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DAKIN_YES has started chat.

DAKIN_YES has named chat history_squad

DAKIN_YES has added 420nosescope, David Posner, Here_come_tech_boi, HowAboutVanNogh, pete, pianoMan, TEACHUSSY and why to history_squad


TEACHUSSY: Dakin, how do I change my name?

420nosescope: pfffffffft

HowAboutVanNogh: oh god stu you didnt


pianoMan: dakin im p sure this isnt legal

why: unfortunately it is

why: well technically its not *illegal*

David Posner: Wow, Dakin

DAKIN_YES: i have done nothing i need to apologise for

Here_come_tech_boi: you've done plenty of things you need to apologise for, you're just too much of a prick to do it

DAKIN_YES: slander

DAKIN_YES: ill sue you

Here_come_tech_boi: you can't sue me for slander, (1) it's true, (2) i haven't actually spoken, it'd be libel

pianoMan: wrecked @ DAKIN_YES

DAKIN_YES: sod off @ Here_come_tech_boi @ pianoMan

TEACHUSSY: Dakin, you still haven't told me how to change my name.

DAKIN_YES: settings -> interface preferences -> redo name -> type whatever you want

DAKIN_YES: its simple sir



David Posner:
dakin, those were the change username setting from before the last update

DAKIN_YES: *exactly*


chat: history_squad


TEACHUSSY: I can't figure it out

DAKIN_YES: ill show you tommorow sir

pete: whats this

DAKIN_YES: thought we needed a new history chat

DAKIN_YES: something a bit more involved, now were all going in for oxbridge and that


private chat: Scrippsy and stu_the_dude


Scrippsy: this has nothing to do with history or oxbridge

stu_the_dude: have you ever heard of a legal expression called 'plausible deniability'

Scrippsy: you desperate slag

stu_the_dude: i have no idea what youre talking about


chat: history_squad


pete: alright then

DAKIN_YES: more discussion time and that, its a good idea. more topics than we would usually get with three hours a week.

TEACHUSSY: Well, I can't see the Headmaster arguing with that.

DAKIN_YES: now, henry's wives, scale to 1-10 for each one

David Posner: *Dakin*

pianoMan: *dakin*

HowAboutVanNogh:   that has nothing to with the exams stu

TEACHUSSY: That's going to be hard to make interesting in an essay, almost every book on Henry VIII says he's a terrible person. A better answer would be to say there were socio-political reasons and machinations for each marriage, and argue that Henry planned each one strategically in order to stabilise his own power domestically and in Europe.

420nosescope: 6, 9 (for the manky hand), 5, 2, 8, 4

David Posner: School is empty and all the fools are here.

420nosescope: dont paraphrase shakespeare at me you bellend at least i answered the question

TEACHUSSY: Timms, language

420nosescope: im not in school sir it doesnt count

TEACHUSSY: Can I at least retain some degree of academic professionalism?

pete: ur in a chat with dakin sir uve already lost that

HowAboutVanNogh: p much


DAKIN_YES: but we have had very little academic focus in previous chats, yes

why: once we managed to have an entire conversation based on which was the worst english monarch based on daddy issues and penis size with complete disregard of socio-economical political context

Here_come_tech_boi:   i won

TEACHUSSY: Who did you argue?

Here_come_tech_boi: mary tudor

TEACHUSSY: Unobvious. A good answer, considering.





DAKIN_YES: fuck off akthar


chat: history_squad


TEACHUSSY: However, it's 2:30, aren't you all supposed to be in lesson?

David Posner: We are, sir.

420nosescope: general studies, sir

Here_come_tech_boi: i'm hiding my phone behind an anthology of byron pems, sir

TEACHUSSY: And Mr Hector hasn't noticed?

HowAboutVanNogh: hector doesnt know/realise, weve been doing this for years

pianoMan: 'i deny nothing'

Here_come_tech_boi: @pianoMan nice quote

pianoMan: @Here_come_tech_boi ta.

TEACHUSSY: Anyways, I think it's inappropriate of me to intrude on another teacher's lesson, so make sure to only contact me out of hours/in frees.

DAKIN_YES: i dont think any time with you is innapropratley spent, sir, we need to pass the exams, were just wasting time

TEACHUSSY: Perhaps, Dakin, but if you'd actually worked on your Richard III essay instead of playing on your phone it might not actually have been the perfect cure for insomniacs around the world. I could feel the melatonin levels rising with every paragraph.

DAKIN_YES: im hurt, sir





pianoMan: @DAKIN_YES well that went *great*

pianoMan: also youre a complete manslag

DAKIN_YES: at least im doing *something*, you ponce

why: we cant all be satisfied with jesus

Here_come_tech_boi: and on the third day, scripp's sex life rose again

David Posner: and on the seventh day, god rested,  forgot to make don's sex life, and spent the rest of existence *convinced* there was something he forgot

HowAboutVanNogh: this is my body, broken for you and for many in accordance with the scriptures, take, eat, in rememberance of scripps sex life

pianoMan: this is bullying

DAKIN_YES: this is justice

Here_come_tech_boi: this is sparta


pianoMan: i hate you all

DAKIN_YES: you cant hate me im too pretty

pete: were perfectly capable of thinking ur a knob despite that


David Posner: of course that's what you take from that, dakin

DAKIN_YES: i have no evidence saying im not pretty

why: your hair looks like its styled with marmite

420nosescope: SAVAGE @why

DAKIN_YES: @why must you hurt me in this way

pianoMan: contrary to public opinion, no-one thinks youre cool stu

DAKIN_YES: thats not tru

DAKIN_YES: someone must think im cool

pete: no

why: no

HowAboutVanNogh: nope

420nosescope: nah m8

Here_come_tech_boi: no

David Posner: only sometimes

Here_come_tech_boi: posner doesnt count

DAKIN_YES: excuse you posner is a vital member of this chat and class and his opinion counts just as much as the rest of you

David Posner: once in fourth year you told me that none of my votes in class counted because i have less dignity when i run than a convulsing giraffe being electrocuted

David Posner: so either you're unanimously voted 'not cool' or you're wrong

HowAboutVanNogh: dakin

HowAboutVanNogh: admit hes wrong

why: sorry mate i guess youre just a massive loser until the end of time now



Here_come_tech_boi: the lady doth protest too much, methinks

DAKIN_YES: hamet, act 3, scene 3, line 92


pianoMan: stop trying to be clever

pianoMan: you've tried for eighteen years, its time to give up

HowAboutVanNogh: its been a good run

Here_come_tech_boi: its time to finally embrace the sweet release of blissful idiocy


why: why does every chat devolve into bullying dakin

420nosescope: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

DAKIN_YES: because you're all terrible people

pete: pot meet kettle

David Posner: i tried to defend you, dakin

DAKIN_YES: yeah, well try harder next time, you ponce


private chat between Scrippsy and David Posner

hey, you alright

David Posner: yeah, hes just being a prick, im used to it

Scrippsy: sorry, pos

David Posner: not ur fault, scrippsy

Scrippsy: u want me to spill irn-bru on him

David Posner: ...

David Posner: yeah tbh




HowAboutVanNogh: holy fuck, don, that was great

DAKIN_YES: i hate you

DAKIN_YES: i just pressed this shirt last night

why: hoestly scripps that was fabulous you lanky oaf

DAKIN_YES: y'all're traitors im soaking

420nosescope: that's what she said

pete: @DAKIN_YES are you seriously just sat there typing while covered in irnbru

DAKIN_YES: yes, scripps im gonna kill you if this stains you clumsy git

DAKIN_YES changed chat name to SCRIPPS IS A KNOB


private chat between Scrippsy and David Posner


David Posner: thnxx

Scrippsy: np ;)