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Behind the wheel of a car he stole, Dabi was speeding through backroads to get to your apartment as fast as possible. That picture, that damn picture you sent him was driving him wild with lust and want, his thoughts wandering of all the things he wanted to do to you. He picked up his phone again, almost missing a turn just so he could get another good look at it, licking his lips at the sight of pure bliss.

A sultry look was plastered on your face, your one finger playing with your bottom lip. Wearing your favorite lace bra and matching panties, those ripped thigh-high fishnet stockings he loved so damn much, and one of his old jackets sliding off your shoulders. The best part of all was that you were posed all for him, inviting him with the text that followed.

"If only you were here ;)”

The sheer simplicity of the statement, how generic it sounded made all the blood rush from one head to another. Nothing about it was impressive, yet somehow it made him want you more. Obnoxious car horns were sounded in his direction as he ran a stop sign when entering the main road, continuing to speed as fast as the car would let him. A light flicked on, showing how the tank was almost empty, making him curse the man he stole it from under his breath.  

Familiar street lights brought a crude smirk to his face, knowing he wasn’t far. His pants began to tighten, multiple thoughts running through his mind of everything he wanted to do to you. Soon his thoughts were going to become a wonderful reality as he pulled into a back alley only a few blocks from your home, hiding the car from those who might be coming near.

Once out of the car he practically ran to your house, however staying close to the shadows. There was a huge possibly that people could be after him, whether it be heroes or cops, because he didn’t take care of the man he stole the car from. Usually he would threaten them with the use of his quirk, maybe throw of few punches here and there for good measure, but this time he didn’t. Too preoccupied with you, he simply mugged the guy and took off, wanting to make his lewd thoughts come true.

And now he was here.

He let out an annoyed scoff as he went for the doorknob, realizing it was locked. Leaning down, he hastily flipped over the doormat and took the spare key you had, making a mental comment about how it was a stupid and obvious place to hide it. Though he realized that might’ve been your intention, allowing him easy access this night. A cruel grin formed on his features, only to grow as he unlocked the door and stepped inside.

All the lights were off, and not a sound could be heard aside his soft footsteps against the floorboards. Creeping up the stairs showed one door slightly ajar, light peering out. He couldn’t help but lick his lips again, knowing you were on the other side. No longer wanting to contain himself, he took rapid strides over, pushing the door open causing you to jump out of your sheets.

“Dabi?” You asked, trying to convey a surprised tone. “What are you doing here?” Pulling the covers closer to your body you tried to hide yourself, not wanting him to see what was underneath. He only raised an eyebrow to it all, looking at you quite curiously. You returned it, waiting for him to speak.

"The picture? Why did you send it?” Completely serious and completely articulated was the only way to describe him right now, and you had to bite your inner cheek to stop yourself from smiling. Besides, your own reply didn’t help one bit.

“What picture?”

Caught off guard, he didn’t know what to say. His one hand ghosted around his phone, wanting to pull it out and show you, but a better idea came into mind. Walking over to you, his hand was out in front of him, moving down at a swift pace to pull the cover off of you. What he saw didn’t disappoint. It was the same outfit from the picture, and now you wore a grin. “What were you going to do if I didn’t show?”

You sat up, moving yourself to your knees in front of him. “I knew you would.” You started to move your hands to his jeans, only to stop when his one hand found its way to your neck, pulling you upward.

“I’m in charge,” he stated. With that he threw you back onto the bed, his only body following. Arms and legs were pinned at your sides, his half-lidded eyes connecting with yours. Nothing was done and nothing was said for a moment, and then inch by inch he leaned down onto you, and through his pants you could feel his growing arousal. His mouth then found your ear, his voice low and breath hot. “This is what you did to me.”

“That was th-” you were cut off when his lips found yours, bringing you into a rough and messy kiss. Fine trails of spit ran down your chins, your teeth clinking with every few movements. His own hands began to roam your body, feeling every inch of your uncovered skin causing you to blush as goosebumps rose.

In a swift motion he pulled back and sat up, his eyes still locked with yours. You follow the motion, letting the jacket slide down your shoulders to hit the bed with a silent thud. With a nimble finger, he ran it up your stomach all the way to the underneath of your chin, watching as your face moved up along with it. “What’s on your mind?” you softly asked. He stayed silent, his eyes then surveying your form.

With that, you took it upon yourself to take off his jacket, his eyes simply watching. It too hit the bed, and he broke his gaze to shove it off. Turning back to you he took his own shirt off, revealing one of the few, and perhaps the biggest, areas of unaltered skin. You brought your hand up and placed it on him, his body warm against it. He brought his eyes to it as you slid it down, again toying with the waistband of his jeans.

“If you’re gonna do it then fucking do it,” he said. “You teased me enough already.” Though his words might’ve been angry his tone didn’t convey it, instead staying monotone. His eyes were practically glued to you, waiting to see what you were going to do. A smirk from on his lips as you moved yourself so you laid on your stomach, your hands finally unbuttoning his pants.

Pulling them down revealed his hard length and you ran one of your fingers up it, going from altered to unaltered skin while paying close attention to the stitches circling around it. Moving yourself a little closer you flicked your tongue against the tip, the sound of hitched breath filled your ears. Looking up didn’t tell you anything however, his eyes remained in their constant state as they look down at you. His one finger brushed against your cheek as he moved his hips slightly forward.     

Indulging him, your circled your tongue around the head as you brought your hand back up to stroke him from the base to where the stitches resided. Your strokes picked up their pace as you took his head into your mouth and he let out a sigh, his half-lidded eyes continued to look down at you. Again he moved his hips forward, wanting you to take more of him but this time you didn’t give in.

Instead you took him out of your mouth but kept him in your hand yet your strokes stopped. Bringing your tongue down to where the stitches lie, you could taste metal as you ran it over one of them. The area directly between altered and unaltered skin were his most sensitive, and playing around them never brought disappointment.

You hooked the tip of your tongue underneath one, lightly tugging at it. A groan escaped his lips, his cock twitched at the feeling. Precum starting trailing down his length, and another tug to a stitch caused him to let out a low moan as his fingers ran through your hair. You caught a glimpse of a tiny smirk on his lips and you could tell he was up to something. It was then when you decided to bring yourself to his base and slowly move your tongue up in an abstract pattern.

Once you reached the tip he held onto your hair, holding you in place. “I thought I told you to stop teasing me?” You opened your mouth to make a joke only for him to slowly thrust his member into you, stopping once he was halfway. He kept it there for a few moments, basking in the pleasure that was the warmth of your mouth before pulling back out. “So are you gonna suck my cock or am I gonna fuck your face?”

With a smile you put your hand on his stomach, pushing him so he’d go down until he was lying on his back. After you pulled his pants down further, you leaned over one of his thighs and wrapped your fingers around his member to stroke him again. Eyes connected, you leaned down and brought his head back into your mouth, bobbing your head up and down as you continued to stroke him at the base.

He threw his head into the pillow with a soft thud, another groan escaping his lips as he moved his hips up. His two hands made their way to the sides of your head, causing you to stop in confusion even though you knew exactly what he was doing. At a slow and careful pace, he thrusted into your mouth, the metal of his stitches scratching against your lips. Spit and precum trailed down your lips and chin, hitting his exposed thighs as quiet moans left his mouth.

“Fuck,” he muttered, continuing the movements as he slightly picked up the pace. You moved your hand to his cock once more, lightly gripping so with each trust you stroked him. Bringing your gaze up you were met with his constant and infamous smirk, his head tilting to the side. It was then when you found a way to drag your teeth on his length, causing him to let out a lengthy moan.

Once his hands left that was your cue to finish what he started. Quickly you bobbed your head up and down, stopping your strokes to take him all in. His hands gripped the sheets, the unaltered skin on his face becoming flush as his lips quivered. A warm wave of pleasure ran down his spine as he bucked his hips, releasing in your mouth. However, you were able to pull away, the rest of his come hitting your face. He let out a chuckle at the sight before you wiped it away using the back of your hand.

“I always thought that was a good look for you,” he joked as he used his elbows to push himself up. Using one of his fingers he motioned for you to come towards him, which you did with a knowing look on your face. The same finger moved under your chin, and as he moved it back you followed, which brought you two into a kiss. Once he pulled back he moved to your ear while you both sat up, whispering a suggestion as he put it.

Sitting up you moved your hands behind yourself, unhooking your bra. His own hands went to your shoulders, dragging the straps down and with your help it fell to the bed. Without hesitation, his lips went for your neck as he left harsh kisses that soon turned into sucking at the skin. You screamed his name when his teeth sank into you, breaking the skin. He ran his tongue over the mark, the fine taste of copper entered his mouth, almost as if he was threatening to do it again.

However he didn’t, and his kisses continued as he moved to the front of your neck. Your own hand went to his chest, holding it there as he used his hands to slide down your side, stopping once he was at your hips. A finger on each side hooked your panties, tugging them slightly. Bringing his face up to yours, he gave you a quick final kiss before telling you to lean back onto the bed. As you did, he pulled your panties down your legs and tossed them to the ground.

Now he sat between your legs, admiring the view below him. You could feel yourself becoming hot as one finger gradually trailed up your leg to the inside of your thigh, and then a noise escaped your lips when he touched your sex. With two fingers he pushed against your sensitive bud, and you bit your lips to hold back any more noises of delight. He wanted to hear them however, so he rubbed the two fingers between your folds at a rapid pace watching your face turn red.

“You’re already so wet and I’ve only just begun,” he commented. He leaned down so his face was near yours, continuing his movements. “Tell me, did you play with yourself while waiting for me?” As you opened your mouth to speak, he stuck his two fingers in while trusting them quickly, causing you to moan instead. So you nodded, and he whispered something in your ear. With that, your hand snaked down and against you played with yourself which only added to the pleasure you were feeling.

With the feeling of his fingers curling your breath started to hitch. You were nowhere near close but it felt so good, and now you ached for something more. “Dabi,” you muttered.

“Yes Y/N?” He looked at you with a curious expression, even though he already knew what you were going to ask for. He just wanted to hear you say it. Actually, he wanted to hear you beg for it. You only looked at him, your eyes glossy and lips parted, hoping he would take the hints. He did, but he did nothing about it instead choosing to speak again. “Tell me what you want.”

"I want you,” you finally said as your head rolled back, a groan stuck in your throat.

“I’m right here,” he told you with a smirk. He sat back up, his movements now becoming painfully slow. “You need to be more specific.”

“I want you to fuck me,” you explained, your voice getting slightly louder with each word as his fingers became fast once again.

“Technically I am.” It was then when his fingers came to a halt, making you gasp as the loss of feeling when he pulled them out. As your breathing went back to normal, you could feel the bed shift as he moved. “Sit up,” he said and you did. The sight you were met with was his cock between his fingers, giving himself light stokes. “Give me a reason to fuck you.”

You inched closer to him, playing into his game. “Because your hand can only do so much.”

“It can get the job done.” He kept his voice monotone, his half-lidded eyes on you as he let out an exaggerated moan. You simply wore a sneer.

“But that’s not why you came over,” you reminded him. “I sent you that picture, I sent you that text and you know exactly what it did.” His lips slightly parted as he looked at you curiously, waiting for you to continue. “It turned you on and made you hard, and sure you can jack off but is that really what you want?”

Your faces were so close that your noses were practically touching, your eyes connected. To his surprise you gave him a soft kiss, nibbling at his bottom lip. It was then when his hand left his cock, moving up your form. He muttered something you couldn’t make out, and next thing you knew you were on your back and being turned onto your stomach. His hands found your hips again, pulling you up so your ass was in the air all for him.

A few spanks left you red but also make you drip. Your breath hitched as you felt his tip ghost around your entrance, teasing you. A dawn out hiss escaped your lips at the pressure you felt as he pushed inside you, a low moan escaped his. You felt the cool metal of the stitches brush against you, only for him to pull back. He kept this steady rhythm, his fingers gripped at your sides. For a quick second he came to a halt before completely sheathing himself inside you and your loud moan filled up the room.

With a fast and steady pace he thrusted his hips, leaning down so his front touched your back. His teeth found your shoulder and left careful bites and kisses, his free hand snaked around to play with your sensitive bud. Each time you felt the stitches your breath hitched, giving you a sense of pleasure you rarely ever felt. Soon enough your eyes squeezed shut as you tightened around him, his voice filling you ear.

“I want you to scream my name when you come,” he said. “I want everyone in this damn neighborhood to know who’s fucking you this good.” You turned your head to glance at him, only to let out another scream as his teeth sank into you, though this time not breaking the skin, just hard enough to leave a mark.

Your body became hot and you felt your toes begin to curl, noises kept on getting stuck in your throat. His weight left you as he sat back up, his grip still tight on you. With each thrust he pulled you back to meet him, the occasional moan left his body. His rhythm started to get lost on him, now just going hard and fast. Still it was enough to send you over the edge, tightening around him as you threw your head back.

Matching the intensity of the feeling trailing down your spine and throughout your entire body, you screamed his name as loud as you could. It was enough for him as he quickly moved his hand up and grabbed your hair, pulling you back as he landed his few final trusts before his release came followed by a final low moan.

He held you there for a moment before letting you go, falling back down to the bed with a soft thud. One final noise left your lips as he pulled out and he let out a sigh once he laid down on the bed and closed his eyes for a moment. He only opened them when he felt your hand lay on his chest and your body snuggle up close to him. Lazily he brought his gaze over to you.

“You know I don’t cuddle.”

You laughed at him, smiling as well. “How about this one time? Just for me?” Your voice was playful, and you gave a pout for good measure. With a sigh he rolled his eyes, his arm moving to wrap around your shoulders and pull you just a bit closer.

“Happy?” he asked.

"Very,’ you told him.