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“Come, sestra,” Helena said, moving her blanket aside and patting the empty spot on the couch. “I have been waiting to see this Toy Story 3.”

Sarah chuckled to herself and strolled over, setting her plate down on the coffee table before taking her seat. Helena quickly threw the blanket over her lap, swathing both sisters in the same warm cocoon.

“Yeah, you’re gonna love it,” Sarah said. She dug the remote out from the couch cushions and hit play. “Gonna bawl your eyes out though.”

“You are the only one who cried last time, Sarah.”

“Shut up,” Sarah snapped, knocking her shoulder into Helena’s as she snickered.

As the opening logos were fading out, Sarah felt Helena shift beside her, then watched in slow motion as she leaned forward, grabbed Sarah’s sandwich, and shoved a full third of it into her mouth.

“Oi!” Sarah yelled in total disbelief over what she just saw. “I was gonna eat that!”

“Mmph?” Helena mumbled, quickly swallowing the food in her mouth. “I thought it was for me?”

“What?” Sarah asked, shaking her head. “No! No, it wasn’t for you!”

“But, Sarah, you know how much I like sandwiches.”

“You like everything, meathead. Doesn’t mean it’s all there for you to eat.”

“I’m sorry,” Helena said. She held the plate out in Sarah’s direction, bowing her head apologetically.

“Nah, you finish it,” Sarah said. “Not that hungry anyway. Y’know I would’ve made you one if you’d asked, yeah?”

“Yes,” Helena said, laying her head against Sarah’s shoulder as she took another bite. It seemed they’d both be ending up with mustard stains on their shirts. “You have been a very good sestra to me.”

Sarah sighed, her irritation fading further and further into the distance. She leaned her head against Helena’s.

“Guess I should start puttin’ my name on shit,” she said. “Before you gobble everythin’ up.”

“Yes,” Helena said, snorting. “This is a good idea, I think.”

Sarah slowly opened her eyes. The DVD player logo bouncing across the screen cast a dim glow around the room. Apparently, the movie had ended while she was asleep. Helena’s body lay heavy against hers, also asleep. She felt a pang in her stomach, and then heard a low grumble. Okay, now she was definitely hungry.

She carefully lifted Helena up and slipped out from under her, gently laying her back down onto the couch. She murmured something Ukrainian-sounding in her sleep as she sank into the cushions. Sarah had only begun tiptoeing to the kitchen when she spotted something on the coffee table. Squinting, she could just barely make out her own name, hastily scrawled onto a napkin. She reached down and picked it up, revealing underneath the tallest, messiest sandwich she’d ever seen in her life.