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Midoriya had been dating Todoroki for almost a year now.

He couldn't believe how fast the time had flown by, how happy he was with him. He crushed on him for a good portion of their first year, building up the courage to ask him out before bottling like a coward the moment Todoroki turned to him.

Uraraka had been the one to finally push him the extra mile and basically locked the two of them in their homeroom classroom. Stammering and blushing furiously, Midoriya asked Todoroki if he wanted to get ice-cream at the end of the school day.

A rare look of surprise graced Todoroki's face and he was silent for a long while. Midoriya was about to climb out of the window to his death when Todoroki finally answered with a yes.

The rest was history. The two got on like wildfire, Midoriya worked steadily on bringing down Todoroki's strong walls, his patience unwavering as Todoroki relaxed more and more around him.

Their first kiss had been on New Year's Eve. The two boys, hand in hand, watched the clock tick down to the new year. Just before the countdown hit zero, Todoroki cupped Midoriya's chin, looking at him softly. The question was plain in his eyes, and Midoriya was hopeless to resist.

The first time they had sex was unplanned.

The wildfire section of the USJ was Midoriya's least favorite place to do exercises in. He hated the heat and the moment he stepped inside his suit clung to his sweating skin.

Midoriya and Iida made up a team of rescuers who needed to track down and rescue the victims; Todoroki and Momo were hidden somewhere in the sweltering arena. It only took ten minutes or so to find them, but to Midoriya it felt like years. He was drenched in sweat, lungs aching from the dry air he forced into them.

Using his Quirk to break a door off its hinges he found his prize leaning against the opposite wall, "Ah, there you are, Todo-"

His mouth went dry, and it wasn't from the heat.

Similar to Midoriya, Todoroki was drenched in sweat. His hero costume was clinging to him in all the right places, showing off his lithe figure. His hair was brushed back, staying in place thanks to his sweaty skin, his face flushed an attractive pink.

Midoriya swallowed thickly.

Todoroki approached him, activating his right side, vapor rolling off his fingers. He placed his ice chilled hand against Midoriya's cheek and the green haired boy rumbled at the back of his throat. The cool hand felt like heaven in the sweltering heat.

Unable to stop himself, Midoriya leaned into Todoroki's hand, encouraging him to move lower. Todoroki obliged, spreading his fingers across Midoriya's throat.
They looked at each other, Midoriya's eyes half lidded. The tension in the air came to a head when Todoroki kissed him hard, keeping his ice on Midoriya's throat. Midoriya immediately opened his mouth to play with his tongue - delighted to find the muscle cooled as well. The relief from the clinging heat came as a blessing.

Todoroki pulled away, their lips a hairs breadth apart, "After class is finished, come to my room."
The implication sent shivers down Midoriya's spine, heat travelling down his already hot body to settle in his hips.

Waiting outside his room, Midoriya wrung his hands. He was nervous, but holy shit was he extremely turned on. He'd been waiting for an opportunity to ask about being intimate with his boyfriend for some time now. He thought himself lucky everything turned out in his favor.

Todoroki opened the door in nothing but his briefs, his face and chest flushed. A very noticeable tent south of his belly drew Midoriya's eyes immediately.

"Come here," he purred.

Midoriya's feet moved on their own, falling into his embrace, lips meeting.

Their first time was slow and intense. Midoriya on his back and Todoroki above. He thought it uncomfortable at first, the burn he felt when Todoroki pushed into him was muted by the constant stream of encouraging words in his ear.

Midoriya enjoyed being a bottom. He liked being able to pleasure Todoroki with his body. It gave him a sense of pride to watch his face scrunch up in pleasure, to hear him moan his name when it became too much.

He didn't mind when Todoroki got rough, either. He trusted him, allowing himself to relax and feel everything. However, Midoriya had an itch under his skin. He loved Todoroki very much and enjoyed taking his cock, but Midoriya found himself fantasizing while alone. He decided to bring it up with Todoroki the next time they were intimate.

He didn't have to wait long. After a dull and boring school day, Todoroki asked him if he could come over to his dorm. His eyes were smoldering, promising he wanted something more than just watching TV or studying.

Sure enough, the moment the two shut the door, Midoriya's back was pressed against the wall, a heavy, strong body pressed to his front. He moaned into Todoroki's mouth, hands fisting in his shirt.

Staying lip locked, they moved to the bed, shedding their clothes along the way. Todoroki bent his knees to scoop Midoriya up, peppering his neck with kisses. He dropped him gently onto the bed, following him down. Midoriya found his hands in Todoroki's hair, pulling lightly when his mouth traced a hot path down to his collar bones.

When he felt Todoroki's hand move to his hips to pull off his boxers, he stopped him.

Todoroki looked up at him, brow furrowed, "What's wrong? Do you want to stop?"

Midoriya shook his head, pressing a kiss to his cheek, "Nothing's wrong, I just wanted to ask you if we could do something different this time."

Todoroki propped himself up on his elbows, silently inviting him to continue.

Midoriya swallowed, suddenly nervous, "I-I was.... wondering if I time?"

A heartbeat passed.

Todoroki let out a long breath through his nose, a strange grumble in his throat.

"Only if you want to though!" Midoriya looked at the ceiling to hide his blush. He wanted to say more, but Todoroki sat up fully, scooping Midoriya up at the same time. He flipped them over, holding their hips together, "If you want to top then I'm fine with that."

Midoriya's stomach swooped with nerves. His mind raced with possible outcomes and any dangers that came with what he wanted to do. What if he hurt him? He wasn't the most well-endowed but even so he could cause a tear if he rushed the preparation.

He must've been crisisng for too long because Todoroki tapped his thigh to get his attention, "Do you want me to help you?"

Midoriya nodded.

Todoroki shifted his hips, pulling his briefs off and chucking them away to an indiscriminate part of the room. Next, he moved onto Midoriya's, pecking a few kisses to his chest to calm his racing heartbeat.

With both of them now naked, Midoriya took a moment to admire his boyfriend's body. He smoothed a hand across the washboard abs, feather like touches across his waist. Todoroki sighed.

His eyes flickered down to his hips, grinning at the straining cock he found. Seems he wasn't the only one getting excited. Todoroki reached over to his side table, grabbing a bottle of lube and a condom packet from the top drawer.

Ripping the packet open with his teeth, Todoroki skillfully pinched the tip and rolled it onto Midoriya's waiting cock. He squirted a healthy amount of lube onto the tip, spreading it leisurely with a few firm tugs. Midoriya bit his lip and hummed.

Handing Midoriya the lube, Todoroki leaned back against the pillows, eyes half lidded, muscles rippling as he stretched, "I'm ready for you."

Midoriya flushed as his cock twitched. There's no way he didn't see that.

He shifted himself so he was kneeling between Todoroki's legs, getting ready to start prepping him, when he had an idea.

"Hey, roll over onto your stomach for me."

Todoroki obeyed without question, propping his chin up with an arm under the pillows. He looked back at him over his shoulder, waiting.

Midoriya hummed, what a beautiful view. He gave Todoroki's ass a firm squeeze before lubing his fingers up.

His heart was hammering. He was both excited and nervous, much to his annoyance. Todoroki trusted him, as he did him. He had nothing to worry about. Calm down.

Remembering back to when he had his first time, Midoriya ran through the same motions.

With his clean hand he held his cheeks apart, the other rubbed lubed fingers gently against his entrance.

Todoroki jumped slightly, "You didn't warm that up very well, dear."

Midoriya blanched, "Ah! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" He fumbled with the bottle, attempting to get more out onto his hand and warm it up properly.

Going in for his second attempt, Midoriya made sure the lube was warm, rubbing the same circles as before, applying slightly more pressure this time. He flicked his eyes up to Todoroki's face to gauge his reaction; Todoroki was breathing evenly, eyes closed and brows furrowed in concentration. Midoriya found it incredibly endearing.

He kept his eyes on Todoroki's face as he dipped a finger inside to the first knuckle. Todoroki gasped lightly.

"You okay?" Midoriya asked.

Todoroki nodded, "Keep going."

Encouraged, Midoriya pumped his finger, sinking deeper with each push until eventually his index finger was sitting comfortably inside him. His inner walls were soft and warm, he shivered at the prospect of having his cock in him, how incredible it would feel. His dick twitched in agreement.

Midoriya was sure to go slow, keeping it to one finger until Todoroki was practically squirming.

He added a second finger, pumping faster this time.

Todoroki moaned softly, the sound shooting straight to Midoriya's dick.

Todoroki looked back at him, "More, please."

Midoriya groaned, gripping his hip tighter and putting more force behind his fingers, the obscene squelching noises making him blush. Todoroki's breathing was erratic, ragged. His hands pulled at the sheets, barely being able to keep himself still.

He cried out when Midoriya pushed a third in.

"You still okay?" Midoriya's voice was pinched, arousal putting weight to his breath.

"I'm fine, just please, for the love of god fuck me already."

Midoriya trembled, his cock howling at him to get on with it.

Withdrawing his fingers, he quickly wiped them on the duvet before getting himself comfortable, slick cock resting against Todoroki's ass. Todoroki placed a pillow under his hips, giving his back a delicious arch to it.

Midoriya licked his lips, a wicked thought permeating his mind.

He leaned over, lips brushing against the shell of Todoroki's ear, "I'd bite the pillow if I were you. It's going to get rough."

Not giving him time to respond, Midoriya held tightly to his hips and pushed inside Todoroki in one smooth thrust, burying himself to the hilt. Todoroki choked on a moan, the sound music to Midoriya's ears.

He wasted no time setting a quick pace, hand gripping the firm ass under him, rocking his hips. Todoroki was clenching around him, walls tight and hot. Midoriya kept his breathing steady, focusing on keeping a good rhythm. Slow pleasure building behind his navel. His legs shook with the effort of not going all out. He listened to the keening noises coming from Todoroki, committing them to memory.

The slap of skin was loud in the small, quiet room. Todoroki's moans were muffled by the pillow between his teeth, the muscles along his spine flexing and twitching with each thrust. Midoriya wanted to hear him more, see his pleasured face. Leaning over, he grabbed a fistful of his hair and pulled. Todoroki gasped like he was coming up from a dive, panting. He angled his head back, fixing his bright blue eye on Midoriya.

He groaned, changing angles and rocking into him with barely a pause between thrusts. This was a good move, it seemed, as Todoroki let out a startled shout and arched his hips into his thrusts.

Midoriya's breath came in ragged pants, his control waning. His hips struggled to keep their steady rhythm as the pleasure mounted in his balls. He let go of Todoroki's hair and lifted his left leg up so he was laying on his side, hooking the leg over his shoulder.

Todoroki's cock had leaked copious amounts of pre-come, smothering his abdomen until it glistened. It was an angry red color and looked in dire need of attention.
Midoriya continued to slam into him, his release creeping down his spine. Using the leg over his shoulder for leverage he pushed into him as deep as he could. Todoroki whimpered, pushing himself back to meet Midoriya's cock.

It surprised Midoriya just how vocal Todoroki was on the receiving end. Usually he would grunt softly or moan quietly when he came. But now he was a whimpering mess. Eyes screwed shut, mouth open and panting. Midoriya loved it.

Todoroki attempted to reach down to his weeping cock, to give himself some much-needed relief, but Midoriya slapped his hand away. Todoroki looked at him, a desperate light in his eyes.

"You will come when I tell you to," he purred.

Todoroki's eyes flashed with arousal and he moaned softly, rolling his hips down onto Midoriya.

Midoriya hissed, bending the leg on his shoulder towards Todoroki's chest, snapping his hips forward.

Over the sound of skin slapping and his own labored breathing, he heard quiet whispering. To his surprise it was Todoroki mumbling a combination of please, Midoriya, god, yes, more.

Midoriya's hips trembled as he slammed into him, his release balancing on a knife edge. He noticed Todoroki diligently keeping his hands away from his straining cock, instead keeping them fisted in the sheets. The sight warmed his heart.

The two locked eyes, pleasure burning.

"Come for me," Midoriya breathed.

Todoroki's hands were on his cock in a second, a wilting cry rising in his throat, jerking once, twice, before he came undone. With a hoarse shout, Todoroki shot come all the way up to his neck, smearing his chest and abdomen in hot ropes. Steam erupted from his skin, the distinct smell of burning bed sheets filling the air.

Midoriya moaned low and long, the hot walls around his cock squeezing tight and fluttering with Todoroki's release, pushing him over into his own orgasm.

White flashes burst behind his eyelids, muscles trembling as the pleasure washed over him, shooting load after load.

He slumped, panting, body completely spent.

The two stayed still a while, catching their breath, Midoriya still buried in him.

Midoriya recovered first, shifting back and letting his cock slip free. Todoroki hissed at the over stimulation and Midoriya rubbed his thigh apologetically.
Tying off the full condom and throwing it away, Midoriya rolled off the bed to grab a towel from the bathroom. Todoroki watched him through his eyelashes, a blissful look on his face. Returning a few moments later he perched himself on the edge of the bed, gently toweling off the mess from Todoroki's skin.

Todoroki mumbled something, barely moving his lips.

"What?" Midoriya grinned.


Midoriya rolled his eyes playfully, laughing. Tossing the towel aside he leant over him, pressing his lips against his. Todoroki cupped his jaw tenderly, sighing against his lips.
Midoriya bumped their noses together when they parted, smiling like the sun.

His eyes flickered to the side suddenly, face going pale.

"What?" Todoroki followed his gaze.

A large, charred hole had appeared in his bed sheets by his shoulder, a few wisps of smoke still rising from it.

Todoroki cradled his head in his hands and groaned. Midoriya laughed.

"I have some spare sheets you can use," he said, pecking a kiss to his cheek. "Not sure how you're going to get burnt sheets past the steward though..."

"I'll just burn them when everyone is asleep. No one will know."

Midoriya's eyes flashed with mischief, "And no one will know how loud you are when you're taking it up th-"

He shrieked when Todoroki dug his fingers into his ribs, tickling him.

"That is for you to know and no one else. No one else deserves to."

Midoriya smiled, snuggling up into his neck.

They drifted off to sleep, a pair of hearts beating soundly together in the darkening night.