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It was Helena’s idea, of course. Sarah wasn’t the type who liked to dwell on the past; there was just too much regret there. Which was why she resisted when Helena asked to return to the site of one of her biggest regrets.

“I want for you to go with me.”

“Helena, why would you ever wanna go back there?”

“It will help me to heal.”

And so they went. Sarah hoped against hope that the place would have changed somehow, but of course it hadn’t. It was exactly the same, every inch of it. The spot where Amelia, their birth mother had taken her last breath. The spot where Helena had appeared, bathed in an unearthly light, the most terrifying thing Sarah had ever seen. The spot where Sarah had fallen, clutching her pistol, her last resort, pointing it at her sister’s chest, and…

Well, Sarah wasn’t the type who liked to dwell on the past.

Back here in the present, Helena was kneeling down, staring into the empty space where Amelia had lay clinging to life.

“I think,” Helena started, a reverent tone in her voice. “She only wanted to keep us safe.”

The words hung, festering in the stale air.

“I don’t blame you,” Sarah said, when the silence was too much to bear. “For bein’ angry.”

Helena turned to look up at her. She nodded, a small thank you.

“I’m sorry, Sarah.”

Sarah sighed. Her entire heart ached. She stepped forward and knelt beside Helena.

“Yeah,” she said. “I’m sorry too.”

They’d come a long way since that night, since this place, almost in spite of it. But no matter how hard Sarah tried to ignore it, it was still a part of her, a part of the both of them. Helena was doing what she could to accept it; the least Sarah could do was try. She owed Helena at least that much.

Sarah leaned in closer to her sister until their shoulders touched. They let the silence wash over them.