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True Love’s Near-Miss

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“So I was hoping that you could help Emma and Neal find their true loves, each other!” Henry finished in a rush, looking up at Mother Superior hopefully.

She frowned. “I’m sorry, Henry, but we’re not in the habit of breaking up relationships, even if one party has another true love.” The Blue Fairy did genuinely regret that she couldn’t help him, but she’d stripped Green’s wings for just this transgression and wasn’t about to do it herself. It just wasn’t done.


Looking up at the sound of his shop bell, Rumpelstiltskin was startled to see his grandson come in. “Henry, to what do I owe the pleasure?”

The boy shuffled his feet as he approached the counter, evidently uneasy with being here. “I need help.” He sighed. “Magical help,” he explained, as if the word tasted bad in his mouth.

That was, perhaps, even more startling than Henry coming to his shop in the first place. “Not that I’m not flattered, but is not your mother a powerful sorceress?”

“She won’t help.” Henry scowled. “She didn’t want to share me with Emma, there’s no way she’ll want me to have my dad too.”

Rumpelstiltskin’s attention was piqued by this. It sounded like a way to convince his son that he was worth knowing. “I see. What sort of help did you need?”

“I want to live with my parents as a family. Tamara is nice and all, but I know that Emma is really my dad’s true love. They just forgot.” Henry looked down and scuffed his feet against a seam in the floor. “So I need something to help them remember.” Meeting Mr. Gold’s eyes, he took on a calculating expression, uncannily like Regina in that moment. “And if my mom and dad get back together, he’ll stay here and you can see him more.”

“You make an excellent point, my boy. I know a mutually beneficial deal when I see one. I believe I have just the thing,” Rumpelstiltskin said, hobbling over to his cabinet and pulling out a bottle. “Put this in your mother’s drink, and she will be compelled to reunite with her true love.”

Henry looked doubtful. “How long will it last? Because if I know Emma she’s gonna resist it.”

“That’s the beauty of it, Henry my boy, it gets stronger the longer she goes without acting on her true love.” He smiled in a way that he hoped was encouraging.

“But my dad would still be engaged to Tamara,” Henry pointed out.

“It’s well that you came to me, because I’ve improved upon the original recipe. With this, her true love will also find her irresistible.”

“That’s perfect! Thanks, Mr. Gold!”

As he watched the boy tuck the phial in his pocket and run out of his shop, Rumpelstiltskin hoped his son would also sound that elated very, very soon.  


When Henry brought her a hot cocoa at the sheriff’s station, Emma figured he was probably trying to get brownie points for something. Her money was on a real sword. But he swore he was just trying to do something nice on his way home from school, so she let it go for now. She’d find out soon enough, since eleven-year-olds didn’t tend to have much of a long game.

In that the sheriff was a regular consumer of Granny’s cocoa, she immediately noticed that it tasted different than usual. It was a good kind of different, to be sure, spicy, like maybe someone had grabbed something other than the cinnamon to sprinkle on top by accident. Maybe those red pepper flakes Regina put in her lasagna.

Regina. It suddenly felt entirely too long since she’d seen the former Evil Queen. She was startled to find herself missing the older woman’s snarky attitude and the way they got in each other’s space and the way she could damn well wear some clothes. That last thought came as a particular surprise and left her blinking. Damn this small town and its lack of options, because clearly she needed to get laid if she was thinking fondly of Regina, of all people.

Then the blonde choked on her cocoa as the woman herself prowled into the room looking entirely predatory. “Sheriff Swan,” she drawled. So fucking hot.

Emma shook her head to clear it, then asked, “What can I do for you, Regina?”

“I’d like to have my son over for dinner. Will you bring him?” This skirt was shorter than usual, and Emma found herself contemplating running a hand up under the hem to Regina’s thigh, and maybe higher. “Miss Swan!”

“What, sorry?”

“Let me use smaller sentences. My son. Dinner. Tonight. Bring him to my house.”

“Our son,” Emma corrected absently.

“Yes, fine,” the mayor agreed unexpectedly, flushing a bit. Were Regina’s nipples hard? In an office where Emma was wearing a tank top comfortably and when it was spring outside?

Emma blinked again. “Yes, I’ll bring Henry to your house for dinner tonight. Six?”

“Six is fine,” Regina replied, turning on a heel as if she couldn’t get out of Emma’s presence fast enough. As she watched the older woman go, eyes riveted to her ass, Emma decided it had really been too long since she’d gotten laid.


As soon as the mayor opened the door to greet Henry, Emma was hit with a powerful, nearly irresistible desire to drop to her knees and tongue-worship her. The blonde could almost feel slick heat against her mouth, and her tongue flexed involuntary circles against the back of her teeth. She wasn’t sure how she made it through the pleasantries and scheduling a pickup time with the sound of Regina’s imagined moans echoing in her head.

Stumbling from Regina’s porch to her Bug on shaky knees, the sheriff wondered when she’d suffered a head injury today.