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i like my coffee how i like my men

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When his roommate Kirishima first told him about thee job opening at Starbucks, Kaminari had thought nothing of it. But he was a month behind on rent and had been living off of instant ramen for twice that, so he really needed the cash. Besides, Kirishima had been working there for ages, and he said it was the easiest job ever. What did he have to lose?

He would later discover, apparently there was a lot he could lose. Mainly, his dignity. Not like he had much of that to begin with though.

He had definitely had better interviews in the past. Kirishima refused to tell him anything about the manager, other than “he’s cool. Bit uptight.” Kaminari had expected a man, maybe in his mid-thirties that wore button up shirts and nice shoes when he didn’t really have to. He definitely hadn’t expected to be greeted by an absolutely gorgeous man that must’ve been close to his own age. He was tall, with deep blues eyes framed by square glasses and dark blue hair. And he was muscular; exactly Kaminari’s type. God, those legs. Kaminari wanted to smother those legs with sloppy kisses until he had covered every square inch. He could wax poetic about those legs. But that’s not what he was there for.

‘Focus Denki,’ he told himself, ‘get the job first, then we’ll work on this unexpected, but certainly appreciated, development.’

“Hahhh,” he wheezed. Seems his vocal cords didn’t agree with that plan.

“Um. Hello. You must be Kaminari. Kirishima-kun speaks highly of you.” His eyebrows were all scrunched up, and he somehow managed to pull it off effortlessly.

“Uhhhh, yes, Kaminari. I’m Kaminari. Nice to-to meet you,” he stuttered. Damn it.

The manager unffurowed his eyebrows, smiling lightly like he had just figured out a difficult problem. “I see,” he mumbled to himself, oblivious to Kaminari’s rapt attention. Then he turned his smile up to Kaminari, head tilted just the slightest bit to the left. “You have no reason to be nervous Kaminari-san. This should prove to be a painless process.”

Kaminari wasn’t nervous coming into this, but just then he wasn’t so sure.

“Right. Sorry.”

The manager gestured behind the counter to show Kaminari he wanted him to follow him into the back room. Kaminari fought to keep his eyes up when the manager turned around. If he liked what he saw, he might never look away.

“My name is Iida Tenya,” the man’s voice interrupted his internal struggle.

“Cool,” Kaminari answered, trying to regain his chill as soon as possible and failing miserably.

Iida led him back to a medium-sized room with a tall desk. There wasn’t a chair behind it. ‘That’s why his legs look so good. ’ Kaminari thinks he’s dying.

Iida waved Kaminari to the stool in front of the desk and went to stand behind it.

“So. Why do you want this job?”

'Right to the point then.'  Kaminari could respect that. “Well... I’m in college you see, and I’m a little behind on the rent, and it’s not like Kirishima doesn’t mind paying for it and letting me pay him back, but I feel bad about it. And all I have to eat is instant ramen and saltines.”

Iida looked surprised at the sudden outpouring of words, lost in contemplation. His eyebrows were furrowed again. ‘He’s cute and hot.’ Kaminari banished the thought as soon as it appeared. Not the time.

Iida remained silent for a long time, eyes darting from Kaminari’s face to his desk, and then back again. Kaminari was worried he had fucked it all up

“Fuck, sorry-”

“You’re hired. Can you start training today?”


“Can you start training today?”

“No, no, I heard that part. I got the job?”

“Of course. I feel like you’re exactly the type of person we want on staff here.”

“Oh. Okay then. Awesome! Yeah, I can totally start today! Thanks man! I mean...thank you sir. I won’t let you down.” Kaminari mock-saluted and then pulled his arm down in embarrassment, ignoring the burning in his cheeks.

Iida laughed lightly, eyes getting all squinty. “I’m glad to have you, and I’m sure Kirishima will be pleased too, after all, who wouldn’t want to work with their significant other?” The smile dropped a tiny, tiny bit. Kaminari almost didn’t catch it. He was so focused on that small shift in his expression that he almost missed what he said.

“Hah...wait...significant other? No, no, no, you’ve got it all wrong. Kiri and I aren’t dating. He’s my best friend. I mean, I like guys and everything, but not...not him.” Kaminari laughed awkwardly, and Iida blushed a little.

“I’m sorry for assuming. It’s just, you live together, and he talks about you often.”

Kaminari laughed again, this time it’s slightly less forced. “Oh, he’s just like that. I remember his boyfriend used to get so jealous before he even met me. After that though he realized it’s just Kirishima’s personality. He’s absolutely obsessed with Midoriya though.”

Iida suddenly turned pale. “Midoriya? You wouldn’t happen to be talking about someone by the name of Midoriya Izuku would you?”

“Yeah, that’s him, Kirishima’s boyfriend. You know him?”

“Oh, well, we’re pretty close actually. Friends from high school you see. Why didn’t he tell me?” At this point, Iida’s really talking to himself more than he’s talking to Kaminari. “Is that why he’s been coming more frequently? I just assumed the cold weather was getting to him and he wanted hot drinks.”

“Hey,” Kaminari injected smoothly. Confusion didn’t look nearly as good as that smile did on Iida’s face (he was still gorgeous of course.) “I’m sure he was just waiting for the right time to tell you. They’ve only been together for a month or so.”

“Right,” Iida answered, still looking a little puzzled. “Well, I’ll talk to him about it later. Let’s go start your training shall we?”

Kaminari nodded his assent and they got to work.


Apparently, making coffee is really fucking hard. Kaminari never would’ve guessed it with the way Kirishima described the job. He burned himself three times before he finally figured out how to operate the machine correctly, and even after that he burned himself again when the hot coffee spilled out over the sides. Iida was there all the while, trying to offer helpful suggestions. Kaminari might’ve been a lost cause though. The fifth time he burned himself was the worst, as he accidently ran his wrist under the stream of boiling coffee when he turned to look at Iida while he was talking.

“Fucking shit!” He cursed, drawing the attention of several customers. Iida calmly stopped the machine while he brought his wrist up to his chest.

“Let’s go to the bathroom and run some cold water over it.”

“Yeah, okay,” Kaminari choked out, trying very hard not to cry. That would be so uncool.

Iida guided him to the small private bathroom the workers used and closed the door behind them. He turned the faucet to cold and tenderly took Kaminari’s hand by his fingertips so as to be as far away from the burn as possible. The cold water was soothing, but his skin still throbbed with pain.

“I’m sorry Kaminari-kun, I shouldn’t have been distracting you. You were doing a fine job.”

Kaminari huffed out a pained laugh. “Not exactly the word I would use, but I’ll take it. I’m sorry I’m such a klutz.”

Iida turned off the faucet and gently led him back to the office, where he pulled out a box from seemingly nowhere and got out some cream.

“You’re not a klutz, Kaminari-kun. You just need more practice, that’s all. We’ll work on it.” He dabbed his fingers into the cream and brought them to Kaminari’s wrist. Kaminari hissed at the initial contact, but it felt better after Iida had thoroughly spread the cream over the injured area.

“Thank you,” Kaminari said quietly, almost a whisper. For some reason, the moment felt much more intimate than it probably should’ve. Great. He’s gone from lust to infatuation in less than two hours.

“It’s no problem,” Iida said just as quietly, patting his hand awkwardly once he was done wrapping the wound. “You can be done for the day if you want. I just need your phone number.”

Kaminari felt his heartbeat pick up quickly. “Wh-what?”

“You’re number, so I can text you about the work schedule.”

Kaminari blushed. 'Of course . Why would he want it for anything else?' “Right. Right. Of course.”

“And so I can check up on you.” Iida blushed and looked down. “We’ll have to keep watch over the burn to make sure it doesn’t get infected or something equally bad.”

Kaminari stuttered out his phone number methodically while Iida wrote it down on a sticky note by his computer.

“So I’ll...see you tomorrow then?” Kaminari asked hopefully.

“Yes. See you tomorrow.” Iida wasn’t quite looking into his eyes, but rather right over his left shoulder. Kaminari let it slide. He would work on it.

Iida walked him to the front door, tips of his ears still pink. “Thank you Iida-san.” Kaminari left with a little wave, fighting the urge to look back before he turned the corner.

When he was about halfway down the block, he felt his phone buzz in his back pocket. Figuring it was Kirishima asking about the interview, he whipped it out with a tired sigh. Then he smiled.

New text from unknown number:

‘Hello Kaminari-kun, this is Iida. I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, and working with you in the future.’

‘Hey Iida! Me too! :D’

Kaminari didn’t know how he managed to get out of there alive, but he couldn’t deny how excited he was to go back.

He was gonna date Iida so hard once he got the chance.