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No Family to Love

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That was the only sound Connie heard from Steven's heart rate monitor. Connie was wiping tears from her eyes as she sat next to Steven on his bed and started to pet his hair. She didn’t regret telling her mother the truth. Steven needed redemption for what happened to him. She was soon taken out of her thoughts by a hand on her shoulder. She turned around and saw Lapis, Peridot and her Mom in the room. Lapis and Peridot went to the other side of the bed. Peridot rubbed steven's left hand, thinking if she rubbed his hand enough, he would wake up.


“Connie, if you want you can stay here for the night.” said Dr. Maheswaran


Connie was shocked none the least.


“Really?! But tomorrow I have tennis practice even though it's a Saturday. Don't you usually say tennis is important?” said Connie


“That can wait, being with your friend in need is more important.” said Dr. Maheswaran with a smile. Connie smiled as well and nodded.


“You two can stay as well if you want. The more the better.” said Dr. Maheswaran. Lapis and Peridot smiled at her offer. Dr. Maheswaran’s phone rang, she grabbed her phone and saw it was her husband.


“If you'll excuse me, I have to take this.” said Dr. Maheswaran. Connie and the two gems nodded so Dr. Maheswaran went outside and answered her phone.


“Hello Doug.”


“Priyanka! Thank goodness, I was getting worried. Is Connie with you?” said Doug


“Yes she is. We're at the hospital.”


“Alright I’ll pick you up and-”


“No doug. I'll be staying here for the night to check on Steven.”


“But what about Connie?” said Doug


“I’m letting her stay here for the night and she won't be attending tennis tomorrow.”


Doug was confused at his wife's calm voice and how she would even let their daughter skip tennis practice.


“Honey, is everything alright?” said Doug. Priyanka rubbed her forehead and replied back.


“No Doug. Everything's not alright. Steven's a victim of child abuse and that's why he's in a coma.”


Doug was shocked. When he and his wife met Steven's father and guardians, they seemed like nice people and wouldn't look like they would hurt Steven.


“What?!” asked Doug


“Pearl, Steven's guardian, attacked him out of grief and his father nor his two other co-guardians tried anything to stop her.”


“Are they at the hospital?”


“No. After Connie told me the truth, I kicked them out of the hospital and threatened to call Child Services if they didn't leave.” said Priyanka


“Was that wise Priyanka? I mean, maybe there's some other reason-”


“No Doug! The gems themselves told me what happened to him. I couldn't just let him go back to that house again.”


“Well honey, if you think it's a good idea then I support you all the way. Do you need me to come as well, in case they come back?” asked Doug


“Thank you sweetie but no. I made it pretty clear to them I didn't want them to have any contact with Steven.”


“If Steven does wake up’ what's going to happen to him?” asked Doug


“I'll try and find some relatives of Steven who are willing to take him in. I think Connie said something about Steven having an uncle so I'll start with him. If I can't find him or anyone else, I was thinking he could stay with us for a bit till we can figure something out, if you don't mind. Social services is probably not a good thing for him to be in.”


“Of course I don't mind Priyanka. Steven is more than welcome to stay with us.” said Doug


“Thank you Doug.”


“Well I’ll see you tomorrow Honey. Love you.”

“Love you too Doug.” and with that, she ended the call. She soon re-entered the hospital and walked back Steven's room. What she saw warmed her heart; Connie,Lapis and Peridot were huddled around Steven in his bed. They were all asleep, looking ready for anything that might hurt their friend. Deciding everything was alright, Dr. Maheswaran turned the lights off in his room and walked to her office to get some much needed rest.