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Taking A Chance

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bea and allie woke up early to make a special breakfast for jacob's 16th birthday, debbie, alex and baby jj came over as well and they had even blew up balloons and put some streamers and banners up around the house

'babe can you open the back door its a bit smokey in here from the cooking

'sure beautiful... bea went and opened the back door along with the front one and the windows and than came back to the kitchen and stood behind allie and snaked her arms around her waist and kissed her cheek

'dont burn the bacon

'do i ever bea?

'ugh yea you did it 2 days ago, remember you set off the smoke detector

'if i remember correctly you were distracting me with your hands and lips... bea giggled

'i didnt hear you complaining

'and i never will, now off you go and wake up jacob

'yes boss..... bea went upstairs and into jacob's room along with debbie and they both jumped on the bed

'HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACOB!!!! they both screamed and he woke up and laughed when debbie and bea jumped on him and kissed him all over his face

'happy birthday son

'thanks mum, thanks sis

'you gotta get up for breakfast... he looked at the time and laid back down pulling the blanket over his head

'nah im going back to sleep its too early

'no bloody way get up mama made a special breakfast for you

'oh well if mama made than i will get up

'hey you dont like my cooking?

'i love it but mama makes puts choc chips in my pancakes... bea laughed and jumped off the bed

'get your ass down stairs you cheeky bugger...

'alright let me use the bathroom first.... debbie and bea went down stairs and jacob came down a few minutes later smiling when he saw all the decorations and food covering the table, alex came over and hugged him

'happy birthday brother

'thank you.... allie was next and pulled him into a huge hug and kissing his cheek

'happy birthday my main man

'thanks mama, is that choc chip pancakes? they all laughed

'yes it is lets sit down and eat... allie had made choc chip pancakes, sausages, stripes of bacon, french toast, omelette with spinach, tomatoes and feta cheese, fruit salad and toast, orange juice, water and of course coffee, they all sat down to eat

'jacob after we eat we have presents

'i dont need presents mama, having a family is all i need and i have that

'we know you dont but we wanted to get you some so just dont argue with us... finishing eating they all sat on the couch

'alright us first, alex and i werent sure what to get you until mum gave me an idea, happy birthday jacob... she handed over a medium sized envelope and he opened it, it was flights, accommodation and concert tickets for the ed sheeran concert in 2 weeks

'holy crap really?

'yes and you will be going with your mates they all have booked there stuff as well and have concert tickets.... pulling debbie and alex into a hug he struggled to hold back the tears

'thank you so much your the best brother and sister

'your welcome....

'our turn, well we combined our present so here is the first one... handing over a big sized box he put it on the floor between his legs and pulled the lid off to reveal a few presents, first was a pair of air max sneakers he wanted for ages, there was a new iphone 8 which he definitely needed as he dropped his phone a week ago and broke the screen, there was desire perfume pack and a jewellery box which he opened to reveal a silver mens bracelet

'this is amazing thank you so much mum and mama

'your welcome but this here is the main present... bea handed him a ring sized box and opened it to reveal a key

'whats this for?

'mama you want to tell him?

'well i guess it could be the keys to your brand new car thats sitting in the driveway

'no way!!

'yes way go and see... he jumped up and ran outside the others following and when he saw the yellow jeep wrangler with a huge red bow around it, he jumped up and down

'wooo hooo its freaking amazing.... he didnt notice franky standing to the side recording the whole thing as bea asked her to do so they could have it as a memory

'mama, mum this is beautiful... he launched himself into them hugging them tight 'thank you so much your the best parents anyone could ask for

'your welcome son..... they both kissed his cheek

'i cant believe it, its so cool, you 2 are the best

'we are happy to do it, now here is the deal its similar to what debbie got for her 16th, are you listening?

'yes im listening mum

'good so we have a $5000 voucher for the mechanic to get services, anything you need fixed and once that finished you are responsible for it, you also have a full car cleaning kit and the car has already been put in your name

'thank you so much this is amazing

'so you like it?

'like it? mama this is beautiful and its exactly what i wanted

'i know i saw the picture in your room, we are glad you love it

'so much,

'good well you need to go get ready for paint balling and try not to get hurt will ya

'i wont mama dont worry, she is such a worry wart mum... bea giggled as he walked passed and blew allie a kiss and than ran up to his room

'cheeky little shit that one

'just like his mama, lets go inside so i can clean up

'i will help you mama... alex said, they all had a few days off for jacob's birthday and just to relax, they all went back inside and debbie sat with jj in her arms as alex helped bea and allie with cleaning the kitchen, franky needed to get home and told them she would see them later on, by the time they finished jacob came down the stairs dressed and ready to go

'im going what time do i need to be back?

'we would like for you to be back by 3 so you have time to relax for a bit before we go tonight

'alright i will see you later on... jacob kissed bea and allie and left out the front door

'hey mum did you tell him how he is getting to the party tonight?

'nah not yet

'he is gonna freak when he sees the ferarri

'i know i cant wait, are you gonna come here first or meet us at the place?

'we will meet you there because the baby sitter wont come till 6

'baby sitter? deb bring jj with you, jacob wont be happy if his only nephew isnt there

'will he be okay there mum?

'of course i will make sure he is okay

'and me deb, we will make sure our little man is looked after dont worry

'okay than we will bring him, right now though we have to get gong so he can eat and nap and we will see you there at 6.30

'okay bye guys... bea and allie walked debbie, alex and jj out and closed the door once the car was out of view, as allie closed the door she felt herself being pushed up against it by bea's body and bea's arms held up her arms against the door

'hmm its just us whatever shall we do... she whispered and kissed down the back of allie's neck

'i..i.. dont know..... allie stuttered out and bea spun her around kissing her lips making allie moan, bea unbuttoned allie's shirt and allie shrugged it off happy to see allie isnt wearing a bra and her hands were straight on her breasts and than her lips wrapped around her nipples

'oh fuck that feels good bea... bea kissed up her chest and to her lips

'come upstairs with me beautiful i want to make love to you... allie didnt need to be asked twice and grabbed her shirt off the floor and grabbed bea's hand and they both ran up the stairs and once they were in the room bea sat on the bed and pulled allie to stand between her legs kissing all over her stomach

'your so beautiful i cant believe your mine

'i was always yours bea, from the day i saw you i knew i wanted you, the day you let me into your life was one of the best days of my life... holding bea's face in her hands she rubbed those defined cheek bones

'we have built an amazing life together and i love you so much bea, more than i can even explain.... wiping bea's tears that had fallen she bent down to kiss her lips

'loving you is the easiest thing i have ever done

'me too allie, your so special to me and our life is amazing.... undoing allie's jeans she pulled them down her legs along with her panties which were now soaked and threw them aside, pulling allie into her lap she kissed her softly

'you cant always do that bea

'do what?

'me naked but you fully clothed... bea chuckled

'why not? its fun

'i need to feel you, i need to feel your skin, i need to grind on your skin... bea shivered and pushed allie to stand up to strip herself of her own clothes and than sat back down allie straddling her lap, bea's hands ran up and down allie's back feeling the goosebumps on her skin, kissing allie tenderly on the lips allie herself grabbed bea's hand pulling down between her legs and bea knew allie was turned on and really needed some kind of relief, dropping her hand between allie's legs she made contact with allie's clit rubbing it ever so lightly and allie's body jumped

'oh fuck babe... bea could feel how wet she was and decided not to waste time and pushed 2 fingers into allie's entrance loving the loud moan that came from allie's mouth, pushing in and out of allie she had her arms wrapped around bea's neck as she began to grind onto bea's fingers

'thats it baby ride my fingers, hard and fast..... allie did just that and bounced on her fingers and bea sucked on allie's nipples


'oh fuck fuck fuck im gonna...

'cum for me beautiful... bea sucked on allie's neck and it sent her over the edge screaming out bea's name over and over again, bea knew allie came hard as she felt a gush of liquid run down her hand and all over her lap, as allie slowed down and finally went limp in bea's arms bea's fingers twitched and allie came again, once she had relatively calmed down and bea pulled out of her as allie laid her head on bea's shoulder

'fuck me

'i did... bea laughed and allie joined in, lifting her head she kissed bea softly over and over again,

'my turn... allie whispered and pushed bea back on the bed both moving up so they were laid in the middle, allie hovered over bea's body kissing her lips

'i want to love you, i want to be one with you my beautiful queen..... kissing her way down bea's neck to her breasts she pulled her left nipple into her mouth sucking, kissing and licking the hard bud and than paying the same attention to the right one, she continued her way down leaving open mouthed kisses all over bea's toned stomach and rolling her tongue around her belly button, feeling bea tremble she loved the feeling of her wife losing control and couldnt wait any longer, moving to lay between her legs allie took a tentative lick from her entrance to her clit making bea shudder, she licked all through her core pulling her clit into her mouth

'oh fuck allie baby that feels amazing.... holding allie's head in place she moved her hips in time with allie's tongue and she pushed it inside her, allie felt the juices run down her chin and she loved this, her tongue was pushed in as far as possible and bea holding her head there, allie replaced her tongue with her fingers and sucked hard on her clit and bea came hard moaning out allie's name, allie worked her through her orgasm until she fell back flat onto the bed and allie pulled out and dropped beside her wife both trying to get there breath back

'are you okay bea?

'more than okay although i feel like jelly

'thats a good thing i hope?

'definitely... bea turned on her side snuggling into allie 'do we have time for a nap?

'plenty of time, jacob wont be home for like 5 hours at least and than we have 3 hours to get ready, i will set our alarm.... allie set the alarm and pulled the blanket over them both and they fell asleep


when jacob arrived home he was covered in paint so he went straight into the shower and spent quite a while in there, halfway into his shower he poked his head out the door

'MAMA!!! he yelled from the shower as she and bea were watching tv

'what? she called back

'can you come here please? allie went upstairs to see jacob's head peaking out from behind the door

'whats wrong?

'i cant get the paint out of my hair

'oh shit hold on, bea babe come here please... bea came up the stairs

'whats up?

'he cant get all the paint out of his hair. he cant look like that for his birthday

'umm oh allie go get the dish washing liquid


'yes i did it when debbie was younger and it worked... allie ran down and got the soap and took it upstairs

'do you want us to do it for you?

'WHAT??? NO!!!! you will see me, like my body and stuff.... bea and allie laughed

'who do you think showered you when you were younger and helped you change

'its different now mums, i can do it thank you

'okay but if it doesnt work we may have to shave it off... allie said and his mouth dropped open till bea started laughing

'baby leave him alone, jacob go and finish showering... jacob shook his head and closed the door, allie and bea stayed up there for a few minutes to make sure it worked, bea knocked and yelled out




'OKAY!!!! bea and allie went back down stairs and bea made them something to eat as they wont eat till like 7-7.30, bea made them some sandwiches and cut up some fruit and jacob came down to join them for a late lunch

'mum what should i wear tonight?

'wear you black pants and your black converse and i bought you a new blue shirt its in your room

'oh sweet thanks mum... they spent an hour eating and talking before they all retreated upstairs to start getting ready, bea had a shower first even though allie tried to shower with her she knew that they would get up to no good so she made sure to lock the door, when allie finished shower bea was sitting on the bed in matching red undies and a bra straightening her hair, allie was dressed in her robe and sat beside bea on the bed

'can you help me curl my hair babe?

'of course my beautiful girl.... an hour later and all 3 of them were standing down in the kitchen

'mums you both look amazing.... bea had a blue metalic suit on, pants, jacket, white shirt and a blue vest and finished it off with black pumps and straight hair, allie had on a little black dress with silver heels and her beautiful blonde hair was curled

'us? look at you all grown up, your not our little man anymore... bea tried really hard to hold back the tears

'oh mum dont cry im still me... jacob hugged bea

'i know your just so grown up, im fine im fine... she pulled away and wiped her tears 'alright we have another surprise for you

'what is it?

'your ride to the party is outside go and see...they all walked outside and saw the red ferarri

'holy crap a ferarri?

'yep and its your ride to the party

'thats..thats amazing thank you

'off you go we are right behind you we just gotta get our stuff.... he got in seeing will was driving

'uncle will this is yours?

'no its a friends happy birthday mate

'thank you

'lets get you to party mate... as they took off allie and bea walked inside collecting there bags throwing in there mobiles, wallets and the keys and took off, bea decided to drive so allie could have a few drinks, they arrived at the hall 10 minutes later and parked, bea got out first and ran around the car opening the door putting her hand out for her wife who graciously took it

'thank you babe... kissing bea they locked the car and walked inside, at the entrance there was a huge silver and gold balloon arch

'thats looks cool baby

'deb and i thought a good looking entrance was needed, come and see the inside... walking inside allie's mouth hung open it was absolutely amazing, there was 2 tables for presents in the corner which were pretty much over flowing, 5 tables lined up against the wall beginning to get filled with food, there was 8-10 tables with white table cloths and chairs for the guests which was also beginning to fill up, on each table there was a bunch of balloons being held down by a table weight and glitter was everywhere, the floor, table, flowing around in the air along with bubbles, looking to the side allie saw a balloon machine and a machine throwing out the glitter, there was balloons literally everywhere on the ceiling and string hanging from each one, balloons on the floor being kicked around and played with by the kids,

'bea you and deb did an amazing job, its beautiful in here

'thanks babe i think it turned out really nice,

'i hate that i didnt help organising this

'hey you listen to me okay, you havent just been doing nothing you have been working, running our business and supporting our family so stop with all that allie, plus who do you think footed the bill... bea said cheekily and they both laughed

'at least im good for some things,

'your good for more than that trust me

'yea giving you the best orgasms ever... bea laughed

'thats true, come on cheeky lets go greet everyone and jacob is over there with franky and god knows what she will get him to do... walking through they greeted maxine and her partner, max and liz, boomer, dom and the kids who jumped on them both peppering bea and allie with kisses, next up was kaz and will with baby cassie and than alex and debbie and little jj and than bridget who was watching franky and jj on the dance floor with a bunch of his friends

'mum i think aunt franky and jj are taking the dance floor

'they always do deb, them 2 together are a right laugh... bidget, bea, allie and debbie watched as boomer came from the side to join the 2 in the middle of the dance floor all the kids cheering them on as they threw out the most funniest dance moves and bea and the girls cracked up laughing

'oh god please tell me you hired a photographer babe?

'we sure he he is right there taking pics and we have a photo booth set up with props as well

'awesome, guys it looks so good here

'thanks mama, it was hard to get everything we wanted but im glad we did.... jacob came bounding over with franky and they both jumped on bea and allie hugging them

'hi mums

'hi son, you have a lot of friends here

'yea and there is more coming in about ten minutes

'hey red you coming to have a drink?

'no, allie is drinking tonight not me

'babe you can drink as well

'nah i said i would drive tonight, plus you know how i get when i drink

'yea funny as shit red

'i want us all to enjoy ourselves and as long as your not drunk till after the cake and speeches and stuff than i dont care and we can get the car tomorrow,

'what about jj?

'oh dont worry he is staying with grandma liz tonight and said she would look after him for tonight as well mum so come on get your drink on

'peer pressure much... bea laughed and allie kissed her

'yes now lets get a drink... allie pulled bea towards the bar set up and debbie, franky and alex followed them, they each had a shot and than ordered drinks and taking them to sit down, franky handed bridget a orange juice as she was pregnant

'so blonde red tells me you hired a new guy for the dessert bar?

'thats right his name is frank and he seems to have picked it up real quick,

'thats good you need to not work so much, every time i came over or spoke to red you were never there

'i know franky i fucked up, i shouldnt have been working so much especially the last 6-7 months but im trying really hard to fix this for us,

'good because you dont want to get an ass whooping from me do ya? allie scoffed

'im not scared of you

'ya should be

'im really not, if you hurt me bea will bash you and so will deb and than jacob... franky looked at bea and raised her eyebrow

'would ya hurt me red?

'if you hurt my wife than yes i would kick your ass.... allie sat there a big smirk on her face and franky groaned

'oh whatever... they all laughed and sat around chatting for a little longer and than the food was ready, they waited for jacob and all his friends to get there food first and than bea and her whole family went to make them selves a plate, the tables were full of different cuts meat and chicken, seafood, salads, pasta bake, potato salad, dips, cheeses, cold meat platters and bread,

'babe my plates not big enough... allie whispered to bea and bea giggled

'get another plate

'what no they will think im a pig.... debbie heard and started to giggled and grabbed another plate

'here mama i will hold it for you what do you want? they went back to the table and began eating allie scooping up 2 full plates and bea's left overs than sitting back rubbing her tummy

'im so full now i need a drink, babe do you want one?

'yes please a scotch and coke

'sure anyone else? 10 minutes later allie came back with drinks for them all and a tray of shots as well

'allie shots?

'yep dont complain just take it, there wet pussies

'ah well were all good with that one arent we ladies

'i aint lezza

'we know booms but just take it anyways... throwing back the shot they chased it down with there drinks bea pulling a disgusted face making allie laugh

'mmm i love wet pussies.... allie hummed and bea leaned into her ear

'i like your wet pussy... allie almost chocked on her beer as franky cackled having heard bea's not so quiet statement

'oh god i love who you have become red.... bea chuckled and clinked her drink with franky's... a few hours passed and they had all been drinking and dancing along with jacob and his friends as well, jacob's little friend from work came the one that allie saw him kissing and jacob went bright red when debbie went over to do the sisterly duty, bea, allie and all there group laughing as jacob just blushed brighter as he guided debbie towards bea

'mum keep her here she is embarrassing me

'but im your sister and she needs to pass the test... she stepped to the right and went to walk towards the girl again but was grabbed by jacob and bought straight back to allie and bea

'mums please she is killing me here

'debbie leave him alone

'ugh fine but this isnt over

'yea yea whatever

'go back to your 'girlfriend'... debbie teased and jacob stuck his tongue out and walked off, debbie sat in allie's lap a little clumsily as she had been drinking

'mum look at kaz she always has jj giggling... they all turned to see kaz with jj in her arms and the little boy was giggling away as kaz pulled faced

'thats so cute, he is a good boy deb

'i know mum we got lucky, wait where is my husband?

'he is organising something for me deb

'whats he doing mama?

'i have a special guest

'ohhh who?

'let me up and you will find out very soon.... debbie got up and sat on her mums lap and allie stood up

'i will be back try and and stay out of trouble you 2

'yes boss..... allie laughed as bea and debbie saluted and than she walked off going out the front

'who do you think it is mum?

'i have no idea but im sure it is someone famous just like you had pink

'oh that was so good, i cant believe she came she was amazing and she is still my favourite singer ever

'i know it was pretty cool, lets get a drink deb me and you

'lets go mum... they held hands and pretty much skipped together over tot he bar

'what can i get you ladies? the man asked

'2 shots of sambuka and 2 scotch and cokes

'coming right up... they took there shots and took there drinks back to the table when allie had walked back in and up to the stage where the dj was set up, grabbing the microphone she asked the dj to turn the music off and waved her hand for bea to come up as well which she did and than began to speak as everyone took a seat

'hi everyone i am allie and this is my beautiful wife bea and we are jacob's parents, we would like to thank you all so much for coming today, we are so glad your all here to celebrate jacob's 16th birthday with us, jacob happy birthday from mum and i and from everyone here, we have one more little surprise so franky can we get a chair to the dance floor please and jacob take a seat... jacob sat on the chair that was put there

'jacob we know that your dream is to be involved in music mainly being a music producer so we organised this i hope you enjoy, we have a special guest for so i take great pleasure in presenting the one and only ed sheeran.... everyone cheered and jacob's mouth fell open when ed walked in singing and playing his guitar followed behind by alex

'happy 16 th birthday jacob this is for you... ed sang 3 songs everyone singing along and taking photos, on one of the slower songs jacob shyly asked his special frined from work to come and dance with him which she did so, bea and allie danced as well along with most of the other couples, jacob's friends stood gob smacked to see one of there favourite artists and jacob's definite favourite one, once ed finished his third song he stopped to have a chat with jacob a bit more privately

'happy birthday mate

'thank you so much, i cant believe your here thank you for coming

'i was happy to do it, your mum allie and your brother in law alex organised it all, i was here on holidays and i heard about there dessert bars and went in one day and allie was there, we got to talking and she told me about you and your love for music and we made a deal, she gave me free ice cream and i came and did this show for you.... jacob and ed laughed

'ya cant pass on free ice cream right?

'you got that right jacob, i did get ya something hold on... ed took his phone out and called someone and 2 security guards walked in with a trolley and as they came closer jacob saw it was the top of the line music producer set up, a new laptop, speakers, head phones, keyboard, a big digital audio work station along with anything else to go with it

'this is for you mate, i want you to work hard and if its really what you want than you will get it, get some training and learn everything you can and when i start my next single which is next year i would like for you to come to america and work with my team i want to see how much you have learnt and if your good i will offer you full time work.

'are...are you serious?

'yes but you need to make sure its okay with your parents first

'yes yes of course thank you so much

'my manager will be in contact with you or your parents to organise it, we work hard and long hours so be prepared

'i am for sure thank you... they spent a bit more time together before taking photos with jacob, the family and all his friends even doing a full photo of everyone there, bea and allie laughed as debbie and alex in there drunken state walked towards the group and fell right in front deciding to just lay there and pose, after the photos allie, bea and jacob walked ed outside

'thank you so much for coming ed, jacob really loved it

'it was a pleasure, before i go i will let jacob tell you in full detail of what we spoke about but i offered for him to come to america next yea to help me work on my new single but its up to you 2

'wow that is very generous but bea and i would have to talk about it and know where he would stay and all that stuff

'i get it and i will speak to my manager and you will find out everything and he can stay at my place, we have a guest house and my wife and i would be happy to have him with us, he is young and i wouldnt let him live on his own

'this is all too much.. jacob said

'i believe in giving people a chance to prove themselves and if what allie and alex have told me about you and your work is true than im excited to work with you, anyways i will be in touch in the next 3-4 months and we can go from there

'okay thank you so much for coming

'it was good to meet you all..... ed got in the limo and took off leaving a shocked jacob behind with his parents

'i cant believe what just happened, ed sheeran performed here and than gave me this amazing gift and to top it off he offered me a job,

'thats crazy

'i know mum, do you think i could go?

'we will discuss it further but right now lets go we need to cut the cake... walking inside it was bea's turn to go to the microphone which she hated talking but she had too, everyone quieted down

'well that was amazing thank you to allie and alex for organising such an amazing show... they all clapped and cheered, 'jacob come up and cut your cake son.... the cake was a huge rectangle cake on the edge was kit kat chocolates like a fence and on top there were squares filled with different treats, m&m's, maltesers, gummi bears and a bunch of other stuff and a happy birthday sign coming out of it, they lit up the number 1 and 6 and everyone sang happy birthday and jacob blew them out, bea and allie kissed his cheek and handed him the microphone

'no mum i dont want to speak

'just say a few words.... he sighed but decided to speak

'thank you everyone for coming today to join me in celebrating my 16th birthday, i never in a million years thought i would be doing this considering the start of my life but when mum and mama adopted me it was the best day of my life, i gained 2 mums a sister a brother and who bunch of crazy family which i wouldnt change for anything, mum, mama, alex and debbie i would like to thank you so much for today you have made it everything i dreamed of and more so thank you. everyone enjoy the rest of the night and thank you again... they all cheered and clapped as he handed the microphone to the dj and franky and bridget came out with a bunch of flowers from jacob for bea, allie and debbie and a bottle of scotch for alex hugging them all,

'we love you so much jacob

'i love you both to mums, this has been the best night

'we glad but its only just starting, we have dessert and than we can really party.... the sweets were set up which was clearly done by debbie, they had the birthday cake, a tiramisu, pavlova, chocolate cake, banana cake, carrot cake, krispy kreme donuts, a huge platter of profiteroles, custard tarts and canoli's, a fruit salad and of course a chocolate fountain, bea went with franky and debbie to have more shots in fact they had 2 more each and they had hit them harder than anything and when they went to get there sweets debbie got a bowl of the chocolate sauce and they ate out of it like they were dogs, kaz and allie cracking up and taking photos of the 3, when bea looked up her nose and mouth was covered in chocolate and tried to kiss allie

'ah no way babe go wipe your face

'but im sweet... bea said so cutely allie giggled

'you are cute but im not getting dirty right now, at least not till the end of the night

'fine i will be back

'ah wait take those 2 with you... franky and debbie followed bea into the bathroom and they washed there hands and faces of the chocolate and debbie started throwing water at the other 2

'oh no you didnt deb

'i sure did mum

'oh that it your a gonna... all 3 of them began having a water fight all laughing and screaming as the water hit them and made them wet, the door opened and allie stood there

'oh for crying out loud, what are you 3 doing? they all stopped and looked at allie looking guilty


'really franky?

'yep we were just washing up

'your all wet

'umm debbie started it

'nah uh mum did

'no i freaking didnt you little shit... bea cupped her hand under the water and threw it at debbie

'hey see mama trouble maker... franky stood there giggling

'come on you 3... allie pulled bea by the hand and the other 2 followed out to the table and they sat down

'what the hell happened to you guys? kaz asked

'mum started a water fight

'i did not, it was debbie, franky tell them.... they all looked at franky and she looked from bea to debbie and than to kaz

'bea started it

'what the hell.... they all giggled she was so shocked

'thats what happens when you said you would kick my ass... franky smirked

'how about i do it now... bea got up but was pushed back down from allie

'no you wont your coming with me

'where too? she grumbled

'to get a drink come on

'im coming

'alright come on deb...they all went to the bar debbie pulling alex with her

'give me 8 cock sucking cowboys please and 2 scotch and cokes and 2 beers

'sure coming up

'8 shots?

'yep we have done all the parental things and we can let loose so lets get it in... getting the shots they lifted them up

'here is to our boy turning 16 cheers... they clinked and threw the shot back and picked up the next one

'this one is too our family, strong and fierce as we are cheers... they drank them and than took there drinks form the guy at the bar

'lets dance... they all headed to the dance floor where everyone else was even kaz holding little cassie and liz holding jj, an hour later and liz and max left with baby jj and will left with little cassie so his wife could party with the others, will decided to take boomer's kids with him so dom can spend time with his sister and family as well as boomer, it was pretty late and some of jacob's friends had left leaving around 10 of them and the girl he liked and at this stage apart from jacob and his friends who were all underage the others were drunk especially debbie, alex, franky and bea, allie wasnt actually far off, well she wasnt until she crept off to the bar with boomer and threw back a couple shots before bounding over to the dance floor jumping into bea's arms and kissing her almost falling to the floor together but franky held them up

'i fucking love you my queen

'i fucking love you to my beautiful girl.... kissing a few times they pulled back to see debbie dirty dancing with alex and there friends cheering them on, they were happy to see them both let lose it had been a tough last year with the baby and the business, allie had pulled bea so close to her she could hear her heart beat against her own, there legs between the others and moving to the music, they danced like that for a while till the song dirrty by chistina aguilera came on and allie turned around her ass against bea's core and she did the slut drop and grinded up against bea in the dirtiest way anyone could ever think of, thank god jacob and his friends werent watching and were messing with the photo booth, allie grabbed bea's arms and wrapped them around her and pushed them over her stomach and up to her breasts squeezing gently,

'allie..... bea groaned in allie's ear and she smirked knowing exactly what her wife was feeling right now, throwing her head back on bea's shoulder she turned her head kissing bea's lips

'your playing a dangerous game allie

'game? what game babe?

'you know exactly what your doing and if your not careful i will drag you to the toilets and fuck you

'now there is an offer i cant refuse

'as much as i want to we cant not here, but when we get home... bea pulled allie's earlobe with her tongue and let go 'im gonna fuck you with my tongue... allie moaned where only bea could here and she chuckled, she played me at my own game... allie thought

'i need a drink you coming?

'i sure am allie lets go... when they got to the bar they grabbed a drink and stood to the side a little

'babe look at our family, debbie is married with a son, jacob is so happy and got offered a job in america thats crazy

'i never thought this would be my life in a million years and its all because of you allie... turning to allie she put her arms around her neck kissing her lips

'you are one of the best things to ever happen to me

'you are too bea, all that happened before you meant nothing, i came alive when i met you, my heart didnt beat until you came along, your my world, you and our family are my world.... smiling at each other they kissed a few times and looked to see it was pushing 2am

'we should call taxi's for jacob's friends

'good idea... once his friends were gone they all decided to put his presents in the car and lock it up and call taxi's for themselves but they didnt go home they grabbed bunch of bottles of alcohol, mixer drinks and cups and took the taxi's to the beach which wasnt far, once they got there they all got out and headed to the grass area and all sat down pouring more drinks and settling together watching over the water

'i hope you enjoyed your birthday jacob

'it was the best birthday ever thank you all so much i will never forget it

'good im glad... they sat chatting for a while till franky saw bea was lost in her thoughts

'hey red how about a walk?

'sure... they got up and walked off a bit clumsily franky's arm over bea's neck and bea's arm around her waist trying to support each other from falling, walking down the walk path in silence for a few minutes until franky spoke

'a lot changed ay red?

'definitely i couldnt be happier

'i know, we both had a shit start to life

'but it came good franky, better than i could ever imagine

'yes because of allie and gidge, those woman have a power that bought the good out of us, i mean really as if you would ever had thought of dancing with anyone before allie and now you were even dirty dancing with her... they laughed

'oh i know she brings it out of me especially when we have been drinking, fuck franky life is good

'it really is, red im gonna be a mother soon

'are you excited?

'im fucking shitting myself

'you will be a great mother franky, you both will, your great with jj, cassie, the triplets and jacob so dont worry

'yea i guess so..... they walked a little further down and than jumped onto the sand to walk back, walking back they chatted about nothing really they talked crap as they normally did when drunk and as they reached the front of the group they waved at them and the next thing they knew they both fell

'oh fuck mum are you okay? debbie got up and walked down to her mum laughing when she saw they both fell into a small hole, the group followed and all jumped onto the sand helping them up and they sat on the sand, they heard a voice behind them and turned to see will

'babe what are you doing here? are the kids alright?

'there fine there all with liz she wanted them all so i went to the hall to find you all but you left and the guy there told me where you were going so i came here... he jumped onto the sand and kissed kaz before sitting behind her

'im glad you came... she snuggled into his built body, they sat and watched over the water it was a warm night with a slight breeze in the air, the couples were sitting together and even jacob's girl was with them... bea leaned back into allie and sighed she really was happy, she fought tooth and nail for so long to keep debbie safe and now looking around she had it all, her daughter was happily married to alex with a son jj, jacob has been offered an amazing opportunity for his future, her best friend franky was happy with bridget and about to become mothers, maxine was happy with her partner, liz and max were going strong and he was in remission, boomer and her brother were happy with 3 munchkins, kaz and will were married with a little girl cassie, everyone although had gone through there struggles no one more so they were all there a big happy family.... bea turned to look at allie who looked down and smiled, staring into each others eyes and allie spoke

'thank you for taking a chance on me babe, you took a chance on me, you took a chance on us, i love you so much my queen

'i love you too my beautiful girl..... sharing a kiss they looked out to the ocean feeling the happiest they had ever been in each others arms, there hearts became one and will live on forever