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Ya-Ya's Drabble Corner

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KG > hey babe how r u?

VS > Good

VS > You?

KG > work is uggggghhhhh

KG > just missing u

KG > OH u could come to the salon!

KG > u can keep me company and get ur nails done

KG > thats a win win babe

VS > Sorry :(

VS > I would if I could

KG > oh youre doing that raid thing right?

VS > Yeah

KG > ok :(

KG > say hi to scott for me

VS > He says hi

VS > Now he’s /dancing instead of fighting these goblins

VS > He’s going to get us all killed

KG > shadow bolt his ass

VS > Why is work so bad?

KG > OMG this crazy british lady came in and she was just such a bitch the whole time

KG > i was laughing tho bc she sounded like sarah XD 

KG > oi who drank all me bloody bourbon??

VS > Oh no…

KG > i wanna get pisssssssed up

VS > It isn’t the same without hearing your English/Australian accent

KG > whatever i know u fancy me mika

VS > This took a weird turn

KG > shut up and get ur knickers off

FD > Well this is awkward

FD > You’re in the group chat loves


VS > Okay, I’m going to jump off a cliff now

SM > …