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Overwatch AU Prompts

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A single wire trailed from Genji’s temple to Mercy’s tablet as they walked through the Zurich garden. Genji bent and examined a group of ladybugs feasting on aphids on one of the roses.

“Fascinating,” murmured Mercy, watching the lines of code of his analysis of the organisms line themselves up on her tablet, “I had no idea the omniums had this much archival data on human culture.”

“It’s merely messy cross-referencing,” said Genji.

“Messy?” said Mercy, “Genji, your processing is poetry. Your programming is far beyond anything typical of the crisis era. It’s inspired—it’s—” she glanced up from her tablet, to see Genji was giving her a steady look, and she flushed red and cleared her throat. “From a…,” she tucked her hair back demurely, “…Purely technical standpoint it’s far beyond any of our expectations for crisis-era Omnic units. How much of this is from the omnium and how much was this adaptive?”

“I recorded and learned much on my own from my own infiltrations while in the service of the Omnium, however much of my other human cultural data I archived on my own following the fall of the Kantō omnium, though… the crisis itself made much of that data-gathering difficult,” said Genji, “My infiltration capabilities only allowed for so much learning.”

“You’ve mentioned that before—Infiltration. I’m curious to see as to how—” Mercy started but cut herself off as Genji rolled his shoulders and his metallic chassis suddenly disappeared beneath some veneer of light. The veneer of light shifted easily and almost unnoticeably, like a cuttlefish’s camouflage, until Genji’s vaguely bipedal shape took on a human form of a tall Japanese man in a finely tailored suit.

“…too formal?” Genji said and the clothes shifted to a simple fitted long-sleeved shirt and jeans, “Is this preferable?”

“How is this…?” Mercy put a hand forward and touched his chest, then recognized the texture of the surface, “Hard-light,” she said, her eyes flicking up into Genji’s as she ran a hand over his chest, “A hard light exoskeleton for infiltration—that’s brilliant! That’s—” she caught herself and withdrew her hand from his chest and gave his shoulder a pat, “You continue to be full of surprises, Genji,” she said with a smile, “Oh–um–” she had forgotten her tablet was still connected to his temple. She disconnected it and walked around him as the wire quickly and easily retracted itself back into his head. “So is this a default form?” she said, walking around him.

“Technically, yes,” said Genji, “Though, I have added in some of my own preferences since the Omnium shut down.”

“It’s…” she blushed a little, “It’s very nice,” she said with a smile. 

“Thank you,” said Genji, straightening up his posture 

Angela gave a quick sharp rap of her knuckles to his chest, destabilizing the hard-light matrix and revealing his original metallic form. “I think I prefer the original though,” she said with a smirk. 

A soft ‘vrrr’ could be heard as Genji vented excess heat from his systems. “Yes well… that is… pleasing to hear,” he replied.