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“Welcome home, sestra.”

After everything: their frantic escape from a burning lodge under siege by Neos, the long, seemingly endless trip back to Canada, the fact that her own daughter couldn’t stand to be near her right now… after all that, the kindness and love in Cosima’s words and the warmth of Cosima’s palm against hers were nearly enough to cause Sarah to break down sobbing.

“Missed you,” she said instead, hoping the tears in her voice weren’t obvious. “Y’know that, yeah?”

“Hey,” Cosima said softly. She’d definitely noticed. “You okay? You look exhausted.”

“Cheers for that,” Sarah chuckled.

“You know that’s not what I meant,” Cosima sighed. Her hand drifted from Sarah’s hand to the sleeve of her leather jacket. “Actually, you’re looking pretty, uh…”

Cosima trailed off, her hand continuing to move absently, trailing over Sarah’s jacket and finally to her bare midriff.

She pulled away suddenly, coughing. A symptom of her illness maybe. But probably not.

“Cos?” Sarah said, smirking.

Cosima cleared her throat.

“Yeah, uh, I was gonna say you should take my bed. Get some rest.”

The thought of it nearly made Sarah fall asleep on the spot, but she shook her head.

“No time,” she said. “We need to find what’s goin’ on.”

“Yeah, this is pretty much non-negotiable,” Cosima said, and Sarah suddenly felt herself being pulled along by the arm, no strength in her to resist. She hit the edge of the bed and collapsed onto it, her body instantly melting into the mattress. There was no way she was getting back up now.

She heard Cosima from above, laughing at the sight of her.

“Come on, Sarah,” she sighed. Against all odds, she was able to tug and roll the useless lump that was Sarah Manning until was finally tucked under the covers.

“Sleep tight,” Cosima said, smiling softly.

“Hey,” Sarah said, and she was pretty sure the drowsiness was talking for her at this point. “You’re lookin’ pretty tired too.”

She flipped up a corner of the covers, ran her hand over the open space on the bed.

“I really missed you,” she whispered.

She watched Cosima’s lips curl into a coy smile.

“For now,” she said. “Just try and get some sleep, okay?”

“Yeah, alright,” Sarah groaned. She closed her eyes and instantly felt herself sinking. “For now.”

She felt something soft press against her forehead, and then she was asleep.