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His cock was thick and rigid, with a delicious shape that had her swooning. She’d hardly managed to take a few inches into her mouth, though she’d desperately tried her best.  Elisa wanted it inside her in the worst way, but the gargoyle was keeping a careful distance with his stunning hunk of manhood. Every move she made to grind against him found him smoothly shifting his thigh in the way.

She reached for his cock again, only to have him make another careful dodge. Elisa huffed and sat up, planting both hands on his chest. “You know who else isn't a mind reader?” she asked.

He grimaced. “I am sorry.” 

Elisa scooted closer and cupped his face in her hands. “What's wrong?”

He frowned and displayed his clawed fingers. “I cannot prepare you, and the risk of injuring you is too great.” 

In her determination to get the gargoyle naked, she'd brushed off his protest. Now it made more sense. She winced and wrapped her arms around his neck. “I'm the one who’s sorry. I should've listened to you the first time.”

After a round of soft kisses and apologies, Elisa’s body reminded her about their current dilemma. “Is that all that's worrying you?” 

He nodded and touched the gunshot scar just under her ribs. “You do not have the luxury of turning to stone and becoming whole.”

She nipped the side of his neck and whispered, “What if I told you I had a solution?” 

His fingers twitched and he stared longingly at her body. “I would be very interested.”

Elisa twisted and crawled to the edge of the bed, ignoring the gargoyle’s curious look. The top drawer of her night table contained her badge and gun. The bottom drawer contained her modest collection of adult toys. 

“They probably didn't have these in your days,” she said as she selected her favorite dildo. It had nothing on Goliath and his luscious cock, but it would be the perfect substitute for his fingers.

She held it up between them. His eyes narrowed as he took in the brilliant pink toy in the vague shape of a penis. “You...use this on yourself?” he asked, an odd note in his voice.

Elisa scowled at him. “Like you've never rubbed one out.”

Goliath made a choked sound. “Fair enough,” he said in a strangled voice as he reached for the toy.

If Elisa thought he was going to be shy or confused about the application of her toy, she was happily mistaken. After turning it over in his hands a couple times, he pointed at her and then the bed.  She obeyed and found herself rewarded by the gargoyle’s face returning between her legs. A few languid swipes with his talented tongue later, she was right back to behaving like a wanton slut.

He worked his magic with his mouth as he slowly trailed the toy around her pussy. It created a pang of desire so intense it ached, but Goliath ignored her pleas for mercy.

His eyes lifted to watch her face as he finally, finally, slipped the very tip of the dildo past her pussy lips. He hovered it there, circling her entrance and groaning when she rocked her hips against his face.

Ever patient, he slowly pushed the toy deeper, twisting and rolling it to maximize the stretching effect. By the time it was fully inserted, Elisa was almost sobbing in anticipation of having the gargoyle fuck her into the mattress.

He growled against her clit and worked the toy inside her until she sailed over the edge of climax again.

Goliath rose on his knees. As she came out of the blur of orgasm, she reached out to caress his cock. “Can I please have this inside me now?”


He wanted her under him so that he could thrust and fuck his way into blissful oblivion, but fear of injuring her had him paralyzed. His eyes kept locking on her scar, and bringing her broken body back into his mind.

Elisa sat up and took her little toy from his numb fingers. “Goliath?”

“I am sorry,” he whispered hoarsely.

She curved her hand along his cheek. “You know I trust you, right?”

He brushed her hair away from her face. “Thank you.”

“Do you trust me?”

His tongue wouldn't work, so he just nodded. Elisa pointed to the bed. “Then lay on your back and get comfortable.”

Goliath tensed for a moment, but then he shifted and eased onto his back.

Elisa’s eyes lingered over his rock hard cock. “I'm going to ride this beast,” she said, her voice leaving no room for doubt.

As she straddled his trim hips, Goliath started to sit up. She wagged a finger. “You said you trusted me.”

“I do,” he said, his voice tight and terse.

“Then turn off that beautiful brain and let me take the lead.”

His heart was in his throat, but finally he lay back. “Please be careful.  You are more precious to me than words could describe."

She swooned toward him and pressed her sweet lips against his in a lingering kiss that turned the moment from tense to tender.  He threaded his fingers through her soft curls and slid his hand over the satiny skin on her lower back.  She finally pulled away and took a leisurely stroke of his cock.  "You keep saying nice things to me, I might get attached."

The quip coaxed a half smile out of him.  "Heaven forbid.  Perhaps I should refrain."

"Don't you dare," she said as she took a bolder grip of him, smiling at his sharp intake of breath. Then she was lifting herself and dragging the head of his cock along her sleek crease. A hungry groan rumbled in his chest. It had been so long...

And then, slowly, she was letting gravity drag her down, whimpering as his thick shaft began to impale her. His hands clutched at her hips, but he didn't stop her. Didn't interfere with her mission.

“Goliath,” she breathed, her chest heaving sharper and harder the more his cock filled her pussy.

His eyes rolled back in his skull. Her pussy tasted like heaven, but it felt fucking sinful as it gripped him. The flesh surrounding his cock was hot and pulsing, and impossibly tight. There was a moment where she winced and paused, but after a few breaths, her body relaxed, and she rolled her hips to take his last few inches.

Goliath watched as she started to rock herself against him, seeking any hint of discomfort. He found none, and the more she lifted and sank down his length, the harder it was to focus on anything but the sheer pleasure of being fucked.

“Elisa,” he groaned.

The hungry sound seemed to encourage her, and soon she was fucking him at just the right rhythm to send his nerves through the roof. Instead of just clutching her hips, his hands started to guide and support her. To urge her. He sat up just enough to taste and tease her nipples and grip a hand into her hair so he could tip back her head and access the delicate bit of skin at the base of her throat with his lips and teeth.

Goliath moved one hand to massage against her clit which each thrust of her hips.  She shivered and leaned forward, putting more pressure over his fingers.  He reached up with his free hand to pinch and roll each coppery brown nipple in turn.  The pulse surrounding him quickened as she neared climax.  “Yes, pretty girl. Come for me,” he rasped.

Her fingers clawed into his biceps as she thrust frantically. With a sharp cry, she stiffened before melting into a twitching heap of human. Goliath bit his lip until he tasted blood to stop from following her into that delicious abyss.

As her tremors eased, he sat up and wrapped an arm around her. With utmost care, he turned over and lay her on her back, leaving himself buried in her stunning little pussy. He brushed a lock of hair from her face and slid his thumb along her lips. “You are an addictive little thing,” he whispered.

He might have believed her shy smile in response if she hadn’t immediately wrapped her lips around his thumb in a most obscene manner.


She had been right. She had been so right. His cock was the best thing to ever go inside her, and he was still there. Still rock hard, and ready to go.

Goliath toyed with her tits as he slowly slid himself inside her, and then back out. Long, smooth strokes that made every nerve in her body zing with pleasure. For a guy worried that he hadn't ever been with a human, he was performing like an expert. He played every note of her body like he’d been born to do it.

She wanted to kiss that stunning mouth of his, but the height difference made that impossible. So she contented herself with licks and nibbles along his chest and biceps. 

With every thrust of his cock, Goliath’s control started to slip. A feral sense of satisfaction roared to life as he shifted on his knees and began to thrust with less care and more urgency. Finally the man was seeking his own pleasure, and not worrying himself sick!

His hands and wings gripped into the bed as he started rutting into her, harsh grunts accompanying each hard thrust. Even his tail got into the act, curling around her calf and gripping tight.

“Yes,” she crooned, spreading her legs wider to give him full access to fuck her as hard as he wanted. “I want you to feel so good, Goliath.”

He gave a low growl that rivalled the satisfaction of his waking. Everything was going white hot and fuzzy with each stroke. “Don’t stop,” she begged, over and over. His pace quickened. As another orgasm washed through her, his body jerked and he made a long trembling groan.

Elisa's entire body was one pleasant buzz as Goliath collapsed onto his elbows. Then he muttered a curse. She popped her eyes open to see him examining one clawed hand.  Fluff and shreds of fabric clung to the talons.  She peeked to the side to see six gouges through the bedspread, through the sheets, and into the mattress.  A look at his wing found more fluff clinging to the claw tipping the far edge of it. He followed her gaze and winced.  "Oops?"

A snorting giggle escaped her lips before she could clap a hand over her mouth.  A smile slowly spread across his face.  "I am glad you see the humor in it, Elisa."

"Small price to pay for such an impressive performance," she said, making his smile widen.  Elisa wiggled and scooted until she could wrap her arms around his neck and kiss the lips she'd been denied throughout the most delicious fucking she'd ever experienced.  It wasn't until neither of them could breathe that they broke apart.

Goliath kissed her forehead and turned onto his back.  Elisa stretched her arms and legs before letting them sag back to the bed and sighing with contentment.  Just as she was about to relax, his wing scooped under her back and rolled her into his side.  She poked his ribs.  "No fair, you've got two extra appendages."

A smirk touched his beautiful lips as he arranged his arm and wing around her.  "Three, actually."

She frowned until his tail wrapped around her upper thigh.  Elisa reached down to trace her fingers over the soft skin of his tail.  "I didn't realize it was prehensile."

He shrugged.  "It's more for flight control than anything."

"Like a rudder?"

He laughed.  "Exactly like a rudder."

She cuddled into his side and took the opportunity to run her fingers over the soft leather of his wing.  "There are so many things about you that I don't know yet."

"Do you have questions?"

She nodded.  "About ten thousand."

He laughed, the sound vibrating in his chest.  "Perhaps we could start with a little less than that."

She giggled and pressed closer.  "Fine.  Were you actually little once?"

"Yes.  Not as small as a human infant.  More like large toddler."

"I can't even begin to imagine you as a child."

"If you ask Hudson, I was a terrible brat for the first ten years of my life.  And then I became somewhat bearable."

"And now you're like his son."

"I am his son.  His rookery son."

Elisa frowned.  "What does that mean?"

Goliath shifted so they were facing one another.  "Gargoyles do not have families like the humans.  We have a rookery.  Eggs are laid in clutches-"

"Did you say eggs?"

He nodded.  Elisa shook her head.  "Wow.  Talk about different species."

A smile touched his lips.  "Shall I continue to explain the rookery?"

Elisa nodded.  "Sorry, Goliath."

He kissed her.  "Questions are to be expected.  Alright, so a clutch of eggs are laid, one per mated couple.  All parents of that clutch are the rookery parents.  All the children of that clutch are rookery siblings."

"Are the rest of the guys your siblings?"

Goliath shook his head.  "No, they are younger, which makes them my clanmates.  I was too young to have been a parental part of that clutch."

She hesitated, and then asked, "Do you have siblings?"

His eyes dropped and the muscle along his jaw twitched.  "I did.  A dozen of them.  Brothers and sisters."

Elisa stroked his cheek and whispered, "I'm so sorry, Goliath."

He tightened his wing around her and trailed his fingers through her hair.  "I am trying to find peace with the loss, but it is not easy."

She kissed him on the forehead.  "I can't imagine it would be.  I'd be a wreck if something happened to my brother or sister."

Goliath cleared his throat and spoke in a voice that didn't quite hide his emotions.  "What else would you like to know?"

Elisa played along with the change in subject.  "Did you know that I come early and stare at you every evening?"

His cheeks flared bright red.  "You do not."

She put her palm at the base of his throat and dragged it down his chest, over his stomach, and then lower.  As her hand circled his cock, she whispered, "Are you calling me a liar?"


The human tucked against his side and wrapped in his wing snored softly.  Goliath smiled as he listened.  She'd fallen asleep after two more rounds of sexual exploration.  His initial assessment had been correct: one taste of Elisa Maza was nowhere near enough.  He couldn't conceive of a time when he'd be fully sated of his desire for her.

Everything about the night had been unexpected, yet perfect.  From their flight in the strong currents, to the ice cream, to the realization that his confusing feelings were mutual.  He still had no idea how to process any of it, but at least he was no longer alone in wondering what it all meant.

Orange light brightening the walls interrupted his comfortable haze.  The telltale tingle of his morning petrification immediately followed.  He jolted upright, making her squeak as his wing jerked away and sent her tumbling.  "Sorry!" he gasped as he shimmied to the side of the bed and fell to one knee.

As the stone crept from his toes to his knees to his hips to his chest, Elisa scrambled to the edge of the mattress and pressed her lips against his.  The last conscious thought in his mind was how sweet she tasted.

The first thing he saw when the spell released him from sleep was Elisa at her bedroom doorway.  The bewitching creature was stunningly, beautifully naked.  Her bronze skin glowed in the last vestiges of the sunset.  He couldn't think of a better sight to see upon waking.

Her eyes were locked on him, with an unmistakably hungry expression.  "That is my favorite part of every day.  Nothing is more sexy than watching you come to life," she said.

"Nothing?"  Goliath strode toward her.  "That sounds like a challenge."

The human was as insatiable as he felt, and met his every kiss and touch with an eagerness that left his heart racing.  She thrust her hips against his and made breathless whimpers.  "Please fuck me, Goliath."

Who was he to say no to such a polite request?

In the afterglow, she gave a long sigh.  "Too bad I have to work tonight."

Goliath agreed.  He could spend another entire night getting familiar with the woman's body.  And then another.  And then another.  "It is probably for the best.  We would wear ourselves raw."

She laughed and heaved to her feet.  "Probably."

As she crossed to her closet, a knock came at the living room window, followed by the sound of the latch being opened.  "Elisa?  You home?" called Brooklyn.

Elisa jolted and stared at the door.  "Uh, yeah?  Hang on, I'm just getting dressed."

Broadway's voice joined the conversation.  "Do you have those chips I like?"

"Can we watch your TV tonight?  There aren't anymore new movies at the theater this week," said Lexington.

"Yes, in the pantry.  And yes, you can.  You know where the remotes are."  Elisa crossed over to Goliath and whispered, "What now?"

Goliath tilted his head.  "What do you mean?"

She waved toward the door.  "I mean your clanmates are here."

He lifted a brow.  "I know.  I heard them."

She grimaced.  "I mean, do you want them knowing that this," she pointed from herself to him, "is going on?"

Goliath started to shrug, but stopped himself.  "Do you want them to know?"

Elisa tugged on a form-fitted white t-shirt.  "You kidding?  I want the world to know."

His belly fluttered and he pulled her into a hug.  "Then my clanmates should probably be the first to find out."

After finding and slipping into his loincloth, he drew her over for one last private kiss, lingering for an extra few moments.  Then he lead the way out of the bedroom, ducking through the low doorway.  Brooklyn, Broadway, and Lexington were in the living room.  It wasn't exactly how he imagined revealing any relationship, let alone his newfound relationship with a human, but it was a moment that had him fighting not to grin like an idiot nonetheless.

Brooklyn glanced over.  "Hey Goliath."

Broadway barely paused in between mouthfuls.  "Hi."

Lexington didn't even react.  He was too intent on scanning for just the right movie.

Goliath slipped an arm around Elisa and cleared his throat.  "Just so you are aware, Elisa and I-"

Broadway pumped a fist.  "Yes!  You both owe me twenty bucks!"

Lexington rolled his eyes.  "Lucky guess."

Elisa and Goliath exchanged a glance before he glared at the impertinent trio.  "You had a bet?" he asked.

Broadway was accepting cash from the other two.  "I guessed it would happen before the end of summer.  Lex thought it would be in the winter.  Brooklyn thought you'd be stubborn enough to hold out until next summer."

Goliath gave them all a dirty look.  "What if-"

Brooklyn cut him off with a wave of his hand.  "Oh please.  It was just a matter of when."

Elisa laughed softly.  "Then I take it this isn't a problem for you guys?"

They gave a collective shrug.  Lexington said, "As long as you're happy together, we're happy."

Brooklyn snickered.  "Hudson isn't going to be happy."

At Elisa's worried look, Goliath squeezed her closer.  "Hudson is a little more...conservative." 

A smile tugged at her lips.  "I see.  Well, good luck with that.  I have to get to work."

He laughed and guided her to the window.  As he hoisted himself out, he said, "Your support is overwhelming."

Elisa took his offered hand.  "I try not to be overbearing with my partners.  It's a perk, really."

She stepped to the edge of the roof and cursed.  Goliath joined her.  "What is wrong?"

Elisa crossed her arms and gave a little huff.  "Looks like I'm not getting out of seeing Hudson tonight."

Goliath frowned.  "Why?"

"My car is still at the library."

The idiotic grin finally burst free.  "Quite the dilemma."

She crossed her eyes at him.  "Funny guy."

"I have been told I have a good sense of comedic timing."

"Whoever said that lied to you."

He bared his teeth in a mocking growl before nipping at the side of her neck and stealing a kiss.  When they parted, Elisa traced a finger over his heart.  "What do you say, big guy?  Give a girl a lift?"

Goliath slipped his arms around her and pressed his lips against hers.  "Anytime, Elisa Maza."

As they swept through the air, Elisa whispered in his ear, "I think I might start taking more nights off."