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Birthday Sex || BTS OT7 Smut

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March 9th, 2017



“You know, I’d have to say that was one of my best birthdays yet.” Min Yoongi grinned honestly as he entered his his house, followed by his 6 band mates who were all just as tipsy as him, besides the golden maknae, who was dubbed the designated driver since he wasn't much into alcohol anyway.


“That’s great to hear, Hyung.” Namjoon smiled proudly, giving Jin a slight nudge as if to say I told you he’d like what I planned . Jin gave back a smile, looking content with how everything had worked out as well.


“Almost don't want it to be over.” He grumbled slightly and the 6 other men laughed quietly at the childish pout on the man's face. Usually, Yoongi was the stoic one, but he's had more than a few glasses of Soju, so they didn't blame him too much for his behaviour. In fact, they were actually quite shocked he wasn’t urging them all to go home so he could go to sleep, but it was a good kind of shocked.


“Well,” Hoseok looked at his phone. “We’ve got two and a half more hours of March 9th. What’re you in the mood to do, Hyung?”


Yoongi paused for a moment, looking as though he had an idea, but quickly turned away. “Nothing.”


“Ah, there’s something. You froze.” Hoseok pressed on, knowing the lad too well. He walked closer and gripped Yoongi’s shoulders, somehow looking much taller than him though he was only one inch taller. Yoongi looked down, just now noticing the man wore his holographic creepers which gave him an extra two inches.


He huffed. “There isn't, Hobi.”


“Come on, Hyung. It's your night. We’ll do whatever you ask.” Hobi gave him his warm inviting smile, the scent of alcohol dripping from his lips and invading Yoongi’s nose. He couldn't help but think that maybe the alcohol would make the after effects of his idea not so horrible. If things went right, that’d be great, but at least if things went wrong he’d have a safety net. Blame it on the alcohol. “Right boys?”


“Of course!” the other 5 chimed in, still standing by the door and looking at Yoongi, eager to find out how the boy wanted to end his birthday.


Yoongi’s breath hitched when he looked back at Hoseok, his heart picking up in his chest. “I- well, it’s like- ah, forget it.” Yoongi ducked away from Hobi’s hands on his shoulders, moving to go to the kitchen and break out more Soju.


Hoseok furrowed his brows. “Hyung, come on. It’s us.” he gave a small, light hearted laugh that Yoongi figured was supposed to lighten the mood, or something, but really just made him feel smaller.


He could feel his cheeks heating, knowing the boys were all staring at him in expectancy. He thanked the good heavens above that they'd been out dancing and drinking, so he could blame his flush and sweaty palms on that.


“Well, like,” he took a deep breath and put his hands on his hips. “I-” he started but couldn't force the words out for a moment. His mouth felt dry, despite the thin layer of sweat building over his entire body from the pressure. All in a split second, his mind raced and went blank. “I haven't had sex in a while.” he blurted out.




He cringed and diverted his gaze to the floor, his heart dropping into his stomach. He should've known that was the response he would get, it was why he was so hesitant in the first place. Yet, he still felt a pang in his heart when nobody responded.


“Yah, this is why I didn't say anything. I’m getting more Soju and we’re all watching a movie, deal-” he turned to walk to the kitchen.


“Hyung,” Jimin’s gentle voice rang out and caused his heart to speed up for the second time. “What do you mean by that?”


Yoongi’s face flushed more. “I-It means I haven't had sex in a while.” he responded sarcastically. “Look, forget I said it-”


“So like, you'd want us to all fuck you? Or you fuck us? Or, like, all just jerk off in a circle together?” Taehyung spoke up, making Yoongi face palm in utter humiliation. Somehow, despite finding it absolutely cringeworthy, the mention of them all fucking him still made his cock twitch involuntarily.


“Christ.” he muttered under his breath and lifted his head. “A mixture of everything, I guess.”


He looked at Hoseok, who, despite the initial shock, looked like he was genuinely considering it. Amongst the other boys, the only one who looked at all hesitant was Jungkook, the innocent little bunny with wide eyes and parted lips.


“Forgot,” he pointed weakly towards Jungkook. “He’s a virgin. Ah, forget it guys, really, please-”


“W-Wait, it doesn't sound bad!” Jungkook blurted, face heated up. Each member turned to look at him. “I just.. It’s sudden and y’know… out there .” he grabbed the front of his shirt and tugged it repeatedly to fan himself. “Aish, is it hot in here?”


A few chuckles scattered about before Hoseok turned back to Yoongi. “I’m in if they're in.”


Yoongi’s heart stopped for a second. “H-huh?”


The man shrugged slightly, “Its been a while since I got laid too. Plus, you work so hard for us, Hyung, if there's any way we can start to repay you,” he shrugged and looked at the others.


Taehyung was second to shrug and step forward. “I’m in too. Just talking about it’s got me half hard.”


Yoongi felt his face heat up again, watching Jimin nod, before Jungkook. Namjoon and Jin glanced at each other, both looking rather hesitant before they both chuckled.


“Why not.” they said in unison.


Yoongi swore he looked absolutely elated, which embarrassed him, but he was too drunk and turned on to care.


“Alright, Hyung, it’s your birthday. You call the shots. Who goes first?” Hoseok grinned and Yoongi’s palms rubbed against his jeans.


He really hadn't thought he’d get this far.


“M-my room, I don't know yet, uh,” he took a deep breath. “No turns. Everyone at once.” he nodded, only half sure of his words before he turned and began walking up the stairs, hearing the footsteps of the others close behind him.


Taehyung let out a childish giggle. “My first orgy, how exciting.”

Minutes later and the six men stood in Yoongi’s bedroom, watching him awkwardly attempt to figure out how he wanted to do this.


“Right, I uh-”


“Okay, first things first,” Hoseok took charge, making Yoongi both relieved and a little more turned on. “Don't tell us where to go or what to do just yet, just,” he placed his hand on his shoulder again. “Tell us how you want us to make you feel.”


Yoongi swallowed, his mouth feeling dry again. He licked his lips and sighed slightly, glancing at his bed. “I want- I want to feel… like… in charge, still,” he said, “but I want to have to not do the work. Sort of like-” he shuddered slightly. “Being ganged up on but still like, calling the shots.”


There was silence for a few moments before Hoseok grinned. “Can we get rough?”


Yoongi bit back a whimper, nodding. “As rough as I allow.”


“Alright, alright wait. All of us are going to do this for you, don’t you think we should have a little control over the situation?” Jungkook nudged his way past Hoseok, eyes clearly darkened by lust. Yoongi felt winded.


“Like what?”


“We should set rules for you, Hyung.” he breathed quietly, and Yoongi didn't have to look down to know the maknae was hard in his skin tight jeans.


“Yeah.” he muttered out. “Like what?”


“No coming until we’ve all come first.” Jungkook held up one finger, before raising up a second. “Whatever you want, you have to say it. No matter how humiliating it might be. Preferably if you say it in detail.” he bit his lower lip and Yoongi swore his eyes rolled back for a second. “Lastly, we all have to be touching you at all times.”


Yoongi could just imagine all six men’s hands, tongues, lips on his body at once, feeling incredibly exposed and violated. He let out a quiet groan, cock twitching again.


“Fuck, no more talking. Let’s get started before I get blue balls.” Jimin muttered, “Can I kiss you?”


Yoongi nodded quickly and then his dongsaengs lips were against his, and he could hear shuffling around beside them as the other boys began to undress themselves. He couldn't believe it was happening, his heart racing in his ears.


Jimin backed the two of them up to lay Yoongi down on his bed, tugging his own shirt off and fumbling with Yoongi’s belt.


“Condoms?” Namjoon finally asked, and Yoongi paused, finding it hard to form a sentence as Jimin tugged his jeans down his thighs.


“I’m clean- I don't know if going without bothers any of-”


He was met with a bunch of hurried it doesn't and I don't care ’s.


After everyone stripping down to their boxers, they each found a place on Yoongi’s bed, surrounding him, and drank in the milky white skin, soft and covered with a thin sheen of sweat already. His blonde hair almost sticking to his forehead, cock straining against his boxers.


“Well, hyung,” Taehyung hummed. “Rule number two, we don't do anything until you tell us to.”


Yoongi’s eyes fell shut and he bit his lip before he sucked in a breath. “Jimin get my boxers off.” he whispered, and immediately he could feel Jimin’s hands find his waist band, tugging them down with minimal effort, his cock springing to rest against his lower abdomen, precum slowly leaking out.


“Damn, Hyung.” Jungkook whispered and Yoongi turned his head to look at him. He felt horribly exposed, but found it incredibly hot that all of his band mates were sitting there with hard-ons while watching him.


“J-Jin and Namjoon-” he blushed as he watched them look at him, shocked that they were first. Jin's lips looked bitten raw, and Yoongi couldn't help but imagine how good they’d feel wrapped around his achingly hard length. He didn’t mean for it to come out so hesitant and gentle, considering his personality was quite dominant. He was a victim of circumstance. “Take turns sucking me off, if that's alright-”


“Ah, Hyung,” Hoseok shook his head. “We agreed, ‘course it's alright. You don't ask us what to do, you tell us.”


Yoongi bit his lip, sitting up slightly to look at them. “Jin, you go first. Suck my cock.” he said, using his most demanding voice, and letting his mouth fall open as immediately the eldest’ head lowered and took the head between plump lips. “Ah fuck.”


He flopped back against the bed, already feeling done for.


“You’re not done, Hyung. We all have to be doing something.” Jimin reminded, and Yoongi opened his eyes, mind already clouded by the obscene drag of Jin’s lips down his shaft.


“There’s only so many places you can go, guys- I-”


“You should've thought about that before, huh?” Taehyung chuckled, “Come on, give me something to do. I want to touch you.”


Fuck. He's so eager.


“Just- fuck,” Yoongi’s mind raced, unable to think of where else they could go. He didn't want anything done to his ass quite yet, knowing the second someone began fingering him he'd be finished, and he had to hold out until all six of them came before he could. “J-just- I don't know - hickeys. Start marking me up,” he blurted out the first thing that came to mind. “Everywhere, thighs, stomach, neck, chest-”


Taehyung joined Jin at the end of the bed, admiring how good his Hyung looked sucking Yoongi’s cock before he lightly scraped his teeth over the man’s inner thigh, his hands keeping them apart.


“Ah.” Yoongi’s hips bucked up quickly, but he caught himself. “Off- off, Hyung. Namjoon’s turn. You just, you just stroke whatever he can’t fit in his mouth.” he said, eyes fluttering when Jin pulled off and his spit-slick cock came in contact with the cold air.


“Hello, Hyung. What about us?” Jungkook, Jimin and Hoseok looked at him expectantly. He breathed out slowly, having to force himself to think about anything other than Taehyung’s teeth biting into his thighs and Namjoon’s lips wrapped around his length.


“I- Fuck. Jimin, hickeys, Kookie-ah-” he hissed as he felt Taehyungs nose brush his balls. “Hickeys too.” Both of his dongsaengs quickly went to work, Jimin setting up camp on his abdomen, kissing his way down while Jungkook latched onto Yoongi’s collar bone.


“And what about me?” Hoseok raised a brow teasingly, watching Yoongi’s lips part in pleasure.


“Kiss me.” he whimpered, reaching up and hooking his fingers around the back of Hobi’s neck. “Kiss me til my fucking face turns purple, I don't care.”


Hoseok spoke nothing else but a simple okay before crashing his lips against Yoongi’s, expertly using his tongue to press into the lad’s mouth and fight Yoongi for dominance.


As the other five worked on their given tasks, Yoongi moaned into Hoseok’s mouth, and the latter swallowed them up, feeling his cock swelling even more so, feeling rather like he was about to burst.


After a minute or two more, Yoongi hurriedly pushed Hoseok away and took a deep breath. “Off, Joon, get off.” he said, his voice sounding panicked and desperate. Each boy stopped, watching their Hyung catch his breath.


“What happened?” Jungkook asked.


“I was so close to coming.” he breathed out in relief that he held it back. “I won't last long like this.” he gulped, feeling Jin’s hand continuously stroke him in a slow, loose grip. Just enough to keep him right on edge.


“You've got a long night ahead of you, Hyung. You can't just give out on us.” Namjoon chuckled and stood up. “Alright. Where is it?”


“Where’s what?” Yoongi asked, letting out a soft moan when Jin dragged his thumb over the slit, mixing precum with the spit, helping to lubricate him.


“Your box, everyone has their box of toys and stuff. Where’s yours?”


Yoongi shivered as Jungkook’s lips delicately ghosted over his earring.


“Back of the closet under my pile of shoes.”


While Namjoon searched for what he wanted, the rest of the boys went back to work, though Taehyung happily replaced Namjoon’s place in his absence, plump lips stretched around Yoongi’s cock.


For a moment, he wanted to scold him for breaking rule number two, but he decided against it when he felt his tip hit the back of Taehyung’s throat. To hell with the rules, the younger was so eager to touch him, and who was he to deny him, or himself, that satisfaction?


“A-ah, ah,” He moaned into Hoseok's mouth, who chuckled and harshly bit down on his lower lip. “I-I’m going to-”


“Off, Tae.” Namjoon pulled the lad off Yoongi’s cock and watched as it twitched, looking angry and on the verge of orgasming for the second time. The head swollen and leaking down the shaft, he almost felt guilty about pulling the cock ring down over and locking it into place.


Jimin giggled into Yoongi’s hip. “That's what I’m talking about, Joonie-hyung.”


“Now, you can orgasm all you want, Hyung. Just can't cum.” Namjoon patted his hip and watched as Yoongi’s fingers harshly gripped the sheets.


“Everyone switch spots. I- fuck. Taehyung get the lube. Jimin suck my cock. Namjoon, Jin, hickeys… Hoseok, you pump whatever Jimin can’t reach and K-kookie, fuck, kiss me.”


Everyone moved to their new spot, Jimin happily swallowing down as much of Yoongi’s cock he could fit in his mouth, Hoseok’s hand needing to pump the other half.


Taehyung came back with the lube as Jungkook and Yoongi’s lips meshed together, so he didn't bother to ask before he coated three fingers, lifting Yoongi’s pale thighs and exposing the fluttering pink ring.


He rubbed his fingers together for a few moments so the impact wouldn't be horribly cold before he circled the tight ring. He could hear Yoongi gasp into Jungkook’s mouth, letting out a whine as Tae slid one single digit in.


“God, Hyung, you're so fucking hot.” Jungkook breathed out and pressed his lips hungrily to Yoongi's.


“How hard are you, Kook?” The boys could all hear him whisper to Jungkook, looking up to see the maknae swallow heavily.


“Hardest I’ve ever been.”


“Can I help?” Yoongi whispered, reaching over and sliding his long fingers into Jungkook's boxers, stroking his cock and dragging his hand slowly over the shaft. Jungkook’s lips parted, his head falling back slightly.


“Feels so much better than when I do it.” he whispered, and Yoongi moaned, pressing his lips to Jungkook’s once more before he continued to pump him, everyone else returning back to working on the birthday boy himself.


Taehyung worked two fingers in, as Jin and Namoon marked up the pale skin, littering him in different shades of purple and red. Hoseok and Jimin went slightly against Yoongi’s rules, instead of Jimin sucking him off, they both took ahold of the shaft and each licked a stripe up the side, meeting mouths at the top before teasing with their tongues again.


“Mmm.” Yoongi bucked his hips up and the rest could see that both he and Jungkook were close.


“A-ah, Hyung.” Jungkook whimpered and closed his eyes, releasing into Yoongi’s hand. With one last curl of Taehyung's finger, Yoongi tossed his head back and had his first orgasm, though unable to cum, just a steady stream of precum dribbling down the shaft and pooling on his lower tummy.


“Did that feel good?” Yoongi whispered to Jungkook, whose face was absolutely red as a tomato. “You’re such a good little boy, Kookie.” he whispered and they all were slightly in awe at how soft he was being, he wasn't usually so soft with the maknae.


Jungkook seemed to melt at the praise, kissing Yoongi's lips again before he shed himself of his spoiled boxers altogether.


“Can I suck you off now?” Kookie whispered, licking his lips. “Please, Hyung.”


Yoongi cursed under his breath, waving Jimin and Hoseok off. “Go for it, Kook.”


Jungkook slowly kitten licked at the slit, making Taehyung match his slow, delicate pace. Two long fingers nestled inside the man, scissoring on occasion and purposely avoiding that special spot though he was very much aware of where it was.


“Ah, fuck.” Yoongi hissed as the maknae swallowed his cock down, lips hitting his shaved pubic hair, Adam's apple bobbing as he swallowed around the length in his throat. “Fuck, you've got no gag reflex either? You really are good at everything.”


Tae laughed slightly and curled his fingers, looking away from Jungkook to see Hoseok gently teasing his thumbs over Yoongi’s perked nipples, Jin and Namjoon creating a line of hickeys all the way up to Yoongi’s neck.


“Hyung, I want-” Jimin whispered, crawling to the head of the bed. “Can I- I want to ride you.”


Yoongi’s hips unconsciously snapped up into Jungkook's mouth, making the youngest gasp and pull off.


“Aish, yeah, come on Chim.” Jungkook muttered and waved him over. “He’s plenty wet enough for you.”


Jimin straddled the man eagerly, want and need written all over his face and Jungkook took ahold of his cock, steading it as Jimin lowered down on the head. He hissed quietly, and Yoongi groaned in what sounded like slight discomfort.


“So fucking tight- Christ, Jimin, did you even finger yourself?”


“N-no,” Jimin’s voice cracked as he dropped down another inch, strong thighs holding up during the slow drop. Yoongi let out a quiet groan. “Love the stretch, feels so good .” the last words came out like a broken sob, and all the members looked up to see Jimin’s eyes closed, lip bitten, eyebrows furrowed as he concentrated on taking the man in raw.


“Fuck. C’mon, Chim, at this rate I’ll be coming untouched and won't even have a chance to let Yoongi touch me.” Hoseok muttered and Yoongi chuckled, nodding slightly.


“I’ve got a mouth, Hobi.”


“Jesus Christ.”


Hoseok moved up on the bed, straddling Yoongi’s shoulders and easing his pulsing cock between the older's red lips. His eyes rolled back almost immediately, having gone too long without being touched. Everything felt intensified.


Jimin placed his hands on Yoongi’s stomach, beginning to bounce slowly and letting out his own delicate moans as Hoseok began a slow pace of fucking Yoongi’s lips. Hoseok was more thick while Yoongi was longer, meaning Yoongi’s lips had to stretch quite a bit to accommodate Hoseok’s girth.


“Ah fuck, Hyung, you're absolutely sinful.” Hoseok muttered, tangling his fingers in the sweaty blonde locks, using them as leverage as he fucked the man’s mouth.


Taehyung took Yoongi's distraction as incentive to stick in another finger, feeling him clench down and let out a long, drawn out moan against Hoseok’s cock.


“Fuck.” Hoseok moaned, his pace getting quicker just as Jimin’s did as well.


“U-uh, fuck, so good Hyung.” Jimin whispered as he fucked himself on the man’s cock. “So big, fuck, I can feel you so deep.” he babbled slightly, voice becoming more desperate and rushed.


“Jesus Christ.” Jin muttered, watching Jimin with dark eyes. “You’re going to have me coming untouched with all this talk.”


“Yeah, Chim, you look so good bouncing on Hyung's cock.” Namjoon chuckled, before turning to look at Yoongi who was still taking Hoseok’s cock as deep as he could, tears rolling down his cheeks and throat constricting as he pressed his nose against Hoseok’s lower stomach, signalling he was fully in. “Shit.” he whispered in awe at the sight.


“I never knew you were such a cockslut, Yoongi-hyung.” Jungkook said, making Jin look at him warningly. “Oh, I just sucked his cock, I can say the word cock.”


Yoongi gripped Hoseok’s thighs, digging his nails in to signal he was close, and all their attention shifted to Jimin who continued to bounce with determination, sweat dripping from his forehead down to his nose, then dropping onto Yoongi’s abdomen.


“Close, Jiminie?” Taehyung asked from behind the man, three fingers still buried in Yoongi’s ass though they really weren't moving with how distracted he was by the sight in front of him.


“Nngh, s-so close.” the boy panted out, pulling up slowly and slamming down onto Yoongi. Jungkook reached up to grip his cock and help him reach his climax, but he quickly swatted the younger’s hands away. “I want to cum just from his cock.”


Their eyes all shifted back and forth between Jimin and Hoseok, who still fucked into Yoongi’s throat, drawing out obscene slurping sounds and noises that made them all feel like they needed a shower in holy water.


“A-ah, ah, I’m-” Jimin whimpered out before he immediately stopped bouncing, gripping Yoongi’s hips and steadying himself as thick streams of white painted his and Yoongi’s stomachs. His hole clenched around Yoongi’s cock, pulling yet another dry orgasm from him and making him let out a groan against Hobi’s length. “Wish you could’ve filled me up, Hyung.” he pulled himself up off of Yoongi’s length, dropping down to sit next to him and watch Hoseok finish.


He thrusted twice more before his orgasm overtook him, holding Yoongi’s head as far down on his cock as he could go, releasing into his throat which spasmed wildly around the length.


“God, fuck.” He pulled away to give Yoongi his first breath, moaning as he saw the trail of spit and cum connecting from Yoongi’s abused lips to his cock head. “You really can go a long time without breathing.”


Yoongi looked absolutely wrecked. His hair was wild, bangs matted to his forehead, a mixture of sweat and tears dripping down his face and rolling down his neck to pool in his collar bones. His lips were cherry red now, covered in spit, eyes half lidded.


“Can you keep going, Hyung? You've only got three more of us to go before you can cum.” Taehyung curled his fingers inside of the man and watched as he hissed out of oversensitivity.


Yoongi opened his mouth to respond, but coughed slightly, swallowed, and continued. “Who’s next?” his voice sounded utterly fucked out, they knew it'd be gone by morning.


“Me,” Jin muttered as he shucked off his boxers. “I’m halfway there anyway just from seeing you guys like this.”


Yoongi nodded and opened his mouth as Jin straddled his shoulders just as Hoseok had, dragging the head of his cock over his raw lips.


“Throat hurt too much or can you-”


“Shut up.” Yoongi muttered, gripping the man's length and pulling it down, enveloping the head between red lips and swirling his tongue around the slit, tasting the precum that had gathered there and soaked through Jin’s boxers. “Taste good, Hyung.” he whispered, before he let go of his cock, placing both hands on Jin’s hips and pulling him close, pressing him in and gently hollowing his cheeks, making Jin throw his head back.


Shit, fuck, fuck Yoongi-ah.” he hissed, Yoongi’s mouth sinfully hot and tight around his cock. “God, you have no shame do you?” he looked down and saw Yoongi smirking slightly while making direct eye contact. “You think you could suck me off while Taehyung fucks you?”


Tae's ears perked up at that, fingers stilling inside of his Hyung.


An obscene pop noise signalled that Yoongi pulled off, taking a deep breath.


“You heard him, Tae. More lube though.” he muttered before going back to sucking Jin off, and Taehyung knew everyone’s eyes were on him as he finally shed himself of his boxers, now soaked in precum, coating his cock messily and quickly in lube before dragged the head over the puckered pink hole, which despite all the prep, still remained tight.


“You sure, Hyung?”


“Just do it Taehyung.”


He pressed in slowly, letting out a quiet moan as Yoongi wrapped his legs around his waist, hooking his feet together and pulling him in until his hips bottomed out. “Oh, fuck, Yoongi-hyung. You’re so damn tight.”


He heard Yoongi moan against Jin’s cock, pulling back and starting at a slow pace. Hoseok, Jimin and Jungkook laid watching the other four finish, hands occasionally going to brush Yoongi’s sweat-riddled hair back or wipe a tear off his face.


“This is something you only ever see in pornos.” Namjoon chuckled and watched Jin pull back, giving Yoongi a moment to wiggle his jaw and loosen it up.


“Hyung is a lot dirtier than we though, clearly.” Jimin laughed and watched as Yoongi flopped his head back, eyes closed.


“Too dirty for my own damn good, I’m getting fucking tired.” he grunted slightly on a particularly rough thrust from Taehyung. “Alright, Joon, c’mere. Your turn.” he nodded slightly and sat himself up. “Hyung I’ll finish you off with my hand, yeah?”


Jin rolled his eyes. “Whatever, Yoongi-ah, it's your birthday sex.” he chuckled and switched places with Namjoon.


Always a hard worker, Yoongi ignored the ache in his jaw and took Namjoon all the way down into his throat, encouraged by the moans and tugs to his hair. No throat fucking this time, Namjoon could tell the elder was growing tired and didn't want to overwork him.


His fist continued to work Jin, who was growing close, his head falling back and bucking up into Yoongi’s hand. Every third pump, he'd flick his wrist just right, and it made Jin wonder how his best friend got so damn good at pleasing other men. He thought he was straight, but he clearly had more experience than he let on.


“Ah, shit, Y-Yoong-” Seokjin groaned, hips stuttering as he released into Yoongi’s fist, droplets of his orgasm landing on the lad’s cheek, lips and one small bit landing in his eyelashes, causing the younger to squeeze his eyes shut. “Fuck, sorry Yoongi-ah, s’it hurt?”


The younger pulled off Namjoon’s cock and shook his head, licking what he could off of his lips and moaning at the taste. “S’hot being covered in cum.”


“You look pretty like this.” Hoseok grinned and watched as Namjoon took matters into his own hand, pumping himself quickly.


“You good back there Tae?” He asked, glancing over his shoulder to see the second-youngest member still driving his hips into his Hyung.


He could feel Yoongi clench around him, probably to remind him that he was doing good, considering he hadn't said much to him with his mouth being full and all.


“Mm, perfect. So fucking tight.” he gave Yoongi’s thigh a light squeeze, tilting his head as he looked up to see Namjoon jerking off over top of an exhausted Yoongi whose chest rose and fell quickly, tongue poking out every so often to kitten lick at the head of Joon’s cock. “So fucking pretty like this, Hyung, fuck.”


“Mm,” Yoongi hummed in response, his eyes remaining closed due to the cum threatening to run into his eyes. “Shut up and fuck me harder. Joonie’s close and after you it's my turn.” he grinned teasingly.


“Mmm, think maybe I’ll slow down then just for that,” he teasingly brought his hips to a halt, making Yoongi grunt.


“You absolute twat.” he muttered, feeling Namjoon’s breath become jagged and quick. “You better fucking cum soon cause-”


“Shit, ah,” Namjoon gasped out as he released over Yoongi’s face as well, painting his lips, nose, tongue and eyelashes in warm droplets. “Fuck. That’s the hardest I think I ever came.”


Yoongi licked his lips and grinned slightly. “All for me.”


“Ah, shut up.” Namjoon muttered and playfully pat his cheek. “Jungkook-ah, get your phone. Let’s take a picture of Yoongi-hyung and show him how pretty he looks with mine and Jin's cum all in his pretty lashes.”


“Aish, I know I look good. I always look good,” the man muttered as he heard a photo being snapped. “Come on, Taehyung, I want to fucking cum.”


“Really, Hyung, come on. No more teasing. He’s done so good, he deserves a reward.” Jungkook chuckled and nodded, watching Taehyung begin to thrust in and out of the man again.


“Aish, yeah, do it quick, before I have the chance to get hard again. Seeing Yoongi-hyung like this isn't just something I can ignore.” Hoseok muttered, watching Taehyung grunt and lift one of Yoongi’s legs over his shoulder, pressing his hips closer.


Everything went pure white for a moment before Yoongi cried out, Taehyung's cockhead hitting that perfect spot inside of him. “Fuck!”


“There we go.” Tae laughed at his Hyung's expression before biting his lip with determination, delving in and out of the warm, slick heat. He could feel the familiar bubbling in his lower stomach, gripping Yoongi’s pale hips so hard he was sure he’d be black and blue the next day.


“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Yoongi whimpered brokenly, Taehyung's shaft now hitting his prostate with each thrust and sending him towards one last orgasm. His head leaned back, mouth dropping open as the feeling spread like a wildfire through his bones. “I’m c-c-”


He was cut off by a loud, guttural moan from Taehyung, and he felt him paint his walls with cum, warming him up until everything felt dizzy inside. He clenched around the man, milking every last drop from him as he himself dove head first into his fourth orgasm of the night.


His heart pounded, his mouth dropped open, unable to make any noise as his hips trembled, the aftershocks of this orgasm much stronger than any of the last.


“Christ, Hyung.” Taehyung pulled out slowly and admired his seed oozing out of the wrecked, fluttering hole, dripping down onto the bed. “Alright, s’finally your turn.”


“Fucking do it.” he growled through a clenched jaw, feeling as though his cock was going to explode from all the cum begging to leave it.


Taehyung leaned up, fumbling for a moment and second the cock ring was off, Yoongi was hit with a wall of pleasure, all four orgasms hitting him at once. His cock stood tall, shooting stream after stream up onto his stomach and chest, some even going as far to land on his own face. The other six watched in awe as the man continued to cum until there was nothing left, body trembling and jagged breaths.


They couldn’t help but notice how pretty the man looked, with his cheeks red, lips looking utterly fucked out and raw, his eyes squeezed shut in pure ecstasy. His jawline sharp as he angled his head back, a broken sob escaping somewhere from inside of him and his fingers clutching the sheets so tight they were whiter than they already were.


Moments of silence followed, Yoongi being driven down to a whimpering, trembling mess, body still attempting to regain composure as he rode out the last aftershocks of the intense climax.


“Oh, my fucking god. You made a damn mess.” Jungkook whispered, all the boys nodding in agreement.


“You're so fucking hot, Hyung, that was so hot- I- wow.” Namjoon muttered, and Yoongi swallowed heavily, his body limp.


“Hands down better than any porno I’ve ever watched.” Jimin said, earning mumbles of agreement before Jin got up, only to return with a warm rag, carefully wiping Yoongi’s eyes until he could safely open them.


“Look.” He said, helping the man to lift his head and look at the ungodly amount of semen and sweat that covered his body. Yoongi gulped heavily and grabbed one of Jin’s hands, dragging his finger through the cum before he sucked his own flavour off the elder’s digit.


Each of the members grinned at him as he flopped back down, letting his head fall to the side.


“Well, Hyung, did you enjoy your birthday… present?” Hoseok laughed. “If you could call this a present.”


“Mm.” he nodded and licked his lips once more, stretching his legs out a bit. “I’ve never been prouder to call myself a pervert.” he grinned a gummy smile that made the rest of them laugh. He let out a slight grunt as he shifted. “Cleaning this up is going to be a bitch of a task.”


“Ah, no, I’ll do it for you.” Jin waved him off. Yoongi rolled his eyes. Eomma Jin is back. As if he wasn’t just sucking the soul out of his cock.


“I can’t fucking wait for my birthday now.” Jungkook grinned.