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Forever and Always With You

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Katsuki was not pacing around the waiting area, bouncing his leg impatiently whenever he sat down for a few seconds. He definitely wasn’t nervous or fidgety. He certainly wasn’t checking his phone for around the fiftieth time on the past half-hour.

But he was positive he couldn’t hide how excited and restless he was, how he felt the jittery and the butterflies in his stomach explode. Izuku was finally coming back home.

He regrets arriving an hour early to Narita Airport, knowing that planes always arrive later than the set time. The last time he had contacted with Izuku had been nine hours ago when the latter told him the plane had to deviate because a big storm started and was risky to fly. Izuku’s flight was put on hold for five hours, which they both spend texting, until he was told theweather calmed down and they should be boarding the plane once again.

“Passengers from the flight C-21 coming from United States have arrived. Please go to your left if you arrival is a connection-“

At the sound of the female voice on the intercom, Katsuki slightly jumped and spun around to gaze over the gates in search of Izuku as he was supposed to make an appearance from there. None less than ten minutes later, a mop of dark hair with speckles of green walked through the mass of people. Katsuki had to raise and wave his hand in order to catch the other’s attention.

Once Izuku saw him, a big cheery grin came to his face and he sprinted with his baggage towards Katsuki. The blond caught him mid-air when Izuku threw himself to his arms and both were reunited in a happy embrace. The luggage lay forgotten while they were both basking in the feel of each other’s presence.

Izuku pressed his face against the crook of the blond’s neck, breathing in deep and solely, before peppering it with chaste butterfly kisses and nips. Katsuki feeling slightly tickled, chuckled affectionately at his and accepted gladly all the loving gestures his boyfriend was prompted to give.

They both haven’t seen each other in the past three months, barely being able to communicate through texts messages thanks to their busy schedules and opposite time zones.

Katsuki then made an attack of his own, smooching lovely kisses on both of Izuku’s cheeks, on his nose and forehead. He was going to stop right there, but with one look at the shorter one’s pink full lips, he was charmed to close the space in between.

Izuku’s eyes closed and answered almost immediately, moving one of his hands up to cup a cheek and the other to play with spiky hair tenderly. He melted at the warmth of the kiss, knees wobbling a little bit and his heart skipping a beat. Katsuki laid his hands on his hips and pulled him closer, closer in exchange for all the time they weren’t able to even simply feel each other.

Izuku giggled once he detached himself from Katsuki, “Missed me?” He playfully asks; the sunshine smile on his face feeling like a lovely warm summer day for Katsuki.

“Of course fucker,” he said while leaning down and nibbling his nose into Izuku’s neck. He contemplated biting it for a few seconds. ‘Later’ he thought.

It seemed like their display of PDA had made some of the bystanders around them uncomfortable, a security guard had to come in and separate them, urging them to stop or leave. Katsuki, quick to anger, almost yelled out an answer but was stopped by an embarrassed Izuku. The green haired man apologized in name of them both and dragged his boyfriend away, hasty to leave.






As they drove back home Izuku started telling countless stories of different events and occurrences that happened during his stay abroad. Katsuki snickered at most of them, commenting about what he would have done if he had been at that moment. He also interrupted him several times in order to tell his own experiences.

“Wait, Kirishima and Kaminari started dating?”

“Yeah, they stopped fucking around and finally confessed about two weeks ago.” Katsuki stepped out of his car and headed for their door.

Izuku followed behind every step, “How am I not aware of this!? Surely everyone would have talked about this in the group chat-“

“Take a guess shithead,” Katsuki started searching for his keys in his pockets one by one, not remembering where he had put them. “I know they are together, but no one else does.”

“…Were you with them when it happened?”

“Close.” He finally finds his keys on his right back pocket, “I was planning to video chat with you when I came back from the class reunion you missed, but suddenly shit-for-hairs called me.”

Seemingly out of nowhere, Izuku looked extremely smug, “Two weeks ago you video chatted with me for half an hour, drunk.”

Katsuki blinked once, and then looked away trying to hide his surprise. He had no recollection whatsoever of that ever happening and tried focusing his mind two weeks back. Izuku nevertheless, had other plans and kissed him on the back of his neck playfully, continuing with his cheek.

“We are not even inside asshole and you are already like this.”

“Well, why are you not stopping me if it bothers you so much?” Izuku smirked for a few seconds, only to laugh out loud after seeing the face of absolute disbelief on Katsuki’s face.

The blonde made a quick move to unlock the door and swiftly shoved the other inside, closing the door and cornering him.

“So you wanna play? Don’t regret it later Deku.”

Izuku gave him a big, mischievous toothy grin and Katsuki bent his head down, kissing him and pressing him into the wall. They slowly began losing themselves on the feeling of scraped lips ad their eyes shut down. Katsuki nibbled his lower lip, waiting for the green haired to open his mouth, but Izuku jokingly pressed his mouth and teeth close, smiling in the kiss.

Annoyed, Katsuki’s hand traveled down his torso. He sucked Izuku’s bottom lip into his mouth, scrapping his teeth over it and biting hard enough for it to bleed, tasting copper. At the same time, he faintly tickled him over his sides and the blond smirked when he was rewarded by a gasp. He took advantage of the lips parting, using the separation to slide his tongue inside.

God just knew how much they missed this. Izuku dropped the act and moved his mouth alongside Katsuki’s; tongues not actually battling and just exploring, hands desperate for skin roaming about everywhere. Katsuki had one feeling up Izuku’s abdomen under his shirt and the other gently tugging his green hair. Izuku had both hands behind the blond’s neck, massaging it through the kiss.

Izuku arched his back in need of a closer contact, skins just apart through layers of cloth. Fireworks sparked through Katsuki’s stomach in delight, coaxing the other for more. He heard Izuku moan softly into the kiss, and when Katsuki started to teasingly toy with the hem of Izuku’s pants, the latter broke apart.

He rested his head against Katsuki’s, panting and with eyes half lidded from the hard-core make out. “Sorry, I, uh, I’m too tired for anything more than making out.”

And Katsuki felt like kicking his own ass. Of course his lover would be drained and jet lagged, what was he even thinking about? Hooking up and having sex the moment they arrived home?

“…Do you want to take a shower?” Katsuki awkwardly started.

Izuku sighted, warm breath ghosting directly at Katsuki’s lips “Yes please, I feel so gross after all the wait and flights I just came from.”

They separated a bit, just enough for them to directly look at each other’s eyes.

“Go. Meanwhile I’ll make a quick lunch for you to eat after.” He pressed a chaste sweet kiss on the other’s nose before turning around and walking to the kitchen.

“Thanks Kacchan,” he heard before soft thumps of barefoot slowly walked in the direction to their bedroom.

Katsuki knowing Izuku never really takes too much time taking a shower, decided to make something fast; katsudon was instantly trashed out of the list.

He settled down for some light miso soup, gathering his ingredients and turning in the fire for the stove to heat the water. He heard the sound of rushing water from the bathroom, and Katsuki softly smiled at the knowledge that had been slowly sinking in through the day; Izuku was finally back and staying for good. He had sadly started getting used to living alone.

Seeing Izuku in person had reminded him once again what it was like to wake up in between a tangle of limbs, have good morning and goodnight kisses; the cuddles that shared their warm comfort. He knew he had slowly started to become a sap as the years with his relationship with Izuku progressed, but apart from their dates they had once every now and then since they where younger, he adored the casual domesticity they had.

Katsuki never noticed when the water stopped to run, too engrossed in his thoughts. He laid the food for Izuku on the dining table and quickly went to search for him. He guessed his boyfriend was currently drying out.

“Deku, your fucking food is done.” He called out while entering the bedroom.

Katsuki bit down a snort when he found Izuku in his trousers and shirtless asleep on their bed. He must have been too tired to even eat something. Knowing he will later scold him for reintegrating his old habits of not caring for himself, Katsuki used plastic wrap to cover the meal and put it away on the fridge.

He trekked back to their bedroom and undressed himself, only letting his boxers on. Katsuki climbed on bed and shoved Izuku to the side for more room.

“Mmmmmmmm…” Izuku mumbles as he turned around, facing his back to Katsuki and quickly returning to his dream world.

Not being able to cover them because Izuku was sleeping above the blankets, Katsuki nestles his nose in the crook of his shoulder, strong arms wrapping from behind around the other’s waist, legs intertwining and lips skimming above Izuku’s nape. The smaller one grumbled and fluttered his eyes open, gazing blankly for a few seconds before sluggishly turning his face around.

“…Aren’t you going to shower too Kacchan?”

“I’ve already taken one before I went to pick you up, shithead. Now sleep.” He commands, already feeling drowsy with the warmth of Izuku’s body feeling like home.

He feels his lover turn around to face him, hiding on his neck and breathing deeply. Katsuki moves his head to rest it above the mop of fluffy green hair and nuzzle in it.

“I’m never going on a business trip alone ever again.”

“Don’t think I’m ever letting you go again anyways.” He tightens his hold on his waist as if to prove himself.

“I’m bringing you with me next time something surges,” Izuku whines. “I missed you too much for this trip to even be worth it.”

Katsuki felt his chest tighten and joy burst through it. He opened his eyes and smirked down at Izuku, who had been watching him this whole time through half-lidded eyes, “You missed me?”

“More than anything in the world.”

Caught off wards, he tried to mask his emotions through a blank face, yet the pink blush that started growing hot on his face easily gave him away. “I missed you too…” Suddenly, a sly smirk appeared on his face, “There was no one left for me to make fun or annoy.”

Izuku grumbled his displease out loud, “UGH, you are the worst,” and once again turned around to give his back at the other.

Katsuki laughed heartily and spread many kissed on his shoulder and back. He slipped one of his hands with Izuku’s and intertwined their fingers. Izuku secretly smiled, always loving what an avid fan of cuddles Katsuki had always been.

They both start heading to the land of dreams, wishing that exact moment could last years, decades, just basking in each other’s love and enjoying the feel of each other’s presence. Nothing could ever amount to a lover’s embrace and the feel of being at home with the right person.