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Unexpected Love

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~*3rd Person’s P.O.V.*~

“Chūnin from the Village Hidden in the Mist. These guys are Shinobi known for continuing to fight no matter what the sacrifice.” “How were you able to detect our movements?” “There probably wouldn’t be puddles of water on a clear day like today, when it hasn’t rained for days.” “Knowing that, why’d you leave it to the kids to fight?” “If I felt like it, I could kill these guys instantly…But…I had to know… who the target of these enemies was…” “Hm?! What do you mean?”

“In other words…what I mean is I had to know if it was you or one of us Shinobi…who is being targeted. We haven't heard anything about you being targeted by Shinobi. The content of the request was supposed to be protection from gangs, thieves, and the like… this is a mission with a B-rank or higher. The request was supposed to be for back-up protection until you finished building your bridge… if our enemies were to be Shinobi, the mission would've been estimated without question as an expensive “B-Rank” mission. It appears there’s some good reasons for this, but being lied to in the request won't do. This is beyond the scope of our mission.”

~~Time Skip~~

“This is quite some fog, I can't see ahead.” Sakura stated, looking around. “The bridge should be visible soon. When we reach the side of the bridge, we’ll be in the Land of the Waves.” Soon, they could see the bridge. Getting excited; Naruto shouted, “Wooow! It’s huge!””H-Hey! Please keep it down. I took this boat out under the cover of the fog. And I cut the engine and am rowing the boat by hand. If they find us, we’ll be in deep trouble.” Quietly Kakashi spoke, “Tazuna-san, I want to ask you something before we get to the pier. The identity of your assailants and the reason why they are after you. If you don’t tell us…our mission may end when you make landfall.”

As Team 7 stared at him, Tazuna took a deep breath before speaking, “It appears I have no choice but to tell you. Frankly, I’d like you to listen. Just as you said, this may be beyond the scope of your mission. Actually, I am being targeted by a terrifying man.” “A terrifying man? Who?” “You guys have probably heard at least his name before. A shipping magnate by the name of Gato.” Hearing that shocked Kakashi. “What Gato… of the Gato company. One of the world’s richest men?” “Who? What?” Naruto asked, while fidgeting restlessly on Kakashi’s lap thanks to his heat.

“Yes…On the surface, he’s the chief executive of a shipping company…But underneath, he is into drug-trafficking and deals in contraband using gangs and Shinobi. Moreover, he runs a despicable business, ruthlessly taking over nations and enterprises. It was about 1 year ago…when that man first set his eyes on the Land of the Waves. He used his wealth and violence to enter this country, and before anyone knew it, he had taken complete control of the island’s maritime transportation and shipping. Having a tight grip on the ocean, in an island nation like the Land of the Waves, means having control of finances, the government, the people…everything.The one thing Gato fears…is the completion of the bridge…that has been under construction for some time now.” “I see. Since you’re the one building the bridge, you’ve become a hindrance.” Sakura stated, before Sasuke added on, “Then those Shinobi from before were Gato’s men…?” “But I don’t understand. Your opponent is a dangerous one, who will even use Shinobi. Why did you hide that fact from us when you made your request?”

“The Land of the Waves…is a very poor nation, and even Daimyōs’ have no money. Of course, we ordinary citizens have no money either. We can’t afford to make requests of B-Rank or higher…Well, if you pull out of the mission when I land ashore, I will, no doubt, be killed. Killed sometime before I make it home. But there’s no need for concern! Should I die, my cute grandchild who will turn 8…will only cry his heart out!” “Oh!” Was all Sakura and Naruto could say, before Tazuna continued, And… my daughter will only blame the Hidden Leaves Shinobi for the rest of her life and grieve in solitude! Oh, it’s not your fault at all!” Looking at his Genin, Kakashi replied, “Well…I guess we have no choice.Let’s continue as his bodyguards.” Surprised and grateful; Tazuna spoke, “Oh! I am most grateful!” “We’ll be arriving soon. Tazuna. It appears we haven’t been noticed up until this point…” “Thanks.” Going through the tunnel, they came out on the other side. Upon reaching the dock; everyone climbed out as their transport said, “This is far as I go. See you around.” Tazuna replied, “Yeah. You’ve been a big help.” “Be careful.”