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Unexpected Love

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~*Hokage’s P.O.V.*~

“You called us here, Sir?” Genma asked. “Yes, thank you for coming.” I paused, looking at Genma, Hayate, Yūgao, Tsume, Kuromaru, Izumo, Kotetsu, Raidō, and Gai. “Team 7 consisting of Kakashi Hatake, Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno are on their first C-Rank mission,” pausing as gasps rang out before continuing, “I have belief that this mission could get out of hand, so I want the 9 of you to follow and watch as ANBU. Only interfere if Kakashi asks for your assistance. Understood?” At their nods, I dismissed them. 

~*3rd Person’s P.O.V.*~

Tazuna and Team 7 walked out of Konoha’s front gate. Naruto was excited since it was his first time out of Konoha. He turned to the others, threw his fists in the air and shouted while walking backwards, “Alright! We’re off!” “What’re you so excited about?” Sakura asked, crossing her arms. “You see, I’ve never left the village before!” “Hey, am I really okay with squirt?!” “Haha. I’m a Jōnin. I’ll be watching him. There’s no need to worry.”

Tazuna’s words echoed in Naruto’s head as he crossed his arms; thinking, ‘Anyone but this old dude, man…He’s really the worst client! I’ll tell him a thing or two…’ While Naruto how terrible the client was; Kakashi picked up a change in Naruto’s scent. ‘Where have I smelled this before? That’s right! This is how female-NARUTO’S IN HEAT!!!’ Kakashi thought in horror as his body tried to go into rut. ‘At least we’ll have reinforcements.’ 


Team 7 and their client have been walking for an hour in silence. During that time; Kakashi has almost gone into rut 3 times and kept watching Naruto, Naruto remained oblivious to everything, Sasuke was watching them, Tazuna was thinking about the mission and hoping nothing bad happens, and Sakura was finally gathering the courage to have a conversation with Tazuna. “Say…Mr. Tazuna…?” “What is it?” “Your country is ‘The Land of Waves’ right?” “What of it?” “Say Kakashi-sensei…Are there Shinobi in the that land, too?”

“No, there aren’t Shinobi in the Land of Waves…But in other nations, while cultures and customs are different, hidden villages exist, and there are Shinobi there. To the many nations on the continent, the existence of Shinobi villages is a measure of the nation’s military strength. In other words, that is how these nations maintain their relationships with neighboring nations. Even so, the villages are not under the control of the nations. They are equal in rank. On a small island like the Land of Waves, where it is difficult to be influenced by other nations, there is no need for a Shinobi village. Among the respective nations that possess a Shinobi village, the five nations of “Fire,” “Water,” “Wind,” “Earth,” and “Lightning,” due to their large territory and immeasurable power, are called the “Five Great Nations”. The Village Hidden in the Leaves in the Land of Fire, The Village Hidden in the Mist in the Land of Water, The Village Hidden in the Clouds in the Land of Lightning, The Village Hidden in the Sand in the Land of Wind, and The Village Hidden in the Rocks in the Land of Earth. Only the leaders of each of these Hidden Villages are allowed to have the name of Kage, the Shadow. The Hokage, Mizukage, Raikage, Kazekage, Tsuchikage are the so called Five Kage, who reign supreme over the tens of thousands of Shinobi in each nation of the whole world.”

‘Man, what are kids learning in history! They should know this.’ was the shared thought of all the persons Konoha Jōnin and Chūnin. “No kidding…Lord Hokage is that incredible!” Sakura said, while inner Sakura thought, ‘I wonder if that blah old man is really that incredible…Sounds fishy!’ ‘That can’t be true! No way!’ Naruto thought. “Oi! You guys just doubted Lord Hokage now, didn’t you…?” Watching Naruto and Sakura shake their heads; he continued, “Well…don’t worry. There are no Shinobi battles in C-Rank missions.” “Then there’s no worries of getting into a scrape with foreign Shinobi…!” Tazuna started sweating as Kakashi replied, “Of course not.” Crossing a bridge over a stream, Team 7 carried on while their unknown reinforcements watched from a distance.

“Their client, Tazuna, was sweating when Kakashi and his pink-haired student were talking about foreign Shinobi. Also, Naruto’s in heat so we need to watch him.”Tsume stated to the others. “Hai!” (Back with Team 7) The puddles were noticed by Kakashi, but weren’t mentioned as they walked past. Kakashi pretended to be caught off guard, so he could talk to the reinforcements without anyone knowing they were there. Tazuna was surrounded by the rest of Team 7 as the attackers went behind Naruto. “The second one…” was all they said as they tried to attack Naruto only to have Sasuke pin their chain to the tree. “That was a great move on Sasuke’s part.” Raidō commented.

Watching the attackers break the chain off their gauntlets and attacked to different targets. Gōzu went to attack Sasuke, Sakura, and Tazuna, while Meizu attacked Naruto. Panicking, Kakashi took out Meizu first, then Gōzu. “Why did he help Naruto first? Tazuna is the client and should have been saved first instead.” Yūgao asked. “Naruto’s in heat. The Hatake and Inuzuka Clans have canine instincts. Because of those instincts and Naruto’s heat, Kakashi is now in rut and not only will he try to mate Naruto but he is also going to be overprotective enough to the point of very aggressively killing those he deems a thereat.” Tsume answered.

“How do we fix this?” Izumo asked. “Simple. He mates Naruto until Naruto’s either pregnant or exits his heat cycle.” Tsume replied as they watched Kakashi drop his burdens to tend to Naruto’s poisoned hand, before turning and hostilely questioning Tazuna.