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Once upon a time, a girl named Sarah went into the Labyrinth to claim back her little brother. She succeeded, and the Goblin King raged. Decades after that, another girl named Sarah went into the Labyrinth for the same reason. She failed, and the Goblin King smiled.  
Countless Sarahs have been wandering the Labyrinth, in search of their lost brothers. Failing, walking away, succeeding. Some accepted the hand of the Goblin King, others turned away from him. All died, in the end, becoming one with the endless walls. Countless of Sarahs, in countless of endings.   
Until now.  
Now, a gentle queen rules over the Goblins. All the Sarahs into one.  
Sometimes, people still come into the labyrinth to wander around the glittering walls. They squeeze their noses and laugh at the Bog of Stench, feel their way around the dark parts of the forests and make friends with the creatures that walk the same roads they do. They kneel before the queen, and gain advice from thousands of lifetimes. 
All are seen home safely. 
Sometimes, they even stay.  
The End.