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August 26, ????

Five of the infamous Matsuno sextuplets have gone missing! (For the story go to pg.4)


The police say that there were no signs of a struggle but strange and small claw marks on the ground where they were last seen. They also said that they found a pair of busted sunglasses and a green shoe.
The missing Matsunos were last seen near Dr. Dekapan's lab. He was questioned, but only had this to say, "Hoii~ They were here one moment and gone the next, dasu. I dont know where they could have run off to.." He concluded his little chat and went back inside.
Officials say that detectives found fingerprints matching the eldest of the five, Matsuno Osomatsu, on a oddly shaped bottle inside the lab. The doctor only had this to say, "I have no idea what could have been in rthat bottle.. It is unlabeled and it is as empty as my head right now, dasu.." He claimed that he hadn't seen any of the Matsuno boys lately aside from Jyushimatsu who very often visits. Among further inspection a team of investigators found a red hoodie accompanied by other articles of clothing under the same table where the bottle was. This meant that Matsuno, Osomatsu was nude and wherever he was he wouldnt have anything on him. Investigators say this is quite the strange case, finding only bits and pieces from every Matsuno, in the area and littered with dust or bite marks from a small rodent like creature, as was the case with the broken sunglasses. A very strange case that we will strive to keep you up to date on.

--Surprisingly the report ends there with promises of an update in the next paper--

What happened to those five missing boys? The thrilling story of the hamstermatsus.

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