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Choir Boy

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Author's notes: A little NC 17 action...



"Brian," I moan - every nerve, every muscle, every molecule in my body thrills like a live wire. Even my most secret, lewd, lascivious moments masturbating haven't come remotely close to experiencing this and suddenly, I'm terrified. Brian's breath is moist and hot. He smells like sex and earth and power and sheer masculinity. His touch is sensuous, firm, self-assured, knowing… I'm fucking completely overwhelmed. "Briii…" I gasp before again hungrily devouring his mouth, wantonly pushing my tongue deep into the wet heat. I've lost control yet have never felt safer in my life. His hand grasps my cock and he's pumping it in better tune with my body than I myself have ever done.

His sweat is salty, exciting, delicious on my lips and tongue as I greedily lick and suck and taste as much of his skin as possible. I kiss-suck on his neck hard, realizing I'll be leaving a mark and I smile. It's adolescent, yes, but I want to mark him like he's mine. I want to make him mine.

He gets up with a growl and pulls me into the bedroom, pushes me onto the bed and climbs on top of me. He moans softly as he kisses down my body; I feel his tongue delve into my belly button, then he places a small, wet single kiss onto the tip of my cock and he breathes air on it gently.

"God…. Oh, God…"

"Shhhh," Brian says calmly. "Gus may be sick-asleep and pretty much passed out but he's still in the loft yards away, Jus…" I groan as I feel him fondle my balls as he engulfs my dick in his mouth. I nearly lose it right then and it takes all my willpower to keep that from happening. "Brian... Brian, please..." He sits up and reaches into the bowl by the bed, snatching up a tube of lube and a condom.

I'm breathless as I watch him. "Is this going to hurt?" I whisper a little anxiously. I can't quite believe this is happening…

"Yeah. But it'll get better. Hmmmm… Choir Boy… have you ever played with your hole?"

I blush.




I nod mutely.

"Did it hurt?" he asks very quietly, although the lust and need is evident in his tone.

I shake my head. I only put like a finger up there and wiggled it as I jerked myself off - it pinched but not bad. I did that for the first time only some weeks ago, after meeting Brian while I fantasized about him.

"Justin..." I look into his eyes and the lust that had been there is replaced with concern. "You haven't told me so but it's blatantly obvious you've never done this before… are you sure about this?"

I nod emphatically - too emphatically I think because Brian smirks.

He cocks an eyebrow.

"Sorry. It's just... it's embarrassing; all of this. Your questions. Just…" I gesture to my wanton sprawl underneath his beautiful body. "Just: This."

"As a diehard and true pagan hedonist, let me tell you that pleasure should NEVER be embarrassing, Choir Boy. Roll over."

I comply and I feel his lips on my shoulder blade. He trails his tongue down my back and I suddenly wonder what the hell he's going to do.

"I'm thinking it's also obvious that you've never been rimmed before...?"


I'm reeling. "Ri-rimmed?" I've heard of that but I'm not totally sure what it is to be honest. I have an idea, though. Have I mentioned that the shy me is as embarrassed as hell?

He gently bites my ass and then I feel him separate my cheeks. "Pfft - that's a very definite no," he says; I can hear the evil grin in his low voice. I'm shocked when I feel his tongue trace down my crack and he kisses my hole, inhaling deeply. "Fuck - you've got a juicy ass, Justin," he breathes, kissing me again. All self-consciousness, all embarrassment - everything inhibiting me - disappears when his tongue enters me. I nearly come from the sensation and the seeming wickedness of it all.

"Bri... Brian!" I stammer as his tongue fucks my hole. "Brian...! Guh…! I...!" I can't form a sentence; he finally removes his tongue and chuckles. I moan in disappointment. "Nooo..."

"Now you know what rimming is..."

"God... Brian..."

"Roll to face me, Justin," he whispers huskily.

I do. He hands me the condom. "Put it on me. Slip it on my dick."

I fumble desperately with the wrapper and he chuckles again, taking it from me and ripping it open. I stare at his cock - it's huge! How the fuck is it going to fit inside me? He hands me back the unwrapped condom and I unfurl it onto his shaft; he grabs the lube from near the pillow. My dick is nearly purple and it's leaking profusely. He bends down and sucks the tip. "Mmm... you taste creamy and salty. Taste," he growls quietly, swiping a finger over the tip of my dick, making me gasp. He raises his finger to my lips and I suck it eagerly into my mouth. "Have you ever tasted yourself?"

I shake my head, still suckling his finger. My embarrassment resurfaces.

"You should. Often. You're delicious." He leans down and kisses me.

He slathers his cock with lube and then slowly works a lubed finger up inside me. I suck in a sharp breath. "It's cold!"

"It'll heat up," he whispers. He inserts another finger and scissors them, preparing me. The rimming certainly helped. "Ready?" he asks softly, leaning down to give me another tender kiss, this one on my cheek.

I don't know! But: "Hmmm-mmm. Yes, Brian. I'm ready." I'm genuinely touched by how sweet, how gentle Brian's being. He hoists my legs over his shoulders and I feel him position his dick at my hole.

"You sure?"

"Brian, yes! Please! Fuck me...!" I immediately bite my lip, hoping my plea wasn't too loud.

He pushes.

I squeal softly but involuntarily - fuck!!! Why couldn't I grunt or do something more manly? Squeal??? But it just hurts so bad!!

He rubs my stomach soothingly. "Justin, do you want me to stop? I'm not even a quarter of the way in. It's gonna hurt at first but I don't want to do this if it makes you suffer."

I know but NO: "No," I rasp. "No, don't stop! Don't."

He continues stroking my stomach, his eyes worried. "It'll get better. I promise."

"Fuck, it just hurts so bad!" I feel my erection flagging.

"I know, Justin. Hurting is part of it. But it'll get better, believe me. Really. You okay, Justin? You sure you want me to go on?"

I squeeze my eyes shut and I nod, trusting him. The pain I feel is making my dick get even softer but I want this to happen.

"Justin, open your eyes. Look at me." I obey him and open my eyes. He's still caressing me soothingly. I look up at his gentle face and my chest constricts slightly at the sight. I vaguely hear him: "Breathe." I do; I exhale a breath I didn't realize I was holding.

Brian pushes further. I gasp. Brian pushes again and hisses. "Christ, you are so tight..." he groans.


"Are you in all the way...?" I'm coated in a thin sheen of sweat.


"God, it's like I have a wine bottle up there, fat-end first!"

Brian briefly raises a brow at my reference. "Interesting analogy! Justin, relax..." Brian's voice is hypnotic and I relax slowly... he remains still, allowing me to adjust to him being inside me. He watches my face and traces his warm fingers up and down my torso in a calming motion. When I feel ready I smile tentatively, studying his eyes. "Really okay, Justin?" he whispers and I nod.

"Stop asking me that!" I admonish gently, still smiling.


The corner of his mouth quirks up and his eyes get a look that seems to reflect the fact that he just now realizes how bizarre it is for him to be so concerned for me and my comfort… and my smile widens a little.


Slowly he begins fucking me and it kills at first. But he angles his thrusts to hit a part of me inside that fuck-ALL if I don't soon start feeling like I'm going to come. My dick's again hard as steel and I'm gasping.

"Easy, Sunshine…!" Brian breathes.

Sunshine? Huh?

But I realize suddenly that he's trying to keep me from clawing at him, scratching his back with my blunt nails. "Ohh…. Shit… I'm sor - inhale - sorry!" I force my hands back and begin fisting the sheets; his rhythm doesn't falter and fuckfuckfuck, I have never known pleasure like this and before I realize it, I'm writhing and moaning like a wild animal as Brian quickens the pace. Soon his sweat is raining down on my face, chest and arms and I can't help it as I grasp his ass, pulling him as deep into me as I can; his thrusts become shorter, hitting that sweet spot inside me on every pass. He's panting, grunting and he reaches between us to grasp my cock; the weeping precum mixes with the sweat on his palm and it's slick as he begins to pump my dick. And I am suddenly experiencing complete and total sensory OVERLOAD.



Abruptly, uncontrollably, I explode.



That's Brian. Brian.




My eyes blink open and everything is hazy; what…? "What…?"


Brian is lying next to me… I look into his eyes and he looks… scared? "Justin, talk to me!"

Huh? "What happened?"

"Justin, you came HARD—you fucking BLACKED out!"

My brain settles a little, like a stone in a pool of glitter; slowly, the glistening, shimmering stars around me settle as well. I feel hot, spent but jazzed, loose but taut like a piano wire. "Brian?"

"Justin, drink," he says nervously, pushing a bottle of cool water into my sweaty palm. I gratefully gulp the cool liquid, accidentally spilling more than half over my face onto the sheets under my head in my haste. I splutter and cough, handing the bottle back to him as I try to regain some semblance of self-awareness and control. "Are you alright?" he whispers.

I nod as I choke on the last of the water that made it into my mouth. "I'm okay…" I manage. Wait a minute here: I blacked out?

He chuckles then. "Christ, Choir Boy! You had me worried there! Don't tell me you've never had an orgasm before!"


I THOUGHT I had - but NOTHING ever like this! Nothing. NOTHING. "Holy shit…" I mumble to myself