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I'm Not There

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“Call Kurt”

Blaine underlines the words twice; the pen leaving an impression on the page of the little notebook he carries everywhere.

Most people use their phones and Ipad’s and whatever other electronic devices to organize their lives nowadays but Blaine likes his notebook. It’s small and black and if it were ever to be stolen his fans would be disappointed to know how absolutely ordinary Blaine’s life is.

  • Call Kurt
  • Make sure to bring gifts for Emma and Lizzy.
  • Buy gel

He is startled out of his thoughts when a hand moves in the corner of his eye, setting down another whiskey on his little folding table.

When he looks up, the steward gives him a coy grin.

“Here’s another drink, Mr Anderson.” He moves his hand back and pushes it through his blond hair before putting it in his pant pocket. Blaine’s eyes follow the movement out of their own violation.

“If there’s anything else you need, let me know.”

And his smile is just the right side of seductive so Blaine grins back, ignoring his tiredness and closing the notebook carefully.

“I was actually wondering where the bathroom is? Maybe you could you show me.. Steve?” He reads on the name tag and Steve smiles back delightedly, nodding and letting Blaine stand from his seat before leading him down the aisle.

Soon, he’ll land back in New York. He’ll be home at last. But for now, he will make Steve the Steward’s dream come true and get a blow job out of it. Life’s not too bad, when you think about it.


Before they got married, right when Blaine moved to New York and into a crowded loft apartment with no walls, they made a pact. They both knew how crazy life could get, how crazy their careers would realistically get. They also knew that they just didn’t work well if they weren’t together.

One night, when Santana and Rachel had finally quieted down, they were lying in their bed, Blaine still giddy with the realization that it wasn’t Kurt’s, it was theirs. They had been playing this game since Blaine had moved out during the summer. Noses and toes touching, fingers entwined, whispered “when we get married…”

Kurt nudged his toe against Blaine’s naked shin. “When we get married, we should never separate. I think we’ve done all the long-distance any couple should do. If one of us gets an amazing offer in another city, the other one follows.”

Blaine laughed quietly, his breath warm on Kurt’s face.

“Don’t you think that’s a little unrealistic? What if I’m still in college and you get a great job offer? I can’t go with you and you can’t just wait for me.”

Kurt nuzzled his nose against Blaine’s and shook his head. “I don’t want us to be separated. I don’t care. Married people shouldn’t be separated. My parents weren’t. Dad and Carol aren’t. Your parents never lived in different cities. I just think it’s important that we build our lives together, wherever that is. And if that means I have to take crappy jobs until you finish school and can finally come live with me in Paris where I open my first fashion line, then I’ll take the crappy jobs. I love you more than any career move.”

And Blaine’s heart restricted painfully, because his love for this man was sometimes too much for him to encompass.

So he did what anyone would do when they were finally, finally with the man of their dreams.

He agreed and surged forward to kiss his fiancé breathless.