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The smell was deafening. Biologically that seemed improbable, but this smell somehow managed to attack every sense. Every couple of meters, their eyes would tear up, and they'd have to wipe them away using their sleeves or wrists. The murkiness of the Bog of Stench made them not only inhale the worst scents they could imagine, but it was also damp and hot. The damp silent wetness of the swamp was only perturbed by the various fart and burp noises that emerged from the stinking bog. At first, Mabel thought it was rather funny. Fart noises were after all the first thing she laughed at when she was young. But after a couple of minutes, the noises, the slippery rock and the stink of the Bog of Stench was enough to make Mabel miss even Dipper's Worst Teenage Boy Smell.  
Ludo seemed to agree. 'Smeeelll' he grumbled, waving his hand in front of his nose.  
'Urghhhh' said Hoggle, pointing to the right. He had been saying not much more than 'Urrrgghh' in the last couple of minutes, but he had also been showing the way.  
Mabel took off Dipper's hat and put it under her sweater. She didn't want to risk it smelling even worse, for Wendy's sake.  
After five more minutes (though it was hard to tell) they came to a bridge, where Hoggle let out his loudest and longest 'UUUURRRRGGGH' yet.   
'What is it? The smell is the same here, right?' Mabel asked.  
Hoggle pointed at a figure standing in a little toll-booth near the bridge.  
'UUURRRGGGH' Hoggle said again, pointing at the figure. Now it was less a sound of suffering, but more of annoyance, like those three people you always get in front of you in school hallways.  
'Do you direct your "URRRGGGH" at me, sir?' The figure asked, and stepped outside of his little toll-booth. Now it stepped into the snot-colored light, they could see that it was a sort of fox-like creature, with huge mustachio-like whiskers and an embroidered coat and pants, finished by a elaborate blue hat with a yellow feather in it. They all stood in silence for a while, looking between Hoggle and the fox. 
'URGH' Hoggle said finally, indicating the entire place.  
'He means that this place is YUCK, not just you' Mabel said kindly. 
'This place? This place? Well, child, I must say you insult my good home! For truly, this place is terrific! Just smell that sweet summer-breeze!' The fox said.  
'Smeeellll' Ludo said.  
'It does not smell at all, sir!'  
'Yah, it does. It smells like heaps of goblin-dung and rotting cabbage!' Hoggle said. 
'Nah, it smells like bad tuna and rotten eggs and mould!' Mabel said. 
'Nuh-uh. Goblin dung' said Hoggle. 
'Cease this!' said the fox. 'If I, Sir Didymus, say this is a good smell, then a good smell it must be. I am a fox, sirs and madam. My sense of smell is keener than yours.' 
'Smeeeelll' said Ludo, not wanting to be left out.  
'Why, sir, doth thou provoke me? En Garde, great beast!' 
And with that, the fox named Sir Didymus leapt onto Ludo. Ludo simply batted one hand to get the fox away, but Didymus held on. A fight broke out between the two, during which Hoggle managed to cross the bridge.  
'Hey! None crosses the bridge without my permissi-OW!' Sir Didymus yelled, for Ludo had just stuck him headfirst into a treetrunk.  
Didymus emerged from it, a few seconds later.  
'Dear sir! You have truly shown me what fighting is! From now on I name you brother, and will be your friend until the sun sets in the east!' 
'Ludo got bwoo-tthheeerrr' Ludo said.  
'And to you, good lady, I thank you for not crossing the bridge. For you know, none may cross this bridge without my permission!' Didymus finished. 
'Well, I need to find my brother...' Mabel said. 'You... don't want to help us, by any chance?'  
'A QUEST! A QUEST! FINALLY! A QUEST! Fair lady, I pledge my sword to you, and my steed. AMBROSIUS, COME HITHER!'  
With that, a furry dog came out of the murky shadows, and Sir Didymus climbed onto him.  
'AAAW, HE'S SO FLUFFY!' Mabel squealed, letting the dog smell her hand. The dog reared up unto his back legs, and licked her face.  
'YOU'RE SO CUTE! LIKE WADDLES! Gosh, I miss Waddles...' Mabel sighed.  
'Is this "Waddles" your steed, dear lady?' Sir Didymus asked. 
'Well, kinda... Yeah. Yeah, he is, but he needs to grow a bit more. Shall we go?' 
'Yes, of cour—Wait. My sacred oath! None may cross this bridge without my permission!' 
'How about you give us your permission?' Mabel asked.  
'That... Is a very valid point, my lady. Permission has been granted! ONWARDS, AMBROSIUS!' He charged forward, then came to a sudden stop.  
'Oh, Great Scott, where are my manners! Ladies first, of course!'  
'Why thank you, gallant knight!' Mabel said, bobbing a little curtsey. Sir Didymus was overjoyed and bowed back, taking off his hat.  
Mabel considered the bridge. It didn't look good. It looked like a bad bridge. It was a small rope bridge, riddled by mould and rot, it seemed.  She thought she would maybe get over her fear of the bridge as she got over the bridge, but she took her grappling hook from under her sweater anyway.  
And she was absolutely right to do so. As soon as she had gone halfway the bridge, the board underneath her crumbled apart like slimy mouldy apple pie. Thinking fast, she shot her grappling hook upwards. It lodged in a tree trunk, and stuck. The tree rained green murky slime on her. She managed to avoid it largely, though a sizable chunk fell on her head. She felt it run down her long hair like an egg cracked on your head. She shivered. Now she would never feel clean again, as long as she was in the Labyrinth. Ah well, she'd just have to get out of it.  
The only problem was, she had lost all velocity that the grappling hook could have given her. She hung suspended by the grappling hook over the murky depths of the Bog of Eternal Stench.  
When he saw what had happened, Ludo began to roar. Hoggle came back to see what the trouble was, just in time to witness the effect of Ludo's roar. Rocks tumbled from the walls and landed in the bog, making little fart noises, but also making a little path for Mabel to safely land on. She quickly went over to Hoggle, who tried to help her get the gunk out of her hair.  
'Why dear brother, does thou summon the very rocks?' Didymus asked, turning to Ludo. 
'Suuurreee. Rocks fwiieeenddss' Ludo rumbled, smiling. He stepped on to the first rock. It made a fart sound, but it held his weight. Ludo made his way over to Mabel and Hoggle, closely followed by Sir Didymus and his dog-steed.  
'There! Light!' Hoggle said.  
They all went over to check it out, and found yet another part of the Labyrinth. This part certainly smelled better and was covered by dense forestry.   
'This one leads straight to the city!' Hoggle said.  
'Ah! A battle! I can smell it coming!' Didymus rejoiced. 
'You can't smell at all, ya daft fox' 
'Oh, but I can!' 
'Can not' 
'Can too!' 
'Can not' 
'Can too!' 
This went on for a little while. Meanwhile, Mabel slid back to the back of the little group. She had tried brushing her hair out with her grappling hook, but that had failed. She still smelled like the Bog of Eternal Stench.  
'May-belll smeellll' Ludo told her affectionately. 
'That's right, Ludo' Mabel said. 'And I'm afraid that I'll smell bad forever...'  
'May-bel fwieeendd.' Ludo said conclusively.  
'Do you mean you'll still love me, even though I stink forever?' Mabel asked hopefully. 
'Fwieeeeenndd' said Ludo.  
'Thank you, Ludo' said Mabel. 
Ludo smiled.  
After a while of walking through the forest, they were all starting to get really thirsty. The sun beat down through the wet leaves, making the forest damp and steaming. Where the sweat in the Bog of Stench had clung to their skins, this sweat ran down their backs in little rivers.  
'Waaa-tteeerr' Ludo rumbled.  
'Yeah, yeah. We're all thirsty. Wish there was wa'er around 'ere, but...' Hoggle trailed off. He waddled off into the bushes, followed closely by Mabel, Didymus and Ludo. 
They stood together in front of a very large fountain.  
'Fountain of Water' its sign said.  
Mabel laughed, while Hoggle scoffed at the stupid name. Sir Didymus seemed to think it was a perfectly normal name for a fountain.  
Mabel was already going forward to it, when Hoggle held her back.  
'Hang on there, kid.  What if it's a trick? What if it's poison?' he asked. 
Mabel simply pointed to Ludo, who had dunked his face into the water and was taking huge gulps.  
They waited for a moment to see if anything would happen to Ludo, but Ludo merely stood, seeming content and hydrated, waiting for them to use the fountain too.  
Didymus lead AMBROSIUS to the fountain, too, so they could both drink.  
Mabel shrugged at Hoggle. She took off her shoes, and went into the fountain. She held her hair under the water first.  
The water on her dirty hair felt like a blessing from above. She stuck out her tongue to taste it. It was sweeter than she thought. The sweet water from the fountain filled her mouth. Bubbles came up around her. She felt... good. The air was cooler here. The scent was good... It smelled of warm wood, like in a sauna. Soft music filled her ears. 
Her hands went down to stroke soft fabric that clung to her chest and fluttered around her legs. She blinked slowly and looked down. A white huge ballgown swished around her feet. It had poofy sleeves and a whole lot of sparkles. Her hair, which usually hung down her back, was done up in a beautiful style, curling at the nape of her neck and piled on her head like the ladies in the paintings Mabel had seen once at the museum. Soft silver framed her face and tinkling silver chains came down her neck. She glanced in the mirror next to her. She looked like one of the fairies in one of Dipper's favourite movies: The Ring King. She sighed in delight. 
She swayed, admiring the dress in the mirror. The dress fluttered like wings in a breeze. She looked closely. The skirt was made of wings. Slight and small butterfly wings in all shades of white. The butterflies flapped their wings. They were alive.  
Her hand was taken by a stranger, and she was spun around into a dance. The stranger she danced with wore a mask with a bird beak and feathers framing the face. Behind the mask, beautiful eyes glistened invitingly. Before she could open her mouth to speak to him, she was whirled around to the next partner. This one was tall, and an even better partner than the previous one was. The stranger smiled. The glamour was so powerful that Mabel smiled back. She allowed herself to be swept up in the dance. Her feet were floating, her dress fluttered. She turned and twirled. She danced and sang along to the luring songs of the party. Everything sparkled. It was so pretty. It was so perfect.. Like Mabel Land... 
'...time to burst your BUBBLE!... you don't want to be in this fantasy world... ... We'll do it together... Let's grow up together... grow up together... come home... a good person, Mabel your eyes again... Hahaha! That's my girl!... Mabel...Mabel...MABEL!'  
The voices of her family rang in her ears. Where was Dipper? And if everything was so perfect, where were Grunkle Ford and Grunkle Stan? And why on earth was everything so shiny? Mabel rubbed her eyes, dislodging the glamour. She saw she was dancing with the Goblin King. He took her hand and spun her around. She was reminded being spun around by Grunkle Stan, though the King was taller and less broad-shouldered. Now that she could see through his glamour, she could see that the King's gaze wasn't one of beauty, but of cruelty. And he didn't feel like Grunkle Stan, with his easy-going attitude and old-man-knees. This felt... more refined, somehow...Predatory. She missed her Grunkle. 
 Suddenly, it was like she could hear his voice again.  
'… giant freakin trap! Get the heck out, pumpkin!'  
'..Okay, Grunkle Stan.' Mabel muttered, and tore herself away from the dance. She ran to the edge of a party, where a giant mirror stood. The mirror didn't reflect the party, and Mabel knew why. 
'I can't believe I gotta do this stuff again' she muttered. She picked up a giant candelabra, and smashed the mirror.  
She fell, and it seemed she fell forever, as if she was in the bottomless pit. Glitter and feathers fell around her. She remembered a girl named Alice falling down a hole as well. Then she forgot. She remembered being stinky. She recognised she wasn't anymore. Then she forgot.  
She woke up with a cry of 'Dipper!'  
Then she wondered what a Dipper was.  
Then, for no reason to her, she got angry. She remembered being angry a lot, lately. But why? 
Well, she was sure she was a good person. She felt it deep inside her.  
If she was a good person, why would she be so angry if it wasn't for a good cause?  Tears filled her eyes. But they were good tears. Strong tears.  She let the anger fill up her entire body, until she stood tall with pure rage. And with the rage came remembrance. 
She screamed her defiance against the night sky.  
She started to walk. She only noticed now that she had fallen into a sort of garbage dump. It didn't smell as bad as the Bog of Stench, but the entire area was grimy and grey. Figures moved between the thrash piles, picking up items and taking them away. Mabel picked up a glue gun and looked at it confusedly.  
'Well, now dear, wouldn't you like to have all your pretty little craft supplies back?' The thrash pile next to her moved. It revealed the form of a thrash lady, who seemed to carry her entire house on her back.  
'NO!' Mabel screamed in her face. 'I'VE JUST COME HERE TO GET MY FREAKING BROTHER BACK. GO AWAY!' Mabel turned and ran, tossing aside the glue gun.  
Dipper watched the King stare in his crystal ball, looking at Mabel yell against the sky. He was glad. If something had made Mabel angry enough to make her yell at the sky, he was certain Mabel would be here soon. But the king watched her every move... 
The clock was at half past eleven. Dipper made up his mind. If this was a dream, he was sure as heck going to make it end well. With his broken leg he couldn't do much, but he could give Mabel time.  
Dipper watched his sister take the sky to task in Jareth's crystal ball, something like pride swelling in his chest. He wasn't sure that anything would come of her doing this, but he appreciated the sentiment nonetheless, and envisioned the sky turning a few shades paler as she unleashed her fury upon it. 
Jareth's gaze as he watched this was cool and calculating, and Dipper found himself thinking of Gideon, and the gnomes, and about how Mabel had probably reached her limit with strange men's expectations of her. 
'You're not doing anything new, you know,' Dipper found himself saying, sounding bored despite the pain he was in and his exhaustion. Jareth looked up, upper lip curling in distaste. 
'I'm quite sure your little mind has already collapsed under the pressure of all that it is I'm doing here.' He smirked, and Dipper glowered. 
'Stupid logic defying stairs,' he muttered. They'd made no sense, they were something to be appreciated as art, not navigated like...physically.  
Jareth seemed content in his insult, and peered back at the globe. Dipper watched him. It was true, there was a lot about this place he found viscerally upsetting. But he was used to upsetting. More, he was kind of bored with it. Broken legs hurt like hell and his Escher adventure had scrambled his head more than he'd like to admit, but he'd suffered worse, and he'd survived it. He'd survive this, too.  
And Mabel? Mabel never had any tolerance for men who sought her affections via trickery and sabotage. He was pretty sure half of what was driving her journey through this manifestation of Jareth's narcisscism was just how incredibly done she was with things like this happening to her. They were kids, man! How many times was she gonna have to deal with this? How many times was Dipper going to go head to head with an aesthetically challenged villain? 
 He didn't care anymore.  
'You're still doing nothing new,' he told Jareth, who sighed. 
'The Labyrinth is a-' 
Jareth glared up at him. 'The Labyrinth is-' 
'Do not interrupt me.' 
'Or, what, you'll get mean? Let me brace for that, man, such a shocking demeanour change might give me whiplash.' 
Years of politics and Sarahs had made Jareth forget what actual insults were like. Sarahs never insulted him. They just cowered before him, always looking beautiful. And he had been so frightening. Those were good days.  
He wasn't sure about it before, but he hated teenagers with a passion now. Especially twins.  
Babies, now. Babies were easy. Half of his army had been babies, once.  
He regretted that he couldn't hurt Dipper all that much. At least, not before the clock struck 13. He had tried hurting a Toby once. That didn't end well. His face and... other parts still felt phantom pains from the rage of that particular Sarah.  
Jareth walked to the end of the room, trying not to hear Dipper's insults. Dipper responded by raising his voice.  
That did it. With a growl, Jareth went over to the cage and grabbed Dipper at the collar. He carried him one-handed to the Escher Chamber, as Dipper called it in his head, and casually threw him from the ledge. Dipper fell.  
And was caught again by the King, who was upside-down. He held Dipper above the abyss, again by his collar. 
'Oh, Mason,' the King taunted. 'Don't you know your sister will choose to stay with me, in the end?'  
'She won't. And my name is DIPPER!' 
Dipper bit the King's hand.  
Dipper was dropped again. And caught. Taunted at. And dropped. Until the whole world went upside down and his stomach rebelled against him. And yet he fought. He thought it would be the end, every single time Jareth dropped him. Sometimes Jareth didn't catch him quickly enough, and Dipper felt more and more bruises form. His ribs were cracked, he tasted blood in his mouth, and yet he fought.  
Mabel ran and ran, and as she ran, she could hear footsteps behind her. But these weren't the footsteps of king or goblin. They sounded like... Like...  
'A dog?' Mabel whispered to herself. 
'Verily, good lady! Onwards, Ambrosius! To the City!' Sir Didymus called, astride on Ambrosius, who was running along beside her.  
'Where's the-' Mabel began, but she soon found out where the rest of her friends were, for there came Ludo, knuckling along on his long legs and arms, holding Hoggle under one arm like a football.  
Hoggle said something, but his mouth was muffled by Ludo's fur.  
Sir Didymus, however, was about to say the same.  
'Ambrosius, HALT! We have arrived, good lady!' 
They stood together at the entrance to the city. A guard stood napping at his post, his bronze armour gone half-green with water damage.  
'Where do you reckon Dipper is?' Mabel asked in a whisper. 
'e's probably at the tallest tower' Hoggle said morosely. He had just been put down by Ludo, and looked glum about the whole situation.  
'Then that's where I'm going. Can you distract the goblins?' Mabel asked. 
'Of course, my fair lady! To WAAAARR!' Sir Didymus yelled and knocked over the guard to the city. It fell with a clang and woke up. Ludo opened the doors to the city.  
Hoggle turned to Mabel.  
'How are you getting there?'  
Mabel once more took her grappling hook out of her sweater. She winked.  
'See ya!' She smiled, and shot upwards.  
'Call us when you need us! ONWARDS, AMBROSIUS!' Sir Didymus called after her, already fighting the goblins.  
Mabel swung quickly around the city using her grappling hook. She giggled to herself. Grunkle Ford would have a field day if he saw her like this, swinging around like a superhero. 
When she came to the tallest tower, she hoped the rope would be long enough.  
It was.  
The sounds of the battle dimmed as Mabel landed lightly on the floor of the throne room. Months of using her grappling hook had given her immense control over the thing. She looked around. The giant clock next to the throne was at a quarter to twelve. Where was Dipper?  
She didn't see him, but she did see an incredibly big glass ball. It looked important. Using her grappling hook, she threw it out of the window. She could hear it shatter below.  
She started opening and closing doors. One room held an enormous amount of white pigeons that all flew out when she opened it. Another held a mountain of glitter. Mabel didn't want to do anything with it, for once. Another held what seemed to be the entrance to a forest, much darker than she had seen before. A figure with a lantern walked in the distance, singing a forlorn song.  
She closed that door quickly.  
When she came to the last door, she heard Dipper. 
'Do your worst.' Mabel heard Dipper's weak voice from beyond the door. 'This isn't real, anyway' he said.  
She opened the door to reveal a chamber of upside-down stairs and cray-cray ceilings.  
Jareth held Dipper by the collar over a ledge. Neither of them saw her. They were just fixed on each other. Rage poured from the King's eyes.  
Dipper's legs were dangling above the abyss below him.  
'Don't test me, boy. I have an army' Jareth said.  
Dipper swallowed, but bravely replied: 'I have a sister'  
'And I have a GRAPPLING HOOK!' Mabel yelled from across the room. Her grappling hook was shot with terrifying accuracy and hit the Goblin King square in the face. He stumbled backwards. He dropped Dipper on the ledge. Dipper yelped in pain.  
The King went from an upright position directly to a horizontal one. Mabel waved at Dipper from across the psychedelic room. Dipper waved back weakly. He said something from across the room. Mabel found she couldn't hear him. 
So the Shiny Man wanted to make her fall, did he? Let's see what the Power of Mabel had to say about that!  
Mabel considered the ending platform before her. She saw the path continuing underneath it.  
She faintly recognised that this was a thing that rational-thinking people would never do.  
She also recognised that she had never been a rational-thinking person.  
'Mabel, you can't do this! This place makes no SENSE!' Dipper yelled from across the room, panic in his voice. Mabel either didn't hear him, or didn't listen.  
He saw Mabel stepping forward. She was going to fall. She was going to... 
Dipper closed his eyes. 
'This isn't real... this isn't real...' Dipper whispered to himself, rocking back and forth slightly.  
'Dipper...' There was a small hand on his shoulder. Mabel's voice came from beside him. He opened his eyes and looked over. She was there. He touched her sweater sleeve. It was there too. He pulled her into a tight hug. He could feel the spikes of her grappling hook under her sweater, but he didn't mind. Mabel was here now. He felt her putting something on his head. He couldn't see it, but he smelled and felt that it could be nothing else but Wendy's hat.  
'Pat, pat' she said softly in his ear, while patting his back. 
He sniffed away a sob and chuckled. 'Pat, pat' he replied, returning the gesture. 
They let go.  
'Thank you for coming to get me.' he said. 
'Any time, bro-bro.' she replied. 
'Hey, Mabel?' 
'How did I get here?' 
'Oh no.' 
'Dipper, I swear I didn't mean it!' 
'What did you do?' Dipper asked.  
The words came out in one long rant. 
'Well it was me, Candy and Grenda, and we were playing Truth or Dare and I chose Truth and then Grenda asked is it nice to have a twin brother and I said yeah sure Dipper's my best friend and then Candy said that her sisters are annoying sometimes and I said yeah it's what siblings do and I said... I said that sometimes I wished that, like, the goblins would take you away too but I also said that I'd never mean it but then that stupid king had already taken you and I kicked him and...' 
'Hey. Hey.. Mabel. It's okay.' 
'No, it's not, Dipper. I feel so bad. I'm so sorry.' 
'Well, if it's any consolation, I feel the same way about you too sometimes.' Dipper said. 
''Course you do, I'm your sister.' Mabel started to smile.  
'So I get to feel that way, and you don't? That's not fair.' Dipper said teasingly, poking Mabel's side. Mabel giggled and nodded.  
'And hey, Mabel?' 
'You still came to fetch me, right? You even kicked a king.' Dipper said, punching Mabel playfully on the shoulder. 
'For you? Always, bro-bro. Besides, I think you hurt him more.' Mabel said, punching him back. Dipper laughed, and then sighed. 
'I still don't think I can do this, Mabel. This place isn't real. We'll fall...' 
'But Dipper... It is real. It's a real place.' Mabel said softly. 'And we're going to get out of here' 
'But it makes no sense!' 
'Nope, it doesn't! But neither do I,' Mabel said defiantly. 'Hold my hand and close your eyes.'  
Dipper obeyed.  
'Now get up and walk' Mabel said.  
'No butts except for ours out of here!' Mabel said in a gruff voice. Dipper smiled. 
'I wish my butt could walk. Think I broke my leg. Ow! OW! OWOWOWOWOW...' he said as he tried to stand up. He sat down again.  
Mabel looked at Dipper's leg. She pretended to put on a stethoscope and listen to his leg. Then he tapped his leg. Dipper let out a loud 'OW!'. 
'Yep. Yep...' Mabel said. 
'So what's the diagnosis, Doctor Mabel?' Dipper asked laughingly. Mabel turned away, frowning. 
'Sir... I'm afraid you have... a LEG!' She said, while turning around dramatically. 
They laughed. Then Mabel crouched down. 
'Piggyback ride, bro-bro?' 
'You know it, sis.' 
Dipper clambered onto Mabel's back.  
'Woo, you need to eat more, Dip-dop! You're a lightweight' she joked.  
'Take off your hat, we don't want it to fall' Mabel said. Dipper did so. 
 She started for the upside-down stairs.  
'MABEL! WAIT!' Dipper said, tightening his grip, afraid to fall. 
'Nope!' Mabel said happily, and put her foot on the first step. Dipper closed his eyes. 
But the sensation of falling never came.  
Instead, Mabel simply walked along the disorienting paths, singing a made-up song. 
'Do-do-doo, walking down some crazy stairs... do-do-doo... carrying my brother to freeeedom!'  
'Mabel, how are you doing this?' Dipper asked. 
'Kinda easy, really,' Mabel said. 'you just gotta believe it's real and then you just don't fall.'  
'But why did I have to take off my hat then?' He asked. 
'Well, your hat don't know that.' Mabel said.  
Dipper was even more confused than before.  
They ended up at the outskirts of the castle. Mabel's new friends were waiting for them. The goblins had gone away to regroup for another battle.  
The king's clock struck twelve.  
'Hoggle, Ludo, Sir Didymus, Ambrosius, this is my brother, Dipper,' Mabel introduced them. 'His leg is broken. Ludo, could you maybe...' she added. Ludo picked Dipper up and put him on his neck. 
Then they started for the big gardens on the other side of the Goblin Castle.  
'Bwooootherrr?' Ludo said, as Dipper held on to Ludo's horns. 
'Yeah, he's my little brother' Mabel panted. 
'By fifteen minutes' Dipper added grumpily. 
'Well, it certainly is splendid to meet you at last, Tobias' Sir Didymus said, trotting alongside him on Ambrosius.  
'She just said his name was Dipper, you idiot!' Hoggle added. A faint trail of memory started to make his way into his brain. His head hurt.  
'If you need us... if ever you need us...' He had said. 'I'll call' Sarah had said... Sarah. Sarah... Sweet Sarah... But more than one, surely.  Many Sarahs. Too many to count... All lost... All part of the walls... Endless Sarahs...  
Hoggle gasped. Beside him, Didymus and Ludo did the same. They stopped, legs failing to work. They all shouted the same name, at the same time.