was nothing but blackness. 


You awoke to a cool soft sensation brushing over your face. "OOW!" You hissed, searing pain shooting through your head and extremities. Your vision returned to you slowly, a blonde head of hair becoming less blurry by the minute. "What happened?" 

"You picked a fight with some dickhead and lost, ya moron." Bakugou sassed. 

"'Scuse me bish?" You slurred, head still swimming from the alcohol. 

"You ain't deaf. I know you heard me. I called you a moron." 

"I will fight you!" You sat up abruptly, lifting a hand to smack his face. He caught your arm effortlessly, as the booze had slowed your reflexes. "Eh?" You examined your newly bandaged hands with curiosity. "What's this?"

"You were bleeding so..." He shrugged, leaving it there.

"You took care of me?" You beamed at him, touched with emotion. 

"It's not like you could have taken care of yourself..." He looked away, scowling at the floor. "...dumbass..." He added for good measure, since it's not like he cares or anything. 

"KAAATTTTSSSUKKIIIIII!!!!" You squealed, throwing your arms around his neck.

"AGH! What the hell is wrong with you?!" He barked, but didn't actually make the effort to pull away from you. 

"Thank you for helping me." You cooed, squeezing him tightly. "You're AMAAAAZZZINNNNGGG." Your unhindered compliment made him smirk, cheeks turning the slightest shade of pink. You held him a moment and then asked, "Can I have like an Aleve or something? My uuuuurrvrything hurts." He rolled his eyes and went to search for pain killers. 

"F/N?" He called your name upon returning to his bedroom. "Where did you go, dipshit?!" He ran through the house on a hunt for you, a sudden noise catching his attention.

Munch munch munch

"What the-" He peered into the laundry room to find you with your hand deep in a box of his fruit loops. "What are you doing?"

"Wush hungry..." You said, nomming another handful of cereal. 

"I get that... but why are you sitting on the washing machine?"

"Ish warm and the vibration feels niiiice..." 

His ears burned red and he facepalmed with a loud slap. "You're drunk." He accused.

"You're sexy." You retorted, throwing a fruit loop in his direction with a lopsided grin. Without permission, he swept you up in his arms, carrying you back to his room. 

"Now stay here and take this." He ordered, setting down the pill bottle on his nightstand. 

"You mean I can stay?" Your doe-eyed gaze melted his irked scowl away. 

"Well I'm not going to throw you out in the yard, stupid!" 

You smiled, feeling appreciative of his kindness despite your trainwreck of intoxicated behavior. "C'mere!" You opened your arms, inviting him in. 

"What?! What do you want?" He griped, leaning over the bed. "I'm fucking tired, so go to sleep." You latched your arms around his neck, manhandling him to the bed. 

"Stay." You ordered, grasping him tightly. He couldn't help but find that cute and let himself get comfortable in your arms. Once you established he wasn't going to squirm away, you looked up and met his deep ruby eyes. You pulled his face down with both hands, locking him into a sweet kiss. At least sweet was your intention... but you imagined it was probably sloppy to him. The brief flash of passion dulled, lips moving slower and lighter until you finally parted slightly, feeling his warm breath on your cheeks. Too tired to open your eyes, your head drooped and arms fell limp. 

He raised an eyebrow at you, noticing that you had passed out on his chest. "Dumbass..." He mumbled, unable to fight back a tiny smile.


Chapter Text

Chapter 1: The Love Potion:

"So the school dance is next Friday, Deku." You heard Uraraka's voice from around a corner. "Do you have a date yet?"

You stopped and took a step back, unable to resist the urge to eavesdrop. "I... uh... No." He replied self-consciously. You smiled at the ground, hopeful of the fleeting chance that he might ask you. 'Even if it's a last resort...'

"Well you better get a move on." Uraraka pushed. "Is there someone you have a crush on?"

"EH?!" He exclaimed. You didn't even need to see his face to know he was blushing. You crossed your arms and leaned in closer to the door in anticipation. He paused for a moment. A far too long and tormenting moment. "Well... there is someone I've been thinking of asking..." He admitted quietly.

"Who is it?!" Ochako barked boldly, her question being immediately followed by an uncomfortable silence. "Alright, fine. You don't have to tell me." She huffed in defeat. 'Dammit, Uraraka! Get that information out of him! This is your job!'

"Thanks." He sighed, relief painted his tone. "I appreciate it."

"You should definitely ask her though. Before she gets asked by someone else."

"I don't know..." He hesitated.

"I'll help you, Midoriya!" You offered, springing from around the corner.

"UUUAAAHH!" He yelped, smacking his hands over his mouth, green eyes wide with surprise. "F/N! How much did you hear?!"

"I was just walking by..." You lied, "and happened to hear you need help asking a girl to the dance."

"Ah- well... Yeah. But-"

"Never fear! Because I AM HERE!" You offered, imitating All Might. "I have lots of great relationship advice. I even used to help set people up back in middle school. Let me help you."

"I don't think that's a good idea- Ow!" Midoriya began to object but Ochako elbowed him in the side.

"Brilliant, F/N!" She cooed, turning to Midoriya and speaking deliberately. "Who better to give you advice on a special girl than her?" The two of them exchanged a significant glance and he stared bashfully down at the floor. When he didn't object again, she shooed him off in your direction. You smiled at them, waving at Uraraka as you walked away with Izuku. She gave you a playful wink as you turned.

Back at the apartment, Izuku sat patiently on your bed, attentively waiting to soak in your valuable love advice.

"So Midoriya... Tell me what you think is special about this girl." You stated, trying to get the ball rolling. He fiddled with his fingers, staring down at the comforter.

"Well y- she's- the girl is beautiful and fun and is always willing to help others." A warm glow dusted his cheeks. "She's always inspiring me to do my best and I love spending time with her." His sincerity warmed your heart.

"She's a lucky girl." You smiled, the bitter tang of jealousy crawling on your tongue.

"So does this girl know how you feel about her?"


"Are you sure?" He looked up at you with what appeared to be annoyance.


"Why haven't you told her?"

"I... I don't want to ruin our friendship."

You fiddled through your closet searching for anything that might be helpful in the situation. Perhaps old diaries or love notes if you could find them. You peeked your head around the corner at him.

"You know it would be easier for me to give specific advice if you told me who the girl was." His puppy-dog eyes pleaded desperately against it. "Alright, alright." You accepted, bumping into a closet shelf with an oomph. Several items played plinko off of your head on their journey to the floor. "Ow... The key is confidence, Midoriya." You placated absentmindedly as you bent down to clean the mess. An old ornate keepsake box had emerged along with your sizeable hoard of snacks. You halted, suddenly coming up with a deviously fantastic idea.

"Confidence, huh?" He murmured. "That's always been Kacchan's strength, not mine."

"Ah... On second thought, don't be like Bakugou." You fiddled with the objects, a newfound purpose leading you. "Just be yourself."


"Yeah. Everybody likes you. Why wouldn't she?"

"But I'm really ordinary. There's nothing particularly special about me." His insecurities melted your insides like butter on hot toast. "Kacchan is ambitious and confident, Todoroki is insanely talented, and Kaminari is handsome. In comparison, there's nothing I can really do to stand out."

"Midoriya..." You walked out of the closet, box in hand. "What if I told you that there was a way to guarantee that she wont reject you?" You smiled saucily.

"I'd say you're ridiculous." He said playfully. "Or you're just overestimating me." You walked over, sitting down on the bed and placing the box square in between the two of you. "What's this?" He asked.

"Have you ever heard of quirks that can force people to fall in love?"

"F/N, those don't exist." He shook his head at the ridiculous notion.

"Really, Midoriya? You have met someone who can take control of your mind just by speaking to him. And Aizawa can cancel quirks just by looking at you. And you really don't believe quirks can make someone fall in love?"

His mouth twisted in a unique way. "But... love is a complicated emotion. It involves time as well as building trust. There's no way a quirk could do that."

"You've got me there." You uttered thoughtfully. "Let me rephrase then. What I'm talking about is a powerful infatuation quirk." He raised his eyebrows with heightened attentiveness, but a slight glint of suspicion still rested behind his features. "Think about it." You continued. "A lot of feelings of love have to do with neurotransmitters in the brain. That and hormones. So if you can alter the levels of those, there you have it. Love quirk."

"Hm... I guess that makes sense." He mumbled, finger to his lips.

"I knew a girl in middle school that used to use it on the boys. It worked wonders. She was able to produce a fine powder that she could sprinkle into someone's drink and I just sat back and watched as each of the boys became enamored with her." You opened the box toward him, revealing a sizeable pile of sparkling dust. His eyes widened.

"So... This is-"

"That's right." You grinned mischievously. "Your trump card, Midoriya."

Chapter 2: A Stolen Kiss:

The glittering taboo contents of the box sparked a bubbling enthusiasm. 

"Oh wow!" He exclaimed brightly before tilting his head. "Wait. I'm confused. Why are you wasting it on me? And how long does it last? Is there a certain amount that corresponds with its potency? Does the person forget what happens when they're under the effects or do they remember everything? And I feel kind of bad about this. Is this considered cheating? How would you even get someone to willingly take it..." 

You smiled and rolled your eyes. 'He's doing that mumbling thing again.' You got up and walked out of the room. "I'll be right back."

"Wait! I still have questions!" He hollered down the hall. A moment later you returned with a spoon and a sake cup filled with water.

"Only one way to see the effects." You said, holding up your cup.

"You can't mean to test it yourself!"

"Yep." You stated confidently, scooping up a generous spoonful of the granules and stirring it into the water. "If I do anything that makes you uncomfortable, just smack me and tell me to stop."

"I'm not gonna do that!" He looked appalled at the idea. You chuckled at his response, lifting the cup to your lips. "Wait!" He held up a hand to stop you. "Are... are you sure? I don't-"

"Don't worry. I'm pretty sure the effects don't last very long. It's not dangerous."

"If it doesn't last long..." He began. You sensed his uncertainty.

"It's still long enough to make a good impression, Midoriya. Long enough for you to ask your girl to the dance." He blinked at you as if he had just realized something.

"Ah... Okay. If you insist..." His expression almost appeared guilty.

"To your health." You raised your glass. He half-smiled as you tipped back the liquid into your mouth. "Mm. It's sweet." You closed the box and placed it over on the nightstand alongside the empty glass. As you sat back you noticed Izuku was eyeing you with quiet anticipation. You shrugged.

"Maybe it doesn't work."

"I think it takes a little while. I probably have to digest it." You sat a moment, thinking to yourself. 'You're a genius, F/N. Not only did you find a way to boost Midoriya's confidence, but also a perfect way to make a move without being held accountable for it!'

"Oh no, Midoriya!" You exclaimed all of the sudden.

"What?! What's wrong?!"

"I just remembered the right amount to take was a teaspoon!" His body stiffened as he clenched his teeth in horror.

"That was way more than a teaspoon, F/N!" He bellowed, panic-stricken. You smacked your hands over your mouth. "What are we gonna do?!"

"I don't know!" You hollered in mock-despair. 'Now I can REALLY go all out with this.'

"Uh... Maybe I can dilute it. I'll go get another glass of water."

"Good idea!" You were about to bolt out the door but stopped abruptly gripping your stomach.

"I suddenly feel... really warm inside." You turned to look at him. He gawked at you, frozen in place.

"Gah! Go get some water quick!" He ordered. You smiled beguilingly at him.

"Whatever you say, boo thang." You winked and swiftly ran out the door. 'Oh my gawd, I did not just say that!' Luckily you had gotten away before he saw your embarrassed blush.

"BOO THANG?!" You heard him shriek from down the hall. You smacked your forehead with your palm in regret. You filled yourself a tall glass of water in the kitchen, mentally trying to swallow your fears. 'There's no going back now. You have to sell it,' You told yourself. You took a deep breath, trying to calm your nerves. However, it was certain that you didn't need some dopey quirk to fall in love with this boy. You had fallen under his spell long before today. 'Okay. That's it then. All you have to do is tell him how you really feel.'

You peeked through the doorway to see him scribbling away in his tattered notebook, muttering away the details of this new and magical "quirk."

"Hey! Are you alright?" He asked, brows knit together in concern for you. You smiled sweetly and nodded. You took a sip of water and sat the glass on your desk before crawling towards him on the bed, refusing to break eye contact with him as you did so.

"Whatcha dooooinnng?" You sang, fluttering your eyelashes at him.

"Just writing down this quirk in my notebook." He smiled in a fanboyish sort of manner. "It's really fascinating."

"I think YOU'RE fascinating." You complimented openly.

"Uh..." Was all he could squeak out.

"I wanted to show you something cool I learned." You reached out to him. "Let me see your hand." He sheepishly dropped his pencil, holding it up. You took it in your own, flipping his palm upwards. "Recently I read about how to do palm readings and tell people about themselves. Can I do yours?" You asked.

"S-sure." He agreed, watching you in a hypnotized sort of way as color began to rise in his cheeks. You cupped his hand in yours, tracing a feather-soft line with your fingertips.

"Well see here." You pointed. "This line is the heart line. It says that you're extremely kind. And also a hopeless romantic." You added for fun.

"You don't say..." He chuckled, scratching the back of his neck.

"And this is the fate line. This crease says you are resourceful. And this one means you will inherit a large fortune."

"Is all that true?" He inquired with tingling interest.

"No." You admitted. "I just wanted an excuse to hold your hand." You watched as Midoriya's face instantly turned crimson. He shimmied backwards until he became cornered by the headboard of the bed.

"Ah! Er- um..." He began to avert your gaze, flustered by your undaunted words. "I think the quirk dust might be kicking in..." He observed, using one hand to cover his eyes since the other one was still held captive by you.

"Maybe you're just charming, Izuku." You suggested, scooting closer to him. He mumbled something along the lines of 'seems unlikely.' "Is it alright if I call you that?"

"Uh... sure, why not..." He giggled in discomposure. You reached out and pulled his hand away from his face.

"Don't hide." You whispered softly. "You have such beautiful eyes."

"Th-that's nice of you to say." His tone was low, hushed just like yours. His body sheepishly retreated from your intense gaze. 'What you're doing is bad and you should feel bad.' Your conscience pestered, but you ignored it. Calmly and slowly, as if not to jinx it, your hand drifted to his freckled cheek. Midoriya watched your every move, as if completely captivated by the proximity. He gulped nervously, his palms beginning to sweat. You stroked his cheek in a soothing motion with your thumb, noticing the warmth rise as his face darkened.

"Izuku." You cooed, slowly descending upon him. "You were wrong about what you said before. You are definitely special enough to stand out."

"You think so?" He tilted his chin up slightly as his eyes traced the details of your features. You shifted your body weight, deliberately interlacing your fingers. You granted him a small nod of confirmation, your faces only inches apart.

"You're irresistible. Anyone who doesn't see that is blind." A fierce passion radiated from your tone. You watched as his blush grew, spreading from his cheeks all the way to the tips of his ears. 

"Wow... I..." His irises sparkled, gazing at you through half-lidded eyes. You used your grip on his face to gently reel him in. To your immense surprise, he put up no resistance. 'What's going on?'You wondered. 'He has feelings for someone else. Why is this going so smoothly?' You couldn't be THAT alluring to steal his love away so easily. His eyes were already closed as he craned his neck towards you, begging.

Midoriya could feel his heart pounding in his chest. His face burned so hot that he thought he might spontaneously combust like Todoroki. But for some reason his eyelids still felt heavy. He held his breath, waiting in anticipation and disbelief. Before he knew it, a pair of soft lips met his. 

You felt his body stiffen for an instant. You were careful to not make any rash movements despite the swirling excitement churning within. The kiss remained feather soft and you weaved your hand into his feathery curls. Finally, his body relaxed as he sighed into the kiss. At a loss for words, all you could do was show your true feelings in the affectionate tenderness of your touch. You felt bold, empowered, and decided to release his hand and snake your arms around his neck. Midoriya voiced a pleased little hum, his doting fingertips lovingly caressing your jawbone. 

'This is wrong...' The thought struck a chord in him, causing him to pull away despite how tempting the situation was. 'I let myself forget...' He realized, a twinge of guilt afflicting him. 'What kind of person would take advantage of their friend in a situation like this?!'

The beautiful moment was cut short for you as he retreated, twisting out of your grasp. Your lips disconnected with an audible smeck. "W-wait!" His firm hand pressed against your shoulder. Your eyes shot open, shocked by his abrupt change in disposition.

"What's wrong?" You asked, shying away from the rejection. Izuku could read the hurt on your face and it cut into him deeply.

"I... can't do this." He shut his eyes tightly, stricken with shame and self-loathing. He leapt off the bed and grabbed his things.

"Wait! Don't leave!" You pleaded, instantly regretting your ill-considered plan.

"I have to go!" He called, disappearing around the corner. The front door slamming echoed through the apartment.

"UGGGHHHH!!!!" You flopped onto the bed, screaming out your frustrations into your pillow. 'Well what did you expect to happen when you kissed a boy who has a crush on someone else? Dumbass...'

Midoriya hung his head in exhausted defeat. He didn't know if the decision he made was the right one or not. That kiss was so enticing, so heavenly. 'I must be the dumbest guy on earth to have passed that up!' He smacked his forehead in resentment. "But it doesn't mean anything unless it's real..." He lifted his head to the sky and sighed. Oh, how he wanted it to be real. Izuku turned to look in the direction he had come from, concerned for the emotional state you might be in right now.

'I probably shouldn't have left like that.'.. 

Chapter 3: The Plan:

A melancholic aura shrouded you until school the next morning. The rejection HURT. It hurt even worse than you could have anticipated. You secretly wanted to kick Cupid's ass today, that sadistic bastard. You trudged through the school gates, facing downwards when you heard your name called. Your heart sank when you recognized the voice. You weren't mentally prepared to talk to him yet.

"Hey, F/N. I need to talk to you." He approached you quickly but cautiously.

"Hey." You greeted, trying to sound friendly but falling flat. An awkward silence followed. "About yesterday..."

"I'm sorry!" You both said loudly in unison.

"Wait. Why are you sorry?" He asked.

"I made you uncomfortable. I shouldn't have been so reckless with it and-"

"No, it's my fault. I let is escalate out of my control and that was wrong of me..." He flushed at the memory and bowed low to conceal it. "Please forgive me."

"I'm not mad at you, Izuku." You felt relieved that he wasn't repulsed by your aggressive advances.


"Yeah. I was being stupid and forgot the right amount to use. And I took it further than you wanted and..." You drifted off. He looked down with an embarrassed smile.

"I guess we both got carried away, huh?" He admitted.

"Yeah." You agreed, feeling the tension alleviate. "That reminds me. I have something for you." You pulled a tiny vial with a cork in it, filled with the special powder.

"Is that-"

"I figured it's the least I can do." You placed the little bottle delicately in his palm. He hesitated in apprehension.

"I don't know, F/N... after all that happened yesterday I'm not sure I'm cut out for this type of thing..." His unsure attitude only confirmed your decision.

"I believe in you." You told him with a bright smile, closing his hand around the vial. "You deserve to be happy." He stared at you, speechless, yet accepting. You turned to walk toward the front door. "Let me know what she says after school, okay?" You smiled with a wink.

Midoriya stood at the entrance, fighting an internal battle. 'This is bad... What do I do? I can't just tell her flat out that she was the one I wanted to ask. But I can't do nothing either when she's going through all this trouble to try and help me...'

Lunchtime rolled around and not a single decent idea came to mind. He kicked himself for not just being honest upfront. He jumped as you patted him gently on the back in comfort. "Don't think so hard." You told him, setting down your tray. "Oops. Forgot my dessert. Be right back." You excused yourself from the lunch table.

A perfect opportunity... Izukus fingers trembled with the temptation, staring at the unattended cup of tea you had left. '...Just a sprinkle wouldn't hurt, right?' He thought to himself, pulling the vial out of his pocket. The cork popped off with a flick of his thumb. His eyes darted around the room to check for potential witnesses. 'This is wrong and you know it...' He bit his lip, fighting the inner turmoil. He finally sighed in disappointment, returning the tiny container to his jacket pocket.

You eyed Midoriya warily throughout the day, noticing that the nerves were getting to him. You watched him, waiting impatiently for him to talk to one of the girls in the class and hand her a refreshing beverage out of the blue. But the moment never came. "Izuku!" You caught his attention on the way out of the school building.

"Oh... Hey, F/N." He mumbled.

"How'd it go?" You asked, curiosity getting the better of you.

"I- uh..." He stumbled over his words nervously. 'Make something up! Quick!'  "...She said no." He lied.

"...What?" Your mouth fell open. 'Shit! He knows that the powder was a ruse! How on earth am I gonna explain what I did to him yesterday?!' You gawked at him, unable to find words.

"Here." He said, handing back the bottle. "I didn't use it. It kind of felt like cheating..."

You sighed in relief, thanking your lucky stars.

"Izuku..." You paused, realizing how bad he must feel from being rejected. You yourself had felt that first hand yesterday so your empathy was top notch today. "I'm so sorry." You spoke to him softly. 'That bitch...' You thought. Who on earth would refuse someone like Midoriya? 'I will end her...'

"That's okay. Really." He smiled blithely. You tilted your head at him in confusion. "W-would you maybe want to go with me?" He asked you bashfully. Your soul lit up. 'Second place isn't so bad.' You thought to yourself. 'First a kiss and then I get to go to the dance with him? I don't think I could have asked for a better week.'

"I'd love to." He mirrored the effervescentsmile you gave him. 

'YESSSSS!!!' Midoriya thought, triumphantly beaming.

"We can get her back at the dance." You mumbled menacingly.

"...What?" Izuku asked.

"Nothing..." You replied. "I'm really looking forward to it."

"Me too." He waved as you walked towards home. "See you tomorrow!"



Chapter Text

Chapter 4: The Dance:

"Do you want to coordinate outfits or something?" You questioned awkwardly at school the next day. He turned to face you.

"Oh, sure." Midoriya agreed. "What's your favorite color?" He gazed down at you and you met his radiant green eyes.

"Green..." You said without thinking. He ran a wandering hand through his hair modestly with a smile, suddenly finding the backpacks on the floor extremely diverting. 'Oh jeez... that was really obvious.' "Ah... er... let's go shopping."

The mall was crowded, especially for a weeknight. "Oh dear..." You said, seeing the prom store flooded with people. "Maybe we should check the men's department first..."

"Agreed." The two of you strolled down the strip, finding a suit store. "Ooh. There's a green one." Midoriya ran ahead to grab a forest-green eyesore of a tux. 'On second thought, that is extremely tacky.' You thought to yourself upon seeing it. You bit your tongue in restraint, noticing how exuberant he was about it.

"Yeaaaahhhh..." You said slowly.

"I'll go try it on." Before even looking at the other options, he sprinted to the dressing room. You snorted to yourself, sifting through some other options. "How do I look?" You heard his voice behind you. You glanced over your shoulder, astonished. It was rather shoddy on the rack but looked fantastic on him. The fit was dead-on and it brought out the beautiful color in his eyes. 'There's no way it could possibly look that good on anybody else.'

"Perfect!" You gushed. "You HAVE to get it!"

"Really?!" He looked taken aback by your sudden compliment. "You think it looks that good?" He regarded himself.

"You look amazing. I'll bet nobody could refuse a dance with you."

"Th-thank you." He mumbled. He hustled back into the dressing room to hide the warm glow pulling at his cheeks. "No way!" You heard him call from the room.

"What is it? What's wrong?" You asked.

"It's on clearance so it's really cheap!" He exclaimed, thrashing the door open.

"See?! You were meant to have it!" You cheered happily. Though at first glance it was easy to see why it was on sale... He paid for the outfit, and you returned to look for a dress.

"Alright. My turn." You explored the plethora of dresses but no matching color appeared. Midoriya noticed.


"I guess green isn't very popular this season..." You frowned. "And after you already bought your outfit..."

"Don't worry. I'll just wear a matching vest or tie or something-" He suggested. You shrugged in mild disappointment before seeing a beautiful gown call out to you.

"Ooh. Look at that one!" You abandoned him momentarily to run over.

"I guess she's already over it..." Izuku mumbled to himself, trailing behind you. You grabbed it and hustled to the dressing room.

"Well?" You asked, dressed in the elegant fitted wonder.

"Wow..." Midoriya ogled you for a moment before remembering himself. He cleared his throat before speaking. "I er- think it looks really nice on you."

"You think I should get it?"

"Definitely." He gave you a thumbs up, smiling sweetly.


The night finally arrived, warm and humid. Your fingers tingled with anticipation before you heard the doorbell ring. Midoriya was adorned in a grey vest and matching pants with his adorable green coat. It became apparent that he had slicked his hair down, but his stubborn resistant curls had already begun to spring back out on his walk here. He opened his mouth to speak but you cut him off.

"Wow! You look so dapper!" You exclaimed brightly.

"Thank you." He blushed, flattered. Instinctively you took his hand and placed a chaste kiss upon it. His eyes widened in shock. "I... uh- think that the guy is supposed to do that." He covered his face in embarrassment.

"Oops." You laughed playfully. "Guess I forgot.... By the way, what do you think?" You asked, twirling in place for him.

"You look amazing." He admitted bashfully. You gifted him a warm smile before noticing the box in his hand.

"What's that?"

"Oh. I remembered that you were bummed about not finding a green dress. So I got you a matching wrist-flower." He pointed to the boutonniere on his coat.

"It's called a corsage, Izuku." You chuckled.

"Oh... right."

"That's so thoughtful of you though. Thank you so much." You reached out your hand, allowing him to gently slide the tiny bouquet onto your wrist. The front door latched closed with a click as you turned to leave. You couldn't resist hooking arms with him in an old-fashioned manner on the walk to the station.

UA was lit up, a glittering ornate party to show off their top-schoolness. Shimmering lanterns filled the sky with an orange and golden glow. Could it be romantic? You were sure that was the intention. The ballroom was set up with a flashy dance floor and a snack table on the opposite side of the room with a large glass punch bowl. You chatted up some of your fellow classmates, complimenting their classy attire.

"Lookin' swanky, Kaminari." You pointed at him, sweeping off to the snack table.

"Thanks, F/N! You too!" He hollered back merrily. Izuku stayed loyally by your side as you poured some punch for your group of friends.

"Do you maybe... want to dance?" Midoriya asked you.

"Absolutely." You blurted happily, leading him to the dance floor. By the time you had made it to the center of the crowd, the popular wild song had ended and a slow romantic song had started. "Uh..." You said with unease, looking down at the floor. But before it could become awkward, you felt a hand gently twirl you around and gracefully catch you in a waltzing position. Midoriya smiled at you confidently, swaying you in an elegant slow dance. "I didn't know you could dance, Izuku!" You guffawed in admiration.

"Oh... yeah. Mom thought it would be a good idea for me to learn so back in middle school she put me in ballroom dance classes."

"I guess the lessons paid off." You giggled, substantially enjoying your time with him. But something was still eating at the back of your mind. 'I bet she's here...' You thought. The girl he had originally intended to come with... Your smile disappeared as you eyed the other girls in the room, wondering which one it was. You were on a mission to find out. The song came to an end and you did a polite curtsy to thank Izuku for the dance. He gave a cute gentlemanly bow in response. "Let's go check out the balcony." You suggested. He reluctantly agreed, wishing the dance could have lasted longer.

The large stone balcony, garnished in twinkling white lights, overlooked a beautiful lush courtyard. You two were the first to discover it, this place to talk alone. You felt torn inside. How you wanted to tell him the truth, but were certain his remaining feelings for the other girl would get in the way.

"F/N..." He spoke softly. "Is something wrong?"

"No I-"

"Aren't you having fun?" He asked sadly, noticing your melancholic aura.

"I'm having SO much fun, Izuku." You confessed honestly. "Um... about the other girl you wanted to ask..."

"Er... what about it?" He began to panic, pulling at his collar nervously.

"I just... since you would have rather gone with her," You pulled out the tiny vial from your clutch purse, "maybe you could at least steal a dance..."

His heart sank upon seeing the familiar item. "No... please don't think like that." He begged. You placed the tiny vial in his hand.

"Just one dance. I swear I don't mind." You lied.

"Really. Let's just forget about it." Midoriya insisted.

"You deserve it." You said, turning away to hide your anguish.

"Wait!" He called. You managed to dawn a brave smile for his sake.

"I'm not going anywhere, Izuku." You encouraged. "Just running to the bathroom."

The patio door shut behind you, leaving Midoriya in utter dejection. 'Dammit! She's still convinced I like somebody else!' He paced back and forth near the edge of the balcony, momentarily considering casting that wretched little bottle over and into the abyss of darkness. But he couldn't waste such a precious commodity of F/N's. He sighed in frustration, placing the vial into his front coat pocket next to his heart.

He returned to the snack table for a drink, as his vexation had worked up a significant thirst. He leaned over, dipping the ladle into the large glass bowl when-

"Oof!" The two of them exclaimed in unison as Bakugou violently bumped Midoriya.

"AH! Kacchan!" Midoriya exclaimed in alarm.

"Watch where you're going, nerd!" He snapped, snatching the full cup of punch from Izuku as he walked away. He rolled his eyes, filling a new cup.

"Hey Deku!" A bubbly voice pierced through the crowd.

"Uraraka!" Midoriya smiled, happily greeting her.

"How are you? Are you having fun?" She asked. He nodded. "That's good. You need to get out more. Oh! Did you come by yourself or are you with someone?"

"I'm here with F/N." He answered.

"Aw! That's so nice. You are the cutest couple!"

"Shh! Not so loud!" He hushed her, looking around to make sure you weren't in proximity. "You... you really think we'd be a cute couple?" He asked sheepishly, a pink warmth discoloring his freckles.

"Absolutely!" She encouraged. He beamed at her, chivalrously offering her the drink he had just poured.

From across the room, you took in the scene with scathing eyes. You watched as Midoriya blushed and handed Uraraka the drink, feeling your spirit being savagely crushed into dust. You turned away, teary-eyed and brokenhearted.


"Bleh. It's way too sweet." Uraraka complained about the punch.

"Oh really? Sorry to hear that." Izuku apologized. Ochako observed the surrounding vicinity.

"Where is F/N by the way?" She inquired curiously.

"I don't know. I was just about to go look for her. But I have a bit of a problem..."

"What's that?"

"Well... I asked her to the dance the other day but she still seems convinced that I wanted to take somebody else." He confessed, hoping for a sound piece of advice.

"I was afraid that might happen..." Uraraka admitted. "Well you just need to talk to her. Tell her the truth." His brows creased in apprehension.

"Thanks, Uraraka." He said gratefully, heart full of doubt. "I will try my best."


The bathroom door shut behind you, muffling your mournful sigh. The mirror reflected your lovely appearance as you checked your makeup.

"F/N!" You heard a voice coming out of the bathroom stall.

"Mina!" You startled.

"I LOVE your dress!" She squealed, squeezing your arm tightly.

"Thanks dear." You smiled brightly. "Izuku helped me pick it out."

"Oh, that's right! You are here with Midoriya." She ruffled her hair, making it symmetrical yet fluffy. You nodded. "Last I heard, he had a mad crush on someone and was too shy to ask her to the dance. But I guess it worked out, didn't it?" You frowned at the sink.

"Yeah..." You trailed off.

"Well you guys are adorable." She cooed, walking out the door. "Have a fun night." She added a wink. You covered your face in your hands in frustration. For some reason you felt more guilty than hurt. 'He really wanted to come with someone else and here I am... getting in the way of his happiness.' You felt sick to your stomach, wishing you had never attempted this clever hoax to steal his attention. 'But at the beginning I was only trying to help him...' You argued to justify it.

"Maybe I should just leave..."


"F/N?" Izuku called, checking the dance floor and grand staircase in search for you. "Okay... All I have to do is be honest." He paced, muttering to himself. "Maybe I can be charming when I do it too. Like uh... hand her the vial and say 'I don't need a spell to fall in love with you'..." He blushed, smacking his face with a palm. "No, that's stupid. Maybe I could just say..." He reached into the front of his jacket to use the prop for his impulsive rehearsal but the pocket was empty. "Eh?" Midoriya patted himself down, wondering where he had misplaced the special little vial. "Could it be..." He froze, eyes widening. "When Kacchan bumped me..." Suddenly, Izuku shot himself back into the ballroom and up to the snack table. Shakily he crept up upon the large glass punch bowl and peered down inside. He felt his heart stop, seeing the horrible mistake he had made. At the base of the bowl lay the distinctive tiny bottle, uncorked. "No!" His voice squeaked, high-pitched with dread. 'What have I done?!'


After grabbing a refreshing cup of punch, you had made your way out to the balcony again to wait. You weren't sure what you were waiting for exactly, but the weather was nice and you certainly didn't feel like walking home alone. Leaning against the wall you overheard a conversation being held by Todoroki and Momo.

"What are you doing? The stars are beautiful tonight." Momo objected as Todoroki gazed at her, ignoring the glittering sky.

"The stars would be envious if they could see the shine in your eyes." Todoroki whispered in his usual debonair tone.

'Ugh... Get a room.'  You rolled your eyes. Unbeknownst to you, a fiasco was unfolding on the other side of the wall.


"Don't drink that!" Izuku cried, snatching cups out of the hands of his classmates.

"Deku! What's come over you?!" Ochako was appalled as he seized custody of her refreshment, throwing it in the trash and moving on to his next victim.

"S-SORRY!" He apologized earnestly to her over his shoulder.

"Beat it, nerd!" Bakugou shouted, dodging Midoriya's desperate leap for his cup.

'Agh! This isn't working! Only one thing left to do!' Midoriya thought, attacking the source. He reached out with both arms to lift the big punch bowl but was constricted.


"Midoriya, what are you doing?"

"M-Mister Aizawa!" Izuku struggled helplessly against the restraints. "I can explain! There's a powerful love spell quirk in the punch and you can't let anyone else drink it!" Aizawa's face sunk in annoyance.

"Love spell quirk? What are you talking about? There's no such thing." He said firmly, shaking his head.

"But you've gotta believe me!" He wailed in despair.

"Whoever convinced you of that must have been yanking your chain." He set Midoriya back in place, the other classmates watching from the dancefloor. He hung his head, sinking to his knees. "Everything is under control here, Midoriya. Go find your date or something..." He mumbled, returning to his antisocial chaperone post in the corner.

'That's right!' He thought, eyes darting around. 'Maybe F/N will have an antidote!'

"Are you alright, Deku?" Uraraka ran over, lifting him effortlessly to his feet. He nodded, sullenly.

"Where's F/N?" He asked. She grimaced, delicately choosing her words.

"I... haven't seen her in a while. I think she might have left." Izuku frowned, a dismal shroud of guilt filling his chest.

"I wouldn't blame her... I made her feel second best for so long..."

"Then go fix it." Uraraka encouraged. "She couldn't have gotten far."

"F/N!" Midoriya's loud voice shattered your ears, echoing as he burst through the patio doors. You startled hard, bumping your elbow into the wall.

"OW!" You snapped as Izuku swung around to face you.

"You're here..." He sighed, slightly out of breath from running. "I'm so glad you're still here."

"Of course I'm here." You said. "I told you I wasn't leaving, didn't I?" You paused, looking down wistfully. "Did you... get the dance you wanted?"

"No..." He whispered. There was no hiding it now. You had to tell him the truth.

"I'm sorry." You replied.

"You have no reason to be sorry. Really, I just-"

"Please hear me out." You begged. He shut his mouth. "Izuku...You're so kind-hearted and genuine." You took a step closer to him." I think anyone would be so lucky to have you." He blushed in the moonlight, his gentle eyes glistening with a grateful loving gaze. You reached up your hand to brush his bangs aside with your fingertips. Your touch reflected the tenderness swelling in your heart. "I... I would give anything to take her place..." You confessed honestly, a ripple of anticipation washing over you.

"Really?" He cupped your hand, keeping it on his warm cheek. He smiled when you nodded and began leaning closer to him. "It's funny you'd say that because-" He cut off his sentence abruptly, his smile disappearing upon noticing the drink in your hand. "Oh no!" He suddenly pulled away and you frowned in confusion.

"What's wrong?" You pleaded after seeing his tormented expression.

"This is all my fault!" He exclaimed, covering his face with both hands in frustration. "You wouldn't be saying any of this if it weren't for me!"

"What do you mean?" You interjected, gawking at his sudden outburst.

"I dropped it!"


"The special powder you gave me! I spilled it in the punch bowl by accident!" He shouted, obviously beside himself with guilt. You blinked as an unexpected smile pulled at your lips. Uncontrollably you cracked up laughing. He stared at you, aghast. "F/N, this is serious! I don't have any idea how many people drank it! This is horrible! I ruined everything!" He turned away from you in shame. "I just wanted us to have a special night together and I..." His voice broke and his head hung in disheartenment. "I'm so sorry, F/N."

"No, Izuku. This is my fault." You began. He turned he head slightly to look at you. "You remember the other day when you said there's no such thing as love spell quirks?" He nodded. "Well... you were right."

"What are you talking about?"

"Izuku, you're such a wonderful person and it was killing me that you didn't see how much of a catch you are. I wanted to help boost your confidence so I... made the whole thing up."

"...Huh?" He still tilted his head cluelessly. "But the powder-"

"Pixy sticks and sugar." You answered.

"And the story from middle school-"


"And when you were under its effects the other day, you kissed me..." He froze. It suddenly began to dawn on him that that too was a charade. You chewed your bottom lip, preparing for the worst.

"So that day..." He raised his fingers to his lips, his face turning dark with a blush. "everything you just said... was all real." You blinked, not quite understanding what he meant.

"But it wasn't real. I lied to you. I feel awful-"

"No. That's not it. So you're telling me you meant all of that and you weren't just under some spell?" Your cheeks burned hot in embarrassment.

"...Yes." You closed your eyes to await the incoming rejection. Midoriya's hand drifted over his chest, which was brimming with affection.

"No one... has ever said things like that to me before." You ceased your cringing, meeting his sincere emerald eyes. He twiddled his fingers bashfully. "...or made me feel the way you make me feel..." Your beauty in the twinkling starlight took his breath away. He gulped, waiting for words to return to him, but to no avail.

Midoriya thought his heart might explode from the sheer bombardment of emotion swelling within him. His instinct took over, needing an outlet for his fondness. Suddenly, without hesitation, Izuku closed the distance between you. His tenderness was reflected in the sweetness of his kiss. His lips moved against yours, softer than rose petals, doting and caring. He weaved a passionate hand through your hair, humming a small mew of appreciation when you responded in kind. You felt his other hand shakily slither around your waist. A tiny satisfied smile broke out upon your lips, dancing with his. You held him close to you, cherishing his love as the cool night breeze relieved the warm blushes on your faces.

<3 THE END <3


Chapter Text

You quickly turned your eyes down to the lunch table as the boy you had your eye on threw a glance in your direction. Hitoshi Shinsou, the one who had captured your attention greatly during the sports festival, was showing his face more and more often in the last few weeks. After getting lost in the gargantuan stadium back then, you had stumbled upon his waiting room. He had been kind enough to let you stay, discussing your quirks and hobbies. You assumed that your presence was a distraction from his focus on the battle, but he didn't seem to feel that way. He thoroughly had enjoyed your company, feeling refreshed that someone was interested in his quirk without comparing it to that of a villain's. 

"Him again?" Kendo inquired, catching your dreamy gaze at him. You said nothing. "Why don't you just go talk to him?" She shrugged casually. 

"Uh... He's kinda intimidating..." You admitted.

"You might as well. He'll probably be joining our class soon anyway." 

"What?! Really?!" You yawped happily. 

"Soooo F/N..." Monoma swept in to sit by you, interrupting the conversation. "We still on for tonight?" 

"I never agreed to that, Neito." You winked and elbowed him playfully. He grinned widely with a pious jerk of his chin, assuming you were jesting. 

"Eight O'clock it is then." He concluded. You snorted and rolled your eyes, knowing he wasn't going to take no for an answer. Monoma had been pursuing you for a while now and you weren't sure how exactly to feel about it. He certainly had things covered in the handsome section of the mate checklist, but some of his personality flaws alarmed you from time to time. You would have given him a fairer chance if he hadn't possessed a strange fixation on the demise of Class 1-A. So to you, a romantic relationship is not particularly suited for someone of his... let's call them antics... 

On the other hand, you couldn't seem to get your mind off of the mysterious general studies boy. You looked up again, just in time to see him disappear around the corner. 

Later that afternoon you returned to your apartment, changing into something more comfortable. 


You smiled as a fuzzy little nugget pressed his head to your palm in a demand for attention. This cat had followed you home one day during the sports festival and you'd been caring for it ever since. Its unusual coloring and sleepy eyes reminded you of Shinsou, so you named it accordingly. 

"You're so cuuuuutee, Hitooossshiiii." You cooed, doting on it with both hands. It nuzzled your chin affectionately, purring and pawing at your chest. A knock at the door disrupted your cuddles. 

"Oh hey, Neito." You said simply, inviting him in. You regarded him, noting that, in comparison to you, he was dressed to the nines. 

"Glad you invited me here, F/N." He bowed gently, immediately making himself at home. You wanted to retort that he sort of invited himself here, but decided against it. The two of you had settled on a movie in your room, since that's where the television resided. He filled the silent parts of the film with his smooth attractive voice, telling stories and compliments to you. You had to admit his shameless flattery was actually pretty charming. Slowly but surely, his butt had migrated towards you on the bed and he stretched an arm over his head, snaking it behind your shoulders. Suddenly, the cat leapt onto Monoma's lap, startling him. 

"Oh, you have a pet." He observed as the cat tried to wedge itself in between you. 

"Eh, sort of. He kind of comes and goes as he pleases." 

"Mm." He nodded, returning his focus to you. As the movie scene became a little more heated,  Monoma scooted closer to you. "M'sleepy." He lied, resting his head on your shoulder. You allowed it, running a hand through his very soft lush hair. He took the signal as a green light and began to place feather-soft teasing kisses along your jawbone and neck. 

"Uh..." You shifted uncomfortably. It felt nice but you still weren't sure of your feelings for Monoma. "H-hey... You aren't watching the movie..." You tried to get him to slow down without rudely pushing him off of you. 

"You're much more interesting..." He said smoothly, a hand running from your knee upwards to your thigh. "OUCH!" He recoiled, grasping his injured hand. "Your stupid cat bit me!" 

"Hitoshi!" You looked at the cat, which was staring Monoma down. For a fleeting moment, you felt as if the little fluff ball was protecting your chastity from Neito's advances. He hissed as Neito used his other hand to slide him off the bed. 

"You named the cat after that weird kid from the tournament?" He asked, cleaning his wound. 

"He's not weird." You defended. "I think he's really interesting..." 

"Yeah. Interesting like a villain..." He replied, crawling back in your direction. "Now... where were we..." He resumed kissing your neck, slowly moving towards your lips. You stopped him.

"Neito... I think you're going a little too fast for me..." 

"Aw, come on." He whined. "Let me kiss you." 

Suddenly your mind went fuzzy and you obeyed him without question. It felt as though you were watching the events from the sidelines, like someone else had taken over your body. Monoma watched your eyes glaze over, bending to his will. You felt his rough tongue slide into your mouth, but had no control over your body's response. Monoma wracked his brain for how he was able to copy a power when he hadn't touched anyone for at least half the day, but was at a loss for any kind of definitive answer. He decided to try it again.

"Take off your shirt..." Was it a demand or more of a test to see if he could do it, he wasn't sure. But whatever inhibitions he had were stripped away as he watched you swiftly dispose of your shirt. He reached out, gliding his hand over your bare stomach. 

"STOP!" A sudden third voice filled the room. 

"THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" Monoma squawked. He didn't answer, but came over to your position on the bed and shook you violently. 

"Ah!" Your mind came back to you and a familiar pair of dark eyes were staring at you with concern. "S-Shinsou!" Your eyes grew wide. "When did you get here and- WHY ARE YOU NAKED?!" 

"He was the cat! And he just transformed all of the sudden!" Monoma rang out, madness rising in his voice.

"H-hitoshi! Y-you were Hitoshi?!" For the briefest of seconds, your mind flew back over the past few weeks, searching your memory for any inappropriate or embarrassing things you must have done in front of your cat. 'Oh god...' You recalled a night that you couldn't sleep and decided to touch yourself. You had ignored the cat's presence as it sat in the corner licking itself. "A-all this time?!" You squeaked, horrified at what he had seen. 

"Yes..." He answered, a dark blush filling his pale face. He must have been remembering the same event. Suddenly, you smacked both hands over your mouth to keep yourself silent. You realized that he could control you at any time and escalate the situation. 

"I can explain all of that, but first you need to listen. This guy copied my quirk and was using it to take advantage of you." 

"HEY! I was not!" He defended. "I just-"

"Stop talking." Shinsou activated his quirk, causing Monoma to stand there in a trance. Your eyes flitted in fear between the two of them, making sure to not make the slightest peep. Shinsou reached down beside the bed, handing you the shirt you had removed against your will. "Forgive me." He said, looking away to respect your privacy. There were so many things you wanted to ask him, but one was more important than the others. "I'm sure this is terribly confusing for you, and-"

"Why did you follow me home?" You asked him. With a stealthy ability such as his, he could have used it on anyone. What was so special about you? 

"You... answered me..." He spoke slowly, reverently. 

"Yeah." You nodded, still expecting a reason.

"But you know what my quirk does..." He gazed at you in awe, utterly confused as to why you would ever open your mouth in front of him again.


"Why?" Instinctively, he had crawled himself closer to you, his catlike behavior still percolating out of his system. It was not unlike trying to get your landlegs back after a few days at sea. 

"Well... I guess after all we've been through together..." You relived the last month you had spent with him by your side, keeping you company when you were stressed, cuddling with you when you were sad. "I just... trust you." 

Shinsou's stomach did a somersault. There weren't words enough to describe the expression that dawned his face. His melancholy heart had been melted by the sun, his shyness disappearing. He peered at you with half-lidded eyes, pulling your face gently towards him. He was slow in his movements, calculating; as if giving you plenty of time to pull away if you desired. But you didn't. You yanked him down upon yourself, embracing in a sweet kiss. You weaved your hands through his sexy bedhead, allowing his tongue to dance against yours. Your lips separated and he nuzzled your neck affectionately. You giggled at how catlike it was. He blushed slightly, realizing the silly cute thing he had just done.

"Ah... wait." You realized Monoma was still frozen in place, being forced to watch this unfold. "You should probably snap him out of it..."

"On it." Shinsou replied, deliberately punching Monoma in the gut and laying him to the floor.

"AGH!" He regained his bearings, clenching his stomach in pain. 

"Hitoshi!" Your jaw fell open. He turned and gave you a mischievous look, as if to say 'he deserved it'. The tiniest laugh escaped your throat. Monoma scrambled over onto the bed. 

"This guy is dangerous, F/N." He said low, as if trying to convince you to escape out your own window with him.

"No he's not, Neito." You giggled, alleviating some of the tension in the room. 

"And why did he get to kiss you before I did?!" He objected, staring at the approaching nude boy bitterly.

"I mean by technicality, he kind of didn't..." It was true. Neito had peppered you with kisses all evening, but he didn't seem pleased by that answer. His brows furrowed until you pulled him into a kiss. You noticed Shinsou stop in place, looking hurt by your actions. 


"Well, Hitoshi, it doesn't seem right to send him home after all that's happened." You smiled, naughty delicious ideas popping into your mind. 

"I see..." Shinsou said, covering a brokenhearted expression with a business-like façade. You saw this and got up to embrace him. 

"That doesn't mean I want you to leave either, Hitoshi..." 

The boys exchanged a significant glance, wary and possibly disgusted at the proposition about to be made. 

"Why don't you both stay with me?" You whispered in a sultry way, letting your fingernails glide down Shinsou's bare back. They both stared at each other, waiting for the other one to back down and leave. But neither did. 

"My, my, F/N... You certainly are a naughty vixen." Neito wore a haughty grin, a poker face to scare away the shyer boy. You read this signal incorrectly, thinking he was totally down with the D. 

"So I guess that means you're in." You smiled, taking a disturbed-looking Shinsou by the hands. "Won't you stay, Hitoshi?" You begged, running a hand down his chest. He gulped. "I mean... you're already naked..." He looked down and blushed, having completely forgotten about that. "Here..." You yanked off your bottoms and began unlatching your bra. "Now you're not alone." 

Monoma's jaw had hit the floor when you turned to look at him. You put your hands on your hips and stared, waiting for the third member of your party to join the naked club. As he began to hesitantly unbutton his shirt, Shinsou had crept up behind you and slid his hands around your waist. You pulled your hair around one shoulder, giving him permission with your eyes to nibble your neck and ear. His wet tongue nicked your skin through his soft kisses. A jolt of hormones shot through Shinsou as he felt your bare skin on his. His hands moved up, fondling your breasts as his sharp teeth grazed your ear. Your breath quickened, letting out aroused audible sighs as your nipples hardened under his touch. But that wasn't the only thing hardening. You leaned back into Shinsou's body, surrendering. He sighed and you felt a rising poke from behind you. 

Over on the bed, Neito's eyes had glassed over as he watched you nude and writhing. He quickly hastened his undressing, his erection springing forth with the fast removal of his pants. You licked your lips, flashing him a little smile to let him know he hadn't been forgotten. He got up and closed the distance between you. He threw his arms around you and pulled you into a kiss, trying to shut out the other boy with his hands all over you. He had a plan to steal his quirk and somehow get him out of the way. However, Shinsou also had a similar thought process, knowing he could cease control if things started to get out of hand. 

"Eep!" You yelped as Monoma yanked you out of Shinsou's arms and mounted you on the bed. You laughed at his boldness, starting to feel a wet heat building below deck. You reached out a hand to Hitoshi, not wanting him to feel left out in the cold. His fingers interlaced with yours and you pulled him into the pile for a kiss. He grimaced as his shoulder bumped the toned glowing body of Monoma. You felt moderately suffocated as the two boys pushed one another, your lips parting and colliding with Shinsou then Monoma, back and forth the battle went. 

"Okay, wait." You placed a hand on both of their chests. "We need to figure out a better way to do this." 

"Maybe one of us should leave." Neito snapped his head towards Hitoshi.

"Splendid. How kind of you to volunteer." Shinsou deadpanned back. You rolled your eyes at their bickering; doing the only thing you could think of to shut them up. You grabbed their erections, one in each hand, both of them abruptly falling forward with a gasp. You pumped the shafts, hoping to stroke the aggression away. Their salacious moans filled the apartment. 

"How... do you want to do this, F/N?" Shinsou huffed, obviously much more docile under your touch. 

"Hm... Well you lay here..." You had him rest back on the bed, feeling exposed now that his full nudity was out to be scrutinized. "And..." You clambered on top of him. "Neito, you get behind me there." They both quietly positioned themselves accordingly before getting to work. Shinsou ran his hands through your hair, pulling you into a hot wet kiss. You shivered at the double sensation of Monoma's strong hands on your hips. He guided your rear end in his direction, his tip prodding at your entrance. A wandering hand found Shinsou's member, and you were able to watch with wanting eyes as he mewled and writhed. His lustful moan shot a spike of want between your legs, making it all too inviting for Neito. Without warning, he plunged inside with a growl of desire. You bit down on Hitoshi's shoulder from the shock, wishing he had at least warned you. Neito built up a steady rhythm with you on your knees overtop Hitoshi, skin slapping as he thrust from behind. 

After a short while the pressure started to feel good, escalating your pleasure as you let out pathetic whimpers. 

"Eh?" Suddenly you were yanked backwards and your feet hit the floor, Monoma plunging deep and rough into your wet cave. Your back met his chest and he left love nips along your neck, greedily grasping your breasts with both hands. 

"Hey!" Hitoshi objected, cold from the sudden absence of your body heat. 

"It was smart to leave most of the work to the brawn of this operation." He praised you, passive-aggressively demeaning Shinsou's lesser athletic build. In response, he narrowed his eyes and spoke.

"Wait your turn." He ordered, resulting in Monoma ceasing all movement. Shinsou tenderly pulled you off of the more muscular boy, stealing all the attention for himself. With sunset eyes, he asked permission before sliding himself between your folds. He held you close, relishing in the uninterrupted intimacy. It felt heavenly to give up control, letting you ride him at your own pace, watching as his modest ordinary body took you to new heights. You were losing yourself in the burning embers of passion, not noticing the absence of two other hands groping you. 

"Ohhh... aaanhhh..." You sighed, the monstrous craving taking over. "Ah- ohhhhhhhh!" You convulsed, seeing nothing but a shrieking white. Your back arched and your head tilted back sharply as your blurred vision returned to you. Shinsou was so close, your twisting body and salacious noises pushing him to the edge. Only a few more thrusts until- "What the-" You pulled off, noticing Monoma frozen at the edge of the bed, bare dick twitching in protest. "Hitoshi!" You whined. "Don't do that." 

You slipped off of him, forcing him to catch his breath, and went over to give Neito a firm slap on the ass. He snapped out of it, eyes aflame with hatred. "You okay?" You asked him. He only nodded, knowing better than to speak again. "That wasn't nice, Hitoshi." You scolded him, resulting in a smug grin from Monoma. You babied Neito for a while, letting him lay in Shinsou's place while you sucked him. The salty bitter tang of yourself still lingered as you swirled your tongue around him. 

You ascended your ass in the air as an invitation for Shinsou to continue his work. Neito grasped the bed sheets, panting as the sudden fantastic stimulation heightened his senses. 

"Could you... maybe slide this way some?" Shinsou awkwardly requested from Neito, since he couldn't exactly reach you while still standing at the edge of the bed. He brushed Shinsou with his foot and smiled. 

"Just be quiet and stay there." He whispered. You slurped and bobbed around his member before you furrowed your brows. You glanced back to see Shinsou now standing there with a clueless expression. 

"Seriously?!" You lurched towards poor Shinsou, shaking him by the shoulders and planting a kiss on his lips. 

"Must have done it by accident like before..." Monoma said smoothly, but you weren't buying it.

"Dammnit! If either of you does that again, I'm kicking you both out!" You stared daggers at each of them. "Understand?" 

"Yes..." They both answered in unison. 

"Good." You said with a serious tone. "Now do you want to go back to the original arrangement or..." 

They didn't answer but returned to first position, Shinsou laying on his back with Monoma behind you. "This is fine but... could you maybe..." Shinsou was yearning for the same special kind of attention Monoma had just received but wasn't sure how to ask. You grinned, knowing what he wanted. He yelped as you slid his body down, legs hanging off the bed. You ferociously descended on his member with your mouth, slapping your rear end in command to Neito. Your bent standing height was perfectly comfortable for Monoma, allowing him to reach new depth within you.

The satisfaction rolled once more, a bomb about to detonate. His thrusts pushed you forward, taking Shinsou farther down your throat. Your moans sent vibrations through his shaft, coaxing pleasure from deep inside him. You panted, puffs of hot air rushing between Hitoshi's legs. "Mmmmm.... Naaaahhhh." You felt yourself climaxing once more, the sight of you pushing both boys over the edge. Their musical groans echoed in the room, bouncing off the wall and filling your ears as an explosion filled our mouth. Within seconds, an eruption of bliss filled you from behind as well. You both collapsed forward, heaving in air, wiping your mouth clean before nuzzling Hitoshi. He turned to stroke your face affectionately, staring in your eyes while catching his breath. A sweaty chest met your back as Monoma spooned you, closing his eyes in exhaustion. 

You and Hitoshi did the same. You smiled to yourself, basking in the otherworldly ability you possessed. Both of them had the quirk to take control, but somehow, against all odds, you had been able to manipulate their behavior exactly to your liking. But... if it meant that much to them, you wouldn't mind letting them believe they were in control the whole time... 






Chapter Text

"So you really think this will help?" Todoroki flashed you a doubting expression. 

"Trust me." You said, laying out your yoga mats on the studio floor. 

"Why do you have eggs?" His brows furrowed, noticing the strange addition of cooking ingredients by your bag.

"You'll see." He adorned his usual cool collected expression and sat patiently on his mat to await your instructions. You began with deep breathing exercises before starting some basic poses. Flowing from lunges to downward dogs to back stretches he followed, doing his best to match your higher level of flexibility. Once you felt warmed up, you moved on to more difficult strength and stability poses. His calm stoic character made him a natural at it, finding complete stillness in even the most difficult balance movements. After a decent workout, you both laid out on your mats, letting the soft music in the background flood you with relaxation. 

The sunset from the window lit the room with an ambient orange glow, dimming more with each passing moment. You let your head fall to the side, opening your eyes to steal a glance at Todoroki. You were alarmed, feeling caught, since he was already looking at you. "Uh... You're supposed to have your eyes closed." His tiny smug smile implied 'so should you,' but that isn't what he decided to say.

"What if I think you're more relaxing to look at than my own eyelids?" He asked, almost defiantly. You wrinkled your face in discomposure, sliding over to him on your knees.

"Shut your eyes, Shouto!" You said a little too loudly, trying (and failing) to hide being flustered. He obeyed, but you saw a tiny smile still hiding at the corners of his lips. You crouched behind his head, sitting back on your knees. After a moment of silence you spoke again. "Okay... so now that you are relaxed, I want you to activate your quirk." 

"Stand back." He ordered, giving you a serious expression. You slid towards his right, watching his other side become completely engrossed in flames. You felt sweltering heat on your face, like you were standing too close to a bonfire that someone just threw gasoline on.

"Ah!" You winced instinctively, throwing a protective arm in front of your eyes, and his fire immediately disappeared. 

"Are you alright?" He turned, examining you closely. 

"I'm fine." He sighed in relief. 

"This is why I don't use it." He stated, looking down at his hand ruefully. "Once it is set loose, I can't keep it at a controllable level." The scent of singed material filled your nostrils. The sleeve of his shirt had been incinerated, not to mention your extra yoga mat. "I promise I'll replace that." He said, noticing you frowning at the pathetic toasted object. "Thank you for trying-" He got to his knees as if to leave.

"If you think I'm gonna let you give up that fast, you're sorely mistaken." 

"F/N, I refuse to be the reason for you being sent to Recovery Girl." 

"Then DON'T be." 

"But if I can't control-"

"If Midoriya doesn't get to use that excuse, neither do you." You asserted with sass, crossing your arms stubbornly. He pouted quietly for a moment. 

"What would you have me do?" 

"Try again." 

He huffed as you laid him back on the mat, realizing all your relaxation progress had been lost. "Eyes closed." You ordered once more, allowing your fingers to drift through his hair absentmindedly. 'What can I do to make him gain control...' You wondered. As you pondered, you noticed him sigh, melting into your touch. 'Hm...'

You slid your hands down his shoulders and neck, massaging gently. You continued this a while, stroking his cheeks, neck, and hair, until you were certain he wouldn't put up a fight anymore. "Are you more relaxed now, Shouto?" You whispered, voice softer than a lullaby. 

"Mm." He nodded once, not bothering to open his eyes. 

"Good." You calmly cooed. "You can try it again if you want." Shouto felt warm and encouraged, not a care in the world. Without warning, his left side lit up again. You watched in awe as the fierce flame from before has calmed slightly. It licked upwards from his hand to his shoulder and finally to his face where your hand was resting in the flame. You gasped, retreating your hand to avoid getting burned. He stopped, concerned for you once again. 

"I'm such a fool!" He exclaimed, beside himself with guilt. "How could I have been so careless to forget that you were touching me?! How badly did I hurt you?!" You both examined your hand delicately, searching for any sign of injury, but there was none. "But... your hand was..."

"You must have protected my hand unconsciously! That's insane! You're amazing, Shouto!" You bubbled with enthusiasm, seeing his confusion morph to a smile. 

"Thank you." His tone was painted in sincerity, eyes glistening in the twilight. 

"You did all of the work." You replied. 

"But you inspired me to succeed." He caressed your face gently with his hand. "Really... From the bottom of my heart, thank you." You blushed with embarrassment, averting his beautiful eyes. 

"Ah-er... there's one more thing I wanted you to try..." 

"Hm?" He tilted his head at you as you shuffled through your things, pulling out food and a frying pan. "Is this a dinner date now?" He inquired shamelessly, causing your blush to grow.

"That depends on if you succeed or not..." You bluffed casually, though your ever-reddening face probably gave away your true desire for it to be a date. 

"If I succeed at what?" 

"How else are we gonna cook this, silly?" You giggled. 

"Ah, yes." He held out his hand, waiting for you to finish putting the ingredients into the pan. 

"Wait. Last thing..." You put your hand beneath his, helping his palm support the weight of the skillet. "Now I want you to cook the food." 

"Absolutely not." He stared at you coldly. "You will get burned for sure." You refused to withdraw your hand from his.

"You already did it once. I know you can do it again." He scowled at you until you put your other hand on his chest in comfort. "I trust you..." 

He heaved a deep breath, letting your warm words fill him up. The heat spread through his blood, concentrating into the palm of his hand. You felt the temperature rising, trying to maintain your calm poker face as your hand got hotter and hotter. The contents of the pan began to sizzle, and you gifted Todoroki a huge grin when you realized this was happening without your hand becoming toast. He returned it, blithely optimistic about his own potential now. 

"You did it!" You removed your hand, quickly dishing the food into the bowls you brought. 

"It's all thanks to you." He scooted closer to you. It was hard to make out his expression in the darkness. The sun had long-since set and the only remaining light after his fire went out was that of the stars and the few aromatherapy candles you had lit earlier. 

"You're just really talented, Shouto." You beamed, completely aware that you did absolutely nothing but make him cook dinner for you. 

"But you were the instigator." His voice was soft, yet serious now. "Believe me when I say..." He reached out and brushed your hair behind your ear. "I couldn't have done this without you."

"That's sweet of you to say..." In the velvety dim glow of the room, his eyes sparkled so; to the point that you couldn't tear your gaze away. You leaned in towards him, planting the gentlest of kisses upon his lips. He weaved a hand through your hair, pulling you closer. "Your fire side is so beautiful, Shouto..." You whispered against his lips. For some reason, a kiss from a girl had not been enough to elicit a blush from him. Your words, however... "Sh-Shouto! HOT!" You pulled away as his hand started to burn you, his eyes widening with shock. 

"I'm sorry." He looked down at the floor, cheeks tinted red. A tickled laugh escaped your throat as you rubbed the mild burn on your cheek. 

"Don't worry about it. Let's eat." You each dug into the sketchy makeshift-Todoroki-stirfry dish with conviction. He took one bite and chewed it thoughtfully. 

"It's burnt." He deadpanned in the usual monotone matter-of-fact way that he says things. You couldn't figure out why, but for some reason it was terribly humorous to you. You giggled at him, unable to hold back. 

"It was a good effort." You grinned widely to console him. 

"Since this isn't to your liking, I propose an alternative." 

"And what's that?" You asked, already knowing what he was going to say.

"I shall treat you to a real dinner. Anywhere you like." 

"Sounds wonderful. But..." You smirked at his obliterated excuse for a shirt.


"You might want to put on another shirt..."




Chapter Text

"N-no! You uh... can't come." You winced, knowing how obvious and out of character your words were. 

"Oh..." Midoriya frowned, a mix of surprise and hurt appearing on his features. "Can I ask why?"

"Why?" You frantically searched your brain for a reasonable excuse but none came to you. "W-well... it's just a couple of uh... party people. Not really the kind you hang out with. You'd probably be bored..."

"Oh, I don't mind. If they're friends with you, I'm sure I'll like them." He said in his usual optimistic way, approaching the door.

"No!" You asserted, placing a gentle hand on his shoulder. "Ah... er... that is... you might not fit in." 

"I see..." He looked down at the floor. You bit your lip in regret when you saw him visibly recoil. "I guess I'll... see you later then..."

"Yeah..." You shuffled backwards towards the door. "But hey! I'll text you the minute I get back, okay?" You smiled brightly, hoping that would make up for the situation.

"Deal." He waved, giving you a proper sendoff. You sighed once he was out of sight. You felt terribly guilty for excluding him, but you couldn't let him come and spoil the surprise. 

You met up with a few key classmates at the mall, shopping for birthday presents and supplies for Midoriya. His special day was coming up fast and you had to make sure it was as extraordinary as possible. However, that took significant planning. This wasn't the first time this week that you had evaded plans with Izuku for the sake of organizing this blowout. You wouldn't let him into your dorm room recently either since it had transformed into a veritable stockpile of party supplies. 

You returned from the store, too exhausted to do any more, and passed out on your bed. At the school building the next day, you found yourself asking All Might to make an appearance at the special event. As the coordinator, everyone was relying on you to make every piece fall into place. You yawned, walking by the library on the way back to the dorm. 


A choked sob stopped you in your tracks. You listened in, recognizing it immediately to be Midoriya. You peeked around the corner, noticing him confiding in Uraraka.

"She's just... been avoiding me recently." Izuku sniffled, voice soaked in sorrow. You furrowed your brows, wondering what horrid person made your dearest of friends cry. "She said... she'd text me last night and didn't..." Your breath hitched in your throat, realizing that the despicable offender was you. Getting so caught up in planning, you had completely neglected his feelings. 

"I'm sure it's just a misunderstanding, Deku." She replied, trying to cover you.

"I just..." He fought back a sob, tears falling freely down his face. "I feel like she doesn't want to spend time with me now... Like... she doesn't... like me anymore..." His voice broke, and his head fell to the table. You felt your heart shatter, tears building behind your own eyes. You were about to run in, completely blow the lid off this whole secret, but you caught Ochako's eye from the doorway before you stepped in. She shook her head at you, patting his hair in comfort. 

"That's not true, Deku. Of course she likes you. I'm sure there's a good reason that she's so busy." She threw you a significant glance. "Maybe you should talk to her about it." 

You knew what that meant. You swallowed your guilt and ran to the nearest bathroom, dialing Midoriya's number.

"Hello?" He squeaked miserably. 

"Hi, Izuku!" You tried to sound as bubbly as possible. "Sorry I forgot to message you last night. But I miss you." You emphasized that, hoping the sincerity burning in your heart would be transmitted over the phone. "Do you want to hang out tomorrow afternoon?" 


"Great! I'll come by your room and we can go do something." 

"Okay. See you tomorrow."

"See you!" You hung up, running back to the library doorway. 

"Who was it?" Uraraka asked.

"It was F/N... She wanted to hang out tomorrow..."

"See! I told you there was nothing to worry about." She said. 


"H-hey F/N." Izuku waved at you from the nearby park bench the next evening. 

"Hey, Izuku." You greeted, sliding yourself next to him. 

"So... I've been wanting to talk to you about something..."


"Did... I do something?"


"Well you haven't been wanting to hang out with me lately... and I thought maybe I did something that upset you..."

"Ah! No! Nothing like that! It's-" You were interrupted by your phone ringing. "Uh, hello?"

"It's all ready. Bring him over." The voice whispered on the phone.

"Ok. Sounds good. See you soon." You answered, turning to a melancholic Midoriya. "So uh... apparently someone in the dorm kitchen made something to eat and they want us to come try it." 

"Right now? We just got here." 

"Yeah... But I'm kind of hungry. Come with me." You insisted, dragging the troubled boy by the arm all the way back to the dormitories. You guided him into the first floor communal kitchen when-

"SURPRISE!" The dining room erupted, cheering when Midoriya walked in. 

"Oh my gosh, a party!" He smiled and read the banner. "OH MY GOSH, IT'S FOR ME?!" 

You laughed at his reaction, guiding him by the hand into the crowd of guests who were there just for him. For the next half hour, he was overwhelmed by smiles, presents, and 'happy birthday's. "Wow! There's even cake!" He exclaimed. 

"Yeah! F/N made it herself!" Uraraka boasted about you. "This whole thing was her idea." Midoriya gazed up at you, big green eyes sparkling. 

"It's no big deal..." You blushed.

"F/N... So this is the reason you were so busy lately... why I thought you were being distant..." You nodded.

"I was never trying to avoid you, Izuku. I didn't mean to make you feel excluded." 

"No. I shouldn't have ever doubted you! You were thinking of me the whole time and you put in so much effort..." 

"It was all worth it to make sure you had a special day!" You beamed at him before being swept up in his arms. 

"Thank you..." He whispered, holding you tight. 

*ahem* Kaminari cleared his throat loudly, causing you to pull apart awkwardly.

"Oh uh... You need to blow out your candles, Izuku." You squirmed through the crowd, lighting the candles on the cake. "Make a wish." He put a finger to his chin in thought before the fire was puffed out with a swift breath. A rousing cheer echoed against the walls. You excused yourself, realizing you had forgotten the extra bag of disposable silverware for the cake. 

"Oh!" You were startled when you came out your door, face to face with Midoriya. "Hey, Izuku. You shouldn't leave your own party." You giggled playfully. He looked down at the floor. "What did you wish for?" 


"I see. You can't tell me because then it won't come true?"

"That's not it..." He paused, touching your arm gently. "It's just... I cant make this wish come true by myself..." 

"How so?" You asked, wanting to do whatever you could to help his birthday wish come true. 

"Well..." He took a step closer to you, backing you against your door. "I only wished for one thing..." 

"What's that?" He shifted nervously, blushing when you looked into his eyes. You felt his fingertip brush beneath your chin, pulling you towards him. You melted into his warm embrace, lips meeting his. He smiled into the kiss, realizing he'd never had a birthday wish come true so quickly. A perfect end to a perfect birthday. 


Chapter Text

"Where are we going?" Amajiki oh-so-humbly asked. 

"It's a surprise." You said brightly, pulling him along gently by the arm. Tamaki was thrilled that you agreed to go anywhere with him, let alone be so jolly and enthusiastic about it. When you offered, he insisted upon you choosing the venue, fearfully assuming that you wouldn't like anything he picked. You felt it was terribly silly of him to think that, as you would be more than happy to go anywhere with him. Despite his self-depreciating character, Amajiki was the most complimentary of people. Every small thing you did, he praised you generously, filling you with a warm encouragement. Today you were on a mission to make him feel the same.

Tamaki rarely shared his opinions on things, afraid of being unaccepted by his peers, so it was hard to find out what he actually liked versus what he just claimed to like for the sake of fitting in. However, there was one thing you remembered him saying that he liked when he had dropped his guard one day. 

You paid for both of you at the door despite his objection, muttering something about not being worth your money, and approached the grand double doors. His face lit up as they opened upon an elaborate gargantuan greenhouse. "Wow..." He whispered, gazing up at the intricate glass ceiling. The sun beamed through the windows, casting tiny rainbows off of the sprinkling waterfall. Thousands of butterflies glided on the warm air, cascading through a lush flower-filled garden. 

"It's even more beautiful than I imagined!" You exclaimed, spinning in place. 

"Beautiful..." Tamaki repeated dreamily. 

"Do you like it?" You asked. He nodded. "I'm glad. I picked it because I heard you say something about liking butterflies." 

"It was nice of you to remember that..." Tamaki uttered sweetly, running a hand through his hair. 

"Of course I remembered. I wanted to make sure you had a good time too." 

He smiled at the ground, grateful for the thoughtful gesture. A beautiful blue butterfly soared nearby, pigment shining off its open wings. You crept up on it after it landed on a yellow lily, gently reaching out to get it on your finger. It startled and flew away. 

"Aw..." You frowned. "I can't get any of them to land on me..." 

Moved by your sadness, Tamaki came up with a creative idea for you to get a closer look at the butterflies. 

"D-does this help?" He asked. You turned towards him, noticing little buds of pink flowers sprouting from his body. The delicate winged creatures were drawn to him, landing on him by the dozens. 

"Did you eat FLOWERS today, Tamaki?" You asked, gawking in utter confusion and awe of the blossoming boy. 

"No..." He mumbled bashfully. "It's Sakura." He turned his eyes downward.

"Ohhh!" You exclaimed. You now recalled the familiarity of the name. At several fancy restaurants you'd been to, Sakura had been used to color and enrich the flavor of certain dishes. You approached, blithely smiling as you admired the beauty of the sight before you. The elusive blue wings that had escaped you before was perched on his arm. He plucked the flower off and handed it to you. Your eyes widened.

"Doesn't that hurt you?! It's a part of your body, isn't it?!" 

"Not really. It's kind of like pulling a hair off your head." You processed that for a moment, mentally fascinated. 

"Your quirk is so amazing, Tamaki!" You gushed, interlacing your fingers with his. He blushed and the pink flowers darkened to match the deeper shade of his cheeks. It was delightfully charming, eliciting a rising swell of affection in your chest. 

Clouds thickened above the garden, a greyish color reflecting off the pool of water. Amajiki smiled to himself, watching you dip and splash your bare feet in the cool pond. Your playful energy was infectious to him, and he felt his cheeks begin to hurt from smiling much more than usual. Throughout the time you had been there, you had repeatedly caught his eye, stealing sweet glances from him. Every time you would catch him, he'd look away immediately. The coy shyness was becoming of him, bewitching you each time to try harder to keep his attention. You tilted your head to the sky, noting the new and looming greyness. 

"Oh. We should probably get going before it starts to rain." You observed, remembering that you had walked here. He reluctantly agreed, but was disappointed that his time with you had flown by so fast. He frowned, doubting he could ever coax you into another setting as romantic and intoxicating as this with him again. He bit his lip, mentally kicking himself for wasting such an ideal opportunity to confess his feelings. 'But someone as bubbly and wonderful as her would never want to be with a downer like me...' He sighed sadly, convincing himself you were out of his league anyway.

"Whatcha thinking about?" Your voice snapped him out of it. 

"N-nothing..." He lied, averting your gaze. 

"Oh. Okay... You just looked like you were deep in thought." 

"Ah... No..." He panicked slightly at your prying, feeling like he wanted to curl up into a shell and hide. 'Did I have shellfish yesterday? Yes I did! I could totally do that!' But he decided to turn the question around. "What were YOU thinking about?" 

"I was just wishing I could fly like the butterflies do." You spread your arms open like wings. "Wouldn't that be amazing, Tamaki?" Suddenly an idea popped into his head, one last chance to impress you. 

"You want to fly?" He looked at you, checking for any signs of jesting in your expression. 

"Is... that silly?" You asked, slightly self-conscious under his stare. 

"No! Not at all! I just... was thinking... I might... be able to help." His voice trailed off quietly. Before you were able to question any further, a gust of wind rushed past you, and Tamaki stood before you, now adorned with a new pair of glorious white wings. Your mouth fell open, unable to take your eyes off of him. He appeared as that of an angel. Your gaze made him squirm slightly, defending himself from what he assumed was a judgemental expression.

"Uh... Mirio... made me participate in a chicken wing eating contest with him yesterday...." He explained as you slowly approached, reaching out your hand without permission. You ran your fingers across the soft feathering, relishing in the statuesque beauty of it all until you heard a squeak from Tamaki. He was covering his flushed face with his hands in an obvious display of discomfort. 

"Oh! Sorry... I didn't think about how weird that probably felt to you..." You felt your face heat up in embarrassment. 

"Ah... no- it was- er- nice...erm..." He admitted, fidgeting awkwardly. 

"Can you fly?" You inquired. 

"I... think so..." 

"I believe in you." You said, ducking beneath his wings to get behind him. "May I?" He nodded and you jumped on his back, latching your arms around his neck. 

"H-hang on tight." He ordered nervously. 'Oh god! What if I drop her?! I could never forgive myself!' You must have read his mind for a moment later you said:

"I trust you." He felt his insecurity washed away and he took flight, launching you both into the air. "Eep!" You squealed, clutching him tighter. 

"Are you okay?" He asked with concern. 

"Yeah. I'm fine. Just forgot that I'm a little scared of heights." 

"Really? I assumed someone like you wouldn't be scared of anything." You smiled, knowing that was intended to be a compliment. You hugged him tightly, nuzzling his adorable pointy ear. He struggled to keep his focus on flying, cherishing the weight and warmth of your body against his. He did a few gentle dives, and you giggled merrily, feeling your stomach drop like you were on a roller coaster. 

"AAAH!" You shrieked, seeing a bolt of lightning strike across the skyline. He gasped, making a landing as swiftly as he could. 

"I'm so sorry! That was so dangerous and irresponsible! I'm such an idiot. You could have been hurt..." He sat down on the grass, curling up in his fluffy wings to hide his shame. 

"What are you talking about, Tamaki? That was the most incredible thing I've ever done!" You couldn't wipe the adrenaline-filled smile off your face. "You have the most amazing quirk I've ever seen!" 

"Really?" He didn't have the courage do look you in the eye, but his wings retracted, returning him to his original form. You pulled him to his feet. 

"Yeah! It has so many different uses and it's like you've already mastered them all!" 

Amajiki wrapped his arms around his torso, trying to keep the glowing warmth from exploding from his chest. It felt as though he was trying to swallow the sunset. He smiled, realizing this must be the closest he's ever felt to what his hero name represents. 

"Tamaki." You caught his attention. "I never asked. What makes you like butterflies so much? I mean, why are they special to you?" 

"Well..." He brought a hand to his lip thoughtfully. "They have a really pleasant calming quality to them. They're also really social and beautiful. All the things I wish I could be... They sort of... remind me of... you..." 

His sincerity melted your heart, the words of this darling boy whose adoration you had done very little to earn. He immediately became flustered, realizing what he had just said. "Tamaki. Have you ever heard of butterfly kisses?" He shook his head, hair veiling his eyes. "Can I show you?" You brought your face close to his, fluttering your eyelashes against his cheek. He covered his face again, and you were almost certain you heard a tiny chuckle. "Don't I get one back?" You asked, trying to maintain your confident aura. 

"You... want one from me?" 

"Yeah..." You waited patiently for him to lean in close, sabotaging him with a loving kiss to his cheek. He began muttering incoherently, turning to walk away. "Eh?!" You were horrified, thinking you had completely alienated him and made him uncomfortable. "Where are you-" There was no wall for the bashful-stricken Tamaki to go, so he had found himself a nearby tree and leaned his forehead against it. That mannerism of his was unbearably cute and you laughed aloud at his unconcealed shyness. "What's wrong, Tamaki?" You giggled, closing the distance he had made between you. He mumbled something about not deserving such a wonderful gift. Your affection continued to build, wishing you could briefly borrow Mirio's power and phase through the tree. You grabbed him by the shoulders and turned him to face you. "I want you to know that I had an amazing time with you today."

"You picked the place." He said, giving you all the credit as usual.

"Yeah, but YOU'RE the one who made it magical." His cheeks darkened as you pulled him down into a tender kiss. You stayed like this a while, embracing beneath the darkening skies. When the rain began to trickle onto the grass, he made a large leaf to catch the water, keeping the two of you warm and dry. And there he was, making an absolute public spectacle of himself, in perfect view of any passersby. He smiled, feeling completely comfortable with it in spite of himself. The confidence was freeing, exhilarating. Enough so, he even dared to think, 'Hm... Maybe I should try this more often.'

Chapter Text

Fixation? Eh, that was a bit too strong of a word. 'Delighted fascination seems a better way of phrasing it.'  You thought, holding back a tiny smirk as you observed the boy occupying the desk in front of you. Tamaki's ears were unique, perhaps even attractive if you were being completely honest with yourself. The more you got to know him, the more his ears gave away the subtle nuances of his mood. You now noticed the way they would perk up when he was called on in class, burn red when he was embarrassed, or wiggle slightly when he chuckled. You could have sworn they even drooped a bit like a puppy when he was sad one day, but that was merely speculation. 

Every now and again, you couldn't help but reach out and touch them. You couldn't do it softly, running the risk of coming off creepy or suggestive. So once in a while after class, you would flick the tip of them with a finger to get his attention, startling him. Amajiki wasn't one to hold grudges or ever raise his voice to you, so you always got away with it. 


Tamaki jumped and turned, peering at you from behind a lock of hair. "I wish you wouldn't do that." He mumbled while he rubbed it, no hostility in his voice as usual. 

"Sorry. Couldn't resist." You smiled playfully. "It's the easiest way to get your attention." He didn't argue. It's not like he had an excess of attention to waste, and he particularly enjoyed receiving it from you. "So are you busy tonight?" You asked out of courtesy, knowing that he probably wasn't. 


"Can I come over?" 

"I'll have to clean..." He reflected quietly, mentally scanning his apartment for anything that would be humiliating if a girl were to see it. 

"Ok, great." You beamed, knowing that was as close to a 'Totally looking forward to it!' as you were going to get from him. Class drew to a close, and most of your peers sprinted out the door quickly, seeing as it was a Friday. Mirio made a grand exit, phasing into the floor with a cheer and a wave. It made you giggle. Tamaki waited at the doorway for you to gather your things. 

"Hey, Amajiki!" A male voice resounded through the hallway. "So my family's going on a hunting trip this weekend. You should come with us." You narrowed your eyes suspiciously. 

"Well I..."

"With antlers like you can grow, I bet you'd be a solid 12 points to take out!" He and his friend laughed haughtily at Tamaki's dejected expression. You knocked over a chair in the process of abruptly standing up. This caught their attention, seeing you stare daggers at them from across the room. 

"The hell did you just say?" Your fists were clenched, shaking with rage. 

"Let's go, dude." The other one said nonchalantly, but you saw the brief flicker of fear in his eyes. You stormed over, taking a stand next to Amajiki. 

"Yeah. Let's ditch this loser and his bitch girlfriend." He emphasized the last word with disgust, obviously in an attempt to embarrass you, as you weren't actually dating. The attempt failed. 

"At least he has one." You bluffed, baring your teeth in a wicked smile. Amajiki looked at you in surprise. "Ooh! Tamaki gets more action than you! I bet that stings, doesn't it? I hope you have as much fun as he does tonight with just your right hand for company." You felt a grip around your wrist. Even you realized that what you said was a bit too much. The bully turned, mirroring your nasty expression. 

"Just because you settled for a freak, doesn't mean that I have to." 

That was the last straw. You saw red and moved to step forward, but Amajiki's hand tightened around your arm in restraint. You looked back at him, snapping out of it. The bully turned on his heels, satisfied about getting the last word. 

"We're way to old for this shit to happen..." You grit your teeth as you walked Amajiki to the station. 

"It's okay, F/N." He said. For a change, he wasn't even bothered by the bully's words. His mind was entirely preoccupied by your acknowledgement of being romantically involved with him. 'Was that real? Was it just part of an act?' Then his mind couldn't help but wander further. '"I hope you have as much fun as he does tonight," she said... What kind of fun does she mean?'

"I'm gonna punch him, Tamaki."

"Please don't." 

"I'm gonna." You asserted, still staring at the concrete as you walked. 

"Let's just have fun tonight." He encouraged. 'Oh jeez. I used her word 'fun'! I hope she doesn't catch that...'  You sighed, letting out your frustrations. 

"You're right. I shouldn't have overreacted. I'm sorry if I embarrassed you." 

"No. You didn't... Thank you... for standing up for me... again..." 

"Your welcome." You pursed your lips, realizing that insulting people who are mean to Tamaki had become somewhat of a hobby of yours. "Just... don't dwell on what he said. Promise?" He nodded. "Okay. I'll be over in a little while. ...that is... if you still want to hang out with me." You bit your lip, worried that you had estranged him with your forthright lewd hints. 

"Of course I do! I just need about an hour to clean." Your smile returned. 

"Okay. I'll bring movies."


You sorted through the movies to find a good one to rent for the night, still grumbling about the bully from earlier. Why did this never happen to YOU? It was always Tamaki that got picked on when he didn't deserve it. You would rather take the verbal abuse over him any day, yet that was never the case. You frowned, knowing the reality would always be: the kind ones will always be targeted.

This put you in a very morbid mood, and you realized that you were standing in the horror section of the store. "Hm..." You wondered if Tamaki liked that genre. You felt that it could go either way. "Oh well..." You grabbed a few that you had seen, knowing they were at least of moderate quality and lacking in certain... scenes that might turn a fun night into an awkward blush fest. 


"Hey, Tamaki!" You greeted, strolling into his apartment like you owned the place. 

"Hi, F/N." The scent of Takoyaki filled your nostrils. 

"I brought these." You handed him the movies, watching him furrow his brows at the dark ominous covers. "Do you like scary movies, Tamaki?"

"Uh... well... do YOU like scary movies?" 


"I like scary movies." He said quickly, almost robotically. You raised an eyebrow at him, fighting back a grin. 'A bit too transparent, Tamaki...'  You popped in the one you thought was the best. Very suspenseful and not too many jump scares, since that's the cheapest kind of thrills in your opinion. He gulped when you sat next to him on his bed, but didn't vocally object to it. You noticed him sink a little deeper into the mattress, drawing his knees in close when a hair-raising moment would approach. 

It wasn't your intention when you rented the movie, but suddenly you were reminded of something you saw a friend do at the first boy-girl party you attended. While watching an R-rated movie someone had snatched from their parents, one of the popular girls had been scared and latched onto the arm of a boy in your class. You expected him to push her off, but he comforted her and cuddled her. That day you were given the first glimpse into the protective instinct of boys. You for one, had never particularly needed protecting, being the strong and independent person that you are. However, part of you always craved the doting attention of a boy trying to shelter you. 'What if...' You glanced over to Amajiki, who was vigilantly focused on the movie. 'I wonder if I could fake it...'

An opportune moment arrived, a jump scare that you knew was coming. "EEP!" You yelped, clutching onto his shirt and hiding your face. He stiffened, but you soon felt a comforting hand atop yours, and another on your back. 

"Are you alright?" He asked.

"Y-yeah." You fake stammered. "That was just really scary." 

"It's just a movie." He rubbed your back, tone soothing as honey. 'I can't believe how well that worked!' You cheered mentally, proud of your harmless deception. Amajiki held your hand a while, feeling empowered and happy for a reason he couldn't quite pinpoint. Maybe it was a little bit selfish of him, but even at your scared expense, he loved feeling needed. 

'Maybe once more...'  You thought. The climax of fright came and you let out a dishonest squeal. You clambered behind him, clutching your arms around his waist and burying your face into his shoulder blade. He froze, completely at a loss of how to react. "I know you'll protect me, Tamaki." You cooed in as cute a way as you could manage, squeezing him tightly. His tense frame relaxed a bit, not wanting to disappoint someone asking for his protection. A hero would never desert a frightened civilian. At least that's what he told himself in order to remain in this position, despite the lump forming in his throat. "I feel safe with you." You whispered in earnest. 

"Really?" He asked, making sure there wasn't a punch line before letting his heart do somersaults. 

"Mhm." You hummed, perching your chin on his shoulder. "There's nobody I trust more than you." 

A smile pulled at the corners of his lips. He was deeply touched, allowing his hands to rest atop yours and his back to lean a little more into you. He saw your intense gaze out of the corner of his eye and turned his head sheepishly. You were now face to face with his cute little pointy ear. 'Oh, this is MUCH too tempting...' You gave it your all to restrain yourself, but couldn't. You awaited one more scary moment in the movie. When it arrived, you squeezed him, nuzzling his ear with your nose. 

"Ah- mmmnhhh!" 

You instantly fell still. 'What... was THAT?!'  You wondered. He had gasped and squirmed, letting out an uncontrollable moan. He too was taken aback by his own strong reaction. He wasn't sure how or why, but beyond his control, his face and ears were now burning red, his heart suddenly racing. He gulped, noticing a tingling sensation between his legs. He leaned forward slightly, trying to regain his bearings. 

"Are... you okay?" You asked him, concerned by his uneven breathing and sudden rise in body temperature. 

"Y-yeah..." He whispered without much confidence. "It's just... when you did that... for some reason it felt... really good..." Why was he telling you all this? Tamaki himself couldn't figure it out. He was embarrassed beyond all reason but somehow a tiny part of him, growing ever more present by the minute, wanted to feel it once more. Your attentiveness peaked at his words, and you decided that you needed to hear more... 'for experiment's sake. I mean... science would want to know...'

"When I did what?" You asked, pretending not to have any idea what he meant.

"Er- uh... that thing you just did..." 

"Oh... This?" You held him in place, running your lips along his ear this time. 

"Unnnhh!" He shuddered, his head spinning from the warm wetness of your mouth. 

"Wow..." You breathed, feeling the heat rise in your own body. It wasn't until now that you realized how attracted you were to Tamaki. This sweet and unusual boy, despite being shyer than an ostrich neck-deep in the sand, was quickly becoming unhinged beneath your touch.

He wracked his brain for answers, wondering how you were able to do this to him. In a fit of embarrassment, he covered his face with both hands. "Nonononono..." He repeated, shaking his head to come back to his senses. You smiled slyly, adoring his reaction. You longed to see how much farther you could push him to the edge. You wanted more of Tamaki's raw self, more than you wanted to go on breathing. 

"Can I... do it again?" You asked timidly, which was followed by his uninterrupted string of, 


"No?" You squeaked, feeling rejection hit you like a sucker punch to the gut. 

"N-" He paused, noticing the disappointment that resonated from your tone. "...Okay..."

"R-really?! Are you sure?" 

"...Yes." He stated, hands still completely covering his face. He realized that he couldn't bear to pass up this opportunity. Your kind and tantalizing touch was beckoning, and he was helpless to refuse it. Slowly, deliberately, you brought your lips to his ear again, allowing your teeth to graze the edge. But this time you didn't pull away, and were able to view the show in high definition, knowing you were the one responsible for every tiny sound escaping his throat. He sighed, allowing the intemperate rush to fill him up. 

The sensitivity was unbearable, and he still hadn't the faintest clue as to why. Was it because he was mocked for his ears in his younger days? That perhaps he'd had so little kind contact in the past, that a simple and tender touch like this was enough to render him incoherent? That seemed to be a logical enough explanation for him for the time being, as he no longer cared and was purely relishing in the sweet bliss. 

His pitiful noises were too much for you to keep your hands to yourself. You allowed your fingertips to run up his chest, caressing his face while you left a trail of kisses along his neck and ear. You felt his body melt into you, and you cradled his head in your palm, hoping it would distract him from what your other hand was doing... 

His wiggling had left an opportunistic gap just above his hipbone, where his soft shirt hung askew. As sneakily as you could, you slipped the hand in, savoring the feeling of his bare stomach. 

Tamaki let out a small peep, ill at ease from the sudden intrusion. He always knew that he did not possess the strapping athletic build that most girls found attractive, but in this exact moment, he became painstakingly aware of it. 'Why don't I go to the gym with Mirio more often?!' He internally cursed himself. He held his breath, praying you wouldn't be repulsed by his lack of a six-pack. You noticed his body tense, but thought it was a positive thing, a normal reaction to your exploratory touch. 

He was torn, not wanting you to seek any farther and unveil something that wasn't to your liking, but by no means did he want you to stop either. He was even too self-conscious to tell you that he was feeling self-conscious. 'Dammit!'  He thought, deciding to take the safe route despite his true yearning. He grabbed your hand, which was shrewdly creeping its way up his bare chest, and yanked it downward in a huff. That was before he realized...

You thought it was completely out of character for Amajiki to do what he just did. It was bold, impulsive, and provocative. In what you assumed to be a lecherous swirl of desire, he skipped over the foreplay, thrusting your hand downward into his lap. You swallowed thickly, feeling the hot tent of his pants poking into your palm. You blushed and buried your face in his shoulder again. He frowned, thinking he'd hurt your feelings, and cuddled his face into your other hand in an affectionate gesture. 

You took this to mean he was feeling impatient and obeyed his nonverbal command. You wrapped your hand around the bulge and squeezed gently. He gasped violently, his entire world shaken. He hadn't even realized until now the condition you had stricken his body with. But now he felt the tingling hardness between his legs, only exacerbating beneath your lithe fingers. 

'How can she be so confident and FORWARD?!' He screamed internally, frozen in place. You continued to massage the area, outlining it with your fingertips. Every moment, his will power was being sucked from him, dwindling down to almost nothing, and he only wanted more. His instinct demanded him to be shy, but your touch was washing away every tiny insecurity. 

"Ohhh, Tamaki..." You breathed into his ear, thrilled by the passionate arousal of the dark-haired boy. Your steaming words in his ear melted his thoughts, and he surrendered to you, letting his head fall back onto your shoulder. 

He still squirmed and writhed, but now his affliction was that of pure pleasure rather than anxiety. A kindling need was building rapidly for him, and you could sense his impending urgency. You reached down with both hands, unbuttoning his pants in a heated haste. 

"Wait..." He halted you quietly. "You don't... have to..." His tone was pleading, pitiful. You knew how much self-restraint it took for him to say that, and you appreciated it deeply. However, you had no intention of freeing your captive...

"I want to..." You whispered with emphasis, tilting his head to gift him a deep loving kiss. He shivered when your fingers brushed his bare member, his breath running away from him in a euphoric haze. 

"Mmmnhh..." He groaned and panted, gently blowing little strands of hair off of his flushed cheeks while you stroked him. But he was too quiet to satiate you, so you stepped up your game. You wet your palm with your tongue, adding a saporous slippery quality to the already-heavenly sensation. Simultaneously, you swooped in on his ear, leaving rougher nibbles and teasing the tip with a flick of your tongue. 

"Annh- NNNNGGHHH!!!!" There it was... the salacious noises you had been waiting for. Your breath quickened with his, slightly exerted from pumping his length. You had a mind to descend upon it with your mouth, but decided that would probably be too much for him to handle. 'Wait a minute...' Your mind flickered with a strange and abrupt thought. 'What would happen with his quirk if he were to return the favor?' That suddenly felt like a question for the great philosophers. What WOULD happen? Would he be able to turn into you? Would a piece of him turn into a piece of you? If so, what piece?! 

"Hrnnn... gyaaahhhh..." Tamaki's moans brought you back to reality. That last noise was totally cute and you held back a giggle with all your might. You wouldn't dare laugh at Tamaki in such a vulnerable state. He might literally hide from you for the rest of his life. 

You began to fiddle with his shirt, mouth trying to explore more of him. He bit his lip, debating whether to go for broke and dispose of his shirt. 'I mean... she's already seen my... uh... my... oh, that feels so good...'

"Ahhhh... F/N!" He moaned, thrusting his hips upward eagerly. 

"Tamaki..." You whispered back, feeling embers burning down below from the way he moaned your name.


'Screw it!'  He wanted your kisses. He wanted them everywhere. You leaned back as Tamaki ripped off his shirt, turning to taste your sweet lips in a desperate wet kiss. 

"Mmm." You hummed, weaving a hand through his soft messy hair. He mirrored your action, affectionately brushing your face with his fingertips. The heat literally radiated from his blush like a furnace. You made sure to tame your passion, remaining docile despite your growing desire to pounce on him like an animal. You returned to your work on him down below, meeting his glassy gaze. 

He wanted to look away, feeling a jittery flutter in his chest from your smoldering stare, but couldn't. Your eyes were magnetic to him, filled with loving affection. He couldn't handle the intensity for another second, finally allowing the kindling embers to explode. His hot breath rushed across your face as he moaned, releasing all pent up emotion. He shed his anxieties like leaves, convulsing before you in a vortex of pleasure. You smiled, ever-so grateful to share this intimacy with him. He caught his breath, arms and legs barely holding him up. 

"Ah!" He squeaked, looking alarmed. You examined your shirt, realizing quite a bit of the thick liquid had escaped the confines of your hand. "SORRY! I'm so sorry!" 

"It's ok-" But he was already off of you.

"Let me get you a-" WHUMP!

"Tamaki?!" You shrieked as he hit the floor. He didn't expect for his muscles to give out, but the second his feet hit the floor, his knees buckled. His legs were now wobblier than a bowl of jello, which only added to his embarrassment. 

"-towel or something..." He continued, clambering out of the bedroom while yanking up his pants. He returned in silence with a dampened towel and a blushing face. 'What do I say? Do I thank her? Do I offer to let her stay the night? What would I be expected to do if she DOES stay?!' His eyes widened and he stared at the floor.

"Tamaki?" You asked gently.

"Oh, uh... I can wash that shirt if you want."

"Okay." You shrugged. The awkwardness between you was tangible.

"In the meantime, you can wear any one of mine... I'll step out so you can change..." He was wound awfully tight, considering the events that just happened. You smiled to yourself, accepting that he had returned to his default shy setting. But it was okay, because you knew exactly what you had to do to make him lose his senses again.

"You can come back in now!" You hollered through the door, comfy in the only bright-colored shirt he owned. 

"Oh uh... You found that one, huh..." He bit his lip in horrified apprehension.

"It's so cute!" You cooed. 

"It was a present from my mentor..." He mumbled. The sunny yellow shirt you were wearing had "FatGum's Superstar" scrawled across it in blaring big letters. 

"I like it." You smiled, hoping to make him feel more at ease. "Come here." You opened your arms to him on the bed. He sighed and obeyed, relieved to finally have some guidance. "You have to cuddle with me now." You stated in jest. "Those are the rules." 

You immediately regretted saying it when you saw his face go pale and ghostlike with fear. What secret code hath he neglected to learn up until now, he wondered.

"There are BEDROOM rules?!" He yelped. "Oh no! Did I break any?!" You laughed aloud, holding him tightly. 

"Oh, Tamaki..." 


Chapter Text

You grimaced at your appearance in the dressing room mirror, doing a little turn to examine other angles of your body in the bikini. It was still very early in the summer and you had yet to shed the winter pounds gained by an excess of hot cocoa and powdered sugar. You sighed sadly, biting your lip in self-conscious disgust. 'Maybe the roller coasters were a better idea after all...'

"What the hell is taking so damn long?!" Bakugou's voice echoed from outside the small changing hut. Before you were able to answer, he barged in, pulling back the curtain. 

"KATSUKI!" You squealed, horrified by his lack of manners. You could have been fully nude at that moment for all he knew! You hastily snatched a towel and covered your body with it. 

"...What's the big deal?" He shrugged, holding up his hands in an impatient gesture. "You're obviously ready. Let's go already."

"Well I..." 

"What is it?"

"Let me uh... put my t-shirt back on or something..." You didn't want to come off as terribly vulnerable, as Katsuki was hardly the most empathetic of humans when it came to such things.

"Why the hell would you want to get your shirt wet?" He scowled, his grumpy cluelessness becoming irritating. 

"Because I cant go out like this, okay?!" You snapped, dropping your towel and revealing your doughy physique. 

"Like what?" 

"N-nevermind..." You frowned, turning away with your hands wrapped around your abdomen. "Forget I said anything..." You realized that you were definitely becoming an inconvenience for him today. You had been too afraid to go on the tallest roller coaster, and despite his usual 'fuck all' attitude, he had been kind enough to stay on the ground with you instead of leaving you behind to go by himself. You couldn't bear to hinder his fun any longer and decided to suck it up... 'and suck it in...'  for the rest of the day.

However, during this decision-making process, Bakugou had figured out the reason for your sulky disposition. 

"Look." He turned you to face him. "That bikini looks damn sexy on you..." His cheeks were dusted pink, but he held your gaze. "So... shut up about it already..." He added "baka" for good measure, making you smirk. Katsuki wasn't one who would lie or placate for the sake of being polite or sparing people's feelings, so you knew when he complimented you, it was his genuine opinion. 

"Damn right it does." You smiled confidently. "Now go back outside, ya peeping tom." You bumped him with your hips, gathering your stuff. He seemed satisfied enough by your mood change and obeyed. You followed him out, gazing at the gargantuan waterslides in the glaring sunlight. 

"Which one do you want to do first?" He asked.

"You pick." 

"That one." He pointed at the biggest one with the funnel opening. 

"Sounds good." 

You walked a ways, as the ride was a solid mile walk from the dressing rooms. You passed the surfboard ride and approached large wave pool when you accidentally voiced your thoughts aloud.

"There are a lot of really skinny girls here..." 

"F/N... So help me. If you call yourself fat one more time-"

"I'm fat." You grinned widely, playfully challenging him. He raised his eyebrows, as if he couldn't believe you chose to defy him. "What are you- UUUUAAAAH!"


Over the safety rope you had tumbled, submerging from Katsuki's forceful tackle. You choked and coughed, gasping for breath as you surfaced. An angered guffaw adorned your features as you watched your towel float by, utterly soaked.

"You should see your face right now!" Bakugou cackled, an unusual lighthearted resonance in his laugh. 

"I can't believe you just did that!" You looked up at the definite twenty-foot drop into the deep end of the wave pool he had plunged you down from. 

"I wasn't gonna let you get hurt. Relax!" His smile was contagious and you caught it, giggling at his reckless stupidity. 

HHHHWWWWWIIIIISSSSSSS! An ear-piercing whistle grated your eardrums. 

"What do you think you're doing?!" The lifeguard yelled.

"Ah! It was an accident! I swear!" She furrowed her brows in disbelief. "Really! See?" You held up your soaked accessories. "I wouldn't have jumped in with my towel and flip flops."

"Well you should be more careful next time!" She hollered. "That was really dangerous!"

"Yes mam!" You patted Bakugou's shoulder, who was looking like he wanted to snap at her. You swam around him, beckoning him closer to you with a finger. "Now that we're here, there's something important I want to discuss with you." You cooed coyly.

"Oh really-" He answered plainly, his expression turning to surprise when you tackled him, dunking him underwater. 

"Well that was unladylike." He griped, calling your femininity into question. 

"Oh really?!" You gawked. "That was unladylike? Well how about this?!" You laughed, lunging at him again. But this time he was prepared, and dodged. You felt his arms around you, submerging you underwater. You came to the surface giggling, boisterous laughter echoing loudly over the waves as you continuously fought to best the other in a contest of dunking. It became very physical very fast, your arms and legs entangled, grabbing one another in a violent-embrace... 

This time, Bakugou had snuck up on you underwater, grabbing you around the waist. You screamed as he lifted you out of the water for a final dunk. You instinctively wrapped your arms and legs around him so that he couldn't throw you. But instead of pushing you away, his hands became gentle, sliding you down so that you were at eye level. The sunlight beamed onto the water, casting glistening golden rays across its surface. You were both panting for a moment, looking into each other's eyes. Katsuki's irises glimmered even brighter and redder than usual with the reflection of the blue water. 

You glanced down at his perfect lips and realized that he was no longer smiling. He was just studying your face in an almost pensive way. You wondered for the briefest of moments what he was thinking before your own thoughts took you away. The intensity of his gaze made you blush and you could feel your stomach begin to squirm. You realized that your hands were still locked around his neck in a painful-looking vice grip, so you gently loosened them. "Sorry." You said, though it came out as a timid whisper. He remained silent. Gazing over his handsome face, you noticed a few wet strands of hair covering his left eye. Without thinking you brushed it aside with your fingertips, leaning in ever-so-slightly. 

Without warning, the distance between you two was demolished. In a sudden burst of desire, he had embraced you tightly. Your lips met with a fiery passion, your tongues dancing together vehemently. The whistle blew in your ears again. 

"What now?!" Bakugou growled.

"Cut out the PDA! There are children here!" The same lifeguard complained. You felt Bakugou's hands leave your body, ascending two middle fingers high in the air. You laughed and pulled his hands down below the water, hoping none of the innocents in the pool had seen. 

"No, she's right." You smiled mischievously, pulling him close to whisper in his ear. "The little hut I changed in is MUCH more secluded." You winked and he smirked.

"Babe... That's the best goddamn idea you've had all day!"


Chapter Text

The elementary schoolyard: a place for safe supervised fun. However, to Tenya Iida, it was also a daunting goliath of social paradigms. Though beloved by every teacher and parent he’d ever met, his peers didn't seem to show the same love and appreciation for meticulous rule-followers such as himself. In fact, he was even teased for it more often than not.

Tenya sat on his usual spot in the grass with a book, watching his peers play their recess away. He personally had plenty of time for training and exercise with his older brother after school each day, so he didn't feel the need to exert himself. School hours, in his mind, were strictly for the nourishment of the mind. Besides, his athletic lessers on the playground would struggle to keep up, further alienating him from their group. Therefore he sat here, book in hand, occasionally keeping an eye on the other kids in case they needed help or a scolding for breaking the rules.

There were days, though, that he wished he could fit in with the others, to just go along with their dimwitted ideas without question and be popular. Only one person’s opinion truly mattered to him though, and that particular girl never once asked him to compromise his integrity. He eyed the playground, scanning for-

“Hi Tenya!” You broke his focus.

“Ah! H-hello F/N!” He rose stiffly, polite and gentlemanly.

“Whatcha reading?” You asked him, pointing to the book he had dropped to the ground.

“Oh uh… ‘A Hero’s Strategy’ by Sir Nighteye.” He stated proudly, holding up the cover.

“Ooh! What’s it about?” Your curiosity was peaked.

“It’s about predicting the moves of your enemies, thus improving your likelihood of a successful rescue.”

“Wow! That’s so cool!” You sat down, patting a spot on the grass next to you. His brows furrowed in confusion, but he obeyed the nonverbal command. “Tell me more about it.” Iida’s face lit up. How rare it was to find someone to discuss intelligent and important matters of the future with. But, then again, that’s why he favors you the way that he does.

You let him lecture you a while, enjoying his blissful excitement. Something about Tenya was never boring. He poured his heart and soul into everything he did. Even now, even if the subject was boring, he managed to capture you with how animated he was when he spoke, throwing his hands in all directions to convey a point. The sunlight sparkled off his glasses and his impassioned eyes.


The school bell rang, signifying your time together had ended.

“Forgive me.” He frowned. “I fear I may have wasted your recess…”

“Oh no! You didn't waste it, silly.” You stood and offered him a hand. “I learned something so it wasn't a waste. You’re so smart, Tenya.” He was taken aback by the sudden praise. So much so, that he forgot to give you a proper thank you before watching you run off. He merely stood there, blushing with a crooked smile, a new mission formulating in his mind. He now had to find a way to tell you how you made him feel.

He walked home from school mumbling to himself. It was not totally uncommon behavior for him, so nobody really questioned it. ‘Maybe I could ask brother what to do. …No. He’s probably so good with girls that he won’t understand…’ He puzzled all evening until his brain was sore. In the past he had seen other boys confess to their crushes in different ways. Some of them got rejected while others didn't. However, he couldn't pick out the common denominator among the victorious ones.

“There’s got to be some sort of algorithm… a way that guarantees success…” Iida tapped his pencil on the desk, shut off in his room with the Discovery Channel on in the background. It was the kind of educational white-noise that helped him get his homework done. He was able to ignore it until something caught his attention.

“…choose a mate through this particular method.”

Tenya turned up the volume. “Adelie penguins present a carefully chosen stone to the female of their choice. If she accepts the offering, the pair mates for life.”

“Eureka!” Tenya exclaimed happily, the epiphany hitting him square in the face. “Of course! That’s how people get engaged as well. With precious stones! Why did I not see this before?! It’s obviously the universal sign of love across all species!” He grabbed his backpack and ran towards the front door. “I must find the perfect geologic specimen!”

“Where are you going?” Tensei asked. Tenya froze, realizing he had no idea how to go about selecting the love-rock in question.


“Did you need something from the store? I can run out for you.” He offered.

“No…” He squirmed under his brother’s scrutinizing gaze. “Brother… I need some… advice.”

“About?” He smiled, immediately guessing the subject matter from Tenya’s unusually bashful demeanor.

“Well… there’s this girl at school and-”

“Say no more. You need a nice gift, is that it?”

“The perfect gift!” Tenya brightened up at his brother’s understanding.

“Then let’s go.” They traveled downtown together, passing through the bustle of the city. Tenya knew exactly where their endpoint was, and pulled Tensei eagerly by the hand every step of the way.

“Here it is!” Tenya threw the door open, racing inside.

“Uh…” Tensei tilted his head. “Are you sure this is where you want to buy the gift?”

“Of course! This is the only place, isn’t it?” Tensei was at a loss for words, unable to comprehend his younger brother’s sudden fixation with geology. But this certainly wasn't the first occurrence of something like this. Every now and again, Tenya would read up on a new subject and become fully immersed in it. Tensei just figured this was his current interest and went along with it.

The vendor in question was a small locally owned rock and gemstone polishing store. It was more of a tourist destination and rarely attracted regular customers, so Tensei was surprised to still see it in business after all these years. Tenya, however, assumed it was a valuable asset since it was the only love-stone vendor in the whole city.

Tenya soon became overwhelmed by all the choices that stood before him. Everything from colored quartz to snowflake obsidian to tigers eye and amethyst. ‘Are they color coated based on the relationship with your intended? If so, is there a chart somewhere that I could see to find out?’ He didn't want to ask and come off as inexperienced. It was now he wondered why diamonds were the most mainstream love-stone. These options here are much prettier and more diverse. ‘I cant be the first and only person to realize this, can I?’ Was he really so brilliant that nobody else caught on to it? ‘Is it just a marketing scheme? …No… There has to be a reason I’m missing. There’s definitely a code to selecting the right one…’

“If you’re set on getting her a stone, I’d suggest one of these two.” Tensei snapped Tenya out of his spiraling thought process. In each of his hands nestled a lilac one and a light-reflecting orange one. Tenya thanked the heavens for his love-savvy older brother who had already narrowed down the difficult choice for him.

“Yes, but which one is better?” Tenya asked. Whichever his brother chose, he would fully trust his prowess.

“I… don’t know what you mean…” He admitted.

‘Ah. So there is still a certain amount of guess work involved.’ Tenya concluded. “Nevermind. I trust your judgment, Tensei. Pick the one you think is right.” Tensei just picked one at random, dropping the other one into its proper section, shrugging in confusion.

“Now do you want this polished and made into a necklace or something?” The cashier asked.

“Ah, yes! Presentation is everything!” Tenya asserted, handing over the extra needed bit of money to make it so.


Recess came the next day, and Tenya bubbled with a mix of excitement and churning dread. It was mostly excitement, because he trusted that his older brother knew the game and would not sell him short. This lovely little purple stone had to be the key to unlocking F/N’s heart.

You were playing on the jungle gym with a few friends when you saw Iida approach the group. Instinctively, they scattered, knowing he only really barged over in that fashion when they were doing something troublesome. Even you felt a twinge of fear from the intensity in his eyes. “Hi, Tenya.” You greeted him with a shakey smile, climbing down to face him.

It was then, Tenya realized he had no idea how to properly present the love-stone. ‘Oh no! I was so excited about finding the right stone, I completely neglected researching what to say!’

“Tenya?” You raised a concerned eyebrow when he didn't respond to your greeting, and you also noticed he was stiff and sweaty.

“F-F/N…” He shoved the necklace in your face. “Would you p-please accept this stone from me?”

“Is this for me?” You asked in surprise. It wasn't your birthday or anything so you figured he’d made a mistake.

“Yes.” He noticed your confused face and figured he’d chosen the wrong one. “Ah- Forgive me!” He bowed low, beginning to babble quickly. “To be perfectly honest with you, I only found out about this mating custom yesterday and I didn't do enough research before looking. If this insinuates something incorrect about our relationship I apologize and-“

“Did you say m-mate?!” You felt your cheeks burn red, but he didn't stop.

“-and I wasn't sure what precious love-stone would best convey my feelings and how much you mean to me-”  

“W-wait…” You clasped his hands, cutting off his train of thought. “What are you saying, Tenya? Are you saying you… love me?” Your little heart pattered with excitement.

“I- yes… clearly I went about it all wrong but I hope I can make up for it. I can get you something different-“

“There’s nothing wrong with the necklace, Tenya! I don't know what you’re talking about!”

“Really?! You like it?” His jaw fell open.

“It’s pretty.” You took it from his much larger hands and put it on. You saw his rigid posture relax a bit. “But I don't understand. What did you mean about it being the wrong one?”

“Well… I was confused about the selection process. I saw on the Discovery channel that some bird species use precious stones to show their devotion. I thought it must be a universal practice…”

“Are you talking about the special about penguins?”

“Huh? You saw it too?”

“Yeah. So wait a minute! You’re saying you ran out and got me a special rock because of some silly documentary?!” Iida just stared at you, feeling like a complete dunce as you laughed. “Oh, Tenya! You didn't have to go through all that trouble! I already like you.”

“What?! You do?!” He flushed, a fluttering elation filling him up.

“Sure!” You grinned so wide it almost hurt. “I’ll be your mate, Tenya.” Granted, you didn't know much about what that meant. But you knew it involved lots of closeness and cuddles, and you were more than happy to share that with the sweet blushing boy in front of you.

He stood there speechless until you nuzzled his nose with your own. At least that’s what the birds did on last night’s documentary. Iida chuckled the tension out of his system, positively giddy that he could share a special love custom with you. While you were that close, you couldn't help adding a human twist to it with a sweet peck on the lips. He covered his mouth with his hands, as if to preserve the feeling forever. You tilted your head at him expectantly.

“Uhm… coo?” He made the bird noise from the documentary, making you beam brightly.

“I coo you too, Tenya.”


Chapter Text

The bus had settled down quite a bit, having been several hours since the excursion began. Field trips were always exciting, but even your more energetic classmates were starting to relax at this point. Flat land rolled for miles outside the large picturesque window behind you, coating the vehicle with a hypnotizing boredom. You sat at the front of the bus, where the two benches faced each other. You had been chatting away with Uraraka, Tsuyu, and Mina across from you, as well as the two boys on either side of you. 

Izuku, in particular, had been stimulating to talk to. It was easy to lose yourself and get hyped about heroes and other topics with him. But now you were starting to get a bit tired and your voice was scratchy from talking so much. You cleared your throat, making a gesture of discomfort.

"You alright, F/N?" Kirishima asked you, jumping the gun on Midoriya, who had also noticed and planned to voice his concern. 

"Mhm." You nodded, pointing at your throat. 

"Oh, here." He handed you a bottle. "I'm doing one of those tea-drinking boosts. Supposed to increase my metabolism and give me more energy for my workouts. But it should help your throat too."

"You're ripped already, Kiri! As if you need any supplements!" You laughed and squeezed his toned arm playfully. 

"Aw... thanks." Kirishima's cheeks turned pink behind a toothy grin. Midoriya felt the tiniest spark of jealousy flare at your generous compliment. Not to mention you were drinking out of the same bottle as Kirishima, the way he might want to split a refreshing smoothie with you on a beach date or something. If he could be so lucky...

"How does it make your workout better?" You asked, taking a swig.

"Well it's yerba something... I don't really know how it works-" 

"Yerba mate." Izuku interjected. "It's a member of the holly family and has thermogenic effects to help burn calories faster." 

"Wow, Izuku. You're so smart!" You gushed, astonished as you usually are when Izuku's intellect spews out in an Iida sort of fashion. Midoriya lifted his chin with a prideful smile. "How'd you know all that?"

"Well I used it myself when I was training with All M-" He froze for a moment. "...all m- my... friends in middle school! Heh... yeah!" 

"You didn't have any friends in middle school, dweeb." Katsuki pointed out coldly.

"Shut up and go back to sleep, Bakugou." Uraraka silenced him. 

"Do ya like it?" Kirishima inquired your taste for his special tea. 

"Uh well... it's alright." You admitted honestly. 'Minus another point for Kirishima.'  Midoriya thought for a split second. 'No. That's mean. Kirishima's a really great guy.' His satisfied little smirk disappeared quickly with a fresh wave of guilt.

"Well, that's okay." Eijirou's spirits didn't waver. "I promise I'll make you something better next time." 

"Sure thing." 

Midoriya pouted a moment, briefly wanting to say that there isn't going to be a next time, but he restrained himself. Kirishima spoke up again.

"I'm getting kind of sleepy, aren't you?" He turned to you, shifting down in his seat a little bit. 

"Mm." You nodded. A few minutes of quiet passed before you felt a weight on your left shoulder. Kirishima had slowly sunk down, his head drooping onto you. You raised your eyebrows a little, envious of how quickly he was able to fall asleep. 

"Aw." Uraraka cooed quietly. You smirked, lazily letting your hand pet his face and hair. After several hours on the bus, the spikiness had fallen slightly, and was some strange mixture of crispy and soft. 

"So cute." You said, then observed as the color rose in Kirishima's cheeks from the corner of your eye. 'I knew he couldn't have fallen asleep that fast...'

Midoriya pursed his lips and huffed through his nose, trying to fight the twinge of jealousy that surged through him. He secretly wished he had the idea first. 'But then... if Kirishima can fake it, why can't I?' Izuku reached up in the air with an over exaggerated stretch and yawn before closing his eyes and letting his head fall onto your other shoulder. You fought back a giggle. 

"A little too obvious, Midori-kun." Mina said flatly from across the way. 'Oh jeez! She caught me! I forgot other people were watching!' He physically cringed, clenching his eyes shut with a crimson blush.

"Shh. Let them sleep, Mina." You played along with his farce, gently caressing his cheek with your fingertips. "I guess I'm just a comfy pillow." Midoriya sighed into your touch, relieved about how he just narrowly dodged a terrible embarrassment. You felt your own eyelids get heavy, and now were faced with the choice of which boy you were going to rest your head upon. Strictly because you didn't want to be poked in the eye by Kirishima's hair, you rested your cheek on Midoriya's fluffy curls. 

You felt a sudden jerk, fluttering your eyes open. "Pleh." You spat out your mouthful of Izuku's hair and lifted your head. Somehow Kirishima had found himself sprawled across your entire lap and Midoriya was breathing softly into your neck. Well, if they hadn't been asleep before, they definitely were now. You smiled to yourself, plucking the final strand of hair out of your mouth. You looked around to find that the bus had come to a complete stop, having finally reached its destination. 

"Good morning, sleepyhead." You nuzzled Izuku to wake up. 

"Oh!" He frowned when he realized he drooled on your shirt a little. "S-sorry." He hadn't the heart to look you in the eye after his little charade. 

"No worries." You rested a hand on Kirishima. "We're here, Kiri." 

"Huh?" He looked terribly surprised to see you looming over his face. He sat up abruptly, scratching the back of his head bashfully. "Sorry bout that. Hope that wasn't too uncomfortable for you." 

"Didn't notice. I was out like a light too." You chuckled warmly at the both of them, standing up to stretch your legs. 

"Did you sleep well?" Uraraka asked you with a playful elbow. 

"Mhm. Very well." You paused before you walked towards the door. "Speaking of sleep. Here's a fun scientific fact. People don't blush when they're asleep." Your eyes locked on to Kirishima's and then Midoriya's, a mischievous smile creeping up your lips. 

"Ah!" Midoriya let out a mortified peep, turning a shade of red that would put a tomato to shame.

"Uh..." Kirishima dawned a deer-in-the-headlights expression of shock. Up until now, he thought he'd been terribly clever about hiding his ruse. He smacked his forehead with an embarrassed smirk. "Dang! She got me!" He exclaimed while your classmates laughed. With a huge grin, you proudly stepped off the bus. 

"This is going to be a fun trip..."

Chapter Text

The snowflakes glistened in the moonlight, sparkling in the air until they fell to the powdered ground below. The living room fireplace crackled, adding its own to your conversation with a certain special dark-haired boy.

“Oh! I lost track of the time!” Tamaki exclaimed, peering out the window over your shoulder. “It’s already dark out. I should get going…”

“So soon? How about another cup of hot chocolate first?” You smiled, not wanting your pleasant time with Tamaki to end so quickly. He had to admit that was a tempting offer. Since he developed his quirk it was very rare that people made him sweets or desserts.

“Well…” He put a thoughtful finger to his lips, eyes twinkling with self-indulgence. You knew that was a yes and gestured him back into the kitchen. “Oh.” He frowned at the empty container. “I guess that was the last of it…”

“I’ll make more.” You swiftly shuffled some ingredients together, banging pots and pans as you went.

“Please don't trouble yourself for me.” He stepped backwards and eyed the door again. “I don't like being a burden…”

“You’re not a burden.” You quickly scrambled for any other ideas. You weren’t sure what your intentions were once you convinced him to stay, but you decided to wait and think about that when the time came. You closed the distance between you and grabbed his hands. “Your hands are cold, Tamaki.” They actually weren’t. In fact, they were warmer than yours, but you decided to play it up anyway.

“They don't feel cold to me-“ Even if they were, at least his face was warm, flushing pink from your sudden close contact.

“Come warm up by the fire for a few more minutes before you go.” You proceeded to toss the couch cushions and blankets into a little semicircle in front of the glowing fireplace. You plopped onto one and held out a hand to him.

“I…” He bit his lip, thinking this situation was way too inviting for his own good. He yearned to stay in this cozy little niche of the room with you all night, but he was sure you’d become bored with him eventually. Based on the average number of hours you already spent with him today, he knew his time had to be close to running out, and he would turn into the proverbial pumpkin any minute now. “I’m uh… actually pretty warm. I promise…”

Your eyes rolled without thinking, feeling slightly inconvenienced by his cluelessness. He noticed your exasperated look and took it to mean that you were getting sick of him.

‘There it is. I’m a pumpkin. A takoyaki-filled pumpkin. The worst kind….’

He walked forward to grab his hat, which was sitting on the stone platform in front of the fire. It was left there to dry along with several other articles after a day of playing in the fun wet snow together. You had been absolutely decimated by him in the snowball fight. It was hardly a contest when your opponent could launch snowballs with eight or more arms simultaneously. He had felt guilty though, after essentially hitting you with his own personal avalanche, and quickly shuffled you inside to get warm. He was always thoughtful like that, and your growing attachment to this facet of him made his departure all the more unacceptable to you. You snatched his hat before he could, deciding to change tactics.

“Aw, Tamaki. It would be a shame to put your hat on when your hair looks so nice.” His reach stopped in mid-air, and he withdrew his hand.

“Y-you think it looks nice?” He ran his fingers through it sheepishly, your favorite crooked smile appearing on his lips. If anyone was a sucker for flattery, it was Tamaki. He was very easily influenced by how others viewed him. It didn't matter if his hair was matted from melted snow. If you told him it looked nice, he felt like a million bucks. It was a cheap trick, but it was so harmless. Not to mention it made Tamaki feel good, so you couldn't help but use it.

“Yeah.” You grinned widely when you noticed he had sat down next to you without even a second thought. You leaned in closer on your knees, gazing at him in the flickering brilliance from the fireplace. “And your eyes shine so beautifully in the firelight.” He looked down and away from you, his bashful nature overpowering him.

“You shouldn't say things like that…”

“Why not?” He was obviously blushing and flustered by your compliment, but still didn't look happy.

“Well…” ‘Because you’re making it impossible for me to want to leave! That’s why!’  He couldn't exactly voice that thought, and he couldn't think of an actual reason to tell you, so he fell silent.

“Am I embarrassing you?”

“No… that’s not it…”

“Are you sick of me?” Perhaps guilt would work…

“Of course not!” He was horrified you would even come to that conclusion. “Do you get sick of the sunshine?!” The words flew out of his mouth before he had a chance to stop them, and they warmed you faster than the fireplace ever could have. “Er… I mean…”

“Tamaki… are you saying I remind you of sunshine?” You felt a tingling affection prickle at your heart.

‘If the sun was half as bright, we’d all perish.’ "Uhm…” He began to sweat as you moved even closer to him. “It’s not like I never told you that before…” He mumbled, trying to play it off like it was no big deal, but his transparent attempt only strengthened your resolve. ‘Tamaki is going to have to stay the night, and that's that.’

“Tamaki…” You placed your hand atop his, leaning towards his face. That face with lips so inviting, cheeks so warm, eyes analyzing your every move- “Ah-“ Even after all that effort, you chickened out. “Your breath smells like hot chocolate…” You said awkwardly, as it was the only thing you could think of to say.

“Oh… S-sorry? I might have some gum-“

“No. It was just an *ahem* observation… Not a bad one necessarily…” ‘Dammit! Try again, you coward!’   You took a deep breath and adorned your confident aura once more. “Do you… taste as sweet as you smell?”

Amajiki’s eyes widened, taking an audible gulp. “Uh… UHHH….” He did a sort-of backwards crab walk out of reach of your enticing lips. He didn't get very far, as a strong feeling of gravity seemed to be urging him back in your direction. ‘This must be what it feels like to be pulled towards a black hole. To my untimely doom.’  He grabbed the nearest pillow and buried his face in it, making you giggle with delight.


You grit your teeth when Amajiki dropped the pillow and glanced at the noisy clock. “When did it get so late?!” He jumped to his feet and headed for the door. “I really should head out.”

“Oh… okay…” You internally began to panic, trying to figure out a better strategy on the spot. He slipped into his coat and you brought his hat to him. “Please… be safe.” You pleaded, wrapping your arms around his waist to buy time. “You sure you’ll be warm enough?” You looked up into his eyes, and he became certain this avid glow in his heart would keep him warm the whole way home.

“I’m sure.”

‘Think, F/N! THINK!’  You internally screamed, watching helplessly as this opportunity slipped through your fingers.

“Have a good night, F/N. Thank you for having me.” He turned and put his hand on the doorknob.

“W-WAIT!” You slid between him and the door. “I… almost forgot to tell you about the horrible blizzard coming in tonight!”

“Blizzard?” He raised his eyebrows.

“Yeah! It’s supposed to blow in really fast…” You once thought you were above lying to get your way, but quickly discovered that wasn't the case. “It’s lucky I stopped you in time. It’s not safe for you out there…”



“Wow. Maybe I can beat it if I go fast enough. Let me check the weather channel app to see where it is.” He pulled out his phone.


“Hm…” He furrowed his brows in confusion. “I don't see any storms on the radar…” But you were too clever to let that put you to rest.

“That just proves it!” You cried melodramatically. “That means it’s so bad, it already took down the servers and they can’t update its location…” You froze for a moment, impressed by your own craftiness. ‘Goddamn, that was smooth…’

“That sounds really serious… Are you sure?”

“Yes. It’s much too cold out there for you. You should probably stay the night…” Tamaki’s nerves resurfaced at the implications of that suggestion.

“I… can grow fur…”

“Not enough of it!” Desperation seeped into your tone.

“I think I’ll be alright…”

“But Tamaki…” You whined, giving him a pouty face. “I’d never forgive myself if I let you leave and something happened to you.”

“Never?” His ears perked up. Amajiki couldn't lie to himself. He relished in your concerned doting. It made him feel loved and appreciated, and for a moment he was sure the heat in his chest alone was enough to melt any snow the unforgiving storm could throw in his wake.

“Never.” You asserted with a gentle caress to his cheek. You definitely had him now, or at least that’s what you thought based on his adoring smile.

“You don't have to worry about me.” He chuckled, flattered by your apprehension, but the skies looked clear and starry from the window, showing no signs of an impending snowstorm.


“If it makes you feel better, I can text you when I get home. It doesn't look that bad out.”

Finally, you were out of ideas, short of just telling him outright that you wanted him to stay with you for no other reason than your own desires. But being so blunt with Tamaki generally had the opposite effect, causing him to spiral into deeper shyness from the pressure of expectations. You heaved a sigh in utter defeat, not being able to fight the pain of rejection pressing on your insides. You crossed your arms and turned away from him, mumbling bitterly without thinking.

“You might be right. It’s probably not as frigid out there as it is in here…” The energy in the room completely shifted, and a dark silence hovered between you.

“You think I’m… frigid?” The hurt was so plainly evident in his voice that you immediately regretted saying it. You turned around to apologize, expecting to find his forehead plastered to the nearest wall, but you were mistaken.

Before you knew what hit you, Tamaki was holding you gently in place by the shoulders, swooping in for a shaky kiss to your lips. You ogled at him in shock as he pulled back to look at you.

“Is… that better?” He asked, having almost literally shoved your cruel words back in your mouth where they came from. You nodded and smiled, immediately wrapping your arms around his neck, pulling him down into your embrace once again. You sighed, weaving your hands into his soft hair. The fluttering nervousness overheated him, and you felt him squirm out of his jacket without breaking the kiss. You savored the feeling of his body heat, noting the texture on corners of his lips. He finally pulled away, his expression seeking affirmation for the bold act he just committed.

“Does this mean you’ll stay?” One last fleeting wave of nervous doubt swept through Tamaki before caving in.

“…Do you really think it would be that dangerous if I were to leave?” He glanced toward the window.

“SO dangerous.” You asserted, tilting his chin back in your direction.

“Then I suppose staying here… sounds nice…” He finally admitted after a lengthy internal battle. You smiled and pulled him towards the intimate little fireside tete-a-tete. He sat down and waited for you. “What are you doing?” He tilted his head in confusion as you began closing all the blinds and curtains within his range of view.

“Uh…” You certainly weren’t covering your own ass for lying about the blizzard or anything... Of course not… “I’m just… covering the windows. It will help keep the heat inside when it starts to get really bad out.”

“Oh. I see.” He claimed brightly, as if your idea was brilliant in some form or another. ‘Damn, I’m on a roll today…’

“Now where were we?” You asked, getting on your knees to face him. He twisted his hands together, blushing and looking down.

“I… uh…” His unassuming shyness only enticed you further, and you planted your lips on his again, toppling him backwards into the circle of cushions. “Ah! Are you okay?” But you only laughed, the curvature of your lips becoming all the more irresistible to Tamaki. He felt giddy inside, as if he was experiencing a sugar rush. But he knew this feeling wasn't from the hot chocolate. His pulse quickened and he felt bold enough to reconnect the kiss, laying you gently on your back. He hovered above you, suddenly questioning that decision.

“Is… this alright?”

“Mmm. Love it, Tamaki.” You knew him well enough to freely throw praises his way to keep his insecurities at bay. You held him close, and he sighed in relaxation, feeling accepted. This continued a while, the roaring fireplace crackling in the background. It took a few passionate shifts in position before he finally pulled back for oxygen, thoughtfully searching for feedback in your expression.

“Tamaki… I’m glad you decided to stay.”

“Me too.” He said breathlessly. “Oh! That reminds me! I’m gonna take a quick look outside. Based on what you said, I bet there's two feet of snow out there by now.” You froze, petrified.

“Ah- er… About that…”

“Huh?” He pulled back the curtain, making a confused little noise. “There’s nothing out there. It looks the same as before.”

“H-how about that!” You laughed nervously. “That elusive blizzard must have passed by us completely…”

He turned to look at you, and you knew the jig was up. ‘DAMMIT! WHERE’S THE BAD WEATHER WHEN I ACTUALLY NEED IT?!’  Your deception was painted on your face as you faked a grin, but he narrowed his eyes.

“Did… did you… make that whole thing up?”

“Y-yes…” You winced, fearing the worst. It was truly unlike you to deceive Tamaki unless it was for the sake of boosting his self-esteem, so you prayed he wouldn't feel betrayed. In a haste to justify yourself, you began to ramble. “B-but I just uh… you were leaving and I-ah- just wanted to convince you to stay...”

A thick silence fell between you, thicker than the thousand pounds of snow that you freaking needed right about now. But just as you began to fret under his gaze-

“FUFUFUFU!” You gawked at him as he descended into an outburst of giggles. “You did all of that just to get me to stay over?”

“Don't make fun of me.” You felt your face heat up and covered it with a pillow. Even he noticed that you had adopted that small mannerism from him, and it made him stifle his chuckle with a hand. You groaned in embarrassment before feeling him gently pull the pillow away from your face.

“I’m not making fun of you.” His dark smoldering eyes met yours. “I’m just really happy.”


“I mean… nobody’s ever put that much effort into trying to spend more time with me…” You sensed the sincerity in his words and let him continue. “F/N, I’m sorry you felt like you needed to lie. I wish I had known… I put you through a lot of trouble, didn't I?”

“Yeah! You really made me work for it!” You exclaimed with a jesting grin.


“You’re definitely worth it though.” He blushed dark and hid himself in the pillow he just removed from your face.

“I’m er- still not used to the sudden compliments…” You couldn't hold back a laugh.

“C’mere, eater of sun!” You held your arms wide open, inviting him back into your embrace. He chuckled at the nickname and obeyed. He glanced at the light flurries falling out the window while holding you tight, finally coming to a realization. The weather could do whatever it pleased; he was staying right there either way. 


Chapter Text

All Might suddenly changed back into his weaker self and froze. He was mortified that a mere child was witness to his greatest secret. Deku froze as well and stared at the wizened form in front of him and blushed. Somehow, it was more pleasant than before and he couldn’t comprehend why. It was something about how much the man before him matched up to his personal physique. He stepped forward and said in an uncharacteristically confident way, “All Might……..You are…….beautiful.”

            The blonde man in front of him blushed and shifted awkwardly, rubbing his right arm with his awkwardly large left hand. “Son….” he said, but Deku instantly stopped him from his patronizing shit. “Don’t give me that degrading shit!” Deku said intensely, standing close to his face. “You ARE my hero. And I will make it so.” Deku suddenly stepped forwards and wrapped the ropes from his belt around the weak Almight’s wrists and tied them to the rail at the edge of the building behind him.

            Almight gasped and stared, eyes deep as black pools, staring at Deku, not believing that this child could control him like this. “I…..I can’t…..” is all he could manage before Deku planted a kiss deep on his lips, seeking the childhood fulfillment he always craved. Deku’s hand crept over his bony hip as his rubbed up and down, longing for the connection that he never had as a child. Unaware of its’ impact, Almight groaned into the kiss and embrace, also being unfamiliar with this passionate touch

            Deku’s mind rushed with the feelings. He couldn’t help himself. Already he felt his heart race and his blood rush into his pelvis as his nervous demeanor morphed into this primal instinct that wanted nothing but the lithe and wiry body in front of him.

            Suddenly, a tremor rocked their bodies as Deku found himself rocked from behind by blast from behind him. “Kacchan!” He gasped, looking back at the lithe, but muscular, form behind him. Kacchan’s body was timorous with unrestrained rage. “Deku…,” He seethed, “Damn you! You little shit!” His lower lip trembling, “Why?” He choked, “Why haven’t you noticed me… senpai?”

            Deku’s eyes went wide in shock; he could feel the earth move beneath him. “W-what?”

            “Have you not felt it? Have you not noticed the depths of my feelings for you?”

            “What are the hell are you talking about, Kacchan?” Deku asked, barely able to mask his frustration.

            “What am I talking about?” Kacchan boiled, “THIS!” He shouted as he pulled out his hard, throbbing cock.


            He charged forward, taking Midoriya by the wrists and pinning him to the wall. The metal frame creaked and echoed loudly, muffling the moans of the two boys as their hot mouths collided. Deku felt Katsuki’s hard member against his leg, pushing him past his edge.

            “Beat it.” Katsuki growled in All Might’s direction, forcing him to recoil from his hostility. He took Deku to the ground, straddling him in an assertion of strength and dominance. He stripped the weaker boy of his belt, popping the button of his pants open in a sweltering passion.

            “W-wait!” Midoriya stuttered. “Kacchan- I’ve never…” He felt washed over by insecurity, overwhelmed by the confusion and newness of this sensation. He eyed Katuski’s rippling muscles hungrily, his apprehension quickly melting away. Before he knew it, he was being kissed again, the ferocity burning hotter than the flames sparking in Bakugou’s hands. Their tongues danced in a sweltering wet heat, a heat so hot it incinerated every doubt and insecurity. Once Katsuki felt Deku melt beneath his touch, he smirked with pride and decided to deliver a command with no hesitation.

            “Turn over.”

            Deku balked at the command, turning pale at the request. But, however, the balk turned into something deep within him; something……..craving contact. “Katsuki….” He whispered, not sure whether to protest or welcome. Katsuki grinned maniacally at Deku, flames whipping out of his hands and forming red hot cords.   Those cords wrapped around Midoriya’s hands as he gasped from the shock of sudden and unanticipated control.

            Kachan smiled wickedly as he controlled Deku to the point of being unable to fight. “All these times you’ve been a fucking little prude. You should know!” he growled, brain flaming up through all of this. His hard throbbing member rippled over the body of Deku as he whimpered below him.

            Deku’s tears started flowing down his cheeks as he feared the prospect before him, equally dreading and craving what might happen. He felt the impossibly hot flesh press against his virgin hole as he let out a gentle whimper, almost begging for some sort of result.

            Kachan cackled wickedly as he pressed roughly into the resistance in front of him, finally breaking the wall in front of him. His mind flooded with pleasure as the whimpering, pathetic cries of protest meant nothing to him as his cock slowly plunged into the gentle flesh in front of him.

            Deku’s eyes bulged, pupils rolling back into his head. The horrible instant feeling instantly evolved into a delicious pleasure as he pushed back into the full feeling behind him.   All he could manage was “Oh….oh Kachan……” as he started to yelp out little yelps of pleasure, sweat beading over his brow.

            “THE WHORE IS PREGANT!!!” Robert Baratheon shouted from beside them.

            “You’re grace, I’m not sure-“ Ned began but was loudly shouted down.

            “A DOTHRAKI HORDE, NED!!!” He boomed in all caps, “ON AN OPEN FIELD!!!”

            But Ned sat quietly, knowing the truth. That Deku and Kachan were actually… brothers!!!! (SURPRISE INCEST!!1!1!!)

Chapter Text

“A closet, Izuku?” You questioned, eyes adjusting to the darkness.

“Ah- Heh… well, you know…” He chuckled nervously. You raised a judgmental eyebrow at him.

“Kacchan is out there, isn’t he?” You deadpanned.

“Uh… Who could say?” A high-pitched panic trickled into his tone as he averted your gaze. 

“That’s why we’re hiding in here, isn’t it?” His jumpy demeanor morphed into disgrace and he hung his head in shame. 

“I… yes…” 

You sighed, understanding the reason for his fear. It’s not as if Izuku could defend himself against your shithead brother. 

“I don't know what his problem is.” You growled grumpily, having no idea where his hatred of Izuku came from. He was nothing but kind and doting, openly showing his admiration for you and Katsuki alike. It was one of your favorite things about him, yet Katsuki didn't see it that way for reasons beyond your comprehension. 

Midoriya, however, knew the reason. Katsuki had been very clear about how he felt earlier this week. Midoriya debated whether or not to tell you about his run-in with the explosive boy, or how he had threatened him to stay away from you. He didn't take any kind of enjoyment in starting conflict between you and your brother.

“He doesn't think someone quirkless like me is good enough for you…” He admitted quietly. “And who’s to say he’s wrong about that…” His self-doubt made your heart ache and you took him by the hands. 

“Izuku… How can you say that?!” 

“Well… without a quirk I can’t protect you like someone else could…” 

“You’ve done a good job up to this point.” You said, gesturing to your living body in an attempt to bring back his smile. But he knew he was being placated and sighed sadly.

“Not only that… without a quirk there isn’t anything memorable about me.” He looked up at you, eyes pleading and uncertain. “Honestly, I… I don't exactly know what you see in me either, F/N-chan…” 

You couldn't believe he didn't see all the reasons he’s so wonderful. Whatever cruel words your brother spoke must have gotten to Midoriya, making him question the entire foundation of your relationship. You were silent for a moment, just trying to find a way to condense a thousand reasons for loving this curly-haired boy into a short enough answer. Otherwise you’d be in this dusty closet until the cows came home. 

“Everything.” You said simply.


“The answer to your question. I like everything about you, Izuku. You’re sweet and thoughtful and just an all-around good person. And that’s why I love you-“ You both flushed crimson. Luckily the closet was dark enough to hide it a bit. 

“Y-you do?” He wrung his hands, swaying in an unbearably bashful gesture. 


“I… love you too…” 

You leaned forward, planting a feather-soft kiss to his lips. He felt like a complete idiot for letting a fanboyish giggle escape his throat as you did so. You, however, found it absolutely adorable and smiled into the kiss. 

“Izuku… Don't dwell on what Kacchan said. You’re special to me and that’s all that matters.”

“I suppose you’re right.” He touched a fingertip to his lips, savoring the sweet lingering warmth of your affection. 

“Besides…” A wicked grin found its way to your face. “It might actually be kind of fun sneaking around like this with you.” Izuku gave you an almost perturbed look.

“F/N… you look just like your brother when you smile like that.”

“Shut up! Don't say that, baka!” You covered your mouth, realizing your temper had caused you to snap at your lover uncontrollably. He chuckled, as your little explosive outbursts were nothing but cute to him. “Sorry…”

“It’s alright.” He grinned brightly. “I’m used to it.” 

“That doesn't make me feel any better…” You pouted your lips and looked in a random direction away from him.

“You’re so cute, F/N-chan!” Midoriya thought his heart might burst from this overdose of adorable. 

“Ugh!” You groaned, but couldn't help but catch his contagious laugh. “Alright. Heh. Let’s go. I’m sure bro’s long gone by now.”

“See you later?” He asked.

“Yep.” You gave a playful wink as you departed. 


“Y-your HOUSE?!” Izuku’s panic was tangible even over the phone. 

“Yeah!” You whispered with enthusiasm. “I’ll open the window for you. Brother wont even know you’re here.” 

“I dunno…” He stared at his All Might posters, hoping to absorb some kind of invulnerable bravery from them. 

“Fine. How about the treehouse in my backyard instead?” There was a silence.

“Okay…” He hesitantly agreed, thinking that was a much more isolated hiding place. 

“Great. Can’t wait to see you.”

Midoriya’s stomach fluttered at the words, feeling eager to see you as well. He made his way to your place in the twilight, the pale purple of the sky just beginning to darken. You sneakily ninja’d your way to the backyard and made your way up the ladder. You were astonished to see Izuku already waiting there. 

“Wow, that was fast!” You exclaimed, a little too loudly.

“Shh!” He hushed you, pulling you against the dark corner of the treehouse while snatching a stealthy gaze out the window. Pressed against him you could feel the pounding of his heart and see the sweat glistening off his face. ‘He must have ran all the way here…’

“Don't worry. There’s no way anyone heard me from way up here.” You said in hushed tones to calm his paranoia. He gulped and heaved a heavy sigh of relief. You wiggled a little bit with exuberance, pulling him away from the window. “This is kind of exciting, don't you think? Secret lovers…” 

Izuku liked the sound of that. He nodded, too breathless to speak. Never in his wildest daydreams would he have thought a girl would take notice of him. And yet, here he was, being loved by one in a drafty dark room, starlight ambiance shining through the cracks in the wooden ceiling beams. The bluish glow glistened off your half-lidded eyes, striking a spark of infatuation within Izuku. Before he knew it, he was kissing you again, passionately and freely. He definitely understood the appeal in being secret lovers. It was so taboo, so... exhilarating! 

He found himself so intoxicated by this feeling, fumbling in the dark in a desperate attempt to hold you closer. He sighed repeatedly, as if completely lovestruck. You couldn't help but mirror it, gripping his hair as a signal of reciprocation. His hot breath and blush was enough to overheat you, and you started to break a sweat. You wondered, if the world knew of this fierce side of Izuku, if they would still pick on him. Even now, you weren’t sure when or how he had overpowered you, as you were now laying beneath him on the ground. Not that you minded… 

The wooden floorboards creaked and thudded as you both rolled and shifted positions, panting from the exertion and tender affection pulling at your heartstrings. 


You both startled, gawking at the blasted trap door of the treehouse, which was now occupied by none other than your angry-looking brother. 


“K-KACCHAN!” Midoriya’s eyes widened in panic. “I’m not- this isn’t-”


“STOP!” You cried as Katsuki seized Midoriya by the shirt and threw him off of you. The sparks in his hands were the only source of light in this dark shack. 

“SHUT UP, F/N!” Katsuki silenced you. “I TOLD THIS NERD NOT TO COME NEAR YOU!” 

“Wh-“ You looked over at Izuku, who had failed to inform you of this interaction with Kacchan. If you had known, you would have told your brother to piss off and stay out of your business. All the same though…

“Leave him alone, Kacchan!” You ordered as Katsuki slammed the weaker boy against the wall. Midoriya sputtered apologies in an attempt to pacify him.

“I’m gonna ROAST this damn nerd for touching you!” He reared back for a firey blast, but you kicked him in the back of the calf, allowing Midoriya to dodge it. You couldn't believe such an innocent kiss would result in a physical altercation. Although you could see why your position looked compromising. 

“Don't, Kacchan!” You barked. “I LIKED it!” 

You thought if he knew you consented, he would be less angry. However, you couldn't have been more wrong. He yelled something incomprehensible, squaring off with Izuku once more.

“I’m sorry, Kacchan!” Izuku shrieked, backing away slowly. 

“You’re about to be MORE sorry!” Katsuki rushed him, about to tackle Midoriya to the ground. But it was too close to the-

“NO!” You launched yourself forward, pushing Izuku out of the way before your head collided with Katsuki’s. “AAAGH!” You felt your stomach drop as you fell from the treehouse, gravity taking you down fast and hard. “AAAOOOWWW!” You heard a sickening crack when you made contact with the ground and you shrieked in agony. 

“SHIT!” You heard Katsuki yell from above, but you couldn't see him through the veil of painful tears in your eyes. “LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!” It was safe to assume he was accusing Izuku. 

“F/N! Are you okay?!” Midoriya’s sweet concerned voice echoed the grounds. 

“What’s going on out here?” The porch light flickered on, illuminating the very obvious break in your arm.

“Mommy!” You cried, alerting her to your position. The two boys had climbed down to your side.

“What happened?!” She bellowed upon seeing your misshapen body. 

“I’m so sorry!” Was all Izuku could say, tears streaming down his face. “It was an accident and-“

“It’s all stupid Deku’s fault!” 

“Shut up, Kacchan!” You snapped, reminding yourself to punch him later.

“…so sorry…” Izuku sobbed as your mom lifted you from the ground. 

“If you hadn’t-“ 

“Don't even start, Katsuki!” Your mother shouted. “We need to get her to a hospital to reset the bone.”

“WHAT?!” Your fear set in as you were carried away from the boys. 

“You stay here, Deku… You’ve done enough…” Katsuki said coldly, leaving an anguished Izuku sobbing on his knees in the darkness. 

Katsuki ran to catch up to you and your mother as you got in the car. She started the engine and you panicked. “Wait! Where’s Izuku?!” 

“He’s not coming.” Katsuki stated simply.

“What did you say to him?!” You accused. Suddenly you were in reverse, pulling out onto the road. “WAIT! MOM!!” 

“I’ll call Inko when we get to the hospital.” She asserted to silence you both. 

Upon arrival they gave you something to ease your pain before the procedure. The next thing you knew, the sun was peering through your curtains in your bed at home. You groggily looked down to your arm, noticing the restraints when you tried to move it. The events of the night flew back into your head and you sat up abruptly.

“Ah! Izuku!”


“GYAH!” You took in your surroundings again, realizing he was sitting next to you, obvious bags beneath his eyes. You could tell he had a long night. “I’m glad you’re here.” 

“Why?” He stared miserably at the floor, remorseful tears in his eyes. “After all I did to you-” 

“You didn't do anything, Izuku!” You threw your legs over the side of the bed to face him. “It was an accident. I don't blame you for it.” 

“But… it’s still my fault. If I hadn’t been there… or if I hadn’t been a coward… you wouldn't have gotten hurt…” He frowned remorsefully at your cast, as if he was forcing himself to look at it for the sake of self-punishment. 

“Izuku…” You lifted his chin with your uninjured hand, looking into his glistening emerald eyes. “I’m not upset with you. In fact, to me you’re worth any injury I could have gotten.” You smiled genuinely. “I still love you, Izuku…” He choked back a sob, lip quivering. You pulled him in towards your face, the kiss wet from his grateful tears. 

“Ugh! You guys are gonna make me throw up!” You jumped at the sound of Katsuki’s voice. He must have just awoken from his slumber in the chair by your dresser to discover you kissing Izuku again. You stared defiantly at him, pulling Midoriya back into a kiss with a VERY suggestive: 


Izuku became immediately flustered by the action, face turning a bright shade of red. 

“AGH! STOP!” Katsuki whined. Your smirk sent him back into his default unamused scowl. “…My vomit… all over this room… Is that what you want?” He threatened, almost playfully. 

“If you don't like it, you can leave.” 

“No way! I’m not going to leave you alone with this-“ He stopped his cruel words before they came out. “Whatever…” He crossed his arms and looked away. 

“Did mom tell you that you have to be nice to Izuku now?” You inquired.

“That old hag doesn't control me!” He snapped. “I just figured… if you went through all that trouble to protect this useless nerd, you must…” He couldn't bring himself to say sappy words like ‘love.’ They just wouldn't sound right coming from his mouth. “Even if it’s just a stupid phase you’re going through… I guess as long as you’re happy…” 

You smiled, knowing that was the best sort of apology you were going to get from Katsuki. “Thank you. That means a lot to me... I love you too, brother!” 

“Don't say shit like that just because I agreed to not kill your boyfriend today!” He rolled his eyes and got up from his chair. “Deku…” He growled, looking the curly-haired boy dead in the face. 

“Y-yes?” A bead of sweat formed on Izuku’s forehead.

“You better not fuck this up… or I’ll hunt you down.”

“I wont.” He clenched his fist, eyes beaming with resolve. Katsuki left the room, leaving you alone with your beloved. 

“Well I guess that means we can make things official now.” You chuckled, almost the tiniest bit saddened that the sneaky fun had ended. 

“What do you mean?”

“Izuku! Will you be my boyfriend?” He blushed, a crooked smile adorning his features. 

“Of course!”


Chapter Text

‘What… is she doing?’ Shouto’s mind raced as he glanced over to you. You simply had your eyes on the book, expression unphased, while your hand crept farther and farther up Shouto’s thigh beneath the table.

“Did you finish the chapter, Midoriya?” You inquired casually, seeing he had broken his usual hyper-concentration for a moment.

“Not yet. I have two pages left.” He said.

“Alright. Let me know when you’re done. We can all quiz each other.”

“Eh?! I have a lot more pages than that! How do you all read so fast?!” Uraraka whined.

“It’s okay.” You threw a significant glance at Shouto. “There’s no hurry…” You slowly dragged your palm closer to the front of his pants, keeping your poker face as you did so. “Take. Your. Time.” You punctuated, eyes locked on Shouto’s, feeling a bulge grow beneath your hand. He said nothing, but his lips parted slightly.

This was almost revenge in a way. Shouto was always the cool and collected one, making you flustered and blushful with his suave romantic ways. Charm came effortlessly to him; ‘twas a facet of his nature. Maybe it was the subtle beauty in his features, or perhaps his upperclass upbringing that made him so unbearably attractive. Either way, today was the day you decided to turn the tables on him. He was going to see how composed you could be, all the while tormenting him with your fingertips.

Todoroki looked back down at the book as well, keeping his cool despite how obviously your touch was affecting him. He wished the library wasn't so quiet. He had to focus so hard just on just keeping his breathing normal when his heart was leaping into his throat with every brush of your fingerprint over the head of his member.

“So hard…” You mumbled, loud enough for the whole group to hear.

“What?” Midoriya asked. Shouto’s head snapped in your direction, inwardly panicking.

“This chapter is really hard, don't you think?” You smiled slyly, noting the bead of sweat that had formed on Todoroki’s face. ‘Got him…’

You continued on, grazing and grabbing him, stroking in a motion that made it nearly impossible for him to not thrust upwards for more stimulation. He was rock hard now, only holding back his blush by sheer willpower. He knew exactly what you were doing; that this was a battle of mental fortitude. However, at this point, he had no reason to not let you win. When this began, he didn't have any idea how much of a turn-on this would be for him. Your confident allure in broad daylight was incredibly sexy, so very… seductive. ‘How unfortunate…’ A happy defeated smile pulled at the corner of his lips.


“Huh?” He blinked and gulped, his glassy vision now focusing on Midoriya’s silhouette.

“Are you alright? You’ve been staring off into space for a while.”

“Uh- yes. I was just… thinking…” ‘Thinking about F/N’s perfect body on top of me…’ He decided that this was enough teasing for one day. You gasped when he took ahold of your wrist and slid out from beneath your tantalizing touch. “I am going to look for something in the restricted section. Please excuse me…” He turned his body to conceal his erection before exiting the table.

‘Oh no! Did I push him too far?!’ You frowned at the book, hoping you hadn’t upset your lover by making him uncomfortable. ‘Wait a minute…’ Something hit you about Shouto’s choice of words. ‘There isn’t a restricted section…’

It was then you understood what he meant, and followed soon after, making up some generic excuse to Midoriya and Uraraka. You figured they probably wanted some time alone anyway. You swiftly made your way through the aisles of books, the scent of dusty parchment filling your nostrils. For as pristine as this school was built, the library lighting in a few sections was surprisingly dim. While you were searching the Dewey Decimal System for the R’s for “restricted” section, you snickered to yourself. ‘Ah. R as in R-rated? Clever, Shouto…’ But then you passed by it, the sexy stoic boy nowhere in sight. ‘Oh no… maybe he DID leave…’ But suddenly you were being yanked from behind, around a corner. A hand covered your mouth to muffle your yelp.

Before you could turn, you had been pinned to the wall, face to face with a blushing Shouto. You coughed as the dust fluttered down from the nearby bookshelf. “Shouto?” You peeped quietly, breathless at the intense look in his beautiful eyes. He pressed his chest against yours, leaning in close to your ear.

“You think it’s okay to do this to me?” He growled low, his hot breath making your cheeks heat up. You gasped when you felt his hard member pressed against your body. “You tease…”

“It’s only teasing if I don't plan to finish what I started…” You threw a sultry smile his way. He bit his lip in arousal, grinding his hips against you in desire for some delicious friction. You pulled his body closer, running your tongue from his jawline to his ear, leaving a trail of love nips along his neck. It was then you caught the sign over his shoulder. The letter X was plastered on a laminated sign on the bookshelf. You pointed up at it with a chuckle.

“So you chose the X-rated section? Sounds like you have high expectations…”

“Hm? Oh. Is that what you thought? I just chose this because nobody ever checks out books from this section.”

‘He’s always so practical...’ You fought back a giggle, pulling him close and biting down harder onto his neck. Shouto let out a lustful groan, gripping your hips a little tighter as he pressed himself against you. You put a finger to his lips. “Watch your volume, Shouto.”

“Watch your sexiness, F/N.” He breathed playfully in your ear. His voice was low, carnal. The fabric of his pants was stretched to its limit from his erection. He grinded against you again with a roll of the hips, seeking more stimulation. He let out an exasperated “ugh” when you didn't get take the hint of his urgency. “Put your hands on me.” He begged, cheeks flushing.

You took a quick look over his shoulder before reaching around and grabbing a firm handful of his ass. You sucked his lower lip into your mouth before slowly tracing your hand to the front of his pants. His breath hitched, an attempt to keep himself quiet while you felt him up. Oh, how great a feeling it was to see Shouto unravel before your eyes, knowing you were the one eliciting this wanton attitude from him. He slid a sneaky knee between your legs for you to grind down upon while you teased him. You reached down to undo his belt, as his hips were pressing into your hand with more ferocity by the minute, but were surprised to find it missing. ‘I wonder where he hung it…’ He must have read your mind, for he shot you a playful smile, too handsome to resist. He trembled with anticipation as you yanked open the front of his pants, gliding your hand down the front of his boxers.

You breathed in the tension that radiated off of him. This was taking too long for Todoroki. He wasn't worried about being caught. No, it wasn't that. He simply felt tormented by your deliberately slow, calculated movements.

“Okay…” He panted, madness rising in his voice. “You already won, okay? You don't have to torture me anymore…”

“That’s not a very nice way to ask…” You hesitated at the tip of his arousal. It was unlike you to push him this far, but you felt the pulse of heat and desire against your hand and knew you could get what you wanted.

“Please…” He begged, eyes fluttering closed as he inched closer to you. “I can’t resist you…”

You smirked, but couldn't help but blush. You gave one last paranoid glance over his shoulder for potential interrupters of your activity before sliding his boxers down just enough to hold him in your hand. The handsome boy positively melted into your touch, pulling you into his arms. You tried to maneuver your hand, but it was constrained by his body being pressed so close to you. “Uh… Shouto?”


“I kinda can’t move my hand with you like that…”

“Oh… Right…” He wore the familiar face reminiscent of many other times he encountered social situations he didn't know how to handle. It was terribly endearing, the tiny moments when Shouto’s walls crumbled and he appeared awkward and sweet. They were so few and far between, so you savored every drop of it before you continued pumping his length. His expression returned to the lustful passion from before, which was just as enjoyable to behold, if not more so. “Mnnh… I’m close…”

You increased your speed, and Shouto had to balance himself with both hands on the wall, boxing you in between as pleasure overtook his body. His bliss spilled over him in waves, crashing through him and wracking his senses as your hand got soaked. He was able to somehow stifle a moan, but as for his ragged breathing, it couldn't be helped. You bit your lip and smiled, relishing in his unhindered expression of pleasure. He finally came down from his heavenly high, legs quivering, before noticing the number he had done on your hand and his uniform shirt. He silently retrieved a handkerchief from his pocket.

“Always so prepared…” You mumbled with a grin, running an affectionate hand through his slightly dampened hair. He gifted you a genuine grateful smile, the kind that made your heart flutter, before pulling you into his arms for an intimate afterglow kiss.

“I love you.” He whispered, nuzzling your cheek with his face the way he likes to do. “You know that, right?”

“Of course. I love you too, Shouto.” You helped him zip up his pants, as he must have forgotten during his sweet little declaration of love. He peered around the corner of the bookshelf before taking your hand and leading you through the aisles. Before you walked out of the library, you remembered something. “Oh, wait… I have a question, Shouto?”

“What is it, dear?” He turned to you and smiled.

“Where did you put your belt earlier?”

He chuckled openly at the question.

“Why don't you go look for it?” He challenged.

“What is this, a game of Find It?” You wrinkled your nose at him. He seemed to get a frisky twinkle in his eye at the idea.

“Hm… yes. And if you don't find it quickly enough… you have to let me tie you up with it.” You returned his smirk.

“Sounds fair to me.”

Chapter Text

What a dream. So hot and vivid. It left you sweaty and wanting, too hot for these cumbersome covers. Your eyes slowly crept open, peering at the body next to you on the bed. Hitoshi was sleeping soundly, lying on his back and breathing deeply. You smiled slightly, noting that his messy bedhead looked almost no different than it does at school every day. You let your fingers trace over his cheekbones and chiseled jaw, feather-soft to avoid waking him. He sighed into your touch, barely rising to the threshold of consciousness. 

It wasn't Hitoshi's birthday or anything, but an inexplicable warmth inside of you compelled you to do something special for him. Not to mention you were a craving him as well... It wasn't hard to slip out of your panties from beneath your gown before turning your attention to Shinsou. 

You pulled the comforter down a bit, a tingling sensation rising at the sight of his morning arousal trapped beneath his blue pajama pants. You decided it was your duty to be generous and free it from captivity, pulling them down slowly, deftly. You hesitated when he shifted slightly, freezing in place with bated breath. Your tongue squirmed in your mouth from intense focus, parting the space of his boxers just enough for him to slip through. A tiny noise came from his throat. 'Shit... there's no way he didn't feel that...'  It was time to throw caution to the wind so you put your hands on either side of his body, the ghost of your contact brushing over his thighs. 

"What are you-" He began to mumble, then suddenly let out a sharp gasp when you took him inside you fully, sliding with ease from the wetness. His eyes shot open, but his body much more awake than he was. 

"Sorry." You whispered, running a teasing fingertip down his chest. "I didn't mean to startle you." He gulped, a shiver coursing through him from the sensation. 

"Good morning..." He said, but it came out as a husky breath. 

"Morning." You moved your hips, grinding up and down on him as a loving response. 

"Mmmm..." His head lolled to the side as the blood filled his face. The stimulation was so new, so good. The haze of his dreams still lingered behind his eyelids while his body was alert and sensitive, sending waves of electricity through his veins in violent bursts with every touch. You rolled your body again, feeling him twitch and harden further. It was immediately pleasurable for you, and you cherished the warm cuddly vibes as they shot from your heart to your toes, lingering between your legs on its way. Both yours and Hitoshi's groans of ecstasy filled the bedroom and echoed off the walls. He was much more vocal than usual, and you figured it was probably because he was not awake enough to assume his default cynical veneer for the day. 

Shinsou had the thought to grab you by the hips and thrust himself deeper, but he decided against it. He relished in the sweet surrender, letting you take control for a change. 

"Does that feel good?" You clenched your leg muscles, sliding yourself in and out bit by bit until he groaned needily. 

"Yeah..." He reached up, you assumed to grope you and make you go faster, but instead he intertwined your fingers with his. It was a subtle gesture, but it confirmed that he accepted your slow pace, and was in no hurry to end such a delicious morning treat. You leaned down to plant your lips on his, but you felt his hand leave yours, his palm now pressing against your face. 

"Mm?" You wondered why he rejected your kiss.

"Don't. I... have morning breath..." He stated, turning his face away. You let out a giggle at his insecure display. 

"So do I, babe." 

He gave you his usual obstinate dry look as his answer. 

"We can kiss in other places." 

"So stubborn..." You mumbled, rolling your eyes with a playful grin. 

"But you love me anyway." He smirked. You put a finger to your lip and looked up, as if you were deeply pondering that statement. Your silence made him nervous, a bit of sweat forming on his face. You finally swept down and kissed him on the cheek.

"You're right!" 

"Don't do that..." He scowled at your cruel hesitation.

"Aw, you stopped smiling..."

"Smiles never looked good on me anyway." He stated tartly. You enjoyed his dry sarcasm, finding it endearing. 

"Bet I can bring it back." You challenged, grinding down on him hard and taking him fully into your wet cave. He moaned softly, the color returning to his cheeks.

"Yes, I bet you can." He agreed breathlessly, staring at you with sunset eyes. You decided that was enough teasing and it was time to give him what he wanted. You picked up the pace, rolling your hips until you were both panting from desire and exertion. 

"Hitoshi..." You wanted to continue but your leg muscles were screaming in protest from being overworked. "Could you maybe be on top?" He sat up immediately, gently rolling you onto your back.

"As you wish, your highness." 

"You dork." You crinkled your nose at the silly things he says sometimes. 

"You sexy minx." He pinned your hands above your head, a playful grin painted on his features.

"Hah! You smiled!" You pointed out triumphantly.

"You just have that effect on me." He leaned in, leaving affectionate little nibbles along your neck. He breathed in your ear before biting down on your earlobe. 

"ACK!" You yelped, pushing his face away. "It's too early for that. What the hell, babe?" 

"Couldn't resist." You rolled your eyes.

"Ugh. I thought you'd be tired and cuddly after just waking up."

"Is that what you want?"

"Yes, ya doofus!" 

He chuckled at your pouting lips and wrapped his arms around your waist. His long arms and large hands made you feel completely surrounded by him as he nuzzled your cheek and neck with his face. 

"Better?" He purred, taking a slow pleasurable stroke.

"Much." You held him close, letting the intoxication overtake you as he built a rhythm of thrusts. He let out little mews of satisfaction as the urge took him over the edge. You both reached luxurious gratification within seconds of one another, his high pitched sighs harmonizing with yours. You pulled him down for a wet kiss, waiting for the bursts of light behind your eyelids to ebb before gazing into his eyes. 

"Hitoshi..." You stroked his cheek lovingly. "You have morning breath..." He mirrored your impish grin, raising a snide eyebrow. 

"I warned you."     


Chapter Text

"Mmmmh..." Your back arched against the bed, feeling Tamaki's tongue swirl and lap between your legs. You stared up at the ceiling, vision blurred from pleasure, mystified as to how you reached this point. It had started out with a simple cuddle after taking care of his physical needs, then somehow escalated. He truly wanted to repay you in some way for the wonderful thing you did for him, but didn't know exactly how to go about doing so. After a lengthy hour of coercion and reassurance, you found yourself in this position, blushing and losing yourself to the sensation of your lover's hot mouth. "That's right..." You whispered in reminiscence.

"Hm?" He glanced up from his work, hoping that he hadn't missed a critical bit of feedback. 

"That's right, Tamaki... that's just right..." You interspersed your moans with a mantra of praises, providing him with much-needed encouragement for something he was inexperienced at. The stimulation became overwhelming and your urge was building. "Unh... Deeper..." You pleaded without thinking, causing him to stop abruptly. 

"I... can't..." He hung his head, immediately feeling inadequate for not being able to please you. His hair veiled his eyes as he began to regret this decision. "I shouldn't have agreed to... I... knew I wouldn't be any good at this..." 

"Tamaki..." You caressed his cheek and hair gently. "Don't say that. You're amazing." You smiled, hoping your genuine feelings would get through to him. 

"But... I can't do what you asked..." He was convinced that his best was not good enough, betting that any other boy of your choosing would have been better at slaking your needs. 

"Don't think like that, sweetheart." You cooed, and he blushed at the term of endearment. 


"Everyone has to figure things out in the bedroom. Nobody's knows exactly what they're doing their first time." Your words didn't seem to hold any comfort.

"You knew what you were doing..." He mumbled, recalling how you made his physical barriers tumble with ease. 

"...Just because you liked it, doesn't mean I'm a pro at it." You chuckled. "I mostly just went on the feedback you gave me." 

"I... guess that makes sense..." He HAD been very vocal after all...

"See?" You grinned, pulling him close for an affectionate cuddle. "Everyone has to start somewhere. And honestly, I wouldn't want to learn with anybody but you..." 


"Of course." The sentiment seemed to calm his anxious heart, instilling a new drive within. His dark eyes met yours, innocent, yet skeptical.

"What would you have me do?" 

"Well..." An idea had crossed your mind, for the briefest of seconds, and you quickly tossed it away. However, it came creeping back, and it clouded any other potential solutions that may have tried to surface. "You... have a... quirk..." You cringed, catching his eye and awaiting the horrid judgment that was sure to befall you. 

"Huh?" He simply blinked at you, and you realized the implications had not yet set in.

"What I mean is... er..." You floundered to find a delicate way to phrase this. "You know how you use your tentacles when you have trouble reaching something?" 

"Yeah." He wondered why you had jumped from the topic at hand to asking about his quirk training. 'Am I that bad? Did I really kill the mood that fast?'

"Well... I bet that ability could come in handy in... other situations..."

He pressed his lips together in confusion.

"Like... right now..." A thick silence filled the room before his expression changed. You were almost certain you heard a literal *click* in his brain when the meaning dawned on him.

"N-NO!" He flushed crimson, eyes the widest you'd ever seen them. "No no no no!" Each no cut deeper than the last. 

"Why not?!" You pleaded, curious if his objection was pertaining to disgust with exploration or simply a fear of the unknown. 

"That's not what quirks are for!" He physically recoiled, and you were afraid that if you didn't convince him quickly, he would return to square one and all of your effort would be wasted. 

"Quirks are just an extension of our bodies. Why shouldn't we use them in situations like this?" You tried to not let the desperate panic resonate in your tone. To your immense surprise, he actually contemplated this for a moment. 

"It still... sounds kind of devious to me..." 

"Oh..." You bit your lip in embarrassment. 'Devious? He thinks I'm devious?'  You decided to relent some, lest 'devious' be the defining characteristic of your reputation until your dying day. "So... you don't want to try anything, huh? I... understand..." 

As someone who constantly searched for it, Amajiki immediately recognized the disappointment in your voice, and his resolve began to waver. What kind of person would he be to deny the pleas of someone who had been so loving and generous to him? 'It's not like her request would be that difficult for me... I only went on patrols so I've barely used my quirk today... And it would solve the problem I was having...'  He slowly found reason in what he originally thought to be a prospect of madness. Though only one last doubt flickered to his mind before he spoke. He looked down at his hands and a single tentacle began morphing from his index finger. 

"So you don't... think it's gross or anything?"

"It's a part of you, Tamaki. How could I think it's gross?" A tiny doubting smile crept to a corner of his mouth, and he slowly brought his lips to your neck for another soft kiss. 


"Really?! You'll try it?!" You gawked at him in awe. He nodded awkwardly before shifting back down between your legs. 

"You'll tell me... you know... if it hurts or something, right?" Blaring red sirens of panic went off in his head at the thought of injuring you with too much depth or force. You nodded in response.

"Tamaki... You're so wonderful for doing this for me." 

The affection loomed around his heart, fueling his small, but still present, adventurous side. He positioned your legs comfortably over his shoulders once more. Even after years of vigorous training, Amajiki couldn't recall a time that his quirk had ever required such sophisticated finesse. He gulped and slowly approached the entrance once more, his hot breath raising goose bumps of anticipation on your skin. 

"You sure this isn't... dangerous?" 

"I trust you." You attested, trying to put his last hesitation to rest. He slid his tongue in slowly, tormentingly. If you hadn't known better, you would have argued that he was teasing you on purpose. But Tamaki's seduction was much more subtle than that. It always occurred naturally, when he wasn't even trying... like right now for example... His eyes were locked on yours while he moved his tongue down below, analyzing for any sign of discomfort. They were dark and intense, staring, his hair falling to the side and leaving an electric little tickle on your thigh. It sent you reeling, rolling your hips as he resumed his steady rhythm of tongue flicks. Even in such a short time, Tamaki had learned a great deal, knowing exactly which actions elicited a reaction from you and applying it tactically until you were reduced to a panting mess. His rough edges were being sanded down, his skill already becoming polished beyond your ability to handle. 

"P-please...." You begged, and he delicately obeyed your unspoken request. You felt the muscle within you morph and change, the texture becoming more slippery than rough. "Nnnn-yaaaahhhh..." You let out a high-pitched moan when he hit the perfect spot. 

You squirmed and bucked your hips, hungry for more slippery delicious stimulation. Your body's reaction was so violent, Tamaki had to hold onto you to keep himself from slipping out. Focused on finishing his task, he forgot that his quirk was already activated, and you felt a warm smooth grip snake around your body, holding you still. 

"Mmm... Tamaki..." You moaned, finding his sudden bold restraint of you thrilling. Your arousing noises began to affect Tamaki, and he tightened his grip on you, his only remaining desire to bring you further pleasure. The strong tentacle wrapped around your hipbone and waist, securing you in place while his tongue thrust deep between your legs. "Feels so good..." You writhed and groaned, reaching the peak of shrieking white. "Mmm.... Ohhhh!" A tingling arousal sparked through his veins, making him want more of you. But then he noticed-

"Ah!" He withdrew his hugging tentacle in despair while you sighed into the afterglow. "I'm s-sorry!" 

"Hmmm?" You hummed dreamily, calmly moving to stroke his hair. 

"I didn't realize that my quirk was still activated! That had to be really weird for you! I'm so sorry!" He hid his face in his hands, wanting to crawl away. 

"What are you talking about?" You clumsily, almost drunkenly, pulled him down on top of you for a grateful embrace. "That was so good, Tamaki. SOOOO good!" 

"What?! You really liked it?!" 

"You're the best!" You squeezed him tightly, noticing something poking you from below. You brushed his arousal with your fingertips again, eliciting a gasp from Amajiki. "It looks like someone's ready for more..." You teased.

"Sorry! It happened on it's own!" He started to shrink away from you to hide but you tightened your grip on him. How sweet he was. In all reality, if he really wanted to, his strength could overpower yours with ease, and he could make a swift escape. However, he settled for an uncomfortable wiggle in your grasp without actually pulling away. "I just... really liked seeing you feel good..." 

"Don't be sorry. I think it's normal to want to go twice." You didn't know from firsthand experience, but it didn't seem like it would be unheard of.

"T-twice?!" He gulped. "...That isn't against the bedroom rules, is it?"

"I told you already that those aren't real. It was just a joke." 

"It's not... greedy?" 

"No, Tamaki." You guided his shoulders down onto the bed with gentle verbal direction. "Lay here..." You clambered on top of him, straddling his hips and peering down at him. He drew his arms in close to his chest, feeling terribly exposed under your ravenous gaze. 

"I've... uh... never..." His insecurity was short lived, however, when your warm wet folds slid ever-so gracefully over his shaft. His eyes rolled back in unabashed pleasure from the new feeling. He caressed your hand gently, an unspoken request for more intimacy. You bent over and peppered his neck and cheek with loving kisses- the very best kind. 

You were already physically satisfied, veins still humming with the buzz of endorphins, but there was one thing you still had in the back of your mind. Now that the dam of exploration had been cracked, you wanted to see how much it would take to break it completely. You held him close, moving slowly and affectionately as he settled into this fresh sensation. You felt his whole body shudder and he let out an afflicted little mew. You held still for a moment, caressing his face with soothing fingertips, letting him catch his breath that was running away from him in a dizzying rush. 

"Tamaki..." You sighed in his flushed pointy ear.

"S-sorry..." There was no reason for him to apologize, but it was his default thing to say when he was flustered. 

"I love you." You weren't sure why you hadn't said it before now, but in that close intimate moment, you couldn't hold it back. He wrapped his arms around you, burying his blushing face into your collarbone before answering quietly.

"I... love you too." Amajiki felt weightless, as if there were a thousand butterflies in his stomach. But not really because that would be horrible. He wanted to seal the words with a kiss, praying that you wouldn't suddenly disappear because this was all just a dream or something. His lips gently swooped up to meet yours, stealing your breath right from your lungs. 

"Tamaki... now that you don't have to worry about feeling judged or anything, can I ask you to try one more thing with me?" He could hear the playful twinkle in your tone, knowing there was likely more trouble afoot. He just nodded in silence, accepting his fate. "I know this is probably really silly of me... but uh... you know how you get wings sometimes?"

"Yeah. They aren't very useful..."

"I've only seen them up close once or twice but... I've never gotten to touch them before..." A wandering hand crept its way under the arch of his lower back. "They always looked so... soft..." He pursed his lips but knew arguing would ultimately be futile and he would quickly become powerless to your persuasive ways. "Would you?" He pressed his body forward before a gust of wind blew lightly on your face. You smiled at the ethereal sight, immediately reaching out to touch them. He found a comfortable position at the edge of the bed with you on his lap. You fully trusted him not to drop you as you stroked the coverts of feathers, gliding exploratory fingers to the base. You noticed how this brought goose bumps to Tamaki's arms, and proceeded to find that little patch of skin where his wings protruded, running your fingernails over it. This earned you a full body shiver from him, and he muffled his moan in your collarbone. 

"Beautiful." You mumbled into his hair. He pulled back to look at you. "I feel really sinful though. It kind of feels like I'm doing it with an angel." Amajiki's face morphed in horror.

"You cant just say things like that!"

You laughed at your own awkwardness and felt giddy inside, planning to trade humor and pleasure with him as long as you could savor it. You decided to take your sweet time, knowing that if you had any say in it, these delightful ministrations would continue long into the night...


You awoke the next morning, opening your eyes to a confusing sight. ‘Who put that mirror there…’  You wondered, seeing your own face reflected before you. You stared for a moment, slowly coming back to your senses from a deep sleep. ‘Wait… my eyes aren’t closed… THAT ISN’T A MIRROR!’  You gasped and sat upright, looking around for Tamaki because the person lying beside you was definitely your body and not his. 

“Did we switch bodies?!” You leapt out of the bed and sprinted to the bathroom mirror to investigate. “Is this a villain’s quirk?!” Your violent movement shook the bed, rousing the not-quite stranger from slumber. 

A flick of the light switch and you saw your own face in the mirror, body still adorned in Tamaki’s “Fatgum’s Superstar” t-shirt from the night before. “So then who…” You stood there gawking in the mirror before realizing: “AGH! MANIFEST!” 

“F/N?” A voice called to you and you returned to the bedroom. You eyed him warily from the doorway. “Good morning.” 

“Morning…” You furrowed your brows at the sight before you. Your perplexed stare made the other person fidget.

“Did I… do something wrong?” They asked, pulling the covers up to their chin. 

‘Okay, that’s definitely Tamaki in there.’  You sighed, thankful there was no villain responsible for this ordeal. “No. You didn't do anything wrong.” 

“Then… wont you come back over here?” He put a hand on the quilt he was under, a timid invitation. “I erm…” He flushed pink, but it was still upon your features so you stared, bewildered. “…wanted to give you a uh… good morning kiss…” He saw your crooked look and started backtracking. “Th-that’s if it isn’t ah- too much… to ask…” You approached slowly and sat on the bed, completely intrigued by this whole ordeal and the impressiveness of his quirk. ‘How long is this going to last? How can his quirk be activated and Tamaki be unaware of it?’

“P-please say something…” He begged, probably as confused as you were. You put your hand upon his to brace him for the news. 

“Tamaki…” You tried to figure out how to phrase this to him delicately. “In your life, have you ever eaten anything… unusual?” He paused at the out-of-the-blue question.

“…Well… one time at the Tsukimi Festival, me and Mirio ordered some chicken from one of the vendors and I… sprouted cat ears…” He winced as if he was reliving it vividly. “It’s one of my worst memories…” He grimaced with a hint of shame in your features. You were surprised the change in his hair length alone wasn't enough to make him notice the transformation, as your locks were hanging over his eyes when he tilted his head. “Why do you ask?” 

“Uh… well hypothetically speaking… what if you ingested… human DNA?” Your face stared back at you in disgust.

“Hado tried to convince me to do that once with a strand of her hair. Who knows what would happen? Potentially I could mimic a piece of them with my hands or perhaps I could even use that person’s quirk... But I guess we’ll never know, huh?”

“Oh, I think I know…” 

“What do you mean?” 

“Come with me…” You gestured into the bathroom where he caught a glimpse in the mirror. He did a double take before shattering your eardrums.



“…I wish you wouldn't stare at me like that…” Tamaki mumbled at his breakfast while you scrutinized him scientifically. You were not used to seeing yourself like this, and quite frankly, it was fascinating to watch. 

“Sorry.” Was all you could say. “But don't worry. The effects will wear off by the end of the day.” You two had established this fact after finally calming him down from his panic attack this morning. “Good thing we didn't have school today…”

“You’re right. That would have been horrible.” 

“Everyone would have known what you had… eaten.” You grinned and he blushed, hiding his face in his hands. “By the way… would you activate your wings again? I’ve always wanted to know what I would look like with wings… And ooh! Can I take some pictures too?” 

“No… Please stop asking that…”

Chapter Text

You walked out of the communal dorm kitchen, fetching refreshments and a cookie before returning to the group. Your classmates were sitting in a misshapen circle, swapping silly secrets and dares. Ruckus laughter filled the room as Katsuki coughed, choking on a tablespoon of cinnamon that Kaminari had dared him to consume. 

You returned to your original seat next to Midoriya whilst Bakugou shrieked like a dying walrus. "Here, Izuku. I brought you a drink in case you were thirsty." 

"Thank you." He smiled gratefully as you extended your cup to him.

"*Cough! Cough!* Where's mine?! *Cough*" Bakugou gasped from across the circle.

"Oh jeez! Sorry Katsuki!" You grimaced, realizing you had forgotten one for the dare-sufferer. You held out your drink to him quickly. "Here, you can have mine!" He snatched it violently, swigging it down between angry coughs. Once he finally caught his breath, he stared you down with a vengeance. However, when he was done coughing, he approached you calm and collected, setting your nerves on edge. His butt plopped down right in front of you and he smirked. 

"F/N." His wicked grin sparkled. "Truth or dare?" It was not really a question, more of a challenge. You quietly pondered a moment, but he made the decision for you. He shot a glance to Midoriya and back to you, jerking his eyebrows upward in a 'knowing' sort of fashion. You gulped, understanding the implications. He had figured out your feelings for Izuku. When exactly? You had no idea. But it was clear that you had no other choice but to say:


"Are you crazy, F/N?!" Mineta gawked at you. Bakugou ignored him and spoke.

"Alright. Since you seem to love serving Deku so much, you get to be his maid for the rest of this week."

"Come again?" 

"And you have to wear the outfit and everything." 

You turned to look at Midoriya, who took your expression as a silent plea. "Oh! N-no! You don't have to do that for me-"

"Shut up, nerd! This is her dare and she has to do it! Got it?!" You gave a swift nod to Katsuki, setting the shenanigans in motion. 


"Oh Lord..." You grimaced, opening the cardboard box as Bakugou watched. Nestled inside was a small black maid outfit trimmed in ruffles and white lace. You held it up to yourself, checking the size. It was slightly low cut but nothing too lewd, and the skirt definitely wasn't as short as it could have been. You sighed in relief, taking in the small victory. 

"The Hell are you waiting for? Put it on." Katsuki urged impatiently, tapping his foot. 

"Ugh. Fine!" You spat, obeying his order. You regarded yourself in the bathroom mirror, discovering that it actually wasn't too bad. 'I actually look kind of cute.' Katsuki was waiting outside the door, arms crossed. He snorted upon seeing you. "Hey! I think I look pretty classy!" You stuck your nose up to the sky, jaunting confidently towards the second floor with swinging hips. He followed suit. "What?! Are you my chaperone or something?!" 

"Just making sure you don't chicken out." He stated plainly with a knock on Midoriya's door. You rolled your eyes.

"You're ridiculous." The door opened and suddenly you fell under Midoriya's gaze. It was then you understood, and it took every ounce of self-control to not bolt down the hallway. 

"Oh..." Izuku said, eyes locked on your figure. "So I guess we're actually doing this?" 

"Uh yeah..." He opened his door the rest of the way, allowing you to shuffle inside. 

"Make sure you do what you're told." Bakugou quipped in a condescending tone. You looked back at him in exhaustion. "EVERYTHING you're told..." Your eyes widened. 

"What did he mean by that?" Izuku questioned cluelessly. You shrugged but had a slight inkling as to the nuance of it. Finally you were able to take in the full nerdgasm that was Izuku's room. All Might from top to bottom. 'Just as I suspected...' 

Midoriya felt a little jittery, not sure how a girl would react to seeing his personal space. He was comforted by your next comment.

"Ooh! I have that same poster back at my parents' house." 

"Really?" He bubbled with excitement. "I got it at a convention when I was little."

"The one in Tokyo?!"


"I wanted to go to that so bad, but I got the chicken pox. I was inconsolable until mom bought me a copy of it online." You chuckled together before sharing an awkward silence. "So... since I'm here now, do you need me to do anything?" 

"Oh uh... I guess..." He rubbed the back of his neck. "My uh... mom used to do my laundry back at home... I know how to do it myself!" He added when he saw you smile at him. "But I haven't gotten around to it yet. I guess I'm still adjusting to living on my own. But I guess that's kind of embarrassing, huh..."

"No, I understand." You said. "A woman's touch always helps." He smiled bashfully at the ground and nodded. "Well leave it to me. I'll make you feel right at home." You gathered his clothes and left for the laundry room, feeling a little special when he provided you with his extra room key. 

The machines clunked loudly in the echoing grey room, so loudly, you didn't hear footsteps as they walked up behind you.

"Well damn! Guess he put you right to work. Didn't think that asshole had it in him."

"Ah! Katsuki, you scared me. ...Enjoying the view?" You questioned in a snarky tone, noticing him silently watch you bent over the laundry hamper.

"Tch. Shut up." He rolled his eyes, turning to stroll out of the room.

"WAIT!" Midoriya's voice echoed. He collided with Katsuki on his tear down the hallway. "DON'T LOOK AT-" He entered the room, but it was too late. There you stood, Midoriya's soiled All Might loins in hand. "AAH!" He froze, eyes wide. "Er-uh... those are..." You tried to hold back a grin at the sight of them. 'Oh no! What do I say?! There's no way she'll believe me if I say they aren't mine.'


"Hah! Nerd!" Bakugou teased before exiting, intentionally bumping a flustered Midoriya with his shoulder on the way out. He shut his eyes tightly, face burning brighter than a red Christmas tree light. 

"How embarrassing..." 

"I like them. It's so YOU." You giggled, trying to console him. 

"You're just saying that." 

"I mean it." You gave him a genuine smile. "I'm not judging you." 

"Whew... That's a relief." He huffed, running a hand through his hair. "I was almost certain that would scare you away." 

"Nope. It wouldn't matter to me if you had ten pairs." You jested happily.

'I have 14...' He fiddled with his fingers. "Heh... Right..." 

"You go ahead back to your room. I'll bring back your clothes when I'm done."


However, when you returned to his room later, he was nowhere to be found. You decided to explore a bit, alphabetizing his vast collection of hero books, flipping through his childlike doodles and notes with a smile. You even found a vacuum in his closet and decided to make use of it. 

The next thing you knew, it was morning, and the sun shone brightly through the window. "Huh?" You realized you were tucked in a soft All Might throw blanket on Midoriya's bed. "Did I fall asleep?" You mumbled, turning to look around. Izuku lay sprawled on the floor in his pajamas, using the once-folded laundry as a pillow for his head. "Oh no! Izuku!" You whined, stirring him from his slumber.

"Good morning." He looked up at you with a smile.

"I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to take your bed!" 

"Well... You just looked so tired, and you worked really hard cleaning the place. So I just didn't feel right about waking you." 

"I wish you had..." You frowned. "That must have been really uncomfortable for you." 

"It's all right, really." He stood up, his messy bedhead making it hard for you not to smile. 

"I'll make it up to you... How about I make you dinner this week or something?" 

"It's fine. You don't have to do that." 

"It's happening, Izuku." You asserted. 

"If you insist." He smiled brighter than the sun glaring through the blinds. "I think that sounds really nice." 

"Deal. Make me a list of foods you like and I'll surprise you." You pulled him to his feet off the hard floor. "...Why are you smiling like that?" 

"It's just... your hair in the morning is really cute, F/N-chan." You made a face, examining yourself in his mirror. 

"Agh!" Your hair was sticking out in all directions, rivaling even the fluffiness of Midoriya's. Embarrassed, you attempted to pat it down to no avail, making him giggle. "Damn..." 

"Fufufu. Since you're here... do you maybe want to have breakfast with me?" 

"Yeah. I think it's early enough to catch the hero news too." You two turned on his small television and munched on breakfast, sitting close together on his bed. Midoriya couldn't help but feel an eerie sense of comfort. Somehow despite the short amount of time he had spent with you, it already felt right. Like he was at home. 

"I should probably get going." You said with a stretch and a yawn. "Got some errands to run today."

"Oh... Okay." It was a surprise to hear disappointment in his tone. 

"But I can always come back later if you want." 

"Yeah. Sure." He waved you out the door with a crooked smile. You received a few dubious looks on the walk back to your room, but they were easy to ignore. A warm smile was plastered on your face from waking up next to Izuku. You had only just left, and yet you couldn't wait to go back and spend more time with him. 


"Damn... it's spotless in here." Midoriya said to himself, chewing his bottom lip. "If she comes back, she'll have nothing to do and leave again..." He frowned, saddened by the idea that his time with you would be cut short. "I could intentionally make a mess..." He pondered the brilliant idea for a moment. "But it would be mean to make her work so hard for no reason..." He sighed, torn between guilt and desire. "I could surprise her with snacks and a movie..." He blushed in the mirror. "No... that would be too obvious... She's not coming because she wants to anyway. Its just part of the dare..." 

A few hours later he heard a knock at his door. "H-hi F/N." 

"Hi, Izuku- holy crap! What happened?!" You gawked and Midoriya averted your gaze. "It looks like a freaking tornado hit this place!" 

"I uh... couldn't find... something..." He immediately regretted his deception. "You don't... have to do any of this if you don't want. I made the mess so I should be the one to clean it." 

"No. It's not a problem. Don't worry about it." You got right to work, sweeping up his scattered notebooks and papers from the floor and stacking them neatly. Midoriya's shame shrouded his aura as he watched you clean the mess he intentionally made, trying to come up with any conversation ideas that could lead to a casual movie date. Or any activity for that matter. He didn't care as long as the result was the same: more time with the one who's special to him. 

"Phew. Finished." You wiped your brow with your forearm, a job well done. It was then you heard a knock on the door. 


"I need your fridge, loser." 

"Uh... what for?"

"Bought a bunch of soda for a party later and I need someplace to store it till then." 

"Why not your fridge?" 

"Cuz it's busted. Maintenance won't come fix it until tomorrow." He shoved the soda into Midoriya's arms, glancing over to you. "Damn, Deku's not giving you a break, is he?" 

"I..." He looked at the ground, crestfallen.

"It's not like that." You defended. 

"Oh really. Do you call him master and all that other kinky shit?" 

"WHAT?!" Midoriya's jaw dropped as the bottle of pop slipped from his fingers. You dove to catch it, but it collided with the floor, carbonation flaring up. The cap shot past your face, sticky liquid cascading all over you.


"Butterfingers." Katsuki quipped. 

"I'm so sorry! Let me get you a towel!" Midoriya looked positively miserable from the ordeal he had put you through today. 

"My outfit..." You looked down at your soaked body. 

"I'll put it in the wash for you." Katsuki offered with a wicked grin.

"Huh?" You and Izuku said in unison. 

"What?! Why are you looking at me like that?"

"It's just... you just offered to do something nice for me. I was just worried you might be sick or something."

"I'm fucking nice as hell! What are you on about?! It's on my way downstairs anyway so shut up about it!"

"You're right. Sorry. Thanks for the favor." 

"Y-you can use my shower if you want..." Izuku said meekly. 

"I appreciate it. Thanks." You grabbed a towel and slipped into his bathroom, pulling off the sticky maid uniform. "Don't look.... Here." You extended it outside the door, only your bare arm visible. 

One delightfully hot shower later, you peeked into the bedroom, towel wrapped around your abdomen. "Izuku?" You questioned, but he wasn't in the room. He had a set of his spare clothes folded on the bed for you with a note. You smiled at his cute little All Might stationary. 

"Dear F/N,

Sorry for working you so hard today. Went to pick up food and a movie if you feel like sticking around. If you're tired, I understand too. Get some rest. 



'She probably knows I made a mess on purpose. And then I had to go and get her adorable outfit all sticky. I'm an idiot.' Midoriya hung his head on the walk back to the school dorms, certain he was returning to an empty room.

"You're here." He looked so genuinely surprised to see you. 

"Well yeah. I got your note." You held it up.

"You must be hungry." He quickly scattered the food across his bed to make it accessible to you. 


"I wasn't sure what you liked so I just got a bunch of different stuff." 

"I can pay you back." You said shakily, noticing the sheer volume of to-go boxes before you.

"No way!" He objected with a grin. "I'm paying YOU back for your services."

"Thanks, Izuku. You're so sweet." You patted the bed, gesturing him to sit next to you. He blushed and obeyed, trying to ignore the tight squeeze of his heart at the sight of you in his pajamas. It wasn't long before the movie plus Midoriya's comforting presence lulled you into a sleepy state. 

Your eyes fluttered open, a sweet sight coming into view. 'Did I fall asleep again?' Had you really slept in a boy's room for two nights in a row? And to top it all off, you weren't even dating said boy. 'What would people say?' You pondered a moment, but the insecurity quickly vanished at the sight of messy curls and freckles. Midoriya was breathing deeply, peacefully resting with an arm and leg pressed up against you. You couldn't fight back a sleepy smile, brushing his bangs aside with the gentlest caress. He sighed when your wandering hand pet his head softly. A tiny smile found its way to his lips as he slowly regained his consciousness. A bright shining pair of green eyes met yours before-

"Ah!" Midoriya blushed, realizing your faces were only inches apart. "F-F/N!" He backed up to give you some space. "I-I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to uh-" He couldn't think of a better word than 'violate' to describe his infringement on your personal bubble. He prayed he hadn't made you feel defiled by sharing bedspace with you. You read the hysteria in his face and giggled. 

"Good morning, Izuku." Your cheery demeanor comforted him.

"Oh! Uh... morning." His crooked smile melted your heart. 

"I'm glad you didn't sleep on the floor this time." You confessed sincerely. 

"Heh..." He ruffled his bedhead nervously. "Yeah. Me too." A long silence passed before you finally asked:


"Right!" He quickly hustled to his fridge, the carpet still a bit damp on his feet from the spilled soda. "I'm... out of food..." He frowned in dismay. "I guess I'll have to go the store later..." 

"I'll do it." You offered. "Just make a list and I'll run out for you." 

"You don't have to do that." He already felt guilty enough for all the things he's made you endure in such a short period of time. "I've already overworked you..." 

"No you haven't, silly!" You giggled, hopping off the bed. "That's my job." It was hard to describe, but you honestly adored doting on Midoriya. Anything you could do to make his life easier was all you desired. "I've gotta go get my outfit back from Katsuki. I'll see you in a bit." You sweetly ran your hand across his lower back as you reached for the doorknob. "Text me the grocery list." 

"Thanks, honey." Izuku said by accident. You turned around just in time to see him slap his hands over his mouth, blushing madly just before the door closed. A smile crept to your lips as you walked back to your room, a familiar warmth filling you up like a sunrise in your stomach. This feeling had been surfacing more often the more you saw Midoriya. In fact, you hoped to coax even more little terms of endearment from him before the week was out. 

"Hey, isn't that Midoriya's shirt?" You heard someone ask on your walk back to the room. However, you ignored it, brimming with a bubbly new affection that you couldn't hide. You didn't even have to stop by Bakugou's room, for he had left a bag with your outfit hanging on your doorknob. 

"How thoughtful of Katsuki." You mumbled, entering your room. You ate, did your chores, and ran to the store, deciding to adorn your uniform and return to your "honey" for the afternoon. You slipped into the familiar lacey article when:

"What the?!" 


Midoriya's forehead hit the door. "I can't believe I just said that!" He cursed himself, feeling like a bumbling lovesick idiot. How could he have let something like that slip so quickly?! Sure, he had noticed the arrangement was very similar to that of serious couples, husbands and wives even, but that didn't change how stupid he felt for outing his feelings. 'That was so obvious! There's no way I can hide it now...' He thought to himself, letting his back slide down the door until his bottom hit the floor.  'I can try to play it off. Like start calling everyone honey or something... Lots of people do that, right? I think Mina does. But maybe it's only okay when girls do it... Or better! Maybe she didn't even notice. The door closed pretty fast, right?' He grasped at straws to convince himself not to panic. "I guess I'll know later today when she doesn't come back..." He grimaced, walking over to his desk. "In the meantime..." He trailed off, deciding his passel of homework he had been neglecting might help take his mind off the situation.

He hadn't noticed several hours had passed until he heard a click. "F-F/N!" He seemed surprised to see you peeking around the corner of the door. 

"Hey. I let myself in. You don't mind, right?" 

"No... That's fine." 

"Well, don't let me bother you." You said quickly, hoping he would continue his studies and not notice... 

"It's no bother at-" He caught a full glimpse of you, losing all track of thought. It was then you knew he noticed, and wanted to punch Katsuki. During his "favor" to wash your uniform, he had also made some other... alterations... 

The skirt had been cut much shorter, the neckline plunged deep, not covering the edges of your lacy black bra at all. He snapped his head back to his homework, trying his best to fight back the sudden rise in his body temperature. 

"You didn't have a duster so I got you one." You stated matter-of-factly, knowing he had noticed by the ferocious blush on his face and the blatant aversion of your gaze. 

"Y-yeah- ah- thank you." He stared down at the assignment, no words from the page actually making their way to his brain. You proceeded to dust his bookshelf and desk in the areas he wasn't directly working. He thought he was doing a very good job of ignoring your body as you worked, no matter how difficult it was. He snapped the lead in his mechanical pencil once or twice, but that was the price to be paid for diligence. He had it down to a science. At least until-

A brush of his arm caught his attention and he glanced over at exactly the wrong time. Your skirt had softly grazed him as you bent to dust the nightstand, and Midoriya caught the full view of you in this position. You resumed your work unphased, turning back in his direction.

"Oh gosh! Are you okay, Izuku?" 

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"Your nose is bleeding." 

"Eh?!" He covered his nose, catching the blood before it spilled onto his notebook. You scrambled to get a tissue box. 

"Do you need to lay down or something?" 


"Maybe you should go to bed..." You placed a gentle hand on his curls. 

"I-...that might be a good idea..." 

"Okay. I hope you feel better. Text me if you need anything. I'll see you tomorrow." 

"Thanks." The door closed behind you and he flopped onto his bed with a "Phew! Maid outfits are dangerous..." 

Upon arriving to your room you received a goodnight text from Izuku and smiled warmly at your phone. 

"Goodnight, Izuku." You mumbled to no one, drifting off to sleep in your bed. 


'Only one more day after today.' You thought, feeling a little disappointed that your time with Midoriya had already flown by so quickly. You had to figure out something special to do for him. 

"I'm making us dinner tomorrow." You texted boldly, wishing you hadn't because you were going to see him in a little while anyway and what if he says no? But your fear was extremely short-lived; four or five seconds to be exact, when you saw his response text:

"Looking forward to it!"  


Chapter Text

'It's her last night... I have to find a way to let her know how I feel before then...'  A nervous bit of sweat formed at Izuku's temple as he fiddled with his tie in the mirror. "Why does this thing never look right..." 

He made his way to the communal kitchen where this whole dare had come full circle, smiling when he caught sight of you. You had been slaving over the stove for a while, wanting to make sure that the meal you made for Izuku was stellar. 

"Hey, F/N." He came up behind you with a smile. "Smells amazing." 

"Thanks." You turned, catching a glimpse of his attire. "Aw, Izuku! You didn't have to dress up. I'm just wearing this crummy thing." You gestured to your usual unimpressive maid outfit. 

"I wanted to." He scratched the back of his neck. "You making me dinner just feels like a special occasion." He blushed. "So... I just wanted to look nice..." 

"Well you succeeded." 

After a pleasant dinner together in the adjacent dining room, you put the soufflé in the oven to bake. 

"Hey." Bakugou's voice startled you from your concentration once again. 

"Oh hey, Katsuki." You smiled, but then realized you were still irritated about the number he did on your costume. "Wait, I have a bone to pick with you." He raised a bored eyebrow. 

"It looks better this way." He glanced down at your plunging neckline and smirked. You almost slapped him. 

"Ugh. I'll fight with you later for this. But right now I need a favor. I need to watch the dessert so it doesn't burn, but I forgot the sparkling cider in Izuku's room. Would you go grab it for me?" You held out Midoriya's spare key. "Please?" You pouted your lips. 

"Fine." He snatched it from your hand. 

"Don't trash his room please." You felt the need to say it, but a mischievous glint appeared in his eyes at the suggestion. "Seriously..." 

"Why would you think I would do that?! Jeez!" He muttered to himself bitterly as he walked away. 

'Katsuki's been gone a long time.'  Long enough for you to safely assume he wouldn't return with the drinks. But just as you and Midoriya dug into the soufflé, he rounded the corner with the bottle. 

"Ah! Thank you, Katsuki!" You beamed gratefully, Midoriya's key dropping into your palm.

"Whatever." He shrugged, eyeing the dessert in front of you. "Is that chocolate?" 

"Yes. You want some?" You offered, thinking he had earned a piece from doing you a favor. He leaned over to whisper in your ear.

"Did you pick chocolate because it's an aphrodisiac?" 

"N-NO!" Your face became blaring red instantly. "SHUDDUP!" Midoriya just stared at you, clueless. Bakugou took his leave, snorting at your discomfort. 

"Uh... You want some?" 

"WHAT?!" You snapped your head up, wondering if he heard that and was offering what you think he was offering. "Oh..." He was holding up the opened bottle, ready to pour you a glass of cider. "Er- yes please...." 

The two of you eventually decided to gather the leftovers and maybe plan for a movie after dropping them in the fridge. You returned with Midoriya to his room, walking closely by his side as you went. He fiddled a bit, searching for his keys. "Allow me." You said politely, using his spare key. You opened the door slightly, flipping the switch, but no lights came on. "What the..." You mumbled, pushing the door open all the way. You tripped over a string while crossing the threshold, and the sudden sound of soft music filled your ears. The hinge clacked shut and you both froze at the sight in front of you. The entire room was adorned in flickering tea light candles, rose petals besprinkled across the floor in a suggestive trail leading from the door to Izuku's bed. Your eyes bugged out, knowing who must have done this. 

Midoriya stood there agog for a moment, taking in all of the effort that you must have put into this. He gulped, feeling the thick aroma of vanilla and roses wash his senses away in a sweet wave of intoxication. He noticed a small boom box rigged up to a string, examining it as the love song played. 

"Is this... Brian Adams?" He asked while you slowly crept farther into this love nest that was once a nerd kingdom.

"Lionel RichieEEEEEEE!" You squealed as you noticed the writing on the bed. Scrawled neatly in rose petals were the words, "I want you, Izuku." Without hesitation you rocketed onto the comforter, covering the message before he could see it. 'I'm gonna KILL you, Katsuki!'  You mentally promised yourself. Midoriya approached you slowly, timidly. 

"W-What are you doing?" His mouth was dry, a trembling nervousness churning in his stomach. It was only then that you realized you were sprawled out on your back, arms and legs starfished across the bed, revealing your undergarments beneath your now-much-shorter-than-before skirt. 

"Uh..." You grasped at mental straws before plucking a stupid excuse from the works. "I'm uh... making a rose-petal angel..." Your ears burned hot from embarrassment as you floundered on the bed, flailing your arms and legs in a snow-angel motion. You noticed how your indecent display flustered him, and you closed your legs together with an audible slap. 

You gasped again, now noticing something even more lewd than before. Perched on his pillow was a small bottle of body chocolate. You snatched it and hid it behind your back, scooting towards the wall. You met his green eyes, observing your every movement with calculation. 'Oh god... she's waiting on my bed... What do I do?!' Midoriya panicked. 'I've never had a girl be this forward towards me before... How should I respond? Should I be confident and go over there? Should I ask permission?'  The tension was solid, palpable. You went to shift into a less-compromising position, but your sweaty hands lost a grip on the bottle. It slid behind his bed with a clunk. Unfortunately, the tiny container didn't stop. The momentum from the fall sent it rolling directly to Izuku's feet. You were certain your brain would explode right then and there. 

'Damn round bottle and your damn roundness...' 

A lump formed in his throat. "I-is this... b-" He lost his voice, tugging at his shirt collar as it became increasingly harder and harder to breathe. 'Oh god! Oh god! She's obviously a professional at this! I cant possibly live up to her standards!' He felt his heart throwing itself against his ribcage, the way a violent intruder might pound on an unyielding door. He bit his lip and stared at the floor, blushing madly. You were pretty sure you'd seen him less frightened when he was fighting ACTUAL villains. Your mouth fell open, utterly speechless.

"Uh... Izuku... this uh... isn't what it looks like!" You defended, expression that of a deer in the headlights.

"You know, F/N... this is r-really nice and all... b-but..." He gulped, breaking out in a cold sweat. You frowned, awaiting the rejection for the move you didn't actually make on him. You concluded that this must have been Katsuki's plan all along. To humiliate you beyond all reason and ruin your reputation all in one fell swoop. "but..." He continued, rubbing the back of his neck bashfully. "It kind of puts a lot of p-pressure on me... and- I don't... know if I can live up to your expectations..." He admitted.

"No, no!" You leapt off the bed. "You've got it all wrong! I'm not expecting anything from you!" You fumbled awkwardly, searching for words. "This is all just a big misunderstanding!" 

"But... since you went through all this trouble..." He gestured to the romantic ambiance that charmed him more with each passing minute. " would be wrong of me to not at least give it a plus ultra, right?" You shut your blabbering mouth, realizing the proposal he just made to you. 

"Huh?" You blinked at him, a sudden wave of anticipation coursing through you. You gawked at him, making him fidget under your stare. 

"J-just p-promise to be p-patient with me." He shut his eyes tightly, flushing a shade of red not yet known to mankind. "I've never... uh... you know..." 

He peeked his eyes back open to see if you bore him a contemptuous gaze, but your eyes were twinkling with delighted disbelief. You felt that was enough permission to get closer to him so you took a step forward. 'I can't believe this is really happening!' You squealed internally. After your unbearably awkward behavior, he still found you attractive enough to agree to physical relations with you with almost no hesitation. A swell of affection washed through your chest, bringing with it an encouraging smile. 'I take back everything I said about killing you, Katsuki!' You thought in elation, sending him a silent prayer as if he was a glorious matchmaking deity. 

"S-since you obviously know what you're doing..." He glanced to the body chocolate on the ground. "I... might need some... d-directions..." He looked at you for guidance, insecurity painting his tone. You grinned.

"But Izuku, I'M the maid, remember?" You closed the last distance between you, faces inches apart. "I have to do everything YOU say." He looked shocked by such a bold offer, and nervously glanced away. 


"Just tell me what you want me to do and I'll do it." You smiled sweetly. He pondered this a moment. 

"Y-you'll tell me if you don't want to do something though, right?" 

"Of course." You waited patiently for his orders, unaware of how your sunset eyes in the glowing candlelight were sweeping him off his feet yet again. Midoriya huffed through his nose, mustering up his bravery. 

"Uh... would you kiss me?" He whispered breathlessly. You nodded.

"Where?" You asked suggestively, fluttering your lashes at him. The question caught him off guard, sending him spiraling down into a ball of nerves again. 

"Ah-er... um..." He had the mind to say 'anywhere' but thought that was too much. He didn't want to scare you away with a perverted answer. "M-my hands?" He said quickly, thinking that would be an okay place to start. You smiled, knowing that wasn't what he wanted to say. You took his hand gently in both of yours, drawing it up to your mouth. You placed a light peck on the top of his hand before flipping it over and kissing his palm. You locked eyes with him, tracing a line with your tongue from his palm to his fingertip. A jolt of electricity shot through his body, resetting his heartbeat to maximum speed. You kissed each one of his fingertips individually, slowly taking his index finger into your mouth. You could taste the sweat from his palm as you sucked it gently, pulling it out with a quiet pop. He swallowed thickly, taking a shaky breath. You figured he had forgotten all about giving you orders, for he just watched you, lips parted in awe and anticipation. He clearly needed a bit of a reminder, so you spoke again.

"Where else?" 

"Oh!" His focus returned from the dizzying rush and he pointed to his cheek. "H-here?" He still wouldn't look you in the eye while asking, which struck you as endearing. You held him close, placing a long tender kiss on his freckled cheek. You pulled back to look at him, but didn't have to wait this time. He already had a timid finger pointing to his lips, his shimmering emerald eyes sweetly begging. You drew him into a passionate embrace, meeting his lips at last. He yanked you against him, holding you as close as he possibly could, and wove an exploratory hand through your hair. 

Izuku was much more vocal than you expected someone like him to be. As your tongues and mouths rollicked freely, he didn't hesitate to let little 'mm's, moans, and sighs resonate from his throat. It was refreshingly unhindered and you wanted more. You slithered both hands through his hair, gripping gently and massaging as you went, hearing a very pleased purr vibrate through his chest. 

It didn't take long to discover that he was a clumsy kisser, significantly lacking in experience. However, it didn't hinder his enthusiasm, as he was now moving his mouth against yours faster than you could keep up. You had to pull apart for oxygen, a large nebulous trail of saliva left in your wake. You wiped the copious amounts of drool from your mouth with your forearm. 

"Sorry." He panted, wiping his own mouth dry.

"Don't worry about it." You smiled to abate his unease. "What else can I do for you?" You caressed his jawbone to his chin as the red and gold candlelight smoldered in his eyes. 

"Get on the bed..." Midoriya didn't stutter this time, but his self-doubt was evident when his voice wavered. You obeyed swiftly, scattering the rose petals as the mattress bounced. You beckoned, laying sideways and patted the bed, awaiting you lover's arrival as a lacy sleeve of your uniform draped off your shoulder. He moved towards you like a man hypnotized, finally taking the reins of initiative. 

He hovered above you with uneven bated breath, regarding your intense sensuality in that risqué outfit. He was uncomfortably hot again, but this time he ripped off his tie and tossed it over his shoulder, refusing to take his eyes off you. 

"Let me touch you..." He sighed, but it was still a question of permission. You nodded in silence; the only sound was his loud breathing and the enticing music in the background. With your consent at his disposal, he traced a line up your arms, elucidating his fantasy in his mind as it unfolded. Then it was over your bare shoulders and neck. Goosebumps raised on your arms at how feather-soft and tantalizing his touch was. His hand graced your collarbone, stopping just short of the swell of your breast. His pink cheeks darkened, biting his lip in reluctance. You knew what he wanted and did him one better. You took his hand and slid it, not over, but INTO your uniform. His palm felt the softness of your bare breast and you quivered as his rough fingerprint brushed your protruding nipple. 

He went fiercely hard in a hurry, the sudden rush of blood making the room start to spin. He fell forward, his weight collapsing on you. He squeezed with his hand, planting a wet kiss to your neck. It was maddening that you weren't running your hands all over him in response. You had decided to let him do what he wanted with you instead, supine and submissive beneath him. 

"Touch me." He pleaded desperately, hot breath steaming your ear. You obeyed, latching your limbs around him like a venus flytrap. You pulled him into another deep kiss, rolling him onto his back. As you sat perched on his hips you felt a rigid poke beneath your skirt, Midoriya's response to your allure. 

You ran your hands down his chest and back up again, undoing the top few buttons. You held up a finger, your warmth disappearing from him momentarily whilst you retrieved the body chocolate. You straddled him again and held it up with questioning eyes. He nodded fast, unbuttoning the rest of his shirt with vibrant enthusiasm while you unscrewed the bottle. Your mouth watered when the decadent chocolate aroma filled your nostrils. First you got a small bit on your finger and placed it on his lips, which was followed by a swirling chocolate kiss, tongues battling for every last little taste of sweetness. Next you scooped out a generous dollop with two fingers. 

His body shivered with excitement as he watched you run that chocolate from his neck to his naval. You slid a flat teasing tongue along the line, slurping and lapping as the hot saliva flowed from your mouth. You licked beneath his bellybutton, sneaking your tongue just under the waistband of his boxers. "Ah!" He huffed, squirming beneath your magic touch. 

You slid you hand even farther down, palming the ferocious bulge between his legs. He groaned as you tormented him with light force, the seams of his pants screaming in protest from the pressure they were under. You noticed and mercifully released him from his bonds, springing forth the evidence of his lust. You stuck a finger into the chocolate, looked down at his flushed shaft, and then back to his equally flushed face. 

"Ohh! Y-yes, please!" He shuddered as the cool viscous liquid made contact with his hot member, watching you with attentive sultry eyes. He felt the tiniest twinge of guilt for pressuring you, but the stimulation of your wet mouth around him melted all of his doubts away. His thoughts were a puddle circling the drain of physical desire. Your tongue swirled the head and length of his shaft, mapping the topography of every little vein and divot. 

"Unh! Haaaahhh..." He mewled and writhed, lifting his hips to savor the sensation. You sucked and pumped his length before the sweet flavor disappeared. Now you were tasting only him in his pure essence, a decadent treat in itself. 

"Ohhhh! ...I want.... nyaaahhh..." He rode the heavenly high, chasing the pleasure as it crashed through his body with every flick of your tongue. He was losing himself, unable to spare a brain cell for anything else. It didn't help that he was a total greenhorn at this, sensitive beyond all comprehension.

"Pleeeaaasseee..." he whimpered, head snapping back. 

"Please what, Izuku?" You teased, only removing your mouth just far enough to speak. "What do you want..." 

"Don't... stop..." He pleaded between pants. You buried him deep into your cavern, nose tickled by the curly tuft of hair down there. You inhaled his scent, but something made you recoil.

"Do you smell something?" You asked.

"Ah? Oh, I'm kind of sweaty... It's probably- AGH!"


Draped over one of the candles was Izuku's tie that he had thrown earlier, wreathed in flames.

"Oh no!" You threw it in the sink as quickly as possible, dousing the fire in cold water. He got up, legs wobbly, and examined the toasted article. 

"I liked that tie..." 

"That's a shame. I guess all these candles are a bit of a fire hazard, huh?" 

"That's the price of romance I suppose." He giggled, causing you to grin. 

"Where were we?" You asked, leading him back to the bed. 

"Right about here." He replied, wrapping his arms around your waist and peppering your neck with little love nips. He plucked at the ties of your corset bodice. "Can I?" 

"Like I said, Izuku. You don't have to ask anymore." 

"Take it off." He ordered. You smiled, eyebrows raised at his sudden smoldering confidence. His expression still wielded a considerate sweetness despite his commanding words. You obeyed, sliding off the top half and unlatching the black bra. You brought your hands to your hips, about to slide off the lacy bottom half, but his hands stopped you. "N-not the skirt..." He blushed. "I like it..." He admitted, his bashful nature resurfacing. 

"You're the boss." You smiled, removing just the underwear beneath. He sighed, coming up behind you. Your bare back met his chest, glistening with a light sheen of sweat. His rough hands caressed your breasts, while his hot breath covered your neck. He savored the velvety softness of the skirt against his shaft, letting his hand slide over your belly button and between your legs. You gasped, falling forward from the new exciting stimulation. You balanced yourself with your hands on the bed, bent over and arching your back as his fingers teased your wet folds. 

Izuku's pupils were blown, arousal all but pouring off his skin. "So wet..." He breathed, his tip begging at your entrance. You trembled with anticipation. How naughty, being taken from behind while still wearing part of a maid outfit. You looked back at him, giving him a nod of permission.

"Go ahead, love." You braced yourself for the penetration, groaning as he plunged himself inside. His own carnal moan harmonized with yours and he leaned against you, trying to maintain his balance and sanity through the immense wave of pleasure hitting him. He took slow, affectionate strokes as his finger excited you from the front. It was almost impossible to believe that he was inexperienced, as every touch from him was sending you to new heights, twitching and writhing beneath his grasp. 

His angle was perfect, hitting exactly the right spot with every thrust. "Ohhhh...." You bit your lip as he placed his other hand on your hip, guiding his thrusts as they increased in speed. "Oh, Izukuuu..." You moaned, the inward pressure building. Suddenly, you felt empty and his movements had stopped. "Eh? No, don't stop!" You whined.

"S-sorry." He huffed, realizing he was too close to the edge. "I just needed to catch my breath for a minute." You waited impatiently, wiggling your bottom at him in a teasing protest while he prepared for round two. He laid a gentle kiss on your hand in an attempt to heighten the romance. "Okay..." He slid back in, shocked at how much tighter it was than before. "Mmmnh!"

"Annnhhh..." You arched your back, impassioned by his coos of desire. He thrust deeper and faster, sending you panting into an explosive bliss. Your erotic outcry sent Midoriya reeling. His world dissolved into delicious sensations, relishing in the unimaginable pleasure rippling through him. Whimpers and moans escaped his lips as you grinded down against your captive, feeling a warm liquid fill you up. 

"Wow..." His legs refused to hold him up anymore and he stumbled forward, taking you with him to the bed. You giggled as the mattress bounced, crawling into his welcoming arms. He heaved in air for another moment or two. "Wow..." He repeated, almost in disbelief of the events that had just befallen him. 

"Wow indeed." You agreed, trying to catch your breath despite how tightly he was squeezing you. 

"Mmmmm." He nuzzled you, burying his face in your hair. "Thank you." He said in the cutest way possible. 

"Thank you too." You chuckled, gazing into his sparkling emerald eyes. You expected him to be radiant with the afterglow, but his smile had disappeared. "What's wrong?" You asked, kissing his cheek. 

"I'm just going to miss having you around all the time... Since this is your last day and all..." 

"I'm not going anywhere, Izuku." You asserted, mischief blossoming in your eyes. "I have to do anything you ask, remember?" A tiny smile pulled at Midoriya's lips. "I'm staying. That is... unless my services are unsatisfactory to you." You raised a snide eyebrow at him. 

"Yeah right!" He laughed, shaking his head at the ridiculous notion. 

"Then I propose that we negotiate a long-term contract." 

"Agreed." He nodded with a determined sense of purpose. "F/N, will you be my girlfriend?" 

"Only if it's forever." You grinned widely upon seeing his coy blush. 

"Deal." He smiled, pulling you into a loving embrace.


Chapter Text

“Don't hurt yourself.” Kaminari almost mocked as you continued adding weight to the leg press machine. 

“Shut up, sparky!” You shooed him out of your way, grabbing another thirty-five pounder.

“He’s right, F/N.” Kirishima’s tone rang with concern rather than condescension. “We know how strong you are. I don't want you to overdo it.” 

“I got this, okay?” You sat down and huffed in preparation, flexing before the weight released. It was surprisingly not as hard as you anticipated and you pressed the machine forward. ‘I guess all that training really paid off after all.’ 

“Holy shit!”

“Way to go, F/N!” Kirishima grinned. “I knew you could do it!” 

“Thanks.” You returned his cheeky smile and looked at Kaminari. “In yo face!”

“Alright fine.” He admitted. “Lets do some arms. I did legs yesterday.” 

Eijirou’s lifting skills put yours and Denki’s to shame as he pressed massive barbells above his head with a masculine grunt. 

“Aw. Come on!” Denki whined. “If I tried that without your quirk, I’d get totally squashed.” 

“Eijirou’s just so manly!” You reached out and squeezed his rippling arm muscles, savoring the firm skin as your fingers traced the grooves. Kirishima beamed at the gracious compliment, blushing as he watched your hand slide down his sweaty arm. This little flirting game had been going on for a while, the tension building between you more electric than Denki’s quirk. “I-“ You realized what you were doing. “I’m er- pretty sweaty. I think I’ll call it a day and go shower…” 

“Not a bad idea.” Kirishima agreed, walking with you past the water fountains on the way to the locker room.

“Oh…” An inconvenience struck you. A bright yellow sign blocked the girls locker room adorned with the words: “Under renovations.” 

“Hm.” Kirishima made a face. “That’s unfortunate. I mean… you can come over and use my shower if you want.” 

“Um…” Under normal circumstances you would take that as a perverted invitation, definite strings attached. But then you looked into Kirishima’s bright and honest eyes, realizing his intentions were probably pure. Not that you would have minded if they weren't...  “Yeah. Thanks.” 

The walk to his apartment was spent trading compliments on each other’s feats of strength, both in the gym and in rescue training. Then somehow it morphed into competitive teasing. By the time he pulled out his room key, it had already been decided that you would spar to see who would come out on top. 

“Oomph!” You were pounced upon the second his door closed. “Hey! I wasn't ready!” You squawked, but his playful smile soon melted your curmudgeon away. You fought against his strong grip, using your fierce legs to knock him off balance. He toppled beside you from the force and hit the ground. This back and forth went on a while, each of you besting the other with unique fighting styles until you were sweaty and out of breath. Finally, with a grunt of exertion, you pinned him with his hands above his head. His body surrendered and he smirked up at you. 

“You win.” You pursed your lips, knowing this was a load of bull. 

“You let me win.” Your grumpy tone made him chuckle. 

“It takes a real man to obey the commands of his lady.” He blinked, realizing that had come out all wrong. Especially since you were straddling him on the ground, panting and hot. You mirrored his blush but couldn't tear your eyes away from his amiable face. 

“I’m… your lady?” As much as you wanted to keep a poker face, you couldn't hide the warm crooked smile that bloomed on your face. 

“Uh… yeah. I mean… if you wanna be…” It was really hard to be suave and manly with you sitting on top of him like that. 

“M-maybe I… do…” His immediate toothy grin of joy almost literally sucker-punched your insecurities away, and you suddenly felt bold enough to lean down towards his mouth. He sat up, enthusiastically repaying your kiss. His sharp teeth grazed your lips and you shuddered into his embrace. You felt his strong arms wrap around your waist tightly, comfortably shifting you onto his lap. The roughhousing and gym workout had left his hair gel all but absent, allowing his hair to fall onto his neck and flushed face. 

His crimson cheekbones matched so harmoniously with his hair and eyes, and it was at that moment that you realized your favorite color was red. You licked his bottom lip into your mouth, plush and pliant between your teeth. It was a delicious contrast to his usual rock-hard body. Speaking of which… 

“Hey, Eijirou…” You pulled back with a sultry simper. “Are you using your quirk or are you just happy to see me?” 

“Aw, hey.” He looked down bashfully. “Don't tease me like that… I just really liked when you bit my lip.” 

“Really?” You raised your eyebrows in genuine surprise. “Those sharp chompers of yours and you like being bitten?!” This situation was ironic to the point of being humorous. 

“Is it that unusual?” You heard the self-doubt in his voice and had no intention on letting it seep any deeper. 

“Nope. Its great because I like biting you.” He gasped at the swift but gentle bite to his neck. You grimaced as a result from the salty taste. “Eh.” You hung your tongue out of your mouth. “But I’d probably like it more if you weren’t so sweaty.” He threw his head back in a hearty laugh at that.

“Well how about I shower then?” 

“Sounds like a plan.” 

He removed only his gym shirt in front of you, opening the door to his bathroom. In all honesty, he was terribly bummed by your lack of a reaction when he took his shirt off. ‘I have been working really hard at the gym. Is it not enough?’  He pondered solemnly. He hadn’t accounted for the fact that his hero costume was practically shirtless to begin with and you had grown used to seeing that much of him on the regular. You watched expectantly when the article hit the ground, waiting for more. Kirishima decided to try one more thing. 

“If you need a drink or something, my water bottle’s right over… there.” You grinned when he intentionally flexed his muscles to point towards it. 


Your lack of a saucy flirtatious response only discouraged him further, and he turned to enter the bathroom alone. Little did he know, the invitation he had dropped had been clearly received… and accepted…

Once the door had shut behind him, you mirrored his actions and slipped out of your sticky hot shirt. One sound of running water and a rustle of a shower curtain later, you had snuck in behind him, quietly eyeing his body before he stepped in.

“Ah!” He jumped a little, only turning halfway around to shield your innocent eyes from his nudity. “F/N, you scared me.” 

“Gee, Eijirou. The door wasn't locked. It’s almost as if you wanted someone to walk in.” 

“Accidents happen...” He held his hands up, knowing he’d been caught. Its not like he was trying to force anything. He just wanted to drop the hint without pressuring you. 

For some reason it had taken until now for him to notice your shirtless body and he gawked without thinking.

“Uh… isn’t the water gonna get cold?” 

“Eh?” He blinked himself back to reality, realizing the water had been running the whole time. “Ah, yeah…” You giggled and approached him boldly. 

“May I?” It seemed like a good idea to get his verbal permission before recklessly forcing him into a lewd situation. It was such a sweet relief to him that you were so forthright in your willingness to be close to him. His enthusiasm bubbled to the surface once more and he swept you up in his arms with ease. 

“Ladies first.” 

You both sighed as the steaming heat warmed your bodies, embracing and kissing and switching positions to share the water. For such a wild new erotic activity, you didn't feel any sort of churning anxiety. You were certain being in this situation with anyone else would have been riven with awkwardness and sexual tension, but somehow doing it with Kirishima felt natural, like you were comfortable and home. He wasn't overly handsy, letting you adjust to the intimacy at your own pace. He pulled back and tilted his head expectantly, making his neck very obviously available. You obeyed, starting to leave marks with your teeth along his collarbone. He let out little moans and held you closer. You felt the same hardness as before pressed against your body, slippery and hot. He let out a gasp of surprise when you palmed it, biting down hard on his neck. He took your wrist in hand, pulling it off. 

“Like I said… ladies first.” A spritely playful grin pulled at his cheeks as he slid down to his knees, planting a sweet kiss to your tummy on his way down. You braced yourself against the chilly tile wall for support as he ran his lips along your inner thigh. A sharp sensation made you gasp and pull on his hair. 

“Ah! Teeth!” He laughed at your bug-eyed fearful expression.

“Oops. Forgot about that. Sorry.” 

“Er… it’s fine. It’s not that I mind being bitten. Just maybe… not… there…” 

“I’ll be careful, I promise.” 

You sighed as he worked his way back between your legs, tongue exploratory and exciting. It was only moments before he had you contorting with pleasure. There was no fear about losing yourself. You knew if you lost balance or toppled over, he would catch you. This lovable boy was the rock of stability you needed in your life. 

“Are you alright? I feel like I’m drowning you.” You panted, suddenly worried all of the hot water running down your body was suffocating him. 

“Mhm.” He twisted his head, finding a fantastic new angle. The roller coaster you were on reached its peak, and you moaned and writhed before his eyes. He gracefully let you slide down the wall and onto your knees with a happy sigh. 

“Mmmm…” You fluttered your wet lashes at him. “Your turn.”

“H-huh?” He blushed, moaning loudly when your slippery hand made contact with his shaft. He gripped your hips tightly, pulling you in for another deeper, more intimate kiss. Suddenly, the hot water ran out, and an icy blast froze the two of you.



Chapter Text

Guilt. It was not a trait Katuski usually expressed. Obviously though, because he’s never wrong about anything! But he did something wrong this time. Oh, he definitely did something wrong… 

“Agh!” While he was staring at the ground in thought, he collided with a stranger on the sidewalk. His mind was so preoccupied that he even forgot to give that fucker a piece of his mind for bumping into him. He simply kept walking. ‘What do I say?’  His scowl was more pronounced than usual, eyebrows knit together tightly in distress. ‘She’s going to be pissed… Maybe she’ll punish me…’  His heart began to race at the thought. ‘No. Why am I even thinking about that right now? She might ACTUALLY leave me…’  It was then that he was face to face with the front door. 

Night had fallen during Katsuki’s self-reflection, and the door of the flat creaked open. ‘One… two… three…’  Okay, so he’d been home for three full seconds and the shouting match hadn’t started. ‘Maybe she didn't find out yet…’  He let out a tentative sigh, knowing the truth would inevitably come out soon enough. You both worked at the same hero agency after all, and nobody anywhere can keep their goddamn mouths shut. 


“Shit…” A wave of light filled his eyes and there you stood before him, arms crossed in the doorway. “Hey…”

“Explain yourself!” 


“You lousy cheater! How could you do this to me?!” 

“We didn't go all the way-”

“Is that supposed to make me feel better?!” Honestly, it kind of did a little bit, but there was no way you’d admit that to him. 

“It fucking should! The bitch recognized me from the sludge villain days and tried to kill me. Its honestly lucky I even made it back here alive.”

“Oh yeah. You got lucky. REAL fuckin’ lucky!” 

“It’s not like that! I was just trying to complete the mission! I had to extort information-"

"Oh! Was the information hidden in that whore's BRA by chance?!"

"Come on! It didn't mean anything!“

“THAT’S your excuse?!” 

“NO!” He decided that, as much as he loved opportunities to yell, it was time to try to be tame and truthful. “I …blew it, okay? I admit it…” He frowned at the floor, but the genuine guilt flickering in his eyes was apparent, leaving you speechless. was apparent in his eyes. The pain of feeling replaced was too much, so you turned on your heels and swept out of the room. “Wait! Where are you going?!” He chased you into the bedroom where you threw open the closet door and began shifting through items. A pang of realization hit him; you were packing… “WAIT GODDAMMIT! LET ME EXPLAIN FIRST!” 

“You already did that.” You replied without looking at him, cold and distant. 


“Mhm…” A few more items were moved aside before you found the box you were looking for. He grabbed your body and forced you to face him, pinning you gently to the wall. He looked angered, yet distraught, the hint of tears held back just enough to spare his pride. 


“You’re in my way.” Your voice was a dagger, sharp enough to pierce his heated façade. He froze, letting you pass. The old box of belongings sparked many nights of memories with Katsuki. You rustled through it, ignoring your lover’s hysterical uproar behind you. 


You finally turned, items in hand, to find Katsuki in a heap on the ground, utterly beside himself. Little did he know, you had no intention of leaving him. This was all simply part of your elaborate punishment…

“Katsuki…” He looked up from his knees, finally shutting his mouth. “I’m going to prove who you really belong to…”

It was then Bakugou saw the handcuffs and whip in your hands, and nodded once in consent. Generally in times like this, he liked putting up a fight and making it difficult for you. However, his shame made him the ideal little prisoner, perfectly submissive and obedient to your command to lie on the bed. The handcuffs snapped shut with a snap, clacking against the metal bedframe. A shiver rushed through his body from excitement and fear. He knew his goose was cooked. 

“Flip over.” He obeyed. Spanking was an integral part included in his usual  bedroom punishment regimen. Not that he minded it at all. And though he would never fully admit to it, he liked you taking charge in the bedroom. It wasn't in his nature to screw around with girls who didn't know what they want. 

The anger in you was still fresh, and you decided that the leather whip you usually used would not produce a sting sharp enough for your liking. “Don't move.” Your voice came out low, threatening. ‘Dammit!’  Bakugou thought as you exited the room. ‘Her aggressive voice is so goddamn HOT!’  In this position he was so helpless, like a black widow spider awaiting his mate to come and devour him. It was so… sexual. His body was already reacting to the situation at hand. You returned with a wicked grin and a new item to play with, turning off the bedroom light in an attempt to heighten his other senses. 

“What is that?” Katsuki saw the shining gleam reflect off the object in your hands.

“Shut up, you little slut. You don't get to speak unless you’re spoken to.” One flick of your wrist to his rear end resulted in a loud crack. He gasped from the sudden pain. ‘Not enough…’  You thought. “I think it’s time to get you out of those pesky clothes…” 

You rolled him onto his back again, ripping open his button-down shirt. You could see his throbbing hardness already pressing against the seams of his pants before you yanked them off as well. There he lay before you, watching with wanting eyes as you traced light fingertips over his rippling abdominals and bare thighs. You had him roll over again while you fetched the remaining box of toys from the closet. 


The metal spatula you had retrieved from the kitchen made contact with Katsuki’s bare ass, causing him to holler out in pain.

“AGH! That fucking hurt!” He griped, but you weren’t having any of that. You grabbed him by the hair and forced a ball-gag into his mouth, nearly getting bitten in the process. 

“That’s better. Now you can’t spout any more bullshit.” You ran another teasing hand over his body, stopping right on his manhood. “You’re getting hard from this? You sick fuck.” A sadistic smile couldn't help but creep up your lips. Katsuki was staring daggers at you now, but the raging arousal before you reminded you how much he was enjoying himself. “Don't look at me like that. If you behave yourself and do what I say, I promise I’ll reward you.” You glided your body up and down his chest, rubbing his member with the soft fabric of your shirt. This elicited the first lustful moan from him, and you knew this was just the very beginning. 

Your wet flat tongue licked his tip into your mouth, taking him fully just once before pulling off with an audible pop. You lightly blew air on it, watching his face redden and contort and your captive twitch in protest. He groaned, lifting his hips, expecting you to give him more. He was mistaken.

Slowly, deliberately, you removed your clothes. Katsuki was wiggling impatiently on the bed, making exasperated noises from your leisurely pace. Finally, you slid onto his member, noting his eyes roll back in pleasure. He snapped his hips up to meet yours as you ground down on him, feeling him thrust into you deeply. You waited until he was sweating and increasing his pace feverishly before you jumped off the bed. A little revolting yelp squeaked through his muzzle. 

“I can’t have you finishing just yet.” Another shuffle of the box and you had found Katsuki’s most hated item. 

“NNNGGH!” Katsuki fought, sweaty thrashing against the bed as you slid a cock ring onto him. 

You returned to your former position, finally letting yourself go. You moaned openly, allowing your hair to fall in all directions as you rode him passionately. Your nipples hardened whilst he sent you to new heights, the fire in you exploding at last. Katsuki was reeling, desperately letting out animalistic sounds while you writhed before his eyes. The pressure building was excruciating. The need was far too great for him at this point. After coming down from your high, you slumped onto his chest to catch your breath.

“PHBBLMM.” He panted, begging for satisfaction. You raised an eyebrow at his afflicted pitiful form before grinning. You figured you had quite literally pounded him into submission and figured he knew better than to say anything that would increase his sentence. But, just in case, you felt the need to warn him.

“You’re not going to disobey me anymore are you?” He shook his head fervently. “Good… because you know… I could go all night like this.” 

A blink, a quick nod of understanding and he was free from the restraint of his mouth. 

“Please…” He begged, hot saliva dripping from the corners of his mouth. “Let me come…” 

“Heh. You’re so needy and thirsty. How pathetic.”

He bit his lip, lust palpable in his gaze. Oh, how he loved when you talked dirty to him. It turned him on so badly. 

“Please…” He begged one more time.

“Well… alright…” Your coy teasing was torture to him. Painful aching torture. “But first… Tell me who you belong to.” 

“You!” His voice came out husky and carnal. The itch was beyond his ability to handle, and he was past the point of dignity. 

“Who’s your REAL owner?” 

“You! You are!” He squirmed, handcuffs clanking against the bedframe. “I’m yours!” 

His crimson flustered stare had satisfied you, and you were finally willing to give him what he wanted. Over his body you leaned, breath steaming in his ear.

“You better not fucking forget it…” A groan of pleasurable relief swelled in Katsuki as you removed the cock ring holding back his sweet release. “…or else.”

He shivered beneath your touch, delectably docile and submissive to your command. You mounted him again, allowing him to move at his own desperate pace. 

“F/N…” He whimpered, tension and heat building between his legs.

“That’s right…” Your voice was deep, dangerous. “You’re mine.” At long last, a violent moan erupted, and Katsuki snapped his head back in pleasure. His long-awaited orgasm swept through him like a force of nature, obliterating any senses that weren’t tied to pure bliss. 

His vision was blurred briefly from the intensity of it all, but soon his eyesight returned to him, and all he wanted to do was take you in his arms. 

“F/N…” He whispered solemnly as his handcuffs were unchained. “I love you…” 

“I’m not punishing you anymore, so you don't have to say junk like that.”

“I do though.” He felt there was no more that needed to be said and simply pulled you into a tight hug. His eyes drifted closed from sheer exhaustion and relief. You let your hand wander into his hair, your gentle touch becoming the perfect contradiction to all events prior. He sighed contentedly, ever-so grateful that this was not the day he lost something so precious to him. 

“I love you too, Katsuki.” 

Chapter Text

"I'm not sure which is more tasty: you or this dessert." Kaminari said as he swept up close, laying a quick kiss on your neck. 

"Oh, stahp." You waved your hand playfully, as you obviously didn't want him to cease what he was doing. He was always like this, frisky and flirtatious with a whopping dollop of goofy humor. He made it easy for you to be yourself, since he was always going to be himself no matter how embarrassing that may be. 

"Maybe you should lighten up more." He caught your jesting tone and grinned mischievously, wrapping his arms around your torso. Before you had a chance to question his sudden contact, you were laughing beyond all control. "That's better." He claimed, your boisterous cackle filling the room as he tickled you. 

"Hee hee! Stop, Denki!" You squirmed more violently, jerking your limbs about until-

"AGH!" Catching your breath you were able to see that you had spilled his special homemade dessert into his lap. 

"I'm so sorry, Denki. It was an accident." 

"Nah. It's my fault for tickling you so close to the table." You couldn't deny the truth in that statement.

"I can get something to clean that up." He smiled to abate your guilty expression.

"Why don't you just lick it off?" The suggestion was completely a joke, not to be taken literally. He even punctuated it with a hearty laugh so that you wouldn't slap him. But it would have been such a sin to waste so much of his effort. Well... what remaining tidbits that didn't make it to the floor at least. 

In an almost-apologetic manner, you sank to your knees and placed a hand on him to hold him still. He could feel the warm wetness of your tongue through the fabric of his pants. Kaminari's face flushed dark, his joyful heart becoming tightly lodged in his throat. 

You probably would have been embarrassed if you had looked at his face, but you were too focused on the task at hand. You were right to not let such a delectable treat go to waste. You first got a taste of the thick and creamy frosting he had made, sweetness from the brown sugar glaze peeking through. Closer to his shirt, a bite or two of the cake lay nestled in the fabric folds. If that wasn't the richest of flavors you've ever tasted... The seasonal pumpkin and fluffy sugar cake revealed an afterwarmth of rich cinnamon and allspice dancing on your taste buds. The intense burning heat coated your watering mouth with decadence that could only be compared to the self-indulgent act you were performing right now on Kaminari. 

Denki's breath hitched, as the cooking ingredients were seeping into his already-snug pants, leaving tingling warmth in their wake. After a last little lick, the vast majority of the sweetness had gone, and you were face to face with the results of your pseudo-accidental teasing. You blushed, realizing what you had just done. 

"F/N..." Denki's voice was unusually husky, and you felt his hand weave into your hair. His eyes were glossed over, his face bright red as he looked down at you. You panicked at your own actions, thinking a confident bluff would earn you a way out of any repercussions. 

"I think I'd like some more whipped cream with that." Even he was taken aback by your confident façade, but was more than happy to oblige your request.

"Y-your wish is my command..." He attempted to say it playfully, but the low roughness of his voice made the offer sound more sensual. The way he was leering at you made your heart race, and you wanted to see more of this raw need.

"Oops. Missed a spot." You lied, descending once again between his legs. This time you had a direct target, and licked it longingly, hot breath trickling through the cloth. You felt his member twitch against the fabric restraints, and Denki let out a positive howl of desire. 

The dessert was delicious, but you now had a feeling that it was merely an appetizer for what was to come. Kaminari put up no fight as you reached for his belt buckle and unzipped his dampened pants. You finally caught a clearer glimpse of his face, aroused and excited. But the silly boy had forgotten something. You looked up and punctuated with great clarity to make sure he obeyed this time.

"Whipped. Cream." On the end, you parted your lips seductively, watching him trip on his way to the refrigerator to retrieve the bottle. He scratched his neck bashfully when he returned, eyeing you with a questioning gaze. 

"Can I... taste you too?" The doe-eyed innocence penetrated his impish persona. You nodded, wiggling out of your dress. He bit his lip and blushed at the floor.

"Don't wanna get my dress all sticky." You stated matter-of-factly. 

"Y-yeah..." He didn't make any sign of movement towards you.

"Really? All that confidence, Denki, and you're shy right NOW?!" 

"Ah... well... you're right." He suddenly shrugged, throwing caution to the wind, and swept your body up into his arms. You felt the wetness of his boxers as his hardness pressed against you as he kissed you, tongue plundering and searching for any last traces of sweetness on your lips. 

It was then you decided to tackle him onto his gargantuan eight-foot long beanbag chair. The boy had some of the tackiest tastes you'd ever seen, but you were grateful for it in this particular instance. Denki, being the Puck-like trickster he is, managed to weasel his way on top of you, holding the cold can up in his hands as if he was Vanna White. You nodded in consent at his compelling impersonation of a game show host. 

The nozzle made a krrsssh sound as he squirted the first portion of the fluffy cool treat onto your tummy, which was followed by his flat hot tongue slurping it up. 

"Fufufu!" You wiggled beneath him. "That tickles." He smirked, as he adored making you laugh more than anything else he could think of. 

*krrrrsh* "Mmmm..." 

*krrrsh* "This is awfully sticky..."

*krrrsh* "Uh oh. Don't let it get on your shirt!"

Back and forth the cycle went, nibbling and sucking on different parts of each other's skin. It was enjoyable enough on its own to savor Kaminari's toned pectorals or abdominals, the whipped cream was just a bonus. Like a decorative garnish at a restaurant. It may add extra flavor and panache, but doesn't increase the quality of the hearty meal. 

Denki reached the peak of the experience when you took him into your mouth again fully, tongue dripping with hot saliva as you swirled and sucked the whipped cream off him. But before you let him lose control, you had another idea. 

"One sec."

"Eh? Huh? Wait!" He pawed at the air helplessly, hot and bothered by your sudden disappearance from pleasing him. You returned with the bowl of extra glaze, getting a considerable amount on your finger and them popping it into your mouth. You then descended on his member, causing Denki to wail unguardedly. The cinnamon immediately worked its magic, burning and tingling, while the rich taste made you drool even more. There was no conceivable way Denki could think of to hold back from that. In fact, he wasn't thinking at all. The feeling surging through him was reminiscent of short-circuiting himself. It was as if electricity was shooting through his veins, exploding stars behind his eyes made of cinnamon. 

Suddenly, a lustful carnal moan erupted from the blonde boy, sending a waterfall of white into your mouth to blend along with the sticky white cream running down his heaving stomach. In that moment, there was no greater treat that Denki had ever beheld. 

His wanton yell made you quiver with want, and you hastily laid down next to him, running a line of whipped cream from your collarbone to your legs with a stare that screamed greed.

"I hope you're still hungry..."


Chapter Text

"Hi, Izuku." Your raspy voice croaked sleepily. 

"How are you feeling today, F/N?" This had become the first question he would ask when greeting you these past few days. It had been nearly a week and yet you couldn't shake this nasty cough and sore throat. Midoriya had taken it upon himself to take care of you every day, bringing you soup, medicine, anything you asked really. You had repeatedly told him to stay away, not wanting him to catch whatever bug you had, but he came each day anyway, freely serving at your beck and call. He winced upon hearing a tearing hacking cough resound from your throat. 

"It's no use. You'll just have to bury me." You threw him a playful smile. 

"Don't say that." He sat down his things and took off his uniform jacket. You used an arm to cover your cough again. "That stubborn cough just won't go away, will it..."

"Do you want to record my dying wishes?" Your voice came out hoarse and scratchy. He smirked at your jesting and placed a gentle hand on your forehead. 

"Well, it feels like your fever's gone down a little at least." 

"Dying wishes, Izuku." You splayed your arms and legs melodramatically. 

"Well, what do you want?" He chuckled, raising his eyebrows. You threw the corner of your quilt open. 

"Come lay in the bed with me." You reached out to him, immediately witnessing the color rise in his face like a teakettle about to boil. 

"Wh-what?!" His lips pressed into a nervous squiggle. 'What is she thinking?! This must be a side effect from the fever... That's it! She's delirious! My poor, F/N!'  His perturbed countenance told you that a line had been crossed. 

"That's if... y-you don't have somewhere else to be..." You descended into another tearing fit of coughs. Midoriya frowned. 'I cant possibly just leave her alone like this...'

"N-no... Of course not." He let his butt slowly sink onto the corner of the bed, almost just hovering in a squat-like position. "I'm here to take care of you." 

"You're such a great doctor, Izuku." Your hand resting on his made the blush return to his cheeks. 

"S-speaking of... It's almost time to take your medicine..." You meant to tell him that you took it right before he came in, but a chill ran through your body, fast and hard, sending you into a violent shudder. "F/N?" Midoriya's voice was riven with concern. 

"N-nothing..." You mumbled, eyelids feeling heavy. "Just cold..." Without hesitation, Midoriya clambered under the covers, his protective instinct taking over. You were now close enough to count the freckles on his friendly cheeks, which were now flushed red from embarrassment. You clutched onto his shirt desperately as another shudder lurched through your body, leaving aches along the way. Izuku's strong arms wove themselves around you and held you tight. It broke his heart to see you this miserable. If it were in his power, he would rather be the one sick instead of you. Despite your cold shivers, to him you were as warm as the sun, making it uncomfortably hot beneath the covers. After the chills came to a stop, you stared daggers at the bottles behind Izuku's head. 

"None of these medicines are doing any good." You croaked.

"I'm sorry! I should have done more to help you! I can run to the corner store and-" 

"Izuku..." You put your fingers to his lips. "What I mean is... I think we should try a more- integrative type of medicine..."

"Integrative?" He tilted his head. You bit your lip and Izuku could sense your hesitation. "You can tell me, F/N. If there's a chance it will help, I'm all for it! I'd try anything if it would help you get better!" His sincerity warmed your already-feverish body. 

"Anything, Izuku?" 

"Of course! Tell me what I can do!" He gasped when you tightened your arms around his waist, leaving tiny kisses on his neck. "Oh... I..." The words came out breathless, and his mind was in a flurry, racing thoughts disappearing one by one beneath your touch. He got anxious and restless as your hands crept under his shirt, caressing the bare skin of his back. "Th-thank you... b-but I don't see h-how-" A sharp inhale cut him off as you brushed the front of his pants with deliberate finesse. "Oh!"

"You're my medicine, Izuku..." He sighed, letting his eyes flutter closed as he pulled you close for a kiss. "Eep!" You put a gentle hand on his mouth to stop him. "Wait, I don't want you getting sick too." 

"Oh... right..." You two peered at each other in silence for a moment. "Agh, forget it!" To your surprise, Izuku made the decision to kiss you anyway. For you it was hard to savor the full flavor of him, senses dulled by your ailment and various painkillers; but to Izuku, you tasted like a mix of ginger tea and cherry cough syrup. 

You let your hand wander down on him again, his hot breath and vibrations resonating into your mouth as he moaned. Beyond your control, you were forced to push him off quickly, covering your violent fits of coughing with your sleeve. Midoriya's face contorted to a grimace, trying to mentally calm his pounding heart because it would be far too terrible of him to take advantage of you in a situation like this. 

"Sorry about that." You threw him a sleepy smile. "Sounds like you'll have to give me an extra dose of my medicine."

'What does she mean? My affection can't really cure her. What she really needs is rest and something for her throat...' He was muttering to himself, too distracted to notice you unbuckling his uniform pants. 

"Ok. Slide your hips up here so I can reach you." 

"WHAT?! THAT'S WHAT YOU MEANT?!" You were surprised it hadn't dawned upon him before. 

'Then what on earth did he think I meant when I said "integrative medicine?"'

"I read somewhere that it might help boost the immune system." 

"B-but... I couldn't possibly! Your throat-" How sweet he was to be so considerate in such a situation. 

"It's okay, Izuku." You stroked his face and hair softly. "You're my last line of treatment. Without you, I'm a goner." 

"You're exaggerating again..."

"Pretty please, Izukuuuu...."

He took one look at your pleading gaze beneath him and gulped. It's not as if he didn't want to. Oh god, did he want to! He was painfully hard just thinking about it. A last zip of his fly and your answer sprung before you. You let your palm slide over it and gestured to your lips. He crawled up on his knees, blushing madly. Finally, you took him in, lapping up and down with a tongue while you met his eyes. 

"Ohhhh F/N..." He moaned, covering his mouth bashfully with a hand. You definitely had an end-goal in mind, and worked him ruthlessly until he was reduced to a shivering panting mess. He had to fall forward, grasping the headboard for dear life. He wailed your name, plunging himself deeply in an overwhelmed state of bliss. 

"Ohhh- I'm going to- HNNNNNGGGHHH!" He blushed from his high-pitched moan, shuddering as pleasure wracked his senses. You drank him eagerly; taking big gulps of the medicine your caretaker provided you. He caught his breath briefly before sliding down your body. 

"Oh! I didn't hurt your throat, did I?! I definitely was too rough!" His panicked face made you giggle. 

"No, Izuku. You didn't hurt me." 

"Phew... Good." He sighed in relief, letting his head flop onto your shoulder. You held him like this for a while, allowing room in your arms for his occasional happy wiggles. An hour had passed before he decided to get up to cook dinner. 

"F/N... Did you notice something?"

"Hm? Notice what?" It had been basically silent in the room all this time.

"You haven't coughed in a long time." A bright grin came to your face.

"Score one for integrative medicine!" 



"Oh my poor, Izuku! This is all my fault!" You shuffled into his bedroom, hearing his cough echo from down the hall. 

"Don't be silly." He smiled, voice as croaky as Tsuyu's. "You warned me but I chose to kiss you anyway." 

"Yeah but-"

"It was definitely worth it." His brave smile through the unpleasant sickness melted your heart. "Hey F/N..." He pulled at your sleeve while you opened the packet of crackers for his soup.


"Do you think... I could have a dose of your integrative medicine?"

Chapter Text

An Explosive Bundle of Joy: Bakugou and Bakugou's Baby!Reader (For queendi13)

How dare he put you down! Does he not love you anymore?!

"Would'ya shut up already?!" He finally picked you up from your crib. Had it been days... months.. YEARS since he last paid attention to you?! (Katsuki had put you down approximately two minutes ago.) Your screams and loud babbles echoed the room, worsening Katsuki's headache.

"D- dya-d." His expression morphed from an irked scowl to a curious look of delight.

"Are... you trying to say dada?" 

"D- DIE!" You squawked, immensely proud of yourself for mimicking your daddy's favorite word. Katsuki's face lit up. 

"HAH!" He threw his head back with a laugh. "You're my kid alright!" He tossed you up in the air a few times until your bubbly laughter filled the air. "Okay. Bath time, little nugget." You blew raspberries at him as a gesture of excitement. You thought you were a very effective communicator. You wiggled and pulled on his hair while he ran the water for you. 

"Nyah!" He raised his eyebrows as your tiny arms reached out. He turned, realizing what you wanted. 

"Oh. Here." Katsuki knelt down, handing you your favorite toy ship. Without hesitation, you dove straight into your imagination, smacking the toy ship on the water. 

"DIE!" You plunged the ship into the shallow water, scraping the bottom of the tub in the process. 

"Yeah! That's my girl! Sink those villains!" He joined in on the fun, using the magic in his hands to blow up the other toy boat. You laughed with delight at the explosion of the bad guys. The two of you went through more toys that way... 

He got out the froggy cloth Tsuyuu gave him to celebrate your birth and draped it over your head for a diverting game of peekaboo. By the time your bath was over, you had tuckered yourself out from having too much fun. 

"Okay. Time for bed." You must have dozed off for a bit because the next thing you knew, you were dry and warm in your pajamas, being bounced gently in your daddy's arms. You clutched onto his shirt in as big of a hug as you could manage with your short arms. You had such a fun day with your daddy and needed to tell him how much you loved him. 

"D-die..." You muttered softly against his shoulder, sleepiness taking over your body. He says that word all the time, so it clearly must be a way of conveying love. 

"Tch." He clicked his tongue but couldn't help wield a prideful warm smile. "Goodnight, little nugget." He planted an affectionate kiss on your forehead, lingering as he bent to lay you in your crib. "I love you." His unusually soft tone lulled you into a deep sleep, dreaming of new ways to have fun tomorrow. 


A Mother's Love: Shouto x Reader (for franchiska_22m)

"Oh... Hello, Shouto." He looked surprised to see you.


"I told you that I volunteer here sometimes, remember?" You decided to answer his question before he asked it. 

"Ah, yes. That does ring a bell..." Yes, he knew what you were doing here... but what were you doing HERE? In front of his mother's ward. He gulped in discomfort, hoping his mother hadn't disclosed anything he had said about you. He had mentioned having jumbled feelings to his mother, finally grateful to have someone to confide in, but when he confessed, he had no idea that she was on a first-name basis with you. 

"After you." You broke his train of thought, gesturing into the room.

"Er- okay." 

"Look, Miss Todoroki. Shouto brought you flowers." She turned from her seat by the window, long white hair shining in the setting sunlight. 

"Thank you dear." She reached out and Shouto obliged her, leaning forward to let her lay a kiss to his cheek without standing. "You know your classmate here has been keeping me company when you aren't here sometimes." 

"Thank you, F/N." His sincerity was made very clear by the smoldering tenderness in his tone. He figures that after he neglected her for so long, having someone else to help make up for lost time was something he greatly appreciated. 

"No problem." You smiled, sitting next to her. "I like hanging out with her too." She let out a chuckle at your bubbliness. 

"Shouto, dear. F/N informed me that you two have a test coming up. Why don't you help her study?" 

"Oh! That's if you have time." You waved your hands frantically. "It's totally fine if you don't. Shouto felt his cheeks warm up slightly. 'Is mom really trying to set me up right now? We only just reunited recently and she's already doing me favors? I don't deserve this...' 

"I don't have any... plans..." 

"Splendid." His mother's smile made him return it involuntarily. It had been so long since he had seen her smile that it definitely would take an adjustment period to get used to. 

"Oh... But I don't have my books with me..." 

"You can run and get them, dear. We can wait." 

He eyed you both warily, almost afraid to leave the two of you alone together. But he realized that despite his neglect, his mother was on his side now, and he felt like he was strong enough to accomplish anything because of it. So he decided to be on his way and return with his study materials. 

"Alright. I'll be right back." 

After he left the room, you ran down to the kitchen to fetch tea for the three of you, confident Shouto would be back before it got cold. You poured her a cup first, and she was the first to break the silence. 

"Shouto's quite fond of you, you know." You blushed.

"Ah... he's uh... fond of you too..." You tried to hide how quickly that sentiment flustered you. She smiled at you, that 'knowing' smile that all mothers have. 

"A different kind of fondness." She replied, but left it at that. Thank goodness that the woman had tact and didn't press the issue further. She sighed, staring at her tea in a pensive way. 

"What are you thinking about?"

"Oh nothing. I was just thinking about how much Shouto has grown up." You could sense the sadness in her voice, as if she had missed something of terrible importance. "Even while I was here, I always thought of him, you know... I watched his tournament and always knew he'd succeed."

"Yeah. He's really talented!" You exclaimed in agreement.

"Oh, no, dear. That was years of perseverance and hard work. He was never anything like his father, no matter how much Enji tried to change that." She stirred the cup, as if the contents of the glass reflected the swirling emotions within her. "Shouto was always a kind child, wanting to help people and be like his peers. Unfortunately... fate is a fickle thing..."

"Why are you telling me all this..."

"Honestly, dear... I feel bad..." Tears glistened in the corners of her eyes. "I feel like I haven't been there for him as a mother." 

"That's not your fault!" You patted her back in an attempt to comfort her. 

"It is though... I should have made it known to him that he was always welcome. But I feel like my absence kept him away for so long that he was afraid to come speak to me... like he was uncertain if I still cared for him..." She turned to meet your eyes, a tiny glimmer of hope flickering there. "It's just lucky he has kind people like you to support him."

"Me? I haven't done anything." 

"You've done more than me at least. Sometimes I feel like it's too late for me, but maybe you can convince him someday. No matter what, I will always love my son. And I've never felt more happiness than I did that day he came back into my life."

"Don't be so hard on yourself. Shouto's happy to have you back in his life too."

"I'm so grateful for that. Now that I've been so blessed with this opportunity, all I want to do is to preserve his smile. As long as he smiles, I feel like I haven't completely failed him. As long as my beloved son is happy, I'll be happy too."

Just outside the hospital room, Shouto was looming. He felt a smile bloom from his heart, a smile that nobody could ever take away from him again.


Destination Fluffery Part 1: Shinsou x Reader (for Lukshae)

You yawned audibly. What a sleepy day it was. The light rain painted a grey mist across the sky outside, while you comfortably sipped your hot beverage on a somewhat hairy couch. This pet café had only recently opened, but it was becoming one of your favorite places to spend time. Free from the hustle and bustle of the city, no loud obnoxious music, and plenty of cuddly animal companions to abate your stress levels. Destination Fluffery was the name of it, and was positively filled with fuzzy critters to befriend.

A very large burly boy with blonde hair and tail was always the first to greet you at the door. Mirio, they called him, and he hadn't sat with you in the last few days. This was probably because of the incident last weekend where his weight toppled the couch backwards, taking you with it. His closest friend, Tamaki, sat by the windowsill as usual, not ever pursuing affection from the guests. However, one day you had brought in takoyaki from an outside vendor and saw his long ears perk up. That day you were able to coax him close enough to pet his sleek and shiny coat. 

"Oh, it's you!" Big green eyes peered at you from across the room as you set down your book. "I'm glad to see you!" He said. Ah, little Deku; probably the most docile and playful of the lot. 

"Come here." You gestured him over. He raced up to you, fluffy hair bouncing on the way. He politely sat on his knees to await permission, tail making a joyful twirl and swish. You patted your legs with a slap and there he was, sprawled out on your lap begging for attention. There was something therapeutic about it, petting the fluffy ears of this boy while he purred openly. 

"You certainly have a way with them." A voice next to you almost startled you. 

"Oh, hello." Somehow the person had sat next to you on the couch without you noticing. "You're Hitoshi, right? I've seen you here before." 

"That's right. ...F/N?" 

"Yep." You nodded, surprised that he remembered your name. You only remembered his because among the baristas, he was known as The Cat Whisperer. You watched as one of the Nekos crawled straight over into his lap. "Oh! I've never been able to get the pretty pink one to come sit with me!" You exclaimed with jealousy. 

"Well have you told her you think she's pretty?" Shinsou inquired quietly. 

"Er- no, I don't think so..." This would have been the moment where little Deku asked if he wasn't soft or pretty enough, but he had long since fallen asleep in your arms. 

"Go ahead." Shinsou led her closer to the center of the couch between you and himself. Her dark eyes observed you intently. 

"You're so pretty!" You exclaimed in earnest and she smiled brightly in response, jutting her head in your direction in a demand to be petted. "Wow!" Shinsou smiled at your accomplishment. Shortly after, she quickly jumped off, running to play with Kiri and Sparky. "Thanks. How did you get them all to like you so much?"

"I'm not sure to be quite honest with you..." He scooted closer on the couch, eyes swimming with thoughtfulness. "Perhaps it's because I'm envious of them." 


"Yes. Think of how nice it would be to be like them. How many fewer responsibilities and trials they have to endure..." He snorted to break the serious mood. "And they get to be petted on the head all day and that just sounds delightful." You chuckled at that comment as well.

"So you're asking me to pet you on the head too, is that it?" His artful expression broke for an instant.

"Oh! No... I wasn't trying to insinuate-"

"I don't mind." You grinned. A blush rose in his pale cheeks. 

"You uh... seem pretty preoccupied as it is..." He glanced down at the boy cuddling you with all his might. 

"Little Deku." You shook the sweet creature, watching his tail uncurl as he yawned.


"Would you mind getting down?"

"You aren't leaving already, are you?!" His wide eyes were painted with distress, ears drooping. 

"No. Of course not. But it's someone else's turn." His smile returned and he obeyed.

"I didn't mean to interrupt..." Shinsou felt a little guilty for stealing the spotlight away. 

"Forget about it." You patted your lap and watched as he hesitated. "Here. I'll hold your drink for you." You snatched his mug, putting it on the table next to you as he positioned himself. With a warm smile, you signaled your acceptance as he laid his head on your legs. He sighed as you ran your fingers absentmindedly through his hair, relaxing into your touch. Oh, he could definitely get used to this. "How do you feel?"

"I feel at peace with the world." He stated matter-of-factly, eyes drifting closed. It made you chuckle. 

"Oh. I have one more thing to ask."


"Is there any way you can help me get that one to come over here?" He noticed you pointing at the split color one. What a beauty he was. Practically everyone who walked in the establishment to buy a drink asked if they could adopt him. However, no matter how many times you tried to coax him, he wouldn't come snuggle with you. He simply looked at you with a subtly confused expression. 

"Nope. Even I haven't been able to pet that one." 

"We can do it. I believe in us."

"Good luck with that..."  


Destination Fluffery Part 2: Neko!Katsuki x Reader (for Midnight_Savior)

A 'Do Not Enter' sign peaked your interest as you walked to the bathroom of the Fluffery. 'How odd...'  Last time you had come here, this room was also open to the public. 'I wonder why...'

"Can't you read?" One of the workers in the room immediately caught you when you opened the door.

"Eh?! Oh... sorry. I just was wondering why this is closed off now."

"Well, we had a bit of trouble with this one playing nicely with the other animals." She gestured to the boy in the corner, separated from the rest. "I had to put him in here because he keeps biting the little green eyed one." 

"Oh." You were a little more wary of your proximity to this creature now. 

"Shut up!" He hissed from his corner. "That little shit had it coming!" 

"My, my, you certainly are feisty today." She said and the cat-boy's ears tilted down in annoyance. 

"Maybe I can make friends with him." You suggested, noting his tail twitch at your comment. 

"Well..." She grimaced in hesitation. "Okay... But just be careful. He can be pretty aggressive sometimes..."

"Would ya stop talking about me?! I'm sitting RIGHT HERE!" 

"Then you listen good, Kacchan. Be nice to this girl here. She just wants to be your friend." 

"Tch. Whatever." He turned his nose up, ignoring you both as the other girl walked out the door, leaving you alone with him. It was uncomfortably silent for a moment before you saw a cute little toy on the ground. You kicked it past him in the hopes that he would be open to some playtime. When the jingling thing caught the corner of his eye, he was in a pouncing position before he knew what hit him. That is, until he caught you smiling at him. He immediately sat back down, returning to his original position that screamed 'I'm ignoring you.'

"Aw, what's wrong?" You cooed, getting closer to him. "Don't you wanna play?"

"Not in the mood." He mumbled, staring at the toy with envy. He had his pride to maintain. He startled when he felt your hand caress his hair, sliding down his body until you reached his tail. Unlike the little green eyed one that sat in your lap earlier who's tail was fluffy, Kacchan's was slender and blonde, curling with curiosity as you touched him. 

He arched his back shamelessly as you ran your fingernails down his spine, feeling a low purr vibrate your fingers. He immediately caught himself and attempted to regain composure. It was pissing him off that he liked being petted by you. 

"Oof." After what you thought was an invitation for more contact, you felt his tail swat you in the face. You could tell just from one meeting that he was an alert and taut character, ready to pounce at a moment's notice, so you knew that the slap was intentional. He finally turned his head long enough for you to examine his handsome features, painted with frustration. 'Hm. If not his back, maybe his ears...'  You reached up, scratching behind his soft ears, this time not earning a backhand from his tail. 

"What are you doing?" He growled low, hating the involuntary purr that resonated through his chest. 

"Giving you love." You replied with a smile. 

"Well it's disgusting!" The boy snapped, causing you to remove your hands. 

"Did I say you could stop?!"    


Chapter Text

This was your weekend, a night to unwind. You definitely earned it. It was your first big-girl paycheck, the one you would receive for the rest of your chosen career. Your eyes widened at the number, feeling successful inside. The choice had been made a long time ago that you would blow your first paycheck on something whimsical or fun, whatever you desired at the time. Now it was just a question of how…

You drove the lit-up streets of downtown, cool night wind blowing through your hair. In your sexiest pair of jeans you strutted down the boulevard, noticing an eye-catching pink neon sign along the way. “The Cock Pit” it was called. Your instinct kicked in, and you knew you had found the place. “Ooh. An airline themed bar! That’s different.” You wandered a bit, bummed you couldn't peek inside because there were no windows. “Ah well…” You paid the cover charge, and the moment you stepped through the dim coatroom you realized you had made a mistake. “Eh?!”

In a spacious glowing ambiance stood a stage with 3 stripper poles on it. The one in the center had a blonde in the spotlight, sweat shining off his flexing muscles as he danced. His stunning features and acrobatic prowess captured your attention from across the room, lifting his head with a seductive swish to the music. His smoldering eyes met yours, and for a moment you felt as if you were under some kind of spell. That is, until he smirked, and you realized you were ogling him, mouth agape like a damn idiot. 

“Oh jeez!” You turned your face down, blush filling up your face all the way to your ears. You were a good girl! You swear you didn't mean to come into an establishment like this on purpose! 

“Hello, lovely.” Suddenly a caress of your hand startled your already loudly beating heart. A handsome character with split-colored hair laid a kiss on your hand. He practically oozed suave in his touch and manner, and you found yourself lost in his gaze. ‘Wow, his eyes are different colors too. So pretty…’ But when he stood upright again, you caught an up-close glimpse of his chiseled abdominals.

“Oh goodness!” You covered your eyes with your hand, the one that was not held captive by this beautiful stranger. “You uh… certainly aren’t wearing much clothing are you…” He let out a chuckle at that, but it was not a condescending one. 

“Is this your first time here, my dear?” 

“Yeah… you could say that…” You giggled for no reason; the nervous energy needed to work its way out somehow. 

“Welcome, beautiful.” His voice was smooth, coaxing. “Come with me and I’ll make you feel right at home.” 

“Heh… maybe I should just…er-“ You couldn't find the right words to convey your desire to leave OR stay. Your brain was soup, hot useless soup. 

Around the corner to a back room you were led, and you couldn't shake the sense that another pair of eyes were upon you. Maybe you were just paranoid from the very adult situation you had found yourself in. 

“Er-wait. I’m not a V.I.P.” He led you by the waist into a purple cozy room behind the stage doors that ordained ‘V.I.P.s only.’ 

“Let me explain.” He swept you inside by the waist, the soft plush-like leather door swinging shut. “I wanted to offer you a dance.”

“Oh, um… You’re uh… really cute so…” He smiled hungrily at your blush. “…does that mean you’re more expensive than everyone else?” 

“Fufufu.” He chuckled again at your innocence, finding it deliciously refreshing. “I’m flattered, but no. In fact, this one’s for free.” You gave him a questioning glance. 


“Yes. That’s why I brought you back here, you see. We’re not allowed to give free dances, but this is the only room where no bouncer will check.”

“Oh. I see… But why would you give me that?”

“It’s your first time here. Shouldn't I be a gracious host and make sure you want to come back?” 

“Well yeah… I guess that makes sense.” 

“And… you’re one of the most alluring ladies to grace a place like this.”

You wrinkled your nose. You knew he was just saying what you wanted to hear, but you couldn't help but be charmed anyway. He set a song to play over the speakers, leading you to sit in the center of a large semicircle couch. You figured they must spray pheromones here like an Abercrombie and Fitch would spray cologne: every five seconds or so, since each inhale breathed new euphoria in the presence of this dancer. His aura was intoxicating, as was the hypnotic movement of his hips as he swayed before your eyes. 

“Your allowed to touch, my dear.” He cooed, seductive undertones lurking in his tone. He pinned you against the seat, locked in between his strong arms over your shoulders. You bit your lip, trying to hold back your desire as his face loomed close to yours. His gaze was electric, magnetizing you as he stared in your eyes. You allowed wandering fingertips to trickle over his ribcage, caressing his flank with a tormenting lightness. The touch was so soft, so innocent, it drove him wild. The usual workaday groping he was used to got boring after a while, and this new sensation was thrilling him, making him want to coax more out of you. Was it wrong that he had this strong urge to steal your innocence? Probably... But he was getting hard just thinking about it.

“Mm!” You knew all sorts of things went on behind closed doors in this kind of place, but somehow it still surprised you when he decided to kiss you. Tentative at first, waiting for your consent. Once it was very obviously given, he added all of his fire to the kiss, dancing his tongue just enough to leave you wanting more. There was definitely a reason he was a professional at this. He was able to morph you into a trembling panting mess within seconds. You pulled apart for oxygen, and the intensity of it all overwhelmed you a bit. 

“S-sorry… I feel silly. All of this and I haven’t even asked your name yet.” 

“Shouto.” His hot breath rushed across your face. 

“That doesn't sound like a stripper name.”

“That’s because it’s not. My stage name is Romeo, but Shouto is my real name.” 

‘Romeo is much more accurate…’  You thought to yourself.

“I’m F/N.” He returned your sweet smile with a leer of want, returning to tempting you with his dance. He turned, allowing you a full view of his shapely rear. You lightly ran a finger down his spine, delighted tiny goose bumps raising on his skin. 

“I like it when you touch me like that…” He turned his head, hair veiling his sunset eyes. You gasped when he intentionally grinded down on your leg, feeling the hardness pressed against you. 

“I’m s-sorry.” You sputtered, face red with shame. “I didn't mean to-“

“Are you sure?” He grinned, pinning you sideways on the couch with your hands above your head. “You seem like a naughty girl to me.” You couldn't resist this time, and craned your neck to connect with his lips again. He sighed, letting his confident passion get carried away. 


“EEK!” You yelped upon seeing the door fly open from a violent kick. 

“I knew I’d find you here.” The blonde dancer from the stage stood in the doorway, strolling in your direction. “…What do you think you’re doing?” You panicked, thinking you were in trouble for not paying for this sexy performer’s services, not to mention you were lying in a very suggestive position beneath him… 

“Er… I… uh!!!” But he wasn't speaking to you. He pulled Shouto backwards by the shoulder, staring daggers at him. 

“I saw this one first.” He stated simply, meeting your eyes again. 

“Well, you were too slow.”

“I was in the middle of a performance, dipshit!” He squawked. This one was very short-tempered. 

“I uh… liked your dance.” You confessed, breaking up the potential argument. 

“Yeah, I saw you staring.” He grinned snidely, causing you to blush again. 

“Don't embarrass her. I was just trying to show her the best our enterprise has to offer.” It only just began to dawn on you what offer was actually on the table. 

“That’s exactly why I’m here.” He grabbed your hand and ran it down his bare body, and you tried to hide the wanton look in your eyes. 

“Wh-what’s your name?” You asked curiously, trying to calm the heated tension building in the room. 

“I call him Michael Bay. He’s an explosive individual…” Shouto piped up coldly. 

“That’s not my stage name shithead!” He turned back to you. “My name is Katsuki, but they call me The Inferno.” 

“Fitting.” You said, a little bit of sass coming through. These two hot men were fighting over you after all, and that certainly bolstered your confidence. You heard a click from across the room. Shouto had locked the door to the purple space, turning with a wicked twinkle in his eyes. 

“Well it seems there’s only one way to settle this.” He pulled Katsuki back a little, putting his hands on his hips. “Which one of us do you prefer?”

“Uh… UHHHHMMM….” Your eyes widened, mortified. This escalated very quickly, and you never expected such a high-stakes choice would be forced upon you. Shouto was a very seductive individual, but you were certain if you picked him, some kind of violence would ensue. On the other hand, Katsuki’s strapping athletic build made it terribly hard to not drool over him. However, if he were the victor, he didn't seem like the type who would be gentle with you. Your silence gave them the opportunity to form a persuasive argument.

“I wont charge you.” Shouto offered sweetly, naively assuming money was still a factor in this situation. 

“I wont charge her either,” Katsuki barked, “but by the time I’m done with her, she’ll be begging me to take her money…” 

Your mouth fell open at the audacity of that statement, but part of you desperately wanted to see if he could live up to such a claim. 

“Wh-what if… I like you both…” There was no way for you to pick between two very different, yet equally attractive people. It might have literally torn you in half if you did. They looked at each other, pondering for a moment.

“Are you sure that’s what you want?” Shouto asked politely. 

“I’m not taking your sloppy seconds.” Katsuki cracked his knuckles and closed the distance between you, jumping right into the action. Your jaw dropped, just as he intended, so that he could crash his mouth to yours, tongue immediately taking dominance. 

“Mm!” He took your body down onto the couch, his hard shaft already pressing between your legs. He could feel the dampness through his small amount of clothing and smirked. 

“You’re this wet from just one kiss? You must want it bad.” 

“I’m sure I had a part to play in that.” Shouto said tartly, and you felt his hands join the party, running down your body that was growing more sensitive by the second. You let one hand grip onto Katsuki’s hair tightly. Oh, he really liked that… The other hand slipped down the front of Shouto’s abdominals, eliciting a groan when you grazed the front of his leather pants. 

The wide plush couch allowed room for the three of you comfortably. Above you hovered both boys, Shouto’s wet kisses gracing your collarbone while Katsuki’s free hand drifted under your skirt. 

“Ah! Mmmnnnh!” His rough fingers crept into your undergarments, leaving you panting and needy. Katsuki’s façade was breaking and he had trouble fighting how much he wanted it too. He lifted your shirt, leaving kisses on your ribcage. This gave Shouto an opening to descend upon your lips. His hair was softer between the two of them and you weaved both hands into it, leaving Katsuki a little agitated. 

He let out a low jealous growl, yanking your lips away and pulling you forward onto his lap, pressing you down against his hard shaft. He bit down hard on your neck, definitely leaving a mark. He didn't have to say it, but you knew that was his way of claiming you as his own. 

Shouto came up behind you, whispering sweet nothings into your ear as he plucked at the hem of your skirt. You swiftly removed them and were now facing a very exposed Katsuki. He was very large and it made you nervous. Shouto had slipped out of his leather bonds while you were staring, afraid to return to your original position. The soft-haired boy pulled you backwards gently, warming you up with his tip pressing at your entrance. Your head fell back onto his shoulder as he caressed your breasts, fingernails gently running over your ribs. His electric gaze held yours as his fingers trailed down to your clit, stimulating and thrilling you. Your hips wiggled with impatience before he started to press himself in, his erotic outcry bouncing off the padded dark walls. 

“EH?!” You were yanked off, held tightly in Katsuki’s arms again. 

“Don't ignore me.” He demanded, ferocity melting away when you weaved your hands into his hair again. You held up a controlling finger, looking at both of them with a playful smile. 

“You have to share...” 


Chapter Text

"I think you're full of shit. You didn't really hide it in here, did you?" Your accusatory tone made Shouto smile, and he led you around the corner of the "R" section of the library, pulling out his missing belt from behind the shelf. "Ugh! So it WAS in the R section! Dammit!" 

"You remember the deal we made, don't you?" 

"Yeah, that's not happening, Shouto." You mumbled coldly on the walk back to your place. He pouted his lips but you shook your head with resolve. It had been quite a long day and you were in no mood to be teased. Especially not by someone who was way too good at it. Unfortunately, Shouto already had his mind set on the contents of the impending night. After mitigating some of your grumpiness with a snack, he let you sweet unsuspicious kisses on the back of your neck. Unbeknownst to you, his standing position behind the couch made it very easy to hide the belt in his hands. Like a panther stalking its prey, he patiently awaited the moment of opportunity. You yawned loudly stretching your arms above your head. 'Now!'

"Eh?" Before you knew what hit you, your wrists were bound together with a leathery swish. "ACK!" You yanked your arms down, attempting to free yourself. While you were preoccupied with the tightness, he had leapt over the couch and grinned wickedly at you. "Don't. You. Fucking. Dare." But he ignored your idle threat and proceeded to throw you over his shoulder, kicking and screaming. He bumped the bedroom door open with his hip, tossing you gently onto the bed. "I told you already I'm not in the mood! I'm going to kick your ass!" 

"I like it when you're feisty." He smiled that delightful sort of smile that is so hard to resist. But it wouldn't be that easy for him to win you over. 

"So help me, Shouto, when I get out of this..." You thrashed on the bed but he pinned your hands above your head, straddling your hips. You turned your head. Were you looking for something to hit him with? Possibly... 

"Oh, come now, sweetheart. I just want to make you feel better." He rubbed his body against you, fluttering his eyelashes. You pursed your lips, trying to maintain the grumpy when it just wanted to fly away in his presence. 

"Hmph." You turned your head away and it made him chuckle quietly. 

"I had an idea I wanted to try with you..." His eyes softened, shy and vulnerable Shouto peeking through the woodwork. You nodded, urging him to continue. "I just... wondered if it would feel good to you..."

"Well, we can try it, Shouto." You gave him an encouraging tiny smile, signaling your acceptance. "... But I stand by the petition that I don't need to be tied up." 

"That's just a bonus." You groaned at his stubbornness. He began by lifting your shirt, deciding to start right away. He used his quirk to freeze his tongue, letting it glide from your belly button up to your chest. 

"Ooh." He felt your whole body shiver beneath him. "That's cold." 

"I'll warm you up in a bit..." He nuzzled you sweetly. "I promise." Playful fire flickered behind his beautiful eyes, signaling that you were in for a wild ride. He lifted your shirt all the way off your head, leaving the fabric trapped at your tied wrists. 

Wasting no time, he removed your remaining clothes, rendering you bottomless. He froze his right hand, creeping it up your body. The icy touch made you squeak, arching your back out of instinct. The strong physical reaction made Shouto smile, wanting to push you even farther to the limit. He hungrily unlatched your bra, growing hard at the sound of your squeals and whimpers. 

"N-no!" You squirmed so he wouldn't brush your sensitive breasts with his frigid hand. However, your plights were ignored, and your nipples hardened, shuddering from the cold again. 

"Don't worry..." He breathed. "I promised I'd make you warm..." His hot tongue quickly engulfed your cold breast, and the sensitivity made you holler out. You had still not forgotten your desire to get free, wanting to enact your revenge on his teasing, so you relaxed your body a bit, knowing he would drop his guard if you did. The shirt over your wrists was the perfect cover for an escape. You exaggerated your moans, arching and wiggling. This was very distracting for Shouto, and he scrambled to get out of his clothes in a heated swirl of want. 

Finally, your wrist slipped free under the shirt without his knowledge. He pounced on you preparing his cold fingers to slip between your legs. 'NOW!'  Before he knew what hit him, Shouto was pinned down, wrists bound by his own belt. 

"Hah!" He blinked at you, perplexed. "The tables have turned, Shouto!" You tightened the belt to the point where he winced. "Don't you dare move." Your tone was grave, threatening. You leapt off his form, running to retrieve something. He furrowed his brows in your absence, hearing the ice maker in the kitchen rev up momentarily. 

In your hands, you held a small bucket of ice and a candle with a lighter. Upon your return, he gulped at the objects in your hand. "It's awfully cold in here, don't you think?" You teased sadistically, setting down the pale and twirling the long candle in your fingers. 

"Uh..." He watched your calculating movements as you lit the candle, holding his gaze while patiently waiting for the wax to get good and drippy. 

"Hold still." He began to sweat, both excited and anxious about the upcoming pain. Shouto hissed as a drop of molten wax made contact with his skin. You glanced up at his erotic expression, arousal oozing off his toned body. You bit your lip with a wicked smile and said, 

"Payback time..."

Chapter Text

"Aw. It's okay, Tamaki." You hugged your poor boyfriend from behind, resting your cheek on his hunched shoulder blade. He groaned, showing no signs of removing his forehead from the wall. "It wasn't that bad." You told him, hoping the two of you could just forget the whole thing.

"Yes it was." He shut his eyes tightly, hoping the darkness would suffocate the mental image of the event replaying in his mind. Public speaking was definitely Tamaki's kryptonite and it was definitely an evil he had yet to conquer in his lifetime. He had just been exceedingly lucky that you were there to come to his aid and smooth things over in front of the crowd. 'Lucky isn't the right word,' he thought. 'Blessed is much more accurate.'   But either way, he had disgraced and humiliated himself in front of hundreds, and he didn't have the emotional ability to unglue his forehead from the wall right now. 

"No it wasn't." You asserted again, giving him a gentle comforting scratch on the back. 

"I'm facing my Waterloo, F/N." 

"You're being melodramatic again, Tamaki." He just sighed in response, wanting to hide from the world forever. You tried to think of something that would pull him out of his funk. "...Are you hungry, babe? I can whip up something for us in the kitchen." He shook his head. "What about a bath? That will be warm and relaxing, right?" No response. Amajiki appreciated the effort, truly he did, but now he was beginning to feel like a burden. His mood was getting in the way of your evening plans together and it only made him feel more miserable. 

"No? Okay, I understand... Well, if you wont come out of the wall, I will have to join you in the wall." You were determined to make your beloved feel better, and would stop at nothing until he returned to his usual self. You slipped between his body and the wall on your knees, peering up at him with a bright smile. He looked surprised at your actions but remained stiff. So you decided to make funny faces in an attempt to make him laugh. A disturbed expression adorned his features, but you could tell that he was fighting back a smile. You intertwined your fingers, looked him dead in the eyes with a cheerful grin and spoke. 

"I LOVE YOU, TAMAKI!" He winced at the abrupt volume escalation, blushing at your words. He couldn't fight the warmth that suddenly penetrated his chest like the sun.

"You're embarrassing, F/N..." There it was, the smile you had been waiting for. 

"Of course I am!" You gave him a light kiss on the hand. "So there's no way you could ever look stupid while standing next to me. I'll take all of the embarrassing attention off of you." He chuckled a bit at that. He knew there was little to no truth in that statement, as you handled social situations much better than him. However, he was extremely grateful, knowing full well you would embarrass yourself terribly if it meant he could escape unscathed. He treasured that level of doting, knowing he had done absolutely nothing to deserve it. 

"Thank you, F/N." He said sincerely. You stood slowly, planting a soft kiss on his lips. It was at a strange uncomfortable angle since he was still plastered to the wall.

"Anytime, dear. So are you ready to come out now? We can go to dinner or something." 

"Um..." He frowned again, still shaken by today's ordeal. "C-can we... maybe..." 

"Sure, Tamaki." You brushed his cheek, not wanting him to get worked up again. You wrapped your arms around his neck, standing up fully this time. "We don't have to go anywhere you don't want to." He returned your embrace, burying his face in your neck. "I'll love you anywhere..." 

Those words touched his heart, and the intense warmth shot bright beams from his chest all the way to his burning cheeks. In an instant, Tamaki pressed your back against the wall. You gasped, thinking you must have done something horribly wrong to cause him to physically shove you thusly. But before you could speak, his mouth had collided with yours, body humming with heat. Despite being together for so long, it was still rather uncommon for Amajiki to initiate physical relations, especially with such fervidity. It made occasions like this all the more of a delicacy to behold. 

You were more than willing to release the stress of the day with him, kissing back with your usual battle for dominance. For the first time, he didn't let you win. His arms lifted you up, holding you against the wall as he kissed you. You let out a surprised little 'EEP!' and he pulled back to look at you. 

"Are you alright?" The crease between his eyebrows revealed his uncertainty, nervous about whether he was pushing things too far. 

"Yeah." You smiled, brushing a lock of hair out of his face. "You really are amazing, Tamaki." The sparkle in your eyes took his breath away, and instead of becoming flustered by your words, he gripped you tighter, locking lips with you again. You sensed the urgency, a rush of infatuation overpowering you. Before he even had time to notice, his belt had been unbuckled, his pants unfastened. Your hand slid deftly around his toned midsection, creeping up under his shirt. He positively shivered with desire, little noises escaping his lips beyond his ability to restrain. 

Into the waistband of his boxers your fingertips trickled as your mouth left little love nips down his neck. He whimpered when your thumb brushed the tip, rubbing arousing little circles as you went. Tamaki felt like he was being electrocuted. The trembling anxiety from earlier was still percolating through him, heightening the sensation. It was impossible to hold back from the way he needily whispered your name, so you ripped off your shirt and bottoms, watching Tamaki follow suit with no hesitation. He flinched when you bit down on his neck a little too hard, helping him yank his shirt upwards. His dark eyes suddenly flitted away, not knowing where exactly to go from here. You held him against your body, hot breath making his ears twitch, as you whispered:

"We don't have to go anywhere, Tamaki..." He flushed dark as you pinned your own back against the wall, bringing him closer. You lifted a leg onto his hipbone as a hint, but he had already understood the implications of your statement. 

"B-but what if I drop you?" His lips pressed into a distressed squiggle. 

"I guess I'll have to love you on the floor then." You said matter-of-factly. He gawked at you for a moment before the tension bubbled up in his stomach. Out of nowhere, Tamaki rolled with laughter, the anxiety from before finally releasing itself into the open air. Only you could crack him up in what should have been a serious and vulnerable situation. Tamaki's radiant smile drew you to him even more than before and you kissed him again, more heated this time. With his lean strong arms, he was able to lift your weight, holding you up against the wall as you wrapped your legs around his waist. You gripped his skin feverishly as his shaft slid effortlessly into you. The way he snapped his hips combined with the angle of your back-

"Ohhh Tamaki..." Between the sensual exchange of shaky breaths and moans, Tamaki moved faster, hitting you deeper with each thrust. You were panting heavily into his neck, hot breath darkening the blush on Tamaki's cheeks. He couldn't hold back the desperate cries of pleasure that crashed over him, giving it his all to not let his knees buckle and bring you down with him. 

Your unbridled sinful moans were pushing Tamaki past his limit. Just the thought that you could be so taken with him, that he in his mediocre abilities could make you feel this good, it was just too much for him to take. His breath hitched when he saw you cry out in pleasure, flushing and riding out your orgasm as you squeezed his hips with your legs. Suddenly, the need hit him hard, and the burning want spiked in his belly, fire growing hotter than the sun. 

Amajiki felt himself melting, from the top of his head to his toes. The hot satisfaction poured over him in waves, permeating him the way Mirio's quirk might permeate into the floor: effortlessly. You watched as his eyelids fluttered closed, spilling out his tension and inhibitions. Shaky arms barely holding you up, Tamaki pressed his sweaty forehead to yours, gazing into your eyes as he caught his breath. 

That was the moment you realized... you were his new wall...


Chapter Text

A fight at a poorly chosen venue, lack of regard for the property of others, timed in the wee quiet hours of the morning: all of these were contributing factors leading to the misfortune of the two rival boys. 

Their fight had been interrupted again! First by All Might and now this! Bakugou shook with rage, looking down at his new smaller physique in utter disgust. The perpetrator of this prank had somehow escaped his and Deku’s pursuit, but he was convinced that if he were still in his own body, the little shit wouldn't have gotten away. 

“This is all YOUR fault!” He shouted, but only Deku’s shrieking voice came out. It was shrill, painful to his ears. His own expression staring back at him reflected panic and helplessness. It repulsed him, having never made those weak pathetic faces before in his life. They were stupid Deku’s faces, trampling on what he believed to be his perfect veneer. He couldn't bear to look at it another minute and turned to take his leave. 

“W-wait, Kacchan! We have to figure this out!” 

But Katsuki didn't listen. He stormed around the corner, hands in his pockets, activating Izuku’s quirk almost effortlessly. It hurt, as he assumed Deku’s weak-ass muscles weren’t used to handling it, but didn't see what all of the fuss was about. It was just another ordinary quirk, one that he could crush into the dust easily… if he could just get a goddamn chance!

Just the thought of being in Deku’s body made his skin crawl. He grimaced, trying to no avail to get this obnoxious messy hair out of his face. 

Down the lit-up strip of nightlife he walked for a while, allowing his frustration to build upon itself. “Who the hell does he think he is?! Tricking me like that and hiding his quirk from me for years!” A few concerned adults eyed him as he passed them by, muttering to himself angrily. The events from the hero vs villain training exercise the other day were still too fresh in his mind. To have his weaker childhood friend look down on him, then lose to him in an competition in front of the whole class, his most idolized hero even… the foul thought was poison to Katsuki, and was rotting him from within. He felt betrayed. No… Betrayal would indicate that he ever cared about that weakling, which he never did… 

It was not fair. U.A. was a place for the strong, people like himself; not useless dweebs like Deku. His place was elsewhere, cheering on the strong; cheering Katsuki on. ‘He just got lucky in the entrance exam… or cheated. He must have cheated...’  It was a bitter pill to swallow, that Deku had stepped out of his place. The status was no longer in quo and Bakugou felt as if the earth had shifted. 

He clenched his teeth, seething with hostility. There was no place for Deku in his life anymore, or in any kind of proximity for that matter. This wasn't spite, he told himself. Spite would mean he was hurt by that idiot’s actions. This was simply a disavowal of his youthful companion, a mission to get rid of that damn pest. He had to remove Deku from his life forever. He blinked, his vision a bit blurred. He wiped the tears from his eyes, knowing full-well that he wasn't crying, it was just the oversensitive frail body he now occupied… 

He walked by a line of very high-end motorcycles outside of a ritzy downtown hotel. One caught his attention, adorned in glowing LED lights that illuminated the pavement below it. Without a hitch, he noted that the keys were still in the ignition. 

“Heh. Morons.” He chuckled to himself, wanting to throw the owner’s keys in their face and tell them they’re lucky nobody stole it. Suddenly, it occurred to him, a glowing opportunity; the solution to his current dilemma. He smirked, a terribly vile idea entering his mind.

“I am in Deku’s body after all…” 


Izuku sighed in exasperation. There was no point in chasing Kacchan when he didn't want to be reasoned with. He had known his friend and rival for years and had come to accept when he needed the time to cool off from his frustrations. 

He regretted letting Kacchan provoke him to another fight. He had thought their relationship had made a bit of progress after they spoke outside the front gates of the school. But perhaps he was just fooling himself. Actually, he definitely was, because otherwise Kacchan wouldn't have hunted him down and cornered him in an alleyway for a fight. 

He sighed again. It was no use. No matter how much he tried to patch things up, Kacchan always became more aggravated with him. The familiar deep pain sunk into his heart again. Oh, how he missed the days when they were friends. He would fight tooth and nail with Katsuki if he thought it would eventually bring back what they had before. It used to make him feel special, how much Katsuki relished in his praises. Who was he? Just some ordinary quirkless loser. But somebody amazing like Kacchan, amazing enough to become a top hero someday, cared about what he thought about him, and that was a feeling he never wanted to let go of. He knew Katsuki was misunderstanding his intentions, of course he knew. How could he not? But after years of effort, Izuku couldn't figure out a way to get through to him. Kacchan, possessing approximately the emotional proficiency of a constipated potato, wasn't one to sit around and talk out his feelings with anyone. So what could he do? The whole situation seemed so tense and hopeless. Izuku wrapped his arms around his own torso, a weird way of comforting himself. With the muscly warmth he wasn't used to, it was oddly soothing. It was Katsuki’s body after all… 


A loud revving noise caught Izuku’s attention as he walked down the street. He squinted, mouth falling open when he witnessed the sight before him. His own body was flying in his direction atop a motorcycle, engines roaring with horses as he came barreling around the corner. Two police cars were in hot pursuit, sirens wailing. All Izuku could do is stand there in utter vexation as Katsuki soared towards him, flashing red and blue lights blinding his vision. 



“KACCHAN!” Izuku, being the quick thinker that he was, leapt straight for the bike, using Katsuki’s strong quirk to blast himself forward. Not used to controlling the trajectory, he misjudged by a bit and flew right in the path of his billowing green hair. “OOF!” His weight collided square into his own chest, knocking the wind out of him and nearly causing them to topple off the bike. “KACCHAN STOP! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” This little number had caused the two police cars to close in, but Katsuki hadn’t had enough. He twisted his grip on the accelerator, full throttle speeding down the large city hill. They caught air, the ferocious machine reflecting glimmers of moonlight. “STOP NOW, KACCHAN!” Midoriya yanked violently on his own green hair, causing Katsuki to swerve and lose control. An unsuspecting pedestrian began crossing the street at the bottom of the hill, causing Izuku to panic. “WATCH OUT!”

“SHIT!” The tires screamed in protest at the sudden attempt to break, the scent of smoke and burning rubber filling the night air. Just before the impending collision with the passenger, the motorcycle stopped dead in its tracks. Katsuki and Izuku caught their breaths for a moment before registering what just happened. 

“A-All Might!” 

“FREEZE!” A man and woman cop got out of their vehicles. All Might tilted his head at the occupants of the motorcycle, putting down the civilian with a cheerful thumbs up.

“What on earth are you boys-“

“GET ON THE GROUND NOW!” One officer held a firearm while the other tackled them both to the ground. “HANDS BEHIND YOUR BACKS. YOU’RE UNDER ARREST FOR GRAND THEFT AUTO!”

“Woah woah there.” All Might held up his large hands with a calming smile. “What happened here?”

“This boy and his accomplice stole this vehicle!”

“ACCOMPLICE?!” The color drained from Katsuki’s face. “I tried to STOP him!” But suddenly he decided to shut his mouth, remembering it was his body that was actually about to take the blame for all of this. Helpless tears formed at the corners of his eyes as he watched his body get cuffed and dragged towards the cop car. 

“Wait a moment officer.” All Might insisted. “Is this true?” 

“Yeah, it’s true.” Bakugou replied, peering up at All Might with wicked green eyes. All Might took a step back in confusion.

“What’s come over you, young Midoriya?” 

This was killing Izuku inside. He couldn't bear to let his absolute favorite hero see him like this. He tried his best to make his personified Katsuki impression believable before speaking.

“Hey, All Might. Stupid Deku was sleepwalking.” He growled at the ground, hiding his increasingly panicked expression from All Might. 

“What? Really?” 

“Yeah! He was acting really strange so I followed him but I lost sight of him. It’s my fault for not keeping a better eye on him. Sorry sir.” ‘Wait, shit! Kacchan wouldn't say something like that!’  “Uh… Look all the trouble you caused, Deku! You’re such a huge pain in the ass!” To which Bakugou’s mouth hung open in astonishment. 

“Is that really what happened?” The officer turned to All Might. 

“These boys are my students in the hero class. I assure you they would not lie about such things.” 

“Well… Maybe if-“

“HEY!” Izuku’s voice hollered out from the ground. “Don't ignore me! I still broke the law! That means I get kicked out of UA, right?!” All Might’s resounding laugh echoed through the street. 

“Fear not, my boy!” He patted him on his curls. “Nobody was hurt and that’s what matters!” 

“All Might, sir!” The cop spoke up again. “Can you promise me that these boys will receive discipline under your supervision?” 

“Of course! Leave it to me!” He pulled the keys from the ignition of the bike and dropped it in the officer’s hands. “I trust you to return this to its rightful owner. Thank you for fulfilling your heroic duties!” The young female cop blushed.

“I-it’s no problem sir…” She turned to the dark-haired boy and smiled. “I’ll let you off with a warning this time. Try to be more careful, cutie.” She pinched his freckled cheeks and it was all Katsuki could do to not bite her fingers. 

“PUNISH ME, DAMMIT!” He pleaded, but his annoyingly earnest voice only made the adults more sympathetic. 

“Don't beat yourself up so much, young Midoriya.” All Might rested his large hand on his shoulders. Never in his life was Katsuki angrier to have such an amiable friendly face. All Might pulled the two boys to the side, letting them know they should return home and they will talk again at school tomorrow. 

“Stay out of trouble!” A gust of wind blew their hair when All Might took off into the air, leaving them staring at one another. 

“S-school tomorrow?!” Midoriya’s composure was shaken. How could they show up to school looking like this?! Katsuki grimaced, realizing how dire this situation was. 

“Guess we’ll figure this out tomorrow…” Izuku grabbed his arm, stopping Katsuki in his tracks. 

“B-but… where are you going? You can’t go to your house looking like me!” He blinked, realizing he was right. He defiantly put a hand on his hip.

“Guess we have to switch places…” 

“Right. …Do you… need directions to-“

“I remember how to get to your house, idiot!” 


Face to face they stood in the school courtyard the next morning, dread churning in their guts. 

“So you can’t tell anyone about this, got it?” He saw his blonde head nod in response. “You’re going to have to pretend to be me…” 

“M-maybe there’s a way to fix this. Like… maybe if we reconcile things and… become friends again… we’ll change back.”

“You think this is some Freaky Friday shit, ya moron?! That’s not gonna work. It’s just some jackass’s quirk.” Izuku cringed at the amount of swearing pouring from his own lips. “It’ll wear off.” 

“Y-yeah… You’re probably right.” The 8 a.m. school bell rang, catching their attention. “I think we know each other well enough to pull this off…” His optimistic words were tainted with a tone of despair. Katsuki turned on Deku’s heels, not wanting them to be seen talking together and raise suspicions. 

“Don't ruin my reputation with any of your crybaby bullshit…” 

“And don't say anything I wouldn't say…” Izuku replied, watching nervously as the other students came into view. 

“Hey, Deku!” Uraraka bounced up to him. ‘How annoying…’  He sighed, remembering that he couldn't be quite as mean as usual. 

“How’s it going, angel face?” He said casually. She stopped dead in her tracks, face flushing crimson. 

“A-angel face?!” 

Midoriya covered his face in embarrassment. ‘Gah! I would never say that!’  He couldn't believe how quickly Katsuki had dropped the ball. ‘What was that, like less than five seconds?! This is going to be a disaster!’


“YIPE!” He jumped as Kirishima’s hand plopped against his back. 

“Hey, man! You kicked so much ass in the exercise the other day! I had no idea you were that powerful!” 

“Oh, uh… thanks.” Izuku quickly realized his mistake too. “Uh… I mean… don't expect any less than the best from me.” ‘God, I’m so mean…’

“You’re the epitome of manliness, bro!” Eijirou quickly joined up with Kaminari on his way into the building and Midoriya huffed in relief. 

The school day was a stressful one. Usually it wouldn't have been hard to just stay silent and leave, but everyone was fired up about their hero and villain battle, increasing the daily social interactions by a significant margin. But somehow, against all odds, they had managed to make it through the day without revealing their secret. Katsuki had won today’s competition in Hero Training 101 and Izuku wondered how the hell he was able to control One for All so easily. ‘I bet he’s TRYING to break my bones…’ 


“Aw man! I forgot my umbrella!” Kirishima whined as the class packed their bags at the end of the day. The rain poured outside the window, streaming down the glass. 

“Oh, here. Take mine.” Midoriya offered, crimson eyes shining with sweetness. 

“…Thanks, Bakugou…” He was taken aback by the kind gesture, welling up with emotion when he watched the blonde hot foot it out the door in the pouring rain. He gave his not-parents a grunt, knowing that’s all the greeting Kacchan would probably give them after returning from school. He wanted to strip out of his soaked cold clothes for a relaxing shower. He did a double take in the mirror, almost forgetting that he looked like this. He walked up to it, thinking it might help to practice Katsuki’s expressions to make himself more believable. He had no idea when they were going to switch back, so a quick rehearsal couldn't hurt. He squared himself in the mirror, Katsuki’s ruby eyes staring back at him under locks of wet golden hair. 

“Stupid Deku.” He spat, watching his lips curl into Bakugou’s usual scowl. It made him chuckle how accurate his impersonation was. His handsome features reflected a silly smile that he’d never seen Katsuki wear. At least not since they were young children. It warmed his cool wet skin from the inside. He tried again.

“Deku…” His smoldering eyes and smirk sparked something in Izuku, a weird feeling beginning to stir. “Deku.” He repeated his name, lower this time, watching it slowly roll off Katsuki’s lips up close. Suddenly, the temperature made him shiver and he removed his shirt and pants, hearing them make a wet slap on the floor. 

“Oh gosh!” Now he was embarrassed. There Katsuki’s body stood before him, wet red boxer-briefs soaked to the point of near-transparency. He felt terribly ashamed for accidentally witnessing it, covering his blushing face with his arms. But then a forceful wave of curiosity swept him up. ‘I wonder what it would look like to see Kacchan blush…’  The internal battle was extremely brief, and his curiosity won out in the end. He dropped his hands, viewing the flustered features of his handsome friend. It made him smile, only for a second, because then his gaze was captured by Katsuki’s stunning muscles. He gulped, blood thickening as his heart began to thrum in a slow hard tattoo. 

Izuku had been so busy up until now trying to reverse this travesty that he hadn’t actually contemplated the tangibility of it all. He hadn’t once realized that in order to go about his day, he would have to take off his clothes, seeing his beloved childhood friend… completely….

“Oh!” He slapped his hands over his mouth, horrified at the direction his imagination had taken him. But there in the mirror Katsuki still stood. It was such an otherworldly sensation, being able to look at someone dear to him for so long, having him stare back without actually being present. “Kacchan’s so strong…” It still startled him a bit hearing Katsuki’s voice come out when he opened his mouth. “Sheesh. There’s no way to get used to that…” But wow, the way Katsuki’s muscles glistened from the wetness…

He gasped again, ashamed that during this whole ordeal, he had grown fiercely hard. His heart was racing now, and through the boxer briefs, Izuku could clearly see the outlined shape of his disgrace. He bit his lip. He always secretly wondered what Kacchan looked like down there, but never thought he’d see the day where he would find out. He slid the clothing down, fully nude and flushed dark in front of the mirror. The sight was so stunning, Izuku couldn't tear his eyes away. Unfortunately, this look of sultry desire was reflected on Katsuki’s features, turning this into an uphill battle he had NO chance of winning… 

Whether the shiver that went through his body was one of desire or simply a chill from the weather, Izuku wasn't quite sure. But what he was sure of was that he couldn't hold back his feelings anymore. For many years he had wanted to reconnect with his companion so badly, he ached for it. Finally he allowed his hands to wander the uncharted delicious territory of Katsuki’s body, brushing over chiseled musculature with trembling fingertips. 

He sighed, loving Kacchan’s body’s response, taut and ready. Such strength and magnetism Katsuki’s body possessed, and he was just now realizing the simmering physical attraction that must have bloomed years ago in the heat of his admiration. Down his pecks and abdominals his fingers grazed, at long last taking Kacchan’s member in hand. His knees grew weak from the sudden stimulation and he let himself sink to the ground. It fit differently in his hand than his own, larger and slightly more robust, but that made it all the more thrilling. He stroked with one hand, letting the other run wild. His breath hitched as it passed over his pectorals, stopping to swirl around a budding pink nipple. This shot a wave of pleasure crashing between his legs. 

‘Wow… Kacchan’s chest is so much more sensitive than mine…’  He pinched the bud, having to quite literally bite his tongue to keep from crying out. Izuku’s moans echoed back in his ears with Katsuki’s voice, heightening his arousal each time in an escalating vicious cycle. He was reduced to a panting mess within seconds, satisfaction suddenly ripping through his core and pouring out into his hand. He flopped onto his back, shag rug soft and luxurious to his sensitive skin. He heaved in air, relief melting the blood in his veins. It wasn't until he caught a glimpse of his sweaty reflection that the overwhelming guilt set in. 

‘What did I just do…’ 






Chapter Text

“Hah!” Katsuki threw his head back in a laugh as he saw Midoriya’s All Might plastered room. “Still a damn nerd…” It was unintentional but the tone in his voice almost came across as endearing. Being the spiteful individual that Katsuki was, he started sifting through Izuku’s journals and notebooks for potential embarrassing information. He heard the front door close and assumed Izuku’s mother had gone to the grocery store or something. Along the way, sifting through pages, he stumbled upon a drawing of himself. It must have been recent, as it had his current hero outfit, gauntlets and all. In the margins there were legible little notes, written as if in excited haste. All of them were complimentary, phrases like “so cool” and “cutting edge” scribbled down with little arrows pointing at his costume.

“Is he mocking me?!” He growled, assuming they were written ironically. “…No…” His scowl softened. “He had no way of knowing I would ever read this…” He suspiciously turned the page, seeing countless pages written about him, in depth analysis about his character and how he moves. He read them silently to himself, lips parting in awe at the manner in which it was written: with obvious admiration. Had he been wrong about Midoriya’s feelings this whole time?

“’Because you’re amazing,’ he said during our fight… was he just trying to push himself to be like me? So that I’d see us as equals?” This struck a chord within Katsuki, and so many churning feelings filled his gut, guilt being the most prominent. He gripped his hair squeezing his eyes shut tightly. “I’m a fucking idiot…” Under the years of wasted abuse he had subjected Izuku to, a strange tiny flame of euphoria was kindling. Why did it make him so happy to find this out? As if he had a shot with someone who he had tortured over the years…. Hell, he even committed a felony to try and uproot him from his life. His heart shed all those past resentments like leaves, feeling an undying need to reconcile with-

“AH!” Suddenly, Katsuki saw a rush of colors and light, the earth was shifting. A dizzying gasp and his blurred vision returned. “Why… am I on the floor…” Katsuki found himself sprawled on his back, damp and in a distracted haze. He sat up, realizing he was fully nude, hand dripping with a sticky white substance that didn't take a genius to identify. He saw his square positioning right in front of his bedroom mirror, puzzle pieces snapping together in his mind. A smile crept up his lips. “Deku…”

“GAH!” Izuku lifted his head from the desk in horror, recognizing the familiarity of his own room. “Oh god! OH GOD! NOT NOW! NOT RIGHT NOW!” The color drained from Midoriya’s face. “KACCHAN’S GONNA REALIZE I WAS-“ He slapped his hands over his mouth in terror.

“Shit…” Katsuki winced as the cold rain pelted him again on the way out the door. He had to find his Deku this instant. Luckily, he knew exactly where he was at the moment and was making a beeline towards that location. Izuku felt his stomach drop when he heard a loud pounding on his front door. Why he decided to answer it, he had no idea. Did he have a death wish? No. But maybe he just knew Katsuki well enough to know that, if he wanted to get in, no door would stop him.

“H-hi Kacchan…” Izuku’s voice came out screechy and louder than intended, and he was clearly shaking like a leaf.

“Are you gonna let me in or not? It’s raining…”

“Oh-uh… yeah, sorry.” He gestured Katsuki inside. “L-let me get you a towel…” Before he could speak, Izuku had run off, leaving him standing by the entrance. He strolled off to his room, since it almost felt like he owned the place now. “Eh? Kacchan?”

“In here.” He hollered quietly, glancing at the same notebook he’d been sifting through only moments ago. Izuku gulped on his way into the room, shyly peering from behind the stack of towels in his arms.

“W-what a relief we switched back, huh?” Midoriya laughed nervously, trying to break the tension in the room. Katsuki approached, backing Izuku against the door before taking a towel.

“So I guess your fairy tale bullshit theory was correct.” Izuku furrowed his brows in confusion. “About how we changed back I mean…” Even as smooth as Katsuki believed he was, he was having trouble phrasing how he wanted to rekindle their close relationship.

“Oh… you mean… Yeah! What were you doing before we switched back?” Izuku had a strong spark of interest, needing to know what change of heart Katsuki underwent that was enough to change them back.

“I was reading your notebooks…” Their eyes locked onto one another’s and Bakugou smirked. “What were YOU doing?” Izuku’s eyes widened, heat blooming in his cheeks.

“Uhhh… UHHHMMM!!!!” His panic continued to rise as Katsuki cornered him against the wall, trapped between his hands.

“I thought it was kind of weird when I woke up naked on the floor…” The fiery boy’s face inched closer and Izuku shrunk into the wall, face contorted in fear. “…in front of the mirror…” Midoriya shut his eyes tightly, knowing he had been caught.

“I…” Izuku knew there was no way to hide it. He hoped against hope that if he would just confess, he might not be killed today. But before he had a chance to form a cohesive sentence, the words were stopped on his lips as Katsuki’s mouth collided with his. Bakugou pulled back to gaze into his wide green confused eyes before smirking.

“You should have told me sooner…” He pulled the smaller boy close, steaming breath dangerously close to his ear. “Heh… Stupid Deku…” Izuku gasped, all his thoughts in a jumble. His face was so hot, he thought he might spontaneously combust. The way he said his name… it was just like the way he heard himself say it in Katsuki’s room only moments ago. He had fortunately relieved the sexual tension so there was very little chance he’d get aroused again so quickly- ‘Oh no! That wasn't actually my body though!’ This detrimental revelation occurred to him only after Katsuki had noticed his hardness poking into his leg. He looked him square in the eyes, crimson gaze both intimidating and arousing to the point of pain.

“I’m s-sorry! It- I –um!”

“Looks like it’s already time to reconcile…”

“Wh-what do you mean?” Izuku squeaked with embarrassment. But Katsuki answered his question with a forceful kiss, resulting in Izuku’s back slamming loudly against the door. The freckled boy finally melted into Katsuki’s passion, allowing his tongue to take dominance. He could taste the reminiscing fractals of Katuski’s cinnamon gum that he had chewed on the walk home from school. “Kacchan…” He sighed, returning the other’s yearning embrace. In a swirling blushing haze, Midoriya had been lifted off his feet and thrown onto the bed. Katsuki’s catlike pounce on top of him had followed immediately after.

Katsuki had a waterfall of emotions cascading through him all at once, and he needed to get them out somehow. He had fought theses feelings for so long that they now came pouring off his aura like wildfire. His eagerness and excitement was evident in his explosive movement, almost to the point of fumbling like a lovestruck moron. But he didn't care. At this moment, his Deku was his once more, and all was right with the world. All he wanted was to coax his praises again, needing to hear his name roll off those sweet soft lips. He lifted up Izuku’s shirt, leaving affectionate kisses and love nips all over. The response was exactly what he wanted, squirming and sighing and moaning of his name, over and over in a mantra of desire.

The sight of it was overwhelming for Katsuki, and he simply couldn't fight the affection pulling at his heartstrings. He looked down at the panting boy beneath him. Oh, his blush was just too cute. It filled up his entire face, the perfect juxtaposition to his relaxing sea-green irises. It was not in Katsuki’s nature to be patient, so he wasn't. He ripped open Izuku’s uniform pants, not giving his frantically flailing hands time to stop him before he took his sensitive member in hand.

Midoriya gasped from the new sensation, wanting to squirm away, but Katsuki’s strong seductive influence, stronger than any drug in his opinion, kept him under a euphoric spell. He watched with red cheeks as Katsuki descended near the tip with his mouth, pausing just a moment to meet his eyes. Izuku was certain his heart had never beat faster in his life. He cried out when he was submerged fully into Katsuki’s hot mouth. The wanton shriek made Katsuki throb in his boxer-briefs, needing skin on skin contact. He pulled off, making Izuku whine in protest as he unstuck his wet clothes from his body. Midoriya hastily joined the clothes-throwing party, spreading his legs and arching his back in a shamelessly lewd display.

“M-more Kacchan…” He begged, head lolling to the side. He wanted Katsuki so much right now he was shaking. He knew if Kacchan were to ask about it, he would blame it on the other’s cold damp hands running all over his bare skin. But the reality was that he couldn't hide his passion any longer. He needed Katsuki more than he needed oxygen, and he couldn't believe the universe conspired to grant that wish.

“Oh, I’ll give you more…” Bakugou growled, trying to sound domineering, but the sheer overpowering craving still permeated his voice. In all honesty, he was losing control just as quickly and effortlessly as Deku was. How easily it was to get lost in those big genuine jade eyes. He decided to distract himself, not wanting to lose command of the situation just yet.

“Wh-where are you-“

“Just getting something.” Katsuki couldn't help but smile to himself as he sorted through the pocket of his pants. Izuku had looked so lost when he left him on the bed, so damn cute! It was just like when they were children, when Izuku looked to him for guidance, doe-eyed and pleading. ‘I guess nothing’s changed…’ His chest swelled with affection as he grabbed the bottle of lube he’d swiped from his house before he left.

“Is that… Oh…” It took this long for Izuku to realize the realness of the situation. He bit his lip, feeling terribly nervous, but also wanting to feel connected to Katsuki. Despite his nature, Katsuki had been patiently waiting permission, knelt between his legs with slippery fingers. Midoriya gulped, giving a nod of consent to the blonde. Suddenly, a new sensation gripped him. It was chilling and slippery and painful and compressing all at once. He tensed but let the other boy continue, working his way in with two fingers. Slowly he twirled, pressing deeper, watching Izuku’s sweet flushed face for any signs of pain. The spreading process was deliberate, delicate.

“S-Stop!” Katsuki’s eyes widened at the curly-haired boy’s sudden outburst.

“Sorry. Did I-“

“Why are you teasing me?” He complained.


“Kacchan I can’t… handle you being that gentle with me… It’s too much.” Katsuki blinked at him in shock for a moment, those words thereafter becoming music to his ears.

“So you can’t wait for it, huh?” He adorned his snide aura for the sake of play.

“Pleeeeasse...” Izuku had no problem with begging, for this time he knew Katsuki was more than willing to oblige him. With a little less force than anticipated, Katsuki inched himself in, shuddering from the pure tightness and pleasure that overtook him. To Izuku, it was a feeling of fullness, a little bit of pain as well, but neither sensation took away from how good it felt. He felt like Kacchan was all around him, holding him, biting down on his neck, filling him up, and he loved every bit of it.

“Kacchan…” He breathed his name between pants. “For so long… I’ve wanted this…” Katsuki didn't know how to convey his feelings so openly, but he clutched his body closer, gifting him a heated wet kiss. So many things he wanted to say: apologies, proclamations of love, how much an idiot he’d been over the past fuckton of years… But the only thing Katsuki could get to pass his lips was:

“Same.” Somehow this small stupid answer was enough for Deku. He could feel the powerful implications lurking behind it, reading Katsuki like an open book. It was this vulnerability that would ordinarily make him defensive with Izuku… but not tonight. Not any night from now on. He had decided. “Eh?” In an unexpected turn of events, Izuku had used his position to flip him beneath himself. Izuku’s eyes twinkled with mischievous energy, gazing at his lover’s bare chest. ‘That was my move…’ Katsuki pursed his lips suspiciously, ruby stare bore into Izuku as he trickled his fingertips over his abdominals, moving up towards his pectorals.

“The hell are you doing, Deku…” But his voice was trembling, primal yet unsure. As the freckled boy ran his fingernails down his chest, he was able to witness a beautiful sight to behold: Kacchan’s blush. Not the phony version he had seen while occupying his skin, but the real thing. “What are you smiling at?” Katsuki couldn't help but be grumpy at how much Deku was affecting him. A whimper unwittingly fell from his lips when Midoriya took his nipple between his lips, flicking it with his tongue while grinding down deeper onto him. Katsuki’s body was reacting beyond his ability to handle. How on earth did Deku know how to get him to react this way? Oh wait…

Just the sounds the blonde was making beneath him was enough to make Midoriya hard to the point of pain. Almost as if his mind was read, Katsuki’s large hand wrapped around his shaft, providing him with the stimulation he was aching for. A high-pitched moan echoed the room, giving Katsuki enough of a window to reverse the positions again. This time, however, there was a more serious base need, a desperation looming behind his thrusts.

“Mmmmhh…” Izuku felt himself melting, losing his senses to the other. To him, every part of Katsuki was fire. The heat of his sensuality, the burning power of his quirk, and the scorching love that burned so hot within his own heart for him. “Ahhh… ohhhh…” Katsuki felt the green-eyed boy’s hands pawing at his shoulders with urgency. “So close… Kacchan…”

This sent a new jolt of arousal straight between Katsuki’s legs. The sound of grunts and slapping skin filled the air, loud moans harmonizing as Izuku finally crumbled beneath the pooling heat. With Katsuki’s name on his reddened lips, he released, all thoughts disappearing into the blissful inferno of his lover’s stare. This salacious spectacle brought the blonde close to the edge, finally breaking through the tension when Izuku brushed his sensitive nipples again.

“Ahhh…. S-shit… Dekuuu…” Raw animalistic growls resonated from his throat before the cascade of liquid spilled over. He removed Deku’s legs from his shoulders, collapsing next to him to catch his breath. Katsuki felt especially spent, seeing as he had finished earlier that day without his consent and then forgot about it. ‘Deku’s gonna have to pay for that one…’ He opened his eyes, not bothering to hide the smile that crept up his face. Izuku was looking at him with a kind of soul-penetrating expression. It was as if he was seeing Katsuki for the first time. “What?” His usual snap came out as cheerful with the afterglow smile plastered on his face.

“Kacchan… I’m glad you beat me up in an alleyway the other night.”  

“Tch. Anytime, dweeb.” He pulled the smaller boy into his arms for a tight embrace, kissing him on the forehead.

“K-kacchan…” A blush crept up his cheeks from the affection and intimacy.

“We just fucked and you’re seriously blushing because I kissed you?”

“I-erm… No, that’s not why…” He couldn't describe it without becoming terribly bashful, but it was more than just the kiss. It was the concept of it all, that things were back to the way they should be, better even. That because of some silly chance encounter, they had managed to reconcile years of turmoil in a matter of days. They had quite literally walked a mile in each other’s shoes and turned out better in the end. Two lonely hearts had been reunited by a twist of fate. And to think… that strange fate contained within it a late night scuffle mixed with a dash of grand theft auto. He watched lovingly as Katsuki cleaned himself up. He turned, surely to speak the words Izuku couldn't voice…

“If you think about it… this means I’ve been inside of you twice today…”




The End

Chapter Text

It was delightfully awful, this feeling in his chest. It migrated upwards from his heart to his warm cheeks, and he hoped nobody would notice this crooked smile he just couldn't shake. It was a crush, pure and simple. A very strong one, but still… Izuku’s genuine green eyes met yours from across the classroom… again. ‘This is like the sixth time today…’ You thought.

“Eep!” He snapped his head down, face burning hotter now as he tried to hide it behind his notebook. Midoriya had been catching your eye a lot recently. It was growing more common, unlike the fleeting gazes you once shared with Katsuki, which had already dwindled down to almost nothing. In all honesty, you were hurt and confused. You and Bakugou had a very special fiery night together in the locker room, but he literally hadn’t said a word to you since. Your eyes drifted to the blonde, who was too preoccupied to notice. ‘Maybe he’s just trying to not come off as needy?’

But he wasn't the only one. A lot of relationship dynamics had changed since… that night… Shouto, who was normally very comfortable with you, had also been equally aloof and distant. The other day you had approached him after school in an attempt to socialize, but he just gave you a silent nod to be polite, and went on his way. You pursed your lips. ‘Well… now that I think about it, that isn’t really that far out of Shouto’s normal range of behavior…’ He had very pleasant manners of course, but still retained a troublesome little habit of missing social ques. Yet even with that factor in mind, you still couldn't shake the feeling that he was avoiding you. A sudden pang of fear struck you. ‘Oh my god… did he hear us in the locker room?!’ Your eyes widened and you stared down at the desk. ‘No… That would mean Midoriya and Kaminari would have heard too… So that couldn't be it. If that were the case, no way Denki would have kept his mouth shut about it.’ Towards the electric boy, your gaze traveled, only to be met with familiar green hues again. This time you smiled at Midoriya, letting him know he had gotten your attention. He gifted you a bashful smile in return before looking back down at his notes.

At first he had been embarrassed by you catching him looking at you, but after it happened enough times, it started to feel almost mutual. Ever since the incident about a week ago, he couldn't stop thinking about your magic fingers. He remembered how you had picked him from the four boys in the water, not giving a massage to anyone else. It may have just been self-indulgence, but he allowed himself to wonder if that meant he was special to you for some unknown reason. Pondering these things fueled the strong feelings he’d developed recently, and he couldn't help but want to repay your generous touches.

He remembered how soft your fingertips were, how gently you caressed him, almost affectionately… or maybe this was just wishful thinking… But it couldn't be, could it? After all, you had shown no sign of disgust while having his body leaned into you, bare and revealing of all his possible shortcomings. Not even when he- ‘Ugh…’ He shut his eyes tightly, reliving the rush of embarrassment at the memory. He bit his lip, hoping you had forgotten about that whole thing. ‘But she didn't ridicule me for that… she even called me sweet…’ He sighed, appreciative of how gracefully you handled his blundering indiscretion. Not only that, he recalled you doing all that for him even with a black and blue elbow. He felt indebted to you on that front now too.


“HUH?!” He had been so wrapped up in his daydreams that he hadn’t noticed you approach his desk after the bell rang.

“Hey. Did you want to talk to me about something?”

“Uh…” His mind went blank. ‘Ah! This confirms that she knew I was staring at her! Oh gosh! What do I do?!’

“Did you uh… want to study or something?” You took a guess based on his bewildered expression.

“S-study? …YES! I WOULD LIKE YOU TO STUDY WITH YOU!” He exclaimed loudly. “Er- I mean me…” His cheeks flushed, realizing he had fumbled over his words.

“Well great.” You smiled, wondering what on earth you had done to make Midoriya so frazzled. “How about the coffee shop on the corner later?”

“Oh… you mean… out?” Usually study sessions were done in the school library or perhaps at someone’s house. His stomach flipped at the thought of the two of you going out together. “Y-you want to go out…” He held his notebook up close to his face in an arrant display of shyness. “with… me?” He gulped, hoping you wouldn't be repulsed by the presumptuous (and deliberate) way he phrased it.

“If that’s okay with you.” You shrugged, wondering why he was shrinking down in his desk chair and avoiding eye contact. He only nodded fervently, buttoning his lip to hinder himself from saying something stupid again.

“Okay. See you there.” He returned your wave, waiting for you to exit the classroom before letting a giggle slip out.


“Oh hey Sho-“ But Todoroki had already rounded the corner to the front entrance. You knew he had seen you. His bright blue eye was always very striking when it fell upon you, even from a distance. There was definitely something going on between you two. The only way him giving you the cold shoulder could have been any more obvious is if he literally turned your shoulder to ice- which he could totally do if he so chose. You frowned, turning your attention to Katsuki as he walked out of the room, gifting him with what you thought was an inviting smile, sensual undertones lingering beneath. He scowled at you, walking out the other corridor with Kirishima.

‘Keep it together…’ Katsuki told himself. He knew that smile you gave him. He had seen you agree to a meeting with stupid Deku. ‘I bet she’s doing this on purpose… just like before…’ Katsuki hadn’t been able to hide his seething jealousy the last time you had your hands on that shithead, but he was determined to not let you see that side of him again. This time he would keep his cool… at whatever cost. He grit his teeth, suppressing the urge to decimate that damn nerd’s euphoric smile on his walk down the corridor.

That had been the straw that broke the camel’s back. Something was definitely wrong between you and the boys. How painful it was, to have your crush intentionally snub you and not having anyone to talk to about it was an overwhelming burden. Normally Shouto had your back in these matters of the heart. He was a quiet listener, truly faithful despite his upbringing. ‘Sheesh… Even Midoriya was avoiding eye contact with me…’ You sighed, pressing your lips together to fight back tears. ‘What did I do to them? Does everyone really… hate me?’


Izuku practically skipped back to his dorm, humming in high spirits because he, of all people, had a date. “Is it really a date though?” He muttered to himself upon dropping his book-bag at the door. “I mean, well… she didn't object when I said ‘go out’… so that means it is right? …But maybe she just didn't notice that I phrased it that way...” His excitement slowly began to churn with a new ingredient: anxiety. “Oh jeez… what do I wear?” He sifted through his closet, throwing his uniform jacket to the floor. “Ah, crap! I don't have any clean shirts that don't have All Might on them!” He didn't want his dorky fixation to give off a bad impression. “Well… I guess it’s probably okay. She likes All Might too.” He sat on his bed for a few minutes, impatiently tapping his feet. “Oh gosh! I forgot to ask her what time she wants to meet! What if she’s already there?! Should I text her? Would that be too clingy of me?!” He stood there staring at his phone before sprinting out the door.

Down the busy rush hour streets of the city he ran, front door of the coffee shop bursting open with a tinkling of a little silver bell. He scanned the area, noticing that you were nowhere in sight. “Ah! I’m too late! She must have left already!” He made a beeline back to the dorms. “Oh no! Please don't be mad at me!” He plucked a tulip from the front gate as a quick apology, not slowing down for an instant.


You had allowed melancholy to catch your heart on the trip home from school. At long last, your bedroom door latched shut and you were able to let the tears fall, burying your face in the pillow. You had been home for approximately ten minutes before you heard a knock at the front door. You wiped your eyes quickly, hoping against hope that it was someone you could talk to about these feelings of despair.

“I-Izuku…“ You blinked at him, perplexed. Hadn’t you just spoken to him only moments ago? He was sweaty and panting and had dirt on his hands. ‘What’s with the flower?’

“F/N. I- Ah!” He noticed the puffy redness of your eyes and a horrified shroud of guilt surrounded him. “Oh gosh! I’m so sorry!”

“Wha-“ He fell to his knees and bowed low.

“It was stupid of me not to ask you what time to meet and then I was late and I should have texted you and I feel awful!” His words were building speed and volume and you had no idea what on earth he was freaking out about. “Please forgive me! I never meant to make you cry!”

“What?” Your mouth fell open.

“I wont let it happen again and I-“

“Izuku…” You planted one hand on each side of his face, forcing him to look at you. His eyes were now as watery and sad as yours and you gawked at him in shock. “What are you talking about?” He started to babble quickly.


“Izuku! Put spaces between your words!” Finally the distraught boy took a deep breath and looked into your eyes.

“Please don't be sad anymore… I’m sorry I was late for our date...”

“Late?! I just got home! I was going to text you later to see when you wanted to go.”

“Huh?” He wiped his eyes on his sleeve. “So you aren’t mad at me?”

“Of course not!”

“Then… why were you crying?”

“Uh… It’s nothing, Izuku… Don't worry about it.” But he frowned, touching your hands on either side of his face.

“You know you can talk to me, don't you?” His voice was sweet and full of concern. You nodded, realizing you were both still kneeling in the open doorway of your room. ‘And wait a minute… did he just say date a minute ago?’

“Yeah…” You helped pull him to his feet and he awkwardly handed you the flower in his hands, root still hanging from the stem. “Thanks.” He blushed, looking away in embarrassment. Now you definitely couldn't turn the poor earnest boy away. “Do you… want to come in?” His eyes lit up at the offer and he nodded fast. You sat down on the bed, inviting him to sit next to you. It was silent for a moment before he finally asked:

“So… won’t you tell me what’s bothering you? I just… really hate to see you sad and… I want to do whatever I can to help.” There daren’t be a time where someone could accuse Midoriya of being insincere. His aura simply radiated veracity and you couldn't help but confide in him.

“Well… I’ve just been feeling down recently. The people around me… they’ve just been so distant. I just feel like… like nobody likes me anymore, you know?”

“I like you!” He exclaimed loudly, then turned bright red at the accidental confession. You couldn't help but crack a smile at that.

“Then I’ve at least done something right…” He returned your smile, feeling a glowing warmth at the fact that he was able to help.

“I mean it.” He felt bold enough to continue. “You’re so brave and kind and always chase after what you want. I admire all of those things about you and, honestly, I can’t think of a single reason why someone wouldn't like you.”

“Thank you, Izuku…” You put your hand on his, watching the color rise in his freckled cheeks again.

“I… should probably get going…” ‘before I confess anything else!’

“Okay.” You said with a smile. “Did you still want to study together later?”

“Definitely!” He beamed, approaching the door.

“Great. And Izuku…” He turned. “Thanks for being there for me.” You pulled him into a hug.

“A-anytime.” He cherished your warm embrace, closing his eyes and smiling ear to ear. Safe for being a little awkward personality-wise, Midoriya was a good hugger. He was just the right height to rest your chin on his shoulder, not too short, not too tall; and his fluffy curls tickled your cheeks. It wasn't as strong and protective as say, Katsuki’s, but you still felt safe in his arms, almost like a welcoming accepting glow reminiscent of coming home after a long journey. You gently detached from his slightly-longer-than-normal hold and bid him adieu until later.

Izuku stumbled back into his room in a daze, face burning and hot. He flopped backwards onto his bed, collapsing into a puddle of sighs. He glanced over at the clock, praying for it to go faster so he could see you again as soon as possible. It was going to be a demanding task to wait to be in your arms again, one of the hardest he’s ever faced. His face hurt from this huge smile that he couldn't discard and his body involuntarily wiggled with anticipation. It was at this moment that he realized- he fell. Izuku fell hard.


You were glad that Midoriya had come to visit you. He was probably the sweetest boy in the class. Kirishima might give him a run for his money, but probably still not quite. ‘He’s likeable in a different way.’ You thought. Then your mind turned to the date- ‘Ah! I forgot to tell him that I didn't mean it as a date!’ But then you remembered Katsuki’s cruel scowl today and frowned. You figured that jealousy had worked on him before, so why wouldn't it work now? You knew Bakugou’s instincts. He emanated a predatory vibe, that of someone who enjoys the chase. You threw your backpack over your shoulder, strutting towards the coffee shop. “Well then, big guy… chase me.”

You smirked when an overly enthusiastic Midoriya waved you towards his table.

“I guess it’s a date after all…”


This became the new norm for you, spending more time with Midoriya over the next several days. Talking with him was effortless, easy. The empathetic boy was always able to read your mood and respond thoughtfully. You could tell this was the reason he excelled so much in hero training despite having less control of his quirk than most others. Even Shouto, who was a fantastic listener, had a tendency to speak the truth even when you didn't ask for it. These little comparisons made you appreciate Midoriya a little more. However, they also reminded of how you missed Shouto.

Does he feel like you’d forgotten him, you wondered. ‘Maybe I should call or text him…’ But just as you suspected, he didn't respond.

Instead you took emotional refuge in your new green-haired companion, confiding in him and just enjoying his company. Not to mention he was very doting and boosted your self-esteem, like a ray of sunshine would brighten the sky. Today he had been acting a little funny, and somehow your conversation had turned to this:



“F-F/N?” Izuku sputtered, searching for his words.


“D-do you remember uh… the other night… when the hot springs were under construction?” He was trying not to use the words ‘touch,’ ‘naked,’ or ‘hot,’ lest he become embarrassed beyond all reason.

“Of course. How could I forget?” You memory took you back, reliving the heated experience in your daydreams. “It was… magical…” Midoriya’s heart leapt into his throat and a bashful smile bloomed on his lips, enraptured that you felt the same way he did.

“Magical… is the word I’d use too…” He wrung his hands and tucked his chin when you looked at him.

‘What does he mean?’ You wondered. ‘It wasn't magical for him. That is unless…’ You blushed, understanding the meaning behind his words.

“S-something’s been on my mind lately…” He took a step closer to you. “That night you did something really nice for me… even though your arm was hurt. And it just wouldn't seem right if I didn't at least offer to… return your er-“ His voice got meeker and quieter the more he spoke. “… to show my gratitude…”

“You want… to give me a massage?”

“Ah! Um! That’s if it’s okay!” He flailed his arms frantically. “I understand if you don't want-“



“Yeah. If you’re sure you’re okay with that, I could really use a massage.” You closed the distance and took his hands in your own. “You’re so sweet, Midoriya. I feel comfortable with you, so I’m fine with it.”


“Yeah.” You pulled him into your arms again for another hug, nuzzling his neck sweetly. “Did you want to do that here?”

“N-now?! Uh… could I have some time to prepare?”

“Sure, Izuku.” You shrugged and chuckled. “It was your suggestion anyway. Take all the time you need. How about you just leave a note on my door when you decide.”

“This week for sure, I promise.” His smile was full of determined resolve.


Just as promised, two days later you came home to see a little post-it on your door.

“F/N, please get comfortable and come to my room. –Midoriya.” A tiny heart was doodled by his signature. A short walk and a knock and you were face to face with the boy who wrote you the note.

“C-come in.” He gestured you inside to a mystifying sight. A soft mattress pad lay on the ground, covered in toasty-looking blankets. The lighting was dim, candles dispersed around the room, and you were able to detect the scent of eucalyptus and lavender hanging in the air. On his desk resided a bottle of massage oil and you briefly wondered how funny it would have been to witness him purchasing such a suggestive item.


“Too much?” He was feeling self-conscious about this whole thing now.

“It’s breathtaking, Izuku.” The ambiance was spot on for relaxation, perhaps even… romance? You knelt down on the cozy blankets, removing your cardigan.

“What are you doing?” Midoriya gulped shakily.

“You can’t use that oil on my clothes, now, can you…”

“Ah-er… yeah. I guess not…” A nervous energy gripped him as you turned your back and removed your shirt. “I’ll uh- just turn around while you get ready!” He barked a little too loudly. You smirked and removed your bra and pants, resting face down and covering your bottom half with the blankets. Out of the corner of your eye, you spotted several massage technique books haphazardly shoved under his bed. You bit your lip to repress a giggle. ‘Midoriya gives 100% in everything, doesn't he…’

“Ok. Ready.” He turned anxiously, blushing at the first glance of your bare back. Bottle in hand, he summoned his bravery and appeared at your side.

“Uh… are you sure this is okay?”

“Mhm.” You nodded, resting your chin on the pillow. A moment of silence, then his hands were on you, tentative yet warm. He started working on a knot in your upper back and you squirmed a little.

“Sorry… just try and relax.” He whispered, oiled fingers trickling over your shoulder blades. You obeyed, trying not to resist his firm pressure. It didn't take long for you to feel the effect and you sighed contentedly. Midoriya took that as positive feedback and felt bolder in his technique. He used more force, drawing long soothing strokes down your back, and you slowly felt as though you were melting into the soft padding.

“Mmm. Feels niiicee…” You wanted to offer some encouraging words for the lovely favor he was doing for you. After all the stress of the last week or so, this release of tension was exactly what the doctor ordered. The clock ticked by, minute by minute, as you were gently lulled into a dreamy utopia. Your body felt loose, weightless and cuddly. “Aren’t you tired, Izuku?” It had been quite a while since you started, and you didn't want to take advantage of his generosity. You had only massaged him for a few minutes by comparison, and the duration was only long enough to complete your mission of making Katsuki jealous. You felt very petty inside, realizing how short-sighted that had been. However, it did win you this delightful moment, so perhaps it wasn't such a bad choice after all.

“I’m fine. Not tired.” He replied, but it was probably a lie. Kneeling in that position while adjusting his compression on your muscles must have been quite exhausting. You turned your head to glance back at him, twinkle of playfulness in your eyes.

“Would you mind if I… returned the favor?” You asked, intentionally throwing back to the night in the hot springs when he asked you the same thing.

“Huh?” Izuku looked confused. “But… this is already me repaying you. I’m not sure I understand…”

“Aw, come on, Izuku. I only massaged you for a few minutes that day. This has been much longer I’m sure....” You squinted in the dim lighting at the time on his clock. An hour had definitely passed since he began.

“Oh, it was no trouble! Don't worry about it.”

“I insist.” You pulled the blanket over your chest and sat up. “Come here…” You patted the comforter. He bashfully laid next to you, a nervous energy fluttering into his throat. “Izuku…” You brushed his face with your fingertips. “This was so thoughtful of you. Why did you go through all this trouble? You didn't have to…”

“I- you deserve it though.” His face flushed, mentally deliberating if now was the right time to confess. A rush of affection filled you and you took him into your arms again. Something was different this time, but you couldn't quite pinpoint it.

“You’re the sweetest boy I’ve ever met, Izuku.” You pulled back to gaze into his kind jade eyes. “I think… I’m falling for you…”

Not a breath had passed before his lips collided with yours, pulling you into a tight embrace. His lack of experience didn't deter his enthusiasm, and he only jerked back quick enough to spout an inspired: “I love you too!” You chuckled into his lips, sneaking your magic fingers under the base of his t-shirt.

“Izuku. Repayment time.” In an instant, his shirt was off and he was kissing you passionately, too infatuated to realize your bare chests were pressed together. Without thinking, Midoriya weaved his semi-oily hands into your hair. You let his weight rest on top of you, sympathetic that he must be tired from all that exertion. It wasn't long before you felt something between your legs, Izuku’s desire back for a repeat offense…


“Dude, why don't you just go talk to her already?” Kirishima slapped Bakugou on the back. “It’s been almost two weeks since you told me that story.”

“Shit! Has it really been that long?!” Katsuki panicked a little bit. That night still felt so near and real to him, it was hard to believe that time had passed so quickly.

“Yeah, dude. What’s the hold up?”

“I just figured... forget it.” He scowled at the floor and walked away.

“Wait! Where-“

“I’m going there now.”

“Hey. I’m coming too! You know… for moral support.”


Bakugou stopped dead when he reached your hallway. Not out of cowardice or any shit like that… but he had realized that, during this whole thing, he hadn’t actually come up with anything to say. Eijirou bumped into him from behind.

“Oomph. …Hey, why’d you stop?”

At first, it had just been his stupidity that stopped him, but now another big problem had caught his attention.

“What are YOU doing here?” Katsuki growled at the split-haired boy.

“I came to talk to F/N.”

“Well you should beat it. I told you already that I kissed her and she’s mine, so back off!”

“I know that…” Shouto’s expression softened. “And… I guess I’ve been ignoring her out of spite about that… and that was wrong of me. So I came to apologize.”

“I got here first, shithead!” He squared off with him, looming in an intimidating posture.

“Stand down, because I’m not leaving.” Shouto affirmed before glancing at your door. “…A note?” He plucked it off to read it. “It’s from Midoriya.” Katsuki snatched it from his hands. One glance at the tiny heart he had drawn and the fuse was lit.


“Wait… you aren’t…”

“Oh, when I find that damn nerd…”

“Wait!” Both he and Kirishima were chasing Katsuki down the hall now, fretful of what he might do. “This is none of your business, so let them be!” 

Chapter Text


Midoriya’s blush darkened with each moan you coaxed from him. He was rubbing against you through his pants, abdomen tingling from the touch of your magic fingers. He gasped when your fingertips ran deliberately over his member, sending him spiraling into a trembling mess. He ripped off his pants after receiving a clear nonverbal signal, hesitating when you made the same signal to remove the last article of clothing.

“Izuku…” You breathed in his ear. “Can I have more of you?” His consent was obviously given when he slipped out of those too, cheeks burning with shyness and arousal. Your hand moved downwards again, stopping just short of his throbbing desire. “Would you mind if… I used my quirk?” He nodded eagerly, pulling you close to kiss your neck. Before he had a chance to brace himself, pleasure ripped through his body, eliciting a shudder and a loud moan.

“Oh F/N-“


“BRO! STOP!” A startling noise and Kirishima’s familiar voice broke your focus. There Katsuki stood, fuming in the doorway with a disgusted expression, Kirishima and Shouto following closely behind him.


“KACCHAN?!” Midoriya squealed and covered his nudity. Your mouth hung open.

“Katsuki, what on earth are you doing here?!”

“I could ask you the same question.” You could see the betrayal and livid rage flicker across his crimson eyes.

“What do you mean?”

“You’re SUPPOSED to be with me!” His tone implied that you were the one in the wrong.

Be with you?! Don't make me laugh! You haven’t spoken to me in weeks! Most people would assume it was a one time thing.”

“Wait, what are you talking about, F/N?” Midoriya tightened his grip on you. “Did you guys kiss or something?”

“Or something…” Katsuki’s gaze held yours.

“Yeah. A whole lot of ‘or something.’” Kirishima ribbed, trying to break the tension. Shouto looked taken aback by, not only the implications of that statement, but also the sight in front of him.

“I told you that night that you’re MINE!” Katsuki argued. “I didn't think I needed to repeat myself!!”

“Since F/N’s affection is in question, I’d like to jump into the ring as well.” Todoroki stated calmly.


“Shouto?” Upon seeing the questioning surprise in your eyes, he walked over and knelt down.

“Permit me.” Suddenly, his mouth was on yours. You quickly learned that there is a Shouto way of kissing too. It was clean and soft and alluring and… a little bit timid, but only if you were looking for it. Otherwise, the spirit of it would have been deemed considerate instead. You sensed the energy in the room tense. You could feel Katsuki’s and Midoriya’s eyes on you, one angry, one hurt. As quickly as it started, it was violently interrupted by Katsuki ripping Shouto’s lips from yours.

“I’LL KILL YOU, YA HALF AND HALF BASTARD!” His hands began to spark, animosity pouring off his skin. It was as if an aura of tangible flames wreathed his body.

“Katsuki!” You stood up and placed a hand on his chest, activating another aspect of your quirk: mood manipulation. With your magic fingers on Katsuki’s body, you atomized the intemperate rage coursing through him, resulting in a surprisingly calm expression on his handsome features.

“H-how did you do that?” Izuku asked.

“It’s another facet of my quirk.”

“Oh…” His awe quickly returned to wistfulness, and you felt a pang of guilt. “So… you and Kacchan…”

“Izuku… I’m so sorry. I should have been honest with you about what happened the other night with Katsuki. I never wanted to hurt you in any way…”

“No, I understand…”

“But I really do care about you.”

“F/N… I just want you to be happy… whatever that means.”

“She’ll be happy with ME.” Katsuki snapped, but it was more of a grumpy growl than the exclamations of war a moment ago.

“But she clearly also has feelings for Midoriya.” Todoroki glanced at the freckled boy with envy. You decided it was time to come clean.

“A-and… you too, Shouto…” You admitted and all four boys eyed you with curiosity. “S-so I uh… if you’re a-asking me to choose… I uh… don't know what to say…” A long drawn out silence pierced the flickering candlelight until you finally heard a familiar:


You glanced up from staring at the floor to catch a confident grin on Katsuki’s face.  

“Looks like I’ll just have to remind you why you chose me in the first place.” Then his hot mouth was locked onto yours, demanding and conveying a deep-rooted need. It was just like before as if nothing had changed. If the idiot had been able to convey these feelings verbally in the first place, none of this ever would have happened.

“So what it sounds like Bakugou is proposing is a display of our affections… a competition if you will…”

“A… competition?” Midoriya gulped, eyes wide as he watched Katsuki’s tongue plunder and swirl in your mouth.

“Mmn!” You pulled Katsuki back for a moment. “Wait, guys. I’m not trying to start any conflict-”

“It seems a bit late for that.” Shouto added coldly. Kirishima, the innocent bystander of this absurd spectacle stood at the edge of the door.

“Well, I hope you all can work something out...”

“Wait!” You called as he turned to leave. “Kirishima, I… always thought you were pretty cute too… and uh… you don't have to leave if you don't want to…”

“Are… you sure?” His eyes lit up with surprise and excitement, wonderstruck at what events were about to befall him.

“Come over here.” You reached out to him from Katsuki’s possessive embrace. He looked like he was going to verbally object, but it was his best friend, after all. You cupped his cheeks and gave him a sweet kiss on the lips to seal the invitation.

“So… we’re really doing this…” Midoriya gawked, shy and at a loss on how these sort of things work. Bakugou, paying no attention to the other morons in the room, kept pressing your body to his, leaving bite marks along your neck. You pulled at the base of his shirt, watching him throw it off the second you left the hint. Before you had time to blink, Kirishima and Shouto had joined in and the entire group was topless now. You eyed Shouto’s toned physique with want and reached out a hand in his direction.

“Shouto.” He obeyed, returning to your side, causing Midoriya to shuffle backward out of the fray for a bit. Katsuki went to elbow him out of his territory, but was stopped when you activated your quirk once more. You manipulated Katsuki’s mood, rendering him wanton, yet docile. He allowed Shouto to pull you against him, running his hands over your bare back and waist. You were caught in his beautiful eyes, a bond of affectionate understanding transmitting across your gaze. You felt comfortable enough to run your hand over the front of his pants, feeling the hot bulge that resided there.

“Stand up.” You plucked at the waistband and he yanked them down with reckless abandon. When you were face to face with the heat of his arousal, you couldn't help but tilt your head.

“What’s wrong?” He asked a little self-consciously.

“Uh-nothing-er… I know this is going to sound weird, but for some reason I expected you to have split color hair down there too…” In actuality, it was all a uniform color, the same shade of red like his fire side.

“Well there’s actually a reason for that. Have you ever heard of the Himalayan rabbit experiment?”

“Uh… wasn’t he the guy who proved you could change a rabbit’s fur color based on different temperature exposures?”

“Exactly. I am the same way. Unlike my brothers and sisters, I have the same gene that changes my hair color based on the temperature it’s exposed to. That’s why my fire side is red and my ice side is not.”


“Can we please stop talking about this idiot’s CROTCH?!” Bakugou’s impatient voice rang through. You smirked and nodded before taking Shouto fully into your mouth. He moaned quietly; it was so warm and wet and good. Katsuki almost shook with ravenous envy and ran his rough fingerprints over your breasts and nipples. Once he secured the physical shiver he wanted, he slipped his hand into the front of your panties, massaging your wet folds. You blushed and gasped, causing all four of them to feel a simultaneous rush of lust.

You pulled off of Shouto, yanking your panties down as you lay on your back. You were wet and panting and oh, how you needed them right now. Katsuki obliged you, hustling to remove his clothing barriers and press at your entrance. It was different from the last time, when he didn't think twice about waiting. This time he wiggled closer and asked permission with his smoldering ruby eyes.

“Yes, Katsuki…” You wove a hand through his hair. “Pleeaase…” You were so wet from the excitement of this whole thing that he slipped into you fully with ease. Shouto licked his lips, unable to look away. Your moans and ragged breaths left the other boys speechless, and now you felt two extra hands exploring your body. Judging from the angle, they must have been Eijirou’s, but it was hard to know for sure when your head was spinning from a rushing inferno of hormones.

Katuski left continuous little bites and bruises along your neck, claiming you as his own and thrusting faster. He was close to reaching his limit, beginning to see stars behind his eyes when he was suddenly pulled back from the edge by the wrong name dawning your lips.

“Izukuuu…” You reached up, realizing the sweet boy had not yet joined in. Midoriya’s heart stuttered when he heard you call for him. “I want you to kiss me…” He knelt by your side, face and ears burning red with a blush. You cupped his warm cheeks and pulled him down to meet your mouth. One hand slipped down to his throbbing arousal while your tongue teased the roof of his wet mouth. He gasped and moaned, the loudest and most open sound yet. “Mmmm!” You yanked him closer to you, working him up and down with your hand. The way he kissed was gentle and thoughtful- with a hint of passionate desperation at this particular moment- but they were a pleasant juxtaposition to the ruthless fervor of Katsuki’s groping, biting, and thrusting.

Then Izuku was pulling back- no wait… he was being pulled off of you. Katsuki had a handful of Midoriya’s hair and had yanked him back in a fit of jealousy.

“Don't ignore me…” He growled, locking lips with you again. Midoriya let out a pathetic frustrated whimper, but then something amazing happened. Somehow Midoriya’s unabashed moan earlier had changed the mood. The energy in the room had shifted and the strange invisible wall of tension and shame had suddenly been broken. Over your head you could see Kirishima comfort Midoriya with a soft kiss. He must have known that nothing that went on here was ever going to leave this room and decided that he couldn't let a friend go unattended like that. It just wouldn't be right- it wouldn't be manly.

Kirishima’s hands wove gently into Midoriya’s hair, keeping him satisfied as your hand still worked him. Luckily for them, Katsuki hadn’t intervened on that action yet. The collective shivers and pants intensified as you began to lose yourself, head lolling to the side. Eijirou gripped Izuku a little tighter, brushing over a nipple with his thumb. Beyond his ability to control, a fire engulfed Izuku’s blood, crashing over him in waves of ecstasy. He let out a carnal wail into Eijirou’s mouth, wetting your hand with the evidence of his bliss.

This sent you reeling and you finally reached the peak, basking in your orgasm as you clenched around Katsuki. While your vision was in a haze, you hadn’t noticed Midoriya returning the favor and awkwardly fumbling to work off Kirishima. Bakugou’s pace quickened in a heated desperation. All you could do was catch your breath as he did so. But wait-

“Shouto.” You placed a restraining hand on Katsuki’s shoulder and glanced at the handsome boy. You wondered why he hadn’t joined in at any point, even after the tension had been broken. You felt bad. It was not as if you were trying to neglect him. Katsuki, hot and bothered, turned his head back to look at him.

“Have you seriously just been watching this whole time?!” He sneered for a second before noticing that Shouto was trembling, breath uneven, flushed shaft twitching with an absolute craving. It was then you and Katsuki both realized; perhaps he had been content with just watching. Maybe he liked it... You sat up, Katsuki pulling out of you, and you gestured him over. He dropped to his knees, taking your extended hand with what you would call a poised anxiety. “So you like watching, huh, you kinky fuck…” Shouto looked offended by Katsuki’s words, but then his hand wrapped around his shaft. He glared at Katsuki with defiance, hiding his desire for more stimulation.

“What are you-“

“Just lay down and take it, ya uptight bastard.” Then the blonde had him by the shoulders and was pinning him to the floor, planting a forceful kiss onto his mouth. Shouto’s breath hitched as another hand grazed him down below. His eyes darted around the room, perhaps seeking help from the hostage situation he found himself in.

“Don't be nervous, Shouto.” Izuku’s voice rang out, tone sweet and accepting, and he was able to view in high definition as the green-eyed boy continued his ministrations on Kirishima, providing him with all the attention he could ask for. Eijirou came at this moment, writhing with a lustful arch of his back. This distracted Shouto long enough for a delicious groan to escape his throat. Finally, he was relieved when you intervened and clambered atop his body. He was sensitive, pining for stimulation, especially from you.

“We can put on a good show for you, Shouto…” You cooed, sliding onto his shaft with deliberate slowness. His head snapped back as you rolled your hips. Katsuki came up behind you, leaving wet kisses along your neck and shoulders and running his nails over your ribcage. Katsuki played along beautifully, both of you locking eyes with Shouto as you rode him. He gripped the blankets beneath him, thrusting up with more intensity by the second. Katuski took a break from fondling your breasts to take the supine boy’s hand and suck on his fingers. The combination of the pageant before him with the wet of Katsuki’s mouth and your heat made the earth spin.

The explosive blonde ran Shouto’s hand down his chiseled abdomen and over his own cock. At this point, Shouto knew better than to disobey, and gripped it with conviction. Midoriya and Kirishima caught their breath, watching in awe as you, Shouto, and Katsuki thrashed in pleasure. Shouto’s hips snapped up to meet yours, frenzied and wanting.

“Shouto…” You moaned his name, pushing him to the threshold. A promiscuous sob, a howl from Katsuki, and their climaxes arrived, moans harmonizing in the glowing candlelight. You pulled off and Shouto spilled onto his stomach, gasping for breath. You nuzzled his neck and Katsuki soon collapsed at Shouto’s other side. You opened your sleepy eyes, inviting Midoriya and Kirishima into the messy sweaty cuddle pile. It only now, in the relaxing afterglow, dawned on you the events that just occurred. In a surprisingly comfortable silence, all you could hear was the sounds of everyone breathing. Midoriya’s arms snaked around your waist and he held you close, Kirishima resting his head on his shoulder. You imagine they were all wondering the same things: Did that really just happen? Does that mean we’re all dating now? Is this going to become a regular thing? However, nobody had the boldness to comment on it. Not until you smiled and spoke up.

“So… new rule guys…” They all attentively peered in your direction. “No more jealousy.” They all glanced at each other, responding in unison with a resounding:



Chapter Text

The cool evening air chilled your legs on the walk to the school building. 'Who's stupid idea was it anyway to wear a short skirt in this kind of weather?!' But then you remembered that it was almost required that girls wear cute semi-revealing outfits on Halloween. And it would all be worth it if it could secure you a dance with Katsuki. You smirked with new resolve, empty prop picnic basket bouncing in hand as you picked up your pace. 

UA's Halloween mixer was an event that every student looked forward to during fall semester. Fun dance music, spooky themed decorations and food, all of your friends dressed up in costumes- this was bound to be a night to remember. Through the glittering cobweb-adorned doors you walked, hearing the Monster Mash play in the background. The music got louder when you entered the gymnasium, taking in everyone's costumes. All the girls had similar outfits to yours, tight fitting with plenty of leg showing... well... all except Momo. 

"Love your outfits!" You walked up to her and Mina, smiling widely. They had coordinated so that Mina was a very-sexy Snow White and Momo was the haggard old witch. 

"Thanks!" Mina exclaimed. "You too!"

"I uh... didn't get the memo that we were supposed to dress sexy..." Momo blushed at the ground, feeling out of place. You couldn't help but laugh at that. There was just something terribly funny about how her haggard appearance starkly contrasted her usual statuesque beauty. 

"Well it's probably for the best. You would have made us all look bad by comparison." You admitted honestly. 

"You flatter me... But I don't think that-" 

"How precious!" Your attention was drawn outwards to the dance floor. Ochako and Midoriya had gone together as Dorothy and the cowardly lion. Finally, your gaze fell upon a familiar boy, some sort of animal ears nestled into his blonde hair. "I uh... think I'll go get some punch." You made the necessary generic excuse to leave and approached Bakugou at the snack bar. 

"Hey, Katsuki. Nice ears." He turned around enough for you to see a tattered shirt, patches of fake fur poking out beneath it. "What are you?"

"A werewolf." He replied, handing you the glass of punch he just poured. It would have been polite, save for the way he violently shoved it into your hands. 

"AW! Your outfits are so cute!" Uraraka and Midoriya stood behind you beaming. "Little red riding hood and the big bad wolf! What a great couple's costume!"

"Ah! Um..." You blushed at the ground. "We uh... didn't come together..." Katsuki eyed you curiously, thinking about how cute you looked when you were flustered. "I'm uh..." His scrutinizing gaze only unhinged you further. "Gonna go to the bathroom!" And with that, you dashed through the double doors, fanning your flaming cheeks. You sighed in front of the mirror, realizing you had missed your chance to ask Katsuki to dance. That was the whole reason you went over to the punch bowl in the first place. "...I'm an idiot." 

Outside the window of the bathroom, you could see the twilight sun setting, flickering stars besprinkled across the orange and purple autumn sky. The harvest moon glowed full and red, a rare sight to behold this late in the month. Before your eyes, the last flicker of light disappeared over the horizon. A strange sort of green flash filled the darkness. Did you imagine it? It was hard to be sure, because all of the sudden the picnic basket in your hand felt heavy enough to nearly topple you over. 

"What the..." An appetizing aroma filled your nostrils. Your jaw dropped when you opened your once-fake picnic basket to find a smorgasbord of hot delicious foods. "That... wasn't there before..." What kind of magic was this? You ran out to show it to your classmates but collided with someone. "AGH!" You were met with the lovely eyes of Todoroki, who looked vey dashing- and strangely realistic- as a pirate. Without a word, he snatched the basket from your hands and high-tailed it toward the exit. "Wha-" You were speechless. "Did you just plunder my picnic basket?! ...SHOUTO!" But he had already disappeared out the door. 


Suddenly you were brought back to reality when a collection of horrified screams filled your eardrums. You bolted into the ballroom only to see a crowd of mayhem, shrieking and running in all directions. The overhead lights had been shattered, leaving broken glass scattered across the dance floor. Once your eyes adjusted to only the moonlight, you were able to make out shapes of large unfamiliar creatures. 

"Villains?!" Backed against a wall, you felt something warm and large brush your leg. 'A tail?' The shadow turned and you were face to face with a massive lion. Petrified, you froze, praying you wouldn't be noticed by it. But it must have smelled your fear, for it turned, looked you right in the eyes, and roared. You cringed against the wall, waiting to be eaten, but you weren't. You peeked your eyes open to notice the lion giving you an almost-human expression. "Uh..." But then you looked even closer. 'Those green eyes...' "M-Midoriya?!" He gave a low grunt in response. 


"Mina! Be careful! We don't know what he's capable of!" You warned her, unsure if Midoriya's docile personality or the carnivorous beast inside would take hold.

"He says he doesn't know what happened. The lights went out and everything changed." 

"Wait, how do you know that?" 

"He just said that."

"You can understand him?!"

"You can't?" She tilted her head at you.

"What the- oh yeah! You're freaking Snow White, that's why! She can talk to animals."


"I think everyone... turned into the costumes they were wearing...." 

"What?! Seriously?!" Her jaw dropped, and she realized you were right. Another few panicked people flew by you, screams piercing your ears. 

"What are they running from- AHH!" The entire snack table flew from one side of the gymnasium to the other, crashing into the wall with a large bang. It was lucky that nobody was in the line of fire... but... what on earth could have thrown a table with that amount of force?! The three of you peered around the corner, seeing a hairy, muscled creature lurking. 

"What... is that..." The monstrosity's ear twitched at the sound of your voice and you were met by shining blood red eyes, menacing and lethal. "Oh my God, it's Katsuki!" He crouched, creeping closer with bared teeth shining in the moonlight. His eyes were locked on yours and yours alone. You took slow steps backward, afraid sudden sounds or movements would trigger the beast. "Why... is he staring at me..." 

"You're little red riding hood." Mina kept her voice hushed. "You're his target..." You felt your throat tighten with fear. 

"K-katsuki..." You voice quaked and your mouth became dry as a desert. "Is that you in there?" The wolf-like creature showed no signs of understanding, making this situation all the more dire. You turned to glance at your lion-friend. "Midoriya... can you fight him?" As large as Midoriya's full-size lion form was, werewolf Katsuki still dwarfed him by a sizeable margin. Despite this fact, you remembered Midoriya besting Bakugou in a fight once before and believed he still stood a chance. A few unintelligible grunts were his response.

"He said he can't... he's too afraid..."

You gawked at him, noticing his full body trembling, tail tucked between his legs.

"Oh right, you're the cowardly lion. Goddammit..." It would have been in Izuku's nature to stay and fight for the rest, but somehow the spell that gripped the school prevented his bravery from shining through. Katsuki gripped his claws into the ground, forceful claws cracking the flooring beneath him. You recognized that stance: Katsuki was ready to pounce. A loud roar echoed your ears, getting your attention. Judging by his position, you didn't need Mina to translate. You climbed on his back and he darted through the exit doors, furry paws nearly slipping when he cut a corner too quickly in the tile hallway. 

As the cold night air hit your skin, you heard a loud ominous howl from the hunter. You thought for a moment that it might just be the last thing you ever hear. Izuku made long strides, wind blowing through your hair as you increased the distance between you and that monster. After a while of running, your ride slowed his pace, feeling that it was safe enough for a rest. He made one swift leap over a stone wall before crouching down to let you off his back. 

"I think we lost him." You huffed in relief. Midoriya made a low growl in agreement. 

"What are we going to do?" Mina asked. 

"I don't know. Wait it out I suppose? If it's someone's quirk playing a horrible prank, it probably wont last long." 

"What if he hurts somebody though..." You bit your lip in apprehension. You hadn't even thought about that. "We're heroes aren't we? Shouldn't we go back and try to save people?"

"With what power? We can't use our quirks like this. Little red riding hood doesn't have any superpowers, so neither do I." You saw her frown at the ground, hearing little growls from behind you. 


"You aren't even pink anymore." You gestured to her pale white skin and black hair. 

"You're right..." She sighed in defeat, low rumbling still getting louder in your ears.

"And good grief, Midoriya! Will you stop growling so much? It's kind of freaking me out." You turned but saw that no sounds were coming from his large furry jaw. "But then who-" 

It had taken until this moment to become aware of where you were. Gravestones surrounded you as far as the eye could see and the moans of the undead were approaching, closer and closer. Terror gripped the group, and it was then the horrific realization hit you: your classmates were not the only ones affected... 

"This is horrible! What do we do?!" Mina shrieked and gripped Izuku's fluffy mane. Onto his back you climbed once more, and he took you away from the danger. He took you on a detour through a suburban street where you saw goblins and wizards and pokemon: the transformed remnants of childhood trick-or-treaters. Before you could make sense of the chaos, you were thrown into the front yard of a resident. 

"Ah... Midoriya. Why'd you stop?" His green eyes glowed dark with distress and confusion. You looked to Mina for the translation.

"He said he suddenly feels funny." 

"Oh... well did we make you tired? We can walk together for a while. You don't have to carry us anymore-"

"He's saying: 'I'm hungry.'" 

"Is this really the time to be thinking about food." He roared.

"'You don't understand...' He says. "'You have to get away from me.'" Mina's eyes widened and you understood now too. He was succumbing to the beast and soon live prey would be on the menu. 

"Oh..." You grimaced, taking a step backwards. "We have to find a place to keep him away from other people." 

"Oh! How about the concrete storm tunnel beneath the school!" 

"But Katsuki..." 

"He should be long gone by now. We'll worry about that later." 

"Sounds like the only plan we got. ...Midoriya. Do you think you can get us there before you turn on us?" He looked a little hurt by the way you phrased the question but gave a determined nod. "Okay. No time to lose!" 

The school was empty now, or at least it appeared that way. You and Mina were able to successfully imprison Izuku beneath the school. But then...


A familiar howl startled the two of you, and it was way too close for comfort. "Oh no!"

"He must have tracked us!" 

"We've gotta hide!" You heard his thundering footsteps echo the floor above your heads. You sprinted down the hallway, looking for hiding spots as you went. In the darkness somehow you had been separated from Mina. You stayed your path, afraid that calling out to her would compromise yours or her safety. Finally, through the dismantled gymnasium you ran, finding a custodial closet. You opened the door, letting out an involuntary yelp at the terrifying clown who resided there. 

"We all float down here-"


"Nope nope NOPE!" Your pace quickened until you found another closet, much smaller than the last. The thumping noise got closer, the impending movement of the beast. You held your breath, praying he wasn't able to smell your scent or hear the sound of your franticly pounding heart. A nerve-wracking noise- the wolf's claws scratching against the wooden door. An ear shattering CRACK and a frightened shriek escaped your throat. "AAAAAGHHHH!!" His crimson glowing eyes fell on you and he approached slowly- the satisfied prowl of a hunter who had cornered its prey. 

Up close, this monster was massive. The length of his long face was nearly the size of your entire body. There was zero chance of defending yourself, especially when you were left quirkless by this mysterious spell. All you could do was stand there, frozen in fear as this inhuman beast neared you. All your thoughts were in a petrified haze, life flashing before your eyes. The creature opened its mouth, sharp teeth in clear view. But just as you said your last prayers, you were met by a sloppy tongue soaking the front half of your body. 

You gawked at the creature, slowly beginning to realize that you weren't about to be devoured. A trembling hand moved towards Katsuki and rested on his large snout. You let out a dopey laugh when his oversized tail began to wag, thumping like thunder against the shelves of the closet and knocking over supplies in the process. Was he really just looking to be close to you all this time? 

"F/N!" Mina's voice called from outside the closet. This interrupted the moment and he snarled, turning to pounce on her.

"Katsuki, NO!" 

Everything happened all at once. Mina's scream filled the air as you leapt between them. The bell in the square struck, signifying the first toll of midnight, and quite possibly your own fate. Mid-pounce, the menacing wolf-like features began to fade and Katsuki's true form peaked through. Before you made contact with the ground, he had returned to normal. He flopped on top of you with a violent "OOMPH!" You sighed in relief, pinned beneath the blonde, and stared at him for a moment. He blinked back at you, coming to his senses. 

"You aren't gonna lick me again, are you..." You smirked, adrenaline still leaving you breathless. 

"No." He said simply, then planted a normal human kiss onto your lips.

Chapter Text

Your stomach growled, and you were able to smell the bakery from around the corner. Destination Fluffery had recently released their new fall-themed pastries and drinks. Your mouth watered at the mere thought of hazelnut toffee lattes and pumpkin scones drizzled with cinnamon. You definitely earned this after a long evening of volunteering at the local school, handing candy to very noisy little trick-or-treaters. A bit of furry companionship is what you needed to unwind and warm the chill in your bones from the long walk. It was an especially arduous journey since you were still dressed in a cat costume, and your fuzzy boots were not very comfortable. The tiny bell jingled as you opened the door, glowing light reflecting off the warm wooden tables of the establishment. 

"Nice costume." The barista said, to which you responded with a sassy: 


You hadn't thought that action through, because now every Neko's eyes were on you, ears and tails twitching with curiosity. It was just now that you noticed each one of them dressed up in costumes for the holiday. "Oh, they look so cute!" You squealed as the server handed you a hot beverage. The most noteworthy was that of the split-color one. You had come to find his name was Shouto, and he was adorned in the most precious sailor suit. To your amazement, he actually approached you when you looked at him. He was usually the most reserved of the bunch, and you had never been able to coax him into your lap for a snuggle session. One day you had come in with the commitment to get his attention, waiting with an inviting smile and a pocket full of treats. However, your patience had worn thin when your other delightful friends had sat down in front of you, begging for the treats with big round eyes. Of course you gave up and let them have it all. 

You went to sit on your favorite couch spot, moving your cumbersome tail out of the way first. It was eerie, having every Neko close in on you as if you were something to eat. 'Oh!' It was then you realized that it was your cat costume drawing their attention. They thought you were one of their kind. You smirked. This was terribly silly. All of them had MET you before, yet they seemed completely captivated by your new ears and tail. Shouto was the first to sit on the couch by your side, looking you up and down. "Hello." You smiled, slowly reaching up to brush his cheek. 

"Hello." He replied. He was obviously not as talkative as some of the others, but allowed you to stroke his hair. He nuzzled your cheek with his face in a manner reminiscent of how the Nekos greet each other. The rest of the group sat in a circle right in front of you, as if patiently waiting their turn to meet their new companion. Unlike most, Shouto was very unashamed of how much he liked having his belly rubbed. It was almost to the point of demanding it. When you would take your hand off to have a sip of coffee, he would give you the utmost disparaging gaze until you returned to your ministrations, where he proceeded to purr and close his eyes again. 

It wasn't until a streak of white came barreling into the room that you had noticed Little Deku hadn't been amongst the crowd. You moved Shouto just in time before his weight plowed into your lap. He had heard your voice and came running, but his cute little ghost costume had obstructed his vision, causing him to collide with you. You pulled the hood off his face and his smile immediately turned to shock. His ears turned back and down and a blush filled his face. 

"I'm sorry." He said, shrinking away slightly. 

"Little Deku!" You pulled him into your arms and started scratching his ears just the way he likes. His purr resounded loudly in front of the other Nekos, and it flustered him terribly. 

"Ah- um..." He squirmed, which was out of the norm for him. Usually he would immediately get comfortable and fall asleep in your arms. "Y-you have... v-very pretty ears..." He spluttered, turning red, as if what he just said to you was the most out of line thing to ever dawn his lips. "Can I- erm..." He shifted until he was straddling your legs, face an inch from yours. He huffed in determination, nuzzling your face the way Shouto had, but only for a fraction of an instant. But just as quickly as his bravery came, it disappeared again, and he ran away, tail swishing erratically. 

During this whole ordeal, you had caught Kacchan occasionally glancing in your direction. He almost tricked you into believing he was the only aloof Neko to not notice your presence. Almost... It was quite a convincing act until you smiled at him and he quickly snapped his head the other way, blushing slightly. He pouted his lips when you chuckled, arching his back in a falsely calm stretch.

"Hey." He growled low, waiting until your eyes were on him again before he crouched in a pouncing position. "Look." And his agile strength rocketed him from the floor to the top of the bookshelf by the window. He grinned wide, obviously very proud of himself. 

"Show off..." Sparky grumbled, blonde tail swishing as he plopped his chin on your knee. You massaged his ears until he sighed, mouth hanging open in a state of comforted bliss. He was known for making the derpiest faces when he was really happy, or even when he was over-exerted from too much playtime with Kiri. Speaking of which, the little red friend peeked over your other knee, wanting a cut of your coveted attention. 

"One second, guys." You patted their heads. "I need to get myself a scone."

"I'll bring it!" Kiri blurted with excitement. 

"Hey! She sent me to get it!"


"Don't fight, boys." The barista spoke up. "You know I can't trust either of you not to eat it." You chuckled at the likely truth of that. 

"Aw! Come on, master!" Sparky whined. 

"Yeah! You can trust us!" His spikey red hair bounced with impatience. 

"Nope. Sorry. You've had several chances." She asserted. "Tamaki. C'mere!" You gasped when the obedient shy boy abruptly emerged from under the coffee table. 'Has he been under there this whole time?!'

"Take this scone to F/N." She said, laying it on a napkin atop the counter, turning her back to grab a bag to put it in. To your dismay, the boy took it in his mouth and brought it towards you. 

"Uh..." You made a face and the barista tried to muffle a laugh. You paused for a moment, making the long-eared Neko wonder if he did something wrong. His insecurity showed on his face so you took the scone. They all watched, and you were forced to take a bite of the moist pastry to avoid hurting his feelings. The worker held up a gift card in the air and you nodded, realizing she would give you store credit and replace the scone as soon as the Nekos' scrutinizing gazes were off you. You thanked Tamaki with a smile. He gifted you two pats to his sleek hair before he retreated from your reach, finding a comfortable seat near the window. You placed the scone on the end table, allowing Kiri and Sparky to continue vying for your attention. 

"So you're new here, right?" Sparky beamed.

"Uh... Sort of..." You really figured they ought to know your scent by now, but it seemed that their eyes tricked their minds into believing you were a stranger. 'Silly things....'

"Now that you're here, that means you'll stay forever and ever, right?!" Kiri's toothy smile was blinding. 


"Stay forever and ever!" He asserted, making you laugh openly. This continued a while, and even Little Deku had the bravery to return to you before you finished your coffee. You asked for a to-go bag for the soiled scone so Tamaki wouldn't be upset that you didn't eat it. He was a sensitive one. 

"Well..." You stood, with great difficulty, as they were still surrounding you from every angle. "I should probably get going."

"NOOOO!!!" A resounding collection of voices echoed the room.

"Uh... How about if I promise to come back tomorrow..." That was the only thing you could say to assuage their grief. As much as you hated to admit it, it warmed your heart to see how sad they were to see you leave. "See you soon, dears." You backed out the door, opening it just enough to slip through. Unfortunately, your fake tail got caught on the way, falling to the floor of the Fluffery. 

All the Nekos' eyes went wide, and you were met with a cumulative lamenting ear-shattering:



Chapter Text



"Our hearts go out to the boy's family and friends on this tragic day." Shouto glanced up at the television, hearing the grave news. "A fourteen year old quirkless boy got caught in the crossfire by a villain this afternoon after a daring attempt to save his friend and classmate. Reports say that the villain struck him before heroes could intervene. The boy was immediately rushed to the hospital, but died shortly after due to fatal injuries." Todoroki's stomach churned at the words, but continued to listen. "Thankfully, the other boy made it out alive and unharmed, but refuses to answer any questions at this time. All Might arrived on the scene and captured the villain. He has been taken into police custody where he will be tried for criminal charges. Back to you at the station."

"Villain scum..." Shouto's lips curled in disgust at the prospect that someone could commit such a horrendous act. He saw a blonde boy on the screen- obviously the one the victim had tried to save because it was written all over his face- before the camera panned back to the news hosts in the studio. 

"How truly terrible." The female anchor said. "For anyone wishing to pay their respects, tonight the Hero Foundation will be hosting a citywide candlelight vigil in honor of Izuku Midoriya: a young boy with the heart of a hero." 

"Get your umbrella, Shouto. We're going." His father's deep voice bellowed from around the corner.


"Because it's our civic duty to attend." Shouto nodded, actually agreeing with his father for once.  


"What... happened..." Izuku opened his eyes. "UUAAAHHH! WHY AM I FLYING?!" He found himself hovering overtop city buildings, looking down to see a large crowd of people with candles below. "They must be here to celebrate All Might saving us." He smiled, floating down towards the center of the crowd. "Wuuuhhh..." He flipped upside down by accident. 'This must be the after-affects of that villain's weird quirk.' He concluded.

"H-hey! Would you all help me get down please?!" But there was no answer from the immense crowd. "HEEEEYYYY!" He hollered louder but not a soul looked up. After a few more minutes of fumbling, he was able to adjust his trajectory. He flew to the epicenter, noting a small stage filled with faces he recognized. He caught the sound of his mother's voice in his ears. He felt a pang in his heart upon seeing her grief-stricken state. 

"M-mom... What's wrong?! Why are you crying?" He rushed over to her, moving to immediately pull her into a hug, but wasn't able to. "AH!" His translucent form phased right through her and he stumbled forward. "Mom?" He held his hand right in front of her tearful face. "MOM!" He was panicking now. He couldn't understand why nobody could see or hear him. He looked around frantically, then something eerie and out of place caught his attention. A large framed photograph of himself sat nestled in the center of the stage, right in front of the podium. 

"What... is-"

"De- I mean Izuku... was a real piece of work..." 

"Kacchan?" He stepped past the picture to look at the podium, where Katsuki stood, tears streaming down his face. 

"He... never stopped trying..." The microphone echoed with a choked back sob. "No matter how bad things got for him..." 

"Kacchan..." He had never seen his friend so broken up before, but there he stood before him, white knuckles clutching onto the wooden podium to hide his shaking, perhaps even in an attempt to hold himself together. 

"DAMMIT DEKU!" His boisterous roar made the microphone whir and screech. "YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO ALWAYS BE THERE TO CHEER ME ON!" He covered his face with his arm. "BUT YOU LIED AND NOW YOU'RE GONE!" A few people gathered and forced him away from the microphone, dragging him kicking and screaming his head off. 

"...Gone?" Izuku repeated solemnly once Katsuki had been pinned back in his seat by All Might's heavy comforting hands on his shoulders. "But I'm right here..." He reached out to wipe away his best friend's tears and failed, hand phasing through again. 


Now it hit him, and the memories of what happened earlier that day flooded his mind. "But... that villain..." The puzzle pieces all snapped together suddenly. This was a memorial for him, honoring his memory. He took one last look at his own photograph, falling to his knees when the realization set in.

"Am I... dead..." 


Shouto's father had taken him down the back streets, a sly way to avoid the masses until he made an appearance. Around him lay charred rubble and debris, the aftermath of the attack today. The villain had certainly left a considerable amount of collateral damage to the city. Shouto grimaced at the ground, thinking it was terribly morbid that the ceremony was held so close to the location where the accident occurred. 'Couldn't they have held it at a nicer place like a cemetery or something?'  Out of the corner of his eye he spotted something on the ground... 


Midoriya, teary-eyed and distraught, flew over the crowd, trying to find any way to get back to his loved ones. He needed to communicate with them if he could. "My notebook!" He paused before reaching for it, knowing there was no way he would be able to touch it, being a ghost and all. He frowned, feeling helpless, but bent down anyway. He gasped when he actually brushed it with his fingertips, the texture of tattered parchment a shocking relief to his previous intangibility. "Why... can I touch this of all things? Is it... because it's mine?" He knelt on the ground, flipping through the pages. "I wonder if I can write a message!" Luckily, he found a pen still on his person, since he was still wearing his school uniform from earlier that day. "Uh... is this a ghost pen now?" But he put his burning questions on the back burner, flipping the book open to a blank page. Across the two pages, he wrote in large black print: "HELP!" 

Shouto's eyes went wide when the notebook on the ground opened before him, words appearing on the page as if through thin air, obviously by someone who was invisible. 

"...Hello?" He spoke to the person, expecting that perhaps it was just someone with an invisibility quirk. 

"Ah!" Midoriya jumped, noticing the unfamiliar figure standing behind him. "Yes! Hello! Can you hear me?!" But the split-haired boy only furrowed his brows, reaching down to pick up the notebook. "W-wait!" Todoroki looked at the front of the book and felt a pang of significance upon seeing the cover.

"This is... Izuku Midoriya's book..." He handled the delicate thing with care, making sure to not damage any of the pages as he flipped through them. "Why... does the last page say 'help'?" He wondered if he had just imagined the words being written on the page, but this whole circumstance seemed ominous. 

"Ah! So he can read what I just wrote!" Midoriya felt a glimmer of hope for an instant, but it was interrupted by the handsome boy's next plan.

"This seems like important evidence. I should probably take this to the police..." 

"No! I need to take that to Kacchan!" He panicked, reaching out in desperation to take it from his hands, only to see his extremity disappear before his eyes. Shouto felt a rush of frigid energy, causing a shiver to run through him. Midoriya panicked when his hand didn't return, but then realized something. 'Wait... Ghosts can possess people right?' He took a step closer to the other. "I'm sorry, stranger... but I have to do this!" 

The handsome boy felt a full-on chill consume him, and he suddenly lost his composure

The handsome boy felt a full-on chill consume him, and he suddenly lost his composure. In this alley, Shouto's body began to stumble around awkwardly, the pull for control between the two souls making him into an awkward spectacle. There was no way to describe the feeling, but it was something akin to being cramped into a small dark space, like observing your own body's actions as a bystander watching a movie screen. He briefly wondered if this is how it would feel to be drunk, inner monologue and inhibitions cast aside to make room for spontaneity and instinct. 

"Eeeh! This is really weird!" Shouto's voice came out, but it was not the tone or inflection that he usually used. He was the host for something unknown, perhaps something frightening. With all his might he fought the force that was trying to suppress him. Back and forth he ran into the walls of the alley, unable to control his movements. 

'Just a... little... longer!' Midoriya strained to keep control and made a beeline for his friend. Fortunately, the embittered blonde had been removed from the stage and was storming off away from the crowd. 

"Kacchan!" Katsuki heard a stranger's voice use his nickname, the name only one person is allowed to call him. He turned slowly, eyes dark. 

"You think you're being funny calling me that? Go to hell..." His tone was low, threatening. 

"No, Kacchan! It's me, Deku!" Shouto said, under the possession of the green-eyed boy. Something inside Katsuki snapped.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE TRYING TO PULL, HUH?!" He leapt towards Todoroki, temper flaring. "I'LL KICK YOUR ASS!" He grabbed the other boy by the shoulders, ready to pin him to the brick wall. Suddenly, he froze, and Shouto suddenly regained his senses. Now Midoriya was facing the stranger from Katsuki's point of view.

"What happened?!" He asked, and Shouto took a step backward, thinking this teen was clearly insane. "Why is possessing Kacchan so much easier? Is it because he knows me better?" Shouto gawked at the mumbling person in front of him. 

"Hey..." He interrupted him. "Did you say possessing? Who exactly are you?" 

"I'm Izuku Midoriya, and that's my notebook you're holding." Shouto's face went pale white at that statement. 

"Midoriya..." He repeated the name solemnly, realizing how grave the situation was. 

"I think I may be trapped." He said. "I can't seem to find my way." 

"Are you lost? I can get you directions-"

"No. It's not like that." The angry crimson eyes from before had melted into an earnest pleading gaze. "Nobody can see or hear me... and... I think I'm... dead..." Shouto frowned, feeling terribly sorrowful for this lost soul. 

"What can I do to help you?" 

"I'm not sure..." 

At this point, several bystanders holding candles were eyeing their encounter, and they began to feel scrutinized. 

"Well either way, I think we should leave."

"Can I... come home with you?" The ferocious blonde looked at the ground and blushed, afraid to come off as desperate, but he hadn't been able to catch the attention of anyone else and felt he needed to reach out. 

"In that guy's body?" 

"Oh! Right..." He looked down at his friend's palms. "I'm not sure how to get out..." Shouto offered his hand reluctantly, on his guard to keep his body from being taken over again. This time, he was able to pull a phantasmal boy from the body in front of him. Katsuki just stood there in a daze, unable to comprehend the events that just befell him. "You... can touch me now..." Midoriya's green eyes filled up with grateful tears. He had been so afraid of never having physical contact with someone again. Shouto felt a swell of protective instinct within, and held steadfast to his hand. He too was worried that if he let go, the victim would disappear again and he wouldn't be able to help. 

"Come with me." Swiftly the two of them ran hand in hand back to Shouto's house. 


Once they had arrived, they swept into Shouto's room quickly, which was unnecessary since nobody else was able to see Midoriya. It wasn't until now, sitting on Todoroki's bed, that the forlorn devastation struck him. 

"Do you... um... eat or drink anything?" Shouto asked awkwardly, wanting to be a good host but having no idea how to cater this otherworldly being. He stared at the floor and shook his head. 

"I can't believe this..." Izuku fought back tears in his eyes. "This is actually it... My life... all the things I didn't get to do..." Shouto felt his heart break for the poor teen. They were the same age, not even grown, and yet it was the end of the line for one of them. He had been cut down in the dawn of his life by the unjust actions of a criminal. 

"I'm so sorry this happened to you." He sat down and put a hand on his shoulder. The freckled one's shoulders began to quake. 

"All my friends... Kacchan... they all looked so sad..." His lips quivered at the memory, seeing Katsuki lose it up on stage was nearly emotionally unbearable. "And my mom..." That sharp pain cut the deepest. "I never got... to say goodbye..." Midoriya was overwhelmed, and finally collapsed into a pile of tears, holding on to the only person who could touch him right now. Todoroki was surprised at the sudden contact, but stroked his hair soothingly, hoping to bring any comfort to his loss. 

"Wait a minute." Midoriya looked up from Shouto's shirt, which he had already soaked. "Since you are able to talk to me, why couldn't you find a way to communicate with your mother?" 

"Well... I'm not sure why you're able to see and touch me." He wiped his tears away with his sleeve. He pondered any logical explanation. "Oh! My notebook!" He pointed to his tattered journal by the door. "You found it and held it so that must be the reason." 

"Oh. So is that why you're haunting me?" 

"That's not a very nice way to put it..." Midoriya frowned and pouted his lips.

"Oh! No. That isn't what I meant." Shouto cursed himself for his bluntness and inability to read social situations. "I mean... you're nice. So it's a good haunt... if that makes sense." Shouto's self-conscious correction made Izuku blink at him, bubbling up in a silly laugh.

"Haha! I thought you were super serious when I met you. I didn't know you made jokes!" 

"It wasn't a joke..." He muttered, but decided not to argue. "But I don't understand. If you are d- er- gone... why are you still here? Why haven't you gone to heaven or something like that?" 

"Hm..." Izuku put a thoughtful finger to his lips. "I'm not sure." 

"In stories, usually if spirits haven't passed on it's because they still have unfinished business in this life." He pulled the smaller boy off him to look in his big green eyes. "Is there something you still need to do?"

"Uh... I mean I'm only fourteen. There are a lot of things I really wanted to do..." 

"That's true. But I mean was there any one really big thing?" 

"I'd have to think about it..." 

"Why don't you try making a list, and we can try some things out. Because all this happened... I feel like I'm obligated somehow."

"Oh... No. I don't want you to feel like this is your responsibility." Izuku waved his hands. "None of this is your fault..." 

"Forgive me. Obligated was also the wrong word. I just... want to help. You see, I'm trying to become a hero. So it would be my duty to help you. That is- I want to." 

"Oh! Maybe that's it! I want to be a hero too!" He stopped himself, trying to adjust to the new way of saying things. "I mean I uh... wanted to." 'I guess that dream is in the past now, huh...' 

"My father, as much as I hate him, secured me a spot in UA High next year." 

"Wow! That's where I wanted to go!" His eyes lit up with excitement. "Maybe this was fate. Maybe I was supposed to meet you because you can help me." 

Shouto felt a warm smile creep up the corner of his lips. What an extraordinary boy, to be able to be so optimistic in the face of such tragic circumstances. Shouto definitely admired him for that reason. 

"Oh... I feel rude. I forgot to ask your name..."

"Shouto Todoroki." 

"Izuku Midoriya!" He held out his arm for a handshake.

"I know that already."

"Oh..." Izuku withdrew his hand, blushing at the floor. "Right..." 

"Well... Anyway. It's getting late. Do you need to sleep?" 

"I'm not sure if ghosts need to sleep, but I'm pretty tired so I assume, yeah."

"Well you are welcome to my bed. I can get comfortable in the guest room-" He felt a restraining, yet gentle hand on his arm. 

"Wait... please don't go." Izuku felt guilty for asking, but this was really not a time that he wanted to be alone. Shouto understood and pondered getting a sleeping bag. "Your bed is uh... really big. C-can't we both fit?" He spluttered, red as a tomato as the handsome boy tilted his head at him. 

"I suppose..." It was a king sized bed after all, and this poor spirit needed companionship and comfort, so he had no real problem with it. 

"It's too much to ask! I'm sorry!" He immediately became flustered. 

"No, it's fine. Pick a side." Shouto shrugged, unable to comprehend why the round-faced boy became unhinged. He told himself it was just erratic behavior from the stress of today. He couldn't imagine what Midoriya was going through, but was on a mission to secure peace for his troubled soul. 


Izuku gazed upon the kind face of his host upon waking, ever so grateful for his generosity. He quietly slipped out of the warm covers, deciding it would be a good time to make a list of things he wanted to do. He certainly hoped it wasn't his dream of becoming a hero, because who knows how long that would take before he would be able to pass on. He shook his head, deciding now was not the time to fret about it. He wrote some generic goals, things like traveling the world, having his first kiss, saying goodbye to his friends and family. 'Well... at least I can do the last one right away.'

"Midoriya?" Shouto awoke, noticing the absence of one body in his bed. 

"Over here." He replied. "I was just making the list like you said."

"Good." He sat up and yawned. Izuku couldn't help but smile at the almost-stranger's bedhead. "Anything I can help you with?"

"Not at the moment..." He decided it would be a good time to visit his loved ones. "I have some unfinished business to work on today."

"Alright then." And with that, he watched Izuku phase through the wall. He was getting used to it now, being able to become intangible at will. After last night, he felt a need to explain everything to Kacchan, then he wanted to see his mother. Shouto entered the kitchen, only having a quick snack for breakfast. 

"Shouto." His father stopped him before he walked to the door. "Sign this sympathy card for the Midoriya family before you go." 

"I'm actually going to make a personal visit there myself right now." Enji smiled at him a shit-eating grin. 

"Finally, you are starting to be proactive and behave like a hero. It's about time you made a name for yourself. When you come home, maybe we can work on your fire quirk and get some practice in-"

"Bite me, dad." And the front door shut behind him. He found the address in a local phone book and slowly walked up the steps of the complex. He wasn't sure how to handle this delicate situation. 'What do I say? Hey, Mrs. Midoriya. I just met your dead son... Yeah. That would go well...' He chewed his bottom lip in thought, but decided to knock anyway. 

A short plump lady opened the door, and the relation to Izuku was glaringly obvious the instant he laid eyes on her. "Um, hello?"

"Hello... I'm uh-" He drew a complete blank, wondering if he should lie and say he was from the Hero Foundation or something.

"Oh. Are you one of Izuku's classmates?" 

"I- yes..." Universally, they were in the same year, so if you stretch your imagination it wasn't technically a lie. 

"I see... would you like to come in?" Shouto raised his eyebrows at how easy that was. "I was making breakfast and I made a little... extra..." He winced, knowing that meant she made Izuku a plate out of habit. 'How sad...'

"That would be lovely. Thank you so much." She fixed him up the food in silence, putting tea on the stove for later. 

"So... how do you know Izuku?" She asked, but suddenly she turned, noticing someone fiddling with the front door. "Who's there?!" She grabbed the nearest wooden ladle as a weapon and peered around the corner. The door flew open but nobody stood behind it. She blinked, perplexed, but Shouto saw the truth. Izuku, out of habit, had used his key to open the front door, forgetting that he could phase through things. There he stood, surprised to see Shouto sitting on the couch of his home. 

"What are you doing here?" Izuku asked. Shouto's mouth dropped open but he said nothing. It's not as if he could answer him; he'd look crazy talking to thin air in front of his mother. 

"Well that was strange." Inko said, closing the door. 

"Mom..." How bittersweet it was to see her, unable to welcome him home, unable to perceive him. "Can you still not see me?" He looked utterly heartbroken and Shouto had no idea what to do. He put a hand on the cushion next to him, a subtle message to come sit next to him. He obeyed, appearing as if he was about to cry. 

"Like I was saying, are you a friend of Izuku's?" Inko broke the excruciating silence.

"Well, honestly... I don't know him that well..." He brushed the top of Izuku's hand with his fingertip without looking at him, the only gesture of comfort he could give at this moment. "...but in the short time I spent with him, he seemed like one of the most admirable people I've ever met." Izuku looked at him, unable to hold back his tears. 

"It makes me happy to hear that." She said, also tearing up. "It makes it easier... knowing that... when I miss him... I'm not alone..." 

"But you're not alone, mom! I'm right here!" Izuku sobbed, tears streaming down his face. Then an idea came to Shouto.

"Izuku... wouldn't want you to feel alone." They both looked at him, and Izuku realized that he was the solution to their barrier. 

"Will you tell her... not to be sad anymore..."

"He wouldn't want you to be sad either. He'd want you to know he's always here with you." Her expression tugged at Shouto's heartstrings, and somehow he needed to convey her son's presence was here. She must have sensed it, for she looked around the room as if the energy had shifted. "Wait!" He reached into his satchel and pulled out Izuku's notebook. 

"Is that-"

"Here!" He shoved it into her hands and suddenly, she glanced at the spot on the couch beside Shouto. She thought she was dreaming, as the vision of her little boy appeared before her eyes. 

"Izuku!" She stood up.

"Mom!" He cried. "You can see me?!" 

"Of course I can, baby!" He stood and she pulled him into her arms, sobbing violently.

"Mom, I love you!"

"I love you too, sweetheart!" She clutched him tighter, so terrified that this was all another dream and she would wake up any second, causing her beloved son to disappear again. "How are you here though?" She asked, not understanding how he was present in death.

"I couldn't leave you without saying goodbye." He cried, choosing not to burden her with his afterlife troubles. The two of them embraced and wept again. Shouto couldn't help but shed a tear at the sight of this touching display. Inko shortly turned to face the split-haired boy.

"Did you help bring my son back to me?" She asked. 

"He did." Izuku gave his new companion the credit he felt was deserved. Inko immediately pulled him into the pile of hugs too. 

"Thank you!" 

"I'm just glad to help." He replied in earnest. 

"Mom... I think it's time for me to go..." His lip quivered at the thought of finally saying goodbye, but that was the reason he came in the first place and knew it needed to be done. 

"Don't go, baby! Stay with me!" He pulled her into one last hug. 

"I'll miss you, mom." His voice broke, wishing that none of this ever happened. 

"I'll miss you too..." She took his hands, looking at her son's face once more, knowing it would be the last time she would see it. "Promise me you'll be happy..." 

"I promise." After one last embrace, the two of them departed. Izuku couldn't make it all the way down the stairwell before he collapsed in mournful sobs. He looked at Shouto desperately, speaking only between sniffs. "Once I'm... gone... for good... will you-"

"I'll make sure your mother is taken care of." This sentiment seemed to calm him.

"That means a lot to me. Thank you." 


Shouto had become fully emotionally invested in this, deciding that it was now up to him to secure Midoriya's spirit and make sure he found peace. 

"If saying goodbye to your mother didn't help you pass on, I'm not sure what will. That would have definitely worked for me..."

"What do you mean?" 

"Well..." He laid back on his bed where they were both sitting to pass the time. "I have a lot of unresolved issues with her. I haven't seen her since I was really young.... I guess after all these years I feel bad to face her. But if... I died tomorrow, I would regret it." 

"...Where is she?"

"When my lowlife of a father didn't get his way, he locked her up in a facility not that far from here. I'll always hate him for that... That's why I decided to become the number one hero without using his half of my quirk." 

"You should go see her!" Shouto's mouth fell open when Izuku said this.

"It's... not that simple. She probably hates me now for putting it off for so long-"

"No way!" The shy boy's expression had transformed into fierce passion. "She's your mother, which means she will always love you!" Shouto grimaced, thinking he was terribly naive. 

"I'll... consider it." Shouto decided it was time to put the topic to rest. Izuku finally sighed, hoping he got through to him. "So anyway... let's have a look at that list again. What else do you have written?" 

"Well..." Izuku smiled mischievously. 


"Aren't you the least bit afraid of heights?" Shouto peered out the window of the plane tensely. 

"I'm already dead though." He shrugged casually as Shouto buckled up his parachute. To his misfortune, his father owned this plane and he was able to make these arrangements for Midoriya within an hour, long before he was mentally prepared to do this. 

"Easy for you to say..." He mumbled, a breaking out in a cold sweat from nerves. It's not that he was afraid of heights, he wasn't even afraid of falling from heights. But the feeling of his body breaking on ground should his parachute fail... 'Yeah...' He gulped. 'That's definitely the reason I'm afraid...'

"Todoroki..." He took his hands in his. 

"Call me Shouto."

"Shouto." He smiled, gazing into his eyes. "You don't have to do this for me." He said, sensing the other's hesitation. "You've already done enough." But Shouto's response to this was to open the airplane door, silencing the conversation with ferocious whirring air currents. 

"READY?!" But his voice was drowned out by the screaming wind. Izuku nodded, taking Shouto's hand. They both felt a rush of excitement and then they were falling. Trees and houses appeared smaller than ants from that height. Shouto closed his eyes to keep himself from shrieking like an idiot, but then a delightful sound tickled his ears. Izuku was laughing, arms wide and free as he soared through the air. Shouto smiled, feeling a high from the adrenaline. They danced in the air together, twirling each other around hundreds of feet above the earth. He grabbed the other boy close, pulling the rip cord. Izuku held on tight as the parachute landed them in a nearby field. 

"That was amazing!" Izuku gushed quickly, catching his breath from the thrill of it all. He was clinging to Shouto, arms wrapped tightly around his neck. They both laughed together, laying on the ground as the parachute covered and entangled them. "Let's do it again!" 

"You're joking, right?" Todoroki was exhausted and couldn't imagine risking death a second time. 

"Heheh. Yeah. I'm joking."

"Thank god..." His head flopped backwards onto the grass, closing his eyes. "Any other crazy things on that list I should know about?" Before he could look up, he felt soft lips collide with his. In this moment, with his heart pounding from the adrenaline and tender warmth of the teen beneath him, Midoriya couldn't recall a time he'd ever felt more alive. Shouto opened his eyes in surprise to a blushing Midoriya, who pulled away when he felt him tense. "Was that... your first kiss?" Izuku nodded. 

"I'd usually be more shy, you know..." His instincts told him he was being too forward and his ears burned red. "But I figured... at this point, what do I have to lose, right?"

"It was my first kiss too..." Shouto smiled a tiny bit, feeling a swell of affection rise in his chest. Izuku turned pale.

"Oh! I'm er- I'm sorry! I didn't mean to take your first kiss without permission! But I'm a ghost right? It doesn't have to count!" Shouto was chuckling now. "W-why are you laughing?" He was feeling self-conscious now. 

"I was just wondering if this makes me a necrophiliac..." 

"YOU'RE SO EMBARRASSING!" Midoriya hid himself in his hands, face all up in flames. 


"Huh?" He peered through his fingers. 

"You could have waited. You didn't have to choose me." 

"But I... wouldn't have wanted to choose anybody else..." For an instant, he was glad he was dead because he would have surely died of embarrassment right now. Shouto took his hands away from his crimson face, brushing his cheek with gentle fingertips. 

"I'm glad you chose me..."

He knew this was a bad idea, that getting so attached to Midoriya would ultimately end in a deeper mourning of his loss, but something about Izuku made him worth any heartache in the future. In only a day or two of knowing him, this special boy had taught him so much: what a healthy relationship with a parent should look like, how to live his once-dull life to the fullest, even how to love better. This quirkless boy had led an extraordinary life, despite being so young, and Shouto was envious. He had a new purpose driving him, and that purpose spurred him to seize control of his own life. 


"Izuku... I have some place I need to go today." After yesterday's wild ordeal, he felt the need to reconcile with his mother. He was riven with anxiety, but didn't allow that to hinder him this time. 

"Don't forget your umbrella." Midoriya replied with a friendly wave. It was some of the heaviest rain Shouto had seen in a while, flash flood warnings all over the city. He walked alongside the now much-deeper creek on his way to the outside of town. His mother's home was not far from his own, yet somehow he had never been, and the guilt was eating at him as he ascended the white stone staircase glistening with rain puddles. 


Back at home, Izuku noticed that Shouto had been absent for several hours and he realized where he had gone. He smiled to himself and had a restless need to congratulate him on his bravery. Not to mention he was a bit bored. It's not as if he could just go hang out with people, they couldn't see nor talk to him. It was also much too wet to enjoy the weather outside, so he thought he would just meet Shouto on his way back and surprise him. He didn't need an umbrella, as he could allow the rain to phase right through him. 


Shouto had a new spring in his step as he left the building. He had been able to reconcile things with his mother, and it was as though there had never been a rift between them to begin with. He couldn't wait to tell Midoriya the good news. 

The rain had certainly taken it's toll on the city, even where he walked. The creek adjacent to the sidewalk had become a full-blown river now, murky and gushing fast. He heard the shriek of someone in danger. A little girl up ahead was trapped on the little bridge over the creek. It was nearly submerged, cracking under the weight of a detached tree that had come crashing down. The branches blocked her from going forward, and the path back was too dangerous, water rising closer to her by the minute. Shouto knew he had to act, and he dropped his umbrella, inching up near the fallen tree. 

"Little girl, can you tell me your name?" He asked, trying to keep her calm as he walked the razor's edge of the slippery bridge. 

"I'm M- Maria..." She trembled, petrified with fear. 

"Well, Maria. I'm here to help you." He navigated the sideways tree, clambering through the leaves and branches. His added weight seemed to make the wood angry. It groaned and creaked, and he knew soon that the river would rise to claim the bridge, and them along with it. Gripping a steady branch of the tree, Shouto was able to reach out to the small child. He froze his hand to the tree, just in case, making sure he wouldn't lose his grip. But her hands were small and slippery, and the young child fumbled. She was able to grasp his satchel in time to catch herself. It slipped off his shoulder before he could stop her. 

Luckily, he was able catch her just in time. The satchel on the other hand... 'Wait!' His eyes widened. 'Midoriya's notebook!' He had no idea what kind of repercussions would occur should that precious object be destroyed. 

The heavy strong wind blew through his hair and the little girl yelped when he tossed her into the air, creating a perfect little slide out of ice to guarantee her safety. He couldn't let the book go. He was fortunate enough to encase the whole satchel in a protective layer of ice, causing it to float on the surface. Todoroki was so preoccupied, he hadn't paid attention to his surroundings. The little girl's voice called out from the bank to warn him, but before she could the tree branch he was frozen to snapped, and Shouto plunged face first into the dirty water. 

There was floating debris everywhere, a rip current pulling him under. He used his quirk to get a foot hold, utilizing his ice to glide himself towards the surface. He made a beeline for the ice-secured satchel, not noticing the impending object. The precious notebook was within arms reach, he just needed to extend his arms and take it. 

"LOOK OUT!" A bystander had pointed at another stray pile of floating debris. Shouto swung around, only to instantly see black. The object had knocked him unconscious, and he was now trapped beneath the raging waters. 


Midoriya had heard a little girl screaming from far away only moments ago. He ran toward it out of instinct. "What is-" He found it odd that a block of ice was floating down the river. "S-Shouto!" He ran faster, knowing that was a trademark of his quirk. 

"Somebody help him!" Midoriya overheard one of the bystanders telling the police. "He just went under and hasn't come back up!" 

Izuku could have been wrong about the whole situation, but he knew he wasn't. He had a horrible feeling in his gut, one that he couldn't fight. All he could do was pray he wasn't too late. Without hesitation he dove straight into the murky waves. He made sure to stay permeable, so the water's current couldn't sweep him away. Izuku found the other boy trapped between a log and a cluster of ice and debris. The instant he made contact with Shouto, he became tangible, launching the two of them up and onto the bank. The policeman yanked him onto the muddy grass, bending down to assess him.

"He's not breathing!" 

"No..." Izuku felt as if time had stopped, as well as his heart. Everything was a blur, and he watched helplessly as the officer began to perform CPR. "You can't..." He pleaded, knowing nobody else could hear him. "You can't leave me!" He cried. The thought of being all alone in this world was unbearable. "PLEASE!" He was kneeling at his side, observing the cold pale face of the one he truly loved. "SHOUTO!" 

A sudden jolt and he rolled himself over, coughing and spewing up water. Izuku gasped in relief, thanking every possible deity for bringing him back. After a few minutes of coughing and retching, Shouto caught Midoriya's eye. 

"Izuku..." He looked him up and down, seeing his soaked body and desperate expression. "You saved me, didn't you..." He left a feather-soft touch upon Midoriya's cheek. To the random bystanders it probably looked like he had lost his mind. He was only a block away from that type of facility after all. But he didn't care. All that mattered was the here and now, and that was something the extraordinary boy in front of him had taught him. "You're my hero."

Midoriya was speechless, and this new elation filled him up to the very brim. He was finally a hero to someone, and that someone had no idea how special he was to him. Shouto tilted his head when something drew Izuku's attention away.

"Shouto... I... see a light..." 

Todoroki felt a pang of realization; their time together had come to an end. 

"You.. did it..." Shouto tried to smile. He was truly happy that the boy had found his way to the other side. This was what they had wanted all along, he thought. But then why did it hurt so much... 

"We did it." He corrected, bittersweet tears welling in his eyes. The light was so warm, welcoming and peaceful, but Todoroki's embrace nearly matched it, making the choice a difficult one, the hardest he'd ever faced. But the choice had already been made for him. Before Shouto's eyes, Deku's hand on his cheek became lighter, his tangibility lessening. He rested his forehead against Izuku's relishing in his sweet emerald eyes for the last time. 

Shouto closed his eyes to savor the last sensation of his presence. But when he opened them, there was nothing, just the real life scene in front of him: rainy and grey- a reflection of how the world would be now that Izuku was no longer in it. 

"Goodbye..." The tears on his face melded with the raindrops from the sky. 


After an arduous hunt for his iced notebook, which no longer held Midoriya's spirit, he returned home. It had only been minutes since they'd last spoken, but Shouto already missed the one so dear to him. It was excruciating, this devastating loss; his heart ached just trying to breathe. 

"What happened to you?" His father asked him when he walked through the door looking utterly downtrodden. So many emotions swirled within him, and he needed to let it out somehow, so he decided to briefly confide in his father.

"Do you remember Izuku Midoriya? The one we went to the vigil for?" 


"I just... find it very sad. He was so young and I... think his death affected a lot of people our age... myself included." He definitely couldn't tell him about the whole ghost talking to him thing. He already put one family member in an institution... 

"Shouto." He stood to face his saddened son. "It's foolish to miss him." He expected this answer. 

"I know... It's not like I knew him-"

"People who are quirkless are weak and are a drag on society. It's better this way."

"What?!" His lips curled in disgust at his father's indecency. Maybe he continued, but Shouto didn't hear another word. "How can you be so INSENSITIVE?!" He couldn't bear to look at him for another moment and he stormed off to his room, taking the odd-looking block of ice with him. 

With all the force of his rage, Shouto cracked the ice, and the satchel came out clean and unharmed, save for a little dampness from the river. He held Midoriya's notebook close to his heart, not allowing his wet tears to fall upon it. 

"I'll show that bastard!" He growled, unable to comprehend his father's despicable behavior in his time of mourning. "I'll become the greatest hero and fulfill your dream... I'll do this for you, Izuku!" He clutched his fists on the desk. "And I'll do it without his power!" 

In an instant, Shouto felt stunned and a darkness clouded his vision, but it wasn't frightening. In fact, the familiar presence filled his heart with an indescribable warmth. He knew what was happening, and surrendered his body willingly, but the return to his senses was much swifter than the first time he endured this in the alley.

"Wait..." He hoped his heart would convey the message of longing for Midoriya to return. He snapped his eyes open, gaze darting around the room. But there was nothing new, outstanding, or supernatural, until he noticed the pen in his hand. 

His gaze traveled downward to his notebook, seeing familiar writing scrawled across the page:

"It's your power, Shouto..." 

Chapter Text

Chapter 1: Mad Max

The campfire crackled in the darkness. You and your classmates sat nestled around it, surrounded by a circle of trees. It was so lucky that everyone was allowed to go on this camping trip, since Kaminari would not have been here if grades were a factor, and he was one of the best story-tellers in the class. The group had taken turns swapping scary stories and bags of marshmallows, enjoying the free time you earned after a strenuous day of training. 

"That one was so lame." Bakugou griped at Kirishima's Hitchcock-style tale. "I ain't scared of no birds, man!" 

"Maybe you should be..." Tokoyami mumbled, causing you to giggle from the log you were lounging on. 

"I thought it was really great, Kirishima." Midoriya said, complementing it. He was seated on the ground in front of you, and it was all you could do to not perpetually play with his soft fluffy hair. 

"Thanks, man." 

"Yeah, that was pretty good." Kaminari grinned. "But I bet I can top it." You all blinked at him expectantly. "Have you all heard the tale of Mad Max?" 

"No." A few of you said in unison, shaking your heads. 

"Well maybe you remember a few years back on the news about a guy whose quirk was a chainsaw hand..." 

Everyone shrugged and gave him blank looks. 

"True story." He replied. "The groundskeepers here kept it under wraps the best they could so they wouldn't lose business." 

"Why?" Izuku asked. "What happened?"

"Nobody knows for sure..." Denki's voice grew low, making the group lean in to listen more intently. "But the rumor is that he murdered twelve innocent campers." Your eyes widened. "They found someone's body parts floating down the river not that far from here-"

"Wait... parts?!" Kirishima narrowed his eyes in confusion.

"Well... you see, it's been said that he kept pieces of the campers: a sick sort of trophy from each of his hunts. Nobody was ever found... whole." 

"I think I'm gonna be sick..." Ochako said with a grimace. 

"This mad woodsman had a cabin in these hills and would chase his victims into the woods." Kaminari became more expressive with his voice and gestures, leaping towards a queasy-looking Kirishima. You could see Midoriya shrinking towards the log you were sitting on, gripping onto the leg of your pants without thinking. It wasn't until then that you noticed you had been holding your breath. Kaminari digressed.

"He would toy with them until they were good and lost, as he knew these woods like the back of his hand..." You put a hand on Midoriya's hair, but then realized it was more to comfort yourself than him. "...Then, out of nowhere, the revving of Mad Max's chainsaw would come for them... and it would be the last thing they would ever hear..." 

"Wait! If that happened here, where's Mad Max now?!" Kirishima gawked.

"By the time the police gathered enough evidence to make an arrest, Mad Max was nowhere to be found..." A thick tense silence followed his story before-

"VRRRRRRRNNNNN!" The noise startled the lot of you, making you jump. You gasped and whipped your head around, only to see Sero approaching with a new bag of marshmallows. The group sighed and groaned. "Heh. Sorry guys. Couldn't resist." 

"Nice-Try, you moron." Katsuki rolled his eyes and Sero frowned at the nickname. Kaminari, on the other hand, offered him a high five for the aptly timed enhancement of his narrative. 

"Phew." Izuku huffed a sigh of relief. "That was a good story." He turned to look at you, but then realized he was clutched onto your leg. "S-sorry!" He released it and looked at the ground with an embarrassed blush. "I mean... I wasn't scared or anything... but it was very compelling..." 

"Y-yeah. I uh... wasn't scared either." You lied, hoping he hadn't noticed the way you caressed his fluffy hair to soothe your nerves. 

"Yeah right, F/N!" Bakugou guffawed. "I saw you jump out of your skin a second ago!" You let out a frustrated grunt, but Midoriya was grateful to know that he wasn't the only one put on edge by Kaminari's story. 

"You know, F/N..." He scratched the back of his neck bashfully. "If you get scared or anything... I-" 

"Alright, everyone. Get to bed soon." Aizawa's voice came from around a nearby tree, interrupting Midoriya's invitation. "Long day of training tomorrow." The class let out a disappointed: 


"Well... Goodnight, F/N." Izuku's green eyes met yours. 

"Sweet dreams, Izuku." You ruffled his curls before jumping off the back of the log. It was too dark to see the color rise in his freckled cheeks. 

The boys and the girls each had their own respective campsites on opposite sides of the bonfire. The boys brought most of their own tents from home, whereas Momo had supplied the girls a large deluxe one to share and chat in. It was so luxurious that it practically defeated the purpose of "roughing it" in the woods. 

The girls gossiped about the boys and played a truth and lies sort of game, calming the ominous energy that gripped you after Kaminari's tale. You wanted to know if it was true or not, whether or not you should be on guard for any real danger. Too bad there was no way to check the facts until morning seeing as there was no Internet access way out here in the woods. 

The evening quieted down, and all you heard was the sound of crickets and your roommates' peaceful breathing. 'It's ridiculous.'  You told yourself as the night drew on. 'There's no way the story was true. You've got nothing to worry about.'  But no matter how much you tried to reason with yourself, you were wide awake, unable to sleep. You tossed and turned, working up a considerable thirst. You tiptoed towards the entrance of the tent, where your canteen resided. 'Crap...'  You had forgotten to refill it before getting ready for bed. You bit your lip in apprehension, but realized you definitely wouldn't be able to sleep without it. Deftly, you unzipped the tent, poking your head out just enough to check for possible violent woodsmen. 

When you were convinced that nothing was lurking, you hustled your way up the hill towards the bathhouse. It was a considerable hike, nearly out of sight of the campground below. You were overtaken by paranoid jitters while you filled your canteen, looking over your shoulder much more often than was probably necessary. What if Kaminari had been right and there really was a madman about? Here you were, alone, in the middle of the night. A prime victim for any crazed villain on the loose. 

As the water ran into the bottle, a crack and a rustle caught your attention. You immediately turned off the faucet, holding your breath. You didn't have any weapons on your person, short of a few nearby sticks. You crept closer to the corner, planning to surprise the madman with an ambush. You figured that would give you an advantage and a better chance to escape. A rush of adrenaline spiked in your bloodstream as you awaited the stranger's advance. His footsteps finally reached your position, and you pounced.


"UWAAAAAAHHH!" Before you struck, you noticed a familiarity to that scream. 

"Izuku!" He was on his butt, staring up at you with a startled horror. You dropped the stick and helped him to his feet. 

"You really scared me, F/N." He put a hand on his hammering heart, trying to catch his breath. 

"I'm so sorry." You felt like an idiot now, after your paranoid delusions almost caused you to whack Midoriya with a big stick. "I just... heard a noise and... ya know. I didn't know if Kaminari's story was true or not..." Midoriya empathized. He too had sprinted to the bathroom at top speeds, unnerved by the slightest rustle of the woods around him. 

"D-don't worry... If something happens, I'm here to protect you." He gave you a crooked smile, still trembling a bit from the nerves. 

"Thanks, Izuku." You blushed at the ground. "I feel kinda silly... I shouldn't still be afraid of scary stories at this age..." 

"N-no. I understand." He put comforting hands on your shoulders. "I thought it was a little scary too..." He didn't want to admit it, but he knew it would make you better to hear that. 

"You're just saying that." You gazed into his emerald eyes, noting how they sparkled in the dark lighting. "You're not afraid of anything." You had seen how he acts in hero training and couldn't imagine him ever backing down from a fight. He felt a little clench of pride in his chest. 

"Everybody's scared of something, F/N." He rested a hand on your lower back, gently guiding you back towards the campsite. "And I guess getting chopped into pieces by a guy in the woods is as good as any a reason to be scared." He let out a cute chuckle. 

"Heh... Yeah..." You grimaced a bit. 'Thanks for the nightmares, Midoriya...'

"B-but if you get scared, you can uh... always come to my tent." He wouldn't look at you while saying that. 

"I might have to take you up on that." You smiled to encourage him. 


The two of you froze at a sudden noise nearby.

"Did you hear that?" 

"Yeah..." He whispered. "Probably just a deer or something..." But he suddenly had an onset of anxiety from the proximity of the sound. Even he knew deer don't step on sticks that loudly. They are light-footed with small hooves. 

"Or a bear." You offered a slightly less terrifying solution than a lurking murderer. You looked over the hill towards the river, noticing something moving. "Look." You whispered in hushed tones, pointing Izuku's attention towards the source of the sound. He squinted and the dark figure came into the moonlight. It was a person, standing at the base of the hill, dark silhouette holding something in his hand. 

"...Mr. Aizawa?" Midoriya called, hoping it was his teacher. The figure turned, having heard him shout. There was a silence between the two of you and the mysterious figure.

"Izuku..." You gripped his arm. "I don't think that's Aizawa..." 

"What's that he's holding..." 


"AH!" You and Midoriya yelped in unison. Fear gripped you both, chilling you to the core. That was the sound of a revving chainsaw. 

"It's Mad Max!" You grabbed Izuku by the hand. "Run!" The stranger approached at a slow torturing pace as you and Midoriya sprinted for your lives. 

"We have to warn the others!" He exclaimed.

"We wont be able to if he catches us first!" Midoriya couldn't argue with that and followed you, weaving through the trees and uneven terrain. 

"Maybe we can find a way to ambush him like you did to me and knock him out. That would give us time to warn Aizawa and the others." 

"Good idea." You had faith in Midoriya's strategy. He always thrived in crisis situations like these. He led you right back into the bathhouse, locking the door. "Wont this be the first place he'll look?" You looked at Izuku with dread. 

"Possibly." He replied, digging in the custodial closet. "But this is the only place we can find things to stop him." He eyed the shelves full of chemical cleaners and supplies. 

"Oh! Here." You handed him a pocket knife you had brought with you earlier for safety. "Do you think-"

"Shh." He covered your mouth and you heard approaching footsteps outside the window. You both held your breath, shaking with fear before they got quieter once more. He sighed with relief. "We need to hurry." With haste he tied the knife to the end of a broom with the closet's duct tape. "Okay... So here's what we're going to do." He handed you the makeshift weapon. "When he gets close, I'm going to run out as a distraction, then you take him out. Understand?"

"No, Izuku! That's much too dangerous for you!" You took his hands in yours, eyes pleading. 

"But I made a promise earlier that I would protect you..."

"We can think of a better plan." 

You had been too busy worrying about Izuku that you hadn't kept track of your volume or surroundings. The stranger heard mumbling inside the bathhouse and walked through the open doors. 

"What was that?!" You covered your own mouth, eyeing Midoriya with absolute horror at how near the footsteps had become. You clutched onto his shoulders and he held you tight. "I don't wanna die, Izuku." Midoriya could hear his own heartbeat in his ears, near frozen in fear when he realized the latch on the closet door was turning. 'Oh god, the woodsman has keys! We're about to be killed!'




The light switch was pulled and in front of you stood an ordinary looking man. In his right hand nestled a sizeable leaf blower, the source of the chainsaw-like noise. You and Midoriya gawked at him, just beginning to realize that the man who had followed you was not Mad Max. 

"Are you guys making out in here?" He asked.

"WHAAA?!" Midoriya unlatched himself from your body and pulled away. 

"Who are you?!" He asked the stranger.

"Me? Oh, I'm the groundskeeper. I come out here every day to keep the camp looking nice." 

"Then... why are you here at night?" You asked suspiciously.

"It's five in the morning." He shrugged. "I like to make a sweep of the perimeter just before sunrise."

Both of you felt like irrational children, as if you had allowed your imaginations to get the better of you and blow your fear out of proportion. You quietly tiptoed back towards the tents, strung out and sleepy. Hand in hand, Midoriya walked you back to your tent in silence, not having any idea what to say at this point. 

"Izuku..." You stopped him as he turned to leave. "Thanks for protecting me." He knew you were just being polite; as he had performed no actual heroic acts tonight, but smiled anyway. 

"Anytime, F/N." 

"Well... goodnight... again." You smirked.

"I guess it would be 'good morning' this time." He took a step forward and you felt inclined to pull him into a warm hug. 

"Then good morning, Izuku." The gentle kiss you placed on his cheek surely chased away any potential nightmares lurking in his subconscious. 

Your sleeping bag was so inviting when you got in it. All your classmates were still sleeping soundly by the time you laid down, completely unaware of the events that just ensued. You smiled to yourself, knowing that if something scary were to happen before dawn, you knew exactly who's tent you were going to run to. 


Chapter Text

Chapter 2: Trick or Treat, Freak! (For –OvoSB-)


"I knew you were full of it, Kaminari!" Jirou said during lunch the next day.

"Whaaat?!" He whined with a smile.

"Mad Max was a really campy 80's film! You made that whole thing up!" She held up her phone with the evidence of his deceit. 

"That's why it's called a 'story'!" Yours and Midoriya's jaw dropped as you locked eyes. You both felt pretty embarrassed now, having believed Denki's tall tales to the point of hiding in a broom closet together, convinced your lives were at stake. "Stories are meant to bring people together." Kaminari defended.

"Well it certainly helped some people get together..." Sero quipped and the whole table eyed you and Midoriya. Someone- you weren't sure who- had seen you and Midoriya walking back to the campsite hand in hand and it was now common knowledge amongst your classmates. Izuku turned red with embarrassment and you cleared your throat, trying to think of any kind of not-obvious topic change. You drew a blank, but thankfully Aizawa had intervened again. 

"Attention everyone!" The room quieted down instantly. "Next on the itinerary for today is... nothing!" 


"That's right. Since it's Halloween you all have the rest of the day off to do as you please."

"ALRIGHT!" The crowd cheered, but Aizawa rolled his eyes.

"Don't cause too much of a disturbance if you go into town. It will reflect badly on me."

"Yes sir!" 

"Oh! We can go trick or treating!" Uraraka exclaimed with excitement. 


"But oh, wait. I didn't bring any costumes..." 

"We can just go in our hero costumes. Nobody will know."

"Aren't you losers a little too old for that stuff?" Bakugou said snidely. 

"Like you have any better ideas..." Uraraka snapped back and he stared daggers at her. 

"Let's go!"


The town was small, quaint, with most of the action surrounding a local quickie-mart and an arcade across the street. You all made sure to pick up bags to put your trick or treat candy in. Darkness rolled around and you all gathered together, ready for the sugar-induced shenanigans to begin. You heard mutterings and whispers from your classmates as you strolled forward to the first door alongside Midoriya. 

"Trick or Treat!" He said with a cheeky grin. His sweet freckles melted the old lady in front of you and she dropped a handful of candy in his bag, then yours. Each one of your classmates followed suit, moving on from house to house until your arms were tired from carrying your spoils. You collectively headed towards the outskirts of town, starting from the center mart until you were closer to the woods. The next house was quite a long hike from the main road and, while talking to Midoriya, you hadn't noticed a very big change. 

"Trick or Treat!" The two of you chimed in unison, receiving more sugary goodness. 

"Thank you!" The screen door closed, but when you turned around, all of your friends had disappeared. 

"Um... Where is everyone?" You shrugged in response, utterly clueless. 

"Uh... maybe they went on ahead..." Perhaps there was a house that looked particularly exciting and they just forgot about the two of you. "You check down that way and I'll see if there's another house up this trail here." You pointed up the dark road.

"Okay." He agreed, looking a little concerned. "But if you don't find them, meet me back here in a half hour, okay?" You nodded, thinking that was a good idea. 

"I'll call you if I find them." You waved, getting out your flashlight.

"Same!" He hollered from the distance. 

It wasn't long before you were out of breath. This trail almost went straight up into the mountains. You were worried you'd see a bear or something. During this walk, you had time to realize that the mischievous bunch had left you alone with Midoriya on purpose. It was a setup and you knew it. 'Which means... they've gotta be lurking around here somewhere... spying on us...'  You crept more quietly, smirking when you heard a rustle through the trees. You snuck towards it, lunging out with your flashlight. "AHA!" 

"AAAGH!" You heard the shriek of a raspy voice, dropping your light when piercing red eyes filled the darkness. The stranger stood up, and you were able to pick up your flashlight in time to get a better glimpse of him. The lanky boy had white hair and tattered skin, but otherwise appeared to be your age. He looked frightened, underfed and malnourished.  

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to frighten you. I thought you were someone else." You offered him a hand but he yanked away before you could, stumbling backwards and losing his footing. 

"Don't touch me!" He caught himself with a palm on a large oak tree, and before your eyes, the entire thing was reduced to ashes, dissolved. 

"Holy shit..." You felt a rush of fear and adrenaline. You had never seen a terrifying destructive power like that before. You took a step back, gut churning with apprehension. "Who... are you?"

"What's it to you?" The raspy voice snapped.

"I... you just... look like you're my age and you look really lost. I just want to help you."

"You can't help me." He answered, not wanting another innocent to get caught in the crossfire of his destructive purpose. 

"I... could try..." You crouched down, trying to appear more welcoming to this clearly dangerous boy. "What are you doing way out here?" You eyeballed his bruises and scratches, worried that the poor thing may have been abused. "Who are you hiding from?" He gave you a look when you asked this.

"You mean what am I hiding from..." He said gravely. You tilted your head. 

"I... don't understand..." There was a silence, as if he was deciding whether or not to disclose this information to you. It could put you in danger.

"I'm not... like you." He began. He extended his hand, but it was not an invitation for you to approach. "This power... I was given it by someone else."


"No... I was cursed with it." He spat bitterly, gritting his teeth with deep rage. 

"You mean your parents? They gave you this power?" 'Quirks are genetic.'  You thought. 'He must mean that he inherited this power from them.'

"Parents... Heh." His demeanor unnerved you. His crimson eyes met yours once more. "I'm not a child, silly girl. I'm a weapon."

"A weapon?" 

"Yes. Everything I touch gets destroyed." He clenched his fist. "I wasn't born. I was created." You were speechless, but allowed the disturbed boy to continue. "Have you heard of Mylan?" You shook your head. "It's a lab a few miles from here." He pointed a finger deep into the woods. "They made me... to be their weapon... to use as their... toy!" He was shaking now, and it made you fret how you couldn't help him. "But one day they became careless..." He gave you a wicked smile. "That was when I escaped..."

"So the lab people... you're hiding from them?" He looked up, guilt in his eyes, as if he hadn't been entirely truthful with you.

"They're the least of my worries right now." 

"You said they did experiments on you." You grimaced, queasy at the thought. "What kind of experiments?"

"They tried... to get me to go inside it... I didn't want to!" The boy began mumbling to himself, scratching his neck with both hands. "So I broke through the gate... and it... followed me out..."

"A gate? They had you break in somewhere?"

"The oopsy-doops." He said darkly, as if the silly word bore evil undertones within it. 

"Wait a minute. What the hell is an oopsy-doops?"

"...Something they should have never tampered with..." He leaned in close to you. "It's a realm... of death." You were utterly perplexed by this encounter, but the white haired boy made himself clearer. "When I escaped... whatever creature was in there followed me out..." You gulped. 'There's TWO mutant destructive kids running around?!'

"Is it... like you?" You asked.

"I don't know it it's sentient or not." He pondered, leaning against another tree. "But you have to listen to me. You need to get yourself and everyone you love out of this town, fast." 

"What's your name?" He looked surprised by the question.

"The lab just gave me an experiment number, but I think they told me my birth mother called me Tomura Shigaraki." 

"I'm F/N L/N." You replied. "...Tomura. Whatever this thing is, you have to tell me how to help you."

"Like I said. You can't help me."

"I need to know how to stop this creature. Where do I find it?"

"From what I saw, it needs to be close to water to survive."

"I see. I bet a team of pro heroes could stop it."

"Nobody can stop it..." His tone became more manic. He began scratching his neck again, clearly a coping mechanism to the traumatic horrors he had been subjected to. "Everyone in this town will come to their untimely end... and it's my fault... no... its their  fault..." He scratched until the point where he drew blood.

"Stop!" You yanked his hand away without thinking. 

"You fool!" He shrieked, and you realized the recklessness of your actions. You both stared at each other, unable to comprehend how you hadn't just been reduced to a pile of dust. "But how..." He looked at his hands. 

"I didn't know you could turn your power off." 

"I... didn't..." 

"Hm..." You pulled out a bar of candy and tossed it to him. "Catch." He did, and the object disintegrated. "Okay. Let's try again." You pulled out another one. "Just touch it with one finger this time." He obeyed, and his eyes widened when it wasn't reduced to nothing. "Okay. Now two." This went on until he put the fifth finger on the candy bar and it blew away in the wind. "Shit. That was a perfectly good KitKat. I should have done it with a different one." You mumbled, but Shigaraki was awestruck by this newfound discovery.

"There's a way to... not..." 

"Destroy everything? Yeah! I knew you could do it." You smiled, and you could see the thankfulness sparkle in the boy's eyes. "You look like you need a hug." 

"What's a hug?" 

"Lift your hands up." His expression looked suspicious but he obeyed, lifting his arms above his head. "Hold still." You wrapped your arms around his waist, pulling him in for comfort. He tensed, but quickly rested his chin on your shoulder. 

"Over there!" In the distance you heard a group of men, flashlights flickering out of the corner of your eye.

"The bad men..."

"We need to hide you somewhere..."


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Chapter 3: The Monster (For ShimaDeGoat and Silly_Fifi)


You hooked arms with Shigaraki, careful to not touch his hand by accident. He explained more of his situation as you walked. 

"So you're saying this... thing... isn't even from our world?!" You kept your voice in hushed tones, lest you be caught by the men searching in the forest. 

"It's some kind of semi-aquatic creature. So stay away from the-"

Your ringtone went off, startling you.


"Hi F/N. Are you okay?" Midoirya's concerned tone permeated your ear drums. 


"Because I found everyone else and hadn't heard from you. I was worried you might be lost or something." 

"No. I'm fine. I... just stopped to grab a drink at the shop in town." You lied. "I was going to call you after." 

"Oh. I see... Well, where are you now?" 

"Uh..." You met Tomura's questioning red eyes. "Krrrsh. I'm uh- losing signal... krrrsssh."


"I'll call you back in a bit. Bye!" You hung up with a sigh. 

"Who was that?" 

"Just someone in my class." 

"A boyfriend?" He frowned at the ground. 

"Ah- no!" You walked a little faster. "We're just friends..." 

"Friends..." He repeated the word, as if the concept was foreign to him. By this time you had made it back to the campsite. You now were a bit aggravated by the fact that Momo had brought a tent for everyone, which hindered the option of you hiding Tomura in your own tent. You had, however, brought a hammock with you. 

"Wait here." You told him, then strolled into the big tent to grab it, giving Bakugou a generic "Hey" on your way. He ignored it. For once you were thankful of his apathy towards everyone and their business. It meant that you didn't have to worry about him growing suspicious and finding out your secret. 

"What's that?" Shigaraki pointed.

"It's a hammock. It's like a bed to hang on trees so you don't have to sleep on the ground." You tied it a considerable walk away from the camp, hoping nobody would accidentally stumble upon it. "Uh oh..." The voices of people echoed in your ears. You sighed in relief when you recognized them to be your classmates and not the bad men. They were all returning to camp for the night, chatting away about how much candy they had secured. You tightened the hammock string with a final tug and grunt. "There. You should be safe until morning and I'll come back for you. Stay hidden." 

"Wait." He stopped you, voice shrouded in worry.



"...I promise." You grabbed your bag of candy, leaving a pile for him to eat. "I'll try to sneak out here tonight if I get the chance..." And with that, you ran down the large hill, trying to catch your breath quickly before the others found you. 

"F/N!" Midoriya exclaimed upon seeing you. He ran up towards you, grasping your hands. "I was so worried-"

"I lost service out here." You said, scratching the back of your neck. "Sorry. I figured you'd come back to camp eventually."

"I almost came to look for you." 

"Well, I'm safe." You smiled, and he sighed in relief.



It made you impatient how long it took for everyone to finally go to bed. You wanted to go check on Shigaraki and make sure nobody had found him. You recalled the groundskeeper that you and Midoriya had run into, hoping he wouldn't get here as early tomorrow and make a shocking discovery. 

After you were certain everyone in the tent was asleep, you made your escape once more. You tiptoed over the rise, peering around shrubbery until you found your half-consumed pile of candy on the ground. Between the two trees sat a pile of ashes where your hammock used to be.

"Okay... I guess I expected that..." You pursed your lips, eyeballing the perimeter. "Tomura?" You whispered, beginning to worry for his safety. 'Maybe he went to the bathroom or something...' You thought, walking towards the river. A sigh of relief escaped your lips when you saw the silhouette of a boy standing on the bank. "Tomur-agh!" The person spun around to reveal a surprise. "Kaminari! What are you doing here?!" 

"Fishing." He shrugged, pointing to the fishing pole lodged between a rock and his backpack. 

"At this hour?" 

"There's less wind. The water's more calm at night." He tilted his head at you. "What are you doing out here this late?" 

"Uh..." You began to sweat but he took a step closer to you.

"Did you have a nightmare and come looking for me?" He smiled confidently. 

"If that isn't the most presumptuous thing I've ever-"

"Presumptuous, eh?" He grinned wider, thinking that sounded like a seductive term. "Wait... that's a good thing, right?"

"No, Denki." But he laughed anyway, elbowing you playfully. 

"Don't worry. I'll protect you." He put his arm around your waist. Just then you noticed something moving out of the corner of your eye.

"I think you caught something..." He turned to grab the fishing pole before it flew out into the water. 

"Wow! It must be a big one!" He exclaimed, fighting it with all his might. "ACK!" It lurched him forward, surprising him.

"What's the matter, big guy? Can't handle a little fishy?" He kind of deserved a little teasing after that advance he just made on you. But you grew more concerned as the strength of the line pulled him face first into the water. "Denki!" You ran over to him. Luckily the water was only ankle deep and he pushed himself back onto his knees. "Are you okay?!" 

"Yeah..." He rubbed his shoulder, which must have been nearly dislocated by the strain of that pull. "That must have been a huge one." 

"Well whatever it was, it's gone now." You pulled him to his feet and he went to gather his bag, spilling the bait onto the rocks.

"Aw man!" 

"Rotten luck." You grimaced at the dripping wet blonde. He reached forward to grab the bait from the ground, but something long slapped his hand away. 

"What the-" A large dark shadow approached the shallow water, climbing up onto the bank. 'A fish?!' Kaminari fell onto his butt in shock as this human-sized tadpole approached. 

"Oh my god!" You took a step back when the fishlike monster suddenly sprouted legs. 

"WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!" He scrambled to his feet, gripping your arm in terror. It was then you realized that this must have been the monster that Shigaraki had mentioned before. You gasped in fear, but it was too late to run. Using it's powerful back legs, the supernatural being launched itself forward, taking you to the ground beneath it. It croaked an explosive roar before Kaminari whacked it with a nearby stick. The beast went rolling towards the river. "GET BACK!" He shouted before his lightning filled the darkness. The monster screeched in pain before diving back into the water to flee. You trembled, catching your breath before hiding your face in his damp shoulder. "Are you okay?" He asked.

"I think so-"

"F/N L/N!" A voice called. You turned, relieved to see Shigaraki safe and sound. 

"Who is that?" Electricity sparked in Kaminari's hands. 

"It's a long story..." 


"So you see... he needs somewhere to hide." You gestured to the white-haired boy. "Can you help me hide him?" He pursed his lips, puzzling at the thought.

"Hm... I'm gonna need something in return..."

"Seriously?" You gawked at him. "What do you want?" He smiled at Shigaraki.

"How about this kid's Halloween candy..."

"You really think a government fugitive went door to door trick or treating?!" 



"...Right. Well, how about yours then, F/N?" 

"All of it?!" You whined. 

"Nah. Just the Three Musketeers. I really like nougat." 

"Alright. Deal." You rolled your eyes. "Moron..." You muttered under your breath. 

"You love me." He winked and grinned. 

"Whatever. Let's go." 

"Wait. We can't go back together. We'll make too much noise." He pulled out his phone. "I'll text you in a little while when it's safe to come to my tent."

After a few minutes you received the all-clear and made your way to his small two-person tent. 

"Hey." Kaminari snickered. "Did ya see Midoriya's All Might tent?" You held back a giggle.

"It's the cutest thing I've ever seen."

"And the nerdiest." He added, poking fun at Midoriya. 

"Nothing wrong with liking things." You shrugged, then felt a sting along your back. "Ah!" 

"You okay?" He pulled out a light only to grimace at your torn up back. "Oh jeez..." 

"What?" Shigaraki reached out only to withdraw his destructive hand in disappointment. 

"Know where we can find a first aid kit?" 

"Betcha Midoriya has one. He's always getting himself injured so..." Kaminari bit his lip. "I'll go swipe it." 

"Wait. I can go..." You whispered, but he was already out of the tent, quietly unzipping the All Might smile on Izuku's tent. You held your breath until he returned with it, unwrapping the alcohol wipes and bandages. "Ow." You winced as he began to clean up your cuts. 

"Sorry." He grimaced, empathizing with your pain. When he was done you felt comforting hands on your shoulders, turning you around to look in his eyes. "I promise I wont let that thing hurt you again." 

"That was so scary." You wrapped your arms around his waist, suddenly feeling very tired. He laid you down next to him, patting your hair until you drifted off to sleep. 

"I'll show that creature who's boss..."


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Chapter 4: The Pollywog 

"Eh?!" An unnerving pair of red eyes were hovered over you when you woke up. You jolted backwards before you realized they belonged to the nearly-harmless fugitive boy in the tent. "Tomura... It's weird to stare at someone while they're sleeping... Don't do that."

"No?" He tilted his head.

"No..." You let it go upon seeing his doe-eyed expression. "Where's Kaminari?" 

"Gone." Shigaraki said, holding out his hand. Your eyes widened, and you shakily eyed his sleeping bag for any signs of ashes. He noted this and corrected himself. "No. I meant he left the tent this morning." You heaved a huge sigh in relief.

"Phew." A bead of sweat rolled down your head. "Alright. He probably just went to get breakfast. Stay here and I'll be right back." 

"What's breaking fast?" 

"What? Oh. No. Breakfast. It's like morning food." 

"There's food you can only eat in the morning? Does something bad happen if you eat that food at night?"

"I don't have time to explain this right now. Stay here." Without thinking, you exited Kaminari's bright yellow tent, only to be immediately noticed by Midoriya. He was yawning and stretching a few feet away, abruptly stopping upon catching sight of you. 

"F/N!" He covered his body bashfully, as if his pajamas were indecent for some reason. You turned your palms up in a clueless fashion. 

"Hey, Izuku."

"Hey... What were you doing in Kaminari's tent?"


"Oh gosh!" His face contorted with concern, running over to take a closer look at the cuts on your back. "Are you alright?! What happened?!" Thankfully, your injury had distracted the sweet boy from his former interrogation. 

"Ah... Well... I fell, you see. And he helped bandage me up." 

"That looks like my-" 

"I borrowed your first aid kit because I didn't have one..." You confessed, biting your lip. "I know should have asked first but I really didn't want to wake you..." He frowned.

"I wish you had..." He touched your shoulder gently. "F/N... if you need help, please don't hesitate to ask me next time." His emerald eyes flickered with regret. You returned it with a smile.

"I'll be sure to walk into your tent with trumpets next time." He chuckled at that. "By the way, where is Kaminari?" 

"He went into the woods a little while ago. He said something about hunting a monster." Your eyes widened in horror. 

"And you didn't try and stop him?!" Your mouth fell open.

"Well no... I thought he was just making things up, like his Mad Max story." 

You grimaced, knowing that Denki had lost all credibility from his tall tales. It just dawned upon you how dire this situation might become. Being the idiot that he is, Kaminari was seeking vengeance on this terrifying beast for hurting you. His electricity had been effective once, but seeing how quickly the creature grew and adapted, Denki might be in terrible danger. You gripped Midoriya's arms, voice full of grave severity.

"I have to tell you something..."


After a lengthy explanation, Midoriya blinked at you a few times, trying to process it all. 

"So... that's why I need your help." You pleaded. He looked down, pondering it for a moment before clenching his fist in resolve. 

"You can count on me!" 

And with that, the two of you entered the woods. There was no time to lose because you imagined Kaminari must be miles away by now. 

"He will probably be along the river bank." You said, guiding Midoriya along the lazy shoreline. Since it was November now, the days were much shorter, and you had only walked for a few hours before the sun began to set behind the mountains. You prayed for Kaminari's safety, unnerved more and more with every passing hour he remained missing. Izuku had been mumbling plans to himself every now and then as you walked and he stopped you, apparently finally settling on one strategy. 

"F/N... If something happens, I can lead it away and-"

"You have got to stop with these suicidal plans, Izuku." You took his hands gently in your own. "I don't want to lose you either." He looked at you, that familiar flawless determination flickering in his eyes. 

"Trust me." 

"...okay..." You were hesitant, but he definitely had speed on his side with that wild quirk of his. You decided not to underestimate him and went along with the idea. The last of the orange sun descended over the trees and you noticed Midoriya kick a pebble down the bank. An ominous alarm went off in your head when you followed the path of the pebble, noticing Kaminari's fishing pole and bag. 

"Look." You pointed at it, gaze following the line until a pang of dread hit you. There sat his pile of bait, laid out on the gravel; the same thing that drew the monster to you in the first place... 


"What was that..." A gloopy sound came from beneath the calm river. The two of you turned to see a shadow lurking in the deep. "Stay back." You pulled Midoriya away from leaning over the bank. "When the monster attacked us, it jumped out of the water and-"


"AH!" Just as it once had, the creature launched out of the water like a bullet, flying high over your heads. It was definitely the same size as a human now, not the medium-sized tadpole from before. 

"SMAAAASSSSHHHH!" A huge gust of wind shot it flying. "I'll drive it away! Now GO!" You didn't doubt Midoriya and ran farther down the river, zigzagging between trees as you went. Kaminari had to be close, and you needed to find him fast.

With his quirk, Izuku was able to outmaneuver the monster while it pursued him. Unfortunately, after chasing something so incredibly fast, it was a natural instinct for the creature to switch to a slower prey...

'It's so dark.' Behind grey clouds there was hardly any moonlight and you could barely see where you were going. You hoped against hope that you would find Kaminari before the creature did. But fumbling in the darkness made you just as easy of a target. You heard rustling in the trees, knowing something was near by. And based on the distinct movement, you could tell that it was neither of your friends. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw it leap effortlessly near you. You held your breath, inching around the side of a tree in the hopes that it would pass you by and not notice your presence. 

Fear gripped you and all you wanted to do was yell for Midoriya or Kaminari or Tomura, but you knew you couldn't. Calling out would alert the swift creature to your location. The best bet was to stay stealthy and keep perfectly still. You had no hope of running away silently either, as the crunchy fall leaves on the ground would have been a dead giveaway. All you could do was press your back farther against the tree, trying to become one with it. 

Suddenly, something constricting and wet bound you to the tree, arms pinned to your sides. The texture was strange, a slithering appendage. 'Is this a tentacle?! Can this thing shapeshift?!' The slippery thing made another wrap around the tree, restraining you further. 'No wait... this is...'

You gasped as the monster's shadow approached you, making a croaking noise. You were done for, wiggling and helpless, a fish on a hook. You prepared yourself to yell, taking a huge breath before this thing could suffocate you. 

"Wait." You paused when it spoke. The voice of the monster sounded so normal... so... human... "Please don't scream. I'm not going to eat you."

"Wh-what?" You were baffled as the creature revealed itself in the moonlight, face to face with you. 'Wait... it has a face! A human face!' For some reason that fact washed you over with some relief. However, you weren't out of the woods yet, for this thing still had you tied up with... it's tongue?! So many questions flew to your mind at once. "Wh-who are you..." 

"Call me Tsu." 

"Are you... from the oopsy-doops?"

"What the heck is that?"

"The realm you're from..."

"You mean the inside-out? Who on earth called it an oopsy-doops..." And the creature laughed, making you feel a little more at ease. It took a few steps closer and a break in the canopy cast light onto it's face. It was a girl... kind of a frog girl... but still a girl about your height, peering at you with big round eyes, just like Izuku has. 

"So... if you aren't going to eat me... what are you hunting for?"

"A mate." She said simply.


"Are you my mate?" She asked with a smile, face an inch from yours.

"What?! N-no!"


The End


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It was a magnificent jittery feeling, holding hands with Shouto. Only a few days had passed since you had confessed to him and he happily accepted your love, but the fluttering excitement was still electric between you. Together you dove head first into this commitment to each other, madly in love. To your surprise, he took off with it even faster than yourself, offering to introduce you to his whole family after just the first date. To be honest, it had alarmed you a little bit, but you decided to go along with it to see how it would go, and you were glad you did.

Over an extremely short period of time, you had seen Shouto's walls tumble down one by one, and you felt almost no hesitation in your decision to buy promise rings for the two of you. Last night, you had presented them to him just before sunset, overlooking a picturesque koi pond behind his favorite local bookstore. He wore it with pride, kissing you beneath the twinkling starlight as the glowing fountain left a cool mist on your face.

Tonight, you were out again, as it was unbearable to be separated from each other for more than a few hours at a time. You were strung out from this infatuation keeping you from a good night's sleep and Shouto's cheeks were stinging from smiling way too much. He had a new confidence in the world, a feeling of acceptance. For lack of a better word, you were home to him, and where he may have had a house to live in, his disintegrating family bonds made it uninhabitable for a warm heart such as his. So he had locked it away, keeping it safe for a day when the right person would find him. And he was certain that person was you. Had you only been dating for less than two weeks? Yeah... but screw it! This was love in its truest and purest form, free from the social constrictions of time and tradition.

Your feelings weren't far from that mark either. The other day, you had been so mentally distracted thinking about him that you had messed up in chemistry-lab, accidentally firing a glass pipet straight at your teacher. She dodged it matrix-style, thank heavens, but you definitely lost a letter grade from that little stunt. Even so, you hadn't been able to stop humming love songs the whole walk home.

Were you crazy kids in love? Absolutely. You had even dumped your boyfriend of a year and a half the moment Shouto became known as a potential suitor. In all honesty, the boy deserved it, treating you like a piece of meat more often than not. But one night, you had befriended Shouto, confiding your relationship struggles. He had no idea, and being an outsider, everything appeared fine between the two of you. The reason he hadn't pursued you was simply because he assumed you were in a happy relationship already. Finding Shouto was like having a veil removed from your eyes, one that had been there blinding you for the entire duration of your life; as if you had come home from a fortune-teller only to find that all of your cards had been read upside-down. But sometimes... at the strangest crossroads in your life, something magical happens.


You and Shouto ran, hand in hand, down the boulevard. Neither of you knew why you were laughing- pure unadulterated joy perhaps? It didn't matter, for the giggles caught you both, bubbly and contagious and radiating from the butterflies in your stomach.

It was a cool night, but still warm for the autumn. In the center of downtown, you had come upon a dazzling little park, fountains surrounding a lush courtyard of sugar maple trees. Street lights and colorful LED's underwater shimmered on the surface, casting a bluish-white glow onto your lover's face. Your eyes met, having the same wavelength of thought. It was the perfect ambiance for romance. Then again... wherever destination you chose, the two of you would make it romantic regardless. You two smiled at each other, deciding to take your shoes off and wade your feet into the fountain. The signs said not to climb the steps of the fountain, but you were certain that was just so dumb little kids wouldn't hurt themselves. You climbed to the very top on one edge, overlooking the empty downtown streets. You helped Shouto up the slippery turf as water cascaded over his feet.

"Such a beautiful view..." You sighed as he sat next to you, taking in the 360 scene of the park and the quiet city.

"Yeah it is..." But his eyes were only on you. You fluttered your lashes and blushed slightly. Shouto realized now that it had been nearly a whole hour since he had last kissed you, a fact that was utterly unacceptable. The same infatuation rushed through you, tingling from your head to your fingertips and toes, and it was all you could do to not grin like a dork against his lips, which were now moving so softly and tenderly against yours.

Something inside made him feel restless; and despite being literally pressed up against you, lips locked in a passionate embrace, he couldn't seem to get close enough to you to satisfy him. When he was with you, the weight of the world had been lifted from him, and he felt like he was capable of flight. Especially now, with the wind gusting through his hair, higher altitude exhilarating him, Shouto felt like he could conquer anything, so long as you were by his side. He didn't have the words to convey these feelings. Human language is such a microscopic accomplishment in comparison to the beauty and ethereal concept of love. How does one begin to describe the ache inside? The perpetual hunger to be near someone, force so strong it can quell the hands of time or the skim the distance between worlds. To have someone's mere presence strike a chord on your heartstrings the way an angel might caress a harp, instigating a rhythm, inciting music, calling you to action. This feeling is a drive to something greater, spurring you on even when the entire earth may be crumbling to pieces around you. How does one describe the ability to hold on to that one thing, and that one thing alone, and have it still be enough to continue your journey? No... there are no words that can express such a powerful feeling. Many poets have tried, and all failed, save for one word. At a loss, all he could do was cling to you a little more desperately, that one word being the closest thing he could find to expressing the tornado of emotions within him.

"I love you..." He whispered breathlessly against your lips. You felt your heart do an elated backflip, filling you with the warmth that could rival the sun itself. You brushed his cheek and hair with the most tender of touches, only parting enough to repeat the words back to him.

"I lo-"


"Ah!" A flashlight was shining in your eyes, glaring brightly. After a moment of squinting, you were able to make out a figure standing at the base of the fountain stairs.

"You two... I need you to come down." You and Shouto exchanged a glance. You obeyed immediately, using his hand to assist you swiftly down the slippery turf. You felt a pang of fear when you realized you were standing face to face with a police officer. You gave him a crooked smile, pretending that you hadn't just made a public spectacle of yourself by making out atop a very obvious well-lit park. Shouto joined by your side, weaving a protective arm around your waist.

"What can we do for you, officer?" You asked politely, worried you were going to be frisked for public indecency.

"You know you aren't allowed to be up there, right?"

"Oh... No, I didn't know that..." You lied, pretending you hadn't noticed the sign standing two feet in front of you, solidified into the concrete.

"Is... that all?" Shouto peered up from behind strands of hair, appearing irked.


"Is that seriously all you interrupted us for?" The cop tilted his head, not quite understanding what he meant.

"Well yeah. It's against the rules."

"I'm sorry, sir." You said, noticing the energy shift in the wrong direction.

"I'm not..." Shouto growled.

"I beg your pardon?"

"Dammit! Why'd you have to interrupt us for such a stupid reason?! I was trying to say something profound!" Your jaw dropped to the ground at the audacity of your boyfriend's words.

"Shouto?!" You began to panic at the scowl on the policeman's face, but he continued.

"Hm. I have an idea. Why don't you try using your time to pursue ACTUAL criminals?" His tone was getting malicious now. "But instead you choose to ruin the night for a couple who aren't doing any harm to anybody. You've got your priorities backwards... sir." He punctuated the last word in a snide defiance, a disrespect for his title.

"SHOUTO!" You launched your body in front of the officer, but thankfully Shouto's rant was over. He let out a frustrated huff and turned away.

"Unbelievable..." He mumbled.

"Sorry! I'm so sorry about him! He er- just had a bad day. Please forgive us!" You bowed low. "I promise it wont happen again."

The officer took mercy on you, throwing you a sympathetic glance for the behavior of your rebellious boyfriend. His speech was out of line, but he couldn't blame the rambunctious behavior of two young people in love. He nodded, allowing you to catch up to Shouto, who had stupidly stormed off towards your ride. You caught up to him, even at his angry-walking pace, grateful that you hadn't received some kind of ticket... or worse...

"Idiot..." Shouto pouted at the ground.

"Who? YOU?" You let out a nervous laugh. "What was that about?"

"He should have minded his own business..." He spat. "He had no reason to interrupt us." For some reason, you couldn't help but grin in this moment. "...Why are you smiling?"

"You know... I think this will be a great story."

"What do you mean? He ruined our evening."

"We can kiss indoors, Shouto!" You threw your hands in the air as if it was obvious.

"I think I'll have my dad buy that fountain from the city just to spite him... then I can kick him off MY property..." You rolled your eyes at his grumpiness.

"As I was SAYING..." You took his hands, turning him to face you. "It really IS a good story. How many people can say they were so in love that an officer of the law had to confront them for being too cute in public?" He fought it, but his scowl melted into a tiny smile at that. "I mean really. It's a testament to how much we love each other." His posture relaxed and he put his arms around your waist. "It may have been an interruption in our plans but... I'm glad it happened."

"I suppose... when you look at it that way-"

"So kissing indoors doesn't sound so bad, does it..."

"Simply terrible. There's no way I can wait that long." His playful smile returned and he pulled you into a tight embrace, finding your lips once more.


The location:

  Here's the location: 


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"Oh! Doesn't that sound romantic, Hitoshi?" You cooed, spinning in place.

"I guess..."

"Why not? What's wrong with it?"

"Eh... It's outside and... I really don't like bugs."

"Babe, it's way to cold for bugs." Not only that, you were already outside. You had been walking about the neighborhood with him for a long time and darkness had fallen. You saw a minimal amount of bugs earlier today, but the chill seemed to rid you of their presence almost entirely once the sun had set.

"It's the first cool night of the year." He replied. "They aren't dead yet." You rolled your eyes.

"Where do you suppose bugs go in the winter? I mean, do they hide underground or something?"

"I'm sure they return to Hell where they belong..." He said with morbid theatrics. "...Only to return every year to plague the earth with their evil." You chuckled at his deep contempt for the crawling things. He honestly wished bugs could speak to him so he could use his quirk and command them to all go away.

"They aren't that bad. Come on. The sky is so clear. Pleeeaaasee look at the stars with me?"

"We can sit on your porch and do it. We don't have to lay in the grass..."

"But it wont be as romantic if we aren't cuddling." You pouted your lips.

"Yes it will."

"But we are already wearing jackets and long pants. We wont get bitten. AND I'll get a blanket from the house for us to lay on. How does that sound?"

"No." His piercing stare hurt your feelings. You couldn't understand, it wasn't a big request yet he was adamantly not giving in. Yes, the back yard and park had lots of trees, but you wouldn't be out for very long. Would he not even bend a little for you?

"...But... this doesn't seem fair. I don't really ask that much from you, you know?" He raised his eyebrows in response, surprised how quickly this conversation took a dark turn. There was truth to that statement. You liked to see him happy so generally you went along with any idea he had, even if you pissed and moaned the whole time about the activity. Over all the time you had been together, you could only think of one or two occasions where you turned the tables and asked him to go along with your plans. All the rest of the time was spent doing his favorite things.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"I mean... I've spent a lot of hours doing things that you like. Playing your favorite video games, watching shows you like... no matter how dumb they are..."

He squinted his eyes at you so you felt the need to clarify.

"Bleach SUCKS, Hitoshi! I HATE watching it!"

"Well that doesn't seem fair. I do a lot for you too. I go out with you when I'm tired, I buy dinner and presents for you-"

"But I don't ASK you do to that-"

"But I still DO it!"

You fell silent. It was true, he does treat you like a princess and you couldn't argue with that fact. But it didn't change the fact that you still felt hurt by his resistance. It was painful to waste such a beautiful night by going back inside, especially when the constellations were just calling your name. You sighed in defeat, the prickle of tears pulling at your eyes. You tried one last futile attempt, knowing if the first guilt trip didn't work, this one probably wouldn't either.

"I just... it would really make me happy if you would do this with me..." He made a strained noise while grimacing.

"Can't we just compromise..."

"Forget it. It doesn't matter..." You walked a little faster ahead of him, seeing your front yard appear around the corner. The little patch of open space where you imagined romantically snuggling with him came into view and you felt a pang of anger. "So you seriously won't even lay here with me and look at some stars. You're unbelievable!" You gestured to the space near your driveway. He blinked at you.

"Oh. You wanted to lay here?" He pointed a long slender finger at the patch of grass. "That would be fine." Your jaw dropped.

"What the hell?! Then why did you argue so much?!"

"Because I thought you wanted to lay by the trees where all the bugs were! I thought you were being unreasonable!"

"I thought YOU were!"

"Then why are we arguing?!"

"Because we're idiots..." Your volume dropped. "I guess." You both made a face at each other before starting to giggle. "We're so bad at communicating sometimes." You held his hands with an open laugh. He smiled back at you.

"Well what are we waiting for? The stars aren't going to gaze at themselves."

"Right!" And into the house you ran, grabbing two large fluffy blankets and a pillow for Shinsou to rest his head upon. You planned to rest your head on him so you didn't need one for yourself. On the flat patch of grass you laid with him, holding him close as you gazed up at the clear sky. "So how much do you know about astronomy?"

"Probably more than you." He answered, but you didn't catch that he was being totally sarcastic and knew nothing whatsoever about stars.

"Oh really..." You took that as a challenge. "Okay then, what's that one?" You pointed to a cluster of stars to your right. He tilted his head, cheek pressing against the top of your hair.

"It's... clearly a bear."

"No, silly. Ursa major is over there." You tilted his chin and pointed to the big dipper on the left. You returned to the original one, gesturing to the cluster of three stars in a row. "See there? That's Orion's belt."

"Oh. And I think I see his dong too." He pointed to the long string of stars beneath the belt.

"That's his leg!"

"Oh." He replied simply, glancing down into your eyes. It was then you caught his goofy sense of humor and couldn't help but laugh.

"PFFFFT!" You rolled on the ground, quite literally, at his silliness. "You crack me up, Hitoshi!" He dawned a haughty grin, eyes sparking with starlight.

"Well I'm glad I can make you smile." He pulled you into his arms for a soft kiss, humor and romance mixing to make the perfect moment with the boy you love. He leaned back to look at you. "Are you happy now?" He asked.

"So happy."


Chapter Text


You smiled to yourself, walking in a pattern that seemed strange to Mirio. 

"What are you doing?" He raised an eyebrow, seeing you zigzag around the sidewalk in front of him on the walk home from school. 


"Stepping on crunchy leaves." You replied matter-of-factly. 

"Why?" He grinned, narrowing his eyes at you. 

"Because it's fun." You couldn't really think of a reason why you needed to justify it. "You should try it."

He walked up to you, stepping on a large dry maple leaf on the concrete, then shrugged, not understanding the appeal.

"That was a very satisfying crunch." You peered at him with half lidded eyes and a sultry smile as if what he just did was oh-so gratifying. His lips pressed together in a line, obviously holding back a laugh. "Don't look at me like that! Would it kill you to enjoy the simple things in life?!" As if you needed to tell him this; he was a walking ball of sunshine. At least that's what his best friend frequently compared him to, so you decided to stick with it. Mirio was laughing now, bright joy bubbling up from his stomach to his fingertips. 

"You're so cute!" He exclaimed. 

'Oh no...' You gave him a look of alarm. Though you couldn't fathom why, Mirio liked to show his affection by tickling you. It was a quality that, despite your best efforts, never failed to baffle and confuse you. But Mirio couldn't help it. Whenever he caught you doing something cute, he couldn't keep himself from having this urge to make you laugh. It was complex, a concept he couldn't describe. When you tried to reason through it, it felt like it was akin to the inexplicable aggression people feel when looking at a picture of cute animals. Despite having no desire whatsoever to cause harm to the precious thing, you get this urge to pick it up and squeeze it with all your might. Perhaps the person in question is just angry that they can't reach out and touch the animal, but then again, maybe any pent up emotion can be dangerous, positive OR negative. It needs an outlet. 

Mirio, in his playful temperament, used tickling to release this energy... and you were the victim of it. 

"No I'm not, Mirio!" Your voice quaked with nerves as you stepped away from him. You knew he could outrun you... and out-strength you after he caught you. You were doomed the moment you saw that twinkle enter his eye and you knew it. 

"Yes you are." He reached out his arms menacingly, smile warm and wide. Togata knew this quirk of his annoyed you, (probably not as much as his phase-through-wall jump-scares), but he also knew you secretly liked it a little bit too. How could you deny his undivided attention, even when it became hard to breathe from laughter? The answer is, you simply couldn't. So this is how you played with each other. 

"No no no no!" You were running from him now, booking it at top speeds through the neighborhood. His boisterous laugh slowed him down a bit, lucky for you. 

"You say 'no' four times in a row just like Tamaki." He hollered from behind you in hot pursuit.

"I must have got it from him!" You yelled backwards, leaping over uneven spots in the concrete. "Wait! You're just trying to distract me and slow me down!" 

"You got me." He was closing the distance between you, lengthening his strides. Ahead he saw a yard with pristine piles of leaves, almost obsessively shaped. He had found a target...

The house in front of you had humorously tacky All Might lawn gnomes littered across the lawn. 'That reminds me of-'


Mirio had caught you, tackling you into the pile. Between rustles and crunches of dried leaves, your laughter filled the air, giving your boyfriend a pure sense of satisfaction. 

"Heheh- S-stop, Mirio!" You squirmed and tried to push him off, but he pulled you closer with his strong arms, planting his smiling lips on yours.

"What are you doing..." An unnervingly familiar voice tickled your eardrums. You sat up abruptly to see Sir Nighteye standing before you. Mirio looked shocked and a bit embarrassed.

"Oh! ...Sir... this is your  house?" He wore a crooked smile, nervous sweat forming on his pink cheeks. The stern man didn't answer, but eyed you in the pile of leaves.

"You've made quite a mess of my yard." He adjusted his glasses, stone-faced.

'He should have probably seen this coming...'  You thought to yourself. Mirio rubbed the back of his neck guiltily. 

"I promise to clean it up, Sir." 


"I expect you will..." He said severely. "By the way..." His glasses reflected brightly in the sunlight, long finger pointing towards his house. "There's a more private pile of leaves out back." You and Mirio looked at each other and blushed, eyes wide, speechless until you heard Nighteye chuckle. It was just the man's wicked sense of humor. Mirio quickly joined in the laughter, feeling silly that he believed him for a moment.

"You're so funny, Sir!" 


Chapter Text

The Room 1A

Deku was nervous for the new semester ahead oh him at BNUA. Aizawa was a tough teacher but Ida warned him of rumors of this new professor, a mister Wiseau, is a new professor from another academy who is super powerful as well as super sexy and impossible to please. Would he be able to succeed this semester under a transfer teacher? All might had told him that "The strength of a hero is his ability to adapt and learn" but what if this teacher sees through him? What if Deku fails Mr.Wiseau so much it tears him apart?

Mr.Wiseau walked in the room. Deku could not see him through his massive mane of luscious hair. He walked in and set his papers on the desk. "Oh hai class!" His face was leathery, he wore sunglasses that covered his eyes and a fitted suit that was black with rose pedals all over it. "My name is Mr.Wiseau but you can call me Tommy! My quirk is... I cannot tell you, it is confidential. But just know I am here to give you the best semester of your life. I have a lady named Lisa who is the love of my life. Many of my students have grown up to be the greatest heroes of all time and they would not succeed without me. But enough about me, Anyways, How is your sex life?" 

"I JERK OFF TO MT. LADY AND MIDNIGHT IN A CATFIGHT!" A high-pitched voice from the back of the room echoed. The rest of the class fell silent with Mineta's awkward outburst to the already uncomfortable question asked. 

"Go on..." Mr. Wiseau calmly replied. 

After an hour's worth of awkward back and forth of Mineta's insecure feelings of longing and Mr. Wiseau's wise words of love, class had adjourned for lunch. Deku went to the school rooftop for some privacy to reflect on the horrific first impressions of their new teacher. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught Kaminari being held at gunpoint by a drug dealer he had failed to return money to. The heroic Mr. Wiseau with his majestic lion's mane, erupted from the side of the building and threw a water bottle at the assailant's face. "You betrayed me! You're not good. You, you're just a chicken. Cheep-chip-chip-CHEYEYEYEEP!" The assailant was so confused by the Wise Wiseau's words that he proceeded to leap off the ledge of the building to his impending death. Deku would remember this heroic act till the end of his days and tell stories of this man's legend for years to come, all doubts having been cleared. 

All Might heard about the incident and decided to have lunch with Mr Wiseau with some questions. "Is it true that you knew who the assailant was and what he was after?" All Might calmly inquired. 

"No, it's not true. Don't even ask. What's new with you?"

Before All Might could answer, a familiar young classmate walked into the room. "Oh..." The round faced brunette said. "Is... this a bad time?" 

"What are you doing here, young Uraraka?" 

"Uh... Mr. Wiseau wanted to meet with me in private for something." 

"Ah, yes." He said with a breathy laugh. "Mr Mighty All."

"...All Might." He corrected.

"Yes... We will have to continue our chat later." Tommy wore a lazy grin, skin resembling a slice of filet beaten with a meat tenderizer. Once the large man left the room, he turned to the curvy round-faced girl. "You... remind me of Lisa..." 

"Oh, who's lisa?" Urauraka asked confused and nervous. 

"You look so stressed is everything alright? Come here, Let Tommy Help you."

"Uhm, Okay" Urauraka approached Mr.Wiseau slowly and sat in the chair next to his. Mr.Wiseau started to rub her shoulders saying, "Here, let me help you. Whats wrong?"

"Well," said Urauraka "I was just hoping I could get to know my new professor so I can better prepare for what to expect for exams.

"Well you can get to know me very well Princess." Said Tommy

suddenly Deku walked into the room. When he saw Mr.Wiseau with his hands rubbing Urauraka's shoulders he was at first shocked. Then angry. His fists clenched and he shouted "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING TO HER?"

"Oh hai Deku, I was just trying to help Urauraka relax from her school stress. You should join us?" 

Deku was shocked but he also did not want to upset this new professor. Plus, UraUka looked very relaxed and like she was enjoying herself. Maybe he could join in and distress a little as well. 

"Yeah Deku! I could massage you while Mr.Wiseau massages me!" 

"But Uraraka, two is great, but three is a crowd." Mr. Wiseau chuckled with his alien laughter at Deku's quip. They began massaging each other, then it escalated to sprinkling rose petals over each other's naked bodies, then it escalated to actually eating the rose petals because why not? Deku couldn't help but be mesmerized and entranced by the perfect male specimen that was Mr. Wiseau's ass. He felt the uncontrollable urge to plunge inside of it. To claim it is as it own. Alas, he stayed his blade for it would be unbecoming for a mere student to take a teacher in such an undignified manner. Unfortunately, Mr. Wiseau could not contain himself from pouncing on top of Uraraka. He began violating her belly button like no belly button had been violated on before it. It was then that Deku was overcome with the seething rage and resolve needed to claim that ass. He grabbed Mr. Wiseau's ass, intent on ravaging it beyond repair. "ONE FOR ALL – FULL COWLING!" He coated his dick with the massive surge in energy, magnifying it beyond human limits and with a thunderous battle cry, "DETROIT SMAAAAAASH!", plunged himself inside of Mr. Wiseau. Tommy's ass-cheeks parted like the red sea parted when Moses miracled its ass out of the way. "YOU'RE TEARING ME APART, DEKU!" Tommy cried out.


Chapter Text

“How troublesome…” Fumikage mumbled to himself upon seeing the mad banquet of darkness before him. The entire school was plastered with tacky decorations, twinkling lights disturbing the learning-focused ambiance of the hallway and classrooms. Mistletoe hung stealthily in every doorway waiting to ambush poor unsuspecting victims with their menacing devices.

…He wished he could be one of those unsuspecting victims…

“All these lights aren’t bothering Dark Shadow, are they?” You startled Tokoyami from his brooding focus.

“No.” He looked up at you. “But I appreciate your concern.” You gave him a warm smile, piercing the dusk of his heart.

The way Tokoyami spoke to you was so proper, so gentlemanly. He had the meditating aura of the quintessential bad boy, yet his core was guileless and pure. It was as if he somehow contained all of that delicious enrapturing mystery without any of the foreboding danger tied down to it. As of late, this boy had been capturing your attention more and more. You admired the way his feathers ruffled when he was embarrassed, the way Dark Shadow would smile when Fumikage would maintain a stern poker face. But what really had you fascinated one day was how he bit into an apple. You had always assumed he pecked at food like a bird, but to your immediate shock, he bit down on the thing with human teeth! This had you baffled and curious thoughts began to get the better of you. ‘So he has a human mouth under there… I wonder if his beak is warm or cold… I wonder… what it would be like to kiss him…’

That had been when it all started. You could trace your crush back to that day.

“Are you sure?” You could sense the tension radiating off the boy and assumed he was lying about the flickering Christmas lights. “I can turn them off if you want. I’m sure everybody would understand.”

“You’re so very kind, but-“

A gargle of playful jeers and laughter drew your attention towards the door. Kirishima and Mina had apparently bumped into each other on the way into the classroom, now a subject of everyone’s interest since they were standing beneath the mistletoe. Both of them smiled- luckily they were both good sports- and Kirishima rubbed the back of his neck bashfully.

“You have to kiss now!” Kaminari egged them on, which was followed by several pressuring whoops and hollers.

“I mean… if that’s alright with you…” The red-headed (and red-cheeked) boy agreed. Mina just shrugged and smiled, happy to play along with the spirit of the season. She stood on her tiptoes and gave him the tiniest peck on the lips. Several cheers and ‘aw’s followed as they shuffled awkwardly back to their seats. This happenstance provided a perfect glowing opportunity in your eyes.

‘I have to find a way to get Tokoyami under the mistletoe…’

‘I have to avoid that mistletoe at all costs…’ Fumikage resolved. It was not that he begrudged the concept of kissing. Not at all. But his aversion stemmed from a deep-rooted anxiety about his beak. He wished he could kiss normally, have soft plush lips like everyone else. He definitely envied his peers in that regard. Why did he have to be built like this? Who would ever want to kiss him?

You saw the rigid discomfort in his posture as he witnessed this occur. It was rather disheartening, as you assumed he had no interest in such practices. Perhaps you would give it a try later anyways…

Once class began, you continued to watch him with genuine adoration. His concentrating face was so unassuming, so cute. You smirked to yourself, wondering if this amount of study was enough to qualify you as somewhat of an ornithologist.


Lunch had rolled around and along the way you saw the perfect opportunity to “accidentally” catch the avian boy beneath the love-igniting vegetation. A pristine archway near the library seemed like the ideal spot. It was rather secluded and quiet, surrounded by gold and silver tinsel.

“Hey.” You gently brushed Tokoyami’s fingertips with your own. He appeared surprised by your action but didn't pull away. He was much too polite for that. “I forgot something in the library. Want to walk up there with me?”

“Of course.” He swiftly packed his things. He couldn't turn down a chance to escort such a lovely lady. Up the stairs you traveled side by side, discussing classes and literature… Tokoyami wasn't one who enjoyed small talk much… He found it unproductive and mundane. Before you discovered this fact about him, you thought that he just plumb hated you. But once you happened upon a topic of his liking, he was very stimulating to converse with.

It was hard to think straight as you got nearer and nearer to the library. Your palms were sweating terribly, enough so that you dropped your binder, where it slid right under the archway. The ironic thing is: that had been your plan all along. However, you had gotten nervous enough to the point where dropping your book was an actual accident rather than a staged one. He reached to pick it up at the same time as you.

“N-no, I got it.” You said, peering into his eyes. You looked above your head. “Look. We’re under the mistletoe.” You pointed and half-smiled, pretending like you had casually noticed it. He furrowed his brow.

“What mischievous greenery...” He replied, which made you chuckle.

“I… guess we oughtta-“

“Nobody is around.” He averted your gaze. “So that means we don't have to.” That reply struck like an arrow right through your heart.

“Oh… Do you not… want to?” You frowned, unable to hide the hurt on your features.

“I’ll kiss her!” Dark Shadow revealed his inner feelings, causing him to blush from embarrassment.

“Nobody wants to kiss a beak!” He asserted harshly, making the docile creature cringe.

“What makes you say that?” You asked honestly, taking a step closer to him.

“Because it’s the truth.” There was a silence.

“…Well… what if it isn’t?”

“Pardon?” His wide eyes met yours and you closed the final distance between you. You had to tilt your head a little more than you imagined kissing someone else would require, but it wasn't at all uncomfortable. You held him close, fingers caressing the soft feathers of his face.

The texture of his beak was not sharp, nor was it brittle. It had the soft texture of skin while still being firm, immovable. It was inexplicable, but somehow the sensation made you feel safe (and his strong arms wrapping around you now just heightened that feeling). It was unique and exciting while still remaining sweet. Finally, you pulled away and he looked at you warily.

“How… was it?” His brooding aura was painted with innocence, making you smile.

“It will take some getting used to.” You said optimistically.

“Does that mean…” His blush deepened.

“Yes, Fumikage.” You took his hands in your own. “It means I liked it.” One of his rare smiles bloomed on his face. Dark Shadow piped up, interrupting the moment.

“Do I get a turn?!”

Chapter Text

The Carnival:

Tamaki looked up at “The Loop” coaster with a gulp and a tremble of his knees. He saw so many of his classmates walk up and master the ride with ease and his unease overwhelms him. Bakagou shoved him aside and yelled, “I’ll do this lame-ass”, stepping up to the front of the lime.   Tamaki looked to him, impressed, saying, “Wow Kaachan, you’re amazing.” Kaachan looked toward him with admiration but slight distraction. The boy was so distracting but so enticing at the same time. The fact that someone was so entranced with him with such stats was incredible.  Tamaki, even though he had no chance was pushing to do his best no matter what. Jenny was taking him through the hardest challenge he had ever taken and he would not disappoint her. He would flap whatever wings he had as fast as he could from effort to make sure she would love him as much as he wanted her to. Tamaki gulped and grabbed Bakagou’s shoulder, saying, “It’s time”, plunging into him.” I wish that I could be as special as how I present myself.


In which Bakugou is a Priest and Tamaki is a nun: 

“In the beginning, there was the word. And the word was with God. And the word-SHUT IT, YA GODDAMN HEATHENS!” Bakugo’s explosive voice roared across the chapel, instantly quieting the young children coloring and giggling amongst themselves with their crayons. Sun-Eater, longtime nun and loyal follower of The Lord and Savior, Wall-sama, shot a glare at Father Bakugo for his outrageous outburst, then immediately turned to lean his head over the wall for comfort. “And the word was with God. And the word….was God!” Father Bakugo continued, reciting Sunday morning’s sermon so that all who heard would find salvation through The Wall-sama. Once the sermon was over, Bakugo sighed in frustration. Sun-Eater approached Father Bakugo with a glass of water to help clear his throat. 

“Father, it seems the sermon this morning had a few road-bumps. Have you been regularly praying to our Lord and Savior for spiritual guidance?” He politely asked. 

“Fuckin’….yeah, I got spiritual guidance for days man, what of it?!” Bakugo angrily replied. He could tell his goal of ridding himself of his violent tendencies so that he may find salvation wasn’t going well. “It’s just….I haven’t gotten laid in 6 months. SIX MONTHS, MAN!!!” Sun-Eater was quite taken aback, but at the same time, a loyal follower of The Lord must acknowledge and be honest about his sins. And if occasionally relieving himself of his sins was what was needed for the path of repentance, then a loyal nun must take responsibility for the burden his Father bears. 

“V-very well, my Father.” Sun-Eater stammered as he undressed himself in front of Bakugo, catching him quite off-guard. “C-confession will be coming up soon, Father…and if you believe that you must relieve yourself before that in pursuit of salvation, then I must do what I can to help facilitate this.” Bakugo paused, sinking his head and pondering this dilemma. 

“You sure you want to do this…?” Sun-Eater gulped, but then grabbed Father Bakugo by the hand and stared firmly into his sharp eyes. 

“If it’s for The Lord, Wall-sama….I’ll do anything.” Without hesitation, Bakugo grabbed the inviting nun by the shoulders, leaned in, and penetrated his mouth with his tongue, ravaging it longingly. Sun-Eater, being the helpful loyal nun that he was, began undressing Father Bakugo as his mouth was being assaulted, propping himself up on the altar as he was finished with his mouth enticingly open. Bakugo smirked as he plunged his erect member of God’s Chosen Elect into his mouth. Within seconds of back and forth thrusting, Bakugo could feel his bodily fluids reaching critical mass. 

“MOUTH-PIERCING SHOT!” He cried out, filling Sun-Eater’s mouth with his densely thick “holy water” while the poor nun was left to do nothing but ingest it all. To Father Bakugo’s astonishment, all of his semen was swallowed within moments. 

“Do not forget, father. If I can eat the sun itself, there’s nothing in God’s holy creation that I cannot swallow….” Sun-Eater confidently boasted. Bakugo smirked, now feeling no reservations about purging himself of all sexual frustration, flipped the unsuspecting Sun-Eater on his stomach and rammed his grenade launcher into the nun’s open ass-cheeks. Using his hands for support, because Sun-Eater was a helpful loyal nun, he turned his hands into octopus legs to coil around Father Bakugo’s torso, allowing for more fluid motion. Bakugo’s momentum increased as the force of each thrust generated powerful wind gusts through the chapel. With his final thrust he yelled, 

“HOWITZER HOLY IMPACT!” Unleashing double the holy water through the nun than before, yet at the same time feeling rejuvenated. “Thank you, Sun-Eater. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a lot of praying to do…” By the day’s end, Bakugo was a new man. No longer burdened by his unquenchable impulse to let his rage rule over him. All he could hear through the chapel, was Sun-Eater’s explosively vulgar outbursts. It then dawned on Father Bakugo that the unsuspecting nun had ingested his very sins himself.


99.2 Degrees

“Would ya stop clutching onto me, ya needy bastard?!” Bakugou snapped at the taller teen. 

“S-sorry.” He frowned, releasing the blonde from his clutches. They rounded the corner of the slaughterhouse, seeing another bloodied creature jump out of the woodwork. “Ah!” Without thinking, he buried his face into Bakugou’s shoulder again, hiding from the terrifying creatures of the haunted house. 

“I said STOP!” He shoved Tamaki backwards, breaking both his bravery and his spirit. He faced away, looking terribly ashamed.

“I… knew I shouldn't have come… I’m not meant to be brave or strong like you…” 

Bakugou’s irritated scowl softened, feeling the protective instinct within him start to bloom. 

“C’mere.” He said suddenly, leading him through the looming dark hallway littered with sticky fake cobwebs. 

“Wh-where are we going? It’s so dark…”

“I’m getting you out of here.” He growled. Tamaki silently obeyed, but felt a swell of guilt within him.

“I’m sorry I ruined the night. I didn't mean to-” 

“Shut up.” Around a corner in the blackness rested a custodial closet. The fiery blonde shoved the ravenette inside. 

“Where… are we?”

“Nothing can get you in here.” He replied low, crimson eyes piercing the darkness. 

Tamaki found himself bolstered from bravery as his sucked in breath, trying to be like the brave crimson soul in front of him. Bakugo was such an amazing front Tamaki forgot that he was supposed to feel brave. All of a sudden, feeling brave was the most important feeling that had ever inhabited the soul of Amajiki. He needed to feel brave in front of the explosion hero, even though his stomach was turning constantly. He breathed in through his nose and out thorough his mouth wanting to do nothing but show Kaachan that his was a manly enough to deserve to the gift of his smooth member. He fumbled with his belt, staring at Bakugo the entire time. He squeaked out a high pitched, “Do you like my……thing?” Takamki instantly looked down, ashamed at what he was showing. Tears filled his eyes, as his said, “I’m sorry, I really tried..” wishing that he could show Kaachan how much he really cared. He looked at the blonde boy in front of him and parted his lips, getting at close as his could to kissing the firey presence pulling back and forth from the enticing danger in front of him. To his astonishment, Kaachan dropped to his knees and licked his lips. 

“Who gives a rat’s fuck if I like it, what really matters is if you like what’s coming next…~Senpai.” Kaachan purred. Before poor Tamaki could even process such a daring reply, Kaachan took the member fully into his mouth, nearly ingesting the shaft and balls in full. Using mild explosives around the salivary glands of his mouth, he heated his dick to a pleasurable temperature while he bobbed his head back and forth. The heat of approximately 99.2 degrees Fahrenheit was nearly maddening at this point as the butterfly hero arched his back in want and lust, desperately wanting that sensation of heat and touch on his body. 

 “Bakugo” he moaned, biting his lip as he almost hyperventilated from passion. 

 “Shut the fuck up…” hissed Kaachan as he pressed up against the gentle force in front on him. 

His gentle explosions lit a fire in front of him as he encouraged the unsure pucker to open as he pressed firmly and insistently. “My name is Katsuki Bakugo” he hissed as his pressed harder, illiciting whimpers and cries from underneath him. “And I will be your salvation.” he shouted out as he plunged in even harder screaming even louder as Tamaki’s eyes rolled back in his head, finding it hard to even form words.

Chapter Text


Midoriya x Reader: Recognition


 "Oh no!" The freckled boy panicked. "You forgot your show and tell project today?!"

"Yeah... I must have left it at home." You pursed your lips in mild frustration, but your counterpart seemed much more frazzled by the situation than you.

"Is it too late? Maybe the teacher will let you call your mom and she can come bring it to you." Izuku was worried for your sake; such was his strongly empathetic nature. Usually forgetting assignments was met with a strict discipline from the teacher, and Midoriya was worried that you might lose recess for this. Not only would that be unpleasant for you, but for himself as well. Recess with Kacchan was hit or miss nowadays, and more often than not, he was abandoned somewhere on the playground by his former-close friend. He particularly enjoyed playing heroes with you, especially since you always let him be All Might in dramatic reenactments of his favorite fights.

One time you even pretended to be a citizen for him to save. He had tried to heroically carry you away from the monkey bars, but ended up dropping you flat on the ground. It hurt but you didn't cry. ...He did.

"It'll be alright, Izu-chan." You shrugged.

"I might have something in my bag that you can use." He sifted through his oversized yellow backpack frantically. "I brought my favorite All Might action figure... but you can have it instead." He held the toy out to you. "That way you wont lose your recess." You frowned.

"But you will though..."

"Really. I don't mind." He scratched his hair nervously. "I uh... am kinda tired today anyway... I don't mind sitting down." You could see through the blatant lie.

"No thanks." You closed the figure into his hands. "I think I have a better idea..."


Midoriya shifted restlessly in his seat when you were called up to the front of the class, empty-handed. The teacher examined you curiously.

"Miss F/N... Where's your show and tell project?"

"Right here." You smiled widely. She raised her eyebrows. "You said I have to talk about my favorite thing, right?"


"Well my favorite thing is my best friend, Izu-chan!" You gestured to Midoriya and watched as his big green eyes widened.

"Hah! F/N presents the quirkless wonder!" Katsuki's malicious tone shot an arrow through the uplifting mood. A few classmates snickered quietly.

"Katsuki!" The teacher reprimanded him, but he had already said what he wanted to say. With that, he leaned back in his chair with a satisfied 'tch.' "Go on, F/N."

"Well..." You noticed Midoriya frowning at his desk from the blonde's icy comment, and all you could think of was how much you wanted to make him smile again. "I like Izu-chan because he understands me very well..." The sweet boy was now looking at you with a sparkling countenance. "I like him because he always laughs at my jokes, even when they aren't funny."

"But they are funny, F/N-chan!" The fluffy-haired boy felt the need to intervene and defend you, rousing another chuckle from the classroom. However, the energy of it was more warm and endearing, a welcome contradiction to the snickers before.

"See?" You lifted a palm in his direction. "He's always super nice to me." The teacher couldn't help but grin at this. "He mumbles a lot, but that just means he's smart and thinking about stuff." Izuku blushed at the compliment, a crooked smile crawling up his cheeks. You continued. "I've never had a friend like Izu-chan before, and I like him very much." Midoriya's blush deepened by the second. "I can always count on him to be there for me, just like a hero."

That struck something deep within Izuku, and he felt as if something were tightly constricting his heart. A rush of emotion bubbled up in his chest.

"I never want to lose Izu-chan because he's my favorite person."


He felt his breath catch in his throat, overwhelmed by the touching sentiment. He was overjoyed, grateful to have someone in his life that cared about him so much. It was as if he could fly away on those thoughts alone, into the warm sunset. All of these emotions had him misty-eyed, only to be snapped back to reality by the clapping of his peers. The presentation had ended. He met your gaze at the front of the room to see you reaching out to him.

"Come up and take a bow."

The blushing boy shakily closed the distance between you, not taking a bow, but instead, throwing his arms around your shoulders.

"Izu-chan, stop crying please..." 

The End




Shouto x Reader: Wisdom 


You truly wanted to be alone right now, but it was really hard to find a spot away from all the orderlies and physicians. It wasn't the first time that this happened, but it had never escalated to this level. Your own grandpa, the man you had known since birth, hadn't recognized you. Moments ago he had just sent you away, as if you were some strange villain threatening his life. You had just witnessed in tears as he was forcibly sedated by two nurses, kicking and screaming. It was unbearable, and all you could think of to do was run, hopefully fast enough to leave the scarring memory behind.

The quiet grounds held a secluded pond not far from the building, a perfect place to hide. A gargantuan willow tree stood a small distance from the water, and you plopped yourself down hard, sobbing into your hands.

"Are you alright?" A soft voice startled you. Your vision must have been too blurred by tears to see a young boy sitting on the other side of the tree trunk. You let out a shaky sigh, frustrated that your mission to isolate yourself had completely failed. You didn't know this boy at all, but you needed someone to confide in at this moment.

"I... He doesn't remember me!" You cried.


"Grandpa!" You were overcome with sadness. "He thought I was a total stranger... that I was trying to hurt him... I would never do that!" Over your broken sobs, you heard a shuffle in the grass. The boy had sat down next to you. Finally, you wiped your eyes and glanced at him. He had very striking features, asymmetry in both his eyes and his hair. On his left eye resided what appeared to be a scar or strange birthmark.

"You know that fish movie that came out recently?"

"..." You gawked at the boy in utter confusion. What a weird topic to suddenly jump to. However, he seemed to be looking at you with a quiet intent, as if there was a point to his madness. So you decided to humor him. "You mean Finding Nemo?"

"That's the one." He nodded. "Have you seen it?"

"..." Then again, this facility was a madhouse for some. Maybe he was just one of the younger residents... "Yeah..."

"Do you recall how Dory forgot things?"

"Yeah." You nodded.

"But did that mean she didn't still love Marlin and Nemo?" You blinked in realization, the point finally shining through the ridiculous premise of the conversation.

"No!" You beamed at the boy, who gave you a soft smile. Something in his demeanor was comforting, as if he possessed some deep wisdom far beyond his years. However, it was veiled slightly by his inability to voice it. He was wise, but still socially awkward like most boys your age. This observation made you smile back at him. He felt encouraged enough to continue.

"And think of it this way. If he doesn't remember you, it's like you can become friends again for the very first time every time." Then he remembered himself, placing restraining fingertips to his own lips. "Forgive me... that was insensitive of me."

"No. It's okay." You noticed the split-haired boy staring at the grass in an attempt to gather his thoughts.

"I was just trying to... um..."

"Be optimistic?" You met his gaze again.

"Yes... that's right..."

"Well, good job." You scooted a bit closer to him. "What's your name?"


"I'm F/N." You reached out to shake his hand, but he kissed it. "Um!" His eyes widened slightly.

"Oh! I'm sorry." His cheeks flushed a light shade of pink. "Force of habit." He let you withdraw your hand. "My dad has been sending me to cotillion etiquette classes and that's always how they say to greet a lady..."

'Cotillion?! Oh... So he's high class.' You thought to yourself. "No, it's okay." You figured if someone had to kiss your hand, at least it was someone handsome. There was a thick silence and Shouto was definitely feeling as if he'd worn out his welcome. He shifted to get up, but was interrupted. "So... who do you know that lives here?"

"My mom." His answer struck a chord in you. After being terribly upset about your grandfather being here, you couldn't even imagine what it would be like to have a parent in that situation.

"Oh... how is she?"

"I dunno." He gazed longingly at the white industrial building.


"I've never gone in..."


"...She might not want to see me..."

"I'm sure she would." You stood, a new resolve humming in your veins. But something in his quiet expression told you 'not today.' "Well... would you want to meet my grandpa?"

"Are you sure that would be okay?"

"Sure. Come on." Fearlessly you trekked back into the building you had recently wanted nothing to do with. You found your grandpa peacefully snoozing in his room, much more docile than before. "Grandpa?" You gently roused him, praying he would remember you. You were greeted with a warm sleepy smile.

"Well hi, pumpkin." He reached out to pat your hair. "It's nice of you to come see me today. I was just missing you." Tears reformed in your eyes, this time from pure joy. In the doorway, your new friend Shouto stood, smiling ear to ear.

'I guess he was right all along.'  

The End




Tenya x Reader: Custody


 "You gonna eat that?" Tensei ribbed playfully. You scrunched your face at him.

"No!" You cradled the small egg in your hands, sheltering the helpless creature from

the hungry eyes of Tenya's older brother with a shift in your posture. He chuckled when you turned your back to him and you rolled your eyes. You knew Tenya looked up to him, but in your opinion, he could never take things seriously enough. Before you knew it, Tenya had returned to the room with various items, an electric cord trailing behind him as he ran.

"I'm back! Do you think this will be enough?!"

"Uh... It' might be too much..." Tensei grinned. You grabbed some items from Tenya's hands, taking care to lay them out on the floor neatly. There included a Styrofoam box, a thermometer, a heat lamp, and-

"Is that a centrifuge?!"

"I didn't know what we might need!"

"Why do you even have a centrifuge?"

"Sometimes I like to nourish my mind outside the confines of school!" He exclaimed with a blush, utterly baffled that he was being chastised for being overly-prepared. You chuckled warmly at him. Iida was definitely a smart cookie. You honestly wouldn't be surprised at all if he casually developed a cure for cancer in his backyard one day.

"Why did you pick Styrofoam, Tenya?" You asked. "Doesn't it seem a little flimsy?"

"Polystyrene has ideal properties for maintaining insulation." He stated simply, mildly proud of himself for eliciting an awed expression from you.

"That's brilliant!" He beamed at your compliment for a moment before getting to work. Together (well, mostly Tenya) you completed a makeshift egg incubator. All the while, Tenya mumbled to himself about specific gestation temperatures and humidity to hatch this egg. "Finished!" You set the egg down into the box, lined with soft padding and fluff.

"I think that will do." He nodded satisfactorily.

"We should come up with a name for this contraption." You turned to look at him. "How about... Tenya's Egg Hatcher Deluxe." He furrowed his brow and adjusted his glasses.

"That doesn't really seem fair... You helped me build it as well..."

"How about the EGGsterminator?" Tensei joked again, causing you to groan.

"Do you not think it will work, brother?" Tenya asked, disheartened.

"Of course it will work. I have faith in your engineering skills." The two of you couldn't help but smile at that. Now all there was to do was wait.




"You have to come over right now! It's hatching!" Tenya's voice reflected his excited hysteria perfectly, even over the phone.

"AHH! BE RIGHT THERE!" You were only realizing now that it had been a foolish idea to keep the bird at Iida's house. If the locations were reversed, he would have been able to run to your house much faster than you could run to his. But run you did, and you were able to get up to his room just in time for the confined creature to burst forth. "Aw! It's a baby duck!" You squealed, latching onto Tenya's arm in delight. He smiled when the tiny yellow bird looked up and let out an endearing peep.

"Did I miss it?!" Tensei ran through the door, also wanting to take part in this joyful moment of nature's beauty.

"It just hatched. Come see!"

"A duckling. It looks healthy." He nodded with pride. "Well done, you two." His tone turned a bit more serious. "Now, Tenya. You know that this is your responsibility now, right? You have to feed and take care of it."

"I will be vigilant!" Tenya exclaimed, misty eyed.

Over the next few weeks, you and Tenya and the small one were practically inseparable. The duckling had imprinted on you both and followed you around relentlessly. It was almost like raising a baby together, deciding on names (after a lengthy debate, you both decided on the name Happy), taking turns feeding it when it would chirp and squawk, protecting it from danger when you would take it outside. During this ordeal, Iida's nurturing instincts became apparent to you very quickly. He had the stern ferocity of a mother bear, while still remaining attentive and doting to the fluffy feathered fledgling. Earlier in the week the duckling had fallen asleep on his shoulder, snuggling into his neck. It warmed your heart to no end.


But today was the day you had both been dreading. It was the day to say goodbye. You both knew you couldn't keep Happy forever; ducks weren't meant to be kept as pets. However, you also knew that a bird raised exclusively by humans couldn't fend for itself in the wild either. So you decided on a local pond at the park. There he could be fed regularly by the locals who visited, as well as join a flock of his own kind.

Very reluctantly, Tenya knelt by the waterside, Happy contently nestled in the crook of his arm. He gave the bird a very meaningful pep talk, though you knew it was more for himself than for the feathered companion.

"Take care of yourself..." He finally said, setting Happy onto the water's surface where he bobbed there momentarily.


"I promise I'll come to visit!" He cried out as he swam away. You put a consoling hand on his shoulder.

"This is for the best, Tenya."

"I know..." His eyes sparkled with tears. He stood and clutched his fist in resolve. "I will be strong! This is the right thing to do!" You pulled him into a comforting hug, also sad that your duck-parenting days with Tenya were over. "I still feel bad for leaving him all alone... This must be how parents feel when their kids leave home."

"Someday we'll leave the nest too. But at least we can do it together."

"Yes..." He half smiled at you. "Together."

The End

(Mommy Tenya is like the cutest damn thing! OMG)





Amajiki x Reader: Blue 


The serene blue light and slow-moving creatures cast a calming charm on Tamaki as he walked beneath the gargantuan tank. Various sharks and cephalopods glided through the water effortlessly, causing his classmates to point and gawk in awe. He, on the other hand, enjoyed the colorful smaller fish the most. However, it always gave him a mild pang of anxiety to see them in the same tank as the ferocious predators. What if those sharks got hungry before the handlers decided to feed them? How could they possibly guarantee a peaceful coexistence? He didn't even want to think about-

"Which one's your favorite, Amajiki?" You shook him from his inner thoughts. His eyes widened in alarm and he looked around before pointing to himself.

"...Me?" It was unusual for someone to talk to him on a class trip. He generally faded into the background and, in this case, he even had to sit alone on the bus.

"Yeah! The jellyfish are my favorite! ...Besides the octopus I mean." You smiled, figuring that was probably what he wanted to hear. He peered at you inquisitively from that remark.

"I um... like the seahorses a lot. And the angelfish are nice." He pointed to a yellow one that was swimming nearby. "I think they're very graceful."

"They're pretty." You said simply. "Oh! Do you want to go to the tide pools? Someone told me you can actually touch the animals."

"Do they... bite?"

"No, silly." You chuckled and pulled him gently by the arm. He gave a fleeting glance to the group, wondering if he was allowed to separate from them. But on the other hand (quite literally), he was being pulled by someone he liked, someone he'd had trouble finding the courage to approach before now. Fortunately, you had bridged the gap for him, and he figured he couldn't pass up on such a glaring opportunity. On the way, you passed the penguin exhibit and the manatees. He half-smiled and slowed down for a minute.

"You know, manatees always kind of looked like tubes of toothpaste to me." You stopped and turned to look at him. He blinked and suddenly looked horrified. He realized that, while feeling comfortable in your presence, he had let his guard down and spoke his thoughts openly, just like he does with Mirio. 'Oh god! That probably sounded really stupid to her!' A grin bloomed on your face before you quickly broke into an outpour of giggles.

"You're so funny, Amajiki!" You stood shoulder to shoulder with him, causing him to feel uncomfortably warm for a second. "But you're right! They totally do!" The aquatic cows did, indeed, resemble his imaginative description. He returned your smile- still hidden somewhat behind a veil of nerves, but it was a smile nonetheless.

Finally, you had reached the tide pools, filled with sea urchins, starfish, and funny-looking cucumbers. "Hey." You reached out to Tamaki. "You should activate your quirk."

"B-but... there's a lot of people here. They'll think it's weird..."

"No they won't." You encouraged, gesturing him up towards the waterside. "Here." You gently guided his hand into the cold water in yours, giving a nod of encouragement. Hesitantly his finger morphed into a small tentacle as he eyed you for reassurance.

"Your fingers can be friends with the sea creatures now!" You beamed at him and all he could do was blink at your enthusiasm. He couldn't recall any time in his life that someone had looked at him with that much excitement. You twirled the tentacle on your finger, walking it over to the nearest sea urchin. "Hullo." You spoke in a cartoony voice. "I'm Amajik-topus. Nice to meet you." That level of whimsy would have made him laugh if he weren't too busy blushing from holding your hand. You changed your voice to make the urchin reply. "Hi there. We should be... chums." You eyed Tamaki for a reaction. "Hey, Mr. Urchin." You elbowed the raven-haired boy playfully.

"Uhm... what?" Tamaki mimicked the urchin voice the best he could, trying his hardest to play along.

"Why didn't the oyster share his pearl?"

"I dunno. Why?"

"Because he was shellfish."

Tamaki couldn't help himself. He was rolling with laughter now and you joined right along with him. He couldn't believe he was able to have such a good time while being forearm deep in cold water and listening to terrible fish puns. And it was all thanks to you, one of the brightest individuals he'd ever laid eyes on.

Time had flown by and the group was now moseying about the gift shop before the bus arrived. He was disappointed that the lovely excursion with you had come to an end, and looked meticulously at the souvenirs. Somehow he felt like he owed you for the time you'd spent with him, as if his company wasn't worth as much as yours. Now it was just to find the perfect gift-

"Look, Amajiki!" He turned to see you adorned in a ridiculously large lime-green octopus hat. He chuckled. "Now I have tentacles too."

"The Amajik-topus strikes again."

"Amajik-topus Two: Return to the Depths." You improvised theatrically. Tamaki's sweet smile was totally worth making a fool of yourself over. "Oh! I got you something too." His smile disappeared.

"You shouldn't have wasted your money on me..."

"But it's cute and it reminded me of you." You handed him a miniature octopus plushie, which smiled up at him with button eyes. 'Something cute reminded her of me?' The thought made his heart flutter.

"I don't know what to say..." His cheeks darkened. "Thank you..."

"Why don't you try on the hat too?"

"Oh please no..."


Tamaki returned to his original seat on the bus, staring at the toy octopus. To his surprise, the person in his thought appeared before his eyes once more.

"Can I sit here?"

He only nodded. With Mirio sick at home, Tamaki was very grateful to have a companion to sit with on the ride home.

"I uh... wanted to give you something..." His ears burned hot as he pulled out the item he chose from the shop. In your palm now rested a silver jellyfish necklace accented with shining blue gemstones.

"Wow..." You whispered.

"You um... said it was your favorite..." He ran a hand through his hair bashfully. As you recalled, you had actually said octopus was your favorite. It had been merely a ploy to make him more comfortable, but he had apparently seen through the flattery attempt, at leas somewhat. This struck you as terribly intuitive. Most of the boys your age were obnoxious, using cruelty or pranks as a sign of their affection. But something was different about Tamaki, and this hit you with an urge to get to know him better.

"I wonder... if a jellyfish could be friends with an octopus..." You hinted, noting the pink blush rise in his cheeks.

"I think... the octopus would be honored..."

The End




Chapter Text




Consciousness slowly returned to you, colors and shapes finally taking form before your eyes. You groaned, feeling a numb sort of ache throughout your whole body.

"Ah! You're awake!" A familiar panicked voice tickled your eardrums. Sitting to your left was none other than your close friend, Amajiki, who appeared, at this juncture, to be utterly beside himself. You examined yourself, (because if you just took his expression as a foretelling, your prognosis looked incredibly grim) noting the bandages wrapped around your arms and abdomen.

"What happened? I look like a mummy!" You exclaimed in jest.

"It's my fault! I'm so so sorry!" He hung his head in despair.

"It's okay Tama-"

"Oh good! You're awake." Principal Nedzu interrupted in a jovial sort of tone. "Feeling alright?"

"Yep." You smiled, hoping to ease the poor ravenette's nerves. "Just a little sore is all." You blinked in realization, memory suddenly rushing back to you. "Oh! Sir! About the battle-"

"That is actually what I came here to tell you about."

"You won, F/N." Tamaki mumbled, peering up at you through overgrown bangs.

"What?! Really?!"

"Well, yes and no." Nedzu corrected, holding up a furry white finger. "By technical knockout, you did indeed triumph. However, before you launched your final attack, this young man had you completely restrained."

You recalled the battle in vivid detail. Your homeroom teacher had decided to pit classmates against one another in a miniature tournament-like setting, all of which were competing for the top three hero student spots. To your chagrin, you had been matched with Tamaki, and the two of you unwittingly battled it out for the last spot. You gave it your best effort, but even your power and maneuverability was no match for his multifaceted quirk and strategic know-how. His tentacles eventually found their way around you, constricting your arms to your sides. You remembered how they felt, cool and moist and unyielding. Tamaki, being the kind-hearted person he was, even warned you to not use your quirk in that situation. He had coated his tentacles with a protective encrustation, rendering him non-conducive to your surging electrical currents. However, in a feat of reckless desperation, you unleashed every stored ounce of power. That was the last thing you remembered.

"As I said, you were clearly at a disadvantage." Nedzu continued. "The only reason you were able to win was by causing yourself significant injury." He gestured to your many bandages. "Therefore, I awarded the final spot in the top three to Amajiki."

"But sir!" Tamaki objected, horrified that your injuries were all in vain.

"That's fair, sir." You turned and smiled. "Congratulations, Tamaki!" He glanced at you both and frowned.

"But I...don't deserve it..." He mumbled at the floor.

"Rest well." The principle said, leaving Tamaki's self-depreciating behavior for you to handle. "Remember that you have the demonstration for the first years in a matter of days."

"Yes sir." You and Amajiki agreed in unison, watching his soup-spoon ears disappear out the door.

"Let's take a look at the damages." You drew Tamaki's attention back to yourself as you unraveled one of your bandages.

"Maybe you shouldn't-"

"Woah!" Along the base of your ribcage (where Tamaki's tentacles had restrained you) was a pattern. Clear as day, they were suction cup rings in a neat little row, red and almost melded into your skin from the electrical burn. Tamaki gasped in horror.

"Oh god! I've disfigured you forever!" He covered his face with his hands, heart shrouded with guilt. "I'm the worst person who ever lived!"

"I think it's a really cool scar." You smiled genuinely.


"Yeah. It's sorta like a friendship charm, only permanent." Tamaki sat back down and was quiet for a while. But his fidgeting movements led you to assume he was still fretting about it.

"Really, it's okay, Tamaki." But the sentiment didn't seem to comfort him.

"F/N..." Tamaki turned to you, and you were unable to read the emotions swimming in his dark eyes. "During the fight... you could have said..." He paused, searching for his words. "You could have said anything to make me second guess myself... but you didn't..." He met your gaze. "...Why?" It took you a moment to process the question. But then you realized, he was inquiring as to why you didn't utilize his psychological weakness during the fight. He knew you must have been well aware of it after all of these years.

"Well..." You half-smiled down at your lap. "It seems you've stumbled on the source of my weakness..."

"I don't... understand." He furrowed his brows. It was true, if you had the wherewithal to use cruel mind games, that battle had the potential to be a very easy win for you. But it wouldn't have been fair, it wouldn't have been sportsmanlike. And beneath all that honor was the core reason, the real thing that held you back.

"I just... can't stand to see you hurting, Tamaki." You admitted honestly. "That's my weakness." He turned his head away and blushed.

"...Kindness isn't a weakness..."





"What are you guys doing?!" You whisper-yelled at Mirio and Nejire, who were silently raiding your purse next to the hospital bed.

"You lost the bet." Hado said simply.

"No I didn't! Look at me!" You gestured to your clearly injured body. The day of the match, you had turned to Togata and Hado, and said, '50 yen says Tamaki kicks my ass.' Anyone with eyes could see that Tamaki did, indeed, kick your ass.

"But you won the fight." Mirio grinned widely.

"Yeah, but-"

"See ya. We're going out for a nice lunch with this." Hado pulled the cash out of your wallet and skipped from the room.

"Guys! Wait, I'm hungry too!" You were still whispering angrily. Tamaki had fallen asleep, head down on the edge of your cot. If you had jumped up to stop them, you would have woken him, and the poor boy had obviously suffered enough, worrying himself into a state of exhaustion. You huffed in frustration as they disappeared around the corner.

You allowed yourself to gently pet Tamaki's fluffy hair, careful to avoid waking him. Apparently you had drifted off to sleep as well, for when you came back to your senses, there was no longer a warm presence beneath your hand, and a new appetizing smell filled your nostrils. You opened your eyes to see a smiling blonde sitting alarmingly close to you on the bed.

"Uh... Hi, Mirio." You raised a sleepy eyebrow at him. "How was your lunch?" He couldn't help but laugh at your salty tone.

"It was great. I brought you some too." He held up a karaage roll from Yukihira diner.

"That's my favorite!" You exclaimed. "You took the train all the way out there to get it?!" You were touched by his efforts. As mischievous as the burly blonde was, he still would never take advantage of a friend; especially not an injured one.

"It was no trouble." He rubbed the back of his neck modestly.

"Thank you." You went to reach out for it, wincing at the soreness in your arms. Whatever pain medication the doctors gave you must have been wearing off, for you were much more sore now than when you were talking with Tamaki earlier. Speaking of which, it was now that you noted his absence.

"Allow me." Mirio gently lowered your arms, holding the food up to your mouth.

"I can feed myself, Mirio." You smirked at him and he let out a boisterous, 'Hah!'

"I'm sure you can." He dangled the delicious smelling thing in front of your nose, and you would have had to possess a will of steel to not take a huge bite of the crunchy savory item.

"Mmmmm." You hummed happily. "So good."

"It smells awesome." He replied, taking a chomp out of it without your permission. You looked a bit surprised, as you'd never really seen people share food this way unless they were considered a couple. You knew if Tamaki were in the same situation, he would have wilted in embarrassment like a socially awkward flower. But something about Mirio made it feel natural, almost like a bonding experience. He always gave off this comfortable aura, reminiscent to being at home wrapped in a blanket. What would be a good word to describe it... warm? Sunny? At least that's how his best friend described it.

"Didn't you eat already?" You chuckled, pulling the roll back towards your mouth.

"I'm a big guy with a big appetite." He bit into it again, taking about a fourth of it with him.

"Don't eat it all!" You griped, and he laughed once more.

Mirio continued to hand-feed you like a horse, taking care to make sure you were comfortable. He couldn't lie to himself; he enjoyed this opportunity to pamper you. It wasn't often a strong-willed person like yourself was in need of his help, so he rarely got to show this side to you. On the other hand, he particularly liked messing with you as well. Mirio was a very playful individual, sometimes going too far with a joke or a prank. But he was happy now, knowing that you accepted both sides of him.

"Whatcha thinking about?" You prodded him with an elbow. He wasn't usually quiet for such a long time and you wondered if there was something bothering him.

"Oh?...I was just wondering what the first year students are going to be like. Are you excited about the demonstration?"

"Yeah." You wiggled your sore shoulders a bit. "That's assuming I'll be able to walk by then..." You both chuckled.

"Don't worry. I'll- eh- I mean me and Tamaki will take good care of you and make sure you make a full recovery!" 


Chapter Text



"Are you sure you're alright?" A soft solemn concern came from behind you and a hand rested on your shoulder. "I don't want you to overdo it." You gave Shouto a reassuring smile.

"Oh, I'm-"

"If she can't keep up, we have to leave her behind." Endeavor's low brutish voice hovered nearby. Shouto's lips curled at his father's insensitivity, about to raise a fuss, but you were rather used to it at this point. In fact, you could even say you were grateful for it. He was abrasive, yes, and sometimes you doubted his sanity, but Endeavor kicked your ass up and down the streets of this city and you couldn't help but appreciate the boost in strength such hardship had granted you. Hell, he was probably the reason you were able to match Tamaki...


Not that there weren't days you didn't question your choice. It's true, if All Might took on students, you would have definitely chosen him instead. But, you had to admit, number two wasn't half bad.

"I won't slow you down, sir." You clenched a fist in resolve.

"See that you don't." Was his only reply.

Bandaged and sore or not, you followed the fiery hero's lead, keeping pace. The dynamic had become a bit strange as of late, seeing as Endeavor's son was now under the same guidance as you were. You had never seen your sensei so focused as when he was pruning Shouto, doting and correcting on his every move. Initially you had found it sweet, but now you were beginning to feel a little out of place.

"Hey, Shouto." You mumbled to him quietly, both of you several feet behind your preceptor.


"Is it weird having me here?"

"What do you mean?" He furrowed his brows behind strands of beautiful two-tone hair. "Are you tired? Do you need to rest?"

"No. I mean, I can tell that your dad really wants to see you succeed." You glanced up at the unsuspecting father. "Since you showed up, I kinda feel like I'm getting in the way of that. Sorta like a third wheel." You scratched the back of your head sheepishly.

"I didn't know you felt that way." He frowned slightly, and you began to backtrack.

"Oh, eh- no. It's not anything serious, I just-"

"I feel the exact opposite. If anything, my dad's the third wheel." You chuckled openly at him. "...That wasn't a joke..." He added, confusion blooming on his handsome features.

"Well, I'm glad I don't bother you too much." You smiled, figuring that, by the irked glance Endeavor just shot backward, Shouto wasn't speaking for the both of them.


"Tell me something..."

"Hm?" Shouto stirred his hot tea absentmindedly, basking in the calm aura of the headquarters lounge after a hard day's work.

"What should I know about class 1-A?" You inquired, but you were met by a blank heterochromic stare. "I'm uh... doing a demonstration."


"Yeah. Just to test you all out." You shrugged, not wanting to give the game away. "So... anything I should know?"

"I believe you probably know the gist of things from watching the Sports Festival." He stated simply, but the way you scooted forward and placed your head in your hands intently made him chuckle. "Well... I would watch out for Bakugou." His nose wrinkled in distaste.

"Oh yeah. That guy looked like a mad dog up in the winner's circle. Is he always like that or-"


"Oh." You paused, making a mental note. "And what about the other one you fought? The little explosive one."

"Midoriya..." He said, and his expression turned to a solemn one.

"I see... What should I know about-"

"He saves people."

"Saves people?"


"Got it..." You decided not to pry any further, as you sensed a deeper rooted issue lurking there. "So two explosive quirks, one aggressive, one nice. What about the electric one?"

"I wouldn't worry about him."

"I see some potential there."

"Not really." He shrugged, then his eyes widened. "Oh! I uh... didn't mean it like that... Forgive me. I forgot that you two have similar quirks..." You smirked at his unnecessary apology.

"It's fine." You placated, and he silently sipped his tea for a while.

"So... do you really feel like a third wheel around me?" His shining eyes reflected a hint of sadness.

"Oh, Shouto. I didn't mean for you to dwell on that..." You were starting to feel guilty for your careless words and touched his hand gently.

"Can I do anything to change it?"

"Just forget I said it." But he didn't seem to be having any of that. You felt him grip your hand in his own.

"What if I invited you over for dinner? Would you feel more included then?"

"..." You blushed slightly at the overt invite. "Maybe..." You smiled coyly at your drink and Shouto felt his stomach flutter a bit.

"How does Friday sound?"

"Sounds great. I look forward to it."



"A-aren't you nervous?" Tamaki's shoulders were nearing his ears. "A-about speaking to the whole class?" Somehow he seemed to be having second-hand stage fright on your behalf.

"Not really." You shrugged with a smile. "I'm kind of excited to be honest." Amajiki turned away in shame.

"I wish I could be as brave as you..." He mumbled, jumping slightly when he felt your encouraging hand on his back.

"I think that you are." He accidentally made eye contact and your sunny smile made him blush and look away. "Are you ready to go?"


"Let's GO!" Nejire and Mirio suddenly cheered from behind you, pushing the both of you through the double doors. Mirio's robust warm arms swept you up into the air.

"Eep!" You squealed as he carried you towards the awaiting underclassmen. "Nyeh..." You squirmed helplessly against his durability before finally giving up. "This is hardly a dignified first impression, Mirio." You crossed your arms and he let out a hearty laugh. Finally, he placed you down in front of the class next to Aizawa.

"...F/N here will explain the rules of the game." He seemed to be finishing up his explanation, looking all-too-ready for his mid-morning nap.

"Good morning, everyone." You said brightly.

"Good morning!" The class repeated back, some sounding much more enthusiastic than others.

"It's nice to meet you all." You smiled at Shouto, the exception to your greeting. "As you can see, you all have been given colorful flags." You held up your own bright red one into the air. "Your objective of the exercise is simple: take my flag before I can take yours."

"Senpai!" A very tall student in glasses raised his hand. "What order will we be chosen in?"

"You are all free to attack me at once."

"HUH?!" A collection of jaws dropped.

"But senpai... doesn't that seem a bit unfair?" A small round-faced girl looked queasy at the proposition.

"You wont have an easy time with it, I assure you." Togata's loud voice called from the sidelines.

"Like he says, it may seem a bit much, but I only have to outlast you all for fifteen minutes." You pointed down the field where a large projector stood, the countdown just waiting to be started. "So that's pretty much it. Any other questions before we begin?"

"Yeah." A low voice growled. "Why do we have to fight you?" A blonde sneered, hands in his pockets. "You're only number four. Why should we have to settle for less than the best?"

"You must be Bakugou." You raised an eyebrow before making eye contact with an irked Shouto.

"H-hey!" A familiar meek voice rang out in your defense. "She was able to beat me in a battle, even when she was restrained. You wont find a better opponent than her!" You were touched by Tamaki going out of his way to stand up for you. However, his bravery was short-lived, as he withered beneath the aggressive blonde's lethal stare.

"If you beat him, why are you not in the top three?"

"Tamaki gives me too much credit." You smiled at him. "I had to injure myself to knock him out, so it wasn't exactly a very fair victory." You turned. "So I guess you could say I have a similar reckless fighting style to you, freckles." You pointed at the green-eyed boy who had a tattered notebook clutched in his hands.

"So it was a tie." The angry blonde continued. "That's the same thing as losing." It was now that you'd had enough of his audacity.

"Perhaps you'd feel better about a one on one confrontation then." You turned. "Aizawa, what do you say?"

"Do whatever you want." He replied, causing Bakugou to dawn a wicked grin.

"That's much more up my alley. ...But after you lose, you have to let me fight the real number one."

"Alright. Then step forward." You gestured him into the ring before turning to face the class once more. "Just a disclaimer, but I'm not responsible for any disadvantage this puts your team in later."

"Bakugou is more of a liability than an advantage." The other blonde said.

"SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH!" Bakugou snapped.

"Are you ready?" You asked. He regained his focus and turned his head towards Tamaki.

"How badly am I allowed to hurt your classmate?"

Tamaki turned pale as this, but Mirio only laughed.

"This kid's got quite the spirit, huh!"

"If you mean that you think he's possessed, I agree..." A bead of sweat formed on Tamaki's brow.

And the dance began. The moment Nejire hollered "Go," you were rushed by him, his hands leaving a smoke trail behind him. You sent electricity into your mycocytes, muscle fibers twitching at an alarming rate. In a flash, you vanished from his sight. Before he had time to turn his head, you sent a powerful electric burst into his back. He collapsed to the ground with a grunt.

"URGH!" He was frozen in place as you walked around him. "What the hell is this?!"

"It's what a burst of electricity does when it's targeted straight at your spinal cord." His face contorted as he struggled to move.

"Wow! She has a quirk like mine!" The electric boy beamed with excitement.

"Yeah. Except she didn't short circuit like you, Kaminari." A spikey red-haired boy replied, making Kaminari frown.

"Why... can't I... move..." Bakugou's voice was strained as he twitched on the ground.

"Your body can't tell the difference between the electrical signals your brain is sending and the ones I just hit you with."

"RRGHHH!" His arm was able to grip the dirt slightly.

"That's not even my special move. You better get serious if you want to see it."

You had never seen a more savage expression in your life outside of fighting villains. The fiery boy forced himself to his feet, shoulders heaving with rage.

"You recovered faster than I expected." You returned to a readied stance, pleased to have such a voracious beast as an opponent.

"Shut up and fight me." He hissed through clenched teeth. You smiled, firing up your special move. Before the audience's eyes, you coated your body with a glowing yellow electricity.

"HOWITZEERRRR-" The group watched with anticipation as a cloud of explosions sent Bakugou into a swirling vortex of tenacity. Unfortunately for him, this special move of his had to build up speed. Yours didn't. Speed was your true medium and you were a master of it. The fiery boy didn't stand a chance.


A moment of silence passed, and Tamaki gripped onto Mirio's shirt fearfully. If something had happened to you, he could only think to blame himself. Not only did he injure you once, already leaving you hardly any recovery time before today, but he had even spurred the demonic first year on to challenge you. The cloud of dust and smoke finally cleared and the underclassmen gasped. There Bakugou lay, face-down in what appeared to be a newly-formed crater. You ceased your electricity, satisfied that the boy was definitely unconscious.

"She was able to take Bakugou out with one blow. If she's the number four at the school, how much more powerful must the others be..."

"It's like Tamaki said." Mirio approached. "We all have completely different strengths so there's no way to numerically order us. Out of us, F/N probably has the most raw power, Tamaki over there easily tops us all in strategy and sheer number of ways to use his quirk, and Nejire has the best prowess in rescue situations and damage control. As for me?" He pointed a big thumb at his chest. "People just have trouble hitting me I guess." He chuckled.

"You undersell yourself, Mirio." You elbowed him playfully. "He has the best control of his quirk out of all of us. He can phase through anything, making him nearly invincible. So if anyone has the title of number one, it would be him." You heard Tamaki and Nejire quietly agree in the background.

"So..." You smiled and glanced at the clock. "Any other solo challengers?"


Chapter Text



Midoriya began mumbling to himself. He seemed to be torn. He truly wanted to challenge you, to see how wide the gap was between you, but at the same time, if he got demolished like Kacchan, it would be another selfish disadvantage to the whole class. "But even if I was taken out, surely Todoroki could freeze her... but then again, if she knows our quirks from the sports festival, she probably knows all of our weaknesses and-"

"Would ya make up your mind already?" Jirou deadpanned, snapping him out of this habit of his, which was quite cute in your opinion.

"Sorry." He covered his mouth, cheeks dusting a rosy shade of pink.

"Alright. Remember, all you have to do is take my flag." You held it up and placed it very obviously in your front pocket. "Ready?" You jogged to the other side of the field, leaving the unconscious blonde on the sidelines. Hado pressed the button and the countdown began.

Just as you expected, you instantly saw a rapid-moving glacier of ice rushing towards you. Todoroki was the first one you planned to watch out for (aside from Bakugou, who was incapacitated at the moment). From the other direction came a large boy with engine legs.

"You're fast." You grinned, leaping out of the way of their rapid advances. Your hand happened upon the shoulder of the red-haired one, and you decided to leave a debilitating shock on your way. 'One down.' Or so you thought...

"Ow!" He winced, falling to his butt, but was not severely injured.

"Hardness, huh..." You kept a mental note as another bout of ice flew in your direction, from above this time. You lit yourself up with a current, taking out three classmates who tried to hit you at once. You were too busy to catch who they were, but all you noticed is that one had a tail. You evaded the touch of the floaty girl, remembering how she stockpiled weapons in the sky during the tournament. Already there were sharp ice fractals hovering in the air. You struck her from behind, just as you had with Bakugou, rendering her paralyzed. The shards came falling from the sky out of her control, forcing Midoriya to dodge and causing the pink one to lose balance from her acid stream. That quickly made her the next target before you were knocked off balance by a loud wave of sound. It nearly cornered you against Shouto's wall of ice. Your ears were ringing too loudly for you to hear the revving of a charge. You narrowly ducked as something pierced the ice in two, shooting right past your face. 'A laser beam?!' You didn't recall seeing that in the tournament.

"Todoroki! Cool my engines!" You heard the one in glasses shout. You would have been preoccupied with other things, but that ended up being his downfall. You pursued him, knowing he couldn't overuse the machinery. Along the way, a long tongue tried to restrain you, but the wet thing carried your electricity much too easily. One swift blow to the engine-boy, and he was paralyzed like the others. But you were running a bit low on your energy stores. After using that stun on so many in a row, it was hard to generate more while still sustaining your inhuman speed.


That struck a pang of fear into you, and you instantly looked in the direction of Midoriya's voice, preparing for the devastating blast. Unfortunately, it was a mere distraction, a way to divert your attention long enough to-

"Now!" He yelled. You felt a sudden jolt of lightning, followed by what appeared to be a meshwork of constricting fibers. You wondered how on earth they got their hands on Aizawa's weapon. 'No wait... it's different. Did that one girl make it?'

If Midoriya had chosen another attacker, this scheme of his might have worked. However, Kaminari's volts were exactly what you needed to recharge. The once-intimidating shadow bird also honing in on you cowered at the new brightness you radiated. You took out the girl holding the metal rope followed by the muscular redhead. And from what you could tell, there were only three remaining. Todoroki, Midoriya, and a small purple boy.

You continued to nimbly dodge Todoroki's waves of ice as you ran. You imagine in another situation, he would have been able to immobilize you. His own allies stood in the way of him unleashing his full power, making it easier for you. There were several walls of ice now, hindering your view of your targets, but it also hindered their views of you. You used this to your advantage. You hid silently behind a jagged corner of ice, waiting for any one of them to appear. You smiled when that person was Shouto. He came right over the ridge, feet soaring in ice like a graceful surfer, comfortable on the roughest of waves. You seized the opportunity. He was taken by surprise and you received a burn to your arm, but ultimately you arose victorious. The struggle alerted the other two to your position.

"Todoroki!" Midoriya felt helpless for a moment. But he decided immediately after: a hero always wins, no matter how slim the odds. "I guess it's just you and me." He bluffed, readying his stance. But you remembered the little purple one, knowing that his final act of desperation must be to have him ambush you. Even so, Midoriya was clearly the greater challenge. Since the tournament, he had made amazing strides, and his speed was incredible for him just being a first year in training. You took off at maximum capacity, looking for his flag. The edge of it was hanging just out of his back pocket. He caught you out of the corner of his eye, but didn't have enough time to react.

"Game over, Midori-"


You had just ben struck in the face by something you couldn't see. In the process of your confusion, a weird sort of orb had been plastered to your back.

"What is-"

Just then, Midoriya shifted positions, leaping towards your other side. You were able to shock both the purple one and the invisible perpetrator before the green-eyed boy's attack.

"SMAAASH!" He repeated this time, and you were blown backwards by a gust of wind. You went to jump, but even while paralyzed, Shouto had somehow ambushed the ground with a thin layer of ice. While you were off-balance, Midoriya pounced, pinning you to the ground. Your back was glued down thanks to that weird goopy ball from before. Despite you electrifying your body, Midoriya wouldn't remove himself from you. He squeezed his eyes shut to endure the pain, pulling the tiny scarf from your pocket. Just then you released your quirk. "We did it!" Midoriya exclaimed, holding up the flag.

"Huzzah!" The engine-boy mumbled into the concrete.

"Pffft!" The floaty girl laughed at him.

"Way to go, Midoriya! You da man!"

"Wheeeyyy..." Kaminari was the only one still wandering the field absentmindedly.

"Uh... Midoriya..."

"Hm?" He glanced down at you.

"Where's your flag?"

He furrowed his brows and blinked. "Right he-" After reaching into his back pocket, he realized the absence of the article. "Eh?!" He unpinned your arms and glanced around the ground. With an apologetic smile, you pulled his flag out of your other pocket. "But when-"

"Right before the invisible one hit me."

"Oh..." His face sunk in disheartenment.

"But that was such wonderful teamwork!" You exclaimed brightly.

"You mean we didn't win?! You've gotta be kidding me!" The redhead's mouth fell open, revealing sharp pointed teeth. Suddenly, Midoriya's exhausted face morphed into a sparkling admiration.

"I cant believe you managed to beat us all! Even Todoroki and Kacchan! You're amazing, senpai!"

"Thanks. Same to you all as well." There was a moment of silence where he just smiled at you in awe. "Um... could you maybe help me up?" You asked, trying not to be rude. It wasn't until then that Midoriya noticed his body was pressing you into the ground.

"EH?!" His freckles were distorted by the sudden rise of color in his face. "S-SORRY!" With considerable effort, you were able to detach yourself from the gelatinous sticky ball on your back. He extended a gentle hand, pulling you to your feet. "I... hope I didn't hurt you, senpai."

"Don't worry about me." You addressed the class, who were just beginning to find their footing again. "So do you all want to fight Mirio next?" You were met with a collective:


"I'll take that as a no." You chuckled. Even Bakugou began to stir at this point. "Everyone follow me back to the classroom for the second part of the exercise. You skipped over to your classmates. Tamaki's eyes were painted with relief and Mirio wore a proud sort of grin.

"Nice job, F/N." Hado said. "You were able to take them all out before it even hit the seven minute mark."

"You're so talented..." Amajiki muttered. "Eight minutes is incredible... especially with that one guy..."

"I guess. But I bet Mirio could have done it in five." He scratched the back of his neck bashfully.

"You're too good to me, F/N." He replied.




"Alright, everyone. You've each been split up into four groups of five based on your weaknesses in hero training." Aizawa explained. "The name on your card is the upperclassman you have been paired with accordingly."

"Ah!" Midoriya saw your name on his card and positively twinkled with radiance (but not nearly as brightly as the outfit of a boy in your group).

"Yuga Aoyama, mademoiselle." He reached out a delicate hand to you.

"Uh... hi." You were a bit busy observing where the other classmates went. You first noted Shouto, who joined Mirio's group. His was focused on controlling quirks, which seemed very fitting considering Shouto's troublesome history with his fire side. Nejire, who was teaching the importance of quirk study and rescue, had Kaminari and the pink girl so far. She was playing with the young girl's horns... antennae? You weren't really sure which, but what you were sure of was how uncomfortable the girl appeared.

"Wow, senpai! What a coincidence!" Midoriya hopped right over to you. It was a night and day difference between his demeanor now and the one he embodied during the exercise. It was as if a shining hero was suddenly submerged into a pool of awkward fanboy juice; in the same way Achilles was dipped into the River Styx. "I'm so excited to work with you!"

"Me too!" The gravity girl stepped up. Your smile immediately disappeared upon hearing Bakugou's voice. Glancing at the name on the notecard in his hand, he stepped towards the front of the class.

"Who the hell's Amajiki..." He growled. You cringed, but definitely not as hard as Tamaki did.

"M-me..." He raised a timid hand. Tamaki seemed to be sweating by mere proximity to the aggressive boy. You quickly approached Aizawa.

"I need to request an exchange." You whispered to him behind his desk.

"No. These groups were chosen to target each student's specific weakness."

"But sir..." You grit your teeth, leading his gaze over to the very blatant personality mismatch.

"I see." He nodded. "Fine. But make sure they learn what they need to."

"Thank you, sir." You kept your voice hushed before returning to your group. "Bakugou!" You hollered to him and his sharp red eyes met yours from across the classroom. "You're with me. Switch groups with Midoriya."

"But senpai!" Midoriya objected, looking terribly sad. "I have so many questions I wanted to ask you."

"We'll talk later, kohai." You placed a hand on his shoulder and shot him a loaded glance.

Aside from the personality clash, the original arrangement had been much more ideal. Midoriya obviously had more tactical abilities and strategy, therefore making Tamaki's session the least suitable for mending his shortcomings. Bakugou, on the other hand, was all brute force and a tad less strategy. You didn't believe that he wasn't intelligent enough. It just appeared that his intelligence was blurred by a glaring pride. He was definitely the most suited to Tamaki's group, which would teach him not to underestimate his opponents and hone technical finesse of his already-strong quirk.

"Couldn't get enough of me, eh?" The blonde smirked. You sighed and rolled your eyes. Why was he able to get under your skin so easily? One mere comment was enough to make you want to punch him straight in the jaw. Something about his aura was downright provocative.

"Don't make me zap you again..."

"I'd like to see you try." The glint in his eye was... playful? It actually caught you off guard.

Though Bakugou would never admit it, a demonstration of strength equal to or greater than his was the only thing that really earned his respect... or it made him terribly angry. It depended on the day. But by some strange miracle, you had rolled the metaphorical dice and landed on the former.

With your last stragglers of students you now had five. Uraraka, Koda, Aoyama, Mineta, and Bakugou. You offered your tips over the remaining half hour of the class, actually shocked by how attentive Bakugou was to you. You truly expected him of all people to tune in and out. His animalistic ruby eyes were surprisingly captivating, and you caught yourself looking directly at him more often than the other group members. But something distracted you. From the cluster of desks to your right came another set of glances. Midoriya seemed to keep looking in your direction, his jade eyes the complete juxtaposition to Bakugou's, calm and serene like the sea. You could tell he was trying to get your attention, as you had agreed to talk to him after class. You winked to let him know he succeeded. He snapped back to his group, face burning scarlet, and Tamaki shot you a peculiar look. The crimson stare at your table suddenly became more lethal.


"Uhm... senpai?" A modest voice approached you at the door after class ended.

"Yes, Midoriya."

"I wanted to er- ask you... something..."


"I mean... I know you're probably really busy... but..." He clenched his eyes shut and his voice escalated. "Would you please let me train with you sometime?"

"Sure." You shrugged and smiled. How could you possibly say no to a sweet little student so eager to learn?

"Really?! You mean it?!"

"Definitely. There can't be many other training partners that can keep up with your speed."

"P-partner?!" His big round eyes widened. "You mean you'll train with me more than once?!"

"Yeah, why not?"

"Thank you so much!" He repeatedly bowed with excitement and you couldn't help but chuckle at him.

"No problem. Grab your stuff."

"You mean now?"

"Are you tired?"

"N-no! Not at all!" He lied, shuffling to your side. He was quiet as you walked together, fidgeting with his hands. "Uhm... I... learned a lot from Amajiki-senpai today..." That was all he could think of to say. Something was definitely bothering him. Earlier he couldn't wait to bombard you with questions, but now he was borderline mute.

"That's good. He may be kinda quiet, but he really knows a lot."

"...Can I ask you something?"


"Earlier... I saw you talking to Mr. Aizawa..." He frowned and looked at you with puppy-dog eyes. "Did you not want me in your group, senpai?" You raised your eyebrows in genuine astonishment. You realized that, to an outsider like him, that's the impression your actions would have yielded.

"That's not it at all, Midoriya!" You turned him to face you. "Didn't Tamaki strike you as someone who was kind of shy?"

"Well..." He put a finger to his lips, not wanting to admit a noticeable fault in someone he respected.

"With a personality like his, I just thought... you'd be easier to handle."

"Oh! I see!" The light bulb came on in the younger teen's head. "So you weren't trying to get rid of me, you were just trying to help your friend."


"I understand. Kacchan can be inconsiderate sometimes..."

"That's a nice way of putting it." You laughed openly and he gifted you a bashful smile.

Through the second floor window a familiar blonde eyed the two of you in the courtyard. His lips curled in disgust as you shared a laugh with Midoriya. "Training partner..." He hissed to himself. "As if I'll let that little shit get with a top hero student before me!" He felt a spark of determination fill his blood. He was going to steal you away. It wouldn't be hard to upstage a worthless nerd like Deku. 

This was purely out of spite, he resolved, and it had nothing to do with any sort of feelings. He had no interest in your fiery spirit or playful wit or anything. He wasn't angry that you were giving special attention to someone else... He was only angry at the prospect of someone weak like Deku wasting your time. Deku wasn't allowed to get stronger or surpass him. It should have been him receiving this training (not that he really needed it). You had gone out of your way to pick him in front of the whole class. He knew you must have chosen him for a reason, that he was special in some way, and he'd be damned if he let a loser like Deku share his spotlight.

He had to make a move... and fast



Chapter Text



"How long can you hold your electrified form? Is that why you made the challenge fifteen minutes long? Can you really stay like that without it hurting you?!" Midoriya began rapidly bombarding you with questions before you even had a chance to catch your breath. He was panting as well, trying not to let the sweat from the workout drip onto his notebook. He seemed to have countless curiosities at the ready, and fired them the instant he was given the chance.

"Actually, I can't hold it that long." You sprawled on your back in the grass. "I usually tap out around the three minute mark." You paused, letting him scribble down some hasty notes. "It doesn't really hurt since my body got used to the electricity a while back. But before I had control of the special move, my hair used to get really static-y, and I used to shock Tamaki a lot by accident." He giggled a little at that.

"Could you electrify objects?"


"What do you call your special move?"

"Uh..." You made a face. 'Do people name their special moves? I thought only All Might had names for his different smashes...' "How about you come up with a name and I'll go with it."

"Wow! You mean it?!" He lit up with excitement. "I'll try not to disappoint you, senpai!" You sat up and smiled at him, noticing something you hadn't before.

"You know, I didn't think it was possible... but your hair got even bushier from the workout." He started patting it down frantically without hesitation. But the great speeds you two endured left his hair windblown and chaotic. "It's no good, Midoriya. I think it's stuck that way." He let out an embarrassed groan, trying his best to hide his unruly head from your eyes. "Aw. Don't do that." You pulled his arms away gently and ran your fingers through it. "It's totally cute." He blinked and suddenly became flustered.

"You think my messy hair is... cute?" He felt a sort of warmth spread through his tummy, climbing all the way up to his cheeks. "S-senpai..."


"It was really nice of you to go out of your way to help me train like this... You really didn't have to."

"It was no problem. Honest."

"Uhm... but... why did you?"

"What do you mean?"

"You could have chosen somebody like Kacchan... He's way stronger than me... He was the one who was brave enough to challenge you in the first place..."

"...Kacchan... Oh. Is that your little nickname for mister atom-bomb I fought earlier?"


"I don't think you give yourself enough credit. You were the one that got my flag in the end, not him." This elicited a soft smile from your training partner before he flopped on his back next to you. It was silent for a while, only the sound of his calm breathing filling the air. The orange hues in the sky began to meld with a pool of blue, alerting him to how late it was.

"Oh!" He exclaimed, sitting up abruptly. "I forgot to text my mom that I was training with you! She must be worried sick!" He began to gather his things hastily. "I'm so sorry to be rude, senpai, but I should probably...."

"It's fine. I don't want your mom to worry." He bit his lip, regretful that his valuable time with you had come to an end so soon. But you quickly reignited his hopes when you spoke again. "See you tomorrow? Same time?"



You had missed the chance to talk to Tamaki and Mirio after school yesterday because of your spontaneous kohai training module, so you figured it would be nice to walk one of them home today. Of the two, Mirio was much more forgiving about being temporarily forgotten and wouldn't take it too personally. Therefore, you were now on your way to Fatgum's office. 'They have better food than Sir Nighteye anyway.'

Though it was an on-site day, Shouto had insisted to his father that you take the day off to recover from your former injuries (not to mention the newfound ones from the demonstration). He resolved that, if you needed any catching up on the week's activities, you were coming to dinner the following day anyways. Endeavor agreed, and you weren't surprised in the slightest. He was probably more than happy to have you out of the way. It gave him more time to spend training his son.

"Oh!" You were surprised to see both Tamaki and Mirio in the first floor cafeteria, as well as a familiar face next to them.

"Senpai, it's you!" The pointy redhead exclaimed.


"We haven't formally met. I'm Eijirou Kirishima. I'm doing my internship with Fatgum!"

"He forgot about me..." Tamaki mumbled quietly, but you heard it and smiled.

"And Amajiki-senpai!" He corrected himself.

"F/N L/N." You held out a hand to shake. "Nice to meet you."

"And you as well!"

"By the way, Mirio, what are you doing here?"

"I decided to stop by for some food. Looks like you had the same idea."

"Great minds think alike!" You said and suddenly felt the bubbly teen tap your shoulder.

"I forgot to tell you how freaking awesome you were in the exercise yesterday!"

"You too!" You also lit up with energy, suddenly recognizing him. "You were the only one that was able to withstand my electricity so easily! You must be really strong!"

"I try to be!" He clenched his fist, showing his quirk up close. "But a strong zap like that still hurt like the dickens!"

"You took it like a champ!" You weren't sure why, but you suddenly noticed you were yelling too. You had matched this sunny young man's energy level without knowing it, as if his vivacious spirit was infectious. Mirio seemed to be thoroughly entertained, smiling from ear to ear; but Tamaki looked mildly disturbed by this development.

"Thanks." He flashed a toothy grin and offered you a seat. "Have some pistachio mochi. That's your favorite isn't it?"

"Wow, yeah! And wait... how did you know that?" Your excitement morphed to confusion.

"Amajiki-senpai's told me all about you!" You saw Tamaki flinch in embarrassment, veiling his face with midnight locks of hair.

"All bad things, I'm sure." You jested with a laugh. The young hero joined in.

"N-no! Of course not!"

"So what brings you here?" He inquired, ignoring the ravenette's panicked outcry.

"Nothing special. Just thought I'd come visit since Endeavor gave me the day off."

"Isn't that nice, Amajiki-senpai? She came all this way just to see you!" Tamaki couldn't help but blush.

"I... hope I was worth the trouble..." His eyes that were glued to the table suddenly snapped up when he felt your hand rest atop his.

"Always, Tamaki."

Embarrassed as he was, he couldn't fight it. No matter how much you joked with him, it was never long before you were able to coax a genuine smile from his lips. He sort of wondered if you possessed some invisible button that could enkindle the warmth inside his heart.

"Oh gee! I gotta run!" Kirishima said, suddenly breaking Tamaki from his inner thoughts.

"Already? Stick around and have some food with us first."

"I wish I could." He frowned longingly at the appetizing buffet before you. "But sensei has me doing patrols with another hero office." He shifted restlessly. "Man, its so boring. I want some real action! Like a cool heist or something!"

"I like your spirit!" Mirio guffawed.

"Fighting villains is dangerous." Tamaki replied solemnly. "Why would you want to put yourself at risk if you don't have to?"

"...I guess when you say it like that..." He scratched the back of his head, feeling like a total rookie.

"Don't worry, Kirishima. You'll get your chance to shine." You gave him an encouraging pat on the back.

"Thanks, senpai!" His jolly smile returned. "I'll do my best until then!" And with that, he disappeared from the room. A few moments of silence passed before Mirio weighed in.

"We're really going to miss you this weekend, F/N." He said with a wistful smile.

"Same. But this is such an exciting opportunity. I'm happy for you both."

Your friends, who were already becoming widely known as 'the big three' now, were selected to attend a weekend retreat with some of the faculty members, surely to hone their talents for greatness. However, it put a damper in your usual plans with them.

"I wish you could go with us." Amajiki's shoulders sank. "You deserve it more than I do..."

"As if! You beat me fair and square, Tamaki. I've always admired your perseverance and hard work."

"Couldn't have said it better myself!" Mirio gave him a jovial slap on the back and Tamaki gifted you a soft smile. "So what do you think of the new-hire?"

"Kohai is adorable!" You almost squealed at his eagerness and pure demeanor. Both Mirio and Tamaki felt a small torpedo strike to the gut. They wanted you to call them adorable too. "...What's wrong?" You asked, seeing their wrinkled downtrodden faces.

"Nothing!" Mirio piped up, a little too loudly. "Adorable is the word I would choose too!" You chuckled.

"You don't have to yell so much..." Tamaki mumbled upon noticing other people start to look in your direction. "So... F/N..." He looked up at you with lovely dark eyes. "Do you really think that I said bad things about you to Kirishima?"

"Oh, Tamaki!" You laughed, hardly able to believe that offhanded comment was still lingering in his mind. "Of course not!"

"B-because I erm- think very highly of you..." He blushed slightly. "And I h-hope you know I would never do that."

"Aw. Tamaki. You're even sweeter than the mochi you made." His eyes widened in panic.

"H-how'd you know I made it?!"

"Because it tastes amazing!"




Midoriya couldn't help but wiggle in his seat in anticipation, awaiting the school bell to ring and end the day. He had something special tucked away for you in his All Might lunchbox, hoping it hadn't gotten too cold over the course of the day. After being so generous as to offer him your guidance, he couldn't help but want to repay you in some fashion.

Bakugou was having the opposite problem. After seeing you train Deku, he felt like he was owed something. He had been the one who challenged you one-on-one, and therefore should have earned your respect with his tenacity. At the very least, he deserved an explanation, and he was going to get it. Or one better, he would steal the metaphorical carpet of recognition right out from under that worthless nerd. There you were, standing at your locker. All he had to do was stroll up to you and-

"Senpai!" A familiar shrill sound made his lips curl in annoyance.

'The little shit ran right past me!'

"Hi there, Midoriya." You greeted.

"Did you have a nice day?" He asked, then suddenly realized he was awfully bad at small talk.

"Can't complain." You shrugged. "How was your day?"

"Oh. It was-"

"Hey!" A low lethal voice interrupted. You turned to see the same blonde from the exercise staring you down.


"Beat it, nerd. I wasn't talking to you." He rudely inserted himself into the small space between you and the green-eyed teen. "You." He almost growled. You opened your mouth to ask what he wanted but were immediately cut off. "I want a rematch!"

"A wha-"

"You heard me! Just you and me! I'll beat you into the ground this time!"


A moment of silent eye contact passed as he impatiently awaited your response. Though his tone was threatening, you still couldn't help but notice the mischievous glint in his eye, just like the one before. It was almost as if he was more excited than enraged.

"I'll be more than happy to fight you again." You crossed your arms defiantly. "But are you sure you wouldn't rather train a little bit first? I only kicked your ass a few days ago." A sudden reverberation of metal echoed the hall as his hands slammed the locker on either side of your face, cornering you between his strong arms.

"Don't underestimate me." He brought his face close to yours, smirk playing at his features. And with that, he took his leave.

"Are you okay, senpai?!" Midoriya examined you delicately.

"Mhm." You narrowed your eyes, watching as the fiery boy walked away. 'What's his deal...'

"I'm so sorry about him. He's always been like that, ever since we were little kids."

"Don't apologize. It's not your fault he has a stick up his bum." Izuku giggled.

"So about our training today..." He began, and you winced. You actually had dinner plans with Shouto in a few hours and didn't want to look too gross or sweaty.

"I uh... forgot to tell you-"

"I brought you something."

"...Oh?" You watched as he fished through his oversized yellow book-bag.

"It's kind of a thanks for agreeing to help me train." He held up a tin, presumably filled with food. "I um... was h-hoping we could h-have a picnic? ...since it's really nice out today and it's a weekend and we haven't talked very much outside of training and stuff and..." You blinked at him and he started to panic, sweating from nervousness. "Or not! I mean... if you don't want-"

"Sure." Despite the upcoming meal with Shouto, you couldn't deny the doe-eyed sweet boy in front of you.

"R-really?! You want to?"

"I have an hour or so to kill. Let's go." He walked by your side out to the courtyard filled with an arrangement of various colored tulips. You found a perfect spot between the old stone bench and giant willow, a quite picturesque view, before opening Izuku's lunch tin. "Mmm... Smells good."

"I hope you like it." He wrung his hands in anticipation. "Oh. And there's some pistachio mochi in there too for dessert."

"Wow... Word gets around about what kind of sweets I like, huh..." You uttered quietly to yourself.

"Huh?" He tilted his head. "I'm not sure what you mean..."

"Not a thing." You waved a hand in a blasé fashion. "So you said you wanted to get to know me better, yes?"

"Oh, uh- yeah. If that isn't too much to ask. I wouldn't want to violate your privacy or anything like that..."

"No, I agree. I don't know much about you either. What do you say we play a game to break the ice?"

"A game?"

"Yep." You held up five fingers. "It's called: never have I ever."

"Oooh. I think I played this once in middle school. I was the only one with all my fingers left at the end of it." You smirked at his answer. You had figured as much.

"Okay. I'll start then. Hm... never have I ever... snuck out of my house."

"Me neither." He replied, leaving all five fingers up. "Okay. Uh... Never have I ever... missed an assignment."

"You got me there." You lowered a finger, pausing only to take another bite of Midoriya's delicious food. "Believe it or not, never have I ever had a pet named after a professional hero." You watched as he lowered his pinky finger. "Oh yeah? What was its name?"

"Uh... when I was a kid, I named my dog Small Might..."

Before you had a chance to stop yourself, you laughed aloud.

"I was FIVE!" He shrieked in embarrassment, which only made you cackle harder.

"Don't feel bad. I think that's super clever. Wish I'd thought of it." The crease in his brow eased and he smiled. "It's official. Midoriya, let's go get me a hamster so I can name it Small Might the Second." His musical giggle filled your ears once more.

"Uh... never have I ever been in a talent show."

"Really?" your jaw dropped. "With those drawings of yours I figured you had done some kind of art show at least." He blushed from the compliment. "Okay..." You decided to kick it up a notch and get personal. "Never have I ever... gone all the way." Midoriya blinked at you and were certain you'd just taken a big step too far.

"...all the way to where, senpai?"

"..." You realized that there were few people in this world who could rival the purity of the boy sitting in front of you, whose mouth was now pressed into a confused line. "Uhm... Africa?" You made up a random place, hoping to preserve his innocence a bit longer.

"What would make you think I had ever been to Africa, senpai?"

"Oh... uhm... no reason I guess..." You chewed your bottom lip apprehensively before hearing the courtyard bell tolling. "Oh!" You jumped up abruptly. "I'm sorry to run out on you like this, but I did have plans..."

"No, it's fine. I hope you enjoyed the food."

"It was great! See you Monday to train!" You hollered as you sprinted around the corner into the twilight. You hoped against hope that you wouldn't be late for your dinner with Shouto. He would be gracious, of course, but his father on the other hand... Lets just say he has very little tolerance for rudeness. This mere thought made you quicken your pace. After finally arriving, you had to stop and marvel at the gargantuan mansion before traipsing up the cobblestone entryway. A lush garden of bonsai trees greeted you, veiling a small trail to a steamy little pool of water. 'Holy crap, he has his own hot spring?!' Your mouth fell open. On the other side nested a quaint little garden filled with various butterflies. You couldn't help but instantly be reminded of Tamaki. Your eyes widened when a familiar one glided by, lavender pigment shining off its wings. It was Tamaki's favorite... recently. (He had many different ones strike his fancy over the years and he made sure to always tell you when he'd found a new one.) You simply had to get a picture and send it to him.

You sighed in frustration as you clambered through the garden, careful not to step on any delicate flowers. But every time you got close, it would startle and flutter away. So this time you decided to sneak up, creeping slowly through the bush.

"Lampides boeticus... I got you now..."

"What are you doing?" The undeniable low gruffness of Endeavor's voice struck the tranquility right out of you.

"Uh-uhm..." You chuckled nervously, realizing how awkward this must have appeared. Here you were, late to dinner, pretty much sandwiched between two fluffy hedges in your host's garden. "I uh... saw a butterfly and wanted to take a picture." He raised a judgemental fiery eyebrow at you. "It's for Suneater. I thought he might like it..."

"Ah. For one of the top hero students, eh?" His lips curled in a disgusted scowl. "He's the one you lost to. Why would you befriend a rival when you should be striving to surpass him?!"


"That's enough, dad." You sighed in relief when Shouto appeared, clearly an angel come to your rescue. You pocketed your phone, and the split-haired boy pulled you by the hand from the underbrush. "You have a little..."

"Oh!" You frantically raked your fingers through your hair, watching little flecks of debris and leaves fall to the ground. "I'm really sorry. I got distracted earlier and I probably look really messy."

I think a few leaves adds some character." He said smoothly, leading you inside. The layout was very traditional, yet had a glowing grandeur lingering beneath its dark wood floors and bamboo doors.

"Wow..." You couldn't help but ogle the tremendous spread of food on the dining room table.

"I wasn't sure what to have made for you." Shouto admitted quietly. "So pick what you like."

"This is all too generous of you..." Your already-full stomach churned with dread. It all looked so delicious, yet after all of Midoriya's food, you couldn't fathom eating another bite. You took a very small plate, filling it with light foods only, careful to avoid the hearty meat and rice dishes. When he tilted his head at you, you replied with, "I'll come back for seconds..."

"Whatever you wish." He gestured you out another door onto the quiet secluded patio." The steam from the hot spring warmed your face as a gentle breeze blew.

"You have a beautiful home."

"House." He corrected. "It's not much of a home. But thank you." He pulled out your chair, allowing you to dine with just him and not the rest of his family as you had anticipated.

"Well it's gotta be hard to get lonely with your siblings around, and a father that's so... so uh..."


"...I was going to say 'gung-ho.'" You chuckled, worried he might be in earshot of this conversation. A smile clambered up Shouto's handsome features. It would have been much easier to enjoy his company had you not been mentally struggling to find a way to not eat the food in front of you. Then an idea came. "It's so pretty out here." You gushed once more. "I feel like I'm in a scene from a movie."

"I'm glad you find it so inviting."

"I just feel like I should be feeding you grapes or something." He looked a bit taken aback by that statement and you felt that reaction was justified. That was quite a leap in logic even by your ridiculous standards. "Say aah." You held up some fruit on your plate and he let hesitantly it slip past his lips. Luckily he had fallen for it, this clever scheme to pawn off your food.

"Ah..." Suddenly you felt his hand delicately caress your skin.

"Oh, that?" You noticed his tender examination of your arm before you shrugged it off. "Don't worry about that."

"That's where I burned you in the exercise, isn't it..."

"I mean... well..."

"I'm an idiot. If I had better control of my quirk, I would never have injured you."

"Injured is a strong word-"

"It extends all the way down to your hand..."

"Hand-crusher!" You grinned in jest. Midoriya had told you about Todoroki's ongoing joke of injuring people's hands and you thought it was terribly humorous to be in on it. His eyes suddenly grew wider than you'd ever seen them.

"It's a curse..."

"I'm kidding, Shouto."

"Oh... Mmf-" You shoved another piece of food into his mouth, grinning slyly until he finally chuckled.

"Man..." You sighed, overlooking the serene hot spring. "That looks so refreshing after a long day. If I had brought my bathing suit I would have asked you to let me take a dip."

"You don't need a bathing suit." He said simply and you turned bright red.

"Shouto! You cant just say things like that! It's extremely suggestive!"

"...What's suggestive about a bath?" He asked, heterochromic eyes untainted by any trace of mischief.

"..." You fell speechless. It seemed that, just like Midoriya, any subtle nuances were lost on him. You even dared to think you'd have better luck with Bakugou in that regard. "Er... nothing I guess..." You finally managed to squeak out.

"May I?" He swirled a strawberry in a creamy vanilla anglaise before holding it up to you. You opened your mouth to welcome the sweet treat, accidentally licking his fingertip to get the last taste of warm sugar.

"Would you... like another?" His cheeks dusted a light shade of pink.

"Actually... I'm kind of full..." You admitted.

"Already? ...You really do eat like a lady."

'Boy, is he in for an unpleasant surprise later...' 



Chapter Text



"I'm exhausted..." Amajiki flopped face-first onto the cabin's small bed.

"I definitely feel stronger though..." Even Mirio's muscles were screaming in protest from the day's rigorous training. This retreat was proving far more strenuous than they originally anticipated.

"The teachers must think I'm a joke." He mumbled into the pillow.

"Don't be down on yourself, Tamaki. The only one you had trouble fighting was Midnight." Tamaki let out a frustrated groan.

"It was just... her outfit... it was... a little..."

"Distracting?" Mirio chuckled, completely understanding his predicament.

"...Yeah..." He squirmed at the mere memory of her skin-tight apparel. It was all he could do to avoid looking directly at it, which ultimately resulted in his downfall during the battle. Mirio stretched out his sore arms.

"Shew. Today wore me out, but I still cant wait to see what they have in store for us tomorrow!"

"...Where do you get all of this motivation?" Tamaki asked. He was utterly drained and couldn't understand how Mirio was still radiating energy.

"Well... I've always wanted to save a million people, and for that reason I have to get a lot stronger. And lately... there's been someone I'd really like to impress..." He figured it was about time to tell Tamaki about his crush on you.

"Sir Nighteye?"

"Haha." Mirio rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. "Well him too I guess... But I meant someone else..." There was a brief silence. "What about you, Tamaki? Isn't there someone really special in your life? Someone you want to be better for?" Tamaki felt his heart flutter as he imagined your face. "...That's a yes..." Mirio grinned, noting the undeniable blush on his friend's cheeks. "Who?"

"Uhm..." Amajiki kept his eyes locked on the floor.

"You don't have to tell me, Tamaki. But..." He plopped down right next to him and leaned against his shoulder. "...please tell me."

"Well..." Mirio's eyes widened in anticipation. Despite usually being very in-tune with his best friend's feelings, he was also a bit air-headed and unobservant in these matters. He recalled a handful of awkward interactions between Tamaki and girls, but he couldn't seem to pinpoint which ones stood out. "S-she..." Tamaki gulped, unable to form your name on his lips.


"She... would be here now... i-if I had... lost the fight..."

"Fight with... Oh!" The realization struck Mirio hard and his smile quickly disappeared. "Oh..." Mirio was now faced with an internal conflict. You were special to him, certainly, but how could he possibly, in good conscience, pursue someone his best friend loves? The answer is: he couldn't. Maybe if he admitted it right now, the two of them could have a good old-fashioned competition for you. No... That would never do. He couldn't ostracize someone so dear to him that way. 'Maybe we could share like we do everything else. ...No, that's stupid.' Mirio told himself. But then he realized that you also had a say in it. This gave him a spark of hope. He could certainly act as he always does with you and hope for the best, but if Tamaki won out in the end, he wouldn't hesitate to step down for the sake of his friends' happiness. 'A good hero is always selfless...'

"So... who do you like, Mirio?"

'Now's my chance... Should I tell him the truth?!'

"Oh.... Heh... You wouldn't know her..." He lied. Deep down he must have known this was for the best. He chose to fully support Tamaki in this romantic endeavor. ...But if you miraculously chose him instead, that would just be peaches.

"Oh really?" Tamaki looked at him. "I'm surprised. But I suppose if she's worthy of getting your attention, she must be wonderful. If things work out, you should give me some tips."

"I'll be sure to do that..." He turned and half-smiled at Tamaki. "I guess I should have known you liked F/N." In hindsight, the signs were all there, but perhaps he just hadn't wanted to see them.

"EH?! Why?! Am I that obvious?!"

"No... But you are getting a little too good at making pistachio mochi."

"HRRNGH!" He clenched his eyes shut, cheeks burning to the point of pain.

"Why don't you just tell F/N how you feel?"

"What about F/N?" Nejire's voice erupted from outside their bedroom door. Tamaki suddenly became a stuttering raspberry.

"Ah! Er- ehhh...."

"Nothing." Mirio covered for the poor boy. "We were just saying that we wish she could have been here with us."

"Yeah." Hado nodded, oblivious. "It would have been nice to have another girl around. It would have been like a mini vacation."

"Sorry." Amajiki frowned. "It should be her here and not me-"

"You won, Tamaki. Get over it already!" Nejire huffed honestly.

"It's true though. She would have won if she had just utilized my biggest weakness..."

"...You mean a place without walls?"

"BWAAHAH!" Mirio nearly toppled to the floor and Amajiki glared at her.

"Shouldn't you be getting ready for bed?" He asked flatly but she took the hint.

"Yep. Just came to say goodnight to you boys."

"Heheh-G'night Nejire!" Mirio giggled.

"Goodnight." With a wave she was back out the door. Togata waited until she was out of earshot before turning back to his frazzled bestie.

"Why don't you text her something?" He said, but he could hear his own falseness in his tone. "Let her know you wish she was here."

"B-but what would I say..." He stared at his phone for a moment before typing in a short simple message. He hesitated, unable to work up the courage to send it. "M-maybe she's asleep already... I wouldn't want to wake her up..."

"It's like nine. And it's Saturday night. She's awake."

"But..." He couldn't come up with any other cop out on the spot.

"Here. How about I proofread it for you before you send it."

"Uhm... Well..." But Mirio had already snatched the phone from his hand, oversized finger landing on the center of the tiny screen.

"Oops.... It accidentally sent..."

"MIRIO!!!" Tamaki shrieked in horror.

As you were walking home from Shouto's house, you felt your phone buzz.

Message from Tamaki Amajiki (9:03 p.m.): Miss you.

It was the longest minute and twenty-three seconds of Amajiki's life before you responded.

Message from F/N L/N (9:04 p.m): Miss you too! Oh, by the way, I took this for you earlier and forgot to send it. [1 Attachment]

Tamaki deftly opened the attachment and smiled at the contents. Low and behold, it was his favorite butterfly perched perfectly on a yellow lily. He hastily typed a reply before realizing himself.

Message from Tamaki Amajiki (9:04 p.m.): It's a male.

Message from F/N L/N (9:05 p.m.): It's amazing that you can tell that...

Message from F/N L/N (9:05 p.m.): Sorry it's a little blurry. Endeavor caught me sneaking in his garden while I was trying to take the picture. XD

Message from Tamaki Amajiki (9:06 p.m.): What?! Why would you be doing something like that?! Are you alright?! He's scary!

You couldn't help but chuckle at his panicked response.

Message from F/N L/N (9:07 p.m.): I'm fine. Don't worry.

"...I wish she wouldn't put herself at risk for my sake like this..." He mumbled to Mirio, who was reading the text conversation over Tamaki's shoulder.

"I think it's really cute." Mirio grinned, imagining how humorous it would have been to see how you handled that situation. He was definitely going to ask you about it next time you saw each other.

"Endeavor will have her running laps for a month I bet..." He frowned at his phone.

"But isn't it sweet that she went out of her way to do that for you?" Mirio felt a twinge of jealousy creep up in his chest. He knew you were kind, but he couldn't help but envy that level of doting.

"Yeah..." Tamaki blushed again, unable to hide the smile blooming on his lips. "She's going to be the death of me, Mirio..."


Katsuki's front door slammed behind him as he went out to retrieve the mail, grumbling after his mother yelled at him to do so. He had been in an especially rotten mood as of late, dwelling on a particular set of interactions that befell him this week. It was all because of a stupid third-year and her stupid decision to choose stupid Deku over him. You were becoming a fragrance in his mind, trapped the way the scent of a warm pumpkin pie hangs in the air long after it's been devoured. 'No... it's much more like a plague...' He told himself.

He sifted through the papers aimlessly. As usual, he planned to ignore U.A.'s cheesy school newsletter that appeared every... week? ...Month? ...Well that confirms how close he pays attention to that crap. However, this time he couldn't overlook the vibrant colors and large print. A wicked smirk crept up the corner of his lips. Perhaps making a move would be easy after all...






Izuku was restless. All weekend he looked forward to training with you again. And Monday was finally here. But there was one problem... he wanted to be more than just training partners. Time and time again, he fret about a way to make the transition, but fell short each time, having utterly no clue how to go about it. If only there was someone he could ask, someone you were close to...

"Ah!" A familiar dark-haired upperclassman caught his eye as he walked through the front gate. "Amajiki-senpai!" The tall boy flinched before recognizing him.

"Oh. Hello, Midoriya."

"Uh... senpai. I was wondering if I might ask you for some advice..."

"Me?" He raised his eyebrows in surprise. Why would the boy choose him of all people?

"Y-yes." He felt his nerves began to bubble up. "You know F/N-senpai well, don't you?"

"...I suppose so."

"Well... Um... I uhm... w-was wondering... what kinds of things she likes..." Based on the way the green-eyed boy was fidgeting and blushing at the floor, Tamaki immediately knew where this conversation was going. His jaw tensed from irritation. What right does this underclassman have to try this when he's been attempting to harbor your fondness for years? It struck him as downright audacious. Not to mention the inopportune timing... 'My life's a living-'

"Hello? ...Senpai?"

"Huh?" The younger teen snapped him out of his spiraling thoughts. "What did you say?"

"I asked if you knew a good way to get closer to F/N..." He shrunk back slightly, as his senior's aura seemed to have shifted from before.

"Oh." He furrowed his eyebrows, wishing he could just leave without answering. 'Wait... He only asked for advice... he didn't stipulate that the advice had to be GOOD...' "Uhm... s-she doesn't like guys that are too forward with her..." He began, guilt already seeping into his conscience. "She uh... likes to be the one to chase... so... don't act too interested... and... d-don't make any moves...

at all..." He added for good measure.

"Ohh..." Midoriya nodded slowly, taking a mental note. "I understand. I guess she's more outgoing than I originally thought." He smiled up at Tamaki. "Thank you so much for telling me."

"Uh... no problem I guess..." He couldn't bring himself to look him in the eye.

"Welp, I better get to class. Thanks for your advice, senpai!" Once Midoriya had bounded merrily out of sight, Tamaki hung his head in shame.

"Oh god, I'm a horrible person!" He squeezed his eyes shut tightly. He couldn't believe that he allowed jealousy to get the better of him like that. Still though... it's not like the advice was catastrophic in any way, and at the very least it bought him some time to think things through or make it right...


Midoriya sighed upon rounding the corner. It was troublesome that the advice put the kibosh to any potential romantic gestures he might come up with. He wasn't the sitting and waiting type of person. Honestly, he envied his senpai. His plight would be much easier if he was already close to you. If he was in class with you every day, he could easily strike up a casual conversation about an assignment or something without seeming too forward. Not to mention that you talked about Amajiki a lot, which led Midoriya to wonder if he was special to you... special in a way that he wasn't... The very thought made his shoulders sink.

"Midoriya..." He heard a familiar soft voice.

"Oh. Good morning, Todoroki."

"Morning." He wore a solemn expression.

"...Something wrong?"

"Yes. I mean- no." Shouto had been pondering his dinner with you the other night, hoping he hadn't accidentally stepped out of line. Between his internship with you and occasionally seeing you at school, his focus had begun to waver slightly. Although it was frowned upon by his father, it was definitely not unheard of for two young heroes to fall in love and become a team. Water Horse was an example that came to his mind. It was a future he couldn't help but picture when patrolling with you. However, he had no standard to go on, no guidance in his own home on how to make a successful relationship. He needed advice. "Midoriya... You seem to be adept at forming relationships."

"HUH?" His mouth fell open. "ME?! Are you sure you're not thinking of someone else, Todoroki?!"

"You had plenty of affection from your family growing up, yes?"

"Uh, well... sure, I mean, my mom was always-"

"And you seem to make friends easily."

"Well, that's nice of you to say, but-"

"So I guess I just want to know... how?"

"Eh..." He blinked, having trouble comprehending the question. 'I guess Todoroki-kun is having problems expressing his feelings.'

"How do you get someone to trust you and like you..." He paused and lowered his voice. " know... romantically..."

"Uh... I don't really have any experience in that department, Todoroki..." He blinked cluelessly at him. 'I guess because of his home life, he wasn't raised to be very good at showing affection.' Midoriya didn't have much to go on, but was willing to share the only advice he had to give. "Well I guess... I would just try not to be too forward."

"Really?" Shouto made a crooked face. "You don't think a lady likes to be courted?"

"I guess when you put it that way... But wait! Now that I think about it, don't a lot of people call that 'playing hard to get?'"

"That does ring a bell..." Shouto placed a thoughtful finger to his lip.

"I don't really know for sure... But that's the advice F/N-senpai's friend gave me." Without realizing it, Izuku had totally spilled the beans about his crush... or so he thought... Shouto blinked in surprise at the blatant mention of your name.

"You really are amazing at reading people..." He had no idea how Midoriya had found out about his feelings, but he couldn't help but smile. "You went through all that trouble to ask her friend on my behalf..."

"Wait... WHAT?!"

"Everyone sit down." Aizawa ordered apathetically. "Nedzu has an announcement." As soon as the bell finished ringing, silence fell over the classroom.

"Attention students." You heard the principal's voice over the intercom. "Good morning to you all. First off I'd like to congratulate the top three hero students for their stellar performance on the retreat this weekend." You smiled to your friends as the class gave them a very small round of applause. "Second, in case you didn't see this weekend's newsletter, U.A. will be hosting it's yearly formal. This dance is held for second and third years only. However, first years are permitted to attend if they are asked by an upperclassman." The room started to buzz with excitement. "I hope to see you all there. Have a wonderful day!"



Chapter Text




"A dance?!" Kirishima's jaw dropped in surprise.

"Yeah. Didn't you see it in the school newsletter this weekend?"

"I must have missed it!" The redhead guffawed, lighting up with excitement. "I can't wait! This will be so much fun!"

"Didn't you hear what the principal just said?" Tsuyu chimed in. "First years can't go, remember?"

"As if we need chaperones!" Sero griped, bummed about the underclassman rule.

"If you're that bitter about it, find a date, ya whiner." Bakugou spat.

"Settle down." Aizawa reprimanded sternly. "Class is starting."

"Yes sir!"


"So do you have anyone in mind that you want to go with?" Nejire buzzed around you nosily on the way to the cafeteria.

"I dunno. I haven't really thought about it..." You replied, and several faces clouded your thoughts, one of which just happened to be walking around the corner of the 1-A classroom. His green eyes suddenly met yours and you gave him a playful finger-gun wave.

"HI!" He shrieked, as your greeting had caught him off guard. Nejire noted his flushed cheeks as you passed him and turned to you.

"That's the boy you've been spending your afternoons with. Isn't it." It was more of a statement than a question.

"Yeah. I've been helping him train his quirk."

"That's nice." She sounded dissatisfied with that answer. "He's rather cute, isn't he?"

"Yeah." You shrugged. "I suppose he is." To which Nejire turned on her heels with a devious smile.

"Oooh. You think a first year is cuuuute." She sang, wiggling her shoulders. You simply rolled your eyes, as she had cornered you into a trap with her words on purpose. "Are you going to ask him to the dance?"

"Where did that come from?" You made a face. "I already told you I haven't decided who I want to go with yet."

"...Is that a yes?" Hado's matchmaking inclination was a bit too on-point today.

"I just said it's up in the air!" You huffed and pursed your lips in frustration.

Around the corner, just out of earshot, Midoriya was mumbling to himself. He desperately wanted you to ask him to the dance, but frowned upon the realization that his chances were pretty slim. "She'd probably rather go with someone her own age..." He muttered. He tried to listen to his senpai's advice, truly he did, but there was no way you'd ask him if you didn't know he WANTED you to ask him. During this reflection he decided it was better to just be honest and ask you.

Katsuki, on the other hand, knew the game already. He knew girls responded well to confidence. He figured he'd give you a day or two, let other couples pair off before your eyes, and then he'd finally ask you. Then you'd be so relieved, you'd relish in the fact that he asked you. At least that's how it played out in his head anyway. But a familiar grating voice immediately put a damper in his perfect plan.

"F/N-senpai... no. Maybe I should leave out the honorific in this case... But maybe she'd think it's disrespectful if I do..." Just outside the cafeteria stood Katsuki's obnoxious fluffy-haired adversary, rehearsing to ask you to the dance as if he were memorizing lines for a play. He sneered, eyes piercing the back of Izuku's head as he spoke to an imaginary person in front of him.

It was now that desperate measures were called for. Bakugou decided it was time to put an end to this and uproot that damn nerd's plans. He would simply jump the gun on him and ask you the moment school ended today...


"You can do it! I bet she'll be really excited to go with you." Mirio continued to give a falsely enthusiastic pep talk to the nervous boy in front of him.

"I dunno, Mirio... What if she's been asked already?" He shuddered at the potential embarrassment he would feel if that were the case. In all honesty, Tamaki wouldn't be surprised if you chose everyone else before him- especially seeing as it was a social event and those were certainly not his forte.

"Easy to find out." He shrugged and turned. "HEY F/N!" Tamaki's eyes widened in panic as you bounced down the hall in their direction.

"Hey guys!"

"So did anyone ask you to the dance yet?" Mirio asked casually.

"Heh. Of course not." You chuckled. "They just announced it this morning, silly." Mirio smiled in response. He secretly wanted that information for his own potential gain as well. Assuming Tamaki changed his mind or had plans, he would strategically offer to be a reliable back-up date. After a moment of silence, Mirio elbowed Tamaki in the flank, causing him to stand straight as a board.

"Uh-uhm... F/N..." He averted your gaze, cheeks flushing dark. "I was h-hoping... w-would you maybe... want to-"

"Senpai!" Midoriya's voice startled you so hard that you didn't hear Tamaki's head plunk against the cold locker in discouragement. "So... did you hear the announcement this morning?" 'That's a stupid question. Of course she did.' "...A-about the dance coming up?" Tamaki turned just enough to star daggers at the young boy.

"Hey." A low growl came from a familiar explosive blonde, strolling your direction with his hands casually in his pockets. You rolled your eyes, assuming he was coming to challenge you to a fight again. "So F/N." He swept in between you and Izuku. "You and me. The dance." He demanded with a confident smirk. Your mouth fell open, as did everyone else's.

"Oh!" You were flattered, but mostly dumbfounded. You kind of figured he hated you, and he was a bit of an asshole. But at least he was handsome, and you were able to match his banter to boot. But there was still a condition. "Are you going to dance?"

"What?" He wrinkled his nose at you. "No."

"Then no." You replied simply and a vein appeared in Bakugou's forehead. Midoriya figured he'd found the perfect place to jump in.

"Uhm... I don't dance much but... I could try..." You felt your cheeks warm up and Mirio saw Tamaki cringe towards the wall.

"Uh! Sorry, boys! She's already going with someone!" Togata's boisterous voice rang.

'I am?!'

"You are, senpai?" Midoriya asked sadly. "Who?"

"Uh..." You looked at Mirio, who seemed to be sweating bullets. He wanted so badly to claim you for himself, but he couldn't possibly do it in front of Tamaki. That would be cruel. But he couldn't just give Tamaki away like that either. It would be far too embarrassing for him.

"Uh... she's uh... going with..."

"It's a surprise." You smiled in a crooked way, figuring there had to be a good reason for his deceit, so you went along with the charade for now. You could always say you changed your mind later.

"Oh..." Izuku frowned in disappointment.

"Do you want to go with me, Midoriya?" Hado's voice rung out. It was unclear when she had joined this kerfuffle.

'What are you thinking, Nejire?!' You stared in confusion. Hadn't she been trying to set him up with you only a few hours ago? There were these things called words somewhere in the recesses of your brain, but you couldn't seem to locate them. You just gawked as the situation unfolded.

"Oh! ...Y-you really want to go with me?" Midoriya was honestly so surprised he didn't even blush. He never would have predicted such a beautiful third year to ask someone like him to the dance.

"Sure. It will be fun!"

"Uhm... s-sure..." Granted, this lovely girl wasn't his first choice, but he couldn't help but feel incredibly honored all the same.

"Save me a dance?" You grinned as Nejire swept the befuddled boy away.

"Y-yes! I will!" He returned your bright smile before Nejire bombarded him with talk of matching outfits and various planning.

'She wants someone who will dance, huh?'  Bakugou smirked as he walked away. 'Then I'll show her who the best dancer is...'

"..." You turned back to Tamaki and Mirio, noting that Katuski had disappeared. You hoped your rejection hadn't hurt his feelings. Now that you thought about it, it sounded pretty cruel. "Mirio... why did you say I had a date when I didn't? I wouldn't have minded going with either of them." Tamaki felt the harsh sting of rejection fill his heart at those words.

"I uh... was afraid that blonde would start a fight." He lied, scratching the back of his neck.

"Oh. That makes sense." You smiled, grateful for him diffusing the situation. "I did the same thing last week when Bakugou got put in Tamaki's group."

"Because you thought I was too weak to handle it, right?" Amajiki's defensive tone surprised both of you.

"I never thought that." You stated softly. "Why are you acting this way?" His sudden defensiveness was baffling.

"I just never thought I'd be close friends with a cradle robber. That's all." It was as if Tamaki's words were coated by a layer of Shouto's ice. Your jaw dropped, as did Mirio's. All you could do is walk away, trying to figure out what you had done to upset Tamaki.


Chapter Text



"That's a lot of extra sugar, senpai." A familiar voice interrupted the ceremonious act of drowning your sorrows in caramel and mocha.

"Oh. Hi, Kirishima."

"Haven't seen you around the office this week." He gave a crooked frown. "Me and Amajiki-senpai miss you." Eijirou noted the flicker of despondency in your expression that resulted from his words.

"I doubt that..." You mumbled.

"Huh? It's true though!" His immediate escalation in volume caused a few café-goers to glance up at him. You smirked at the younger teen's passionate energy.

"Come sit down with me." And with that you gestured him to a table. Kirishima could smell the aroma of coffee beans in your cup as he trailed behind you. He thought it was rather cool and sophisticated that you drank coffee. When you took a seat across from him, he spoke again.

"So what's bumming you out, senpai? You looked really sad when I walked in."

"Well..." You debated whether or not to tell him, lest his loyalty to Tamaki and his lack of a filter cause him to spill the beans. However, something about him made you want to trust him. He certainly had the aura of a hero, one you could confide in. "You know Tamaki... has been acting strange lately. Like kind of... standoffish."

"Do you love him?"

"EH?!" Your eyes widened at the abruptness of that question and you felt your cheeks heat up in embarrassment. "You can't just ask people stuff like that!"

"Why not?" He tilted his head at you. "It's a simple question." Your palm met your face.

"I'm gonna need a lot more coffee..." You shook your head and sighed in exhaustion.

"Oh, I know!" The redhead's face lit up. "You should ask Amajiki-senpai to the dance!" You couldn't help but chuckle at his enthusiasm. Suddenly the boy stood up and your expression turned to one of alarm.

"...What, NOW?!"

"Let's go, senpai!"

"Uh..." Your drink nearly spilled as the fiery redhead dragged you by the arm out the door of the café and towards Fatgum's office. "H-hey, what's the hurry?"

"The sooner we get there, the sooner you can both not be sad anymore." You were thrown a big toothy grin and you couldn't help but laugh along the way. You didn't really have any objections to your junior's matchmaking plans. You were super comfortable around Tamaki after knowing him for years, but then again, you felt that way about Mirio as well.

"SENPAI!" Kirishima burst through the door loudly, startling Amajiki almost to the point of falling over.


"F/N has something she wants to ask you!"

You opened and closed your mouth a few times, unsure what exactly to say. You hadn't exactly been given a script, nor time to come up with something clever. During the silence, Amajiki's brain caught up with the events as they occurred. He noted that you were blushing and giggling, and he frowned upon seeing that your hand was locked inside Kirishima's. That sickening feeling from before rose up in his stomach.

"Heehee. Tamaki, do you want to go to the dance with me?"

'Wait... what did she just say?'  He blinked at you in surprise and a thick silence filled the room. Why would you want to go with him, he wondered. He wanted to say yes, but his gloom began to get the better of him. You had already rejected that scary Bakugou fellow on the simple fact that he refused to dance. How much worse would his rejection be on the night of the actual event?! Tamaki knew he was no good at social affairs. He could be polite, do his best to make casual conversation, but he still wasn't... fun. Not like Mirio, not like Kirishima. He couldn't possibly live up to your expectations or show you the fantastic time you deserved.

"Uhm..." He was to ashamed to meet your eyes. 'I'd just make things worse between us... I'd ruin her good time...' "N-no thank you..." Kirishima's jaw dropped.

"Really, senpai?! Why not?"

"I... wasn't planning on going. Crowds aren't really my thing..." When he finally gathered the courage to look up, he immediately regretted his answer. He saw the confused disappointment in your features and fell speechless. 'Why am I doing this... I'm pushing her away. I would never want to do that...'

"I understand." You said. Kirishima felt terribly guilty now for forcing you into this. After all the things his senpai had said about you, he was certain he was going to say yes. He even half-expected a romantic confession to top it all off.

"Eh... Senpai!" Both of you looked at the underclassman. "I'll go with you! That is... if you didn't have anyone else in mind."

"Sure, Kirishima." One last glance flickered to Tamaki, who's bangs were hiding his eyes. "Well anyway... I should be heading back to Endeavor's office." You backed out of the room awkwardly.

"Ah, wait! I'll walk you out!" Kirishima bounced over to you and walked quietly down the stairs. Once you were safely out of Tamaki's unusually wide-range of hearing, he tapped your arm lightly. "I'm really sorry, senpai. I really... didn't think it would play out like that."

"It's not your fault." You turned to face him and smiled. "Thanks for trying to help me out back there. You don't have to go with me out of pity though. I'll let you off the hook easy this time." A playful elbow met his ribs.

"Oh... but I want to though."

"Oh?" Your eyebrows jumped up your forehead and a flame of excitement blazed in Kirishima's eyes.

"Yeah!" He clenched his fist in resolve. "We'll have a great time! We can even choreograph a dance!"

"That sounds fun." You giggled.

"That'll win Amajiki-senpai back for sure!" He exclaimed and your smile morphed to confusion.


"I'll call you later, senpai!" He threw the door open and ran back inside.

"Wait! WHAT?!" It was as if his first statement took this long to register in your brain, and your mouth hung open in bewilderment. All you could do was blink a few times before slowly heading back to your site. "What did he mean by that..." You chewed your bottom lip until a head of undeniable hair entered your field of vision.

"Hi, Shouto." You waved and he turned.

"How are you today?" He asked formally.

"Having an interesting morning... And yourself?"

"Less so for me I'm afraid." He held the door open for you.


"F/N, there's been something I've been meaning to ask you."


"I know this may seem improper, since I'm younger than you and all... but would you let me escort you to the school dance?"

"Oh..." You were taken aback by the question and made a face.

"It was an improper thing to ask!" He exclaimed, noting your grimace. "Forgive me. You're right. A first year shouldn't be asking a third year when first years aren't supposed to go at all-"

"No, that's not it." You interrupted his mild discomposure. "I would have said yes, but I already got asked by..." 'The Atomic Blonde, Midoriya...' "...Kirishima."

"I see..."

"Eh- B-but I'm sure someone will ask you! You being so good looking and all..." You tried to encourage him to curb your guilt. A gentle smile tugged at his lips.

"You flatter me." Shouto's cheeks dusted the lightest shade of pink. "But may I ask you one more thing?"

"Sure. What is it?"

"Save a dance for me?"


Chapter Text


“I blew it, Mirio!” Tamaki wailed miserably. “F/N asked me to the dance!”

“That’s fantastic news!” Mirio lit up.

“And I told her no.”

“…” His face became the blankest Tamaki had ever seen it, and that’s saying something. “Wh… But… I… You…”

“I know!” He groaned in despair, burying his face into his hands. “She probably hates me now!”

“I’m sure she doesn't hate you.”

“I ruined everything! And even after you tried to help me…”

“What is all this fuss about?” Hado strolled around the corner, causing Tamaki’s posture to stiffen and his lips to button.

“Uh…” Mirio scrambled for ideas. “We uh… were just talking about how we think F/N is going to the dance with the wrong person…”


“You… think so too?” Amajiki asked warily.

“Of course. I knew this would happen with that blasty blonde fellow butting his way into everything. But don't worry. I’ve had a plan all along to fix things.”

“Oh?” Mirio raised his eyebrows high. He assumed Hado had no idea of Tamaki’s feelings. ‘I guess she’s more astute than I gave her credit for.’

“Yep. F/N never said it outright, but I know she really wants to go with the little green-eyed boy. What was his name again?”

“You’re going with him! How could you not remember?!” Tamaki’s scoffed in astonishment.

“That’s not important! I’m merely a pawn in a bigger plan of love. Playing Cupid, if you will.”

“Wait a second. If she never said it outright, how do you know that’s who she wanted to go with?”

“Because she said he was cute.”

“She said Kirishima was cute too.” Amajiki pointed out.

“That’s true. She did.” Mirio recalled.


“That’s who she’s going to the dance with.”

“…” Hado blinked up at them with big doe-like eyes filled with confusion. “Oh well.”

“What do you mean ‘Oh well?’”

“I think she’s hiding her true feelings. When I execute my plan at the dance, I bet everything will work itself out.”

“That sounds like pouring gasoline on a flame, Nejire.” Mirio dawned a nervous expression, but Hado only grinned mischievously.

“Trust me.”


The grand night had finally arrived. You and Kirishima were dressed to kill, strutting your stuff down the boulevard arm in arm. You wore a striking red dress that nearly put Eijirou’s fiery hair to shame. He was adorned in a matching metallic red vest that, when combined with his finely styled crimson hair, could catch someone’s eye from a mile away. Just the muffled sound of music booming outside the building made Kirishima smile with excitement.

“This is going to be so much fun!” He clenched his fists in his usual zealous stance, forgetting that you were hooked on his elbow, and you toppled sideways with a yelp. “Oops.” He said as he caught you by the waist. “Sorry about that.”

“Seems you don't know your own strength.” You smirked as he stood you upright. “I guess you’re too manly for your own good.” He rubbed the back of his neck, warmth spreading through his cheeks.

“Gee, F/N-senpai. You sure know how to flatter a guy.”

“Well at least I learned something in my three years at UA.” You both chuckled lightly as three familiar figures came into view.

“Hey, Midoriya!” Kirishima called and the three of them turned.

“Hey, guys!” Mirio, Nejire, and Izuku all greeted in broken unison.

“Aw! Your hair looks so nice like that, Izuku.” You gaped at how unusually tame it was.

“R-really? Thank you so much.” A crooked smile bloomed on Midoriya’s face as well as a blush to match it. Nejire shot Mirio a significant glance and jerked her eyebrows upwards.

“Where’s Tamaki?” Hado whined, impatient to go inside.

“Oh, he said he wasn't-“

“Sorry that took me so long.”

“…coming…” You furrowed your brows.

“Oh!” A silence hovered between you, and Tamaki realized his mistake when he saw the venom in your eyes. ‘Oh no!’

“Hi, senpai!” Kirishima beamed, unaware of the tension lingering in the air.

“Come on.” You dragged Eijirou by the arm towards the entrance, leaving the rest of the crew confused.

‘He could have just said he didn't want to go with me. He didn't have to lie and say he wasn't coming…’  You angrily glanced at Tamaki once more before rounding the corner.

“Wow… look at that face.” Mirio observed from afar. “I guess she does hate you.”

“UWAHH! HNNNGH!” Amajiki turned his face towards the nearest stone pillar.

“BWAH! I was kidding, Tamaki!” He frowned at his best friend’s reaction and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. “You two are super close. I know she’ll come around soon enough.”


One of the first faces you noted inside the dance hall was Todoroki. It was no surprise that he had acquired a date. He was well known, being the son of the number two pro hero… and a wealthy one at that…

“Hi, Shouto!” You waved to him and he granted you a gentle smile before approaching.

“Your dress is lovely.” He bowed and kissed your hand. “And you look great as well, Kirishima.”

“So do you, man! I bet that tux cost like a million bucks!” He said brightly.

“Almost.” Shouto replied, stone-faced. You and Kirishima eyed each other in surprise. “...It was a joke.” And that playful smile of his tugged at the corner of his lips.

“You almost had me there, man!” Kirishima gawked. “I was super scared of spilling something on it by accident!” You and Shouto let out a soft chuckle at that.

“I’m sure this will be a night to remember.”

“Totally. We have something really exciting planned! Right, senpai?” Kirishima elbowed you playfully.

“Eijirou…” You mumbled under your breath. “You’re my date to a dance. You don't have to call me senpai anymore.” You saw a squiggly smile rise on his face.

“Right. Sorry about that.”

“F/N! Over here!” Nejire called out to you. “I got us a table! C’mere!”

“I’ll see you in a bit?” You asked Shouto apologetically.

“Of course. Have a wonderful time.” He bowed again as you walked towards the table.

‘So proper…’  You thought.

“Here, F/N.” Nejire coaxed. “I saved you a seat right next to Midoriya.”

“…” You blinked in confusion when she winked at you.

“I think you should take the seat next to Amajiki-senpai.” Kirishima stated blatantly and your mouth fell open. ‘Oh jeez! I forgot about Eijirou trying to set me up! I thought he would have quit after Tamaki turned me down the other day!’

“Splendid idea!” Mirio bellowed.


Eenie meenie miney mo

“Oh hey! They’re playing our song!” Kirishima gripped your arm. Thank goodness you were saved by the music. Though you may not have been a prime consumer of pop music, your date certainly was. In order to guarantee you would have the best time possible, Kirishima agreed to choreograph a dance with you. However, you certainly hadn’t expected the song to come on so quickly, or without another soul dancing. Nevertheless, your redheaded companion led you by the hand to the center of the dance floor and twirled you into position.

She’s indecisive. She can’t decide. She keeps on lookin’ from left to right

“Hah! Looks like kohai made off with our best friend!” Mirio yelled.

“He WHAT?!” Tamaki shrieked, mishearing Togata’s words under the blaring music.

“Made off with her. Stole her from us.” He clarified, seeing the color suddenly drain from Tamaki’s face. “Why? What did you think I said?”

“N-nothing. Never mind....” ‘I thought he said “made out.”’ He sighed in relief. He had assumed the worst…

Girl, come on get closer. Look in my eyes. Searching is so wrong

“That looks so fun!” Hado wiggled in envy as she watched you and Kirishima dance in practiced unison. “I wanna dance too!”

“M-maybe we should wait until their song is over.” Izuku’s big green eyes widened. “I don't want to interrupt their- UWAH!” Before he could object he was being yanked by the arm towards the center.

“Let’s go, Midoriya!”

‘She’s so strong!’  His stomach churned with unease, but it was quickly washed over with peace when he saw you and Kirishima give him a welcoming smile.

You seem like the type to love 'em and leave 'em, and disappear right after the song. So give me the night to show you, and hold you.

Don't leave me out here dancin' alone

Without warning, you were suddenly knocked off balance as Midoriya’s body crashed into you.

“What the-“

“AH! S-sorry! It was an accident. I was pushed by…“ You both noted Nejire a few feet away, swaying her hips with a mischievous smile on her features.

“Eh… it’s okay.” You said, standing him upright. You tried to incorporate him into the dance the best that you could, hoping to alleviate the embarrassed blush plastered on his freckled cheeks. Luckily for you, Kirishima wasn’t the jealous type and he went with the flow, improvising along the way as the crowd cheered. As the chorus swelled, so did Midoriya’s bravery. He gently grabbed you by the waist and dipped you, causing a giggle to bubble up in your stomach.

You can't make up your mind, mind, mind, mind, mind

Please don't waste my time, time, time, time, time

I'm not tryin' to rewind- wind- wind- wind- wind,

I wish our hearts could come together as one

As the strobe light flashed, a state of disorientation overtook you, and you felt a larger firmer pair of hands snatch you away from Midorya. ‘Kirishima?’ You wondered, until the lights calmed and you were able to make out a much too familiar head of blonde spikey hair.


“Uh…” ‘Oh jeez…’  You gulped as Bakugou’s glowing red eyes pierced the darkness. Before you had a chance to wonder if someone brought him or if he simply crashed the party, you were suddenly swept up in his strong arms. You felt your face heat up as he held you dangerously close, swaying you far out of Midoriya’s reach. The fiery blonde’s hands began to wander along your body as he stared him down, causing you to squirm in discomfort. Unfortunately Kirishima showed no signs of stopping him, as he appeared more than happy to see his close friend join the dance.

“I must insist that you stop this.” A gentle but firm hand pulled you out of Bakugou’s grasp.


“Can’t you see that you are making her uncomfortable?”

“Butt out, Icy-hot!” Katsuki snapped. “She doesn't need you to fight her battles for her!”

“You should stop being rude. Clearly they were in the middle of a performance.” The two of them glared at each other, neither one showing any sign of releasing their hold on each of your hands.

“Let go, dammit!”

You let go.”

“Eh heh… We can all dance together, guys…” Wide-eyed and overwhelmed, you glanced over to the table, where a very horrified-looking Tamaki sat. In order to try and salvage the situation, Mirio had taken sudden action.

“It’s time for my part of the choreography!” His booming voice declared and you were swept up in the air effortlessly by the waist.

‘Well THIS is a new development…’  You thought, blinking in confusion as Mirio did his very best to improvise a tango of sorts. You sighed in relief, as he was certainly there to rescue you from the brewing intensity you had been caught in. As the song reached its final chorus, Mirio gestured to Tamaki, who in turn shook his head feverishly. He wanted no part in this sort of conflict.

Instead Midoriya stepped forward with a welcoming smile, holding out his hand. As much as he wanted to, Mirio couldn't deny someone who asked so politely; he was a gentleman after all, and you weren’t his date (unfortunately) so he had no right to claim you. He passed you on to the green-eyed boy gracefully, but Bakugou was relentless. He made a move to snatch you again, but this time Midoriya pulled away. Katsuki countered his movement and before you knew it, you had been knocked right to the floor.

“Ah!” Izuku wore an expression of concern and guilt. “Are you alright?!”

“Why’d you move?! You should have just let me cut in!” Bakugou griped.

“See what you’ve done?!” Shouto’s voice was full of rage now. He stepped in between the two of them and helped you to your feet. He made sure to return you to Kirishima, as if delivering a package to its rightful address after it was lost in the mail.

“What was that about?” Kirishima whispered.

“No idea.” You replied, glancing back at the remaining group members. “Let’s get out of here.” And with that you led your date away by the hand, hearing Shouto use his Iida-voice to reprimand Bakugou before you rounded the corner. Out the double doors and into the night air you went, replaying the confusing events in your mind as they had just unfolded.

‘What on earth just happened…’

Chapter Text




It only took a moment or two to make it from the hectic dancefloor to the moonlit side of the building. Even from outside you and Kirishima could hear the soft pulse of music playing.

“What was that about?” Eijirou gawked as you both caught your breath.

“I honestly have no idea.” You shook your head, trying your best to gather your thoughts after that tangled ordeal.

“Sorry the plan backfired.” Kirishima wore a crooked frown; though he was, admittedly, not as sorry as he felt he should be.

“Plan? What plan?” Any surreptitious plots for this night would definitely be news to you.

“The plan to win back Amajiki-senpai.” He stated matter-of-factly and your eyes rolled back. “He didn't even ask you to dance…”

“Did you really think he would?” Honestly, even if you had plotted to make Tamaki jealous, such emotions would have the opposite effect on him. He wouldn't be called to action, but to sorrow. Kirishima, his coworker who looks up to him, ought to know that as well as you.

“Thought it was worth a shot, I guess…” He pursed his lips before looking at you. “But senpai-er… F/N… can I tell you a secret?”

“It doesn't involve more nefarious jealousy plots, does it?” He chuckled at that.

“No, I swear.” His posture stiffened, as if there was about to be great meaning behind his incoming words. “I feel kinda bad admitting it, but I’m kinda glad he didn't…”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“I mean… you deserve better than being ignored like that. If I were in his shoes…” His cheeks dusted pink and his fired-up tone softened. “I’d want to spend all the time with you that I could.”

“Kirishima…” You couldn't help but be touched by his sweet words.

“I mean, I know I talk up my senpai a lot… but… I’d be more grateful if I had you all to myself…” You felt your face heat up at the implications of that statement. You didn't get a chance to respond before he leaned in close and planted the softest of kisses on your lips.

After you two parted it was silent for a moment. Kirishima scratched the back of his neck sheepishly.

“Sorry… I probably shouldn't have sprung that on you like that-“

“No…” You gifted him a warm smile, which he returned. “It was nice.”


School felt like a whole other world come Monday. Things on the surface seemed to be no different than they had been the week before, yet you felt as though you were living in a confused haze, hovering in a state of quantum indifference. The boys, one by one, encircled your thoughts like a school of piranha, stirring up the once-calm waters of your mind. You needed some time to think things through, so you tried to avoid too much contact with any one of them in an attempt to curb any bias that might arise. Unfortunately… they noticed.

“F/N.” You heard a familiar voice as you crept out of the classroom, any hope of escaping unseen vanishing in a near-comedic instant. “I wonder if I might have a word?”

“Uh…” You met Todoroki’s soft and concerned eyes. “Sorry, Shouto. I uh… can’t really talk right now.” You took a few hasty steps backwards.

“Ah.” He dawned a polite smile, but it was clearly tainted with disappointment. “I understand.”

“Maybe next time.” And with that, you slipped from his sight. Shouto frowned. He couldn't help but wonder if he had taken things too far the other night. He had tried his best to salvage the remains of yours and Kirishima’s performance after Bakugou so rudely interrupted, but did he really have to do it? Did butting in make it more awkward than it would have been otherwise? Shouto seemed to have a troublesome habit of instigating such things… Should he have just let it play out and let his peers enjoy themselves?

You didn't even bother to stop by your locker and drop off you unneeded book before creeping down a side staircase. Much to your misfortune, this led your right in front of the boy’s locker room, which Midoriya was now walking out of. He was adorned in comfy loose clothing, gym towel draped around his shoulders; he was clearly preparing for his usual training with you.

“HI MIDORIYA! CAN’T TRAIN TODAY BYE!” You squawked as you barreled past him down the hall. He opened his mouth but nothing came out. At least it wasn't Kirishima you ran into. ‘I’m not really sure how I feel about him yet… so he’s the last person I want to see right about now.’ One more set of double doors and you were home free… or so you thought. Walking just near the courtyard exit was Mirio and Tamaki. ‘Okay, I was wrong.’ At this moment it was all you could do to not blast Tamaki with your quirk. Surely those pointed ears of his would be a splendid conductor of electricity… Perhaps Nedzu would allow you both to fight again and clear the air. But before you had a chance to elaborate on that thought, Mirio turned an instantly spotted you.

‘Is there a homing device on my head or something?! Sheesh!’ You kept on walking, trying to escape without interference, but that’s not how Togata rolls.

“F/N!” His jolly voice bellowed across the grounds, catching the attention of many bystanders. He ran up to you, leaving Amajiki trailing far behind. One glance from you seemed to be enough for him to know to keep his distance. “Can I walk you home?” Mirio asked, and you were taken by surprise. You assumed he would want to do the usual group thing. He was always an avid believer in the idiom “the more the merrier.”

“Oh? Um… I guess that would be okay.” Mirio was one of your best friends; you had no reason to hide things from him. He was a breath of fresh air, a non-judgmental ally in even the toughest of times. The whole walk he managed to effortlessly keep the conversation going despite how reserved you were being, making small talk about training and class and the weather, until you arrived home that is.

“So now that we’re here… I wanted to talk to you about Tamaki.”

“Ah.” You clicked your tongue. “I should have known there was a catch.”

“We’re all friends. I hate to see us fighting.”

“Then he shouldn't have lied about not going to the dance!”

“Oh! Is that what happened?!” He looked at you as if he just had an epiphany of sorts.

“Yes! Instead of telling me the truth about not wanting to go to the dance with me, he lied and said he wasn't going at all!”

“Ah! So that’s the reason he kept saying he couldn't go! I had to practically drag him there by force.”

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

“Tamaki didn't mean to stand you up, F/N. He told me that he wanted to go with you but his anxiety got the better of him. He never told me it played out that way. I just figured Kirishima asked you before he got the chance.”

“…” You blinked in confusion. “He… wanted to go with me?”

“Yeah! And I did too!” He admitted fervently and then blushed.

“You should have told me, you goober!” Your mouth fell open and he laughed.

“I tried but our kohais are very persistent.”

“You’re telling me…”

“So anyways. I hope that means you guys can make up now. Tamaki’s miserable when you’re mad at him.” He watched the smirk crawl up your face, guessing your snide words before you said them. “YES, more than usual!” He emphasized and you laughed.

“I’ll be sure to talk to him tomorrow.” You smiled wide and Mirio mirrored it.





Tamaki knew you were unhappy with him; he knew it the moment he had showed up at that miserable dance. You thought he had stood you up on purpose and he was sure of it. It was all his fault of course, like all of his other bumbling idiocies. You definitely deserved better than the likes of him, he resolved. Still… he had been quite distant with you lately, and piled rejection on top of that to boot, even if only by accident. He had to find a way to make it all up to you. ‘But how…?’

Bakugou was angry. He had had you within his grasp that night and you were taken from him, snatched right out of his hands. How could he have let that happen? No, this wasn't his fault; it was all because that half-n-half bastard had to cut in. Him and Deku were the problem. He was sure-footed. Under his watch you never would have been dropped to the floor like that. ‘Clumsy-ass Deku…’ He snarled at the floor as he walked. He needed a fool-proof- no… a Deku-proof plan, one that could sweep you off your feet in the right way. Aside from him, these losers had no game. ‘What do chicks like?’ He wondered. ‘Something sappy I bet.’ He rolled his eyes at the thought. But then again, he was meant to be the best at everything, and dating falls under the category of everything somewhere. Winning a girl would be no different than winning any other competition; all he had to do was fight until no other contenders remained…

Midoriya wished it wasn't a competition, but he couldn't deny the way Todoroki and Kacchan looked at you the other night. In all honesty, he just wanted to spend more time with you. He had seen you run past him yesterday, and he wondered maybe… if your time together had been more than just training… you’d be more likely to want to stay. Perhaps you didn't know the way he felt; he wasn't exactly the most eloquent with words when it came to this sort of thing. Maybe if he did something special for you, you might start looking at him in a new way too.

‘Should I stay out of this?’ Shouto contemplated. He felt as though he was being pulled from two sides. It was not like him at all to interfere in other people’s affairs, especially not matters of the heart. But somehow you had managed to coax a strange sort of behavior from him, a desire to butt his head in when your potential happiness was involved. When Bakugou had trampled upon your lovely performance, he wasn't able to stop himself from losing his temper. Was this the type of love that they write about in storybooks? A kind that calls you to action the way a normal man might tempt the wrath of a fire-breathing dragon (like Bakugou) for the sake of a fair maiden? His heart seemed to think so. Perhaps it was time to make a move.

Kirishima kept cycling between guilt and unbridled joy. He was happy about what happened the other night; he couldn't help it. However, he couldn't help but feel like he was betraying his senpai, Amajiki. Mirio was facing the same internal battle. How could he be honest with himself when the feelings of his close friends were in jeopardy? The answer was: he simply couldn't. But it was only now after a hectic weekend and some self-reflection that they both realized… you had a say in this too. If you didn't know the truth about how they feel, how could you make an educated decision? It was time to go for broke; they couldn't fight their feelings any longer.


Class began this morning as ordinary as usual, save for one thing. Upon reaching into your desk you noticed a stray piece of paper lingering atop your possessions. It had a little heart scrawled across the top and was folded into a small square.

“…A note?”



Chapter Text



You glanced around the classroom, but nobody's behavior struck you as abnormal. Tamaki looked as nervous as usual; Mirio had a blank expression as usual. You quietly unfolded the piece of paper, glancing up to make sure the teacher didn't see you.

'Dear F/N,

Your eyes shine more radiant than the sun,

making each day brighter.

And like the sunrise warms the blue,

your light stops me from feeling down.

When you disappear,

the day goes with you.

And although darkness comes,

I can still find my way,

because I know you will rise again in my life.

All I have to do is wait until


You blinked in awe of the touching words; you were speechless. You weren't sure what you were expecting at first glance, but it certainly wasn't a heartfelt love letter. Your cheeks burned warm at the beautiful sentiment, but your lips turned downward when you saw no trace of a signature. 'Who's this from?'  You wondered. After the whole ordeal at the dance, the note could be from almost anybody. Or, considering that the dance was equally catastrophic in nature, this letter was just as likely to be a cruel prank. You decided it was time to investigate.

Through the halls you crept, trying to eavesdrop on any potential conversations that could lead you to the culprit. Unfortunately this process was instantly hindered because... you had no idea where to start. Truth be told, it wasn't even clear that your secret admirer was genuine, so all of your sleuthing had the potential to be in vain.

"What are you doing?"

"UWAH!" You yelped when you heard a voice behind you. You had essentially been caught red handed, peeking around the corner at some of the 1-A boys. You turned to see who it was. "Mirio, you startled me."

"Sorry about that." He smiled wide before repeating himself. "What are you doing?"

"Uhm..." There was no real logical explanation to why you were hiding and spying on your peers. "I was just..." You realized you couldn't tell Mirio the truth, for you would run the risk of word getting out that you were searching for your admirer. If that happened you might never discover his identity. "I was just... trying to jump out and scare the underclassmen..." It was a lame excuse, but it was the best you could think of at a moment like this. Togata tilted his head, delighted by the mischievous idea.

"Well why didn't you say so? Allow me." And with that he proceeded to phase halfway into the wall, keeping a grip on his uniform pants to keep them in place as he did so. The next thing you heard was the startled shrieks of the younger students around the corner. Midoriya's high-pitched holler was the most notable of the bunch. Your palm met your forehead with an audible slap. 'Close call...'  You thought, narrowly escaping the scene with your pretense intact. 'Secret admirers nearly always strike more than once. I just have to make sure I'm watching when they plant the next note...'

You were so excited about the whole endeavor that you hadn't stopped until now to think about who you wanted it to be. All of the potential admirer's faces appeared in your mind; and there were so many reasons to love each one of them. For instance, Midoriya had a heart of gold and the attitude of a true hero. His inspiring nature sent everyone shooting for the stars. Bakugou, on the other hand, may have his head in the clouds, but his fiery spirit left a whole delicacy of spice to a relationship just waiting to be uncovered. Could you tame him? Some part of you desperately wanted to find out. Shouto had an inexplicable elegance that cultivated romance. He took to charm like a fish takes to water. Yet in him there lay a subtle vulnerability, a desire to better himself from the inside out, and such a drive left an impact in you the way a lit cigarette might brand a coffee table.

Speaking of memorable impressions, Kirishima's bubbly energy resonated everywhere he went, and despite his honesty, it was clear he always had your best interests at heart. He was loyal and eager to please like a puppy; he was similar in that regard to a familiar boy you grew up with. Tamaki, your close friend and classmate; the one who made it very hard to study because of his distractingly cute face... Though stricken with terrible social anxiety, he always managed to pull through and reach his goals, which was extremely admirable. Granted you were fighting at the moment, but you had been on the outs with him before, and likely would be again; but in the grand scheme of things, you knew he would not leave things the way they are now. One way or another he would find a way to make things up to you... you hoped. Last, but not least, was the boy who just helped you scare a bunch of first years for no other reason than you asked him to. In a way he had faced similar hardship- arguably worse than Tamaki if you consider how much public nudity he probably endured in his lifetime- but still managed to conquer it with a bright smile. He was sunshine incarnate, and it almost felt like that note should have been delivered to him instead of you.

You tried to ponder all of these things objectively, weigh the pros and cons of each one and choose, but you forgot that your heart had a say in all this. Despite all the wonderful qualities of them, there was only one who kept resurfacing in your mind over and over. The one you favored above all the rest...


Over the next day or so you kept the note business on the down low, not even mentioning it to your closest friends. It was becoming increasingly difficult because you found another letter slipped within the folds of your locker this time and all you wanted to do was gush about it. You were certain Nejire would have interrogated people on your behalf and ultimately solved the mystery, but you didn't want to inflict her questioning on anyone, especially not a potential love interest.

Instead, your plan was simple; if the admirer was going to strike again, you had to make sure you were there to catch him. The next morning you arrived at the school building at the crack of dawn, long before even your earliest classmates showed up. You yawned and hid in the girls' bathroom for a while, wiggling with excitement when you heard footsteps passing the door. You listened closely, waiting until they disappeared before you slowly emerged. Just as you suspected, the person in question walked quietly into your classroom. Pin drop silence engulfed the hall and you approached with bated breath.

You craned your neck, peering in on the suspect. What you saw did not disappoint. A figure was hovering over your desk with a piece of paper in his hand. At second glance you were able to recognize him. An overwhelming warmth filled your heart as you stepped into the room.

'I was hoping it would be you...'



For all of you who were worried that you couldn't read about your favorite boy, it was a logical ruse! I wrote an ending for all of them anyway! I always planned to do that. ^___^

If anyone is curious about the final tally, I placed them in order by number of votes. I only counted spam votes once, and for people who posted 2 names, they got one vote for each of those people. If you posted 3 or more names, your vote didn't count. Sorry.




Tamaki Amajiki (WINNER: 86 Votes):

There stood the boy with the undeniable hunched posture, Tamaki Amajiki. It took a moment for him to notice your presence, as he was slipping the note into the confines of your desk with utmost care and precision. But then he looked up. The noise he let out... You could have walked in the room with your eyes closed and still instantly recognized that signature screech of horror.


"Um!" His lips pressed into an uneasy squiggle and the color drained from his face.

"It was you? You were the one who wrote me those sweet things?" You approached and his posture stiffened. He opened his mouth and closed it, then did it again. He thought perhaps if he did it enough, words would come out. He was mistaken.

"You must be... disappointed..." He mumbled and turned his face away.

"Why would you think that?" Your tone softened and you frowned.

"Because I know you're probably still mad at me..." He hung his head. "I totally blew it and ruined everything..."

"I'm not mad at you, Tamaki." You took a step closer and reached out. "In fact... I'm so happy it was from you."

"Huh?!" He swung around to stare at you in shock, and color filled up his face when you took his hand in your own. "Wh-what do you mean?"

"I'm saying that I feel the same way, Tamaki." He finally looked at you and tilted his head.

"...About who?"

"YOU, silly!" You almost laughed at how obtuse he was to your confession. Did he really not believe you could share his affections? "Why do you think I was so upset when you turned me down for the dance?"

"Because it was mean..."

"Because I LIKE you, Tamaki!" You had to almost literally spell it out for him, but when the message finally hit home, his reaction was not disappointing. His blush reached all the way to the tips of his ears, and he tucked his chin bashfully.

"You don't have to say it so loud..." He uttered in embarrassment despite there being nobody in the room. There probably wasn't anyone within the entire building yet, but that was Tamaki for you. You absolutely had to grin at that, and there was no way you'd be able to resist what you wanted to do now. His reticent nature was just too cute.

With his head tilted down, it was quite easy to reach his lips with your own. You felt him tense, but only for an instant. Amajiki couldn't fight the uncomfortable somersault that his stomach did when you kissed him. It was warm and welcoming, just like the sun.

"Um." That was the only word that found his brain after you pulled away. His blush was even worse than before- assuming that was at all possible- but somehow a crooked smile made its way to his lips. "So... do you want to go with me to the next dance?" He asked, swallowing his fears and finally finding the courage to ask you.

"That's like a year away, Tamaki."

"Oh... Right..." His brows furrowed; he felt like a blockhead for asking.

"But I'm still saying yes."



Mirio Togata (39 Votes):

Catching the glowing light of the sunrise was Mirio's stark blonde hair. He was standing right next to your desk, note folded ungracefully between his large hands. You cleared your throat to catch his attention, but all he did was freeze in place, not looking at you. You walked up to him but he stayed like this in complete silence. Your curiosity got the better of you and you had to ask.

"...What are you doing?"

"If the prey holds perfectly still, the hunter can't see him..." He narrated in a documentary style fashion.

"Oh my god, Mirio." You rolled your eyes and tried to hold back a smirk. He finally moved and stood upright, and a bead of sweat began forming on his temple.

"Welp... I guess you could call me the proverbial cat that swallowed the canary." He flashed you a crooked grin and handed over the note. He figured he might as well own up to it, considering he had been caught anyway.

"That was awfully poetic of you." You raised an eyebrow of suspicion. "Did you really write it?"

"Cross my heart!" His mouth fell open; he was honestly a tiny bit offended that you didn't think him capable of such good language skills. "I've always been flattered by the way Tamaki compliments me. He's better with words, you know. So I just modeled it after what I figured he might say."

"Couldn't that wording be kinda misleading?"

"...!" His eyes widened. "I hadn't thought of that." He admitted, rubbing the back of his neck. "You must have been expecting a confession from Tamaki."

"Well honestly I didn't start to suspect anyone. I thought it might have been a prank."

"Why are two of my best friends so terrible at taking compliments?" He shook his head with an endearing smile.

"Why is my best friend so bad at being sneaky?" You retorted with a shrug and he laughed.

"I should've known you'd find me out when I saw you snooping the other day."

"You knew that's what I was doing?! Aw! I thought I was good at hiding it..."

"You're about as good at keeping secrets as Nejire."


"So, do I get a kiss out of this or what?" Togata wore his signature playful grin, but you could tell something about it was slightly out of place. As casual as he played it off, it was evident he was nervous to hear your answer. The last thing he wanted was to alienate one of his favorite people.

"..." You tried to maintain your own poker face. "After what you just said?" You took a defiant step closer to him. "...Absolutely." You were able to watch a look of pleasant surprise wash over Mirio's face as you swooped in for a kiss. With his amazing response time, he managed to meet you halfway. When you pulled apart, his cheeks were dusted pink and he appeared to be getting shorter. "Ah! Mirio! You're phasing!"

"Whoops!" He sprung himself back up to normal height, now barefoot. His socks and shoes must have fallen from the ceiling one floor down.

"What happened? You're usually so good at controlling your quirk."

"Haha. It's just that the falling feeling was so similar, I guess I couldn't tell the difference for a second." You couldn't help but blush at his answer.

"You're a goof." You mumbled, feeling equally flustered.

"But I'm your goof." He corrected, beaming