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August 26, ????

Five of the infamous Matsuno sextuplets have gone missing! (For the story go to pg.4)


The police say that there were no signs of a struggle but strange and small claw marks on the ground where they were last seen. They also said that they found a pair of busted sunglasses and a green shoe.
The missing Matsunos were last seen near Dr. Dekapan's lab. He was questioned, but only had this to say, "Hoii~ They were here one moment and gone the next, dasu. I dont know where they could have run off to.." He concluded his little chat and went back inside.
Officials say that detectives found fingerprints matching the eldest of the five, Matsuno Osomatsu, on a oddly shaped bottle inside the lab. The doctor only had this to say, "I have no idea what could have been in rthat bottle.. It is unlabeled and it is as empty as my head right now, dasu.." He claimed that he hadn't seen any of the Matsuno boys lately aside from Jyushimatsu who very often visits. Among further inspection a team of investigators found a red hoodie accompanied by other articles of clothing under the same table where the bottle was. This meant that Matsuno, Osomatsu was nude and wherever he was he wouldnt have anything on him. Investigators say this is quite the strange case, finding only bits and pieces from every Matsuno, in the area and littered with dust or bite marks from a small rodent like creature, as was the case with the broken sunglasses. A very strange case that we will strive to keep you up to date on.

--Surprisingly the report ends there with promises of an update in the next paper--

What happened to those five missing boys? The thrilling story of the hamstermatsus.

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August 27, ????

Nothing Like a Glitter Covered 'Prints' Charming! (for the story go to pg.6)

Pg. 6

A perplexing new development from the case of the missing brothers surfaced later in the day just after officials took the evidence back to the lab for testing and looking for fingerprints. The forensic scientists found a few fingerprints on the busted sunglasses, but something a little more was with it. It would seem as though the glasses had been chewed on by some kind of a rodent that left behind some small paw prints with the bite marks. The scientists are writing out that it has anything to do with the missing boys as the rodent could have crawled over it curiously. However while testing the fingerprints, they picked up something strange as the rodent prints picked up a positive for a match on the fingerprint below the small paw marks. These fingerprints belonged to Matsuno, Karamatsu, the second born of the Matsuno brothers. Investigators were also able to find his clothes in a nearby area, although it would seem that his were in worse shape than that of Matsuno, Osomatsu, showing signs of tearing near the bottom to show they were either snagged on something in the area or someone had purposefully ripped them up. It seemed at though the second eldest was in a hurry through an alleyway nearby the lab where the other's clothes and items had been found. The set of green clothes had also been just behind the blue colored clothes. The investigators are still searching for clues as to why they had tried to run away in such a hurry. More information on the case coming soon.

-Hours before the Matsunos went missing-

Osomatsu had gone to see Dr. Dekapan to see if he had something to make him more lucky or more attractive to others of the human variety. He walked up to the lab doors with his hands in his hoodie pocket, having lost all his cash in gambling and beer from the bar just moments before. These things had Osomatsu's legs bringing him to this door in search of something more for his slightly foggy mind to do. Soon, he walks inside while announcing that he had come in.

"Hellooooooo~ Doctor Dekapannnn! Are you around here anywhere?" Osomatsu yelled out through the lab and upon getting no reply whatsoever, he finds himself pouting and crossing his arms before starting to wander around to find something to help his luck. The bottles and vials held nothing that interested him, until he came across one with a label that looked as though it was a coin. Figuring this was a way of labeling a wealth potion, he plucked it up and popped the lid off drinking a small portion of it. Osomatsu suddenly started to feel funny, his stomach was feeling a small pain as he seemingly got smaller. A moment and a poof later, Osomatsu was gone. Just like that... Except he wasn't.

A small pile of red hoodie and blue jeans in the floor started to move, revealing a small fur ball with what looked like a bowl cut wig made its way from under the hood. After a moment of rubbing its small paws over it's face, it paused and looked to them before letting out a tiny scream. "Wh-what happened to me?!?!" Osomatsu yelled, revealing that he was this small, chubby cheeked fur ball. He hopped up on his hind legs and looked around with a slight worry within himself. Osomatsu made his way to the door, vowing that he could live should he end up nude in public.

Nudging against the door proved futile as he realized he was too small to open it. Just as Osomatsu was starting to tire himself out with the nudging, a few sets of footsteps made there way up the stairs in front of the doors. Osomatsu widened his eyes and ran away from the door as not to get squished by the guests entering into the lab. "Doctor Dekapan! I'm here! And I brought my brothers along with me!" Jyushimatsu had yelled through the lab, resulting in the same that had happened to Osomatsu. He brought his sleeved hand up to cover his mouth as he thought before seeing the same bottle Osomatsu had drank from.

Jyushimatsu then grabs the bottle and holds it up as if he pulled it from a treasure chest. "Look! I think this is what he wanted us to test!" He shouted happily and waved around the bottle slightly. As he waved it around however, he was splashing his brothers with this unknown concoction of sorts. The effects didn't kick in until they were leaving, Jyushimatsu having wasted the rest of the potion in the bottle when waving it excitedly. It seemed as though when it landed on their skin it was a lot slower to take effect than when Osomatsu had drank it. A moment later and one fur ball brother making his way out the door with the others, Osomatsu tried to speak up, only to scare the others and making them run and scream.

This is where Karamatsu had tripped with Choromatsu running behind him. Karamatsu fell hard before finding himself in more internal pain as the transformation began. His sunglasses had slipped off his face and to the ground, causing them to crack just a bit. He slowly got smaller and found himself trapped in his hoodie. Karamatsu was a slightly smaller breed of fur ball than Osomatsu. After making his way out of his hoodie, he looked around and found his cracked glasses, widening his small eyes and scurrying over to place a paw against them. He sniffled and muttered a short word to his broken glasses. "I am such a guilt guy.. I have managed to bust my only remaining glasses and now I'm much too small to wear you, my beautiful soul glasses.." He lets out a small whimper as he removes his paw.

A small huff and a whine later and Choromatsu made his way out through his hoodie sleeve, having twice as many layers to wiggle free of than Karamatsu or Osomatsu had. Unfortunately for him, he ended up the smallest of the three. He looked over to his immediate older brother and found himself jumping from a sound and scurrying to the other. "K-Karamatsu-niisan?" He squeaked out curiously and cautiously. Karamatsu turned to him and widened his eyes as he had to look down. "Ah! Buruzza! You're so small. It is very adorable!" Karamatsu replied as he posed the best he could. Choromatsu pouted at that and then he huffed before whining. "What are we going to do now?" He asked in a small tone and then moved closer to the other as another sound banged around them. "That is up to fate to decide as of right now, buruzza.. We will have to see where this new form takes us." Karamatsu said as he looked around the area. "Perhaps for now we should hide in our attire, it will keep us warm and more safe than without cover as it seems fate blessed us with bright colors than may other rodents." He ponders aloud as he looks the other's bright green colored fur. He then ushers the smaller one to his own blue hoodie to keep them safe and warm.

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