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The way they’d been hovering around each other throughout the party, exchanging sly glances over their drinks, it was inevitable they’d end up alone together, even if Alison had had to hurry it along by pulling Cosima into the basement under the premise of showing her the “crafts project” she’d been working on.

She wasted no time, gently pressing Cosima’s back up against the wall and tracing kisses up and down her jawline.

“Hey,” Cosima breathed. “Missed you too.”

Alison lowered her face to Cosima’s neck, inhaling the familiar scent of the soap she’d made for her. She ran her eyes along her neckline, pausing on the baby blue strap poking out from under her loose-fitting top.

“Is that… is that my bra?”

She stepped back, allowing Cosima to hook a finger into her top and peek inside.

“Oh shit,” she laughed. “Yeah, you left it behind after we, uh… after you stayed over last week. Guess I put it on without thinking. My bad.”

“It’s fine,” Alison said. She leaned in close, pulling the neck of Cosima’s top down over one shoulder. “It’s actually kind of naughty, don’t you think?”

Cosima followed Alison’s stare down to the bra before letting out a small laugh.

“I guess?” she said. “I mean, you are having an affair with your clone, so it’s all kinda relative. But yeah, sure, I’ll wear your underwear if that’s what you’re into.”

“Oh, no,” Alison said, shuddering. “Not the, um…”

She leaned in closer, lowering her voice to a whisper.

“Panties,” she said. “It’s just unsanitary.”

“Right,” Cosima replied, arching an eyebrow. “I still haven’t totally figured you out, Alison.”

She flashed Alison a fond smile before leaning in for a kiss. A voice called out from upstairs, interrupting their tryst.


The two pulled away, startled.

“Guess you better get up there,” Cosima sighed.

“I should,” Alison agreed, disappointed. “We’ll continue this later.”

With a grin, she crooked an arm behind Cosima and delivered a firm slap to her rear.

“Ow!” Cosima yelped. “What the hell?”

“Oh sugar!” Alison exclaimed, bringing a hand up to cover her mouth. “I’m so sorry! I thought maybe… you would like it?”

Cosima’s eyes darted back and forth in thought as she rubbed at the point of impact.

“Just give me a heads up next time?” she said.

Alison grinned, offering a quick nod before dashing up the stairs.