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No Family to Love

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Due to the ongoing hiatus of Living up to her by AllysonGems, I've decided to upload a scenario of what could happen. This'll be a oneshot but if I get more demands to continue this, I'll write more. Thank you for reading



Dr Maheswaran was enraged at the moment after Connie told her what happened to Steven. Steven, this innocent boy, was attacked by Pearl! His own family member! After years of treating child abuse victims brought in by police, she was not going to stand by. Her worst case yet was a 10 year old boy who only weighed 56 pounds and had an ear cut off by his mother in a fit of a meth rage.


“That's what happened mom.” said Connie as she sobbed and wiped her eyes of tears. After seeing steven in a coma, out of anger, she told pearl the whole truth. Dr. Maheswaran had the same look on her face when she found the sword in the umbrella stand but it was worse. She had an angered look on her face and she could almost see tears in her mother's eyes.


“Connie, why don't you go check in on Steven. I have to talk to his family.” Dr. Maheswaran said the last word with venom in her mouth. Connie did as she was told so Priyanka walked back to the waiting room. Since it was 8 o’clock at night, she was the only doctor with a few nurses in the hospital. Greg, Amethyst, Garnet, Pearl, Lapis and Peridot were patiently waiting for news about their youngest family member. Peridot looked up and saw Dr. Maheswaran but with a cold look on her face.  She ran up to her.


How could his family treat him like this thought Dr. Maheswaran


“How is he Doctor?! Is he going to be okay?” asked Peridot. Priyanka simply walked past her and directly looked at Steven's family.


“Get out.” quietly said Dr. Maheswaran


Greg looked up at her in confusion.


“Excuse me?” said Greg


“You heard me Mr Universe. GET OUT!” yelled Priyanka


The rest of the gems and greg flinched at her voice.


“Dr mahe-”


“Don't even try it pearl! Connie told me everything! How you blamed Steven for his mother's disappearance, calling him useless, a mistake and most of all, saying you never cared about him.” said Priyanka


Pearl had her mouth open and tears were coming down her face after listening to Dr. Maheswaran’s outburst. But deep down, she knew it was true. She turned away and sobbed into her hands. Garnet stood up from a chair.


“Dr. Maheswaran, we never meant for this to happen. We understand Pearl did an unforgivable act and I'm still angry at her but-”


“BUT NOTHING! Connie told me you're capable of seeing into the future. You could have stopped that horrid woman from hurting a child!” said Priyanka as she pointed at Pearl.


“You of all people should know how dangerous and mentally unstable person like Pearl is around a child who SHE blames for her friend's death!” exclaimed Priyanka


Garnet struggled to come up with a defense but couldn't because what the doctor was saying was all true. Amethyst tried to back up her friends.


“Look Doctor-”


“Don't ‘look doctor’ me amethyst! Nothing excuses child abuse let alone not doing anything about it. If you were a good family, you'd try and move on with the future then stay in the past. But no, all you 3 decided to throw all your insecurities and depression on steven and look where's that got him! Said Priyanka


By now Greg, Amethyst, Garnet and Pearl were crying from regret. Dr. Maheswaran then took out her phone.


“Listen you four, from this point on you are hereby banned from even seeing Steven. If you even dare come near this hospital, I will personally call child services.”


She then focused her attention to Lapis and Peridot.


“From what my daughter told me how you tried to defend Steven, you'll be permitted to see him.”


Lapis and Peridot breathed easily after hearing her promise but it was the exact opposite of the others. Greg and Pearl were hyperventilating right now. Having their baby boy taken away from them was their their ultimate nightmare. Amethyst in a fit of anger summoned her whip.


“You or some other stupid doctor aren't gonna keep me from seeing my baby brother.m!” said Amethyst with a glare. But Dr. Maheswaran had her own.


“Touch me and I will contact the authorities to come arrest you and you will never have contact with Steven again.” Coldly said Dr. Maheswaran


Amethyst was just getting ready to strike when Garnet grabbed her arm.


“We are not doing this amethyst.” calmly said Garnet


“But she sai-”


“NOT NOW!” yelled Garnet.


Amethyst immediately shut up. Garnet then pointed to Greg and Pearl.


“All of us four are going back to the temple and we're going to have a SERIOUS talk about what's transpired here. I am ashamed of myself and all you three. Rose never wanted Steven to feel like he's a mistake but we failed.” said Garnet with tears in her eyes. Greg and the gems wanted to fight but ultimately, it would just be useless. Garnet and the rest left the hospital leaving an angered Doctor and two gems in the waiting room.


“If you two just follow me, you can see your friend in his room.” said a surprisingly calm Dr. Maheswaran. Peridot and Lapis nodded and followed her to Steven's hospital room.


My heart goes out to the victims of the Mexico City Earthquake.