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What's hidden beneath.....

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Due to many customers that poured into the Saloon unexpectedly, Allie’s long-awaited break was pushed further. So instead of an hour, she could take it two hours later. She looked at the table where Bea and her crew were seated and saw that they were all pretty drunk – even Kaz had eventually re-joined them and was 4 rum with cokes into the evening. She wasn’t certain if Bea was drunk as well, but after 8 beers – who wouldn’t?

Bea’s previous invitation to spend some private time during her break was very tempting. Allie had missed the redhead, even though they had been apart for barely a few days and she didn’t want to seem too clingy. Also, the incident with Bea’s ex was still fresh in her mind. She wasn’t particularly worried about an old flame as everyone had their share of ex-lovers but the dark-haired woman had unnerved a little. But she trusted Bea.

After a while, as her break was nearing, she walked to their table with the intention of collecting the empty glasses. She walked around and collected the glasses and once she was beside Bea, she felt the redheads hand on her butt. Allie’s face flushed at the sensation and she sent an alarmed look towards the woman but Bea just smiled, looking innocent. Allie was glad the dim lighting had hidden her reaction. In any other case, she’d slap the hand away but not this time. Even though the redhead surprised her, she was enjoying the attention.

Bea tugged at her pants and Allie leaned down.

„When’s your break?“ Bea asked, sounding very lucid.

Allie was pleasantly surprised that after so many beers, Bea was still OK. If she’d drank so many beers, she’d be under the table already

„Right now,“ Allie smiled. „You wanna go somewhere private or should I join you here?“

„Definitely somewhere private.“

Allie grabbed the last empty glass on the table and told Bea to meet her in the back room. The back room was the safest place for privacy as no one really went there.

A few minutes later, Allie was walking towards the room. She was nervous and chastised herself to calm down, it wasn’t the first time they’d been alone. She took a deep breath and opened the door. Darkness. She wondered if Bea wasn’t there yet.

She stepped in and reached for the lightswitch but was suddenly grabbed and thrown against the wall with a small thud. The door slammed shut and, once again, darkness surrounded her. She wasn't hurt, the throw was mild but she was surprised and her first instinct was to scream. Before she could, however, her lips were captured and she was drowned into a deep kiss.


Allie moaned when a tongue forced it’s way past her lips and met her own and she pushed against the body pinning her against the wall. The kiss was broken after a while and their gazes met.

„You surprised me,“ Allie said still rather breathlessly.

„Sorry,“ the redhead apologized but then smirked. „I recalled our meeting not so long ago and wanted you to relive it but more,“ she pecked Allies’ lips, „pleasurably.“

Allie blushed furiously. She remembered the meeting alright and the intense arousal she had felt when Bea had slammed her against the wall with more force than intended.

„I have to confess,“ the blonde said shyly, „back then the way you...handled me, turned me incredibly on.“

„Is that so?“

„Yeah,“ Allie laughed. „I was scared and confused and I was torn between begging you to take me and running away. Luckily Kaz came looking and made the decision for me.“

„How long is your break?“

„Half an hour. Why?“

Her lips were recaptured and Allie immediately melted into the woman. They kissed slowly and deeply and the blonde felt her arousal growing with each roll of the tongue and each bite on her lower lip. Bea’s thigh between her legs didn’t help and as she ground against it, she could feel her own wetness.

She growled into Bea’s mouth when the redhead’s hand moved from the wall and under her tight t-shirt. Bea pushed one of the bra cups up and covered the exposed breast with her hand. Her kisses moved to Allie’s jaw and neck and her hand pinched and pulled the nipple which sent waves of heat to her core.

„Bea,“ Allie gasped.

Bea continued her sweet assault on Allie.

„Weren’t we gonna take it slow?“

„I know but I missed you and last time we were so rudely interrupted.“ Allie nodded frantically as Bea’s hand was still working on her exposed breast. „I don’t wanna wait any longer. I would like to make you come right now, right here,“ Bea whispered against her lips, „but if you don’t wanna, I can stop.“

Allie shuddered at the mention of ’coming’ and shook her head. She didn’t wanna stop. She reinitiated the kiss which was an instant confirmation she wanted to continue and the biker didn’t disappoint.

Bea slid the hand that had worked on Allie’s breast down her body and unbuttoned the dark blue jeans the blonde was wearing. The jeans were too tight so she pushed them lower on the hips to gain better access to the prize. She kept Allie pinned to the wall and urged her thighs apart a bit more – as much as was possible in these tight situations. The blonde complied with a moan when Bea’s fingers pushed the panties aside and straight into her wetness.

„You’re so wet,“ Bea breathed into her ear.

Allie shuddered again when she traced the wetness with her fingers.

„Jesus, Bea!“

Time was running out. Bea kissed her again and at the same time started working on her oversensitive bundle of nerves. She was fast and effective – Allie orgasmed within a minute, her loud moans and gasps filling the room.

„Where’s Bea?“ Boomer loudly asked when she noticed their leader absent.

„Probably showing her Princess why her other nickname is Queen Bea,“ Juice cackled.

„Who cares!“ Kaz suddenly flew to the table. „Come on you slackers! Let’s sing. Time to get this boring evening rolling.“

Kaz Proctor was drunk like a skunk and she didn’t give a fuck about what anyone thought about it. All the shit that was going on with the crew – Fletch’s shooting, the robbery – and Eric’s sudden return, stressed her out and the only way to destress, besides having sex, was to drink, dance and sing.

„It’s not a karaoke night,“ Boomer said.

„It’s my Saloon and it is a karaoke night today. So come on! Don’t leave me hangin’. I know you love to sing.“

Boomer got up immediately and after high fiving Kaz, they both moved to the stage. Kaz grabbed the mic, tested if it’s on, and decided to say a few words. Boomer got busy with the song selection.

„Everyone!“ No-one wasn’t really paying attention, besides the Rebels. Kaz thumped the mic. „Yeah, here, can I have some attention please?“ That seemed to work. „I know we usually have karaoke night on Fridays and Saturdays but today is a special occasion and I decided to move the night forward. So text your friends and everyone you know to come and join the fun.“

She laughed at her own lame joke but still didn’t give a fuck if others didn’t laugh. However, people seemed to go along and lined up to grab the necessities to start choosing the songs they wanted to sing. Kaz waved Doreen over to help put the songs on.

„Allie isn’t back from her break yet,“ Doreen grumbled, worried that leaving Liz alone to tend to the bar would bring problems.

„Relax! We’ll be fine and I am in no state to do either today, so come on, be a good sport.“

Doreen didn’t protest longer. She understood that even Kaz had to let loose once in a while. She did felt a bit guilty, as her constant absences due to Josh’s illnesses had probably put extra stress on the older woman.

After a while, Bea returned and Maxine patted her shoulder with a knowing smirk.

„Why so smug,“ the redhead asked, acting innocent.

„Looking at Allie over there I take it one of you is satisfied.“

„Nothing happened, we were just talking.“

„Sure and were actual words exchanged or by talking do you mean your tongue did most of the work?“

Bea refused to answer and averted her gaze.

„I’m just teasing you,“ Maxine laughed and emptied her latest glass of beer.

After a few seconds, Bea smiled and leaned closer to Maxine.

„If you must know, my hand did most of the work and the result was successful.“

„Congrats but didn’t you guys wanna take it slow?“

„As it’s not some fling we’re having, we can properly date as we get time. Right now? We just went with the flow.“

Maxine nodded and waved for a refill.

„What’s going on there,“ Bea pointed at the stage where Boomer was trying to get into some kind of position to sing and Kaz was looking for something.

„Kaz decided it’s karaoke night and there they are now,“ the taller woman groaned, the thought of hearing Boomer sing the last thing she needed tonight.
„We need more beer.“

„Oh definitely.“

After an hour the Saloon was packed and the karaoke was in full swing. Even some of the Pagan’s had dragged their asses there and took part. The Rebel’s kept their distance and so far only Fletch had left. Vera had offered a more quiet place to spend some time – namely her place – and after some stuttering, Fletch had agreed. The Rebel’s whistled when the two started leaving and it earned them a ’fuck off’ from Fletch.

They were all having a good time and none of them noticed a new patron had entered the Saloon. None of them noticed him walking towards their table and stopping close to Bea.

„Hello, pumpkin,“ the man said which caught everyone's attention immediately.
„It’s been a while.“

Bea got up in a rush, her chair falling back and she took a step back. Her crew started whispering ’Eric’, ’When did he get out’, ’the fuck he wants from Red’, but Bea raised her hand to silence them.

„Not long enough,“ she spat back, clearly annoyed. „Why are you here?“

„Aren’t you happy to see your old man?“ the man said, taking a step forward but Maxine jumped off and put herself between them. Eric laughed.

„You died the day you got locked up.“