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Danvers Sisters Week 2K17

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It’s been months, with travelling to earth one, and the daxamite invasion and just life in general, Alex and Kara haven’t gotten to have a Sister’s Night in a while. Alex hasn’t even told Kara that she and Maggie are engaged, and she knows something has been going on with Kara as well.
So when Kara called at 6pm, her voice flustered and squeaky, asking if Alex was free tonight, well, she couldn't leave her sister in such a sorry state right? So she wrapped up any experiments that couldn’t run over night and told Kara to be at her apartment in about an hour. Next she called Maggie and said she would spend tomorrow night with her instead, laughing when her fianceé asked if the secret could finally be let out. After rushing through the last of her paperwork she grabbed her leather jacket and locked up the Lab.

By 6:45 she was in an uber headed home from the DEO, excited to spend time with Kara and only Kara, for the first time in months. Alex knows she will have to make it up to Maggie, and she already plans to have Kara “help her pick” and by that she means buy with money that is Kara’s, a nice edible arrangement before they settle in, but she knows that Maggie understands the need for Danvers Sister Nights. So as she hangs up with the pizza place, excited that Jackson will be delivering since she knows how much he crushes on Kara, and thanks her cabbie she looks up to the sky, knowing Kara will be landing any moment.

“Speaking of which,” she smiles as the blonde comes for a landing, a pretty rough one if she must say so, though she is amused by Kara’s excitement.

“Alex!” Kara exclaims nearly dropping the bags she's holding as she rushes to hug her older sister. “I am so glad you're free tonight!” Alex laughs at Kara’s huge smile, even as she is tugging her into the apartment building.

“I have so much to tell you!” they say in unison, staring into each other's eyes for a half beat before cracking up.

They make it to Alex’s door, Kara still pulling her along as they go back and forth over who will tell their news first. As Alex slides past to unlock the door she turns back to grab the bags of ice cream, before Kara forgets to put them in the freezer, like last time. Usually Alex prefers soft ice cream but she isn’t in the mood for ice cream soup tonight. “Okay Jackson should get here any minute, so pizza and then we can trade news over ice cream.” she says walking over to the freezer, her voice assertive but playful.
“Sounds good to me,” Kara is practically bouncing with excitement as she grabs a movie from Alex’s entertainment cabinet, whilst Alex heads into her closet to grab blankets for them.

As Alex sets up the couch for “optimal movie watching and news sharing efficiency” a term Kara coined years ago, Kara hears a heartbeat she could recognize a mile away. “Alex pizza is here!” she calls running over to the door and pulling it open roughly.
Laughing sweetly as Jackson jumps back a foot she hands him the money, “one day I will figure out how you always do that Kara Danvers,” he laughs out as she takes the pizzas from him.

“Good luck with that,” she laughs, “see you-”

“Hey Kara, would you want to get dinner sometime, with me I mean, like on a date?” he mumbles, looking anywhere but into her eyes.

She frowns slightly, not sure how to tell him without spoiling her surprise for Alex, she knows how much Alex ships the two of them, not that Alex would ever call it that. “Sorry Jackson, I am not really on the market right now.” she says, trying to sound as kind as she can, “I am sorry.”

“Of course, it was a silly thought, have a nice night Kara, Alex.” he calls rushing towards the stairway before Kara can find the words to stop him. Looking dejectedly down at the mountain of pizza she turns back into Alex’s apartment, letting the door shut behind her.

“Wow Kara, I have never seen you look so sad while carrying pizza,” Alex says walking over to grab napkins, her sister is notoriously messy. Frowning at Kara's blatant lack of enthusiasm she continues, “so what’s this about you being off the market? What have I missed.” she asks handing her little sister a plate and laughing at the blush spreading across her face.

She flops down onto the couch, puts a blanket over her legs and grabs an entire pizza box before saying, “you said pizza first, then news.”

“I also handed you a plate, gosh Kara,” she laughs as her sister practically inhales a slice of hawaiian pizza.

“Shudop n ett ewe hve ews” Kara says her mouth full, having stuffed her face with a second slice before speaking.

Shaking her head and handing her sister a napkin Alex replies, “god Kara chew, but okay let’s eat because I do need to tell you something.” she laughs grabbing a slice of vegetarian pizza and sliding onto the couch next to Kara.

As they eat, Kara leaning on Alex’s shoulder, Imagine Me and You playing softly on the tv Alex looks over to her sister, still eating pizza, at a normal speed now, and smiles. “I missed this,” she whispers before looking back at the screen.

“Me too,” Kara whispers back her eyes fixed on the tv as the movie wraps up. Stuffing the last pizza slice into her mouth she lifts herself from the couch. “Okay Alex it’s time for news, also what gift am I picking out for Maggie to make up for stealing her date?”

Chuckling quietly and rising from the couch she answers, “I am thinking edible arrangements, we can have it sent to the precinct.” She smiles thinking of her fiancée's face when she sees the gift.

“Ohhh fancy, okay I’ll order the gift, you clean up, and then I’ll grab the ice cream and meet you back on the couch for news,” she says using her “supergirl voice.”
After some super fast cleaning and confirmation from Alex that Kara is great at picking out food based gifts the Danvers girls reconvene on the couch, Kara’s leg bouncing as she thinks of the news she has for Alex.

“Okay Alex, spill!” Kara exclaims, the hesitation on Alex’s face makes Kara sure this is some very important news. She wants to get her news out but she senses that Alex has to say this soon. She is bouncing her leg, and Alex almost never has such visible displays of anxiety and nerves, especially around Kara.

She wants to argue, to make Kara go first, but instead she takes a deep breath and says at a rush, “Maggie and I got engaged.” She pauses waiting for the shock on Kara's face to settle into joy. She knows her sister will be happy, she just needs a second to process. Though it is a bit nerve racking waiting for a response to such huge news.
“Gosh! Alex congratulations! Who proposed to who? When did this happen? Do you know when you want to get married? Alex you're going to get married!” Kara says in rapid succession, not giving Alex time to understand, let alone answer, the questions. Pulling her into a tight hug, the ice cream squushed between them she whispers, “I am so happy for you Alex, I am glad Maggie makes you happy and that you two are getting married.” She pauses for a second before saying, “I am going have another older sister! Nice!”

Alex laughs at how excited her sister is, happy, not for the first time, that Kara and Maggie get along better now. “Okay what is your news Kara?”

“Uh no, we are not done discussing your news Alex, answer my questions. Who proposed? When is the wedding? Does anyone else know?” Her eyes widen at the idea that she might be the last to know.

Deciding to head off her sisters exuberance she answers, “I proposed, though it wasn't planned and I still need to get her a ring. We haven't picked a wedding date yet, we are enjoying being fianceés for a while first. On top of that you are the first person I've told, Maggie's not told anyone as far as I know.” She sighs thinking of how Maggie wants to tell her parents but she isn't sure it's worth the arguing, and neither of them are sure her parents will bother making the trip from Blue Springs to National City for the wedding anyway. “I'll share the news around once I tell mom, I just didn't want to deal with the repercussions of you not knowing first,” she laughs as Kara makes an offended face. Patting her shoulder and grabbing her ice cream she says, “okay, really, enough about me, why are you off the market.”
Another blush spreads across Kara’s face, knowing she can't put this off any longer she mumbles, “Lena and I kissed, well, I kissed her, after our 3rd date, cus uh, we have been going on dates.” She avoids Alex’s eyes, her face on fire as she thinks of dates with Lena. Lena took her to a musical and then a really nice restaurant for their first date, they even went out dancing afterwards, it was magical. Kara, not having the funds Lena has, but wanting a magical second date as well, took Lena to a wide open field. They cuddled on a blanket having a picnic dinner under the stars, and she almost told Lena she loved her after seeing the wonder on her face as Kara named the constellations they could see right now.

Seeing her sister lost in thought Alex clears her throat, “Earth to Kara, are you going to tell me when you and Lena became more than just best friends? Last I checked you were so sure you were straight and now you're kissing Lena Luthor, which, I mean good job sis she's hot, but I am confused.” Alex looks at Kara’s face, her blush reaching the tips of her ears, her eyes looking anywhere but at Alex as she fidgets. She softens her expression as she takes in Kara’s reaction to her questions, moving their ice cream she pulls Kara towards her and hugs her tightly.

“I just like her so much, I think I always did, but I didn't understand it. Alex I think I'm pansexual, like a person's gender has little to no bearing on my ability to be attracted to them. I just, I didn't know how to tell you, being not straight was your thing. I didn't want to take that from you. It’s just, I just, I think I really do love her Alex.” Alex tightens her grip on Kara as she feels tears on her neck.

Pulling back a bit to wipe Kara’s face she replies, “Kara I am not surprised, honestly I could tell you had some form of feelings for Lena, but it wasn't my place to bring them up. Especially not when you were dating Mon-el.” She smiles slightly patting Kara’s knee, “so tell me more, what prompted the dating you two have been doing.”

Blushing redder somehow she mumbles, “I may have told her I think she’s beautiful, and she may have asked to take me out to dinner,” hiding her face in a pillow as Alex processes this.

“Does anyone else know?” as Kara shakes her head Alex smiles wide, “nice, so when are you two going to tell the superfam? James owes Maggie $50,” she laughs at Kara’s offended face.

“One I can’t believe they were betting on me, and also, Lena wanted to tell everyone quickly, I am making things difficult for Jess apparently, but I wanted to tell you first.”
Alex shakes her head, leaning into Kara, “Okay grab my phone and send Jess an edible arrangement as well.”

She sets the delivery for lunch tomorrow before settling back into the couch and cuddling her sister, “Okay pull up Netflix Alex, now that we know we are both super gay I think we should watch ‘But I’m a Cheerleader’ it is must see gay media apparently”

Chuckling at her little sister's antics she settles in, grabbing a pillow and leaning on Kara’s shoulder. There will, no doubt, be mountains of work at the DEO and Catco tomorrow, but for now it’s still Danvers Sisters Night and all is calm.