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No Family to Love

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It was just about nine o’clock at night and Greg, Garnet Pearl and Amethyst were in the living room. Greg had his back against the front door, Pearl was huddled in a ball on the couch, Amethyst was hugging her knees up to her chin on a barstool and Garnet was just standing in the middle of the room. All four were devastated at the thought of having Steven taken away from the them and they had no one else to blame but themselves. They pushed Steven away when he needed support the most and when they did notice him, they abused him! Garnet was struggling to stay together because in her head, ruby and sapphire were having an emotional breakdown and screaming at each other.


This is all pearl's fault!


Ruby please, we can't blame pea-


Of course we can blame her! It's all her fault we might never see Steven again! Without my cutie pie, I'm nothing!


We can not act irrational ruby. We have to move forward and to do that, we have to have a serious talk with everyone right now.


What we should be doing to pummeling Pearl into submission!




Suddenly, Sapphire was interrupted by a large roar from Amethyst who leapt from her stool and at Pearl, tackling her. Right on top of her, Amethyst began to slap Pearl in the face repeatedly until Garnet pulled her off her. Garnet held Amethyst by her left hand but she continued to thrash about.


“Let me at her! Let me at her! She hurt my play buddy!” screamed Amethyst. Garnet held both her shoulders and had her look in her face.


“Now is not the time to fight Amethyst! That's what got us into this mess!” said Garnet


Pearl tried to stand but had to kneel on her right leg to support herself. She was rubbing her bruised cheeks but heard everything Amethyst said about her.


“It's all Pearl's fault Steven's going to be taken away from us! I should have poofed her when I had a chance!” said Amethyst


“DON'T YOU THINK I KNOW THAT?!” screamed Pearl who began to cry. Garnet let go of Amethyst, walked towards Pearl and forcibly lifted her up.


“Not only do you have to apologize to us Pearl but you are GOING to apologize to Greg and Steven for your cruel behavior.” said Garnet


“I'm so, so, so, sooo sorry Garnet and you too Amethyst. If I had just gotten over Rose's death, none of this would be happening. Greg, I hurt you the most and I'm apologize from the depths of my heart for hurting your son. I should have gotten over your love for Rose and support it instead of loathing you.” said Pearl with tears in her eyes. Greg simply looked away. Garnet dropped Pearl who landed on her butt.


“What do we do now?” asked Greg. Garnet fixed her glasses.


“Right now, we have to give Steven space or we'll end up hurting him more.” said Garnet


“Do you see Steven returning to us in the future?” asked Amethyst. Garnet lifted her hand to her head and stayed like that for five minutes. She then began to leak tears from her eyes.


“Fifty five percent of the futures has Steven being taken away by Dr. Maheswaran. Twenty five percent has Steven leaving and never forgiving us. The last twenty-five percent has him staying but continuing to think of himself as a failure, even harming himself in anger and depression.” Garnet choked out the last sentence with difficulty.


Greg and Pearl had their hands covering their mouths. If Steven was willing to hurt himself just to put up with them, it was probably best he didn't return home. Greg suddenly got onto his feet and stormed out of the temple to god knows where. That left Garnet, Pearl and Amethyst in the house. Not being able to cope, Amethyst bolted to the warp pad and left, presumably to the kindergarten. Pearl then bolted too and warped to the strawberry fields. That left Garnet who had a terrifying  vision come to her mind. She was just about to bolt when she stopped herself and watched the rest of the vision unfold.


It'll be fine thought Garnet


She then walked to Steven's room and sat on his bed. She grabbed a pillow and smelled it. The scent of her favorite cutie pie calmed her and she definitely needed calming.


Steven, how do I make this up to you?”


Hospital, nine hours later


Connie was beginning to stir from her sleep when she lifted her hand and found the spot to be empty. She opened her eyes and found that Steven was not there.


“STEVEN!” yelled Connie


Her scream woke up Peridot and Lapis as well who were also worried.


“Connie, where's Steven?!” asked a worried Lapis


“I don't know. I just woke up and he was gone!”


“Okay let's not panic! Maybe he's with your mom.” said Peridot


All three got out of bed and hurried to Dr. Maheswaran’s office. Once they got there, she was drinking a cup of coffee.


“Mom, have you seen Steven?!” asked Connie


Dr. Maheswaran was confused.


“What do you mean?”


“I woke up and he wasn't in his bed!” said Connie


“Maybe he just went to the bath-”




Dr. Maheswaran turned around and saw a nurse run up to her.


“Nurse Banks, what's the matter?” said Dr. Maheswaran


“That patient you admitted yesterday, he's up on the roof and looks like he's getting ready to jump!”


Connie paled and knew who she was talking about. She immediately pushed open the door to the stairs and ran up to the roof.


“Connie wait!” said Dr. Maheswaran as she, Lapis and Peridot ran after her. Nurse Banks went outside to the front of the hospital.

Connie pushed open the roof door and to her horror was Steven in his hospital shirt and pants, looking like he was already to jump.