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Danvers Sisters Week 2K17

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Her girlfriend is stunning, she is always stunning though, and Alex doesn't know how many times she can tell her before it's weird. But lately all she wants to do is tell her that her eyes are like jewels, that her hair is like silk, that she is quite possibly the most awe inspiring woman Alex has ever laid eyes on. To explain to her how grateful she is that she helped Alex be herself, before they met Alex was pretty certain she was destined to die alone. Only good for a drunk quickie at the bar with a stranger, not that she wanted to get to know those flings any better. They were all men, and every man she's dated has always managed to bore her, to make her wonder why she even bothered dating. It didn't occur to her that maybe men were the problem, until it did.

Whenever she brings up her girlfriend Kara laughs, tells her she's going soft. Alex thinks maybe she's finally falling in love, and if that means going soft, well, so be it. It's not as if there's a single person brave enough to call her soft to her face, well except Kara of course. Not that Kara is one to talk, she gushes constantly about how her new girlfriend is so smart, so brave, so kind, that Alex feels like she knows her, even though they haven't met yet.

So when her girlfriend calls, says she wants to have a double date with Alex and her best friend tonight, well, she can't help but agree. Knowing she will be useless to J’onn now, her thoughts full of her girlfriend in a dress and the delicious food they will have, she decides to pack up her experiments a little early. If she hurries she can get home and into the shower with enough time to call Kara and get her help with a nice outfit.

So with a salute and a hug for J’onn she heads out of the DEO. Hopping on her bike she contemplates getting flowers. After deciding they would get destroyed in the wind she calls her sister instead. “Hey Kara, up for playing dress up at my place this time?” she asks taking a particularly sharp turn, glad that she had Winn install bluetooth in her helmet.

“Sure thing Alex, I can't decide between a suit or a dress, we can help each other.” Alex hears Kara grab what sounds like the entire contents of her closest before their connection becomes full of wind. Raising her voice she calls out, “see you at my place in about 15 minutes, pick up flowers if you can!” Barely registering Kara’s affirmative, she ends the call, focusing on getting home quickly in National City evening rush hour.

After no less than 3 traffic driven detours Alex makes it to her apartment. Being sure to lock up her bike she rushes inside, knowing Kara is no doubt waiting for her.

Walking into her apartment the first thing she notices is the couch is covered in Kara’s clothes and her sister is laying on the floor, face down, spread like a starfish. “Kara? What's wrong?” she asks confused but amused.

Her sister stands up, looking more defeated than she has in a long time, “I. Don't. Know. What. To. Wear.” Kara mutters each word punctuated by a clap of her hands.

Shaking her head Alex laughs out, “well let me look at the options, you go into my room and pick out a nice shirt and slacks combo for me please.” she smiles sweetly at her frowning sister.

Shaking her head at her older sister she asks, “bowtie?”

“Obviously,” she looks back the clothes Kara brought over. Deciding maybe the dresses are much too formal, and her sister needs to be refitted for her suit jackets, she grabs a baby blue button down, a pair of dark blue, nearly black jeans, and her black kitten heeled boots.

Alex looks over the outfit she made for her sister once more, nodding that yes, she is still damn good at fashion. As she smirks to herself Kara exits her bedroom with the outfit she choose.

They pause taking in the choices their sister made for them before cracking up. Kara has a green button down, black jeans, and the same exact boots picked out for Alex. Shaking her head Alex grabs her clothes from her sister, directing her to get dressed as well.

After a quick change Alex exits her bedroom to see Kara turning around in circles in the kitchen. She looks so much like a puppy Alex snorts realizing she is trying to catch her reflection in the stainless steel refrigerator.

“Kara stop, you look great!” she laughs grabbing her sister's hand to end her spinning.

“You think she'll like it?”

“Yes, remember that time you were at catco and Lena showed up and said you looked ‘daddy af’ in you new reporter outfit?”

“Yes but neither of you would tell me what it meant.” she pouts, Danvers crinkle in full force.

Leaning towards her sister Alex whispers the meaning, laughing at Kara’s shocked expression.

“This outfit is similar to that, so you thi-”

“Kara don't finish that thought, that is a weird thing to ask me, she'll love the outfit, you'll probably get laid tonight, alright let's go, if we leave now we can get to the restaurant first.” Alex shakes her head before grabbing her purse and keys and pulling her sister out of the apartment.

“I could fly us,” Kara grumbles as they wait for an UBER.

“Not tonight, you'll ruin my hair, you may look perfect after a flight but I won't.” Alex frowns, glad that the UBER pulls up when it does.

After a short ride to Maggiano's, her girlfriend's favorite restaurant, Alex thanks their driver and heads inside. Alex walks up to the Host, “hi I am here with a party of 4 please, the reservation should be under either Luthor or Danvers.” she looks back to Kara to confirm that Lena put the reservations under one of their names.

“Ah yes, Danvers party of 4, their are two women here already, I can show you to the table, one moment.” Alex looks back at her sister, bouncing with excitement, Kara has always wanted to go on a double date and finally she can.

“Alex I see them!” Kara shrieks, a bit too loudly for the ambiance of the room, though Alex glares at the couples and families that shoot her sister dirty looks and they look away. “How did you two beat us here?” Kara calls running over to the two women that have stood from the table.

Alex freezes, staring at her girlfriend, her eyes wide. She is always beautiful, always brilliant, always the first thing in the room that Alex’s eyes fall on, but tonight she is beyond stunning. Gulping hard Alex walks over, taking in the deep neckline of the dress and feeling her mouth dry as she stares into her eyes.

“So I take it you like my dress Ms. Danvers?” she asks meeting Alex on the far side of the table and pulling her in for a kiss. A kiss that makes her swoon, moaning slightly into her girlfriend's mouth Alex deepens their kiss.

“Ahem,” Kara looks at her sister her face scrunched up in disgust. “I love that you both are so happy together, my sister and my best friend, but Rao Lena please stop making my sister moan in public, and more importantly, stop making her moan in front of me.” Kara groans, shaking her head at the couple.

“Oh let them be Kara, they are happy,” Diana laughs tugging her girlfriend in for a kiss as well. Alex snorts when Kara moans into Diana’s mouth.

“Wow, hypocritical Kara,” Alex shakes her head, pulling out a chair for Lena as her sister pouts.

Settling down to have a four course Italian dinner is just what Alex needed tonight. It helps when her girlfriend is able to get them into just about any restaurant with just her name. The people of national city were really grateful for the way she contributed to ending the Daxamite invasion. So as the conversation settles around her Alex relaxes, glad to be spending time with her favorite people.

“Earth to Alex,” she shakes her head, pulled out of staring at Lena, for the 100th time tonight, by Kara. “I asked if you wanted to take the girls for “bike rides” tonight?” knowing that when Kara says that she means Alex riding a bike while she flies, she nods.

“Sound like a great way to wrap up the date, we can take them down to the beach, no one will be their tonight, it looks like it’s going to rain.” Alex smirks at Lena before motioning to their server to bring the check over. “Besides you and Diana almost never get to “ride” together outside of work.” Alex states, looking questioningly at the blush spreading across her sister's face.

“Yeah, you’re right we don’t” Kara chuckles awkwardly taking a large sip of water.

“Kara why are you being so weird, you’d think you two have flown naked or something.” she laughs, grabbing the check from the server before Lena can take it.

“Or something,” Diana smirks, making Kara choke on her water.

“Okay, too much information. Changing the subject now.” Alex shakes her head, dodging Lena’s attempt to grab for the check, as Diana laughs and Kara tries not to choke on anymore water.

“Okay I have a subject, give me the check Alex.” Lena says glaring at her girlfriend, her hand extended palm up and her lips pressed together tightly. If one didn’t know her well they would think she was truly angry.

Chuckling merrily at Lena’s attempt to be scary she shakes her head, “No way Lee, you always pay, tonight is my treat.” she laughs again at Lena’s angry huff.

“Should we break this lovers quarrel up?” Diana asks looking between Lena’s glare and Alex’s self satisfied smirk with apprehension.

“No let them be, it’s how they bond, and besides, our dinner will be free either way.” Kara smiles widely, leaning her head on her girlfriend's shoulder.

Lena continues trying more and more elaborate ways to get the check from Alex, including sitting on her lap and kissing her while trying to grab it. “Your distraction techniques won’t work Lee, I am a trained agent,” Alex sticks her tongue out, giving the book back to the server with a smirk.

“I hate you Alex danvers,” she pouts standing when she sees the server return with her girlfriends card.

“No you don’t, you love me Ms. Luthor” Alex replies cheekily, standing and offering her arm to Lena.

“You two are dorks,” Kara giggles taking Diana’s hand as they exit the restaurant.

Seeing Lena’s driver at the corner they all walk over, deciding it best to head to Alex’s apartment as a group, especially since Diana and Lena have to switch into jeans before the four of them commence part two of their date night.

They take a quick jaunt over to Alex’s apartment, where Lena grabs a pair of her jeans and a tee shirt that she left there. Alex offers Diana pair of shorts,both of them knowing she isn’t going to fit into the shorter woman's jeans. After tugging on a black tank, and gaining an appreciative nod from Kara, Diana tugs her girlfriend over to the apartment window, calling over her shoulder, “you two drive safe we will meet you on the far side of the beach, our secret cove, in an hour.”

Watching her sister and friend jump out the window, Alex smiles grabbing Lena’s hand to head out for their ride. It isn't the first time she’s taken Lena on the bike, but it’s the first time the have driven this fast. Lena almost never gets to see Alex let loose completely, but when she’s on her bike, all the tension of the agent seems to fly away. So she snuggles closer, her head in the space between Alex’s shoulder blades as they ride up and down the beach.

Kara always loved flying, the freedom, the exhilaration, but flying with Diana is magical. They head far out over the ocean, racing and twirling and just enjoying the night air. Kara lays flat Diana flying directly above her. Smiling up at her girlfriend Kara flips them, kissing Diana soundly as they fly, just barely above the waves. Moving to float lazily next to her, Kara dips her hand into the ocean, the other extended towards Diana. They fly slowly, holding hands as they stare up at the moon.

After an hour of alone time both couples arrive at their hideaway, a small inlet on the far west edge of the beach that is hard to find unless you know where to look. Settling in the sand, Lena snuggled into Alex’s chest, Kara’s head in Diana’s lap they look at the ocean. None of them feel the need to talk, deciding to just lay, enjoy the calm night that they so rarely get. As Alex strokes Lena’s hair, Kara’s eyes becoming heavy at the rhythmic passing of Diana’s hand along her arm, they all sigh, enjoying the cool breeze and peaceful sounds of the ocean.