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The moon hangs low in the sky. Last she heard from Nicole was hours ago and her phone has been mostly silent ever since. It doesn’t help the worry brewing inside of her. She can’t help it. After the last month of being together, she feels like everything is perfect.

She’s still getting to know Nicole, but they spend every moment that they possibly can together. Everything she finds out about the woman she likes. Nicole has many great qualities. She’s handy, a good person, kind and thoughtful. Although she’s had a little difficulty using that left hand, she’s definitely improved.

Things around the homestead have been fairly busy. Between Wynonna and John brewing their beer and her sister balancing budding relationships with 2 men, the house is almost never silent. It went from being quiet, just the two of them, to almost having at least 2 people in the house.

Waverly likes both of Wynonna’s soulmates. They have different qualities about them that she likes. They both manage to offer Wynonna things she needs. It also helps keep Waverly sane with other ways to entertain Wynonna, things to keep her out of trouble.

“Ready, baby girl?” Wynonna asks.

It breaks her attention from her spot in the kitchen, leaning against the counter as she looks at her phone. Part of her wants to text Nicole, but she doesn’t. She knows she’s on the way back from the nearest city, getting her cast removed. She had been excited to become a fully functioning human being again. Waverly truly doesn’t blame her, but she really can’t help worrying about Nicole’s safety. She cares about her so much.

“I thought we were waiting on Nicole,” Waverly says, voice encompassing a sad huff.

“She’ll be back soon,” Wynonna says. She moves into the kitchen and elbows Waverly playfully. It hurts a little, so she stands upright. Looking at her sister, she’s immediately met with wiggling eyebrows. “If she’s good in bed with her left hand, think about how she’ll be now that she can use her right.”

“We actually haven’t...” Waverly trails off. Her sister’s eyes practically bug out of her head. Sure, they’ve done a few things, but mostly just making out and stuff from the waist up. Waverly’s been too nervous to ask and Nicole’s been too respectful to try. Swallowing, Waverly says, “Kinda hard to do with a cast.”

“Uh, she has a mouth,” Wynonna scoffs.

“Wynonna,” Waverly screeches, pushing her sister, “Seriously?”

“I don’t want to know, baby girl,” Wynonna says, holding up her hands in defense.

“You brought it up,” Waverly replies, voice going higher.

Wynonna doesn’t much acknowledge her, simply shrugging instead. With a light shake of her head she begins towards the door, boots echoing in the floor. She always makes this weird jingle when she walks.

“The boys are lighting the fire,” Wynonna yells from the other room. The sound of the door closing echoes throughout the house. Waverly shakes off her worry and follows her sister outside. It’s chilly and she shivers when the cold air whips against her cheeks. “Sorry, baby girl! There’s only four chairs!”

Waverly sighs as she drops down into the chair. Nicole isn’t even here yet and she has no idea when she’ll arrive. Still, it isn’t fair that they’re doing this together.

“Can’t we just wait a few more minutes for her?” Waverly asks.

“She’s pulling in,” Xavier says, pointing over Waverly’s shoulder.

She turns to look and sighs with relief upon seeing Nicole’s headlights cutting through the night. Nicole parks her cruiser and gets out of the vehicle, her shadow making her way over with the crunch of her shoes on the ground. Spring is sliding into summer with a little bit of lingering from the cold winds. Waverly hugs the blanket tighter to her body as she stands to her feet, smiling when Nicole’s face is lit up by the blazing fire.

“Hey, baby,” Nicole murmurs when she’s close enough.

Waverly smiles and takes her right hand into hers, lifting it to her mouth to place a soft kiss against her knuckles. It’s interesting to hold her right hand, now cast free for the first time in a month. Her hand feels different, warm and soft from lack of use for weeks. Nicole smiles at her, mouth soft and kind. It’s a sight she’s becoming more and more familiar with:

With a tug on Nicole’s hand as guidance, Nicole sits in the chair. Waverly lowers herself onto Nicole’s lap, wrapping warm arms around her own waist. She settles into the warmth easily, leaning back against Nicole’s chest. She feels Nicole’s nose against her neck, nuzzling into her gently.

Before they get a chance to talk, Wynonna announces that it’s time to try the beer they’ve had brewing for the last 5 weeks. John passes them each a beer. Waverly cradles it in her hands as she reads the label. It says Old West Libations on it with the claim that it’s an Earp-Holliday production. Dolls comes around and pops the cap off of them.

“To success,” Dolls says, as he raises his bottle in the air.

“To love,” John adds.

Waverly giggles at the words coming out of John’s mouth. She feels Nicole’s right hand press against her thigh as she leans forward, perching the opening of the bottle between her lips. They all take a drink at the same time. It tastes like orange but has a light feeling. As she moves the bottle down from her mouth she leans over to place it on the ground beside their feet. Nicole follows her lead, immediately returning her hand to Waverly’s waist and slipping it beneath the fabric of the blanket.

She feels Nicole’s fingers against her stomach, pressing hard to keep her there. They lean into each other for a few minutes, Wynonna and John chatting away about other ideas they have. When she changes a look at Dolls he seems to not be paying attention to their conversation. She wonders how they all 3 work, but when Nicole places a soft kiss against her shoulder she realizes they haven’t seen each other all day.

“Hey,” Waverly says.

“Hi,” Nicole says back, “I got you something.”

“Come inside,” Waverly replies. Nicole nods in agreement. They both get up from the chair and head inside, hands clasped together. As they go, Waverly looks at her sister who just wiggles her eyebrows suggestively. It makes Waverly roll her eyes and not bother saying anything. Once they’re away from the cold air, she asks, “What is it?”

Slowly, Nicole grins and pulls something out of her jacket pocket. Since the establishment that they’re soulmates, they’ve both smiled easier and talked more. Waverly has certainly enjoyed Nicole’s company even more, but tonight she thinks she’s ready. She’s been thinking about them being together, how they need to take the next step.

“You’ve been talking about taking the next step,” Nicole says. Waverly nods in agreement. She has said that. She’s just been too scared to do it, too scared to initiate it. Nicole pushes out a deep breath and reveals the item in her hand. “And I agree. I think it’s time we do it.”

“Uh huh,” Waverly says, eyes wide. Her mouth goes dry.

“You are my soulmate, I know it in my gut,” Nicole says, “And one thing I’ve learned is to trust my gut. So, I got this for you.”

“Oh,” Waverly says, suddenly realizing they aren’t talking about the same thing, “I was kind of hoping we know.”

Nicole looks at her, confusion taking over her face, and shakes her head lightly; she says, “I don’t...”

“Sex,” Waverly whisper yells, “I was talking about sex.”

“Oops,” Nicole says quickly. She pushes the item back into her jacket pocket and Waverly realizes what it is. It’s a square, black, velvet box potentially housing a beautiful ring. Her heart sinks into her stomach. It doesn’t help that Nicole is standing so very far away. “I really did not catch that.”

“No kidding,” Waverly huffs, now upset that not only wont they be having sex but she also won’t be getting a ring.

“I’m sorry, baby,” Nicole says as she steps forward, placing her hands on Waverly’s hips and drawing her closer, “I didn’t want to pressure you. I know it’s your first time and everything. I just wanted you to set the pace.”

“It’s really nerve wracking that you just expect me to make the first move,” Waverly says.

“I don’t!” Nicole says defensively, “But I’m not very coordinated with my left hand anyway.”

“Ok,” Waverly says slowly, looking up at her girlfriend through thick lashes and feeling her frustration melt quickly, “Well, do you want to...since your cast was taken off?”

“The doctor said I might be a little weak,” Nicole replies, visibly cringing. Waverly feels Nicole remove her right hand and lift it into the space between them. Even while wiggling her fingers her hand looks a little stiff. Nicole pouts. “I kind of feel like I’m going to be rather disappointing.”

“You are never disappointing,” Waverly says. Nicole smiles as she lowers her hand, skating her fingertips across Waverly’s jaw. She leans into the touch, basking in the lovely way that Nicole’s soft fingers stick against her skin. Heart swelling with love, she turns her head to kiss Nicole’s palm. “I know you’re not feeling very confident right now but I just want you to know how much I want you.”

“I want you too,” Nicole says with a sigh.

Waverly smiles as big as she can, excitement warming through her. She feels a little bit of adrenaline coursing inside of her, something that makes her reach for Nicole and wrap both arm around her waist. Leaning in, she tilts her chin upward and puckers her lips on wait for Nicole to meet her halfway. She parts her lips beneath Nicole’s and darts her tongue out, flicking it against Nicole’s bottom lip until she feels her girlfriend (?) melt beneath her hands to deepen the kiss.

They pull back and, feeling a little breathless, Waverly asks, “Do you want to go upstairs?”

“Yeah;” Nicole says with a small nod, running her hands up Waverly’s sides, “I do.”

Beaming, Waverly slips her hand into Nicole’s and pulls her upstairs. Once closing the bedroom door, she turns to face Nicole who is lowering herself to sit on the edge of the mattress. With a comforting nod from the redhead, Waverly moves across the room and takes her cheeks into her palms. For once, she’s taller than Nicole and looking down at her really seems to send a feeling straight to the bottom of her stomach. She feels strong and powerful, cupping her woman’s face in her hands while receiving a look of total and complete trust.

“You’re so beautiful,” Waverly croons.

A pretty blush touches Nicole’s cheeks as Waverly presses her weight against her lap, knees flush with Nicole’s hips and straddling her thighs. She presses a soft kiss against Nicole’s mouth, pleasantly surprised when she feels both of Nicole’s hands trace her spine. After a few chaste kisses, Nicole lowers her lips to the skin of Waverly’s exposed collarbone and sweeps her tongue across the flesh before lightly biting down. Waverly gasps excitedly, already feeling more heat between them than ever before.

“That feels good,” Waverly hums, arching her chest more into Nicole’s mouth, “Keep doing that.”

She feels Nicole’s hands against her back, moving down and down and down until they’re both smoothing over the curves of her ass. Nicole’s hot mouth paints kisses along her cleavage. She likes the feeling of Nicole’s hands on her, gentle and warm. Part of her is glad they waited until now, reveling in the way Nicole’s hands slip into the space between them and lift her.

With the movement, their lips disconnect. Waverly immediately pouts and leans forward to connect them again. Nicole shifts, taking her off guard as she presses Waverly onto her back and settles between her thighs. Her girlfriend’s fingers squeeze the flesh at the back of her thighs before pushing up her sides, tickling her lightly as she guides her blouse up her torso. Nicole presses kisses against the exposed skin, appreciating her body like it’s a work of art. Waverly moans appreciatively, arching her stomach upwards to linger in the contact.

A kiss just above her belly button.

One against her ribcage.

Another below the wire of her bra.

She pulls back to peel Waverly’s shirt off. She sits up to offer her help. Their lips touch again, Nicole’s left hand holding herself up as she reaches around Waverly’s body and, with deft fingers, unclasps her bra. It’s chilly with her body so exposed, but Nicole quickly warms her with kisses against the swell of her breasts before sucking a nipple into her mouth. Waverly responds, delving her fingers into Nicole’s hair and pulling her closer. The feeling sends waves through her body, making an ache throb at her core.

All of the oxygen escapes her, fingers tugging on Nicole’s hair until she lets go and she can breathe again. Nicole presses a smile against her mouth, both hands moving to unbutton Waverly’s tight jeans. The movement prompts Waverly to pull at Nicole’s shirt, unbuttoning it to run her hands along her warm skin. Helping, Nicole removes her hands from Waverly’s zipper and starts throwing her arms around to remove her jacket and shirt.

Waverly tried to help, one arm at a time, pushing at her sleeves until all she can see is milky white skin glowing in the moonlight. She can’t help but touch, running her fingers along Nicole’s shoulders and sides and stomach before bravely pressing her palms against both breasts. When she lifts her gaze to Nicole’s, all she can see is kindness and patience.

“Is this ok?” Waverly asks, fingers slightly hooking beneath the material of Nicole’s bra and grasping on.

She realizes that she’s never seen Nicole without a shirt on, which is a shame because she’s definitely a sight to see. Despite her own nervousness creeping up, she feels Nicole’s fingers wash them away as they skate up her shoulders and brush her jawline. Nicole easily pulls her in for another deep, fiery kiss that leaves her breathless.

When she pulls back, she can barely see Nicole’s eyes searching her own before she murmurs, “It feels good.”

Waverly smiles sheepishly, hoping that Nicole can’t see the fear in her facial features. All of that confidence she was feeling minutes ago have banish as seemingly all of the research she did regarding this impending moment is instantly forgotten. Thankfully, Nicole’s lips descend against her flesh, placing kisses against her neck.

“Oh,” Waverly says as Nicole swirls her tongue against a spot on her shoulder. Instinctively she tilts her head and gives Nicole better access. She’s also taken off guard when knuckles brush over her nipple, short nails scratching her skin. Nicole’s fingers continue to brush over it, bringing it to a peak as her skin begins to warm. A moan topples out of her mouth unexpectedly and it only seems to spur Nicole on, painting a trail with her tongue all of the way to her other breast. Breathlessly, she whispers, “Wow.”

Nicole’s tongue wraps around her erect nipple and Waverly’s body responds easily, pressing harder into Nicole’s mouth. After catching her breath, Waverly slides her hands down Nicole’s torso the clasp in her jeans and pushes at the waistline. Nicole pulls back and Waverly whimpers. She watches as Nicole moves away to take her jeans off. It clicks in her brain to do the same. With more and more clothes removed, her doubts begin to rise to the surface.

Waverly pushes up to her knees and crawls closer to Nicole, circling her arms around her neck and pulling her in for another kiss. The kiss deepens. It’s lazy and warm. Nicole’s hands encase her, tracing her curves until she slips her right hand beneath waist and of her panties. She hesitates her movements.

Pulling her lips from Waverly’s, Nicole asks, “Can I touch you?”

“Yes,” Waverly says, voice sounding eager.

Nicole’s hand pushes between her thighs but the waistband of her panties catches on her hips. She holds her breath in anticipation. Her girlfriend trails her fingers over her clit, rubbing gentle circles and making her stomach muscles tighten.

She spreads her legs farther apart. Her breathing becomes quicker. Nicole’s skin feels warm beneath her fingertips. For a moment, Nicole teases her entrance. As she slides a finger into Waverly’s center, she also guides Waverly back onto the bed. She feels Nicole’s knee slip between her thighs and make them wider. With easier access, she feels Nicole’s finger slip deeper before she pulls it back out. She thrusts her fingers slowly and as she does this, Waverly feels all of her muscles tighten.

“I’m close,” she says, moving her hips to meet Nicole’s movements.

“I can’t,” Nicole says, stopping her movements and retracting her hand. Waverly watches in shock as Nicole lifts her hand and starts shaking it. “Cramp. I’m so, so, so sorry.”

She’s silent for a long moment, brain trying to catch up to what exactly is going on. Finally she seems to click everything into place, but she’s still throbbing as she sits on the edge. She gives Nicole a soft smile as she forces them to connect their gazes with one hand, gliding her other down in the space between them.

“It’s ok,” Waverly says, “Just look at me.”

Nicole nods in response. Waverly slips her hand into her panties and picks up where Nicole left off. Nicole stares, eyes wide, before she places kisses on Waverly’s throat. She rubs herself into the tightness in her stomach snaps and she comes with a moan.

“Oh god,” Waverly hums.

“That was,” Nicole starts, pulling back to look Waverly in the eye. She can’t form any words and suddenly looks ashamed. Waverly puts an arm around Nicole and pulls her close. After a few quiet moments of just holding each other, Nicole says, “I’m really sorry. That must have been so...terrible.”

“It wasn’t,” Waverly insists, digging her nails into Nicole’s shoulder, “It was perfect because it was with you and I know you love me.”

“I love you so much,” Nicole replies.

Waverly smiles and places a kiss against Nicole’s cheekbone. She says, “So, you got a ring?”

“Yeah,” Nicole says, sounding suddenly shy.

“Is it...for me?” Waverly asks.

“It is,” Nicole says. Nicole pulls away and Waverly feels cold. She pulls the blanket up to her chin as Nicole gets off of the bed, looking around the floor. Finally, she clambers back into the bed and slips beneath the sheets to curl up beside Waverly. She extends the black box towards Waverly and says, “Marry me?”

“Yes,” Waverly immediately says without looking at the ring. Nicole grins as she opens the box and takes the ring out of it. She finds Waverly’s hand and slips it onto the right finger. Waverly places kisses all over her face while giggles escape her. “You’re amazing.”

“You are,” Nicole responds.

They kiss softly, smiling the entire time. Waverly presses her hands against Nicole’s ribcage and climbs on top of her. Nicole steadies her with her soft hands.

Waverly pulls back and, with a rather serious look on her face, asks, “Can I try?”

Nicole laughs politely and nods.