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Break Me Slowly

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Alpha | Beta | Omega Studies --> Log Entry 001




Alpha: (Greater Dynamic) 


General Notes:

  • This dynamic is envied by all, anyone who isn't an alpha wishes to be one, anyone who is, wishes to be the strongest
  • People with this dynamic are known for superior strength and abilities
  • Tend to hold greater influence over others through intimidation
  • Intimidation or submission tactics rely on ones status as an alpha

Breeding Habits:

  • Will Experience a Rut when first presenting, duration -- unspecified
  •  Further Rut's experienced only when in the presence of their mates in heat
  • Normal Rut duration -- 3 days to 1 week
  • Mating outside of ruts has a 50% chance of producing offspring
  • Mating during a rut has 100% chance of producing offspring

Offspring Dynamics: Beta (50%), Alpha (49%), Omega(1%)

Population Percentage: 3%

Gender: Male/Female

Status: Rare





Beta: (No Dynamic)


General Notes: 

  • Beta's are "normal humans"
  • They have no extra influence from their dynamics
  • Extremely affected by either alpha intimidation or Omega pheromones

Breeding Habits:

  • Do not experience ruts or heats like Alpha's or Omega's
  • Are affected by greater and lesser dynamics pheromones though, throwing them into a temporary rut like state.
  • Chances of producing offspring -- 30%

Offspring Dynamics: Beta (98%), Alpha (1.5%), Omega(0.5%)

Population Percentage: 96.9%

gender: Male/Female

Status: Common





Omega: (Lesser Dynamic)


General Notes:

  • Omega's are weak strength and will wise
  • Seen as unfit for work or fighting force
  • Usually have simple quirks meant for healing 
  • only influenced by compatible alpha's intimidation, though they still tend to submit to other alpha's as well due to weak nature
  • They have higher regeneration and healing rates
  • Increased stamina, endurance, and pain tolerance
  • Almost all Omega's in the past had been beautiful women, seen as trophy wives and valuable breeding material for power figures

Breeding Habits:

  • Omega's experience a heat when first presenting -- duration: unspecified
  • Heats occur once a month, for about 3 days at a time
  • increased regeneration rate linked to heats (tend to be rougher couplings)
  • Once bonded, and omega can only have a child with their mate, ensuring pure lineage

Offspring Dynamics: (Special Case)*

  • First Child: Alpha (100% )
  • next offspring: Alpha (80%), Beta (18%), Omega (2%)

Population Percentage: 0.1%

Gender: Female...

Status: Extremely rare




End Log Transmission...



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~Third POV~


The world is quite a chaotic place, ever since the quirks started appearing people had to change. The government was quick to put regulations on the usage of quirks in everyday lives and began enforcing laws like so. However, as more rules came about, the more people rebelled against it.

Quirks started becoming very common, to the point where being born without a quirk was seen as uncommon. However, not all people born with these quirks wanted to use them for good deeds, instead turning towards more malicious ideas on how best to use them.

That's how heroes came about, people using their quirks for the greater good instead to stop those who used their quirks for selfish reasons. The government quickly realized this would indeed be a requirement to keep the peace; so they started funding popular hero’s depending on the good deed they committed and their ability to take down a villain with as little destruction as possible.

Heros were admired by society with children dreaming of growing up and becoming great heros just like them. Alas, that was easier said than done. Although it wasn't a requirement, almost all great and recognized heroes were alpha’s. therefore people internalized the idea that you had to be an alpha to become a hero, it was almost like an unspoken rule amongst society.

Though a few beta’s managed to become good hero’s as well, they were often overlooked or never received as much popularity as the alpha heros.

No matter what the circumstance, no one ever even fancied the idea of an omega hero. They were weak and easily influenced by alpha intimidation, making them ill suited for a hero role. So imagine how surprised everyone would be, when one day a boy was suddenly declared the greatest hero to walk this earth; and this boy happened to be an omega...





“Come on guys stop it! He’s hurt and crying…he’s had enough!”

The young raven haired boy stood quivering in front of the wailing male, his arms spread wide in a pitiful display of defense.

“Humph, get outta the way deku! I'm trying to teach this punk a lesson about picking a fight with real heros. Besides, this has nothing to do with a nerd like you!”

Even though the smaller freckled boy was visibly scared and shaking, he wouldn't back down. Clenching his fists, the blonde’s scowl deepened as he let out a tch and started heading towards the quivering boy.

“Fine but don’t blame me about getting hurt lat-” “A-a hero would never stoop so low as to continue beating a defeated opponent kaachan!” The freckled boy lifted his head until he was eye to eye with the startled blonde, unused to the curly haired boy ever fighting back. “You’ll never be as great a hero as All Might like this!”

The originally startled expression that adorned the blonde’s face contorted into one of pure rage, his eyes narrowing to slits as he slowly brought his hands up and began cracking his knuckles, little explosions forming between the joints in an intimidating display.

A near sadistic smile split across his features as he continued towards the terrified male, “Oi oi oi! Is that really something you should be telling me you fucking beta pebble? No no you’re worse than that, you’re a quirkless beta pebble with no chance of ever being a hero in the first place!”

Pausing in front of the now cowering boy, the blonde yanked the freckled boys shirt upwards; lifting the boy off the ground with it. “I’ll make sure to thoroughly educate you on the difference between our dynamics too!” He snarled before plunging his fist towards the boy in his grip.






“I’m home.”

“Oh welcome back Izu-IZUKU WHAT HAPPENED!”

The small freckled boy was on the verge of tears; his face downcast, puffy and swollen in places with burn marks scattered across his exposed skin. His mother frantically ran towards him, checking his burns and bruises as Izuku slowly allowed his head to rise to face his mother.

What she saw there utterly broke her heart; with the young boy still holding onto a trembling smile as tears finally broke through and slid down his face. “Mom, can I still be a hero?” She wrapped her arms around the weeping boy, apologizing over and over again to her son for not being able to pass any quirks on to him. She knew his life would no doubt be a difficult one, full of a lot of ridicule for being one of few people born quirkless; but she’d tried her best to support him in everything he wanted to do.

It made her feel so useless to see her son in such a state, especially when he so desperately wished to be a great hero too. Izuku couldn't help but continue to cry, it wasn't the pain from his wounds that made him cry either; it was the fact that his own mother had given up on him too.

“I’m so sorry Izuku, I wish I could’ve at least given you a better dynamic; but it looks like my genes overpowered your fathers.”

She wiped the stray tears from the corners of his eyes, pressing their foreheads together while they both wore similarly sad smiles. His father had left them before Izuku was even born, choosing to want nothing to do with his son and leaving Inko to raise their child alone.

What she’d never told Izuku, was that he was actually a bastard child of a powerful hero. His father had been a well known alpha hero, one who was well respected and who fell for a lowly beta named Inko. He truly loved her, but his pride and responsibility won over him and he was married off to some pampered omega while keeping his side relationship with Inko secret from the public.

He wasn’t prepared when Inko got pregnant though, reacting with anger and shock that Inko had gotten herself pregnant with his child when he’d explicitly told her he wouldn’t be able to have a family with her. He ended up leaving her before Izuku was born; but he wasn’t a monster, he left her a large sum of money to use to raise their child with.

He still felt for her and if circumstances were different, he would’ve tried to stay. Sadly, that was not the case; so he turned away from them and never looked back, disappearing from their lives as if he’d never existed.

Inko rarely ever talked about his father, occasionally letting some things slip like his father being an alpha; or having a flame related quirk. Other than that though, her lips were sealed, even when Izuku begged her she wouldn’t budge. Eventually The young raven gave up on ever finding out who his father was, choosing instead to look forward into the future instead of dwelling on the past. He could only hope his future would be brighter than the present seemed to be.





“Oi, Deku! I heard you wanted to go to U.A.”

The smaller raven jumped as a fist slammed into the wall in front of him, causing him to fall back on the floor of the emptying corridor. Fear filled his gaze as he looked up towards the hot tempered blonde who’d managed to sneak up on him while he’d been lost in thought.

“K-k-kaachan! Umm...yeah I sort of wanted to appl-” He squeaked in shock as he was suddenly pulled up off the ground by the collar of his shirt. “You better rethink that nerd! I’m going to be the only one who gets into U.A High from this dump. Like hell I’ll let you get in too, ruining my goal of being the first student from this shit hole to get into one of the most prestigious programs around!”

He threw Izuku back on the floor after making his threat, continuing to level his ever intense glare on the stunned boy. Maybe it was the way the sun glinted off the green highlights in his mop of messy hair, or perhaps it was the way he looked with his knees parted and legs sprawled out beneath him; but bakugo felt his heart start to beat faster. He knew he was responsible for putting Izuku in such a position, but he suddenly felt very aware of just how perfectly submissive the boy responded to his intimidation tactics.

Ever since the hot tempered blonde had presented as an alpha, he’d made sure to use his dynamic to it’s fullest; testing his own power on the other students and his followers. He’d always been especially fond of bossing Izuku around, he didn’t really know why Deku made him feel so powerful whenever he submitted to him. Today however, it was having a different effect on the young teen, making his heart throb in a way it never had before.

A faint waft of sweetness rose between them confusing Bakugo and causing Izuku to tremble uncontrollably. Izuku had never presented which is why everyone thought he was a beta, but the heat he felt pulsing through his body told him otherwise. He couldn’t tell why he suddenly felt so worried and vulnerable in the presence of this alpha, nor did he know what he was presenting as; all he knew was that his instincts were telling him to get as far away from any alpha as possible.

Before he could even register what he was doing, he pushed past Bakugou and bolted towards the exit. The blonde who normally had a pretty quick reaction time, barely having a chance  to think before he was being pushed away. A stunned oomph leaving his throat before he was left alone in the hall, completely bewildered by the unusual behaviour being exhibited by his childhood friend. The only thing left was the lingering sweetness in the air around him, leaving him wanting and confused at the same time.

“What the fuck is this smell? Where is it coming from?”

He tried shaking his head clear but the longer he stood there, the more the scent penetrated his senses and clouded his thoughts.

“Fuck I gotta get outta here!”




The door slammed shut behind the panicking boy, tears dripping down his freckled face unconsciously as he quickly pulled his shoes off and ran towards his room. His mother barely had time to call out to him when she heard his bedroom door slam shut. She worriedly approached his door, knocking hesitantly as she called out “Izuku, is everything alright in there?”

All she heard was silence in return, not even a whimper coming from the other side. Taking a deep breath, she tried his door and found it unlocked, gradually she let the door creak open until she saw her son sitting completely still in the center of his room. She called out his name weakly, feeling a growing tension in the atmosphere between them. That was when the sweetness hit her, the smell was enough to make her knees buckle, before the curly haired raven turned towards her.

His face was tinted a pink shade as he sat there sobbing, flushed with heat and embarrassment as he called out towards her. “Mom, what’s happening to me…”

Inko didn’t want to believe it, couldn’t believe it, her son was presenting so late...and on top of that as an omega. There had never been a male omega before, it seemed impossible as males couldn’t have children...could they? From the blank look on his mother's face, he could tell what he’d feared was true; he was indeed an omega.

His dream of being a hero seemed further away than ever.

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“Hey are you alright?”

His eyes widened and his sniffling stopped for a moment, startled by the sudden interruption. He quickly whipped away to face the opposite direction from the shadow he could see at the edges of his vision. Not wanting anyone to see him in such a weak state. After all, he was son of the number two hero; he had to be strong...

Wiping at his eyes quickly with his sleeve, he strained to see the floor in front of him through his blurry vision. However, to his surprise, he could see a face coming into focus instead; the young boy crouching down and looking up at him in concern.

The first thing he took notice of, was the way the smaller boy’s large green eyes seemed to sparkle in the sunlight. Reflecting a level of concern and kindness he’d only ever seen from his mother, at least, that was before he sent her away...

He must’ve been staring for a little too long as the boy cocked his head in a questioning manner, further concern filling his gaze as the silence dragged on. “Humph, it’s none of your business.” The dual colour haired boy tried his best to keep his voice steady as he replied, voice flat and void of any emotion. However, he wasn’t able to stop his lower lip from trembling as he said it, his eyes still watering as he fought to hold back tears that threatened to escape.

Most people would’ve walked on by, leaving him alone by now…so why did this boy stay? What kept him here? He didn’t have long to ponder on these thoughts as he suddenly felt a steady warmth encasing his hands as the other raven haired boy took his hands in their own. A soft smile played on the crouching boy’s lips, warm yet sad at the same time.

“You don’t have to hide it, it’s ok to cry sometimes.”

It was only then that the dual haired boy noticed the sorrow evident in the other’s eyes, a pain that only one who’d experienced a similar anguish would be able to notice. The sparkle in his eyes he’d seen before hadn’t just been his imagination after all, fresh tears caught in the boy’s lashes and sparkling as the sunlight reflected off them. The slight puffiness under his eyes also indicating this boy had been crying as well not too long ago. Even still, this boy was giving him such a brave and encouraging smile, trying his best to comfort him even when he himself, was also evidently suffering.

“How are you so strong?”

Judging from the boy’s reaction, the raven hadn’t expected that sort of response; a light blush dusting his features and his gaze darting away shyly. His hands never wavered in their comforting grip though, even as the boy began his stuttered response. “W-well...I just t-thought you looked lonely. I know what’s like, being alone you know…” The freckled boy glanced timidly up at the dual haired boy, eyes darting away the moment they met with his again.

For once, all thoughts of his abusive father and the troubles at home seemed to melt away, his attention focused solely upon the shy boy kneeling at his feet. Perhaps his opinion may be skewed since he’d never really had much interactions with anyone else before, but in that moment, the dual haired boy couldn’t have imagined anyone being nicer to him than the raven before him. His heart nearly skipping a beat when those viridian green orbs caught sight of him once more, this time remaining level with his gaze; though still in a timid way.

For a boy with such a weak looking build and exterior, he had quite a way of radiating this calming and brave aura which made you feel so safe; reminding him of a mother’s comforting embrace. Suddenly, those green eyes drew closer, with the raven leaning practically nose to nose with the dual haired boy; gaze drawn directly towards his.

“Uwah! Your eyes are so pretty! I like both of them, they suit you.”

The dual haired boy remained frozen in place, caught off guard by the abrupt flattery and closeness. From this distance, he was able to pick up on the others scent, taking note of the hinted sweetness weaving just below the spiced cinnamon he gave off. It was rather addictive, making him crave more, need more, desire for more...but more of what?

Amidst his confusion, the other boy seemed to be in a dilemma of his own; their mind only just beginning to process what they’d said before. His freckled cheeks flooding with scarlet as the embarrassment ensued, before quickly jolting backwards and releasing the dual haired boy’s hands. Placing one on his stomach and nervously scratching the back of his head with the other instead.

“Ah...I mean, they’re really cool. I’ve never seen a person with two different coloured eyes before and I know I probably came off a little strong but I just had to say it because they really are very pretty and I don’t know if anyone’s ever told you that before and I should probably just stop talking now because I don't even know what I’m saying anymore...”


The taller boy broke out laughing, a genuine and heartfelt laugh which he’d almost thought impossible until this very moment. It was hard to believe all it took was such an odd comment and hilariously nervous explanation to brighten his mood so much. As the tears from his mirth died down and his shoulder stopped shaking, the dual haired boy refocused his attention on the embarrassed boy who’d patiently waited out his laughing fit.

“You’re really something you know that? I don’t think I’ve ever laughed that hard before. My name’s Todoroki, Todoroki Shouto.”

Even through his embarrassment, the boy continued to smile, his eyes warm and beginning to beam with the new information he’d been giving. His expression immediately taking on a much more cheery appearance as he nodded his head vigorously.

“Mm, nice to meet you Todoroki kun! My name’s Mido-”







Slamming a hand down on the snooze button of his alarm, Todoroki let out a heavy sigh before rolling over onto his back. Slowly blinking the sleep out of his eyes as he allowed them to come into focus. ‘Hmm, that dream again…’ This must’ve been what, the fourth night he'd had that same recurring dream. Each time a bit more of the scene would be revealed to him, a little more detailed than the last. However, no matter what, he’d never made it far enough into the dream to hear the boy’s name. Even now, those few syllables he’d said were hazy in his memory; the boy’s appearance gradually fading from memory as well.

By this point, Todoroki wasn’t even sure that was a dream anymore, the details to shockingly clear for his imagination to come up with on it’s own. Yet no matter how hard he tried, he could never recall any further than the dream revealed to him, his memory banks yielding no further results on that day. The only thing he could really remember, was the warmth and happiness he’d felt in that moment. A small smile tugging at the corner of his mouth from the simple recollection of the boy’s hands holding his own.

Even if it really was a dream, he couldn’t help but want to keep remembering it. After all, it was one of the few things that brought him happiness which his father couldn’t destroy.






‘Deku hasn’t come to school for the past three days...that little piece of shit!’

Bakugou could hardly concentrate, his eyes constantly seeking out that dumb pebble but always coming up empty. Ever since the incident in the hallway a few day’s ago, deku had been absent from class. No one else seemed to notice, the teacher even skipped his name during attendance, was he really the only one who was wondering what happened to him? The mere thought made the blood in his veins boil, his palms growing sweaty and forming small explosions with his growing frustration.

Why the hell can’t he stop thinking about that useless beta? It irked him to no ends, yet a small part of him acknowledged he was in fact worried for the useless boy. Maybe he’d gone too far this time? No, that can't be it, he’d beaten deku to a pulp in the past and that never stopped him from coming to school the next day. Even if he was covered in bandages, he would never skip class being the nerd he is.


“Bakugou Katsuki! If you have a problem with what’s being taught you can discuss it with me after class. Now is not the time to be disrupting everyone!”

It was then the blonde realized he’s just said that aloud...well more like screamed it. All eyes were focused on him now, most shocked while his teacher’s disapproving gaze bore into him. Refusing to allow his embarrassment to show, he tch’d and sat back down; propping his feet up on the desk in his usual laid back manner.

Once his teacher was sure there would be no further distractions from the blonde, he turned back to the board in an attempt to continue where he left off. Sadly, it looks like today just wasn’t his day, as no sooner had he begun to write on the board, did the sound of loud and rapid approaching footsteps start up just outside the classroom. He barely had a chance to turn towards the source of the disturbance before the door was suddenly wrenched open and in it’s place, stood a heaving Midoriya.

The boy was covered in sweat and panting quite visibly; his brows drawn together with the effort it took to calm his hasted breaths. Without a word, the freckled boy made his way through the classroom and towards his desk, taking a seat and withdrawing his notes before turning his attention to the board. As if he hadn't just made quite the startling and rowdy entrance.

“Ahem...Well then, if we’re FINALLY ready to pay attention, please copy down the notes I’ll be writing on the board shortly.”

‘I can’t believe it! The nerve of that guy to just walk in and act as if nothing even happened! I can’t believe I was wor-I mean who the fuck would worry about that useless trash pebble! NOT me that’s for sure!’

Bakugou was back to his constant fuming demeanor, finding any excuse to get mad at deku like usual. As the class continued, gradually things returned to normal. However, one person was still not quite ready to let go of what happened earlier, his fuse only growing shorter with every passing second. As soon as the bell rang, he immediately trudged over to Midoriya’s desk, grabbed the back of his shirt, and dragged him out of the class.

No one tried to stop him, simply watching as the freckled boy struggled in his grip before the two disappeared around the corner.





That was all he could manage, it was hard enough trying to ground out a single word without pulverizing the boy in the process. He considered this pretty damn good control as it was, even though he’d just flung the struggling boy against the school wall and was currently squeezing the life out of the raven’s shoulder. If the wince he’d received in return was anything to go by, it must’ve been a pretty firm grip.

“I-I don’t understand kaachan…”

Slamming his fist into the concrete by the Midoriya’s face, he growled through clenched teeth, “You better stop fucking with me Deku! Where the hell have you been the past three days asshole!” If only for a moment, Bakugou could've sworn he saw panic in the raven’s eyes, but it was quickly replaced with nervous determination. Although quivering in the blonde’s grip, Midoriya’s eyes hardened and he steeled himself before responding

“It’s nothing you need to know about.”

This really set Bakugou off, his eyes narrowing further and grip clenching harder as he pressed closer to his defiant companion. ‘How dare deku think he could do anything by himself, how dare deku even try to keep secrets from him! Deku’s just a useless beta pebble, he shouldn't be able to defy him.

Cocking one arm back, he prepared himself to strike, but something stopped him. Usually he’d never hesitate to teach deku a lesson, yet this time something seemed off. His arm wouldn't budge, just stayed in it's striking position as he tried to will himself to move. Alas, his body wouldn't cooperate with him, refusing to hurt the pathetic boy.

Confused and frustrated, he just slammed his fist into the wall beside the freckled raven before leaving. Not wanting to stay any longer as it only left him further aggravated and unable to vent out the usual way.

Something was definitely up, and he'd be damned if he couldn't figure out what.







Sliding down the wall, I let out a relieved sigh. ‘I thought Kaachan was going to find out for sure…’ Luckily, it looks like whatever that drug was worked, my scent was more or less kept at bay; making me smell the same as usual.

Yet there was still something unnerving about the way Kaachan reacted...he never used to hold back before.

Just then the throbbing started up in my shoulder again, gradually spiraling outward and affecting more area than before. ‘On second thought, maybe he didn’t really hold back.’ Eventually I went back to the classroom, retrieved my bag and started my trek back home, all the while trying to sooth the ache in my shoulder.

It took three days for my heat to subside, I guess it could’ve been worse...all I really felt was hot during the majority of it. Still I was glad I’d done research on all of the dynamics before, at least I had some idea of what I was getting myself into. It also helped in finding a suppressant of sorts, after all, we couldn’t really go up to the doctor and ask them. There’d never been a case of a male omega before-- at least to my knowledge-- and my mother was worried about how they’d treat me if they found out. Instead, she helped me pick up the drugs under the guise that she was picking them up for a friend. It helped that my scent had clung to her when she’d gone to pick them up, making the excuse all the more convincing.

So far so good at least, the drugs seemed to work just as effectively, though they did make me rather drowsy for a while after taking them. I also have to make sure to take them on time or risk my scent escaping. Seeing as I’m yet to be mated, omega bodies tend to omit higher levels of pheromones in an attempt to attract a mate. Under normal circumstances that would be fine, the omega would normally find a mate or be married off as soon as they present and their scent would calm down. Unfortunately, seeing as mine was an unusual case, my scent seemed to be even more potent than usual, even causing my mother to react rather oddly towards me...

In fact, while I’d been under the effects of my heat, my mother had to spend most of the time outside of the apartment, fearing her reaction to her own son's scent. If the pheromones I was producing were enough to cause even my mother to become agitated like so, I could only imagine what sort of effects they’d have on the regular population; seeing as people non blood related to me should react more to my omegan call. Therefore taking these suppressants wasn’t just so I could hide this unusual circumstance, it was also for mine and everyone else’s safety...

Who knows what could happen should my scent start escaping in a rather populated area.

With that in mind, I realized I hadn’t taken my evening suppressants yet! With jittering hands, I quickly glanced around to make sure no one was paying any attention before taking out a small bottle of pills. At first glance, it would just look like your average allergy pills, just in case someone was in fact watching me. However, For extra precaution, I slid behind one of the trees on the side of the street before popping a pill in my mouth.

It was a little harder to down without something to drink, but I managed.

“Well, guess I'd better be headed back home no-”




It sounded like some sort of liquid leaking from somewhere nearby but, that would be strange; it hadn't rained in awhile.

My curiosity peaking, I tried to locate the sound, tracing it back to a shadowed tunnel. My nerves were acting up by now, fear etching in the back of my mind as I gazed into the deep blackness. Something didn’t feel right in there. I knew I might regret this later, but I would regret it even more if I left and someone actually needed help in there.


Silence. Even the dripping seemed to stop as I waited with baited breath.

Before I had time to react, something shot out of the dark tunnel towards me. It was a slimy muddy line of drippy viscous material. There was no way I was going to be able to move out of the way as it suddenly wrapped around my mouth and dragged me into the darkness. I could barely breath around the disgusting material, let alone call out for help as the light from the end of the tunnel grew smaller and smaller. I hadn't quite given up yet though, trying in vein to grasp at the liquidy matter and get it away from my face.

A deep throaty chuckle sounded next to my ear, sickly warm breath running down my neck as I was drawn towards a larger mass.

“Try as you will, my body can't be grabbed so easily.”

From the corner of my vision, I could just barely make out two glowing yellow eyes and a large toothy smile; most likely those of my captor's. “Hmm, got some spirit I see! Doesn't look like you’ve got anything of value for me though...oh well you'll make a fine host for now until I find a more suitable body!” With that I felt the slimy liquid begin prying at my lips. I tried my best to fight back, I really did, but every second I spent in his grasp it only got harder and harder for me to breath.

Eventually they succeeded, the rush of the invasive liquid pushing down my throat and  suffocating me even further. My body tried to gag around it, but more just kept coming in! The edges of my vision were starting to grow hazy, the energy beginning to drain from my arms as they slowly fell limp against my sides.

'No, I don't want to die-not like this! Not to some filthy villain! I will be the number 1 hero, I have to be--I can't die here!'

With that thought in mind, I gave a last ditch effort to grasp at the liquid, struggling in his grip as much as I could manage. Still nothing, I couldn't break free. I felt so useless, frustrated tears sliding out of the corner of my eyes as my mind reeled for any possible way to escape.

Maybe it was the desperation of the situation, or the fact my life was at stake, but my body began to heat. Even with my limbs going numb, I could feel the heat pulsing just beneath my skin, flaring out with every heartbeat. All of a sudden the villain stopped moving, the slime halting in its quest to overtake my body.

“You, you can't possibly-”

the villain didn't have a chance to finish his train of thought, as a sudden gust of wind was blowing through the tunnel. A signature voice yelling out “DETROIT SMASH” before slamming their fist into the face of the villain beside me. The heat stopped almost as suddenly as the villain released their grip on me, my consciousness fading as I hit the ground.

The last thing I could recall, was the figure of my hero standing above me.






‘Oh shit! There was a kid caught up in the mess…’

I'd only let the sludge villain out of my sight for a second and this is the result. Before I could hesitate too long, I saw something move in the corner of my eye. A chunk of the sludge villain twitching on the ground by the boy’s head, not with much intent but twitching all the same. With that in mind, I decided to deal with the boy later, right now the most pressing matter was simply collecting all the pieces of the sludge villain I could find and turn him in. I wouldn’t make the same mistake twice, after all, just because he was knocked out for now, doesn’t mean he won't wake up again soon.

‘Hmm...ah well this should work for temporary storage.’

Seeing as I had nothing else to work with, I just rummaged around in the nearest dumpster before retrieving two bottles in fairly good condition. Hey, just because I’m the top hero doesn't mean I’m always prepared for stuff like this! These bottles will work for now, they're meant for storing liquids after all...and sludge is a type of liquid right? Alright maybe it’s a little viscous, but as long as it gets the job done why should it matter?

Since that blast wasn’t all that powerful, it didn't take too long to gather up all the pieces of sludge. The majority had already clustered together by itself on instinct. Even knocked out, his body was already trying to reassemble itself. All the more reason to be cautious with such a slippery villain.

With the last of the sludge collected and “safely” stored away, I was about to leave. My time was almost up; if I dawdled much longer, I probably wouldn’t be able to make it to the station in time while maintaining this form. That is, until something caught my attention. The sound of fluttering paper causing me to halt. Turning towards the sound, I caught sight of the booklet lying face up and open at the entrance to the tunnel. A school bag with it’s contents messily spilling out of it lying next to it as well.


Time limit forgotten for now, I rushed back towards the tunnel, pausing to pick up the dropped items before heading further into the dimly lit passageway. As I bent down to get the book though, I paused as I took note of the rough drawing and comments arranged on the page. Taking a closer look, I realized it was actually an analysis of sorts, on hero powers as well.

They seemed extremely detailed for a kid his age to be making. Whoever they were, they must really have their hearts set on becoming a hero too in the future. As I flipped through, one page caught my attention above all the others. Alright, maybe it was because that page was about me...but it was also the most colourful page of them all. The words “All MIGHT” and “NUMBER ONE HERO” written in bold and capitalized font right at the heading.

I couldn’t have done it better myself.

I nodded in appreciation before searching for a pen from his bag. ‘I’m sure he wouldn’t mind’. Signing it quickly, I tossed the pen and the book back in the bag before rushing into the tunnel to go check on the kid. He was still unconscious from the looks of it, for a second I was worried he might’ve been dead; but the slight rise and fall of his chest put that theory down quickly.

‘Oh god, I’ve never been good at this sort of thing…’

Taking a deep breath, I paused to gather myself before approaching the boy. First I checked to make sure he wasn’t seriously injured, you know, no excessive bleeding or what not. From what I could see, he wasn't dying, and that’s always a good sign. Next I moved closer to check how his breathing was, inching my face just close enough so I could feel his breath against my cheek.

It was fairly regular...maybe on the shallower side, but he’d just had a sludge villain try to deepthroat him so I mean what do you expect. One thing that did seem a little off though, was the rather familiar sweet scent clinging to his skin. It was faint, but just enough for me to pick up on it. ‘Hmm, that’s strange...almost smells like an omega…’

I was about to lean closer to get a better sniff, when suddenly the boy twitched. I jerked back quickly, not wanting the boy to think I was molesting him while he’d been unconscious. When he did nothing more than twitch, I decided to try and wake him myself.

I tapped at his cheek in a rapid almost slapping motion until his eyes began to open.

“Hey, glad to see you’re still kicking my boy!”

Judging by the way he immediately shot up, eyes wide and shock written all over his face; it was safe to assume he probably knew who I was.


Yep. “That’s me! Sorry to get you caught up in all this, I guess I’m getting a little rusty.”

The boy started shaking his head vigorously, chanting nononononono over and over again as he started blaming himself for getting caught up in it. It was rather endearing to be honest, his nervous antics mixed with his admiration cheering me up quickly. I could’ve sat there all day basking in his compliments, but I did have a time limit, and it sure had a hell of a way to remind me of that. My chest began to throb, the usual tell tale sign that I didn't have much time left.

With a sigh, I turned away from the boy. Fixing one of my signature smiles on my face before facing the boy once more.

“I’m glad you’re ok my boy, but duty calls, and I have to make sure I turn this fellow into proper custody, so goodbye!”

With that, I crouched and pooled the energy in my legs before leaping off and away from there. However, something felt off about this take off. Looking back, I was shocked to see the boy still clutching onto my leg.

‘Well shit!’

Chapter Text


~Izuku's POV~

I didn’t even have time to think, all my mind could register was that if I didn’t act now, I may lose this chance forever.

So I did it.

I grabbed onto All might’s leg right before he jumped off, and had one hell of a time trying to hang on. Eventually we managed to land on the roof of a nearby apartment building, my body feeling like jelly after the beating it took against the powerful winds.

“Alright my boy, I’d love to stay longer but I’m afraid I’m in a hurry so-”


The word slipped out before I could stop myself. My face turning as red as a tomato the moment I realized I’d just interrupted my idol. But I couldn’t let myself falter, this was my one and only chance, if I didn’t ask now, I’m certain I’ll regret it for the rest of my life.

“Can I still be a hero! Even if I’m a quirkless omega...can I still be a hero...”

My voice shook near the end, fat tears already rolling down my face no matter how hard I tried to suppress them. I knew I’d just blurted way more than I should have, but I needed to hear it. I wouldn’t be able to move on unless I told him the truth and the whole truth at that. The news obviously came as a shock to the man, his jaw left open in awe.

“I know, it seems impossible but it’s the truth! I’m an omega...and I’m quirkless...but I want to be a hero. I just want to know, is it still possible?”

I looked up through blurry eyes, but even blurred, what my vision revealed to me was shocking. Instead of the usual muscular figure of All Might everyone was used to; there stood a gaunt man, he practically looked like a skeleton. What I hadn’t noticed before, was the steam that had been rising from his body. Nor did I realize when he’d shifted forms, too busy rambling to take notice of the man shifting forms in front of me.


The man let out a wary sigh, tiredness and pain reflected in the expression he wore. A single nod was all it took to confirm my suspicions, a single nod which shattered my world. This was the man who was deemed the number one hero, the man who saved the day with a big bright smile plastered over his face. This man who was practically just skin and bones, was All Might.

“Are you shocked? Heh, who am I kidding, of course you are. Not what you were expecting I guess.”

I had to forcefully shake my head to get myself out of that state of stupor I’d been left in. “Wait wait wait, how?” The slender man flinched at my words, his gaze darting away as he replied “Posturing...I can only hold that form for a little while now.” He shook his head slowly, almost as if he was disappointed in himself. But when his eyes opened next, they were fully serious, gaze landing on me unwavering.

“Being a hero isn’t all fun and games, I like your enthusiasm but...we have to be realistic here. If you are what you say, there’s no way you can become a hero.”




“There’s no way you can become a hero…”

The words were still ringing in my ears as I started walking home. It was like the whole word tuned out, only those few words playing on repeat in my head. It grasped my head in both hands, clenching my fists in my hair as I tried to force those words to stop. 'It hurts, hurts so much...go away, go away, GO AWA-'

A loud explosion broke through my panic. Opening my eyes, I realized I was standing at the edge of a crowd of onlookers. A battle between heroes and a villain taking place just beyond them. My body must have carried me here on instinct, used to running towards the battles to take notes on the hero fights.

Hero...Oh right, the job I’ll never be able to get I thought bitterly. I was just about to turn around and head the other way, when another explosion caught my attention. Turning my head slightly, I peeked at the action taking place through the crowd. My body going rigid the moment my eyes landed on the form of the villain. It’s muddy figure made up of a dripping viscous material all too familiar. But that wasn't what got to me the most, it was the hostage they held in their grip that really had me rattled.

That head of spiky blonde hair unmistakable even from this distance. “Kaa...chan…” My eyes shot around the clearing, seeing the heroes standing off to the side, unable to engage the sludge villain with a hostage in tow. Kaachan was trying his best to get free, but I knew what he must’ve been going through. That material was suffocating, I practically blacked out after only a few minutes of being strangled in that hold. Who knows how long Kaachan had been stuck like that.

My eyes were trained on his struggling figure, unable to tear my gaze away for even a moment. As Kaachan slowly got sucked in further, he made a final desperate attempt to free himself. Wrenching his body towards the crowd, eyes and mouth opening as if desperately trying to call for help.

That was it, I felt something inside me break. My body moved on it’s own once more, pushing through the throngs of people and towards the battle scene. I barely heard the shouts of the heroes as they tried to stop me, the blood rushing in my ears too loud to hear anything aside from it. I flung my bag towards the villain, letting the contents spill out and bash into the villain from different points.

One of my books even hitting them in the eye, causing them to recoil and freeing the boy in his grip ever so slightly. Next I threw myself at the villain, desperately raking at the slimy material in an attempt to free Kaachan. It didn’t work, I knew it wouldn’t, but I couldn’t just leave Kaachan here to suffer alone.


“I can’t just leave you here Kaachan! looked like you were asking for help.”

Even through my own fear, I tried my best to put on a brave face as I attempted to reassure Kaachan. His eyes widening as they took in my shaky smile. I kept pulling at the gelatinous material, feeling my hands slowly getting sucked in as well. By now, the slimy material had sucked Bakugou back in, his mouth covered once more as he continued to struggle.

There had to be something I could do...I have to! If I don’t Kaachan...Kaachan might die! I felt it, my heart beat steadily growing faster. My body heating once more as I struggled to free the boy in this villains grip. My breath growing laboured and my cheeks flushing crimson with the exertion and heat combined. I saw the villains large yellow eyes train on me, a line of sludgy material shooting out of his side and flying directly towards my position.

I held my ground, staring him down as I snarled out the words

“Don’t. Touch. Me.”

His eyes went wide, a shudder travelling through the entire mass which made up his body. His arm slowed, stopping right before it touched me; his eyes locked with mine. I saw my own surprise reflected there, his body frozen as if he was physically being restrained. Before either of us could make sense of what was going on, an all too familiar wind started picking up. I didn’t have to look to know who was standing behind me, that signature voice being enough to alert me to his presence.

With a final punch that packed extraordinary power, All Might blew the Villain away. Small chunks scattering all over the place and raining down like droplets around us. My body felt weak, the heat dissipating quickly now that I was no longer in danger.

I could see the ground rushing up to meet me, unable to even react as it steadily grew closer and closer. But I came to a jarring halt right before my nose could connect with the ground, my shirt tight around my neck as I felt someone’s grip on the back of it. I slowly turned to face whoever had caught me, eyes meeting with a pair of pissed off red ones.

“Can’t you even stand by yourself you fucking useless idiot!”

I managed a weak smile, replying in a barely audible whisper “I’m’re alright…Kaachan.” before everything faded to black.




~Third POV~


‘Today’s the day! My first step towards being a real hero!’

It had been 3 months since the sludge villain attack, during which Midoriya had been trained. Trained by who? Well, none other than the one person who’d told him he’d never be a hero in the first place.

All Might.

The determination he’d shown that day proved his worth in the hero’s eyes, who then, took it upon himself to make up to the young boy. He’d admitted he’d misjudged him, too caught up in old stereotypes to really take Izuku’s abilities into account.

Yes, he may have been quirkless, but he had something very few people got...something unique only to omega’s.


Now before you get all huffy, no it’s not that type of seduction...well, not exactly. Yes he was adorable, and yes he was cute...maybe even hot in some people’s eyes. But that’s not the seduction we’re talking about here. The seduction he was able to utilize, though unconsciously, was one which affected dynamics.

All omega’s had a level of seduction they could use on the other dynamics, an ability originally meant to protect an omega from harm. It had never really been thought of as an advantage before though, since one needed a strong will in order for it to have much of an effect; and, seeing as the women born as omega’s were normally weak willed and obedient, it’s true capabilities had never been fully understood.

Seeing as Izuku was a male, he already had an advantage as no one would expect him to be an omega. Not only that, but he had unknowingly built himself an iron will, one which had been trained and polished over the years of abuse he’d taken at the hands of his peers. Even if he couldn’t quite control this ability yet, it would no doubt come in handy once he had more experience with it.

All Might decided to trust his gut on this matter, ultimately appointing Izuku his apprentice and successor. Passing on his power One For All after Midoriya’s body had been adequately trained to become a proper vessel. Now it was up to Izuku, he could only hope his instincts were right, and trust the future, and everyone’s lives, in this young omega’s hands.

Back to the present, Izuku was currently on his way to the physical entrance Exam. He’d already managed to pass the written, being the studious “nerd” as Kaachan referred to him, he’d passed with relative ease. Now was the hard part, the part he had zero actual training for...physical combat.

Now, this sort of test was a little old fashioned, only people with combat quirks really being able to excel in this area. Occasionally some less offensive quirk types manage to pass with quick wits and resourcefulness; but Izuku wasn’t sure if this was one of those times he was going to be able to think his way out of. The large nearly 30 foot mecha’s speeding around and attacking the students around him as he could simply stare in awe at their size.

For a minute, he’d lost himself in panic, completely taken off guard as one of the combat droids zeroed in on him. Before he’d even caught on to the oncoming danger, the mecha was taken out by another student, saving Izuku with only seconds to spare...though he wasn’t even trying to save the blindsided raven. The male, with engines embedded in his legs scoffed towards Izuku, quickly calling forth the freckled boy’s attention.

“You shouldn’t just be standing around spacing out like that, this is a battlefield, if you don’t intend on engaging any of them, then I kindly suggest you move to the side and out of harm's way.”

Though the boy’s words were hard and cold, there was a note of concern underlying it all. Obviously still worried about Midoriya getting hurt...or maybe just getting in the way. He couldn’t be sure as the male engaged his engine quirk and quickly sped off after that.

“10 points...not enough!” The sound of the breathless panting caught his attention next, turning to face the shaking form of another boy as he stood over the battered and broken robot. The boy looked on the verge of collapse, his limbs quivering as he took another shaky breath; still his eyes held determination as he pushed onwards, running rather erratically towards the nearest confrontation.

‘10 points...points...I haven’t gotten any points yet!’

with that thought in mind, Izuku began whipping around, searching for any other robots nearby. Unfortunately, in the time he’d spent panicking, all the nearby battle droids had been picked off, smashed to pieces and left in scattered piles all around the roadways. He only had 5 minutes left! 5 minutes to get at least one point or fail this examination entirely!

The sound of loud thumps and a crumbling building startled him out of his thoughts, the surrounding area seemed to grow darker, as if something was casting a very large shadow upon them. That’s when it hit him, the one battle droid they’d warned them about at the start of the entrance exam...the one they’d told the students to avoid at all costs.

Slowly, he turned towards the sound, eyes widening in horror as he saw the Goliath of a beast that stood before them. Everyone in the vicinity had turned to look as well, similar expressions of utter terror splitting across their features as they took in their next opponent. It was obvious when things started to click in their minds, the students running as fast as they could away from the beast that had started to inch it’s way closer, a slow but steady crawling pace towards the flurry of terror driven students.

Izuku himself was about to make his hasty retreat, then a cough came from the direction the gigantic mecha beast was approaching. He couldn’t help but search for the source, seeing a head of familiar chocolate brown locks coming into view as the dust settled around them. His heart stopped, seeing the girl pinned under a piece of debris from the building crumbling, her foot obviously trapped at an odd angle under the stonework.

Her eyes were lit with a wild panic, pain and fear brimming in her gaze as she scrabbled desperately for release, screaming out for help which never seemed to come. Maybe it was his own similar experiences and feelings that caused it, but as her gaze locked onto his, something snapped within the frozen raven.

He didn’t think, he moved.

Past the girl, past the swarm of people fleeing the scene, and headed straight for the impending danger. At that moment, nothing else mattered, nothing else existed, if anyone had called out for him to stop, telling him he was crazy; he didn’t hear. He couldn’t, not when he was in this desperate state. All his mind could register, was that this thing before him, would hurt that girl if he didn’t stop it.

Without even stopping to think of the consequences, he launched himself towards the robot, pushing off the ground with such force that a crater was left in the pavement under where he stood. Pulling an arm back, he roared out the words “SMASH” like All Might had taught him as he collided his fist with the metallic monstrosity. The power of One For All coursing through his veins as he delivered an extremely potent dose of it through his arm and into the robot.

Barely a second went by before it started to fall backwards, the inner components overloading and causing internal explosions as the battle droid fell to pieces on the unoccupied pavement below.

Izuku plummeted towards the ground, his mind registering the ground rushing up to meet him at the last second as he managed to land in time, his legs taking the brunt of the force. Luckily, the quirk was still in effect, lessening the blow on his tender muscles.

His body was completely worn out, every part of his body ached as the power exited his system, throbbing replacing the adrenaline that once pumped through his body. He was pretty sure that this is what being hit by a truck would feel like.

A soft “excuse me” managed to draw him out of his pained suffering for a moment, looking up to see the same girl who’d been pinned down moments before standing a little ways away, a soft grateful smile adorning slender lips as she approached. He noticed the slight limp she had, tucking that away to ask her later when she’d said what she’d finished saying what she wanted to say.

“I-Thank you, for helping me-”

Suddenly the boisterous voice of Present Mic blasted through the clearing, alerting them to the amount of time left in the examination. “3 more seconds before the examination is over!” Izuku’s eyes widened, recalling he didn’t have any points before, and that last mecha he’d taken out was also worth zero as well. In a near hysteria, the freckled boy struggled to stand up, his body protesting and refusing to meet his demands as he collapsed onto the pavement once more.

“I only need one point! Just one before-”

The blaring of sirens signalling the exams were over sounded over the loudspeakers, cutting Izuku off and sealing his fate. The girl-Ochako’s stared at the struggling boy in shock, only just realizing what that the boy meant when he said he only needed one point.

“Wait, you mean you don’t even have one?”

Her question was never answered though, a horrible burst of coughing erupting from the boy, wracking his frame and causing him to spew out large mouthfuls of blood. All Might warned him there could be side affects, but he’d never thought it would be this bad. Midoriya’s entire body was going into shock, the impact from the quirk causing massive internal damage which was only aggravated further by the boy’s attempts to continue.

The blood wouldn’t stop spewing out, his throat and tongue covered in the grisly leaden taste of blood as more and more coated overtop. The brunette was immediately at his side, horror written all over her face as she called for help.

He could only pick out bits and pieces of the muted conversation around him, the word “beta”, popping up every now and then as fuzzy black spots appeared before his line of sight. Finally his body gave out, falling face first into the growing pool of his own blood, catching a last alarmed scream as his mind clouded over with foggy sleep.

‘I’m sorry All Might, I failed…’

Little did Midoriya know, that his actions had not gone unnoticed.

Chapter Text


~Izuku's POV~


The first thing I noticed when I awoke, was how soft the bed underneath me was. The next thing I noticed, was the dull ache in my throat and chest. It felt like a heavy pressure settled atop me while I lay there, I even passed my hands atop my chest just to be sure there was, in fact, nothing there. Just as I assumed, nothing but empty air and light sheets weighed me down.

Gradually, I tried to open my eyes, the light practically blinding to my hazy vision. Lifting a hand up to cover my eyes, I tried my best to get up into a seated position. However, the moment I did manage to prop an elbow under me, my head started to spin. The beginnings of a pounding headache taking over as I swayed unsteadily upon a quivering elbow.

An annoyed huff was the only warning I got before a sudden jab to the center of my chest had me falling back against the bed. The action not causing any further pain or damage, but succeeding in catching me off guard and knocking the breath from my lungs. I gasped in surprise, before recoiling into a curled up form as the dizziness caught up to me.

“Seriously, you’d think children would have the sense to listen to their own bodies when they need rest!”

I tensed at the unfamiliar voice, their tone curt and annoyed, but laced with underlying care. Cracking one eye open, I glanced in the direction that voice just came from, both my eyes shooting open in shock as I bolted into an upright position.

“R-r-recovery Girl!”

The suddenness of my movement caused a dry cough to start up again, my lungs irritated and lashing out in protest. I spluttered into a clenched fist, spots of blood decorating the white sheets around me in a spectacle of crimson droplets. Once my coughing fit had died down, I took a moment to look upon the mess I’d just made of the once pristine white sheets.

My own face turning nearly as pale as the sheets once were as I gazed horrified by my actions. Recovery Girl quickly came to my aid, gently rubbing my back whilst rummaging through her pockets for a tissue.

“It’s ok calm down, this is just a little side effect from your quirk.”

She’d assumed my horror was stemming from the fact that I’d just coughed up a rather alarming amount of blood; but the truth is, I was more horrified that I’d probably just stained these beautiful sheets. I’m pretty sure that blood stains are pretty hard to remove...I mean I think i remember seeing an article entailing how to remove bloodstains, maybe use some bleach? No no, that would only make the rest of the sheets whiter as well...but then again I can’t imagine them getting any whiter than this...maybe I should just offer to buy them some new sheets instea-

A firm whack to the head was what managed to finally bring me out of my contemplation. Turning instead towards the person who’d just whacked me as I rubbed at the tender spot on the top of my head.

“Oi, stop worrying about the sheets, you should be more worried by the fact you’d just coughed up such a large amount of blood!”

Looking upon the confused and exasperated expression adorning Recovery Girl’s face, I couldn’t help but laugh sheepishly. My previous tender rubbing, turning more into an embarrassed rubbing as I continued to card my fingers through my messy blackish green locks. She sighed at my response, but, there was a hint of amusement in her eye as she stepped back, hopping onto her chair as she reached for a clipboard.

“Midoriya Izuku was it?”

I nodded in confirmation, a hint or rosy embarrassment still clinging to my cheeks as I awaited her questions.

“Well, it looks like your body isn’t quite suitable for your quirk. The recoil from the impact causing quite a lot of trauma on your internal organs. Seeing as no other cases of this happening has been recorded in your previous medical records, I assume you don’t use your quirk often?”

I had to pause there, I mean sure I haven’t used the quirk often, I hadn’t used it at all until this point! It wasn’t even my quirk to begin with...Eventually, I just ended up nodding along. Luckily, she hadn’t picked up on the hint of uncertainty as she carried on. “Well regardless of that matter, I’d advise you avoid using your quirk without proper supervision, and under NO circumstances, will you use it on such a large scale again.”

I looked up in confusion from the graveness to her tone, a shudder travelling through my frame as I locked eyes with her.

“You were lucky to make it out in the state you're in, however, I’m afraid another impact as traumatic as that on your organs would probably lead to organ failure. So please try to control yourself in the future.”

She turned around, muttering a little under her breath as she shook her head; scribbling notes down as she did so. All Might did warn me that One For All could have some side effects...but I didn’t think it would be to this extent! Of course I don’t regret taking on his power, but, if my body isn’t suitable for maintaining this quirk like recovery Girl said, will I be able to become the next successor?

A soft knock on the door brought us both to full attention, Recovery Girl telling the person to come in while I looked on in curiosity. A stout mouse/bear like person walked in, hands folded neatly behind their back and fur practically as snowy white as the sheets used to be. Their appearance was rather deceiving though, contrasting greatly with their cool calculating gaze that could send shivers up a grown man's spine.

“Ah, Nedzu, are you here to see the boy?”

wait a minute...Nedzu? As in Principal Nedzu! Suddenly I was struck with a strong sense of realization. I had been so distracted by seeing Recovery Girl for the first time, that I almost forgot I was previously taking an entrance Exam to get into UA. One that I no doubt failed seeing as I hadn’t managed to get even a single point by the end.

I felt a cold chill spread through my body, the regret and remorse from before coming back to haunt me as I cast my eyes downwards in shame. Principal Nedzu was no doubt here to tell me I’d failed, maybe he’d even come to escort me out to make sure I wasn’t still hanging around the place. I winced with every step, the soft clacking heels hitting the tiled grounds drawing closer and closer.

This was it, the moment I was deemed a failure and cast out, I’m sure of it.

Once the noise finally drew to a stop, I waited, breath catching in my throat as I felt tears pricking at the corner of my eyes.

“Midoriya Izuku, please lift your head.”

I did as I was instructed, forcing the tears back and choking back the burning lump in my throat. I at least wanted to leave here without giving principal Nedzu the impression that I was a cry baby.

“Your performance today was quite shocking I must say, I haven’t seen someone try to directly attack the 0 point bot in a while. Nevertheless, I’m pleased with your course of action. I believe you will one day make an astounding hero in deed.”

Wait...what? What does he mean? Did he really just say that? “I want you, Midoriya Izuku, I want you to be part of my hero program.” I was downright dumbfounded by now, I mean I didn’t even get one point and he was telling me he want’s me to be in the UA’s exclusive hero program? “Umm...I’m sorry but I don’t think I heard that quite right. You couldn’t have just said you”

A light hearty chuckle rolled off the principle’s tongue, his eyes warm now in comparison to the steely cool gaze from before.

“But of course, not to worry young Midoriya, I can assure you you’re hearing is quite superb.”

Now I’d moved on to denial, reasoning against myself towards principle Nedzu “I didn’t even get one point though and I can’t even control my quirk yet!” Recovery Girl joined in by now, a similar unsettled expression scrolling across her features as she addressed Nedzu. “The boy has a point, he can’t control his quirk and I can’t recommend continued use of it as he is now.”

Nedzu brushed off their concerns with an airy laugh, his eyes twinkling with a daring spark as he continued.

“That is true, but, with our careful monitorization, we can assure Izuku does not go over his limit. After all, this program was started to nurture and finetune promising students. I believe with our training, we can polish his quirk and find ourselves a fine hero in young Midoriya.”

Nedzu turned back to me now, a warm comforting aura surrounding him as he extended his hand.

“Congratulations, and welcome to my Hero Program!”





It’s my first day! I still can’t believe I was accepted! After the encounter with Nedzu, All Might came to greet me and explain why the principal saw such promise in me. He explained how what had come so naturally to me, saving the girl from the large battle droid, normally wouldn’t have even crossed any other person’s mind. I may not have gotten any capture points, but I did get the highest score in rescue points. A fact that wasn’t explicitly told would be taken into account to see if any students showed promise.

I’d completely blown away all the judges, of course there was some discord amongst them as they did see the result of what happened after using my quirk, but in the end, all the judges agreed that I deserved a spot in the Hero course.

So, here I am, first day about to enter UA. I could almost cry!

“Oi, get outta the way you fucking nerd!”

I jerked back to attention from that, head whipping around as I scrambled to get out of the blonds way.

“O-oh, I’m sorry Kaachan. Umm...g-good morning?”

He just tch’d me and kept walking, his steps, although more like stomps, getting slightly louder and more forced as he went. I could tell by the way the vein in his neck popped out, that Kaachan was trying his very best not to blow something up.

‘Oh man...I almost forgot Kaachan got in too. Hope he’s not in my class…’

An itch started up in my wrist, slowly but surely getting more annoying by the second. ‘Dammit, I still can’t get used to this thing!’ I tried to fiddle with the small cool silver bracelet clasped tightly to my wrist. The icy metal rubbing annoyingly against the sensitive skin close to my glands.

It was meant as a monitoring device, checked my body functions and would give me a warning if I was overdoing anything. I mean it was either wear this, or the neck band, and if it was this annoying close to one of my less sensitive glands, I don’t even want to know how it would feel rubbing against my most sensitive ones.

I took a minute to shift the bracelet into a more comfortable position, relieving the uncomfortable itch before heading into the building.

I wouldn’t want to be late on my very first day!



 ~Third POV~


Three wrong turns and a couple friendly encounters later, a panting Izuku arrived outside the classroom just on time. Once he’d caught his breath, he slowly opened the door to enter the classroom, completely unprepared for the blast of intimidating pheromones that greeted him the moment he opened the door.

He’d nearly forgotten that pretty much everyone in the hero course was likely to be an alpha, after all, alpha’s made the best heros right? Well, being in a class with a bunch of premature alpha’s was definitely going to be difficult, uncontrolled and potent pheromones rolling off practically every student in there. It didn’t help that they were all over excited about getting into the program, causing an excess amount to leak unconsciously.

Gritting his teeth, he tried his best to ignore the instinct to submit and crossed the classroom to one of the empty desks near the window. Then at least he may be able to breath.

Alas, it looks like he was in for quite the challenge today, not a moment going by before an all too familiar pair of glaring red eyes were looming over him. He couldn’t stop the startled squeak that escaped his mouth, shuffling as far back in his seat as he could to try and get away from that hateful stare.

“Oi oi oi! What’s a useless beta like you doing in MY class! This is such a fucking joke!”

The room fell quite after Bakugou’s loud remark, bringing all attention to a focus on the cowering raven. Izuku didn’t dare look up, already smelling the shock and confusion rolling off the other students in waves. No one expected a beta would be able to get into the hero program, especially one as difficult to get into as UA’s.

If only they knew.

Bakugou slammed his fist on Izuku’s desk, a miniature explosion going off his his closed palm as he snarled “Stop fucking ignoring me deku!” Izuku sunk further and further into his seat at the blonde continued snarling down on him. The omega inside whimpering in fear and pushing Izuku to try and appease the aggravated alpha.

He could feel his control slipping, the omega beginning to break free. Eyes widening from the realization, Izuku began to panic, he’d forgotten to take his pill that morning! If Bakugou kept pressuring him like this, his control would surely snap, and he’d be exposed before the first day even begun!

The sound of a bag slamming on top of the table next to them broke the growing tension in the air. Izuku let out a sigh in relief as the intense crimson gaze shifted off him and glared daggers at the boy next to them. He himself, turning to get a peek at whoever his saviour was.

His heart stopped, all thought process immediately shutting down as he came face to face with what must’ve been the most beautiful boy he’d ever seen! His half red, half white hair falling just short of his eyes, silky and shining in the light of the rising sun. His eyes themselves were like glowing jewels, one gifted from the oceans, and the other from the stormy skies.

The thunderous grey captivating and contrasting exquisitely with the cool aqua crystal the other resembled. He didn’t even notice the scar marring the right half of the boy’s face, too lost in the charming mysterious ambience that surrounded him.

“What the fuck’s your problem halfie?”

If Bakugou’s eyes held a fire in them, then this boy’s held an icy storm, so cold it could freeze you to the core. Even the blonde seemed unsettled by them, shifting uncomfortably under such a steely glare.

The boy didn’t bother with a response, simply looking away before seating himself and beginning to settle into his new spot.





~Izuku's POV~


With Bakugou still preoccupied by the newcomer, and I myself being released from my enchanted state, I saw my chance and slipped away. Quickly running to the nearest bathroom, checking to make sure it was empty, before downing a pill and splashing some cold water on my face.

Once I’d made sure my omega was settled once more, I briskly paced back to the classroom, peaking through the door to see Kaachan grumbling to himself in annoyance in the seat in front of mine. My heart sank a little at the sight, nevertheless, I’d chosen the spot and I intended to stay right there. I wasn’t about to let a bully like Kaachan scare me off!

I sat in my seat, after getting another murderous glare from Kaachan, I turned to the boy who’d unintentionally saved me earlier.


I sat in a tense silence after that, awaiting his response as I nervously fiddled with the bracelet around my wrist. When a full minute went by without any hint of a reply coming from the boy, I peeked up in confusion.

Maybe he hadn’t heard me?

What I saw though, confused me. I’m pretty sure the boy heard, his posture relaxed and chin resting atop one of his hands as he faced the front. His expression seemed bored, but there was just the slightest hint of pink dusting his cheeks.

He couldn’t possibly be...embarrassed?

Before I could ask, the door inched open, a form covered by a sleeping bag shuffling in before closing the door behind them. Then, they proceeded to slink their way towards the podium at the front of the classroom, pausing once they’d reached their desired spot. Suddenly, the sleeping bag unzipped, a tired and uninterested face peering out at the students in the class.

They took one look at them, before sighing and fully unzipping their sleeping bag the rest of the way.

“Ok class, I guess it’s time to get started…I guess we’ll start with fitness testing…” Ok, that’s not too bad, All Might trained me we- “using your quirks...”

Whelp, fuck.





“Alright, so we’ll go through the regular tests you normally do in your schools, but you will be allowed to use your quirks for these tests. This is a hero course after all, just try not to blow the rest of us up in the process.”

Our teacher- Aizawa sensei - glared pointedly at Bakugou at that. “Oh, and one more thing. The person who places last once all the scores are added up from the tests, will be expelled. So make sure you’re taking this seriously.”

I am so screwed! It hasn’t even been one day and I’m already on the verge of getting expelled! I know recovery girl told me not to use my quirk yet, but if I don’t I’m sure I’ll place last, I can’t let that happen! Aizawa had Bakugou demonstrate first, showing how the tests will be recorded and how the scores will appear, Kaachan smug as always after placing and absurdly high score in ball throw.

Next Aizawa called me up, his gaze indifferent as he handed me the ball and directed me towards the field.

‘I’m sorry Recovery Girl, but I have to do this!’

Summoning the power of One For All into my arm, I cocked my arm back, gritted my teeth and launched the ball forwar- A loud beeping came from my bracelet, startling me into losing my footing and falling flat on my face after releasing the ball. It landing a mere 15 meters away, as I slowly pushed myself off the ground.

Wait...what happened?

I’m sure I used One For All, but it had no effect...I can’t even feel it anymore. A loud irked sigh had me tensing, my blood going cold as I turned towards our teacher.

“Midoriya Izuku was it? I’ve been informed of your current situation. I highly suggest you try to exhibit some restraint when using your quirk, lest you wish to experience a premature death…”

A shudder traveled up my spine the moment Aizawa took his gaze off me, the power from One For All returning. How couldn’t I have noticed before, those goggles, that scarf, Aizawa sensei was Eraserhead! So he took away my wonder they put me in his class. I won’t be able to use One For All recklessly, but I don’t know how to control it yet.

I haven’t been able to really practice using it since my chat with All Might the other day. I clenched my fist in frustration, I guess I’ll just have to use my own power to try and overcome this!





It was so frustrating, everyone else was able to manipulate their quirks freely, using them to their advantage to score absurdly high scores in at least one thing each. However, every time, I only just managed to pass with a slightly above average score. Sure, I may have been good compared to the others if they didn’t have the use of their quirks, but this was a hero course.

You’re supposed to be able to use your quirks as easily as you’d be able to breathe! If I can’t get the hang of One For All soon, I would surely never be able to make it! It was the last test, ball throw once more...this is my last chance!

Think, think...One For All increases my abilities, sure. But If I keep using the quirk at 100%, the recoil will surely kill what if I isolate and try to use only a fraction at a time?

It was worth a shot, I had nothing left to lose anyways. Slowly, I focused the power of One For All, feeling the heat pooling into my arm as I pulled it back. I held still, continuing to narrow down the power, focusing it until it felt like a simmering heat just beneath the skin of my finger tips.

Finally, I released, Flinging the ball with all my power as well as the power I’d trained into a single finger to flick the ball towards the field. This time my bracelet didn’t beep, the ball soared through the sky in a large arc like movement. Flying further than I’d ever been able to throw before. Even Aizawa looked surprised, his eyes widening in interest as he looked at the ball and then towards the final score.

It landed just shy of Bakugou’s, landing me the third highest score in ball throw behind Ochako and Kaachan.

But still, it wasn’t enough...

I felt my knees collapse under me as I looked at my name in last place. I didn’t even pay any attention the the warm trickle coming from the corner of my mouth, blood dripping down in response to the recoil.

Kaachan was yelling something towards me, the girl with chocolate brown hair kneeling next to me as well, concern lacing her movements as she tried to get my attention. All I could think of, was how useless I felt, even when trying my best to control the power; it still wasn’t enough.

“Midoriya, stand up.”

My body felt numb, but I got up anyways, turning towards my teacher with a blank expression on my face. He sighed again before stating “Go to Recovery Girl, then head back to class. We’ll continue from there.”

“Aren’t I expelled?”

Aizawa rolled his eyes in response, saying that was just for motivation and of course he wasn’t being expelled. The rush of relief that followed suite nearly knocked my breath away, I could barely stop myself from collapsing once more.

‘I’m safe, I’m still part of the Hero Course!’

Chapter Text



~Todoroki's POV~

I’m finally in the hero course...It’s what I’ve always wanted right? Heh, funny how now that I’m here I can’t help but feel unmotivated. Maybe it’s partly because I didn’t have to work at all to get in...Stupid Enji, why’d he have to go and get me enrolled on recommendation! I feel like I got some cheap pass into this place, when everyone else had to work so hard to simply get in the doors.

It just doesn’t sit right with me.

I guess I’ll just have to work even harder to prove I belong here, I don’t care what my old man says, I’m going to graduate with my own power if it’s the last thing I do!


~Thirdish POV~

Todoroki Shouto, a promising young candidate of UA, recommended on behalf of Enji Todoroki. He was really quite a piece of work. Even though he despised everything about his father, he still wished to become a hero.

Many assumed it was to follow in Enji’s footsteps, but that’s as far from the truth as you could get. He wanted to be a hero, because he can, because he can show the world what it really means to be a hero. To be the hero his father never was, one who his mother could be proud of.

He hadn’t seen his mother since that fateful day, the day everything changed, the day his world became a dull grayscale; void of colour and lacking life. Of course he’d had spots of light and colour along the way, the few things that kept him going through this gloomy existence. However, his father always made quick work of them, crushing every light he could get his hands on.

Todoroki learned from a young age how to keep secrets, how to avoid his father at all costs to keep himself and his rays of life safe. For if he didn’t, he would’ve broken down long ago. Still, he was never really able to hang on to those happy spots for long; his father making it his mission to get rid of any “distractions” to his training and succeeding almost every time.

But one managed to slip through his father’s detection, one which Todoroki had kept close to his heart at all times. A memory. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to keep his heart pumping and keep his mind sane throughout the worst of it. Though, calling it a memory was pretty generous. It was more like a dream, always lurking at the edges of remembrance, yet never daring to fully cross into memory.

It had faded slightly over the years, some things becoming less clear as time went on, details going missing and words long forgotten. But he’d never forgotten the warmth of that smile, the courage he got just from being in that person's presence. It had been ingrained in him even when everything else slowly slipped away. That smile was his world, his life, his sunshine.

Oh what he’d do, to see the sun shine once more...




~Izuku's POV~

“Alright, you’re all patched up”

I pulled my shirt back on over my head, my body weighed heavily with drowsiness. Recover Girls quirk sure did a marvelous job, but it had one hell of a drawback. I tried to stifle a yawn as I got up to leave, my eyelids struggling to stay open.

“You know, you have one remarkable body there.”

I paused, my heart picking up a beat as I took in her words.

“You were already pretty much healed by the time you’d gotten here, your previous wounds already patched up too. Normally it’d take a person three times as long to get over such extensive internal trauma even with my help.”

I felt a pool of dread gathering in my gut, her words hitting closer and closer to home. I had to force myself to calm down, my hand betraying me as it quivered atop the door handle. “I’ve only ever seen healing rates like this in the likes of-” “Oh would you look at the time! Aizawa Sensei will probably chew me out for dawdling so long!”

I turned back towards Recovery Girl, my brightest smile stuck to my face like a mask as I bowed in gratitude. “Thank you very much for your help, but I really must be returning now!”

Maintaining my front, I quickly whirled on the balls of my feet and headed out the door. Never breaking my pace until I stood just outside the classroom.

‘This is bad, I can’t keep doing this. What if she finally figures it out?’

With a drawn out sigh, I made to enter the classroom, but the door wasn’t there anymore. I yelped in surprise as I instead found a gray suit and tie in it’s place. Craning my head back, I looked up only to have my cheeks heat faster than a stove.

It was that pretty boy - Todoroki was his name I think - from this morning's encounter. He looked as if he’d just noticed me as well, his eyes flicking down as I stood dumbly in his way.

The moment I realized it, I quickly scrabbled to get out of his way; taking shelter by the wall as I looked to my shoes in embarrassment. A solid minute of silence followed before I heard the soft plod of footsteps, getting closer and closer until I finally dared to look back up. Todoroki was barely a breath away, the tips of his hair practically ghosting my nose as he looked into my eyes.

I couldn’t move, I was frozen through!

I almost started to believe he’d used his quirk on me, seeing as he had the ability to freeze things with his ice quirk. But I didn’t feel cold, I was just paralyzed. Maybe that was one of his quirks as well, I did hear he had two…

His steely mismatched gaze seemed to search mine, his thick heady aroma tauntingly tempting as he continued his careful analysis. It was like he could see right through me, maybe he knew! No, that’s not possible...even Recovery Girl hasn’t figured out yet so how could he- I felt a jolt travel through my cheek, like an electric fire brushing my nerves at his touch. Oh man...maybe he really does know...

I shuddered as he continued his thorough scrutiny, my knees beginning to buckle under the weight of his scent and touch sending pleasurable tingles up my spine. My mind was quickly reducing to a mashed up unusable state, at this point, I couldn’t careless whether he figured out or not. If it meant I could continue to drink in that rich velvety scent of his, then I’d damn it all to hell!

His lips parted, face drew nearer as a ghost of a whispering breath foretold a coming message and-

“You look pale, you should eat more vitamins.”






Maybe it was the sheer suddenness to the comment, or complete seriousness to it mixed with the unsuspectedness, but that was; well...anticlimactic.

I hastily pulled myself back together, scolding internally as I realized I’d seriously just let my guard down. “O-oh, is that so? Uh, I-I guess I will?” My face was turning all sorts of red by now, blushing furiously from both frustration and embarrassment. He pulled his hand back, stood up and gave me a quick nod. There was a small spark in his eye, I couldn’t be sure, but it almost looked like a touch of humour.

He left wordlessly, leaving me in my messed up state as I slid back against the wall. ‘Oh man, I really have to control myself!’ Bringing a hand on my chest, I felt my heartbeat as it continued to pound from the encounter.

Oh how little I knew about being an omega...That’s it, I’ll have to do more research tonight that’s final!

“Midoriya, are you coming in or not?”

I jumped at the flat tone, looking guiltily towards my teachers impartial form. I opened my mouth, an apology on the tip of my tongue, before snapping it shut. Nodding jerkily instead as I rushed past him into the room.

Alright, research comes later...for now, I’ll just focus on surviving the first day!




~Todoroki's POV~

That boy...he seemed familiar.

I swear I’ve seen him somewhere before...though I can’t fathom why or where. The way he blushed, those freckles like stars upon his cheeks. It was all so achingly familiar. I sighed, looking at my hand instead, still puzzled as to the reason I’d felt the need to touch his face.

The warm feeling of his impossibly smooth skin softer than the silk sheets in my bed. I shook my head at the thought, immediately banishing it from my mind. Now’s not the time to get distracted, I have to focus on improving my skills so I don’t have to use my father’s stupid quirk.

I reached the bathroom and entered, taking a minute to stare at the reflection that haunted me my whole life. The scar so glaringly obvious even after all these years. I sighed as I touched a hand to my cheek, my fingers trailing soft lines over the healed skin.

That’s when the scent hit, the lingering spice of cinnamon clinging to the tips of my digits. It was nice, comforting and made me feel so calm. It was a welcome feeling, one I basked in whenever I could. Suddenly an image popped to mind, a smile, one I’d cherished for so long.

My hand dropped, the warmth ever-present as if daring me to remember.

That boy...he couldn’t be...



Chapter Text


~Third POV~


The weeks passed relatively smoothly, never coming nearly as close to being exposed as the first day. Of course Recovery Girl knew about the origins of his quirk by now, All Might telling her himself for Izuku’s own safety. However, she’d yet to really find out about his dynamic; though she alluded to it every time he visited. Due to this, he made a point of keeping his check ups short sweet and simple, going in to heal up and leaving the moment he was better.

She had her suspicions, but she wasn’t privy of the matter; trusting in All Might’s judgement and her own. Whatever the boy was hiding, there must’ve been a reason to it; he was a good kid, she was certain he’d tell her when the time was right.

The only other person to learn of his special circumstances regarding his quirk was Nedzu, though, he seemed to share the same perspective as Toshi himself. Even going as far as saying he could see the potential Izuku had and was only happier with his decision to let the boy into the hero program. Other than those two, everyone else was still blissfully oblivious; only really taking interest in his quirk due to the drawbacks of using it.

He’d tried, he’d really tried to control the power. But every time he used it, he’d always end up damaging himself in return. His body wasn’t used to the power in the quirk, unable to counteract the force that came with using it. He’d managed to get to the point where he wasn’t coughing up pools of blood with every use, but he couldn’t escape the occasional nosebleed or metallic taste that followed soon after.

It was a work in Progress…

Other than that his experiences have only gotten better. He’d made friends for the first time in his life! The same girl he’d helped during the entrance exam being the first, and the boy with wild gestures and an engine quirk being the second. He’d come to realize Iida hadn’t been trying to be rude on the day of the entrance exam, it was just his personality.

He always followed the rules down to the point, making a fuss whenever anyone did anything that could break the school's code of conduct. It normally ended with a rather erratic gesturing show, as he tripped over himself in his haste to reprimand any wrong doers. In fact, his first real introduction with the boy had been through one of those reprimanding, with Iida scolding him and Bakugou for causing a commotion in the classroom.

When Izuku had been voted class president, he’d stepped down and nominated Iida in his place. It just felt like the right thing to do. With Iida’s personality, he definitely fit the role, the two only growing closer from that point on.

As time went on, Izuku had come to know and talk to almost every person in their class; with Koda being the exception as the boy seldom ever talked. It was a really good feeling to finally have friends, he’d missed the happy banter and closeness of being part of a group. Having been isolated and bullied through most of his childhood. Nevertheless, he had nothing but fond memories of the past, looking back on it as a good learning experience rather than a dark nightmare.

Today the teachers had informed the students they were going on a class field trip, the entire class pumped and ready for whatever they had in store. Well, all but one. Bakugou hadn’t stopped grumbling the entire time they’d spent getting organized and on the bus. Muttering curses under his breath as he shot death glares at anyone who so much as looked his way.

The only person willing to sit next to the blonde being Kirishima. Poor boy, he was a real trouper, having to put up with the blondes foul mood first hand. It didn’t look like he really minded though, happily chattering away with the rest of the students as Kaachan gave him the ‘if you don’t shut up I will murder you and your entire family’ look.

“Who shoved that stick up your ass anyways?”

The blonde visibly bristled at that, raking his scowl towards the pink skinned girl who responded with a cocky grin. Make that two people able to put up with him.

“Shut up black eyes.”

She mocked offense, her eyes still glistening with a teasing light as she responded “Aw, now don’t be such a baby about it!” He glowered at her, his fingers tensing and untensing rhythmically as if he was contemplating strangling her right then and there. He wasn’t stupid though, he’d just have to put up with their mocking until they arrived. Then he could really give it to them!




“Welcome to USJ everyone! Come in, Come in, we have a lot to cover today!”

The group of star struck students were greeted by the hero Thirteen at the entrance; everyone in awe due to the unsuspected addition. Thirteen was well known for helping in evacuation of civilians and protection of them, their quirk being well suited for protection against falling debris and clearing the way. Linking the hero’s reputation with the surroundings around them, it didn’t take long for some of the students to figure out what today’s lesson would be about.

“We’ll be practicing rescues in large scale disasters today! As you all should know by now, it’s just as much a hero’s duty to aid in helping civilians through the aftermath of villain battles. Seeing as everyone's quirks are different, there may be times when you won’t be able to participate in subduing the villain. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still be of use; take what we’re about to practice right now for example. It’s our job to remain calm even in devastating situations, that way we can minimize losses and damages which is what truly makes us heroes at the end of the day!”

Everyone was getting pumped through the speech, feeling ready to start already and just itching to see what sort of environment they’ll be sent to.

“As for today’s practice, you’ll be split into 5 groups, each one sent to a different disaster zone to feel out the sorts of dangers you should be keeping an eye out for. Now I’d suggest you all stay alert and keep your wits about you. Even though this is a simulation, the dangers are still very real, meaning you will get hurt if you don’t treat this seriously.”

Thirteen grazed the crowd of excited students before them, confident by their shining eyes and go getter attitudes that this group should be able to handle anything they could throw at them. “Alright, now we’ll be splitting you into-” “What’s that?” Thirteen paused, looking towards the girl with a high ponytail as her gaze was transfixed on a point behind them. Turning around, their eyes widened, horror and shock locking their joints as they viewed the steadily forming portal below.

Some of the other students were peering past Thirteen too, Izuku being the closest as he crept closer towards the edge to assess the situation. “Is this also part of the-” “Stay back!” Thirteen quickly stuck their arm out, coaxing the students to back away as Aizawa stepped up next to them.

“This is the real deal, villains.”

The word spread like wildfire through the clustered teens, the negative stigma setting everyone on edge as they immediately got into battle ready positions.

“Stop, this is not the time to go testing the limits to your powers! This danger is very real, there will be no stopping or time outs if an actual fight starts here. Thirteen, get the students out of here and inform Nedzu about the situation. I’m guessing since the alarms haven’t been set off yet they’re probably messing with the security systems.”

Thirteen was already beginning to bark out commands, some of the faster responding teens already trying to pull the rest of the either frozen or headstrong students towards the exit. Before Thirteen could go, they cast another uneasy glance back towards Aizawa. The man hovering by the edge of the grand staircase separating them from the oncoming cloud of doom.

“What about you?”

Aizawa sighed, pulling his goggles on and ruffling the scarf around his neck. “I’m a hero too you know, I’ll take care of the rest.” With that he launched himself down towards the emerging villains, leaving with such speed you would’ve missed his departure if you’d simply blinked.

The man was well trained, his quirk may not have any physical enhancements, but it certainly helped to bring his opponents down to his own level. Fighting practically quirkless, but having spent a lifetime honing his combat skills, he was a formidable enemy even against those with physical manifesting quirks. Thirteen shook themselves out of their stupor, quickly turning back towards the bolting teens as they made their way to the exit.

“Keep going, you’re almost there!”

Thirteen was running along with them now, bringing up the flank as they were only a few steps away from escape; the closest students already reaching for the door handles. Suddenly the world around them seemed to turn black, a moment of disorientation taking over as the gravity seemed to shift.

They were falling!

Two glaring yellow eyes emerged from the mist, narrowing in a mocking way as the group seemed to keep falling endlessly. “Greetings from the League of Villains! I’m sorry for having to cut your class short, but I’m afraid we’ll need you to stay in here now. We wouldn’t want any unwanted visitors stumbling upon us after all!”

The way their voice seemed to echo from all around them was eerie, disembodied words echoing from the darkness and curling with a sinister intent around them. “Now be good little hostages and we won’t have to kill you!” The moment the last syllable fell of their tongue, they were falling for real. The group split up and plummeting to the disaster zones below.




~Izuku's POV~


“Ugh, I’m going to feel that tomorrow…”

I lifted my head, groggy and still slightly unbalanced from the fall. I must’ve hit my head or something, the constant throbbing from the back of my head a key indicator as I gently massaged the spot.

Looking around, I was quick to note the lack of light; the only source seeming to come from some place above me. Glancing skywards, I saw the halo of light coming from a broken glass window; pieces of debris and metal framework obscuring any means of getting a clear picture on the outer world. I felt a slight prick against my finger, causing me to wince as I drew my hand off the floor and into vision. A bead of crimson adorning the irritated area as I began to bleed.

That’s when I noticed the shards of glass littering the floor around me, some of the jagged edges glistening with the same maroon liquid. I could feel a trickle of warmth coming from somewhere just below the mop of my hair, falling in a slow steady rivulet down the side of my face. 'I must’ve busted that window when I fell.' I groaned internally at the thought, knowing that would probably mean another trip to Recovery Girl after this.

As much as I appreciated her help, I just couldn’t help but be on edge around her; after all, she had been the closest to stumble upon his second nature so far. I carefully applied pressure to the cut on my forehead, the light sting in response showing it wasn’t a deep wound; I’d live.

Now Cautious of my surroundings, I gradually rose to my feet before picking my way through the debris and shattered glass around me. I wasn’t going to be able to make it back out the way I came in, seeings as the window was some 20 feet off the ground. Luckily, it looked like the adjoining halls were relatively clear of obstructions, internally cheering at the good fortune.

With a speed to my step, I quickly but silently made my way down the hall, careful to stay in the shadows in case someone was sticking around. Seeing as the group of people that emerged from the portal had been rather large, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d sent some of them off to make sure we didn’t cause any trouble. I mean we’re their hostages, they’re not going to make it that easy for us to escape now are they?

The sound of a rock rolling across the ground in the next room over had me freezing in place, my mind snapping to red alert as I sought to pinpoint where it had come from. My breathing suddenly sounding all too loud in the cramped space of the empty hallway. I was certain anyone would be able to hear it! Haltingly, I gradually crept towards the doorway, staying as closely pressed against the wall as I could to avoid detection.

With my heart hammering in my chest, I peered around the cracking frame into the room before me, my breath catching in my throat as I saw about 4 people slinking around in the room. Their eyes glued to the windows facing the streets below them as they lay in wait. My body was aching to flee, to get away from this dangerous situation; but I willed myself to stay.

What sort of hero would I be if I fled at the first signs of danger? Sure this was my first real villain encounter with both Aizawa and Thirteen warning us to keep out of conflict with these people; but if I left them as they were right now, who knows what they’ll do later. They were obviously hiding, meaning they were probably trying to catch someone off guard; I don’t even want to think about what they’ll do to that unlucky victim.

Swallowing down my fear, I was about to go slip into the room with them. At least, I would’ve if not for the hand that clamped around my mouth and arm wrapping around my chest, pulling me back into the shadows of the hall behind me. I struggled in their grip, keeping in mind not to make too much noise as that would only draw more attention on me. If it was one person, I could probably take them on myself!

Before I could jump to any rash conclusions though, a deep brassy voice whispered by my ear “Stay still, they’ll hear you.” I was shocked at the familiar voice, the fight leaving me as the hand slowly unclasped from my face. I swiveled my head back, catching a glimpse of the boy’s flame red hair and snowy white silhouetted in the darkness.

“Todoroki kun?”

His arm tensed around me, quickly getting me to hush my voice a tone lower, looking around to make sure we weren’t noticed before leaning in closer to the male holding me back. “What are you doing here?” He simply pointed upwards, a small ‘oh’ coming from me as I flushed from the stupidity of my question.

Once I’d calmed down from the embarrassment of asking something so stupid, I was immediately hit with a different kind of embarrassment as I realized just how close we were. Todoroki practically pressed flush against me as he held me between himself and the cracked stonework of the buildings wall. My nose was far too close to his scent gland for my liking, my body already reacting to the intimacy of how close we were.

‘God dammit I thought I’d finally gotten over this.'

I tilted my head away, facing the doorway I’d been peering through before as I tried to get my wildly beating heart to settle down. My instincts racing with less than appropriate desires for the situation we were in currently. Little did I know, that by doing so, I was also indirectly posing in a submissive stance towards the dual haired boy holding me. His eyes trained on my neck like a hawk eyes it’s prey as he shuddered from the internal conflict he was battling at that very moment.

I glanced up when I felt him quiver, confused as to what could’ve caused him to react like such; only to find his arm now pressed against the wall, forehead resting against it as he took a few steadying breaths. “Todoroki-” “What is it with you? Why are you so special?”

I flinched at the comment, recoiling as much as our position allowed; his intense gaze locking with mine. The contrasting steely grey and burning blue seering deep into my thoughts.

“What are you?”

We were pulled out of the conversation by the sound of a shout coming from further up the hall. Some villain having spotted us while we let our guards down. Todoroki let out a ‘tch’ as he got up and readied his ice quirk.

“I wanted to avoid having to fight in such enclosed spaces but I guess we don’t have a choice now, huh Midoriya?”

I hastily drew myself to my feet, standing back to back with Todoroki as Villains filed in from both directions.





~Todoroki's POV~


The fight was quick, with me freezing the majority of them and Izuku knocking out the few that managed to evade it. His nose was bleeding a bit, but he didn’t seem fazed in the slightest; his eyes still holding a clever fire as he checked to make sure there were no remaining villains lurking around.

“Looks like that was it!”

Midoriya trotted back towards me, his gate light and energetic after the adrenaline rush from the fight. It was only then that I noticed the still seeping cut on his forehead, the blood framing the left side of his face as he smiled his goofy smile. My hand moved on it’s own, already smearing away the blood on his face as I drew his head closer for further inspection.

“Eh? Oh, the cut right? It doesn’t even hurt anymore, don’t worry about it!”

His cheery voice didn’t seem to fit the state his body was in, bruises blooming across some of the exposed skin, drying blood latching to other areas like some sort of horror display. Still, his smile was as bright as the sun itself, making everything else seem to fade in importance as I was drawn to it.

Yes, this was the same smile, the one I’d dreamed about for so long. It was just as comforting, if not more, to see it in real life. I pressed my forehead to his, not minding the blood that was probably transferring over to me through the action.

“You just don’t know when to quit do you?”

The freckled boy let out an awkward chuckle, rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment as he slowly pushed me away.

“We should go see if we can find the others, one of them may need our help!”

He didn’t waste any time dashing towards one of the windows and hopping out to the street below, his step a little more forced and rigid than before. ‘Was it something I said?’ I was puzzled by his strange reaction, unsure what could’ve made him so uncomfortable. That is, until I remembered I was an alpha. Of course he would act like that! Beta’s tend to be rather influenced in the presence of alpha’s, Midoriya was no different.

It was hard to remember sometimes, seeing as everyone else in class 1-A were also alpha’s he’d never needed to hold back before. It makes me wonder how he managed to handle being in a class like ours...

Oh well, I can worry about that later, right now we have to meet up with the rest of the class.




Eventually we made our way to the center plaza again, keeping a safe enough distance away to stay out of site of the battling Villains. Aizawa sensei was still going strong, putting up a one man army worthy fight as he continued to beat them down. A small cluster of four villains stayed near the fountain, simply observing as Aizawa persisted. One of the four being the one who opened the portals that lead to them breaking in, and another being a hulking mass with his brains sticking out.

His face almost resembled that of a birds, but his teeth were large and jagged, a sense of unawareness surrounding him as he stood still as a stone beside the other three. It was eerie to say the least, seeing them watch without the slightest hint of worry as Aizawa beat villain after villain before their very eyes. Suddenly, the man with hands covering his face moved, his body disappearing into one of those portals and appearing in front of Aizawa. Their teacher reeling back from the sudden appearance of the man before him.

His hand gripped Aizawa’s elbow as he let out a drawn out irritated sigh.

“It looks like it’s game over. Game over, game over, game over...Hey, where’s All Might? Where are you hiding him?”

Aizawa gasped as the man continued his questioning, his elbow slowly disintegrating under the male’s touch. He winced, wrenching his arm back as he lept away from him.

“What is it you want!”

The man tilted his head, expression obscured by the hand covering all but one eye. One of his real hands suddenly shot to his neck, raking his nails at the skin present there. A nervous habit?

“Hah? isn’t it obvious? We’re going to kill him! All these fake heroes, with their fake names, fake good deeds, and their fake masks! It’s all just some shitty joke! We’re here to free the people, to break this illusion he so selfishly holds over everyone; we’re here to open your eyes!”

Aizawa was down one arm now, the one that had taken the full brunt of this man’s quirk hanging useless at his side. “Funny, you don’t seem like the type to worry about stuff like that.” This set the white haired male off, his nails digging deeper into his skin until he was practically drawing blood. Then he just stopped. His hands dropping down and his back slumping in a near defeated look.

“Game over...Nomu.”

The monstrous beast must’ve been a speed demon, I wasn’t even able to see him move! One minute he was standing beside the portal guy and the cloaked man, next thing I knew he was looming over Aizawa.

The following scene that befell was too graphic for my mind to describe, my eyes unable to break away from each bloody bone shattering hit. It was horrible, cruel, even by villain standards! I had to force my head to turn away, looking instead towards the freckled boy beside me, his face as white as a sheet while he watched our teacher continue to get pummeled; limbs twisted past their limits with sickening snaps and crunches.

I almost wanted to shield his eyes from the view, feeling as if it was wrong for such optimistic and innocent eyes to be witness of such horrors. His slender frame was shuddering uncontrollably, hands covering his mouth as he crouched down in a small ball. I was quickly at his side, prepared to provide comfort to the panicking boy when he looked back up towards the gruesome scene before us. What I saw there wasn’t fear, not even disgust.

No, what I saw was rage. Pure undiluted, unadulterated rage focused solely on the villains wailing on their teacher. He was already moving before I could react to his expression, his body seeming to fly across the plaza as he aimed a fist towards the hulking form known as Nomu. All the blood seemed to drain from my body as I watched in utter terror as the gigantic beast turned to face the oncoming bullet shooting towards them.

His fists dropping the crumpled broken form of their teacher as he readied to intercept Midoriya’s attack. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion, Midoriya’s fist striking the beasts palm, the shock causing the Nomu to flinch slightly before closing his hand around the much smaller arm of Izuku’s. The sounds of snapping and crunching from before played through my mind, already foreseeing what was to come, yet...I was helpless.

No, I can’t let them take him away from me, I can’t let them have my last ray of hope! I forced my legs to run, sprinting from cover eyes never leaving Midoriya’s as his body was lifted off the ground; arm bending at an unnatural angle causing the boy to scream out in pain.


Suddenly the Nomu froze, hand opening ever so slowly as he dropped Izuku back to the ground. The cloaked figure from the fountain now looking towards the crumpled form of the boy shaking in pain on the floor. His face hidden in shadow as he gradually approached.

I wasn’t going to take any chances anymore though, already using my ice quirk and sending an icy wall to block Izuku from both attackers; but the Nomu moved too fast. His body standing in the way of my icy wall and stopping it from forming between the cloaked figure and Izuku.


I screamed as I started running towards them again, all caution forgotten as Midoriya’s safety was far more important at the moment. A shadow fell over my path, only to take the form of the monstrous Nomu as he stood in my way. I came to a shuddering stop right before I could run into his grasp, leaping back to avoid the large grasping hands as I tried to look past him and for the raven.

I felt my heart literally stop, the cloaked man standing above his limp body as he slowly pulled him up off the ground by his cheeks.

A flash of yellow and a booming voice announced the arrival of their saviour. The man quickly blowing the cloaked man back and carrying both Izuku and Aizawa to safety.

All Might was here!




~Third POV~


The aftermath of the villain attack set everyone on high alert. All Might was able to blow the Nomu away and kept the rest of the villains at bay long enough for the rest of the heroes in the school to make it. Getting through by the skin of his teeth as he nearly transformed with his last shuddering breath.

Thanks to cementos, his normal identity was still safely kept a secret from the students. Breathing out a sigh of relief, his heart clenched in worry as thoughts of his young successor flitted through his mind. The memory of carrying both the broken teacher and his battered pupil still haunting him as he made his way towards the exit; steps faltering as fear pooled beneath his skin.

He could only hope both of them made it out alright….




~Izuku's POV~


Recovery Girl had thoroughly scolded me right from the get go, taking note of the flashing red warning sign on my medical bracelet as well as the gushing amount of blood pouring from my mouth. I knew I was pushing myself...but how could I hold back in that sort of situation? I’d completely lost control! All I could think about was how if I didn’t do anything Aizawa would die...

This time I’d suffered more extensive damage though, the impact of my quirk being close to 100% sending quite the shock through my system; not to mention my arm nearly being crushed by that Nomu. It was at times like these that I almost found the omega inside me a blessing, already pumping out hormones to combat the intense amounts of pain I was feeling.

Of course Recovery Girl noticed this as well, seeing as the increase in pain relieving hormones was a rather unnatural occurrence. Nevertheless she ignored it, focusing instead on patching me up even with her constant muttering.

I would forever be in her debt, my respect for her only increasing further as she didn’t pry into the matter. 20 minutes later I was all fixed up and out the door with strict instructions to rest the moment I got home. My wounds were nearly fully healed already, we both knew it, but she insisted I rested anyways. My stamina still taking a heavy drain from her quirk to boost my recovery time.

As I walked home, my mind kept drifting back to thoughts of the battle by the fountain. Thoughts centered around the mysterious hooded figure that had held me back there. He was a villain, yet he held me with a certain gentleness that I couldn’t quite almost felt...caring?

The way he called out my name, as if the words were choking him; still burning in the back of my mind. Who was that man? What was he doing there? Why did he stop the Nomu from killing me?

All these questions but no way for me to answer them…




~Third POV~


“Hisashi, you’ve gone soft. How could you just let that kid go!”

Shigaraki was practically foaming at the mouth as he rounded on his colleague, hatred seeping from his injured body. The man he was addressing quietly sipping his drink at the bar, nursing a bruise on his cheek himself from a rather powerful punch from the number 1 hero.

“Shut it Shigaraki, I was just caught off guard.”

Shigaraki continued to glower at the man, growling faintly under breath as a static buzz came off the lone TV in the room. His head whipped to face the screen, taking out his frustration on the distorted figure that appeared there.

“Sensei! He wasn’t powered down at all, he was far more powerful than you said he’d be!”

The form on the screen let out a slow dismissing chuckle, his body flickering through the static as he continued his broken chortle. “Ah yes, a minor miscalculation but I assure he has grown weaker. Did you not see the fear in his stance near the end?”

Shigaraki grit his teeth in response, a reluctant grumble of agreement draw forth from his teacher's words.

“Besides, the three of you gathered some rather valuable information today isn’t that right, Hisashi?”

The man seemed to flinch at his address, turning slightly towards the distorted form as he gave a slight nod. “I heard you ran into an interesting kid there, one who had a power similar to that of All Might! And he was someone you seemed to know quite well.” Hisashi clenched his jaw, bidding for time as he thought over his options. He wasn’t going to be able to keep the League from him, they’d find out eventually.

The more he thought about it, the more a sadistic sense of satisfaction seemed to fill his bones; his mind long since ripped apart from his youthful days of “justice”.

“Yes, now that you mention it, I think this boy could be of good use to us!”

Sensei stayed silent for a moment, the buzz of static filling the voiding silence in the room.

“What did you have in mind?”



Chapter Text


~Izuku's POV~

Ever since the League of Villains incident back at USJ, the security had tightened even further. Heroes constantly on patrol around the school perimeter and cameras installed in every unguarded section of the school.

The school had taken a lot of backlash from the endangerment of student lives, thus resulting in the drastic increase in protection. It was a little suffocating at times, but in the end, it’s better safe than sorry. The UA sports festival was coming up soon after all, we wouldn’t want anything to get in the way of that! It was the biggest event our school hosted, it was bigger than the olympics in a way, pretty much everyone and their mother’s tuning in to watch the next potential heroes battle it out in quirk related sports.

The majority of our generation grew up watching it, so it was a pretty big deal amongst the students too. I should’ve been hyped up about it too, but thoughts of the encounter at USJ still weighed heavily in my mind; I just couldn’t shake the feeling that whoever I met back there was someone important. I tried my best to keep myself preoccupied though, focusing instead on training my body so hopefully, I wouldn’t have to rely on my quirk in most of the events.

I know All Might wants this to be my big debut...but I still haven’t really mastered the use of One For All. Even Recovery Girl was getting fed up, telling me to just heal naturally instead seeing as my body was more than capable of doing that. I understand her frustrations, still hurt like hell trying to get over internal damage without the extra boost of her recovery quirk.

With the added pressure knowing everyone would be watching me at this event, I couldn’t help but break down a little. Thankfully, every time that happened, Uraraka or Iida were nearby ready to comfort me. Even though they had a lot on their plates themselves, they always managed to spare some time to hang out after classes or just talk about it.

Nothing calmed me down better than being able to vent out a little of my worries, though, I couldn’t really explain the real roots to my problems. They tried their best to help out anyways, unknowingly releasing calming pheromones which did wonders for settling fraying nerves. It was especially effective on my inner omega seeing as their scents were compatible; acting as a soothing agent rather than riling me up further.

No one was sure what deemed an alpha and omega compatible, it really all depended on how they reacted to one another's scents. Sometimes it could manifest as a visual stimulant as well, you know, taking the form of a personality or something. But it was more often than not the scent that really decided it.

So far, I had yet to find a truly repulsive scent. Everyone in the room smelt fine enough, nothing really sticking out. Even Bakugou didn’t ruffle me the wrong way...I guess a visual stimulant didn’t apply to his case. It was good for me though, since I don’t really know how I’d react to an incompatible alpha. It would be a real shame if I had to discontinue my studies because of it; it wasn’t their fault our secondary natures didn’t line up.

However, even if I didn’t mind their pheromones, there was no guarantee they would share the same opinion of mine. It was rare for an alpha to outright object any omega’s scent, but it has happened on the odd occasion; entire engagements having to be broken off due to it. The main problem wasn’t rejection though, it was the opposite in fact.

An unbonded omega would automatically release a calling scent. It was just in our nature, a device many assumed was for protection purposes. Omega’s were weak willed and ill-suited for fighting, meaning they were virtually defenseless when caught on their own. Therefore the sooner they were bonded, the more likely they would survive; seeing as they’d have a mate whose instincts would drive them to protect and provide for them.

That’s how a lot of arranged marriages between omega’s and alpha’s worked, seeing as the pull to provide for one's mate could eventually lead to a false sense of love. If you looked closer though, you’d easily see through this “love” they shared; down to the basic drive to simply protect what was marked as “theirs”.

It’s fascinating how such complex emotions like “love” can be outright thwarted by trivial things like pride or animalistic instinct.

Of course, one thing that was unique to only alpha’s and omega’s, were soul mates. The concept of soulmates is rather controversial, some believing it exists while others scoff at the idea. They say those with soulmates would often dream about them, feel their presence as if they’d been with them their entire lives; when in reality you may have only just met them.

The key thing that caused all this disbelief of soulmates, was the fact that some soulmates happened to be the same sex, some even being the same dynamic! This utterly confused the hell out of researchers trying to prove it’s existence, as the whole point to soulmates was to increase the chance of producing powerful offspring. But if the couple were the same sex, how could that be possible?

A woman can’t impregnate another woman, just as a man could never give birth to a child. It was a simple fact of life, causing the the whole controversy around the topic. It only made my dynamic that much more confusing as I myself, am a male omega. Technically, it would be impossible for me to bare a child; yet my body would still undergo the same cycles which focuses on impregnation.

Could that mean that male pregnancy was in fact possible? Or was I just a fluke of nature? Who’s to say, I have never bonded or spent a heat with anyone; nor have I ever been bedded up till now. I don’t even know how the whole process works for crying out loud! I’ve never needed to know about such trivial matters and to be honest, I never really planned on doing any of that...

Luckily enough, the pills I’d been taking since I first presented as an omega had been able to subdue any heats up till this point; meaning I never really had to go through any of the desires that accompanied them. My first heat was rather mild too, just making me feel a little too hot the majority of the time, but not all hot and bothered like everyone said it would.

“Maybe it really is just a mistake…”

“What’s a mistake?”

I almost fell out of my chair from the abruptness of the interaction, my cheeks beaming red as I tried to formulate a response for the cheery brunette at my side. “U-uh, it’s nothing! I mean, I wasn’t...saying anything….” She snickered at the obvious lie, she always was telling me how horrible I was at doing that. Shaking her head she stood tall, cocking a hip to the side as she looked me up and down.

“You’re a real piece of work. Remind me to help you up your dishonesty game later!”

She sent me a sly wink at that, her eyes sparkling with mischief as she went to go back to her desk. Class would be starting soon; Aizawa Sensei informing us that detail about the UA sports festival would be discussed in class today. Everyone was already ecstatic about it, clumped in groups as they tried to think up all the various games and events that took place in the past; some even going so far as planning strategies to help them win already.

I sighed dreamily at the thought, getting a chance to win such a big event would be a dream come true! Of course, I still have a long way to go-

“Fucking nerd, as if you’ll win the sports festival!”

Kaachan scorned the thought, his harrowed gaze fixed on me as if challenging me to respond. I was about to too, when I realized he’d literally just read my mind there. “Eh? How’d you know what I was thinking?” The blonde’s glowering gaze hardened, his full body turning to face me as he slammed both hands on my desk. The vibrations travelling through the floors and up the chair legs into my body; my form immediately shrinking back on instinct.


Bakugou was panting heavily by the end of his spiel, face red from what I believe is exertion; seeing as he’d just screeched the entire thing. I was completely lost by now, unsure why he was getting so angry at me for being able to tell what I was thinking. Maybe he was having one of his mood swings?

“Oi, settle down in here, I can hear you brats from the other side of the school.”

Aizawa slowly trudged into the room, as heavily bandaged as the first day we’d gotten back. It still came as no less of a shock, seeing our teacher up and about, even with injuries that appeared so extensive. He breathed out a long exhale, gaze as apathetic as ever as he stood before the now silent classroom.

“Alright, guess it’s time to explain the UA Sports Festival…”




Did I train my butt off all week in preparation for this sports festival? Of course. Is my body in peak physical condition? Well, as good as it’s gonna get. Was I mentally prepared for this? Not a snowflake's chance in hell!

Oh god, the audience was huge this year! Normally, this would only occur for the older classes, where heroes are more likely to find sidekick worthy material. But after the whole USJ incident, all focus was on our class this year. Heroes gathering from all across the country to see what sort of students were skilled enough to survive such a large scale encounter.

It only served to make me more nervous though, the pressure increasing tenfold to make a good impression for All Might’s sake. I know he told me to try and relax and just do the best I can for now, but I could see the plea behind it all. He wanted me to make as big an entrance as I could, to really just give out the whole “I’m here!” speech through my actions.

But...that seems a whole lot tougher now than when we’d been discussing it in the teacher's lounge. I stood quivering in the corner of the prep room, my eyes darting around frantically as I tried to will back the oncoming panic attack.

“Midoriya...are you ok?”

My eyes shot open, gazing desperately upward as Todoroki went rigid from the helpless plea. His normally impassive front broken as he was caught off guard, immediately trying to sooth the panicking boy.

He didn’t even think about what he was doing, it just happened on impulse.

He crooned to me, a deep rumbling croon which spoke on so many levels; it was hardly a sound meant for just anyone. An alpha only ever crooned to their mate, so it made zero sense for him to be crooning to me; a person who was in fact, was no closer than a stranger to Todoroki. Even through my alarmed state, I was still able to pick up on this key fact; but...I wanted the comfort.

I didn’t care whether it made sense or not, it just made me feel so calm and safe. It was the first time I could truly relax all week, my body going lax as the sound seemed to curl around me; a blanket of calming noise to drown out the hysteria. After a solid minute, his croon faltered, Todoroki probably realizing how strange it was himself.

By that point, all the previous nervousness had already released their vice like grip on me; so there was no further need for it...still, I felt a slight sting at the loss. He cleared his throat, eyes shifted elsewhere as he addressed me.

“I’ll take my leave then…”

Todoroki seemed just as confused as I was from the encounter, my face heating as I put two and two together. I nodded without a word, untrusting of my voice at the moment. He left not long after, disappearing out of the room and heading off somewhere else. I was still burning from the encounter, my mind immediately trying to formulate even a wisp of understanding for what just transpired.

Then it hit me, croons were normally only accessible to an alpha to their mate...but that also occur during the courting stage if their partner was an omega. Could it be...that he knows I’m an omega! Courting aside, it was still a very real possibility that he figured out I was an omega. After the USJ incident, I have noticed him looking at me from across the cafeteria from time to time...but it doesn’t make sense.

Wouldn’t he have confronted me about it? Todoroki is a pretty straight forward guy, I know that firsthand; so I doubt he would stay quiet about knowing something like that. Besides, he looked just confused as I was after maybe it was just a blunder? Well, whether Todoroki actually knew or not, there was no mistaking his body definitely recognized something. Otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to croon in the first place!

Whatever it was, I was going to have to be more careful from now on...maybe I’ll get some stronger pills after this?





~Todoroki's POV~

‘What...just happened?’

All I know, is that one minute Midoriya was looking at me with such a helpless look, the next he was relaxed. I know somewhere between those two things I’d crooned… It was my first time doing anything like that though, I’d never even heard anyone do that before. My father was obviously a terrible example of it, he never once showed any signs of interest in my mother.

They were just a trophy marriage, my mother being an omega and my father being an alpha. It wasn’t that odd to see in this day and age, but my father never once showed any signs of caring for my mother. He’d only ever took interest for breeding purposes, my mother having all alphan children; pleasing my father greatly wasn’t enough.

Not until she had me at least, the ultimate product in his standards. I was born with both my parents quirks, able to control both fire and ice with opposing halves of my body. My father of course had expected this, calculated for it even. Once he’d gotten what he wanted, he straight up ditched my mother. Sure, she still lived under the protection of the Todoroki name; but she wasn’t truly living.

Every time her heats hit, our father would just dump her in some heat hospital; there trained nurses would aid her through a heat, but it was emotionless, strictly professional, and gave no comfort to an omega.

For years she’d suffered this mistreatment, still caring for us the best she could in the in between periods; however, she could only go on for so long. Eventually she just snapped, taking out all the pent up frustration and abuse on me. I never blamed her for scarring half my face, I knew she hadn’t meant to do it. It was all Enji’s fault, he’d driven her mad. Then he had the audacity to lock her away, like she was some accessory that could easily be tossed away.

Since that day, I’ve never had the courage to face’s not like I’m afraid of her or hate her. I just couldn’t face her after being the cause behind her getting locked up. I made a promise though, I promised I would be a hero that day; one that was nothing like my father and I would do it, without his power.

I’ve trained hard since then, let nothing distract me from that goal; until now. How is it, that his freckled boy from my dreams was able to break through all my barriers? How could he do it so effortlessly on top of that? It just didn’t make any sense…, he’s a beta. There’s nothing special about him, I’m just looking too deep into things.





~Third POV~


Above the clamour of excited students and impatient audience members; Present mic’s voice boomed! His ability to stun people into silence an interesting effect that was completely his own...though, it wasn’t really what he was going for. Either way, he continued with the introductions, building up hype in the crowded audience with the building suspense; stacking more and more compliments upon the students with every breath.

Finally, said students came walking onto the field. One after another, they continued to fill the stage, so tiny in comparison the the huge area. Yet each person brought an outstanding presence with them, seeming to take up a lot more space than they really did. They just had an air around them, seeming to scream importance and strength. But what the crowd really went wild for, was the introduction of class 1-A; lastly but not least.

The uproar was near intimidating, with full grown adults jumping up in their seats and squealing like little school girls at the sight. Eyeing the most promising students like starved wolves; eyes seeming to pick them apart for everything they were worth. Said students were hardly fazed by it though, not even reacting to the hate filled glances shot towards them by the other classes. Especially from class 1-B, another hero course class, but less renowned due to lack of student endangerment.

You’d think they’d appreciate the fact that none of their lives had been at risk thus far...Either way, the students all gathered in a cluster at the center of the arena, pooling below an uplifted podium. The person standing atop that podium, being none other than the R-rated hero Midnight. Her choice in wardrobe no less...interesting, as she unabashedly stood proud and tall before the students. A bondage type device wielded in her grip, as she commanded everyone's undivided attention.

Without further adue, Present Mic transferred the spotlight to her, a little miffed at how the crowd reacted to her in comparison to himself. She was more than deserving of the concentration though, no one able to take their eyes off the sexual appeal leaking from her very essence.

She was an alpha, and she wasn’t afraid to use that to her advantage; knowing full well how potent her pheromones could be. Once she was certain not a single gaze was askew, she explained the first challenge. It was a relay race, plain and simple. However, where things differed, was that the teams were to be picked through a random draw. Not only this, but quirks were of course to be used in the race; each leg of the race having a different obstacle put in place.

It was all up to the teams now, students crossing their fingers and praying to their lucky stars, that they got a good team. No offense UA’s department of management...The lots were drawn, teams set up on the large holographic scoreboard. Gasps of shock, quickly turning to anger, as all eyes were drawn to the first team.

“That’s Super unfair! This thing must be rigged!”

Midnight looked up herself, slightly taken aback by the first group of three. There, in obnoxiously large lettering, were the names “TODOROKI SHOUTO, BAKUGOU KATSUKI, and MIDORIYA IZUKU”. Their pictures appearing right above each name. No one was really concerned about Izuku though, only taking notice of the fact that class 1-A’s top two students were in the same group.

“Oi, is this some kind of joke! Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to put me with half and half bastard and deku!

Bakugou hissed deku’s name out with such venom that even the people around him flinched. Startled by the charged tone of voice the boy used when addressing the seemingly plain boy. Izuku himself looked as if he was trying to disappear, his eyes fixed on the ground as if wishing it would just swallow him up and take him away from here.

Todoroki remained indifferent to it all, seemingly oblivious to the amount of chaos his trio was causing.

“We demand a redraw!”

half the students were complaining, some even from class 1-A (mineta); yet Midnight refused to listen. Instead, a shit eating grin split its way across her face, her eyes narrowed in a dangerous look.

“Ah, but where’s the challenge in that? A little bit of friendly competition never hurt anyone! Besides, you’re all still in the spring of your youth! Something like this should be a piece of cherry pie for real heroes to deal with~”

The way her gaze seemed to glint from her position left no room for arguments. Students gulping back fear as her intimidating aura filtered through them. Damn, if they didn’t know better, they’d think she was already seducing them with her quirk.

“Now if there’s no further arguments, let the games begin!”

None of them asked to be put in the same group, it was plain old coincidence that it happened. But if you were going by the deadly glares and murderous atmosphere surrounding the three students, you’d think they’d definitely done this on purpose. Bakugou would just scowl right back at anyone who caught his eye, yelling in some cases.

“The fuck you looking at!”

Each time he had to be reeled in by the ever patient Midoriya, whom sadly, was more affected by the negative atmosphere.

“K-Kaachan that’s enough! No need to draw more attention to ourselves…”

Katsuki was about ready to explode from all these ‘shitty useless side characters’ trying to act important; completely ready to vent out all the building resentment on his usual pin cushion. At least, that was until he saw just how messed up and flustered the boy was getting from this.

His usual nervous trembling was getting out of control, his body jerking at every whisper and eyes flicking back and forth as if he expected to be attacked at any moment. Although...he wasn’t really wrong there.

Glancing up towards their other group mate, he saw Todoroki was thoroughly distracted by something else. He looked zoned out, lost in thought about whatever the fuck that hot n’ cold bastard thinks about. With a low grunt, Bakugou gave a light punch to Izuku’s shoulder, not much strength behind the hit; but in no way gentle.

“You better not fuck this up for us deku! I plan on winning, and I’m don’t wanna have to carry your ass over the finish line too!”

The usual bite to his words was left out for once, his comment meant more to get the freckled boy’s mind off the others. Midoriya paled at the thought though, not wanting to be the cause of his teams defeat.

“Y-you’re right! I gotta focus…”

Even with that in mind, he struggled to ignore those heated glares digging deep into the back of his skull. He wasn’t used to being the center of so much attention, let alone so much hatred. With a profound rumbling growl, Katsuki gripped the front of Izuku’s shirt, pulling him close until they were only a hairs distance apart. The freckled boy squeaked in surprise, his face blanching as he prepared for the hit he’d no doubt receive.

Screwing his eyes shut, he was prepared to take anything; knowing full well he deserved it this time. Yet, the longer he waited, the more confused he got. There was no immediate pain, in fact, Bakugou didn’t seem to be moving at all.

Looking up, Izuku was completely bewildered by the sight he saw. Todoroki was standing right behind bakugou, his right arm gripping Bakugou in a bruising hold, ice starting to form around the spot he touched.

“Put. Him. Down.”

The blonde’s glare was nothing in comparison to the complete void of emotion or expression in the heterochromatic boy right now. The level of intimidation he was currently releasing rivaling principal Nedzu’s even!

Though he didn’t let it show, Bakugou was also rather affected by it, his own alpha itching to react to such a challenge. It was only made worse by Izuku, the boy wiggling in his grip; his body going limp in complete submission to Todoroki’s display. A snarl threatened to rip it’s way from his throat, getting caught and strangled back down half way as Midnights gaze flitted over them.

“Tch, whatever.”

Through the indifferent tone he posed, Bakugou still had a hard time letting go. His knuckles turning white at one point as his grip threatened to rip Izuku's uniform. Then, the pressure was released, Izuku falling back into a flurry of limbs on the ground. A cloud of dusting rising up around where he fell, his hands catching him before he could hit the back of his head from the fall.

“Deku, you better not be worrying about all those shitty side characters! The only one you gotta worry about is me, cause I swear I will kill you if we don’t win!”

Another squeeze from todoroki sent the boy on his way, grumbling curses under breath as he rubbed feeling back into his arm; blood being cut off from just how much pressure the bicoloured haired boy was putting on him. Once the blonde had travelled out of earshot, Todoroki visibly relaxed. His stance slacking back to it’s usual calm demeanor as he paced towards the fallen raven.

Holding his hand out, he simply waited, Midoriya looking between him and his outstretched hand a second longer before gratefully taking it. “Thanks.” He shrugged, a modest blush sprinkling his cheeks as he looked away.

‘Why is it he never looks at me?’

It wasn’t the first time Todoroki had avoided eye contact with the freckled raven before, most of their previous encounters happening in a similar fashion. Memories of their locker room exchange quickly flashing through Midoriya’s mind as he too, looked anywhere but at the taller male before him.

“I-I guess we should catch up with Kaachan then!”

Midoriya tried his best to break the heavily falling silence between them, feeling uncomfortable with just leaving things as they were. After a small nod from Todoroki, the two were off, neither one looking forward to the upcoming encounter.




As expected, everyone, and I mean everyone, tried their absolute hardest to get in the way of the trio. Some groups even sacrificing their own teams to try and take down the three, but it was of no use. They started off with Todoroki, who freezed the majority of the competition right off the batt. Then he passed the next leg of the race on to Bakugou, who pushed through everyone like a bulldozer.

Finally, it was Izuku’s turn...but the boy was basically running the track quirkless. Unfortunately, they hadn’t really taken into account that the last leg of the race would be the most difficult to navigate. Seeing as it was crawling with the battle droids from their entrance exam, as well as covered with dangerous traps. This leg of the race was obviously designed for people with more offensive quirks, which technically he had...but he couldn’t use it.

Both Todoroki and Bakugou were watching Izuku’s progress from the large screen back in the arena, having passed on the torch to the freckled boy and leaving the rest up to him.

It took all of Bakugou’s will power, not to just blow something up. By the looks of things, the others were going to catch up soon if Izuku didn’t stop fucking around. “Fucking useless pieces of…” A cold glare from Todoroki had him silencing his complaints, instead focusing his frustrated grumbling on the stupid icy bastard next to him. Todoroki was too busy focusing on the screen to care, his gaze filling with worry as yet another robot made a lunge for the freckled boy.

This time Izuku was saved by one of the closing in students, having to get the robot out of the way to progress themselves. The minute they’d taken it down, the teen bolted off, not wanting to waste a second now that they were in the lead; leaving midoriya in the dust behind him.

The boy looked crestfallen, but determination was still etched into every fiber of his being; continuing to trudge on before halting. Turning back, he grabbed a piece of the fallen mecha, before racing off as well. It was a desperate scramble, the others already hot on his tail by the time they made it to the final area. This place was loaded with booby traps, the entire floor covered in mines, other odd contraptions hidden in the dirt along with them.

It only took Midoriya a minute to realize this, seeing the person who’d sprinted ahead falling for one of said traps. However, he was already a good halfway across, even if the freckled raven were to carefully navigate his way across without tripping anything, he’d still be left behind. He couldn’t let Kaachan and Todoroki down like that, not after all the effort they put in to get them to this point.

With his head reeling with guilt, an idea suddenly popped to mind. It only had a 50% chance of working, but hey, it was better than nothing.

Taking a deep breath, he set to work; digging up piles of the explosives and massing them together in a small pit he’d dug out. No one even spared him a glance as they ran past, too worried about winning for their teams to care about what he was up to. Once he was satisfied with the amount of mines he’d gathered up, he took another shaky breath before launching himself atop them.

Both Bakugou and Todoroki gasped in disbelief as they watched him, their hands clenching so hard at their side, their entire fingers were going numb. For once in Bakugou’s life, he was down right scared shitless, maybe the pressure was too much and he’d finally cracked? He may not have like the irritating freckled nerd, but it would be all too easy to live his life without that constant thorn in his side.

He didn’t want to imagine a world without deku!

At the last minute, Midoriya pulled the sheet of metal he’d picked up in front of himself, acting as a barrier between himself and the explosion; which ended up launching the boy forward and propelling him past the mess of traps below. Students stared, mouths agape at the rash display. Completely dumbstruck by the image of a boy shooting past everything and easily taking his lead back.

He landed with a jarring slam into the dirt just beyond the minefield, his body aching and head spinning; yet still he ran. He ran, and ran and never looked back. For he did it, he wasn’t going to let anything get in his way this time!

He reached the finish line, crowds instantly cheering and whooping after such a spectacle. Izuku’s eyes watered with relief, slumping down by the gate as he panted hard for breath. Two figures were racing to meet him, Katsuki in the lead as he shoved Todoroki to the side.


Izuku wasn’t disheartened in the slightest, his eyes closed but mouth still upturned in a shaky smile. A wheezy laugh trembling past half parted lips as he continued to try and regain a regular oxygen intake.

“S-s-sorry! I-I coul-dn’t help it.”

Maybe it was from the stupidity of the situation, or just the warmth and genuity in Izuku’s fluttering smile; but for a split second Todoroki’s lips twitched up in a soft smile. One that slipped by unnoticed to all but himself, his body going stiff from the shock. He shouldn’t be surprised, ever since he met izuku he’d been experiencing and doing things he’d never thought he’d do again.

But, it was just so unexpected and felt so good, he couldn’t help feeling lost by it. This boy was going to be the death of him!





The next tournament had been a cavalry battle, the teams shuffled again and more evenly distributed this time. Much to the students relief and bitterness. This match went by a lot faster, seeing as the time for battle had been reduced to 3 minutes. 3 minutes, to get as many points as possibly to advance to the next stage.

Of course, Todoroki, Bakugou, and Midoriya were each given a fairly large sum of points on their heads. But it was nothing they couldn’t handle, each having a strong enough team to overcome the slight disadvantage. Their teammates may have grumbled at first, but soon realized what a blessing it was to have such an advantage if they could keep a hold of their points.

Needless to say, all three groups advanced first and foremost, only one other group making the cut too. Every other group had lost all their points in the process, mostly to Todoroki and Bakugou as Midoriya’s team focused on the defensive.

Now, with the 4 selected groups narrowed down, it was time for the final battle. One which was tradition for every UA sports festival and held for all grade levels. Yes, it was the one on one student battles. This was where physical quirks could excel, but also other less noticeable quirks.

This happened to be one of the ways many of the students made it into the hero program in the past, especially those with less offensive type quirks. Here everyone was on more or less on even grounds, without the aid of external equipment (minus the support department) to give them a foothold above their opponent. Everyone’s names were put into a randomized selector program, similar in appearance to a slot machine.

However, instead of winning the jackpot, you’d see the pairings that would be picked out for the first set of duals. From there, the names would be organized in a tree diagram to see who would fight who after one person advanced in each slot. The first round was currently being sorted, the names scrambling on the screen; silence filling the stadium as everyone was focused solely upon the blurred images.

Each of the students who were about to be selected both nervous and excited to see who their sparring partners would be. A gasp broke out below, the names and images coming to a halt once satisfied with the scrambling. It was decided, there was no going back now.

The first match was like so; Midoriya Vs. Shinso, Todoroki Vs. Sero, Kirishima Vs. TetsuTetsu, Ibara Vs. Kaminari, Mina Vs. Yuga (*Hint: I can’t stop twinkling*) , Bakugou Vs. Ochako and Iida Vs. Mei.

All in All, the pairs picked were more or less ok...though everyone felt bad for the people paired up against the top two. Todoroki and Bakugou being the ones drawing the majority of attention after their exemplary performance in the first two matches.

There was a lot of expectations set up for Todoroki as well, with him being the son of number two hero, Endevour; it was expected he’d be no less stunning than his father.

However, attention quickly shifted as the first two students stepped up to center stage, Midoriya on one side, and Shinso on the other. The dull purple haired student was oddly silent, his gaze bored and stance relaxed as he stood opposite the raven. Izuku couldn’t quite place the feeling the boy gave off, his instincts telling him there was something more to the boy than initial appearances.

He’d have to think of a strategy to fight this boy if he were to win; hopefully without having to use his quirk too much to minimize internal damages. But, the longer he tried to think back on the past few events, all the encounters with the other students he’d had. His mind drew a blank when he tried to fit this boy in the picture, void of any memory of the boy even participating in the previous events.




~Izuku's POV~


“Is something wrong mr. Beta hero?”

My head snapped up at the term, it being close to a derogatory term when used in such a way. My inner omega was bristling at the insult, causing my teeth to grind in my mouth as I tried my best to stay silent.

“You know, you’re really lucky you were born with an offensive quirk; you didn’t even have to try like the rest of us. Fate had already decided you would be a hero from the moment you were born.”

What was this boy talking about? Fate, not having to try? He didn’t even know how much I struggled to get this far, Not just me, everyone in the class tried their best all the same. It wasn’t our fault the entrance exam benefited those with offensive type quirks.

“You’re a little better I guess, at least you're not one of those trash alpha hero wannabe’s.”

That was the last straw, he could talk down on me all he wants, but there’s no way I’ll let him get away with that! “It isn’t their fault-” My body went numb, I couldn’t control myself anymore. The paralysis like state spreading through every inch of my skin, seeming to hold me like shackles, binding me in place.

A twisted smirk pulled at his mouth, the purple haired boy’s eyes lighting with amusement. He was treating it like he’d already won!

“Ah, it’s too bad you were paired against me, I would’ve liked to see what sort of quirk would qualify a beta to get into the hero program. Sorry, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to step out of the ring now.”

The next few moments were a blur, my mind vaguely registering my body was moving, but I had neither the will or capability to stop myself. Correction, I had the will, but I had no way of connecting my consciousness to my body. It was almost like I was watching myself move from an astronomical body, as if I was merely possessing someone else.

This must’ve been Shinso’s quirk! Some sort of brainwashing or body control thing, seemingly activated the moment I responded to him. I hit myself over and over for my stupidity, of course he’d been goading me on from the start!

It was all so clear now, why I hardly ever saw him do was because he was probably getting other people to do it for him! No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t wake my body from this drug-like state; it was as if there was some sort of barrier there. If I kept up at this rate, I would walk over the line and end up losing without having done a thing!

I would make a fool of myself, and All Might...I wouldn’t be able to show everyone what I was really capable of. Goddammit! This is so frustrating! Why do I have to be so helpless all the time...

Something glinted in the corner of my vision, a blinding beacon in the rays of fuzziness that covered everything else. Focusing harder on the object, I noticed the sheen of water pooling beneath it, realizing what it was in an instant. Maybe it was just coincidence that piece of ice was there...or maybe it was on purpose. There was no way for me to tell at the moment, all I knew was that my body was reacting to the shining material.

There seemed to be a scent attached to it, something similar to a calming pheromone, but with more of a stimulating effect. My omega was reaching for that scent, pushing through the barrier and breaking it in the process of trying to answer that call.

My foot froze, inches away from stepping over the line. My mind snapping back to focus as I flung myself back and away from the edge of the arena. I wasn’t going to waste the second chance I’d been given. The moment I got back to my senses, I got up and charged towards the purple haired student.

He “Tch’d”, eyes hardening into a flinty glare as he opened his mouth, a series of insults on his tongue. I didn’t give him the chance though, forcing him back with the power of my full body weight slamming into him.

He fought back, but it was obvious which of us had more training in fighting. I didn’t even have to use my quirk for this. Shinso tried his best to rile me up once more, going as far as to even call me a worthless nobody who’s destined to always live in the shadow of alpha heroes. But I knew his plan now, keeping my lips sealed against anything he had to throw at me.

Besides, I’d long come to terms with the fact that being the dynamic I was, I would no doubt be looked down upon as a hero. I never let that me stop me from believing before though, and it sure as hell wasn’t going to be the cause to stop me now. With a final punch, Shinso went tumbling over the line, falling flat on his butt and hands. Frustration and humiliation evident in his lowered glower.

“I know I’ll be looked down upon!”

His eyes widened at the sudden noise, his eyes flicking up as he realised it was me who was addressing him. He’d never encountered someone who’d so willingly talk to him even after finding out about his quirk.

“I know that! But if I don’t try...if I don’t keep fighting for it, I’ll never be a hero!”

Maybe it was the sincerity in my tone, or just from the surprise, but Shinso started to cry. His eyes welling up and spilling over as he sat there, raising his sleeved arm up to rub away the glistening evidence. Looking at the boy in this state, I knew the struggles he’d no doubt gone through to get here.

His quirk was no doubt one that would lead to a lot of ridicule, seeming more like a villainous type quirk than anything. But based on his reaction, he was further from a villain than anything Izuku had seen before, the boy seeming to want so desperately to prove he could be a good hero too.

I knew I couldn’t hold any resentment for the boy the moment I saw his true colours, his previous comments and ridicule sliding away; a memory of the past. Without hesitation, I offered him my hand, waiting for him to calm down before prompting him. The complete shock that greeted me only saddening me further, my heart pumping out one of the brightest smiles I could produce as I continued to offer him my hand.

“You have such an amazing quirk Shinso, I’m sure with the right practice, you’ll make a great hero too one day!”

His eyes watered once more, but this time he refused to let himself cry. His hand reaching up and connecting with mine. The moment he pulled himself up, I felt my body go numb with the familiar sensation from before. Surprised for a moment before the feeling instantly faded. Shinso turned back to me, a soft smile perking thin lips as he flashed me some teeth.

“You should be careful yourself Midoriya, your kindness may one day be your downfall.”

It left an odd feeling inside me as he walked off the stage, his posture slouching, but losing the previous heaviness that weighed him before.

He’s one odd fellow.



Chapter Text


~Third POV~


The entirety of Izuku’s match only lasted about 5 minutes, but within that time, there seemed to be a lifetime's worth of pains put to rest. Shinso had an entirely new outlook on life now, one that was far less pessimistic than it used to be. Who knew a couple words were all it took to shatter the negative stereotypes that had been haunting him for so long?

Once both boy’s had cleared the arena, the announcers called down the next pair; both already ready and waiting on the sidelines for their debut. It was Todoroki and Sero’s turn to shine.

“Hey Todoroki, no matter how this turns out, no hard feelings ok?”

The heterochromatic teen continued to stare straight forward as they made their way to the stage, serious front never wavering as he neglected to respond. He’d never been exceptionally chummy with anyone in the fact, other than Midoriya; Sero never saw him interact with anyone. The boy wasn’t vein or rude though, he just seemed to be keeping a distance from everyone; like he was afraid to get too close.

The idea was strange to the tape user though, not understanding what could possibly make someone feel the need for such an isolation. It stung a bit, knowing the boy was purposely ignoring him. He shrugged it off though, not wanting to start off their match with any bad blood.

“Match Start!”

Sero crouched down, eyeing his target with steady determination. “Sorry Todoroki, but I’m gonna have to go all out!” A face splitting grin spanning across his features, tape already beginning to spew out as he bolted towards the stock Still boy. It looked as if Todoroki hadn’t even realized the match started yet; his eyes closed and posture relaxed.

Sero was nor more than 5 feet away from the boy when Todoroki finally reacted; his eyes flickering to life as a wind picked up around his feet. Sero never even stood a chance. The ice blasted up around him, the ground bursting to life with icy tendrils of crystalline structure. There was no way to dodge this sort of attack. Ice rising up all around him at once, encasing Sero in a frosty prison; only his face left untouched.

“O-oi...isn’t this a little much?”

Todoroki was releasing a foggy breath, his eyes closing once more as his hair fluttered down to it’s original state, flat against his cheeks. His arm dropped back down, the tips of his fingers grazing the cool surface of his solid ice structure. When he reopened his eyes, his gaze was back to its neutral state; the boy plodding towards Sero, whispering an apology before setting to thawing him out immediately.

His fire quirk mostly used for this purpose since he refused to use it in battles. Though the look passed as perfectly normal to Sero, who was currently freezing his butt off in the ice, one person did see past the expressionless mask he wore. Able to take note of the sadness dwelling deep inside the dual quirk user.

Midoriya had only just reached the seats in time to watch as Todoroki used his large scale ice attack. The structure itself spilling over the confined space of the concrete stage and into the stands behind Sero. The passion and power the boy used when he wielded the ice was starkly contrasted to the deep hesitance and sadness that seemed to radiate from him now.

Holding a hand to his chest, Midoriya could almost feel the sadness in his own heart; a sadness that belonged to someone who was lonely, who was lost but still continued to run away. He didn’t question how he was able to feel this, only knew that he wanted to be able to help the conflicted boy. But how could he help, when he didn’t even know what Todoroki was running away from?




The next match was a battle between defenses, both participants having bodies that can harden up and act as both a shield or weapon. However, where one boy could harden up his skin, the other was able to transform his skin into an iron shield. Now it was simply a matter of which one had the stronger the element.

Kirishima and TetsuTetsu sure gave it their all, both attacking relentlessly. Their armour slowly chipping piece by piece with every hit. At first it wasn’t clear if they were even hindering one another at all, but as the match drew on; the effects became much more obvious. Both boy’s panting from the exertion, visible cracks even forming on their protective surfaces.

They looked as if they were on the verge of collapse after the next collision, breaking apart just far enough to face one another. The next hit would surely decide the match. They moved in the same instant, a mirrored attack from both sides as well aimed fists collided with one another’s faces. The shock from the impact being enough to send both of them flying in opposite directions within the boundaries.

As the seconds ticked past, neither boy showed signs of moving. Their bodies limp on the floor where they landed, still in their hardened states. Just before the match could be decided a draw though, one of them stirred. Shaking limbs propping them up until they were standing tall, the winner of the match.

Kirishima looked as if he was barely conscious, but he never lost that laid back smile of his. Pumping his fist in the air as his body finally gave out. He collapsed to his knees, form relaxing back into it’s natural soft skinned state as he heaved.

The medical team was quick to be released, pulling the boy’s onto stretchers as they were hauled off the stage. Kirishima laughing like an idiot the entire time, whereas TetsuTetsu was still unconscious. The crowds cheered all the same, impressed by the battle between wills and strength.

The next match was much more comical than the last though, with a fight between Ibara and Kaminari taking place. Other than the tidbits of information class 1-A got through witnessing the other classes in action throughout the events. No one was really sure what to expect. From the looks of it, Ibara had vines instead of hair, probably linking to her quirk.

Midoriya had no doubt she was efficient at wielding them, seeing as she’d made it this far already; feeling slightly apprehensive as to just what extent she could use them. However, kaminari seemed to have no such worries. A smug grin adorning his face as he faced off the girl praying on her knees. He shook his head at the display, an arrogant tone to his voice as he stated

“I don’t make it a habit of electrocuting girls, but I’m afraid I don’t have the luxuries to do so now.”

His eyes lighting with a devious tint as he released his most potent discharge of electricity. One that would definitely render any enemy stunned or downed from such an exposure; but, left his brain fried in return. It was an all or nothing attack, now it was up to whether it hit or not.

Unfortunately for the blonde teen, Ibara was far more informed of his abilities. Already forming a protective barrier with her vines before the surge could reach her. The sheer voltage left the vines withered and black, but did their job in shielding her. Not a scratch placed on the vine haired girl as she flicked a few stray strands back over her shoulder.

“Humph, you won’t get me that easily; you on the other hand, are finished.”

Kaminari was far beyond fried, his mind reduced down to it’s usual jelly like state as he walked in circles just doing thumbs up gestures or making those weird sounds. Ibara didn't hesitate to use her quirk, vines wrapping around the completely oblivious male as she flung him out of bounds.

Maybe she did use a little more force than was necessary, but all in the names of a good show. They were all there to make a good impression in the end, meaning the flashier their moves, the more likely they’ll catch someone's attention. Not to mention she wasn’t exactly fond of any of class 1-A’s students, being a part of class 1-B and living in their shadow; it was a little hard to hold back.

The stage was cleared up and the cement was refilled, prepped and ready for the next battle. Another quick one, with Mina versing Yuga. Their fellow classmates certain who would win right from the get go.

Still, Yuga refused to be intimidated by the confident female. Whether it was due to sheer stupidity or just plain old overconfidence, he seemed very relaxed. Both hands resting on his hips as he faced her, his usual pompous attitude around him.

“Now it's truly time for everyone to see just how beautifully brilliant I can shine!”

Mina snickered at his declaration, recalling all the times he’s run away or been ‘missing’ during past battle encounters. “Whatever you say Mr. I-Get-Stomach-Cramps-When-I-Use-My-Quirk-Too-Long.”

Other than his face beginning to turn a feverishly warm shade of red, he didn’t entertain her with a reaction. Instead just stepping forward with an eager smile on his lips. “We’ll see, after you witness the results of my training!” Before Mina could question what he meant, his hips thrust forward as a glaringly bright beam burst from his belly.

The laser now crazily potent and focused on the pink haired girl. If not for her last minute dodge, she would’ve been toasted for sure.

The beam shot past, punching a profound hole in the stadium wall and creating a shock wave that traveled up through the stands. The beam of light quickly disintegrating the moment it made contact, light fizzing out but blinding everyone in the process. Even Mina was overcome by it, having to look away and rub at her eyes until the fuzzy white spots disappeared.

By the time everyone’s vision was clear once more, all eyes had turned back to the stage; awed and shocked by the power in his quirk. Maybe this boy had more potential than they originally thought-

The dust was beginning to clear, the hunched over form of the blonde standing center stage; his face weaving between shades of blues and greens as he tried not to throw up.

“Oh merci, I think I may have overdone it…”

Mina was bursting with laughter as she looked upon his crumpled stance, all too prepared for this sort of backfire. Her eyes were brimming with tears of mirth as she slowly made her way towards him. Placing a friendly hand upon his shoulder, she patted him a few times before saying

“Hai, hai, hai, I see you’ve trained well. But, not enough!”

Her smile never fazed as she aimed a hefty punch to his gut; knocking him back a good ten feet and stunning him in the process. He was teetering on the edge of consciousness when she delivered her final blow, using her acid to increase the momentum of her approach, resulting in a high speed kick straight to the chest. There was no avoiding this one, his body flying out of bounds and smashing against the stadium ring.

His head was spinning and his vision went blank, before he slowly slid down the wall and collapsed unconscious against the dirt. Mina cheerfully stuck her tongue out, holding up a victorious peace sign as the crowds cheered, before walking over to the unmoving heap by the corner of the stadium.

“Maybe I overdid it a bit…”

She laughed to herself before picking up the limp form of her classmate.

“Ah well, guess I’ll bring him to the infirmary then!”

As the pair skipped out of the arena, they decided to take a short break before the next battle. Tensions riding high as the next one was definitely going to be a big one. Bakugou was plenty confident in his victory, while Uraraka sat in nervous concentration in the prep room.

She didn’t want to lose, she wanted to prove to her parents she was strong enough to help them! That she could be a great hero in the future too. It was just her luck that she’d have to verse someone as powerful and Bakugou in the first match though…

“Agh! Of all people too!”

She wasn’t afraid of the explosive blonde like most people, no, there wasn’t anything scary about him at all. She’d seen the way he interacted with deku plenty of times before, seeing the gentleness behind his actions during the sports festival too. The blonde really could be quite endearing at times, though he had a pretty tsundere way of showing it.

She knew he wouldn’t go out of his way to hurt her, but that didn’t mean he’d hold back either. He was far too competitive to do so, even if his opponent were weaker and a female. But she’d never feel any satisfaction from beating him if he held back anyways, so she was almost looking forward to a fair fight; well, as fair as it could be between them.

Of course she was scared, of course she knew the odds were stacked against her. But that wasn’t going to stop her from trying! After all, Deku never stopped trying and he’s a Beta; he’d probably been told all his life he can’t do things but he never let that hold him back. Now it was her turn to prove her strength too!

“Just watch me, Deku.”




~Bakugou's POV~


The stadium was rebuilt once more, restored to its primary state without a speck of dust out of place. It was almost impossible to believe how accurately and precisely they were able to return everything back to its original state.

Now it was time for our battle, hopefully I’ll be able to let off a little steam during this fight. It feels like I’ve been waiting for ages, everyone too busy showing off to really take the whole fighting seriously. I would’ve been finished with those fights in half the time they took!

Walking up onto that platform, I could barely contain the adrenaline that was flowing through my body; the feeling of being the center of attention all too perfect to ignore.

Yes, this is what I was born for, I’m an alpha! I was destined to always be the best! That’s why I was given such a powerful quirk, one that could make anyone cower at my feet should I choose to make them. Across from me, I could see the round faced brunette that was always loitering around Deku approaching me. There seemed to be a wave of unease passing through the crowd as the audience sized the two of us up. Obviously making the connection that I was far more powerful than she was.

Still, I won’t let my guard down around her. She's a friend of Deku, and he’s been...surprising me lately. I won’t make the same mistake twice, she may not be nearly as strong as I am; but she’s definitely not weak.

I stood my ground, my eyes narrowing down on her hands as I knew she’d probably try to touch me in order to win this; there were no other projectiles after all. She’d have to if she was to have any chance of defeating me.

The match started, round face racing towards me right off the batt; her eyes holding a fierce determination as she reached her hand towards me. Heh, not bad. I jumped just out of reach as she lunged, using my own quirk to blast her back as she fell tumbling a few meters away. She was bruised from the fall, but other than that, not rattled in the slightest.

She was back on her feet and making another dash at me in an instant, her approach close to the ground as she feigned an attack from the left. I saw through it though, aiming my fist to the right just as she slid that way; my explosion seering her arm as she raised it to block the attack. Her cry of pain was bit back as she immediately tried a counter with her left; fingertips ghosting just past the bridge of my nose as I lurched back.

Gritting my teeth, I kicked her away; all too aware just how close she was to getting me.

She was relentless in her attacks, all close to the ground and each time getting further battered in the process. Yet she never backed down, even bruised and burned to the extent she was, it never stopped the flames that burned in her eyes. She didn’t disappoint, her bloodlust guiding her as she used her sweater as a decoy in her next attack.

If I had moved a second later, she would’ve no doubt had me; but her breathing gave her away. The continued exertion causing her breath to labour and rasp through her sneak attack. I flung her back across the stage, this time she wasn’t getting up. Her body quivering, but not attempting to get up like before.

A rippling of unrest traveled through the onlookers, murmurs of contempt barely reaching my ears.

“What a horrible thing to do...Why aren’t they stopping this….He’s a beast...poor girl…”

It didn’t bother me if they thought my methods were vile, I would never hold back regardless of my opponent. But what really ticked me off, was the fact that they weren’t even taking round faces attacks seriously! Sure, to them she may just seem like a moth that keeps flying into the same flame over and over again; but there was more to it than that.

I could feel her fighting spirit, I could see how hard she was trying even through a losing battle. If they didn’t realize this, then they must be blind!

Before I could say anything, I caught a movement in the corner of my eye; the brunette slowly coming back to life. She was only able to pull herself halfway off the ground, trembling on her hands and knees as she coughed up a couple spots of blood. Raising a hand up, she wiped the corner of her mouth before looking right at me. The most ridiculous of smirks twitching on her lip.

“Did you really think it would be that easy?”

At first I was confused, before I saw her get up fully and position her hands in front of her. A gesture I’d seen a few times before, alerting me to what was to come. I looked up just in time to see the floating debris begin to plummet down on us; her voice ringing around the arena as she yelled out “Release!”

My movements may have slowed, but not enough for me to get caught up in this shit storm of concrete. So that’s what she was up to, how clever of her to make her own projectiles. She was definitely putting up a decent fight, but she’d worn herself out gathering up all this while taking my hits.

Her body could hardly move, all her strength put into one last ditch attempt at catching me. But between the two of us, I was in far better condition; easily evading her and sending her flying with my final explosion.

She wasn’t going to be getting up again any time soon.




~Third POV~


Now it was the final battle for the first rounds, Iida vs. Mei. But, we all more or less know what happens here, with Mei more interested in debuting her “babies” rather than her fighting skills.

It ended up in a 15 minute display of her equipments; battering Iida around without actually tossing him out of the ring. By the end of her demonstration, she walked out of bounds by herself. Making Iida the winner by default. Though, the victory didn’t seem to sit well with the boy, with him muttering about getting used by her or something like that.

Anyways, it was finally time to move on to the next stage of preliminaries! The first battle taking place between Midoriya and Todoroki.

The entirety of class 1-A were on the edge of their seats for this battle; even Bakugou, though, he denied the fact. Tensions rode high amongst the audience too, all of which not too sure how to feel about Midoriya, but curious to know if they’ll get to see his quirk.

He hadn’t used it all this time, and a face off against a powerful student like Todoroki would no doubt force him to use it. Todoroki eyed Midoriya wearily from where they stood, unsure how to feel about battling the raven.

His body was shying away from conflict with the freckled boy, though, he just assumed it was because he felt some semblance of closeness to him. Figuring out his feelings wasn’t really Todoroki’s strong suite, so he decided to focus on what he needed to do instead.

He need to win, and if that meant he’d have to beat Midoriya in the process...then so be it. “I won’t be holding back, Midoriya, prepare yourself.” The raven gave him a weak grin in response, replying “Wouldn’t want it any other way” before the stadium was brought to life. Todoroki wasting no time in using his icy quirk.

A wall of ice steadily building towards Izuku as he quickly drew his arm in front of him. With a flick of his finger, the power of One For All was blasting through his fingertip and shattering the ice mere inches away. The wind and force so strong it continued to break apart the structure right up until it reached Todoroki; the boy catching the tail end of his quirk.

The power wasn’t enough to knock him back, but enough to unbalance the boy into taking a step back. Izuku didn’t have a chance to feel the drawbacks of using his quirk, as all too soon another wave of ice was being sent his way. Forcing him to flick another blast of energy Todoroki’s way.

So far, he’d only shown the tip of the iceberg in terms of power, holding back a lot in order to not overwhelm his body. Even still, usage of the quirk was continuing to have its negative effects. It wasn’t until his fifth use that Izuku was really starting to feel it though, blood pooling into his mouth and dripping down his nose. He couldn’t help it, the capability of fully controlling his quirk still lost on him.

Through the bloody mess on his tongue and blurry vision, he saw Todoroki was also getting rather ruffled from their drawn out fight. Ice forming in patches along his right arm, breath coming out in clouds of white as his internal body temperature dropped. At this rate, both of them were going to collapse.

The more he watched Todoroki’s movement, the more Izuku realized just how much potential the boy was holding back. He had two quirks, and a decent control over both from what he could recall. So why does he only ever use one quirk during fights? The heterochromatic male was shivering now, his left hand grasping his right arm as the ice was starting to burn. The feeling in his right side slowly growing numb from the cold.

“Why won’t you use your flame quirk? Wouldn’t that solve the problem of the ice forming on your rights side?”

Even through his bloodied state, Izuku’s voice still held so much concern for the other boy; his own body on the verge of shutting down. The question only served to anger Todoroki though, the boy’s gaze void of anything but hatred as he spat out

“You wouldn’t understand! This quirk, it’s his! I hate it, I don’t want to win with his power!”

Even without knowing the full details, Izuku could pick up on the resentment and disgust in Todoroki’s voice. The hatred seemingly attached to this “his”, that Todoroki kept mentioning. It didn’t take a genius to figure out who Todoroki was talking about, the only people who you’d inherit your quirks from being your parents...excluding Izuku’s own case.

Taking his eyes off Todoroki for a moment, Izuku scanned the crowd until he finally came to a rest on the burning form of his father. The man as arrogantly positioned as ever, seeming to sneer down on everyone from his place at the top of the stadium. It was almost suffocating with the way he scorned them, eyeing Todoroki with a look of such disappointment it was even ruffling Izuku the wrong way.

There wasn’t a doubt in the freckled boy’s mind that whatever was holding Todoroki back, was linked to that man. To be honest, he couldn’t blame Todoroki for feeling that way. But he was mistaken to believe he couldn’t use his quirk for his father’s sake.

Knowing full well the consequences his next actions could have, Izuku trudged forward. It didn’t matter if he won here or not, if he couldn’t save Todoroki, he’d be no less fake a hero than the boy’s own father. Running towards Todoroki now, Izuku aimed his fist at the boy, managing to get a solid punch in that knocked the breath from his lungs; quirk at less that 5% of its original strength.

With that amount of force, the dual haired boy was knocked back a good ways, but not enough to corner him. Instead, the punch seemed to be meant to get his attention; succeeding if that was truly the case.

“That’s flawed!”

Todoroki was about to reach his breaking point, anger spilling out in waves of heavy hostility. Before it could get any worse though, Izuku continued to speak.

“That power, it’s not his anymore, it’s yours! You don’t have to use it the same way he does, he can’t control what’s a part of you!”

All the clamour and clatter from the onlooking audience seemed to fade away for Todoroki, Izuku’s words sinking in deeper and deeper as a weight seemed to be lifted off his shoulders. It was all so clear couldn’t he have seen it before? Warmth spread throughout his body, flames bursting to life along his entire left side, melting the ice that had steadily been forming.

Izuku cast forth a brilliant smile as he crouched down, cocking an arm back as power began pooling into his veins. Both their attentions were now fixed on one another, each charging up in their own way as they prepared for the final face off. This was it, their last shots; time to decide the winner.

It happened in a flash, The teacher's calling off the match the moment they saw just how much power each boy was about to unleash upon the other. But it was too late, Midoriya already in mid-leap and Todoroki narrowing his flame until it was flashing an intense blue.

Cementose built up a 5 layer wall between them, yet it was still not enough. The two making contact and hitting each other with everything they had, whispered words suspended in the air around them before the resulting impact took effect.

“Thank you, Midoriya.”




It was like a nuclear bomb had been detonated in the ring, the visual explosion happening faster than the sound, high velocity winds sweeping through everyone as the energy soared through the air, a vortex of wind nearly forming right at the heart of the stadium.

It took a good 5 minutes before the cloud of dust could settle from this, the walls of stone that had been erected moments prior gone with only hints of a trace. Blasted to oblivion between the battling students. Only one boy remained upon the stage, their figure revealing a panting Todoroki. His uniform was tattered to shreds, bruises littering his torso, but he was still standing. The other boy was nowhere in sight.

It took Todoroki a bit of searching before he caught sight of the freckled boy, his body having been flung back against the wall from the impact. His eyes were open, but glazed over; body slowly hunching over and hitting the ground with a dull thud.

In that moment, memories of the USJ incident were flooding his thoughts. The limpness of his figure so akin to that time, that Todoroki couldn’t stop himself from rushing to the boys aide. He dropped to his knees before the boy, gaze frantically seeking the slight rise and fall of Izuku’s chest. It took a moment, but it was there; he was still alive.

Gathering the raven into his arms, Todoroki was reminded once more of just how light and delicate the boy seemed to be. His mind tearing him apart as he realized he was the one to hurt Izuku so much. Suddenly, a soft warmth encased the side of his face, the dual haired boy’s eyes stretching wide from the shock of the touch. Izuku was cheerily smiling up at him, his hand resting softly against the skin of his cheek as his lips moved in a soundless whisper.

Blood was dripping down from the corner of a split lip, more and more starting to rush out as Izuku’s body was wracked with a violent coughing fit. Unlike the entrance exam though, there didn’t seem to be an end to the waterfall of crimson blood, more and more flooding forth until even his coughs were starting to sound watery. Blood beginning to fill his lungs as it trickled back down his throat.

Todoroki was in panic mode now, quickly sweeping Izuku up into a bridal hold as he rushed out of the stadium. He didn’t stop, couldn’t stop. It didn’t matter that people were running after him and calling his name, Izuku was in danger, and that’s all he could make sense of at the moment. His alpha was reaching out to the boy, wrapping around him in a protective defense as he darted past corners and made a beeline for the infirmary.

By now, Izuku seemed to be choking, the liquid filling his lungs preventing him from getting enough air as he gasped for breath. Bursting through the doors, the dual haired boy raced to the nearest bed and gently set Izuku down upon it’s surface. Recovery Girl at his side in an instant, worry spilling out of her as she listened to the fluidity of his breaths.

“I need to operate now! Please leave, Todoroki, so I can get through with the surgery as soon as possible.”

It took every bit of the dual haired male's will to let go of Izuku, his inner dynamic not wanting to separate from the ailing boy. Without thinking, Todoroki bent down and rubbed his neck against Izuku’s, his scent rich and possessively coating the other’s scent glands. He may not be able to stay with the freckled beta, but he damn sure wasn’t going to let him go through this alone.

Recovery Girl had to pull him off the freckled raven, practically shoving him out the door before locking it behind him. His inner alpha threatened to burst, but he tried his best to tame it. Eyes still dancing with worry and anger as he stood shuddering just outside the door.

‘Damnit, why can’t I control myself…”

His neck was still tingling from the scenting, an itch starting up just below his jaw as his alpha desperately called for it’s mate.

Wait a minute….mate?

A groan ripped it’s way out of his throat as he slid back against the door, his arm coming up to rest over his eyes as his scent slowly began to calm down. Throughout this whole mess, two things stuck out the most. The fact that Midoriya had literally just thrown his chances of winning out the window for him, and the fact that somewhere along the way, his body had accepted the feelings that had been growing inside him.

That was it, he was smitten with the raven, completely and utterly taken by the sweet caring boy. It wasn’t his fault, it was neither of their faults. They were simply compatible and that was that. It doesn’t matter if Izuku is a beta, his alpha had accepted him as a potential, if not only, mate.

Even if he felt this way though, there was no way to be certain Izuku felt the same towards him. He would never force Izuku to do so either, he wouldn’t stoop to his father’s level.

Of all times to fall head over heels for someone, why did it have to be now?



Chapter Text


~Third POV~

The crinkling of light, starch stiff sheets greeted him as he came to; a sound that was growing all too accustomed to the young teens ears. Having woken in a similar fashion at least twice before, each time no less surprised than the last to see the pristine whiteness of the room around him. The sheets may not have been the softest material against his skin, nor were they the warmest; but there was something about the firm and crackly texture to it, that seemed to fit the sanitary stereotypes of a medical bed.

Well, at least the mattresses were cushiony.

There was one oddity though, one thing that stood out as different than all the other times he’d woken up in a room like this. A new scent. It seemed to cling to him too, nowhere else in the room smelled quite like this. If possible, it could almost be described as warm; like a protective blanket that had been granted only to him.

Izuku knew better than to sit up too fast, knew of the rush of a headache that would greet him if her were to do so too. But, like every time before, he still fell for the same old trap. Recovery Girl’s antagonized sigh, overly dramatic as she pushed him firmly back against the bed.

“Seriously, will you ever learn?”

He gave out a broken chuckle between the pounding in his head, the last bit dying out on his tongue as he screwed his eyes shut. “Sorry, I keep forgetting…” Letting out a drawn out breath, the smaller elder woman lightly hopped out of her seat, grabbing the clipboard off the end of his bed as she made her way to the visiting chair next to him. With practised ease, she hoisted herself up on his level, beginning to flip through the pages until she found whatever she wished to discuss; her lips flattening in a grim line as she waited for the boy to recover.

It wasn’t long before Izuku’s eyes opened, bleary green irises coming to a focus as he was met with Recovery Girl's serious expression. His own features contorted into one of apprehension, fingers digging into the bedsheets out of nervous habit as he sat up slower this time.

“Well...I’m guessing you have something you want to talk to me about.”

Through the professional distance the elder woman always put up when dealing with the students, she let some sympathy slip; seeing how high strung and clipped the boy’s response had been. She knew what she was about to say wasn’t going to be easy for him to hear, he’d tried so hard to hide it too.

“Midoriya kun, it has come to my attention that you have been keeping some rather vital information from us. Though I know and respect the reasons you’d wish to keep this a secret, it’s important that you inform us about these things for your own protection. We only wish to create a safe learning environment that can nurture and grow your potential, but if we do not know something as important as your dynamic...then we won’t be able to help you if certain occurrences should arise during the school year.”

The shame was burning heavily in the raven’s cheeks, his head downcast and eyes watery with guilt. He knew he’d eventually be caught, even thought up some of the scenarios that would arise should they find out. But nothing compared to the actual situation, the feeling of exposure scorching him like a searchlight seeking him out of the depths of night.

“I’m required to report this sort of information to the school and all your teachers.”

That’s it...this time for sure he wasn’t going to be able to weasel out of it. The threat so close, with rising panic building up inside as he imagined how everyone would take it. They’d throw him out for sure! He was an Omega, he wasn’t fit to be a hero in societies eyes, so why waste the money and time training him when they have so many other potential students on the waiting list-

“But! I’ll let it slide this time.”

The waves of trepidation that had threatened to spill over previously, came to a halting stop inches away from surfacing. Had he heard that right? Was Recovery Girl really...keeping his secret?

“Honestly, with that face of yours, it’s a surprise you’ve even managed to hide this for so long; you’re like an open book for crying out loud!”

She mumbled the statement, only half serious as amusement danced in the depths of her complex gaze.

“Look, I know you’re a good kid, and you have every reason to be cautious of who finds out about this. Normally, I would report something of this nature right away, but this information could be considered confidential between us. I will have to ask you to endure a couple more tests than usual, just to make sure there’s no complications with your quirk and the omega inside you. But other than that, nothing else has to change for now.”

The breath of air Izuku let out next was chocked full of relief, the worry and pressure of keeping such a massive secret for so long slightly lessened in burden. At least now, he had someone on this inside supporting him too; he wouldn’t have to deal with everything alone anymore.

“Still, I must encourage you to tell your teachers and classmates before the school years over. I know it may seem scary right now, but you’ll need a lot of support if you’re going to make it through the hero program. I’m sure you’ll be surprised, by how many people will likely back you up if you were to tell them.”

He nodded curtly to her suggestion, running it over in his head a few times before deciding to sit on it for a while. Izuku knew what she meant, imagining two friendly faces who would no doubt be supportive of him if he were to come out...but, it just didn’t feel like the right time yet. He didn’t know when the right time would be, or even if there would be a right time; yet it still felt too soon.

After getting nothing more than a nod in reply, Recovery Girl placed an encouraging hand upon his head, patting him a few times before gently releasing an understanding sigh.

“Well, take your time. No need to rush things.”

She lowered herself back to the ground, briskly heading back to her main desk as she started to furiously scribble some new notes down. Her penmanship surprisingly neat and clear, for the speed at which she wrote. All of a sudden, she swiveled in her seat, a note of exclamation leaving her lips as she quite abruptly flipped through the pages of the clipboard again.

“I know this is a little personal, but I need to know when your last heat hit. It’s best if I start recording your cycles so we can plan around them; you know, so you don’t end up having any surprises along the way.”

It was startling having such an blunt and personal question thrown his way, Izuku never had to answer such questions up till now. His face was already revealing the tell-tale signs of his inexperience, a blush dusting his cheeks as he scrunched his nose in thought.

“W-well...I mean, I haven’t had one in a while…”

Her pen ceased to move anymore, eyes tearing away from the papers as she gave him a weary once over. “What do you mean?” Izuku was beginning to feel beads of dread sliding down his face, the note of severity to her tone not doing anything to settle his rising worry. “Uhh, know, I’ve been taking these...pills, s-so I haven’t really...been having heats?”

His voice suddenly seemed so small in comparison to the room, body shrinking in on itself as if he wished to disappear from her scrutiny. It was probably the scariest he’d ever seen Recovery Girl before, her bead-like eyes narrowed in a harsh expression; brows pinching in as she brought a frustrated hand to rest between the creases.

“Ok, when was your last heat then?”

Izuku had to really think about that, it’s been so long since he’d last experienced it, he could hardly even recall what it felt like anymore.

“Hmm, maybe around two-three months before I graduated?”

Her eyes shot open in disbelief, hand tearing through the pages once more as she scanned through the information at a rapid speed. It wasn’t until she came to the second last page, did she look back up at me. Her gaze furious as she thrust the paper into my hands. “Look at this!” She wouldn’t explain any further, simple slapping the paper into my hands as I was left to glance in confusion at the data displayed. All I could make out, was a graph, the slope of which was erratic but constantly increasing.

“It’s a graph?”

She shook her head in exasperation, telling him to read what the graph was displaying. Sure enough, it was a graph on his hormone levels; one that was drastically out of whack as well.

“W-what did I do?”

The wild look in her eyes had calmed down significantly during the time it took him to interpret the data. Now able to give him a much more rational explanation.

“Suppressing your heats is never a good idea. When you miss out on one, the hormones reserved for that time are never released, and end up building up in your system! Not only that, but your quirk has been feeding off that stress, only imbalancing it further! It’s no wonder I was able to pick up on it this time, if you keep up like this, your body’s going rip itself apart!”

His stomach dropped at the thought, stones seeming to fill his gut as he realized just how much he’d neglected to look into when he’d first started suppressing these heats.

“I-I’m sorry...I didn’t know…”

She let out a haughty groan, knowing it was a genuine mistake and seeing as he’d had no one to confide in before; it wasn’t like she could blame him. “Well it’s a good thing I found out about it now. You’ll have to allow me to reprogram your wristband. I’ll set it to monitor your hormone levels as well. Oh, and you can’t skip out on this month’s heat; we don’t really know when it’ll happen, but you mustn’t try to stop it. I’ll give you different suppressants for the time being, they’ll hide your scent, but they won’t interfere with the heat cycles anymore.”

She gave him a soft whack on the head with her clipboard, a light reprimandation for his carelessness and lack of awareness towards his own well being.

“You’re free to go for now, but see me again right after the tournament is over, I’ll have everything prepared by then.”

With a grateful bow, Izuku got up and headed for the door. Worry still gnawing him inside out but his desire to see how the rest of the matches would go, winning over in the end.

‘I hope I didn’t miss too much!’




Izuku had missed out on the battle between Ibara and Kirishima, but seeing the cheery smile on the red heads face; he could already assume who’d won. Funnily enough, TetsuTetsu seemed pretty happy too; giving Kirishima a fist bump as they crossed paths in front of him.

Guess they must’ve bonded through their similar quirks...

Either way, it was Bakugou’s fight against Mina now, the explosive blonde already well on his way to winning. Though Mina had perfected her gliding attacks, she still wasn’t quite at Bakugou’s level in terms of speed or reaction time. Always just a few inches away from landing a direct hit. Bakugou on the other hand, was more than capable of getting his blows in, sending Mina tumbling away a good many times.

One misstep was all it took to send her toppling over the boundary. Even with the defeat, she took it in strides, pouting but holding no grudges against the boastful blonde. She was, after all, one of the few people who could put up with his personality.

Now, there was only one contestant left for the secondary tournament. It was an uneven number this year, making the whole pairs thing kind fall flat on it’s face. Who would be versing Iida now? It wouldn’t be fair to make one of the winners verse him again, that would put extra strain on them...but he also couldn’t just advance without having some form of battle. He already won an easy round against Mei.

That was when an announcement was made, “Due to certain circumstances, Iida Tenya will no longer be participating in the tournament. We’ll be moving on to the final round instead.”

What could've happened while he was gone?

Iida was nowhere to be seen, and Izuku could hardly imagine a strictly rule following guy like him just up and leaving something as important as this. There was always the possibility that they’d cut him out to make the numbers work out...but then why wasn’t he here? It was a really brain puzzler, but one he didn’t have time to dwell on for long. The shadowed figure of a certain dual haired boy approaching rapidly on their way to the stage.

It wasn’t until then, that Izuku recalled the warm and comforting scent he’d awoken to in the infirmary. One that was achingly similar to the boy’s before him now. Could they possible be connected? He had to know.

Running up to the steadily approaching figure, Izuku came to an ungraceful halt before him. Mouth drying out as he gazed into the deep velvety rich colours of mismatched eyes. It was at times like these, that Izuku really cursed his nervous habits.

Todoroki had long since stopped, his eyes following every step the raven took towards him with utmost attention. His fixation on the boy, seeming to go over the currently frozen and speechless raven’s head. Seeing Izuku shuffling from foot to foot, his breathing normal and bruises already fading away; Todoroki let a breath out in relief. He’d been worried sick since he’d dropped the delicate male off at the infirmary, it was all too comforting to see the raven up and well so soon.

At least Izuku’s body was able to make up for the damage from his quirk in regenerative capabilities.

“It’s good to see you’re alright, Midoriya kun.”

Izuku was finally broken from his speechless state, relaxing slightly as the deep baritone chords caressed his senses. “Y-yes, I’m a lot better now...did you, carry me to the infirmary by any chance?” Todoroki looked away, head bowing in slight agreement as a soft flush built up along his neck; spreading as far as the tips of his ears in a cute display of embarrassment.

It was nice to know Izuku wasn’t the only one getting all embarrassed over things like this. It made a lot more sense now that he knew Todoroki had carried him to the infirmary; the boy’s scent most likely transferring over to him in the process.

Letting out a hum of understanding, Izuku thanked the boy again before sending him off. It was his turn after all, the final battle at that.

“Good luck then, Todoroki kun!”




Unlike the past two preliminaries, the final battle would be between all three finalists. Upping the game, as well as allowing for a more realistic approach to future villain fights. Sure, it was rare for there to be large scale or planned villain attacks; but just like the USJ incident, it wasn't impossible. It was better to prepare them for such encounters now, while they were still able to adapt to such situations. Besides, all three of them were students from 1-A; they already had experience, now they just had to show the results of their training.


~Todoroki's POV~


Izuku is fine...that's all that really matters right now.

Since his run in with the raven a few minutes ago, Todoroki couldn't get his mind off the captivating beta. Finding out how he truly felt for the boy, sure wasn't helping either. Of course he was relieved to know that Izuku was going to be just fine after their battle, some of his apprehension being alleviated; but it only served to free up space for his mind to race with other thoughts.

The more pressing matter of what to do with his new found feelings, surfacing above the battle that was currently taking place around him. Even with Bakugou attacking him as ferociously as he was, Todoroki paid little mind to him; only focused enough to dodge any attacks. Kirishima would sometimes throw himself in the mix too, but every time he did, Bakugou made quick work of him. Blasting the red head to the side in his haste to attack me.

Finally, the rather impatient blonde managed to land a hit on me, triggering a chain reaction as my body naturally fought back in a knee jerk response. Before I realized it, I’d formed a frosty structure akin to the one I’d used against Sero the first round; catching both boy’s in the attack.

It was the chill that travelled through my body in the aftershock, that really brought me back to focus though. My hand frozen at the tips as I drew it away; stunned by the fact such a large scale attack that used to require so much focus to pull off, had just been drawn forth on a whim.

Where did this power come from? How on earth was I able to do that while barely paying attention?

While recovering from the shock, my gaze happened upon a certain bold figure standing out amongst the crowds. Taking note of the look of excitement, boarding approval as my father watched my performance. He knew, just as well as I, that this specific attack normally required at least some form of prep time. Relating to the reason why I wasn’t able to move within the first few minutes of my match with Sero.

Yet this time, I was able to release it on an instant. Such a power up and level of control with my quirk, isn’t something I should be able to achieve in such a short amount of time…

My misgivings were going to have to wait though, since by the sounds of it, neither Bakugou or Kirishima planned to kick the bucket yet. The sound of explosions and shattering ice growing steadily closer as I readied myself for the next half of our battle.




~Bakugou's POV~

‘Oh man, this fucking icy hot bastard is really trying to grate on my nerves now!’ As if him only half paying attention to my attacks wasn’t good enough, now he was just casting me aside? I’m the main character here! As IF I’d let some indecisive person like him try and rain on my parade!

It didn’t take long for me to break out of his pathetic ice trap, my quirk far more powerful than this brittle shit he was able to produce. It only took a moment before shitty hair was breaking out behind me, that stupid grin stuck to his face like usual. I swear, if it’s not one, then it’s the other; it’s like they were trying to work together to fucking piss me off today.

I wasted no time after that, heading straight towards Todoroki as he began to build up some fosty barrier around him. It’d take more than that to stop me though, my body easily smashing through it without the assistance of my quirk. I managed to get a hold of him, my hand gripping onto his uniform with such force it was beginning to tear.

Heh, pathetic, as if winning like this would be any good though.

His eyes weren’t focused still, he wasn’t really giving it his all. I gave him a light blow to the stomach instead, using enough power to blow him back a ways, but not enough to get him out entirely.

Kirishima was foolish enough to try and attack my at the same time; but I’d been keeping tabs on him too. He wasn’t as sneaky as he thought. All it took was a good follow through kick to deal with the redhead, casting him aside once more; but this time I misjudged the amount of force I used. Ending up sending the startled boy plunging past the boundary lines and out of the match.

‘Ah well, if he couldn't dodge it then it ain’t my fault. I’m not about to hold back for their sake’s.’

With the fuss he made, you’d think I injured him more than I really did, probably hurt his pride more than anything. Still, he knew when to quit, sulking off stage and leaving just Todoroki and I alone.

‘Now I’ll just have to finish up with this slightly larger than average pebble-’

“You can do it Todoroki! Hang in there!”

Ha? I don’t think I heard that right...did Deku just say Todoroki?

“Don’t give up, Todoroki!”

That sure sealed the nail on the coffin. Deku was cheering for half n’ half? Completely unacceptable! Deku’s a useless fucking beta and beta’s are supposed to look up to and follow the strongest alpha’s! Does that mean he see’s Todoroki as the stronger alpha?

Now that I think about it, fucking icy hot is pretty much implying I’m weaker than a beta by holding back! How fucking dare he hold back! How fucking dare Deku even think, about looking at anyone other than me!

That’s it, I’m done with putting up with this shitty show; I’m gonna show them once and for all, who the strongest alpha is!

“Oi, bastard, stop fucking around! Use your fire, it’s not like you’ll beat me even if you use it.”

My words held venom in them as I focused my unwavering rage upon my opponent. Seemingly getting his attention now. Whatever Deku had said seemed to inspire him, his left half already igniting as he faced me. It was irritating that Deku was still the one who got him to use his quirk, but I could yell at that nerd later. For now, I’m going to beat this melting icicle once and for all!

Our attacks couldn’t have taken more than a few seconds, the both of us charging towards one another; quirks at full throttle. I was so ready to beat the shit outta him too. But he stopped seconds away from me, his eyes losing their fighting spirit as the fire died out on his shoulder.

It was too late to stop now, my quirk unleashed fully upon him as he stood still in front of me.




~Third POV~


The crowds cheered as the top three finalists were awarded their medals. One in particular attracting a good deal of attention, the blonde having been chained and gagged to the podium. He wouldn’t receive the medal otherwise, still fuming over the last minute victory.

Maybe the others didn’t see Todoroki stop right before they collided, but bakugou had a front row seat. Feeling further provoked and taking his submission as a mockery. It didn’t sit well with Bakugou, but Todoroki didn’t seem any more pleased about the loss either. Something similar to frustration mixing with the hopelessness in his eyes.

It was hard to tell what the quiet boy was thinking at the best of times, he wasn’t any more likely to open up about what was troubling him now either. However, that didn’t stop Izuku from trying. Sidling up next to the troubled male before falling into step with him.

They stayed that way for a while, comfortable silence bridging between the two as the raven offered his moral support until Todoroki was ready to speak. He was rewarded for his patience, the dual haired boy letting out a breath of a sigh before turning a soft glance towards him. It was the most emotional look Izuku had ever seen from the taller male before, a warmth behind his gaze that had never been present before.

“Are you ok?”

Todoroki replied with a small nod, a half smile twitching at his lip as Izuku expressed his concerns. All too familiar with the way the raven seemed to worry about everyone but himself.

“I’m fine, though, I’ll probably need a long rest after this.”

The freckled boy could agree to that, his own movements sluggish from the strain of healing such extensive wounds. They’d both benefit from a nice long nap when they got back; in fact, they all probably would. It’s a good thing they’d be having the next few days off, neither of them could imagine getting back into their studies after such a tiring day.

After walking a while longer, Izuku split off from their shared path; telling Todoroki he’d have to go to the infirmary first, and that he should probably go ahead without him. As the hetero-chromatic teen watched the cheery raven bounce off, his eyes lingered on the gentle curves to the boy’s figure. Finding his gaze locked a little too long to be normal.

He practically had to wrench his head the other way, a flush of embarrassment tinging his features as he tried his best to scatter the less than pure thoughts. This was harder than he thought...




As the cheering and banter died down from the conclusion to the festival, one lone figure lingered by the gates. His body hidden in shadows as he continued to gaze towards the arena he’d just exited from. A light smirk tugging at the corner of his lip as he spoke softly into the air.

“What did you think? Sensei?”

Silence surrounded him, the darkness seeming to swallow him up as he was transported away from the gate and into an empty bar. The only residences being their ever faithful bartender, Kurogiri, and a single TV casting a blue film on everything in range; the static seeming to bounce off the screen and into the air around them. The silhouetted figure of a man sitting calmly behind the anonymity of the screen, his posture relaxed yet poised at the same time; like a viper preparing to strike.

“Oh I think this boy will be of very good use to us, Hisashi.”

He paused, the protesting of wooden floorboards announcing the arrival of another member to their little conference.“Shigaraki, glad you could join us.” The white haired male didn’t reply, his head cocking instead towards the door to the room. A vicious snarl rumbling in his throat as he tensed from some unseen disturbance.

“Ah, that must be our final guest. Come in, Stain.”



Chapter Text


~Third POV~


“Did you pack everything! Do you have toothpaste? Emergency money? Your textbooks? uh...Extra Toilet-Paper? Oh, what abou-”

“Mom! I’m only going for a week! You don’t have to worry so much about me.”

Though people often commented she was being overprotective of her child, she just couldn’t help it. Izuku was her son, her short, adorable, sweet little boy; and that’s what he’ll always be to her. It took a bit of coaxing before Izuku could finally get her out of her tizy, managing to convince her that he would be just fine.

“If I really need anything, I can always come back. It’s not like I’m going halfway across the planet!”

Sure, maybe to Izuku it wasn’t that far; but Inko was used to him being much closer. To her, the distance may as well have been from here to America! She knew how important this co-op would be for him though, eventually coming to terms with the fact she wouldn’t always be able to watch over him.

In the end, she made him promise to call her every night; just to be sure he was all right. She even threatened calling the police if he didn’t check in with her. Though, that wasn’t so much a threat as a fact; Izuku knew she’d make no bluff to that extent, unless she meant to follow through on it. Considering it was only a phone call, he agreed; if only to give her some peace of mind. Before he left though, his mother quickly drew him in for another hug; slipping something into his pocket during their embrace.

Curious as to what it could be, he quickly ducked a hand in after it. Though, what he found in his pocket sure wasn’t what he was expecting. His face was practically beet red as he stuttered into her shoulder. “M-MOM!” She pulled away from him, her gaze as stern as can be; before saying “It’s just in case! You don’t know when your heat will hit, it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

She said it all so matter of factly-- and with such a straight face-- Izuku couldn’t find anything to argue back with. Mumbling under his breath as he reminded himself to read up how to use those properly later.

Seeing his slightly flustered and contemplative expression, Inko let a small smile slip. Her hand reaching into his pocket and drawing the small packet of tablets out. Pointing to the small white pills, she begun to explain what he’d need to do.

“Make sure you take one of these at the same time daily, I don’t really think you’ll need them...but you can never be too careful.”

Izuku couldn’t imagine his face getting any hotter than it already was; he was almost afraid to touch his own face, fearful of actually getting burned by the heat. He gave her a meager nod, quickly tucking the pills away as fast as a pubescent teen would hide porn from their parents. How ironic it was, seeing as she was the one who gave them to him in the first place. Either way, he couldn’t stay much longer.

He had a train to catch, and it’d be best if he wasn’t late for that!

(For those of you who don’t know what that was, they were birth control pills. Cause he won’t be needing any condoms for himself)




~Izuku's POV~


‘Ugh...everything hurts!’

It was only my second day interning with Gran Torino, and my entire body is already beginning to ache. Not only was my body down for the count, my ears were also ringing past repair it seems; the bracelet going off every time I had to fight back. While yes, I do want to master the use of One For All, surely there must be a better way? Gran Torino kept hinting that I was close, but what am I missing?

I already tried everything All Might told me to do, and I’m focusing the energy as best I can to minimize the damage…

‘Ah, this is too much to be thinking about so early in the morning!’

Rolling over, I felt something hard poking into my side; uncomfortable enough to rouse me fully. With a heavy sigh, I dug around beneath me; determined to get rid of the offensive object. The moment I brought it out though, I only felt a series of other problems weigh me down. Taking a second to check the time, I saw it was roughly around the right time anyways.

“Well, might as well take it.”

With no small amount of effort, I managed to get dressed and ready, walking briskly down the staircase and heading straight for the sink. Gran Torino wasn’t up yet from the looks of it, but I’d rather not have to explain what I’m doing with a contraceptive so early in the morning. It didn’t take long to down the pill; gulping a full glass of water down with it, a sudden rush of thirst coming up the moment the cool liquid slid across my tongue.

It was refreshing to say the least.

With that out of the way, I could focus more on other the new suppressants Recovery Girl gave me that I forgot to bring down.

‘Dammit, knew I was forgetting something…’

It only took a minute to get back to my room, another minute spent digging around through my bag before withdrawing the semi transparent orangey drug container. She’d told me I’d only have to take one a day now, the time limit is about 28 hours per pill; after that, my scent would start to slip.

Other than the slightly tangy odour that came off the new pills, there weren’t any other visible differences between these and the ones I’d taken before...Not to mention I haven’t had my heat yet. There’s only 2 more weeks left this month, so it’s bound to happen soon. Still, it was strange to imagine what a heat would be like now, especially when my body doesn’t feel any different. If what I’ve read about heats online were true, then there should be some clues as to when my heat would start before it happens; subtle but there. Although, seeing as I’m suppressing my scent still, it wasn’t likely social cues from others would be a factor.

Oh well, I’ll worry about that when it happens; for now, I better get a head start on heating up some Taiyaki for Gran Torino.




~Third POV~


The moment the Taiyaki were plucked out of the microwave, Gran Torino shot to the kitchen; his belly rumbling and eyes fixated on the delicious prospect of a meal before him. In his opinion, Taiyaki was the perfect breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snack and midnight sneak snack. You could never go wrong with Taiyaki! he thought.

“Oi! These are still frozen in the middle!”

The outside was nice and warm, but the inside was still as hard as a rock! The cold bean paste grinding harshly against aged teeth. Maybe if he were a bit younger, he’d be able to chew through the icy exterior; but he neither wanted or could do it right now.

When he got no response from the freckled raven who’d just prepared his half frozen meal, he turned a sharp glare upon him. Halting just before he could chew the boy out when he was met with a shocked face; an expression that screamed eureka plastered all over him. He was already bolting out the door before Gran Torino had a chance to ask what had him looking so constipated. It was quite a surprise to the elderly man, seeing as the boy looked ready to fall over mere moments before.

A loud crash sounded from the alley way just to the right of the complex, forcing Gran Torino into action to make sure his overexcited pupil wasn’t getting up to no good.




Iida would like to think himself a rational person. He was able to asses the situation, compare it with his own skill level, and make an informed decision before entering any sort of risky position. He was most definitely never one to hold a grudge...

It happened on the day of the sports festival. That one, fateful day that would change his life forever. The day that his brother was cut down, the day his brother met his dead end. It was so excruciatingly painful to witness. His brother had worked so hard, had worked so earnestly every second of the day to be a great hero. Yet still, no matter how good a person you are, no matter how honest and devoted you may be; there will always be someone who finds fault in you.

In this case, that would be the notorious hero killer Stain.

His brother was considered lucky to be alive, seeing as the majority of Stains “examples” were normally left a bloody hunk of flesh; ditched in a desolate alleyway, carcass torn open and stabbed various times with cruel precision. The masterpieces left behind were indeed bloody, but they couldn’t quite be described as messy; something about the cleanness to the cuts and punctures which resembled an artist's signature brush strokes.

It made Iida’s blood curdle, his stomach churning in revulsion at such a comparison. He’d never truly hated anyone before, didn’t even know he could feel something to this level. But there wasn’t a doubt in his mind that he despised Stain.

To Iida, this was all his fault; it was Stain who’d taken his brother’s future right out from underneath him. It was Stain, who left such a hollow look of despair on his brother’s face. It was Stain, who must pay for his wrong doings. Nothing else mattered, not even his own brother’s plea to forget about it. He knew how much his brother loved being a hero, he shouldn’t have to give that up just because of someone else’s stupid ideals.

No, Stain was a villain; and Iida would be the hero to take him down. Not as a student, but as Ingenium, his brother’s successor.




The attack happened so suddenly; a once peaceful city afternoon suddenly disrupted by unknown powerful monsters.

They seemed to have come out of thin air, bodies so distorted it was impossible to tell if they were even human. The three of them went ballistic right at the heart of Hosu city; their invasion merciless and unbiased, attacking anyone and everyone in sight. It didn’t matter if you were a man, woman, child or elder; it all came down to being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Of course hero’s were quick to jump to action, but not before the three of them already claimed a few victims. The unsuspecting citizens slow and confused at first; not used to such violent aggressive creatures. Evacuation of the city begun the moment word spread, half the hero’s in the district devoting their time into helping people escape; guiding and protecting them the best they could with limited information.

The entire city was up in a crazed hysteria, like an ants colony under attack from an oncoming thunderstorm. It was nearly impossible to navigate the crowded streets under this heavy blanket of panic. The plan unfurling perfectly for the villains, but also benefiting a certain student indirectly. The chaos allowing him to slip away undetected, his thoughts crowded with a ruthless ambition and guided by an unrelenting grudge.

Though there was no solid evidence that Stain would be here, Iida had done enough research into the Hero Killer’s past history to know the man wouldn’t give up such an opportunity. There were hero’s running about all over the place. The chances were, at least one of them would be alone; the perfect kill for a stealthy murderer like Stain.

It was just his luck that his mentor happened past the abandoned alley, even more so that the man didn’t look down it. If he had, Iida wouldn’t have been able to slip away like he did. Stain had been here, the trail of blood leading further in proving the fact.

An amateur mistake? Or perhaps a bold declaration. Stain must’ve been pretty sure of his skills to leave such a blatant trail to follow.

He should’ve been more wary, more cautious of the too perfect trail to follow; but his mind was currently too far gone to recover.

There would be no stopping him.




~Stain-ish POV~

Stain was ready, he’d heard the boy approach; his breathing uneven and pace too fast. Whoever they were, they were obviously inexperienced; their steps, though determined, lacked the usual boisterous self important lilt. How did he know it wasn’t just some citizen running to safety? Well first off, no one in their right mind would choose to go speeding through dark alleyways to get to safety, two; the footsteps weren’t hastened by fear, three (and what probably gave them away the most); was the heavy clunking of metal that could only mean a hero suite of sorts, who else would be wearing a heavy and cumbersome sounding thing?

He’d been warned beforehand that some of the UA students may be around the area, seeing as some of them had internships with hero branches here; but he didn’t think he’d actually run into one of them. The boy looked young, far too young for his conscience to be clear if he had to kill him too; though, that could change depending on his answer.

“Leave, children have no business taking part in adult affairs.”

Iida stood his ground, his gaze unwavering as he snarled out a no through clenched jaws. It was inspiring to see such driven eyes from a young boy, almost promising.

“You should know who I am, so why stay?”

It was clear that Stain was interested in the male, his eyes flickering between him and his paralyzed victim. It was almost like he was giving Iida the chance to spare both his and the fallen hero’s lives; it’s too bad Iida couldn’t take advantage of it. Words tumbling out of his mouth, unfiltered and poisoned with hate as he let his rage drive him.

The moment Stain picked up on the hint of revenge tinting the student, his hopes fell flat back to ground zero; reminding him once more why hero’s must be put in their place. Even teens as young as these were corrupted, how unfortunate. At least he won’t feel guilty correcting the both of them now.

He wasted no further time, leaping forward and with drawing hidden blades in an instant. Iida may have been distracted by his loathing, but that didn’t tarnish his skills; engine quirk activating on instinct as he skidded out of range. The glinting silver metal narrowly missing its mark, striking thin air instead.

If Iida had been thinking more clearly, he may have had a chance against stain; sadly, this wasn’t the case. His rash decision to try and land a hit while Stain appeared to be unbalanced; leading to the same knife that had missed before, plunging into his left shoulder. His mouth was wide open, a gut wrenching scream echoing off the narrow alley walls and bouncing around them.

Stain didn’t stop there though, oh no, this barely scratched the surface. Revealing hidden blades for a split second, a new knife was introduced to the punishment game; burying deep into Iida’s right shoulder as more blood gushed from his wounds. Oh the sounds were music to Stain’s ears, the litany of wails and scraping of metal against bones sending pleasant tingles up his spine. How he longed to hear more; but sadly, his time was up.

If he let the boy go on crying out any longer, his location may be given away; and that would just ruin everything. Drawing one blade out of it’s human sheath, he lapped a long strip down the stainless cold steel; caressing the tapered tip just enough to feel the sting with his tongue. The thick, heavy metallic taste coating the back of his throat with a welcomed soothing effect.

It was only a second after he swallowed that all sounds stopped, the boy going near dead still under him. Aside from the slow drugged breaths that rose occasionally along the plane of his chest; he was stationary. It used to unnerve Stain, how deathlike his victims always became mere moments after being exposed to his quirk. Now, however, he could fully appreciate such power. A power great enough to take down these fake hero’s and open the eyes of the people.

Such a shame he’d have to make an example of someone so young; but if he didn’t, then no one would know how deep the roots of corruption had dug their way into. He would gladly cast aside all his humanity, if it brought him one step closer to the justice which lay just out of reach.

“Maybe now the people will finally understand.”

Pulling the already bloodied blade above his head, Stain eyed his victim's jugular; pulse racing from the adrenaline and blood lust. His hands plummeted down, the air seeming to whistle around his blade from the speed. Yet it only took one instant, one single moment of unawareness, that costed him his kill.

It was a blur of movement, a flash of green in the corner of his eye; their approach too fast, too sudden, too unexpected even for one as prepared and experienced as himself. In that single instance, Stain was simultaneously kicked away, blade ripped out of his grasp and victim pulled to safety. Such an achievement in what little time it took truly was an amazing feet, agility almost on par to his own. So who was this next intruder? Were they another hero? A student? Or perhaps, something else…

“Ah Iida kun! You’re injured!”

The voice sounded young, youthful and full of concern for their fallen friend; it was another student. Turning to face the newcomer, he was met with the back of a curly haired boy; beta from the scent of it. His lack in combat practice was painfully obvious, the boy so carelessly presenting himself in a vulnerable position in front of his enemy.

It would only take him a heartbeat to sneak up on the boy, thrust his blade through one of his arteries, and call it a day’s work. But he wasn’t so sly. He may be a notorious killer, but that doesn’t mean he just goes around killing for the fun of it. It was preferable to only have to kill those he needed to; unnecessary bloodshed was not his style. Thus, he reeled in his desire to kill, giving the raven time to realize his mistake before he would make his move.

The boy didn’t disappoint, his frame going rigid as he whirled around to face Stain; gaze ever watchful as he searched the man’s body language for clues. ‘How interesting, another opponent willing to face me, let’s hope he’s a better candidate than his friend over there.’

“Let me guess, you’re going to fight me now for hurting your buddy over there.”

Midoriya’s eyes remained vigilant but guarded, a distrustful expression adorning his brows as he careful took in Stain’s statement. His reply was not immediate, giving the raven time to think his answer through carefully before replying.

“I don’t want to fight you if I don’t have to, but I’ll do what it takes to get both my friend and the fallen hero over there to safety.”

It took a moment for Stain to realize who Midoriya was talking about, Native completely slipping his mind the moment Iida had taken the spotlight. Approval seemed to dance in the villain’s gaze, his body relaxing somewhat as he took a few cautious steps closer.

“And what if I, this!”

He whipped a new knife out of one of his many hidden pockets, flinging it towards the fallen hero to gauge the boy’s reaction. It was near instantaneous, the male moving just as fast, if not faster than he had to save his friend before. His body seeming to warp in front of Stain’s blade just in time to catch it mid flight, hand grasping the handle so tightly his knuckles turned white.

Oh this boy was good, he was already a far better hero than most professionals, even making the mistakes he did.

“Hmm, I’m impressed; but that doesn’t mean I can let you go.”

Midoriya’s lips had flattened into a grim line, holding his new weapon in a more comfortable position as he readied himself for a fight. He didn’t have much time, Iida had been losing blood fast; at this rate, his friend could die if the fight dragged on any longer. He needed backup.

Slowly, so as not to alert the villain to his actions, he drew his phone out of his back pocket. Opening the class group chat and sending his location to them. Now he could only hope, that at least one of them understood the meaning behind his message.




~Todoroki-ish POV~

“Hurry up! A hero doesn’t have time to dawdle on their way to a villain fight!”

‘Oh god it’s the speech again...Why did I agree to interning at Enji’s company again? Oh right, I didn’t have a choice.’

Todoroki was already at his wits ends with his old man, his father always having something to say about whatever he was doing.

“Shouto, you’re not running fast enough! Shouto, you’re not looking hard enough! Shouto, you’re cooking’s not tasty enough!”

It was already bad enough before when he lived in the same house as the man; now he practically had to see him all day everyday for a whole week! Could it get any worse? The dual haired male had already tuned out of whatever lecture Enji was giving currently, just mindlessly running after the flaming man as they made their way towards the heart of Hosu city.

It was a real mess, the streets only growing worse the closer they got. Luckily the evacuation left them mostly clear, save for the debris and scattering of cars. An insistent vibration from his back pocket finally drew him back to the present, reaching behind him to grab at his phone.

It looked like a message...from Midoriya.

He vaguely recalled his father shouting after him, his mind empty of all thought other than the beta. He’d only received a location from the freckled boy through their group chat, but Midoriya wasn’t one to just send out random messages. If he sent his location then there must be a reason, especially when it was pinpointed at such a sketchy looking place.

Even if it happened to be a mistake, it was close enough to not be really out of his way. Worst comes to worst, he’d just have to deal with his father’s tantrum later; not like he didn’t already have one coming anyways.




~Third POV~

Stain was successfully detained, his arms bound and knives confiscated; it may have taken an absurdly large amount of time to do it, but they did, and that’s all that matters. Todoroki was just making sure the man was still alive when the sound of approaching footsteps came closer. Iida’s head shooting up from his hunched position beside Midoriya, leaning heavily against the shorter raven as his body was still recovering from the quirk’s effect.

Thankfully, it was more backup, a few hero’s and Todoroki’s father rounding the corner and staring in shock at the three boys before them.

Three students actually managed to take down Stain? It seemed ridiculous, the very notion coming across as an impossible achievement. Yet the evidence was right there, it was undeniably true. They were so entranced by the sight, they completely forgot the reason they’d come here in the first place. That is, until a shriek caught all their attentions. Heads lifting skywards just in time to witness the descent of the winged Nomu.

Enji was the first to react, aiming a streamline blast of intense blue fire in it’s direction. The quirk hitting the creature head on, but only managing to hinder its approach slightly. In fact, it seemed to enrage the beast further; it’s body recovering just as fast as it was being burned away.

His trajectory brought him closer and closer to the cluster of hero’s and students; the hero’s realizing too late that their attacks wouldn’t work. It’s arms stretched out in front of it; hands grasping towards the students as it came infinitely closer.

Midoriya could barely keep up with it’s accelerated approach, discerning it’s motive only a second before it struck. He had to act fast. There was no time to move out of it’s way, only enough to make sure he didn’t drag anyone down with him.

At the last moment, Midoriya shoved Iida away from him; the larger boy landing with a heavy thud the moment Midoriya was grabbed and carried off. The entire exchange happened within nanoseconds; no one even able to comprehend what just happened until Midoriya was swept away. He was just kidnapped!

The pounding of footsteps in pursuit echoed down the alley, bringing the group back to life as a head of half white and half red hair pushed his way through the small crowd. Todoroki wouldn’t let them get away so easily, he wouldn’t let them have Midoriya!

Summoning up all the remaining energy he had left, he pounced off the ground, using his flame quirk to give his lift off an extra boost; rocketing towards the sky born villain.

Maybe it was his rage, maybe it was desperation, or perhaps it was his feelings for the captured boy mixed with those; but his quirk was suddenly far more powerful than it’d ever been in the past. The concentrated burst of flames more powerful than even Enji’s; propelling him forward at such a velocity he was near reaching distance of Midoriya in a matter of seconds.

He shouted for Midoriya to grab his hand, reaching as best he could through the wind which pressed heavily back against him. The force of which causing tears to form in his eyes, obscuring his vision slightly as he stretched as close as he could. Midoriya in a similar state, reaching back with just as much desperation in his gaze.

Their fingertips grazed for the briefest of seconds, Todoroki straining near breaking point to grasp his hand; he was so close! But the moment his hand was within reach to the raven, they were was gone; the echo of a shout quickly whisked away with the wind.

They’d taken him, they’d taken Midoriya.




~Izuku's POV~

The first thing I noticed when I came to, was the aching knot in my neck. The stiffness in my shoulders following hastily after that.

I felt cramped all over, like I fell asleep at my desk or something...but, this was no desk. The room was barren, stripped of everything but the lone chair I was currently tied to. It was stuffy too, the walls made of concrete with a few snaking cracks here and there.

There was something unnerving about the place that I couldn’t quite put my finger on, and I’m not just saying that since it’s probably a villain’s hideout. This place felt wrong, the atmosphere and aura projected around the room feeling practically toxic; my inner omega snarling at the uncomfortable state it had to endure. I wanted to be out of this place just as bad, however, it didn’t look like I was getting out of here anytime soon. The ropes used to bind my arms made of some sort of flexible material; my struggling only causing it to tighten further, cutting the blood flow and causing me to gasp in discomfort.

It was useless, I’d just have to come up with a plan to escape when someone comes in here. Preferably after I get a bit more detail on the layout of this place. Of course, this was no time to be picky; if the opportunity presents itself I’d gladly take it. Though, I don’t even know what they could possibly want from me...

they made the effort to take me back wherever this place is; so it’s safe to assume they don’t plan to kill me...yet. Maybe if I just play my cards right, I can get out of this without having to fight.

It was the best plan I could conjure at the moment. ‘Looks like I’ll just have to sit tight and stay on guard, if I’m careful, I may even be able to get out of this in one piece.’ I didn’t have to wait long, the groan of a hinge in desperate need of some oil announcing the arrival of my captors. My eyes widening in recognition as a head of messy white hair stepped through the door first.

It was the man child from USJ, Shigaraki I think they called him. His disposition was calmer this time around, his form silent as it slunk into the corner of the room; face hidden behind the hand that clung effortlessly to conceal his identity. The next person to enter being another familiar figure; though it only made me further unnerved to see them. This was the person that had stopped the Nomu from killing me back then, the man who called my name with such a longing note. I could never shake the feeling that I knew this man from somewhere…

Whoever he was, he approached me first; his hood up and posture stiff as he drew nearer. His steps halting about a foot away from me. He stayed there, silently observing me from beneath the hooded shadows, his face still invisible from my perspective. Suddenly his hands were reaching up to my face, calloused fingers brushing past the apple of my cheek as I flinched away from his touch.

He wouldn’t stand for that though, grabbing my face and forcing me to still in his grip; squeezing my cheeks together with a weathered hand. It was a firm grip, but lacked the pain I would’ve associated with such a position. The gesture reprimanding but careful at the same time. It almost felt like…

“Ah, to think my own son wouldn’t be able to recognize me...though I doubt your mother would’ve told you.”

That, that’s impossible! It’s a bluff, it had to be! There’s no way this man before me could possible be… my father.

“You have your mother’s face, wearing your emotions on your sleeves all the time. Oh how strange a thing it is to see, after such a long time.”

I was still getting over the shock of such a sudden declaration as he began to pull his hood down, short curly black hair bouncing to life after the oppressive burden of the hood. A single black beauty mark kissing his cheek just below his right eye. It couldn’t have been a coincidence, the appearance too similar to just sweep under the rug.

This really my dad.

“Look at you Izuku, all grown up already! It almost makes me regret not being able to see you grow up.”

Each word felt cold and emotionless as it slipped past his lips, stabbing at me with each underlying insult. His eyes were just as apathetic, a sort of crazed look overtaking them every now and then as he stepped closer. In one smooth motion he wrenched my head up, his nose brushing past my scent gland in such a disgustingly invasive gesture.

“Ha, you really are just like your mother; a useless fucking beta.”

That was the last straw, he could insult me all he wanted, but no one insults my mother!

“Don’t talk about her like that!”

His eyes glinted in a hint of amusement, seeing his son try to fight back in such an obviously losing battle. “You’re the one that left her! If anything, you’re the useless alpha that left her pregnant and alone!” This really ticked him off, the pressure on my cheeks intensifying as he pulled my neck up further; the awkward angle beginning to get painful.

“That was her own fault! She was the one who got pregnant, she ruined everything!”

He snapped the response with so much hatred and anger it caused my inner dynamic to react. The instinct to submit itching to release at such a clear display of dominance. I could feel my skin tingling as heated coils started simmering just past the surface. The omegan seduction threatening to slip away; but I forced myself to relax, I couldn't reveal myself here.

My body went limp in his hands, my submission seeming to please the man greatly as he slowly relaxed his hold. “Tch, at least you know your place.” I felt tears stinging my eyes as I stayed in that humiliating position; my body unwilling to cooperate with me anymore.

“Hisashi, Sensei is waiting.”

Shigaraki spoke for the first time, watching the entire encounter unfold through a narrowed gaze. His finger tapping at his arm in impatience as he waited for the man to finish up. It was almost ironic, the fact that it was another villain who was saving me from this awkward position. He wasn’t even trying to from the looks of it, simply fed up with his colleagues antics and tired of waiting.

Either way I’m grateful, seeing as my father finally released me all together; going behind me and untying the ropes that bound me to this chair. The feeling of being freed from such a restraint was simply euphoric, the blood flooding back into previously deprived areas as I tried rubbing feeling back into them.

Of course, they tied my hands up again before we left, not wanting to risk me running off while they lead me to this “Sensei” person.

They’d left me unblindfolded, so I took the chance to look around; trying my best to memorize the route through these twisted halls. The situation wasn’t exactly ideal, with each hall turning into another, more forks than straight passages and with every other corridor appearing exactly the same as the one before.

Where they doing it on purpose?

It seemed like they’d been walking an awful long time before they finally made it to the end. A pair of old swinging doors positioned directly ahead; the paint peeling off it’s surface and revealing the degraded wood underneath.

It was strangely befitting for such a place.

He was shoved through the doors first, stumbling to keep his footing as his weight was suddenly pushed off center. A snicker following after him, his father scorning the display as he prowled into the little clearing. The room was surprisingly a lot more kempt than the rest of the place seemed to be; the floors swept and polished, mirroring the sheen of the bar counter to his left.

It could almost be described as homey, if not for the blueish tinge casting a cool tone upon everything it touched. The light radiating off the lone TV in the room; monitor displaying a scattering of fuzzy black and white dots. The sound alike to a swarm of bee’s once frenzied.

A man stepped out from behind the counter once Shigaraki came in; a man I soon realized was the portal quirk user from USJ as well. Aside from the grunts; everyone else present during the attack was gathered in the room; not including Nomu of course.

The three men all exchanging a look before Shigaraki turned towards the TV screen; calling out “Sensei” in his usual bored tone.

The second he spoke the buzzing stopped, the screen blacking out for a second before revealing the silhouetted form of person. “Shigaraki, I trust you’ve brought the boy.” The white haired male didn’t reply with words. Shoving me towards the screen instead, this time losing my balance in the process.

I fell forward, my body turning sideways mid fall as I tried to soften the landing; hitting the ground with a flat thud, my shoulder absorbing the majority of the abuse.

It hurt, but I wouldn’t let it show, I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction.

The person behind the screen hummed in approval, his form shifting slightly as if he were leaning forward to get a better look.

“He’s quite small isn’t he.”

His musing was rough spoken, more of a train of thought than an insult though. “Well Izuku Midoriya, I have a proposition for you so listen very carefully; I’ll only say this once.”

He had my full attention now, rolling onto my front, so I could shimmy my way into a knee sit. It put a lot of stress on my torso and back muscle to get up from this position, thankfully, my training sure helped with that.

“I’m listening.”

“Wise decision. You are a student at UA, but you weren’t always in such a glorious position now were you? Don’t try to deny it, I know more about you than you probably know about yourself. You want to be a hero, but do you really think this type of overglorified paid heroism is what you’re really aiming for? I’m not asking you to give up your ideals, but rather, to use them to serve a better purpose! So what do you say, will you join us?”

The silence was deafening, not a single person in the room spoke, all eyes trained on me as they awaited my response. Did they seriously think I would just up and abandon everything I’ve been working towards?

I know not all heroes are great, some inspired by less than pure means. But, that doesn’t mean all heroes are bad! Everyone in class 1-A could be an example! Well...everyone may be a stretch...but most of them at the very least. There was no way he would agree to this! Not in a million years!

“I’m sorry, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to decline that offer; I have no intention of ever becoming a villain.”

Wrong answer

I felt the hand grab my neck, the pressure going from zero to a hundred in a matter of milliseconds. My windpipe was being crushed, the edges of my vision quickly growing fuzzy with waves of black darting in and out of focus.

Even without seeing who it was, I knew who the hand belonged to. Large calloused fingers clenching hard around my jugular, the tips of blunt nails digging dangerously close to my scent glands. Every one of my weak points was being exploited, the pain so intense it flashed before my eyes as a near tangible object. I wouldn’t be able to stay conscious for much longer.

Right before I completely blacked out though, a sharp command was given, my body dropping to the floor as my throat was released from the vice like grip. It was excruciatingly painful, each breath raking through my lungs, stinging my trachea all along the way. It was unavoidable though, the only other option being to stop breathing again and that would just make matters worse for my already oxygen deprived state.

“Whether you agree to work with us or not, you’ll still be useful one way or the other. Take him away, I don’t care what you do with him but I want him alive. He won’t make good bait for us dead.”







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Chapter Text


~Third POV~


Today was NOT Bakugou’s day.

First off, that stupid pants face forced him into stupidly tight fitting jeans; then he had to patrol around in public, and get this, help people!'s not like helping people is terrible or anything; it's just in order to do so, he had to ignore all the villains even when he was so damn close to them.

It fucking pissed him the hell off! What was the point of having all this power and training if he wasn't going to use it? Finally, as if his day wasn't already bad enough, now he was being told that the shitty nerd had been kidnapped.

His shitty nerd had been kidnapped.

He knew that half and half bastard spelled trouble, but he'd never thought the smug brat to be entirely incompetent too! Underlying all the blame though, part of Bakugou still churned in regret; memories of getting a notification from the raven not long before the kidnapping occurred.

‘How was I supposed to know what he meant from just a location?’

...Icy Hot knew…

“Fucking hell he pisses me off so goddamn much!”

It wasn't really Todoroki’s fault Bakugou was so mad, most of the anger coming from hatred towards himself; but the heterochromatic boy just had this aura that simply rubbed the grumpy blonde the wrong way. Then could maybe, very unlikely though, be because of Deku.

Though he'd never admit it to anyone let alone himself; he’d always felt a sense of satisfaction when Deku obeyed him. The feelings he’d get when the unusually strong willed beta tucked his tail and submitted, making the blood rush to his head and his ego boost ever further. Lately however, that crybaby had been less willing to submit to him; more defiant than usual, heaven forbid, more confident!

It was all those other alpha’s faults, especially that icy bastards fault! If it wasn't for them, deku wouldn't have been so confident, wouldn’t have gone off to play hero! If it wasn't for them, maybe he would still be here Bakugou could beat the crap outta him like usual.

Is it really a crime to stop someone from doing something that's obviously too difficult for them to manage on their own? If anything, it's a crime for them to fill his head with all that heroic talk and unachievable dreams! Now he’s in trouble.

Deku’s been taken and no one, not a single god damn person who was responsible for this mess in the first place, was able to protect him!




~Todoroki's POV~

“Please settle down Todoroki kun, we still haven't treated your wounds yet!”

The nurse’s flustered voice grated harshly on my ears, her sickeningly sweet, placating tone drawing out a growl from my alpha. I don't have time to worry about minor flesh wounds like these! Izuku’s been kidnapped; they could be torturing him by now, or worse! They could be using him to sate their own desires!

Just imagining the blissfully innocent raven in their clutches made me bristle. At least, until the meaning behind my anger caught up to me.

‘What am I even thinking! Izuku’s a beta...they wouldn't do something like that.’

Even in his own head that excuse sounded bland and half baked, not fully convincing though it should've been. There was always something about the freckled raven that seemed to draw people to him, something desirable, almost seductive...I banished the thought the moment it came up.

‘Izuku’s my friend, I need to focus on getting him back!’

After a couple more attempts to get up were thwarted by the same nurse, I started to get really fed up. My alpha was full on riled up by now, growling quite noticeably too. I could see her hand inching towards her back, probably reaching for a sedative of some sort as her face paled from my aggression.

I could sense she was just about to reach her breaking point too, the weight of my alphan intimidation pressing thickly against her far more timid betan aura. Before our battle of the wills could come to a conclusion though, a familiar head of grey hair walked between us; the top of a tightly woven bun protruding just high enough to been seen over my bed sheets.

“Honestly, you alpha’s are all so insufferable at times!”

She shook her head in exasperation, a feeling she was growing all too used to with this batch of hero course students. With a single flick of her wrist, she waved the nurse away, saying she’ll handle me instead. Though her words may have been sharp, her eyes held a different story; a gentle undercurrent of understanding towards my frustrations towards the situation.

“I know you must be worried about young Midoriya, but you’ll be no use to him in this shape. Even as we speak, more competent hero’s are cracking down on his position; his medical band isn’t just for show you know.”

His medical band...of course! How could I forget about that! I guess it’s a tiny bit reassuring to know there are people already on their way to his rescue...but I still couldn’t shake the feeling something was wrong. Call me old fashioned, but I’d feel a lot better if I was actually the one going to save him myself.

Still, I couldn’t very well argue with Recovery Girl, she did have a point. I can barely keep my eyes open as is. Once I allowed myself to relax into a more comfortable position, all the stress and built up pains from our previous fight came crashing back down on me. Previously ignored aches throbbing quite luxuriously and insistently as I winced for what must’ve been the fifth time in a row.

“Seriously, I really do wonder how those brains of yours work sometimes!”

Before either of us could get too comfortable, a pretty loud commotion seemed to pick up outside. Recovery Girl sighing heavily as she whirled around in her chair. “Can’t there be even a second of peace in this place!”

Hmm...not too sure how peaceful a hospital is supposed to be…

The cause behind the commotion wasn’t hidden from us for too long, the source itself bursting through the door seconds later.


That sure struck a nerve, I could feel the comment stabbing straight through me. He was right, I was useless as an alpha...I couldn’t even protect the one person I swore to keep close to me! Even with such degrading and self deprecating thoughts churning through my mind, my face was as stony with apathy as ever, it was as if some sort of switch was missing; some key feature which I lacked to express myself.

I knew I still had it, but it was Midoriya that had found it for me; pressing all the right buttons until he finally came across that one. Now he was gone...I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get him back either.

The front of my shirt was being pulled as I slowly traveled back to the present, Bakugou aggressively shaking me back and forth as he demanded answers.

“What’s wrong with you! Do you really feel nothing for what you’ve done?”

You’re wrong, of course I hate the fact I couldn’t do anything! I want to look for Izuku as much as anyone else, maybe even more! But how can I tell him that when I can’t even show how I’m feeling visually? How can I ever face Izuku again after losing the way when he so kindly led me back to the light?

I can’t. Simple as that.

I can’t do anything right, my father was right, I really am pathetic. Lifting a hand up to his wrist, I grabbed on with reluctant force, stilling his shaking motions as I forced myself to speak.

“You...wouldn’t understand.”

I couldn’t face him, I couldn’t face Bakugou as I spoke. It was a real shock, what happened next. The hard slap echoing around the room both surprising and well deserved.

“Tch, stupid privileged bastard. Don’t try and weasel outta this little mess you caused, I know you’re probably gonna go sulk and blame yourself; but it’s just as much my fault as it was yours.”

Am I...hearing this correctly? Is Bakugou really saying he was at fault for something?

“I saw the message Deku sent...still not sure how a dumb icicle like you understood something like that, but you did.”

Even I could tell Bakugou really had to force himself to say that, his words jagged and sharp enough to cut; but sincere as well. It was almost too good to be true...maybe it isn’t.


Bakugou was back to his usual aggressive explosive self in no time, raging and threatening to blow me up after pinching him just to make sure he was real. Yep, no doubt about it.

“AHEM, if you two are done fooling around, I really MUST insist you try and keep it down; this is a hospital for goodness sake!”




~Third POV~

Izuku had been transported to the same room he’d woken up in after the meeting, his body handled with rough disregardance. Apparently his father had better things to do that watch over his sad excuse of a son; so he left guard duty up to Shigaraki’s care. Shigaraki wasn’t much up for standing guard either though, instead commanding some of their grunts to keeping the boy secure.

Before Shigaraki left though, he gave Izuku another solid once over; his eye narrowed and contemplative-- as if he was trying to figure something out. He didn’t stay long though, nor did he voice any concern he may have had. Simply flicking his wrist in a lazy gesture with a sort of “do what you want” meaning behind it.

The sound of a door closing never sounded so disheartening before; the looks being cast in the raven’s direction speaking of cruel intentions. Though their thoughts weren’t yet tainted with the information of his true nature; Izuku knew he wouldn’t have much time left.

Who knows how long he’s been here for; and as long as he was locked up, he wasn’t going to be able to take his pills on time. The idea of being saved before time was up merely a silly dream to the freckled raven, all too aware of how unlikely a chance that would be. He almost wasn’t sure whether he wanted them to find him or not anymore, seeing as at this rate; they were more than likely to find him once the suppressants wore off.

Maybe some would comment his priorities seemed a little backwards, seeing as he would honestly rather die than have anyone find out his true dynamic; but it couldn’t be helped. Their society didn’t exactly take kindly to strange occurrences-- ironic considering their society was full of odd quirks-- they’d probably treat him as some sort of lab experiment if they ever found out.

Heck, Izuku didn’t even know much about himself either, he’d been hiding it for so long he barely even remembered he was an omega at times. There were so many questions to consider, loose ends that haven’t been concluded, things that he could probably find the answers for if he wanted to; but he was afraid.

He didn’t want to know.

The men left behind to “take care of him” were happy enough to use Izuku as a free for all punching bag. Kicking him around and jostling him to no end. Rather enjoying the freedom of being able to do what they wanted.

They’d been oppressed by hero’s all their lives, and even if Izuku wasn’t technically a hero yet, he was training to be one; meaning he may as well be on in their books.

“Oi, aren’t his wounds healing a little too fast?”

One of men seemed to take notice of this, pointing out the already faded red blush of a bruise that had once been a deep purple earlier on in the abuse.

“Hmm, you’re right; the cut from before is already gone too!”

Their previous battery was quickly turning into a thorough inspection, hands groping and searching his body for other wounds that could’ve been missing.

“You reckon this is a quirk?”

“Don’t be stupid, we already know what his quirk is and that ain’t it!”

Izuku was quickly hoisted off the ground, frame regarded with skeptical and distrustful scrutiny. “Oi brat, how are your wounds healing so fast? What are you hiding?”

Izuku was hardly able to respond coherently, his jaw still in the process of healing after a particularly harsh kick earlier.

“I-I-I don’t k-know!”

The words came out in a flurry of broken and disgruntled letters. Muffled and terribly pronounced through a possibly broken jaw. “You fucking bitch! Stop lying, you must know what’s going on!” Izuku made no attempt to reply again, the pain winning over and forcing him into an uneasy silence.

“Fine, have it your way.”

He dropped Izuku to the ground, cracking his knuckles in succession as he glared down upon the boy.

“We’ll make you talk, one way or the other.”

A twisted smile formed on crooked lips, expression void of any empathy as he took another towering step closer.

“And now, I don’t even have to hold back!”




The crisp apple dawn greeted tired eyes, the light reflecting an eerie glow upon every surface it graced. The rich litany of crimsons and scarlets leaving a coppery effect, as if the land were washed over with a vast sea of blood.

It was a sight he’d only seen once before; a nostalgic and dreaded feeling curling in his gut as the dawn morphed into a seductive dusk in the blink of an eye. It was hard to tell the two apart, brothers in the making; cursed to be identical yet opposite from birth. Just as the figure that now approached, a halo of a blush surrounding it’s silhouetted form.

This was the first being he’d encountered, a being who’d been harboured within his body all his life yet was denied recognition; a beastly creature whom the raven couldn’t escape.

This, was his omega.

“Hello Izuku, long time no see.”

He knew it was coming, this was unavoidable; but the circumstances couldn’t have been any worse for this situation to ensue.

“Please, I beg you, stay dormant for now; it’s not safe to start the cycle!”

The shadow of a figure-- more of a ghostly essence --cocked his head as he regarded Izuku with blatant amusement. His eyes gleamed coily as he seemed to dance with fleeting steps around the boy, a feverish warmth wrapping around the two as the distance closed between them.

Izuku had only let him out of sight for a second, but that was seemingly enough time for the omega to slip up behind him; breath tickling the wisps of hairs at the base of his neck.

“Oh Izuku, such a droll little thing! It saddens me to know you think so lowly of me.”

Said male flinched away from the sultry graze, fingertips tracing an invisible line connecting the base of his neck to his jaw; circling with tantalizing slowness right around his scent gland, purposely staying just far enough to not be in direct contact. The light whimper elicited from the omega’s action pulling a smirk upon the shadowed figure’s face.

“I may be the embodiment of sin, but I’m no fool; after all, I am you, and I would very much like to keep us in one piece too. Besides, have I not helped you in the past?”

Izuku should’ve been more cautious, should’ve seen the alarming amounts of red flags that came up with the effusive omega’s statement; but his body felt so tired. He just wanted to go to sleep.

“So what do you say, do you trust me?”

The omega reached out his hand, red hot warmth emanating from his palm as he awaited Izuku’s decision. There was barely any fight left in him by now, the dazed raven managing to lift his hand half way before the omega closed the remaining distance.

“Don’t worry, sleep now my precious Izuku, I’ll take very good care of you now~"





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Chapter Text

~Third POV~

“Tch, fucking brat went unconscious.”

The man had been trying to pry answers from the raven haired student for the past half hour, indulging with great pleasure, the feeling of soft malleable skin underfist. The wounds normally closed up and faded not long after receiving them, at least, the visible ones did. He didn’t have a clue as to how much damage he was causing internally. The freckled boy didn’t reveal much either, his previous cries and caterwauls going silent as time dragged on; to the point where it didn’t even feel like he was doing anything to the kid.

“This looks bad! Sensei ‘ll be ticked if you killed him!”

The first male turned a harsh glare upon his companion, a withering look that seemed to portray just how much a part the other had in this as they did. It had the second gulping, nerves skyrocketing as he took a step closer to the unconscious boy.

“You think we went too far?”

“Che, you saw how fast his wounds healed before, probably just a side effect or some shit like that.”

Even with his seemingly uncaring attitude, the man still seemed rather unnerved by Izuku’s listless form. Casting more than one nervous glance the raven’s way as they both stood stiffly beside the boy.

“Well...check if he’s breathing why don’t you!”

The more timid of the pair bristled at the commanding tone his partner used; keeping quiet about his unrest for now and simply doing as he was told. With hushed complaints, he bent down next to the boy; leaning at an awkward angle to see if the boy was breathing.

“For fuck’s sake, Just move his head! It won’t kill you to touch him.”

Perhaps it was the tension in the room that made the man snap, but it was safe to say that both men were on edge at this point. The one currently checking in on the student flinching from the shock of the sudden noise. They both held their breaths as his hand crept closer, the first gentle touch causing them both to tense until he fully took hold of the boy's face. A unanimous relieved sigh leaving the both of them as nothing happened.

Then, as if in spite of their premature relief, a sudden heady onslaught of sweet aroma began filling the room. An undercurrent of heat and pressure thrust heavily upon them in the suddenly too small room. They were practically left gasping for breath, their airways being stuffed and strangled with the foreign sweet nectar. There was no escaping it, the scent forcing itself upon them as their bodies reacted on instinct to it.

“Fuck! Where the hell-”

The man nearest to Izuku didn’t have a chance to complete his thought, his shoulder suddenly wrenched back and his body following soon after it; his mind barely registering that he was being flung back until he came to an abrupt halt against the stone wall. The power with which he was flung backwards stunning him on impact and knocking him into silence.


Everything may as well have vanished before this alpha’s eyes, his mind overrun by lust filled desires born from the airborne pollutant. On the scale of alpha’s , he was nowhere close to being the strongest and no where close to being a match to this omega’s scent, but he was attracted nonetheless.

The way his brain seemed to turn to mush in the presence of an omega in heat was near laughable, speaking loudly of his lack of power or control as an alpha.

No, this man would not do.

Bleary viridian green eyes cracked open a sliver, pupils blown wide with arousal and focused on nothing in particular. A low keening note left cracked lips, the boy still adjusting to the sudden change and new feelings overcoming him. The sudden jolt travelling through his body not long after waking quite a rude introduction; causing a shiver of anger to pass through the rousing omega’s body.

It didn’t take a genius to figure out what was going on, the alpha currently trying to scent him making their intentions painfully obvious; much to the omega’s contempt. Even with the clear signs that they were not compatible, this alpha didn’t even try to hold back; pretty much forcing himself on the smaller male while the omega was incapacitated.

“Smells so good...he’s beggin for it.”

The man was already beginning to fumble with the belt around his waist; the soft clinking of metal suddenly sounding far more exaggerated to the rising boy.

There was nothing he could do though, his body still paralyzed and desperately trying to sync itself in this messed up state. The feeling of a hand sliding intimately further down his leg and prying his knees apart sent rippling waves of disgust through the raven; a weak growl working its way up in his throat. However, in his current state, the growl sounded less like a threat and more like a pup attempting to look tough.


Before the omega could even begin to start thinking of a way out of this situation, the man went stock still; his jaw agape in a horrific scream as his face slowly began to disintegrate into nothingness, the rest of his body following suit until no trace of the man was left.

The raven was frozen, unable to fully comprehend what just happened, nor was he able to erase the memory of the man’s slowly crumbling features; it’ll probably always stay burned in remembrance.

“Game Over.”




Todoroki may not be the most social person around, but that doesn’t mean he’s not observant. He noticed the way Recovery Girl’s movements seemed more rushed as time went on, her eyes constantly flicking to her computer monitor between breaks in her note taking. There seemed to be something troubling her, and he had a feeling it had to do with Izuku.

“Is something wrong?”

She seemed startled by the question, quickly closing one of the tabs that had been previously opened before turning to face the dual haired student.

“Oh nothing really, just a lot of injuries being reported after the incident.”

Gunmetal gray and wintery blue eyes narrowed in suspicion, a flinty note of distrust in the vague excuse. She was his senior though, so he didn’t really have the right to question her further.

“Hmm, I suppose that would be rather concerning.”

He could tell she knew he didn’t believe a word she just said, but she didn’t offer up any further explanation; and he didn’t have much of a choice after that. Bakugou seemed to catch on to the distrust in his voice though, eyes tracing lazily back and forth between the two; a flicker of interest passing his features before he decided to join in.

“Oi grandma, what’re you really worried about?”

Everyone knew Recovery Girl absolutely despised being associated with her age, the ruffled sour note to her scent giving a clear indication to her displeasure. Yet, Bakugou being Bakugou, decided to continue with his phallic performance and press all her buttons.

“Eh, I’m sorry did I not say it loud enough for you? WHAT ARE YOU REAL-”

The loud bang of her fist-- echoed by the emptiness of the desk-- cut into Bakugou’s demeaning interrogation; her brows drawn into steep exclamations of anger. It was clear she was trying really hard to keep her cool.

Now, most people wouldn’t really expect this, seeing as Recovery Girl seemed so collected and kind all the time, but she was also an alpha in status. She’d long since mastered masquing her scent, making her seem more like a beta most of the time so it would be easier to treat patients. But that didn’t mean she was no longer an alpha, she could react just as well to stimulants as any other; and it was proving rather difficult to ignore such a bold challenge from the younger male.

“Bakugou Katsuki, you are treading on very thin ice here sonny. While I understand both your and Todoroki kun’s concern; I have no obligation to share with you what I deem unnecessary. Is that understood?”

The mixture of her cold threat and venomous intimidation was enough to make even Bakugou think twice before riling her any further; eventually stepping down and submitting to her dominance. Once she was certain there’d be no further arguments, she levelled off her scent and went back to her documents. Though, her posture and rigid movements revealed she was still a tad on edge after that. Something bad was definitely going on, there’s no way Recovery Girl would react so badly if it wasn’t.

Eventually, she gathered up the rest of her stuff and left the room in a hurry, her mind seeming to be elsewhere as she left the computer on and the files still open upon it. Bakugou didn’t even have to look at Todoroki to know they were both thinking the same thing; the two of them simultaneously making their way over to the vacant computer as they tried to figure out what had the elderly woman so on edge before.

“Fucking, move your tall ass outta the way you indecisive bastard!”

Bakugou had memorized exactly which tab she’d closed and where it’d popped out from before, shoving past Todoroki and immediately searching for the file located in the area it had been before. Once he’d opened it, they were met with a series of bar graphs; each ranging from green, to yellow, to red. Obviously, red meaning something was going to shit. Scanning through the rather confusing data and information paired up on the document, Todoroki was the first to notice what the information displayed meant.

“This is the information being transmitted from Izuku’s medical band, from the looks of it, it’s still active too.”

He recalled Recovery Girl saying something along the lines of tracking him with the band before, but he hadn’t realized just how extensively thorough the data being collected on him was. It proved hopeless to truly understand just what the hell they were looking at, all they knew for sure, was that Izuku was still wearing the band; and if the dark red bar was anything to go by, he was indeed in trouble.

“Fuck, this looks bad...How the hell do they expect us to just sit around and wait!”

He looked ready to storm right out of there, red eyes practically glowing as small explosions went off in the palm of his hands. Before he could jump to any rash decisions though, Todoroki froze the door, forcing the frustrated blonde to stay put and hear him out. “What the hell’d you do that for!” seeing as the dual haired boy seemed to be the only one still thinking rationally of the two, he sighed and refocused a stern gaze upon the blonde; alpha intimidation uncurling just a notch to get his full attention.

“Listen, as much as I want to go after Izuku too, we can’t just go after him alone.”

“Well what, do you expect us to just wait for the pro hero’s to-”

“No that’s not my point at all! Listen, we can at least get some back up so we aren’t so outnumbered!”

a quite “I won’t make the same mistake twice” just barely audible across the static quiet in the room around them.

“Tch, fine.”

Though Bakugou may not always be the most reasonable person, he still was a sensible person; shocking as it may be, he could see the logic in Todoroki’s suggestion.

“I’ll call shitty hair and them, it’ll be faster that way.”

Todoroki nodded and headed to the door, busying himself with thawing it out so they’d be able to leave. By the time the door was defrosted enough to open, both alpha’s were hardly able to contain themselves, the urge to get to Izuku trumping everything else.

So focused were they on getting to the raven, they almost bowled over the person waiting outside. The two of them managing to stop just short of knocking the stunned student over. As their eyes met, a flash or recognition lit red and heterochromatic eyes; the dark under circles lining purple across from them unmistakable.

“The fuck are you doin standing around here sloth boy. Why are you even here?”

Shinso didn’t seem fazed by Bakugou’s gruff address, his posture and gaze revealing a more serious aura surrounding the normally apathetic male.

“Is it true you two are going after Midoriya kun?”

Ignoring both of the blonde’s questions, Shinso cut straight to the chase. This had both Todoroki and Bakugou freezing in place; the thought that they could be overheard in the room completely escaping them at the time. Judging from the way Shinso worded his question, more as a matter of fact statement than anything, they knew he already knows what they’re planning to do. No point denying it. Now it was just a matter of what Shinso had to do with any of this.

“Perhaps...why do you want to know?”

Todoroki spoke up for them, not trusting bakugou to hold his tongue and reveal more than was necessary; a fact which earned a sharp glare from the blonde next to him.

“Look, I don’t want any trouble; the opposite in fact. I want to help you get Midoriya back.”

Now this was quite the shocker. Shinso was known to avoid anything troublesome, and well, if going into a villain’s headquarters wasn’t considered troublesome...then what is? No, Shinso wouldn’t do something like this. Something’s fishy here.

“Why should we trust you? Last time we saw you, you got beaten by Midoriya; safe to say you wouldn’t exactly be on the best terms with him after such a loss.” Bakugou was quick to add “How do we know you aren’t actually working with the villains?”

Now this, this struck a chord with the purple haired alpha. He was sick and tired of people always assuming he would turn out a villain just because of his quirk, and though Bakugou wasn’t relating it to his quirk; he was still calling him out as having villainous intentions.

‘Calm down, if you lose your cool here they won’t trust you at all!’

Shinso had to physically force himself back into a state of composure; squeezing the life out of his arm as he struggled to control the waring instinct to snap.

“Midoriya...helped me once, I just...wanted to return the favour.”

Though Bakugou remained skeptical, Todoroki was far more understanding; he himself once being saved by the unnaturally kind boy. His guard wasn’t fully down, but he allowed himself to be open to the idea the purple haired alpha suggested.

“Well...even if that is the case, it still doesn’t explain what you’re doing here in the first place.”

Shinso just shrugged, nonchalant as usual, as he gazed haphazardly through sleep laden lids; his body language seeming to suggest the answer should be obvious.

“I may not be part of the hero course, but the rest of us get internships too. I just happened to be caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Ah, no wonder. It’s true, neither Bakugou or Todoroki ever stopped to wonder if the other classes had internships as well; seeing as this was UA they were talking about, it wasn’t all that surprising. Well, either way, the time was ticking, they couldn’t waste anymore of it if they truly wanted to get to their friend in time.

Todoroki spared no more than a second to think it over, eventually concluding no harm could really come from having another helping hand. Giving a slight nod towards Bakugou, he headed off first, motioning with the slight tilt of his head for the others to follow suit. Bakugou shot a final cold glare Shinso’s way, before heading off after the mixed haired boy; grumbling noisy complaints to voice his annoyance with him.

It was clear Bakugou disliked the idea of adding the purple haired alpha into the mix, but was there really any other choice? Any other route would’ve just ended up further wasting precious time. Besides, his quirk may prove to be useful later on...hopefully, it wouldn’t come to that though.




“Eh...who would’ve thought; a male omega, how...interesting.”

Silver hair glinted dangerously in the gloom, a beacon of light in the comparatively dark abyss that surrounded them. By now, the omega had somewhat managed to collect himself; mind still partially foggy but able to control his limbs more freely. Though, they weren't really his limbs. They were Izuku’s, and he was a part of Izuku, so in a way...guess they were part of him as well.

Due to Izuku’s rather odd circumstances, the omega and Izuku had never fully synched; meaning, the omega was his own entire being. It wasn't really all that odd, most omega’s should experience something similar. The only reason this tid bit of information wasn't more known, is due to the fact that once an omega is mated both consciences will be fused.

Seeing as most are mated almost as soon as they present, they never really have a chance to interact with their omega before they are merged into one. The reason this occurs is simply due to the hosts usually timid or weak nature; during heats this can be especially dangerous as now not only is their body in a weakened state, but their constitution is as well. Thus, the omega will take over for the duration of a heat; a mechanism devised to better protect them from being mated against their wills.

Of course, this isn't needed if the omega is already mated, seeing as they now have a mate to protect and sate them during it. All that aside, it had been a while since the omega last took over Izuku’s body; and he was having one hell of a time trying to combat month's worth of hormones piled up into one heat.

‘Crap, now’s not the time to be losing it to teenage hormones’.

Looking up, the omega eyed the silver haired alpha with weary vigilance, the alpha having not yet made a move since disintegrating the last pathetic grunt who'd tried to touch him. The single visible red eye was trained on him, a slight hint of interest lighting his usually dull gaze; luckily, there didn't seem to be any tainted desire accompanying it.

It was still too early to get his hopes up though; whether this alpha wanted to take him or not was only a small part of the problem, the bigger issue was getting Izuku out of this place in one piece.

“Heh, you seem awfully calm...for an alpha.”

The omega managed to stutter out a barely complete sentence between heavy gasps, his arms still shaking with the effort of simply keeping his torso off the ground. The sheer amount of arousal trying to clog his system was truly taxing on the omega; he could hardly bare the scent of the alpha standing before him.

“Oh my, fiesty for an omega too…”

His hand shot out of the gloom, grasping the omega’s cheeks harshly and pulling him further from the ground.

“Do you really want to play with me so badly?”

Once large viridian green orbs had been reduced to slivers accommodating blown wide pupils; the omega’s cheeks a reflection of the alpha’s eye. The scent of both their arousals were on clear display, Izuku’s body naturally emitting a sweet spiced essence; one that was particularly hard to refuse.

Shigaraki pulled their bodies together until they were practically flush against one another; his arm fully supporting Izuku’s weight while still being mindful of his quirk.


The omega threw both his arms over Shigaraki’s shoulders, one hand buried into the messy locks of hair at the back of his head; while the other slowly trailed its way down his neck towards his exposed scent gland. The alpha seemed too preoccupied with rubbing his cheek against the boy’s neck to notice; the action rather forceful and lustful at the same time.

‘That’s it, just a little bit closer!’

Suddenly something wet and warm touched the omega’s own scent gland; rough tonsils not unlike a cat's tongue brushing over the delicate organ. The motion was lazy but purposeful; telling the omega in a nonverbal way how vulnerable he currently was.

“Did you think I wouldn’t notice, baka omega. I’m not nearly as careless as you seem to think; in fact, you seem to be the most careless one here.”


The feeling of fingers just skimming the surface of his neck had the omega freezing in his attempt to push his way out of the silver haired alpha’s grasp. A cold chill travelling the length of his spine as the image of the person being disintegrated suddenly burst to the forefront of his thoughts, his heart pounding so hard it threatened to rip it’s way out of his chest.

“Eh, where do you think you’re going baka omega? We haven’t finished playing yet”, his hand brushed ever so much closer “or is over?” The omega could already feel the skin on his neck start to tingle from the proximity, his face paling in horror at the sudden realization.

He’d fucked up

“So, what’s it gonna be Midoriya kun? Or should I say, omega kun?”

The omega’s thoughts came to a startling halt, picking up on the knowing hint to the alpha’s voice. ‘Eh...does he...know?’ Before Shigaraki could even make any further advances, a cloud of black engulfed the both of them; pulling them apart and rematerializing in the form of Kurogiri between them.

“Shigaraki, need I remind you of our goal?”

the silver haired alpha ‘tched’, his usual disinterested aura back as his shoulders slumped into their lazy posture.

“What are you doing here Kurogiri...did sensei want something?”

Yellow eyes narrowed in on Shigaraki’s laid back form, assessing with careful precision just what sort of state his colleague was left in. Once he’d determined Shigaraki was more or less of a sound state, he sighed and began to recount what needed to be said.

“They, are coming. We’ve counted about 3 big shots as well as a few other minor ones accompanying them.”

Shigaraki had begun his usual habit of scratching his neck again, the tips of his nails digging dangerously close to his own scent glands. It almost made the omega wonder if perhaps the alpha couldn’t even feel them.

“It looks like everyone wants a turn to play today, and I was having so much fun playing with little bitch kun too…”

His slouched form turned towards the omega, posture as lax as before, yet a menacing aura still managed to manifest it’s way into his gaze; a piercing stare that could make a grown man cower before it.

“Guess you’ll just have to be an obedient little dog and wait.”

The omega could hardly breath by the time Shigaraki finally released him from his sharp stare, his chest heaving with the effort of replenishing the oxygen he lacked.

“Kurogiri, put someone else in charge of the kid; no more alpha’s should be getting near him for the time being.”

The man himself already had plans to do as such, the scent of heat quite inviting and hard to turn down; even for a beta such as himself. However, what caught him off guard the most, was simply the way Shigaraki said it; a seemingly hidden message underlying his words. From the sounds of it, he wasn’t as apathetic as he appeared to be... in regards to the boy at least.

“As you wish”




~Omega's POV~


‘God dammit! How could I be so frickin blind!”

It hurt to admit, but I was truly bested by that alpha. Not only did I nearly get myself killed, I allowed an alpha to get so close to Izuku’s scent gland without even realizing it. The feeling of his rough tongue sliding against it still tantalizingly fresh in my memory.

That still left the question though, why didn’t he mark me? It was pretty obvious the alpha had been interested, no doubt I’d smelt his arousal in the air as why’d he hold back? Bonding marks were a pretty big deal between alpha’s and omega for sure, but if I didn’t mark him as well then he wouldn’t be bound to Izuku, it would only be Izuku who’s bound to him.

Agh, this is just so infuriating! To think that alpha managed to string me along in my own game, it’s just makes me sick. Now being a being driven purely on instinct, I’m not one to shy away from more adult affair to get us out of a situation like this, but damned that kid is really starting to rub off on me...maybe these are his feelings?

No no no, he’s still asleep, there’s no way that kid could be responsible for leaving me in the blushing mess I’m in now. Not only that, but that kid’s too innocent to be feeling such...undesirable feelings right now.

It was at times like these that I really cursed my nearly completely animalistic instincts, the drive to be mated near unbearable after having been suppressed for so long. I could already feel the effects it had on Izuku’s body, the throbbing between my legs no doubt a very large contributing factor to my conclusion.

‘Focus! Need to get outta here fast!’

The second I managed to gather my wits about me, a thought popped into mind; something Kurogiri had said earlier. He mentioned something about people heading this way...could that mean people were coming for Izuku? Maybe even hero’s?

It was a nice thought, but at the same time quiet dreadful. I can’t imagine Izuku would want them to find him in such a state, nor would he want his classmates to find out about his being an omega this way either. All the more reason to get out of here as soon as possible. When Shigaraki left, he’d made sure to assign new guards that were positioned outside of the doors this time, both of them beta’s from the scent of them too.

If I use the hero’s attack --assuming they are coming-- as a distraction; I just may be able to pull this off. Seducing and incapacitating two beta’s shouldn’t be all that hard; I Just hope, for Izuku’s sake, this won’t be messy.




~Third POV~


“...This is really very improper behaviour for students of UA to be exhibitin-”

“For fuck’s sake shut up already! That’s the 6th time you’ve said that! Who even thought it was a good idea to bring you along?”

Iida’s whole frame went rigid from the comment, his cheeks flushing with offence as his arms began their erratic gesturing display. In all honesty, no one really invited him; he sort of just added himself to the group when he noticed Todoroki and Bakugou sneaking out of the hospital. Once he’d figured out the reason they had to be sneaky, it only sealed his decision to help out.

That said, Iida was still a rule follower at heart and couldn’t help but feel a slight prickle of shame for going against their teacher's instructions.

“We don’t even know where they’re keeping Midoriya kun though! Nor do we know how many villains are in there!”

It was a concern that many of the group members had, even Todoroki and Bakugou had a niggling of doubt at the mention; but they couldn’t let that phase them, the thought of the dark crimson graphs a reminder of just how bad a condition Midoriya was left in. They couldn’t afford to wait any longer.

“If you’re such a fucking pussy then go back, we don’t need your help in this matter.”

The original trio consisting of Todoroki, Shinso and Bakugou had since expanded on the way here; picking up Kirishima, Iida and Uraraka on the way. Though they were still a rather small group, they faced a far better chance together than they had before; their numbers doubling and skill ranges increasing with it. There wasn’t a doubt they’d be able to force their way in if they had to, the only real concern was if they harmed Midoriya before they could reach him; he was being held hostage after all, it wasn’t all that unlikely the villains are willing to hurt him if things didn’t go their way.

“Ah come on Bakugou, chill out a bit dude, we kinda do need his help too…”

The blonde was quick to whip an accusing glare on Kirishima, his temple twitching in ill controlled irritation.

“And whose frickin’ fault do you think that is? If you’d just brought more fucking back up like I asked, we wouldn't have to hide back here in this shitty alleyway!”

A bead of sweat dropped down the red headed alpha’s face, a recount of their previous phone call playing back in his head.

“Ah you say that now, but it was a little hard to understand over the phone…”

(Note: Bakugou’s idea of requesting for back up was telling Kirishima “Get your shitty ass over here idiot!”)

‘I don't remember him saying anything about bringing anyone else…’

His shoulders sagged in dejection, the boy under the impression Bakugou actually wanted to spend some quality bro time with him for once; guess it's just a little too much to ask. He didn't stay down for long though, the red head known for his resilience and ability to bounce back out of any mood.

“Che, I shouldn't have to spell everything out for you all the time.”

Uraraka had been quiet up till now, but with Bakugou and Kirishima’s conversation getting more heated by the minute; she could no longer just stand by and watch. If this keeps up, they were bound to attract attention.

“Hey guys quiet down a little, you’re gonna get us cau-”

“Who's there?”

The six of them went dead silent, pressing themselves as close to the wall and as low as physically possible. Though the alley they picked was well hidden, if whoever it was got too close they’d no doubt be able to pick up on their presence. Footsteps gradually began to get closer and closer to their location, eventually sounding as if the person was just around the corner; before they could fully come into view though, someone else intercepted them.

“Oi, Sensei’s calling all meetin, looks like the big dogs are looking fer trouble.”

A unanimous sigh of relief was released from the six teens as the sound of receding footsteps followed, once tensed muscles relaxing as they were in the clear.

“But to think those heroes are willing to go all out for that little shit, it's a little ridiculous don’t ya think?”

This sure caught their attention.

“Eh you didn't hear? Turns out that brats worth a little more than meets the eye, it's no wonder those heroes want him back so bad.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, aside from him being a good fuck, turns out he’s actually a-”

they rounded another corner out of earshot; leaving the six teens a mixture of confused, horrified, and enraged. The last statement really echoing within their minds as they fully took in the new information “Oi, do you think I’ll be charged if I were to accidentally burn one of them to a crisp?”

“That’s called murder Bakugou, and even though I can understand your opinion, it probably wouldn’t reflect all that well on your image as a hero.”

Iida’s voice was level with his reply, but judging from the way he was fussing with his glasses and his other hand was clenching into a fist; he was hardly holding back as well.

“Meh, they can’t blame us if the person were to stab themselves for no reason.”

Oh right, Shinso was here; they’d completely forgot about his quirk and presence, he’d been so quiet up till now it was as if he wasn’t even there. The idea that Shinso put out was rather tempting, but none of them had ever killed anyone before and even if they weren’t killing them directly, the thought didn’t leave a very good taste in their mouths.

“Iida kun’s right, even if those horrible people really deserve to just be launched into outer space, we can’t kill them!”

The darkness to Uraraka’s statement while holding such a cheery expression was really quite chilling, they could almost feel a murderous aura radiating off of her.

“Whelp we’re not going to get anywhere just talking about it back here, let’s go!”

Kirishima led the way as Bakugou chased after him, yelling that he was the leader here. Iida and Shinso followed along at a distance, not all that happy about their companions rather obnoxious approach to a potentially deadly situation. Uraraka stalled behind though, casting curious glances Todoroki’s way. The boy hadn’t moved an inch since the villains had disappeared; a blank look on his face as he stared at the ground.

“Todoroki...kun? You ok?”

He seemed to flinch at her concern, quickly recomposing himself and heading out of the alley after the others himself. “It’s nothing.” Though his voice was as flat and composed as usual, a stormy sea of turmoil was brewing just beneath the surface.

He could feel Izuku, he didn’t know how but he could. Suddenly, he set off at a sprint away from the group; Uraraka calling out to him in a panicked shrill as he continued to follow his instincts. He’d have to apologize for this later, but right now all he could think about was that bright smile that rivalled the sun’s rays.

Izuku was this way, he just knew it!




The sound of explosions was his cue, a plan in mind and his face void of anything that could give him away.

‘It’s just two beta’s, nothing I can’t handle.’

Cracking his knuckles and neck in succession, he prepped himself for what he knew would ensue.

A loud thud was all that could be heard on the guards side, the jarring movement of the door vibrating with an impact letting them know something was up. They both cast wary glances each other’s way, seeing as they had been tasked with keeping the boy in moderately good condition.

“shigaraki ‘ll disintegrate us if anything happens to him…”

“Can’t you smell those pheromones though! I doubt even we will be sane if we go in there with that brat.”

The two waited in a tense silence, listening for any further movement beyond the door.


“Shouldn’t we at least take a peak? You know, just in case.”

The second guard sighed, knowing they’d have to do it eventually; that or risk a punishment worse than death.

“Alright, but only a glance.”

Unlocking the door, they slowly slid it open a fraction, eyeing the murky blackness that detailed the unlit room.

“Crap, looks like the boy knocked out the lights. Can’t see shit!”

Suddenly a hand shot out of the darkness, thin bony fingers wrapping with a weak pressure around the man’s bulkier build. “” A sweat laden face pushed it’s way through the open door, cheeks ablaze with heat and flush as the boy outright collapsed into them.


The scent was ten times stronger without a barrier, fogging up their senses and unraveling their will to fight near instantly. It was sweeter than anything they’d ever experienced before, their heads already in the clouds from the pleasure it aroused.

“You’ll help me...right?”

the men gulped, like starved wolves gifted a tender defenseless rabbit; they couldn’t help themselves. It wasn’t long before hands greedily pulled and massaged at delicate soft skin; rough and calloused texture grating disgustingly across the boy’s taut limbs.

“A-anything you want!” the two said completely under the boy’s influence. The reaction the omega received brought a wry smile to thin lips, a snarl of near complete animalistic intent released before it tapered off into a silky pur.

“Then, you’ll be good dearies and sleep for me.”

Their hands shot to their throats, a strangled choking sound leaving gasping mouths as they dropped to their knees. Blown pupils constricted into pin sized orbs of obsidian in seconds, muscles tensing harshly before they fell into a limp heap at his feet. The slight rise and fall of their chests suggested they were still alive, merely asleep from his seductions affects. Bending down with a grace of catlike movement, he pat their heads with a near mocking mimicry of a master petting obedient pets.

“Good boys.”

Taking a glance in both directions down the hall, he made sure no one else was around before darting towards the next; his steps light but staggered with exhaustion.

Looks like seducing those two beta’s took up more energy than he thought it would.

Closing his eyes, he leaned heavily against the wall of the hall; head spinning and body trembling from aftershock. ‘Crap’ Taking a few shuddering breaths, he tried his best to reorient himself before he fell over from the dizziness; his control on the hormonal hurricane slipping slightly. Something stirred. His eyes flew open in shock, the feeling of such an unexpected movement startling him back into a sound state.

Clasping a hand over his heart he sunk to his knees.

‘Be still, Izuku, what’s troubling you?’

There was no reply, not that he expected one. Izuku was stirring, something that should never happen during a heat without his mate...

A very subtle mixture of scents was wafting his way; faint but most likely from the hero’s battling the villains at the moment. Amongst them, one seemed to catch his attention the most; likely the reason to Izuku’s unrest.

‘Of all times! Shit, Izuku you better not go waking up on me before this is over.’

The omega harbored no ill intent towards the idea of Izuku’s mate, it’s just, right now would probably be the worst time for them to switch places at the moment. He was still trapped in the villain's headquarters after all, the last place a defenseless heat hit omega should be. He had to leave, had to get out! Yet, his limbs wouldn’t work anymore...Izuku’s legs wouldn’t move. The scent was getting closer, the sound of thudding footfalls gradually reaching heightened hearing.

‘move, move, MOVE!’

It took everything the omega had just to start at a limping walk, each movement a struggle against uncooperative limbs. He wasn’t going to make it. Knees buckling, he began to fall forward; vision clouding as the heat threatened to overthrow him. Then, all was still. His fall was stopped, face smooshed into a strong warm chest; the sound of a thrumming heart soothing him and calming the waves of insanity that boiled his brain. His heart was clenching painfully again, Izuku was waking full.

‘So this is it, this is when you finally meet your mate…’

Lifting his head with the last effort he could manage, his eyes fought to open as he struggled to at least get a glimpse of the person who would be taking izuku away from him. A brilliant contrast of red and white was all he could catch; a swarm of black already taking away his vision. The feeling of warm protective arms encircling him the only thing grounding the omega in this place; the comfort it provided --even to a jaded omega like himself-- setting his heart free.

‘He’ll be a good mate.’



~Todoroki's POV~


The scent hadn’t occurred to me before I was already holding him, my focus only on getting to him at the time. I’d snuck in through one of the back entrances; with bakugou making such a racket at the front, it wasn’t hard to slip by unnoticed.

Thankfully they continued their frontal attack instead of following me; otherwise we would’ve surely been caught. However, now that I found him, I have a whole other problem on my hands. Even unconscious, copious amounts of pheromones were drenching the air around them, syrupy with just enough of a spiced hint to leave a person desperate.

This already seemed a lot tamer than previously, the scent from before still lingering as spikes of sweetness. I almost felt like smacking myself in the face as I took in Midoriya’s limp form, realizing for the first time why I always felt a strong attraction to him.

“So he was an omega all along?”

The aroma was draining my energy the longer I stood there, even still, I couldn’t bring myself to leave; greedily drinking in the smell and sight of the boy in my arms. It may be a little forward of me to say this, but I almost don’t want to let anyone else see him in this state. Before I knew it I was caressing the side of his face, pushing the loose sweat dampened curls of hair behind his ear.

He looked so cute.

The thought sent my cheeks ablaze, my hand stilling in its carding motion and my body stilling with it.

‘No, that’s...that’s just the pheromones talking! What the hell am I even thinking! Izuku’s a freind, a friend! He’s just a really good friend, who happens to be really adorable and  makes my heart pound every time he smiles at me…Crap...I think I like him.’

During my internal battle, Izuku had begun to shift restlessly; eyes and mouth twitching before he let out a soft almost pained groan. It was meant as a gentle and innocent gesture; but with the hormones lining the air so thickly, I couldn’t help but imagine something different. His eyes were starting to open, oh so very slowly, and he began to bat his lashes languidly in a far too sultry way to be legal.


He sounded tired, as if he’d just woken from a long nap; his eyes were bleary too, not fully awake then. His movements were slow and sluggish, squirming against my chest until he seemed to find a more comfortable position and stilling. I knew he wasn’t trying to arouse me, but in our current state; every miniscule movement seemed far too deliberate, shooting straight to my loins and waking the alpha I struggled to control.

His shimmering green eyes were beginning to close again; his body still snuggled into mine. That’s it, I won’t be able to last any longer. With a strained voice I called out his name, gently shaking his shoulders as I tried my best to convey the urgency of our situation.

Finally, after the third shake, his eyes blinked open again; trailing up until they met with mine. We both froze, the bridge of his nose dusting with pink as his eyes mimicked an owls. A small eep left him before he shoved himself away from me; not realizing I was the only one supporting his weight, he was already tumbling backwards.

I shot after him, managing to break his fall just in time but ending up underneath him in the process. His face seemed to flush impossibly darker shades of red; his lips flattening into an embarrassed line as he bit them to stop the trembling.


Even though my head was throbbing from where it had hit the floor just now, I shrugged it off; telling him not to worry about it as I sat up. He’d moved back a bit to give me room, but hadn’t gotten off me completely, nor had he let go of my sleeve; his legs were straddling my waist as he unconsciously shifted his weight dangerously closer.

I held him still when it got to be too much, his head tilting in confusion as he looked down at my hand; not sure what could’ve caused me to hold him like so.

“It’s probably not a good idea to be sitting so close to there…”

he gazed down one more time before realizing his mistake, startling and slipping backwards as he tried to put more distance between us. Unfortunately, he neglected to realize he was still holding onto my sleeve from the fall and ended up pulling me along with him. It ended up with us in the reverse of the position we had been in before. This time midoriya was wincing, rubbing his head and casting apologetic glances my way.

‘This is really, he’s too much…’

I could feel the feverish warmth radiating from the boy, probably from the heat; though it seemed rather odd that even under the pressure of heat he didn’t seem tempted by those sort of urges. I couldn’t say the same for myself, forced to look away as my face was on the verge of bursting into flames from the embarrassment and close proximity to what must’ve been the most adorable boy I’d ever met.

That’s when I caught a glimpse of something in the corner of my eye, a pair of feet. My heart stopped, I didn’t have to look up to know who those shoes belonged to; the sound of sizzling quickly accompanying my discovery.


Izuku was shocked by the sudden shout, head wrenching back as he looked up at an upsidedown Bakugou. “K-Kacchan!” There were tears in his eyes from the pain of hitting his head, as well as a generous blush covering his face from the heat; without knowing the context you’d almost think- Oh...oh fuck.










Special Edition:

short story that's completely unrelated...


Chapter Text


~Bakugou's POV~

Why, why does that pebble always seem to be crawling just out of reach! Every time I try to get close, he just hops away; the more forceful I try to grab on, the further away he jumps. It’s as frustrating as trying to grab water! You can feel it in your hands, but it just trickles between every crevice; exploiting every crack in your defense like some sort of humiliating reminder to your own weaknesses.

All I ever wanted, was for him to look only at me!

It all started back when we were kids, when he found a new hero to look up to. The so called number one hero ‘All Might’! At first I couldn’t see why deku would look up to some dumb poser; but when I saw him myself, I finally understood why. This guy, he just radiated cool! He was so powerful, always saving people with a smile and trumping every villain, that cocky grin permanently etched into his face only further proving his strength was far beyond everyone else's. Even I can admire a force like that, which only infuriated me more.

Deku was only supposed to support me, he was supposed to only watch me. I was supposed to be his number one hero! Yet here he is, making googly eyes at some big shot hero who I couldn’t even fault! I knew then like I know now, there’s only one way to grab attention; and that’s just to be the fucking light that shines brighter than everyone else. It doesn’t matter if you blind everyone in the process, that just means they’ll only be able to focus on you.

I knew that...but somehow, deku just always has to go and do something stupid. Like that fact he was an omega AND he’d been hiding that from me! Does he seriously look down on me so much, that he thinks I’m not good enough to know his fucking dynamic!

My jaw was set in a rigid clench, eyes narrowed to slits as I beheld the messed up sight before me. ‘Heh, at least I’m not some unrestrained pervert like that alpha over there.’

“Get. Off. Deku.”

There was no room for arguments in my tone, I damn straight ain’t gonna play around with this fucking bastard anymore.

“W-wait,’s a misunderstanding! Todoroki didn’t mean to-”

“Shut up deku, I know a lecher when I see one.”

To think this stupid little omega can’t even see this shitty icicles intentions! It’s so obvious he wanted to claim deku for himself now that he knows. I may just be finding out about this myself, but I can at least hold myself back from such open displays of pining! The scent of heat still lingered in the hall, the occasional release of more pungent sweet scent coming off deku in irregular swells.

It was hard, but I could resist; all that mattered was getting deku away from that freak. Speaking of which, icyhot hadn’t moved a muscle so far, was he trying to piss me off? All he did was glare right back at me; as if I was the one in the wrong.

“So that’s how you’re gonna play huh.”

I cracked my knuckles, the sweat already accumulating there as I readied myself for battle. This time, I’m really gonna kill him!




~Izuku's POV~


Todoroki was tense above me, I could already feel a combination of hot and cold radiating from opposite sides of my head. The two of them were getting really riled up about this; and it’s all my fault! If Kacchan could just realize this was all an accident, maybe they wouldn’t fight.

I tried wriggling my way out from under Todoroki, but he just pressed closer to me; his chest hovering low over mine as if protecting or shielding me from view. This wasn’t helping. It looked as if they were about to leap at each other any second now, if I couldn’t find a way to stop them soon; I had a feeling this wouldn’t end well at all.

The moment I heard Kacchan’s explosions and felt Todoroki muscle’s begin to shift next to me, I snapped. The words slipped out of my mouth before I had a chance to stop them.


I swore...I never did that out loud before, let alone yelling it…

I wasn’t too sure if they stopped because of the surprise, or if I may have accidentally seduced them; but the effects were immediate. They were both frozen in place, stunned eyes trained on me. It was probably a bit of both though, as I could feel a throbbing ache in my head once they’d calmed down; my energy depleting worryingly further.

Even though no one’s mouths were moving I could hear the breath of a whisper at my ear, a soft voice so fragile it was hardly audible even in the silence of the hall. I strained to the best of my ability as I tried to catch what it was saying; the tone heartbreakingly familiar as it wavered, on the verge of disappearing for what I felt would be a very long time.

“Izuku...I can’t hold it back much longer…” I gasped as I felt the loosening binds on what must’ve been holding back the full effects of my heat. “Run, run to the nearest room and don’t look back! Lock the door, it doesn’t matter if this place is a villain hideout or not; it’s no longer safe to travel outside!”

I felt a cold hand gripping at my heart; the thought of abandoning my friends a painful feeling, though I knew my omega was only trying to keep me safe.

“If they’re truly your friends, they’ll let you go…”




~Third POV~

What happened next, was a flurry of movements, confusion and a general what the F is going on moment.

Todoroki was suddenly being flung off Izuku, Bakugou pinning the taller boy to the ground with his eyes wide in shock. Apparently, not having moved of his own accord. Then Izuku was running, he was running as if a whole pack of starved animals were hot on his tail, his previous exhaustion seemingly forgotten. Neither of the two alpha’s could understand what the heck was going on, all they could really pick up on, was the alarming amount of distress leaking in Izuku’s wake.

Todoroki was pushing Bakugou off in an instant, chasing after the rapidly disappearing figure of the omega; trailing more by scent than sight. The blonde not far behind. They raced through the building, Izuku’s blind haste thankfully taking them further from the noise of battle; and closer to the secluded entrance Todoroki had gotten in through.

To hell if they were being noisy now, none of that mattered anymore. Even with the added adrenaline boost Izuku seemed to have gotten for whatever reason, he was still an omega; meaning he was physically inferior to the two alpha’s that were quickly gaining on him.

His mind was thrumming with the omega’s curses, thoughts crammed with the sudden desire to stop and let them catch him. Yet every time he tried to slow down, his omega would only yell at him to keep going. It was a command, not a request; and the omega hadn’t quite relieved full control of Izuku’s body.

Looking behind in an attempt to ascertain where his two pursuers were; he was oblivious to the looming form of a figure standing further up in the hall. His omega’s warning coming too late to stop the boy from running headlong into the towering black form of another alpha. His heart came to a complete stop, the words ‘oh shit, oh shit, oh shit’ repeating like a broken record player in his head; in no way calming the petrified raven.

“Where do you think you’re going, little bitch kun.”

Izuku didn’t dare look up; hell he wouldn’t dare even breath! This was the last person he would’ve wanted to run into, the one villain who didn’t immediately repulse him with scent alone; and now his nose was practically jammed into their chest. Unintentional wafts of alpha flooding his senses and breaking his omega’s control further. It sent a chill down his spin that even someone like this; would satisfy the primal demands of a heat.

He wasn’t conscious when his omega had interacted with Shigaraki, but he could still pick up on the familiar sensation the silver haired alpha left; four fingers bracing the back of his neck and drawing the boy up closer. His eye was trained on Izuku’s face, seeming to search for something before squinting into what probably would’ve been a smirk.

“So you’ve switched places eh, hmm; guess you’ll have to do.”

What did this villain mean by switch places, why was he talking as if he understood how omega’s worked? How Izuku worked? The boy could barely stop the oncoming onslaught of heat that threatened to break loose; he didn’t have time to try and figure out how much this villain knew.

Then again, he may not have the chance to get out before he completely succumbed; The four point pressure a constant on the back of his neck and showing no signs of being relieved any time soon. Worse yet, Shigaraki actually seemed to pick up and delight in this knowledge. His breath caressing the sides of his neck as he pressed his lips invasively closer to Izuku’s ear; rasped words slithering like the sinful river of damnation into the boy's thoughts.

“Why hold back? Let’s play.”

A gasp escaped Izuku’s parted lips, the scent of provoking alphan pheromones resonating the air around the two as Shigaraki tried to force the boy into heat.

‘No, I don't want this, don’t, please, TODOROKI!’

It would only occur to him later; that in a time of peril he unintentionally called out for the heterochromatic alpha. Right now though, the fact flew right over his head. It was almost as if his thoughts had summoned the boy out of thin air; his fist seeming to materialize right next to them in the blink of an eye.

Flames sparked, a bright and vicious orange. The colour of unrestrained violence and passion dancing together in mesmerizing harmony before the freckled raven. He could only think of one word to describe the sight.


Shigaraki howled in pain, dropping Izuku and clutching his hand to his face; the usual hand that remained clasped there knocked off and laying a few feet away. There was an angry red burn blemishing the skin beneath his hands; blistering and still sizzling from the heat. Even with the intense of the flames billowing off the dual haired teen, the raven haired boy in his arms didn’t seem to flinch; his head buried in Todorki’s right shoulder as the boy cradled the delicate omega with a sort of gentleness one reserved only for their mate.

It was clear now, even if consciously, they hadn’t realized yet; their bodies and dynamics could recognize the pull. Instincts calling to pull one another closer and push everything and everyone else away.

Bakugou had not been far behind when Todoroki broke into a full on sprint; his feet dragging to a stop and leaping back before the flames could lash out at him as well. A string of curses was all that could be heard from the blonde; barely audible over the crackling pops of licking flames that were currently eating away at the space between them.

It was hot, so hot is burned without touching. The air was being sucked out of the room; gasping chokes drawing themselves from the current inhabitants as Todoroki realized his mistake. The enclosed space did nothing to help the sudden depletion of oxygen.

A portal opened, one of four was whisked away; a hand reached for another, desperate; longing whine cut short as the portal closed. The other three were left to die.




He was stupid, a truly useless alpha. He was rash, he wasn’t thinking.

Excuses; one after another riddling and persistent, full of blame and self hatred. They were suffocating, they were going to die, surrounded by his father’s quirk. It was his fault, he couldn’t control it; and he broke his promise to never use it. With his mind shattered and reeling with the endless taunts, it was the feeling of soft fingers against his cheek which managed to ground him. His eyes focusing on the bleary form of a gentle broken smile.

Izuku was suffocating, just as they all were; but he was still so strong. Much stronger than Todoroki could ever be. His lips moved, but there wasn’t a sound that escaped; the meaning passed through visual alone as words were pushed into Todorki’s thoughts.

“I trust you.”

The omega was foolish, he was blind, he was too good to be true. No one deserved to be as blissfully faithful as this boy in his arms seemed to be. The doubts were scattered; his body relaxing from it’s once rigid state. His omega was relying on him. His omega needed protection; he would provide.

That’s what alpha’s do.




One second it was blistering heat; the next it was bitterly cold; the wall was crumbling; the building was falling down. The two alpha’s only had a second to get out; both jumping for the safety of the next building as the previous one lurched and tumbled behind them. Ice covered the majority of this side of the building; causing the weight and pressure to collapse the entire left flank.

If Bakugou hadn’t caught on to Todoroki’s reckless expression; he would’ve been frozen in the ice as well. The bastard. It was excruciatingly obvious the red and white haired alpha had forgotten all about him; in turn, the two of them had definitely forgotten about their original group. It was only by sheer luck Izuku had run to the opposite side of the building; otherwise they would’ve been frozen in the massive icy sculpture now corrupting almost half the building.


Bakugou’s initial shout ended in spluttered choppy embarrassment. His eyes nearly popping out of their sockets as he got a front row seat to Todoroki feeling up Deku. The omega in his grasp wasn’t exactly fighting back, but he didn’t seem all that comfortable either. The horribly suppressed whimpers bordering on pleasure was the icing on the cake.

He swore, at this rate; Bakugou was gonna end up with a brain aneurysm before the end of the week.

Stomping up to the pair of them who’d only just come to realize their lack of privacy; he persisted to pull the two apart. Thankfully the two weren’t so far under the under the influence of their dynamics that they’d attack the unrelenting blonde from essentially ‘cock blocking’ them.

“For Starters; get a FUCKING room if you’re gonna go doing that shit, I DON’T WANNA SEE IT. But most importantly, DON’T FUCKING TOUCH DEKU WITH THOSE STUPID LECHEROUS HANDS OF YOURS.”

A rumbling growl was all he got from Todoroki in turn; a deep baritone chord bordering on a threat. It sure wasn’t helping that Izuku looked rather worse for wear, his mental state appearing to be deteriorating with his separation from the alpha. He whined, hands groping towards the other alpha; eyes glazed in a murky lust.

“Fuck, Deku. Get a hold of yourself!”

The noise attracted the attention of the raven, his voluptuous gaze sliding towards the blonde and freezing the boy in place. How he cursed his fate at the moment, his resistance towards the boy’s increasing allurance crumbling faster and faster. It was taking every ounce of Bakugou’s willpower to not try and mark the boy right then and there, though he longed to make the raven his and his alone; he wanted Deku to submit to him. Not this heat crazed omega who’s been so graciously gifted to him.

With a strangled snarl Bakugou did the only thing he could think to do; lunging towards the boy’s neck and gripping the column of his throat in a sturdy but delicate hold. The pressure applied enough to prick but not break the skin.

This, was the most direct method of forcing an omega into submission; the teeth triggering receptors beneath the skin causing the freckled boy’s body to begin pumping out relaxant hormones. It took a little longer for the raven to calm down in his state; but the effects of this drug like hold were quick to take effect.

The omega was almost completely relaxed, before Bakugou’s careful purchase was abruptly broken. Sharp teeth scoring dangerously close to scent glands as he was wrenched off the boy.


He let go just before he could come in contact with the exposed glands; balance thrown off and causing him to stumble away from Izuku. Todoroki placed himself between them, his eyes holding a dangerous gleem that was close to predatory. This alpha was pissed, he wasn’t going to be reasonable anymore; not that Baukgou was any more reasonable than Todoroki was at the moment.

“You fucking dumbass! I could’ve killed him!”

The dual haired alpha only snarled in response; the air around the left half of his body already beginning to vibrate with tell tale signs of heat. ‘Crap, looks like I gotta deal with this the hard way.’ A large gale of wind swept past them on the rooftop; stirring up the air and knocking both boy’s back a ways.

Izuku was being lifted into a strong pair of arms, his body that of a ragdolls in the hold of demonic fatherly fury. All Might, in all his gloriousness, seemed close to losing his temper with the pair of alpha’s. Todoroki made a lunge for the man; eyes wild in a desperate attempt to get to the boy in his arms. His reckless panic stemming from a need to protect, to hide away his omega during such a vulnerable period. He couldn’t help it. All Might knew though, he’d long since drawn the connection between Todoroki and Izuku, he was not willing to give the boy up so soon; especially when Izuku was hardly in the condition to go making life altering decisions like these.

His anger waned; a sodden sense of remorse casting a grim shadow over his smile as he met Todoroki’s lunge with a fist of his own. The alpha was still against his fist; the punch aimed just below his navel with enough pressure to knock the air out of his lungs and light from his eyes simultaneously. With both alpha and omega now down for the count; the once stifled air grew clear. The wind whisking away all remnants of omegan heat and alphan desire from the sky.

It wasn’t something All Might took pleasure in doing, but it was a necessary precaution in order to ensure the students safety. With a heavy sigh, he turned to face the final remaining student.

Bakugou had watched the entire exchange with a scowl engraved deep in his features; the stiffness to his shoulders showing an arrogant front, though the weariness in his eyes spoke of his submission. It wasn’t easy for the hot tempered blonde to back down from a fight, but this was one he knew he wouldn’t win; and he would rather die than be carried back to UA in such disgrace.

“I know you must have many questions, but I have not the time or the knowledge to answer them at current.”

All Might managed a weak impression of his former smile, a tiredness to the upward tilt of his lip as he picked Todoroki up in his free arm.

“Though you and your fellow peers actions are indeed commendable, it would be wise not to pull a stunt like this again.”

It was odd hearing such stern words from the usually easy going teacher, it would almost seem unnatural had he not worded it in a way that almost seemed like a hidden praise. Turning away from Bakugou, All Might crouched down; the curling of dust picking up in a circling gully at his feet.

“Well hop on my boy, it’s time I took you all back to UA.”

A flash of red and a toothy smile brushed past his thoughts, legs weighty as lead as Bakugou held back from the offer. “Oi, what about-” “They’re safe.” All might swiveled his head to face the stalling blonde, his features chiseled but set in an understanding comfort of sorts.

“The other heroes will be taking them back.”

Bakugou rolled his eyes at the man, stepping closer as he brushed off his moment of weakness.

“Tch, it's not like I was worried.”

The muscular man turned so he was no longer facing the bold student, lips quirking in a knowing smile as he felt hands grasp at his shoulder.

‘Ah, the springs of youth sure does wonders!’




"That boy was smart in thinking to put him under that hold; however, left half complete, I'm afraid it's doing more harm than good."

Her voice was grave, a worrying expression eating at her features as she rubbed a stressed hand into her temple.

"Midoriya...he's drifting in and out of consciousness. His heat is driving him to madness I tell you, anyone who approaches his room only worsens his state! His body...won't be able to take the strain at this rate."

Her last bit was whispered as more of an afterthought, but the serious and pained tone of voice was enough to get her real message across. Izuku's life was at risk.

All Might stood a hollow shell in the corner of the room, his hand pulling and teasing endlessly at his hair. Izuku was his responsibility, he'd been the one to encourage the boy to become a hero; indirectly leading him to overuse his suppressants. If this had been a normal heat, the boy wouldn't be in so much pain, wouldn't be on the brink of death; and he'd promised Inko to keep her son safe. How the hell was he ever going to face her now?

They'd already informed her of the safe retrieval of her son, but his condition had been left unstated. It wouldn't matter as she would be here herself any moment now, she'd see first hand how much he'd messed up.

A quiet sigh broke its way into his crushing thoughts, recovery girl crossing the room in order to sort tiredly through her documents.

"It wasn't completely your fault you know, neither of you really knew what the consequences of overusing suppressants would be. The timing for his heat to hit was uncontrollable, it's unfortunate but it's not something we could've prevented; even if we wanted to."

The door to the room burst open, a beta on the verge of tears rushing in and sweeping every object off the counters and tables with her entrance. Her quirk out of control in her mesmerizing panic as she rushed straight towards the slumped figure of All Might in his relaxed form.

"Where is he! Where is my son!"

Recovery Girl was quick to intercept her, tugging her wrists down and emitting calming pheromones to sooth the flustered mother. It took a moment for them to take effect, but the relief it brought was well worth it; the objects that had been left suspended in the air dropping as Inko relaxed.

“Mrs. Midoriya, you have every right to be concerned, but I’m afraid we won’t be able to bring you to him at the moment.”

Her shoulders were back to being tense, though the objects remained where they lay; her panic remaining barely contained with the lingering soothing aroma.

“Why, what’s wrong! Why won’t anyone tell me what’s going on!”

By now Recovery Girl had taken to sitting her down; rubbing calming circles into the back of Inko’s hands as she lowered her voice into a gentle rasp. Her voice dripping with pity and sympathy the female beta was sick of hearing.

“Well, he’s...he’s in a rather delicate position right now-”

Her sentence was cut off as Inko instead moved to grasp and still her hands; eyes pleading but holding strength in their depths as her silent request for the unrestrained truth was conveyed through actions alone. Letting out a strained breath, The grey haired elder met eyes with All Might, the man nodding in confirmation before she began.

“His heat hit when he was in the hands of the villains-” A gasp, tears leaking from the corner of wide green eyes as utter horror adorned Inko’s face. Still she silenced her cries, needing to hear the entire thing. “He wasn’t taken against his will, I’ve confirmed there’s no bite and no signs of any forced entry. But...this is his first heat in a very long time, it’s not unusual that there could be complications. In this case though, the matter is a little more stressing due to the unfortunate circumstances of his location.”

Wiping the tear streaks from her face, Inko let out a single sniffle before steeling herself to ask the question they all knew would be coming.

“What sort of complications.”

The guilt was back in both All Might and Recovery Girl’s eyes; the female alpha actually having to look away, unable to say what she must while facing such earnest bravery.

“He might die.”

It’s a good thing Inko was sitting down for this, otherwise she would have collapsed and risked a concussions right then and there. Her son, her beautiful wonderful kind hearted son; so deserving of a life that she could never have provided, might die? For such a stupid reason as suppressing one too many heats?

No, the world can’t possibly be this cruel, she didn’t want to believe it.

“I’m not too sure myself what triggered the extra spike in his hormone level, but something that happened in that villain hideout really spun his heat out of control. At this point, there’s nothing we can do but pray for the best-”

“Hold on a moment, you said there was an extra trigger in the villains headquarters is that correct? Do you know exactly when this happened?”

Both women snapped to attention at the masculine voice; almost forgetting the third party in the room. Recovery Girl wore a look of careful contemplation, her small form hopping off the chair she was seated to grab the files across the room.

“Maybe around, half an hour ago?”

All Might nodded along, brows pulled together in intense thought; his eyes calculating as a theory molded on the tip of his tongue.

“Could an extra trigger be caused by a, let’s say, encounter with someone special. Maybe-- If I may be so bold-- a soul mate?”

Recovery Girl started at the thought, the term not quite scientific and hardly a provable concept; but it did seem to fit perfectly in this circumstance. It wasn’t as if they had anything to lose.

“Perhaps...are you saying young Midoriya may have encountered his soulmate whilst in the captivity of villains?”

Her questioning turned incredulous at the end, thoughts forming consistently with her speech; the idea making both female’s faces grow pale in thought.

“Oh no no no no, I’m not saying one of the villains could be the boy’s mate. No god forbid! But I do think I know who may be the most likely candidate.”

Both Inko and Recovery Girl shared an uneasy glance, quickly turning impatient as they went back to facing All Might; thoughts in sync with one another as their overlapping voices prompted the blonde alpha to speak.

“Well, go on then.”

With a weak smile, the man started rubbing the back of his neck in a nervous tick; his eyes looking anywhere but at the two intense gazes trained on him.

“I believe Todoroki, just may be the boy’s mate.”




He woke with a start, an aching pain blooming in his gut as he curled in on himself. The white crinkling of sheets was all the comfort he would get in the silence of the room; both a godsend and a curse for the isolation.

The feverish heat that ran the course of his body was both new and old; something he had not expected to experience in a long time. There was no need to question it anymore, nor was there a need to be ashamed for this desire he held. They were mates.

Relief washed it’s clear water over him, cooling his body at the acceptance; while turning into the oil fueling the flames of desire ever further. He needed to get to Izuku, it wasn’t a request but a demand; one he knew would be reciprocated by the young omega.

The scorching swelter of his rut threatened to consume him with every idle minute spent away from his mate; the invisible pull of strings already guiding trembling feet to rise. The creak and groan of bed springs protesting his escape; but to the deaf void of security. Another blessing towards his isolation.

With ginger steps; he paced towards the door; head still muddled with half formed thoughts and ill planned escape; more focused on following the tug to actual planning. His alpha remained alert in his careless state; senses heightened and acutely aware of every creak and plod of possible footsteps in the hall. A low growl rumbled at the base of his throat, but he held it still; knowing being caught would only increase his time spent away from his mate.

The burning was excruciating; his blood boiling in his veins as he fought to push back the urge to freeze the entire hall. The ice would only attract attention, and attention was the last thing he needed. The closer he got, the more frustrating it was; people garbed in full bodysuits rushing too and fro down the halls in a buzzing haste. The material seeming to serve a dual purpose of hiding their scent while not allowing them to perceive scents in return. Much to the displeasure and and slight relief of Todoroki.

Their lack of scent made them hard to pinpoint, forcing the boy to rely more on sound to navigate and avoid their bustling form. Luckily, their rushing forms diminished as he continued; seemingly avoiding the hall that pulled at him the most. His mate was here, there was no question about it. Each step he took brought a trickling of alleviation for the fire that burned in his gut; the mere proximity already comforting his alpha’s restlessness.

How strange, you’d think his rut would grow worse with the decreasing distance.

He stalled outside the last door of the hall; hand frozen at his side as he stared at the handle. An irrational fear that he may be burned the moment he touched it springing to life, but a sound on the other side had him forgetting all logic and fear at once. A keening note erupting from inside the room, spilling forth and calling to him in the most desperate way. The door swung open, an alarm tripped; two bodies sprung forth and the heat began again.

Izuku had been in one of his half drugged slumbers when a sudden jolt forced him back to wakefulness. In his partially groggy awakening, he could just make out the light tug under his skin; like a chain pulling at his wrists and dragging him towards the door of the room. It was confusing at first; his mind only just registering the change in scenery from the rooftop to a hospital room.

Everything was spinning, the distant sound of a voice urging him to wake up as he struggled to get himself into a seated position. Rubbing the heaviness of sleep from his eyes, he started picking up on the subtle scents that reached him from beyond the room. It was then that the muted silence decided to shatter; his omega’s voice ringing in his ears as his body reacted on instinct to the age old instincts written in his blood.

He called for him, a low desperate whine ending in a sharper whistle; a noise which startled even himself as the clarity of his omega’s words reached him.

“It’s time, your mate is here.”

They met in a tangle of limbs, bodies molding to accommodate one another as they sought out each other’s comfort and touch. It seemed as no amount of contact was enough though; their hand seeking and traversing one another as they tried in a desperate attempt to sate one another’s burning desires. The screech of an alarm sounded in the background, one which Todoroki thoroughly ignored but caused some distress to Izuku.

The noise only furthering the dizzying ache in his head as he pulled away from his partner; head shaking and hands pawing at his ears. This caught the alpha’s attention; his dilated pupils narrowing as he sought out the offending sound. It was no use, the sound was reverberating off every wall; disorienting to the alpha as well, causing him to gather Izuku up in his arms instead.

If he couldn’t get rid of the sound, he’d just move them away from it.

They reached the hall in no time; the people garbed in full body suits running at him from all direction; some sort of stunning device in hand as they approached. He snarled a warning but they wouldn’t back down. Bad move on their part.

The entire expanse of hallway was coated in ice; the people trapped up to their necks in solid glaciers. He wasted no further time on them, the sound still present in the corridors and distressing the omega in his arms. Pushing Izuku’s head into his chest; he covered the freckled raven’s other ear with his hand as he started running again.

There was no clear direction in mind, anywhere safe and away from the noise and people was fine; anywhere that would please his omega. They encountered a few other garbed personnelle, each of them dealt with just as swiftly and left where they were. It was irritating how the sound seemed to follow them; every room blaring with sirens or people as he continued to run; precious bundle cradled in his arms.

Izuku had relaxed after a while; the sound no longer a direct strident and his drowsiness catching up with him. If the Todoroki were in any other situation, he would have rejoiced in the amount of trust his omega had in him to relax this much; alphan pride being a particularly fickle factor in their posturing. However, all he could do as of now, was continue to supply the comforting warmth his mate wanted; as well as continue his quest to find a suitable place to build a nest to share with his mate.

It was growing increasingly difficult to keep his cool as more bothersome people kept getting in his way; a bellowing roar ripping free of him as he stood his ground. They were getting smarter; scattering in clustering groups further away from the pair; their weapons appearing to be long ranged now.

Todoroki was just about fed up with them; his stance dropping low; a protective curl to his body as a frosty coating of ice started pooling around his right foot.


The weapons were dropped; the scattering of people clearing out of the room as they hurried to comply to the command. Now, it was just Todoroki and the owner of that commanding voice; the shorter female alpha standing purposefully at the end of the hall.

His stance never wavered; eyes still distrustful as she raised her hands in a show of good faith.

“I’m not here to hurt you and I won’t take Izuku away from you Todoroki kun.”

His snarl lowered to a dull rumble, body still crouched but his head tilted in interest. He may have succumbed to more animal instincts, but he was still human; reasonable to an extent.

“I know you can still understand me, and I know what you’re looking for. If you’ll follow me, I can take you somewhere private.”

His interest peaked, he begun to listen with more intent; frame relaxing slightly but still greatly wary of her. Not fully certain she wouldn’t try and get Izuku away from him like all the others had.

“Look, I know this may seem difficult to understand, but right now you’re probably the only person who can help Izuku right now. The fact he’s so placid in your care is only ensuring my belief. We just want to make sure no harm comes to either of you.”

It took a little more coaxing before Todoroki was finally willing to follow, his alpha still refusing to stop growling all the while and maintaining a good meter distance from the elder female.

It was always good to be careful.

They were transported to a heat hospital on campus, a building well hidden and not very well known for privacy purposes; but it sure as hell was convenient. Part of Todoroki held a strong distaste for the place; it’s white walls and sterile surfaces seeming far too impersonal for such an intimate period, but was there really any other place he could go?

Even now, he knew there was no way he’d be able to bring the omega back to his home; just the thought of his father coming anywhere near Izuku was enough to make him gag. It may not be his first choice in a nesting site, but it would do for now. After all, this heat was rather suddenly sprung upon them; he wouldn’t have the supplies necessary to keep his omega sated and happy throughout the heat on his own.

With a little more growling and reluctant following, they were led to a private room on one of the top floors; the luxurious spaciousness of the room a drastic contrast to the former cold white walls. This room was more homey, perfect nesting material. Once he’d chased the nurse out of the room, he was content to bring his slumbering omega to the large bed in the room; carefully laying him on the fluffy sheets before beginning to prepare a nest around him.

It wasn’t exactly in an alpha’s nature to do as such, so it was a little crude and would definitely need more adjustments later; but he’d leave that up to his mate to decide. The currently snuggled state of his freckled partner bringing a soft smile to the alpha’s lips. With a satisfied purr, he curled his body around his mate; content to let his mate rest some more as they’d both need plenty of energy later.

With both their burning desires tamed for the moment with the simple closeness, they fell into a cozy dormancy; letting the heat take its natural course of events.




Izuku woke to an uncomfortable stirring in his gut; the feeling bordering painful at times as it rose and fell in unsteady currents. His shifting bringing him to brush up against something firm and soft behind him.

‘Wait...what’s that?’

Turning his head to look behind him, his mind instantly reeled to think back on what the heck could’ve happened to land him in this sort of position. There curled behind him -- with an arm drapped protectively over Izuku’s belly-- was Todoroki Shouto in the flesh. The boy seemingly asleep and peacefully at that. His heart was hammering hard in his chest; eyes searching the room around them and mind going numb from the shock of it all.

His previous discomfort forgotten, he instead sought to try to figure out what the hell was going on. His heat hit, he was rescued from the villains, Todoroki was there...then blank. He honestly couldn’t remember anything past that. Looking down quickly, he took note of both their fully clothed states; not sure how to feel about the slight disappointment that arose from the observation.

An indulgent chuckle sounded in his ear as his heart picked up a pace or two faster. “What’s this, my little Izuku is starting to think such sexual thoughts?” He recoiled from the voice, his omega an unnatural presence even after all that’s happened in the recent past events.

‘W-what are you talking about?’

He felt a slight prickling along the base of his neck, his omega letting off surges of annoyance.

“Oh don’t try to hide it, you know you want him.”

Gulping, Izuku tried his best not to let his mind wander, instead trying to decipher more from his omega’s riddling tongue.

‘What do you mean?’

“Oh must I really spell it out? You want that alpha to spread his thick hot pungent scent all over your body; want his hands to rove over every inch of your burning skin. You want him to shove his-”


That sultry chuckle once again filled his head as he let out an embarrassed hiss; his body collapsing further in on himself as he tried to hide away from the voice. His stirring must’ve woken Todoroki, the arm wrapped around his waist pulling him closer to that intoxicating heat and a nose pressing close to the base of his neck.

He should’ve felt vulnerable, or at least some sense of fear at least; but all he could feel was the pleasure the action arose. His mind immediately wandering like a child let loose in a candy store as he shuddered under the attention. A gruff silky voice trickled into his ear, Todoroki inquiring on what was wrong; a rasp lacing his voice from his recent awakening.

It was all so new, so unaccustomed to the young boy he didn’t know how to react or what to do in such a situation. His mind went blank.

A sigh filled his empty thoughts, the omega deciding enough was enough and started to take a little more control. He wasn’t in direct command of Izuku’s body, but instead, instructed Izuku to calm down and respond.

Todoroki was significantly more clear headed now that he was alone with Izuku, his body cowed into a drugging relaxed state; druken from the exposure to his smaller mate.

“N-nothings wrong.”

A humm of response resounded from Todoroki’s chest, resonating throughout his body and leaking into Izuku’s own. It was assuaging to say the least, his body going further pliant in the alpha’s grip. It was getting extremely difficult to think straight and that nagging ache was coming back, much more distracting than before.

His omega tutted at Izuku’s reluctance to address it.

Of course Todoroki was quick to catch on to his mate’s discomfort, instincts already kicking in and telling him exactly what was wrong with his mate; answering the question for both of them.

“Your heat is starting.”

Oh, his heat was starting again. ‘Hold on, my heat is starting now!’ Izuku squirmed in Todoroki’s hold, cheeks alight with a smoldering heat as he tried to hide his increasing state of arousal. It was already beginning to show, his hardened cock throbbing between his legs, chest coiling with dull pangs as they grew overly sensitive to external stimulation. Even the minimal friction created with his clothing was beginning to overwhelm him, his eyes rolling back from foreign pleasure it sent racketing through his body.

He wasn’t ready, no, he didn’t want to be ready. He was scared, this was too much to handle all at once!

Izuku could feel the oncoming panic attack begin to raise its head, his efforts to control it going unheeded as it slammed in substantial surges over him. Just as he felt he was about to lose his mind to it, Todoroki was there; his rock and guiding light, gathering him back into the room, into the small space which called to him like a home.

That’s right, he remembered something about meeting his mate.

Todoroki rolled Izuku to face him, eyes alight with concern and worry; his own searing passion held back in his need to console the smaller omega in his arms. Looking into those pools of swirling emotions, Izuku knew he was safe; that he could trust Todoroki to take care of him. After all he was his alpha, his protector; the one who smelled like home.

With this in mind, the flaring panic began to subside; face creeping forward until it was nuzzling against Todoroki’s chest.

The alpha was surprised by the sudden shift in behaviour, but didn’t question it; allowing his mate to fully calm down before nuzzling his hair in return. The raven exuded a seductively sweet scent; one which was quick to trigger the dual haired alpha’s own rut, but he held back. Jaws clenched and body rigid, he waited for Izuku to decide what he wanted.

Unfortunately, it looks like neither male really knew what to do from there. Both of them left high strung and needy, but neither one wanting or knowing how to voice their intent desires.

It was Izuku’s omega who ended up having to make the first move. Taking command of Izuku’s body-- but not sealing away the boy’s conscience --he narrowed in on the alpha’s neck; licking a stripe up along Todoroki’s jugular and nuzzling a purr next to his ear. Izuku himself could never be so bold, his face still burning with a blush even as he allowed his omega to continue.

Now that Todoroki was certain of the freckled raven’s consent, he too allowed himself a degree of exploration. Hands shifting up from their resting position at the boy’s hip; and sliding further up his sides from inside his shirt. It was a gentle movement, but every graze of his fingertips against Izuku’s skin set his body aflame; marking and branding him as his own hands began a timid analysis.

Soon, docile touches grew to more ravenous fumbling; clothes stripped and cast aside as they fell further under the influences of their yearning. Todoroki captured Izuku’s lips in a crushing kiss, his mouth laying claim to the boy now beneath him. It took the raven’s breath away, how much passion his friend harboured for him. A fiery pinch to his exposed front leaving his gasping into the kiss; mouth opening and soon filling with an alien warmth.

The tendrils of blistering want had spread all throughout his body; a craving to be filled leaving him both confused and desperate. His omega was left to communicate this want; pushing Todoroki back a bit to leave enough room for Izuku to turn over, legs spreading in an effluent display as he arched the boy’s back in presentation.

Todoroki pounced in an instant; a growl of animosity leaving gritted teeth as he mounted his mate from behind. With his body draped over the omega; he lowered his head to hiss out a last hoarse question. Needing a final confirmation before he completely lost it.

Izuku was floundering beneath him; head muddled and clouded from the feeling of so much direct contact, his hole already dripping with slick as it tensed in greedy anticipation. The feeling of Todoroki’s hard velvety shaft rubbing up against him breaking every ounce of control he had left. With a desperate mewl; he rocked back against his alpha; pushing his hips up in the same time to grind his consent against him.

Now it was up to Todoroki.

He knew he should prep Izuku; knew it would be the boy’s first time and that he should be gentle; but his body seemed to have a mind of its own. A snarl of utter madness leaving him as he thrust directly into Izuku; the clenching ring of muscle forced open in an unceremonious entry.

Izuku full on screamed from the suddenness, his mind indecisive on whether the action was painful or felt good; everything was so raw and overstimulated he was left weeping beneath his mate. Large sobs bursting forth as his tears ran rivers from his eyes. Todoroki was still above him; having enough sense to stop even when the clenching of Izuku’s channel was driving him to hysteria.

His head dropped beside his mate; a whine of repentance and guilt ripping forth as he massaged his thumbs into Izuku’s hips. It struck the boy dumb with how gentle the alpha was being after literally ramming his cock up his ass; the two actions seeming to belong to different people as Todoroki nosed his neck and whimpered in worry.

The pain was gradual in subsiding, the tight grip of his muscles loosening as they grew accustomed to the new addition; slowly, Izuku tested the new feeling. Shifting his hips and drawing a clenched hiss from his mate. The grip on his hips tightened, bruising in their hold but pleasant in a way. He was still sensitive, but Izuku felt enough time had passed; his own unabashed desire still hungering for more.

Finding his voice, he croaked out a quiet “I’m ok now” before fisting his hands into the sheets below.

Todoroki stayed still a while longer; scenting Izuku to make sure the boy was being honest before trying anything. He started off slow; a gentle roll of his hips against the raven’s as he tested their limits.

The movement was enough to start adding more fuel to their cravings; heightening the heat in both their bodies as the rolls changed to thrusts. A litany of moans and groans bounced around the walls, Izuku more of a gasping mess as the pain fully transformed to pleasure. The deeper guttural moans of Todoroki accompanied him; his own length hardening impossibly further from the silky tight sheath he pumped.

The movement grew more erratic; a pistoning motion as they rocketed towards climax; their first coupling being the most impersonal in its nature to establish a proper breeding grounds for further matings. The base of Todoroki’s swollen cock had already begun to inflate; pulling at Izuku’s rim and drawing forth wanton mewls as the added size further wrecked his body.

They were both at the edge; Izuku’s hole clenching in spasmodic rapture as he screamed; a white hot light crashing over him as he thrashed against his mate. Todoroki continuing to thrust into the ever tightening channel as he shot to grab hold of Izuku’s neck; teeth digging into the boy’s scent glands as he snarled his claim.


Before clenching down in a vice like grip and driving his length fully inside Izuku; impaling him as his knot inflated to its full glory, spilling his requisition into the spasming heat.

The act of mating may not have taken much time, but the action and exertion had fully drained both participants. Todoroki rolling over, dragging his partner close in a lazy spooning as he began to lap at the bleeding mark left by his fangs.

The fire was sated for now, neither of them having the energy or ability to continue. With Todoroki’s knot in place; they instead fell into a complacent drowse as they waited it out.

Izuku purring in gratification; a voice slowly fading from his thoughts.











Sorry, I don't have any drawings this time...


Chapter Text


~Third POV~

Something was tugging him awake; an emptiness of sorts, like something that used to be there was suddenly gone. Izuku, in his half woken position, started to squirm; groping blindly for whatever was missing. All that met his aimless flailing, were soft silky sheets and a patch of warmth. Ah so that’s what it was, someone was missing.

His body felt heavy, as if he had lead weights anchoring him down to this soft surface he came to realize was a bed. Bits and pieces of information from the recent events were slowly trickling into his head, the memories beginning to pile in a massive overwhelming heap as it dawned on him just what the hell he’d been up to. A sharp reprimanding sting at the crook of his neck chiding him for his disposition.

Reaching a hand up to his neck, he traced his fingers over the bruised and heated flesh; the rough embossment of scabs shaped in an ovular dotted ring. Yep, there was no denying this happened. The light touch sent pleasant tingles through him, a comforting yet empty feeling accompanying the sensation. It felt it wasn’t quiet completed yet.

Which it wasn’t.

The emptiness grew worse at the lack of his alpha’s presence; knowing nothing bound the boy to him in return. It made him feel sick. He trusted Todoroki with all his might, but, it still wasn’t enough to stop the niggling doubt from cracking down on him. Despair was coursing through his body as if a deep chasm of loneliness had opened inside his chest; raking through him like the claws of a vicious beast swallowed whole.

A thud from behind had his thoughts drawing back to the present; the sound of rushed footsteps getting closer until an all out bang echoed around the room. His scent spiked in alarm, unintentionally calling to his mate in a panic as his cycle left him heavily dependent on the boy.

“Izuku! What’s wrong?”

His voice was rich with emotion, a growl edging his tone as his alpha let out a mixture of both calming and aggressive pheromones. It was slightly confusing at first, but slowly two and two came together and both of them began to calm down. It was Todoroki who made the loud noise, he was safe, no one else was here.

That brought him to another point...where exactly was here? The space was fairly generous, considering the bed alone was about the size of a large walk-in closet; the walls of the room simple in decoration but not empty. Seeing as Todoroki had just come from another area; it was safe to assume there was more to the place than this already massive section. Izuku’s heart began to twist as the arrows all seemed to be pointing to one very real possibility...that this may have been Todoroki’s room.

There was an exhale from across the room, Todoroki having assured that his mate was safe and calming down himself.

“We’re in a heat hospital.”

‘Oh, that kinda makes sense...but how does Todoroki know what I’m thinking? Am I muttering again!’

This time a snort was drawn out, his alpha giving off an amused composure as he approached. “Your expressions make you easy to read, but I can mostly feel your thoughts through the bond.” Now this peaked Izuku’s attention, seeing as he was bonded to Todoroki the alpha was able to know how he felt; but Izuku couldn’t feel anything.

Perhaps it had something to do with the fact he hadn’t placed his mark yet? Looking up, he took a moment to actually look at his mate, eyes landing on the muscular form of Todoroki’s torso, a loose pair of sweats adorning his hips as he made his way towards the raven. Leading Izuku to take note of his own rather immodest state of undress.

With a squeak of surprise, he turned over to bury his face into the makeshift nest; eyes clenched shut from the humility. His actions were granted a soft tsk in response, the dual haired alpha making his way closer as he so helpfully pointed out something Izuku seemed to have missed.

“You know, you’re only making it worse. You’re practically presenting in that position.”

Another muffled squeal escaped him as a burning red face came out of the blankets; his body now shifted so it was half covered under the nestling sea of comforters. Todoroki was considerate enough not to make any further comments, instead, setting down a small basin on the night table and wringing a cloth out over it. With that done, he turned back towards Izuku and took a seat on the bed just outside the messy sea of blankets marking a nest; his eyes gentle and patient.

It looked as if he was waiting… Between the damp cloth in his hands and his composed front, it was almost as if he was waiting for permission to do something.

“Ahem...I doubt you’re very comfortable like that and I didn’t think you’d be able to make the trip to the bathroom…”


Izuku’s face went a million shades darker at the comment, only now figuring out what the alpha intended to do.

“U-umm, I can d-do that myself-”

“Are you sure?”

Now it was Izuku’s turn to question himself, mouth already opening to assure the boy he was just fine, when a jolt of pain traveled up his spine; a hiss leaving clenched jaws instead. Todoroki gave him a knowing look before offering to wash him again. This time, with Izuku's reluctant agreement. It’s not like he was appalled by the thought of Todoroki touching him, no, quite the opposite in fact; which is the main reason he felt the need for some distance between them.

If Todoroki caught on to his stray thoughts, he didn’t mention it; moving instead to wiping the cloth between his shoulder blades in a single long stroke, reaching the small of his back and rubbing circles into the tensed muscles there and oh god was the feeling even legal? Todoroki seemed to be able to find every single ache the boy had even before Izuku knew he had them, his muscles relaxing under alternating hot and cool strokes. Was that on purpose? He looked behind him curiously, wondering if Todoroki was using both his hands by any chance; only to be caught by said male and wrenching his eyes away.

This really wasn’t good for his heart. He could practically feel the amusement through Todoroki’s actions, the earlier soft caresses turning a little choppier and faster at times; almost like a laugh.

When Todoroki made his way down past Izuku’s supple cheeks and towards his more intimate area, Izuku gasped. Hands shooting down to cover himself as he bit his lip in embarrassment. Well sure, he was a little sensitive there...but that wasn’t exactly the reason he’d reacted like so. He couldn’t explain it himself, but something inside him was telling him it was wrong, that he should leave that place alone.

Todoroki looked rather confused, his expression searching and calculating but he could tell Izuku was just as lost; therefore he avoided the area and moved on. Much to Izuku’s relief and guilty pleasure. It was nice, to be dotted on so openly; he wouldn’t deny that. However the loneliness from before was still nagging at him, telling him this wasn’t enough.

He didn’t want to mention it though, for it felt like he would be monopolizing Todoroki to do so; as irrational as it sounded, Izuku didn’t want to pressure the alpha into being tied down to him.

The pleasant rubbing stopped, a hand stilling in its motion as a tang of irritation filtered into Izuku’s senses. Before he could ask what was wrong, Izuku was spun to face Todoroki; his expression stern as he held the boy still in his grip.

“Izuku, don’t ever for a second think I wouldn’t want you again. I want no other and your a fool if you can’t see that.”

Even though the alpha seemed to flinch from his own words harshness, he wasn’t backing down. He meant everything he said, as severe as it may have come out. Izuku felt his heart both leap and shrink back from the words, such a bold declaration of reciprocated wanting making his omega howl.

His omega...that was another thing that was missing. It was true, the second voice was silent; no longer there yet there at the same time. It was a strange feeling which he couldn’t quite untangle. Should he be sad? Happy? He didn’t know. It was a delicate balance he was quickly being pulled from and into a strong embrace, Todoroki’s arms easily wrapping around his smaller frame in a comforting hold. Something he desperately needed at the moment.

His nose was pushed close to the alpha’s scent gland, warm swells of scent seeping and calling to the distraught omega as he latched onto every last whiff; head nuzzling ever so much closer in his venturesome haze. The same hand that had been cleaning his body now came to rest among his disheveled locks, pulling him closer to the scent and holding him in place. The flesh shifting under nose as Todoroki turned his head to the side to expose more skin.

“Do it.”

Izuku’s mind blanked for a solid three seconds, nose still jammed into the source of that succulent scent before his mouth began to move. He hardly had the time to think his actions through, simply allowing his body to do as it was told.

He chomped down hard. Teeth digging deep and causing the alpha to snarl; he himself getting caught up in the moment and biting down over-top Izuku’s previous mark. The pain didn't even register in the freckled boy’s mind, his eyes screwing shut from the euphoric feeling pulsing it’s way through his veins. So this was what completion felt like? It was like his body wasn’t his own anymore, like he was suddenly very much not alone.

The coppery taste of blood was beginning to well in his mouth, loosening his hold until he finally unlatched himself. Pearls of crimson droplets beeding up over the marks as he lapped idly at the skin; marveling at the pale flush marking the area, a purple hue beneath it all, the tell tale signs of a bruise. He was drugged on the pleasure of it all, relaxing his body to mold against Todoroki’s sturdier frame.

It was nice, to have a moment all to himself; not a single thought in mind. It was a sudden smugness that thoroughly caught him off guard though, the feeling strange and definitely not his own. Looking up in mild bewilderment, he caught the same smug glean in Todoroki’s eye; the feeling was his?

It was odd, no one ever talked about having this sort of an emotional connection once bonded; was it standard? Or did this have something to do with him being a male omega? Or maybe from their previous strong attraction to each other? Or-

“You’re muttering again.”


He really had to stop doing that. Shifting his face out of view, he knew he couldn’t hide his feeling of embarrassment, but he could at least hide the blooming pink on his cheeks. They stayed like that for a while longer, satisfied with the amiable silence and occasional shared feeling. That is, until Izuku started to grow hot under skin again.

He was far more clear headed this time around, and his awareness only made everything that much more real and intimate. This time would not be so brutish, this time, they were really going to bond.

Todoroki was the first to address it, his body shifting in slight discomfort before settling once more; now leaving a rather prudent impression by Izuku’s thigh. The raven hadn’t moved an inch since the heat began coiling, his face refusing to budge from it’ hiding place against Todoroki’s chest. It was the slight nudging of his mate’s thumbs in his thighs that brought him from his hiding, two shimmering green eyes peeking past firm pectorals. Quirking a brow at his mate's shyness, Todoroki stilled in his ministrations.

"You don't have to be so nervous Izuku, we've done this before."

"I know, but I wasn't exactly all there"

'and I had someone else guiding me at the time.'

He bit back the last bit, it would only bring about further questions Izuku didn't have the ability to answer.

Gentle fingers came up and caressed the side of his face, thumbs trailing a line from the corner of his eye to the apple of his cheek. The raven didn't even realize he'd been crying up till then, the feelings suddenly so overwhelming and embarrassing he once again hid away against Todoroki’s front. The fingers followed him, stroking soothingly patterns through his hair and relaxing his frenzied nerves.

"It's ok Izuku, we don't have to do this if you're not ready."

He sat bolt up, barely missing Todoroki's jaw in his haste.

"But I want to!"

From the widening of heterochromatic eyes and the echo of his own statement in his head; Izuku's face heated to a ripened red. Voice a sliver above a whisper as he drew closer, eyes cast downward

"I want to be able to do this with you."

The silence was broken as he felt the yet to be familiar brush of another's thoughts sliding against his mind. The gentle prodding a request for access as he carefully let his walls down. The feelings Todoroki shared with him were delivered in a crashing wave of strength; knocking him off his feet yet breaking his fall all the same. It curled around him, crushing back his worries and soothing out the knots of discomfort; a love so fierce it tugged on their newly made bond like shackles.

His breath caught, eyes widening as a firm pressure tilted his chin up. That same fiery resolve was roaring in Todoroki's eyes, even still he treated Izuku so gently, a delicacy that was unsettlingly desirable. If Izuku ever had a wisp of doubt that Todoroki wouldn't be a perfect mate it was thoroughly extinguished now, his heart thudding in time to a jackhammers tune.







~Todoroki's POV~


From the moment I realized Izuku was my mate, I promised to treasure him. I don’t care what my shitty old man may think, he was never going to stop me from being with my mate; and now that we’re bonded, there’s nothing he can do anyways. There were laws in place for that. However, now that I do have him here, pliant in my arms, I feel like treasuring isn’t quite the right word. Worshiping seems much more suited for the impossibly sweet omega.

It’s soft, the taste of his lips against mine; unparalleled to anything I've ever experienced before and a pleasure I'd never grow tired of. The valley below his neck was also a temptation to be rivalled with, scented and sweet with intoxicating pheromones; one could almost get lost in it. I sought to Learn everything about my mate, about his triggers, his sweet spots, what makes him tense and relax. But most of all, what makes him feel good.

Slowly, I traveled south, kissing a trail of burning light kisses past his jaw and along his neck; pausing to lavish a little more attention onto his unmarked scent gland. I didn't bite it, like I did the other. Rather, I nibbled the soft skin; eventually latching on to suck a mark on the area without drawing blood.

He gasped into my touch, body shivering against mine as his hands came to rest in my hair. The pleasant pull of his fingers only rushing me along and I continued to trail tonguing kisses down his collar and to his blushing chest. In a moment of heady desire, I pushed him down, caging him between my arms before teasing one of his begging nipples.

His cries were pure ecstasy, shooting straight towards my lower body and hardening my need for him further. I let my hands venture lower, spreading his thighs and ghosting my way up the inner lining towards his throbbing arousal. It was a pretty little thing, I hadn’t noticed during our first coupling, but it was basically a vestigial structure. More for show than anything else; which made sense seeing as the boy was an omega.

His body would focus more on getting pregnant than trying to impregnate others. A thought that brought on a dark sense of pleasure to my alpha; imagining Izuku swollen with my pups. The image was quickly swept away at the keening call of my mate beneath me, squirming from my hold on his stiff cock.

It was weeping under my fingertips; the head of it already shiny with precum as I brought a thumb up to tease it. If the moan I got in turn was anything to go by, I’d say he was enjoying the attention. A couple strokes and well timed squeezes later, and he was bucking up into my hand; his expression beautifully disoriented as my fast pace left him mewling out of breath.

I could tell he was close, I didn’t even need the bond to tell me as such; twisting my wrist with the up and down rhythm as I turned back to his neglected nipples. Tugging one with my free hand and biting the other as I heard him cry out in release. The sound was music to my ears, one I quickly swallowed up as his mouth looked lonely.

Our tongues intertwined within his terrain, dancing and sliding past each other in a waltz of slippery muscle. I allowed myself to taste with greedy need, exploring to my hearts content as his tongue obediently submitted to my domineering advances. I would’ve preferred to stay longer, but the need to breath was pressuring us apart; our mouths and tongues untangling as we gasped into each other’s space; a glistening line of saliva still connecting us to each other.

Izuku’s face was a mottled mixture of reds and pinks as he heaved in great gulps of air; eyes dazed with lust. The freckles like mapping constellations on his cheeks; charmingly highlighted from the flush.

I never needed any assurances, Izuku was all I needed, all I wanted; and nothing was ever going to change that.




~Izuku's POV~


I could feel the heat of his body pressed so close to mine, the rub of his chest against my own distracting as a pressure below pulled my back into an arch. The sensitive ring of muscles abused and aching, but tolerable enough for me to bite back.

Whether it was the bond or the tears gathering in the corner of my eyes, Todoroki halted in his motion; fingers still pressed against my entrance but his other hand coming up to cup against my face. I pressed against it, willing my own body to relax as he whispered sweet nothings from above; the pressure continuing to increasing at my entrance before finally breaking through.

I groaned through the feeling, halfway between pain and pleasure as his finger started to move. The sensation growing more and more incomprehensible as two more fingers were added, stretching and pressing around inside before my neck was wrenching back; a wail echoing off my tongue. This had to be pleasure, there was no way pain could feel so good!

I could feel my own slick dripping in thick gushes down my spread cheeks; some even coating parts of my inner thigh with the copious amount. The excess lubricant doing wonders to aid the smooth scissoring of Todoroki’s fingers.

Every now and then, he would brush past a spot that had me tensing in bliss, but somehow it always left me slightly frustrated. As if there should’ve been more to the feeling, but the angle or strength with which he could hit it wasn’t quite right.

After a few more stretches, his fingers were gently withdrawn; the emptiness bringing a whimper to my throat as he began to fumble with his pants. The loosely fit sweats falling past his hips and disregarded somewhere else. I could hardly care what he did with the garment though, my eyes locking on to the twitching stiff member protruding between my alpha’s legs; and Jesus Christ how the hell is that thing supposed to fit in me!?!

Correction, how the heck was that thing able to fit in me?

It had to be at least triple the size of my own; not even mentioning the girth. No wonder my hips were aching, I’m surprised my body hadn’t torn open with the size of that thing!

He must’ve picked up on my distress, as no sooner had I begun to freeze; had be started to croon and nuzzle my neck. His teeth worrying at my mating mark just enough to trigger the release of some endorphins to calm me down.

“What’s wrong Izuku?”

It was impossibly strange, the way he managed to speak in such a silky tone while never dropping the croon; the oddity of it managing to help me forget my initial dilema.

“ is it g-going to…”


The word was left unspoken, but the knowing light in his eyes was enough to let me know he was aware of the roots to my troubles. His hand drawing my face up to his and away from everything else. If I didn’t know better I would’ve thought there was a hint of amusement in his expression; lips quirked in a tight smile as he pressed them against my forehead; marking the spot to rest his own forehead against.

“It already has before; besides, it’s not that big.”

The mention of our previous coupling sent another pang of want through my body; shoving my nervousness back a tad; but not completely removing it. He continued to croon gentle reassurances to me as he stayed where he was; waiting for me to gather my wits. He really was too good an alpha...there’s no way I could possibly refuse him now.

Taking a deep breath, I took a moment for mental preparation before tilting my chin upwards to meet his lips in a chaste kiss. It was brief, just enough to let him know I was ready without having to speak it. With my throat clogged and tight with embarrassment as it was; I doubted I would’ve been coherent enough to understand anyways.

His entrance was easy with the previous preparation; cock gliding along the slippery lubricated tunnel before reaching its maximum depth. Aside from the initial burning sting, the rest of the penetration went smoothly; leaving only the choking feeling of fullness behind. It was so very deep; and so very warm; I couldn’t feel anything else.

The room was gone, it was just Todoroki and me; his shaft plunging in rhythmic gradual thrusts; shallow at first, but getting deeper with every stroke. I groaned as the shallow pace continued; my body still growing accustomed to the stretch but easily falling into pace with it.

He was holding back a great deal; it was easy to see in the way his jaw was set, forehead pressing harshly against my own. It physically pained me to see him so tensed; his teeth digging into his own lip hard enough to draw blood, I knew I had to do something. Even though my body was just barely able to keep up with this pace, I pushed down against him; meeting his stroke and sending spirals of pleasure all throughout my system.


Hips snapped back and drove in further; much more recklessly and far more powerful. The new speed was quickly taking my breath away, my hands grasping for purchase on his back as he continued the brutal momentum. Suddenly, my legs were being pulled up and over his shoulders; my hips positioned higher as he plummeted back into me.

I screamed from the new angle; bursts of stars shimmering behind my eyes as he hit something head on within me; the spot producing unimaginably intense pleasure. I could feel my own climax rushing towards me; but he never slowed, in fact his thrusts only seemed to be increasing. Now he was aiming for that spot; hitting it with careful precision as he captured my lips in a crushing kiss. My cock pressed between our sweaty bodies and the final trigger to my release.

“Cum, Izuku.”

I could barely make out his rasped command through the high of it; the searing heat and the blinding light of euphoria stretching me past any comprehensible feeling. I was losing control.

It wasn’t enough for Todoroki though, his hardened arousal still stiff and jerking within me; the base further engorged but not at its limit. I had to gasp for breath as he stroked my sides; breath panting against my face as he tried so hard to give me the moment I desperately needed. I couldn’t leave him like this.

“I-it’s ok now, you can move.”

The look he gave me then, of such vehement gratefulness would surely be my undoing. In a flash he was lifting my body off the bed’s surface, his dick impaling me with the assistance of gravity as he pulled me into his lap. I mewled from the sudden depth, my member already springing back to life as he began to pump my from a seated position; his hands guiding mine to cling to his neck as he continued to position himself.

Finally, with one arm braced against the bed and the other hand clinging to my hip; he began to speed up; angling his thrusts to slide against my prostate. His deeper groans filled me up entirely; the richness of his voice like water; bubbling in my insides as we both fell back into the rhythm.

“S-so good-- but not enough!'

He was moving me before I could even comprehend what was going on; his cock suddenly pulling out and leaving me empty. I whined in distraught but it was quickly cut off; Todoroki slamming me face first against the bed, his grip growing painful as he pulled my hips up. I was being impaled once more, his member seeming even harder and thicker than before as he rammed hastily back into me.

The bed was beginning to creak from the force; his hips making lewd slaps against my ass as he thrust shamelessly into my tightening channel. I could feel his knot starting to catch at my rim; pulling and stretching it even further to accommodate itself. For a moment, his knot seemed to grow too big; stuck on the outside as Todoroki began to grind his hips against mine; a beastly growl rumbling in his chest as he pulled out to the tip, then slammed forwards in a final hard fuck.

Oh god the feeling of him expanding in me; forcing my body to stretch with him, was way past anything my body could take. His hand finding my stiff arousal and pumping with fast hard strokes to pull me over with him. It was way too much.

“N-no! Stop...Todoroki...c-can’t, I’m going to cum! I-I UWAH!”

My orgasm overtook me with a final explosive burst; I could only just make out the feeling of Todoroki biting me somewhere else on my shoulder as I lost all my senses. The feeling of his scorching seeds claiming me from the inside the only other thing I could still endure. His claim spilling out in steady rivulets as they worked to fill me up to the brim.

His body shuddered into the release before collapsing atop of me; his knot keeping us fused together as we calmed down from the high. It was an exhausting effort, but I wasn’t nearly as tried as I had been after our first time; managing to stay awake and fully appreciate the post coital bliss. Todoroki had shifted us so he was no longer on top of me, my back pressed flush against his chest instead as he nuzzled into my hair.

I was content to stay like this, to just bask in the warmth and protection of my mate; but it seems as if my body had different plans. A loud growl erupting from my stomach as we lay stuck together.

After what we’d just done, I really shouldn’t have been embarrassed, but it was an impossible feet for my cheeks. The culprits already glowing red warmth with my humility. I felt, more than heard his laughter; soft puffs of air brushing past the damp skin of my neck as he began to nibble the shell of my ear.

“It looks like you’re getting hungry.”

My face only grew warmer with his confirmation; my throat drying out as I tried my best to respond.

“W-well...I mean I h-haven’t eaten a while…”

He pressed of soft kiss to the top of my head; the sound of the sheets ruffling, my only warning before he began to move. I yelped as the maneuver pulled against his knot; his cock twitching and spurting another thick gush of seeds as my walls clamped down on him. He stilled for a moment, no doubt affected as well; but moving again before long.

I tried my best to swallow up the sounds that threatened to overflow, a few muffled moans and groans still managing to slip as he gathered me into his arms.

“W-what are you doing?”

He never stopped as he got to his feet; pulling me so I was now facing him as he held my legs up and spread a little wider than necessary.

“You’re hungry, I’m going to feed you.”

I clutched onto his shoulders and buried my face into his neck to try to keep my cool; his knot driving me insane with the mix of pain and pleasure at the tug. Finally, he stopped; my breath leaving in a heavy exhale as I pulled myself from my hiding place. Looking around, I realized we were still in the same room, just behind one of the walls that hide this section from view. There was a small kitchen of sorts here; a simple microwave and fridge set up next to the counter as Todoroki pulled the door to said fridge open.

“What do you feel like?”

After taking a glance at the absurd abundance of food stocked, I knew we wouldn’t have to worry about meals for a while at least; instead focusing on what to eat for now. I settled with some simple fruits; Todoroki leaning into the cool air of the fridge as he retrieved a variety of them from the second shelf. My body only just began to shiver before he was pulling out of the fridge; closing the door and heading back towards the bed.

Again with the tugging! I swear he’s doing it on purpose!

The bed couldn’t get here soon enough, I practically flopped down the moment we got there. Bad move on my part though. I could feel Todoroki’s growl vibrating through me; the pull causing both of us to tense as I quickly shifted closer to put less strain on the connection. He nipped at my shoulder in a soft reprimanding; before moving away once more.

Todoroki was already peeling and sectioning off portions of the fruits he brought, pressing pieces against my lips as I gratefully took them. If his fingers pushed in a little further than necessary, I didn’t mention it; I was already being dotted on so much after all. We continued the back and forth feeding for a while, Todoroki being the one feeding most of the time; refusing to let me feed him at first, before finally succumbing to my advances.

This was nice, I wish we could’ve stayed like this forever; but exhaustion was a thing, and we were already pretty worn out. His knot deflated right before I fell asleep, his cock sliding out with a tremor before leaving me slightly empty. Only slightly, since his seeds were still taking up a good amount of space inside and were pleasantly warm. I could feel my mate shifting beside me; a soft sigh tickling my ear as he moved to deepen the embrace without the awkward positioning.

The thought of at least another four more days of this, suddenly wasn’t sounding all that bad anymore.









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Chapter Text


~Third POV~


The silver sheen of moonlight cast an eerie light around the reserved office space, the lone inhabitant sitting in a poised stance; fingers crossed and counting down the seconds before the inevitable. Three, two, one, bang.

“Where is he!”

Though the man now standing before him was near triple his height and size; the principal didn’t even bat an eye at the hostility of his company. Endeavour had always been a temporal man; easily ruffled and difficult to deal with. Difficult, but not impossible.

“Ah, Enji; I was expecting you. Please, come, sit down-- can I interest you in any tea?”

The man addressed did not look the least bit impressed; his posture as stiff and purposeful as ever as he refused to budge; eyeing the smaller principal with horribly masked contempt. The principal himself was quietly nursing his own cup of tea; not taken aback by Enji’s lack of cooperation; though, neither impressed either.

“You know, Enji, standing there will only be to your own displeasure; I’m perfectly content to sit in comfort and let you stand throughout the entirety of our meeting. Although, I cannot guarantee what needs to be said will be said in the most brief of manners.”

By now Enji was fully grinding his teeth; unable to do any more than glare his displeasure towards the small rat-bear-like creature, he ended up giving in to Nedzu’s request. Once he’d taken a seat, a cup of steaming tea was produced before him; the principal giving him a soft smile of condescending encouragement. How he truly hated this creatures benevolence at the moment.

“Now that we’re both settled, how can I help you this fine evening Enji.”

He sat up straighter; the purpose and repoise back as he cleared his throat and harrowed his gaze. “You know very well why I’ve come, Nedzu, I want my son back, now.” The white furred principal took another miniscule sip from his cup before putting it down; his eyes never leaving Enji as he let another placid smile fall upon his face like a mask.

“I’m afraid that won’t be possible at the moment.”

Enji’s fists were clenched in a fraction of a second; mere inches away from slamming against the wooden surface of the table between them. Even so; his lack in control was well noted by the principal, his eyes growing cold with a steely guarded front. “Why.” That was all that managed to escape his set jaws, demeanour on the brink of utter chaos as he tried his utmost to keep his cool.

“Well you see, we need your son. One of our students life is at stake and young Todoroki is the only one who can help him. He himself seemed more than willing to help too, we had no ill will against you in his involvement.”

“Shut it with these vague excuses and bullshit stories, I want specifics and I want them now! Or there’ll be hell to pay I swear!”

Nedzu got up from his seat; pacing towards the window by the wall as he gazed blankly towards the school grounds; boundless lands and forests scarring the otherwise desolate terrain. “Tell me, do you believe in soulmates-”

“Are you trying to anger me?”

“I wasn’t finished.”

The smaller principal shot an icy glare Endeavours way, a warning in his gaze that spoke little in the ways of disobedience. “So Enji, do you believe soulmates exist?” The taller man sat back in his seat; his frustration mildly subdued from the chill that passed through him at the smaller male’s glance.

Nedzu was the perfect example of not judging a book by it’s cover; after all, even Endeavour could be struck fearful of the cuddly appearance. “There’s hardly any evidence to support it, aside from a few lust struck fools and radical individuals. I doubt such a thing exists.”

Nedzu more or less expected that sort of an answer from such a headstrong man. Enji didn’t believe in love; having a political and trophy marriage as he did, it wasn’t all that surprising. “Would your opinion change, if someone in your own family were to claim its existence?”

This time, Enji fully scoffed at the idea, his flaming beard tinged with a hint of blue as he gave a startlingly amused glance towards the principal. “You can’t be saying Todoroki’s found his soulmate. No, that’s just stupid; whatever it is must just be a pash; I refuse to believe it!”

Enji was no longer sitting, his fists clenched and flames engulfing both of them; his animosity on clear display as he towered threateningly over Nedzu.

“Try as you will Enji, you are not the one who can decide matters such as these for your son. If he chooses this path, then that is that; even a man with as much influence and power as you will not be able to change it.”

There really was nothing more Enji could do; not for now at least.

‘For his own sake; my son better not do anything stupid.’




“Izuku...Izuku wake up.”

A soft moan broke through the omega’s lips; rolling over and choosing to ignore the person trying to wake him instead. “Come on, you can’t sleep forever you know.”

“Five more minutes.”

A huff tickled the hairs near his forehead, a velvety voice groaning in exasperation by his ear. “That’s what you said half an hour ago!” Even still, the omega refused to stir; Izuku was being stubborn again. “Fine, but don’t blame me for what happens next.”

Emerald eyes shot open at the combination of pressures all around his body; warmth tingling down his left side while a shock of chilly air brushed his right. Todoroki really knew how to get Izuku riled up by now; having spent the last four days learning everything he could from his little mate. He wasn’t planning on going easy on him.


The dual haired alpha pressed his lips close to the shell of Izuku’s ear, biting it softly in a chastising motion as he tsked Izuku’s response. “What’s my name?” Izuku was trying his best to bite back the pleasured pleas that ached to slip; squirming with Todoroki’s continued ministrations as he struggled to form coherent words.


The alpha in question purred as his mate caught on quickly. “Aren’t...aren’t you- ah! I-I thought...aren’t you tired yet!” Shouto stilled for a second at that, pulling one of his hands away from their earlier tasks to instead guide one of Izuku’s hands towards his chest. There, he placed the hand overtop his thrumming heart; letting the pounding beat resonate with his mate.

“I could never grow tired of you.”

His affections must’ve been seeping through the bond again because Izuku was slowly turning as red as a tomato. Eventually, Izuku fully rolled towards him, his cheeks still burning and his eyes holding a slight tainting of annoyance; but his inner feelings screaming clearly of endearment.

How he loved to tease his mate in the mornings; it never grew tiring to see the same mixture of vexation and tenderness on his face. His freckles scrunched up as he yawned the last bits of sleep away. That was probably going to be the thing he missed the most when this was all over; because of course, all good things must come to an end. He’d just have to enjoy it while it lasted.

“I don’t know where you’re getting this stamina from but you better share some with me too; I can barely keep up.”

The last lingering coils of heat were still seeping from Izuku’s exhausted frame; slowly fading as their time together was coming to an end. Todoroki felt rather worse for wear himself; the only thing keeping him going being adrenaline from exposure to his mate.

There was mention for increased physical performance once an alpha was mated; though, Todoroki never would’ve expected it to be to this extent. Either way, it sure came in handy. With Izuku fully succumbed to the effects of his heat; he really couldn’t do much by himself.

As much as it pained and embarrassed the raven, he was reliant on his mate for pretty much everything. Although Omega’s do gain a little more endurance and stamina during their heats-- seeing as they have to go through many rigorous mating cycles-- it wasn’t quite to the extent that alpha’s gained. If anything, omega’s seemed to just receive a higher pain Izuku’s case, it seems to have just been in effect a little bit earlier…

“how’re you feeling?”

Izuku let the question linger in the air between them a moment, shifting his limbs and muscles a bit before wincing at a dull ache in his hips. It wasn’t as bad as it had been the first day, but it was still there. “I’ve been worse, mostly just feel tired and a little sticky.”

Trust Izuku to still be embarrassed after all they’d been through together, mumbling the last bit under breath whilst avoiding Todoroki’s gaze. Then again, it wouldn’t be like Izuku to not have at least a little humility. Todoroki had long since figured out the pattern and was quick to pick up on the hinted suggestion behind it.

“Well, I guess it’s time for a bath.”




~Todoroki's POV~

Izuku went back to fussing with the nest as I headed over to the bathroom, his fixation on creating a “suitable” nest rather perplexing. From my point of view it looked no less different whether one side of the blankets were fluffed up or not; but it sure made a world of difference in his eyes. I didn’t question it though, I doubt he even knows why it’s any different himself; simple omega instinct is all it boiled down to in the end.

Rather than worry about things like that, I’d much prefer to spend time thinking about the things I can provide for him. A bath, was one of them.

I’ll admit we haven’t really had a chance for a proper soak since the beginning, most of the time being...occupied with other things. I still always made sure to give him a towel bath after each of our couplings, but I’m sure a proper soak would do wonders for both of us. I don’t even want to imagine how his back must feel by now.

I wasn’t gone for more than 5 minutes and yet I could already feel the beginning pangs of separation; the tug from the bond dragging me back towards my mate’s side. It had gotten a lot more tolerable since the first few days, but I always felt most relaxed when I was around Izuku rather than away.

I’m sure it’ll also be more manageable when Izuku is no longer in heat, but that’s something to worry about later; right now, It’s time to dote on my little mate.

The sight that greeted me when I got back was absolutely adorable; with Izuku curled up in layers of blankets and only the tips of his messy green curls poking out from beneath the soft comforter. As I got closer more of his face peaked out, his eyes seeming to glow in their own radiant way as he lifted his head to nuzzle against my hand. It was almost like a puppy greeting it’s master.

“I swear I leave you alone for 5 minutes and you’ve already regressed into a larvae state!”

Izuku gave up an indignant pout; but I could see the humour behind the gesture. He was already beginning to dig himself out of the blankets as he stretched coily in front of me.

“Mmm, well you were gone too long then.”

He managed to flash one of his ridiculously bright smiles my way before throwing his arms around my neck and dragging me down to him. I indulged him of course, otherwise it would’ve been difficult for his smaller stature to pull me down. He seemed content to just cuddle right then and there; unfortunately I already had the bathwater drawn and there was no point letting it go to waste like this.

“Izuku...the bath.”

He groaned into my ear, nuzzling further into my neck and sighing once he’d jammed his nose right into my scent gland. The little shit even had the audacity to nibble on it.

“Can’t it wait?”

I rolled my eyes as I scooped him out of the bed; a small indignant squawk leaving him as I carried him towards the bathroom. “Not a chance.” He didn’t offer up much resistance; his body rather pliant in my arms as he cuddled into my chest with a sigh. He looked exhausted and I don’t blame him, anyone would be tired after a week like ours. Not only that, but it seems like he’s been suppressing his heats for a while; the added stress no doubt straining for his body.

The heat from the bathwater had spread throughout the entirety of the bathroom by now; a pleasant steam rising from the water and creating a sauna like effect. Even the simple sensation of warmth was enough to relax some of my tensed muscles; and from the heaviness in my arms, I had a feeling it was having a similar effect on Izuku. He was practically purring in my hold.

“Feels nice…”

From the looks of it he was seconds away from dozing off; better wash up fast before he really falls asleep. I gently placed him down on the cooler tiles of the open shower, a hiss escaping him as he started to squirm; his hands gasping blindly for me with his eyes closed. A smirk was pulling at the corners of my lips as an idea came to mind.

His eyes weren’t closed for much longer, shooting open as he began to cough and shake the warm droplets of water out of his face. “Blegh! That was mean!” I snickered a bit as I went to refill the small basin with warm water; the previous contents having been poured all over Izuku in an attempt to wake him.

“Maybe you should focus a bit more then.”

I didn’t even have to look at him to know he was probably sticking his tongue out at me, the feeling of his annoyance radiating in waves through our bond. This time he was sitting up properly, his legs tucked into his chest as he glared up at me with mock hurt in his eyes. I just let him be as I started to wash myself off first, his eyes burning holes into the back of my neck.

With a sigh I finally gave in. “Alright, I’m sorry, that was mean of me. But you have to admit you left yourself wide open for an attack.” He seemed satisfied with that, crawling over and flicking me in the forehead before grabbing the towel I’d been using.

“Well as long as you’ve learned your lesson, I guess it can’t be helped.”

I felt my lips curling up in a smile, the once foreign warmth of fondness creeping into my chest as he began to wash my back. Izuku was the only one who’d ever managed to break through my barriers, things I thought I’d never feel or experience became possible when he was in the picture. I can’t imagine a world without him in it anymore.

By the time we were both cleaned up, the water in the tub had filled to the brim, steam continuing to rise on the still, undisturbed surface. At first Izuku seemed adamant about getting in himself, but after watching him struggle to stand for a few minutes; I couldn’t hold back any longer. He didn’t complain when I picked him up, though, the redness of his cheeks did give away his embarrassment.

I stepped into the tub, the water level rising and starting to spill over the rim with the sheer fullness. Once we were both submerged in the comforting embrace of the water; I let Izuku down, his body like that of a ragdoll as he sunk up to his neck in water.

“Ah, I really needed this.”

“You don’t say?”

I kept an eye on him as we relaxed, making sure he didn’t sink too deep into the water in his nonchalant state; wouldn’t want him to accidentally drown now. I was just starting to get drowsy myself when I felt a light brush against my leg.

Cracking open an eye, I watched as Izuku started to glide his way onto my lap, the movement sending more water cascading over the rim as he settled himself against my chest. Eventually he stopped moving, apparently content with his spot and I began to relax again. That is, until I felt his hips shift forward a bit.

The movement was miniscule; but purposeful. It was no accident that our current position left his entrance aligned perfectly with my member. I could already feel my interest piquing, a small twitch of arousal coursing through my lower half as I glanced down at Izuku.

His cheeks were flushed, a brilliant red that dusted his cheeks and down his neck and back as well; I had a feeling it was from more than the heat of the water. There was a hint of pain in his eyes as his breath came out in small pants against my collar, his lips trembling as he whispered


He didn’t need to say more, I already knew what he wanted. It didn’t take long for my lower half to spring to life, already sliding between his cheeks as I grasped his hips to steady them. His own arousal was pressed between us, hot and throbbing with need as I rutted against his entrance.

I could feel the heat already seeping from it, warmer than the water around us and tempting to me with its irresistible taunts. I gently started to massage at the twitching ring of muscle with my finger, making sure it was still loose enough to breach so I didn’t hurt him. Even though we’ve done it so often, I always made sure to take it slow; I never want to hurt him again like I did the first time.

His hole greedily sucked my finger in with ease, the heat inside him was delicious as he mewled into my touch; his face pressed into the crook of my neck as his irregular breaths puffed against my skin. I could feel his eagerness, impatience vibrating through every fiber of his being as he rocked against my finger.

After a few more stretches, I withdrew my fingers; instead lining my pulsing member with his entrance. He didn’t seem to want to wait anymore, already pressing back against me and impaling himself on the blunt head of my stiff arousal. I had to bite my lip to stop from growling, the feeling new all over again with the change in environment.

I could feel the water rushing in with my cock, filling the spaces even I couldn’t reach and I knew he was feeling it too; if the amount his body was twitching and jerking was anything to go by. I felt a groan slip out as I pulled him down, the water making my entrance all that much smoother and faster as I quickly bottomed out.

He was a gasping mess by this point, his arms wrapped in a tight, vice-like grip on my neck. I massaged my fingers into his hips as I took a moment to both calm myself down and get him to relax; his muscles taunt and overly tense beneath me. As we both adjusted to the new feeling, he started to grow bolder.

He tested his hips in an unsteady rocking motion, lifting and impaling himself once more as he gasped from the pressure. I tried my best to stay still and let him find his own rhythm, but the more he moved, the more my body itched to react. I couldn’t help myself, I grabbed his hips more forcefully this time and full on slammed him down onto me.

His head flew back as he moaned in ecstasy, his fingers digging into my back as I continued to pound into him. The bite of his nails was nothing in comparison to the pleasure coursing through my entire body as he bounced in my lap; his hole spasming around me as I felt the warmth of his release spilling between our sweaty torso’s.

The water was splashing up around us, occasionally rising up to our chests and receding to our hips; emphasizing the lewd slaps of wet flesh against flesh as I continued the merciless pace. The water sometimes acted as a buffer to our movements, slowing my thrusts and causing me to growl in annoyance.

He whimpered as I stood, clinging onto me like his life depended on it as his body shook against me. I whispered quiet encouragement in his ear as I slowly untangled his arms from my neck, feeling the slight sting from the scratches he undoubtedly left on my back. Once he’d let go, I turned him around so he was holding onto the rim of the tub instead.

Understanding was making its way into his eyes moments before I was pressing back into him; this time without the barrier of water to get in our way. The tiled walls of the bathroom did wonders to accentuate the sounds of our coupling; echoing in the tight space of the sealed room as I increased the pace.

I could smell the intoxicatingly sweet scent of slick now that the water wasn’t washing it away; the sticky lubricant squelching in over abundance as I thrust deeper still. Izuku’s knuckles were turning white with the strength of his grip on the rim as he moaned and mewled beneath me; his arms shaking with the effort of withstanding the force of our movement.

He wasn’t going to last much longer, but then again, neither was I. My knot was already starting to catch, it wouldn’t be long before it fully anchored me inside him. I leaned forward to graze my teeth against his neck; lapping idly at the sweat that had formed at the base of his hairline and savouring the salty sweet flavour unique to my mate.

“Sho-Shouto, I c-can’t! I’m, go-going to-”

He was clenching crazily around me as his entire body shuddered with the force of his orgasm. The moan the slipped past his lips leading to my undoing as I thrust forward in a final push. My knot barely managed to squeeze inside before inflating; sealing the way and forcing his body to accept my claim. He collapsed against the tub, pulling me down too as our connected bodies relaxed into one another.

The water was still rippling around us, smaller waves sliding past our sweat drenched bodies as it washed away the evidence of our activities. I pulled Izuku back into my lap as I rolled us so he could lie against my chest instead of the hard edged bathtub.

He let out a pleased humm, nuzzling against me in appreciation as he continued to relax. Eventually, I started to wash us off with the lukewarm water, gently pouring handfuls over our drained forms and erasing the last of the evidence off the surface.

Once done, I gathered Izuku back up into my arms before stepping out of the tub, wrapping him up in a towel the moment we were out so he wouldn't catch a cold. Our hair was still dripping wet as we made our way to the bed; new sheets ready for us as I sat us on the edge. I got to work drying Izuku off first; his body relaxed in its usual drugged like state after a coupling.

The most reaction I got out of him when he was like this was a purr or humm, sometimes even a whimper if there was something he wanted. My knot still kept us fused together, seeming to last longer as we came closer to the end of his heat. I didn’t question it, just worked around it as I left him to doze against me as I dried myself off.

Finally complete, I pulled him down onto the bed with me, spooning him in our usual ritual as his awareness started to come back. His eyes opened slowly, much clearer than they had been before.

“My’ll probably be done by the time we wake-up.”

I hummed in acknowledgement, pulling him closer as he rolled over to curl closer into my embrace. “Mmm, probably.” He was silent for a few minutes, his fingers tracing over the mating mark on my neck almost subconsciously. “What will we do...should we tell the others?”

I sighed as the thought of facing everyone again slowly crept into my thoughts. There was definitely one person I was not looking forward to seeing again once we left; but, we didn’t have to worry about that right now. I squeezed him softly instead, burying my nose in his hair as I took in a deep breath; his all too familiar scent relaxing my nerves and settling my thoughts.

“Worry later...sleep now.”

I could hear Izuku let out a soft breath, his own apprehension still clinging to him but pushed back for the time being. The thought that this might be my last chance to hold him so close like this brought a pang to my chest; my hold on him growing tighter. If he noticed, he didn’t seem to mind, allowing me to have my moment of selfishness as we both began to fall victim to the sleep that weighed heavily down upon us.

Izuku fell asleep first, his slower breaths ghosting against my skin in a gently rhythm. I ran my fingers through the soft tufts of hair framing the sides of his face, taking in every last detail of his features as he continued to rest undisturbed in my hold.

‘No matter what happens tomorrow, I won’t let anyone take you away from me.’ I pressed a soft kiss to the top of his head, allowing myself to fall away into the gentle blackness of sleep.














Here's some random art stuff I've made in the absence! Both an apology and just for fun :3

Chapter Text


~Third POV~

After the whole attack on the villain headquarters and rescue had taken place; the secret of Midoriya Izuku being an omega was no longer a secret. At least, not amongst the teachers.

Nedzu didn’t look the least bit surprised, having his own suspicions since their first encounter; it hardly mattered to him though. In his eyes, the potential outweighed any stigma or stereotype.

A lot of the teachers actually felt the same way, their opinions of the boy never faltering as they knew just how strong he was. He’d never shown any signs of being inhibited by his dynamic; he put in just as much effort as any other person and he seemed to be keeping up in class with relative ease.

Sure it was strange, Izuku was a male after all; it would be shocking news to anyone. However, it was hard to see the boy as any less of a hero; any less of a person. Izuku Midoriya was not like any omega they’d ever seen; then again, he wasn’t like anyone period.

He was unique.

The teachers were notified of his current predicament of well as his current whereabouts; but save for a few flustered looks and awkward coughs, none of them seemed to mind. They didn’t really have a say in this matter.

Their classmates on the other hand...Aizawa and the rest of the teachers decided to keep things a little more clean for them. They didn’t want to intrude on the boys privacy, nor did they want to go making any life altering decisions without the two being present. So they played off the absence as a “recuperation period for extensive wounds.”

It was common knowledge that a small tag team of class 1-A’s students had gone after Izuku when he'd been abducted; but save for Bakugou, none of the others had encountered Izuku in that state. The blonde was a wild card, they couldn't force him to keep the secret and they couldn't exactly say where the two were either; though, they had a feeling he knew.

To their surprise, Bakugou didn't say a word about it; he didn't mention Izuku’s dynamic, his heat or even encountering the boy at all. He didn't even react to the whole fake “recuperation” news.

It was...strange, to say the least. They weren't going to complain though, Bakugou was a decently intelligent young man after all. He could be a rather capable and level headed individual! When said head wasn't full of explosions…

Well with that aside, the schedule at UA progressed like normal, the incident fading to the back of people's minds as time wore on. However, things were about to change. Unbenounced to the students, the two close encounters with the league of villains had left a drastic impact on UA and it wasn't only their reputation they had to worry about; but also concern for the safety of their students.

As heros in training, it wasn't all that unlikely that one of them may be targeted again; especially after learning about Izuku's secret. They just couldn't risk it. Luckily, having access to as much funds and resources as they seemed to have; construction had gone relatively smoothly. In fact, the new buildings were just about ready...




The worst thing about waking up after a heat, would probably have to be the overall soreness that accompanied nearly a weeks worth of “intense exercise”.

Todoroki didn’t think he’d ever felt so worn out before in his entire life; and that was saying something. Enji had worked him to the bone everyday, he’d been dragged through hell and back multiple times; yet none of those training sessions could hold a candle to this.

He was exhausted.

All he wanted right now, was to curl up with his mate and sleep the next month away; but it looks like that was going to have to wait. He was going to need his mate present to do that after all.

The moment his mind registered that Izuku was missing, all the tiredness and pain he’d been feeling before flew out the window. He was up and struggling to get out of bed faster than a person could connect to the internet; hands already groping for a steady purchase to hoist himself up.

“Izuku’s fine, Todoroki kun, there’s no need to worry.”

He practically face planted from the shock, completely unaware of the presence of the female alpha in the room in his blind search for his mate. Wincing at the stiffness in tender muscles, Todoroki swiveled his head to face the elder female as she stood calmly at the entrance; her eyes trained elsewhere as she addressed him.

“Ahem, not that I mind; but you may want to cover up a bit.”

Oh right, he’d completely forgotten about his immodest state of undress; the whole lack of clothing feeling perfectly natural when it was just Izuku and him. It took him a bit of fumbling before he managed to wrap some of the bedsheets around his lower half; a functioning item of apparel for the time being.

“Where is he?”

Even as he asked he already began to search for Izuku through their bond; relaxing as he felt the presence near and placid. Izuku was safe at least. Recovery Girl hummed, thoughtful, before replying with a “he’s getting a physical check up right now, we need to monitor his hormone levels to make sure it’s gone back to normal.”

Todoroki nodded, only half listening; still focused on the soothing feeling of Izuku’s waves through their connection. Of course Recovery Girl noticed his lacking attention; but she didn’t comment on it, knowing the feeling of being separated from one's mate so soon after a heat can be rather disorienting.

Under normal circumstances, the pair would’ve been given the next month off; a grace period for their bodies to get used to and accept one another's bonds. But this wasn’t a normal mating; this was a rushed, rash decision and even though both participants were willing, it wasn’t exactly responsible of them.

If Izuku’s life hadn’t been at stake, they would’ve tried to avoid any mating at all; but this seemed like the only way to stabilize his condition and it worked. There were still so many unknowns with Izuku being a male omega; so many things that they couldn’t account for, so many things that could still go wrong. They only hoped that pairing the raven with as strong and compatible an alpha as Todoroki would somehow help to balance things out.

By now Todoroki was struggling to get up again; his muscles seeming to work against him as he barely managed to lift himself halfway off the bed before falling back down. His frustration was clearly written all across his face, bringing a small chuckle out of the elder alpha as she crossed the room towards him.

It looked like the boy was in need of some help.

He was stubborn though, refusing to meet her gaze as light blush dusted the bridge of his nose. “It looks like you’re in need of some assistance there young Todoroki.” The humour in her voice only further dented his pride, the boy shrinking a bit in her presence as he grit his teeth; a reluctant nod the only reply she was going to get.

With a roll of her eyes, recovery girl went through the process of using her quirk on him; focusing the healing on his muscles and leaving the other marks to heal naturally. There wasn’t much damage done; aside from some pulled areas and overused muscles; he was in tip top condition in no time.

She gave him a quick once over before heading back towards the entrance. “You’re good to go; class will be starting soon, I suggest a quick shower before attending.”

He jerked up at the comment; the thought of school having slipped his mind for the past while...along with a few other things.

“What about-”

“Midoriya will be staying with us for the day; we’ll have to monitor his condition for the next 24 hours to make sure everything's alright before he can return to classes-- And no, you can’t be with him right now; you’re presence may interfere with the hormone readings.”

He had to bite back the frustrated growl that threatened to slip; the way Recovery Girl seemed to be able to read him like a book rather irritating at times. She smirked at the waves of annoyance rolling off the teen as she left; marvelling at the amount of energy he still seemed to have despite having used her quirk on him.

She chalked it up to youth.




This morning was like any other, the usual clusters of students gathering in groups before class started; bantering and sharing notes from previous classes. It was all so...mundane, so normal. It felt strange.

Uraraka knew she should probably be settling back into a routine too, to refamiliarize herself with classroom procedures; but between Iida and her, they just couldn't stop worrying about Izuku.

They knew Todoroki had done his best to protect the boy, but if both of them had been left injured seriously enough to be missing from class for so long...she couldn't help but worry. Bakugou hadn't said a word to them since then, Kirishima always hovering close by; unease evident in the way he watched over the blonde.

Of the six of them that went, Kirishima had been the first to recover from the incident; his focus and main concern being on Bakugou’s unusual reluctance to talk. Of course, Bakugou was never very talkative...but this was more than that. He just stopped talking altogether.

Whatever happened at the villains hideout, it must’ve been pretty traumatic. Uraraka was dragged from her thoughts as a hush fell over the room, all heads turned towards the front with shock scrawled across pretty much everyone’s face.

Even Iida was rendered speechless, his body shooting up and out of his seat; rigid as if he was seeing some sort of apparition. She herself turned towards the front, wondering what all the commotion was about, before nearly jumping out of her seat as well.

There, standing in the doorway of the classroom, was Todoroki. He looked a little taken aback at the reaction of his classmates, but he was quick to overcome it; trudging through the class and heading to his desk.

Everyone was frozen in place, merely following the boy’s movements with their eyes as he settled comfortably in his seat and pulled out his materials; acting as if nothing was out of the ordinary-- as if he hadn’t just been MIA for the past 3 days. The moment he’d fully settled into his seat, the class erupted into an explosion of questions.

“Where have you been?”

“Are you ok?”

“What happened at the Villains hideout?”

“Where’s Midoriya!”

Everyone spoke at once, the questions merging into a nonsensical jumble of words that none of them could truly understand what the hell was being said anymore. Todoroki looked just as overwhelmed, his normally stoic features giving way to surprise and a little nervousness; he seemed to be withering under the weight of all those questions.

Thankfully, Yaoyorozu stepped in; ushering everyone to give him some space and ask questions one at a time. He seemed so relieved once everyone had calmed down, his posture still stiff; but lacking the previous poised stance.

With a grateful glance towards his friend, he slowly began to speak. His voice seemed rather rough at first; as if over/ under used, a grainy texture to it that seemed a lot more mature than before. In fact, a lot of things about him seemed a little different.

He held himself higher, his intimidation was stronger, but most confusing of all, his scent was oddly enough duller.

It was particularly strange seeing as at their age they shouldn’t be able to control the amount of hormone output they had; often resulting in a potent scent coming from their alphan nature. However Todoroki’s alpha seemed rather subdued, as if his needs were quenched…

“Where’s Izuku?”

Uraraka wasn’t the only one wondering as such, asking the question everyone was dying to know. The way Todoroki shifted in his seat, avoiding eye contact with her, had everyone on edge. No...Izuku couldn’t have...he can’t possible be- “He’s with Recovery Girl still.”

The unanimous sigh that filled the classroom next was all that needed to be said; everyone relieved that their worst fear was not true. However, the fact that Izuku was still with Recovery Girl was quite concerning in its own right. No one had the chance to ask for further details as an explosion went off in the corner of the classroom; all eyes turning to the one responsible.

Bakugou was standing, his back to everyone but a clear vein popping out of the back of his neck. His hands were clenched into tight balled fists, a tinge of red seeping from the corner of a finger, so minuscule it would’ve been missed without a closer inspection.

Todoroki could feel the aggression from the other alpha already; a challenge in his posture which set his own alpha on edge.

“You...were supposed to protect him.”

His voice was flat, quiet too which had to be quite the accomplishment for him. No one could truly appreciate his use of an indoor voice though, everyone set on edge by the steely undertone to his statement; a threat if they didn't know any better.

Todoroki met his words with a level reply of his own “I did” being the only response he deemed necessary for the blonde.

The next series of events happened in a flash, a desk blown across the room, it’s singed and blackened surface flying just shy of Todoroki’s face and hitting the back wall with a crashing thunk. Bakugou whirled towards the speechless group, eyes fixed with a burning hatred on the dual haired alpha; a heavy blaming finger pointed his direction.


He was all but screeching at this point, his frame shuddering with each heavy breath as his palms continued to release smaller explosions in his enraged state. Kirishima was at his side in an instant, trying to get him to calm down but failing miserably.

Bakugou didn’t even so much as bat an eye at his pleas to settle down; ignoring the red head entirely as he started to make his way towards the alpha of his interest.

Todoroki simply watched on, his eyes cold and replying to Bakugou’s challenge with a steadfast resolve of their own. It only infuriated Bakugou more, his lips peeling back in a snarl of utter contempt as he glared down on the seated form of Todoroki.

“I didn’t do anything, Izuku is just fine.”

Bakugou’s hand was pulling Todoroki’s tie up so fast the class didn’t have a chance to react to the way the alpha just addressed their classmate. Bakugou’s gaze hardened to a withering glare as he rasped “What the fuck did you just say” through grinding teeth; his voice so low only Todoroki and himself could pick up on it.

The alpha in his grip glanced cooly back at him, unbothered by his current position as he stated “I protected him far better than you ever could, Bakugou.”

Bakugou was so ready to fucking blow Todoroki to smithereens right there, his palms already burning the tie in his grip as his other arm twitched, inpatient to finish the job. But he never got the chance.


His arms were being restrained, the feeling of the steely cloth wrapping around his wrists and pulling him away from Todoroki so goddamn familiar.

It was infuriating.

Aizawa had stepped into a shit fest. what was it about a group of alphan student’s that made them so unbelievably stupid? With Izuku gone, the one “beta” in class, everything had just sorta gone down hill. Maybe it was just the extra stress; or perhaps it was just a coincidence; but the air seemed heavier without the boy around.

He had his suspicions, such as the student’s unconsciously trying to accomodate for their non-alpha classmate by lowering their output of pheromones, but with him gone, there was nothing holding them back. It was honestly such a pain to deal with.

“Well, would anyone mind explaining why there’s a dent in the wall at the back of the classroom? Or why there’s a crispy desk lying on the floor?”

No one said a word, even Iida, the rule follower he was, had his lips sealed shut. Todoroki looked indifferent about the whole situation, whereas Bakugou was still straining against his scarfs hold; hardly trying to hide his contempt for the dual haired alpha.

‘It’s too early to deal with this…’

With a heavy sigh he pulled Bakugou towards him, intimidation leaking from his already exhausted frame as he forced himself to be stern.

“Bakugou that’s enough.”

The boy was still snarling like some crazed animal, eyes trained with a deadly precision on his quarry; completely oblivious to the fact that Aizawa was addressing him.

Now Aizawa liked to think himself rather patient recently, but boy was Bakugou trying to push all his buttons. This time he straightened, his eyes sharp and frosty; it was one thing to be an ignorant teen, but it was a whole other thing to completely disrespect your teacher.

“Bakugou Katsuki, if you cannot control yourself I will not hesitate to expel you from my course. A hero who can’t listen is not needed in this world.”

His voice was dripping with venomous truth, and knowing Aizawa, this was no bluff. Bakugou forced himself to stop, his gaze still heated and his rage still coursing through every fibre of his being; but even he wasn’t stupid enough to anger Aizawa any further. Todoroki could wait.




The whole day was really just one big blur to Todoroki, his mind constantly wandering, his fingers unconsciously fiddling with the collar of his shirt; the damned material in the way.

His mating bond had been tingling the entire day, every second he spent away from Izuku draining him further. His classmates constantly shot him worried looks, mistaking the tiredness for reclusion and fearing the worst. He hardly spoke to anyone all day, the more time that passed the shorter his responses would be.

Eventually, he was reduced to simple grunts or huffs to announce he’d heard them. Though he didn’t realize it, his classmates weren’t the only ones observing his behaviour.

His teachers were all aware of his situation, checking in on the young alpha when they had the chance and noting his increasingly fatigued state. They had a feeling something like this would happen, newly mated pairs shouldn’t be separated for long; Todoroki hadn’t even been away from Izuku for more than 10 hours and he was already reduced to this.

It wouldn’t be long before the need to be with his mate would physically hurt him. Aizawa pursed his lips as he glanced towards Todoroki for the hundredth time that day, watching the way he rubbed at his neck distractedly, his expression irritated.

‘Guess today’s the day’

he mused, wrapping up his teachings as he turned to address his students. The day was nearly over and he still had one announcement to make. “Today we have some interesting news, I know there have been rumours spreading about this so please bare with me as I straighten out the details.”

He had everyone’s attention in an instant, Even Todoroki was making an effort to pay attention. His timing was spot on, the PA system coming to life with a dull beep as it readied to relay important information to the students and staff. Pulling on a smirk, he assessed his classes reaction carefully.

“UA is happy to announce the completion of a new building attached to the south wing; the student dorms are now fully operational and ready to take in residents. Newsletters and permission forms have already been sent to your parents; your room assignments have also been posted on the front bulletin board. Students may begin moving in to your new rooms as early as this evening! We look forward to an even more intense school year and new learning environments-- remember everyone, Plus Ultra!”

There was a minute of stunned silence that followed the end of the PA, the entire class sitting perfectly still; unmoving and eerily restrained. A hand popped up after a while, Iida sitting with a stern and contemplative expression on his face.

Aizawa allowed him to speak.

“Am I correct in assuming...that we’ll be continuing our duration of the next 3 years living in on campus dorms?”

He should’ve known Iida would ask that, why was he even surprised. He nodded, watching the exact moment the gears started to turn in the students heads; once stoic expressions morphing into those of surprise and unabashed eagerness. They were practically bouncing off the walls in excitement, the spontaneous bout of chatter that he’d been expecting suddenly overtaking the classroom.

“I didn’t even know they were building student dorms!”

“Do you think we’ll have roommates?”

“How did they build them so fast! I never saw any construction before!”

The questions were fired off in no specific order and none of them expected an answer; simply desiring to get the thought out in the open. Aizawa was sure glad the announcement was made 3 minutes before class ended, he could already feel an oncoming migraine with the sheer volume of his students babbling.

Thankfully, the bell sounded not long after; the mob of students rushing to get to the front of the school and check out the list themselves, no doubt eager to get a peak at the dorms too.

He still had one task though, his eyes already scanning the sea of students before calling out the one he was looking for. Lucky for him, this one was easily recognisable.

“Todoroki, I need to speak with you for a moment.”

The boy jerked at his name, as if brought out of deep thought; his eyes trailed towards his homeroom teacher, a weariness present in them. He looked utterly beat, exhausted think such a strong bond could’ve formed over such a short period of time.

He tried to push back the semblance of regretful responsibility, it was partly his idea to keep the pair apart for the whole day; they wanted to see what separation between the pair would cause. For good reason though, this proved the two needed to be together; though it pained Aizawa that this was the only way for them to ascertain their theory.

Once Todoroki was standing in front of him, eyes still glazed and lids drooping; he pulled out a set of keys he’d kept in his pocket throughout the day, dropping it on the podium between them. Todoroki just stared at it, as if unsure what this object was.

“That’s your room key, you’ll stay here with Midoriya.”

The sound of Izuku’s name drew an immediate reaction from the alpha, his shoulders straightening from their slump and eyes widening-- more awake than he’d been all day. “Wait, you mean I will be staying in a room with Izuku-- on campus!”

There was more emotion and energy in his sentence than Aizawa thought possible of the usually emotionless alpha, he was almost shocked to think this was the same boy. “Yes.”

Todoroki looked back down at the keys, his hand hovering near the shining metal before recoiling; acting as if the keys would burn him to touch it.

“My...father...does he know?”

Aizawa watched Todoroki’s carefully controlled features, observing the way he skirted around the subject; a tension and fear to his words that the teacher was all too familiar with. He knew the hero and son had a rather spotty relationship, he himself was not exactly fond of the man-- but he’d never hated a man as much as he did then.

He forced himself to drown out his anger, shaking his head towards Todoroki, “Enji doesn’t know all the details, but Nedzu has managed to arrange and agreement with him; you’ll be staying here.”

The relief gushed out of the boy like a breath of fresh air, his hand going back to take hold of the keys; his new home and freedom. Running his fingers over the cool studded metal, he marvelled at how such a small and simple object could change his life so much.

He never thought he’d see the day where he’d finally be free of that man’s grasp. He was about to leave when Aizawa stopped him again, a hand on his shoulder as he looked Todoroki solemnly in the eyes.

“Todoroki, aside from the teachers, none of the students are aware of your situation with Midoriya right now. It’s up to you two whether or not you’d like to reveal your current status, it’s also up to you two whether you’d like to reveal Izuku’s dynamic to the rest. I do encourage telling the class about Izuku’s dynamic...but the decision is ultimately up to him and you. He should be waiting for you in your room.”

The dual haired alpha bowed his deepest appreciation to his teacher, the thought of seeing Izuku again hurrying his pace as he sped out of the classroom. He hardly needed the room key to tell him where to go, the tug of his bond drawing him towards Izuku with ease; each step carrying an eagerness that overflowed between the two of them.

His mate was waiting for him, he would provide.




“Are you sure your up to going to class already?”

Ah Todoroki-- ever the voice of reason-- so kind, so caring, so gentle; but he had to realize Izuku was literally on the brink of exploding if he had to spend one more day confined to a bed to “rest”.

Recovery Girl and Izuku both knew his omega had long since taken care of any strain or injuries he may have sustained over the week; and not only that, but the longer he spent away from class, the more material he was missing!

He already wasn't looking forward to the mountain of homework that probably awaited him, seeing as Todoroki had come back with quite the hefty pile of his own the day before. If he had any hope of catching up he'd have to get started as soon as possible; his fatigue could wait.

“Sho- Todoroki I’m perfectly capable of handling something as simple as a day of classes! It's not like we have hero training today or anything…”

He tried pulling on his best doe eyed expression, pleading with the alpha to let him go. His mate was much more reluctant on the idea though, his mismatched gaze calculating, careful, but understanding to a degree.

He knew once Izuku made up his mind he’d certainly carry through; but that doesn't mean he’ll be any less worried for him. Izuku had a bad habit of overworking himself, it was his job to make sure he didn't get to that point.

He felt a pang of loss with the way Izuku addressed him, reverting back to last name bases as it would be rather telling if they went around calling each other by first names. They had, after all, decided on keeping their relationship a secret.

It would be awkward if the others found out, especially if they linked the whole “5 day break” with it...yeah that was not going to be a comfortable topic.

Todoroki was fine with the decision, but he must admit it was going to be hard to hold back in public; seeing as their class in particular was brimming with alphas, he wouldn't want them getting any ideas. With a sigh, he nodded; he'd just have to be extra cautious in class then.

“Alright...but, come here for a second.”

Izuku felt a little spark of triumph with his mates agreement, happy enough to oblige seeing as Todoroki had already given him something.

As soon as he was within reaching distance of the alpha, Izuku found his world shifting; his legs knocked out from under him as he was suddenly pressed against the soft surface of their bed. He was surprised, but not scared. The grip on his wrists were light, the eyes looking down on him were warm and teasing; Todoroki was in a playful mood.

Before Izuku had the chance to ask what this was all about, the alpha was already nosing his neck, biting softly at the exposed skin and scenting him.

With a good natured shove Izuku knocked Todoroki to the side, reversing their position and leaning in close. He smirked at the utter disbelief sprawled across his face before flicking him square in the forehead.

“You jerk, now I have to take another shower.”

He got off the bed, shaking his head as he grabbed at a towel. Tossing one to his mate, he mustered up as stern a gaze as he could and suppressed a giggle at the way Todoroki continued to look at him with mild bewilderment; hand rubbing at the spot he'd flicked.

“Seeing as we’ll both have to take a shower now I’ll let you join me-- but! That's only if you'll behave yourself.” Todoroki actually mulled over the options, his face serious as if contemplating whether to eat rice or cold soba for lunch. “Deal.”




They staggered their arrivals to class once they’d both taken a shower, Todoroki heading in first as Izuku waited a few halls down. He would be lying if he said he wasn’t nervous; the pills Recovery Girl prescribed to mask his scent lying like dead weights in his hand.

The conversation he had with Todoroki the night before replaying in his head as he watched them roll in his open palm.

It’s up to you whether or not you want the others to know...I’ll be there to protect you if anything goes wrong.

Izuku was glad to know Todoroki was willing to back him up on this...but saying he was going to tell the others and actually doing it were very different things. He hated to admit it, but he was starting to get cold feet.

He knew his friends wouldn’t mind...probably, but the others-- Bakugou...he didn’t want to be looked down upon.

He could feel the gravity of the decision pressing down on him, suffocating. Izuku wanted to tell them, wanted to be able to trust them...but would they really be able to look at him the same once they learned he’d lied to them the whole time?

Would they still want to be near him?

Train with him?

Fond memories of the past few weeks flew through his mind, kind smiles; warm embraces, a camaraderie he’d never experienced before. Was he really willing to risk all that?

Dropping his head, he looked at the smooth white pills still seated in his palm, dull, cold, fake-- because that’s what he would be if he took them, fake.

Closing his hand, he pocketed the pills; refusing to let himself cower like this when he’d never let other people’s opinions stop him before. Whatever happens from now on, at least it’ll be the real him he’s introducing to them. It was a risk he was going to have to take.

Taking a deep breath, he steeled himself to take this head on; moving in the direction of their class as he held his head high. Let them see, let them know who the real Midoriya Izuku is.

Standing before the classroom door, he could feel the remnants of his nerves still fizzing under skin, halting his movements and slowing his pace. ‘Dammit, I have to do this!’ He tried so hard to force his body to move, but it just wouldn’t listen to him.

He was scared stiff.

A cough from behind finally dragged him out of his frozen state; allowing him to relax a bit as he turned to greet the presence behind him.

Aizawa stood a respectful distance away, his arms folded in front of his chest and eyes softening with a warm glow. It almost looked like there was a touch of approval in his eyes as he gestured towards his smaller student.

“Are you ready?”

Izuku let himself have a moment to truly prepare himself, to banish the last of his nerves and face forward with a brilliant smile. “Yes!”

The classroom door slid open.

The room went dead silent.

Aizawa stepped in.

Then chaos ensued.

Everyone was here already, and if their reaction was anything to go by, they'd probably already picked up on his omega. Some of them still seemed to be unsure where the scent was coming from, while a few had obviously figured it out.

Izuku couldn't have been more thankful for both Aizawa and Todoroki’s presence at that moment; he didn't think he'd be able to handle this complete and utter chaotic mess otherwise.

The dual haired alpha had stepped up, acting as a barrier between Izuku and the class while still keeping an appropriate distance between them. “Todoroki you knew!” Someone in the class shouted, voice heavy with disbelief and a little betrayal.

“why didn't you warn us?” this time it was someone else, more questioning and concerned than the first. Todoroki had nothing to say, there was nothing he could say.

Just because he'd been able to bond well with Izuku didn't make him magically better in social situations. There was a reason he didn't have many friends-- and no, it wasn't because of his devilish good looks.

“I told him not to tell you guys.”

The brunt of the burden was relieved the instant everyone’s attention had shifted off him, Izuku speaking in his stead. “I wanted to tell you myself, I didn't want Todoroki to shoulder my responsibilities.”

He said it all matter of factly, in his own nervous stuttering way, that really touched home with his friends and classmates. Izuku was still the same person, nervous habits and all; his scent may have changed but other than that there was no difference.

Gradually the commotion started to settle, Izuku answering questions asked of him on the events and his dynamic; but overall, his classmates seemed supportive.

The only person who hadn't said a word throughout the whole ordeal was Bakugou, but Izuku figured as much. He couldn't remember much about the villain headquarters, or what happened there; but somehow, looking at him now, he knew Bakugou had been there...he had a feeling they probably ran into each other too.

Todoroki didn't mention anything of the sort to him, but that didn't sway Izuku’s gut. Bakugou had known, and he didn't tell anyone based on their surprise.For now, Izuku had more important things to worry about; like his two closest friends who’d managed to corner him throughout all this.

Somehow they'd managed to herd him back to his desk, ushering the others to give him some more space to settle in as they remained his personal protective bodyguards.

It was clear to see they weren't fazed in the slightest by his revelation, shocked maybe, but not angry or focused on it. He really couldn't have asked for better classmates or friends.

Once Uraraka was certain the others were staying back, she turned to focus her attention on the raven now calmly seated. He looked much more at ease here, his panicked scent reduced to a mild sweet aroma. He kind of smelt like cinnamon.

She crouched in front of him, taking his hands into hers as she smiled softly up to him. “Hey, how’re you holding up?”

He mirrored her smile, his hands twitching in an anxious reflex of muscle as he looked anywhere but at her. “ know...been better…” His face fell with his words, his confident facade falling away with each intake of her and Iida’s comforting, familiar scents.

He, cared for, loved. He didn’t think he would still have that once everyone found out how weird he was; how much a fool he was for hiding. He didn’t deserve friends as understanding as them.

His eyes were flooding with tears before he had the chance to stop them, glistening trails running down his cheeks as he sobbed into Uraraka’s embrace. She was surprised at first, but quickly melted into the hug; cracking one eye open to coax Iida over too.

Together they formed a blanket of safety, of family and kinship; something Izuku so desperately needed. The raven could feel a small twinge of jealousy burning somewhere in his subconscious; probably coming from a certain alpha who didn’t have the luxury to go displaying such skinship in front of the rest.

Izuku smirked a bit at the feeling; peeking over Uraraka’s shoulder to toss a teasing look Todoroki’s way, only to see another gray suite in the way. Travelling up the torso, he gasped in shock to see Kaminari standing there; a shyness to his stance as his gaze bounced on and off the trio.

“Umm...hey Midoriya! We were all so worried about you man! I swear we thought we’d never see you again and well, I guess I just wanted to say-- wait a that a hickey on your neck?”

His friends shifted from embracing him to rearing back and staring wide eyed at the mark Kaminari had so graciously pointed out.

‘Crap’ he had to force himself not to shoot a glare at Todoroki, that would give them away for sure! He chose to instead channel his annoyance towards the alpha through their bond; grimacing as he slapped a hand over the mark quickly.

“O-of course not! No,’s just...a bruise?”

It didn’t help that he could feel Todoroki’s humour in response, knowing full well that the alpha was watching his struggle with amusement from the distance.

Iida was slowly nodding in response, Uraraka less convinced but willing to let it slide. Kaminari on the other hand was full on skeptical, crossing his arms as he rolled his eyes; “come on Midoriya, I know a-- Hmph!”

A hand slapped over the blonde’s mouth, his eyes widening in startled bewilderment before a friendly red head popped into view. “Oh would you look at the time! Class is about to start, we’d better get back to our seats; right Kaminari?”

There was a cold undertone to his voice, an intimidation rarely ever seen from the friendly boy as Kirishima tightened his grip on the blonde’s neck.

He nodded, unable to speak with the hand clamping his mouth shut and pressure slowly building around his soft jugular. Kirishima shot him a comoraderic wink, before dragging Kaminari off with him; leaving the other two to gawk at their hasty retreat.

Iida seemed to be the most startled by the action, adjusting the glasses on the bridge of his nose as he cleared his throat. “Well...that was...unexpected?”

A certain brunette was not nearly as blind to Kirishima’s deliberate actions; realizing their discovery of the mysterious “bruise” must've been setting the omega on edge. That is, if his tense and strained body language was anything to go by.

Uraraka laughed nervously in response, shoving her elbow into Iida’s ribs -- with as much subtlety as a pink elephant standing in the middle of the woods-- as she said; “yeah! But Kiri’s right, we should be getting back to our seats now.”

She gave Izuku a last firm hug; ruffling his hair in a friendly gesture before skipping off; Iida bowing in a formal gesture as he too walked back to his own desk.

With a deeply relieved sigh, Izuku sunk into his seat; feeling far more at ease now that he wasn’t being surrounded.

Don’t get him wrong though, he was plenty happy to see his friends; and even more so that they didn’t seem to mind his whole secret dynamic. It’s just, he was still having a hard time adjusting to it himself; finding the sharpening of his awareness without the drug in his system slightly odd, scents far sharper and more potent without the buffer.

It was a tad disorienting he had to admit, but he wouldn’t let something like that slow him down. He got used to the overbearing presence of alpha’s before, he can do it again; and this time, he had help. Maybe Todoroki couldn’t get too close to him for now, in fear that would give away their current status as a mated pair; but that didn’t mean he was any less of a comforting presence.

Just knowing his alpha was in the same classroom, watching over him from a distance, was enough to settle some of the gnawing worries his omega kept bringing up.

Bakugou had been pretty quiet since he’d announced his status as an omega; his eyes averting every time he’d looked in the fiery blonde’s direction. Even now, staring at his back, he seemed as if he was trying to avoid the raven, even more distance growing between the once childhood friends.

It pained Izuku to see the boy he once admired drift so far; but what could he do? Bakugou never wanted anything to do with him in the first place-- and wasn’t it a good thing that the alpha hadn’t tried to blow him up when he’d learned of Izuku’s lie?

He kept telling himself that, but his heart knew the truth; it hurt more to be completely ignored.




The days flew by, his classmates quick to recover from the initial shock of finding out Izuku was an omega and coming to terms with it.

Most of them treated him relatively the same way, whereas others started acting a little more shy around him. None of them did it on purpose though, so Izuku couldn't really hold it against them; they were trying their best. Only one person seemed to have a problem with it...or rather, refused to come to terms with it.


He still hadn't so much as glanced in his direction, he straight up avoided him when they were in class or changing together; and he was always running off whenever Izuku tried to speak with him. Kirishima would often apologize for him, saying “Bakugou is still adjusting” before running off after the blonde.

It seemed like Kirishima was the only one deemed tolerable to Bakugou, he never really pushed him away. It relieved Izuku to see he wasn't wallowing alone at least...though, it still hurt to be shut out like this.

He couldn't dwell too long though, the hero training class was about to start, he needed to get ready. He rushed into the changing room ahead of the others, quickly stripping down and pulling on his hero outfit. As long as he managed to cover the mating mark before the others came in it'd be ok; although, it would probably be best to evacuate the area altogether.

Todoroki may not have verbalized it, but Izuku wasn't dumb; he could feel the possessive jealousy the other exuded whenever anyone so much as glimpsed a sliver of his skin. As endearing as it was, it wouldn't be good for them if anyone caught on, the least he could do was try not to give the alpha any reason to be jealous.

The alpha himself would do better to change quickly as he sported a mark of his own. Izuku wasn’t too sure what he planned to do about it, but seeing as he normally changed in the more secluded section of the locker room, it wasn’t likely anyone would notice.

He was just buckling up the last strap on his shoe when someone walked in, their steps faltering at the door. He looked up from his crouched position; about to tell them it was alright to come in, when he locked gazes with them.

How long had it been since he'd last seen those crimson eyes so clearly?

“Kacchan…” the blonde stiffened at his address, a growl echoing from deep within his chest as he glared down on the raven. He looked as if he was about to speak, but the sound of more approaching footsteps had the blonde retreating to his corner of the room; his stance still rigid as he went back to ignoring Izuku.

The omega felt a slight pang of loss with those red eyes no longer focused on him; but it was about time he left anyways. With a last glance over his costume, he headed out towards the training ground.

‘I wonder what All Might has in store for us today?’

Izuku wouldn’t have to wait long for the answer, having been directed to wait outside training grounds D; a city scenario (what else would it have been?) but oddly enough this one looked as if it had already been used.

Normally after a class has been held in one of the replica cities, the school would immediately rebuild it to it’s previously un-destroyed state; but this city was left in patchy ruins. Some of the buildings still marked with burns and crumbling from whatever quirk had been used on it.

All Might stood at the gates, nodding in what could only be described as approval, a hand put to his chin; admiring.

“Umm...All Might sensei? Are you sure we’re at the right training grounds?”

Momo was always one to get ready quickly, her sense of duty and responsibility quit fitting as a class rep. She seemed a little concerned by the state of their soon to be learning environment; but one blindingly bright smile from the sun god himself was enough to put her worries at ease.

“Ah, not to worry young Yaoyorozu, I am quit certain we are at the right place.”

His smile was quickly morphing into a smirk, a hint of sinister amusement lighting his voice as he said “Yes, this will be perfect for today’s lesson.”

They waited until everyone was changed and ready; waiting with expectant eyes focused on their teacher and idol. He laughed one of his big boisterous laughs; posture proud and tall before he pointed directly at Izuku.

“You, are today’s focus.”

All heads turned in usinson to gawk at Izuku, the omega himself looking stunned speechless as he looked on the verge of a panic attack. “Today’s lesson is a rescue mission-- but not just any rescue mission, no that would be too simple! Today’s a hostage scenario!”

Slow understanding was starting to light the gazes of his fellow classmates, Izuku’s heart sinking with each passing second. Iida’s hand was quick to shoot up, his eyes still trying to completely understand the full meaning behind All Mights words as he questioned “ does Midoriya fit into this?”

All Might let out a low thunderous chuckle, his piercing blue eyes glinting from the shadowed contours of his face. “Well, to make it more realistic of course. Midoriya may be different than your usual omega, and in no way is he any weaker than the rest of you due to it, but the fact that villains will target suspects they believe to be weaker still stands. Think about it, most omega’s are betrothed to powerful people, they would make the perfect hostage if a villain wanted money.”

Though Izuku knew All Might meant no disrespect by it, the fact that he had recently been in a scenario so achingly similar made him wither a bit at the suggestion.

He could feel All Might’s gaze on him, the man assessing him carefully before clearing his throat. His smile faltered for the briefest of seconds before he added on “Unless, you would prefer not to be the hostage young Midoriya.”

The man felt stung by his pupils downcast expression, he hadn’t meant to hurt or remind Izuku of the past; he didn’t realize it would. But his concerns were quickly put to rest, Izuku shaking his head and standing tall himself; his gaze fierce and level with All Mights own.

“I’ll do it.”

Uraraka stepped up to Izuku, putting a hand on his shoulder; her brows sloped in empathy as she whispered “You really don’t have to...”

He just shook her off though, his gaze never wavering as his voice held a note of finality in it. ‘No, I want to; no one else has more experience with a hostage’s position than me.”

He turned to her, a smirk pulling at the corner of his lip as he said “I’ll make sure to add in that extra struggling hostage experience for whoever the villain is.”

All Might beamed at his successors good humour, smile once again blinding as he pulled forth a box with names scribbled on papers inside. It was time to see who the villains were going to be.




~Izuku's POV~


Maybe the world just hates me...yeah that’s probably it...there’s no other explanation for this. I had to blink at least ten times before I could believe what I was seeing.

All Might had drawn forth three names; the selected villains for today’s lesson-- and of course Bakugou’s name was one of them.

The three selected were Bakugou, Sero and Ashido; not the most unusual group but definitely not a common one. Ashido whistled, cracking her knuckles as she smirked my way “Looks like we’ll be your kidnappers for today!”

Sero was making his way over through the throng of students along with Ashido, but bakugou didn’t move. His eyes were locked on the paper, frozen as if in disbelief that his name had been drawn.

Ashido called him out, a sly expression flitting across her features as she said “What’s this? Is Bakugou having trouble reading his own name from all the way over there?”

She over exaggerated the distance, seeing as Bakugou had been the closest to All Might when the names had been revealed; she knew he could see it just fine, she was merely trying to rile him up. Her taunts worked, Bakugou going from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds before he was practically imploding in on himself on the spot.

She roughly dragged him over to their small trio, ignoring the small explosions going off in the palms of his hands to instead fetch their victim. Me.

I trailed after her wordlessly, our group heading into the city first at All Mights command and began to set up necessary preparations for the incoming fight.

“Hey Sero, pass me some tape!”

He cocked a brow at Ashido’s command, doing as she’d asked anyways and supplying her with the material she needed. She set to work quickly, gagging and tying me up with a level of cruelty that rivalled an actual villains.

“Aw come on now Midoriya, where’s that ‘real hostage experience’ you promised? You hardly put up a fight against that.”

Sero blanched at the sheer amount of tape she’d used, if it had been anymore, I would’ve been mummified. As it stood, I could barely move my arms or legs, my mouth was gagged too; the most I could do was wiggle my torso and maybe caterpillar crawl away.

I have to hand it to her, she sure played a villian quit well.

“Don’t you think that’s a little much?” Sero was eyeing the white skin near my bound hands; the pressure close to cutting off blood flow completely as he glanced back towards his overly in character teammate.

“Like a little realism will do any harm, will it, Midoriya chan~”

I shook my head, letting Sero know it was fine as well before eyeing Bakugou. He hardly interacted with me throughout the whole locating a base and tying me up ordeal; his back still facing me as he stood guard near a window.

Unlike the other two, he was on wide alert, analyzing the empty city street below. They’d chosen one of the crumbling building as a base, it had more holes; more entrances but also more exits in case they needed one on the fly.

Besides, the others wouldn’t notice if there was some extra damage on a building that was already half wrecked to begin with; they could move around with ease in here.

“Oi moody, see anything interesting over there?”

Ashido sure knew how to prod the lion, Bakugou snarling with ill contained rage as he glared at her. “Shut up, I’m trying to concentrate.”

She rolled her eyes at him, one of the few people not affected by his hostility and even made fun of him for it. She didn’t try to press him any further though, leaving him be to sulk on his own. The rest of the class should be searching the city by now, they’d had a full ten minute grace period to set up already, now it was inching into the 15 minute period.

Seeing as they’d caught no sign of movement anywhere nearby, they probably did a pretty good job hiding any evidence of being here. At least, they thought they did. I, on the other hand, knew that wasn’t the case.

For all their work, there was one thing they hadn’t nor could account for, that being my mate.

He was close, I could tell he was deliberately holding back; just skirting the edge of their block; probably hoping someone else would pick up on them first. Izuku didn’t envy his position, it must be frustrating knowing where we were but not being able to actually point it out without suspicion.

He would’ve giggled at the frustration seeping through to him had his mouth not been covered with tape. They waited another 2 minutes, Todoroki’s presence getting nearer as he either led or followed others closer. From the relief I could pick up, it was probably the latter.

Ashido and Sero were now chatting back and forth, bored of waiting while Bakugou still remained on alert; at least I think he was. He could very well be staring out a window and day dreaming for all I know; though, that doesn’t fit his character at all and I can’t imagine him doing anything of the sort.

Todoroki’s presence was practically on top of them by now; the supposed group of hero’s taking a less noticeable route to enter the building. Clever, but not good enough.

Bakugou’s shoulders tensed a moment before it happened, his voice barking out a rough command as he simultaneously lunged towards me and shoved the other two out of the way.

The roof shattered above us, an impressive block of ice piercing the spot I had sat moments prior; quickly accompanied by the source of my distraction. Todoroki was reaching for me, his finger tips hardly grazing the skin of my cheek as Bakugou added some explosive force to his lunge; the force of him barreling into my chest knocking the sense out of me.

If I hadn’t been gagged I probably would’ve gasped with the impact; instead the breath was forced out of my nose, a breathy whistle of air as I was propelled backwards and through a window.

My eyes went wide with the shock, the glass shattering around us muted and hardly audible above the roaring pound of blood in my ears. Todoroki looked horrified, his outstretched continuing to reach desperately for me even though I was so clearly out of range; the feeling of falling was barely registered, my mind blanking out as I realized I wasn’t alone.

Bakugou had never released his hold upon me. From the moment he’d lunged at me, till now-- after we’ve so gracefully leapt through a window-- his arms had never left me.

He was muttering some sort of curse under breath, repositioning us mid flight so I was no longer in front but beside him. He extended one free arm towards the ground, letting off a cushion of explosions to slow their decent before landing with cat-like agility.

Once both feet were planted on solid ground, he pulled me over his shoulder, with all the grace of a sack of potatoes, and began to run. The shouts of the ‘hero's’ behind us didn’t go unnoticed, and it looked like Ashido and Sero had managed to escape as well; but split up as they were, I can’t fathom what they plan to do now.

I was with them the whole time and I don’t recall any action plan if a scenario like this presented itself. Safe to say they weren’t getting back together anytime soon.

From my vantage point, I could watch the fascinating approach of fellow hero’s to be as the pursued us, each monopolizing their quirks in new unique ways.

Everyone had undergone their own training during the internships after all, I shouldn’t be surprised that they’d figure out new uses for their quirks; but seeing how much some of them changed, how much more experienced they all seemed to be, it was terrifying.

I almost forgot that I was victim in all this; with how bloodthirsty their gazes were, you’d think I was a villain they were out to get too.

I felt more than saw Bakugou looking over his shoulder, a muttered “fucking side characters” leaving in a suppressed hiss as he took a sharp turn to the right. I felt my stomach lurch at the movement, all too aware how loose Bakugou’s hold was on me; each step jostling and fairly unpleasant.

Our escape was soon cut off, some of our classmates predicting our path and running ahead of us to cut off our escape route. Bakugou payed little mind to them, wasting no more than a few minutes as he blasted up storm of dirt and grit before using another well timed blast to sail overhead.

He never was one to flee.

It wasn’t long before more students honed in on them, in hot pursuit of the villain with their desired ‘hostage’ in tow. Seeing as the main objective was to get him out of the ‘villains’ clutches before their 30 minutes was up, it made sense that everyone was putting their effort into detaining Bakugou.

After all, Ashido and Sero may be marked as ‘villians’ in name, but without me, they didn’t hold much value in this game.

I could tell Bakugou was getting tired, he was shuddering with each step, his breaths hot against my thighs and legs as they sent shivers up my spine. It wasn’t intentional, but still a feeling all the same; I tried not to think about it.

The blonde was not so easily defeated though, he remained strong, cunning even; evading the students well and so close to giving everyone the slip. Everyone but one particular alpha.




~Third POV~

Bakugou was at his limit and Izuku knew, could feel it in the gasping of his breaths and the loosened clench of his muscles.

There wasn’t much fight left in him, after being chased around the city for at least 10 minutes; but there was only 5 minutes left to go.

Todoroki had been patient; god had he given everyone else so many opportunities to get to Izuku first, but they didn't. There was nothing holding him back now, he could confront Bakugou knowing full well there was no suspicion behind his motives.

Something about seeing his omega in another alpha’s hold, bound and defenceless, was making something inside him snarl; some carnal need to forcefully show his claim, to show this omega was off limits, it was maddening.

The blonde was backed into a corner and he knew it, they were trapped in an alley; no chance of being sprung from behind with the dead end but also no hope of escaping from the front; at least, not without shattering some bones.

Bakugou hated the fact he was already at his limit, he hated the fact that he had to carry this useless pebble around as if he was worth something; but most of all, he hated that it was Todoroki who had cornered him.

Of all the obnoxious alpha’s in their class it had to be this one; this one fucking eyes sore who was always pining after this useless omega.

The fact that Todoroki clearly wanted Izuku was no subtle thing to Bakugou, he was well aware of the other alpha’s want; but he wasn’t going to give it to him. He dragged Izuku in front of him in one swift motion; his burning hand coming to rest at the crook of the ravens neck; just shy of Izuku’s hidden mark.

He was a villain, Izuku was a hostage; it was only logical this was the next step. Todoroki stopped dead in his tracks at that, his pupils narrowing to slits as his voice dropped down a notch; murderous.

“Put. Him. Down.”

Bakugou scoffed at the cold authority Todoroki lorded over him, his stance uncowed and defiant. “Make me half face.”

It was a rumbling roar that started up in his stomach then; their only warning before Todoroki launched himself at the blonde. His eyes wild, blinded by anger and rage as he snarled ferociously enough to make even Bakugou flinch.

Todoroki swung low, landing a well timed right hook into the blonde alpha’s gut with the force of his gathered momentum. “Shit.”

He dropped Izuku with the force of Todoroki’s blow, falling back as the dual haired alpha continued his approach; ice frosting the grounds with each powerful step.

It seemed as if he'd forgotten the objective in his madenned state, leaving the omega wide eyed and immobile behind him. To everyone else it would seem crazy to abandon the mission, to leave the omega defenseless in a continued pursuit of the already downed perpetrator; but Todoroki’s alpha new better.

Bakugou had threatened his mate, he'd put his hands on what was rightfully Todoroki’s; and, inadvertently, he'd challenged the dual haired alpha’s claim by putting his hand so close to their bonding mark. There would be no reasoning with Todoroki, in his mind, Izuku wouldn't be safe until this alpha was dead.

His slow deliberate strut spoke volumes of the violence held within; Bakugou seeing right from the start that this was no ordinary fight. Todoroki was out for blood; and from the direction he was headed, he was after Bakugou’s blood.

He snarled back towards the advancing alpha, holding his ground as he faced off with the dual haired male. Whether it was sheer stupidity or some dumb competitive alpha instinct he wasn’t backing down; and Izuku knew if he didn’t stop this right fucking now, things were gonna get ugly.

He could practically taste their aggression in the air, so suffocatingly tight and overwhelming to deal with; especially when he was only just getting used to the already too potent scent of alpha’s normally.

He struggled to stay conscious under the weight of it, he had to think. How could he get those two to stop? He tried his hands, no good; they were still bound tight with sero’s tape-- had it gotten stronger? Nevermind, if he couldn’t free his hands, maybe his feet? Also no good.

He was forced to watch helplessly from the back, the two already neck and neck; on the verge of surmounting an assault upon one another.

That’s when it hit him, that dark cloud of thought; an aura so unspeakably vile he almost gagged at the feeling of it. The smoke continued to fill his brain; uncoiling further in a poisonous trap, but not for Izuku, it was Todoroki. He was being sucked into it!

He realized all too late what Todoroki was planning to do, his mouth going dry as he watched Todoroki barely miss a fatal blow on the blonde by a hair's width. The deadly point of an icicle gliding just shy of Bakugou’s side as he managed to side step it in time.

‘No...Todoroki no...Todoroki STOP!

He tried to scream at the alpha to stop, his cries coming out as muffled sobs through the tape as he writhed on the ground; pulling and straining desperately against the binds to free himself; to stop his mate from making a terrible mistake.

Todoroki continued to fight, unaware of his mates cries to stop and completely focused on his current target; launching wintry and bitter attacks one after another towards the explosive alpha; each attack narrowly missing but getting dangerously closer with every passing second.

This darkness exuding from his mate was painful, it was toxic; literally eating away at their bond and staining the skin around it darkening as he was further consumed with hatred. His alpha was losing control, Izuku was losing Todoroki; he couldn’t lose him!

The power of one for all was pooling into his body, fizzling under his skin as he snarled letting it loose in untamed waves of energy. With all the strength left in him; he directed the unrestrained power into his arms, finally breaking free of his binds as he immediately ripped the tape off his mouth.

Todoroki was about to attack again; and judging by his position, he wasn’t going to miss this time.


The two alpha’s were frozen in a freeze frame of time; both their bodies trapped in a hold above either of their understanding. Without realizing it, Izuku had also summoned the power of his omega in his desperation; quite literally stopping either alpha from being able to hurt each other.

Izuku was panting from the struggle, his arms shaking as they held his torso off the ground; legs still bound below him. His wrists were cut and bleeding; dark bruises and friction burns marring the once pale wrists but he paid them no mind.

“ can’t stoop to this...Shouto you can’t!”

He looked up again, seeing the rigidness in his alpha’s stance slowly begin to fade, the painful murky aura slowly pulling away as Todoroki was being dragged back to his senses.

“Please shouto...don’t hurt Kacchan.”

That finally broke the trance, the clearing released from the hold of the omega as he collapsed under the pressure, drained, blood seeping from the corner of his mouth as he tasted the effects of his reckless use of one for all.

Once freed, his alpha was rushing to his side; collapsing to his knees before the quivering raven as he stared on in utter disbelief.

Bakugou was left standing where he was; but soon he too was making his way over; still dumbfounded by the sheer power he’d felt over take him moments prior. He’d never felt anything like that, he could hardly grasp just what the hell had happened; when he heard the panicked sounds of Todoroki’s voice across the alley.

Distantly, they could hear the blaring sound of sirens, signalling the training session was over, but neither of them could really pay attention to that; transfixed on the creeping mark growing up Izuku’s neck instead.

Todoroki was shaking Izuku’s shoulders, yelling at him to open his eyes, to say something; anything, but he didn’t. In a sheer moment of desperation, Todoroki yanked the collar of Izuku’s hero costume down; following the black trail staining his skin and gazing in blooming panic at the pitch black source. The ring of embossed scabs tell tale on their own of what had previously nestled the flesh.

Bakugou knew what it was the moment he saw it, part of him had always known this would happen since the day he parted ways with them at the villain headquarters. It was a mating bond.

The still expanding dark blotch on his skin was definitely not supposed to be there though; ominous and choking as it crept further.

People were approaching, the sound of unaware voices chittering and bright getting closer. If they got too close, they'd see Izuku, the mark...Todoroki and Izuku’s ‘secret’ wouldn't stay one for much longer.

Bakugou clenched his fist, eyes still unwavering from the broken form of the omega before him. He knew what he had to do, but how he loathed the fact he'd have to do it.

“Go to the infirmary…”

Todoroki’s frame twitched at the soft command, barely registering it as he stalled, still shell shocked before Izuku.

“What are you, deaf? I said take him to the infirmary RIGHT FUCKING NOW HALF AN HALF!”

This time Todoroki listened, his body moving before his mind processed the words; scooping Izuku into his arms and rushing towards the exit of the city.

With his ice building a bridge under his feet, he practically glode out of the stadium; Izuku in tow and classmates left in wonderment. Bakugou knew what he had to do, he hated it.




“What happened!”

Recovery girl had already been alerted ahead of time; All Might having caught the transaction between his students on monitors and immediately warning the elder.

Todoroki stumbled into the room, dazed and still panicked, his arms wrapped protectively around his mates still form. He wasn't much use for information as he was.

Recovery Girl knew the look in the young alpha’s eyes, feral, like a cornered wolf; if she wasn't careful he may lash out.

Slowly, oh so slowly, she came closer to the pair; eyeing the ink black stain lapping at the omega’s jaw. That was new, and it sure as hell wasn't a good sign. “Todoroki, I need you to calm down.”

Her voice was low, placating but still carrying a note of authority; one that commanded respect. He bristled at the tone, a low growl starting up.

This wasn't good.

He recoiled from her, dragging Izuku close to his chest as he shielded him with his body, mismatched gaze unrecognizing as he eyed her. His mental state was deteriorating; and with it, Izuku’s condition. The blackness was consuming him, turning Todoroki into an animal and destroying Izuku's life force; how ironic the cause for both conditions were triggering each other to fall further.

This was a miscalculation, Recovery girl had heard of conditions similar to this happening to other mated pairs in the past...but...she hadn't expected the triggers to be presented in this sort of environment.

Their bond was still unstable, yes, but in order for it to be consuming Izuku to this extent something big needed to happen; a threat large enough to weaken the trust between mates.

Love was a fickle thing, it could bring such happiness and pleasure; but just as good is the brother of evil, love had its own hideous twins; hatred and jealousy. They were primal feelings, instinct even, no one was free of them; but normal mates would've had time to build upon their bond, establish the trust needed to stabilize it.

No matter how compatible a pairing they made, Recovery Girl was at fault, she hadn't given them enough time. The bond was being rejected.

She stopped trying to get closer, fixing him with pleading look as she tried again.

“Todoroki, please, you have to calm down! Your hurting Izuku…”

he flinched at the mention of Izuku, his head bowing a bit but still growling. “For goodness sake he's going to die if you don't stop! His blood will be on your hands!”

For one heart stopping moment, Todoroki almost seemed on the verge of attacking her; his muscles tensing, face contorting into a scowl as he placed Izuku gently on the ground.

She stepped back, weary, but never took her eyes off the pair. Then Todoroki moved, his body slammed into the wall behind him, the force of which causing some of the pens to fall off her desk and rattle the books on her shelves.

He did it again, flinging his entire weight against the next wall, his eyes screwed shut and jaw falling open into a howl. Over and over this went, Todoroki slamming his bruised and battered body against the wall, before crumpling to the floor; his outbreak coming to an end.

Cracking a blue eye open, He glanced in Recovery girl’s direction; the cloud in his gaze clearing leaving only an exhausted cyan sheen.

She sighed in relief to see recognition in those eyes once more, approaching cautiously before kneeling before the disgruntled boy. “Well, that was quite the spectacle wasn't it.”

Todoroki was a mess slumped against the wall, fresh bruises blooming across his cheek and arms; a thin coating of sweat covering his skin from the exertion.

She sighed before kissing him on the cheek, her quirk already in effect as he relaxed into her touch.

“Maybe next time find a way to snap out of it that isn't so self destructive?”

His lips quirked up in a shaky small smile in response, his eyes sliding past her and towards the huddled form of his mate; on the floor where he'd left him.

The elder alpha was quick to follow his gaze, leaving him to check on the boy and whistling.

“Looks like we were just in time.”




Izuku woke with a start, his body felt hot all over but his shoulder was absolutely smouldering!

He groaned into the air, his right hand coming up to brush against the heated pulsing flesh of his left shoulder, the skin unnaturally warm and feverish in comparison to the rest of him.

His head still felt scrambled and there was a distinct metallic taste lingering in his mouth; the further he roused the more aches and pains he found. But, with the aches came other sensations, feelings of touch and his the warm clasp of fingers interlaced with his.

He blinked his eyes open, dragging them down to look at who was seated beside him. With his brain scattered and disoriented as it was, it took a moment to really process what he saw; but once he did, his heart shot straight to his throat.

Todoroki was sitting beside him, his upper body lying atop the bed, hand clasping the raven’s in his sleep. His movement must've woken the dual haired alpha as one eyes was peeking out at him under white and red bangs. His head shifted once they'd locked eyes, lifting off the bed and propped up on his free hand instead.

A warm sleepy smile fell upon his face, so pure and unadulterated it stole Izuku’s breath away. “M’rning” he murmured the words, still half asleep.

Leaning forward, the alpha claimed his omegas lips in a soft but quickly deepening kiss, going as far as introducing a little tongue.

‘Ok this is really way too much!’

Izuku pushed Todoroki away, understandably lost and flustered by the alpha’s advances. “T-Todoroki! what do you think you're doing?!”

Taking a quick look around, he confirmed his theory before leaning towards his mate and hissing “We’re at school!”

Todoroki didn't seem bothered by the thought, instead nuzzling under the omegas chin and replying “healing you” in a husky growl.

Izuku was at a loss, he didn't understand what was going on nor could he keep up with how fast everything was developing; his breath hitching a bit as Todoroki touched his neck.

The skin was burning, it hurt so much and he wanted it, he wanted to feel Todoroki continue to touch him; but the pain was an extraordinarily huge barrier to overcome.

His mate picked up on his whimpers, catching a glimpse at the tears pricking the corner of his eyes and stopped; his body stalling atop him before slowly lowering into a gentle press. His forehead lay flush against Izuku's chest, his throat releasing a soft warbling croon; stuttering a bit before stopping completely.

The pain in his shoulder and neck was still present but milder, his thoughts more focused on Todoroki and the steadily pressing concern at his silence.

They stayed that way for a long while, both tensed but neither speaking; a fragility in the air between them, like one wrong move may shatter everything in existence. Finally, Todoroki let out a shaking breath, his voice barely above a whisper; lips ghosting across Izuku’s chest.

“I’m sorry…”

The raven stayed silent, still unsure how to proceed or why his mate was apologizing to him. “I...lost control, I hurt you-”

Izuku stopped him then, placing a hand atop his head and drawing Todoroki away from his hiding place with a gentle tug. His eyes were burning, fiery with a resolve and love so vicious it stole the alpha’s words right out of his mouth.

“No, it's not your fault.”

Todoroki grimaced as he tried to retort.

“But Recovery girl-”

“I don't care what she said-- I don't care what anyone says! It wasn't your fault so stop taking all the blame!”

His voice lowered, gentler as he smoothed a hand against Todoroki’s unmared cheek. “No one could've predicted something like that would happen.”

Todoroki still looked ashamed, his eyes unable to meet with Izuku’s as he instead looked at his shoulder; a faint dark remnant, like a shadow, kissing the surface. Izuku pressed his hand more firmly against Todoroki’s cheek, forcing him to look The raven in the eye as he pooled all his conviction into his next few words.

“I’m still here, I’m fine.”

The alpha held Izuku’s gaze for an impossibly long minute; looking, searching for anything at all that his mate could be hiding. He knew it was stupid, he knew Izuku meant every word he said; but seeing it for himself-- the honesty that bled from every corner of the omega’s body-- relieved him.

He pressed into the hand then, closing his eyes as he let out a long overdue sigh. Only Izuku could ever seem to find the right words to say, it was like he could see right through the alpha; pick up on any insecurities and crush them at their roots.

The power he held over him was terrifying, but it was a control Todoroki was willing to give up to him. After all, just as Izuku belonged to him, he belonged to the omega; and that was how it always will be.

The raven ran his free hand through the silk length of his mate’s hair, marvelling as the red and white strands mixed and fell back to their rightful places, slipping like water through his fingers.

He could’ve sat there, combing his fingers through Todoroki’s hair all day, but his mate seemed to have other plans for them; grabbing Izuku’s wrist midreach and gradually pinning it on the bed.

He was crouched above Izuku in a matter of seconds, silver and cyan eyes brimming with a heated passion as he slung a leg around either side of Izuku’s hips; pinning him in place.

The omega had long since resigned himself to his fate; docile and waiting at his alpha’s mercy. Todoroki took it painstakingly slow; his lips just grazing the omega’s-- the impression of a kiss caught between them-- before pulling back out of reach.

It drew a needy whimper from the raven, his eyes falling to a half lidded state as his scent struck a sweet note; responsive to his mate’s advances. He wouldn’t realize it until later, but the pain had faded the more intimate they were with each other; the bond reforming and healing.

Todoroki barely noticed it himself, Recovery Girl’s words a fading echo in his memory as he started getting a little too into it.

He licked his lips, biting his lower a bit as he watched his mate unravel beneath him; a sensual dusting of pink sprinkled upon his cheeks and spreading to his ears. It had been so long since they’d last had a chance like this, a mood this good was hardly something the alpha would pass up on.

Starting low, he pressed a trail of butterfly kisses up the unmarked side of Izuku’s neck; a weeks worth of pent up frustration and desire dripping into every action.

He paused a second longer than usual right below Izuku’s ear; attacking the sensitive skin there and sucking a leisure wet mark that had the omega mewling into the touch. “Mine” he chanted, moving on to another spot below Izuku’s jaw and repeating the action; another “mine” pronouncing his claim as Izuku tilted to accommodate him.

The raven was panting with the increasing sexual desire that pulsed in a steady beat through his veins; triggering more soft noises and pleading bleats as he started to respond to his mate.

“Y-yes, I’m yours. Alpha, alpha, a-AH”

Todoroki was dragging his teeth in a lazy ark along the shell of Izuku’s ear, simultaneously grazing his frost covered fingertips under the collar of Izuku’s shirt and tracing the outline of a protruding collar bone.

He was playing dirty, knowing fully well the omega’s body would react to the cold drip of melting frost as he unbuttoned Izuku’s shirt to trace circles lower.

“You’re reacting well, such a good omega-- so good for me.”

The raven’s eyes fluttered open at the praise, a fresh spurt of slick dripping from his hole as it clenched in response; his cock twitching in interest as his hips jerked upwards a bit.

His hands were free to roam with Todoroki’s occupied, sliding into the alpha’s hair and gripping tight; pulling out a guttural noise from the male.

“Fuck, Izuku, I want to be inside you so bad.”

Izuku purred at the thought, his hole clenching in anticipation; but a sound from the hall quickly pulled him out of his haze. It was almost humorous how fast his sobered up.

He froze, Todoroki continuing his minstriations while Izuku pinpointed the sound; tracing it to retreating footsteps as they passed by the infirmary and continued down the hall.

He sighed in relief, but the close encounter reminded him once more why it wasn’t such a great idea to be doing this here. “T-todoroki, we really shouldn’t do this here.”

His mate growled in response; continuing to nibble marks along his jaw and allowing his hands to roam lower. It was no use, he was already too far gone; there was only one way to get through to him now.

Biting back his nerves (and dignity), he pulled Todoroki away from his lavashing, holding his gaze as he tried to speak sense into him. “Shouto, we can’t do this here.”

He could already see his mate’s eyes narrowing, needy, wanting; desiring more-- but he was just going to have to be a little more patient. The raven let his lids drop low, pulling himself closer as he murmured low in Todoroki’s ear “I’d much rather let you take me somewhere we can really let loose.”

He needn’t say more; Todoroki was out of bed and pulling Izuku along with him faster than the omega could blink. The alpha’s desire and impatience lending a powerful boost as he practically bolted to their room.

Izuku curled into his mate’s chest, allowing his eyes to close and simply trust in the strength and affection he felt from the male. With a pleased sigh, he nuzzled into the crook of Todoroki’s neck, waiting just as impatiently for the solitude they craved.




The crimson sky was no less breathtaking than the last time he’d seen it; the litany of glorious reds mixing with ambers and honey golds trickling like water down a drain. He stared at the sight, mesmerized.

He never thought- “You’d see this again.”

His head snapped up in a heartbeat; eyeing the wispy form of of his omega...a person he definitely should not be seeing.

The figure smirked, his eyes glinting with soft amusement as he relaxed into his perch atop a rock. “Didn’t think you’d see me again did you?”

Izuku nodded, dumbfounded. He was shocked to see his omega again; pleasantly surprised if he may be so bold. But from what Izuku could remember of their last encounter, seeing him in a dream like this was never a good sign.

His lips pressed hard into a brutal line; his eyes searching the omega for any hint of what lay ahead. The omega only cocked his head in response, the soft amusement fading away to be replaced with a dry reluctance instead.

With a sigh he slipped down from his perch, approaching Izuku at a slow predatory pace. Before Izuku could even gather up the nerves to ask, his omega was already before him-- a finger pressed to his lips in a gesture of silence.

“You won’t like what you hear, it’s better if you don’t ask.”

Izuku stared straight back, bold. His omega already knowing exactly what Izuku was going to say without needing words to vocalize it. Slowly, he allowed his finger to fall, tracing the soft skin of Izuku’s lips and chin as it went.

He looked over Izuku’s soft face, rounded cheeks, brilliant emerald green eyes; there was a cleverness there, a youth that was so admirable and yet so tragic. His omega couldn’t place why he felt such heartache for the boy, couldn’t understand why he felt so guilty as if he was at fault for the burden of information he carried.

Izuku continued to stare him down, refusing to back down even to himself in the sense that his omega was a part of him; whatever his omega was hiding, he wanted to know.

Taking a step closer, the omega brushed a thumb against his cheek, hand cupping in the motion of holding Izuku’s cheek but never making contact. “I’ sorry.”

He leaned in closer, the whisper of words barely touching Izuku’s ear before being whisked away with the wind; a cruel fate of dreams and the waking world. He grabbed desperately for his omega, to hold on, to hear what he had to say; to understand what cause him so much grief-- but his time was up.

He opened his eyes in a shudder of movement, gazing into Todoroki’s sleeping face, undisturbed and tranquil. He relaxed, the tenseness of his shoulders falling away as he lost himself to the rhythm of Todoroki’s breaths; watching the way his hair shifted ever so slightly from the gust.

A wetness against his cheek startled him as he brought a hand up to investigate; his hand tracing the trail up to his eye; a tear.

He’d been...crying; but he couldn’t remember why, couldn’t remember what dream encounter could’ve left him in this state.

He chose instead to ignore in favour of focusing back on his bedmate; his partner. He suddenly felt so vulnerable, so in need of touch and closeness. The warmth his partner exuded was calling to him, pulling him forward as he snuggled into Todoroki’s front, breathing a relieved sigh as Todoroki’s arms came to wrap unconsciously around him in his sleep.

At that moment, pressed close to his mate as he was, he felt untouchable; safe from whatever sadness or pain that had plagues his sleep before. He knew if he closed his eyes this time, he would fall away into a peaceful slumber, undisturbed; protected by the warm sensation of his mate.

So he did; falling asleep to the lull of Todoroki’s soft breaths and the gentle beating of his heart pounding beneath his ear.


~3 weeks later~


‘Something’s wrong.’

That’s all Izuku could think when he woke up; a generous helping of nausea accompanying his theory as he slipped out of Todoroki’s embrace. The dual haired alpha was beginning to stir as well, probably woken by Izuku’s restless arousal.

He sat at the end of their shared bed, feet dangling over the edge as a cool sheen of sweat coated his forehead. It felt so hot all of a sudden. “Mmm...Izuku?”

His alpha’s voice was rough and slurred with sleep, his movements sluggish as he started rubbing the tiredness from his eyes. The slight movement of the bed shifting under him made Izuku wince; his head starting to spin as everything felt all too raw, too over exaggerated.

Even his mates voice-- which would’ve calmed and been appreciated on any other day-- was too loud now. The lack of response was enough to draw Todoroki out of his half woken state a little more; concern lacing his scent as he sat up as well.

“Izuku what’s wrong-”

He hardly had the chance to finish his question before the raven was up and darting out of sight. His urgent scramble leading in the direction of their bathroom as he slipped in; not even bothering with the lights in his haste.

By now Todoroki was fully awake, his fear piquing as he rushed out of bed and after his mate; reaching the bathroom just in time to catch the tail end of Izuku heaving into the empty toilet bowl.

He looked pale, his eyes puffed and watery as he leaned heavily against the pristine white bowl. Todoroki was just about to approach him when a new wave of nausea seemed to hit full force, another gut wrenching episode leaving him trembling in place; gripping the toilet for dear life.

It looked like the strength was just sapped right out of him; his body slouched as if in defeat, eyes glazed and unseeing.

The alpha approached, slow, cautious; crouching next to his mate as he hovered closer still. This time, Todoroki wasn’t interrupted, his hand slowly coming to rest between Izuku’s shoulder blades and rubbing comforting circles into the loosening muscles.

He didn’t say anything, merely stayed by his mate’s side; a comforting presence to help him through this. Izuku couldn’t be more thankful, his head was still spinning and he didn’t think he’d be able to tolerate much noise for the time being.

They stayed that way for a good ten minutes, Todoroki never leaving his side as Izuku panted; his strength slowly returning bit by bit as they waited. Eventually, Izuku just gave in. He leaned into Todoroki’s soothing touch, allowing himself to be vulnerable before him and knowing his mate would take care of the rest.

His alpha didn’t let him down; already letting forth a rumbling croon as he wet a towel in the nearby sink and started to clean him up. The damp cloth washed away the sweat and sick from his body, erasing the evidence and leaving Izuku feeling lighter in its wake.

Once cleaned, Todoroki gathered Izuku up in his arms before bringing them back to the bed. It was still too early to go out, being 4 am, and Izuku didn’t look like he was in the best condition for travel at the moment anyways.

So he made do with what he had; trying his best to accommodate his mate in their room.

From the time they’d spent during their heat, Todoroki knew Izuku felt safest when he was in a nest; though he wasn’t the best at building them, he still did what he could. Using the blankets on their bed, he drew them into a rough bundled mess of a nest around the little raven; making sure to leave some space for himself to slide into later.

As soon as he was satisfied with the results, he lay next to his mate, nuzzling him a tad before rubbing their scent glands together in a gentle slide of protection. It wasn’t an invasive gesture, nor a possessive one. It was meant more to provide a sense of relief for his mate; the pheremones produced acting as a calmant of sorts.

It seemed to work, his mate going limp and docile beneath him; bleeding an impression of contentment that was encouraging. At least Todoroki knew he’d done the right thing.

With the threat at bay for now, Todoroki curled himself around Izuku; draping an arm over his listless form and curving it into a protective hold around his waist.

He couldn’t really explain it, but part of him felt...a little more possessive than usual. He felt the need to shield his mate from the world and a big part of him was telling him there was a reason Izuku was sick. A reason that made his heart swell and ego boost.

He crushed it down, stamping out the growing flames before they had a chance to really take root as a full on thought.

Izuku was in pain, he was ill; he didn’t have the time to be fantasizing what if’s of impossible scenarios. Izuku was a male, there was no way “that” was possible.




“Honestly Shouto, I feel fine now! You don’t have to be so worried about me.”

The dual haired alpha rolled his eyes at Izuku’s protests, unrelenting towards his little mates excuses. He knew Izuku would push himself past his limits if you let him, he wasn’t taking any chances.

“Look, we’re just going to have her check you over, just to be certain.”

Izuku huffed at him, crossing his arms and refusing to budge. He was too stubborn for his own good. With a gentle sigh, Todoroki turned to his mate, bringing a hand up to his cheek and caressing the soft skin there. He could still feel a slight claminess to the omega’s skin, leftover from this morning probably.

Putting a little pressure under Izuku’s chin, he tilted the raven’s head up; locking gazes with his mate as he tried his best to express his worry through the intimate honesty of one's eyes. He knew it was working; could feel the fluctuation in his mate’s resolve even before Izuku could realize it.

Closing his eyes, Todoroki bridged the gap between them, allowing himself to act on visceral emotions and resting his forehead against Izuku’s temple.

The moment he felt the omega relax into his hold, he knew he’d won this argument. Opening his eyes, he looked once more upon the gentle and trusting emerald gaze of his mate; drinking in the reliance he found buried in those depths.

“We’ll just be in and out. I’m sure Recovery Girl won’t mind.”

This time Izuku didn’t object, casting his eyes downward as he submitted to his alpha instead. Todoroki stepped back, letting his hand fall down to instead clasp with one of Izuku’s; the omega startled by the sudden affectionate display, especially in such a public area.

They were in the halls of the student dorms, anyone who’d woken up early could see them if they happened to pass by. That didn’t seem to deter Todoroki though, the dual haired alpha already walking off in the direction of the main entrance; Izuku in tow.

It made the raven’s heart flutter a bit in his chest, his eyes never leaving their joined hands.

Maybe to any other mated pair this was a given; but with as messed up a relationship as they had, it was rare moments like these that assured Izuku of Todoroki’s faithfulness to him. He basked in the feeling.

They made it to Recovery Girl’s office in record time, thankfully she was in early as she usually was. In fact, it almost seemed like she’d been expecting them.

There was an odd expression of sorts on her face, it was practically unreadable. It almost looked like regret. She welcomed them in nonetheless, listening to Todoroki’s recounting of this morning's events; her expression strictly professional.

The air in the room seemed to get heavier the more Todoroki described his symptoms, the raven quite aware of the way the elder alpha kept shooting glances his way. Her eyes looked sad.

She thanked Todoroki for the information, walking over towards her desk in the corner and pausing; clipboard in hand. She stalled, her back turned to them for a second too long to be normal, before speaking whilst still facing away from the pair.

“Actually, Todoroki, I think I’d like to run a few tests on Midoriya if you wouldn’t mind.”

The male looked confused, glancing between his mate and Recovery Girl before vaguely agreeing. “Uh, sure? If you believe it’s a necessary precaution then by all means.”

She waited another moment before turning back to face them, a soft smile playing at thin lips.

“I’ll have to ask you to leave for these tests, I’ll need his system to be free of any external influences.”

He hesitated at that; but a quick squeeze from Izuku was enough to bring him back to the matter at hand. Todoroki looked at him for a long minute; eyes searching, looking for any reason to need to stay. He found nothing but reassurance, Izuku whispering “I’ll be fine” before gesturing towards the door.

With a last reluctant glance, the alpha left; leaving the two remaining to wilt in relief and anticipation.

Izuku knew Recovery Girl had been trying to protect him, she was hiding something; something big enough that he might want to hide from his mate. Whatever it was, it couldn’t be good.

He could feel his own nerves acting up at the prospect, the fear of this unknown something itching away under skin. She could feel his apprehension like a physical object taking up space in the room, her own reluctance pushed back as she knew it was her duty.

It wasn’t exactly bad news for say, it was just...probably not something they should have to deal with so early. Her expression was grim, knowing there was really no way to sugar coat this.

“Well...I-I assume it must be something. Something pretty important….if you wanted to tell me directly.”

He was nervous, of course he was; the poor thing doesn’t even know what’s about to hit him. “Midoriya...there really is no easy way to say this.”

She took a deep breath, closing the distance between them as she put a hand upon his; a gentle compassion and sadness lighting her eyes as she gave him a soft squeeze. It was at that moment, that it clicked. Izuku knew what was wrong...even if he didn’t want to believe it.

“I just want you to know that no matter what you decide, we will all try our utmost to help you through this. No one in our staff will look down on you regardless of what you do from this point forward.”

He could feel the burning sting of fat tears forming in the corners of his eyes; his vision already blurry with the excess fluid and getting more distorted as the seconds ticked by.

“You’re due in 8 months.”

So it was true. The weight of those words felt heavier than any other truth he’d been entrusted to. If All Might had placed the world on his shoulders, then Recovery Girl must be putting the entire Universe on his back instead; even if it wasn't her burden to give.

Part of him had known already, suspected...but hearing it confirmed from someone he held so high and respected so much was jarring.

There was nothing that could've prepared him for it.

“It's hard for me to understand myself-- the biology of it all is still a mystery; but the results are still the same. I've checked and rechecked them countless times, Todoroki’s information only further confirms the report…I’m sorry.”

She continued to ramble words that held no meaning to Izuku, his world had stopped the moment she'd said it, the truth he'd been trying to avoid for so long. “I’ll give you a moment to adjust, I’m sure you’ll need it.”

She paused by the door, letting her hand rest upon the handle as she hesitated. “Midoriya, remember, you’re not alone in this. We’re here to help in any way we can.” He didn't respond, she didn't expect him to.




Izuku sat alone in that room, his body numb and deaf to the world. If he didn’t know better he would’ve thought he was trapped in a bubble, like time ceased to exist in this one delicate space that cradled him in secrecy.

‘Why am I here again? Oh, because Recovery Girl needed to tell me something...what was it again?’

His brain hurt trying to recollect the events, it was if he was trying to shield himself from the truth by forgetting. How pathetic.

He must’ve been alone for a good 5 minutes before the door to the room opened and closed with a soft click; the scent of an alpha slowly creeping into the room but not one who should.

It was startling enough to get Izuku to look up; to pull him from his fumbling thoughts and focus on the newcomer. If his appearance was anything to go by, he probably heard everything already.


The word was spat through gritted teeth, though, they lacked a certain venom Izuku was familiar with. It almost seemed pained.

His thoughts came together at a snail's pace, sluggish as if his head was full of swamp water and every thought had to be dragged from the depths of an unrelenting bog.

Izuku’s mouth opened, the words still lost on his tongue; but he knew he should say something-- break the tension in the air that was ever present.

“K-kacch-” Bakugou didn’t wait for the raven to finish his thought, growling as he approached in a fast succession of steps. Izuku almost jolted back with the sudden proximity; hardly able to keep up with the blonde’s energetic pace.

He was so confused, so lost, he didn’t know what to think...what to want. His eyes must’ve conveyed some of the hopelessness to the alpha before him, for hardly a second went by, before Bakugou was suddenly pushing him back onto the bed; a snarl rumbling in his chest.

Izuku didn’t even resist. His omega was screaming at him to move, to call for his alpha, to push this one away before they could do anything to him or his unborn child; but he chose to do nothing, to ignore that feeling. He’d known Bakugou for pretty much his whole life; he knew the alpha was ruthless, wouldn’t shy away from any opportunity to assert his dominance; but he also knew how to trust...and as foolish as it may sound, part of him trusted Bakugou wouldn’t hurt him.

“Dammit! Shit, Deku, why!”

His face was red, anger and confusion battling to share the same space as he ground his teeth for the upteenth time. Bakugou never was good with words-- but his expressions on the other hand, his honest and pure intention; it was never hidden to begin with.

“Why is it that whenever your stupid ass is involved in something it always gets so messed up! Why does my chest always hurt so fucking much when I look at you! Why you, a stupid useless pebble…”

he dropped his head, panting, body shuddering as he pressed his forehead into the mattress by Izuku’s cheek. The scent of the omega another taunting reminder of his want; his mistake and his goddamn foolishness-- because at the end of the day it was his own fault.

He’d left Izuku, he let that scar faced bastard take him from right under his nose; and the reminder was written all over his scent.

A big part of him wanted to erase the smell of the other alpha off Izuku, to replace the mark on his neck with one of his own. Though, the rational part of his mind new that would never work, that the claim had already been made and couldn't be reversed; no matter how much he may want to.

Izuku didn't know how to react, he was frozen. Bakugou, the boy-- the alpha who had always hated him and pushed him away-- was now a few inches shy of embracing him.

He looked like he was in so much pain, like he was holding back so much it was physically hurting him. Had Bakugou always been like this? Why now? Why was he doing this now, when Izuku was so confused and vulnerable.

He didn't know what to do, he wanted to comfort the crying alpha; wanted to say “everything’s going to be ok” and he wanted to believe it. But...everything wasn't ok; he, wasn't ok. Izuku had made a mistake, it was his own fault; and now, nothing was ever going to be ok again.

The mark on his neck was starting to burn, an insistent throb spiralling outward from his neck and down his spine. His body reacted before his mind could even catch up, shoving the alpha off; rejecting the foreign male.

Both of them were startled by the gesture, caught in a staring match as they saw mirroring confusion in each other’s gazes. Bakugou was the first to recover, the confusion melting away to a familiar rage and anger; his scent spiking as aggression filled the space between them.

Then, just as suddenly as it came, it was gone; the fight dying in Bakugou’s eyes, his shoulders dropping forward.

He looked...defeated. He was actually admitting defeat!

Who...who is this? Izuku had never seen the blonde like this before, he never wanted to see him like this! Something broke within the omega then, the reality hitting him with a crushing honesty as all the emotions he’d tried so hard to burry surfaced at once.

His shoulders shuddered, bottom lip trembling in a wobbly line as his eyes were once again flooded to the brim with tears. He couldn’t control it anymore, he shouldn’t have to deal with this!

Bakugou was caught off guard by the sudden waterworks that erupted from the omega across from him; his hand twitching as the urge to comfort and stop the tears simmered just beneath the surface. He wanted so desperately to help, but he didn’t know how.

Izuku just continued to weep, his hands coming up to cover his face as he did his best to hide the pitiful display. He just wanted everything to go away, he wanted things to go back to the way they were; before any of this ever happened. He wished he’d never presented at all.

Eventually Bakugou managed to move, he tried to soothe the raven; but his efforts were met with a slap to the face.

His shock barely registering before the omega was screaming “Don’t touch me!”, hiccups and sobs destroying his voice.

He didn’t even have a chance to react, Izuku had run out the door long before he could even register the sting in his cheek. He knew he should go after the omega; Izuku hadn’t been thinking straight, he was vulnerable in his over emotional state...but...hadn’t he just taken advantage of that himself?

His body felt numb, he couldn’t move, even if he wanted to.




He felt like he was going to be sick again. His breath came out in irregular pants, cold sweat running down his back and making his clothes cling uncomfortably to his frame. The tie around his neck felt suddenly too tight, too restricting.

With unsteady hands, he began to pull at the material; the crooked knot irritating to work around as he yanked it undone.

Izuku couldn't think anymore, his mind was shutting down; what was there to think about though? He'd fucked up. The memory of Recovery girls’ news was playing on repeat in his mind, taunting him, teasing him; yet feeling so surreal at the same time.

Bakugou’s face, that unrecognizable expression of pain and sadness...who was that? Why was everything happening so fast?

It was like someone had hit the fast forward button on his life and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t stop it.

He had no more strength left, his knees collapsing out from under him as they ceased to function. Somewhere, in the corner of his consciousness; Izuku could feel a nagging worry that wasn’t his own. Todoroki was looking for him.

How Izuku wished he could just disappear right then, right there. It was irrational, really, to think his mate would be anything but supportive of him. But right now, Izuku couldn’t think of any possible ending where the two of them could be together, where Todoroki wouldn’t have to leave him for something as trivial as the life growing inside him.

They were both still kids, they weren’t ready for something this serious! He knew that...but...the thought of aborting felt so wrong; so unnatural. Just the thought of it made his heart twist in pain; the loss alone would kill him.

Pressing a hand to his belly, he allowed himself to just breathe; to feel the slight beating of a heart forming beneath his fingertips.

The feelings he felt then; the bittersweet litany of happiness and pain; of parenthood and instinct. He knew he wanted to keep them no matter what.

Even if Todoroki was willing to help him raise the life they’d created together, Izuku didn’t want to burden him with the responsibility. After all, he may not be able to become a hero anymore; but Todoroki still could!

The sound of footsteps approaching from down the hall had Izuku tensing in fear. He didn't want anyone from his class to see him like this; so weak and pitiful.

Part of him was afraid they'd know when they saw him; see the faint bump beneath his shirt and know what a fucking screw up he was. What a freak of nature he was.

He tried to move but his legs wouldn't respond, they just sat there; useless, traitorous beneath him. He had half a mind to just rip them right off.

The steps were closer now, they were just around the corner; it was no use to run now, they'd see him anyways. So he did the only thing he could think to do at the moment. He closed his eyes.

Whoever they were, they continued down the hall; their steps faltering for half a second when they'd spotted him, before starting up again unfettered. They kept approaching; closer and closer, the sound echoing loudly and almost painful to Izuku’s ears.

Then, silence.

Whoever it was stopped; their presence a foreboding shadow looming over him. He wanted to scream, to make the person go away or do something at least! Anything was better than this stiff silence that encompassed them-- but no, they did nothing.

Finally, he could take it no more; eyes shooting open as he gazed up at the apathetic face of the person he'd least expected to encounter.


He just stood there, unmoving; unfeeling. It was almost a relief not to see pity in those eyes, with the state Izuku was left in; he was almost surprised Shinso was able to keep such a straight face. However, there was something unnerving in his apathy, something felt off.

“I’m...sorry, Midoriya.”

His vision began to fade, limbs becoming stiff and unresponsive. He knew this feeling, remembered it all too clearly; but he didn’t have the strength to fight it this time.

The last thing he could remember, was seeing pain in the purple haired alpha’s expression; before his body began to move.













Some Fanservice...

Chapter Text


~Third POV~

“Todoroki, you know you can’t hide from him forever.”

He jumped, surprised by the sudden voice and spinning to face her. Recovery Girl watched him, eyes narrowed, analyzing, as she waited.

He avoided the subject, adjusting the tie around his neck as he schooled his face back into a neutral expression.

“How is Izuku.”

She sighed, pulling a hand down the front of her face as she walked closer, a softness entering her tone as she tapped his knee with her cane.

“You Todoroki’s, always ignoring my questions and demanding answers.”

His face flushed at the comment, but he refused to dignify her answer with anymore than that. The teasing was gone from her voice now, her arms crossing in front of her chest as she glared hard at him.

“Todoroki, I know you’re hiding something. Why are you trying so hard to avoid your father, he’s only worried about you.”

This drew an interesting response out of the young alpha, his fist curling into a clench by his sides as his gaze grew harrowed and cold. His lip curled back into a snarl, startling even the elder alpha as he growled out “No.”

She took a step back, worry spiking in her small frame as she caught sight of the burning hatred in his gaze; so wild and untamed, it was practically animal. He seemed to pick up on her growing concern as he quickly calmed down, a neutral expression struggling to reform as he cast his eyes low.

“I…” She placed a calming hand on his fist; his fingers uncurling beneath her touch as she continued to look at him; brows creased in a maternal concern.

“Todoroki, if it’s too much…” He shook his head, his blue and grey eyes gentler and sad, but determined all the same. His voice was quiet, barely above a whisper as he spoke.

“He, can’t know.”

She looked at him, confused, straining to hear him as she stepped a little closer. “What do you mean, what can’t he know?”

He shook his head again, hands fisting in his hair as he slowly bent into a crouch; the elder alpha immediately at his side, assuming the worst.

“My father...he can’t know about Izuku. He, he can’t.” His voice dropped, cold and void of emotion. “He’ll take him away, he always does.”

She felt a shudder travel through her frame, her eyes wide in shock as she tried to make sense of it. Enji was a well respected man, a hero; the number 2 hero no less. People speculated that his family life seemed a little tense, but this, this cold fear that Todoroki exuded at the mere mention of his father, this was no rumour.

She didn’t want to believe Enji would stoop so low, but she couldn’t ignore how Todoroki felt either; she felt her heart weep.

Stepping closer to Todoroki, she placed her hand upon his shoulder, stilling their trembling.

“It’s alright, Todoroki. I don’t know what that stupid man has done, but I know Enji; I know he isn’t as bad as you may think.”

He looked at her, absolute bewilderment lighting his gaze as he fixed her with an incredulous look. She pressed her hand to her face, squeezing the bridge of her nose to settle the headache that threatened to form there.

“Enji...Enji’s a rather brusque character. I may not know him the way you do, but I do know more about him than you may think. I was there when he was learning to become a hero-- he wasn’t all that much different even then-- but he was never a bad man.”

Her expression contorted into a look of strained amusement. “He simply has...interesting ways of expressing himself.”

Todoroki’s gaze shifted back to the floor, his face blank as he turned over her words in his head. Eventually, he closed his eyes, a deep heavy sigh blown between parted lips.

When he reopened them, there was a slight resignation there, his voice cracking as he looked at her.

“If only I could believe you.”




~Izuku's POV~

It felt like we’d been walking forever, time felt so distorted and slow in this state.

We were walking through the dense foliage of a nearby forest, one of the training grounds students rarely went. It was said there were plans for this place, to turn it into another metropolis type grounds; but for now it remained undisturbed, peaceful.

Shinso was in front of me but his head never turned once to make sure I was still following, trusting his quirk but oddly enough, tensing his shoulders. I traced the ridge of it with my eyes, watching the muscles flexing below as he continued to move; a slow gate I came to realize meant more than what I’d originally thought.

He didn’t want to do this, he was stalling, purposely walking so slowly because this wasn’t something he was doing by choice. What was compelling him to do it then? Why?

I wouldn’t have to wait much longer to find out, the two of us breaking through the thicket of branches and leaves into a clearing.

We weren’t alone.

There was a man standing in the center, his back turned to us with tell tale flames lapping at his shoulders. I felt my heart drop to my stomach as we stepped closer still; the man finally turning to face us.

Enji’s face was impassive at first, before turning up in disdain. Shinso now stepped aside, his hands held stiff at his waist as he waited. The man side eyed the purple haired alpha, slowly glancing between him and I.

“This, is what’s been distracting my son?”

I caught Shinso biting his lip out of the corner of my vision, the boy remaining silent as Enji stepped closer.

Suddenly, the flames at his shoulder spiked, his eyes widening before falling back, lidded. I could only watch as he grabbed hold of my chin, lifting my face to look more closely at me; his fingers rough and invasive. I could hear Shinso growl, a slight warning that went unheeded by the taller hero.

“Interesting, so it’s are an omega.” He turned my head to the side, a sharp inhale of breath drawn in as he eyed the bit of shoulder exposed beneath my shirt. His hand roughly pushed the cloth down further, face twisting into a grim expression as he analyzed the mark.

Before he could make a comment on it though, someone stepped between us; purple hair clouding my vision as the hand was ripped off me. He was shuddering under the hero’s disapproving gaze, but he stayed strong, a barrier between me and this goliath of a man.

“That’s enough. You only wanted to see what your son’s been distracted with; now let him go.”

The hero stood a second longer, glare intensifying, before he just resigned all together. For a moment, it almost seemed like he was going to dismiss me; then the flames sparked back to life in a powerful display of red hot anger.

Shinso practically flung himself away from the licking flames, the wild light stopping just shy of my body as I quivered from the heat. My body ached to move away, to get away from the blistering heat; but with my body still trapped under Shinso's control, there was little I could do.

“Interesting, not even a flinch…if only everyone could be this obedient.”

Shinso was scrabbling to get back on his feet, fear spiking in his scent as the flames shot towards him instead.

“Perhaps I made a mistake, thinking a mere boy was worthy of my protection.”

The purple haired alpha stood stock still under his words, the flames beginning to recede as he dropped low in submission.

“Please, I won't act out of turn again.”

Enji just sneered back at the boy, a twisted sense of satisfaction lighting his gaze as he turned his attention back to me. He was reaching for me again, his fingers just grazing the surface of my skin before pulling away with a satisfied huff.

With a dismissive flick of his hand, he gestured towards me, commanding Shinso to “Take him away-- tie him up; I want him nice and ready when my son gets here.”

The purple haired alpha flinched at his cold demure, leading me away quickly before Enji could change his mind. We only seemed to be travelling further into the woods; the denser foliage hiding us from sight without travelling too far away.

We came to a stop not long after; Shinso turning towards me with continued down cast eyes. He stepped behind me, a rope pulled out from a hiding spot in the nook of a tree and now being used to tie my hands. The moment I felt the knot secure, my strength began to return; released from his quirk.

He still wasn’t looking at me, his face turned away and a somber look present across his features. Then he spoke. “...Is it true?”

I started at the sudden question, not exactly sure what he meant by it. I guess he must’ve caught on to my confusion, as he was quick to reiterate himself; the words spoken slowly as if it pained him to say it.

“ really his mate?”

Mate...the word felt bittersweet on my tongue, my last recollection of the word being used in a most unpleasant context. Is Todoroki my mate? Yes. But would he still want to be if he found out…


The word left my lips in a quiet whisper, my lips wobbling in a soft smile as I both answered the question he’d asked and the one in my head. I lifted myself to look at him head on, the hopes that had been crushed before flaring up in fleeting wisps of courage “Yes, I am.”

He finally looked up to meet my gaze at that; his own blurred with a muted hurt. “Why?”

I took a step back at that, the idea of being questioned on my decision for choosing Todoroki as my mate seeming so out of place. I never would’ve even considered it something that needed an explanation before.

We suited each other, our bodies called for each other. There was just something about the boy that screamed he was meant to be my mate; like we were always meant to be mates.

“Because I love him.”

I could feel my cheeks heat at my own response, the words simply rolling off my tongue before I even knew what I was saying. Shinso didn’t seem at all pleased with the answer though, his eyes taking on a flinty edge as he prowled closer; a low growl underneath his words.

“How do you know, you barely even know the guy. You don’t know anything about his past, about his family-- Hell, you didn’t even put up a fight when I found you in the hall earlier! Are you really so naive?”

His words stung, but I didn’t back down; refusing to look away as I met his heated gaze.

“I don’t care about his past, I care about him.”

Shinso looked on the brink of pure exasperation at this point, pacing the clearing before rounding on me once more. “Don’t you get it! It’s his fault that you’re in this mess! He’s been lying to you, Midoriya. He and that stupid father of his are both just using you-- he doesn't love you, you’re just a pawn in their little family feud to see who can finally break the other first!”

I shook my head, refusing to accept those words and glaring fiercely back at the alpha. Every bit of my biology was willing me to submit, to stop now before I could anger the alpha any further; but omega be damned. I’m not going to let him disgrace Todoroki like that!

“He’s not like that! Maybe his dad isn’t such a great man but that doesn’t define him! He’s the one who will shape his own path, he decides his own future; he isn’t bound by his blood to be the same person his father is! I don’t care if I get swept up in this or any other family feud in the future. I don’t care if I will have to fight tooth and nail just to be with him. I’m doing this because I want to, because I want to be with him; it just feels...right.”

My voice was beginning to break at the end; the mere idea of being separated from Todoroki, bringing tears to my eyes as I gasped for breath. I hadn’t meant to shout like that, I didn’t mean to take it out on Shinso either. The events of this morning and the secret about the baby and just everything in between had stressed me out so much; I couldn't control it anymore.

The first burst of tears fell in gushing fat drops down my face; my eyes already swollen and tired from the crying fit’s I’d had before; but it just kept coming.

I broke down again, weeping and letting everything just empty from my system; barely registering the alpha now tensed and quiet before me.

Right at this moment, in my more than a little vulnerable state, I just needed something to ground me. My body moving of its own accord as I pressed into Shinso.

I didn’t think about the repercussions, I hardly even thought about what I was doing; my body just gravitated towards the alpha, seeking the protection my omega associated with the scent of alpha. He didn’t seem to know what to do with himself at this point, his body rigid at first, before melting into a delicate embrace.

He rested his chin atop my head, one hand holding me against his chest and the other carefully brushing away the leftover tears still trickling from my eyes.

He didn’t speak, just continued the comforting brush of his thumb against my skin; his hold tightening as my quivering ceased.

Now that I could actually think again, with the emotional outburst out of the way, I felt far too close to the alpha for comfort. Our position entirely inappropriate and I knew I really ought to move away. But something about him stopped me from pushing him away like I did with Kacchan before; a loneliness that I couldn’t ignore.

I didn’t pull away from him yet, whispering into his chest as I allowed him to stay like this.

“Why are you here Shinso. Why did Enji seek you out.”

His hand stilled from it’s previous circling motion; the pressure that had kept me held tight to the alpha’s chest loosening.

“Because I let my guard down. Enji knows too much about me, and I am indebted to him; if I don’t do as he says he could destroy me.”

How low would Enji go, to blackmail a student into doing something like this? Just how desperate was he to break Shouto? Shinso signed into my hair, the warm breath tickling my scalp as he spoke.

“This isn’t right.”

He moved away, looking down to meet my eyes as his tone grew serious.

“He may have control over me, but he has no right to be dragging you into this as well.”

I shrugged, a weak smile playing at my lips as I tried my best to aleve the situation. “I already said I would do this if it means being able to stay with Todoroki-”

He cut me off though, beginning to reach for the ropes binding my hands as I gasped in surprise.

“What are you doing!”

He grunted, continuing to pull at the knot with nimble hands as he responded “what I should’ve done from the start.”

My hands were free once more, but I could hardly leave like this; I couldn’t put Shinso at risk.

“Are you crazy! Enji will definitely have your head if you let me go; and if he’s as bad as you say he’ll probably just end up coming after me again anyways!”

We both paused at my words, the idea that Enji wouldn’t stop until he had his way a rather shattering image. When Shinso spoke next, it was with a quiet resignation; his stance seeming defeated and frustrated as he mumbled “then what can we do…”

I thought about it, the gears slowly starting to turn in my head once more as the ability to think my way out of situations finally kicked into play.

a plan was beginning to form, and like hell I’d let Enji hurt anymore of my friends.




~Third POV~

Todoroki knew something was wrong, he could feel it through the bond; Izuku was in trouble. The fact that he’d just received a text from his father, ordering him to meet him at an odd location; only fueled his suspicion further.

He’d always known his father was a sly and underhanded man, but would he really go this far? No, it must’ve just been a coincidence. At least, he sincerely hoped it was.

As much as his legs were itching to race off to the aid of his omega, he knew it would only cause more trouble to ignore his father. The man was already pissed as it was with him constantly ignoring the man’s messages; there was no need to rile him up further.

So he ran, ran as fast as he could to finish up whatever meeting his father wanted with him; then he’d go find Izuku.

The closer he got to the location his father sent, the more his mating mark burned, the tingling of proximity increasing the pooling dread that had built up with every step. He was getting closer to Izuku; and if that’s the case, then whatever his father had planned probably wasn’t going to be very agreeable.

Finally, he made it to the location; relief instantly flooding through him when he saw a distinct lack of Izuku. Though, the relief was short lived, quickly being drowned out with the usual hollowness that accompanied any encounter with his father.

“What do you want.”

Straight to the chase, none of the Todoroki’s were ever ones to beat around the bush. Enji hadn’t been waiting for long, his appeasement with his son’s swiftness swamped away by the curt tone he was addressed with.

His eyes snapped into a half lidded stare as he glowered down on Shouto’s smaller stature.

“I don’t like that attitude of yours.”

‘Yeah? Well I don’t like you.’ The younger alpha practically had to bite his tongue to stop from saying that, his teeth gritting in displeasure as he forced himself to remain silent.

The location his father had picked was the epitome of isolation; a tiny clearing in a forest that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. Had he not been given the exact location of the spot, the dual haired alpha was sure he’d never have even come across this place.

A smug gleam had quickly whisked away the earlier irritation from Enji’s face, a sly smirk pulling at the corner of his lips as he started making his way out of the clearing.

“Maybe your opinion will change once you see what I have in-store for you.”

He motioned towards some unseen person; calling them forward with a flick of his hand as two figures stepped out of the bushes.

Todoroki’s heart instantly began to fall, the blood icing in his veins as he watched Izuku’s smaller stature stumbling blindly out of the tree’s. His hands appeared to be tied behind his back, his eyes uncovered but misty; the person following him out uncovering the reason behind the faraway look.

Shinso. The purple haired alpha must’ve used his quirk on the omega; a need to protect nearly overwhelming him with the following tide of jealousy. He just managed to hold himself back from pouncing on the perpetually sleepy boy; though, the seemingly air of indifference that always surrounded him did little to help that.

Enji was all too pleased by his son’s reaction, his lips quirking back into that infuriating sneer he always wore when he was winning.

Though it was difficult, Todoroki forced himself to pull on his own expression of indifference; as if he was gonna give his father any more satisfaction than he already seemed to have gained.

“What’s with that cold face, aren’t you pleased? And I went through all the trouble of fetching your little play thing for you too.”

It was a trap, he knew it, but it was so very hard not to fall. Especially when that man spoke of his mate so casually.

“I’m sorry I can’t meet your expectations then father; but should you really be so surprised? When have I ever met your expectations.”

The taller hero sighed, his arms crossing as a parental disappointment creased his brow. It was a look that sure didn’t suit him, especially knowing how little the man suited the role of a parent.

“You take after your brother too much. That one was a troublemaker from the start, I hoped you’d have the sense not be influenced by the likes of him; but perhaps my hopes were set too high, I haven’t trained you well enough.”

A jolt seemed to travel through the dual haired alpha, his body going as stiff as a board and taking a step back. Whatever he associated with the word ‘training’, probably wasn’t anything good.

Izuku was tense, unnoticed by anyone else, he had been listening to everything with extraordinary control. Though Shinso was on standby to put him under if things got out of hand; Izuku had insisted he could mimic an appearance of a quirk induced state; wanting to have control over his own body if needed.

Although the raven wasn’t much of an actor, he’d felt the effects of Shinso’s control long enough to somewhat fake it, and he was doing pretty well, going by the fact that no one besides Shinso seemed to have realized yet.

“It looks like you still know your place, good, play time’s over then.”

Enji shoved his hand in his pocket and resurfaced with a small clear vial; tossing it towards his son in one quick motion.

With the experience and reflexes todoroki had built over the years, he managed to snatch it just a few inches shy of his face; glancing confused and a little suspiciously at the small bottle.

“What’s this?”

His father hardly seemed to be paying attention anymore, having pulled out his phone sometime after he tossed the vial and scrolling through it. When he replied, his tone was so matter of fact it seemed as though it should’ve been obvious.

“I had an idea of what you may be getting up to after my conversation with that principle of yours, which is why I had that serum made just in case you were stupid enough to let your rut get to your head.”

The younger alpha was visibly bristling at that statement; his mouth opening as if to object-- but his father beat him to it.

“Oh please, don’t even try to deny it now; I saw the mark. You and your idiotic sense of chivalry-- just cause you fucked a bitch doesn’t mean you have to take responsibility for it. That’s why I had that made for you, it’s experimental, but it’s your best shot at dissolving the mark no strings attached.”

Shouto stared stunned at the clear liquid in his hands, his eyes going wide before fury set in with the meaning behind his father’s statement.

He didn’t even have to think about what he was doing; immediately flinging the vial against the nearest tree and watching the glass shatter. “What do you think you’re doing-”


Shouto’s voice may have been quiet, but his meaning was explicit, intentions hard to miss. It was the type of voice that was dangerous, void of emotion and skin tinglingly so.

“No, you’re the one who doesn’t seem to understand. I’ve never made a more clear minded decision in my life.”

Enji actually seemed stunned at his son’s defiance; apparently, unused to his son ever talking back let alone interrupting him.

“You can’t be serious, you don’t actually see that...thing, as a suitable mate!?”

Shouto didn’t even flinch as Enji’s flames burned brighter, his eyes fiery with a finalized determination.

“That ‘thing’, as you call it, is my mate. And he’ll make a far better hero and partner than any of those politically calculated trophy brides you keep talking about.”

If Enji wasn’t mad before he was absolutely livid now; his hand making a move to slap the boy when a flash of green shot across his peripheral vision. He just managed to catch the fist in time, a punch aimed at his torso and stalling the raven mid flight.

Another surprise to add to his growing list of disappointments, it looks like the purple haired alpha was nothing short of a failure as well.

“And to think I’d even given you a second chance”

his eyes slid towards Shinso, the young alpha’s eyes wide in shock and quickly morphing into a look of horror “you should’ve taken it- and you”

Now he fixed his heated glare on the omega in his grasp; the boy having started to struggle in his grip as he fought to free his trapped fist.

“You would’ve been better off playing dead.”

His last few words ended in a spat snarl, flinging the boy across the clearing in an overly aggressive gesture and catching everyone off guard.

Todoroki reacted on instinct, using his ice to speed up his movements as he shot towards his mate, arms open and catching the raven as they both rolled to the ground from the force of his father’s throw.

The man was heading towards them, his anger still apparent in the harsh lines zigzagging across his temple, his scent heavy in the air with a demanding presence.

He was trying to force his son into submission, but by doing so, he was also exposing the others in the clearing to the intimidating pheromones. Something which caused devastating effects for the lesser dynamic.

Izuku let out a pained whine in the arms of his mate, his nose scrunching up and hands tearing at the grass as he shook his head, trying in vain to clear the commanding scent from his system.

His body was reacting to the authority, the omega within him both willing and fighting against the submission that threatened to drug his body. The two battling instincts warring within him and causing physical and mental strain, to the point it was actually hurting him.

Todoroki was well aware of the cause to his mate’s distress, eyes locking on the source and his final ounce of reservations slipping away in favour of his alpha’s desire to protect. He embraced it.

“No more.”

Flames erupted in his father’s path, smoldering in intensity and cutting off his access to the pair of them in a blazing golden display. He halted, eyes widening a fraction in awe as his son snarled towards him.

“You can hurt me all you want, but not him, never him. I’ll never let you harm another hair on my mate’s head!”

The young alpha meant every word he said, even the the simplest shift in his father’s posture sent him on edge; large columns of ice protruding from the ground by the boy’s feet as he aimed precariously sharp tips at his father; the structures seemingly immune to even the heated temperatures of his flames.

His father was nothing short of impressed by the new development, was his son always this strong? No, he wasn’t, then what changed? He couldn't have improved this much in the few months he’d been away; even for the prodigy he boasted the boy to be.

His eye was caught once more by the soft dark greenish black curls of the omega in his son’s arms, the boy limp but still conscious.

From the protective stance his son held, draping more than half his body over the boy in a shielding manner; he needn’t search for the reason any longer. He’d found it after all.

This didn’t mean anything though, couldn’t. Any mate would’ve increased his son’s power regardless, the boy just happened to be an omega and increased his power more. Yes, that was it, his power could still be just as immense with another omegan partner; one more suitable even.

This omega was just a distraction, something that’ll only slow his son’s progress, it would be a simple matter to get rid of the boy. However he’d have to get the boy away from his foolish son first, it was for his own good; Shouto would see that one day.

He stepped purposefully forward, pressing his neck flush against the tip of one of the frozen spears, daring his son to act on his threat. Shouto hesitated though, his eyes wavering as Enji bore down on him with a pressuring gaze.

“Now where’d that spirit go, you were so willing to defend that little play thing of yours earlier, have you finally seen the fault in your reasons?”

This seemed to strike a chord with his son again, the cold ice pressing harder against his throat, though, not piercing yet.

“Ah what’s this? And I thought I’d have to do the dirty work all by myself.”

Everyone in the clearing froze, dread filling the students and the hero snapping into a more professional matter. The situation with his son was forgotten for now, flames alighting upon his shoulders for an entirely different reason as he immediately shifted to searching for the source of that voice.

None of them had to wait long though, the young man himself stalking into the clearing followed closely by one of his hideous beasts.

The Nomu, as the villains had been calling it, was no less eerie than the past few had been; it’s brains left exposed and mouth twisted into a deformed beak. Shigaraki seemed rather confident to only bring one, though this one was neither winged nor buff like the previous two most difficult beasts had been; it was still huge and no reason to let their guard down. Even a “small fry” like this one would be an above average opponent for the hero.

“Oh please don’t let me interrupt, it looked like something interesting was going on here. Or is it perhaps, you want me to play as well?”

Enji took the lead in this discussion, distracting the villain with his own snarky remarks and general questioning. Shouto seized this opportunity with the man currently preoccupied; shoving his mate behind him and finding Shinso not far off, beckoning to the boy with the slightest of gestures while hoping for once in his life, he could communicate his intentions without the usual barriers of his social awkwardness.

To his luck, it seemed that Shinso had been thinking something along the same lines, already inching towards him and closer to Izuku.

Shouto loathed the idea of handing his mate off to someone else to protect, but between his mate still being incapacitated by his father’s actions and his own obligation to face the villain now standing a mere few feet away; he didn’t really have many other options.

It would be worse if he had to fight Shigaraki while still holding Izuku, putting both of them in danger for as foolish a reason as jealous rivalry with another alpha.

“Take Izuku back to UA and get some help, we’ll hold them off for now.”

Shinso had no arguments there, carefully picking the smaller omega up bridal style and making to escape; unfortunately, their actions had captured the attention of a certain bird-like creature. It was in front of them and cutting off their escape in an instant, it’s body practically materializing in their way with how fast it moved, a harsh shrill leaving it’s toothed beak as it called attention to them from it’s master.

“Shit-” They’d underestimated it, used to the creatures following direct command like the one at USJ, none of them had expected it to act independently of Shigaraki’s will.

“Trying to leave so soon?”

Shigaraki’s face had now turned towards them, his expression covered by the hand he always kept on his face. Even still, it was frighteningly easy to tell how he must’ve appeared, a crazed smile most likely adorning his features at this very moment with the tone of voice he used.

“I’m afraid my game doesn’t come with a run option though...Nomu.”




~Izuku's POV~


How I hated my weakness at this very moment, cursing the delay in activating my quirk but still managing to get my bearing back in time to avoid the worst of the impact. Though the nomu still managed to get in a hit, it would’ve ended up far worse had I not managed to get us both out of reach of it’s grabbing hands.

Shinso tried his best to aid in the evasive maneuvers, but between the two of us; I had the advantage with the 5% boost of one for all, ultimately dragging the purple haired alpha along with me as the greenish lightning crackled like a whip around us.

The nomu continued its pursuit, dashing after us in a blind furry, a roar erupting from it’s gaping mouth.

Shouto and Enji tried to help, raising a wall of ice and fire to intercept the beast, but Shigaraki made quick work of the ice. His hand going to grab the the hero as well, but the man had enough sense to move away. Cutting the column of flames short and leaving nothing stop the beats.

The momentary distraction left both Izuku and Shinso wide open for attack, the nomu bearing down on them with a frightening burst of speed as it seized its chance.

I tried to change course and carry us away from danger; but the sharp turn while carrying more than my usual weight left me unprepared for the extra momentum; sending us both sprawling to the ground and myself winded from the impact.

Though Shinso was momentarily disoriented from the harsh fall, he was much quicker to get back to his senses; gaping at the oncoming enemy’s hulking form and feeling the distinct impulse to run. However he stopped, his own fear drowning as he locked onto me.

My body was still stunned, any efforts I made to get up thwarted by the limpness in my limbs and unresponsive legs. The landing had been harsh, leaving me much closer to the nomu, defenceless, and in it’s direct line of sight.

Not for much longer though. Shinso jumped in front of me, his arms held wide and once again acting as my shield. He was small, so much smaller than the advancing nomu; but he wouldn’t back down, not even with his body trembling and his scent screaming of fear.

I couldn’t understand, why was he doing this, willing to go so far to try and protect me. Then I saw it, the same quivering smile I once adorned, the smile of a person who was willing to stand up against someone bigger even without having any power; all to be able to protect, to buy the person you’re defending even a little bit of time.

Because that’s what heroes do.

It reached us, brutal hands descending upon tender flesh, fragile bones; the snaps and screams ringing in my ears. I was suddenly thrown back to USJ, Aizawa sensei broken and lifeless before me; his eyes still opening trying to fight, trying to protect, while I stood by unable to do a thing.

No, this wasn’t USJ, this wasn’t Aizawa. This was Shinso, and I can still save him.

Pure energy was pooling into my limbs, the numbness receding to the back of my mind as everything but the Nomu disappeared from the vision.

Distantly, I heard someone calling my name, desperate, begging me to stop; but I couldn’t tell who, didn’t care.

A large bird like face turned towards me, dropping it’s previous charge like a forgotten toy and roaring towards what it now recognized as a threat.

The lid I had so carefully built over my power slipped, vision whiting out as I threw myself at it; all the power of one for all, all of my feelings and stress pouring out into a single punch. The aftershock threw the entire clearing into disarray, my own body breaking with the impact of using one for all past my limit; past any limit I’d ever gotten to before.

It was...exhilarating.

Slowly, my senses began to trickle back, a sharp ringing following me as I opened my eyes. The nomu stood lifeless before me, it’s body virtually destroyed with hardly any of it left in tact.

My fist had landed where it’s chest once stood; the flesh and organs blown away to leave a gaping and disfigured hole. Blood was slowly oozing from the wound, the flesh twitching and muscles contracting as if trying to heal itself; but so little was left in tact, it soon stopped altogether.

The creature swayed for a few more of defiant standing, before falling back into a growing pool of its own blood. Even All Might’s power had never caused so much destruction, it sent a shudder through my body as I looked back upon my own actions in muted terror.

I didn’t mean to kill it...but...but I didn’t have a choice! It was either hold back and risk being uneffective like USJ, or fight with all my power to defeat it.

An eerie chuckle sounded from behind and way too close for comfort, my body whipped around so fast I nearly fell over with the force of it. ‘ He’d ‘been half way across the clearing just a second ago unless…’

My stomach churned as I caught sight of the fading purple clouds behind him, the remnants of the portal quirk users gateway and a very bad sign in deed.

Suddenly my chest went tight, my lungs aching as it felt as though I were drowning. ‘Oh no, not now, nononono.’ But there wasn’t much I could do, the draw back of overusing a quirk my body couldn’t contain.

I doubled over, choking on hacking coughs and further painting my hands and clothes red. It pooled into my fingers and dripped past my lips; but for whatever reason it seemed to slow.

The blood was still oozing in steady drips and my body was still throbbing with unseen pains; but I could stand. The attack most likely kept back by pure adrenaline and survival instinct.

I thanked whatever god --and possibly my omega-- for the patch up job, but I knew better than to relax yet; I was still weak and any chance of using one for all again was out the window unless I wanted to kill myself.

I barely had the strength left to hold myself together without exploding into another bout of coughs. I was dead in the water.

Shigaraki had regarded my outburst with mild interest, marvelling at the way I continued to keep an eye on him even while crouched and putting up a feeble fight.

Now that he was so close, practically hovering over me, I could see the corners of his lips peeled back into a cracked smile; having seemingly gained some twisted sense of pleasure from the defeat of his Nomu, or perhaps my own self destruction.

“You really do live up to sensei’s expectations, he’ll be pleased.”

A rumbling purr seemed to enter his voice as it dropped down, words rasped at a volume heard only between us.

“I know I am.”

The way his words curled around me, his presence like that of a hand clasping in a strangling hold around my throat, set me on edge; heat simmering beneath the bond mark at my shoulder.

Something about this alpha screamed danger at a baser level than his status of a villain, a more primal danger I knew Todoroki could feel as well. His unease and anger rippling like waves within me.

“Where’d that fire in your eyes go? Your bloodlust suited you much better than this...I know! How about a change of scenery, shall we?”

He never gave me the chance to reply, the floor opening up below us and sucking me away from the clearing with a yelp.

I just barely caught a flash of red and white as Shouto lunged for me; but I’d already sunken too deep. In the disorientation and tumble of the warp; I somehow found my wrist caught in a four fingered hold; realizing with increasing dread that Shigaraki must’ve used the opportunity to grab me.

I didn’t have much time to register this information though, as no sooner had we been sucked into the portal; were we being spit back out. My wobbling legs only managing to stay upright with the leverage and support the white haired alpha provided.

The method of transport left me feeling sick to my stomach, a queasiness not unlike car sickness threatening to pull up the contents of my stomach right then and there; but the sight that greeted me when I opened my eyes put all other sensation at hold.

The clearing was gone, instead I was faced with an absolutely breathtaking sight. It was a cliff, miles of feet in the air-- we must’ve been in the mountains!

The view alone would’ve been beautiful to enjoy, if I wasn’t currently standing next to a man who could kill me at any moment's notice without ever leaving a trace.

“Tch, looks like we’ve got company.”

The others must’ve followed through the portal, landing in the clearing with a series of thuds announcing their arrivals. Both Enji and Todoroki had jumped through first, and quickly followed by Shinso.

My knees felt weak in relief to see they were all relatively unharmed; especially Shinso as I hadn’t had a chance before to check on the alpha since the nomu did get to him first. But it seemed as though I never had to be worried in the first place.

Though trembling, he held his ground, a wavering glare leveled on Shigaraki as the alpha stepped closer. His hand had drawn it’s way up from my wrist to my forearm, an unspoken warning to not try anything funny. Not that I could anyways.

“Let the boy go now, or there will be consequences.”

Shigaraki smirked at the mock intimidation Enji tried to use, his bluff caught as the male knew he had the upper hand. No one but them knew where they were, they’d receive no help here.

Still, he played along, the image of a cat playing with it’s prey before devouring it popping into my mind and sending a shudder through my body.

“Oh, and here I was under the impression you wanted to get rid of him too. Enji Todoroki.”

The man grit his teeth, fire burning in the palms of his hands as he tried to hold back.

“What a coward, taking a hostage because he knows he can’t possible defeat all of us. I didn’t know Villains were so weak!”

Shigaraki stayed silent at the comment, ignoring Shinso’s words. Though the boy continued to jeer and taunt the alpha he never took the bait. Most likely well informed about all of our quirks and how to avoid them.

With me as a hostage, and Shigaraki nonresponsive to Shinso’s words, it was starting to seem hopeless, the cards were just too stacked in his favour. This didn’t seem to deter one person though, his eyes still alight with a furious rage and need to protect; the eyes of an alpha willing to do anything for their mate.

I could feel his eyes on me the entire time, sense his desires; but I wasn’t the only one who noticed.

“This must be the mate I see, a knight in shining armour here to save the damsel in distress.”

His hand travelled further up, resting in a four fingered graze against this skin of my neck; my heart pounding in my ears as he pressed against my jugular with increasing pressure.

“A little too late though.”

Todoroki looked on the brink of losing it, his body tense and set to snap into action as he growled out

“Don’t. You. Dare.”

Shigaraki merely toyed with him, tracing the column of my throat and circling his way closer and closer to my mating mark as all five fingers came close to contact.

I knew the moment they all touched my skin, it would be over; but I didn’t feel worried. Something in me knew that Shigaraki wouldn’t do it, he wouldn’t kill me.

His head slowly turned away from me, now focusing on the horrified audience standing mere meters away. Todoroki was about ready to charge at the man; only holding back because he realized one wrong move could mean the end of my life.

From my position, I could just see the corner of Shiagraki’s lips from under his mask; the cracked and rough surface slowly rising into a smug smile.

“Did you really think I was going to kill him? Heh, for hero’s, you lot sure don’t know much about us villains.”

“Then why are you-”

Shigaraki cut Todoroki off before he could continue, his gaze fixing on Enji now.

“You know, if you’re trying to break their bond your going about it all the wrong way. See, there’s only one way I know of that works.”

Enji’s eyes had never once strayed from Shigaraki’s form, his lids lowering in careful interest as he asked how, the fire continuing to burn, but low around his clenched fists. His guard was down.

I could feel my heartbeat quicken the moment he’d said it, realizing all too late what he was planning. I tried to warn them, but Shigaraki was quicker. A portal opened in front of us, a complementary one opening up behind Shouto.

“You just have to kill one!”

The second both portals had opened the silver haired alpha had released his grip on my neck; lunging his torso through the opening instead as he reached to take hold of my mate.

This can’t be happening...Shouto...Shouto’s going to die! Everything stopped as my brain began to short circuit, the fear and pain of possibly losing my mate causing unimaginable suffering and sadness to well inside of me.

I didn’t want this, I never wanted to put Shouto in danger; this is all my fault!

That’s when I felt it, the warmth associated with Todoroki’s comforting caress on my cheek. I looked up, seeing the frozen Todoroki gazing back at me; a ferocious love and acceptance glaring from his two mismatched eyes.

He was willing to die for me, he loved me to that extent; and I loved him too. There was only one thing I could do, one last thing that could save Todoroki.

I’m sorry.

Time gradually seemed to resume, my resolve already prepared and my plan kicking into action. Power pooling in my leg.

It took a toll, already blood was beginning to gather in my mouth as a warning to stop; my chest aching and further breaking with the strain.

I looked up one last time; catching the flicker of a knowing look and horror gracing the features of everyone standing opposite to shigaraki and I. It was the only way.

I smiled, one last smile to let Shouto know how much I cared, how much I wanted to be with him, how I wish things could’ve been different.

But they weren't.

Lunging forward, I grabbed at Shigaraki’s waist, pulling him back towards me while simultaneously raising my leg and slamming it down with all the force I could muster from One for All.





~Todoroki's POV~

It was like everything had just started to play in slow motion, from the moment the portal had opened, till now; with my mate slamming his foot into the ground.

My heart stopped, unable to tear my gaze away as the shock from the impact sent shivering vibration through the earth-- mimicking a minor earthquake-- before the rock and dirt under foot started to splinter and crack.

Each crunch and snap grated on my ears like a horrible prediction; the feeling of something approaching from behind going unnoticed until I heard a gasp. I spun around just in time to catch the white haired alpha falling back through the portal, his hands inches away from grabbing me and a look of terror filling his eye.

Then he was gone, back through the portal; falling with a horrible screech just as a thunderous boom sounded from the edge now behind me.

When I looked back for Izuku, I came up empty; the entire cliff was missing.


I ran towards where my mate once stood, watching the dirt continue to crumble away from the cliff in a crazed trance. I felt the weight of someone trying to tackle me down but I ignored it; flinging them off as I continued to run.

I was so close to the edge now, just a few more steps and-- A brutal force slammed into me before I could make it, throwing me to the ground and clamping a hand upon the back of my neck, stealing my movements.

“Shouto stop!”

The voice was commanding, heavy, Every muscle in my body was willing me to submit to the order but I pushed on; scratching at the dirt under my fingers and struggling to drag myself out from his grip, destroying my nails in the process.

This only intensified the pressure at the back of my neck though, nearing the point of strangulation as his voice boomed next to my ear.

“It’s too late! What are you going to do when you get to the edge huh? Are you going to jump off with him? If you do that then you’re even stupider than he was!”

I hissed between gasping breaths, my lungs burning from the deprivation as I felt my anger spill over.

“He isn’t stupid! I-I need to get to him-- need to save him!”

I knew my voice was wavering even with the conviction I felt, I knew it cracked, bordering desperate as I struggled. I was pathetic, I was useless, I couldn’t even protect him once!

A pain, sharp and breathtaking, burst beneath the skin of my shoulder. It...was like nothing I’d ever felt before. I screamed, a full on caterwaul of agony that released me from my father’s grip; his body jerking back with a curse as I curled in on myself.

My mind was being torn open over and over again, I felt like I was falling, falling, then being crushed, at the mercy of the coming and receding tides of black and red, pain morphing into a suffocating blanket of nothingness.

Then, it disappeared; leaving my body empty-- my mind, quiet. There was too much space, there was something missing-- no, lost.

It...can’t, it isn’t no no no NO!

I wrenched the collar of my shirt down, revealing the dissolving purple mark; already reduced to nothing more than a bruise.

I raked my fingers over the spot, going over and over and over against the flesh; gouging at it; trying desperately to grab onto it. I couldn’t lose it, I couldn’t lose the last thing I had connecting me to him.

I felt a new set of hands grabbing me, forcing my hands away from my shoulder as I was whirled to face the shockingly emotional face of Shinso.

His eyes were puffy, glistening as if he was on the verge of tears himself; but he held it in, his voice wobbly and loud.

“STOP! You...can’t. You can’t do that to yourself.”

I tried to yank my hands away but Shinso’s grip on them was firm, unrelenting; even when I bit down on one of his hands to get him to release me. He just winced, closing his eyes before snarling and pushing me down.

“Don’t you get it! He did this for you! He was protecting you, and you’re throwing that away, you’re flushing all his efforts down the drain by hurting yourself!”

My thoughts were brought to a sudden stop, my hands stilling and my jaws slowly releasing. I could still taste the light tang of blood on my lips, but it was what he said next that really struck a chord with me.

“It...hurts, god I know how much it hurts-- but he wanted you to live. Why else would he have done it?”

His voice quieted to a soft whisper; words only we could hear “He loved you.”

His voice cracked, eyes falling before he released his grip on my wrists all together. For the first time since I entered the clearing, I looked at him-- really looked at him, and that’s when I knew it.

Shinso, this alpha, he was also in pain; he had also cared, and he wanted-- just as much as I did-- to believe this wasn’t real. But even he knew the truth, his quiet resignation shown in the slump of his shoulders; downcast eyes glazed and unseeing.

A slow falling wetness began to trace the right side of my face, dripping down to my chin and falling into my hands. I watched it, more drops following and spattering in glistening droplets that collected in my upturned palms.

Then, another drop fell, but distinctly further from the rest. This one singular drop had landed in my left hand; quivering before breaking apart as it was hit by yet another.

Dazed, I raised my right hand up to feel my left cheek; recoiling in surprise to find a similar trail painting the skin. I...was crying, from my left eye. The eye deemed broken, unfeeling; it shouldn’t be possible, yet here was the evidence-- slowly sliding away and evaporating on my heated palm.


My shoulders shuddered, my back bending low until I could rest my forehead to the ground; feeling the soft grass beneath my skin and imagining it was Izuku’s green curls instead.

My heart broke.

I howled, long and low into the earth, knowing I’d never be able to thank him for saving me again.




























~Third POV~


“Phew, what a mess! You sure this is the right one?”

Silvery blue eyes slid lazily towards the man, a scoff lilting his voice as he replied “There was only one.”

The taller man responded in kind, a haughty hitch to his voice as he replied “careful, boy, I am not as easily cowed as one of your boss’s play things.”

This dragged an insufferable sigh out of the scarred young alpha, his patience always worn thin and now far past the point of breaking. He held his tongue though, biting back the urge to snarl as he knew this wasn't a fight he would win.

“Yeah yeah, just do what we paid you to do and I'll be on my way.”

The man snickered at his obvious exasperation, his hand coming to rest on his chin below his mask as he looked his quarry up and down; thoughtful, analytical. There really wasn’t much to work with here. His quirk was powerful, yes; but even he would find this job a little more difficult.

“Alright, step back a bit; unless you want me to disassemble some of you to reassemble this.

The younger male rolled his eyes, doing as he was told though and giving him a wide berth; watching with mild interest as the man cracked his knuckles, pulled off the surgical gloves he’d been wearing, and popped his shoulders in succession.

The wind seemed to pick up in the clearing around them, a dark swirl of power gathering into the space and rattling the branches of the trees. He pulled his hands around him in a dance of fluid movement, swirling with the power and pulling more energy from the life around him; the entire area turning a decaying black as plant life withered at his feet.

Finally, they struck the earth, fisting crimson dirt between his fingers and watching as the blood slowly filtered out and clumped into a ball in the air. It shivered with the wind; delicate, innocent; responding to his whispered commands as the liquid began to glow a brilliant gold.

Somewhere beneath the mess of stones and dirt, another complementary sheen of liquid gold shone through the cracks; bringing a sly smirk upon the man's lips.

Raising his hands out of the dirt, he gently closed them around the golden orb, leaving gaps between his fingers so the light emitted still shone through. Power from the clearing rushed towards his hands at this point, circling in a hurricane like swirl, drawn towards the light as he chanted his final words.





















To Be Continued...